Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, August 23, 1865, Image 2

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    Eh gcbrasha ficwttt
The member, ef the Colon Committee of
li County, . T., are requested lo meet at PiatU-
aaoutn, cd
Saturday, St. 2J, at 1 -fclmk P. M.
It will be ob'ervd that oin of the member of
im committee nave remivol, or are ,.t ab-
reoi ircai tn i -precinct,. Howrttr It is .oped t hut
tvery preonct win ne repeeuted by some vter
residl k tin r. m as busims, of imp tuncewill curoe
before the meeting.
I be Committee an elected last year, is composed or
me lonoviur name', to-wii:
(J.W Mil
I. H W i
J.W MaRHLL, Cll O,
j-iausmouta i recmci,
South Bend "
(alt Creek
Koch BlnrTa "
Ml. Pleasant "
Kiftht lile Orore
Weeping Water
Liberty "
P. T BssvkR.
Vasih. iwttxr.
J T. A . HooTLR.
C H Walks.
Dr. F. B. Keu.
L 19 Todd.
B. AC-Tia-.
M. O. Dwti.a.
J. W. MARSHALL. Ch'n Cm C ni
We meke ilie followii.g extract from
an article which appeared m the Chi
cago Times of the 5th inst. It would
appear from this that a strong effort i.-
being made, with a fair probability i.f
success, to bring the Pacific IUiiroud
to Fliittfmouih (or, ad it is termed ji.
the article "Mouth of the PJatte ltiv-
er.) This only con fir m the state
ment we have heretufire made, that
th-re was no permanency in the loca
tion of that road to Omaha. We havt-
always contended, and are still firm in
the belief, that the above road wiil
ereniually be built cn the Souih fide ot
the Platte river, or at least join tlien
line with the B, & M. R. Company at
thii place. There are various reason?
for the "faith that i3 in us" on thisyues
tion, some of whiih are given in the
subjoined extracts. The Times, for
some cause beet known to themselves
is opposea to tne proposed tuactfv
2t sa ys "we presume the prayer of the
directors will be granted." This great
PJatte bottom i undoubtedly the best
natural route for the construction of a
road that can be found leading Went,
.and the difference between the cost ot
'running a road over ibi route and any
other, will undoubtedly have its iuflu
ence, to nay nothing of the difference m
ihe cost of building, and the amount ot
.freight tha) could be irau?foried iu con
sequence of the difference iu the graJe.
JJut hear what the Times ay :
'Some few weeks ago we made a
statement to the effect that the re-loca
. . ! . C . l I I r t - r
iion vi tue iiiaiu orancn oi tne t acini
.railroad was under contemplation.
lne stuteineni was sneered at by torn.
journals pretending tube well posted on
everything, and, in tact, to -regulate'
matters generally, but the truth of our
statement has been verified by thi re
cent publication of letters from Gen
Dix to Secretary Harlan aud the presi
dent; asking for authority to make uit
change, and by the appointment of an
engineer officer by the pret-idrLV. to
make the necessary surveys to de er
mine its feasibility-. -Ttie mnuer d
vvmf iuulu aiteniion, aim we pr
sume the prayer of the directors wil
be granted.
The prime mover in this scheme i.
T C. Durant, and bis ot jeetion is m
trdu.-parent that any one outit to faiti
om it. The object is to carry the Pa
cific railroad farther south, and so ulti
mately secure a short branch or t-xten
siou, only five or ten inilej lonj to the
mouthof the Platte river, twenty mile
south of Omaha. Such a braMCh. by
being more direct, would absorb all the
eastern bound favel and traffic of ilie
Pacific railroad, which would havr
nothing to carry it ten or twenty unl.-s
out of the way towards Omaha.
This i a piece of strategy -jp..n the
part or the Ruck Inland and Aiississip
pi and Missouri railroad interest-', rp
resented by Mr. T. C. Durant and oih
ers, who are moving iu thU matter.
"The occasion tor it, is the fact that ihe
Chicago aud NorthweMerc railway
have determined, it is reported, to
abandon their old line after reaching
the lioyer river, auJ fo low down tne
Boyer river to Couucil Bluffs, opposite
Omaha, and compete wiiii the Missis
sippi and Missouri and Kock island
Tailroad.-, for the traffic nnd travel o.
the Pacific railroad. Alarmed by th s.
jhe Mississippi and Mi-so-iri and Rock
Island railroad interest desires to push
ihe Pacific railroad further south, in
order to the Cuicago aud Norm
western at greater disadvantage.
When the route of the road lias been
.changed by the president, the brancn
or extension we have spoken uf, wiil be
constructed to the mourn of the Piatte
river, aud Glen wood, Imv.i, instead ot
Council Bluff-, made th Western ier
xninus of the Mississippi aud Missouri
railroad. This would compel the fourth
western people to coajiruct over twen
ty miles mre of road, and place them
besides under such disadvantages that
they could not compete for the busiues
ou the Pacific Railroad, and would, iu
all probability, adhere in their regular
line, and leave the Mississippi aud
Missouri uud Rock Island railroad a
clear field."
fiS2P"Forbes, of the llumbolt Regis
ter, San Francisco, has no faith in tne
effort to raise the Aquilla by means o:
a coffer-dam. He says it reminds him
of a cow in Illinois which he saw swal
low a thistlri and coffer dam head
The latest advices from the Aihti'ic
i Cable state that the c tble? parted at
noon on the 2d inst., in 1900 fathoms
of watr. It wa grappled f r thrpe
diff-r' nt ti nes, b' t their tac !e was not
s ifficn nt torais-it. The Gr'atEistf rn
returned to Shereness for Mronger
erappling gear, and strong hope? are
entertained that thy will yet be able
to raise it vvi hout mj-try to th Ca
ble. Notwiihstanding the prophesy of
some of our shrewdest men, tint the
'ideof emit' rail :ii would be turn-d
fiom the West to the South at the close
f the war, there app ars to be no
abatement of the general Western
move a yet; on the contrary the West
is attracting more attention -it the pres
eut time than ever belore. The war.
has thr wn thou-ands of men out of
employment, and a large proportion o'
hem will iiaiurally seek homes in a
nuw country, where they have better
chances of securing an independt-uct-tliun
in ihe more populous Siates ot th
Et-t. Others, after serving three
y ar- in the army, where ttij' have
been under almost constant excitm-m
cannot accommodate themsrlves to
their old habits, am) desire to l.icate in
u place where there i something of an
ex iting nature. This de.-i.e can no
where be gra-ifi -d so well as in the
e.-t, where there i a conpetence ap
parently almost within the gra-p of
every one, and oil are striving to ob
tain it.
