Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 15, 1865, Image 4

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Are von tick, fee Lie, ari.
com plain iug? .Are you on
of order, w ith your systen
deranged, nnil vottr fi-iiling
iiiiconit'ortablt-fTlicsu s nip
toius are often the pri-lu-i
to serious illness. .Some fi
of sickness is creeping upoi
you, and should be averh-i
by a thui'lv use of the rich
remtilv. Take A vt-r's i'llis
and elt'tine out ti e elisor
d "iviii r s
. "Ft "v2'"ki 5- ;'1 dertd humors purifv t Ii
9" "fcvl': L irt :l l,lc.ol, and let the fl-iid
!er-d humors purifv th-
, iJj:- to t on unobstructed ii
F i'Ai '. Ik uUIi again. They stfinu
; ; mie ine iiiiiciioni or in
l-oily vigorous cctivitv
ttrify the Fj Klerii from the obstructions wliicli maki
lipase. A cold M.tfli;s some where in the tody. mil
ilntructs its natural functions. 1 hie, if not ra
irved, react upon themselves ami the surrounding
igiuis, i odm'iiiK general aggravation, fullering
nd disease. hile in tliis condition, oppressed b
he derangements, take Ayer's l'ii.'f, and e liov
lirectly they restore the l.ntural action of the kts
em, ai.J villi it t.' e buoyant feeling of health again
hut is tr le and ;o nr. parent in this trivial and com
non complaint, is u.s truo in iur.nv of tlie deep
i-ated iind dangerous distetnriers. The same purga
n e illl-ct expels them. Cac.-ed by similar obsti uc
inns and derangements of the iiatural functions of
he body, they are rapidly, end many of them surely
tired by the fame mean. ione who knew tlrt
Irtucs of tlu .'e Tills, will neglect to employ theu
rhen njifcrini.' from the disorders they cure.
iatinients tioiii lcniiing phvticiaiis in some of tht
irincipal cities, and from other well-know n public
icro..f :
yrom a Forwarding Jeyhnnt rf St. Louis, Fib. 4
Dr. AYfcut Your ViV.s are the paraxon of all tha'
I c.'eat in n.i Uirii.e. I hey have cured my Iittt
lai'j;:tm" of ulcerous ( ores U u her l.oniU and feel
1 ai proved incurable lor) earn, llermoihei
it 9 hrcn Ion? jriicvoiu-ly otlh'cted with blotches and
limplew on her tkin and in her l.iiir. After out
:hiid wai cured, the also tiied vour J':!I. nnd they
lave cured her. AtfA JiUiiOlUUOE.
A a Family Physic.
From Dr. K If. Cart aright, Xexc Orl"'in.
Your Tills are the prince of purges. Their ex
int riua'ities l'llrpts any cathartic we po?sF.
'hev arc miid. but very certain and effectual in their
ction on the bowel, which makes them iuvaiauble
o us in the daily treatment of diteasu.
HVa!.- hr,SicEt ilcrstlachr, I?oi1 Mloi:mchs
J-'rnm Ir. Kdtrnnt linyd. Tlaltimore.
Blf.S IIj-.o. ivm: 1 cannot' answer you ichtf
itnp!aint'4 I have cuiv with your l' li-tter than
o tny nil tltut ice evir tr at with a puryitire nu'li
inr. 1 place firest depemlence on that etlectual
nthartic in tny daily contest with iiiVcn.-e, and be
levinp'. si I do, that your Tills n fiord us the best we
tare, I of course ulue them highly.
IIttsbcko, I'a.. 3Iav 1, 1;.V.
Da. .T. C. Aver. fir. I have been Vepeatpdly
tired of the worst hcmlrtche nnvl odv can Lave br a
lope or two of your Tills. It sier.i" to arise from
oul Ftotuach. which they c!ns M ojice.
Y'ours with grtatre.-pcct. ti. W. J'KFRLE.
, t lerk (j Sleamir Clariim.
Bilioni Itor!crs I.ivrr Cotup!n!ntr.
From Itr. The-n' rt Jirll, of Xtrc York City.
