Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, February 27, 1867, Image 2

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.FEB. 27, 1G7
FLrc the Big Gun !
The act endorsing ihe conditions pro
posed ly Congress for our admission
passed both Houses of the Legislature
between five and six o'clock on Wed
nesday evening, thus ending the long
struggle. Nebraska is no longer a
Territory, but assumes, from this tiny
henceforth, the proud position cf a
Slate in the great American Union;
not only a Slate, but a free State, reccg
cizing the rights of all men, whether
white or black. She stands upon the
record as being the last State admitted
but the first to establish impartial suf
frage. In the great national struggle
for ihe rights of man, the is the first
to establish it in her fundamental law
All honor is due those nolle men who
dared to stand op in our Legislature
and place themselves upon the record
as favoring impartial suffrage. The
triumph is complete.
The Chariton Patriot announces ed-
itorialy, that the Burlirg'.on and Mi
souri River Raiiroad company will com
mence work upon this end of their line
this spring. The enemies of the road
and the enemies of Nebruika interests,
who have used all manner of t fforts to
retard the progress of this great worl
by Tying to invalidate their land grant,
and by other means, will find that des
pite their efforts tho road will soon be
stretching west from Fl utsnicrnth nn
t i
luai tne western settlers wilt prosper.
The Legislative row, and heists a chick
en at the head of i:s editeiiul columns
in consequence of the "victory'' (as it
terms it) obtained by the mob. The
JVeurs claims that the difficulty arose
out of the apportionment bill. So much
the more shame upon ilie Otwc mtm
bers who sided against the bill. There
is not a man in Nebraska but knows
that Omaha and North Platte have al
ways endeavored to dictate in regard
10 everything that was denn in our leg
islature, and have succeed. d admirably
with the help cf such tools as they
might rely upon from Morton.
It is a well establUhcdjiact, that the
counties south cf Platte river contain
nearly or quite two-thirds of the voting
population of Nebraska, yet that large
preponderance of voters ara to ba
controlled by the c:ty of O.nahi, even
by mob violence when chicanery fails,
and the Nebraska City J'ews has the
effrontery and fool-hardiness lo glory in
it, and call it a "victory." Yes, it is
"victory" of an Omaha mob, seconded
ly a South Platte delegation, over the
majority of the people. If tha people's
repre.-entatives cannot be respected in
Omaha, thy should assemble at some
point without the reach of Omaha re
volvers, and if North Platte people
cannot carry their points without resort
ing to force of arms, and have no bet
ter sense of justice and what censti
tutes a Republican government than to
do so, it is high time that the appor
tionment was changed and the voice of
the majority wa3 heaid in these mat
ters. TIIU "SOW.'
The Omaha Herald is out in a lengthy
article ia rcgaid to the disgraceful
cenes in the House on Saturday night
last, in wiiich it attempt to throw ail
ihe blame upon Speaker Chanin. Afier
be slobbering three or four North
Platte Republicans who joised lha re
bellious element, it says:
To them, and to the courageous nnd
inflexible adherence lo the right of the
democratic delegations of Otoe, b'arpy,
Lincoln, Dakota and Douglas is due a
result in which all sober-minded citizens
will rejoice.
Stick a pin there. Democrats and
Republicans. The Ilcrcld thinks all
sober minded citizens will rejoice in
.having an Omaha mob attempt to break
up our legislative ceuncils. It thinks
they will rejoica that an Omaha lubby
shall attempt to r:de "rou.jh shod" over
the people's representatives. The
Republican thinks duTtrsnt. It says
nothing. It knows the affair is a dis
grace to GmaJia and her citizens, and
will recoil upon her.
-1fTt e Senate passed a joint res-
clutioa oa the 23d inst , to prohibit ihe
payment of any claim accruing prior to t
ihe I3ih of April, 1S31, lo any cficer ;
svho joined the rebellion. i
Omaha on Her 3Iuscfe.
As Omaha ft-da contempt for the
; narrow-minded loc il haters of her in
terests, her admiration rises fcr the
tr.enofOtoe, Lincoln, urpy, Dakota
and Kearny, for their liot-rnl course
on all questions a.i'eciin;; her interests.
Her p?op.e hear '.he muttering cf her
enemies ainl do rjrt misunderstand us
mf aningv O.nahn fears no effort that
n.ay bo tnnda by those who would do
er an injury. The Dooms aud bhel-
dons of Cass may do their worst.
Omahit is on her muscle. Omaha
We consider the above as an outrage
upon the intelligence of the people of
Nebraska. It is not enough that Oma
ha should, by an exercise of "muscle,"
override the people's representatives
and disgrace herself in ihe minds of all
right thinking people; but her press
most come out and boast of it, and de
clare lhat they feel "contempt" for
those who are battling for the rights of
their constituent. Don't fce too fast.
Mr. Herald. You have not yet arrived
at that permanency where yoj can in
sult the people of Nebraska with im
punity. You may yet have causa to
"fear"' the ju-.t indignation of an out
raged people. We know that Omaha
has ruled Nebraska since the organi
zation of the Territory; and so did the
slavo power rule the nation for long
years, but there is a point in all ntis
rule where forbearance by the oppres
seu "ceases to be a virtue; ana we
aro of opir.ion that that point is about
reached in the affairs of Nebrabka.
You may feel lhat you are safe ia thus
msul'ing th? people, and crying death
to all who do not obey your mandates,
but there i3 a storm gathering that will
try your nflrve as well as ihe power of
your 3cepter.
The Nonpareil come3 out with flam
ing heads and a long article, the sub
stance of which is lhat Council BluiT
has triumphed over Omaha, or, in other
words, that the Railroad bridge has
been officially located at the lower
point, and that the Railroad company
nave rurttiaeJ anu raid tor "section
thrre," v.iii.-h lies at tho southern ex
tremi'.y of Council Bluffs. The Recor
der of tl "at city ha? received the trans
for papors, az.d the quest'on of the
bridge i? considered settled. So the
paa 'e vi the "bridge t ill" by mob
vi lenco in Omaha is all "quashed-
Go-J encugh for her; perhaps she
needs ch a.-tc ning to teach her how
treat ihe people's representatives.
