Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, December 13, 1865, Image 3

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masonic: xoTin:.
Momcrf of Plattsininth Lo.lo No. 0,
A F. A r'r0 riOt-fiiI to meet in
y,onic IT.VI on M"n.lT cvonin Dec.
ls,.h, 1 ': important hi;inem to Lc
tr.niaete I.
flr oHt of tho . M.
Iee. 1., "''" C. T.Kwia, Sec.
y 0-T . pent!man'.s kiJ c'ore. The
fn 1-t wi'.I rhi-a leave it at th" I. O.
f 57" Thi' niTcnry :U ;..1 at 20 decrees
l,el)f zoro thi nirnin.
l".S'j iiiv.ii v?-sterd iv s ..renins fwlcl
"Ar.Jr '.v J;i"kso:i DavU id lecturing
in L':i! mi S;i ri t iinllsm.
I-V r.roIn-J-- io-J to Cart. Marsha",
of .':. : P. f-.r a copy of th3 Pre-M-iit's
f -, -1; i .-. ,
rfW'f I'Tirn that tho r'nr: is rTsd
hove an 1 h.'Iow u-j, although it i-t still
o-en nt this r-'ii.r.
t:iti.ens of IJrowr.ville aro
cpfnir a new ro i i from that ci'? west-war-1.
T). illbb-ns, of r.-s-.t..-!,. Treasury
Azer.t at ?J hi!'', co,r!T'"ft'"! .''t'cide l v'in ii s t iit-v t i.-j t !: i '1 I in--t.
rvT'ie C"Vir.::i L.'-ilT, --irrr favors
th- .! Ion of I1 1. .f. A. hi 'i iji to
WS i-lns.' eltr.
it'r(.:T) ot ! mi.
on the 7th o:i2-half ni'.'.o ah'jve
r't fin Mi
".'!!'-.v fi
mew ii!, recant! y arrived ar
Ws! n f:"ta Havana, and tha yessel
r 1.T-
:i tho roto-n'.f.
rC .':v;i w:'.l I.fl-I in t
Tn in inireh, bv P.t v. H. H.
(,n S.iVba; a i . : t ( iTth) at 10 1-2
a a 1 1-2 P. M.
f7"',V barr b ' th: K , ' ' that j .y io th'-. T.-rritory, as it tnaks it pre-r.-',i
J-n .!l.r.;i hi- a-i r;f 1 Krevtt ! cniinen::.- u h"i;n3 institution.
IJ'iliT (.'ht i! Ib-a'h t dut.y in thi
d.tri.'t, bv r""j':-t of (b n. Vli ato,i.
MA ii. Wli.KiV-O W f d
i't'so-), ?oniv.r o litor ef
i ! died in th it city
of Co ,r!-s lb Wi
til") Sr. .I.H".;.!, ,';
ca th"? 2!
vV""!' is abo-.t t i r-i L'hr'stmai t ;rhvs
' er: th; k i ' I. -ir a,.jearancr ir thcity. a-e a vast riu'nh"' r of furk-. v outers
in thi c'.' v, r ;i i firm-TS will do v. el! to
s-e tiiiit :i'l Hi' supplied .
f?"Svn buildings !:..r:'.r.g to th-Pnir-.l
sirjtt.i Geti"ral Hjsj it il at Canp
bitier, ii ar Spiriur.leld, Il'.inoii. wer.
lurncd on Saturday. Th.o fire wr.s tlie
utor'ii td an irvvaiiary.
flv"A v.ujns ai.m and young woman
w-i'e Tcr-n'ly burned to il" '.th io Fraa';
I n en'v, Kans.n. whib; trvinx to f;ivo
si.m h it from ! ein coriumed hi aprai
r'e f re.
r V ''. r.'itiib.'r
t-iro-t an 1 rr.,'."d
r prii i ii ' r ; .t. r -r!:--;
f!...' war nom
1 n':ciher i f I'niop.
l -"''.i .".' ' .
''IT- c lp'.ir.
tec war is t'-d
' t .
v t;'.- rIi-'Is cbir:n
!':; boon 1 - T , - ,5
ire svwie'A h it scire-'
Sri. ."il itT:
this wee!-:. It ha.
1 ftorr.iv
ti 'MlUPt up
I Ivans. r.n.i w , 1,.. rn l.-n- - I
-'om; to t'r fj .ye :r,d
h't: f .r . :n ' i.i
Iros'-'d t pravi- I
r V"Vie titidT'1 an 1 tii at K Iet.;-r ,v Wise
propose open,;- r an r-ntensiye Nev.s Dpot j
in e n:.e,T,ai.a w. ti toe.,- i,it)i
Mid St
t.-rr ;o-t' T!:b" rvi1! b
ii:i- wi.a ! a gr:;t cm
T""i:.,c'- to th"? c r:r.oip'ty, itnd
;-' r"'i::i3 'rativo to t!i ffin-
e7" fa- r.-l'."v j ; ,.s l;aa b
a en-
" 1 t a sis c ii :tan c-t ?r. - r. 1 r.--at!v
p. ei i:i a - v l , -sttrt-.V . ;. I
a" a O .
i -
ri"a is
had, ivhain;"- i
Ma afford t
'read ot::."
:ls c iiifai'ta
-i r
uh"sh"..I .-f I.i
iiati ib .re lations on tb.s 1
mokr Hi
route. Th-r kilh-d s. ven i
nen, an 1 des'r ived tbe stations anJ drovo !
V'.T tlie st.i.jx on onj hundred Hud fifty
lal.'j i of the Toa l.
Til.) J.'" tt: on ?tllitism. whi-lh h j
- j
been m progress in this city, was .
to a co-.' on aturd it evening, i i;
debate lias had the oliVet to more Jtrong-
iy attaeh each se.-t to thair belief eacli
intending that "their man"' had the biz
f f it, aal ;.roduc-:.l the tronst argu
ner.t. T?:e Chty Cottttcil of Nebraska City
: ni'i"; i! l their oriiiii.ati ' n-
V. ive
at:ri t salmons so as t? eon-pel paloon
t'??pr ta pto b inds in tha sum cf '
5-,.'i.b), and t n y an annual licenae cfsjl-b). !
t'- ulal nut Piuttsinouih prctit by this es-
jrFrom the P.u'.o A'oj. -rwe learn
i.'ott M ses Harris or., .-i in.toriuus hors'i- j
thief, broke jail at Pal's City on tho 2. Id '
.- f las'-in m-o- "I'vuUt Ob. .o:t im-I
ti: ase of t'a, it " r rofession' who might be
interested in knowing, that Andy. Tsjlor,
SharillV.eei of this county, and not in-
t'.rt'.-.- unknown to th- hors j stealin-' gn-
trj.'is y-. niivo an 1 almost -sp.iilh.g-' to
g-:t hiia of si.inft of thctn. Unless they
nnt-il on the fame charge eseaed from j or eight hundred bushels, and many in ,
t:: s.T'io ;ail on t'i. r; -ht of te 1": inst. M-his county who havo three an I fvttr ' " b.riat b-n taken a r t-. li.ctt i,..s i.tnc:.ei an
. e i.afT ,,111 jn i.i l..ain oi i..t? li. lino - o-y !.-; suppoMii ta 1 - a bo til von ol 1.
Tha southern portion of the Territory I thoos.ind busheis. Corn is now soiling at . ,,,,.. a. w. JiiAcn
. itii. r- Xa-veuaber l'oh. t- ... M
fiFP'i.trs to be severely ""' with! titty cents ptr busbe., but many of ot:r j
hoM.fba;r t.tst r,nr. We can su v to f armer 3 r ropos c holdiug on till spring! SATjE OP All E3THAY.
!" a mort intimate r-equiritano with
hlui thev will cia, yvo','. ta kern at a eafe
u.stanc. and not t
, ,j..s loca.iry.
