Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, September 26, 1867, Image 3

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5?"The Bteamer Turner has been mis
eJ and steamed down the river.
ty"A large drove of fat cattle passed
through town list Monday morning
going east.
a i i
r"Tha Council B'.-dVi Uvle print
ing establishment is offered for sale at
a low figure.
TJ. N. Wise, Esq., has sold Lis
Book Store and News Depot to Capt. E.
B Murphy.
dsT'IIas any body een Crawford? We
Lear it reported that he has gone to Iowa
to stump for the De.nocratio ticket.
CMohn F. Buck, Ej . bas shown us
a specimen of the Dartlett Pear raised bv
him, which is ahead of anjthin of tht
kind we have seen in Nebraska.
f57"We call the attention of our read
era to the speech of Dr. Renner, to
be found on the first age of to-day's
paper. It is worthy of a careful peru
eal CsfA new meat market has been open
ed at the old Fickler stand. We pre.
eume the proprietors will let themselves
be known through th columns of the
C3?"There will be a Sunday School Fes
tival and concert, for the benefit of Par
ish Missions, on Tuesday evening, Oet.
1st, at City Hall, under the direction of
the teachers of St. Luke's Sunday School.
It is reported that a thousand
young ladies between the ages of sixteea
and twenty, left NeT YorK early laut
week for the Western frontiers. TLey
go in search of gold, silver ajd precious
tones. -
V We see by te Rejiublican that Hon.
J. W. Chapman has been over to Omaha
making a speech. Chapman is a vigorous
speaker, and we aro pleased to see that
Le still feels an interest in Nebraska
Q"The Mayor of Shyster Gwyne's na
tive town, Urbana, Ohio, has written a
letter to a gentleman in Omaha, in which
he speaks of the Shyster in terms that
are not the mot flattering. We have a
fellow of the Gwyne stripe down here
at least he was here.
("Remember that the registry books
will bo open on Monday and Tuesday
next fur the last time. See to it that
every Republican voter is registered be
forethy are closed on Tuesday evening.
A failure to register is a failure to vote.
('"Intelligence has bien reci-ivtd that
the contractor for building the St. Jost-ph
end of the Council Bluffs & St. Joseph
Railroad, was to commence worn, on the seetii n of ten miles last week. The
road is to be completed by next July.
CiT-The Brick School House, on Sixth
street, has been thoroughly repaired a:.d
is now a credit to the educational inter
ests of the town. We learn that Prof.
James has been engaged to superintenl
the public schools.
3?"S. S. B.llings is selling large
quantities of fru'.t. He has peaches, ap
ples, grapes, plums, etc., in abundance.
We have seen a specimen of the raisin
grape from his vineyard. It is worth a
year of ones life to go through Billings'
grounds during the fruit season.
2?" We have the authority of the clerks
of the different steamboats for sating
that Plattf mouth Las shipped more
grain this season than any other two
towns on the Missouri river. ''Straws
(Wm. II. Valleau, of Brownville,
has challenged any one in the State to
play a game of billiards, one thousand
points, for Eve hundred dollars a side.
The challenge has been accepted by some
one in Omaha, probably Johnny Shoaf.
The preliminaries are not arranged.
"Ste new advertisement of C. G.
Herold. "Gus." is wide awake, and it
selling hosts of goods at the very lowest
figures. We are pleased to notioe a gen
eral disposition on the part of Platti-
month merchants to ill goods at greatly
reduced prices.
3?The Democracy of Mills county
have acknowledged themselves without a
man suitable for the office of County
Treasurer, and have recommended that
Democrats vote for the Republican nom
inee. There is not one among their own
number that they are wdling to trust
with the funds of tho County.
5?"Clark fc Plutnmer are now receiv-
their first instalment of fall and winter
goods. Mr. Plutnmer is east purchasing
good-1, and within a few days they will
Lave a complete ass :rtment of everything
They are determined to sell goods wheth
er they make one cent on them or not.
3?"Sec the advertisement of V'iggen
horn & Co. They have opened one of
the Enett stocks ever brought to this city,
and those who have purchased of them
say the ''New York Cash Store" sells
. goods the cheapest of any (tore in the
west. Go and see for yourself.
5?The lots sold at Lincoln durin;
the sale at that place amounted to $33,
000. Of this sum $15,000 worth was ta
ken by persens residing in Otoe county
$10,000 worth by other residents of Ne
braska, and $13,003 worth by citizens of
stern states. The sale was opened in
nbraska City on Tuesday la?t. We
Ks heard nothing from it there.
(3?The Republican savs some chap
attempted to garrotte Dr. Pinney about
9 o'clock on Wednesday night, as he was
returning from a patient near the Rail
road shops. The ecamp came up in the
d irk and suddenly grabbed the Dr. by
the collar and attempted to get at his
throat; but the Dr. was prompt in action
;tnd dealt the chap a couplo of hard
blows in the mouth, which made him let
go his hold and run rapidly away.
