Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 28, 1867, Image 3

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. She Dirbrasha ratrt.
gSTThe wife of Judge II. P. Bennett,
of Colorado, died recently in Denver.
miiii m m m
QSTThey had extreuiely cold weather
"down east' two weeks fto.
Cj"A female Huffrnge organization Ims
been effected in Oraiha.
Q3Tlt only takes fivo days now to g1
from Plattsmouth to Slt Luke City.
(5?"The Republican saya they wnnt a
glare and nitten manufactory at Omaha.
We hare one in Plnttyniouth.
TTIce was formed on standing water.
the thickness of one inch Inst Monday
Ci?The lumber for the new capito!
at Lincoln was chipped from Chicago lant
a?"The Jacob Sns pnaed np TuascUv
..afternoon. She will pr bably bo the
last boat of the season.
! express a splendid new as
sortment of Drtsa Flannels at
Clark Sc Plcmmer's.
(TjjTThe boiler from Edgerton's Mill i
undergoing repairs at the shop of John
son & Price.
57"Tbe Press, at "Nebraska, Citv, i
fattinz on city airs. They have .io use
a patent mailing apparatus.
fih. Spratlin, formerly a well
known and repee'ed citizen of Rock
Bluff, in this civnty, died at Council
duffs on the 25th inst.
fg"We wer in Omaha a fw diys nzo.
Thov have built Bcvernl dw hoiioa lhf-re
this season. The Pacific Railroad starts
from Omaha.
ttSee card of II. S. Jenning, of
Lincoln in to d:iy's lit rai.d. The Jude
has invested, in Lincoln - and proposes
making that bis permanent home. Those
of our citizens who may require the ser
vices of an attorney at the Capital, will
find Mr. Jenn;njra jut the man they want.
CH""rhe people of Brownsville are
moving heavily in Railroad matters
They propose sen lin a delegation to
Washington to lobby for a grant of land
for a western rosd. The ounty com
tuisstonera will submit a proposition for
the county to take $350,000 of stock in
the road.
going to Lincoln recently we!
were agreeably surprised to fi d such ex
jellent roada. , In the vicinity of Weep
Water Falls the people havo repaired
every foot of road that needed it grad
ing hill, bridiing goiters, filling up rut,
and placing it in the. best possible condi
tion. The people generilly of that lo-
Cryira. Simpson's rouble class gave a
concert at her residence last Saturd y
evening. We learn from :those present
th- the singing was excellent anu done
honor to Mrs. Simpson' abilities as a
teacher as weil as to the aptness of her
pupils. . . . . .
Ca A young niun named Fergu3n,
who has relatives living in Glcnwood,
Iowa, w;i9 arrested in Nebraska City
last week on the charge of attempting to
pass counterfeit money. Cpon examina
tion, however, it was ascertained that he
was innocent of the crime, and did not
know the money he was offering was
coun terfcit.
essrs- Vollintine & Hain have
opened a large 6tock of general mcrchan
dise at Ashland. They .are energetic
men, and nre bound to make themselves
heard and felt in a business, ennacitv
I'liey have procured the printing of a
large lot of posters at the Herald office.
They are weil known to most of the old
fettlers having, been in business on the
plains for some time.
f5They have been playing "Swinging
around the circle" nt the Council Bluff
Theatre. We thought Andy had the ex
clusive right tn that play.
C3r-Mr. Oaley County Clerk of Lan
caster county, was in the eity last ween.
He is laboring hard for the best interests
of hia county ar.d city.
m -
C5rTho new block on Farnhara street,
Omaha, is a mngnificient affair. It
would do honor to any of the eastern
(7?We advise dealers to have a good
ttock of fence wire on hand next sprinj.
There i an inmcn(i amount of fr"li
turned prairis "out d lor.'
. m
"Mr. Stndeiinann returncil from
Lincoln a few dv sines. He is vrv
much pleased vrith tho rropocts of the
(5?"We never passed a more pleasant
vening than in listeni ig to Br. Ro'.
Morris, last Monday evenine, at Orn ilin.
His iiiin l is already richly stored with
Masonij knowledge, yet he is on his way
Notice to Builders.
