Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, August 23, 1865, Image 4

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And fortheiieedy cure of the foIloinjr coniidr.intK
9croftiln nnrl Mcrof-iloM .1 lfrr;on, mill
ni 'I'linor. t'lcrr, Korc, J .'ru j'riivn
Iiruil-, IuImI-. tllolr, ItoiW
Itlruux, and nil M!iin liBmi'. -
' - Oaklasb. Iml.,fth Jinir. lflSt. -j.
C. AYKlt fc Co. j.'iits: 1 f--l it my duty to no
tnowlfur v iit.t vour Sarfavniriiia lus iione tor me?
Having iiiheriTil a Scrofulous intVstion, I havi
MitTereil from it in vnriom way tor years. Some
rimes t burst out in Clcoraon mv hniuls and arms
loinct lines it turned inward and itii-tn-sscd me at tin
stomach. Two years no jt broke out on my heat
lnd covered nv fculp anil ears with one sore, whicl
was painful hi d loathsome beyond ilesci iption. i
liatl.tuauy. Hiediciue and several lL) sioiain', bu .
irittmut much rt li :f lrom any thing, in fret, tl,t
iisorrler f rrw wore. At lenith I wa rejoiced tt
read ill tliu Ciospel Alestenger titat you lnd preparole
irl alterative ( Sar-aporilla), for I knew li om youi
reputation that anything you made must ba j.notl
I Kent to Cincinnati aud j;ot and used, it till i'
lureil me. I took it, as you advise, in small do.-es ol
teaspoon 1'tjl over a month, and usee almost tlire
bottler. f.'v.nU litaltliv (-kin !. ba-'a'J trfljjt
under tlie scab, vli:ch"aher a wMlc I'ertfR" MV
ikin is now c!-:i, and I kjiow by my ti.e!i;i;.'s tha'
tlie dii'ne lir:S pine from my system. Yon ea-n we I
believe that J leel what 1 am saying whon I toll o-.t
that I hold yon to be one of the jj)Ost:es of the ajje
tit. Anllionv'ji Firr. l-r? or Eryipda
'IVl'cr nixl fiU IJh-tmi, MillJ C2e:n
Hint; worm, Harr Siym, Bropy.
lr. Unbert 1. Treble writes irinn .Salom, X. Y.
12l!i Sept.. that be lias cured an iuvetrrnM
ca-e. of .Vvji, which tUreatuued to terminus i-x
tally, by the persevering us of ohr 8ai:.pHii;!a
and also a dan-rons Malignant Frysipela by lari
doses of the same; says he cures the common Krujf
Hons by it constantly.
rirvarhocrlrv f7oitr or twJlcd IScrfc.
ZehuliTn .oaii, of Vrox tt. Tf 3a, writt:--.T;re
bottles of your Sarsurianlhi cured me from a t-oitr,
a hideous s welling on the neck, which 1 had but
lercd from over two ears.''
Ieurorrbmi or Vbi?r. Ornrinn Tumor
L'leviae rlormlia, fi;tlr li-e;ic.
Ir. .1. 11 is. ( iianiiihg. of ew York City, w rites
44 1 most chci-rluilv comjilv with the request of you
agent in M;ii:g I have found your Sarsaparii'a t
most excellent alterative in the numerous com
plaints ); -which we empjosuch m remedy, bu
t s;ecia'.tjr'hr 'Female Jtiseasrs of the Scroi'u'.oui
tiiathepis. I have cured many inveterate cases ol
I.eucorrhcca by it, and Koine where the complaiu'
was caused by ulcertiio of the inVrtia. The uicer
alioii itself was soon cured. Xuthing within in)
knowledge equals it for these female derangements.'
Kdwaril 3.- Harrow, of Newbury, Ala., wrft'M"
" p;wi:i.iaus oc wi&ii tumor on one of the temuiet
Inwiiv tainily, whicli had delicti all the remedies w
oould employ, has at length been completely curec
b- vour Kxtract of .Sarsajiarilla. ur pliyciciat
IhoilMit rothing but extiniutiou could ail'ord relief
but he ad istf the trial oftyour Sannparilla as tin
last resort before cutting, and it proved etllctual
Alter ta'.ing your remody eight week no syiuptoa
of the diseu&e remains."
