Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, September 27, 1865, Image 2

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WEDNESDAY, SEP. 27, 1865
. . Of Nemaha Comity. - ,r r
" Of Omalia. 1 ;
... For House of Representatives,
. -C-. I tXT T 4 S f TXT unoTIVT
For County Commissionjr,
D.COLE., -.- i
' ' ' For,' County Clerk, ' :'
; Far County Treasurer,
r S-DUKE. - . . :
' ' For Probate .Judge,
For Prosecuting Attornoy,
WM. R." DAVIS. ;
' . '' For Sheriff, ''
For Countv Surveyor,
For Coroner,
- In accordance with the published call
of the Coutujf Union Central Commit
tee, delegates representing the Union
voters of the varjous preciacts in Cass
county, assembled at the Court House,
in Plattsmouth, on the 25th inst., at 1
o'clock, P. M.
On motion, Dr. G. H. Black was
called to the chair, and II. D. Hath
away chosen Secretary. '
On motion, the following resolutions,
passed by the Territorial Union Con
vention, were adopted as the platform
of this convention : .
Waereas, Since the last meeting of
the Union party of this Territory, a great
party victory has been obtained in or
Delegate election, nnd a period has been
put to the active military power of the
Slaveholders' Rebellion. . We therefore
re-affirm that, na lovers of the Constitu
tion and Laws, and to preserve the Un
ion, we formed :this political organiza
tion; 'and for the maintenance and pres
ervation of .' the same we invite and
-solicit the active co-operation of all
loyal citizens, . And
t Whereas, The policy of our martyred
President was indicated and developed
by the necessities of the work as it pro-
gvowfaod, wi now attest tho wisdom -wliih
caused him devotedly to work and pa
tiently to wait. And
WHKRKAS,'The great and arduous work
'of reconstruction in the hands of bis suc
cessor and Congress is as new and ' un
precedented in this nation as .was the
war which proceeded it, therefcyre
. Resolved, That we - have unqualified
confidence in, and fully endorso the pol
icy and patriotism of Andrew Johnson,
President of the United States, and we
await the development of the reconstruc
tion of the Union,, confidently believing
that through his counsels and the legis
lative wisdom of the loyal people, justice
will be done, the laws vindicated, and
the Constitution and the Union preserved.
Resolved, That all the benefits accruing
from the' sacrifice of precious life and
the expenditure of treasure, can only be
secured by elevating to office the devot
edly loyal, and carefully excluding from
office the disloyal.
" Resolved, That we are proud of the
soldiers of Nebraska, who, by years of
patient toil and sacrifice, have aided in
sustaining the national life and honor,
and upholding the Constitution and the
laws, and that they are entitled to the
gratitude, aid and assistance of all lov
ers of the Union, and to imperishable
and undying honors.
Resolved, That in the election of Ter
ritorial and County officers, we invite
the earnest and hearty co-operation of
all loyal men, without regard to former
party affiliations, and welcome them to
our organization.
On motion, the Convention proceeded
to the selection of candidates to be sup
ported at the coming election, which
resulted as follows:
For Representatives S. Maxwell,
Wo. F. Chapin, Jos. Arnold and Beirj.
For County Treasurer S. Duke.
For County Clerk B. Spurlock.
c i For Probate Judge J. W. Marshall.
For Prosecuting Attorney "Vm. R.
For County Commissioner D.Colo.
For SheriflT Andrew B. Taylor.
.For County Surveyor G. W. Fair
field. . .:. ..;--. ; '
For Coroner Samuel Chapratn.
On motion, Messrs. J. W. Marshall,
Win. R. Davis, S. M. Kirkpatrick, A.
Carmichael, Dennis Dean, Daniel
Smith, N. G. Douge, J. T. A. Hoover,
.Joel Parcel, Samuel Richardson, Dan'l
Sweeney, ' W. S. Latta, and H. D.
Hathaway,' were elected as a County
Central Cocsmitiee for - the ensuing
.year; and": ., t7" .
On motion, J.vW. Marshall was
elected Chairman' of said Committee.
