Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 22, 1868, Image 1

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"7 W2-?i attempts to haul flown the sh.icrican J7la, shoot him on the spot.
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VOL. 4.
;!S Vl"L:U.-ilKO
w ii i : ic i y ,
all. 1. 1 1 ATI I A WAY,
EDITOP. AND PROPRIETOR. Mitif uei and Levee, cond
tJI v.
Terms: $2.5'1 per annum.
Holes of .Itlrci lismx
i ; insertion.
(1 AO
1(1 mi
3.' I'D
2D . o
J.'j 00
33.Ui i
I'M) no
CO. i '0
or I d
V- i .ti. il r.ird- n-'t exceeding fix Ii
i 1.1, L.-r o.uniu ur U.-., I" r annum
tl I.... I'l.'ilt lU-Tl'-'ll
tl.r .
L-luTJQ tW'l Ve rro'lilii
fix 111
t iis
Ell Utbs
m X !T1"I1 t!.S
t'.irce in filth
r r I'nwii a 1 .-rii anient uml
te n'
'.. are -..rttiared to all lnU of
nr. .! it II'
fj -in. 11.
mid in n -tyir tint; w i.l
Solicitor in Chancery.
FM, TI"SM(n ni, .V.'iMSKA
s. f. fisopssu.
aTTui:.i:y as: is;.-:: at law.
I.attiiioiit!i, ,'.
ii t.
..1 lien! K.-l.f . "' l" ' ,r
I lll't 'I
i. U i -V
. lit.
t J l l su 1 1'. frr sa t.
... pfft-"-!'
.-t C-. lie
tt, o.)..
, 1 ' Xlh
i Hoaa.-,
. .ri M ii ii '. f
, Ne'-rf-a.
Platte Valley Kou
Hi,. V.. Mtupiiv, rr. pri.Hor.
r,f Mix a and Four I 'i
VliM tsinotilli, !Vt-l.
T....U ...... I, ivi.ii I- -n r- .Vt-.l an I a-wly fur-
,I..-J ..-.f -r ti -t can ..c i
1 1 j
G-enoral Land Agent,
-.T :
r . 1
i a illtv nf t
. ,1 t-.-al i
l l'l. I-'
nr:. of ti e r
-; I
M w i:li..
II & 1'IsajHiian,
A) 1)
Solicitors in Chancery.
ri a
v' r l;. .
ry t C
fi.-u St re.
Ani Solicitors in Chnnccry.
mis- sr.. or rosin-: 7 in: ' '?' nuL.-t.
l f roHE.i r .a i
fir- na.lL ESTATE A 'IKXCT. "i
- i, oi l IVns,
Vi"I'Q- and l-
.,-..1 as-x.Ttnient of Walche
f y . -;l ."1 irr, rani
I . -l.
l.lij- a. iv -. "II
i .r-: w i.i be vj
, l-'.o.
hiiiid. Allwora cjui
I .l-H,
t In iil 'l
AtLurtiry 'it I. 'lie
all 'i n
il.-nlleiM. n have -Cited
I.i." a... I c
O vi.-lliil''
i i 1 1 1 1. -1
n- all
a nil
. f.o the pill pose ot pro.-e.-llt-cijili,.-. the t.eiieial
t any lr,l,e ' f 1 i'l I an-, atol
j i., ,.r al- i-in h cialins, ruui-i 1 '
. . ... , i... ii. i..riMie..t ol i.overniiieut
or " I
M a
I . i.i
i; r
, r.- ! e ".!: t ot I ia:m-i,
liii-H w i.l .iev..ic ins pe-sunal attention
I -. le- - at in 1 i'rotl.
UUic- atSu...s.i C.ty.i
jinr r Main and
National Claim Agency.
ra.. nt nr.l nroseeu'e claim" Pel -re
,r.- Ooarl ..t l lalilii a.ol me lep-iut-i.i.
t"u- pj:i-i -ns, li i'ltit es. and Bounty Lan.lx '-r-
red i VTCliiiN nio lerai-.aud in proportion to
tneanounlofUi.-daliU. V.M. UO 11 HI N ti 1 V.