Seated Pioposals for ihe execution of taa several
desert t.oni of Artificer! Wort dkut in the of the new iiite llou.eof ,Nebrak4, to V
roue at Li-Bcin, banra-te' cmioiy. N-bratk cald
Frop-Mila will be recaived by lhauDertnteo.lent j t
bis o!be nt Limiln. ..n or bef.ire iba II h day of
Jn.tia;i V- 13i.8- at 1 eVliw t haii .1.1 ..l 1.. .,..,
caii.y arc wonting to toeir interests, anil jet to ti.e nw"' f. ..,mmi-.-l..Ler 1 arcord-
" - -, , I i:c9 trith an Act entitled an Act - r privi'ie for th
no loan among them . does more for the iocti . of the -eat rr o vemment of ttr- mhi i
general good than E. L. Reed, Esq. YtV"
There are many natural advantages The plans ai d pe iQcuou mr be ieen m and
" fter the lOih dv of N .ve.nbar, 1367, iu t e effije of
nuuuk mo raiir, unu w fipcci yet 10 See I ne .uperinienieni hi 1.111011.
not Only S densely, populated Country UreQim.-nt and l.ond at JWl than Die
thereahnntA hut tn im . ihncin tn com -iC- price-, wnn nrrt c to b-s. p o. J bjr rhe
tnereanouis, dus 10 see a tnrivmg town Cumrtli,.iooe.-.n.i c.n.iitiont f .r the fa ihfui i er
at the Falls. The natnral ndvaetm'es of f '"nance of tbecontr.iC' ouorbelorethel-tday of
... 1 op-.-mo r laoo.
nie piace, ana ine perseverance 01 the
leading men will bring things out all
right in time- :
(f?"We have received and partially
perused, a copy of "Letters from Europe,
by John W. Forney,'! published by T. B
t cierson uros.. 01 f nuaueipnia. inese
letters are very instructive to Ain-ri
can readers, being upon subjects which
cannot fail to interest them. The we!l
known ability of the writer is a sufficient
guarantee of the character and truthful
ness of what he sys So far ns we have
reai them, thene letters give a more vir
id description of European innnncrs, cus
The ;miiii-.loDPra re.rve tl erirht to reject an
sod all bidj, if In trieir judgment tb y are loo bigb.
' i : Architect aud Suariuteodcnt.
t Itll of Octnl;r. B7 3 !
A GKXTS $IjO tier roooih, eyrjrwliere. male
I 1l nr.d fem, l ell the Oi.Vti.i K
tiKStiE PA MIL Y KKWAQ MAl'HllftC. the
Kre-te-t in vciition of Ihe ag-. Price $14. Kveiy
M:icbinc warrnt-d in ee y-ars Aildrihs,
M. kWIs A CO ,
fepl2 4tr P. O. Box 0li3 St. I.nuia. Mo.
nVFI.I.I.;S nf all price
Any pe-sons wiiliinp to purchase Farm-pro-ery, or
Kt'Diaciicej in Iowa win nau Hi till tor sale at ml
price, isy
ititT. Hrt KsTHTr
Wa ar. jiut la receipt of ur FALL. AND WINTER"
Soots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps;
Iron, Nails,
Groceries, &c.
SCnUTTLER WAGONS constantly on hand.
AdIcd BobUch. i, f c.uucil ijluffi. ia the State
fkl IO. Will If . Il-!li' thmt Mllri.ll.. 1m MRli.ln
torn 8, progression- governments and noted I of :iuniy of Ca and .iie or Nei..r.iska, di 1,00'
ut,.:. ; .1 .v I liio i-ft:h liny o: tictobr, a r lfH7 fie ibeir i t-tii Ion
uia.uricni j'uiuis iti-iu utij tiling we ever to Uistl ltt cuit of lhe 2(J JlK!i iMi Dia-riet of
Tln rrio nf lh I Nebraska, wnb n and lor Ca-n oun'y, a.-ain-t the
1 uo pi .v,c ui vuo sit ( Ant,.ny Bi.hlscbei i. de'eDiLiot, a -.lias forth lht
seen in the same space,
book, in good substantial binding is $'2 0 f tbe "J,', l'-fe"danl U indebted in the e nd
, , I the mm of TO 37 oo hi- ctihiii proinnory noi
illoline Plows aud nil kitn! of AGRICIXTCR A Li
Wtiieh wa ira tailiog at the ieirajt cah pries . Please call aad ezamiae ocr aloek and
for yourielTti.