... On motion, the following resolutions
were unanimously adopted :
Wherxas? We have heard cf the
following report being in circulation, to
wit : that -the petition for the mustering
out of the Nebraska First.rwhich" was
prepared by gbod and Icyal men; and
by thera extensively signed, has been
so changed that the said petition asked
that the said regiment be retained in
the service to fight the Indians, there
fore, Resolvtd, That we, the Union men
of CWssxotrmyJn convention assembled,
believe the said report to be entirely
false, "and gotten up as an electioneer
ing ruse, i vx- i; ' -:"
..Resolved-' That ,thes said regiment,
having fdbght with marked distinction
throughout the great struggle for our
national life, theperiod forrwhich they
enlisted, it becomes the imperative duty
of the General Government to imme
diately muster them out of the service.
On motion, the Convention adjourned.
G. II. BLACK, Ch'm.
. IlsDw Hatha way, Sec'yi
u ocu ticket;
; We present o J the voters 'bt Cass
county the ticket' as .selectedJby :the
convention on. Monday last, with the
firm belief that every man named will
be elected on the tenth of next month.
They are all rnen weir known in this
county, and1 all that is necessary , to se
cure their election by an overwhelming
majority, is for their friends to stand
by them, and see that none of the tricks
for which the .opposition, are so noted
are played during the campaign. Let
every Union man 'consider that the
success of the ticket depends upon his
individual efforts, and we have no fears
as to the result. The Legislative ticket
is composed of intelligent farmers, who
are identified with the interests of this
county, and who know the difference
between a law that will be beneficial to
the mass of the people, and one that
will only benefit the few. The candi
dates for Treasurer and Clerk are men
who have been tried by the people, and
the verdict that will be rendered on the
tenth of next month will be "well dona,
good and faithful servants." When
they took possession of the offices they
now hold, the county was some thou
sands of dollars in debt, and .county
warrants were only worth about thirty
cents on the dollar; but, owing mainly
to their efforts, the county is now almost
entirely free from debt, and warrants
are worth dollar for dollar with green
backs. What better argument can be
produced in favor of their re-election.
The candidate for Sheriff is a man
known to every, citizen of the county,
and one in every way qualified for the
office. Our citizens have, in days past,
had an opportunity of seeing what he
was. when work was to be done, and
we will guarantee. that our farmers can
sleep soundly, even if their stable doors
are'hot barred, when they know that
Andy Taylor has the authority to chase
Horse thieves, v. i
We have not the space to speak sep
arately, at the present time, of all the
candidates, but would say that they are
all good and true men, qualified for the
various offices, and, above all, are true
to the Government. None of them ever
assisted ia mobbing the soldiers of the
Uhion, nor were they ever guilty, of
supporting a ticket; that endorsed : that
kind of procedure. ;
It is said, and that truly, that
"politics makes strange bedfellows."
Twelve months jigo the Copperheads
in this Territory were denouncing every
soldier of the Union as a "Lincoln hire
ling," and such other abusive epithets
as they could find in the vocabulary; at
the" same time one Lieut. Seaton, a
member of the Nebraska First, was
denouncing them, and that with a good
deal of "vim, as traitors, &c. At the
Territorial Snake Show, held in this
city on the 21st inst-, these same Cop
perheads placed this same Lieut. Sea
ton in nomination for the office of Ter
ritorial Auditor. We could expect
nothing else from the Cops., as their
only chance for success is to "honey"
the soldiers, whose utter contempt they
have so well earned; but we are at a
loss - to understand what has wrought
sufficient change in the views of Lieut.
Seaton toward this party as to enable
him to accept (which he has not yet
done) a nomination at their hands.
JK5. We see it stated. in the Ne
braska City J"cws that the resolutions
of the Copperhead convention, held in
this city on Thursday last, were adopt
ed without a dissenting voice. This is
rather tough on Mr. H. D. Johnson,
who, weL understand, bitterly "opposed
the adoption of a portion of them. But
such men as Johnson have no business
to set up their judgment in opposition to
that of the "Grand Commander," and
he should have known that his puny
efforts . toward . effecting any : change
after the worthy "G. C." had pronounc
ed them sound would be of no avail.