1 tics; 3?iyeS IP
CF"Mr. Ilosser Lrought us a Cne hunoh ,
of Chrysanihf m im? on Monday. Talis is
lat3 in the seassn to see Cowers, hu: II a- '.
aer i th-TiiMn t.nt wil liiave theja if .u;v. '
b"J7. lie take preat pleasure in their
ciltivation, him somi if the I'.noBt j
viirieties to he foiin i in thj ff'. i
"irn that a movfraent in on
foot to erect a euitahlo monument to th-i
memory of Hon. S. G. Daily, whose re-raairi-i
lio in Walnut Grove CVmotery,
near BrownTile. It is proposed to raise
th? nceesary funds hy one dollar suh
scriptiona. (7?"Wi!l tho Democracy of Nebraska
in for State organization now? A bill
has h'.'L-n ictroduced into Congres3 re"uir
in that in thu Territories of th.3 I.'nited
States no law shall be passed making a
diifinction amon wen on account of their
color or nationality.
C37"The Diiiy Pe.Ls 1'
r P
, Ul .it I
bra-tka City, corals to us ( :;Iircd to a
six co!i;tnn paper. This fdiows irns of
prosperity in our neighbor, and wo hope
t h 3 I'rr.m taay y;:t be able to stem the
storm of abuej;f-iipr-d upon it by the op
position papers of th'; Torritory.
Goo. C. Iietts, St. Lukes'.-,
rhtttsTiioa'.b. and Rev. Geo. II. Davis of
St. Joha's, Nemaha City, will be ordain
ed t the Pri'-Mhoclftii-morrow at S:. Ma
ry's Chur:!i. S'Tvie.vs begin at 10 J-2
o'clool:. The r;to of conhrmalion will be
iidialni'tcr 1 by Uishop Talbot. Aeb.
Ci -J .. 9;;.
C IT bargains in Keady-Mud'! Cl .thln.
If you want to buy anything in the line
of ready-made clothing, gents, furnishing
poods, lrtt, caps, boots, shoes A c. S:c,
call at S. iilooms ol o'.ilng store. Ho is
selling oil' his entire stock, in order to
change his ! uiincss.
C"We desire to call attention to
the .adver'iseni'Tit of the Parmer's end
.' d r;hants Insiir.Mtico Compan , i: this
iscu". They have is?:iblishc-d a branch
oftiijc nt Oraaha. " here policies will be
i-sipj atri !oss"B fuljiisted. This v.'il! add
ruiieri;')lv t a tho business of the cmoa-
f;'J"Tlsa:i!:sgIri ng dy
was ";ener'i!ly
obseryed in t!iis citv
Jl.islness h uses '
w.-re cd iscl, and appropriate religous
services hrl 1. The people of Pi itt.-mouth
did r.o'. fr,-"t I li Fit it was not only a
Thank-'ii vln day in name, but in fact,
"t hi is :i loyal community, and oar peo
ple realize that praisw is due Hira who
's til'
-i:i ..! of n itions in his ham's' i
f.,- do !-.! tri:!n'.i,'i of hit 'ir em mont 1
over an ii".!i:)iv re!",-!; ion.
. .JTil-;sln i rapid!y lieing cla:Sod
in tills city. A few years ago tliere were
hut two or three stores in the place, and
tii-.-y wore compelled to keep a little of
everything dry gjods, groceries, cloth
ing, linrdwure, queerisware, slatiouery.
books, ard er.r;t!i;nj olsJju'.i could think,
of. Now wc TM.d that things are changing
f-.oriie-.vhat. As the number of stores in-
.r.--as.. each one turn their attention to
the i-c.;;::
of rom3 particular c.ti3 o.
(7?Th -to has hi ":i out little stir upon
ihe street f r t!i3 jas: two d iy: yoi:
nr:;;'l ooe'i'-aniiilr see some 'v nttiro
s .:i:"' c!i".p pep out r.t si do-ir with his
lian Is to liis ear?, nol ru:i for the r.eut
station: but nosl peolne were iti''!icil to
' 1 cloSl! t)
-but. to the stove. T!o m-'ri'irv i!tes
not indicate as c.ic.t v.'
:..... r. .'! I a 1
.. ... . . (
t wc ei ago, the air rein in motion aiiu :
I , ,. , ... 1
ti..e"t witn line snow nas muae it more 1
disprceable. The mercttry ranged, yes-
ten; ay r.i
.irning, from 0 to l' degrees he
I ......
f"A p i.-ty uf ten soldiers ot tha Is:
Ni'bre-..:;i L'av. arrived in this city o?
undav l"r-f. i iiev ; i e on detached dutyi
and rrab'iblv will n jt J"turn to tho real-
' ' . .. , . .
! inr-r.t i:r,i :.iu'r t ti !i a .1 '.vs- ii is ex
V'..vtel tlis re 'Itaoi.t will .-. jutist-TPil out
s ;:;;;'.;;!. ; i. ariii ' ta.c v. ant
An;;ng the j
party here, v.'e iiotico J.tivies iMiJch-.l, of
this city, who reports tha Cass eoun'y
bi)7 3 P.'l '.Vaj'1
W'e hone they i;:ar all he I
h.inorablr discharged at an early Ja", as
they havo nerved tho country Ion itnd !
r-1Sa. .if ilia nr.-nban li;if (!.. raa n n
- -' ' ' '
whose speech was suddenly interrupted i
t . r.i !:. m .. i...'t i
-. our rill a .-a aaj.l a 111 a a a a . ,
j',, Sl t.,r(1..iv evening, was s'.i.-ht!y "out I
r f ,
ct orai-r" or a: least tii s question uprn
... .- i
which lie was fpeiatir.g was not up lor
debate. lie was trying, not Ly force of
argument, but by loud words, to impress
upon the minds of bis hearers that the
".sjiuh cot.'.'. ride the North' We.thlnk
the question should h-vo been . th.-y
do it. The speech was delivered a saiiort
distance south of that bridge on 21 street.
nt early candle light. Vo d ) not know
what the orator's name was, and we judge
'he audience was compose I of a choice
sfdeot'on gI ''kindred r-i-'.n
Cx'Tiu-re never was, perhiips fuch
Iarg.j crops cf corn riiseal in Kebrtiska
:l- has been raised the present season.
Thera is scarcely a farnor but has Feven
before they so!!. Corn is invuribly h gh
111 tlii3 Sfl llag, UllaJ llll'SC UU illll 61) SHU"
1.1 U r.
that they need uot sell before that:
. ,.. , , - , I
time-wl.l undoubtedly receive an advance ;
over present V,tCt3. The fin3 weather !
during the fall gave inost of our farmers
an opnortamty to get tp.eir corn cnohed
in "-cod shape, although same, from thj
-trv of U5or, have large auijuU' yet
siondlr.g ia ihe field.
Ke;id the advertisem-nt (if E. !
liar Jonherh & Co., in to d u's pfif e-. !
'hi is a ran? opportunity for excusing I
your II !;d 17 rre-eats f r a trill?, or
ettin a watch or 11 Ht of Jewelry for!
th small sum of one dollar. We can as-
sure oar readors that tlioir Ln.ine- N
tipon tlse Mrictet princ'rles of jr;tice anl
equity, notwithstanding t!ey uil'r- such
;rc:it. inducements to thcii- ya'.i .r.-.
lhcy havo been t-naed in business ia
Nebraska City f.jr soma time, nod are
apoken of in the highest terms of praise
by all who have dealt with thera. Dorrt
fail to call and examine thi novel mode
of selling good, whether you. wish to
pureha2 or not.
CxTl have thousands of good apph -trees
in the Phtttsrnouth nursery, of good
size, and q;ood varieties. Also a variety
of ether fruit, ornamental trees, shrubery
evergreen?, .tc. Anvthins in the nure.
rr lin" r.r.t ti ':;!! in - i -a
J j..j, .....
ba fiirai-died to order early in the
spring as the first of April. See adver
tisement in another column.
Nov. 15 tf Wm S. West.
fffray IVoticf.