Wypkilur uI fcrrtirinl Iirne
Jit' ')ltLEAS', 2r"ih AllSUSt,
Dr. J. C AYi:a: s-ir, 1 cheerfully comjily witt
the reijueM of vour agent, raid rrport to you soim
ct the etlects I have realized with your Sarsapurilia
I iia-i'nru with it. iii uiv pmrtice. niot of th
coinplaimi tr which it is Teooiuriended, mid ba
found its eliiets truly wonderful in the cure ol
t'tnnreal and Mercurial brimse. tine of my pa
tieiits had .S pliiii;ic ulcers in liis throat, which' wen
consuming Lis palate and the top of his mouth
Your bar:-a pa rill a steadily taken cured him in fiv
weeks Another was attacked by secondary symp
torn? in his nose, and the ulceration had eaten away
a considerable part of it, so that I believe the 013
order would toon reach his brain and kill him. Ilui
it yielded to my administration of your sjarsaparilli
the nicer healed, aud lie is well again, not ot cours
witliont some disiigiiration to his lace. A womai
who had been treated lortlie same disorder by mer
rury was snlll-ring from this poisou in her bones
j'hey Irid Ix-come so wriitive fotfie weather that ot
a (hinij) day she mle'red excruciating pain in hei
i jints and She, too, was cured entirely bj
i cir .Sarsapai jila iu a few weuks. 1 know from iti
j'oi inula, which, your agent gave nie, that thii
I'lepa'-aiion lrom your laboratory must be u grea
Tim dy: consequently, these truly rciuarkable re
: itli it have not surprised me.
i laleriialJy yours, O. V. I.AISIM EK, 31. D.
r:!teainalini, CSont, f.irrr Coiuplninf.
lii-Ei'mUESin, I'reston Co., Va., tit li Julv, lfJ3
Dr. J. C Aykr: Sir, I have been afflicted' with 1
Eaint'ul chronie .Vi. Htnati.ini tor a long time, nhicl
affled the skill of pliysieians, and stuck to mc ii
spite of all the remedies 1 could find, until I trief
your Sarsaparilla. One bottle etireil me in twt
weeks, aud restored my peneral health so mucl
tl';;t 1 am far better than before I was attacked. '.
think it a wonderful medicine. J. FlitAil
Jules Y. (tetchell. of St. Louis, writes: "I liavi
beei. Klllicteo lor years with an arftctinn of the Liver
wl.ieii oesi roved inv health. I tried everything
aud everything tailed to relieve m; and I havi
been a broken-down man for some years from ri :
other cans tiian tlsr'twjement qf the Lirrr. M3
beloved ustor, the Hi'v Mr. Kspr. advised me t
try vuur:uatar3Iii, Ix'causo he ikid he knew yu
aud anVtliiiig vou made was worth trvinv. Uj
bie-i.ii. ,4 uromi 11 lias Liiini me, a.i.l has so 1 uriliec
mv blood as to made a new ina of me. I feel youti
again. The best that cau be said uf you is not liui.
rjood enough."
rVhirrn. Cnurr Xnanor, rnlarsoinmt
('rrriitioii, Caries nail lxfoliuiion ol
the i(n.
A great variety of cases have been reported to u
where cures of'these formidable complaints ha
resulted from the use of this remedy, but our spac
here will not admit them. Some of them may b
found in our American Almanac, which the ugeut
below named are pleased to furuiaj graiis to all w hi
call for them, . ,
J)-MpriM:n. Ifrnrt lisenk.e, VU-, Epilrpny
.Hel.-tiielioly, INrursiisin.
3Iany remarkable cures of theie aileetions hnv
Ieeu nuule by the alterative jswer of this mediuiac
Jt stimulates tbe vital functions into rigorous notion
aud thus ovoi comes disorders whioii w ould be sup
posed beyond iu reach. Sach a remedy has lotij
been required by the necessities of the people, am
we are continent taat this will do for them all tha
medicine can do.
Ayer s Cherry Pectoral.
t'onicha, C0I1N. Influenza. lloarMnesi
1 roaii, ICroiieliitis, liiripirnl
umplinii. nnd far the Itr-lief
of 4'uiiiiiuptirr I'litivnUt
iu aihaarrd Minora
of Ibe lisrnMr.