Does not Mr. Johnson know by this
time that the ' rule in the Copperhead
ranks is for some to. lead and the others
to follow submissively, without question
ing the superior judgment of those
who are placed in power in the "order
The hop crop m Wisconsin
this year is unprecedented. . A very
low estimate places its value at two
millions. - In the vicinity of- KUbourn
City $750,000 worth have already been
contracted for. -'
In presenting a ticket to the people
for their suffrage, it is customary to
place the representative man of the
party in nomination f or the highest po
sition. The so-called Democracy of
this county, after due consideration and
discussion, have hoisted the name of J.
I. Earley as a candidate for Council
man, for the purpose of contesting the
seat of Hon. J. W. Chapman. In do
ing this, they unqualifiedly proclaim
Mr. Earley "to be the best exponent of
their political views to be found in the
county. Let us, for a moment, glance
at these views, as Let forth by this
champion, and ascertain what are the
real sentiments of the leaders of the
party. Mfcl Earley proclaimed;: in .a
public speech at Nebraska CityV last
fall. that he looked upon Abraham Lin
coln as a tyrant and usurper of power,
and denounced the Union soldiers as
robbers, thieves and murderers; - He
also said publicly that he assisted in the
notorious Baltimore mob, and that he
would yet assist n hanging Abraham
Lincoln. This, and much more of the
same kind of talk, is already known to
most people in Cass county, and there
are plenty of truthful witnesses to these
facts to be found here in Plattsmouth,
should any one have doubts upon the
subject; and yety iff the faee of all this,
the Democracy"' pt Cass county have
seen fit, in their great wisdom, to choose
this man of all others, as their standard
bearer during the present campaign.
'Now, we would ask the honest Dem
ocrat, who professes a love for the
Union, and claims to have been in fa
vor of suppressing the rebellion, do you
endorse this man? Do you endorse the
Democratic doctrines he has enunciated?
Do you endorse the party that chooses
this kind of man for their champion,
and consequently approve the views he
entertains on political questions? We
apprehend there is too much loyalty in
the breasts of many who even yet claim
to be Democrats, to allow them to act
with men who so boldly denounce those
,who have offered their lives as a will
ing sacrifice for the defence of our
Government. Opposition to the war
has been the main, and almost only,
feature" of 'the so-called Democratic
party for the past four years; yet there
are many who have worked with them,
even in this locality, who would scorn
to sanction the dortrirtes of Mr. Earley,
and have too much patriotism and self
respect to. work .: in i conjunction with
those who would place : him as their
We do not think it necessary to en
large upon this subject, for the reason
that the facts in the case are patent to
every voter in Cass county; yet we
would say that every vote polled for the
ticket of which Mr. Earley is the rep
resentative man, is a vote endorsing
the Baltimore mob, where the unarmed
soldiers of the Uflibn were set upon
and killed by a band of ruffians, merely
because they were Union soldiers; and
it is a vote endorsing the assertion that
President ' Lincoln was a tyrant and
usurper of power, and that our soldiers
were, robbers, thieves and murderers.
We. apprehend that too many hearth
stones have been made desolate by
rebel bullets, and too many of our
friends sent home with mutilated limbs
and emaciated forms, for the people of
Cass county to give, their votes toward
sustaining men and views that weie the
very vitality of the rebellion, and as
sisted in prolonging the war which has
taken some member from almost every
fire-side in the land. Think of this,
honest Democrats, and ask yourselves
without prejudice in your minds, wheth
er you can endorse this kind of doctrine.
It is a mystery to us how any
man who has been in the service of the
United States during the late war, can
support, or accept a nomination for of
fice at the hands of the party that has
vilified and abused the soldiers indis
criminately ever since the commence
ment of the rebellion. We can see
but one solution of the mystery, and
that is that such men went into the ser
vice for the purpose of selling tobacco
to their companions . in arms at fifty
cents a chew, or some other similar mo
tive, as did a certain would-be officer
not a hundred miles from . this city.
Spot them, boys in blue.
ST" How is it that the Sham-Democracy
pretend to endorse the admin
istration of Andrew Jobnson, and in
the same breath denounce his represen
tatives, en masse, in ' this part of the
country. Are not the officials in this
Territory men of Mr. Johnson's own
choosing ?