The following neat and appropriate
rrmarks were made by Mr. Rogers
President of the Council, at the close
o: the ri cent session of that body:
Ctn!'etien of the Council: The hour
of final adjournment of the Legislative
nssemUy Laving fully coiiip, I desire to
improve thi rpportunity of returning to
every member cf this Council, my
thanks for the courteous manner with
which I have been treated; and the uni
formly kind and forgiving spirit which
etery member cf this body has mani
fested towards me, notwithstanding. I
have so often given occasion for offence
and censure. I regret, in looking back,
that I have not been able lo preside
over the deliberations cf this body with
more ability and efficiency; but I cau
only say that my errors have been
more of the head than the heart. The
little page of history which we have
made is finished; we now go tack to
mingle with and become part of the
people; and our course here will either
tend lo advance the world in happiness
and prosperiiy or to retard the progress
of civilization and religion. May we
not hope that our posterity may, as
they read the lit le page of history
which we have written, feel that our
lives have not been in vain and that
they are not descended from an un
worthy ancestry. May we not recog
nize in the harmony and peace which
have characterized our proceedings,
the influence of the spirit of him who
rules the world in love and mercy? ar.d
may we not hope that the same kind
hand may lead and preserve us through
the many windings of iho stream of
human life safely up to thathappy home
prepared by God for his children be
yor.d ihe influences which so distract
and torment cur lives here below, is
the earnest wi-h of the President of
this Council. And having thus ex
pressed myself, I do now declare this
Council adjourned sine die.
Ed. Herald: Some unprincipled,
low-lived, white-livered, gizzard-hearted
aristocrat, who thinks labor degrad
ing, entered the Boot Si Shoe ehep of
Gnge Si Davis, of this city, last night
and look off one pair of calf skin hoots,
lie had not sense enough to take a
good pair, ar.d took the poorest pair in
the shop.
S:and from under, loafers!
Gage & Davis.
ST The Tennessee Republican
Convention, on the 22d inst., nominated
Brownlo-r fcr Governor by occlarca'ion.
ST.1TC LEGlf-ilaATirUBJ.
The members of th ; Stat Legisla
ture met at; the Capitol, ia accord
ancs with th proclamation of Gov.
Sounders, at 2 o'clock p. in. on Wed
nesday, Feb. 20lh, 1S57.
The Council was organized as fol-
President E. II. Rogers,
Chief Clirk Hewer, of Nemaha,
Ass't Clerk ;L. L. IIo!brook,of Cass,
Serg'i-at Arms Kirkpatrick, of
Door-Keeper Cadman, of Lancaster,
Fireman NelsoD,
Chaplain Rv. Slaughter,
The House organized by the elec
tion of the following officers.
Speaker W. F. Chapin, of Cass.
Chief Clerk II. W- Merrill,
Ass't Clerk J. E Myers.
Chaplain Rev. W. W. Rose,
Srg't-at-Ariitis II. B. Horton,
Doer-Keeper C. L. Bristol,
Fireman Jacob Bolivar.
The ctficei s were sworn in by Judge
E. S. Dundy
The two houses mat in jont session
in the Representatives' Hall to receive
the Governor's message.
Gov. Saunders then appeared in the
House and delivered the foaowin
message :
Governor's Message.
Gentlemen of the Senate
and llousz c f Representatives
In pursuance of An Act of Congress
certified to have been passed on ihe 8th
and 9ih of February, 167, yru have
been convened in extra session for ihe
purpose of taking such action as you
may think prorer in regard to adopting
or rejecting lertaia proposed conditions
which are made preeeuent to ihe ad
mission of Nebraska into the Union as
an independent State. TheJ Constitu
tion, asjou are well aware, whL-hwas
adopted by t;ie people of the Territory
in June last, restrict 'd or limited the
privileges of the elf ctive franchise lo
the "white niale citizens cf the State"
Coneress, near the close of the last
session, passed a bil: to accept our Con
stitution just as it had been made and
adopted ty the people of the Territory;
ihe President of the United States
withheld hts signature from the bill,
and consequently it failed to become
law. A similar bill was presented at
the commeniiement of the present Con
gress: but ct'rtain conditions were at
taihed to the bill, and these conditions
must ba first accpted and approved by
you before the Stnte can be properly
admitted as iiroviaeu by this Act.
ihe tol.owing is certineu to me as
boing a true' copy of the bill as it passed
both houses of Congress:
Poblic No. 21.
An Axt for the admission of the State
of Nebraska i'n ihp Union
Whereas.: On the twenty-first day oi
March, A. .1). eighteen hundred and
sixty-four, Congress passed an act to
enable the people o: Nebraska to form
a constitution and State government,
and offered to f.dmit said State, when
so formed, iato ihe Union uponcompli
auce wiih certain conditions therein
specified; and, wheieas. It appears that
ihe said peojdo havt adopted a consti
tution which upon d examination, ia
found to conform to the provisions and
comply with the conditions of said Act,
and to be republican in its form of gov
eminent, and that t'ley now ask ad
mission into.ihe Uiwn; Therefore
Be it enacted by tie Senate, and House
ofRrpressntutivesofthc United States
of America in Cor gr ess assembled. That
the coosiituiioa and Sifite govern
ment which '.ha people of Nebraska
have formed for themselves be, and
the same is hereby accepted, ratified
and confirmed, and that the said State
of Nebraska! shall be, and is hereby de
clared to be one of the United States
of America, and is hereby admitted
into the Unicn upon an equal footing
with the original States in all respects
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted.
