Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 03, 1867, Image 3

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(The 2lcbva$h SftcraW.
5?" T'uey Lave organized a "Youn
Mens Republican ClaV at Omaha.
grTM. L. White, Erj., arrived at homo
again last week, after a protracted sUy
at the east.
3?"Notiii Luce It. Full weight and
un:frm perfect goods. 6uch is the Best
Chemical Saleratus.
The I'aptiat denomination will
hold services at the Court House next
Sabbath, at th ueual hour.
(TjT" Wild cese Lave tnala their ap
pearance in this vicioity within the past
week. Ducks aro report .d quite plentiful
a! on;; the streams.
5?"The numbor of grasshoppers in
th3 vicinity is rowiri smaller every, lay;
bat we arc enable to say whether it id by
death cr emigration.
m mm
Co). Thos. l'atterson has request
ed us to state that he decline ruoniu
nd a candidate for County Superinten
dent of Publio School.
"Businosi has been dish in town for
the past week. Farmers have plenty of
money and they are usin it to procure
ilia Decenaries and comforts of lift
(7i?"Rev. D. C. (Joliiday has been miss-
mr from hia hotna in Brownville for bcv.
ral weeks. Fears are entertained that
h has conimitti'd Filicide.
C3?"The matcrr.I for the German pa
per at Arao. has arrived, and th pro.
prietors announce that the jnpor w'.ll be
issued about the fifth of this month.
5TRer. A. J. Swarts is hlodln.i a
protracted m?tin at Keck UiuJs. The
meeting has boon in progress fr two or
fihrto weeks, anl some -twenty person
ii.ive been added to the church.
Ca?" If Crawford carried the whole
Democratic party on his shoulders, was
Andy Taylor clias'ng the whole party
cvhenhewau after Crawford? Aok Capr.
s m
"Wm. Stadelmann has on hand a
targe quantity of in'.lit.iry pants and
L-jats, which he ofTjrs at low figures.
ri has the larga.-t etjck of clathin evor
rought to the eitv.
3?"Distriot court will be opened in
Vbis county on Wednesday of next week.
fhera are saveral cases of importance to
bo tried, amorig thera them the Stat-3 of
Nebraska vs. Ueiljgg, for the kiUiiig of
R. J. Palmer.
CSToctle, Ilanna & Clark are build
icg a larga and CJinmoJiOus vault in
kheir banking home in this city, and wi!.
ire in the coarse of a few d iys, a first
laa burglar proof safe to put icsiJd
("U'.'pudia'.i jiT' is ciw the wa' ch
ord of the I'enncraoy wherever they
laro to use it. It is net strange, either;
eaue tlie national debt which they
vant repudiated was created in fightiiig
k large portion of th"ir party.
C"A provoking blunder occurred in
he Herald last week whereby t!in name
bf the Democratic nominee for Sheriff
fvas left out of the published proceedings
f thetr convention. J.icili Vallery,
hen , it tho Democratic cm JiJute for
lbat offic?.
r-Eli riummer, of the firm of Clark
A riummer, has returned from the east
where ho has purchased an extensive
tock of goods at l'yr figures. The
atrons of tho h irn-e will receive the ben
fit of the decline.
C" Crawford, tha irresistab'e. eaid
khile he was jet with us that the whole
reigth of the Democratic parly was on
is 6houlders. The party must be very
ght else he could not have ewam thoMis-
ouri river with it.
("Fifty-five thousand dollars worth
f Lincoln City lots had been sold when
lie sales closed at Nebraska City last
reei. inis is ail tne uouiinissioners
ire about selling at tha present time,
here are about three hundred lots yet
asold of the one half designated for
5?Tho store are all receivinr their
ew goods now, and unless the ladies
are plenty of currency to spare they
till do well to keep away, for it will be
lificult to withstand the temptation
hen they se? all the pretty things that
re bein taken out of those pine boxes.
j?Foit prisoners f-s-apud from the
paiaha ;all about tt-n dnys 0, and the
heriff of the cojnty kept the fact of
heir escape perfectly q-i'et, and made
a attampt to'rc cat ture th?m. He is the
)eoiocratic nom".n;-e for another term in
pat oCce. The ll-yuliiican smoked the
acts oat, and is makir g it pretty lively
or Mr. SaeriSf.
5"A Gcrmin was outrageously abus-
i, pounded over the head and back with
k club, while in the keeping of a Demo
bratis jailor at Omaha, for the allayed
eason tbt he had exposed some demo
ratis chicanery. A fair specimen of
Democratic administration of law and
(j3?"The Concert and Fetival given on
ruesday evenn by the ladies of St.
uke's Parish f..r the benefit of Tarih
'Fissions, was a complete success. The
,-hildren, about sixty in number, eung
everal beautiful pieces, which had been
lught them by Mrs. Simpson. The net
roojeds were about $.xl.
C"The securing of a tri-weekly mail
between this city and Lincoln is due
main'y to the efforts of Surveyor Gener.
al Hitchcock who viitedtho Department
at Wiishiagton for the purpose of secur
ing it.
3fThe Omaha Ihrall is unfortunate
in its elect-on of "reliable." correspon.
dents at Piattsmoutb. Mr. "C," ihe
late correspondent of that journal, eviatn
the river at this roirftlast week, "with
the Democart party on his shoulders,'
and has r.ot come buck yet.
