Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 30, 1868, Image 1

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iSJf any mffn attempts to Jiaul doion the American Flag, shoot him on the spot."
VOL. 4.
i0. 4.
tJ-OBe, eroer Mais afreet and Lom, eocene!
Tcrmi: $2.50 per annum.
Rates of Jldccrtising
Oae square (space of tea lines) oue insertion, $1 -50
t ca labieqornt Insertion - 1.00
Pn.fe itnal card nut exceeding six II 10 00
O r-..aarter column or les, per annum 35.00
six mouth 10. PO
tbrr uunlki IS OO
e a half celuU-a twelvemonths 6.oo
six meotbs ts.00
three months 20.00
Oaecela-aa twelve months 100.00
sis mouth ... CO.oo
three months .00
411 transient advert'fetnents mast ke p oria
3- W are prepared to do all kinds of Work
a short notice, and in a style that wlil satis
Solicitor in Chancery.
Physician and Surgeon,
Taodsrs his profVsxtnnal servic-a to tbe citirens ef
Oass eeanty.
p-r" Residence eouth-east corner oft'ak an I .Vixth
streets; OlBee on Main street, opposite Court House,
Flattsmoath, Nebraska.
Platte Valley House
Ed. B. Murphy, Proprietor.
Corner of JU.tin and Fourth Streets,
lMntf smoiitli, IVe1.
This noue having been re fl'.t-d and newly fur--nlsk.4
offers first cUs accataniod Jlioas. Board bf
the day or week. ur.;S
Iflaxwell fc Chapman,
Solicitors in Chancery.
0ee aver Black, Battery Co' Drug fctore.
nd Solicitors in "Chancery, "
ejtwu I. lutu, roai.T roBTra,
i. w. rwi.
Jaa4 wtf
A geod assoittuent of Watches Clo - " old Pens.
J.welry, S.lver Ware, Fane .oo Violins and I
lia TriiBming always on hand. Ail work com
aattted to bis care will be warranted.
April 10. IStiS.
" 1 I
e. a. laisa, Citmri caoxroa,
f Indian A Jairt. j Attorntyi at Late
The abore named gentlemen hare associated
thiB,elves in business fr the purpose or prosecut
lag and collecting all claims af-aiust tbe General
Government, or against any tribe of Indians, and
are prepared to prosecute aoch claims, either before
Congress, or any of the Departments of tiovernment
r before the Court of Claims,
Ma. laisn will devote bis personal attention to
the husines at Washington.
tf- Offlse at Xobtaska Cfty.aorner ef Mala and
fifth streete.
National Claim Agency.
, -spared to present and prosernte claims before
t-ei rresa. Court of Claims and the Dept. tnincs. Pa
st its. Pen'iont, Bonnie", and Bounty Lands se
wred. yCharies moderate, and in proportion to
amuT.t of the claim. V. M. DORIUNUTON.
April 10. '5
General Life, Accident, Fire, Inland and
Will take rik at reasonable raft in tbe most reliabl
upaniea in the United Slat'',.
Cf01Eee at the book store, Pla sir cath, Nebras
, maySldtf
Millinery & Drcssrankins,
JT afliss a. M. I)rm Mm. R. p. KaNaaur
Opposite the City Bakery.
"WJ K would rospectfully announce to the Ladies
ef I'lattsruouth and vicinity, that we havejnst
Teeeieed a large and well se'-cied slock of Winter
VooUk, eonsisltns; 'f Flower, Ribbons, relTSt.o, dress
trimmini, Ac, Ac. We will isell the cheapest (fowl
wyer sold iu this ci'y. We can scoimniodatc all our
wld sastomers ao.l aa many new ones a will fayor us
with a rail. All kind of work in our line done to
wraar. Perfect sata.fction given or no charges
Books, School Books, New.papera, Magazines,
Weriodicals, and all kinds of Stationery, at
roee-waVe Building, Main street. c34
General Land Agent,
Lincoln. ... Nebraska.
Will p'astie in any of the Courts of the ?tate, and
"Will bay and soil Real Bwrte on wnnmtwrhin, pay
Wffl. J. FORD,
Main street, - - Opposite Post OJJlce,
Will keep on hand and make to order, Mattres,
iiciure m rames, n lauow enaaes, v, an rarer, c.