C".Evcry day we see large loads of
lumber leaving town for the west, where
it is forthwith m de to assume the shape
of a dwelling of some kind. The old
settlers have raised good crops for which
they are receiving good r rice; new com
ers are constantly making their appear
ance among U3 and erecting their houses
from the homestead shanty to the tin
gant residence, according to their means
and everything looks bright and pros
perous for the future of Nebraska.
m m
L?Vq. Stadeluiann, Eq , has just
returned from the cast, and is now re
ceiving one tf tho largest stocks of
Clothing, hats, caps, boots, shoes, trunks,
valises, and everything in his lino of
busines?, ever broaght to tins city. His
stock is so large that he has been com
pelled to open a part of it in the room
adjoining his old stand. Call on him if
you want bargains.
C5"A speaker at the Democratic con
vention on Tuesday last exhorted the
democracy to "go out and hunt up the
dutch" and bring them to the polls to
vote. That may be very fine democratie
language, but it would have required only
a small amount of gentility to have spo
ken in more respectful teriis of a class
of people who hav proven their loyalty
to their adopted country as effectually
as the Germans in the United States have.
C3"We havo received No. 2 of the
Hulden Enterprise, containing Mr. Giles'
introductory." The following is whai
he says in regard to the politog cf his
"As to politics, we have no political as
pirations, and as a sage statesman once
said, we have no political friends to re
ward nor enemies to punish, and conse
quently the part we will play in politics
will be to defend the right and condemn
tho wrong let it camel rom what soure
it may, and as an honest journalist to be
vigilant in noticing bad and faithless
officials, and see that they d justice to
the public in the discharge of their re
spective duties. We are here as before
stated for a far better Mission than talk
ing and pesting society on politics."
m m
C1?"Almost every day wo hear com
plaints about the horrible condition of
the road leading out of town towards the
south-west. It is sidling in many places,
and at some points it is almost impassa
bio during the muddy seasons. This is
one of the principal thoroughfares to and
from the city, and should be kept in good
repair. The travel from Mt. Pleasant,
Eight Mile Grove and Weeping Water all
passes over this road and we consider it
the duty of somebody to se? that so im
portant a road is kept in good ordr.
There is nothing more damaging to the
commercial interests of a town than bad
communication; and just now, when per
manent grain markets are being estab
lished along the .iver, it is important
that our roads should I e made to excel.
We havo frequently called attention to
this matter, but hope wo f-hall not havo
the necessity of doing so f.gain.
""VT. F. Crawford was arretted last
week on the charge of embezzlement.
The warrant was issued on the oCidavit
of Mr. Ahl, Gen Agent of tho Cincinnati
Home Insurance Co , which Co. Crawford
had been representing at this place
Crawford had starte : west "between two
days' but was faund by Sheriff Taylor
at Ashland and brought back. He was
admitted to bail and trial set for last
Tuesday at 1 o'clock. At 12 o'clock
Crawford could not be found; and his
bondsman and attorney W. Pottenger
has been on the Lunt of him since.
He was last seen making his way towards
the R. R. at Pacific Citv. and C. II.
Parinele close after him.
Later. Crawford didged Parmele at
Pacific, stopped the train about ten miles
above and got aboard. Went to Coun
cil Bluffs, and was nabbed by Sheriff
Taylor, of this county, who was in waiting
for him.
Ci?" Fairbanks Scales, advertised in
another column of our paper, were
awarded the highest premium, a Silver
Medal, at the great "Paris exposition,"
briDg designated Standard Scales in the
award. This speaks well for American
manufactures, as other scales were on
exhibition from thia country and from
England, France, Germany, Russia,
Austria, Prussia and Switzerland.
The Faults of Oilier.
Mrs. G. N. Denning, Rochester, N. Y.,
writes: "I Lave used ono of your ma
chines fifteen months, and it has given
perfect satisfaction. I find it very easy
to operate, not liable to get cut of order,
and capable of doing every variety of
work; while it is entirely free from many
faults of other machines, such as drop
ping stitches and drawing the seam.
Letter to Wilcox &, Gibbs S. M. Co.,
April 2d, 1S6C
C3TIf every housewife will throw her
cheap, worthless kind of Saleratus and
Soda to the dogs, and use only the best
Chemical Saleratus, there will not be so
much yellow, heavy bread and biscuits
to be seen, and consequently not so ma
ny dyspeptic ailing persons. Get a paper
and if it does not suit your money will be
ing on Friday Night,
at the Court-house.
d?" A copperhead paper calls the
Grand Army of the Republic the ' Grand
Army of R isca'.itj'." That is a true
copperhead idea of the Army and tho
men that rescued the nation from tho
clutches of treason. Whilo they are ex
tremely anxieus to wheedle soldiers in
to voting the copperhead ticket, they
oannot hide the disgust with which they
look upon soldiers who served in the
army of the Republic, and it occassional
ly crops out in just suoh little slirs as the
above. Go on; the Army of the Repub
lie-has proved victorious over rebel bul
let'', nnd can easily withstand those ot
their allies, the copperheads.
At the residence of Mrs. J M.