?Cot only are yonr l'il!. admirably adapted to their
mrpose us an aperient, but I tind tleir btnclicial
:irects upon the I.ivcr very marked indeed. They
itve in inv piactiee proved more elltctual for tli
rure t.C biliuas cot,iji!i,hits than any one remedy 1
nm mention 1 sincerely rejoice that we have nt
i ti&U a purgative which U wenhy thecotdidence ol
tit rrcrltision and tlie peoplu
Pep.ietmkxt op tub IxTtninn, l
Washington. I. V , 7th Feb., 151. f
Piu: I bnve used your l'ilU in my general and
lospital practice ever i-ince yon iwadc them, and
aiiiuot henitale to Fiiy they are the bebt cathaitic
ve employ. Thuir rtuauug action ou the liver is
uick unil decided, coiiseijuently they are un ad
r.irable remedy for t!eraiif.feinents oi' that organ,
udeed, I have seldom found a case of Itiivits :
ftte so obstinate that it did not rendiiv ield te
hk-ai. riaterually yours, A Lt).Z(l ISA l.L. M. J .,
i'ltysicitui I'Jtlie Murine Injiilul.
Wjsontery, Diarrhora, ISrlnx, Worm.
Frnni Dr. J. G. Green, qf Chicago.
Your Tills have had a long trial in liiv practize,
j.d 2 hold them in e-teem a one of the t e-t aperi
iits I liave ever found. Their alterative etl'ect upon
lie liver make them an excellent remedy, wheu
f.vcu in small dotes for bilious ilysenttTy and tliar
ham. Their sugar-coating makes t'lem very ac-
ptnblc aud convenient lor thu use of women and
Drapcpsia, Imparity ef the Blood.
Tram, lieu. J. V. Mm?, Pastor cf A'lrent Cliurch,
Dr. Ateh: I have used your Till with extra
rdinary success in my lamily and among thobe 1 am
nlled to visit in distreu. To regulate tae orgaus of
ligcstioii.and purify the Llood, they are the very
t remedy I liave ever known, and I can couti
leutly recommend ttcm to my friends.
Yours, J. V. HI JIF.S.
WaTISaw, "Wyoming Co., X. Y., Oct. 24. 1855.
DtAK mu: I am unitig your Cathartic I'ills iu my
iractice, and find them an excellent purgative to
leanse the eystem and intrij'u the j'ouutnins uf the
footi. JtIIN U 3Ii:AClIA3I, JI. l).
2onttipntioii, Cosiivnionx, Nupprrvcion,
8ilM'uaintini, ttonlf ieurnli:i; Dropsy,
ParalyoiH, B-'Ik, tc.
from Ihr. J. P. l'aitgltn. Montreal, CanatTa.
Too much ennnot be said of your Tills lor the
tire ot'rosO'rent'A. Jf others of our fr&ternitv havt
iuiiid them as ellicacious as I have, they should join
lie iu proclaiming it, for the benefit of the multitude!
rho suffer from tint complaint, which, nlthough
td enough In itself, is the progenitor of others thai
re worse. I believe 'o.renws to originate ia Hit
iver, but your i'iils affect that organ and cure tht
from Mr$. E. Stuart, Physician and Mittirje.
I find one or two large doses of yonr Tills, taken
it the proper time, are excellent promotives of tht
uituriU ttcrttinti wheu wholly or partially sup
iressed, aud also very effectual to clitutsc the
tonmrh and ervtl worm. Thev are so much th
est physio we have that I recommend uo other to
oy patients
Froni the Eev. Dr. JTairkes, of the MtthotHst F.pit
1ur.8Kl House, Savannah, Oa., Jan. 6. lSiVi.
lloOKlir Mil: I should be ungrateful lor the
elief your skill has biought me if I did not report
ny case to you. A cold settled iu iny limbs and
nought on "excruciating neuralgic jiains, which
;nded in chronic rhniiiwtism. Xotwithstauding J
tad the best of physicians, the dhseasc grew worse
Hid wors, until by the advice of your excellent
igent in Haltiniore, Lr. 31ackenie", I tried you
"ills. Their etrects were slow, but sure, ily per
evering in the use of them, 1 am now entirely well.
PrsATB Chamber, Paton Rouge, La., 5 Dec, 1855
Ur Ayer: 1 have been entirely cured, by youi
'ills, of Hheumatic Gout a painful diseasethat hai
.dieted me for years. VISCEST SLIDtXL..