C17A II kinds of Turning executed in good style.
osv T V7. !
Feed, Sale and Livery
MaiwSt., Plattemoutu
I am prepared to accommodate the public wtt
Horses, Carriages and Buggies,
Also, a nice Hearse,
On short notice and reasonable terms. A Ilack will
run to steamboat landing, and to all parts of the
city wneo ae.lreu.
inr23 J. W. EIIAKNOK.
Provisions. BOOTS .and SHOES',
Main Sired, two doors abort Fourth,
Where the public may find
and priced at low a can bu f und in tbe city.
We relurn flianfc foe- the liberal pa'ronairn we
baye rec iyed, and h"pi; to merit it continuaure.
Oc:. 30, gage a davis.
nil onuiup 11 Uiiipniuc
If The Chanipioi) lof 136 firitpr.
If miuius in twoll) Iseasons.
U "Its seam isiJstronKCr and
less liable to rip than the Lock Stitch."
"Judge' Report of the Grand Trial."
Send for the "Report," and Samples of
work, containing both kinds of stitchea on
tbe isuie piece of goods. Agents wanted.
L. C0BSZLL CO., Gen'l Agents,
13S Laka St., Chicago.
i. roDi).
l:a!tjc;uuir., N-B
Fairbanks, Greenleaf
& Co-.
S2f A 2 JS hike St. Chicago.
!i')9 Jlirl et St. , St. Limit.
K3r careful to bur only the Genuine. mjy2-2
(Jenniugn 3t DilVi Flour and Wool Mill.)
Dealer in
Hats and Caps,
Boots andshoes,
And such articles as are
adapted to a Farming
Or exchange for Produce.
forgtf ioof all kind or take la exchange for goods
DWELLIXKS at all price.
Any persons wishing to purchase Farm-property, or
Residences in town will And them for sale at al
prices. By
wwf. Rkal K-TATa AnaT.
Sfannf ictnrerof and dealer in
Saddles and Ilariiess,
Of every description, wholesale and retail, !?o. 130
Main street, between 5th and 6th streets, Nebraska
City. jelS
JAMES O'XEIL is my authorixed Agent for the
collection of all accounts due tho tinderoienrd for
medical service'; his receipt will be valid for the
payment of any monies on said arconnt-t.
Arncu-t 14. 1567. K. K. LIVINGSTON. M.D.
Weeping Water Mills.
Farmers, go where you can get the
6esf Flour and the most of it.
85 lbtf X X I FLOUIi and 12 lit MRAM
t-ireu in exchange for good Wheat.
We are also doing grist work; and, with ear In
creased facilities, fuel assured that we can give the
bttl aud the most floor of any mill iu tbe kitate.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
March 16ih, 1S63.
Furniture and Chairs.
THIRD STREET, (Sear Main,)
trFaaera!s atmded at the (Tbortest aottr.
j aS0
Tbe Republican Senate ef Califor
oia recently passed a bill to authorize es: I was detained by an iocideot, and as follows the causes of war against engage in the business of fortune tel
Chinese to give testimony against did not reach the church until service thf new Constitution in Michigan ling will ficd the following hints useful:
whites in criminal cmrt; but theDem had commenced. As I was entering causes which ecu Id not fail of securing January He thit is born in Janu-
ocratic Assembly iVt .ued it. Tbe
Chinese in California are remarkatly
industrious, ingenious, inoffensive, and,
though by no means faultless, are far
more sinned airainst than sinniner. It
is notorious that they are systematic-
lit? abnspd. in.uhed. wronired and rob
btd by the baser and more ruffianly
whites, aLd that the law afford them
no redress the Civil Rights net being
systematically defisd to their prejudice.
The following sample of their treat-
mem i fri-eii bw the Nevada Gazette:
"The trial and acnuittal of Brannan
- D- -I
in our County Court is a fair sample of
the effect of our Slate law excluding
the Chinese from giving testimony
against a white. The jurymen who very
promptly brought in a verdict of ac
quittal, could not have had the least
doubt of bis guilt, the preof being as
positive as well could be; but for the
lack of legal testimony that a robbery
bad been committed, and which proof
could only be given by the Chinamen
who were robbed, th highwayman has
to be turned loose to continue his nefar
ious business.