Ttie great mines to the weet of us
ire attracting the attention of almost
he entire civ.J z d wi.rid. Tliou.-nnd-of
in- n. whu tnat longing de.-ire for
old. which 'f nil possess are rush
ing thither. C'api al i fiudirg its way
here. Railroads and telegraph lines
are ben g buili, and th Cin at W. t
bids fair 10 be settled up at an earli-r
day than was even dreamed of few
years ago. Th- Mi scurj river is the
natural "ba-e" for a ! ; trade fining l it,-
ihet west vsard, and those who setil d
h-re at an early day are now begin
ning to realize what a. first was only
looktd upon a among ihe probab li ie?
inthefarff future that a u.ntkei
would be op-ned to the west of us for
the consumption of all the products of
our rich aud exlens-ive prairies.
Nebraska now off-rs the greatest
inducements to ihe en i.rant of any
portion of the West. Tlie settlor here
does not have to coutfnd with the un
certainty that he would in the iniointf
rpgion-, where he has no certain guid
to tell where the trea-ure i hidden
Here there i treasure hidden m eve
ry foot of the soi'; and all that is 're
quired is aud iudu.-iry
enough to till the ground, and secur-
he crop which nature will bri.ig forth.
to secure at 1 ast a reasonable compen
sation for their ai.d labor. Th
land can be had for the asking (undei
the Homestead Liw). and now ih
ime to get it, nfiile choice btrlet tiou-
can be ha 4. ..- . -
The great Salt Bisius of Nebraska
ire another indue- meni to settle in that
porti m of the TVrrit-.ry. Tne water
procured from these Springs are said
tocon'am a greater p -r cent, of Sa t
hnu at any of th- E--tern works: and
all that is needed is the iuvestui'tit ot
a fufficiut amount of capital in th-
j-r.ip-r machinery, and the will to puth
the work ahead. This greu source
f wealth will not be allowed to remain
dormant a great while. Tbe lauds ly-
i.g in the vuiuity of these basin, ar-
he finest in the world for agricultuial
purpo-'S, besides being on ttie line of
he II. & M. R Rtil 'oad, ruunioo
west from P!aitsiuouth, which will en
hance their value to a great extent,
rhese land- are still r-ubj-c: to 'he
Homestead Law, and offer the great
est inducement to the indu tti us man
of any locality witl.inour knowledge.
Let those who are seekn.g home in ih-
tVest tak- a I ik at this pan of Hi-
coun'rv b-fore makiuo a selection, and
we are sa t-fi-d they will never rpgret
the time and expense, ev-n should th y
locate elsewhere.
PSiThe colored people of San Jos ,
California, were invited to j in t ele
hrating the Fourth of July; b"t som-
di-loy al white m-n raistd 'fj ctnn s,
and theco'ord people, wi-h mote sen,
than those who oppis d th tn. d- ( l.n- d
the invitation; whereupon the JJercu y
or that city, t-ays :
"We caiuot 111 oh the colored pro-
pie of San Jo-e for not to j..m
in the pnx-es'iou. There i-much ju-
tifiable prjudice in their mind- ayaiu-t
an i itint; wall C' p -rh ad tome- of
whom were no' ex lu'l-d tri-m paruci
pating in the late ex- rcises."
CSTherec n he.iw rains have
very much injured the grape crop,
which, at the becrinnina of th season,
bid fair to be the heaviest which had
been known for several year-. We
understand now that the VllltHCTr- III the
year, from prprnt appearance will
not te one ttiira wnet was antiripaien
three weeks ago. Keokuk Constiiu-
As a fair .-ample of the spnit of the
re beN, either North or South, we make
the following ex ract from the testimony
of Robert Brown in regard to th lan
guage used at the notorious Br ai
Street Meeting, in New York, he'd
Ostensibly for the purpose of necuriug
a -p-edy trial t'f Jtff. Davis before a
civil tribunal :
'Mr. Cutler declared the declaration
of independence to be ihe magna char
la of hu ::an liberty, and o,u ued it to
prove mat the Southern Mates had the
rijhl to secede.
Another person, one of the New
Yorkers, remarked thai the State of
New York refused lo miter the Feder
al Uoiuu except ih ri.'ht wis atired
to her to withdraw it she though' prop
er. The proceedings and debates ot
the convei,ii m were referred to iu con
firmation if this satPti.eiit.
'"Another ot the New Yorkers de
clared that even in Masac iuetts eve
ry officer taking the oath of i.ffice swore
that he owed allegiance to ihe Stale
paiamoUwl to eveiy otuer obligation t f
lea It V.
"Mr. R. M. Livingston, of Mobile,
Ala., remarked how few people had
ever read the coustuuuon- of the differ
ent Siates. Hr had lead them, and
found i.i several of lh? coii.-iuutious of
free Siates the expressed right to se
c de.
"A running conversation followed
h-s s'ateiueni; in which it was said tlmi
the ff-ct of ihe trial of Dni would
be a revoloii ui of feiiiimeut exery
where, iu favor of the South. It would
be proved on the trial that the ece
siontMUje was rijln, aud entitled to
he sympathies of tne world. One of
the company, Mr. Cotier. if 1 remeiu
her righ'iy, qu ud a pa-sae from
Burke, to .-how tnat a State cannot b
guilty of treason.