C-Most of the rills la market contain Mercury
vlncli although a valuable remedy in skilful hands
s dangerous in a public pill, from the dreadful con
(Kjueuces that frequently follow its incautious use
Tiese coutain no mercury or mineral substance
Price, 29 cents per Sox, or 6 Boxes for $1.
repared by Dr. J. C. AYEE & Co., Lowell, Mass
Marble "Tard.
The undersigned have opened an
In the' City of Plattsmouih,
Avhere they have
k. Call an J
Examine Specimens.
We are prepared to do as good
work as can be fouud in the
country, at as
Reasonable Prices
As ahyv establishment in the
- - West.
July l,lS6i,mS
! Isiswsv-isec CojnjiaBjy.
! OK
We, 11iim" J. Tnru-r. Pr. si. I r.t. an l I .XV. C
i Titi:er, si'-fretHre, of el.e Fir.'atid T- ruAiit Io-nr;ince
! C'-nt: iiv, i.f Tr -ei' t, I Illii'tis. lie-ehy ceitify t!i
! s ii'l t'.jinj any is poyes-e-l of f at feiist one
; liMM.l-id tliii-iitin , wctirti ty fea on real ps-
i tit wonii ,t ca-h v iln i;i"U Ht ! at five tun?, the
uiu-jMiji ef Kaid cap!', and cot ncuiiiver..d lo iuor.
! tiiita u..e fjfc.lii el b.iid e.isti valuit'on.
, THOS..I. ILMSKK. T:e 't.
1. W. C TANMI;. M'j
STAT K OK lU.lSft:
Hci.liensoii C-uuty. )
,- .
P - m i j ly spp-aretl befi-ie me. ("If rk of the Ci'.-.iit
f t. ple i:-rn cvn tv. 1 ho. J. Turner and 1
C. Triune.-, t . in k-i -v.-n a- iNe ''re i lelil and
-cr- t try of th Fiie ;-c; d T'rn;u! Infaran'-e t'onii'ii
iiv, nli.i ni; ii r-i d'liv ffii'i ao'.iia t. law
rri'.y .iepose and tlint tht ah iTe urtilicate sub
s rne i t. ly thci I re-j. ' ivi-: v is true in Mjltttauce
.;r. J iu f u-l. us -h , n li: ' rrc t:l--i f said l.'-t(t;jl:y
: h . lb d ul .1 -.v. in to he:ni- nie :lii- -1 -.t il.iy
uf Ai:;;a', A 1. lai.i. U. II t cn4i:ii;.M,
C"icr CCCa. Cuu; t, sro. u jlu Co.
To . Xj.jr. -. u tlie 31. t i ii.u.tiy, l:;i".
IiiHttr'ii-i .rt friitit t. OJir? of '. Andltttf, )
'!il I: i, N l.ri.-S.i, O't. I. til, J-li)
!7 1' R f A , .1 - 'I. t'arni.lti'il, K-.i . A -.-isi.t n I (ielierui
ViLiit -or ine Fire aad 'ti j..iii im.ur.iuce company
le I t Free;-irt, i i the .Ma e "f Illino's, ha tile.
:u this i.ttii t tVrtined copy el the Ariel ne r;firH
i;n ..f -;iid Ctiiii;iiiy. t -i;e:h-jr iih a wiit'en in
i-t ' n ;:i- lit -r the il d ; aid t'l.ln i inv em'er on th
e-rti'vin a:d C'liini'-inv is i.o-es-o I of a. c i
i 1 1 t ;it lea.-t U"e llniidied Thou-ai'd Ltuilars. seenr-
.-'! I y Liti n rea: e lTe -1 1 1 rt a: valuttio'i :i
.t l- it Tim..- t e un. 'lint ot saiil oatiial, Mini Ui
. le end ! to mo-e tlnl'I oue-f,m: th nt' i-,dd f-n-l,
v iiiu.i t.iti," in Mcrordjuci! i.h ilirf f ip.iiremeuts ol
:h - l- ..i; t e'.lh ..-ejl in a law r f tl,c Te.-i Iturv
N'eh :;m. ri tit e l An -ti l in ri-l.(:i..!i to ln-u jiiee
oi-HiTiie-,1' apprnvod rehi-iivy l.V.h, lSilt;
'Ih-vfl e lie 11 klio.lll 1 V th'-x'- ple-'-ll''. That ID
wii . ia i:ce of lb" sf-ri id -tel. I, William V. Ha
iry. .1 iditor eftt.e 1 ritnty .f Xehrai-k , do hereby
r i:y t..-T;:ld 1- ire .V To i: id . 1 1 ut aae loii: i'Jii
ha lull ,.::t!ieljtv t. raus:-rt l-u-iiMf ef In.-lirale e
in hi T. ir.o v of Nei'ia-k.i, uneer the I. a w it' tin-
! V 1 1 1 ' oi v . u ni 1 1 tin- Hi t d iv if.liati.iy A. If 1'iOii
Iu Ulllh Whereof 1 have tub -erlhed lav
li :i ni" v nd eans'-d le,; A-a 1 of the A ndii -e
(I.. . otlh-e to In- i.tiied, tin-. 17:!l day et Oftob
A. U-4 t i
Teriitoi nil .iuditor.