(TT" Somebody has been "booting'
Littla M.ic. aj;in, fer his eourrility
through the paper of which he is the local
editor. It seems to us tliat this booting
arrangement was becoming a little too
coir.m n. Somebody will havo to take
M:c"s. pnrt. It appears that all Omaha
is kicking Little Mao. around j'ist becnusj
they can.
Jule Wolph, of Wyoming pre
cinct, one of the farmers of Otoe county,
who conducts the business on correct
principles, informs us, says tho 55,
that corn can be raised in Nebraska at
a cost of nine cents per bushel. lie has
done it, and among his expenses ho count
ed his labor, board, team hire, taxes
and all other expenses incident to rais
ing the crop, and when injthe crib it foot
cd up as above.
A goodly number of people were
in attendauce at the Rail Road meeting
1 ist Friday evening, and a lively interest
wa manifested in the question of
in bonds The meetinz was addressed
by Gov. Butler, Secretary Kencard, Gen.
Livingston, lion. T. M. Marquett and De
Forest Porter, Esq., each of whom made
short and telling speeches, showing the
great advantages that would be gained
to this county and tho State at large by
inducing the building of a road through
the interior of the Stats.
(Jjf J- J. Woodrow, at Ashland, ha3
jut received a large and complete stock
of boo's and shoes, designed for the fall
and winter trade. He has everything
from a toilet slipper ti .a brogan; and if
there ii a man in Nebraska that sells
goods cheap, Woodrow is the one lie
also keeps a good assortment of ienther
and findings, both for boots and shoe,
and h une?s. The citizens of Ashland
and vicinity should patronize Woodrow
extensively, as such n bu-dness man is a
''real blessing" to any community, and
will do much towards advancing the gen
eral prosperity.
CjThe Sjuthern ycraskian publish
ed at Arngo, in this State, says: "Fron.
all directions we hear reports of bounti
ful harvests and splendid crops. 5ot
witi stan iing tho late spring and tho
trouble of gutting in the corn, it is now
oat of danger of frosts and we have had
none yet. Wheat, corn and oats are
coming in town very rap.dly and our
grain Luers ship iarye quantities weekly.
Since th? gras-hoppcr scare, and the
good prospect for the growing crop, far
mers are willing to dipase of their old
corn at reasonable gur:?."
rVWe stated bricily in the last issu?
of the Her.vld the facts of the arrests f
Win F. Crawford on tbi charge of era
bczz'.emeat, of his having been bailed,
and of his abc hiding an hour or two
prior to tho time set Jiwn forbid exam
fition before justice O'Nit-1, leaving his
b.iil in the lurch. The facts of the case
are llr.-s-: Crawford was appointed last
spriog an ngr-nt of the Cincinnati Home
Insurance Company soon after his nrri
val at this place. On tha 17;h uit. Mr.
Robert II. Ehle, special agent of the
Company for the State, as well as for
several other States, arrived here with
the view of ascertaining the facts rela
tive to the business done by tho lacal
agent. Crawford on being requested by
Ehle to exhibit the books and papers of
the company, and give him a statement
of the buinefs done, told Ehle that he
was obliged to go over to Iowa and at
tend to a shooting affray, conveying the
impression that he had been employ. d
professionally in the defence of some one
accused of crime, and declaring that he
would return at 4 or 5 o'clock p. m.
Crawford failing to appear as agreed,
Mr. Ehle beg in an investigation into the
affairs of the company, and during two
days search asccrtaiaed that Crawford had
issued ten policies, having received in tho
shape of premiums something over four
hundred dollars.
On the 20th it was ascertained that
Crawford had been in the city eome por
tion ot the d ay previous, and that on the
night of that day he h-id been driven in
to tho country west of here, it was be
lieved to Ashland. A warrant was issu
ed by just iceO'Neill for his arrest on the
charge of crabrzzlernent, placed in the
hands of sheriff Taylor, who discovered
him at Ashlaud and brought him from
Ashland to this place on Saturday the
21t ult. He was bailed by D. McDon
ald and W. Pottenger, and the trial set
down for Tuesday aJl o'clock p. m.
During Monday McDonald, who would
have been an important witness against
Crawford, be having driven him to Ash
land, left the eity for the purpose, it is
believed, judging from the reniarn when
leaving, of not LeiD a witn 0? against
On Tuesday, n9 the time for the exam
ination approached, it was ascertained
that Crawford was not to be found. Ha
was discovered at Bethleham during the
afternoon, and was soon aftereeen going
in a carriage in the direction of the Rail
Road depot at Pacifio City. He after
wards took to the cornfield. Pottenger
and Sheriff Taylor ascertaining the fact
that he wis on the Iowa side, immediate
ly started in pursuit, and reaching the
depot at Pacific City, ascertained that
Crawford did not leave on the train for
Council Blaffs although his wife did.
They telegraphed to Counsil Bluffs to
have him arrested should he be found
there, and started in a carriage for that
place. Reaching tho Bluffs early Wed
nesday morning, they soon found that
Crawford was there, that he had got np
on the train about half wav between Ta
cine Citv and the Bluffs, stopping the
train at night by waving a lantern cross
the track.
orawford was arrested nt th Bluffs,
agreed to come over into Nebraska with
out waiting for a requisition from the
Governor, and came over with Pottenger
to Omaha, when the sheriff soon after
jioned them. He then pretended that his
frinds there would raise the money with
whieh to replace that of w h he had
defrauded the Insurance Ci-.l, any, and
passed several there in pre
tpnding to raisi money, visiting Dr. Mil-le-,
of tha Omaha f ralJ, and Mr.