A, Til to, 6b
IAf--. Acc'ul' nl, l-'ire, Inland and
I ransit
Will t iVe ri-k-a: reasonahle rat
in the m jst re'.iahl
C 1 on III ' U l "e i iiiir,,
at the book store, Pla
en- onth, Nebra
inayl'ltt IfliUincry dt lrcsniakiiiS?
BT Mm A. . DI,Pil.1 -V Its. n. p. Ktvsiti
Opjiosilr the City Ilikertj.
IT I would respectfully announce to the
f eutumouth mil vinnnjr, mai t J .
:... . 1 . . j n I ii- I ae U-rle'l .IOCKOI
0,...N. c .n-is-.m of Flower-. Ribbon. Telrt. rire"
irirnmintr. Ac. Ac. We wi
I neWtbe eheapeat gods
ever ol-l in tbisciry
We can accommodate all our
ia ,.,.,,r. .i manv in ones h will 'avor u
i.hmei.ll. All kinds of work Irs cur line dou to
order. Perfect stnfaction given or coebargc
liWHl.LI.M-S at all price.
Any persons w
uliinfr to purchase Farm-proi-crty. or
town wiii tiii'l Ih. ui fur mic a'
Jli sideiices m
price. l;y
Kkal Kstatk of.kt.
Manuf .cturerof and dealer in
SruMlr and Ilainows,
ITVU'lllI'll'"', - -
...rrii.tioii. whole-ale ton reiau. . i-us
Main ireet, between 5th ana oin nti ".,-'"
n-TII. in niv autb'.riied Arent for trie
r.-IVctioii of all account dm; the iindtrsipn.
d for
i.ii .i.rvii'px: Li nceii.t Will
lie valid for the
..vm.nt "f any monies on said accounts
Antoi-t 14, 1-07.
Heal Estate Agents,
I.i n.11witlit, rnDEl and -old, ValuabTim
iJr Land for .ale. T.xu raid for Xoq resident.
Coll'-ctions rotni'tiy B!t'ri.ueo 10.
march 26
washing & iuoi.c;
Mrs. EV1. Nieman-
In the rear of City Bukerv.
Piir.ry arti'- wa-lie'l and '
s!yl-. 1-aiisf.iei i"ii W .arantee I
riat.-inmitli, Ntlira-ka, Juui
ne up in the ceatest
-.Villi n!2if.
Sheridan House,
U m. V. Iuish, Proi rittur.
Comer of M.iin and Thitd Street,
IM:.tK2310l!th, lcl.
imnl bv the ! w .rweek. Chm
S ajrTts Irave ttin ll iuse i!a'. y
gi b m'dera!e.
lor nil i" iuts
jrlli. South, t.-t arid csi.
Binders APaperdealeso.
1-'. P. '.1H )D l.
i TTsMoirru,,..
A f
i t i
d -
I .,. ..nt of !le!.!nes Hl'l O" " "
;.t on h
M'r-h.ris rf
lit 'J yhuTl lio icf.
Plattsmouth SV1IIB
C. IIEISKL, Proprietor.
Have t- cently b 'en r.-pa,r d an.! p'ae
1. ,...,. n.. ,,r.lpr CllsK ill W.rk u',I
Jin tt'or-
on liLrt
u "'to
BOO.OOO KiJIielw of Wheal
Win'til iniTo'-lialt-ly
price will I'd paid.
7 : .. ....
for wrn nine n""1
21- tf
Feed, Sale and Liveiy
- Plattsmouth.
I am j rep
le t to rc 'i innii .:a'e the pullo- wft
Horses, Carriages and Buggies,
Also, a nice Hear?e,
On hnrt nut ice and r.
run to te.jn.l oat Ian
ml -!e term. A Hack will
, ami to til !;. i- ul tL
tv when dc-il' d.
Furniture and Chairs.