I' L.l TT ; M t L' 1 1 1 NKK.
oct :.' v. i
est iVi.-h- 1 iu 1-12
i (.' ?. ( ';:ct -inJ i rnj Yn'iiitb!" P,ticr
f r !.t-nj M ti!ii'iiit Vun Lntul
iimcrican J griculturist
Farm. Garden, and Household,
Including ft Sjtciol l)i:purlnwit f Inter
efluiiZ (.'. Inlructir? HutJiiifvr
i'hU-lrtn '.'?: Youth.
TV- J.jrifit't'.-rht is a : rl.i.l. I of Si pr.g'.j
lof.t. tally t. inteo. :.nd tried wit.", ti ril.i, pr.ict lea I,
-e.iiil.le ( r'l:i;t! Iir.t'fl', 1 o I I'll.:' liTlliil't- a I heiU-
!'d and hist uctiv Ei gravi: gi ia every aunua!
volmue. . '
I' cull lin eae'i motit'i a ('a' a ler of Oi era'.ions
: h.- p -if irm d n ihe Farm, ia 1h Or.-h iril and
'r't,-i. :t iu Mid arour.d the Ittrrllii) ff, e:e.
The th'tus-iud i ef hints and su'ge-tiops (riven in
veiy voluino .:rt-ni-p i.ed by prnetic-al, iur"Jjenl
Wmkiny Sim, who. know wli .t liny writs; about.
i'le IJ'ith'iil !-. urtttit-rl is valuable to ev iy
i ion-.kf. i". r, i IT o dim. v iv in ,n.v in-eful hints iu"l
in ee iou. c ik uialed to lig'iten and faciiil ile in
d'wn" wo:'K
The artio"if fur i 'hibh-en ami Youth is prp
r.l with spe i:.l rare to turnish not only amuse
neut, lnu iilsu t- i icui ate luo-ledfe and kuend
morui j.rincinb s.
Ti:i: t "! he ciiciiitt: m of :ho A tui'ri -on A(jr-i-i;Hurit
(m r tlmn loh.noO) is t-a large t. nit it can
hi- furnished at ti.o ric- of ii I . a; fi ur
eoiiies or.e eHi Tt ten coie one year, i; t'2; P-t my
or m r-.,ije yar, fjl e.tli; siugU cieies, 15 eeul
Sr:tY IT A YiiATl.
oitAX(F. junn.ri n. akd ra-p'R.
21 1'ark How, Kpw York City
Complete Pictorial History o
. ths Tines.'
"TIi le.!, chfapesi. and most siiccess
(t.l Family Paper ia the Liiion."
EE ar per's Weekly,
leal r t ii'fs )f tl.o Pr.'s?.
v ni-'vii.iivr in the Tait- il states.
Th" he-t f it
y. ' l.-t.iii m -l'l'i rtist-r
lh node! is-w-inijwr of our country ruin pi rt" in
a!i thi ilepf-tnieiits i-t an American Family Paper,
I'at p-r'.- WeeVIv li i earned for itelf aright to lis
i: , " Joi k.n AI. i F Civ.LUii I j .." A'. V Fr.
ii.' ng J' frt.
l ids pper furni-h',s the b-xt i!liixtratinn. Oar
futn.-e inn- mil eniii'h theiaselve out of Har
per's Weekly Ion; a Per 'i iters, and printeis, and
(iubii-!;e s are tnrired to dust. .V. Fi'tinili.vf.