That the said State of Nebraska shall
be, and is hereby declared to be enti
tled to all the rights, privileges, grants
and immunities, and to be subject to all
the conditions and restrictions of an act
entitled "Au act to enable ihe people
of Nebraska to form a constitution and
State government, and for the admis
siou of such State into the Union on an
equal footing wiih the original States,''
approved April nineteenth, eighteen
hundred ami sixty four.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted.
That this act shall net take effect ex
cept upon tne fun laiuentiil condition
that within the State of Nebraska there
shall be no uenial of the eie tive fran
chise, cr of any other right, to any
person, by reason of race or color, ex
cepting Iudi-ins not taxed; and upon
the further fundamental condition that
the legislature of said State, by a sol
emn public uct shall declare the assent
of said Statu to ihe said fundamental
condition, end shall transmit to the
President of the United States, an au
thentic copy of said act; upon receipt
whereof the President, by proclamation,
shall forthwith announce the fact,
whereupon said fundamental condition
shall be held as part of the organic
law oi the State; and thereupon, and
without farther proceeding on the part
of Cougress; the admission of said
State into thii Uuion shall be consider
ed as complete. Said State legislature
shall be convened by the terri'otial
Governor within thirty days after the
passage of this act, to act upon the con
dition submii ted herein.
Speaker oi the House cf Represen
tatives. !
President oi th $ Senat? pro tempore
Ik Sixate of the Uxitzd States,
Ftb:u?.ry. S, 1667
The President nf th? United States
having returned to ihe Senate in which
it originated, the bill f milled "An act
for the admission of Nebraska into the
Union," wiih his objections th rtto, the
Senate proceeded, in pursuance of ihe
( cnstiiuuon, to reconidtr the sum;
and '
Resolved, That the said bill do pass,
two thirds of
ihe Senate agreeing to
pass the same
Secretary rf the Senate,
ty Y. J. Idc Donald,
Chief Cleric.
I:r the IIocse or Representatives )
of the United Statei,
February. 9. 1S67. )
The House of Representatives hav
ing proceeded, in pursuance cf the Con
stitution, to reconsider tin bill entitled
"An act for the aJmi-sion of the State
of Nebraska into tbe Union," returned
tn the Senate by the President cf ihe
United Stales, with his objections, and
sent by the Senate to the House of
Representatives, with the message of
the President returning the bill
Resolved, That the bill do pass, two
thirds of the House cf Representatives
agreeing to pass ihe same.
Attest: Ldward McPherson,
It no doubt would have been more
satisfacti.ry to you as I frankly confess
it would have been to me, if Congress
had given the settlement of this ques
lion directly to the people cf the Terri
tory, instead of requiring of you, who
were not particularly instructed on this
subject, to take upon yourselves the
whole responsibility of deciding this
subject for them. But we must now
meet the question as we find it, or as it
has been presented by Congress. That
a great revolution or- change ia the
minds of the peopl j of our whole coun
try, in regard to renting equal and
exact justice to all men, irrespective of
race or color, is in proof before us, not
only by the action of Congress, but also
by :ho action of the people themselves
in a large majority of the Siate? of the
Union. My opinion is that this liberal
spirit is rapidly on the increase among
the people of our cwn Territory, and
if such should be your belief, it would
cause you to have much less hesitancy
about accepting the conditions proposed
than you otherwise might have.
The day, in my opinion is not far
distant when property qualifications,
educational qualifications and color
qualifications, as precedent to the pnv
ilegeof vo'iag, will be known no more
by the American people; but that intel
ligence and raandood will be the only
i -i
quaiiacr.tion necessary to entitle an
American citizen to the privilege of an
elect r.
Gentlemen of the Nebraska Legis
lature, I now, with these concise state
menu of the c?.se, leave the whole
subject ia your hands, believing that
you will act fcr your respective con
diluents and fcr the whole people of
tho Territory in such niannrr as wi!
hrs rpflrt ihfir sentiments and their
wishes hoping thai harmony and fra
ternal feeling may characterize your
Ex?cmive Office, Omaha, Feb. 20.
After the hearing of which the joint
convention adjourned sine die, and the
members and officers of the Senate
returned to their chamher.
Senate called to order.
Doom introduced Senate bill No. 1,
"An act declaring the assent of the
State of Net raska to an act of the Con
gress of ihe United States, entitled 'An
act for the admission of the State of
Nebraska into the Union," which, af
ter going through the various readings,
was passed by the following vote:
Ayes Messrs. Davis, Doom, Has
call, Majors, Presson, Sheldon and
Rogers 7.
Nays (Democrats, except Hascall.l
having left the Hall. )
In the House the bill was passed by
the following vote:
Ayes Butler, Clark, Cole, Collins,
Crow, Frost, Fuller, Griffen, Harden
burgh, Haywood, Hoile, Kelley, Parm
lee, Rockwell, Slader, Waldter, Wiles
Wallichs, Unthank and Mr. Speaker
Nays Cmwford, Dunham, Graves,
Harvey, Rolfe and Trumble 6.
Gov. Saunders was instructed by a
joint resolution to transmit two certified
copies of the act to the President of the
United States, one by raai' and one ty
the hands of Hon. John M. Thayer.
Both houses adjourned sine die at
12 o'clock, M., Thursday the 21st.
We find the following letter from
Omaha in the Nebraska City Press.
It was written by a prominent citizen
of Nebraska City who was in Omaha
at the time of the Legislative not, and
one who, as will be s-aen, doos ncl be
lieve in sacrificing the interests and
rights of
aklarge majority of the people
for an "hnagir.ary
benefit" to Otoe
County :
The Legislature cf the Territory of
Nebraska, lately in session, was dis
persed by a mob lat evening, under
circumstances calculated to rouse a
feeling of bitter hostility between ihe
North and South Platte districts, and
to insrease and perpetuate the sectional
animoity which has existed to a great
er or leas extent la yers past.