KEx.Governo"r--Tod, of Ohio,
recently declared that the .Democratic
party of Ohio couldn't be trusted. If
it was : an : power, the national debt
would be in danger of repudiation, un
less linked with the rebel debt; national
securities would decline, and justice
would not "be done the soldier or the
soldier's wives and widows; consequent
ly it was duty of every patriot to tand
by the Union party. r ''
A strenuous effort "is being made by
the "failure" party to convince the
soldiers of the Nebraska First thai
some Republican so altered a petition
sent from this place for the purpose of
obtaining their discharge, as to make it
appear that it was for the purpose of
retaining them in the service. Now
this whole thing is so sublimely ridicu
lous, that we are at a loss to know what
to think of it. That these men, who
have cursed the soldiers incessantly for
the past five years, and who now head
their ticket with a man who boasts of
having assisted in the Baltimore mob,
should, become so suddenly the champi
ons of the rights of the soldiers, is cer
tainly beyond our comprehension, and
must awaken ' strange feelings in the
breasts of the men who have, so long
withstood their curses in conjunction
with rebel ballets. But to speak in
plain terms, we feel safe in branding
the thing as an, infamous falsehood,
concocted for electioneering purposes.
Why did not the Copperheads
endorse Andrew Johnson in as strong
terms one year ago as they do now?
Was he ' ot the same "Champion of
Democracy then that he is .now 1 The
reason is plain to us ; they thought at
that time they could be of re ore service
to the rebels by opposing Mr. John
son's policy. Now they see no chance
of being serviceable to them except
they can sUal President Johnson, (char
acteristic of the party,) as they have
failed in their resort to arms, and are
now entirely dependant on his mercy.
EfsF" Developments so .far prove
beyond the shadow of, a doubt that the
policy of the Copperhead party, should
they obtain the power, is to either re
pudiate the National Debt, or make the
payment of the Confederate Debt the
alternative. Do the people of Nebraska
propose to indorse this policy? If they
do, they have only to vote the Copper
head ticket this fait. If not, they can
so express , themselves by voting the
Union ticket.
The Copperhead party in this
county have placed themselves square
upon the isue. They do not go around
the bush, but come out boldly, and. place
at the head of their ticket an open and
avowed secessionist one who boasts of
having assisted in mobbing the Union
soldiers in Baltimore, and Las express
ed hjmself desirous of assisting to hang
Abraham Lincoln, but was prevented
by the act of a co-worker in the cause
of treason in the per: on of, J. .Wilkes
357-. Let every Union loving man
watch well the polls on election day.
There will undoubtedly be a large num
ber of illegal votes offered, and it will
be for the Union men of the county to
see that they are not placed in the ballot-box.
There is an oath prescribed
by law. and a set of questions laid
down, which every doubtful man should
be compelled to answer before: his vote
is accepted ; then, if it should be proven
that he swore falsely in any manner,
there is a Territorial , law that will
reach him. .- . .' ,r '
Plattsmouth, Sept. 25ih, '65.
Ma. Editor :
It used to be said that the Democratic
party was a party of seven principles,
viz : The five loaves and the two fiihes;
but recently, in their terror lest the ir
repressible African should distance
them in the race for respectability, they
have added another, and made it a test
of Democratic faith that the Negro
shall not be adjudged to be equal in all
respects to a Copperhead Democrat.
Now, that distinguished Democrat, Ro
ry O'More, long since enunciated thai
there was "Luck in odd numbers," and
for the purpose of securing it, conferred
an extra kis? upon his ladylove in spite
of her protestations and reiterated re
quests that he would "be aisy." Now,
sir, as long as no decent roan has ever
been found to assert that a loyal black
man was not more than equal in value
to his country to a Copperhead traitor,
there seems to be but little chance for
an argument on this eighth but unlucky
But seriously, what is the use of the
Cops, afflicting themselves so much on
this dark question. No one, as far as
heard from, contemplates any change
in the' organic law of this Territory in
regard to suffrage, but on the contrary.
I believe the thinking men of all par
ties are becoming daily more and more
convinced that some scheme of Coloni
zation must and will be devised where
by the Negro can be got out of. the
country, and so cease to be an element
in politics. I believe, sir, that one-half
the time and breath expended annually
on the question of the status of the
Negro in this country, with an amount
of money equal to the expense of one
month of war or one year military
occupation of the South, would satisfac
torily adjust this whole matter,
i - ; j.. Jcnics.