Brown, Mayor of the J city, political
friends, whosa he claimed were about to
raise the money for him. And whi'e
thus occupied, being in an oilier with"
Mayor Brown, ho went t th doir ran
into the alley, after which time nothing
was seen cr heard of him by Pottenger
or th Sheriff.
Mr Ehle, the agent of the Ciniinniiti
Home, by the able and fearless manner
in which he has followed the defaulting
local agent, and the tact and energy he
has displayed in ascertaining the actual
cnditiou of the affairs of tho company
at this place, having no books or papers to
guide him, has shewn clearly that the af
fairs of the company, so far as he is con
cerned, are entrusted to able bands. Of
the policies countersigned by Crawford,
six were assumed by the company, and
four cancelled; in the latter case the
company paying back the premiums to
the insured.
William W. Erwin, Eq., has been ap
pointed agent of the company at this
place, who will prove a somewhat differ
ent buiness man from Crawl ord s" far
as honesty and integrity are concerned.
On Saturday, Sept. 14th, at the resi
dence of C. II. King, E.-q., by Judge
Marshall, Mr. Rcthaen Allen and Mis
Macci2 Mavfield. All of th;s city.
On Thursday, Sept. 2Cth., IfCT, at the
resident of the brid'i's father, near Rock
Bluff, by Rev A. J. S warts, M . James
II. Baker, of Plattsroouth, and M ss
Crizza Oi.DtiAM. of Cass county.
On I'oiday, Fej.t. 30;::, at 13 o'clcx-k p. ni , IIirdt
."., infant djug'.ter tf J. II. andJMary E.Brown,
agcl one year at d eight mout!s.
So f.idt-s the lovely bli.omhi' fl-wer,
Frai 1 tlmliiid solac- of an hotir.
Fo jo;i our traDsCient comfo; ti fly,
And p'easure utilv 1hMiind to U.
fyLost, on last ifundaj evening, be
tween the Episcopal Church Jand the res
iienee of O. F. Johnson, a black crap
Tell. The finder will onfer afaTor bv
leaving it at Johnson's Dru Storo
A Frank Coiifcssiou.
Mr. O. E. Castle, of Rocheter, N. Y.;
writes: "I have used jour machine sev
eral months; and; bt-in familiar with
most other nr?t-c!a3 machine?, I unhea
itatinely pronounce yours the best family
Sewing Machine. In commo'i with many
others I confess I was prejudiced nainst
it, on account of its beinj a one thread
machine, until I h d thoroughly tested it.
I am now satisfied that it is the simplest,
least liable to et out of order, and works
tho easiest; that it runs the stillest, makes
the strongest Heatn, and hems, fells und
cords, better than any other machine."
Letter to Wilcox & Gilbs S. M. Co-,
April 17, 1SG0.
Desirable Property for Sale.
One dwelling nou-e, witu seven rfams,
cellar, barn, and 4 acres of ground well
set with fruit trees, shrubbery, &c.
D. Marqcrtte.
Enquire of S.Duke, Agent. myl6
The undersigned has his superb SODA
FOUNTAIN in operation again in tho
Fost Office building, and tho lovers of
this delicious beverage are invited to
call and see him. A good assortment of
Green and Dried Fruit will be kept on
and. O. F. Jonxsox.
june lOd&w.
Wi'l il.i nil work in hi line on short notic.
Jr5"tt;ce tth Dr. l.iv,iij.-slon.
J iity
riattsxuouth Ledge No- 6, A- F. &
E Kiili-coinninnic.-iti" n- I.-t and 3J Mondays ofcidi
lr. illi, nt 6 1 2 o'clofk, p. III.
E.T. VVKT., W. M.
Nebraska Chapter No. 3, R. A- II.
Pecuiitr cciiTK-at:.n 2d and 4th Wednesdays of
e ii h Uiouth, at 6 1 2 o'clo-S p in
1. 11. WHEELER, H.P.
. C. LEWIS, Sec.
I. 0. 0. F.
11 itte Lod)Ti. No. 7, ineet erery Saturday evening
ttlieCurt Houso Hull. 1'fothers o other Loiiges
trc reptn:! fully ii vited to vifit this Lodpe.
ny order of p. P. OAS?, X.C.
M. JIcE.wais, Hec.Sec'y.
I. 0. G. T-
KejrnlnrmcetiBe? every Friday evening. Traveling
Teiui'lars respc-ciluily iuvited. L. WELLS, W.C.T.
SAM'LM. CHAPMAN', Lodze Pputy.
fStT::Xr'E .-!'K i. i. E LOD'SK, No. 1. riatis
moi". h, h--l-l- res-Hi- mi-' oo the third Wednis
daT e veD ; Q2 of tfch nion-t .
Bro. W. L. W D S
Siter K. J -fi.n tnr, W D T T.
3 f-STATt OF ! t-.rt LODGK No. S. Mt. Flensant,
holds redul.'i' meetings every Satnrdnv evenins
Bro- K. A. KlkKPATIllCK, W. C. T.
H. T. HCfiHK?. W. 8.
Bro T. il. TIMBI.IX, Lodge Deputy.
Tho Cheapest and Best.