Brannnn, with three others, went to
a Chinese caVin near Summit Valley,
and robbed the inmates of SoO, Bran
nan himself taking the money. While
he robbery was going on, some of the
Chinamen managed to get away, and
raising a large party of their friends.
ving near by, took after the robbers
and captured Brannan and another man
named Kelly, the other two making
their escape. The captured robbers
were severely beaten by the Mongo
lians, from the effects of which Kelly
died, and Brannan would probably
have been killed but for the arrival of
the foreman in charge of the working
party of Chinese.
lie was guarded
that night by whites at the Chinese
camp, ana, prooaDiy anpnofiinp- me
proof to be positive against him, he ad-
mitted thai he went there with the
" " I
three other rascals for the purpose of
robbery, and that they got 50 ihe
rst ,K.vh ti. rhmnmon aid
C all WU Ul Vt IIUIV . w-Mtaa'WM
thev had bten'robbed. The law,
however is clear that the admission of
" I
anartvioihe commission of a crime
shall not be taken in evidence unless it
has first been established by other les
timony that the crime has been com
w I
mitted. Here was the most positive
corroborative evidence of the guilt of
the accused; but the exclusion of the
Chinese from testifying broke the chain
of evidence."
Nashville, April 3. Last Wed
nesday an ex-Federal soldier named
Graham, well known in Nashville, war,
driven out of Mouct Pleasant County,
Tenn. by a Kuk-KIux mob. He had
gone to the place with a view of secur
ing employment as a teach?r. While
at the Post Office he was surrounded
by a mob of 15 or 20 rebels, who de
manded to know where he was from
and what wis bis business. He polite
ly and frankly answered the question,
when he was told that no d d Yan
kee who bad fought against the South
during the war should lire in Mount
Pleasant, and he must, on pain of death,
leave the place within five minutes.
He was followed three miles from the
town, and cursed, tantalized and re
peatedly threatened with infant death.
The mob was headed by Nixon, the
town constable, who claimed to have CO
men under his command who would
swear that no Radical Yankees should
settle within' bis lines. Mr. Graham
returned to this city yesterday.
SfThe question is canvassed in
Ohio whether, if Senator Wade becomes
acting President by the convictien and
removal of Mr. Johnson, will there be
a vacancy in the representation of Ohio
in tbe Senate to be filled by the Legis
lature. Mr. Vallandigham thinks
there will; but the better opinirn is that
there will nou If Mr. Wade becomes
acting President, it will be solely be
cause he is President of the Senate
and he holds that office only as a Sena
tor. He will ipso facto cease to be
President of the Senate, and cannot
therefore be acting President. It seems
quite clear that his office as Senator will
not be vacated in casecf the President's
- Says a writer in one of our exchang
the door tbe organ was playing
that glorious old Windsor, which the
leader sometimes shows his good sense
by selecting for a hymn of worship.
stepped in a pew close bv the door iust
as the people rose. Near me wan
noor old Solomon Meek, who in his
r - .
feebleness and poverty, has for some
time been
ul' " iadows are a little longer
0nI -a..etiiiihe!immerof the day's ut beam
As nis ear caught the dear strains of
I.. . .....
'3 younger days, his bands claspe.l,
and ni dut eyes looked upward, as
with tremulous but
gentle tones he
Oh, God, our help in ases past.
Our hope" for years to come.
Our shelter from the stormy blast,
And our eternal home.
Never, to my dying day, shall I for-
get that picture of heavenly truit and
resignation, so soonjo be rudely and
cruelly marred; , for at the gesture
from the fashionable Highheads, whoie
pew is near there, our obsequious sex-
ton stepped up to the old man. and 1
supnose told him to stop sincinc forhi.-!
eyes filled wiili tears ajid his head
dropped as his humble song of praire to
his God ceased.
I am perfectly aware that if all the
people were to in our congtega
lions there would be some voices out
of tune, some an octave to low, some
singing on one tone, some tremulous,
some noarse ana some broken;
and yet they who prevent these was that it doubled the saleries of near
voices from praising and worshiping ly all the State officers.
their M-iker, even in their imperfect
way, or stop them in the act, take
upon themselves more responsibility
than I should like to bear.