Marxb, of Dubuque, Iowa, September
ISih, 1807, by Rev. N. R. Eorhart, cf
Waterloo, Mr. Cuacncet Wiltse, of
Plattsmouth, and Miss Acgcsta C Strong,
of Dubuque.
Mr. Wiltse is chief clerk in the Sur
vsyor General's effice in this city, and
during his sojourn among us has proven
himself a man of most estimable qual
ities. Miss Strong now Mrs. Wiltse
has been since her childhood, connected
with the public schools of Dubuque, and
arose therein through her own industry,
energy and ability to the highest position
attainable by her sex. The happy couple
arrived here last week. May their jour
ney through life be ever pleasant, ni d
their happiness as complete us they merit.
On Wednesday, Sept. 18th, at 3 o'clock
a. m., Forest C, only son of J. II. and
Mary E. Browx, aged 7 years and 5
A cycle short was his, a silver span,
Scarce longer than the arch from morn
to eve;
A dewdrop through Time's restless seive
Was gathered sweet to Heaven. Yet
they must grieve
Who had so loved Lis youthful joys to
7Clark & Pliimiuer have received a
large stock of the celebrated Rock Island
Clipper Plow, nnd ask the farmers to
call andexamins them before purchasing
Desirable Property for Sale
One dwelling noue, witu seven roams,
cellar, barn, and 4 acres of ground well
set with fruit trees, shrubbery, &c.
D. Marquette.
Enquire of S.Duke, Agent. m,ylj
The undersigned has his superb SODA
FOUNTAIN in operation again in the
Post Office building, and tho lovers of
this delicious beverage are invited to
call and see him. A cood assortment of
Green and Dried Fruit will be kept on
and. O. F, Johnson.
june lOd&w.
Will .l.i all win k in his line on abort notice.
JCJOlHre with Dr. LJvtugstou.
July 6.
Tlie well known farm ' S. H. Cummins, situate
twii miles west of Piatt mouth, on the Denver rojd,
with the ii!::bT t t , is sa:e vtirv rlie.ip.
Aj.p y to J C CL'MMI X. on the udj onio Una.
A I -j, lots 7 and b, b ock 14 in l'l,itisiu..ulh.
ao'21 if
Plattsmouth Frills
C. HEISEL, Proprietor.
ItiVH f. nanflv rr.,. i -...1 c .. .1 ntAUJ ,n
oiiKh running onier Custom work done ou r-hcrt
100,000 EStislicIs of Win-a a
Wanted imitdi:tti-ly, for which the liigliPt n'arket
price will be paid. aud tf
n ot a c e:
JAMES O'XKtl. is mr authorize'! Agt-nt for the
collection of ull ftn-ount9 duu the underr-ini'd fr
uicdical services: his receipt will be valid for the
payment or utiv monies on f.iid arccuntt.
August 11, 1C7. K. K. LIVINGSTON, M.D.
Is hereby given that lot 2, in block 26, a puhlisho!
in IVltQ'itient lt, on which the taxes Hinoimt t
12, OK. ehoiild have been advi msed hs let 2 in biork
DO, and .he same i hereby advent.-'! to . a r accord
ingtolaw. S DI KE. 1 r'vmicr
epl9 uW Cass county , Jieb.
Attachment Notice.
G. D. Hathaway, 1
vs. V
Kayuiond, MinT A Co
To Il.'sjmor.d, 5Iin'r A Co. :
Ton are hei ehy notifk-il that an atta' hnitt,! was is
ued by ine in favor of the above namtd Plaintiff
and avamst the above .lamed Defendants for the
turn of "-7 5 itolJara, and trial set fir Saturday, tho
20th day vt Ucto 'er, A IJ lsiil, at which time jitdft-'-mcKt
will be rendered ni-'.:int you if you lo not
appear and how eanse to the contrary Ciiven uadet
my Land this 14:h day of, a r l"t 7.
se;-I9 3w Jutti e'of th- lVace.
Is hereby civec to ihe Grand nnd Petit Jurors, who
were fcutoiuoned to npp-- ou 'he 2d il:iv rf Sept'-ln
ber A u 1507. (-aio Term f the !itrict Com t h iv
in h eti mijourn. .d to the 9.h day of October, A l
1S07.) they will be n-quiieil to ; pear fct or b. f re
!cv(ii i Vli.rk of mid 'iy. Oiv- a tinder ruy hand
this laih day of fccpteuibrr. A D 1C7.
J. II. HiOtt'S, C erk.
sei If) .!w Ey William L. VK. ll, Deputy.
Probate IX'oticc
Notice is hereby Biven that all claims against the
est it- of K. J. Palmer, dee'd, must be ou liie m this
cilice on or before the
2"J !' ot '31 A1 Cf, A l6t,
at which lime suid claims will lie Oet'-rmitied upon.
Given u .der my han 1 th:s 1? h l ,v .if September.
ei 19 Ow Probate Jud'e.