Have just rec ircJ a large ami jiknili.! to:-lt of Kew and Fashionable Goods, consisting uf
P 1 v
Lowest Cash. Prices !
Iluvinff purchased tht-ra fur cash in New Ynrlc and Bo on. We assure the ruMic we can and will
tell Goods as low as aDy house west of Ht. Louis or Chicago.
ESReinPinber the Old Corner, now called the
Flattsmoutii. Nebraska, September 26ih, 1S67.
police to nil whom it may
Notice i-her-r-y Kiv-n that the C'ii.c Mia'i Home
.... ..Pmmiuiiv li j v Mi-r r nitivfd V . V i:ri w ford-
late lte-id. nt Aiu-nt at l'i;ftsmniiih, elrtkit, for
... : nu ..i.t .f !,. i 1 if,-?. mill ml'llU-ti t
of fuml; all jiarticn l.flilii-tt l'ol lij-s of ln-u-n-a of
Ooinpnny are leiimi' ii to ien rt su.-li I'.tlici"
W l.livv 1 , it-wcn-ni ah'"1 1 1 'i-nioi.iu
.;il..r. 1,11 il : s f 011 ih s Ji'if or m-h I liii
HI 1
he tiicmeJ Ciiii.-elUd ly the Ki'l ''i":'y.
r.uo i 11 . en i.r ,
Cctoher 8d, 1SC7. 2vr GcBt n.1 AgL-nt
H. D. n.uli awiy,
. Att.icl:mc:it.
ayui-ind. Aliner & Co )
'lulie iiotice ttiat nn tii- lth d;-y of September,
. 0 1S67. Jxtiies O'N"! 1, Ji-ic ot tl.e I' in
U.I lor 1',-tt u.oillll I'letiDtt, :a- C n-.ty ,Ncl.r a,
s.-utd an ot.Ii r c.f attacliti e t ir .'? "0 l.l!arf in
,o Ml ove itititl' d t ans -, and under and l-v vi'
,i. c,f Kiid oid-i ;J Ai-ci rd .ins. 4 Vi .liiif, 8 Vio in
J..X--H, i b.iu os. 4 Violin l!.)s, 'I Kiujtrr lizard- and
i.ili'u Scrcw-i wne s--i7-l pr.iptriy. T.iil
I a:d i-ao'i' tie lrid i n Hit- 'Jttti. d iy of iHt tier,
u IrOT. at une oVLtk .. m
II. D. 1 1 Alii A W A V.
Cy Maxwell t Chapman, Att'yslo.- Pli'f 3
And fur pate at low figures,
Id s i , COFFKK, 1 '" SVGA R.
5 I A DR Y A rri.ES, 5 Ibis DR V 1'EA CUES,
Jfc , io. Also, a la-ge as-ortment of
Pine la umber,
wisdom' ni.isi's. t;r.AH$. heme. .
I'l.ASTE't I'ARJ-t, 11 AIR, COAL OIL, Etc
2.10 Vu'h-ls. to which we invite the uttenUm f
t:iatki-iiii-li- and ..ii sin t n ia!ity and pru---. W'r
an- Apeiil-i for the liOillMX Ct.L L. X-
lirrMi.i. t.l IUrTlill U'.l t!ie t'O'll 1 1 t -
c-omitrj- wants !:t piiccs to mit. Ai-f a I ir,:e M.-i K i.t
Rye, Bcurbon and Star "Whisky.
Cherry. Kvierry, Blatcltbcrry and Ginger Brandy.
Call and aee u.
j- !3 wtf
S O 4 L La o
I - Z,& ur '-L KIM s-
sSy- Tairbanks Grcecleaf
S-itiA-S -' hik e Ht Chicago
Z-i1) Mirk ft t , St. Louis
JCj-Be careful to hay oDly tie Gejuiu". mys 21
Feed, Sale and Livery
Main St., Plattsmoctii.
I am prepared to ac.v.nm.i.dale the pul.lic wtt
Horses, Carriages and Buggies,
Also, a tune IIe;trse,
On fdiort nntire and rei'Kotiab't- tt-rm. A Hack will
run I" Mean l oat jut u'.LI-', J0 t' ail J .1 t ol tbe
city wheu desired.
m,-2i J. W. SI1AXXOX.
VfiEXT? $1"0 p. r 1111 utli. vm h'-re. m.i e
n.l ft-niaV. t- 'ell tin UFSCIXE CuMM.X
cr.-i teM invention of the ag -. Price Kveiy
Slaihiii'-' warrant d three yta i Addti ss
sei.12 4w I. O. Box fOo.S St. Louis, Mo.
facial IVotice.
In the iJistrict Court '( Jwlici'il VUtrict,icit?tin
ana for Cat County, Xebraxka:
Charles S. Woriinau, 1
John A Hindoo. '
John Alhns of the Territory of Montana, will
taVe notii-o tliat Cha'les 3. Worini in, of the county
of Cass an I Stte of XehraskA, did on the 1 1 li day
or Sepieuitx r. 1SCT. Ill'' his petition in th- I itr'tt
Court of the 2 I lal vrith and f..r Cs
county. Nctirri-li', aza iit 1 i.t- fail John AllinMin.
d fondant, tettici: h-i'th that the Mtid Jnh 1 Al inson
iraT!" a inorliraK- to t)i said charges Woriniaii on
lot 5, in section Hi. in township 12. north tf r..n?.