1'be raises whkh have produced this
mosl di-gracef a! and unexpected pro
ceeding ar-J of long tit; ling a:;d have
in year past, occasioned much section
al strife. The political inHuance exist
ing at the Cap tal has been sufficiently
powerful to secure the Ncrth Platte
country a much larger representation
;n proportion to i s p-.pulaiiun, than the
iouth ;rn part of the Territory was al-
lowed. Th-:
ions which have
beeu frcti time to r.aie eif.-ct
enao'ed the northern secti -u
ijd, have
lo mai::-
tain an apport.oLiueat so uiiju t liiat a
bill to remedy the wrong was lately
introduced into 1 -gi-lative Council,
passed, and .-ent lo the House fcr con
currence. T;:e parties became evenly
divided by n-a.-on cf the cf
the entire delation of Democratic
represen'atives from Otoe county who
sold their birth risht for an imaginary
enefii in the location of the proposed
Agricultural College in their county.
The vote on this apportionment bill de
veloped so much feeling, and the wrong
so much exasperated the South Platte
members that they refused to allo.v
some legislation which was desired by
their opponents, hece the exciting
scene of last night. The House had
been in a dead-lock from 10 a. m. till
1-2 p. m. without any recess. The
members had refreshments brought in
and some citizens of Omaha had pro
vided a plentiful supply cf whiskey to
fire the hearts of their friends. At the
hour named a motion was made to
clear the hall of all but members and
privileged persons. This having been
done and there being within th bar
only the members of the House mem
bers of the Council, Gov. Saunders,
with Messrs and Megeath of
Omaha, and MCann of Nebraska
City, who had bem invited to .eats
within the bar. inflamatory and excit
ing speeches were made by Messrs
Frost, an employe of the Union Pacific
Railroad Company, and Harvey, of
Otoe. Both of these speeches protect
ed against ihe ru.ings or ihe speaker,
and advocated resistance to the author
ity of the House. Harvey then made
a motion declaring the Speaker's chair
va:ant ana appointing a Speaker pro
tern. He put the questio.i himself de
c'ared it carried, aud then a rusn was
made for the Speaker's stand. Four
of the members of the House and sev
eral ruffians ou side the bar drew their
revolvers on the Speaker, who in da
fense pulled from his pocket a three
inch Smith c Wesson pistol and pre
sented it to the breast of Parmlee of
Omaha, who was about to dracr the
Speaker from his chair. The Serg't
at-Arms advanced with ui3 sword
drawn and attempted to ascend ihe
stand, but was oulered down by the
Speaker. He assort d the Speaker
that he- desired to defend him and w
permitted to reach the chair, when he
immediately ordered the Speaker to
vacate the chair, which he did aftvi
declaring the House adjourned ia dis
order, until ten o duel; iuonJay m --ru
The Speaker and his friends then
retired, while the minority remained
and proceeded to pass certain private
bills, ihere was not a quorum prerent
The following table exhibits ihe vote
polled at the last election in the North
and South Piatt-' districts, and the pres
ent and proposed representation :
North Platte vote 3103
Present Representation 22
South Platte vote 53oJ
Present Representation 30
It was proposed to change the appor
tionment, so that one member should
be taken from the North Tlafe and
civen to the Syuth Platte, and to this
the North objected, though a fair
portionment would give
The North but 20
And the South 32
TSie Republican am! the Legis
lative Row.
The following is ihe only editorial
allusion yet made by the RepuLhcan to
thp recent shameful proceedings in the
House of Representatives on the nigh
of the 16th inst :
Yesterday we published nn address to
the people cf Nebraska, signed by six
teen Republican Senators and Repre
sentatives in the Legislature represent
ing about one half of the voters of Ne
braska. For so duiug. we are censured
somewhat by a few of the citizens of
Omaha. We regret (his very much,
but we are confident that upon further
reflection they will come u ihe conclu
sion that we cou'd not consistently re
fuse sa;d gentlemen who have been
honored by a large constituency, with
the privilege of replying through our
columns to what they deemed an unfair
statement in the Omaha Ikrald as to
said affair.
We were rot present to witness the
unfortunate proreeding. md hence we
kncis nothing as to the tivdh of any
statement professing to relate to wka:
transpired; but our columns are at the
service of tho. e who may desire to give
their vie ws on either side.
We i.tay, at some future time, give
our own views upon the whole sukj.ct
matter, in oiir own way; but we wish it
di-ti:;ctly understood that we do not en
dorse the views of any others who have,
or may hereafter express theirs through
our columns.
Washington, Feb. '23. Surratt
was lo-day arraigned before tbe Crim
inal Court. When brought into Court
he was hand-cuiFed, but at lh-i request
of his counsel the Court ordered the
hand-cuffs lo be taken off", and the in
dictment was then read to him. Surratt
entered a plea of not gui! v. The clerk
a&ked, "How will you ' tried?" to
which Surratt replied, "1 my country
men," when the clerk added, ''Then
may Gcd send you deliverance." The
hjuidcufFs were then replaced r.nJ the
prisoner remanded to jail. No excite
ment was manifested during his pres
ence in court. No day is jet fixed for
his trial, but it is thought it will be in
2"A man at Lanting, Michigan,
insane freni religious excitement, on
the 30th ultimo, swall-wed a silver
watch chi n, about a foot loug and
tLree-eigh'.hs of an inch ocroas die links.
He had to le tied up to keep him from
swallowing the watch a'so.
The owasr vt a .';- jr, p.'r:y, t jnS i turcd
by the war lopivir-.y, i not hNi- lo cu iy on liU
tmoiceos uu-l 3elis to I. a!' r a 1 f,.r-n, r
part in dcsiri.Ve l.mds lu Netj:a:-kn, la Urn vicinity
of ll:(Miiuih pre.'er e l.