Ci-neral Life, Accident Fire, Inland and
insurance: agent
Will take risks at reasonable rat'-sln the mot reliable
o . panics in the United Mates
ljOtiice s ,ne btH,k "ore, Pla sir cuth, Nehras
. maySldlf
Milliner ami Dressmaker,
Has just received a Urjje stock of XEW GOODS!
of Ihe latett fashions. New GoMs received every
month. Call aud cec them. niystf
Ths Cheapest and Best.
nave just received a and splendid stok
Lowest Casli Prices!
Having parcha'e J them f t cssh in New York and B os-on. We assure the pubLc we can and will
sell Goods an low as any housa we?t of Si. Louis or Chicago.
C-Rtmptnter the Old Corner, now called the
rosT" "SToxrls.
Plattsmouth. Nebraska, September 2G:h, 1S67.
. -i -t . ,,m.- ni. til tin- flr.;t
Will lo reca-e i m - J- 1 " - ,
a -y of e.,.Her (.rGRADING
f .in to jlart'C ai-i" v.rwip
t eet. Ihe bids to be o mu h , er yard la c-h or
Pluttmou h, Sei t- 19. 1S.J7 1
And for sale at low fi-v.res,
lrt s is COFFEE. 1" s' 'AK-
5 UU DR V AFPLES, 5 b'.U 1)11 V J'EAl UtS
tc , Ac. Also, a lar-e ,x tmeni 01
Pine Lumber,
lath. siirx;r.ES. vuops,
M bu.-ltel. to which we Invite the artesiion o.
1U ickMllltlK tud other. to Tia,..j i; -- -
aro Aiien.orlheGO iDlN Co A L AN K. at L s-
country wants t .iee3 to Euit. Also a 1-rge stock of
Syo, Bourbon and Star Whisky.
Cherry, K isoherry, Blackberry and Ginyer Brandy.
Call and ee MICKELWAIT 4 CO
jt-6 i!3 wtf .
Fairbanks, Greenleal
& Co-.
220 & Ijike St Chiettyo
J'J Jl irket Ht , St. Lvuis
S3Be careful to buy only the Genuine. iuyy2-'
Feed, Sale and Livery
Main Sr., - - Plattsmupth.
I am rei.:irtd to ac: uimodate the public w't
Horses, Carriages and Buggies,
Also, a nice Hearse,
On hhort notice and reasonable terms. A Hack will
run to steamboat landing, and to all pans of the
city when desired.
mii( J. W. SHANNON.
V GENTS $1".0 per month. verv here, mnle
nnd fenia'e, f sell the UKX11SE CO Mil ..V
LTvUet Invention f the as!-. Trice tlS- livery
M.icuiuc uarrauted thee yeara AddieH,
M. LKWItS A Ci ,
t,ep 2 4 w P. O. Hoc t003 t. Louis, Mo.
Ecyal Notice.
In the Dixtrict Court Jwlicinl Ifiitrict, within
an" for I'tiMS County, Sttsi aikit:
Charles S. Wormian, 1
va V
John AHinson. '
John Allien in, of the Territory of Montana.will
tilce notice that Cluilea -S. Worliasia, of the county
of Cans an I ft tte of Nebrak i, d:d on the l'tth day
of Selemher. lSiiT. rile bis feiition i'l th l'i.-tr:tt
Court of the 2 I Judicial litrict. with and for Cash
county Nebrifk i, airj Dot the ;-aid John Aliinson.
d f:iiia-t, setii'JK lortii ibat the aaid Job , Al inon
itave a inoriHjre to th said h ines S Wortman on
lot in M-cfu'i 32. iu towi.Fh,, 12 north oT rns.
14, eat of the 6lh in, eoiita.oiiiir 2" icie-.. nn.l thi
liorthe ist rjiiarter of mirtheas qil i ti: or secion i o.
5, in towoKbip 11 north of rn"i;e 14, east of the fith
pin coutaiuini; fo tyarnn, t s' cure the p'-ynieiit
of the nuTi of $lt", with interest at 10 er fcut. p r
ai.nuin, a'Cord l: to th" t.'iuis of a cer'atu note re
terr d to in .-a;J inoi tuiiire. and fravit"? tht s:tid
J. hn Allm-on may paT aid kuiu now cla iu d t;. be
due, vi;h intetet at the rat' of ten per cent, per
ann-un from th- loth dy of M;iy ls'iti, or that :i
preiumes may he ol'l to pay the alne, and the said
J.i'n A llinsi.n is liotified thai he 1a required to np-p-a-
and answer tai l petition on or before the 3d
Monday after Ihe ad lav e.f October JSG7.
lljtt(iniou!h, ei temli -i loth, 1SK7
evI2 4t By Mnxrel! Chapman, Att'ys.
Ho! for Salt Creek, where yon can kill two birds
with one ctone. pet "ui bm u tjround and Wool
Carded a the came tim ; the machinery for bo'.his
in r feet order. We ue tLe Patent Machine Card-,
which wrre run enough l?.t year to establish their
superiority over th" id kind, as ail who nstd the
can tet'fv. The sitfierii ritv of Sir, S. Twis. as a
Carder la well known, nnd his iervie'K are s-till te
tained for the beiielit of the public. With the
advantage we fl itter ourse Ives that we can make it
to the advae time of all who want work in o'ir line
to come this way. 1. I!vAN. I'rojri"Ur.
l. S. TWIsi. Carder.