14, eait ol the GiU ni, rf.nt.iiuiri 2- cre. anil til
rorthe is tj-nrtrr t.f unrtheas- qa r'r or t r i .01 m.
., in towiinio 11 iinrtti or range 14. -at of the
p m cor?ta:n:iv f ly i-t'?i, to run' the priymeiil
of tho sum of ?'ri!', witli intore-M at Id per ceut. per
annum, ui'C. id 1:1; to rho t-ims of n per n-iti' ro
rerr d to In si'd mo.'tcacP, and pravi'ifT th it said
J- hn Alimon nmT pav H;d Mim new cla m d to he
due, with inteicM at the rat of t-n per cent per
nn ini r.-imi th" 1-i'h d iy of May lsjj, o- that sa'd
).r.-riiM"S iiuy he -old to pay the -am , and the Said
J n Al'tnsi.n isro'ifiei it. at lie l ieutretl to if
p a. nnd answer piiid pet:tHn on or before the 3d after 'he :i 1 ilan of Octoher 14G7.
I'laliniimu h.i t 'til'"! Knb. o
set 12 4 hy Maxwei:, Att'ys
Ice Cream Saloon.
Up Stairs, one Jonr ict uf Black Jt Buttery's
Vrttg Si'.nre.
Where we get up thfl ve; y be.-t quality of Cream
and take pleasnee in serviuj; it by the dish, or we
have smail 1reez-rs, and can supiy church fdirs,
fe-tiva Is, parties oi families with any quant iiy, on
short notice.
Al, be-loar, we have the best assortment of all
kinds of Fancy and ti-k Candy, Fruits, Ku'.s, Tj
bafeo. Choice Cigars, ctc. to b-- found in the ci'v.
jv2 8m II J. SIRtU.HT.
Gtneral Life, Accident, I'ire, Inlaw! and
Will Like risks at reasonable rat' sin themot reliable
cr . .n:e in the l'i ited Mat- s
rj"OtEce at the bouk store, Pli urttith, Sebra
, majildtf
Which th'ey will sell at the
The under ipaed proposes to ejth;i.ih a Weekly
Netv;.ap r at L.ncoln City, the Capital ot the Mate
or . iirasKa, to te called The Nebrask M ue Jour
nal." tli li'-.t isue if which will he about thel-to:
Uctohr-r. I50"
The wtn.le nutllt f ir the Office will he ertitely new,
nd wi 1 rut brace go. d J..h Omce, - w. 1: 11s the
ves ilepariiiieut. Ilavi iif had much experience In
Jourinl.Mn, an I leinK o ie of the tUM Mttlera in
Nehmska; cnns quen ly nein.' w-ll aciuiut. d with
the w.inti of Hie peoj.le. imi the resources i t the
State, we flatter ourr-eif 1h.1t we can give general
satisfaction in the euterpi ise.
The "Journal" will advocate Ropuhlicin princi
ples, lnt will he cou.iuct -d on an independent rjcale,
an 1 will be Cr urteoin to all par ties mid e."ts.
Retaining cur tlun. to our ohl fiii-udsund pa
trims, e trust ihey will assist u in lliir- new enter
pr ir-e
TKR.M..- $2 00 rer acnao in advance.
All persons are hereby cautioned erin! parch'
ii g a certain Prr.uii.sory Xote f...r loO.OO, r ith in-te-est
at ten P' r --it per annum. Kivfri hy Hie
unih-riirne.i on the (ifteeiiih of Msrch 1SC.7, p lynli e
1.. Ahia'lar I'v-nnor order 011 or b Tore the tlrt d iy
of Deci lubor 1SC7; ' he consiiiemtio-i the-e. f I avii.i:
tailed, We will not pay said note at mm nritv.
A. O. VA K P.
Wm. II. II. Van TP-i.
"We'-pine Water Precinct, Cats Count-. , Ned -,-ki
September 19h, lSOT. sepZii 4'i
Tl.A n-i-11 Ltinvn frirm nl Q it r-.. ... 1 .
two miles werM nf I'latt month, on the I. cover load.
With the ti"-bcr the'eto. Is for sale verv
App y to J C. CUMMINS, on the adj .iiilng farm.
Also, lots 7 and 6, block 14. in V lat'.sinouth.
anu-.M if
Piattsmouth riMs.
C. HEISliL, Proprietor.
II .ve r'centty b"cn rep.iiri-a and nlared in thor-
nii!:h riinuiiii; order Cu-: in wora diie on ili.rl
u :i e.
lOO.OOO Ruslicls of Wheat
Wr.nte.l iinn.i diatrly, fur which the hlgi.est n arket
piice wi.l c paid. anc'Jr tf
J t M KS (VVt'TI fllV Ulirhitriv.1 Arrant f,
coll crio'i -f n!l at-r-'iiliv duk tic- nihl 1 1 mi:ii-1 fir
ni t!rr.l HTVice; his rtcei.. will he valiU for Hie
p y in I.t of m.y motiie on all rr- nnt- 1i Ki'7 I? U I 1 f 1 v t j t i
Is lierrby p ivn tliat lt 2, in block 6, a? pnblishe'1
in I't-ltut lent I it, on wliifh the t-txes amn-jrit to
1 2, 0'l. rlio'Jhl have been dv rned hh lot 2 in block
0t and .he tuie it hereby aiivertis!! forfait- accurd-
i&g t I iw. & LTK.K. I rrtsurer
- I'JJ aw County , iSeb.