"Mr. Livi g-ton. n v wrought up
to a l.L'h pittti ot ent.TU i i-m. made
tlie declaration: I i t.venty fiv yeais
Hie man that iiow a'cti.-es tne outli of
uaviug coiuiinii- d ir a.-ou. wiil b lock
ed upon as a madman and a tool '
He repea'ed this d-ilara ion, saying
Mi it in fifty years th r- voluiiou i.i pop
nlar senium nt would be so grat thai
anil a man womd be looked up mi as a
in toioaii or a tool. . ,
O' tho Nw Yorkrs fJehoautT
ed the exei uiion oi Mrs. Surra t as a
told, deliberate murd.-r. Another de
dared tuat she wa ; couvirittd up m
forged I'S'imony. A third (Marline)
(f.-erted tnat iff court by wnnh she
was in d nad n 1. gal jut i. dicliou, and
-ltd that the execution was a d. liberal
llr. Liviug.-ton snid that he had
conversed with a number of E igiisb-iii-u
in regard to this brutal inuid-r
Th y told huu that it would send a
thri I of horror throughout Ejrope, uud
the howl of iodig latioii thil will b
i-nt hitck would so c iwr and terrify
tiie Aiiie i. Hii sovenoiiant liai it will
he at i a. dt brinjr Air. Davis to trial.
H br iieved ibe intention was to
kep,im liitrn.g in pii-on till he
di d. wi nout bunging bun to trial.
The friends of Mr. Dvis must keep
uch an agaati a of the matter stirriug
that the government .voulJ be forced to
put him on trial wi'hout further de
ny. A New Yorker asked Mr. Living
s'.-'ti how Alabama would be likely to
rote at the next tltc'iou for members
ot Congress
Th-y will reiurj a lid delega-
(ton of stauuch and u u Southern uienJiUeJpUc 4ai4 terifSrSK us uiai
4vpl:rJ ""WorklUg IllillSelf Up ifi
another fury of enthMsia-m, hed- claied
mat thirty five hundred nolle, lion
hearted Southerneis had h pt at bay
for many month-, an army of seventy
nveihouand Union troops-. Moh.le
only capitulated wheti she was worn
out and XhaU.-letfa
"He then p.itd a flowing tribute to
ih noble hearted w omen of Mobi e.'
Ttiey lo..k down. he said, wi h sc-rn-!ol
cotneinpt upon a Yankee t filter,
aud -offer no advanc-s tiom them, la
King care, of i nurse, not to give cans-
or prett xt ti r .i r si. Ttie teeling i-univer.-al
that no d.inned Yankee mo t
tie allowed a b o hold in t e Suih.
I hese are not u.y words. I am not a
swearu g man
As ilie meeting was about to break
up, Mr. Living-ton remarked:
G nib-m- ij. you wnl waul a great
deal oi money I um n my way to
lingl Hid f r the purpose of raising
funds Tni- great work must g on.
The government mu-t tu t be allowed
los;.HK the (rial, lean promise you
wi:h:oi fidence ihai I wiil furnish you
wth the rrqi-isiie am unt.
"One ot uie N- w Yorkers repljel
to thi- tfiat there wo. id be no ti.fhcu iy
in rat ing the m iney in this ti y.
"A iunher oipoiiuni'y tor priva'e
consulta in was lit Id, f which no ac
count can be given.
"Tii' Siutheruuien present were
all of them ipni and avow- d st c- s.-i m
ists. '1 lie Northern men at the meet
ing w. re i.i trie nioatpeif ci accord of
-entiiiien' aud -yinpaii.y with them
There was n t ihesltg test perceptible
shade of diff.'r nc- neiweeu any ot
thttn They we-e nil ultra aud uue
quivoca. sec i ni 's.
Sjeaking ot the 'ale eleCMon, the
Louisvihe Journal says :
We have tor some lime been try
ing. imI wfioily with ut success, to coii
vmce ourselves tuat the number ot ac
loai rebels in soul ua been di nini h
ed since the close of the war ; but, in
view of the results of last Monday's
elec ioi, income pans ot Kentucky we ,
are xpi rthrii.-ive -hut we have been
mis akeu. Jertainly. tome of ihe l it-
lt-reM and hnldrst.jor rather mosiHoda-
cmu- 01 an me lentis ana rebel t-yrnpa-
a II . 1 1 I I I
tli zer.- in ihe aime, liave been eucied !
to ihe Legislature by large majorities j
el cted, uoi 111 t-pite ot their being reb-
els or quasi-rebela but for ihe reason Gals Cilu. Comineui is unnecesta
that thev ore 90. j rv.
Bfcajudge lhol-.u. or aiississ ppt.
thinks the war has settled two things
1. Slavery n dead. 2. tates caun t
tecede. The Judge is a wise man.
JR6FThe Posimaster-General has
iecenily concluded contracts fcr carry
ing the mail-between Richmond aud
Petersbuig. and between Petersburg
and Weld .n. N. C.
K3"A B -ton paper states that the
principal hot 1- ot that city have had
all their stock of igars seiz- d by Na
tiona I officers for all g-d infractions of
the Internal Revenue Laws.
A35FThe xj)t di ion seut out from
Nashville hv Gen. Thomas, to Caiol
ville, Tuin., is .-lit ring up a nest u.
thn-vis. Two of Tht-mas men hav
been k'lled. Several thieves have been
shot or hung ai d o'her.- captured.
"3rA series of letters published
throughout the country, purporting b-
come from Mis- Clara Barton, the phr
laulhropi.-t at Ander-ouville, Ga., have
been discovert d in Warhingtou lo b
llrl he L' J pel head- dun'i seem to
be so inuth iii a hurry about Tyl ri
sing Presidi nt Jol uou. since he hung
four of the note at tive members ot
their par y.