Tttir.D STUEET, (X.-ar Main,)
Tienarink.- an 1 V.irni-hine neatly done.
jy Funerals atu.-i.ded at the shortest notice
Win. Stadt lniaiin & Co ,
One oor u-esl of Donelans Drtg-iVore,
Dealers in
Ready-niLde Clothing,
TIIL-yhS, V A LI XEti,
an J a general stock of
For the riaius; also, a l.irpe lot of
W- liouRht low and will sell cheap for cash. Cal.
and exainiiicour flock before u laiy any uhereel.el
jyi 'C6 Mm. S I'AUtLMANJi k CO.
Jlain Street, two doors above Fourth,
Wrier: the public may find
and prices as low as can be found in the city.
We return flianks for the liberal patronage we
have received, acdhope to merit its continuance.
Oe!.9r.'? Q49EDATIS.
Post Orris. Cosfedkit X Roads.
(with iz in the Stait uv Kentucky)
Sept. aS, 1S68.
For fear tliat colored statements uv
the recent unhappy afTair which oc
curred at this place may sent North,
to the prejuodis uv the Pimocracy, I
hereby make a calm and truthf ul state
ment uv it. I will prefix my account
by statin that the riuzpns uv thu Cor
ners hev alius desirt d to hve on amica
ble terms with tin: colored men, feelm
tfiut ther interebts ate more or le?!"
ideniille. To show how completely
we hev conquered our prejoodises and
how much we desire peece I will Mate
ihat for a mot th ther hev bin only two
niegers Lung, and them under c rcum
staoces of preat f rovocaiion. One uv
em hiade a ace Bt Lsaker Gavi-.t, and
toiher refoozed to give Kernel V
credit for a load uv wa er melons.claun
in 'hat the Kernel already owed him.
and that ther wus no law for a nigeer
to collect debts uv white men. Uv
course we cant .Man inslence from em.
The late onpleajantnis originated in
Ii is wi?e. The Radicals i:v this coun
ty ked civfn nut ihat they intended
ho!din ft politikle meetitv at this place
on the l?fjih instant. I knew ef they
did it. I lood wood flow, furl knowd the
tfir.p-r and feelin uv cur peeceable cil
i.T.p. To ave-id tlcod shed I sent word
o em not to come not to hold ihe
HlPFtin ibat ef they did I cood net be
held responsible, and ther bit od wooil
be en ther 0'.n heads. Partikilerly I
warm tl em not to come arni' d, fi r our
citizen wont tar.d that anyhow. We
kin nr-vor j ermit men who diiTe-r fn in
us to carry anna es in case wc hevdis
poots with em they mi'e be dangerou?,
My well nifant endeavors wu frtot
lif nt.d Is-ak'.T Gat itt thot he'd try.
On ihe nmrii n uv the day linker rede
ir to fir.d ef they were bound tc come
m. and also whether they wu armed
He returned repi r'in uw em roinin.and
every oti uv em arm-d to the teeth.
At 10 a in thu proie-Hon entered ihe
town, headi-d by moo-ic and th nash
nel fl iT. Ez it pasd Uacom"s I??a-
ker G tvitt, who hed a duuble barrel
hot gun in his hand happened acciden-
laiiy tn 1m me nammer iau tn
nipple end it went oil". Unfortunately
it whs pinted in the direction of the
procession and a n'eer fell from hi
li;r?e with the top uv his head bluwed
orf. To increase tl e tiisorder a small
rock, pin fully throwedVy Kernel Tunt
at the fame tune, stuck anctner one on
the head, and everal other rocks from
others in and about -com s knrckeu
several more uv em down. lied the
nijfers paspd .n quietly all wood hev
hirTwell, but thev didn't. Earer to
luarrel and full of ii.sier.e. and reely
seekin a pretext to embroil us. tne pro
cession sti pped in wild confusion. many
nv em tnkin to the woods to create the
mirressi' ii that ".hey hed bin attackt.
The doorl s'i'V uv the nicker cararter
' mm 1
i beyond firtlin ou'! U e w us uirprisea
at ther breakin op so suddenly anil for
a rnir.eut we didn't know what to do.