Is hereby River, to the Grand and Petit Jurors, who
wero sniniiioiitd to spp-a on he 2d dav of Seit-tn
ber, A u ibhl, (-am lerm of the District Court hav
ini b en ailjoiinitd to the 8th day of October, A D
1S67.) they will be icquiieil to appear at or bef -re
eleveu o'cloi k of said day. Given under iny hand
tins i;j:n uay ci eeptemrDer, a n isb7.
J. n. HKOtVN, c:ert.
se)19aw fly William L. Well", Deputy.
Probate IVotice
Notice i hereby iriveu that all claims the
fstt of K. J. raiin-r, df-e'd, must be on file in this
olliee on or l-elort- ihe
2nri da ij of 31 ARCH. A D ISGt.
at whieh time ?ael claiun wi.l he uet i mined Di on.
i:i cd uniermr hand thfs 1-h d iy of r-e t-m'ier.
a D I -iJ7. JOHN" V. AIAllellAI.I..
teilJtiw rioba-.e Judr-e.
Ho! f..r i?alt Cie k, where you can kill two birds
with i e r-roi.e. pet your Out n Uruand hLd Wool
Card"l a" th" s une tim-; the n-nchiuery f..r h i'h is
in -.i rfee order. We nse toe Patent Machine Cards,
which wre run enough last year to ertntjlih their
superiority over the old kind, as ail who nsed the
can t'e-::i. The snpenoritv ,f Mr. S. Twigs as a
Carder is Well know n, and his services are still -e-taiued
for Ihe bi'iiedt of the public. With the above
advant-iites we flitter onr-e Ives th it wr can inak it
to the auvaf taire ol all who want work in our line
to ciiuie this way. 1). DtAN. Fropriftor.
in 14 8. TW1S-. Carrier.
The uailersifined havicK tnada arrangement for
establishing a Republican paper at Lincoln? the Cap
ital or the Mate, have the honor to announce to the
public th-it the materials tor a firrrr-t-cla.-s publi.-lilng
an I job fli e have bean ordered and will be ready
r bUf!Dcss in a shoit time.
Tho'C'tMM iNVN'l ALTI1" will labor f,r the early
ml rapid developetnent of the resources of our 'nte.
ior cuuaties and tbe State generally, by tbe influx of
hardy immigrants, and for the immediate cotistru.
tion cf the iron highways of commerce, to make a
maiket for the first gra n growing section of Ihe
l"n ion. As an exponent of Republicanism t will
sustain ti e policy adopted by the Congressionul mi, in obedience to the mandate of the m?n who
Carried tbe flag from the -'Kiver to the Sea." But
while faithful to the principles or tbe Republican
party, we shall freely consider and rti-nm the great
.(U' s'iojrs of the d y a they resent themselves, in
all can.Jor and wi h such ah-lity as we may possess
Svbfcri j 'tion price $2. per annum in advance.
The "Commonwealth" will be iss.icd at the earli.
est practicable day.
mvr.LLI at all price
A-y pesons winhirg to purcba-e Fariu-pioperty, or
H -ideiices in town will And them for tale at al
pric-s. ky
n-rT. iisL KtiTATa Aj;evt.
It jouwnt Patent Medicines at old prices co t
Au Old Song Set to a New Tune
3- 18G7.
A spring af prmachet
Ant" and Jioiicheg
from their holes comeout.
And 3Ii and Rata
it spite of cat ",
iJtiU'j skip abuut.
"IS years e-tablished In ?. T. City."
"Only intal ible remedies knowu."
"Krer from I'oiMins."
'Not daucerous to th" Human Family."
"Huts couie out of their holes to die."
Costars Rat, Reach &c, Exterm'r
Is a paste u-ed rr Rati, Jic, EoacJies,
L'ltick and Hid Ants, tic.
Costnrs Bed-Bus Exterminator
Is a liqubl or wasb us rl to le.troy, and
also a a pnven:ive fo lied Buffi, if-c.
Costar's Electric Powder for
I - for Moths. Mostjuitif. Fi ns, Bed Rugs,
Injects on I'lant, Ftrl, Animulv, -o.
! ! Bkwabk ! ! ! of all worthless imitations
JjJ" Se tl at "CosTiR'a name is on each Box,
bi trle and ilak be ore you toy.
Henry R. Cos tar,
4r-4 Broadway, New Yurk.
S PoM In Plattxmout'i, Xe'traska, lilaek.
Buttery t Co., and ( F Johusou, aud all Druijgis's
and Ketailers every where.
For Cuts, Burns, Bi ui.e-. Wounds, Boils, Cancers.
Tt-ok'-n, feore Nirn.e-, llleedinir, Btinil and
Painf'd Piles. S.-rofuloiis, Putrid and iil-c nditioncl
Sores, U'cer-, tilandular Swellings, Ki up'ioii", Cuta
neoii. Atf' ctions, Kinirworm, tch. Corns, Buoioas.
Chiltuaius. &o; Chapped llauds, Lips, ic; Bites of
Spi.l r Insects, Annua s, dc.
Ul'.oves, -J." c-nts, Jio c-nts and $1 sizes.
Sold by rill D u.-rrirU evei.vwhere.