Settlers vs. Indians.
The Sioux Cky Journal learns tht
the settlers of Union county, Dakota,
in view of the recent troubles caused
by Indians, have notified all the friend
ly Indians living in the county to take
themselves away. If they do so with
in a reasonable time, well and good, if
not, the settlers say there will be no
Indians to take away. This is the only
safe policy for the whites, and perfect
ly justifiable under the circumstances.
gg- An intelligent Democrat in this
city was 7 asked a few days since how
they would manage to do the business
of the different offices, provided their
ticket should , be elected. His reply
was that most of the officers would
have to. appoint deputies. Would it a good idea to elect men who
are known to be competent officers?
We think the voters will so decide it.
A "Constitutional Democrat'
was parading our streets a few days
since, eulogizing John Morgan in as
high terms as h"s whisky-loving soul
was capable of. This is the sentiment of
the party, notwithstanding they try to
make the soldiers believe they are their
friends. -
The Exn of All Things. One
Capt. Baker of the Royalj Bombay
Engineers, has been casting the world's
horoscope, which he finds terminates in
a grand final smash up in the year
1878. The day of judgment is fixed
for September 20th, 1878, the hour
sunset, the Translation of the Saints
having -previously taken place at one
o'clock in the morning, on the 25th of
January, 1875. This programme is
printed in an elaborate volume just pub
lished in England, entitled, "The Day
and the Hour; or Notes on Prophecy; a
Sketch of the Future, extracted from
the Bible."
Gen. Cortinas has taken up his
residence at Brownsville, Texas, where
he owns a small house. He stated re
cently that the United States could not
be permanently at peace with Mexico,
unless republican institutions were again
to prevail in that country. '
So far as accurate computation
is yet possible, from the. records of the
War Department, it appears that the
number of deaths in the armies of the
Union, from the commencement of the
war, from the casualties of battle, from
disease contracted in the line of duty,
and from deliberate starvation by rebel
jailors, amounts to three hundred and
twenty five thousand. '
B? The Massachusetts papers an
nounce the death, on September 2d, at
Marshfield, of Daniel Webster, aged
twenty-five years. He was the grand
son of the statesman whose name he
inherited; and was the eldest child of
Col.' Fletcher Webster, who was killed
in battle in Virginia in 1862. . ,
Pittsburgh is a queer place.
The other day three men went into a
lager-beer saloon, and two commenced
catching all the flies therein, while the
third ate the insects as fast as caught,
on a bet that he could eat them quicker
than his companions could catch them.
They were arrested and fined $5 for
the fun.
' A Southern female refugee at
Memphis, who bad only the poor calico
dress she wore upon her back, drew
upon the : sympathies of a benevolent
gentleman who raised $15 and gave it
to her. She at once went to a dry
goods store and paid S13 for a lace
collar. How like a woman !
Sf An old lady who had lost one
son in battle, one murdered at Ander
sonville, and another rendered hope
lessly insane by his cruel treatment in
that prison pen, made a furious attack
on Werz lately, while he was being
removed from the court room to his
prison cell, and was with difficulty re
strained by the guard from inflicting
severe injuries upon him.
ggy Oysters are to be very plenty
this season, and the reason is, that
along the shores of Virginia are vast
bed of the bivalves that have lain un
disturbed during the last four years,
with nothing else to do but grow large
and get fat.
FmrnDS or the Soldiers. How
wonderfully sweet the Democracy are
on the soldiers! How long is it since
these same gentlemen sneered at the
brave defenders of the Old Flag as
"Lincoln's hirelings?"
Some one gives this cogent
advice to bachelors; "Be sure to annex
a woman who will lift you up, instead
of pushing you down in mercantile
phrase, get hold of a piece of calico
that will wash."
BST Gov. Murphy, of Arkansas,
has directed an election for members of
Congress to be held on the 9ih of Oc
tober. 'There are three districts in the
Will b at the Post Offlo la PUtlrmoutb , 1 ose
o'clock every day, except Saadari, tut the piirpoa of
receiving order lor good Ireiu
Which will b delivered in PlatUmeath aaont the
lit of Jbuary, 1S66 Kuch orchar will ha far
aUhed with printed direction ia fall for germlnat
tag the aeed, planting, cultivating and training the
bed Be.