The pr'-l t-rty lira 5 rai'cs ti-t uf G lincsw'U Juoo-
ti..n, M;.ifs-i pi, is ou tlvOVuilo i 0'.; K.U.
in Ki.-nv.ier c. unty, Vis., rliI c.u-i-ta in tricf,
'ottows :
1,20 i.eroi of Lain!, 400 Oin'J, tut only 290 in
cu'tiTiti 'ii thU yer flue cotton an.l cuin liii.J.
Water which will very probhluy ii tt fro:
Jl.OiiO to $1,5''0 tlMs year.
Fine Merchant Mills, which make the be?t cf fliur
and menl, and run ty waLr.
We liaTe to haul Frain shipped from the wit only
five mi leu, and thij will cost lofs than fuel will c.t
a sUam mill, and hi-nce we fan ship gra!:i from tho
west und more than compete With theiii in Hudiu
wheat or com. There is a vast resion wi st of this lo
be supplied with Imported grain every year, and es
pecially this year, and our locatioa Is supei icr. The
Mills are jut built, and with car'iU! lo purchase
grain couid make from $5,000 lo S 000 thin year.
With a partner in th" wet to purchase gnun no bet
ter speculation can be found.
With a little expense a Saw-Mill can be attached.
Lumber t-d P" 1000 feet. Worth thousands per
annum. Farming on these lands is very profitable.
Address, CP. SMITH, ly express, at above sta-
tijn, or KU5II CHILSOX, Plattsraoutb, X. T.
There is a trletraph efTke here, alo. (feV-27
Under the provision of an art of th Tei-ritoria'
L'-t'is'ature, approved Fehr a;y lit, 1-1.7, the ,bM-r
uf Territorial warrants mitl present their warrants
for t ayuient at my otlice on or befure July 1st, InS",
and all warrants not o presents will cease to draw
interir-t after January 1st, lbbi. and will be pid
aft r that date with iu'errt only to J.mutry 1st,
1S6S. A. KOl-.NTZK,Tor. Tn av.irer.
Omaha, February 'JOth, 1-idl. feb'27 dwiiw
Bstray Ifotices.
Taken up by thft gi.b-criher, at bis firm i I.ou'-
vi'Io Drecmct. as county, r . t on j injury l.t.
18i'7, a steer calf, about T months oM, n t a wiiiie
and rd color, uo liurks. J. 1. A. llOuV i.!i.
Taken up hy the subscriber, at bis farm in Mount
Plaaant p:ecinc'. Ca.-s ciunty, X. 1'., ou Fein nary
25th. 1 lj7, oDrt ex, suppos. d to lo frotu 12 to l.j y.irs
old. is of a ..ectiled color, white and l.rm lle, en 1 of
botli horn tawe.l otf, both earj cri y; rd t hort, is Very
thin of nesh, an I hm a lur4 sour on lo.'t rump, sup
po;ed to be cuusia by brai-ditiy.
fe.b27 ISAAC FOLLAKi).
Taken up by the ("ubKcrP.or, at bis premi-n r.n
Kock Creek, ab.'.:t T niOs routit of IVit-Mu-.u'. on
the 2-th day t January, A 1) lrtT, one tr-.tid'a c,
w.lh lor K slim borua, white big, a swallow f..rK in
lo;t (ir, and a p:irt o.f e.u-h ear as thoiyh fr zu i rt
when young she U supposed to e about tt veart
old. GKAX1 i LED.
F-bruary wth, 1SG7. 5 w
Taken up by the subrjriber, at his roidenco In
Louisville Precinct, Ca-s coun'y, N. T., on the '2-2.1
day of January, A. D. Itji, oie steer Calf, n ot i lito
a year old; n maris sptcklei! wlnt.- id h:arn,
John iMii.Lutit.
January Zlet, 1SG7. 5w
Taken up by the no 1 rsicnad, in Pla't-moiuh pro
cint, v'asd county, T . on tbu lltr. of Oef.-n.lie-.
lsr,!i,o:ia white C w, puppOfed to be 5 y.ats o'd
ui ji'k' d crop olf ri'ht ear, small ltd i; ot ou let! hip.
tele 6W A. II. IVUU.
Petition for Divorce.
3Ia y L. Hudson, 1
aciiu-t VSS.
H"illi:iiu S. Hudson. )
William S. ITud-on will
take notice that JTary L. Hu Is .n. f the rout. It or
l'as and Territory ot N. hrask.t, did, on the 1 -t!i d y
of F'bru iry A !.' I-'!,, tile her pet tiot: or till in
Clunrery in the District Court i f the '2 1 Judicial
D strict of X l.ratk.i in an. f..r Cass county, :ik'it:St
him, the .iid Vi iatn S. Hud on, dele.'J.larit, ."...-tt.nir
forih that he, defendant, after io:iTi.ii:j d'lly an. I
laf'-!l.v foIeiMi!a-.l. did, wantonly an.i crip Ijy de
sert bcr. the ,-iid ro:n:lai:i t;it, o;: or ah .u-IIIih 7t'i 'My
or Jut. Iclfi, ut nirtV lo n n v prnvl-!oll wtttt-
tver for br. the said eoiop'ainaut's i:i,.iutenai.. e ..r
snpfort, ahh '.uh alvittdautiy u.!e si to i ., a;.d tiiat
Le h s continue.! ho to rrosly ati'i cruelly neglect to
provide for the -uppott and maiut i.ance of her, the
..mT,ltii-nl. aurt i f ) or au4 J,;4 ( '1 ;ff i.!aut'-J
chi d, born !: d'-sei tioti of her, ilitf said com
plainant, ult .o''h iiliumlantty ab'e o to do; aud
prayini; that the said marriage contract, entered iu
to K-twe. u the sa. l Mary L Iiu'lson ar.d William S.
lluibon be thcla.e I null and void, and that the said
Mary I.. Hudson be d,vnrc d from toe said de'euii
a lit. and that the said W iliain e. llU'l? u i're'i'aired
to appear and answer said petition on or befoi e the
fira day of April, A. I). 1?C7-
MaUY I.. II r I SON,
r.y Fam M. CmrKK, her oiK-itoi
Flatt-mouth, .:b. 2Utb, 'C7 4
Ordered that the above notice be publ.ihd for four
successive weeaa la the 'Nebraska rTerald.