Ami bv llr.Xltr IL. CUSTAU, Dep-t 4S4 Broad-
Wr-y. N. Y.
tw. '. nd by O F. Johnson, and Blick. Buttery &
to, i'iuttsiuouih, Kcbranka.
Corn Solvent.
For Corns, Ttrint.ins, iVarts, c.
Rox-s 2, .' t) c- nts an. I ijl tizes.
2gr s II I. y ml Inrii'.-sts eve ywhere-
iid by HKXUY K. COSTA K, IK-pot 454 Broad-
way, X Y.
r-Ar.d by mark, Bu't-ry & Co aud O. t. Joho-
ou, Piattsmouth, Isebr a-ka.
Bitter Sweet Si Orange
t d to siif'en ar.d b-autiy the Skin, remove
I'-eekle-. Prir.ples, Krnptions, c.
b.idie are uow using it in preferi nee to all others.
itott esfl.
gV-iold bv all Irucgi--s every wlier&.
Ami byilEXKY h . COS rA B, Depot 4S4 Broad
way. N Y.
Cf.-A nd bv O j- j0hnsn and B!ack, Buttery &
Co. , Piattsmouth, Nc-ora ka.
Cough Eemedy.
For Coughs, Colds, Uoarsehess, Gore Threat, Croop,
Whooping Cough, iclluecza. Asthma, Consumption,
Bronchial AfXcctior. a and ail Diseases of the Ihroat
and Lungs.
Boxes 25 rents SO cents and SI s-zes
ft rr- i . 1 l ysli Urncmsts cverya he-e.
And by ULXkV H. COTAK, lApot4S4 Bioad-
i). N Y.
-At.d by Bl iek, Buttery & Co aud O. F. Jshn
60u, Platumouth, t-braaka.
For Nervous and Sick Headache, Cesiivuess. Indl
geSTljn, ,'y-pep-ia, Itilliousness, C nt ipitiin. Inar
ihc. Cli. s, CLills Fevers and general derangement
of the DiLi-tiv" Organs.
Iox-s -ii cei.t. 51 rents sua $1 ue
t9-S' Id by all Prnggii-ts everywhere.
And by HtXltY H COiTAB. Depot 451 Broad
way, N Y.
-e" And by O. F. Jtbnscn and Hlaek. Bnt'erv ft
Co., Plattrcnsuth, Sbr(l(a. r!9 S.n
Election Notice.
Notice is hereby given that on Tue.ay, the Eigb
th day o October n-st, al the u-nal place of
holditm eioctious in the seveial Precincts (r as near
there as may be practicable) m Csss County, aud
Stat-- cf Nebraska, an election will he tie d for
One Countv Cotiimissiunor, for the Ut titstriat
(Plattsmou.h) ;
One Probate Judi;c;
One County Treasurer ;
Cue County Clcr ;
One Sheriff ;
On Coronei ;
One Co .nty t-ureyor;
onet'oun.y hupt-ritiiendent -" Cvm
And for each Precmet
To Justices of the Peaces
To Constables ;
One AfSesor;
Three Judges of Election ;
Two Clerks of E.eciion;
One Koad S.ijerv sor, lor each Road Dltrlet.
Further, notice is given by arder of the County
Commissioners, made at the Fept'-uiler se. sun of
their Court (Sept. 2d, 1667), 'hat yon aie also called
upon to vote at this dec ion on the question of
i!.,' Bonds and taking stock iu the Burlington and
ti-snurr Kiver K.iiiroad Company, to the amount o
To Hundred Thousand Dollars, (f-uO.VOO Oil) io th
exteu-ion of th;s road thrtuh our Couuty (Cass)
we-f w stilly.
Which elecfioD will be opered at nine (&) c'clork
i- the morning, ard will Continue open until lis (6)
o'clock in the afitrbooii ol tie snroedaf
By order . f the CorsTV Com an Slo.iiai.
This -2J diy of September, a t ISHT.
B. SPCKI.OCK. Clerk.
sep5 w5 Cass County, Ne' raaka.
Notice to Architects
In accoidanee with the icqnireinei ts of an Act en
titled "All Act to riovide for tlie lor.itioT of the seat
of Goveiumet.t of Ihe $tnl of Nehra"kn, and for
iheeie.-tion cr public buibliu-s tlertat, aipioed
June 14tn)lhG7., Plans and Sjpecittr i:ions will be re
c -ived ut the ofRoe or the ypi-reiiny of Male, al
Omaha, Nehrai-ka, until the Jo b -y of October,
15C7, at I-J o'clock in, for the C.ipit.. Iruihiing to be
ert-rted at Lincoln. Th'" lunndatiou of tiir- tiuil.liu
is re uired to be of stone, and the supersti u tore of
stone or brick. Tbe Bu'ldinrg must be constrncied ta
accommodate the Ixtculive oltlcea six in i umber,
and the assembly of th- tWJ Houses i f the Li Bila
tore, and the cost of the edifice must cot exceed
Forty Th ius.uid Dol ars tltl.tJOUj.
The Architect whose plans are adopted will be ap
pointed Siiperiiitt-ud 'nt f Constrm tmn, ai d iecive
amjile coinpenration for his services, as bv law pro
vided DA1I HLTLEIt ,.,') .
THOS. P, Eec . J.V0,nn'
JOHN G1LLKSPIK Ami. J tl"u"t-
Lincoln, Nehrask i, August 2Slh, lst7.