This is a remedy so universally known to surpns
any vther lor tlie cure of throat aud lung complaints
thi'.t it is ucless here (o publish the evideuce of it
virtues, its unrivalled excellunee for coughs am
coil's, ami its truly wonderful cures of pulmonar'
uisea-e. have made it known throughout the civil
ize-.l nations of the earth. Few are the communitief
or.eveu lumilies, aiuoug them who have not soul
Pvronl 1 experience of its cfiecits some liviiL
:ro;iliyin hirir midst of its victory over the subtl
and ihingerous disorders of the throat and lumrf
As all know the dreadful fatality of these disorder!
and as they know, too, the elleets of this remedy
we need not do more than to assure them that it hu
now all the virtues that it did have when makin
he cures which have won so strongly upon tu
:ontidencc of mai kind.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATZE Si Co., LowelL Kasl
X. na-i3 Aa:i.n Xl.
al!ii4 Antidote f r Pi'-U II-a 1-
yO h -he. Dvi,epsia, Kever an J Ague, -.fs
VJxX Liver Cortplaiiit, te.stiv.ness,
De rave : .ppcii-r, f st- a
A-r.'A Sfnr.eii il. rcilllim rj
Obstructions, ic.
( 25 cts.
WTIiSON S PILLS are tinlversally a
V ucwl-de l tol-e the test now in tiso. As a Faiily
'.,v!iciae they are r nrticnlarly remineiid1-9iicple
ami harnUs, but highly an dkinal ia tlu-ir eom
lliiation. One Pill a & with mil I ?.at cor
toin efforts. The robost-mau aud th-' ilolicate chil.l
use them aliku, with eTiry assi.ruico f entiru
safety. Vith Wilson's Pills, every Mother in
tbe land' becomes her own phyiiefan. They have
provod themselves a spzeinc, and stand without a
rival for the following afiV-tions:
CostivenB Biliousness, NeuraJgif
Costivenese, Biliousness, jVeuralgi
Sold by Uruggista & Coolers evcrywhe;
' B. Ii. FAinTESTOCK & CO.
Importers &Who!esale Druggist3
"So. CO, comer "Wood and 4th Sis.
B. L. Fahncstock's Vermifuge.
i I
( 31.
Gent;i Fiirxiisliiiig Goods
' ats,
Scrofula:, or King's Evil
s a constitutional disease, a corruption of th
lood, by which this liuiil ht'comcs vitiated I
vcak, and poor, ling 111 tlie ciri'Ulatioif, 1
HTvades the whole body, and may burst oti
n disease on any part of it. Xo orpin is fre
rum its attacks, nor is th.-rc ore which it ina
tot destroy. The scrofulous tr.irtt is vavioif-1;
.ausrd by incrcurial dioasc, low living, dls
irdercd or unhealthy food, inifrure air,' tilt
ind iilthy habits, the di'pre-ini vices, f.nd
ihove all, by the venereal infection. What
;vcr be its origin, it is hereditary in the con
titution, doseendinjj from nts to c tiildiei
ituo die third and foirrih 'nt ration ii' iud jtd
t ?eni? to be thcTotfwf Him who e.-rj i?,
vill visit the initiuitijj of thu fathers upoi
heir children."
Its ( Ifects commence by deposition from thi
jlood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, whieh, ii
he lung, liver, and internal organ's, i.-j tenncc
ubcrtles; in the glands, s-wcliings; and ot
he surface, eruptions or sores.. This foul cor
tiptkui, which fenders in the blood, d'jpressc!
ho energies v! liifc; j-o t!:at .scrofulous tOJLStku
ions not only sutler from scrofulous com
laiiiLs, but they have far Ijss power to with
tand the attacks of other diseases ; touse
ptcntly va-t numbers perish by disorder.1
vhich, although not scrofulous iu their nature
.re still tendered fatal by tliis taint iu the
yst'jm. Jlostof the i-onHtiinption wliieh U
:imatcs the human family has its origin directlj
n this scrofulous contamination ; and man
lostructivc diseases of tlie liver, kidneys, brain..
Jid, indeed, of all the organs, arise from 01
jo aggravated by the snme cause.
One quarter of all ur people are scrofulous :
heir persons are invaded by this lurking in
ection, and their health is undermined by it.
?o cleanse it from the system we must renovate
lie blood by an - alterative medicine, and in
igorate' it by healthy foml and exercise.
uch a medicine we supply in
"ompoiind Extract cf Sarsaparilla.
he most cfTectual remedy which the medica
kill of our times can devise for this every
where prevailing nnd fatal maladv. It is com
lined from the most active remedials that havt
icen discovered for the expurgation of this foul
asorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
ystem from its destructive consequences.