Cream Saloon.
I'p Stair, one Joor wrst of Slack Jk Buttery's
iJrvg More.
Where we pet up th'! vey t.e-t quality of Cream
at:d take 1 a.-uco iu 'fiiui(ii by Ih' dish, or we
have mail lrei zers, and run eUj.ply church fairs,
fe-tivais, parties oi familic with any quantity, on
short notice.
Also, below, we have the best assortment of all
kinds of Fancy and Stick Candy. Fruiis. Nuts, To
baivo. Choic Cigrs, etc., to be found in the citv.
jy28in H. J. S UK Hi HT.
Would repecttul!y Inform the ladies of Plattsmouth
that slie is now prepared to do
if required, Ladie. nd Chililrens' Dresses. Cloaks,
Basque, etc. MACU1SE isTlTCIIISU done aUo.
Al' work will le executed with nea-oess. aud w.ll
receive prompt attention. th will eDdevor to frive
satisfaction, and therefore solicits patronage of
the la.!ie -f this place arid vicinity
JJ"Ke6id-nce in the banding formerly occurd?d
by Mat his a Sou's Bakery. Main stre-l.
Mrs. Jones is now org.iniiiug a club for D' morel's
Mirror of Fashious; call and subscribe. n"v2o
of New aad Fashionable Goods, consigns of
Which they will sell at ihe
Gsli. Store,
To the Qualified Voters
of Plattsmouth Pre
cinct, Cass County,
There will t sesiioa of the UeKiotrarfl a the
utnre of Sc Davis, ou Monday, September 80: h
an l TaesUny, O-tober 1-t, lvJ7 , lr ni ihe hours ot U
o'ciock A 11 10 5 o'clock p ., of said lays, for the
purpose or correcting- the list of q uliti it v.. em oi
aid Pi eciuet. All persons in'ere;t'-u will appear
before thuui on tho .lavs.
W. "l C.AOS, 1
f. M. CilATM V. J- K-g'itrjr.
riattsmouthj.September 2Ut; , 1C7.
Anderson Wm II
Ait.-tius Jo :ath iu
Ames I- T
Allen Kraui'is M
Arui.s.rontf 'm B
Adams Jol.n W
Adams Jacob
Auderci'ti Henry It
lir .H n 'I'huiuas
Itarr A 13
Iliieck ller.ry
Biyau Win T
llarnes J Wealey
lletts (ieoie C
Uensou higmoud
lSurg'-rJ L
lines rYter
Baker Henry
B.-tts Jacob
Baker W L.
Koeck lieorb'
Betts Chri-tiao
Buitery Edward
Billing S S
Baker J H
black G'-orge
Brown Joseph H
Baker Betijauiin
Butcher Simpaoa
Barnes J V
B ira Josiah
Hiker Beujjuiiu
Bk.r M W
B it s Fr dric
Boeb Frederick
li.irn '6 A
Reuuett AllHjn
Bee-ion O iver H
Beamier John
Barr John w
Barnes k" 3
C i ttit on il'inry
Lhapmau Saul M
Cooper ' K
Crawiord W F
Craig W W
t'ooier C I.
Cuuiiiiins John C
Cole Hi Hirach
Clark (j i.v.ord J
Clement F J
Col vi ii Ue jrce
Ciiue Jostah
Clark John R
Carothers J W
DoneHn William
D-jri inton F M
Dovey K J
OavU Will R
Duk. ET
Luu ley James
Iavis lilwiu
Duke Shepard
Doud J F
Dougherty James F
Hyer Isaac
Deiiuistoii .Tame II
Despaiu A F
Dre' Alva
D'.spaiu W J
Kikenbary Samuel
Eu'le M' holas
Ean P
Eikenbary Hi'nry
Erwiu VV W 9
Vdwards John
Eihiidpe m r
Ka- hai t John
Katr.u E 11
llikeul arv Wm
Kirkl r Xavier
Fa: (le d i W
Kunk a H
Ko fv C K
Kord W.n J
Gard Wiis u
G' v. r 1)
(; rover Henry T
(iaue W 1)
Grassmnn Jacob
fla-s H P
Oyper Godfrey
Graves Pleasant
Goldinir l.evl
II. ff ird J P
II in inE J '. ih
Holbrt-k L I.