An Old Souk get to a ffew Too
1337. -S3
Anil at Kotteh
J'rm tt.eir hole oaata
A nd Mir and Rat
In fAt of (at,
Ottiiy p oeaV
Any One forwarding that amount to i . I ui .de, executed anl delivered by the aaiJ iltfen iuni
B. Peterson & Br is,
receive a copy post puiJ. by return mail
TK!-i V t will I en '1 inaiuiri;, uuriiiK u tc on uie .r n;ij 01
' '- 1 ik-toh-r, l'jb? au.l culiinc lor th p tTmeiit offlO 37,
s CuLRcri
2G, 1867. I
one day alter dIc. n iiti interest at the rate of ten
per c-i't. per auuum. ami pruyinir that the taid An
te iv H .h's :bi'l miy he ailj jdd to th raid
mm of money now claimed to due, with interest
a afort.-aiu; and ih" ajil Autenv U iblrcheid ia re-
quir' d to apjiear Hnd Hiirwr daid petition on or be
10 -c the .h ii.-iv cr rccemo-r, a it iMil.
You are fu-ther tKtihed that an order of attach-
to the II .17 T,.,n l the birth-place and throush J0U) amj b.g you to convey
cradle of Masonry there to seek out all the companv -ou represent this ezpr.
the veritable things tliat may be found
pfrtainin-; to tha Order. lie will leave
Amersca sometimn during the winter.
Vktry Room, St. Lckk's Chlrch
Plattsmoutu Neb , Nov
D. II Wheeler, Esq.,
Agenl UarturJ I'ire Insurance Co., I nient hu bn i?urd m raid cause, and that your
DEAR SIR . Permit US to tender VOU I ",,":h ,t,e Pntll 'Qare, and iota ten and eleven
J I (lo nd 1 1), in Mock ooe (1), n.iotii. ranee one (1),
r sincere tnanss tor tnc prompt ana least or me -uiiic squaie. ii in itock ui.c city,
1 r I ' , - . M... . W I,...),. . . . A l.An . t . .. I . . .....
highly credible manner in which our Sumca thereto. ' aiukpie & simion.
i : n..r..i w: i i w. r . i imttn, an y lor I'lainnn
ciitini u-tiusi, iiiu uiiimm a.ic ...ur- Onlered llial tho i...tire baonMiahed
ance Co., for the damage by lire of the I our conaecutive weiks m tte webr-! iraid
Church. On the II th mst.. WilS ail lUted I oc31 4w Clerk l)iirict Court.
2"Jao'-eon ffajim at
ClaxiC & Pj.rJtiiF.R's.
"""Pnj;e county, Iowa, has apprcprm.
ted $1,000 towards i1fTrnyin,j the ex
penses of a Railroad Survey to the Mis.
ouri river.
("Charles Dickens has arrived in
the United States We presume there
will be a terr'.bie atrife between Oinnhi
anJ Council B'uIT-t to determine which
jlace shall hive him firet.
tMt Donovan, of Lincoln, has sold
his new hotel huildin?, and is now pre
paring for the erection ' f another on a
more extensive scale. lie sold to Mr.
ScrOr,ins, of Wisconsin.
fJT" Our friends in Lancaster and
"Saanders counties will please remember
that we have the best assortment of legal
blanks to be found in Nebraska. Orders
filled 03 short notice.
J3TAs '3 Thanksgiving day, we
re1 compelled to "cut short' on reading
"matter. Our typos are fond of going to
Cborflh and eating turkeys especially
-the latter.
Maj. Btlomlte thinks that Omaha
can go ahead without the capitol, especi
ally as the old building has not been re
moved. We are glad the Maj has come
to that nensible conclusion the balance
of the state thought so some time ago.
5TWe learn that Mr. Richrd Clai
'borne, formerly a journeyman in the
D-mcrat ofiioe of this city, is about to
take hold of the B.dlevuo Times estab
(The small bride just this side of
Platte river is sa lly in need of repairs.
The covering's composed of loose sticks,
and it will be a wood.T if somebo y's
team does not get crippled there unless it
ia fixed.
ff"A Luthernn t'hurch edifice, says
the Advertiser, is being built in Ne
mh countv. bv the German Luthe-
Tans. There are in that vie rity thirty
five families, with a membership of one
hundred nnd twenty person.
5Mr. Keere, late Steward on the
Uolerado, has received a silver pitcher,
goblets and tray, worth $300 from tho
recent excursionist, as a, testimonial of
their appreciation of his services to them
while on the teamer.
