Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, January 24, 1866, Image 1

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7 attempts to haul down the American Flag, shoot him on the spot.' John- A. Dix.
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Physician and Surgeon,
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Solicitor in Chancery.
National Claim Agency.
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IX II. WIlLUm, J.W. -M AR-MALI.. r. C. LF.WIt
S. fl. Wlicrlrr & .'o.,
Seal Estate Agents,
Commissionera of Deeds
Fire and Life Ins, Ag'ts,
1'f. TTSMnrrir, a. t.
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I . V- Vxilry. M. Un:.. Mis-oua.
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)i it I" 1 t .; .(il.-tt. I'.lt.-lil.'!itli, Ni-brtska.
I. I ---it I. A'M I.--." at I.-.w, !!.i:!.il... Ntr York.
C irv-. i i u-.' y . t it: Ucs M t ine-, I j a.
PEATTSMornr, - - Nebraska,
j 1 y. siU-r W ar.', K mc- f:.. . -i Vi-Hno and Vt-
T -i '1 . .ii.r; n-- j'. jn n 1. 1.1 4. A .'I -.irk r.ii.
II V-lt .t::-.;,re ; 1 II w-.'
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I -pi j.rrri"A 1 to fa-ni-'t n't who mar f.ivor Tr.e
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t:i I t the wrtii. U. W.l'ltOW.
1 iosut ittth, Ajril Is, )1 . .
IIes3 & Finisher
Have just npent.l anJ relr.te.l the.r
Saloon and Restaurant
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l"rh Ouster comlat.t y on hand.
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AVin II- I-emkc,
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Plattsmoutii, liebraska.
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Main n-tiia Lrve, whei ! i, d4:jr ir
iiv!'.(t iiJJ.lijUi i J,l (Xlrusive
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tie eff r Hie ttt t-t of f'r?a:nn to rmtoTncrs,
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liit Iiii- i . itt tLe ad k ii.t. i'-a in rii ei wuli itiike
rl in huri,
Jtt uiiiiibcr the
an 1 (f'vrt hira a c:fcII if you wUh to buy cheap.
S. B L O OM ,
Dpii'ur in
Gent5 Furnishing Goods
! 'ats,
&.C., &.C., &c.
Also a larsri lot of RUKBF.R GOODS
nn.l HEV0LVERS always on Land.
will finij it to their bnp!lt to Pxnmine
mj stock before purchasing eNf where.
Cash paid for Hides, Furs
and Wool.
riattsmouth, Mav 2-5. tf
KliEi'SEll & WISE,
Dealers in
jG'OllfeCtiOIieri 6 S,
I rVotioiis,
Coal Oil Lanipti.
Ac, &c.
ar r1o ascr.n fir ilt Kurbinan Wooi'n
Mill, of S' .'o. .ti, llo , aaJ ItiVa a,-tt, ou Ljud m
faxcy c.tsjr.?,
CLOTHS, szAys.
which we bra received r,n cotumi-sioa, nd ar
Pt"Ttrclto exenam-for
at very reaonsiVa icii-e. ilie
ns m full.
cue iloor ra.'t i-f the Hkbald iK.-e, riatttmouth.
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Mjy iii, 1oj. tf
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Boot & Shoe Shop.
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U.mrlMii'a Dm Store, where he iufndii keeDins
i on hand and nt.kitp on the shortest n.-tire. eveiy.
article in ri line. Hi M.K brine Mltsctrl by hin.--e:f.
and hnTinjf tt-nt the moi of bia life fa the
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aril 10 J. Ti;OCK0ro.