Hincbman John
Heisel Conrad
H. ithnw ay H D
IUi s Joi.n O
Harold Adam B
Hyatt in J
Hoist iuh Jtihn
Haynes.loh i W
hanon Thomas K
Homing C J
ITess John
Havs John N
Herold :
llerol 1 Wm
Ilannaond J C
Hiutcn W U
Irisi W W
J. lines E R
Johnson O F
Jackson John
Johnson I If
Johnson J V '
Jones L B
Jean Nelson
Kinnmou J P
Krohler (i II
Kiniman Hichard
Karne ir J
Karnen George
King O J
Kenedy E R
King C II
Kuhl Henry
Kenedy E vr
Levi H L
Lenholf Fred
I. azenby A
Livingston R R
Lee-dey Joseph
Lsienby C
Liest Conrad
Loirsin Holiert
Llviucston J W
Lobinsieen Solomon
Lousdale t M
; Murphy M IJ
iM.ngau K 1
JMiiche 1 J D
! lathis E J
j.'.liliord J P
l.tii ler C A
! Morrison W 1
Moorcs J
' Megituty F C
(Mjijullock Z
j.Mooie C P
M ixwell S
I Harhatl J W
.Marquctt T M
Mar. y Win It
iMnaulsJorf lleary
Ma't.u . U
JIoElwaiu M
Mt-Ciuskev M II
i Mitch. II 1 houias
Miller U :
Miiler s K
Mick-lu-ait W
Montgoai-'ry Wesley
Mouigomety II K.
Mocenhaupt C
ilurphy E B
i Mitchell Ja i es
Mora- n M W
AIBi ide ?amuel
VI o re Curtis
McCaity G
Newto'i John
Keneil Kicliard
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iO'Noill James
iOweiis Thoni is 3
jO'DoD iiigh John
;Oie L:treuce
itlrr 11 N
j Pottenger Willitt
iPiougei G.'i.rge 11
i Poi te D- Fori tit
Patterson Johu
I Piummer Eli
J Pilini; James
I Porter W B
Phillips J I.
; Powell A J
Powell Jacob
'Parmele C H
Poise) Kellogg
Price H F
ijuion L
jUandall J N
I Kaiuey Daniel
: Roberts J J
'Kohwer H J
Kuftiier Pe er A
lltice Hiram II
iKandal) 11 O
!Keiuback"i A
: Kobine C
Kipole Conrad
: lloweti Peter
i Kiggs Jain, s S
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iStadelmann Wm
iSpra-ne A L
Si'hne:der Julius
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iSmith Kobit
1 Smith A
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wolfe Jacob
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Young Thomas
Probate Notice.
JTotice is hereby civon that application has this
day been made to the Probate Court to have Jj T.
A Il.Hiver ai.pi.inteil Admio i-traior of the e-tate of
Christian Slyer, late of Cass county, Xebr.ik, de
ca."il. The C"Urt will hear said application on
Fill DA I, the 21 th diy of Septtmber, A V 1SG7,
2 o'clock p m. at which lime all persons interest
ed can appear and - how came why said appoinim. xt
bhould hot be made, if any they may have.
Given under my hand this 1 Oth day of fA-itember,
sepUi Cw Probate Juige.
Au Old Song Set o u Xcw Tune
ES" 1867. -S3
Astpring arprnch
Ant ami Htiitvtics
From Vifir hole cnf "
And Mire and Sate
In sjite of cot.
Gaily blip a'jeut.
"19 years established in X. T. City."
"Only infallible remedies known. "
"Kre.- from Poisons."
"Xot daugerous to the Unman Family.
"Rati come out of their holes to die."
Ccstar's Kat, Koacli &c, Extcrm'r
Is a paste used fur Rati, Mice, Iloaches,
Black and Itr-l Ants, dec.
Costar's Bed-Bug Exterminator
Is a l:Uid or wasl: us, d to ilestroy. and
also an a preventive f o Bed Bagn, tc.
C star"s Electric Powder for ,
I' for Moths, Mo;uit. tt. Fl us. Bed Buy;
Inxects on I'Umtn, Fvtcl, Aniimils, to.
9'-'. ! ! Bkwarb '. ! ! cf nil wm IhlM Imitations.
Jj"Se that '-Costir's' name ii oa eah Bjx,
riot tie ar.d Flai-k be ore J uii buy.
Henry It. Cos tar,
4r'4 Broadway, Ntw York.
tfS- Sold in Plattxmonth, XebrtHtka, by IMark,
Butt.-ry & C., aud O V Johosun, aui all Druggists
and Retailers everywheri.
For Cuts, Burns, Biub es. Wounds, Boils, Cancers,
It oki'ti B.e.i.ts, Sore Nipnles, Bleeding, Blind and
Painf'il Piles. Serotulous, P.i' rid aud ill-c nditionetl
Sores, Ulcers, tilandtilar w liings, E! np" ions, C uta
t eotis Alf' ctions. Ringworm, tell. Corns. Buuioas.
Chilblains. Alo; Chaiped llauj, Lips, Bites of
Spirt, rs. Insects, Animals, dc.
Koxes, 2 i c tits. Si) c nts and $1 nizes.
Sold by ail D. u gi-ts evctj 'where.
And bv Hi KltY is. CiSTAK, Dep -t 431 Bread
Wi.y. N. Y.
t,Aull.yO P. John-on, and Bl ick, ButUry &
i , PiattMiiotiih, Kebra.La.
Com Solvent.
For Corns, Bunions, Warts. A.
Bex.s 25 cer.'s, SO cents and $1 si.s.
f2f?S. I I bv all Dtrgg.stK everywhere.
nd by HENRY R COal'AR, Depot 44 Broad
v, N Y.