Tiike-i it f the le i Imic- f tli.: Mml-"i)nrd. flv
rii: s.i'rh v.o-tf r!:ii:-ni".ia'i, on 4 -.Mil : i'rfeii,l
ml -UlT. H"! ;-i?:ir-i j!il, hi uiiiV on l.elty. cl-d .if
I" i" " nr 'i;'. A;-u, one .ri..-r r '-'i-r, I'. u v,.-r fp,ji
1 .nr- I.i " p jt in f .r. !. -1,:, " l.j . I ,ic::, ".,..1 siI;,'.
ii.lf ..ii l t !:y, i i,,J ,,f !,!, . .,r, ill It-it ur
li..:.: in t;ir. A;-.., on- i;,.:in Mwr. 1 yn,r
I. I'm I . ;t of l-:t f.-.r. Ali . on? H ick i;aii, u'iiiie
: i.- t nil 1 ! !v. "!H"!er liit out of It-tt ur.
l'ftfii "-il:, l)..te.r.!:er l , 1 -C'i
,e -iz-m i:i'r.v 5.NYii!:r:.
Kr;ay Tiolice-
'r.i;;-M ii;. l-.v the f il.iir.I . , at !ii r-si-1' in-o, in
f.....!, 1 i c -.U'l, C is- . oiinty, S T , ii tlie f'lnt'c
H'.ti .in, a'... at Iiii--r m i,..-. wrtU ( Vl if.M.; -utli, u
til -tt J..y .f X vfiim r. a. i. !?.;.", . r." j. k ..'
0-.i, li .-i il..l us :Auw, wit: on- L- of ii'l.r.i. l,"'
ci.'i-, Willi h .rii; t , i.tlur i of a liu-tit
r. 'I i "i". , '.fii lo u Lite Mi .."i nalil hip. i li
ov.-n.-r is i" pivsit'l t' c::.!f pr .v- ia-.jiiertj', pity cbarg
Hii'l t."ke lliem H'.vty.
Jfri'.w ' I'i'.AN X. (i. PARCElT.
T.aUe:! up tli"- vul.-cii! or i n In eno!e"! I-f'-tui-iiooiir
n:!- iiortli rf Wyoinln.., in Cars
liry, on tlie if ly of Nov. ml.. ;, j. l-c.,nnc
l oai )- M ilt, su;.( o- 1 to !o: t. n or i-i. v. r. j : oUl,!ie"l :n ' .llo'v,. t j wi':il irk liny. I I n:k in.Hip
mi'l tail, 'vl it- spot i.j f- r'h' jj ami u siraigiit H lot
r i" ; i uTi-.i i: z lo'x n o'. . r r:got ii . . s ri I , mj -ai-1
:. o: ill ll is Iriill J. I n 1 ft !."l:l It-r itu-l l-!t)iip Willi
:l:o (t'-r-i ' K. C'i-.'' 'Mi- on n -r is r i"i.-steil to c.iii,
pov- pi-, p-riy, p;iy clu ; m 1 I i k- ::-iiintl.
,l-. oow : ; t:i.Kb ll. l l i'KKi:
Tiiken a; by t'n- nil'M-i ilc i,n hi prcaii-e-near
!t. l'l- (--loit" l'..-i n.ct, I'.iss ronnty, V. 1'., on tli-
.'.'ll "lav .. ' -'o-l;it"e'', A. 1" ol.e i:l'
lol .'ai ' i: t 'ro. Ii: .u:!.-ol 1 r'! ninl wiii t color, an 1
lias one uii ler -it " 'it o; ift -jr. No m aks or l.iaini,
pen'-ova?.-. 'l'in- f.wn-r v. ill c.t;l, pr -. e propyl tyt
v.??: ''' '' r-Vn aw'!'-..
-It. I'll n nit, Novetno.-i- - li, A. u !,!,.
.! C. W. t.'uriiTHIGIIT.
T.iki u up 1'V t'n- si'bsci il living U'-i;r II o school
1 o-jse in !. :n i X". 1
l'ar : .iiioy. N. I .,
ol:- is : -I wi..: s
'A ;ii! white .-p -. i.
v-.-..r . I'l.i; ill- other i
i; .
1' .-.riis!
o l:l-li ("ovv.s, tn-dituii u
tte.l will point ol nl.: Ii. i:i
l .niKail sn p.,-eil t.. be t" ii
-''1 "I to It s-vra v-iirS !i
rt i i:i.o i y
'I il. r- .' 1'..
no imti .is i
If,!"" I I r,
1 s a ii"! i
r I,;
! l- : i' IV To . . 1 . v.'l.o: l-
, I'rov-
t V..V .
-i ty, on y ir .1
Is :.i.;- (.I.V-. No.-. i...;i
.ioi -; :,v k. .j. iwrvitit.
5lT 15 A if I O T KCflu-
Talo n ij ly t'.o .Ur, n r .!t. J'',
l'..s i".un v. x. T,,miy"l:!i; M-.r, of i p. I iTiJ
vv. ill- co oi. .( 1 ; i. ii -i siv . 1 1 vr :.. in tin- l-t
nr. ar:.l -".ii rr :: .1 1 t!n .j :A.:r
i:i .rs o.- jr ix. ils ; i-T.-i-. .iS! ?.
1 I.i h .l.y ot ovt!lller,
i' c.5i. V. . .T I INCH .
co'iuy, N jo .i t-t- 1
oiai k' ..: l'i r
. on ; ..- . " 0 T ': ivm
1 -
. 1. 1 s. : I'i ic-v, s in .- p t;
:-.'-ir ivO.:;: Al"" on- t - o -.:r
wait--' ui I.-J -.o-.!. 11 or
i: 1". W 'OjLsLV.
": 1 i e.i-r.
Lra nil i e
.1 ..
l.o nib -r r .
;i-n 11 a ly ti." .-nil e.-. ivn
1, oa . ef; in-" Wiit-r. Cm--;
or F- !.!-r-
.l.r:.-!:-" 011
.'ia .!.. i.t He -i" in 1- l-i.'i. '-' Sit -r. n..' ,;.
;:- '.'.1 1- 1 s; t . ot :c u ut-i -r 'oit in r-i.t ear
! f.on -!f ot t..- . f -- ' -t o:i t'le b t l.ip,
..-'a t, ! 1 - .'.I. A;. oi;'v, trh.U'i'.ml
'k, cel. -I nit i.ii". t-p ! it . nt f la ft '-ar. nun i" o:t
I c;-..p riiiit ear; .-upp-.:.! f 3 e ir; o!,.
U iii.'.w J'.lsiiL A LYNN.
T..a.;i tin t'V t-i-" lata s- riiiir. .i aai 11 11. 11 ir.i.
;i .rl!l. , ,.. j: 1 , :i V.'aur, t'.iii N l . on ii .1 k ) t .stu-r, 4 or 0 y.-arjoi :,
rr :.:::! 1 J - : -. a ::! .--::;.) roan on hi' ll.-.k an.l
;. b: , ,.r ,.. i 1, . ,..,.i t. an.i a ai-fsr tt.c
l.ts Willi tl:elsi:ti- " A" n t 'ah . iV re.i I pi. .-.
LAM I I. KLI-.l'.E t.
No", f inl ur 2aj, s.j.;. iy
I EM ray rVotice.
I T i':-n :p by ;!i-sal.-, i il---, a' fa rat a.n C-la-
a-r . 1 j . i v a f i'lailono itb. a.uc ste. r. ino-t-i
; i- . !oi" web r .1 p. t-anal r il i-avs. i:;aal-r hit o-.t
I Of I .ihl ; ".I", -':; ,i s d t-j t IK ' a,l n.M.
I ,:, :,i. JO. IN llOaVt::.
I ' Nov. 1 I wo.
'j-' 1 . aah. 1
fr.'-. n .1 . ;.t t:.- ri -ial-nr"' of the sn'iscri i'pr, .To- 1
i ., a .. ....a ...... I. . r i';..a..aa a.'li aat Ora'aln.lis
l'r-iin t! Ca-s . ;::ty, N P., one rro a x, f ,.ir or ti a e
e- r.
a a , a ni: ; . a i .
u-u-; - i r! i I lot) I.' bl.llal.s tr lalll.-s
. r. : i
.-. i .-; ! Ia". A I-... ti.j ie 1 w, al'. iit niii." iiire,
il. an- l-i.'ii's r Liarls i.--i "ivall-. Point.-,
br."k- a' t. th h..i-... . . J)FI. PAUCtL.