5?Mr. Furner, of ttw. Bel.evue 'lime,
was in the city last Tuenkay. He nays
Plattsmouih is a much larger city than
he had supposed it to be. Ms people
are happily disappointed in the same way
when they come and see us.
C3A gentleman who resides in Lin
coin, visited this city last week, and after
staying here a diy he said he was agreea
bly surprised tofiod that our people took
o much interest in the success of Lin
oln. Whv, bless you, there is no place j
we tljiisk rBich 'x?pt onr own cjry. !
CAt the mentins of the Mercantile
Library Association list Friday evening,
donations of near fifty volumes were
promised. Tnis is the rijrht spirit, and
if kpt a'ivo wili soon give us one of the
be-t Librarys in the west. K. member
that there will be another met ting to
morrow eveninz, at the ofBce of D. II.
tVheler. We expect arrangement will
then be made for the commencement of a
regular course of lee ares.
3?"Saiiling facss nre the household
liih'.s. C-tn a wlfu expect her
' smi'..i when she sets befora him roor
bread ? Can a husband look for smiles
from his wife if he oIT.'rs her inf-rior ma
terial for making bread ? If you, sir,
please jour wife got D. B. De Lind
& Go's. B?t Ch?raisal S:tler:itu?. and shu
wiil produce lie. id and biscuits that will
please you that wiil please her, and
th.-ro will bo light in the household
smiles ali around. Use it insead of Soda
Manufacturer of all kind of
Farming Implements,
Such hs the ctllr;it'd Krxl ltr?kintc Piowa. MoulJ
Itoar'l tir?;tk-r-, Sttrrina 11 Sia'e nnd Double
Shocl-. Culiivtor ttod llairown. Repdiriog don
i. a -ha t nol ice All wo-k warrant d.
IXavinif IihJ m'ich exprrien e ia the liusines I
yt OH SALE--Ajne Of Lamb S Superior I l aured lh;tt I can iftve geoe-al .ttUctitia. -
r 5 I a t.i i i U' vy- c yin vnaaiiif i -c ncic,
company you represent this express
ion of ourlii-rh appreciation of their hon
orable conduct in the matter.
Most truly yours,
OK Jf.C. DCTTS, Rector,
Oatlord J. Clark ii
Clark & Plummer,
Successors to Tootle, Hanna & Co..)
It. li Living-ton )
Dry Goods,
Hats, faps,
Boots, Shoes.
Sash, tfec.
knitting machines the only kind made
that widens and narrows. Plnquire at
this cfEce.
Platt'inouth. Krb.,aj Bh. 1S7.
Ho! r r Salt Creek, whi r you can kill two !ir1a
nlth oi.e tone. g;et youi ia n riund aod Wm-1
Cirle I a th a:ime tim-; the mncliiu'-ry f-r b h ia
in t-rrvi outer. e ue etie raUul ilcbinc CirU,
which wre rna tnoiiKO last year to etitWUh tlieir
urruriiy nver tli- o.a k mil, an a1! who used tho
cm tvstirr. The suprrinritt of Mr. b. Taris aa a
I'.r.l... E. I..1I Lnnu . .1 1 ! . . . : . ...II . 1
Small pieCO Of land from ten t3 fifty I talued for the benefit of the public. Wiih theab-Te
MlvHDtMuos are natter nure !ve tliHt we cu make it
to the adra"tai?? of all who want worlr in our line
to fimf this way. D. L'tAN. lropri'tor.
niP S. TW Iji, 4 Utrdrr,
Desirable Property for Sale
One dwelling notice, wito eeven roams,
celhir, barn, and 4 acres of ground well I
set with fruit trees, shrubbery, &c.
- U. XlARQCfctTe.
Enquire of S.Duke, Apent. mylG
(Ji7"Any person having for
Step oa band a full atock of all kimlf of
Jlgents for the sale of Jackson, Michigan, Wagons.
acres with a con.fortablo house oh it,
can find a good and permanent tenant by
applying at the Herald oEce tf.
Wi'l d all work in hl line on hort notice.
JCJ-OUico with Dr. Living, ton.
July fi.
Plattsnouth Lodge No- 6, A- F- &
Rif iil.-irromnmnicatioi lt and 3d Mondays of each
nomii, at (J 1 Si o'clock, p. tu.