-Aii1 by Black, Rult.-ry 4 Co. aud O. F. John
ion, Plattsmouth, Nebi a.ska.
Bitter Sveet b Orange
l'sed to soften ar.d b'autify the Skin, remove
trei'Kles, fimpies, nruptlou, o.
L lilies are now owing it in prefen nee to all others.
JCj'Sold by all Drusgists everrwhero.
And by 1 1 E N U V It, COS TAR, Bepet 484 Broad
wav. N Y.
fy And bv O F. Johnsan and B!ack, Buttery k
Cough Hemedy.
For Coughs, Col l-, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Croup,
Whooping Cougt. Icduenza, stbma, Consumntion,
llr. n hial Affectioi.B and all Diseases ef the Threat
and Lungs.
Boxes 25 cents. '0 cents and II sizes
Soid by all I)rni:gists evervwhere.
And by I1ENKY R COiTAR, Iep,t 4i4 Broad-
wav, 1
d-And by BNrk, Buttery t Co and O. F. John-
con, Plattsmouth, riebraska.
For Nervous and Sick Headache, Cestivi-ness, Indi
gestion, yiep-ia, KillionsnessCoastipation, Dlar
ihea, Co i- s, Chills Fevers aud general derangement
of the Diifsttiv? Organs.
Boxes ii cuts, 50 cents and 1 -izes
S-Si"ld bv all Druggists everywhere.
Aud by UtNRY k. COiTAR, Depot -1 1 Broad
way, r.
. And by O. F. Johnson aad Black, Battery A
Co., Platlfmouth, Nebraska. eepHr 8m
Election Notice.
Notice is hereby give i that r.a Tuesday, the Eighth
Sib 'lav o October ti xt, ht the u ml plate of electious in lh several. Pitclucta (or a I. ear
t.t ie as ins be iratrtic-ible) iu C.iss County aud
State of Nebraska, at r-iectiou will be he.d f..r
u County Loiumi-:.-uor, for the Ut 1 latrict
I'wtt-tu.niih) ;
U ie Proba'e Judge;
'ie Couu'y Tr as iiei ; Coun'y C '--rs ;
t e SlieriO ;
vx :;ronc. ;
uu.- C.)-u!y t'ii v. -ym : ;
nu" CotHiiV Mtpei uileuden! . Cvusiio Sl!iu.iU.
And for each p'tecinet
T ro Justices of tho Teate ,
Two Constables ;
One Af Sis. jr ;
Three Judges of Jlf. '.i n ;
Two Clerks o Election;
One Read S.'ihtv sor, for e.i. h Road District.
Further, notice is given !.y r Itr of the Ci uuty
CoIumlsioners, nia-le a' tl-e t-t-'mber se-sioii f
their Court ( -2J, 1M",T, that y..u a' e al.-o c.illi d
upon to vote at this eiec:iou on th-.- q'lt-tion ot issu
ing Bunds aud taking stork in tho Burlii gToii aiid
Missouri River Railroad Company, to th:- urno'ini o
To Hundred Ihotisand Dol'ers. "(f JiMI LOO I (i) in tn
i xtension of this roud thrcugh our County (Cai-.-l
Which election will be opened at nine (') o'e oi k
i' the morning, ar d will c utinne open um.I tix (t' i
u'cluck in the afterkoou ol ti e suniedav.
By order f the CorsiTV Com mi siseits.
This 21 diy of Ssepb tuber, A D IstiT.
B SPl'i'.I.OCK. Clerk.
sep55 Cass Couu'y, Nebraska.
Notice to Architects
lu nccoidauce with the re.piirements of nn Act en
titl' d "An Act to provide for the location of tbe seat
of Gove: nuiei.t of the State of Nebraska, aud fur
the erection of putdic buildings thereat. aipioed
Juui; 14iti, ib!J7," I'Uns and bpec.ttci.iuiis will be te-
eelved ut the office of the fceeretary- ,r Stitie, at
ilm.hi, Nebraska, until the ltnh ilay of ii.iobT,
ISC7, at IJ o'clock lu, fir the Capitol Kuil ling to bo
erected at Li a coin. Th.- . un.l.ili.iu ul li.e I uil.iiiK
is re uir .1 :. Le ff fti ne, and the supers! i U' tu.e of
'tone or l.r ick. 1 he l.u'Mir.g must be coustrue'ed to
:ic;omuwda'.e the Lxnulive ollieis six in number,
and the asembly of th- iwj Houses cf the L. gi-la
tore, and th'i cost t.f the iblice must not exceed
Forty ilnu-jiid Uol'ara,IMIIj.
The An hittct whos pli.tis are .'iilopled will be r-n-pointed
Siiperinl. u.i nt of Co.isti neiion, ai J tocoivo
ample compensation for his s.-rvices, as bv l.iw pi
vided DAVID Bl'TLLiC (Jov.,"i ,
THOS. p KENS.Mtli.Ser I omrols
Lincoln, Ncbra5k i. Augu-t -Sth, lso'l.