V. V. It. II. Att.llIY.
"Wo recollect seeing, a few days ago,
an article in one f our Nebraska ex
changes, the statement that the Union
Pacific Kail Road, which ban Omaha for
its Eastern Tertnir.m, was only a b'tindi
of the Great Koad itself. This idea we
feel it n duty to correct, because it is a
gross error. 'J he rmul thai .lurl. fn,m Ih is
point ix tht Main Trunk at th? Great Pa
cific Kail Koad. which is to have two
branches, one running from Sioux City,
(touthwesterl, and th other from Kan
sas, northwesterly, to intersect the Miin
Tfunk from this city, nt or near the lOLlth
meridian, whit-li point is about fifty miles
west of Fort Kearny Congress, if we
are not mistaken, fixed the Eastern ter
mini of th.'! two branches, am! the point
of intersection with th Ma'n Trunk; but
President Lincoln-, under the act incor
porating the Company, fixed this city as
tho eastern termination of the Main
We cannot understand how ftny ono
should err in tins important historical
matter. lut some, persons do so. It l.i
because Omali i is the terminal point
East, of this gigantic enterprise, that
now gires it such importance in the ryei
of tho great capitalists of tho world.
And wlnl-tt capital is always chary of its
fnvors to tl m'liful point-!, its ryos are
w iuo open tt tiio advantages which our
young city now presents, because of the
fact nam'.d, among others, and h"nce the
commencement already of investments
here by men of enlarged viws and ener
getic purposes, iuch as do not now occur
in other towns on either tho Mississippi
or Missouri rivers.
The above is from the Daily Repub
lican, publi.-hed at Omaha. The lfiri
to cotrtct a "gross error" is made about
as clear as liiiu. "Congress if we are
not mistaken," etc ; "President Lincoln
fixed the eastern terminus," etc. How
conclusively is it proven thai "this is
the main trunk(?) IJ is no argument, and
as we have nothing but the iaws of
Congress, we are willing to found our
opinion on ihem, resting sali fied thai
:he main trunk commences at the 100th
meridian, and whether it is at a point
fifty miles uest of Kearney, or sou;h
west therefrom, remains to be proven;
for when the work on that is commenc
ed it will have been previously decided
by Congress whethor it should bw on
he Republican or Plane rivers which
uetision nas not yet been made ami
is in view of the importance to us oi"
the selection that we have felt called
upon to speak on this subject.
The Daily I'rcss, of Nebraska City,
is in error when it states that Colorado
favors putting ihe main trunk on the
Smoky Hill. We have it from the best
authority, and those most deeply in'er- i containing false information, nor yet to j ice , sti 1 their antipatfiy to animal mai-
ested, that Colorado favors the Repab- j ihe fact that the Democracy "ained con. u'r3 's fc'',c'1 as l" Prt-'vent them from
lican route in preference to all others. lro- of lhe Legislature, ihaiwe' protest luf"Z ;l " "V 'vhich a few drops
It is the most direct to both northern ! U is in the moral eilect of this manner l ' '''e ,ee,i spattr red. Grease,
... 11 is 111 uie moiai 01 i.ns numn.r L,r ni)V j.t,i,,ial matter will answer ih'j
and southern tries east cf the Mi-souri.0f procedure where the great danger ! purpose, but these substances. e.-j.jciaUy
river. V"e are sorry that any of our j iies. Our g-overmnent is supposed t0 the grease, shoulJ be sparingly applied,
coiemporaries should lake offence at our be based upon the w:il of the peoplr; ou a';ccun,t 10 VKJ,1 tr
po-ition nevertheless the" will heir ii ' i . 11 1 u m . i which wou.d ensue u too freely used,
po.iiiuu, uei crimeless tne, will near u nut. we would ask. how is the wi.lof!. ... . ... : . -.1
out in the end. Where is now that
hot-bed through which our present Leg.
isiature was to force a Constitution up
on the peoplt" Where are the impel
ous, chafing friends of that measure
now? We hear very liul about the
matter lately. Our political force at I
j the Capital has been out-flanked and j
ou! generahed the same munagemsi.t
will inevi;atly produce the same re: ults j
and our recommendation to the
thoughtful of our creed is, look before
Jou leap. M
The desire to have a general herd j
law passed appears to be on .he increase.
itiany wno opposed tne measure a year ;
ago, are now willing and anxious to
have it. This subject should be looked
at by our citizens with both eyes open,
order thct their mental vision may
not be obscured by a small amount of j
fencing whit h they may happen to have.