E. T. DUKE, W. SI.
Nebraska Chapter No. 3, B, A-M.
V.r--ul T ci nval'on 2.1 and 4th Tutsdxys of
an h laxnih. at G 1 2 o'tlork p m
G. :. BETTS. fee
I. 0. 0- F.
11 itte Lodjre. No. 7, meet evorr Saturrtnj ernioj
.t theC -urt Hon" Hall, lir.-tli r. n other Lodges
n- rr.-prt;tfiilly ir vited to Titit this Lodge.
tly order or V- P. GAS?, If. O.
SI. SIcE.WAiN.Itec. 3ec'y.
I. 0. G. T-
Ri-gularmeetiaisn every Friday ereuing Tiaveling
Teinlai k recnecifully invited.
WM- R. HATTII'), W. .
fAJTLM. CHAPMAN', Lodse Dfputy.
3KX0ELiIOR DE REE LOIWh, No. 1. Plait
mouth, hd.l-i rejriila.- ineting on the third Wednes
day eveuiugs of each moiim.
It o S. V C1IAPMAK, W D T.
Bro. W. L. WrM... W D S
Siiter E. J. .-lona MEltr, W D V T.
C"Marshall Murpiiy brought one Wm.
Ciindler to his senses rather suddenly
last Friday evening. Said chaadler was
rather noisy on the street, and the mar
shall remonstrated wiih hi.n. Chandler
fi'L-iinn; soinewnat "elevated," pulled off
his c .it t Cht the ma'Khar ; but before
lie fair'y Crimprehended the "situation'
he was on the way to the 4'lock.up,''
where he passed tho night. He was
brought before R-corder Dorrington Sat
nrday morning and induced to pay a
small Euni ioto the city Treasury.
"Those who dance must pay the fiddler."
?"Ve acknowledge the receipt, from
J. V. Barnes, at Murphy's Book Store,
of one of those excellent pocket Diary's
for 1803, containing a counting honse
calender, a complete nlmanao, a table of
postage rates and tho time occupied in
the. transmission of znaila between princi
pal points, money order regulations, an
abstrnct of stamp duties, a complete
mi nature d iy-boofc, ledger, cask book
and memoranda in fact everything re
quired in the transaction of business.
They have a few uioro of the same sort
and a complete stock of everything in
the stationery line. Go and enquire for
anything tou want in their line, and
Barnes will take pleasure in showing it.
C3"A serious runaway occurred last
Friday. The large bay team belonging
u the Messrs. Lazenby, got frightened
nt the rattling of a chain attached to h
Mtnalt dog, ran over another team belong
ing to Mr. Jacob Vallery, severely bruis
ed Mr. Vallery 's little hoy who wns riding
in the wngon, and mashed things up gen
era'ly, One of toe runaway horses broke
hi leg and the owners bad to shoot him,
and the other stove a large sized hoi. in
to his chest by comiog in contact with Val
ry's wagon box.
Moral small "dorgs" with chain at
tachments should not be allowed to run
nt large.
s?".s there appears to be some little
misunderstanding among the people
about who is county Superintendent, we
would say that B. Spurlock, county Clerk
is the acting' Superintendent. At the
time of the eleetlon some doubt existed
as to whether there was authority for
electing a Superintendent, and it was
thought best to place a candidate in
nomination. Since that time it has been
ascertained that there was no authority
for such election, hence the election of
Mr. Kirkpatrick is of no effect, and the
county Clerk is acting Superintendent
ut til such time as legal provisions are
. - , , m : nori n pari oi rar-1 -iiw v. w pfccciM ci'iuij ,
made for tbO election Of bOnr person tO ! Nrv, . n Octotx-r 221, I W, one two-year old Heller,
! . 1 i a a. f 1 XT U nrni'
I pea- wun line - jwm i .
Prices deduced!
C2. C3r. Herold.
Has Jut received a l.-.rgi? arortment of
LIQUORS, of all descriptions
Aud a general assortment of
AI' kind of
Taken in exchause for Cotd'. Oath paid for
ai'i-26 " C. . H KKOLD.
TAKES CP by t-e aiiburriber, at h. pryjini'sos In
L'-unville 1 cioct, nsa county, Nebraska, on Ihe
25'h d-ty of Sov , 1S67. "ne lisht bay Mure sup
posed t ' be about 3 years old h i" a loni; while Strip
lu feet, tail and mine are black.