- m
PS In Southern Kansas, the peo
ple are getting ten il ly in ame.-t in
putting down thieving. Not long since,
sixtnnves were hung in Franklin
I'outitv. wiihout the least ben fit nf
AESS. J lines B n han tn is the victim or I i
ov n p r-oniil and poli i. al popularity,
lie can no more scape it. than he can
I i- own shadow Hi is most einphati
tally suff ring from that peculiar con
dmon of ttie human taies where gr at
lie.- i- thrust up .ri a m iu- Mr Bicli
anan liv s at Lanca-ier, Penn.-ylvan ia
has liv-d ih-re for many long yvar.-
except at infervai; ijJic,ill.tJ4
wnere aeeui per-1-.teni m uul livln
there, arid the people seem determined
to 1 l him know that they know he'iiv- s
there. We learn from a ci'iz-n oi
Pennsylvania in whom we hav implicit
confidence thai for three y ars in sue-ce-sion
the voters of his ciy have hon
ored him vjih their suffrage- as con
stable, ro ihe exteut of an election.-
And thrice under the law requiring it,
has the old P. F gone to the proper
authorities and made oath that hi- leu
lion was without hi wi n, knowledge
or procurement and thai he did notde
sire to hold ihe office. Iu tLt way Mr.
Buchanau i- annualjyremind-d that h-
hold a di&ihigui-hd plaot it ihw popu
lar regard of ihe ciy. Ilarmg leen
au ardent ffn e-seeker all the days ol
Ins matured life, this would s-em lo b
a fining div rsiou for it evening.
The rumor thai Lieu. Giant wa
about to fix his residence at Phil id-. I
ptna appears lo have been untound- d
The house given huu by the Pniladel
phiaus w is only accepted on condition
that it should n a i.iu-rf ere with bis pur
rose to return to hi- old home iu Gale-
na. e saw t in no ui hi-trom tn-
seven citiz ns ot G ilena hav purchas
d there and presented io the G n r
al a splendid re.-id-nee, tompl t ly
furni-h-d from basement io au.c. A
hou-e iu B roniribtiied all the car
pe;. Tin re was a time when the
highest ami l ion ot Gen. Gram w n-
to be nsivor of lialena. thai he night
secure the buil ing of a ide walk from
hi- house to the railroad depot. It
will be gratify lug to th i--iieral to
know that ihe afor-aid -id- wal is
now completed .Milwaukee J"ews
JgfSA- we leurn from our Htl iniort
correrpo U-m the registers or voter- in
In State ot M iry l.ind ne-tl a Conven
tion 111 Btltnii re tin To s l.iy la-t, aud
reMlv d to enroll no man a a voter
nholn.d the g. neral reputation if hav
insr r-Vinpail iz-d wi'h ttie rebel, i .n
1 hi will x:iude fiooi tlit poll- about
halt thoe who have huh-i to exerci-ed
the elective tranchi-e i 1 tliat State
Maryland Maud ui'h Tenne-.-fe and
MisMuri in her resoluti n thiit ihe tri
tors who have been engaged 111 de.-iroy
ing ttie govt-rntnt nt than, tor Mune
lime 'or'oii.e. have 110 hllre in its nd
iiiiui-tra'ioii. I- 1- not a rule toi
tho.-e S'Hle- wi i h have known ttie
atro ity ,f t!ie rebellion by xjierieuf ;
and we are gl id to know ttiat the rh
cer- of the law 111 .M -try land are re
i-lv d to do th ir dotv m inrordance
w nh ihe I . ri:-i nt i n of the Slate.
( hicag't Republican.
Ihe Human Hair Io number
the haus of the tnad ha- b-en "111 all
ages anoutited n- iinpo-sible a fear a
to count ttie and- ot the e rhore.
Ttie a-toundiug btbiir tias, how-ver.
bei-n gone through f y a ti-nnan pro
te--or. wtio thu- tabnldrize- the re.-ult
of bis X'liniuatiou of tour head? if
hair: I3!utide (number of hair-) HO.
400: Brown (number of hair) 109 410;
I B ack (funnier of hair-) 102
I R-il (number of hair) SS.749 Tne
I head-of hur were fouiid to be ni-arly
eqtul in weight, and the d-ficiem y in
the number of hairs in the Mack
brown and red colors wa- fully coun
t I a
crae of ,,u,k jn hp illdll,idua, n,.r,s
leroaianoeu by a rorret-nonaing in
Ttie average weight of a woman's head
of hair is about fourteen ounces.
TfT One of the iioisiest atm-negro
f uflVage Corperhads in Keokuk is
mi-t:eg tiating with a female darkey
vthoni be calls his iife. So savs the
Potato Rot l e regret to learn
i hat the point crop in thi - part or the
i-nuniry i bitely to prove a failure
The long continued rains have had the
effect of killing the vines and rotting
ihe roots. Many potato fields west of
this city .'tave the uppearance of hav
ing been burned over, being Mack and
blighted. We learn that n examina
iion, the new potatoes in those fields
are fo'irid to be full of white sperks.
and rotting rapid y. Chicago Journ
al. C-aT"A Minne-oa regiment, the
1'1'h. en route for home, number d
about nine hundred men, and about
every man had a contraband, a coon,
ond a grey squirrel. The pets filled
several box cars.
Phviician and ui - bis proreaeional aerv c'e to cifi'njL?
Ca- cittin y.
r He ia F aok HhiteV h u-e, corner f
Oalc an l 6'ixih -trt-e ; Olf.ce .n Mln a Inl, pp
it'" Cuuri iiuuae. I'littsiu, a h, .Nelnaika
Will I s id.t th biihet bidJw-, at my farm
-ear lt. Plrt.- nt tav roumr.ou
'l Alilch Cows, of whcli
will luve calves this fall;
7 hea . of Yearl ng-;
l'i alvfs; besids hogs,
chickens, farming utensils,
husthoU furniture, &c.
Sale positive, wiihou any eerTaiiun. T tna of
iui,e: C'lidorii Iu ail auiu. nt ' under ; far
m.n b c edit with k.khI e,ur,t for all
nuiuuiit . e, a dtrd cliua of t u pr cciii. f.r each
d t. ii. Ill UUv
Au?. 19 w2
Will be i'd o ib hu'h-s butde , t r ca b on
t ihe ni It-nce -f Jlin h lljrtt, one mi e wet nf
Thom a Th mi-'i, and five milo uf Pinlis-
8 MiKh Cows,
8 e rlirgs,
( alves,
3 Yearling Colts, ..i
- 4 uckTi g,
fa diP on It rows, and a feat rrietj- of other
farm and ho - h ".d mplemcjU).