We have no doubt that most of our citi
zens look at this matter from their pres
ent stand point; and ihose who have j
rery tning needed by
who now have rootl fenc-s l lio I
amount of monev it lakes t fem- a i
farm. 1 f.O aores. in a Pnn.1 nnd rnnv. '
T e -
nient manner, at the present rates of
fencing mateiial, would buy about fifty j
cows. New, is there a farmer in Ne- t
braska who can show us how he can
make more money in five or ten years
from a fence than he can from this
number of cows. Suppose you have a
fence now; the probabilities are tha1
three-four.hs, at let, of the fences in
Nebraska will rreed re-bui!ding ict the
course of the next five years, and when
that time arrives you will wish that,
for your own conrf nience, there was a
fences already built do r.ot look at th- 1 en and sttcii f rincip.e-; and w!;y? j Representatives a bill for an act to es- kl;1 15 aiil) P-uomy .or th-j Imperialists, j ,y Department en its final arrival,
future quite so sharply as they shoulJ. Ihcnute they are l of being called ,i4blisl, a uniform system of bankruptcy j atlan alone leu.ains in the hands j ,llld IJ!Ui, tiaim-d its pesscssion. The
They do not aPP ar to comprehend that Volition ists." That name is a con- j io ,he Cmted Stnt. ! is ZoZlZ ' 7' "h !" X" v Yor rt n,'
.heir fences will net last always, and j mm terror to them, even ye-; and tho j - .'v '". " " " - ,lth lof .ho revenue t.x olikers of the lie- s10. and ac-r'jingly n warded ,'s nay-
that when they are worn out a herd law leaders oi the party know that in the i -v a!,""luu uu ' lUI Uit" publican General Corona. I ment to the Rjstcn holder.
ou.'is!ue tune to proviJe
1 it
for when your fenc is pone others
. may not want il. But agiin, i!ie farm
er wlio Las a good fence can malie more
money wiih a herd law ihan he can
without it. Hut few of our furmero
have all their land for. ceil, and they
can devote what is fenced to pasturage,
and take that which i now lying idle
for cultivation. This plan wnnid give
more tillable land than there is at
pre?en, even on the farms already
It is a common raying" wi;h Hiine
neoDle that "evervihinir is fair in puii
tics." ThtrV lauh and Lnat over an
advantage gained by any of their par
tizan friends, no matter how reprehen
sible the means imp'oyed to obtain that
advan'age, and trent the matter as a
first-rate joke. We .-ny this is the
case with some people; yt t not with the
intelligent a nd tlnnkit g portion. We
are glad to be able to say that we have
yet to see the first man in l'iattsmouth,
either Demoimt or Republican, who
publicly endorse the cnurs por.-ued ly
the Di inocratic members of the j resent !
legislature. The trick of sending let- j
Iprc I ft K Hni.hl l-.'l rt inpit.tira t-lrtrl
t "
from the interior countie?, telling them
that the meeting of tlie legislature had
been postponed several days, in order
that they would not be present at the
organization, is a tiling which any one
but a Dijm ;craiic pohti. ian in Nebraska
would blush to be accused of; and we
are glad to know that such things are
discountenanced, and the au'.hrrs look
ed upon with contempt by ihe strongest
paniz in Democrats in this locality.
Another sample of the cnicanoiy and
ow p.mizaii trickery t f these lights of
Democra. y in ihe hgislature is the ad
sion of Mr. FaitlUner to a seat in
. the Council, in of all law, in,
j order that ihey n.izihi have a majority
J, nlso itie U r;.:. ,.f
Ileatlt of a seat in ihe House, to which
he was as justly entitled as any mem-
ber now sitting in that body.
Now, it is not so much the injustice
done to Mr Heath, or to those members
. iii-
who were delayed in consequence of
the knavery of sending them letl-rs
the people to'be ascertained wlien po-
litical demagogues and tricksters are
nllovvPil In llitvarf llml tvill In- n. It m,
scrupulous means as has been resorted
to during, and immediately preceding
the present session of the legi-lature?