Es the procession stopt in front uv
1 asrom'f our citizens conjectured ther
design wus to attack the groserv. wich
is rely the citade-l uv the town. In
Bii'com's is all the hkker we hev in
Hasot m's cur inrosent revels is held
and H.iscom's we ii!l defend to the last'
Wa' wus we to do? Unarmed and
hlpli we wus r nprepared for this.
Rut Heaven smiled onto us and cive
u the means to defend ourselves. The
rifles revolvers and shot gun lelongin
to the princeple familes uv ihe corners,
and the surround ng county, happened
to bo in I33?com's starkt up behind his
bar. and provulenshelly they was all
loaded ami capped In a ininit's lime
ihey vvas distributid, and afore the mob
cood organize to make the attack a well
directed volley win poured into em.
This Hismtyed em, and ihe entire mass
uv em Bich es wusn't killed, fled to the
wo..ds. Two uv the blood-thirsty
wretches wus shot at the edge uv Mc
IVlters.' wood, by the Captain and El
der Fennibacker,' who feared they wu
agoin in ther to re-organize and return
to complete ther dreadful work. Elder
Fennibacker ki led one inhuman villain
with an axe, wich hed bin wounded in
the lez and wus found in one corner
uv his fence iryin to Mop the flow uv
the blood. The Elder was afeered he
mite re-oreanize.-All that ay a posse
uv citizens were engneed in quellin the
fears uv the community by hun'in down
those dangerous incenjaries with dorgs
and killin uv em, for es they exceeded
'is in numbers we rely trembled for
the safety uv our wives and children.
After a terrible day the agitated
town wus restored to its wonii-J peece,
and the citizens slept es yoosual. The
casulties on our side is not so large as
mite hev bin expected, when we con
sider the fearful purpose uv the barbar
ians who assaled us. Deekin Pogram
wus seriously injnored by a rock wich
Issaker Gavitt histed strate vp in his
un'hinWm excitement, and poor Kernel
TVTcPehers shot eon busied the second
time he fired, taken off his thumb.
These injoories sustained bv our citi
zens, may be charged directly to the
infernal sperit u the inslent niggers
who would pervoke our peeceful in
clined people. But ihev suffered for
it. Eleven uv em wus killed, and seme
thirty or forty wus wounded. The lat
ter hev all bin cared for. They wus
taken to the county infirmary fur treat
inent the expense beicg charged up
to em es a lem upon ther property, wich
will, uv course, be sold to detray it.
Our citizens do wot boast uv wat
they hev done. They feel it wus an
unpleasant doo y they hed to perform,
but they hed do it. Corrupt and reck
less men hev bin leadin the colured
people astray, and they hed to defend
theirselves. Hed they only taken my
advice and not attempted to huld ther
meetin this wood not hev happened.
Hed they not come into the Corners
with mooic and a nashel flasr a fiyin,
they wood not hev bin killed. And
even then hed they gone on quietly. af
ter the fust one wus shot and the others
knockt down with sfjns I doubt wheth
er any more would hev bin done.
They shoodn't hev held meetins.
We kin never endure meetins uv nig
gt rs, and we never will. Ki owin this
whv will they persist in holdin uv em ?
The citizens uv the Corners agree
unanimously (except Joe liigler and
Pollok.) that all the blame must rest
on the nigcers. I don't bieeve in ap
peel to arms.but wat kin we do when
we are so driven.
Petroleum V. Nasut, P. 1U.,
(Wich is Postmaster.)
P. S. .The Pres;dent needn't send
solders down to pertein us at leat so
Ions as Grant is in command Hed
we Ginral Ilooel or Hancock in com
mand with Seymour es President, it
word be different. Es it is we shel
hev to protect ourselves.
The '"Bloated HuyDnni.ntr.s.''