WM. S. WKST It aleo eollelting orders for Apple,
trees and Dwarf Apples, Pear-trees and Dwarf Pun,
Quinces, Peaches, plums. Apricots, Nectarine,, Cher
ries, Grapes, Ooostbvrrlea, Cnrraots, Blackberries,
White Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and
everything from Big Apples to Little Berrie.
Ornamental Trees, Kvergreeas, Rosea of ait colors.
Honeysuckles, Lilacs, Snowballs, Flowering Almond,
and all varieties ef Hursory plants desirable in the
latitude of Plattsmoath, which will be ready for do
livery on the 1st of April, 1P6S. sep24
Osage Orange Seed !
One of our firm Is now la Texas, giving" bis per
sooal attention to the
and we will
Warrant them Fresh and Sound.
We expect the seed here ready to fill ordtrs
JCjWarrants a cure or no py.-S Office at the
store of Howe i Thatcher,
Sept. 12, '66.
MAarrACTcaxa or ih dialib m
Saddles and Harness,
Combs, Spurs, Lathes, Whips, cf-e. ;
Main Street,
New Periodical Store!
A. K. WHITE &. CO.
A fall assortment of
Always on bapd.
Latest Eastern- Papers and Periodicals
received daily.
tWAl oroVrs promptly Slled.-S'
Big" Apple-Trees
To suit puvchasers,
All desirable kinds of Fruit, Flowers. Oramental
Trees, Shrubbery, EverKreena, ore., win be ready for
delivering in Plattsmouth as ealy as the 1st of April
lt6S, Orders received Dv WM. 8. WEST.
ept 12 tf
I will sell aa assorted lot of Dry-Goortu, consistinr
of Glottis, Ci-liooe', D lant, Borages, Mosnuibi(uea.
Uil rrint sua tioii! Band Window Mj1h, Ked Flan
nel, including nearly every thing kept in a retail
store. Commenciuir this day and continue unt'l all
is sold. F. S. WU1TB. Auctionesr.
Platinmooth. Sept. 2d,
For Sale by
Wm. S. WEST-
Legal Notice.
Nicholas M. ware, Complainant,
James Scott, Respondent
The above named James F. Scott is heieliv notified
that said Nicholas M Ware did, on the Stb day of
August, file In the District Court siitlDR in Chancerv
In and for Cass County, Second Judicial District of
NebrsKka Territory, bis petition, claiming the sum
of $2d0.00 with ioterest at the ra ee f five per cent.
per month from the 23th day of July 160, as due
iroin aaia responaeni 10 said complainant on a cer
tain promissory note heretsfore irivrn h v main res
pondent to said'complainant.and settinKfa-th further
mat toe payment or said note was (scared Iry deed
of trust upon south-fast quarter of sretion number
fifteen (15) in township number ten (10) north in
range n-imber twelve (12) east, Iviog in said countv
of Cass and Territory of Xebraska, and praying that
said land may be sold according to law and. the pro
ceeds at plied to the payment of said j
Ana said respondent is Hereby furl ber notified to
be and appear before said court on or before Monday
the 25th day of September A. D 165, and plead, an
swer or demur to said bill, or the same will beta
ken pro eoneuo, and decree rendered accordingly.
uatea August ma, isoo.
s. h. CAi-norw,
Sol. for Coinp't,
Klljsh Gibbs, William Oibba, Jefferson B. Glbbs.
AnnGibbs. Hlmbeth Pearman, and Wiles F. Pear-
man, defendants, will take notice that Anthony B.
Cowen did, on the 21st day of August, A. D. ltiS,
file his prtitiou m ihe District C"ur t of 2d Judicial
DiHtnct within and for Can county N. T., againstttie
said defendants, setting forth that one Lewis w.
Giblm, on the 1st day of November 1663. sold unto
Anthony II. Cowen the following real eatate. to-wii:
The undivided one balf (1-2) of
l,oi .o. rjve lot ia diock ao, lortv Uiree (43) in the
city of Plattsmouth, Cass county N. T., f or the sum
or ntni'ty-tnree dolUra in hand paid to Daid Gibbs,
ana uocer ain contract said uowen took posseHHiuu
and now holds peaceable possession of said premises.