Where will this thing end, unless the
people, in their imj?siy. put down the
men who would thus trample their
rights utilerfoot. .We have had one
example cf what ihis style of statesman
ship lends to, in the late civil war; and
we opine the people of Nebraska do not
care to place men in power who pur-ue
the same line of conduct that caused the
war, even for the sake of party names
or party victory
This is but anothir
w .
:ess in proci
, j
of what we have often a5
t .1, , j
lea-Iem of tin? Democratic party
went on the principle f -m ule or ruin."
Now. we know thai bo: few, if any, of
the Democrats f Cass county wouk
. . .f i t , . a
uilllll't tu Ul 1. .IVIU UII3HI1.1ICI I-
3 1 -
of the ''lights,"' yet wh-n el-cti.m day
comes around th'V will vote for ju.-t j
is ill-i r onlv strength. How long will i
hones', well meaning duped
bv these unscrupulous demagogues ? j
M'ow long will th"' permit a lew aspir- !
ing politicians t-j trample under font
their rights as freemen? We answer,
- . i t i-
iirifil iKut' hira cfif7iiM.fcarif rftrt'O l' K r.itit i
off the spell ihat binds them to a pariy !
name; un-ii they consi.ler ihe welfare cf
, ..... .
ih government and our free institutions j
of paramount importance ton party j
organization; until they have sufficient
independence to vote against that which
their better judgment teaches them ia
wrong, even if they should be denounc
ed as "aboliiianists, "nigger elevation-
i herd
Oven thus tree use or mat anu similar argument - 'J b.. . ...... tunc .
j hundred ctntr hnnulets and meaning-
We (Jo not speak thus for any ''Lun
coiiie," nor from any pariian spirit,
but we are honest and frank in titi
j matter, an l hope our Democra ic frirnd
! will so eonsi J r i and look this thing
! Mjuare in the face and see if our ideas
j are not ct rrect. If they are correct,
j why n .1 adopt them? If no', convince
j us of the fact and we will renounce
j ihem. T'au cause of this manner of
j procedure is an insatiate desire for pow-
er; the tii'tcl of allowing such men to
i continue in powvr has been wimesed
i in the late civil war.
Uj reference to Legislative j-roceed-iug-,
wo see .hat our worthy rerresen
tative, Hon. S. Maxwell, proposes iti
iroducing a juiril resolution and nieinoi i
alto the Secretary of War, rejuesling
him to authorize ih construction of a
por.tocn bridge across the Platte river
at a'. a- near its mouth as practica
ble. We hope this matter will be press
ed, ns there is great necessity that
i something should be done to render the
a'.te cr )-safle at all reasons of the
' i1'"
We knew not whether pontoons
III! I t ... .1 . I.
couiti lie niaot: t nfiive, out we uo uuow
that no harm could r--su!t from the trial.
Something must be done to. enable the
travej iii d mails to cross this stream at
all season-; and, if pontoons will answer
: lie purpose, they are lite very things
we want.
Protecting E'ruit Trees against
At tlie annual meeting of the Horti
cultural Society of Illinois, latt ly held
at Normal, a member said rubbing trees
wnli liog s hk-er was a sure protection
aga nst rabbits. Ry taking a piece of
hiver in each hand it can be cioicklv
rubb-d all around tho trea for several
i inches i.bove th ground
one man
. ,.nM jual:,; ihe application to several Lun-
' dred trees in a day. The following is
j from the Prairie Fanner:
j These psts are very nice feeders.
aJ though so partial to ihe. bark "of
I "Z uife. lTs as 10 attach them
1 'I 'i'e early i-'i 'he season, wnen th-re
i , . . 1 , .t,r f,.i ., 1..,,, 1
is iit'iuniauce tu Outer 100J at natiJ,
SUch as ? ras. cabb-i-es. turnins. ( am.
j inueeu.u eiy sui:i aj j'ticau 1:1 wi:i
j answer the purpose of keeping thi rub
j bits ai 3 re.-p i. tl ul distance.