A iotei.-iiy iu every household stvn 'iittox.
It is at once h leadmsr jeditical and historical in
nalit ef the i-adon. I'Mtrnh Ij hid Prt3.
1 h best of iij cla-s in America. B-oi'.on Traveler
fu?criptions. 1SCG.
Tin- publishers have perfected a syoteui of mailing
by which they en snjiply tlio -Mill azlvk anil Week
i.v Ineiiijitiy to those who pre for to receive their je
ri' di -als directly f-om the lUce of mtliratlon.
i .stnia-Ters ai.J others de.-irons of pettiuj; up clnts
will be M-ppIied with a handsome pictorial .show-bill
on application.
HATtrKH's Wkkki.v, ni.e year, - - - ?kf.
An xti a copy of eilix'r tho Weekly or Mapaziue
will be supplied o-r:is for every club of 1'ive Sidi
cribera J4i eaeii, i:i one remittance; or tix copies
for .0.
I) ick r.i:m'e s can be vupplie I at ar.y time.
T; e annual volutins t 11aUi-i:b' Wkku.v, in nea
ciorh liinditi .', will bo fceBt by expn rs, tree if ex
pen-'-, for t eieh. A conipb to lot, conipri-inp
Ki-!.. Volumes, sent nn receipt of ca-h nt the rate o
$i ;o per volume, freight at expeus-of lon-eTner
Address II A It I Kit .V PKOT i! Kit.
Frankliu Sipi ive, Y-
"TJnquestionably tlie best sustained
work cf the kind in the World "
Critical notices of the Tre
. It is the toremo-t Jlupmi o of the riay. The
s4d" niver hud n more deliehlfnl rtrnpu..n, nor the
iniiliou a more entert-risiur frioml, ihan 11a p- r's
Ma?::zit.e. Atrt.'to-tixt I'rotfutiiut Haliim re. )
The niott popuiar 3Iouth!y iu the Woi Id. A". Y.
W inu-t ref-r in terms of eulogv ti th bigli 'un"
nd varied excelleti'es of Harper' Muli.r !!' J ur
nal with a Biouthly circulation of about i 7d,t)0(i cop
ies .in whose paes are to hi found- some o: the
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peop e; and the popularity it has acquired is merit
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the more phi!osophicai quarterly, b. mlol with the
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in thu disseminal ion f a love of pure literature.
Tiu-Bor'a Guide to Ain.-riciiH Literature (.London.)
The volumes ln:nd consti.'ute of themselves a li
br.H of miscellaneous reading-, such as cannot be
found iu the same compar-it in any other publication
that has come under our notice. Boston Courier.
The publisher hnve penpcted a ytem ;of mailing
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ical directly f.era the i trice of publicaiioa.
The postage ou Harper" Magazine is 24 cents a
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Hai.peb's MagizIne, one year. - t4.
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umes, in neat cloth hiadinp, will be sent by expfess,
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biosrle volumes, by mail, post pail. $ Cloth cases
for bindinn, SS cents, oy mail, post paid.
Fiaaklim Square, N.Y.
Scrofula, , or King's Evil
s a ronstitutioiial Idi-K.'.TJC, n rcrruption of th
jloocl, by tvliich iliis lhii-1 becomes vitiated
veak, and poor, jlciiio; in the cirt ulation, i
KTvades the wliol-; body, and may burst ou
n disease on any j.-ru t of i:. No ortjan is fre
iom its nttiaks, n?r is there one which it ma;
.ot destroy. '1'hecrof'tilims t:iuit is variously
.auscd by mevcu:f ,tl di.-eisc, low living, dis
irdercd or unhealthy too l, intjiurc air, lilll
tnd iiltliy habits,; the ilf-pressinjr vices, end
ibove all, b- the Vcncrcrii infection. M'luit
:ver be its origin, ;it is hereditary in the eon
ititution, descending from pat ents to ciiihlrci
into the third and fourth feneration ; " indeed
t seems to bo tlir? rod of Him who says,
vill visit the iniquities t-f thl fathers upoi
heir cliildren."