ES-The Buffalo Courier (copper-
bead) does not sympathize witn the
World, Times and other organs of 'its
I a . V I
party wno sneer tnase rumor,
It sees in it ihe only hope or tne ue-
... . a I
mocarcy, and deliberately sets about
trying to seduce him from the path of
duty. It reads the Chief Justice a long
I ..... .
lecture unnn the possibility and rewards
of his securing the acquittal of Mr.
Johnson. It reasons after this wise:
''There are 54 SenaUrs, If nineteen
of these vote against couviction, im-
neachment fails. Eleven can be count-
ed on to do so," but how can the mis-
sing eight be found? "'I here's the rub."
The Courier's scheme is for the Chief
Justice to make himself the rallying
poijt for those Senators who, as it al-
Iedges, have'shown symptoms of wav-
ering. The trouble is there are no
such Senators. Judge Trumbull,
Messrs. Fessenden, Edmunds, and oth
ers who have ranked among ihe con-
servatives are as radical in this re-
gard as Sumuer or Chandler.
JJSS"A correspondent who has re
cently visited Andersoville cemetery,
says: You may read statements of
mortality unmoved, bui when yon see a
row of graves of 130 men, who all
died in one day, you are shocked. Il
mns have taken a small army to bury
these men. They lay shoulder lo
shoulder, as they stood in the ranks;
yet ihe dead in one day more than fill a
row two huodred feet long. My in
dignation went on increasiug from 'No.
1. died February 18. 1864,' to 'No.
1S.84S, died April 28. 1S65.' I fear
if we all lived within sight of Ander
sonville, there would be no moderate
men. hardly jusl men, but a nation of
revengeful men."
JJSiFThe recent fluctuations in Erie
stock have made and unmade some
fortunes for individuals in New York.
One gentleman made $80,000 in one
day, and another los; 300,000 dollars
in a single day. So says a New York
A Boston man offers to build
ihe proposed bridge between ihe city
proper and East Boston, and spend
1,000,000 dollars on it, if he may have
the toll for ten years, which he calcu
lates will be 5,000 dollars a day
That would pay and "leave a margin."
CSfThe Ai-tor House in New York,
when re opened, is to be rented for
$55,000; ihe St. Nicholas is rented
for 878,000, and ihe Fifth Avenue
somewhere nsar $50,000.
- The Chicago Tribune summarizes
its defeat a result which has been for
sometime a foregone conclusion. The
Constitution was opposed
II 1. By all the Democrats because it
made all the freemen in th btate
voters, aud by,a few Republicans for
the same reason.
2. By a large body of the Spiritual-
ists of the Stitte, because there was s
requirement that the Legislature shall
be opened "with prayer," and the pre-
amble says something about a "reli -
ance on God."
.1 I
2. By. another c'.ass'Jof 'voters, be-
cau$8 the Constitution provides that no
appeal shall be had from the Board of
Supervisors of a countv in relation to
accounts against the county for servict s.
4. By a large and respectable class
because the instrument allows all town
shins to vote aid to railroad projects
The last Legislature was flooded with
bills legalizing these townhip subscrip-
tjons. (Jov. Crapo vetoed all the bills.
-mi the thousands who agreed with him
voted 'against the Constitution. The
question divided every township, as it
nrns ont of direct taxation.
5. It was voted against by the great
bulk of the prohibition party, for the
reason that the present Constitution
authonizes prohibitory legislation,
which tbe new Constitution will n't
permit, udless the seperaie clauses to
that effect be adopted.
6. Another clause inducing many
I .n
persons to vote against tne Constitution,
To attempt to stem the tide of oppo-
shioa to this array of articles was im-
possible, and .the result confirms the I
expectations of all.
-The New York Home Journal des
cribes a fashionable select dinner party
t r -w r a i a a
given oy a ixew rorit iaay last week-
ine caras ui MmiavU cuE
t 1 t J
in goia ana enciosea m mree cornerea
envelopes with gold edges. The ta
ble-cloth was of white velveteen, edged
v .i sr.!
wun cut fringe, in tne centre or tue
w. w
table was a massive tpergne, or orna
mented stand of gold, witti small bas:
keis hanging from it filled with fruit,
fancy boxes, bonbons, etc., etc A
a a A J
large bouquet or rare nowers was
placed at each plate, with the bill ot
fare printed in gold, on white satin
ribbon. The waiters were dressed in
crimson coats, knee breeches, silk stock-
ings and powdered wigs! An crches-
ira furnished delicious music; and the
bill of fare embraced every luxury that
the season atlorded. iwentyguesis
surrounded the luxurious table, whish
cost ihe extravagant giver enough to
feed the hungry por and clothe the
naked of a whole district for many days.