Icnce it shoxild be employed for the cure ol
iot only Scrofula, but also those other nffee
ions which arise from it, such as lrti-privi
.nd Skin Diseases, St. Anthony's Fiue
tosE, or F.uvsirr.i.AS,, Pcstui.es4
Ji-otches, liLAixs and Ho it.s, Tt Mons, Teteb
.nd Salt Rmnx, Scald Head, Ringworm-,
Iheumatism. Syi'iiii.itic and M Eiict' ki al Dis-
asus, liiioi-sv, 1) vsrtrsiA, Deuility, and,
ndeed, all C'omvi.aixts aimkino i uom Vitia-
ed oh I.Mi'UKK Ui.ooi)."- The popular beliel
a impurity of the blood " is founded ill truth,
Dr scrotula is a degeneration ot the blood. I la
articular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa-
ilia is to purify and. regenerate this vital fluiei,
without which sound health is impossible 111
ontamlnatcU. constitutions.
Ague Cure,
ntermlttent Feror, or Fever anilAcut,
lemitte-nt Fever, Cliill Fever, Dumb
li;ue, Feriotlical Ilradarhe, or Itilionf
leatlachr, and Ilillou4 Fevers, indeed
or the whole class of diseases originat
nff In biliary derangement, caused uy
he ?lalaria or Jllatiuatlc countries.
We are enabled here to oflfer the community a
emedy which, while it cures tlie above complaints
nth certainty, is still perlcctly Harmless 111 anj
uantity. Kuch a remedy is invaluable in districts
.here these afflicting disorders prevail. This
Cure" expels the miasmatic poison of Feveb
.nd Ague from tlie system, and prevents the de
elopmcnt of the disease, if taken on the first op
iroach of its premonitory svmptoms. It is not onH
he best remedy ever yet discovered for this class
f complaints, but also the cheapest. The large
uantity we supply for a dollar l.rincrs it within tht
each of every body ; and in bilio is districts, w hers
-onn Am r. iiictdtts, everv body should
lave it and use it freely both for cure and protcc
ion." A great superiority of this remedy over an j
ther ever discovered for the speedy and ccrtair
ure of Intcrniittcnts is that it contains no Quinine
r mineral, consequently it produces no quinism 01
ther injurious effects whatever upon the constitut
ion. 'Ihose cured by it are left as healthy as t
hey had never had the aiscase.
lever and Ague is not alone the consequence o'
he miasmatic poison. A great variety of disor
Icrs arise from tts irritation, nmonsr which are
eural-ia. Rheumatism, Gout, Headache, Blind
less, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Asthma, I'al
litation. Painful A flection of the Spleen, llystcr'
es, Vain in the lirnn-lx. Colic, larahsis and J)c
vnqcmett of the .'ioutach, .ai 1 1 of which, wher
irighuiting in this cause, put on the intermittent
ype, or become periodical. This " Cfi:E " expels
he poison from the blood, and consequently cures
;heni all alike. It is an invaluable protection tt
mmigrants and persons travelling or tcniporarilj
esidmg in the malarious district, it taKen occa
lionally or daily while exposed to the infection
Jiit will be excreted from the system, and canno'
iccumulatc in suthcietit quantity to ripen into dia
iase. Hence it is even more valuable lor protee
.ion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter
nittcnts if they avail themselves of the protcctioi
his remedy allords.
Prepared by Sr. J. C. AYES So CO., Lowell, Mass
Are you nek. feeble, ani
roiuplainiug? Are you oil
of order, with your -ysteti
deranged, nnd your let-ling
uiicouilbrtnUer'l hesc nip
txnna are otteti the pn-luv
I f .- - - . - .
'v. w w w ... s
1 -
I Vi q W " f'ltt 10 serious lllncsa. home 11
i r ' ; 'ckne-'s is creepina tipoi
"SCt vou, and should be avci wt
! , o ;.' , bv a tiuiulv use r-t the rijili
Tirr h rt-medv. Take A ers rills
- Sr'?! nr.d cfuanse oBt tie cii-or
ms l.cen long grievously ntllictcd with blotches and
t-s on lier sKin and in tier nnir. Alter oui
was cured, the als.- tried your nil", auil they
mnim-s on
lave cured her.
' Ai a Family Phytc. - -
From Dr. E If. Curtirriaht, Xew Orleins.
Your I'ills are the prince of purges. Their ex
ellciit qualitit-s rurjiuss anv cathartic we posses.
They are mild, but very certain aud ellectiuil in t licit
ction on tlik bowels, which makes theiu invaluable
o us iu the daily treatment ol'dix-ase.
EIcudachr,Mirk Ilrailnche, Foul Nlonineh.