Its ciTects comm nco by dopo-ition from tin
)lood cf corrupt jr ulcerous inattir, which, ii
he lung-, liver, ai;l internal organs, is termet
ubercles ; in the ;r;l;inc!s, swellings ; and ot
lie surface, eruptions or sere. This foul cor
uption, which ger.ders in -.he Mood, depressei
he energies of life, that scrofulous coustitu
ions not only SEiFer from f-crofulous conv
)laints, but they live fir less power to with
.tand the attacks', of other diseases ; conse
luently vast numbers pcvisli by disorder,'
vhieh, although njt sciofuious in tiieir nature
to still rcndci'cd. f;tt;d ly this tair.t in tin
ystem. Jlot of ;.lic corn umption tvhicli dc
limates the hutnanjaniil its origin directl)
t this scrofulous contamination; and man
Ic.-'tructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
nd, indeed, of allj tlie organs, arise from oi
.re aggravated by :he same cause.
One quarter of a:l our people are scrofulous :
heir persons are invaded by this lurking ia
eetion, and their I calth is tmdermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
lie blood by nn alterative medicine, and in
igorate it by healthy lood and exercise.
juch a meuicme wo supply in.
"oiiipomul Extract cf Sarsnparillii.
he most effectual, remedy which the medica'
kill of our time9can devise fur this every-
ihere prevailing at.ul fatal malady. It is com
lined from the most active remedials that have
ieen discovered for the expurgation of this foul
jsorder from the tlood, and the rescue of the
ystem from its destructive consequences,
lencc it should be employed for the cure ol
tot only Scrofula: but alsn those other afLc
ions which arise ;from it, snrh as Ertrnrn
rid Skin Diseases, St. Anthony's Iike,
losif, or I'.nYsin.As, I'imi'M's, PrsTfi.r.s,
ii.o rc iiES. 5i..MNSiandi;oi!.s,TiMO!is, Tetteh
.nd Salt Itnr.tK, Scai.d Head, Hixgwohm,
liiiu MATisM, SYPffiri.rric audJlKiiciTtiAr. Dss-
asls, Ditoi'sv, DvspursiA,, and,
adeed, am. Complaints auisino fkom Vitia-
ed or Imithe lii.ooi). Ihe popular beliel
a imvxtriiy of the blood " is founded in truth,
ar scrofula is a defeneration of the blood. The
articular purpose and virtue of this fiarsapa
illa is to purity aiid regent rate this vital fluid,
cithout which sound heal'.h is iiiijiossiLle in
ontamuutteu con.-,-ututicdi.-.
Ague Oure3
lit crmittcnt Ff ver, or Pcrcr and .Hut'.
Irinittent Fevter, t'iiiit I'tTtr, IiiiuIj
ki;iie, Perinclictil Ilcntlartie, or Ztiliou
lenelaclie, anil liiilniu l-c vers, tndecii
or tlie whole clnss of iisenses origlunt.
up in hiliary fterniifjremeiit, caiiseil !'
lie malaria oi 'iiasmutic countries.
We are enabled here io oiler the commnni! v a
emedy hich, while.- it cures the above complaint?
rith certainty, is still perfectly harmless in any
uantitj. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
ihere these aolicf-inir disorders prevail. This
Ci'HE" expels tht; miasiiiatic poison of Feveu
no Ague from tlie; system, md Tuevci-.ts the de-
elopnicnt of the disease, if taken on the first nn
iroach of its nrcmouitorv Bviutoms. It is not onU
ho best remedy ever yet Jis.-ovcrcd for t his clast
f complaints, but nlso the eliecpest. Ihe large
uantitv we supply for a dollar I rincs it within tht
each of every body.; and in bilious districts, whert ami Aoi'f: Tirevails. everv Lodv sliould
lave it and use it freely both for cure and prolcc
ion. A Krfat suponoritv of this remedy over nnj
ther ever discovered for tin- siicrdv and ccrtair
:ure of Intcrmittcntis is that it contains no Quinine
ir mineral, consequently it produces no quinism 01
ther injurious clients w hatever upon the cotmp
ion. lhose cured ny it are icic as neaiiny as i;
hey had never had the diseat e.