That since said sale the said Lewis W. Gibbs has
died, leaving defendants as his lawful heirs And
praying that said defendants te required to make a
de'd for said premises to the faid Antbony B. Cowen:
and in default thereof that M aster in Chancerv of
this court be required to make the ssme. And that
the said defendants are hereby notified thtt they are
required to appear and answer said petition oner
before the 2d day of October, A. D . 1 365, or a decree
will be rendered againat them as prayed for.
Dated Aug. 21, 1665,
T. M. M k rqcett. Sol. for Couip't.
Notice is hereby given that Mrs. J. B. Garrison
baa made application to the Probate Court of Cass
couniy, Nebraska, to have Benjamin Albia appainted
Administrator of the Estato of Thomas J. Nichols.
late of Cam oust, deceased. The CouTt-therefore
Thursday, the 2st day of Septcmler, 1&65,
at 2 o'clock P. M-, for hearing said application, at
which time persons Interested can appear.
Witness my band and seal of office this 2Gth day
oi August, I9O0.
tL.. . J. W. MARSHALL,
' Probate Judge.
Legal Notice.
James Bowm-a will take notice that Sarah L. Toe
and isaaj coe aia, on tne 22l day of Aarust A. D.
1865, file their petiOsn in the District Court of d
Judicial District of Nebraska, within and for Cass
connty, S. T , againt the said James fkxrman de
fendant, setting (brib that the said defendant gave
a mortgage to the said 8arah L. Coe, on the south
half of the sooth-east quarter of sectisa one (I) In
township number twelve (li) oo-th of range twelve
(13) eaaf of the 6tn P. al , in said county of Cass. JJ
T., to secure tne payment of one hundred and forty
dollars, accerding to a certain note referred te in
said mortgasw, and praying that said premises may
besoldtopay the ssme; and that the said James
Bowman is hereby notified that be is required to ap
pear and answer said petition oa or before the 8d day
of October, A. D. 155. or judgment will be rendered
against you as prayed for- 8AAH L. CUB,
Dated Aug 2. 1865. ISAAC COK.
T. M. M ARvnT, Sol. for Cora't.
notice is hereby given that there will b sold at
public sale, on aiz inonthe credit, the prrMwal prope
ty of the estate of Wiley Jones, deceased, consisting
of Cauls, Dories, Farming Utensils, fcc, at his late
residence in Cass county, on Saturday, September
sag 26, w3 Administrator,-.
Iron, Steel, IVuil
Tfie largest stock of
West of the Missouri River. Alio a
general stock of
Thimble Skeins,
Blacksmiths' Tools,
Burden's Horse & Mule Shofi
Ox Shoes,
Ox Yoke and Bows
Chains, Shovels,
Spades, Axes,
Carriage Bolts,
Nuts and "Washeri,
Agricult'l implements,
For sale
Warehouse on Farnham St., let. 14ih
and 15ih Sts.,
OMAHA, - - NT-
5f rdtrs solicited, stolen will rectlve pronpi
alien tion.
Sept. 1S,.IH3'
Sheriffs Sale,
I By virtue of an execution Issued out f Ike Dittrki
O .urt r lti l?d Jtliiti lml Dlatrirt wit, In and for lb.
county of Cass and Territory of Nebraska, la a tut
wherein Janies Peebles is PIsintilTand Knus Will
iams is Defendant, and tome dirrctdd. 1 havs letlfi
upon, and wi.l sell at public auction to Hie hiKl4 I
and best bidder, for cash, in front ef ILsCourt Uumi
In PUUtsmouth, in said oounty of Cass, en tin
Zth day of October, lG.l,
at 12 o'clock jo. of said day, Ihe follow log dewritri
real estate, to. wit
Lot seven (7) in block thirty. five (35, s!o I t
eight 8 iu U.k tLirtr-.lx (36); all of said l.ut
ing aituated in the City of PlatunHintb, Cm csud'7,
Nebraska Territory.
Taken as thepiopsrty of Enos William,. ,M.I de
fendant, to satisfy a Judgement in favor of James
Peebles. p. p. (JAbf, bber.t.
chcrifra Office, Sept. 5tb, 18S5.