Mr James A. Brice has maiTe a cate
ful examination of the subject, with a
view to ascertain how much of the
government bonded debt is held by the
laborers, mechanics, the needle woman
and orphans of ihe country. He finds
that in Maine. Massachusetts, Connec
ticut ant! New Y"rk. the Fa vines banks
alone held 100.000 000 of these se
curities. One bank in New York ci'v
on the 1st of last January, had 5o 303
ncrounts. Of this number. 3.1512
had deposited not more'han 8100 each.
Mr Briefs adds: "Four mn in New
York city? who own Si 00 000 000 of
property, do not hold as larsre an am't
of United Stiitp oos.irliioo nn tli In
ti'ntion for the Saving of Merchants'
Clerk.' which hold S?-5'2 ofS " They
ra .ihf bloated bondholder." the
Democratic demaeneiies are denounc
ing. These are the perple they now
want to cheat out of ihir interest, pre
liminary to repudiating the principal.
iiii u-TrivoitKS.
We are informed that a gen'leman
from this county recen'Iy visited Mis
souri. A few days since he returned,
and lo! a change had taken place in
h;s political sentiments. He left borne
Democrat and returned a Republican
" hy,' said he "I found the Demo
crats elec.ioneering for Seymour and
Blair by telling the purple they were
in favor of piyintr rebels for property
der-tioyed during the war." This was
too much for him.and as he is now pay
ing his share of the cost of putiintr
down the Democratic rbeliion. thinks
he will not vote to pay them for getting
it up and plui.ging the country into a
bloody war. Thousands more would
see it in the same light if they could
only see through ihe party scales over
their eyes. Fremont Tribune.
The Speaker of the Georgia Houe
of Representatives i a wag. That
honorable body, having turned out the
troublesome Repul bean minority, is now
solemnly congratulated on its unanimi
ty ! The waggish official further ad
vised the bedy that disfranchised at one
blow twenty three counties in the State,
fnr r,r reason save that their taste in
the matter of Representatives did not
coincide with the taste of the Rebels,
that they should contine to take "Wi3
dcm. Justice, and Moderation" for their
motto! These be fme words, masters.
But if what is how going on in Geor
cia and elsewhere through the South
be called "Wisdom, Justice, and Mod
eration," then we'd like to take a little
of the other things by way of variety !
Among the banners carried at the
great Republican rally at Rock Island,
was one bavii.e the following acrostic:
The spirit of Wilkes Booth siill lives,
thank God! Therefore lake courage!
Seymour, Blair, and the revival of
the great cnuse is the motto of every
good man rine Bluff (Ark ) Vindi
cator. Go on boys, swear to murder North
ern Huns! Arm yourselves and organ
ize, and be ready to respond promptly
when called on.and fight bravely, even if
you get killed. Memphis Appeal.
Gen. Blair at the head of the militia
... , i c t- 1 ' r . ,Ka
will e a maun ior oeu. u"1 "l "
head of the regular army. Gen. Ew-
gjr- . . .
Secession is not dead
to-dav than ever. I
; it is more alive
support B'air be-
cause he promises n revolution Got'
JFisc, Richmond.
V, OCTOBER 22, IS(8.
Tlie Union Can be Fully He
bltsred only bv (lie Men who
It ii I down I lie Itebellioii.
IIdqr First Military Dist , )
Richmond, Va , May 2o, '6S J
Gen-XJ. S. Grant, Washington, D. C.
Dear General : I hope you will
not think it out of place for me to ten
der you my most hearty congratulations
upon the action of the Chicago Conven
tion. The perfect unanimity and great
enthusiasm of your nomination were
certainly highly gratifying is being a
formal ratification of the popular in
dorsement.! of your public recoid.which
have heretofore been made throughout
the country. But your unanimous nom
ination was long predetermined, and
was but the fulfillment of universal ex
pectation. On the other hand when
the Convention met, there was ground
for apprehension that its action in oth
er respects might not be so wise. But
the apprehension has, at least in a great
degree, beeu dispelled. The judicious
selection of Mr. Colfax as second on
the ticket, and the genetal practical
wisdom displayed in framing the plat
form that is, in laying down practical
rules of action, based upon the neces
sities of the country, instead of abstract
political theories have greatly increas
ed the probabilities of success, and at
the same time made that success the
more to be desired. I have always
believed that the Union could be fuby
restored only by the men who put down
the Rebehbr, while I have not been
without serious apprehensions that, by
forcing upon the country extreme Rad
ical theories, the stability of the Gov
ernment might be endangered. Great
reforms require time for their full de
velopment time in which theories may
be anal zed. and that which is sound
and of practical Utility separated from
the unsound and chimerical. Wisdom
and moderation in Congress will now
eive the country restoration and peace.