! Tile best method is believed to be to
scattt r or spatter a ii tie blood upon the
stems i;nd the lareial branches, if they
be near the ground or snow-line, as we
should always like to see them in the
nursery or game-orchard. This is easi
ly and rapidly done by using an extem
poraneous brush or sprinkler, made -ol
a f ;w heads of broom-corn or St-rgh un,
or the husks of tw 1 ears of corn, tied
to the end of a slick. The bru-u is
'lipped into the I lood-bu.'k-t. an J by a!
puck jerk the fLiJ is made to scatter I
upon the trees a very liule has been i
found to sutlice, and one hand, with a i
gallon cf blood, can protect .-o:::o hu:i- j
ureus 01 trees in a uav
A singh
r-lijation will List the who!
winter, u.i-
h'ss a deep snow s.'ioul J enablr the r ib-
biu to reach an unprotectcu portion of;
Ule trees. . -
" "" " -
to Thero seems to !? a general
desire in ihe Kast ti pa, by tliis Con
gre.s, a general Hankrupt Law. A bill
- i- tf- i i . i.
u il i K I II ill iru III '-Its l.tu tl.-l OU !
gress, bat .Mr. Jencke. ci Rhode Is-
1 has introduc -I in tho IIous
: of Mr.s-r.ih'.i-ett-', will introdure a res
d"' r the Government to tale pus-
session ot all leiegrapn wirs, r.n.i con- .
1.1 ' "' ,l i I '
daft"e business sunnar lo ui. postal ;
Qcincy. Ills.. Jan. IS The river i
iK. n.iirf ia ruinrr T' in i'-.,t t
moved down and blocked up the chin-
"el- b"1 ,he, fe"y boatsfui their way i
through and make cccasonal trips; the
rrctiCXi for CTCtfior wiih boats are !
good if the w?arher gets no colder. !
Trains both from th- east and west
made time connection here to-day
Nothing from Keokuk in relation to
ih condition of tne river.
Report says the ice is too weak to
admit of crosing it at Hannibal.
1 i-ts. "niL'irer tui.alnv men. ur.u ai
or ai r.s.-r.i nti-ett. win introuu.e a res uuee nuuuifu, among wuom were sain p- kw
Wheeling, West Va., Jan. 17.
The hegi!ature of West Virginia or
tr.iztil tsin('ay 1 r t n.i t.n usiy. ly
the re-election of ihe former otlioers.
The Governor's message is a clear and
forcible document, and the result of the
financial exnioit oi inn --in ntor s arm
Treasurer's rejiorts is very lhntermg.
The report of the Adjutant General
hovs that West Virginia furnished to
the Union army over 3, 000 men.
The Governor commends tho free
schools to the foteiing c::re of ihe leg-i-liture,
and recoiiimeuJs liberal l-.Jgis
latio'j to facilitate compeiiti.m on the
James river ami Kai.awh i canal ami
Covington Ohi ladrt-a 1.
An impostor, s'.yling himself 12. M.
tM'Cook, of the celebrated M'Ci ok
family of Ohio, was arrested here yes
terday. He been traveling about
the country personai'ng (ien. Mc'Couk,
and cairitii on very boldly. A h tter
found on liis person indicated that lie
wa's engaged in Counterfeiting. lie
wii! have a hearing this morning.
Cincinnati, Jan. 17. The Gu
zette's Na-hv:!le dispatch says that dur
ing the del ate on the bill granting civil
rights to negroes, in :he II use, a fierce
altercation took place between Messrs.
Steel and Armei! the lie was given
anJ returned, and the house adjourned
in great cji.fu.-ion.
A dispatch from New Orleans says
the steamer 0tawand was burned io
Ouachita river. LossSoO.000; insured
lor 30,000.
Nashville Tenn., Jan. 16. A fire
broke out ibis evening at the store of
Thomas Gorman, College street, dam
aging' nrc-nertv to the amount of StiOOO
; l'0. insured.
ft I u Gee's Uaiiery, colored troop--, o
long stationed in this city, were muster
ed out yesterday.