Joseph P.oacb, )
vs. J.
Solon M. Johnson, )
V . . I 1 I I - 1 1 .
jum J,.imii.i. i- in quants.;.
William J. Armstrong,
John L. Armstrong,
Sarah Armstrong, his wife.
in pursaanre, and by virlaa of a decretal ori'r
fo me directed from the office of tlie Cleik of in
District Court of the ifod Judicial District, In sW
for Cass County, Nebraska Terrltnrv. bearing dii
on the IWth day of December. 110. beinv tba
jour aed October term of said Court, I. tbesuberriM
si aster in unancery ror aald Court, will sell, at V
lie vendue for cash, to the highest and best b.'dJ".
In front of the Court House Iju flattsmeutb, M. T ,
Saturday, the 2Zd day of September, 1355,
at 11 o'clock A. M , the following described R:
Estate to wit:
The west half (I-,;) of the sonth weal quarter W,
and the west half (1-2) or the notth westqoartn (I 41
of section number thirty-four (31) ia lowijitup
brr ten (10) nerth of range tianitwr twelve (11) t
of the CUi 1'. M., In Cass County, Nebraska Territo
ry; Together, with all and singular the iniprsvmen'i
hereditaments or appurtenances tbereou, or tberro
belonging or in aiijrtr!e sppertalning. to he sold st
the property of the dsfcndent in th,- abots (suae,
toa.t!fy said decree, the amount of srMrh, it
fM4 33, and interest from the date of said decret,
and cost of suit and f.'le.
PluUsBiouth, Nebraska, Angast 24. I(.
Msster in Cbancerr.
SWrrT tt CaLhobv, Sols, for Coosp't.
KiraT. Fish,
In Cliaocery,
Unknown beirs of Robert Buchanan,
In pursuance and
by virtue of a dcretl orsVr to tne dln-ctoc from it
office of the C erk of the District Court, 2d Judical
Dirtrict in and for Cass county, Xebraska Territory,
made In the above cause, and bearrng dats oo tti
14th day of April 1S6S, beiug the A pn 1 terns of s
court, I, the subscriber, Master in C'haasery .rmil
court, will sell at public vendue, tsr cssb. to Us
highest and best bidder, in frotit of the Court IXuas
In Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on
Saturday, September 23 J, 1865,
at 10 o'clock a. m., the following uesctibed real e
tate, tc wit
The south-west qusrter(l-4) of the north east qasr
ter (l-4 and the north west quarter (1-4) of the soo'.b
oast quarter (1-4) and the north east quarier (l-
of the south west quarter (1-4) and the south eat
quarter (1-4) of the north west quarter (1-4) of set
tion number twenty six (26) In township number
eleven (li) north sfrange number twelve (12; eatol
the 6th P. At., In Cass connty Jtsbraska Territory,
and cobtsUingonehundred and sixty acres.
Together with all and singular the ltnproveiueati.
hereditaments or appnrtcaaaees thereon or the-eco
belonging crln anywise appertaining; to be soli ss
the property of the defendants in the above cauej '
sat ixry surd d.-eree, the amount ul whith la
and interest from (be riate of aald decree, ssd co
of suit sud sale..
Plattsioouth, Nebraska , August 83, 165.
f. H. DO3RlNT0!
Master in Chancery.
T. M. MaaQCSTT, 8ol. lorComn't.
Xotice ia hereby given that Heurv C. Havde'd has
this day filed two claims against the estate ul George
usyneia, deceased, as follows, to-wit:
One account for services rendered, amounting t'
A90.S; and ene el aim for eleven bead of cattle ap-
prcoriated by the sa id Ma vOeld and sold by the Ad
ministrator of aald estate tor one hundred and seven-ty-two
dollars and Ofty cents; which sum, with !
terest, the said May fie Id now claims.
The (wOnrt therefore appoints
Wednesday, the 20th day of Sept., 1865,
at 1 o'clock P. M., for bearing said claims, at wbica
time all persons Interested can appear.
witness my hind ana seal or omce,
of A "g ist, ISM.
. j. w. u Ansa alu
Probate Ju-a;-