Your election to the Presidency will be
the end of our political trouble?, as your
accession to the Coinmai d in Chief of
the Army was the end of the Southern
Very respect'ly, your obed't serv't.
J. M. SciioriEi.r Brevet Maj. Gen.
A droll lellow was asked by an old
lady to read the newspaper, and taking
it beean as follows :
"Last night yesterday morning,
abnut 2 in the afternoon, before break
fast, a hungry boy about forty years
old bought a big custard for a levy, and
threw it through a brick wall nine feel
thick, and jumping over it broke his
r'ght ankle off by the left knee, fell
into a dry null pund and was drowued.
About forty years after that, on the
same day an old cat had twenty :urkt-y
gobblers; a hiffh wind blew Yankee
Doodle tn a frying pan. and knocked
the old Dutch churn down and killed a
sow and two dead pigs at Boston, where
a deaf and dumb man was talking
French to his aunt Peter."
The old woman taking k long breath
exclaimed : "Du tell !"
The Baltimore Wecker states that
Mr. Frederick Lnuer. of Reading.Ta
with one hundred and twenty-five of
his employees, has announced his de
parture from the bogus Democracy and
declared for Grant and Colfax. The
mv n TP P v identlv to be drawn iust
where they were in 1S64, with the reb
els and copperheads on the one fide
and all the loyal men on the other.
Thank Heaven, we hall have no more
Camillo massacres after the4ihof next
Mi rch. When General Grant is in
aucurated the rebellion will be finally
subdued, and the favorite Southern
modes of persuasion, such as the pistol
and bowie knife, will give place to the
more civilized methods which prevail
where equitable laws are honestly en
The last number of the Covington
(Ga) Examiner contains the announce
ment that two carpet-bKg school teach
ers, Lee and Hammond." having "re
ceived a gentle admonition that their
valuable services might poscibly be
more appreciated in some other lati
tude, look an affectionate adieu of their
associates, and on Monday last turned
their faces toward Mason and Dixon's
I .;n " This is a roundabout way of
statinc that the Democrats of C ivington
threatened to mob ihese persons if they
did not leave the county. Their crime
was teaching the colored children he
simplest rudiments of education. This
the Covington Democrats do Dot consid
er a "legitimate avocatioD."
The Council Bluffs Democrat, in a
recent issue, begins its leading editorial
by asking: "What shall it be, n des
potism or a Republic ?" and closes with
this remarkable remark
able no longer because of its frequent
use by Democrats:
Placing our trut in God, but trust
inu also ourselves, let us in November
make one united and resistless attempt
to recla'm American liberty, and if by
peaceful means we fail, and the lieht
of ether days is to go down in darkcess.
then, with Patrick Henry .let each Dem
ocrat as he takes hi irusty musket,
proclaim the watchword, "Give me lib
erty or give me death."
Nail another nigger to that burning
building. Forest atFoit Pillow.
We ;tre in the midst of a gieat rev
olution, which may end peacefully at
the ballot box : but if not, then the true
men of the South will rally once more
under their dew folded banner.acd will
try the issue at the cratridge box.
Georgia Slate Standard.
We mus'. have a President who will
execute th? will of the people by tramp
ling into the dust the usurpations of
Congress, known as the Reconstruction
Ails. Frank Blaii's letter
The South is our land, the North is a
foreign and hostile realm. Stana at the
altar of your country. Swear eternal
hntred of its oppressors Albert Pike.