.'!.ai,a;i a Ai.V. I I fl . I " .1 it
22ST5.-iV5r j0'iTSC2-
Taker, up by the sub-, rib. r, 2 miU-s -outU of Rack
ii. be tb: r.'r o'.!. in c-,1 r prine, p.. I : v ic.t. wfta
. aa ' i.-on tin-I '. '"i aiol in ti e I. r-h-a !: na. oth
..r mi. -:.-n m i-rauJs ppn-ivanie calf abimt thren
a.--:-'.. The a a n. r ,s r. ajnest-.l I., a' ill, p i
.. ;, . , ; k ,s pro, . rl .".
iun hia-i'-M
MM'L AI.I.Kii .
vkfoV in!ar.
Tlt.,I; ur, a th
I -nee ol the tnlisa-riher in Fou'h
1 "lal Priu'.-t -J2 I.'O-s west ir.A-U I la tlsnioil" u , ("ia."
red C v.". "it ti ve. is ..Id, line b: i k. po Inalnls .1
marks p-reeivablel als.'. one ra'.l O'.l', aaliite spot .an
..... .. I e. iai,.:;ii; .. J; no 'uaii is or n:a l as per-
P;a-:s-:iouf U, Nov. I'.t'i, 3s'k.
nov.-.' r,i T.CNTAIX.
Esilrnv IVotiicc.
T.t -o a... .a. i be l.rem se ."f U - sn'i: i:-r 2 Mi!--
-aiahal l'!a'i-:a .utli, ue brunt. e Ci. . -r i i It letter
' if 1 ..nnl, .1 oil ti'-M top. : h.-it 1 i ii J4 years old.
ia, a," ',. r iu' h or br p-rcciva'le.
A ". .o e paie re 1 1'ia't, s. in- aa-liit- ..n rura.'a, w Iiite
b: y. ilir in ta i l-'a I. 1 i!f f t.o I n it -. ri-a I horn
ail -.,!", I 'U ai.aa.1 : iuch--; ii'ioili-: n.ark- oi ti.Oida
pcr-'-ia ai-le.
I' ii tsruoiith , Nov CO h. Is.;.-,.
u .vVJ.r frAMLT.L E'.ICKXr.AF.y,
T.-"i n ui tii' n"4 M l'-. 1 ii i"?-. a'.Kvt?
V. u V.V, jbi:,' u iit,'r, co di'y, N T., tvr.
r--t. :r" t f lit- a '1 i k 1 . u or ;rt'i, i.i i l jc, t:r
v. hii t :ii ! i "t:.'! to tr:' V !:. :un ta iile
i . itn t be two v'ii'- oul . I ht- u; u.-r t:
At or ;b"iil 1" o'cbic.
in. ou the -J 1 1 .lay of li--
c -an ur p.'j. ' i Co- i
i li ne- of Sha.tne C ,-. n,
. K a... i-. V -a" I . 1 . . .-a
I '.l".'!" -u... i .-. ... a s, . ,
uk-a u e.-r.y , -van: .,- p,,:
a-w.iai.-asl bv i.i ao.j. uui, J .-tiua l.apm, at siV.'.i
u, rj,.r'ft MitL-iiicK. colk.
Jacs Q-:. J-tico o the Kace. ..v ia-r,t
T. .15- aTI AISOH'KTT.
; 'i'J'0 1 1 11 V A'l' L A W
j .Nr
' Solicitor in Chancery.
3 . R ,'A"Sf ..i O
rJ it a J U I -4 I EL
"NT" IT! 'THsT? A ftTv" A.
Poi Ou'i"E PfTiSTiicNT, ' j
IV hinh,n, Icr 31, if'") ) '
poOns U. n il be r. Ce. V" J at th" (oniric: i..ic ,
of i ii is li-irt.n 'it tinii ' J p pi -f M a - 'n -'J, 1
f r cor.v- it. the t'.'.t tl I'm -I -'i-' r - i :i '
J u . 1. 1-ti-:. to June 3'. 1-T -. in ( ! le ii t
Neb-..ska, .: the run- aid by !. .chaalu'.c ..f ,
ilepaiffc r.t,-l art ivn- t.-r- iu ?;. .f.e-1. j
(Esauiiut rnis ami iasl ."tilauna ami x
Hl'U F-.ini C 'lr.cil B'uTs, I.nri 'y ''im ' a Citv,
a mi.-ilii T-r., E kli th "ity, i'i lOT., !nc in.
Wall..- Bur' oini.l). Kt I' -1 . (Jo ai.l i.-,
in I l-lund City, Jnnsv U. A li-' . i -. ,
Whi.eCiaaJ. ' a.r-ka'i v ' a an. I I o t h -n.
y. e." Kenii-y City, i9 1 - "1 ck,
six limes a w-.-ic.
Lohtc council fciuff Jaily, e. -ct ru'id iy, at
6 an; ,
Airin at Keirney City tl.irl !..y by n m,
(4s tour.-;)
I,, lave K-arii y City daily, axi.pi, at
6 a iia ;
Airive at C. tncil Biufis '.liird day by 6 a in.
ii hours.)
l'P'2 From Coiuml-a ( to Catrd-a.GJ r.iiVs au'l back,
once a W' t-.
t-ave Co:iiiiit.iis M')ti-i iy at 8 a ;a;
Arrive Rl t'.iiiiilen rest day by i p c;
I.e:tT Cam ioa Wa!ua!ay : s a ni;
Arrive at Co!u-rubu Urxi il iy by B p m.
11103 Train C .tiimbus. by Monrw. to Genoa, 'JO miles
nn'l Ii ii-S. thr iii-.- a Wa.--k.
Coljnibns WeJa- lay, and
Kri ii'y. a: 2 p ia:
Arrive at (,-noa h 7 p in;
I.-ave ai'ii Tutt-day, Tburs.l.iy, and Saturday
at 1 p in.
Arrive at Cobnnbm by G p m.
1 MCI I'rom OnialiaCitT. l.y H-U-viu-. Uin :m-r ?!i'l,
ri.- tt-'s M.mth, 1'-"' k lli-lTs, I.-wistoti, Tbit
CfiTts, l'i.i..a, Wyoiiiiii- N'.-I.o.ska 1 i'y,
M Ullt V.-rn-n lirowasa I I-, X em ill i Citv
Aspinava l, r.lkton. tit. I)-rvia. ?t. St-.ii. n'a,
Araao. Fall Ciiy. iinlo. N-h-irt. WI:i e
Cloud, b.wi l'oiut. Il;;jhlird, Waluut (
Tioy.'wail: a. ., a I w 1. to .-t. J --ph,
.Mo , 100 mil. " ni'i l-o U, mx times a w-i
I.c.i- diiKiha tity alaiiy, e.xcept fcuU'I.iy. at S
a in;
Arrive at St. J..w j.b tliird day by S a m, ii
I.ave St. Js'teph ilaily, hxci t Sunday, at S
a m;
Arrive at Oasth.'i City third il iy by S a in, 4J
liours )
14 tn. FrAin Oi-aV. City, by Florenr-e. Tort Cailioun,
Ya. .o. 1 .w.. lae ii-itn, X'.'... I'ln.niinR City,
M -alio I lown. rekai.ia'n, Ne'a . bil-r Cie k,
liecauir. "aia'ia Apracy, Otn.nli, Imkota
Car i ' Wonilbnry, lT.a. t" Si City, 97
iiiilaa au I b.u-k . tin ee tini-s a avfc
L"'ive Omalia l ity ilot.d.iy, Weu.iesal.iy and
. Fi ld iv .at .1 a ir;
Ariive atSioUxCity rest iliya by 10 p ni;
l.a-ave Sioux City ilocd-y. We"inesd.iy and
Friday at a m:
Ariiva jt umaiia Ci'y rlcxt days by p ni.
1H16 From OninhH City by V CIk.t or tiie It lit Horn
fn o J to X'iol.rara. K.ver (n. o.) JU Ln.les
and irk. i.tio1 a w'ek
Leave Ouiiiiia iy Mood.iT at ai a m:
Arrira Kt Xiobraia Kiver Friday I y T. p m;
I.-iiti Ni lnMi"a Kiver Matid,iy r.t ai a in;
Arrive at Ciuaha Ci!J l'ii !..y ' y C p m.