J. II. IiKO'.V.N,
Kej. in Chancery.
IiCgral IVolicc.
In.tbe DiMrict C url 2 I JuiUclal District, Nebraska
Territory, In and for Ca-a counly.
Lydia If. Haveland 1
Formerly Ly.lia ii Manly,
By r er next friend
Henry C. Jones
Jonathan T. Rogers.
Jonathan T . Kosr will take notice that the
complainant, Lydia H. Haeland, formerly Lydia H.
Ftiinley, now of tne county ot jrayeite ano etata or
I'ennfylvanla. by her next frien.J, llenrv O. J.n.ea,
did on the Jsth day of February, A U l"li", file l er
bill o' complaint in the District Court of the 2 1 Ju
dicial Diftrict of Nebraska, In and for Cas county,
against bim, the aid Jor.atbanT. Rotters, def n l.ia:,
the object of the prayer of which is to foreclose a
certain mm If ane bei inc date the 2blh i iy ot March,
1-.,'), executed by yon t: e saij defendaul to sai.l com
phiir.ant, op..n r.-riaui real estate, situat'-d in (la-s
coui.;y, Ne'bra ka Teiritoiy, to wit: Ibiriniuir at
the r. irth-eat corcer cf lot no fc, in block no 31
aud rnnninn south alonn the suryeyed line of said
let -21 and 6 10 feat, thence w.-st through said lot 12j
feet to the alloy, thence north 21 6-10 feet to the n.
w. corner of said lot, thenre east along the north
1-ho of said lot feet, to the plae: of b-jiuin, sit
uate iu l-latisinomh. Casa county, . T.,to s-cure
the rayment of a certain promissory uot ma'le by
you i't-r val'.ie receiywl, to ihe said Lydia II Have
land. formerly Lydia H.bUnly, for eii:ht lred
dollars, with interest at the rate of 6 per cent per
annum, and to fore' lo-e all eiuiiy of redemption of
yon .n and to sa id premises; ion wilt tn. rolore ap
pfar at said Court on the lt d .y of April neat, a u
13-17, and anfwer ordemur to I h.intili 'tt bill or judg
ment, wiil be rendered aeainst vou by default.
coiicltirs for Co'aipl.i.n;::.t.
rd-red lhat the abce be i:b.i'h. .1 la '' '
braslsa Herald newspaper, for four cor" uti.i.e lis
J. 11 . lii..iv N,
tet-21 4w U'i-1. r in Ch.-mc ry.
Simpson C. U .-thel &nl John II. )
Cr.xtou, Cuin; i'ts, J
s- f
Fi td j.-ick Krkeihans, Defd't. J
In CLancerjr.
In pnr-nanee arid by virtue of a d-cr.-'sl r l r 0
me diieoied from the ofa -e rf the Cle.k.f lh DI--trict
Court of the 2 1 J aiical Ilistriet in and for Ca-i
county Xehra-ka. rnfd in the at ov- cti--, ard
buiriliK (iatt on the day of Ocio' er A. i.
b..ia the hdjoorced 'ttofcr ttrm of -aid Court, I,
ihe fubr riber. Master in C'l.anre. y ot said Cniin,
will oiler at pnblic vendue for cash to the Liin- st
and best bidder, in front of the Co'lrt lloui-J u
I'latusmouth, Nebra.-ka, on ,
Monday March 4th, 1S67,
at 12 o'e! vk noon of slid day, a'! the c rtiin tra -t
or pitcel of land k' own and described a, follows.-
The r.orth half (1 '2, f tl.e ii r.h east rjaart i (1 ii
of section No fe: ty-nine ('23j and Ihe s- uth ha f
(1-2) . f the satith -ea-t 'lUarier (1 4. cf tee' .on No.
twenty (2 i) in t wn-hip No. twnive '. J) r. r:h of
ranfi S'i. ( eat. lyio an I be.i:. ia Caa
county N. T. , and Containinir lto acri-s.
Together with all an.l siazuiai- the improv"neit
and appu-teuaucea thereunto beioauijj .r ij any
wise a; oertair-i- if, to be sold as the pr..; ' ly o? th
defeiid.-.iit ii the above entitled cause, to -a: -fy i-ai 1
decre , the a nownt of wliich is Ui of 1' 7iJ 6
and interest from the dite of said decree U' J co.ta Of
suit and a!e.
Flat: month. Nebraska. 2i-.ri January 1-CT.
F l. ImKKI.G TUN. M '5'er iu Cli.i-.---7.
W. FoTTBaoan, S1. for Couipi'ls. 4
Probate IVolicc
Notice is hereby giver, that John Jaclison ha this
day m id- application to the Probate. Court of '.--s
cunty. N.i , to be at pniut'-i Ad-i.ii.i.-'.-a' .r if tl.e
. s 'ate of Lewie Simps, ti, luie cf i l c-.anty, li-veas-c;
T-i,ri.f,re, 'tie Con. t 1. o: oi.i'ei
fli'JAY, tie IWi i'l'J .Vir.- ! - ,
at 10 o'ci. c" A M, f r lieirit' s-tJ a;-r ' "
which t.ine aii kt.-o:.- iut-. rcc.;el c a. I- 'r x' '
ibn' tn." why ai a: 7-.;.;-ii-Mtt th :.,u I. t le
mad., if iirly tl.ey have.
U.-.iiess 'i y hai-.l a-iti ' ii.ii"i! se - tloa 1 J.I.
l day or Feoriia.-v . s la --J
J. Vi. il.'.l. iil ALL,
f 1,20 Zvr V.vLan Ju :.-e.
will lake-
.' . 1 r"t,-r ' r d' 1 .'H tl.e ,, u
.ill.' ,, z.t .. .,o i i-
county, oi, u,
-t tl.c !! J xlltlK
V , : s' ''H l it Uf
": .: t.l l. f,i- i--,v I I). )..';,; . . :,. . . . ,,.