If we are successful in the epproach
iog contest we shall gain all that we
lost in the "Lost Cause." Gov. Vance.
Secession is not dead; it is more
alive to-day than ever. I support Blair
because he promises a revolution.
Gim Wise.
The white men of the Souihern
States have seen the day when they
could ue the bullet, and if God in his
anjrer permit the necessity to arise.they
wiil use it again. Richmond Exami
ner. The Democratic party have proclaim
ed ihe reconstruction acts unconstitu
tionai, null and void, and if their can
d dates are elected the legal govern
ments of the Souihern States shall be
reinstated, thoueh the sword has to be
invoked. Aurusta Constitutionalist
We regard the Reconstruction Acts
(so called) of Congress, as such, usur
pations, unconstitutional, revolutionary
and void. Plank of Democratic Plat
form .
The cojntry is by far to large to re
main very Ions under one government,
and the day will come when the Sou'h
will be independent. Memphis Ap
peal I have been a Democrat all my life
before the war, during the war, and
since the war and fovght ihe uar on
the. principles of Democracy. Pirate
Peace has its victories as well as war,
those grtat principles for which ue
Jought. and which we feared were lost
may yet be achieved. Reb. Gen. A.
Law ton.
A wedding look lace on the Uil.h
of September in the Mammoth Cave
of Kent lcky. The puri-slf this bridal
extravagance were Mr. H itjiiin. M
Davenport, of Nebrisk City, Nebras
ka. and Miss E'ie,. C.tmpbeil, of Hop
kinsville. kentu ky. Ihe ceremony
was performed in the gi.tfnc chapel of
cave at.d occurred at nightfall With
the aid of Bengal lights the chapel
was brilliantly illuminated. The bride
and bridegroom aid the suits stjod in
front of the altar (which every one
who has visited the cave will call to
mind.) while the spectators formed a
semi-circle before them, the m nieter
occuryingthe centre place. The riie
was performed by the Rev. J. B.
Johnson, of the Christie n Church.
Nebraska City, and was in the brief
and simple form authorized by that de
i omination.
Schuyler Colfax says. "The new
nirknam flung at us is 'Radicals ' I
had rather be called a radical than a
rebel at ant time. I am a radical for
right against wrong; for liberty against
slavery , for justice against tyranny
a radical friend of my country, and a
radical hater of every enemy of my
native lard. I believe in a radical
govern rent of the people by the peo
pie the world over, and my sympa
thies co out toward the radicals who
are trying to imitate our free institu
tions in Greece. Italy France, Ireland
and Mexico. I wish-to see a beltof
Repub'ics encircle the whole earth."
We lather believe that it is easier
as Col. Carrot of the mines has said
in somewhat tremendous language
To break a hurricane to harness; to
lasso an avalanche ; to hive all the
stars in a nail keg ; to hang the ocean
on a prune vice to dry ; to put the sky
to soak in a coard; to unbuckle th-
holltr-Kanrl nf eternitv. and paste 'To
let' on the sun and moon-" We believe
it easier for the Democratic party to
do all this than for them to defeat, by
any means, Grant and Colfax.
Amonc ihe passengers in a stage
coach was a little gentleman who had
nossiblv seen five summers. The
coach being qu;te full", he sat in the
lap of another passenger. While on
the way. something was said about
pick-pockets, and soon the conversation
became ceneral on that interesting sub
ject. The gentleman who was holding
our vouncr friend remarked :
"Mv fine fellow, how easv I could
nick vour pockets."
"No you couldn't " replied he.-'I've
been looking out for you all the time
The Times declares it "nonsense for
politicians to talk about repudia'ion."
and yet Jesse D. Bright, the President
of the Kentucky Copperhead Conven
tion, declared in favor of repudiating
ihe debt incurred in putting down the
rebellion, and indulged in the predic
tin that Kentucky and Maryland rebels
would yet be paid for the losses caused
by the Union armies !
i0. 29.
ii.4i ul:i of umox soldier?