Aug 13 2
Legal lotice.
Jaine, Bowm a will take antice that Sarah L. Cop
and l-aa C d"l oo lb-. 2 I day of Aaau t A 1.
186 file heir iteiiti -it ii th- Dimrlct t'uart ..f 2 I
Judicial Iitrict of Nebraska Vthm and for Casa
couBtr K. t , ajf.iin -t ihe aaid J es Itowraan do
(endfeiit fce'.ltng rorili lLal ihe aaid dVretidan1 Rave
a nontra to llir a:d Sarab L. Cue, ou tli aoutb
hii -r the mu h-at qui -er uf aec.iea o,ie(l)iu
t-wn-bi number t'elve 12j m th of rang-r twelve
(12) e .1.1 ol the bin P l , in -ad c nut. oi Jaa. If.
'. to -eca e the uiym-Dt of o-ie hnuoml -nd rriy
dllar. aivurdiiiK t a e rtaln note rrferie l io In
aaid mnr.gagn, ai,d praviu(f that aaid p emise niaj
be-oldt.p.iy the nm; and that the laid Jame.
B-iwm-n ia nvr. bf noofied l.i.o be ia re,aired to ap-M-ar
n I aoawer d p itum a or b -f re the 2d day
ol ct.,b r A D 16A or jadmen- will be r. udt-r- d
aritity iKi.riy d fur SAKAH L. COB.
BUM t,,, n, iMt AaAAO tUjJl.
T. H. alaRQDarr, s.d. fur Coxa't. "
Klij ih fSibbsi, ill am Gib., JelTe.s n B Gibb,
AtinUil-bf -li atieth le.t iiiaa. an - Gilo F. P ar
man dcfendaiita will take liolici thai ,tuthny B
Ooweaili'i nntbe21tdiy ( AiiKu-t, A. n liCI,
file hi-p tiiion .u he Diatrict O o t . f 31 Judical
Oitrict w tbi.i and f r Ca-s county N. T., agaioat t e
said defendant', sctli-g forth thai one Lewis w
tiihlia, on t';e lt day of Movemhei I6C3. sold nnto
Anthuov B. Cooeii the f )lourin real e tate. t-wi :
Tt.e un livid d one Lair (11) or
Lot No nv-- (?) in bl ck j forty three ) in ihe
cii ot Pl.ttamouili, Cas co 'Bty N. T., forth sum
of uiui'ty-thre ' dollars in hand pud to aaid Gihbs,
and un'ler t-a-d coiitiacl said Coweti tr-k pes esaion
an- now dds peaceable o-a.-s-ioi) of aid nremwia
That sine -faid Mt:e the said Lewis W. G bbs baa
diel, leaving ilef di.lau, a hi - M 'Idra Aud
w-r"r 'a 0 de aridaols reTilred lo link- a
-le d for .aid t etni-.-a to in-said Atnh uy .t'uvro;
nd in d fiult titer nf Mat a Ma-ier in i hn-ere of
rhiac uit i-e reipi red to t ake the -ame And tbit
the said d Tends t- are hereby notiH i that th y are
r, q :ire t .ipi-eri- an Mii-wer iaid p 'ilion on ,r
e r.-ie the 2 I t..y of ih tob . A U
Mill I "euil red aa-anibt theat as prayed for.
ltated Auk.'Ji, lat5,
T M. MittrjrETi, S..I t
David l a inert will take uotiee tin t Atnrt Racon
did, on the 2-2 I day of A ugnsf, A O lljCo. file his
petition in the Di.-ti let loin t of 2 i Jruiicial District
of Nehr ,.-ka, w:ihi and for Ca- i-,.uui, aai ist the
aaid I'avid auDiert.d f iidatit, -et in Iu. th that the
a i-l d feodn. aave a ino taee to Ihe aaid Alb - t
Bacou on tiie -o'jih ha fuf ti e --u b-e-. ,ua ler of
aec ion It lr rny H) a. d Oie ea-t air of lb.- no: to
east q ur'et o' see N tac ty-nlae (29 in town
hii M . t-ii ( .1 ) ni.r b . f raiiE- No iliin eu (13)
e-t of tlie 6lb . l . in Caas cu ly. X T., t. -ecie
the pauient -f two liund ed and ei h y-ei Kt dol
la a ttc-iiliuit t-. a cer am no e re'errrd iu i-ai,!
uiortitaEe; -u i p ymt rha sn jreiiu.-e- m y b
a li to pay Ih- sau.c A, d ht. Sain David Bauiiie't
ii- be by nor fled th .1 be i- 'eq it e-1 ti appe.r and
mi.Ner raid pe iiion on or bclo - ibe 2d day nt o.-t.
ber A. It ISO), o. jdgmeul will bi ren leied against
yon as pra.d ablltUT UluO.V
Dated -.. ti tSOJ.
T vi. Makqi'l.T ooi for Comp't,
Th"m is 1 Wais.." will take notice tnat William
te .clidid u the .XUi la ol .teptem. er. A. O ISO,
fl e hi bill -f i-onip in ih Oistiiet Cou t ol h
2 i J dicul Di-ric I the ltmt..r . f ei,ia-k,
w .th ti M..d n caa-i-ouiiiy, g ust ih said fhoui is
J Waison, rireii D r.ichA iiaou, au.l .:a.viu C
W'.eiinvortb, .1. .si.a'it., .e.ingfo.h ih.toh tne
14th day ol Ju.j A. D. 157, .he s ,d d f ndam,
ih. ins Wa on, gates mo tg tu . Ca vin C.
vt'oolwonli.on Ibe s u h ea q arter of seel ou No.
twemy-o ie (21; .-. town h p N t u (10) no lb of
ruge thir. ii!3)eas ol ill 6 Ii r. M in aa.d toon
tv ol C'a- , N x l u,t . bepyne t ol iw hn.i
ire,l aud -gh y noilar- to n ') gen D Bich., d on,
aceir-.nig i m ceita.n promis-ory'uot eiot el 10 iu
said iiio-ik ge Ih, te said note and uio, tsag .
wa-altrraa lis du y ant. ueiiv re-i by ne
sai . O igen D i.icliar.. . a Pi the said
Leat-ti; aud pray ug nt -aid p eiu.;-e m-y be so.d
lop y lie -a d um nu-i u -ai I piumiso v Hot .