Tile finding and sentence of the
court-martial in the case of the mur-
1 cVrers of Win., has been
! approved, and Gen. Thoma has diretl-
eJ that the sentence be carried in:o ef
- . r i i-ir ii- i 11
lect oy tncir being puouciy naugeu ny
the neck, ul or near this cuy. on Fri
day, January 120 h, under erection of
Col. W. R. Chtifter. commanding the
post. The names of the murderers are
James Lysotight, Wm. Dean alias Mc
Cluskey, Geo. Uravot alias George
Red, and Thomas Perry, all Govern
ment employees. They are now con
fined in the military prison; and up to
the present time have been confident cf
their ultimate aauillil.
New Yonii, Jan. 15. The Hera'd's
Washington special says the Canadian
delegate is not in Washington on. behalf
i of the reciprocity treaty, but to ascer
tain i n is not possible to estab!i-h j invesiig.ning tne matter ot tne burn-f.-iendiy
commertia! relations between j i"g uf S"20 0CO worth cf Governme;.t
the two countries. cj;i.m in Richmond last Tuec!.ty.
Tiie Tunes says tliat
the decision
prohibiting th.
of cattie
does not apply to the importation of
dressed beef.
La Crouica, the Spanish organ, con
firms the reported suicide of Admiral
Parega after the ensure of the gunboat
Canaduga by the Chilians.
A collision occurred in the Rowery
yesterday, same place where the Jo.s
of life occurred in December, between
tt street car and Adams' express car;
the fault was in the driver of the for
mer. Fortunately no one was seriously
hurt, though several were bruised.
Nr.v Yortii. Jan. IS. Advices from
Gua Jaloupe, via Rermuda, report the
cholera stifl prevailing; tlie average of
deaths being lUr ptr day in a popula
tii.n cf 10 000.
1 Tho rumored proposal to ced& the
i island cf St. Domingo to Fngland is
j creating som comment at Jt-rmuda
The Ti;::es' Havana correspondent cf
Jan. 1 1th sas the latest advices are un-
j favorable to the Imperial cau.-e. Tite
t inhatitants of Mout-ri y fet 1 no secsir-
ity in Maximillian's Mexican troops,
iiiil are leaving t;ie city en nif.sse. over
i u-'juy ti nc i.:,t i;i uiirc tiiita, iiie
i j nrirt t ..... i -. .i . .i , ti..
I I ! i
I merchants ar sending goods ami
j at !es to San I.u.'s.
News from tl:e u'eparttTin' of Sina-
three hundred, among whom were tail!
to hive been several Americans, cip
lured a place named San Juan Degnuda
. , , , f ,
, r
compei :!y destroyed it they left and
attacked the town of Miguel Drl Mis
pip.e). The guerrillas were headed by
two native American
The French'
f.,.A kml h.f. lY,foi,fTi ii nnn. ! r '
The Imperialists claimed a victory at i
ihe town of Comiilapa. in the S-ate cf j
Puelda. They a No claim a victory over i
th- Renablican Gen. ll-guls. j
The Times' Washington special siys '
there is a curious rumor here to the ef- 1
feci that the outbreak on the Rio Grande !
was preciritated by a belief tint fooie i
understanding had leeo reached be
tween our Government and Miximil-
j lian, invoking a withdrawal of French
r Ci g:.i:ion of the
was m:;Je, t-ays re-
p.rt, to preivi;! any m.c.i rcsir.'
New Vor::, J in. IS. The. Fenian
Serate did net mevt yetterday for want
of a fiuoruui.
The Herald's Fort Monroe corres
pondent says the vigilance of the mili
tary authorities in their search for any
person who may bo concerned in tho
supposed plot 10 liberate Jell Davis has
not been in any degree relaxed since
the expulsion from the district of all
who were known to l.;;e been at t ne
time in the rel-tl service. A sharp
look ou' is still kej t ; n urii- n!s both by
land and water, and t!
..nspii alors, it
ihe plot really xi.-t, ate lelt lii
portunuy for tho prosccntuu of t!
Th" Kingston (Jannica) Standard,
of D-c. Dth. in totiiing the out cry
with which the wholesale executions in
that island had been received in Forope,
says ihat the ngro pint was a stern and
horrible reali'y.and was only prevented
from developing itself by the rapid
movements of the troops.