1- ever and Ague is not alone the conseqnence o:
he miasmatic poison. A cf cat variety of riisor
lers arise from its irritation, among vhieh ar
Xeuratgia, Iiieumetism, Gift, Headache, blind-
thache, hsiaclie, ( ctarrli, Antlitna, Fair
ntation, Painful affection cf the Spleen, llystcr-
cs. Pain
in the ISc-icels, L o.ic, Faraysis and Lie-
anacment of the Utomach, all of which, wher
iriginating in this, cause, putpn the intermittcm
tpe, or become periodical, xtiis " cuitu expen
ic poison from tht1 blood, and consequentlv curet
;hem all alike. It is an invaluable protection t
mmigrants and persons travelling or temporaril
esiding m the malnnous tnst.icts. it taKen occa
lionallv or daily wbile exposed to the infection
;hat will be excreted from tho system, and canr.o-
iccumulate in sufficient qtiantity to ripen into dis
lase. Hence it is even morn valuable lor protec
ion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter
nittents if they avail themselves of the protectioi
his remedy allords.
prepared by Dr. J. C. AYEE & CO., Lowell, Mass
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From a
Tl) A
i c'S f? r TV TC
Alive Ik Stirring.
ITebraska Herald,
l m n o i.
At the C :! . f ! ,j
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XT O II i;
Fur a v u'.c'y i f Di .
It w-.-ii 1 vi .. ! f , i (!. I,, ,. i ; . ,
tiie Kn-.isli ;t.rl Ji it.-!, l'i v-ici.-iM., mi kh - i .
Illt-Il'l.-ltii'll i: .ii . i.t,-,j j;i L.l:! --, .is. j ;
i-nuii- intu .'I liu-T.-i! I.--.
It i ifiv.-n (ii !y l'i i:vl, Ci.r i-i!,- (,,,', ,
tin- i::;ni M.. ii i, i 1 1 ? ,ta. .,t t v .1.1
l.'rctl 11, i( i'viiiais 0.- kin j ;it..
l'nr Tr la-siis :i n .1 TV n-in ,- , or V
l':. ri, Ii.-.-r.--.-s ..: ;i :..,.,.. i,i., j, if, ;,
i i:"iiTit in lu H f I ' : i,.-, ;, ;i , ! . , ... . , ,j
;ii 1 i: a ilmii-lic at f,m ;i : .,, ,...
' i rts , 1,1. -..: i. , J iu jt- , v.ti-.i !t ., n.
It i ..!..-' icf.jrniii ::.! 1 in
Dyspepsia, Chronic P.h?umat:::i.
C -.l n.o ,i; , t; m ..n .; Ii
To i :. ' tl. .- -i. ..
1 1 lull' - ' .;: i. I, . , .
tiil.. 'I i tlfl.ft Hi.-.., , i,. :
:ilt.-i-W. i- -uic 1 1 . ri. ; I
jiuv. ti s.
Cur rict,h lxJ Eloc
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j;:i:-n.s a t F.vr.i. y vfuioU t r . .
I'Ktm Infant y ; C;: i -t ,
rurl in rV t ;to of n!,;,, .a'. !.. in -u- ,
if ill 1 3' liil-J-. - ,
The Caits'-s in i.iany iiist-tnat, ..
tin, aowit.
Tin- lintki.t Iia-., hov.-i v r. u:, u.lnn.-iil)!i' r-'rn Jv :n
Fluid Extract of Dii' lnv
PhUittli j hin r.Mii'.ifjr Ho,'.', tin ;,'. r;
Sept. lo, l-;.
His Koliil HH'I Fluid F.xtrarts rrr.l i. Iy ti r i. '.
Htrer.Ktli of the iupreillm's of whi.h aren it '
Th' y are left t.j the inpertirm of all. A ready no
conclui-ive text of their proiertiia will be a cutii; ir -sun
with thohe net forth in tlie United g!;il"i Ui. :
a'ory These reroeiliei are ir.-ared by ij.T. li'-:.".
hold, a druggist of KXti rn yeais' exp rii n'-e ;a '' '
city, ami we believe lieru to be reliable; iri f..ft, ""
have ni verkuouu an artii In lacking nn r.t to !:'"'
with a peririatK nt s-11' ce.-.s, atid Mr. Helmij'-iii' uci- '
Is cirtainly prima fni .a evidence. Hi- I'ruT '
Chemical Warehouse, in the ity York,
not excelled, if rqaalcd, ,y muy in tin country,
we woul l advUo our r.iders, whci v.i-i:irifc' thatciiy
to give him a cad, aiid j'idg i ! ft' thi-i.-dve.
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