Ai.'iilienad i boiuas -. Watson I- I.e eby n oiS -d
that be ..quned to a .pear tud an w , pi Hit or
lemur t -a u ul com .aiu a un o iforc .h- ii
lay - f H-t jier, A. D. lotii, or jungutei.t . ii be - en
itnd agiust y.n rtL..lAJi .e-ACll.
D uel .ugu I 2J, i;6 -.
T. ill i tt mi. for Co.up't.
X-tra r. r'lsh,
Unknown heirs of Hubert Buchanau
UcCeaceu i
Iu pu suaoce and
bv v rtue of a decretal o:r b ne di i-vtsj the
tfloe o- th.-Cirk of ihe Di n iet court 2d Judicial
Diritict in ai.d for C ss c.ii.iity, ba-ka I' rriioiy,
asade in trie above cause, and "ea i-g date g tne
14!h day at April !:6S, being lh Ap. il t-rru -.f said
co i t I. the un c. nr. lla-ie III 1-.auCi.ry . r sa d
couit w.l a li a. p-.llie Vei.d e, lo.- ca.h, t . ibe
b ahe t an. I le t bidder, i-i ol te cou.t UuHae
iu f iattsuiuu h, ieb.a.-ka, ou
baturdvy, SSeyttmUr i3J, lhC5,
a- 10 o'clock a. ui., the to 1 .wing Ucticriiitd ival ei-
l .te, tc-w i..-
1 he south-west qua te (1 4) of the north eai quar
ter (I 4) ai.d the north wei qua ie, (i -t, 0 ibe sou h
ai quarte. il 4) an. ibe no tn ea-. q-Mrier (i 4)
I be south w.i qu.icr (1-4) and ihe sou.b eat
q-ia ie (1 4)of the iior.h wesi quart, r (1-4) vl sec
tion nuiut WeUiysi (J6) In township uuruber
el ve i J 1) nar h of range uuuib-t tweiv (!.') e.stol
111 6th e H. U aaa CO . tv keh.a.ka IV.rl.jvV
and c b.a.aumoBehui.dred and -ixty hc es.
T.-geibo witn . nd the Improvements,
hsreuit inienis o aj partcuaucea Ibsrc.u or ih- vlo
aionyinic or u any i-e pperial ,iu; to be s'ld as
the pro er.y ol l .e . e rndaut . n. the above unv. io
aify saiu d c ee, ihe arroui.t . f wi.len is 40 35
sod iu. er st fro u the -'ale of said .la.-. r. anu Costa
otsuit and -ai..
f UUsBioaib., &'ebraaka,Angust S3, 1665
. Id. DoUoUiMiiOK.
Maatar ia CbancarT.
Joseph rt'.acb,
Solon H. Jhonon.
K. Jon net J bn on, hit Ke,
1 I In Cbaneory,
j el M . J nnimn.
Wiiliifta J. Ann-trong-,
John L. Armsironu,
iarh ArniKtmnn- hi wile.
in pn Kuanre, und l.y virle of a decretal order
tome directtd from theotBre of Die Clerk of the
District Court of the -nd I .idiciat li-t let. in aad
for C County, Neliraaka Ti-rrirry, barine date
on the 19ih day of Orrvmher, ltif.3, being ilie ad
ratd OctotHjr tei in of aaid Couil, I, the ub'rili r,
ua.-t. r In Chancery for aaid C'ou.-t, will a-li, a pnti
ic vendue for ra-li, to the hi(Iii-t and b.m ai.lil.-r.
i:i frout ol ihe Court Mouse in PiatUiuotuh, N. T ,
fiatunlay, the 2Zd (lay if Srptember, 186 ),
at 11 o'clock 4 M , the following described Real
latato to wit :
Th" west ha f of Hi- outh went quarter ( V)
nd lb. west ha I (I 2) of n,e u tti. ue-t U rlr, ( 4)
nf -rciion iinDib)' ibirtT-foor (.'il) ia towu-hip nuat-b-r
t'n (lo) norin or rane im ulr tw. lv (VS) at
of tne 6cn e. M , 01 Caaa County, Ntrbraaka lerntu
i ogf he-, with all and "ionular the imnrny- merits
hrreilit aie .ta or appurtsnaiicea thi-r en, or thereto
hrloiiKiDK or in anyw r B;.ermta:ry i u b wd an
the piup-rty of lb? def adrnla in the a bote- riuc.
lo-ai -iv siii ure.rr, iim ami'jiit of w iili. i
1 3t 14 33 and intee-t from the date of said decree,
and e ai of suit ami i-.-le.
Phtt:.-moulb, Nebraska. Aupa-ii 2t. ISO.
F Si. O -KRINnrOV.
0 .Mooter in Chance y.
6 IkT A lALBOf.N SOIS. for CoBJJ.'t.
Estray Notic.
ItaTinft tak n ut ou lay m l..f,-d piemis -fi. in Cans
c unty, Icn to y oi .-i rtia. ( 11- iu of th
in er Me'-trinc ater brid-r, on the Ncbriis nVi
iob'I.) - n li 1 h d.iy of u.u-I 1S65 ne G-ajr
Man-. fle-hitn n, nht hind f .ot whit -, snip 011 lb.-no-e,
a li t :e 1-0 Ur tn rio-d. nuppot-d to lx-ai i-u
a. veil j-ars old. Al-i oue hor c-nt. o yi a, o il,
:ib gay.iolli lun.l feet larly white, nu o lie.
in 1 k - prec. Trie i wa -rs are r.qiiel d t..
prove pro.-euy, p ,y charges, ai.d tuke the an in iU
ii 1 Sep 20. Km. KriL.