The Herald's Washington special
says the President is considerably inJis
p j.-e.l, though t:o fears entertained t f
serious i!Iuej.
Cincinnati, Jan. IS. Ti e Union
caucu-i at Columbus !a.-t night nominat
ed for U. S. S t-nator John Sherman by
i'J I allots; St henck received -fb, ami
lkngham 11. The Legislature meets
in ct n-enuon for election to-day.
Nlw Obleans, Jan. IS. General
Hood lias returned from Ins iicrthera
trip The planters in Lafayette, Ham
ilton, and ot;er parishes in We. 1 Loui
siana are adopting the system of planting
tin a small scab. '1 ho catt e interest
in thai section is very large ai d valua
ble, and regain s fewer hands. It Legit.-;
to uuract more atAtntk-u than
during the war.
I'lanta'son-i of twenty-five acres, with
improvements, near Baton Rouge, sold
for ti'.OOO; L'J ucres near Poit Hud
son for -.100.
The city of Raton Rouge ha3 crea
ted a .-iuUng fund of one-fourth tf all
money coming into lli-i treasury , to pay
nil outstanding h iliii i :s.
It is e-timatej hat the war has oc
casioned a loss to the parish (if Fast
Haion Rouge, alone, cf over & 1 li.000,
000. Over ttiiny paristies were raid
ed over during the war.
New Yohk, Jan. 10. Tribune's
Washington speciil says a. new 8-30
note was issued jesterday by the print
ing bureau of tho Treasury Depart
ment. The Secretary of the Treasury
will reduce the number cf his clerks
from 2.700 to 2,000, and divide the pay
I c-f the former number among the latter.
j Col. Loomis, special I rc-asury agent,
j John Humphrey, collector of customs
! in Kn hmond, i.s at Washing! m ar-
ranging lor a new bondjd warehouse
in the former city.
Gen. Curtiss and sialF await their
mu-.ter out ia Washington.
Nlw York, Jan. I'J. The rteamer
MoM.'Zuma brings Kingston, Jamaca,
dates to th 7ih. The was qui
et; Christmas holidays passed without
any trouble. The special commission
to try political prisoners lately confined
at Joratit Pay, commenced its iCssion
on tlie ir3 1 ult.
Woi Itl's special says Government
wii notify cur effictrs ou the Rio
Grande, at once, that aria neutrality
um-t be preserved.
Herald's Wash.ngt.on special says a
case was recently brougat before tin
treasury Department tor decision, of
I considerable icitret to hol-jirfs oi cer
. uficaies of indebted
ness or other (gov
ernment securities. The holder of a
thousand dollar certificate mailed it to
the Department for redemption without
fi hng the blank space making it pay
able to the order of a nartici.lnr not son.
j h wa ihjt u frulI1 ,ai!, and' finally
old to a --.rty in Ro-t, the blank
filled by Oils holder aitd the ceicficate
fc.-aarded to the D partmeul the sec
ond time. Roth tarti.'s f owardinir it
uhk, Jan. 10. J. rI.
t-r. formerly Superintendent U.S.
! Smitary Commission at Wilmington
j v , , ' '
... v., iiii.i u .ii.'s-; jiivi'.-.-j l-s Ulll 1 1 IJ,
j Wilmington Post Oliice. publishes in
3 h box 110,
city pspers a h-i of the paroled
j prisoners and discharged soldiers who
were lo-t in th-. steamshin Gen. f.vnn
.? mf '
t. Joseph. Jan. 13 The Eagle
" lourmg ?Ii o-vn-d by Mrs. Argile,
wns destroyed by fire at seven o'clock
o-"'1 r,'5-T'- The mill was valued at
fj-o.OOO, and wns not insured. It was
occupied by M. II. Tloy l & Co.. who
'5t about 1.000 sacks of hour and S3
000 worth of wheat. Insurance SS.
000, in the JDna and Hartford corupa-
ni -s
troop- an.) a 1,11:11
eu p:re. The raid
tit'ft i i. u' ii i tk ci t: ii I'm. ' t, to rinri
( !
j i
i I
1 1