TAKEX CP hy he s bscriber at his pr tuisea in
Lmiiil- P Kiu-t Ta-a eouiiiy. Neb.a-ka, on the
ei I day of Kov . Ib67. one by rnare Colt, suppoed to
be three years old, has bald face. i oth'T marks.
T IKES CP by the underf i-ned at his reoiilence in
Eight Mil Oroe prrcinrt Cas.i o ni lr. Neliraski,
On the 15 ib dy or Nor., 1667, ' veai li- f a'eer, of
whit-- and red colur, wiih red bead nod tie-k. and
marked with a slit in ritfht car. UEJ. tf. RL'BV.
TAKf S CP by the subcribee, one mile north
nrtillll. I leasani f-h ol Iloiire, OcU.bir 20;h
1S67, ona ! J C'dr. sii'uad to be ihiee y aa old,
of bay rt-ior, and branded -lt" on left cht.ul'l-r
no21w5 K-K. COL.MKYM AX
TAKES CP by the subcribr, at his readeneeon
Four Mile Cre. k, five mil foo h wet or Pla ts
mouth, C county. Xeia-ki, Xicn'r 13 A. I.
l-87 una tbre .tear old Ma, let ea crupp'd. a-hy
color. m)iue wh te on bjck i-nd biily: aia, ' wo
ea'linK stears, one white or roa i h color, red ears;
ihe other red wiih white he .d. a d mm. what ili--aa-ed
limit the hekd, both suP'a d tn be
Willi s X. UEJiUV tNYOtlt
TAKEN UP by the mibscr.ber at bis lesidnce in
Eight Mi Crove precinct, on the tl dny of Norem
ber I bOT, ooe y- ailiu heifir calf, of a roan color,
no mxr-tH or brand.
no7wS LEWH filBEnSOS.
TAKEN CP by the subscriber, at hM rr-M.lesce In
1I. Pi a-aot pie-ii.ct, C c unty N' ln-ka, Octo
b r22l l5t7, 01 e bright bay n a e. 6 r 7yearld,
about 15 and- Iiii-b, c dlar rairkx on the top of her
lie. k. nml had on a halter when taken D.
Taken np by the sub tiber nt bin premise in Mt.
Plea.ant pr-cincf. '. Co.,- Neb. about 8 miles
we-t of the Ml l' t.iwn-fite, on the Hid day
of October, a B ISC7. obi- 3 yearold Steer, black and
ite spotted, while in fiont bead. Also, onr year
linK Sleet, of a red color, with Map horns, and is
ma- ked m iih a roes on the right hi t.
Oclobei 21 5w JOHN RENKEN
Taaert np by the aiibscrrfer at hi premises in Mt.
Pleanant ?r'Cinet, about 8 mile w.-si of the ill.
P'ennant t-wn- ite, on the 2"i l dy of Ort-ber. a D
JSG7, tw.i Yesrl'ne Meers, on of a red clur and Ihe
other s kind of brown Color, wiih white spo a on
ad. UAS3 TIMU.
O.noberSl fw
Taken up by tbe i-u'i-'crilier at his premises lo the
north part ofEltt.t-XIil Br, pUcluit, Vtr cotmty.
fid th offics.
j. iucm,i:es,
Dea'er in the ce!ebratd Sleek & McCammon Pianos,
and o: her Musical Instruments-
E3"A" lostrumenta warranted Ave years.
octal ly
Energetic Men aud IiaUies ic anted to can
vas fr the
or THE
By PmJ. CaUin E. Slowe, D. D.
Show. i c what the Bib!- I- nl; what it U, aud how
to u-e it; tricine Ihe hi-iory of each -oo np to its
origin with the in.pir-tl author?, and conilet-ly
aifeweriug all L lldel ravi'a Hud o. j. ctio:s In (tie
M-riptnrvS It 1- an ordinary library uf Bib ieal His
ttr.v In a ulncle volume, brii'f, c ear, aocnritie, con
clusive and highly miercttlo i A in-t-'e' pieco of
Cfiiitno aenre. It is n-trdi-d in every family where
the Bible U red, a well a by m lbat!
School tearher, s'udent and cle vniaii. and beinx
tbe ouly book on the aubject ever pub l-hed or old
in ihia country, amenta can eaily eti tbe advantage
of exiiva-odiig f"r iM wo k. enlrc iculnacon
ta.nini; notices anil indor.enit-nti trcim leading min
Vt rs of all deuoniin t'om Addre
nov7m4l N- -lU "live tr-ft. St. Iiiiis. Mo.