I. l-a- r. ie, ol, lot ... I.. ,. ... ; ..u.Iiul.
d -t. t'.a , . ,1,..! M.ii.1 c. v , r !! ,,.
1U U I t .- ..IV J,, ... . . M . ( ' , !
'J 00 I"!-re-t, .1.0 I :iu io .1 reltlo. ..mi.
y m te, uter. d t-. u, ,.,i.i r ..i .. i ...
.hat said J ,!:.:a I. W... :., ,.y ,.,, M!nl
UllitOd to Le .!:e. wi:h ii.t,-oM. or -....1 o.-..o,i.
:k io iy be ,..!.! p..y cll . H T , ,i ,!le .,. j a
i. ei..- is not i: ,i t;. i- !... i ... .r d
answer bill on or b. i , e ,, . i Mun lay f..-r tl
i. .. ij .o , .irtll ne
laU4 Febtuary J ;!,., I-..7,
Uy vsili-itt I'mtExurH, tusrol. -iu im
JLcsul Notice
Calvin II. Parioeie, l'laii.t.d"
Ch irie l;ukii k. ai d
J M. l iyati, lie iiri .nn j
t ha ties Hu.k.rn an.l J. II. ri-van, j.fpnrf.
ant, take ii.Hicu that. C.ilv.o 11. fa: m.-j, , , tha
cotiu-.y ol lii. mi l lnr.i. ry ol XvUt-a ki , j , ,.
the 7th day of tit feiii' er, A X Is. tl, M.e hi i
the Uistric. Court o! 'the 'JdJ.aiicial;..f
hrHska, :u and lor Can conu'y. against the t.t 1
Charlu Ilu kirk and J. il. Hrvan ,. leiidatit, .. t o K
forth that tho said tniarlo Itu-kuk ami J. it liiy
ou the -io.U ilay .1 May, a ii luiti, m ..le and dt.ivr
id to thes.ud Calvin 11. l'armele, po.iul.J, i:;.:ir cer
tain promi..oiy u to ol that dale, wlie em tlo y
promised to pay b. H, oi.b r ofi .iJ plaiunil ilie n,i:u
of on .niii 13 pur cent iuu rst, d ja thirty Jaj
alter ilate. a . I !;. ms- judt;:i:ei:t aaiu-.t aaid d-
fendauts lor the said - ::u or $.'.;,) u with J5j,..r
Cent hit. rest fr.m th- iOili .lay of Ma , a u Mi ,a 1
that on lh- 7th it i y . f," lsUi, an
of al'.ii. hnietit .-i;el eut ot k a d Court ou lli c .l
action, au : thai th- f-nl .iniii.- property vi, Ltach 1
on s i d ordei , t wit.- I. t b iu block il, u1 soiiib
half of lot j iu b..,. k ;J2, i:i the utv of l'.,itt,mailh
La-s toauty, Nebi j,k i, ,,,,.1 L.j .ld Charl a
Hu.kiik a:i.i J. M. Ikvaii are not, tied thut they aia
reiUiie i to sup ar a-nl an, A,Jr ..u, (H-Htiou on or
fore tho third .Monday a :Ur tho ISlh day of ilarch
D Xt.
I'att'd Februiiry Ij.h, 1Hi;7.
Ly WiLLlrr Fjttl-nuli., hi Ait'y. iO 4
To Jo?, ph Klr.sey .-
rn V. u ill t al.e ii i'ice that there la now i a
Hie in the .:!;..- f lh.- ci. rk o' th" Di-trl .t Caart In
au lf. i i!.,: -,tj .Ii.. it.,r.'e' r,r.,ry of N-tiraB.i,
th.i a of II. C. M.;i ;n,,l M.-Maaoii.
by 1...1- ii. :t li'iei. 1 ib ,!., C M, Makeu. cia:l:li:iir of
J in " J - ill. .il i :v in-;
.a a lu lam b.u.d oi i ie
J a.i'i.i.y, 1 jo7, an 1 i.oi 1
au l t..a; -.,u uro r nun
oi- bei.. r.- ii,.. i;.,;ii .ii ,
d lei', 1 - o7, o: a j i . i,
) u by oetault; yo:i will
-d-r of m:.- t .; at ii i.
i-ain .f iwo (J , ,r
by o i on the 1 'th .Jay of
I ayalile to aid lai nt; (T '
i io u.p mr uiiil aLwer en
I. y i.t er ihe M:ii a iy of
: l.t H.. I L t lel.ler.J n;MllHt
I 1 1 ; 1 1 p t i,;e Botice lh tt n
i',.. n..:r o-ii of .-.aid C.eik's
k i:ik' I 'ti'l I. ire t -eii attach.
ciiiee, and lh it ilie lo 1
e 1 to -e. ate in 1-. w,r, a r ou ! south
..le ofiot no ,ri .u i: ,,( i,, i k.j ii., Hi
a. -res, air-o 4 -la 1 ) uieln it.-I a. r s iu lot no 8, ail
in . v.iau l.J. i.. w nr. .1,. I J, o ,. in of rji;ge 14, eat wf
bth p Ul, ia C.l C-ua., .icl iarkj.
By h'-r n. X; iri al
liKNny C. M .MtKbK.
A. L. frjiAOvr, AU'y f... I'u'ds. fla(J4
.1. .
1 J XI Iv
Is a Ft. el Li'.tcr t'iii.-f mi r u.-tTuI for' hoitrB, pfinli's if U fea' 4 ttiutl ld iiItliticLj pOHJui il
N th m.. t rat id gro .iSl tr-e iu the United fetatee
or in the w orld.