Music J Music I
Piano Fors.Melodeons, Music and
Musical M'dse,
(4t the stand fomerly nsed as the Post Office )
Orders by mill for Music, Book., or anything per
taining t, . u-ic. tiromptly attended l
IT'l d.-rn for luniiiftor reptirjoir Piano Forfes
and .UeiiNie n- in f attsrnouln and v dully will he
atiend'd to at our eaili-at cony nietic .
KAi ilO.N D, M1NR k CO.
Aug 8, 1-65 tf
Legal Notice.
Nichols- M. ware, Oomplalnaru, 1
. r- , Sko-iiC"?
-s jnm- 9.. Scwt Resrondent ) , M
The above nam -.1 J.,m E Scott l be.ehy noUitod
that said Nicbola-M Wa.e did. on (he 5ib d.y of
Aa.a.t fll" in the District Court si tins in Clianr.rv
tn audio C .sa County, Second Jndiclal Distrrtiof
eo sKa peiiti n, clairninv the .euro
f 261) 00 wi.h Interest at Ihe ra en f rive u-r avtt.
per mouth froru the 2Sth day f Jul l.sCO.
from sa d respondent io said complainant on a-cti- promissory note h-retaf re uiven Ii T s iidjel-
pnd 'nt to raideomi lainaii-,and setting fo ih f irdilr
that the p-yment of aid note was secur- d by a d4d
oflinstupoD south- ai quarier of section nunitr
firt -en (15) 'n town hip uuiLber ten (10) north, f i
raure tr mber twelv- (12. ea-t. Iti. g in said ciunltr
of Cans and Territory of Nebraska, and j-rayl g that
said land may he so ,l according to law aud the urn,
ceeda a: plied to 'he payment of said
Ana a d rpondeiit Is hereby further notified t
be sod appear ben,. e s id court on 0' hefore -lo d'
the ti h d.y bf-pteuibei A. D lBfxt, and pload, are
sweri-rdero r to said bill, or the s .me will b-tai
ken pro cunftuo, an d -cree rendered accordingly.
Date - August Oth, lSOO. .
8. II. CALH CNT, i,
Eol. for Comp't.
A Card to Invalids.
A Ot--vsrman. while r siding in 8-wth America as.
a missionary, discovered a safe and siirpl lem.-dy
r the cure of Nervsus Weskne.s Early Pe- ay,
Direaies of th Ciln iry and Sera nal Oiga-if, and
th whole trnn of disord-rs brought on -yban ful
and viciou- ha" 1. i.reat numbers have been al-
frafl" core 1 by this noble rei.iedf. Pronipt-d by a
deal et benefit be aftlicted and uniortnnate, I will ,
send the recipe f.r preparioe and using thli nieli
ci'e in a sealed envolope. to any one who n -eds it, ;
Free of Clwraa. t
Pl ase Incloa a post paid envelope, aJlressed to
Jane 25 Maiion D, Hlb'e llouae.- a
- " "' " ' ' . ' ficw Trk City. I
Maible YarcL
The undersigned liave opened an
In the i"ty of I'lattsmouth,
where they have
Call and
Examine Specimens.
We are prepared to do as good
work as can be found in the
country, at as
llcasmiable Prices
As any establishment in the
July 1 lStt-j. n.6
I am
prepttrtM t fuciNh a'l wbo rniiy favor m
ir iitroiinc. with lodging, meuia or
. u . i, cx u- iu.iur
With tilaair l.iatrtll
Ha practiced sutce-sful y ror several years in .
I.ouiaand ii Leaveowoi rh cur. W as educated, pro
f ly. iu Cna an. a R-
MiS. Gu'iiii g has pe manently located in this city.
Ke-ioei'i-" in the nonh-v. est part of town.
Ju y 15 tf
"a A II STKtltT,
A gol asfco'tnien-r.f Wat e-i Cl - Fens
J wiry, Silver Ware, 1'anc Ooo-'a Violn and Vi
olin Tiimminga al'ys n band. A!l work con
milled ir. bis care will be warractvd-
April 10, lse-5.
The American People.
Just discovered, nn.l now publiubcrl f3r
tbe first time.
The Ion, Lo-
ny finzers are ''reaching for tne." Soni,
I must gn for it." A word of inlvi,-..
before I go. Th? glorious nun of I p.;
i" i'lli'g up from lii.s imperial com-li.
IIb dresspth himself in the full ni; (,f
Royaltj. lie puttt-th on hi mo."t c if ti
vtitins grin, to niuke glad thin, tl. citv
of Promise. The d;iv of our K"lenii
i-n from HKill and OITUEjSIVL
THICKS druweth to a close.
Throw bi'a your
CHf; yell forth ye sturdy youths bellow
loud ye bio nt cheated; prolonj; th.)
irhtd. houl thrilling Bliout, yc lonp; necki'il,
until the hlumherinir echo-i of the fnr
ofl" rock, are aroiiseij; Moher, tencli
to your children, all the end of tUr,
eirth may know, and rejoice with e.
ceiiinrr preat jov, that the IIV'OK.V
HF.IF.l MONSTEK, ama f i I ' -1 1
PJJU'ES, the uUvt col VAMI'IKE thnt o
long hath been m'ckino our life blood,
is uow i hruUl'd by
WholcHiile at d r. tail dealers in all ktnJs
of Staple and Funcy
At their large and innnifjcent eitHblish
ment CvOn 2d Street, FIRST DOOl.
SuUTfl OF LlllDUE.
Thi1 IIoiisn in doing an immene trrJe.
Help them, fellow citizens, in their trreai
efforts for your good.
1'iattKinnutli, July li tf
Of the condition of the HOME lSSVR
A.CE JtJMFA.SY, vj .tw York,:.
the first dnj of Ja tuary, A I).
made to the Audit -r vl the Tvrriluiy ij
.itiraka, pursuant to ihe StutuCc J that
Name and Location.
Tbn nsme of this cotnoany U Tm Itvxr I'ivhaiti
Company, ircipsraled In 135B, and local, d iu iL...
Ciiy of "vew-Vork.
The Capital of raid Company actually
paid up in cash, ia
The su piusun the 1st dsy of Jan , 13b3,
1 2 .01 HI fiOil ri.
l,9r,ioi j.