Probate Iolicc.
Net ice ia her, by piTro tha A. W Ifexrh. Guard i
an tor 'lit minor heir of i.'eleta A ttrllow, Ixte o
t'ass rouuiy. Kebra-ka. deceHerl, has this dy ten
d' r d his resignation as raid uait an, and npii d
to the omt to make his final se tiement with Ihe
estate of aid heirs. !aid a. It.t inent will be heard
on THURSDAY the 21-t day of NO VKMBf K. A. U.
1S67, at I o'cl.-ck p iu , at woich lime all perrons
in iciemed can appear an t object theieto if any tbey
Witness my hand, this 5th dy of November 18e7
oov. 7 It 3 Probate Judge.
Probate Notice.
Notice is ben by if. ven llMt Matthew Midkiffhas
Ibis day made appi c.iti n to the Probata Court tf
Cas county to bi poitiie.l Adniiuisirtor of Ihe
estate ol J.imes A. Mnlkiff, Ute I CaFu comity, de
ceased. The Court will hear said application ou
Friday, Xoe mbrr 2l.f, 1S57,
at 1 o'clock p m , at whWh time M rerson interes.
ted cu ..piM-ar and show . aiise why raid appoint-ur-i
t hou:l not be inii'le it ai y tbey hase.
Gtvta vudcr my band thu I-t lav of November,
1S67. J. W. M.aKSuaLL.
Uuv 7 w3 Pr.ilMite Juoj.
II. . . Wortl.instton
Attorney and Counselor
A. V law,
OEcc In Karbieb'a Blur,cor3.r of ron; and 15tb
siret. Oaufct, 'rbrk'ka. mfii
The Cheapest and Best.
nave Jast received a large and splcndU stock of Sew and Fashionable Goods, consisting 0f
Which ihey will sell at the
Lowest Cash Prices!
Having purchased them for cash In New York and nos-on. We assure the r uMic we can and will
sell Goods as low as any houee west of St. Louis or Chicago.
gRemeniber the Old Corner, now called tho
Nogw TSTorli. c&i&laL Store,
TijAttsmoutii, NmRASt a, September 26:h, 1S67.
TvrTT'TlT? A GTT A ST1 A rI' h
The under iirned proposes to e?tiblit-h a Weekly
NewBoaD'-r at Lincoln City, the Capital ot tbe Slate
of Hcbrasks, to Ie c-llel '"Tne eblaKk Mate Jour
nal." the Brvt iesue cf which will be about the 1st of
October. 107
The whole outfit for the Once Will be entirely new.
nd will embrace gO id Job Office, h wt-1' us the
News Ilel ur.lMent. Ilavi ig tin. I much experience in
Journ tlism, and eing one or the fjrt aettle's in
ebraKka; cons- quen ly beio wrll aciiutiutcd with
the watiti of the people, aud In? resoiirct-s rl tlie
State, we flatlet ouiftlf that we can give general
iiiisfciioii in the eoterpibte.
Tbe "Joii ual " will advocate Kepnblicto prlnci.
pies, out nil! be cuducted on an independent tcale,
un will be courteoni to all parties and fects.
Retnrning our thauka to our old friends ana pa
trous, we trurt iht-y will sgsibt u in this new enter
TERMS Sz.GO per annum tn advance.
Probate IVotice
Notice is hereby eiven that all claims asralnst th
estate of R. J. Palmar, uee'd, mnst be on file in th.s
office cn or befor.' the
2(lfi tltiu vf yiAItCH, A D
at which time -a"l claim, wi.l l aet-ruiined upon.
Oi-enu der my han-i th:- lSih l-y of ei te tuber.
D ll-67. JUUlt W. -w AIIS1IALL,
aeplU Cw Frcbat? Jndge.
J A M 33 O'NEIL is my authorize I Agent for the
coll- eii.Mi of all account due the underrignrd for
ninliuiwinfe; his receii t will be valid for the
payment or any monies on said .-t-e.-nn L.
AUgU-l l-i, 150V. tl. it. IAU3IU.1, 11. V.