Imprners and Manufactures' Agents of
Large ttocks of American Screw Co. Screws. Ames'
Shovels and Spades, lougla' M.tua a. toiir g Co.
li.ig- To 'Is, Amvi ieait Table Cutlery. Enirltah Pock
et Cutlery.
Forsyth's Scales "asd Trucks
Orders CUel Factory Prices.
OidorS solicited.
Cor. Alain and Washington Ave.,
C'liancery Sale.
Willi.itji Leach I
vs j-Iu Chancery,
rhoin is J. Wulson. S
lu pursuance mid by virtue of a decretal order t
me directed f.oia the oilice of the Clerk of the llit
t'ic. Court of the 2J Judicial District of Ncbt a -1 a,
within and for Cas. county, bearing ol tlie'od
day of ik toiler, lso b. ii g the October term f ahl
Court, I, the t-uh.-criber, 5iater in Chancery for said
Court, will offer for sale, at pui.l o aucii n, to tho
hi-'iiest and best bidd. r for c:-U, ill Irout of tho
Ciuirt-Hoase lu thi" city of i"jit;iuijUth,Cas county,
Nebraska, on
MOXDA 1', the T.'t ihuj of October, ltrCT,
at 1 o'clock p m, of suid day, the following d scribed
real htabf, to Wit: The south-east quar er of tecti-m
no. twenty one il, in township no ten lnj, north
of range no thn teen, ca-t of the 6th p in, iu Ne
braska, containing oue hundred and sixty aiTegsnd
situa'ed n Cas-touuty, Ntbn.skn; Tocetbr with all
and singular the i n pi un in. nts, herc.nuio. nts j,n.l
appurtetianc s thereunto belonging; to be soM as t e
properly of ti e defendant above named to satisfy
sai l decree the amount of which is the sum of tw elve
hundred ard fifty lour ilollars, and Into, est en ihe
same f:oiu the dale of said ibir.-e, at the rate of ten
per cent per au-.uui, together with cols of suit aud
sale. W. F CHA I.
Se; t 2d, 1M'7. Master iu Chani-eiy.
CEianccry Sale.
Vounif Brothers Co. )
vs In Chancery.
Garrison A. Jones. J
In p'trsuan-e and t y vi'tue of a decretal order
to me direct ed fr.'; the office f the Clerk of the
District C urt cT Ihe '2d Judicial District of Nebras
ka, within i.r.d for Cass curty, hearing date ou the
ninth day of April, A p ISrji, be t:g the April Term
of said Court, I, the subscriber,' r in Chancery
for the said Cou:t, will offer tor sale at public ven
due, fin cash, to the high :et awl be t bid ler, iu frent
of Ihe C airt-Iiouse, in lh city of Fluttstroutli, Casn
county, Neoratka, un
At OX DA Y, the UK day of O-lo'-er, ls07,
at 1 o'clock p ni, t' e
following d 'Fcribed r alestl , to wit: Tim miull tut
quarter of the southeast quarter of section thirty fo ir
-11, and the si uihw int q a'fer of the southwe-t
quarter i.f section fhirty-five -Jo, all iu township
twelve 12, coitli of range, cast of the jth
p in, Nebraska, and situated in !h coun'y of Cass,
and State of Nebraska; Together with all and sir g-.i-lar
tlie improvemeuts, Lereditameiita auti apiiurte
nances thereunto belonging; to be soli as th-. prop
erty of the above named defendants to s.i'.i.-fy said
decree, the amount of whicu is the sum of Four
Hundrrd and Twenty Seven dollarsaud EiFbty-Kive
cents $17 65J, and iiiterei-t on the same (rum ths
date of said lb croc at the tale often p.r cm. p. r
annum, together with cotts of suit aud sale.
S''i tembcr 2J, IsOT.
scp5 ir Master in Chancery.
ilacafa:tar:r of a.11 V.Lil-i tjt
Far in in sr Iusilciiiciif7
Such as the celebrated Rod Breaking Plows, Moui I
Hoard BieaU. r. Stirring Plows, Single and D.oible
Shovels, Cultivators and Harrow. Jtepaitii is douo
on short nmice All work warranted.
Having had much experien-c in the bnsines, I
feel assured that I can give general satisfaction.
Please give me a call before purchasing el-ewhere.
c. ! . fouot.
Plattsmouth. Neb., May Ctb, 19CI.
Wm- El. Lcnike,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
4Vc27 1SG5 tf
Obernoite & Welomiky,
Brick g Stonemasons,
All Work in their line done to the best satisfaction,
and a cheap as by anybody else.
Address, riattxmoutA, A6., P. O. box t45. (augT
Bounty Increased. Pensions due
diers ard their heirs.
F. M Oorrintrton bns th:s day received from the
Department, the Law in full with Dew blanks for the
colleciiun or addit tonal Bounties and increased Pen
sioca, and i a ready tu linxccute ail such claims as
may be mtrnsted t'Sis nre. Cal aud eiamll.e.
Fiist claimed is firtt s. 1 1 -.1.
Flstttm titb, Aip. 1", I?Ci.