H1U7 From f'ir.alii ly Fia'et'.ti (n o) to FoiOft
Citv, '.'I mill's ninl l ack, once a week.
Ja"H O.ti 'li.a Coy S.arui-.iiiy at ti a lu;
Arm- at Forest i ity by I p m:
1 eavi For t 1' ity itunlay at '2 p In;
Arriv at .ui!ia Ci'y by 'J p in.
H 403 Krotn FremoM , by Jalapa and Saint Cliarl'-s.
t Wet Point, 81 mil -s and bai"k.oucc a v. e-k
La-. a,-- Fi-iT'iit S,itii.-i!-y at a in;
Arr vi- nt West Point by G p m;
I.-i e Wast Point Friday a' bam;
Arri aj at Fra-iinat by 0 p in.
HloO From F'Ttntiille. ty L'iMU and West,to
1-W it;. :o". m:l-s er-i baak, avi-e u v-,k.
I.a-:iv" Fa'litat.elie Maal:uiy W at C
u pi:
A i i-,v- ;l! n- Witt by o p i.i;
I. civ.- l'o Wi t l ues i.,y ami rimrj l.'y at 0 am;
Ai :i. a- -t l oiaaUclie by 0 p III.
14110 Fii'lt P.iiilros,., l.y lit ih.Ml Citv
Cro'k, t:; F..a;.iiicii-,jJ ui.ics
I It-it'."
a ".v.'-'s.
Li'aAo l'riinro-y Moi.ahiy a ail Wa-iacsdiy .'-.t b
a ii-
A i ri at V""iitaiielo' by C p in;
l.eavaa loutau-lie Tu' . i.iy and Tha:-? i,iy at S
a n.;
Arr e at I'aiuivo-e i-y C p in.
. Frott T
to '.' i
levte. bv I'.."-'
- lci-y, CJ ii.:
- Vi."'.!:. O.J P:attf":i5.
li a d i-aa-i., i a
T a av- V.-'lev:- l'r;il.'" :.i 7 a in;
- Xnl t at F 'I'" ' City by at p in;
-ni. i 't'. ''- . - . ,ir- " m;
14112 Fro-n p;..:t--;'i"i:"o to ti
L- i
'5 Li!
! ii k. ..nee a we. k.
Leave I'ii.t'e-ui uli I ;i . I a y at .i ia;
A, l iv.' at li'l.a by 1-2 in;
L-av- (iia nd Sat.l ilav ar 1 p In.
Ar.iv.- at l'Iat:a.--inwi:t!i b" 5 p in
11113 --mm Plattfor.t, by Fork ' S .l; Crea-V. in. o..)
to Cam ', n. -" i.ii-'s af.a l-i" t- on. - a r.-- k.
I.-aa-i" I' i i't i or I We l:o .- i i v at i j a in:
.V ivi.1 l ani'I-ii in . I li.o by ti ii ni;
1,-a ".e Caiii'iaii FiMi.v at 111 a ni;
Arri'e at l'-".;tlo. d i- xt day by 0 p ta.
111)1 Fran It.iek loufis to K
ha, A m.i' s and
biiak, oua a a av-eU .
I.ea Itork liH-lT- s."i;a-"'.-y at 6 a m;
Arriv at Kiiiirasha by 1 1 a m,
I.eHW Kano.-ha Salr i.iay .at 12 in;
Arn at It . k IbuCs L y 3 i i.i.
14415 l'r mT'.ira - Orovas, by Moun' X!e.isnt ati'l
I'tiae Vdlia y, bi W. a-piu Wat- r, 11 uiiita
a ail -"iifk o..a - a av. ik.
b-jva-'I h'.-e airoaes Sat irday at n a m
A", riv. at V-a pins' Wat r l.y 12 :n;
l.iaV' Va i a ptn W .it-r Ma'm tl.:y at '1 p in;
Ai rivi at Three Groves by p ui.
14115 Frnn WymiiifT, ty to Fait Creek, 4"
ra l-a and ha -k, .'t' a aa . k.
L" air IV.aoiiiiti- Fi nlay :.t 0 a ir.; a'Salt Cr k by - p in;
l.eav- 'l' ''re laluiaiay at 0 a In;
Arrive a Wy ain:i.; by s P la-
11117 Fniu X riisla, by Xurs-ry Ii:.', bun j
l a iuial'i"'i; to Caiij.b a, t.. no es u u.i na.-k,
cm e aaa k.
I.diie N'T iska Ci'T Wrdu.'sa!,iy at 0 a W,
A i rive a Can i-n tiesitilav by 1 p in;
Leave Cm h n l'r ! iy at 0 a in;
A irlve t eb-a-l..i laty nest d-y by 4 n m.
.i to Ttcn-1 th" s-rvi-e i- K-ari:-y City, by
J -;u-t nvil'.e an l V aii.v Ci'y, throe t.u-cs a
iva" k ;i 1 back, .oi ii laciicaiai- of -1 J Lours,
will s causidcrc h
1-1,1! From braka Ci'y l y Grant, I.'-'e:i i, Kry
s "ii, . o .) IK'oker. (ti. .,1 t'rab Uii ii iMl,
l'-atre Hine ami .-lu- aev to
aiara ville, K.m-as, Vio mii' f" au.i ha,ai,cl:ce
a a.'ea.
1 eav i Vn-.i-kt City Monday st 0 a n:
.lr:ivet 'i oasa-iTe Wednesday by 10 p m;
l..-.:ve :rv.,i ' at li a m:
.lrnvet X. I :.i-ka Ce y S.Uur.lay by Hip m.
1-4 1'.3 From m oa Ci.y. by .Vnnt w nnd Long
li.. obi ia' T.tbi ib-ck, i n.iioa and back,
aanc-. ". ;.
L' -a va- , rin. a I- C iy S it-i .' it : 5 a in;
Arrive.! I' ' c .:".: . - ni;
l.eav . 1 '- l: i ; -:
jiiaivi.t Nt. a '.. by - p to.
144'JO From rr.. -v
Vest to l'r '
Otl'Ja i . a i.
I.a'a e- r. a
A : . i tit C:
l.-a "l'r. 1 1. -I .
-arrival i:r
,1a- P.. -ri, Taci.maah atial
:.:i!, 1'. 1. .a'S a Ml back,
;:;.:, ;,:( i.i s a rn;
' . .: i:' v : i iy 12 in;
'. '1 u-.-.i :.:!! I' n:;
o .a.'. .".v 1 v ai p in.
1 i421 Fn wfi"" C t." i ; .: r'-
Jla.ll-'a.ll.- .'- li "tl s.l II Mi '.
b.- . I'.a : t I..'
sp !--s : :.'
i i.. .. n -. '-
C ' s 1 ; ;: r. -ii .
s- l i-
V .ar..! i'.I'la;
L-avi-ao- t.i'y M"i) ' i.v
i ia;
ylriivto 11 : - i." v . - a '. . ,
L'eisvile.ltl -e Wa a!, it -i " tl.:
.Iriirat l-ai.s l.iiv l tM .1 ay by aj p m
i:.d. tr twice and ttirce-U-ao-a-w-'ek seivi
mi ii d.
lltja Fioni i braska Centre, by Klra Crci!;,(n. o. ) j
Ual.n C re. U, (n. "-. ) hni;i of Xoith lo k
a.t l'.iie hiVi rtn. o ,) a'.-i l.od.'.e Fob Creek,
i i i i i.i 1'.. ii.iier, C'd uaiio, -10,1 miles ana
backa ua e a nveeii.
r.eeve.-et raska Cen're M. nJ.:y at 10 a m;
.1rr;ve: I- uiil-r -nuirnay l.y t! p in;
1-rir.jt SeDraskaifbtaesai i -.y w P '"
. . .,.r..s' i i ire -.a" r,.av v i. i in.
1443 l ra, in it -but bv Fort L;.r.T..:e nt d IV r be exfc bed : nob .