Iip-r:ors and Manufacturers' Agents ot
Large stocks of American Screw Co. Screws, Ames
shovels and Spades, Douglass' Manu. aeturing Co.
Edge Tools, American Table Cutl"rv. Kovlish Pock
et Cutlery.
Forsyth's Scales aud Trucks
Orders fillei t Factory Prices.
Orders sjiicitei.
Cor. Maiu auil W ashington At.,
sep5 8m 6T. LOUIS, UO.
Clumcery SIe-
William Leach I
rn via Ghance-y.
Thorais J Watson, j
In r!.urraarice and t r virtue or a 0-ere:i orser
me directed from the ohVe of tbe Clerk .r the Di
trie. Court of the 2J Judrcial District of Nebrasia,,
u-irhin and for Cis county, iieai nig aate 01. ihe-ria
day of October, 1S05, b' i"g th" October term of said
Court, I, the rHUbfcriber, Jl.ister in Chancery lor said
Court, wi I error tor s ie, at jimn auuiuu, m
liiuhMt and best bidder for Cash, in . Iront of the
Coui t-House in the city cf P attmouihJCss county ,
ieora-kri, on
31CXDA Y, the 'th. day of OcUAer, 18t".7,
at 1 o--,.otk p m. of said day, the followirg d. ?cribei
rel statu, to Wit 1 he suutli-eart er r sec'ion
no. twenty on- 21, in township no ten 10, uorth
f iinr.-e no tin i te- n, east ot tlie tjiu p ui, in e-
br-s!h. coni iininc odc linndie.1 en.i tixry aeresai'4
situa'ed n Cas ; couuty, Nebrask"; Together with all
and aiuguUr th i pi ovi u.' in-, htrclrtm. nts anj
appurienace tl.eie.into t( longing; io be nihl sale
proper'y of n e deft-b hint above u.-med to satisfy
sahl decree theaiuruntot wtneh is to-.-sura of tuelve
hurdled ar.d fi'ty f.-ur doUnr-, and inter est on ins
same from the date ot said decr-e, at the rate of ton
per ceut pel aii.uur, together with i'0-H of suit suj
sale. W. F CIIA' IN.
rn'pt 2J, 1587. Jlastor in CLn; ery.
Cliniscerv Saltr.
Young Brotheis Co- J
vs Vln Cha-cery.
Garrison & Jones. )
la Piirsuanee and by vi'tueef a decretal o.der
to me directtd from the office f the C:eri of the
Distriet C .urt of the 2d Juitcial District of Nt bras.
ka, within and for Cass county, bea ii.g date on the
ninth div of Ap'il. A B 1562, be ne Hie April lerm
of said Court, I, the subscriber. Master iu Chsneery
for the saiikCourt, will offer for sal" at public ven
due, fo: cah to the hi-h at and best bidder, in frot.s
of the Ci urt-llniise, in the city of Pluttstroutb, Casa
county, Xebraska, on
MOXDA Y, th "th day of October, 15C7,
at 1 o'clock p m,
following;hel real estt -. to wit: The soutl em
Hiait i-r f the sontheast quarter of section thirty fo ir
31. slid the soiirliwrsi q -artf-r of the son'hwe t
quarter of s ction fhirty-five 35, all in township
twelve (I'JJ. north or range tuirtien, iSHoi Hi" otn
p m, Nebraska, and situated in th"cnn y of Cass,
and State or Nebraf-ka ; Together m i th all and singu
lar the improvements, heiiditameits and appurte
nances thereunto bi-loozllig', lobe d I as the prop
erty of tlie above named delendants to satbfy sa.d
decree, the amount of wl icn is Ihe snm of Four
Humlr-d a-.d Twenty Seven dollars and EiFhty-Hvs
cents rt4'J7 bo, and interest on tbe same from ths
dateorsid ilrcrer at the rate often per c-nt.
annum, together with costs of euit and sale.
September 2d, 15fi7.
sejJJw Master iu Chancery.
Manufacturer of all kinds of
F a r in in uiplciiient,
Such ss the celebrated Rod Breaking Plows, Mould
Roaril Bieriker-, Stirring Plows. Single an l Double
Shot el. Cultivator' and Harrows, ltepairing done
cn shoi I notire Ail wo:k warranted.
Having had much expericn-re in the business, I
feel assured lhat I can give general satisfaction.
Please give me a call btfore j-urctipsing elewhore.
. .. FOROr.
Piattsmouth. Neb., May 6th, 1R67.
Win- SI. l-iciiikc,
Plattsraout", Nebraska.
- tee27 1SC5 tf
Obcrnolte & Wctlomsky,
Brick E Stonemasons;
All work in their line done to the best satiafactiea,
and an cheap as by anybody else
Addi ess, PUilt&tnvutk, Zd., P. O. bos 5-15. (tug,
Bounty Increased. Pensions due So!
diers ai d ti,tir lei is. .
irs ' i:
F. M Dorrlnirton h 'S this day received from ti e
Department, th" Law in full wiih t.ew blai.ks for the
coilecilon of addition! Itniir ties and Increased Pn
iOLS. and i a ri-ady to t r.r rnte a'l sueh claims as
fiay hi ent' lifted t-i bi e.-iie. Cal aud examine.
Fii St claimed ; first r i r-d.
F. M. DOnri.VOT X.
Piatiatne'ith, Ar; 10.
4 !
ii t
' ! - ' ;