From Dr. FI:rar'l Boutl. Baltimore.
Dear Hko. Aver: 1 cannot answer you irfiat
amplaints I have curetl with your I'ills better than
o say till that ire ever triat irith a purgative mnli
ine. I iilace erent ilependence 011 that effectual
Btliartic in mv duilv contest with disease, and be-
ievin, 11s I do, that your I'ills atford us the best we
tare, 1 01 course value ti.era highly. ,
" riTTiBrr;ora.: ?fav 1. TSoo.
Dr. J. C. Aver isir: I have been repeatedly
ured of the worst hexrtaclie anybody cau have by a
lose or two of vour I'ills. It seems to arise from
bul stomach, w hich they cleanse at oner.
- Yours with creat.resi ect, .ED. W l'UKHLE.
viLift y yiiuiiu r vui.tun.
Unions Disorders Liver Coniplaintw.
From Dr. Theodore Veil, of AVtf York fit 11.
Hot only are your I'ills admirably adapted to their
mrpose lis an aperient, but I tiuil tin ii- beueticial
dlects upon the L,iver verv marked iudeed. They
iue iu my practice proved mal e eflectual far tlie
mre ot bilious compl mi(s thuu any one remedy J
:an mention I sincerely rejoice that we have at
enpth a purgative which is worthy the coutideuceol
tie pronation auu tuc people
Pepartmi kt of the Itpterior, 1
Washiin-toii. D. O. 7th Feb.: !,. (
Sir: I have used vou.- I'ills iu mv "pneral and
lospital practice eve.- since you made tluiu, and
launot nesuate to say i:it-y are tne nest catuartic
ve employ. Their regulating action ou the liver is
luick aud decided, consequently they aie an ad-
rural .c- reineuy lor oeraneuieiits 01 tnat organ,
udeed, I have seldom tund a case of biliou dis-
ase so obstinate that ! did not readily vield tc
hem irateruallv yours. ALON.O HALL. M. 1)..
Physician of the Marine Josjiittl.
Dysentery, I 111 11b or 11, Iti-lnx, Worow.
r com Dr. J. (7. :7rt'n, of Chicaao.
Your Villi! have had a long trial in my practice.
1. 11 1 uoiu litem iu esic-e:n as oiu- 01 t it- lu st aperi
tifs I have ever lotind. 1 heir alterative eti'ect upon
he liver makes them au excellent remedy, when
ven 111 email do50s lor Jiilious dyxniti ry and diar.
huea. Their sunar-coatinir uiakts lhein vr- uc.
eptable aud cunveni-.-nt for tho use of women ami
Dj-Kpcpsin, Impurity of the Itlood.
Von liev. J. V. llimex, Pustor of Advent Church,
Dr. Ayer: I have umd vour I'ills with extra-
irdinary success in my liinuiy aud among thuie lam
aiicu 10 vi.ii 111 uiMn ss. 1 o n-guiate the organs ot
ugestiou and punly tlie blood, they are the very
o. icim-iiv umr iluuh u, auu cull trouii-
leutly recommend th. m to my friends.
Yours, J. V. HIMES.
Warsaw, Wyoming Co., N.
tiLk. i m'11 iimiu your t ;
it 11:11 tie l'iiis in my
iractiee, and lind tln ni Jii exei-lleiit purgative to
Jranse the system ni;d j-'ir,' 'he fwnWnnK of tht
t'J(HI. v JUU- o. Jir.Al J1A31, M. it.
onotipatioti, 'of 1 vcrii-M-. Miipr,-n.ioii.
Itli-iiiiiiiti-iii, 3ou:, rN-:iinliii, UroiMT)
I'ariujHiS) ii, t ic.
From Dr. .. 7'. Vnu'iUn, Montreal, Canada.
Too much cannot be said of your l'iiis lor the
.lire oi' costivenesx. ll'utiiers ofour lratt-riiitv luive
bund them us ellicaciius us 1 have, they should join
ne iu proclaiming it. lortlie bttietit of tlie multitudes
vho sutler from that complaint, which, lutlioiigb
tad enough in itself, is th:: progenitor ol Others that
.re worse. 1 ix-neve mcuniuj to originate 111 1 tic
h er, but Your Villi aDect that organ aud cure tin
From Mrs. E.. Stuart, Physician and Midwife.