144.J 1 r"'." ' ""',,, .rioia Citv, Mui-t.a, : o! ot tracu.or or it.t-r-t in cutsets,
--tii-i "s a, aak. twice a uioi.i'ii I are to bid l -r. by aw, ami a or.-equetit ly c mnot le
r l' fr Vc a-w-.'c- s-rvi e iuvil-1. i;,;iow-l. I l.ldera will tii.:. late Mil'; thai j
bid '-, will -ose a M-liiiiii of raitur.'". , t: cv will be cxi ..ta-l t pe f na thesarvice a-c .-plea
VM ! ,'ose a.,te i li.n.y.'li lac rr"ole term of tt.e'.r.ict.
ttud,mwU n , j ,0;sCi:".l.m.r-ier- at . iTto. on r t.e:.r i.-.troad,. bu,
UJ.'-l From ort I.ara'ni', by l'-r Crck,tt. " , I n., e, eipltr rodi fr. m a it .ti :i, will biimedt- .
Fat- BriaU'c. (a c) Uf "J Hiver (n. o.,; and I .A-..Y .,..r t!, . -,ith ef A pi 1 1 ropo.t their . xact j
lortliii.!-. r. I t.-h. io rait bake C il, il! : dll,-, ,v fr,,m the near. -st -:a ion, anl low they a-e :
i-i o- aa4 k, an- e a w-.-k. i j.f,. rn-.,.. so; p.ied v. ita the rr. .0, t .-nah'e th l'o-t- '
?-"jve.ort Uinai.oe 'ooaday ai j a n.; I rl js:. r lie--: .,1 t al.ta a-t a ia .i.i-i-.'.c-ar.e: -upp.y 1
- i nviat -al: l.a..el. iiy t -:.ih .lay by 0 p r-; . -i,e 1 -t r Jidy b.'-xt '
Leave -a, t l.-- I .ly .Moil -ay el a in. ,,, .s,cti.'U eiitb-leea af a' act f C :ipp"-v--liiiiiit
ait leuth day by 0 p ni. erl ' March 8, lsa-i jfoi as that entries lr t,
, , ,. fc t ti il-i. , nation . the toil vhail be let "in tveiy
14-423 From l IToiit ,..d Sprirp-, ty l.rpuhocau iork, i ' b,j,..r t, -de iu "ufiicient c'aai- I
ta. tat liiky.Si'i Uai.e. abd lack, ouo a. , ta... f '.r'f .I'hfu pe be m n ce. Without . the." ret-.-'
"ek rnce : the m-de of such faaspartati. a than may le'
Leave aafniavv-ol feprin: Monaliy at 0 ui. . . i rov.'lc for the uuc co.eroy. ce, '
-litireat Coitoawool sarin- Ihursaiay by b
- MblU" a .-i ""ii" I - " -
p ni
j :X5 Fr'ta ;alcr.:n, by O'G a -.m, rctarv. Nt Ca
fp rrtt ?r',r:: :!.'! t :.- V. or-1 n v te'i.
J:-:i i' lt. i.i Jijo.iiijrtt 7 a o:;
An'.v l'r r i.x' V, ilil. y t-y 12 in;
I -v, y ;n k ' n V.'i Jr.i-i! v ::t t in;
Jrr if :! I ; i I i ii" : ! Iiiii.iv I v f p u
! I iut ;l"-.l 1 lllj li'-? I'll"! an'l PiXOIl
(:i. o..) I tv ?i" i A. c'.i-' i". ..a 1 u" Jj:m-
- 71,-
it ill- p..;-!
" n
. ..) ind:Ct Ili.t l:a iH" -
I.. 1 . 1
ri -ne.1 , wWe post attic?
, ci-iiniy of . -"ta.e of .
TI... i;:i.
aal lr s is
onv.y tt mail". " the liot-.l biaUa
ii'iui J.i.y 1. l.sijai, to J Ji.e yl 130, a:i route X
b-teen una! , uieier the. advertisement
a-f ttl'j Pof'.lK'.t.-r (ielieltil, dated UctoUarl" iil, bti.i.
with -lc-ia-"i:y, c rt:iuty ;,ud eeUliIy," lur the
annual siuj of iloniirs.
7V. i'. .roy.o "-.' it ttitt't
-l',t t.i" mail tn l
mrr't l, tutd nil i ,'.r j ai ti' ul'jr.f in i -'eivfl'- Vi
r-'iV i'i'.' Ko-;-i itit'J u'.'i aft r ctirrf'nl i xtt nt
naiiou of (ur iwn ai.i iugti uvUmiS attni f td to
the 'i!vfrtitt nu:iit.
0 uitr t;.t- t'
(Signed )
The nnd -rsti-ncil. rt-idlnp nt
-. ?fa e a f-
undi take lhat, if il.e lnre:.oiu.' Lid lor rnrrylug tl e
in aii oa ra;;;:- N'o . be aacept-d b li.e lo&tuiat-
b-rtirir r; 1. the hi. Me- slia! I, prior to the 1st day of
July, isvtC. enter -.lie r -ai'-ire l obliatiuu orcoii-Ira-t
to perforin t hi: si I vice p: tpj?ed, vith good acd
sitlhciect s.ircfu J.
7-ii'.t I'v dn. a nil '-.a filling di'i'neV. 'ia-' njilioft
tlinii fni'4 it i cniimut ly juti r." "f"i it laider
t'ti 'J7.'a -H UvH LVI Jif -3 o1 ' Jltlj . l.iU.
Dated p itied by t o t uaratitoi 3.)
The nnd r-l.i--1, ! at n i
;ate Of
, C-l t ili-S. I'.'i OI II la Is iy AH f F 1 1 P H a ' !:, 1 il U t b
.i a.iplaiLt-al V, i! ' ilia- ai.., p .1 : a :. -'.rs. ; :-l k l. . w
ti.s'lii t bi in , o. pro,i'.-a : y, and t 'liiil.'-- - a.o
their -ual'-ulc"?.
l'.aed (Signed.)
The above ci r:ifi rat " mast liive t fTix-d to it a five,
cent revenue Maia,, .a-.iv cl - .1. m th- la'.v ioiuiio.
Cant-ii .i in; tiLiiy e ,.'.'' -un.t t-i ate i :u-orporatt'l in
tif coii(ftct,i 1 1 ,'.' s tjrttut t.'.c Jj- j.artiut ui iiimj
la'asa'll J i'l'2'r.
1. teven tr.ii. u:e areailownl to each Intermediate
ofliC" , whi n not oil.e vriie spe-dUeil. for assorti' K
the mails; hut oa rui.romi au 1 bteiiiiboat r. utee
Iha'ie is to be no ui areah-Iav than ia .-ullicieMt tor an
ox; h.ina) af th," m iil ooiiciies.
On lailrool an.l Iine", and 'other
lout's ai here ih"j iiiod,." of conveyance admits of il.
tiie piiijl aci'Uta of the l'o-t "oiiic Department,
ai-,. post 1 l:i e bin:!: , uriil bags, locks and kayj,
ara' t- be a -nvey-d vrrlu ul exira cha:i;e
;. On r.aiiiaa.1,1 ati.l rie luibnat lina-i the route agents
of thed i,ittutentare l be t inveved wi: hout claaigo,
and fur lb-', iisi. or a-cnis a coinmoaiious ear, "or
a aitineiit in the ia ntie if a 1 -ar, prnpea ly libtcal.
aval iiic'l anil f aiaj,s!ieiit an ! aiiapt- i la. the eonv-n i
a nt -. par. il lain and du se-ui iiy of Hie ina-ls, is tt.
be provided by the coi.tractji', uu der the direction ut
the rf' pa r tin en t.