Total amount of Capital nd Surplus, 3,'s",Wl Vm
Am't ofCssh i..Contiuental Bank, 11 T. 4 236 iOitl
iu bands or A,'.s and Iu
cms.-..f tiain-iiiissiou b3.2'i!i-
V. 8. Keitisl'd and Cou
p -u si'k loMl M'k't val 21).6o 00
" V. t. B-.uil, 6 i'j,
market v lue, 1 2.'3,luU.00
- f. S. C rtilliatesorlu
d.lneou' m'k't val.
i2.o:,n oo
10.91S 00
Wj.Oj") 00
101.000 00
C3.250 00
3,2.'0 00
'i l.OOC 00
' llissonr f-UI Bonds,
a a, rwi I. n. 'a ' t fc a I
" . Curoiiua onds,
6 per cet.i, m'k't val.
" 'leline-see lipids. 6
per cent., Ina-wei val.,
' on i.i, ti p cent., mar
ket ta ue,
1 ilium-, 6 per cent.,
nm kit aii.e,
Kl.ndv Is. aii't, ti per
teut , ui rkei value,
' t'a-iforu.u etate Imuds
7 per cent., tu'k'l val.
' Conn. Mate liouils,
ma ket Vu Lf,
" Jv V . l'ark
bonds, mar let Val.,
" ijiieena Cuu'.ty boud,
inai k.-t value,
Ku bin, md County
bond-, inai k' t vaiu'-,
' hio kl u t. ity Wytor
bonds markit Value,
II,' )0 00
" ' Bank M'.ck-, market value,
" "1, ans on lionUH aud Myr''iK'S,
Ixiua lirst ii'O of r Cjid on ut u:
cuuiiHrid leal etaie. Woilli at
least 5.i.rU.MW, rate of interest
117, luv V)
(tilt C' m,
1,016 832 :
" - Loans on sba ks and boudu, ii.ya-
bie ou demand, ti.e mirket v.lue
f se u iliea ,ieti(f..d. al K'u't
n-2 :ns,
" " Mtauirr llagust a'ld wrecking
Due fo premiums on polbles lssU'-d
al onue
11,1. Keicivable for pr miutns on In-
b.iid NaViKainiD Risks,
" Inland ftoiva, a,
Oihei pi, pe iv, misceltanenu' items,
o..vernine tSiunp-i,
lul.jicsi due on lal January, lsto
22t. MS
73 r 37 il
4, SO" i.i:.
44J0 IJ
iti.l t
i:.m .-.
19.0".'. ''
Am't of tosses rd.due and unpii:), S:
' ' incurred, anu fi l roe s of
adjui-iuiei.l, 'I
" " rep rud, and o:i no
action has been las n, I,'1j 01
" Claims tm loss. iesi-t-d by the Co . 2u,lo i
Divi-lends dvla.-e. , due ai'd unpaid, W ''
" " riilit-rcash r scrip, de
clared but net et due, '-.t i
' Mouey borrowed, N,n '
all other existing claims against Co. v.t :
Total am't of losses, cla'ms and liabilities, 477,sJl --
The crenest amoJnl insur d on any o e i
$75 IXMJ, bu. will ui.t sa a aeneral rule etc J M.'-"".'
Tbe couil any has t,o peuerai role as to tbe ainu'.i'l
allowed to b.- .usu ed iu any c.iy, tov a, viila - ui
block, bemit gnverucd it this ina te', in ean
by th- (fei erl cnaracter ol bniid inija, wuth !
stteets, la. iluies for put'inff out fires, i-c.
A ceit;fij.l cvpy .f ibe Cnarier or Act of Ineorp'yia
tion, as amended, aicuuipauies this
City and County of Au i'ork.
Pre ideit, and J HH ..e'iliE Uicietary, of th' 1 .rl'Kisc'E C'oMPAMT, belli stveiaily and Ja y
wuru, deit aid say and tach lur hiiuseil ij,
that the fu.e.'nE is a true, Iu I ac t correct s'aie
lueut i-f rbe affaira nf the said corporation ai.'l l"a;
tney are the above desir.bed utll r tie reuf
A. V. WII.LM AKTH, Vice-i'r'-".
Subscribed and sworn betore mi, this 2fl!i da)'
I U.S. Jauu-r,A 1). IViO
L. S. utar; sublic
K'lowntl Men. b'j th Pruentf, That tho H"V.. CoMPas V, "f the Cu ot New, I '
lieu by authorize any and ail as!i's that aaid t
Vau baa, or may hereafter have or appoint, in
biate of reraska, fr anil ou b":iu!f of sa.d Jo in ; -
ny, io .o-cept at a i.csuu ieJg serv.i.e of all,
whether iii.-n-or final. In any o:,iou or proceed u'
kfc'a.n.t ui . C-iipal'y, in i-' i. f 11.0 Courts of -.- J
stale. And it i lier.oy a-iui.ti'.-l ui, J gr cd. t'-'
said serin e ol ihe process al -i e-aid sbali be US'
and h' id o be valid and si.filci- nt in that b' b .'
unit- ai- il serve-' up,.u aid oinpauv accoraiUK b- 1
laws aad piaciice of said t-tr; aud all claims oi
nClit oi eiror . y reason nf the nianurr , I su.h :'
vice, ia h. ieby expresly Waived and relirqamlir-l-
W liners our hand and mal ol lie Tola-
c. S J pany, tlii, K3d nay o Jnnuar y, 1 ' i
A If. W IL.I.M MllH. Vita l'i-
I-.S.J JOHN MctitE, fcecretair-
J. N- WISE, Aff't,
Aug. 9, 1S65 w 4 FLATTsMOl ' 11 :'' T'
Wm. Herald, corner of Mam and Sec
ond atrpets, ii still -elJin Groceries, Pro
vieionn Farm Produce, Ac, as low an
anj Hoube in tbe 'Veet. Farmers who
have prodaca to sell will do well to ca!l
on him before disposing of tboir trade.
'C lI.Ma-iftvni.Scl. torCowp't.