"If I could have my way I would
place Jeff. Davis in Congress, where
he richly belongs. Then I would go to
Concord, take all the miserable battle
flags from the Slate Iouse and make a
bonfire of thera in the State House
yard. (Great applause.) Then I
would go all through the North and
desiroy all the monuments and graro
stones erected to the memory of eol
diers. In short. I would put out of
sight everything which reminds us that
we ever had a war with our southern
I do not know that I would htngj
one legged and one armed soldiers, but
I would pray God to put them out of ihe
way as soon as possible. Henry Clay
Dean, in a speech at Manchester ,2V. II.
February. 1S69.
"In Union There is Strength. '
The Republican army stands face to
face with its old foe. Its standard
bearers have all been fairly cheseri,
and we must fight as we are, or submit
to a defeat. Momentous interests hang
on the issue. Shall we hang back;
sullen or indifferent, or plung at once
gallantly into the contest ? Let us hes
itate no longer! Let the words of
Wellington, at Waterloo, te passed
along the lines, "Up Guards, and at
The only argument in favor of Sey
mour is that he can ' talkee, talkee," as
the Indians say. He can deliver har
angues by the hour, the yard or the
dozen. He could ppeak from now till
the hour of his defeat in November.
We thiuk we have a little too much of
this sort of thing already in ihis coun
try, without electing a man to the Pres
idency as a reward lo it.
One of the sources of income to the
Mexican Indians is the scalps they take
These are sent to France, boiled, card
ed, purified and perfumed, and come to'
this market in the shape of curls and
fancy chignons. Most of the Mexicans
scalps have jet Hack hair. In this
great world nothing is lost.
In reply to question put to him at
Cleveland. Ohio, a few days since,
whether he indorsed Biair's revolution
ary programme, Hon. Geo. II. Pendle
ton said: "I don't quite agree with
General Blair that that i the only way
but I can tell you 1 think il is a very
good way "
General John A. McClernand has
written a letter to Indianapolis, staling
ihat "The enemy's outposts in Connec
ticut and California are carried; hi
center is broken in New York; his
lines are shattered in Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Demorali
zation shakes his ranks "
Col Hiram Fuller, formerly editor
of the New York Evening Mirror,an&
latterly of the Cosmopolitan, a journal
published abroad, in ihe interest ot the
Southern Confederacy, is in on Lng-
-h prison. Tho Bankrupt Court, of
endon, sent him there.
The Denver Jievcs, 24tb inst., gives
a corrected table of the returns of the
Delegate election by counties, which
gives Bradford, Republican, 5S0 votes
and Belden.Democrat 561 ; Bradford's
majority, 19 This settles the matter,
as nearly all the returns are official.
There is but one nobleman with a ti
tle in Norway. 1 hat is. the possessors
of them could keep them but their chil
dren eould not inherit ihem ; so the old
generation is now all dead but one and
he lives at Christiana, much beloved.
A lady whose family were very
much in the habit of making conun
drums, was one evening asked ty her
husband in an excited tone : "Why are
all these doors left open?" "I gire it
up !', instantly replied the lady.
Knox, a traveler in Siberia, says h
saw the portrait of President Lincoln
away up in the Arctic regions. rem
pole to pole his illustrious name is
The Democrats of Newark, If. J..
had a keg of powder in readiness for a
jubilee over the ermont election.
They didn t buy auy for Elaine.
A man goes crooked when on a
Prohibition is the only safe remedy
for murder and liquor selling.
The products of the soul destroying
traffic drunkards, paupers, acd beg
gars. I fatten and grow rich on the inrir
of my species Rumseller.
Brewers put tobacco in beer to settle
it. and to settle the beer guzzlers stom
ach New style of an invitation lo drink
shorten your life sir ?
A drunken vagabond in Penn.,lately
hrew a etone through a window of n
Good Templars Lodge room.
m i
Jeff. Davis and family have rnilfd
on their return to the United States.
The days of foreign sympathy for ex
iled chevalies is over. Too many on
hand of their own.
Seymour Baid in 1S61 ihe Confeder
ate Constitution is better than our?.-
V ".