- : Ho. fon. . .- . "
I find one or two large does of your I'ills, taken
it tlie proper tune, are excellent promotives 01 the
latural stcretmii wlien wholly or partially sup.
resd. and also verv ellectiial to dt-an'se the
tomach and expel vnrms. ihey are so ninth the
K-st physic we have that I recommend iio other tc
ny patieuts
From the Jiev. Dr. ITairlex, of the Methodist Fpis.
la: reii.
T'clapki House, Sav.iniiah, G.v, Jan. 0, ISTjO.
JloNor.s:i Silt: 1 should be uiiirratet'ul for the
t-liefy our skill has brought me if 1 did not report
ny case to you. A cola settled iu my limbs and
Koutrht 011 excruciating nexiraljic riainn, which
uided in chronic rteumwtism. otitluctuuding 1
lad the best of physicians, the rirseRse grew worse
u:d worse, until by the advice of your excellent
igi-nt in lialtimore. Dr. Mackenzie", 1 tried voui
.Jills. Their tllects were- slow, but sure, liv per
everiug iu the use of tliein, I am now entirely we!L
Senate Chamber, Itaton Rouge, 1st., 5 Dec, 1855
IU: Avtu: I have beeu entirely cured, by youi
"ills, ot liheumatic I'OiU a pamtiil diseavetliat luu
.llhcted me lor years. VISCKST S-LIDKLL.
Jfost of the l'iiis in market contain Jlercurv
rhieh although a vuleab!.- remedy in skilful lunula
5 uuiigt-roii!! iu h puu.ic pin, iroiu lire urcuuiut cou
equeiices that freiiiieutfv follow its incautious use
.hese contain uo mercury or mineral substance
Price, 23 cents per Box, or S Boxes for SI.
Vepared by Dr. J. C. AXES & Co., Lowell, Mass
1 -
Hannibal & St. Joseph,
AA.D .
Pacliiot !Lincrj
-7-1 -r - 7- v
2ji j T r- -
! ' S
l.rU-red. hiimois ptnifv th
I.lcoil, aud let the ttuul
.1 '''ICI.
f 7 Orv -: '-i-n'-j- move on unobstriicti d 11
fi-t j.,rjli ;r'-i' vif henltll aaiu. Ihev st:tnu
PVta ? late the luretior.s f th
. o'syS body into vigorous activity
urify .the system from obstructioun which nuiki
lis-aie. A colli scttlir ninewhere in the bodv, ant
bstruct3 its natural functions. Tlufe, if not rS
ieved, react upon them: elves and the Mirroundinf
irguns, prodm-ing peneral oggravation, sutlering
Jid disease. While in tliiri couditiou, oipiend l
he derangements, take Aver'a I'ills. nnd fee hov
llicctly they restore the natural action of the Tg
ein. and with it the bttovant feeling ot health auain
hat is true and so anr&rent in this trivial and com
11011 complaint, is Ko true in many of the de-p
cated aiid dangeromi distempers. J lie same purga
ive ell'ect expels them. Caused bv illlilnr obstruc
iona and derangementH of the natural functions ol
lie uooy, inryare rapiuiy, una mmir 01 mein muciy
tired bv ihi5 wine means. "Voiie'who kimw tfrt
irtiics of these I'ills, will neglect to employ then
rhc-11 sullt-nu lrom the disorders tnev cure.
Matemeiits from leading phvsieians'in rome of the
irincipai cities, aud from other well-known public
yrom a Fcrtcardina Merchant of St. Louis, Feb. 4
D11. Aver- Your Vills are the paragon of all thai
s great iu medicine. liiey nave cured my mire
laughter of ulceioim sores upon her hands and feel
Suit Had proved mcurauie iorvear. iiermoinei
1 1 ch t of St. Loll is .
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
ire. r in. 5Vr
Cloiliiiig of every description
ConMn'iitly'.pa har.J a Larp;e Stock of
WIK. li!i:V. jAILS.
Is the place to get
T-L I303EOK.
liayint,' rceojtly Lui'.l 11 n .-tv aa I n.
Main St., Plaitsnioutli, IJ. t
Would resptrifui
Hilf.iiniii' i-iitintii
ryiug eu tu )
y iufni :u 1 In- ci 17.
9 tllU !. I1.1, .-,
la al! its br;i:i -.
in the M03TappPv0v::d siil:
1 am preiareil to trr-i . 1: t'.
CJ J I 11 A 1 i ; s X
au.I iii'itd .1 irabhi
Of every disc rijtion, over :1" le ! in i'ls Ti-rn;. ,
A TI sr ACTION c,ym:.