O V T T 0 X
W O O I)
er:t in pei f- ct safety
Is very tenaei. tia of li'.- . an la
t . any part of tt, L tut-. I S: ,i:e. or to f. r- iiin e nij
I'i. . . ii;t of the etiv ope it; p. rteit'y r:'"d
i n?. .lit ion after lain.- linn M..I )i . f i roi;ud tl.e
v, oild, lai lis ii.-l. I'roin (ilttiuH U Very :. , not
a I '-ul b.-lni.- ki.le I by i.' e in .t ,' verw cold tn tbe
Coi.l- at l .il t
.it s.
r o r T o x ir o o D
Is f. beTi'lfu! (.rii-.m i.t il I - , cl. an. tall, s'rHL-' t
!i,l fra.-. fill.
11.? r-'. teiu ii'.I j ip ;r.iu:a. it
of y-.u.'is
O I) It
CO T T It X II' Of)) t i: E F. s
Call be ...i Li'j .-l,.,ii i -.1 i '1 - I 'I ilt - in iut 'i, N hi a-lia,
iirvl in -tiie I i,.- ti Viu.i-i. H'e-t. I'lnltniO'ltti,
.. 'V -ii s ""tl
c o r r o x ii ! t it k j: s ,
Safely i ti v I. p--d ;! .! pi- o.-, sent by mail li g toT
t'OLditlMii, au-! l' V "
'I t, a.- at t live arioi j; the
CO T T o X' li' O V D S
Know h'stth"ir b-re aie !io illby, Krj he. Uth'i .
but veiy lew loi the cn-.
I brat ie irocd the ufe of
GO T T O X W ' O Ii 11 A n K .
By my brother havinc a hoife l.m m nek uro! for ilayf leto-:.-' t . i it ; n I'.irn.r was called to
bee him, who ,i I. 'iiv 1 iin a
A el" of
co tto. ) ; o oi) v( l i:
Waa soon lii l be'ore I::.n;be liuni' dia'.-ly bit It,
gnawed off ail the bark, tbeu ate hay aad K'ain und
was well.
A cireu'a -, ilecriptl. m , Beei.uiit of u- ftil
ns, dir. ctiohs fi r panimi; ihe trei, ciii;.oi4s ai.d
seeds, will b -em t - t ,u !. one wlo rt-ceiv. tie.-,.
I hose wto il. sii e Iu i llo f i i.t f iu i ia b '..r.- or, I ci ini;
tries Kill rec. ive rue: I ,r K. u.J.ij M.itnp.
I'rice Cue !., liar loi l' u 1 1 . es or I.- ,, ml len
Cents for e' h additional IVi.t by niai. to any
part of the L'iili.ed blat.-. I'o-tiie pi,,.
Address W.'I s v b-T.
I'la'tMiioutli, N braska.
Who publli-h this until li e l-lof May, lo acoiiapls
uoua p.-as. Him loo p , nfi.1 ....i, u.e tf.e papers
Cotitaiu in g I ', stiail rec i v e iie imi.uut In
Eatiy iu April.
HBAIj estate
. 32. WliGcler Cc Co.
Roal Estate Agents,
1 "'' K ' ' S:.i-e ..r l.,w
OJ.r fcr sale the folly ins Ileal E tale.
flee T'p tt Aire
i'l-t bilf u'.rthfi-t t; n"r 2'2 12 II fO
W-t l.aif noiihwi-t tj i a t -r id IJ 11 so
N tain l.a f B rlr; n.-i ... .r! r 'Jl 12 l M
V,.;i!it.l.l i!!:.l (l,.-W Hi 12 li MO
K q : ut r Is 11 13 !.
v, j , v .' r 1)2 11 11 l-
Wc-i it.lf . a ii- .1 c -ir'er 82 11 11
Ni.rih i.a-f n: ti. ic-.t i'--,.r 10 10 It I
V.".-: i.a'.f coit'it-i-i u a . :.-r .1 11 II H
' etl we t q ia-t. r no- 1 . t jr H 12 13 4
V.'e-t ha.f . K.hW ) I I to- 12 12 IU f
Ku-t I-alf south.-a-t on i ter 4 Id IU 1
Soii'bwe-1 rjusrter aouibasl naarter 4 1') 1H 4
,-,.u-r. I a.f i.oitbv est na..rie.- 12 12 12
N .ril weft quarter 'll 12 U I'.0
KiikL '. i.f -.-.w-.l.. -t yi .rvr 11 M It e
N-.rfi h .lr .(r.i'l.c-t e, ..(er 10 1d U '
North linif soii'hwr-t, ' ,llVr 10 I" 11 b'
Wit half Horthwe-t .j.i.irUT A II II -k
N'.it!;eit i' ;n r 21 12 li I'd
tnd.v! i- d half . uth-v.--t I'l arter ti 11 12 W
Lots in the city of Plattsmouth.
f ti
Ej-tbii' of bl' C-sl.4. 7, g and 10.
f iu: n l a !' .f !: ek 3.
Lets 6 and T in t'i 5.
V.e. t Ii.iT r. :,-',' wr'Vlp 11. ran?e 14. 18
a-re-urnier lui..'-. 1 I 2 1 t'.ry rranie hotie, y. d wi I
act :prin'. '.-.! -" '1 '" w'sr. plenty of tim
ber fr Cr.-w.-o I- r-tice i i.iid.
A. Ii.
dealer ia"
rocorlo, Provisions,
All kind f r:c:uce :kea in c-:.h:i: for ifooii--.
I I. tbe v ry U-s .1 iv i.i J a-u bout-d to
tt;- . ):.-..! : 5 -ty L-.-v i- c:y-
Lot h ck Let IJlork Let
& 22 u rt 6
3 'i'. i '.'-) 5
5 fi it r H
1 I '.7 1)1-!) H
9 1J.J 1 12 4
4 -j-J ii iH it
T!.er.-r:h hr.lf. f 3 47