JKsy-The New Orleans Picayune
suggests that the Democrats nominate
General Hancock for President, "ihe
man who has proved the best friend tbe
Sou'.h has had since the war euded,
and whose brilliant career as a soldier
should gain for him every Northern
vote which is not sworn away to Rad
icalism." An Irishman says he can see
no earthly reason why women should
not be allowed to become medical men.
CGfDan Rice has been summoned
to the White House The event justi
fies the suspicion thai the President
wishes to engage as an itinerating
jJgThe funniest incident that his
lately transpired is the case of a doting
mother, who, being satisfied that her
child merited a flogging, first had him
placed under the influence of chloro
form. "-
fiSTThe 3d U. S. Cavalry. Major
Elliot commanding, left Leavenworih
on Friday last for Fort Hayes Karsas.
Serioui Indian trouble is apprehended
in Kansas this summer.
JC3?-A Gettysburg, on ihe
1st of July, of officers of the Army of
the Potomec, is proposed and it is in
tended to purchase the Theological
Seminary buildings as the nucleus of a
national watering place.
gThe Das Moines Register learns
that Hon. J. F. Wilson will not be a
candidate for re-nomination in the First
Iowa Congressional District.
I Those of our readers who wish to
ary will be laborious and a lover of
good wine, be very subject to infidelity,
and withal a fine singer. The woman
I born in that month will be a good
housewife, rather melancholy, but
good natured.
February The man born in thi
month will love money much, but la
dies mors. He wnl bt stingy at home
butjprodigal abroad. The lady will be
humane and affectionate to her mother
1 March The man born in March
will be rather handsome. He will be
honest and prudent but will die poor
The lady will be passionate, jealous
and a cLatter-box.
April The man who has the mis
fortune la be born in April will be sub
i -
I ject to maladies. He will travel to bis
disadvantage, for he will marry a rich
heiress, who will prove a virago. The
lady who has the same misfonune wil
share the same fate.
May The man born in this month
will be handsome and amiable. He
will make his wife happy. The teu
will be equally blest in every respect
June The m&n born in this month
wil be small of stature, and passion
atsly fond of children. The lady will
b personage fond of coffee, and will
I marry young,
I July The man born in July will be
fat, and will suffer death for :he woman
he loves. The female fill be very
hfindsome, with a sharp nose and
I s s I -li . t . t
nne oust, oa win oe oi raiaer suuy
August The man born in the
month of August will ba ambit'O'is and
courageous, lie will nave two wives.
The lady will be amiable and twice
married, but her second husband will
cause her to regret the first.
September He who is born in Sep
ten.ber will be strong aud prudent, but
will be too easy with his wife, who will
cause him great uneasiness. The lady
Will 08 rOUllU tsvou cauva nil 41UH-.U,
witty, discreel and loved by her friends.
October The man born in this
mouth will have a handsome face and
florid complexion. He will be wicked
aud inconsistent. He will promise one
thing and do another, and remain poor.
The lady will be pretty, a little fond of
talking; will have l.vo or three hus
bands, who will die of grief she will
know why.
November The man born in this
month will have a fine face, and be a
gay deceiver. The lady of this month
will be large, liberal and original.
December The man born in this
month will be a good sort of personage,
though passionate. He will devote
himself to politics and be loved by his
wife. The lady will be amiable and
handsome, with a good mind, a fine fig
ure ond very honest.
iTy-The Catholic Telegraph, an in
fluential journal of Cincinnati, and a
leader of the Democracy in that quar
ter, comes out very decidedly for the
nomination of Chief Justice Chase as
the Democratic candidate for the Pres
idency. J52nThe telegraph cable across the
Ohio river five miles above Louisville,
was so melted by lightning Tuesday
morning as to utterly destroy it. A
new cable wiil have lobe laid down al
a cost of about $5,000
gOfBcial returns from forty-six
counties in Wisconsin show a gain for
Judge Dixon (Republican) of 1,421
votes over thai for Governor last fall.