Mi k
PI, lit
Urnti. 11 pnil 1 . 1..
cm 1 1..
n l-i fit hiiutit-r t iki u iii 1
Apiil in. ImJ."..
Au. every arlit!1 rei
d by
And everybodj else cau Is supplied at this establishment.
Call and examine our cxteimcc stock.
Tootle, iEIaiiua &. Co.
r:;f.!Mn;i:t!:, April 10, 'G.
9 n 1 vi 'i1 5 C ' n
2. J.j;V3 .fi. Slt. Sixia,
.VT -
From a
Tlie urulci I c r: i d arc prrpardl tD il l
ail wom: 11; r:nuR u:;z
n 11 1 :i
i';;'j::i;k nokki.s.
! irin
i'rt'( t.
bund tho LARGEST STOCK of
ll VE i :ns WARE, HAllU W A HE,
Ever Oirered in this Market.
fact, everything the Farmer, Mechanic, Freighter or Emi
grant wants.
&C, &C, &.C.
Also ft Inrp-o lot of RTTiBF.R C.OODS
nnd J.'KVOLVERS always on hand.
will lim; it to their bnofit to psnminp
my stock before purchashig elsewhere.
Tri-we-lily I'lK-kets (M.iniiiliU an.-! St. J.i-ini R.
U Line) ItHve Omalia. C imiif- 1 ItlufT'. I '1 ,if Isiimui h .
1 1" ;i-ica City anj inii rumJii-.t- j.t.lnt-- f.-r t Jum-uIi.
onntct ng at M. J i-pn win trams u Unnuii al hii.i
t. J K. K , Itrnvmir St. Ju-ih at ll:::il. it
nuil arrivinir at
On anj after May luili. nail, ainl cl.oe. pounec-
tioi.s from ft. .Iim'11i ti- At.-hison. M'e-toii. l.'-.-ivu-Wortli,
W yauilotn-. Kaiiiii I'ltv. L-iwrutiM. Ti ii-.-ka.
vi i 1 Urte (.'nuutry K. It . 11. 1 .le uiu r l,irn').t(U.
M. J.H' ill H. 11. I.-:Vf St. Jvr!l fiii'il
M., ;it At. hison .it 6.3'V A. M . W-.-laii 7:5 A.
.ii.. i.cavfii worth OH A -M.. WtanduttL' llt.nil .4.
SI 7 Kaii.-a.i Cltr W A . . .3 . . I a'Mfiic? at 5 P. M.
, TilKCrtill TlCKKft! tOR SALK
l y Trrlrr i'er.ii Cmadf; f.-W. Hitchcock, ronn-
'-11 ii:ut,; fc. C Lewi,'Miioiitli: t. S. Hawli-v.
.M iiraiik city. iu tnrouu tii-Kctf and m.r.i
t xtt nsive repairs on tlie llanniba I and t Jh-h-dIi
Iti i ! n . J , new irmi. ti.-. H...1 aJ.iitioUMl nilliu' Mik ii
iiiuhl ihem to titlfr tlite important cluintrs to fa-
llitati- iravtl h v route.
". W. Mead, ticn'l .oi -r n'or.i'out.
"B tihIUT. ien"l '1 ickt iV? lit.
1!. I lil'KTKIUIIT. Ol-ii 1 iltlliilt Al-'tlt. I. Mo.
("apt. Urrus I-'okd, Supenatendeiit licet Lines,
Mo. J.ily 1,
Thankful for past Patronage, we hope by strict attention to bus
iness to merit a contmnance of the same.
Call and examine our stock.
Platttsmouth, April 10, 1SG5. tf
f.-T r
cvivetl, iu cas s of Cariut d 1 acliei at
AU1SON UoVtY ac Cu'S.
L-irr- aortinent of me'i's and boyi' clottiin
for ale ly A. li. & to.
i O to AMISON, DOVKTA CO'i to i nnliase your ! v'HEl.LEl) CORN for sa'tby
V X cpriUK K'oda.
VN end les ar iety t Ladies. Ve ti-xi t
A. U. CO''.
J ACOX ami
L ird for sale by
A. I. & CO.
CAKd .Moltt'V'i Cove O ynter;- for at
A. 1. ti COS
KKAT bargains ia Ladies
IireH Good ht
V. n Co'S.
ft. Jo-.
i:()Ii PALE at
& Shoe
AM1.-0X. PoVfY 4 CD'S. Ci fTe,
,Sue:-r. tiold -n Sy.up, IS'igar lloa.-e Alo-
laKfes, X-iv York Candies, to , etc.
lar-re Jot of Chewing and Smokinjr Toti icco for
tleat A. D. Jt CjJ'S.