- Manuf ctnrerofand dealer in
S.idIle and Harness,
Of every description, w bolea'e aad retail. No. lSnt
Mais street, b eso Sh anJ h e'.Teets, Nebraska
cry. 1
Importer and Manufacturers' Agents of
Large stock or American Screw Co. Screws, Ames'
bhovels and Spade, Douglas" Slanu.acturing Co.
Kdge Tools, American Table Cutlery, English dock
et Cutlery.
Forsyth's Scales and Trucks
Order fillet at Factory Tiice.
"18 years etblisbed In H. T. City."
Only infallible remedies known."
"ere- from 1'oisons "
"Not dauneroiis tothe Hnman Family."
"UaU come out of their hole to die."
Costar's Rat, Roach &c, Exterm'r
I a rait ued fur Rat. Hit:, JtoatA
Llack and lied Ant, tc.
Costar's Bed-Bug EitTmlnatoi
Is a liquid or wasl- um d to dtfoy, and
also as a preventive for Htd Eugi, Jto.
Costars Electric Powder for
I- fur Mitl.. MoxquitutM, tira. Be.d Bugi,
Insects on I'lants, i'uwt-t, Animal, tto.
! I Bkwark ! ! of all worthless imitatieav
J.Js. e that CoTB't" name ia on each Bern,
Botile and i'lask be ore yen tcy.
Henry R. Coslar,
. 454 Broadway, Nw Tork.
7 PoM In PUittmout, Xebraita, by Tiltet,
Battery & Co., and O r . JotmH. U tU I
ad UataxlSft iTsrvlitrt,
For Cuts, Burns, BiuIfcs, Wonnrl, Boils, CanesrS,
B oki'n B.eats9ore Nipnles, Hleeiling, Ultnd and
Painf il Piles. Scrofulou.', Putrid aud lli-c ndillonsd
Sores, Ulcer-., j laud mar b welling!, Cup; ;n., Cuta
neoiis Aff 'Ctione, KioKWorm, tcb, Corna, Boaioa.
Chilblains &.; Chapped Hands, Lips, Ac; Biles mt
Spith-rs. Insert, Anima s, Vc . "
Hoxe, 2.i cents, S'i cuts and $1 sizes.
Sold by all Dtui-gitds eveiywhere.
And by HtKT R. CoSTAii, Dept 44 Brca
wav. N. Y.
rsAnJ by O. r. Johnson, aT Sit, Btkbaty L
Co., f lattsmouth, Sabruk.
Corn Solvent,
For Corns, Bunions, Warts, la.
Boxes 25 cents, 60 cents and tl ni;s.
f3fSol I bv all KruKi? st eve-ywher.
m1 by UENRT R. COSTAU, Depot 484 Brest
war, N . T.
-And bv Black, Buttery & Co. and 0. F. iM-
ipn, Plattsuoutb, Nsbi ask.
Bitter Sweet & Orange
I'si-d lo soften aid b'autify the Skin, naists
Freckles, I'imples. Kruptiun, c.
Ladies are now usiD- it in preference to all other.
Kott es $1.
'(1 by all Dru?jrits everywhe1-
And by IIEKUY li. Co.- I A It, Depot 44 Bread"
wav, N Y.
rffAndbyO F. Jobnsca uj Black. Balterr
Co.,Plattsmoutb, Ntbra ku
Orders solicited.
Cor. Main hud Washicgton Ave.
mps rr icTTip. vo
Cough Eemedy.
F'-r Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Crcop,
Wh'-orrinil CourL, ll fluenza. Asthma, Consumption,
Bronchial AfTcctioi a and all Diseases of the Throat
and Lunrs.
Boxes 25 cent 50 cent nnd f 1 sizes
Ii.?o!d by all (t n)-'Kits f vrrywhe'e.
And by HtNKY R. COSTA K, Depot 4S4 Broad
stay. NY.
9-And by Black. But;ery A C and O. V. jka-'
ton, Plattsmoath, Kebraak.
For Nervous and Sick UeadaO e, Cr.slivi oe., Inifi
prs'ion, ..y - rp. la, Hilliousnes, Constipation. Diar-.
the. Co'i-.s, Chills Fevers and genet ai derangement
of the Di !e.tiv Organs.
Boxei. -ii cems. Ci rents aaa i iki
3-'sold bvall Dnifgii'ts evrywhre.
And by II LNBT K COoTAK, Depot 414 Broad
way, n r.
And by O. F. Johnson B!ak, Enttery