Kailn a I and steain'i iat coinpauiei are required to
take the oiai' tramj au I deliver it iti i the poM otne s
at tlie lia-; iimini: and a-ml .-f tir'ir routes, ami to ai.a
1 , cm all . ftlaes noa. ir-n e than i i-lity 10. is troni u
nt.ition or l.nid;nh'. I r- paisals may be subialtt-.d by
t e C' iTip:.iii''S for the perf naa iuce of all o her side
eervia-c ihi.t is for ojcjs over eighty rods I'mia a
nioii or tau li r p
There W.U I e " .vay-1 i'.N" piepared hy pe.iin J.s-t-rs,
i'r 1 ;li' r auerti of the alepannici t, to a -c mipa
i.y the uio!a ca.uv.-ye'l a u raur-ads and st.aiaci-s
-1 icifvir.;; the nuiaber au ! d. tinatioa of the sever
al bTais. On a ther principal routes, 1 kewise, raH-eipts
will ha- T- aiuireJ a d -.a a;,"- uij!s lo: aval de.i; the latter
to be ex laaiind by Ihe several I 1 sttuasicr.s, to. ii:.saie
rev;u!arit . in the il-liveiy ul n:a.iU.
4. No p iy Hid betnaJefor irips mt parforiue !;
ami for each i f su-h etui-siuus, 11,1 satist.icti.rilv ex-plniii-si,
ilnee l:e the pay of the trip may bi-
For arrivals -a air behind as i breik
eonni cticn with t!-pe..di' g mail"5, and Hot M.fll i ut
ly t .vuse I, aan--f urti ot the C'.!i!p-nsati.a f- ih
t'ip is subi-ct to f n f. iiur-. i'.ar r. j t-.l d-lin.pieu-11-
cf lb- l.itid l ere.n i-pa-cili - ! niar-id ena li s,
p . op. 11 L." 11-1I 10 ll e ni" tile th-r-of a ad the iaipoi t-
atia ' a t tne mail, m i oe mail-. j
.'a. Fo.- leaving Lo haul ir 111 auiii; oft' the in.'.ils. j
or airy n Moaii 1.1' tlis'iii, for ,l,o adrni.-siou of pa,-cn- I
-, : - , or ! 'i- 1- injr roti.vrui" I iu set tin up c r ruiattiuir I
nr. e:;t.-i-.---coin evin- intelli-eii,."--" in auvaiice of Ihe
1:1 iil, 1". api. liter's pay 111 .y be d- 1 oct.-.l. j
o. Fin. - will l a in po-. .1, imi.'-a the ib Iiuqaenry j
be pioioi ; iy aliii .-a 1 10 i.otny a-xioaiia:u iv acriita-cal-s
of 1 '-'oi ast -is "I ih- jH lav it- 1.1'otln 1 credible
ne:. "ti, bir failing t 1 nr. ive iu c-uoact I'm-; for
Leltieetiuv to tak . th 1 ironi, i.r deliver il ii.t ,
a po t . l!l.-e! for a'lii'ei'H it ! be v t, iajuri".!. u -.-iroj'e.h
10'oled a.r hot; ami f .r retc-iiii;. after d
lalid, t conVL-y lie .11 aii ta f r-'p:ei: ' !y ai th- cou
t a"-: r 1 uu--, or i.- core -ni",.! in lunti.n-, a co-ch, car
a ; r ste' ' 111 "at oa a ru a-.
1. The PC tui i-ter .i 0 c I may a.'.nui t'.. ' c a'i at
f,,r r. joa'el f.-iliaea 10 run i.Ti-,.b: locolit'aB'; for
11. laatill;-' thai a.fti "e urisobey inu the in-
,ir.i."i. . a . .- ; '.' : ' ' i ' . '-iaVaaiAu U.M'liaraie
r-rr miinoa; an r .;ua sa as af .i r-ai"! : i f for tr.aiieo; t-
ing per us or pcKHr-s CwBV-yiiiiC mailable matt" r j
o'ii of t;:e n ail. j
s. The P. s'ui :i-r C. 1 il n ay i.r I r :iti inere 'ae 1
of -ea-v 1 on a r il;;e bv a 1 in- II, -r. for a ao.' i t'tl tl
ii-oai i.-e a:i th- r .at. a t ;.ay. llcan-y i h.itie .lie 1
u, as a-f -" pio iu-es au l arriv ai- in ail ea-e-, aud par
tiC'ilaily :o tit- in lon'oim to a-a-nn-a i i-us iviih
r.i iil o.i, 1-. v. i:!cna-- oi pay, pr.aviil-'l tne
l uuniti lime !i;' nat ,.bi i,',-.-.l. 31 - ma yai.-a. or.i-r" .
iacriase of speed. :a'h' l.v ar. v.ithia the le-tricti'ins
a. the i.i'.v, a r - riui iav-aa tf i ay for the- inbii
tionul tta ek or cat ria s, if a ay. Th- -outi a- lor ma v,
hoivever, t'a t:i ."ia i.oi'-i'-ia,' vj . 'e I , ra-iiiiqui-h
the C""Ii: r ict, by "ivi'-t," pralnp'. uaaal.e to lb- al-pa't-Laeail
til..: be pref-r.a aioiu- s.. to Carrviiiaj tbe older
ia'oefl c . Tbtj 1 ai-:iuietar U' neral n."y nl-" a!i
culinue or curiail th" ei v ,ce, in va hole or iu 1 a. t,
in OPlcr ' -t place on he rout ,i jiie.iler dc..' e i f .-er-vi-e,0'
',-.' i nev -r ihe pu'.ia' inie, e-ls,au h'9 j a i-m-Lt. iifpnre such tii s: oTiiiueanc" or cuitao
1'ieut for any otta' r c.iu.-; he allowing as ii fuil ta
il, amity to com act, r on- in.eitii's ra pay on the
amount a t s-n-,we d i -bensed vviih, aud n j-ro ruin
c mpci.s-.ii'U :ar I'.- amount a, f s. i vue letaiutd and
C illil'aUc 1
U. Puytiwrtts will be mad- I y Collection f-ora or
drafts i'ii i'Ostmas:a r , or oth-rvvi e, ,-iircr th- expira
tion of e cliqiMitot s-.y, ia Xoveiuber, Fehi a.-iry,
t.iiiv an I vii';U-,t
la 'J'b- ili-mi.c-s ire p. ven a-enr.lin to the I - t
infairtnat on; but :.o nicra as-d pay will be allowed
should ti' v he !i- it-.-r than advert is- al. if tt.c pin lit
to be Mip; f.r.t are r.i r. c:ly si"trd lli bi- r-r -i.-.-'t-t
i',ii.rrat'Mti" lit' n i t.'ii y.eir1', and nl.-o uir.iVi
eiice to ; i.c va ei.-ui a i the in..i;. the roioi.tin aif road-,
loll str a ni-, Ac , an l ail tall brad-el. te. airs, ui
a;l.-i:'ua a-n-i f any kind by wlucb expense may ba
i ncuried No eU'm i.r a b b I ion a 1 pay, bas-d on each
ra und, :.i:i i e ions leied: u r for ailefre.l iniatak-s
or iii' an to th ilene of ' ra i ; nor
for bridr, .1 al '-tiov-.l. tao-rie d ycontiuued, or ot'aar
ibstr.n-i Oris in ea inn '.ii si a II - O. tecotiiair I'utiuc
tb- nt net term. aMIi.-s st.,'."i-h ,1 ai'i r this ad- I
v. rlis-iio-n: i-i--"e; and al.-o il im 'he cl. tract
t-rni, a: e to 1 e vl-i -.1 ill. -ut ixau pay, if ih-
lance b lioi lucr. a- I.
11. bidders are eaiitio'i-d to n. iil their prop "all
in tiui" t" icaah the . a -p otiuem by the diy aud li ur
tiaui-d, 1 1 p. in., M ir.-h 'Jf, 1 v'io lo" lid received
af -r ih. inn" vci.7 :n '" i.- '.' -,a in c .nipe.iti a
wall a ! i.i of la aso iable am -unt l-c -iv,--! in time. I
Neither i au bids i e .- n-ii!e. cd which wi Ii nil the J
lain uniiT r-i'i:rea! by law nud a c ;'.:nca'.e ol the j
S iSici.-io v of such n i .iiiil e. I
1 1! .l.l. rs -li i r 1 C s" i r.. ; ." f..r service !. ictly I
aci-oralii'ir to th - a l.-e t -erne:. t. ai d :1." u, n tncy ale
s.e, eaJ"f"f-.V tor al ff-reut s-rau-e, and if the n'J-tdtii-
bid I- th.; ! w.,t ...I a- '..-r the a Iveii cl ter-
Vice, tb- otl.e- pr. p -i' air ni "V be a". an odei aal .
ia. '! here -lo ul a ! i.'.l ' - ramte bai I r in a pro
posal. Consobalate ' "r c nil. nati-n ' prooosinij
oi -sum lor two o- rn e r-a' s' ; aro furbieden by
liav', a' d c.iunol be o - i I
1 1. 1 he route, th -v. .. lb- ye yty pay, the name
ai d r--i hiicea r tb.- b J J-:-. . l..,t is, bis usual p"s
ottice aai'lies.) an I O;..- .- . - ,, a ia- nib r of a linn
n-h-ie i eomi any :T i -h. i be il:.-aact'.y stated.