His majority will be about 6,500. No
geSS-The Republicans of the Second
District of Massachusetts indorse Gen.
Grant, Senator Wilson, and impeach
ment, and send Henry Pierce and
Henry B. Wheelright as delegates to
ST"During the five years the Re
publicans of Indiana have been in pow
er, they have reduced the State debt
more than one half, besides paying all
tbe war expenses of the State.
C&ifLet our laws at d institutions
apeak cot of white men, not of red
men, not of black men, not of men of
any complexion but, like the laws of
God, the ten commandments and the
Lord's prayer, let them speak of ihe
people. Horace .Maynard, j
The Old Regime.:
Sam, have you whipped Molly, as
I told you?'
"Yes, father."
"Have you delivered Sue's young "uu
to ihe trader who bought it yester
day?" Yes, faiher."
"Did you cut down the rations of the
field hands"
"Yes father."
"Did you tell the niggers that if they
wore any clothes to the cotton field, ex
cept for women a tow shirt, and for
men a pair of tow pants, you would give
them twenty lashes each?"
"Yes, father."
"Have you rubbed Jim's back with
"Yes, faiher,"
"Did you string up that nigger that
had the spelling book?"
"Yes. father "
"Have you heard what ihey did up
the creek, yesterday, with that d tl
abolishinist, that was psalm-singing
around that neighborhood?"
"Yes, father."
"They give him five and forty aud
rode him on a rail?"
"Cuss it, why didn't they bang him?
But come in now, Sammy, we are go
ing to have prayers."
This is the style of thing that the
Republicans are endeavoring to rid
this country of forever; that's the style
of things that the CornirlonH Jr.
it , . i.
league with the old nigger-drivera
would re-establish. Chicago Post.
fThe Mississippi Stale Journal
says: ' Whenever whipped rebels agree
to live in peace with the Union men,
who saved the Government, order will
be restored to the South; but until this
consent on ihe part of traitors is yeild-
ed, ihere will be trouble."
JEST",,You ought to acquire the fac
ulty of being at home in the best soci
ety, said a fashionable aunt to aa
onest nephew. "I manage that easy
nougb." it-srunf-rt lh npnhpw. "liv
staying at home with my. wife anJ
A great m my Democrats got
drunk on Tuesday, and orae of them
are not yet sober. This fact must ac
count for the mistake ihey made yea-
erday in parading under the folds of
the American flag. Fx.
Safety of Da. Livingstone.
The safety of Dr. Livingstone, the
great African traveller.has been as
sured beyond a shade of doubt. A let
ter has been recieved in London on tbe
8cb, written by him, in which he states
that he is in good health, and will soon
reiurn to England. He has been suc
cessful in his explorations.
This news sets al rest ihe conflict
ing stories that have agitattd the pub
ic mind for months, over the reported
murder of the Doctor.
John Phoenix once said that when
from :he deck of an outgoing steamer
he shouted to a friend, "Good-bye,
Colonel," two thirds of the crowd raised
their hats and taid: "Good-bye, ole
fel. Tek ker yerself."
One of Buchanan's Cabinet tea
years ago, sent an advertisement to a
New York paper, with orders for it
insertion until ihe department ordered
it stopped. The direction was never
sent, and the paper has just forwarded
a bill of several thousand dollars to the
department for collection.
EsS-The playbills of Ford's Thea.
tre, in Washington, cn the night of the
assassination of President Lincoln, now
command $10 each, and are purchased
at that pries by "collectors''' in New
York city.
5T'There are in the stable at Jer
ome Park, preparing for the spring
races, fifty seven horses. AmoDgthem
are Kentucky, Fleetwing, DeCourcey,
Rapture, Coon Vanhoaen, Exila or
Pepper's Gho:t, Enchantress, Gerald
or Head Centre, Wild Jessie, Jewess,
xtra, Magnet, Canme Bairn, Attrac-
ion, Australia, Fenian, Billy Connor,
Zig Zag Sleety, Bonnie Btaes. Lost
Cause, Tasmania, &c.
5"Hon. Alexander McDonald. U.
S, Senator elect from Arkansas for tho
short term, was formerly a merchant
nd banker at Fort Smith, Kansa.
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