ALOII.fcrileby - -
A. D. Si CO.
Cash p'i(l for Hides,
and Wool.
riattsmoutb, May 25, tf
h- sui)-crihr tjuM re -nectfiiliy call the atten
tion of ihe i-.tnteu ot -lntlmonth and tlieiubl: at
ai it to the .act inat be ban located one ..or east of
I) neliiti'a Hrii Store, where he inferdu keeDinir
ui hard luakirp on tli hhoiten notice. evey
ariiciein bis iir.e. His Mott helDtr electeil bv b:ni-
e.l. aud having ureut t,e mol of l.u life In the
business, be feels court li nt tiiat k cm give Salltfae
t;on. tiive him acall.
r A BOXtS Star Candles for siale by
A, D. t CO.
Ir you want to purchise goodsat a bargain, po to
HKAVY IXVOIfli ..fall iit.ds of Fmiilytiro
cerie.i acd Oulut!i;- (ijod-j i-1 led- v.l i,r
A. 1) O-
Alive & 'Stirring.
!- I
3 i
I E t.ii:ui. l ,ii i- j
.4 (iaoil, Clunp a-i ! : : nj Yaiu'thle J'ijiir
f ir Kvry M i i, ',',," ,, nun f '..'.
American Agriculturist
l-"li 'in::
Parm, Garden, and Household,
IncinUii.i; a Si .( lh-t,nrt Ktei.t. of ln,-r
.N. I. ..It" llf O f ,!Jlyl'
'. n an ! ', u'h.
LL kinds o Fai xning Iuipleiuents for ?ale by
A. Ll. i CO.
Lar-) .ot of Two Horse Piou s for i-al- 1 y
A. li. Is. CO.
N endings variety .f
sale at
Hardware nnd Cut'.erv for
A. I. A CO b
CiSH, lioors.
O description for aie by
Shingles, Olass.aod Nails of every
A D. 4 CO-
" H AfiS f!ftFKICK ini, rt reiveil hv
O A. D. CO.
Large lot of Choice Tea at
ALL kinia of Couoiiy ProOuce taken in exchange
for pooiis bv . , A j I). A CO.
' . b
rl enumerate all tbe rtii le we Liffl .f-rnle
1 would fill one sideof th IIiralo r.d others
Lave as good a ritht w advertise a
-. AMirUK, DOVEY & CO.
rIlHS la-gvst Outfittiov House north of tt. Joseph
I'lattfsioutb, tratk.
Nebraska Herald,
T!o- A
I 1 i' :i.i
in, n tu
in - 'dt'i r
' Vf hit -!
L'il'1 i l'
i .-i-d tit
t is i. 1 ,,.-, ,, of m ,,v
,ttM-!ilvr ln, j,rar-K
'' -, In - l.'.i, .,.,,
K-tTlep, in ,-very r.n
l..r of !:. it
'- t .
: I
It r ,!'t:uu tJtli nwutli a Cal'
to ir- p -rf.irm d :l.e r.iem. i i
'iurij.n ia and ai ui.d t!.- IhrL
1 1.- tlio'i iii-ls , f Jij-.n ar,. Fii.-.-.-.t:
'v.-y volume ar- I l,v pi.,,!...
!!'.'; .!., -a I. , know wli.i il.iy .
'I lo tfitifh'di?l.ii,ti,ift i v.i.u
-.ui kt-.-1-er, i if . il.n j v-rv iii.hv i -.
diec i--n-, c ilcnialed to l.-!;t-n
The Dsparlni'-i.t far C lihlrtu ..
lured with sfe iul cire, t furr -.'i
m. ut, but a!i-o t j i iciil ate 11
moral trin. ii!i f.
T The rtrc:i!;i
cxUtui ixt (more tha i h
be furnisheil at th- ! I
Coi.ies t ne year, .'. t
or more, one year, l c
t3-Tr.V IT A YEAR.
OilANGE JL'UD, 11 B. 1M1 1'k-ip'k
r i
J . uth i ft j.r.
t oti'y atn'j- -and
ho .i...
:.- Am "rim A;"-
large that it -a .
! VJ a year; f
i.e nr, Hi; it(i ty
b'i c I'ic, i -''
Api.llJ'6 J. TEOCEM0H10N.
A. D. i CO'S.
CI Fark Il.w, S'W V.rit f