15. llal.le s lire r "I -' I 1 I- ', far practica
ble, th pi ii'C"! pr. i.i: r - lis tr-liel '.V the i! palt
nieu', t" write am' !ii f" i the -u::i cf their bids, aud
to r-taia cpie or th-at
Alpv--, biili .': all nrt ':'trit,d; nor -h"U:i!
i.s. ,., ci 1. w;:H tr iv.-:.. No wittt.lrawal
! i f b: 1 ''! air cii:i i" t ' tr.-! b.- :.:iov.-c"l uii e-s the
i a. lion aa. al 1--I ' let end t a c-i 1 aid L uf are the at day
L bid u.. -t I'r .it.'.e d 1 ;' two r'Mj.n-ib'e
p-'aae,-. lii'liai and iu.i' ai.t.e aiaouM be fijiud
id 4 v. . in .'ae foil nia-oe . f e.ich pei.-oii.
I he a -, i: iu ti t t.-i'Oi'J the li.htti reiect any
b.d uiiiah ma' ne d - met CM avauaut, anil a'.-o t.
ill- 'ird tiiehids of la.. l a; contiacloi ia and Lid.lers.
10. I he t i.i -ho lal Ke s. ab d mperseribed -Mail
Piepo ats. Tei riioiy of X'e'.naska," a.Id es-ed 'cac
oi.ii A-.-istaiit l'o-au.i-ter b.en-ral, C.aitraa-i atiffice,'
a::al et: t I v im.7, it- I by or to au aueiit; ami post
mane s will l ot tncioiae pr. p. na's (-r ie::rs of any
kind, iu their iUHita-r.y r-tarns.
1. 1 ti- c-i.t ,-ac.j irf to I ea xa-eu'-d md returr eal to
the d. r. irunei I by or before, lue 1 1J July,
lViai" but the -e.-v: c mu-t be b- jn oa Unit day, or
I . - ' -.
m,,.A.u vt af e- it. whetLer the .'b:ract I
f V'uS?o-ticu" Cu.ier m,.
. , . r III I- Llt"ri ' IBi.lj Hi n
, ... . , , - . ...
- ' rr
rrn'-liy? :r t . tntirt man?, flflnr-T larg, and'
f ipf.atVi-er mint 'Wae C roiieafne aeee"f"-i.
l-i f i.r if.-, 'ce'-rl , i . r.'i;: u Ta-7 a.i'ii i'.v.
j.o-' ore-rrti prer till ulhrit a 'id no '.
erA al,v a QnttiiJtrtiZ.
2t A niouiii a;i..n of a l!d in ary of its eferit ii
t i ins is tidaiu aiat to n ii"'W bi-l. and rnn it b r--
ivfl. jo a to im-'fe-e ;th r'ya'ar comretii t.
:.f:-r thai imt h-ur set for rec.-ivini? blda. y.akie- a
oev bial, :Oi c'"rivn--.i xn'l ertitUat", ii tl.e oi.'y
way to moj.ty a vrev.oas bi.1
'11. Pos'cia-ta-ra are t-i careful not 1" ce-if.wt!i"'
'iilt:.-i-i)cy . i' i."- .riin'o.- or i-ai-. tia'S wtii.oii kuo.r
inir ih:,r H...V sa-e persons of sv.iri-i-nt i 1 .nihi lo f :
tt J i.'Tr,-.;rJ wf fliA i Htrit. lititt"aJer is a nf U'i-tit nf !'; in' -f -rinj t.h-m t i
iiiiie-!-ile r-mo4:l. All bidiiers., ai d
sjr.'l.ta a- e di-tiiietly Botifi d that an a t" en
ter into o.- '-rloruj die e "iitraeta fr the scivi'-e pro-pova.-at
for in tii" aa"ept"al bl ls-. t!i-ir lilbili; es
will be rnf lead aaiust t!i""ni.
J." lreeit contractnrs, an I per'ia.? ku-.vrn nt th
dpar.mei.t, luast, tqully itti others, p.ocur-uar-Mi:oi
san't c.Tlificates of their snffijieucy subsianti
al.y iu Uia f iriiaa above pi scribed. . The ceiTilicate
a.f -i: '; . - n n a b- -i-o- l i" a p. stin a t-r. or by
a .u.ii;e of a couit arf ivcuid. No o:bir will bj a l-j C5fr 1 -i' 'o
o The a-rriiilcaie mu.t also have aftixed to it and Melo n o '' -'
- a -ni - e . i-iiii siar.ip, ca- I .si. a a re.iiirt:d by att-ndtd t cur. en
dec!8 6ir - - - Jormtiutr General j Aitu . 8. ' '"V
Main St., opposite Piatto Valley House,
Has on hand a lar-ge stock of
Curry Combs, Brushes, Cards, tfces.
IIo can
Outfit a Mule or Horse Train
Withevcrything; in his line, on short notico.
My motto is "Quick Sales and Small Profits."
Repair...? done at all limes at rcaoiiKMe vntvtt.
VhoI)6ale and Retail Dealers in
Drugs, .Medicines . and Oils,
Fine Toilet Soaps, ISruslies ami Perfumery,
Pure Wines and Liquors, for Tuedicinal use,
Dye Woods, Dye Stufls, and Fancy Articles Generally.
Farmers, freighters and physicians
Will find out stock of Medicines complete. Warranted Genu
ine and of the best quality.
Physicians' rrtsc,;f,iions Carefully Filled by Dr. Black.
riattstnouth, May 1st, ISG-j, r.
S-4 "-
mm mm
E. T. DUKE & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Stoves, Tin, Sheet Iron, Brass, Japaucd
We keep constantly on hand K.nijraat-.' nnd F ro : ght or '
Such as Camp Stoves, Fryinq Pans, Skilleto anil Lid?, Ovens,
Camp leltles, Ac. We alo keep Chain Pumjis and
Fixtures, I iydr.aulic Cement, .Sad Irons, Fruit
Cans and Jars, Lanterns, Ccifec M ids & e.
Tin Roofing, (iiitt'lers and Spouting done on short notice, with
neatness and despatch. Are agents for the sale of Stew
art's celebrated Combination coal or v.cod Cook Stove.
Give us a call we will not bo utiuersohl Main St., S.ju'.h SU-?, between
Second and Third Sireeti,
fellf'Mcturc Gallery.
Kent. SMeMaiP?!.- I'iITA
Pictures taken of all Kinds.
; PWrmr.lis. (lorn P.fttircs.
lllllll JUl-.vj v.v.
. . n i . a. t 1 . 1 2
m'1-" lu 'Jc' ; ""J
Music! .Music!
AM Y210SP. X'lXXli ;-..V
l -Ai.r- K
Piano Fortes. Kelodeons, Husic and
Kusieal ll'dse,
Craters by mail far V:-a-. Boots, or ar.ytliTs-; Pr
Uiniiig t Muvia. i.mmpt'.y attei.aai t.
ii ra'i'.a' in Fanpo Fortes
. :; ,. ' V ,! ty will bo
' . . t " - --a ." '
Z) .Si st,Jt
-t v,si "-vx-T v.i i e
tt - .
& A coo-J assort in "nt rf Cases Frames,
I . a. . . . Tl
'. t t n i 1' 1 J r ," r 1 1 . I 1 ' r tr Wi r r 111 II1HH
i t
l 1
ii ' -: