Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, August 02, 1865, Image 3

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    .OC-v i -
Qi?"TLe Muddy" is mill on a Ke n. i
Li r," d. ir owtllt d to its fall j ra
poriijr.J. jr?fRiti:i still continues irt ab'iriirtnee.
Jv btr"t anl fu'.l straaras arc the
or'd.T 'f the dty.
-t-:r::tn Church frvic"', liv
ni-irt s". wi'.I to 1"-IJ in. t'; .".r
l',"'V J I', Ull ll" it o
- - : ltr.nv.i Miss M A
9-1,0 v. Stone of I-nva will speak on rr.(Ii, it This U
tl p..ltio il riii: sti ns of ti3 d iy at ; C-i?"; Pnvid M
(i! nwoi.l on the lTtli inst an 1 at Coun- ' -'asoj J
., ,,. ,. . i Coo Amanda J
m. o j 'aV1!i blO'jb A
PX'T:."." Fimu-.-rs Club will meet on I !'lT!'1 ,;,?V,J
- Uoiit v Andrcw
...!! I iy nv.t, fit th Griff's 0:-k-e, ;it ! j.-jor!l-;,j
L' ..';;(!; t . m. Let there be :i full turn- Flora V S
,. r, us matter- of importance will to ' j0,i J'-' W P
. , i IV 0 U
r.i -u !-.'!. i , . , ... T
r"Tli: tax-ii-
L.1S l or' L. tti'-i
.i.kiutoJ in tb Office at Plitw, .NililXli, Alljf. Ijt, IBjJ. T Obit:l Mil"
of tbe1: leit :r, t le a.,pllctnt inu I call l..r '-Adve.-tised
ly'.t";' Kite il. e date of in lift, am p.i luo
uiits f'jr od v.'ti.siuf;.
If not c ! :- i f -r wiihiu iLe m n h they will hi
.- lit tj l:.e Lie-.d Lett-.r Oth-e.
J. W. M ARH A Ll,, P. M.
A'.bvi Mrs M E J.icon J F
;;t'.-s A J Jamison J F 3
l.i ii!i J W 4 Jamison A J
Hi uwn .I"--oe Johnston Martha A
lijueh V. W Jasper Wm
l; m-Ut J mM 2 Kerr Miss S-ian
ljuri.ii mi Uoila A Kn jwi. (')
il- hi y on : !,
v L i v' :iu
in::ttr: I ;;t
SI :u "Mist i :i :i
-i;.?, C'r,-'jritioi.ti v
iilvin Win
will !. ! i,l!e t give the. fail : ;.ii -j i-- It
. . I - 1 ! J IS I
' V'T'. ' ti-'. r ts of t!i" l'!i'fi-
S-i'i'tf.rv r.-.'r .T---S2 ' ' of tlie
ri:r:-:i":n - -i.n .:j.O-i , the
N -r c : t.'s ion -S'T").'' '.'. ari l t Ii ;
- I .-rv ho;n !$,r, lh .
:, :.: . f -t I ;!.:! ui .'.f j !'
' "! i:.i , !'." !'.., 'l i.'j
- .v'.!!r; :.n i::i::i-ri-f ii;!'iiir " f
".il t!;r-v ;i r i : aiisi"' us t c'." o
: : ii' ; 1 .H-': to make r;),)ia f'ir
i v. i. r : ".
( i i . . t ' ; o i i
U- '.e .) V.
ii.ii: .j v.
lll'Jl"" (.'!: IS
l.ivinton Thos
Lf-cllohett 2
Luwe .i A
Lf.e V 1
Miles Mrs i: F
Morris N A
N Ji.hors A J
Na-l.j i;
rainier S M
Ii iy At;inM"Si:n
Jtohinson Miss S li
Ko-.-rs L A
Hounds N
llo.-s.; riioeha
Kctd Mis Fruncis
Sn.ll.Jasll 5
Simini'T V
Tinm l Joiin I
TwL'i'dfll Josof h
Wvmnn Mrs .Maria
W'i.italVr W J
WY1U .las M
U'.u.'rman John
W eir E V li
1 1
..I.-.- ii j.i i.i iL.u n es,t. Farmf-rs vhoj
iiure proJin: to sen will di) wen to cnii
on him tt fore disposing of their trade.
May 30, 18CS tf.
Palronizo Home Institutions
All persons wishing to secure a sure
prt-veritl ve from anniae hy ! i.litninp:
will do wi ll to ft-eenre one of those Star
Fluted rod-, with Spr.iits patent Insula
tors, and the best p.HteiJ I'oints. All
work warranted. Leave orders at Mur
phy & Gipnn's bhop, or with the under
eign.'d. Having permanently located
in the Territory, I solieti: roar patronage.
J. S. WATKliS.
cut .;
i" Tii! r -:
f the M.irtr.iii
S. 1; iO'n ta';;es pleasure in announc
inj t j hi-; frl' n Is and pu-tunii':" that he iinvthini; in the line of C'lothiiijr,
li t .1 rl,oe. c, at rdu:ed r rics fur
till- o- xt thirty days, in order to make
room for n new block of poods )o not
!tI I t 1 ' , v. s ll.ili toil iin w.h laid f .ii to e ill if you want anything in his
th i fi '-i;. : . ! o.i. - on We i.--dav ""
T!i"' v I'iii'tnils wt. hnriii. i
wr t . ti- .'; f ma::
i s i r. - t. r-'',f tlia i dilliv
i' it: in thii ; o:i!ii" n- 1 .
...: ui- x l:ri!
". i wl: rii t ll
'i -i -, - :
3. i i '
i i".t.- ! .Sr. i
t. v it!i L.-tro':-
tit tr.o f un
it ii iviin ' iari"j
r-!.- '. ' ii i"'"i-:ii
1 li liO:i.b"T f.f
I. .-.. : I (' r." ' r
s i'ljro . h;..
n ()fi"ee on Main Street, or near it.
'ie". .Jul t f.
Aj j !y at th;
t . i".
i.. .. 1
: 1,
M o!
it' -h
I will oli'iT f.r s:lc, on the lOlh dnv of
,iv."i-t. l!i). at the ri".i J.'nee of l'.viiit
T i i "!, I'.i-s Coiinry, N. T., hetwei-n the
li i'irs i"I lit oYioos A. M., and 2 ii loek
I" . M., to tli'-h,!i-.-t l)'.J i-r, One Me. r, J
t . ! 1 1 ii;. liv )ih', lerrt!, in the C'oun
t v i: i T'-rril'.'fv aforesaid.
L. t). MII.IKIl,
luetic! f the I'eaee,
In f ir F iii County and Territory.
,!u!v -22. I - jo-
Taken up tv the Suhscriher. in hi en
closure, one mile South of liock BluflT,
on the morning of the ldth of June, IStjo,
a Dark 15ay Horse, four years old, nbmt
1G hands high, with a white spot on the
foreh'-ad, a snip on the nose, white hind
feet, shoes on behind, had been hod be
fore, collar marks on the neck and shoul
der. On the night of the l'Jth, he was
stolen, and reeovered again in Savannah,
M )., and returned to me the morning of
the L'7th inst. The owner is reouested
to come forward, prove property, pay
charges and take him uwav.
June 27 wi.
For Sale Cheap At the Store of
Klepser iV: Wie, one copy of ''The
Wa-hington Map of the United States',"
puUi-hed in IN'.:'.. Call and eca i.
Boots & Shoes A lare lot just re
cieved by, Avisos, I)ovev& Co.,
Pistols A large lot jmt received
by Amiov, Povky it Co.
Farm For Sale.
I have a good farm for Pale, conMst'nz
of ;'." ncrr ; Hti fenced, '." under cul
tivation, and about Go acres of timber.
It is situated 7 miles south cf I'hitts
r.aouth on the main thoro'ihfare to Ne
braska citv. For particulars enrpiire on
tlie j remesis, or of Hiram Davis in this
April, 20 m 1.
Tiotico to Road Supervisors.
You will each he furnished with a copy
of th" Uoa 1 Law of Nebraska, in which
your rowers and duties are defined, bv
caliinc: at th oHica of the Ooun'v Clerk
ofCii-s coontv. U. SITPJ.OCK,
Co. Clerk.
f :
ii .
ai r
i- 'ii r-
w-i-i ;
V ' I I." !.. !
Taken up by tli Mili-crili. r living in
M ,;ir:: Pi -::-:tiiL I'rrcinct. I .-colli!, t 1.
1.- 4, One j;.-.! lb if.T. nnt! ear old bit ! :
A Card to Invalids.
A CIrpTrann, 10 r. i.Iinj ii ml'i Anieric.i a a
a lui. -i,.ir.iry , tli.--ove' e a. -..f- lint Mn pie it-iir ily
f ..- cur ' ,' ' ."rviMi-i W .ik!"'" K .rlr I ay,
l:-e:i"- 'f tli- l"ii!i ii." iu'l S :!ii n il Divans ui t
ll:-" wliolr tr.iia of iti . .r.l r l.r .i:."!it 1 y dw fu i
and v:rii liril.i. ' ; i il iiu:ii'';": s h ive l.t-n al
0".i'l" cmel l y Mm n.'l'!". reine lv Proiiil!f I l.y
- i: u I . I eLffit the ;ill'.:. :.-,l aul imf " Iiiuiil.', I will
ii-l 'he rci-tr f r JT'". tnai ail u-ii.j; t!iU iiifii-
iii a r.i..- 1 tuv1!"!'.'. t- any one ho li it,
at nic
Lvi'?v :e-zi:ie3s shop.
Howe &
:i'i 1 n i
t 1 1 ; 1 r
1 , u
.1 i-V,
fiii ri
ai"" mi
r. -
v i.i- 1
T!.:- -
W Oil.
it:.- .i
I r, if
ill lill:l!
!. 1 an in; -
' 1
; I
i : - . i :'
. ! : i -"
: i ' i
i ii' ;
-:.t tax- lii-t in t.
. t h-i r. iii ii t h.i ri
C bti'.'ii i,f il.."
'"rv. 1 til it !!;-;
!-c:-;-.t;...:i, in t n
I. ! t,,vn i its i.; .,
i.t c-a:::y U.i.
he c unty, ;n. i
ii is n t !
nrli.g. I ra':di" 1 on the left hip with
i irk si- t i.-rceiva'il"".
l.V.Yl TOUD.
Sa;.l :i:.:nril was :n praised l y Win.
V, -in 1 Dani.-I Mip!..-i, at'Miun!
. i-::,!. July lTih, 1 -
W m v P!i.::. ,
ifj'i aiiers.
M ; i u:s. j
oi iira.-iu,
CuliitV. li
'1 i . i d iV persur.'ili - v.
a .I-1-Ulv; of th,.. P,-'.,
I I'uhtv, "m. Wli::-"
. if "ff:i-;.
TI- i!ii".j a F"-t-vou'i
A ! !-.
J ii :io iii
i.-iii env.-I-'jie, ail IrescJ to
j ; r.rn t. ixmax,
iti.tioD l. I'ible 11. ii-'",
j"W Y" rk Cay.
p-arf-vl be i
'. in a ;;d for i
r and l !!;-! i
1 1 - .
re a
p'.int ami iiualifie.i '
.1 li.O alio . " il-sci-ib-d es- '
Thirty desirable bu-iness and resi
T'n thousand acres of prairie and tim-
I i!
i mi! in a le d.i- return thereof, i Terms to suit cash purchaser
11 1. .... .... l 1
.iioi 1 ui ;i . -mh; uur..'iv
lav i-l .ou-t next, tit 1
n -id. li- ' of L. (i. To
I i- t.
t i-
a i;.'
i f rnie 1
bnie i f raid ctr:iv.
jno. f. m r:;.
Justice of the Peace.
July 17, 18-V3.
a r.-i ;v ere it not for
Farm for Sale
1 "he Ht4.1"'ti-'n-il otTera for f.ile his
i . i v i . . 1 1 . n . trail- : .- c i.- . . .
, laim. i-i ins i -i : o j: oi io. ai;re, o un.J r
J. I ."tner ii: 1 1 1 c -i ; :ig leaf ures of eo it i v at i oi, sitn ito.J 17 miles we.-t of
;:.!, w-re '..'". ,',-,, we would Platisnvouh. Air one span of horse.-
.... i r -1 . i' i
hi 4r t. ... I -r ,,f il - . .-, ... ami a n;ir;nu, i.ii iiiin- uien-UM, ui". i nr
! !" i-lt 1 th'.s i !ae 'i
i. r." i n M Ti.l.iv l i
tl. ' f-.-' th it t!i )ir
It. II. Wlif KI.KIt.
It-. 1 1 Ai." iit,
I'.'U-i M "ii".u, i'lul-mii-u:1i.
J iLtr ni3
TfSEEUTXI-: Tor 1SG."5.
i jiarticulars rnouire of W m. Lrwin, fiien-
tios reason. ' i.,j , ()
t.'-e to perforai any j Jaiy 10. m.l. WM. S PENCE.
n I t:."y iive up to their I
i ia -ru ::. ;:i c to b. said
o. ::. . v.. -t-rn cretin-. The ri of
tl.ewiM t ..I.'ti ; form i::,o; ,,-rth-
T : ' ' -"' p.i:i:o.ii::ie, iu. c-
CV if!...' ::i i i' :'.. city 'mi r.oil is
11,1 ' :1 . t: ', -n i.;r wall "1", ri
an J Nat.-.n !::..:!!, ther- is a large
,aa.l ,:- ."'" '''' l-.-il- of ti.., plu-.-o
Wjii ,0 . . ,.-t ,. ; ., ;:: t . m- v., i;, .. l:l
l..i. vi.. !i . . .ii-tin ; m l .. t li..
tti- l ii . r. Li iae c.'y cmnj: all' rd to
1 u:M m, :..t .iU 0i-ilin:mv be paved
re-jOi.-. i.; invncf, ,U , i-rti t ) construct
ti e v I. : ;.i,d .f t!..y :.r- i,..- -i , , j . 1 . t . -. i
:h. in a ti -i-t :i;i! length of nt
tie- .-treet C t;,m:-.i,.ner perform the
. .b r, a:, i th-.-n !-;y a -p.via! tax n the
"Tty fir the aiii ia:r. We- d u it
or-.- ::. beeaue of any I 'MmiihiI ni'-r-c-it
in it, but f. r the b-n. iit of t!i- :.
We 1 ieve it ti) be .i Jieeevity, and shall
Continue to ur re it unitl the wm k c ni
pi'te.l. i.r We ale t-Iil i: cul ul it i:;cS
I -.hen e.
tii. t J
IU- II. r..
1 'ri i. y '
iu u-e i n '
l:," Ii
that ov
-,ii l T, die J .,i at
ill i . i i O a I., i, iM I lit
. II 0. lie had I -en ..nth
too il 13", aiid ju tireii An 1:1 j jfit was iieiil
!y,aii"! a verJut reti I-to 1
i iiis o-.a'.a ly el.
i : ;;i"
li0 ' i 'i !. r, i.lie i!;e pout of tlie
tt'utiil, '1 'n't hke to lv dibttii Lcd in their
i-. A iV'lovv in jail over near
Gcie . e.
; t Kt s to the
T;:ken up by t!ie Subscriber, living 10
inlles a .nth of f '1 1 1 '-onoir h , N. T.. in
Liberty Precinct, Ca eour.ty : One
Lri-h.t H ay M ire with bla;ii m ine and
tail; left hind foot white up to the p.'stor
j -in'.; collar marks on eaeh h:de of the
n-ek ahoot rix in.-hes hmg. bahl faced:
a ! lie mark on the ri-iit side about the
-ieuf a dime. JNO. C. HAKES.
July 1, IS ii.) w..
The t ight kin 1: jovt s.n h s noi-t cv
er'i. lv say they wmt ail in on vol-
'. u -.- page, b..utiful steel plate
; engraving", well bound in leather, j;iit
: l.aeks. marble e ljes, nil for t, will Le
' readv by L-t nf Oct. rext.
1 P. S. All of my old subscribers will
t . ii"! th"' u!eive history at a m re t ri !!
ab "ve e i-t of second volume, (it being
the same history). F. F.
; At or aim, it Id o'clock, A. M.. on the
l J:n day of August, iMio, at the resi
d. ne,. ,,f II."nry Stall, in Oreapol'es Pre
, i iiiei, 1 :ha.l sell, ca-h in hand, to
j the highest bidder, the following prop
! erty, taktn tip as an estniy and posted
; t il-i'.ry Stuil. to wi: ; On(x, about
: ouiit ye u s ojil, marked with a crop oif
li: bit ear, aiel is f ;i reil mti1 white
cob.r. .'.praiselJ at Forty Dollars. Ap
lis, j hv Frit ii!; O. Parcel an 1 Jacob
H in.
Ly or l r of HENRY STULL.
Jamks O'MKii., Justice of the Peace.
Ed. ray ITorsc.
Tak"n up by the subscriber, on his
enclose. 1 t remises in L uiisvili" prscinct,
'.i-s county N. T., about twelve ni'les
wf St of PI ittmoutli, on the 2;st ins'.,
one iron gray hore, about 13 1-2 hands
high, and supposed to he about four
vcir.s old no marks or brands prreova-
y i. i: ui,!"--. t!i.' holt i:i bis ceil
are L. s ; a - i i:p, nr.J the shteji preven-,
'-i jin iiiiouh ot iiiglits, he j
u " .-:u-e the iii.-i.:u:i on. J5enil3e
flit:.. V.iuli .-ijt blame him at all for
carr -. (, ;. ;iiS threat.
t.le. II"' h rerja- sti .i to prove
property, pay charges an i lal-:1 sai l
i'mal a;v:tv. " CI I AS. H. DCIiFEE,
Pl utMiiouth, June 22. lNio.
Boots and Shoes,
Hardware, Qiieensware,
Call before purchasing, and
Ilxamine Gotuls and 'tiers.
If you do not buy, you will
Oot JPOGtccL !
JLijl streets
July 1, 1S0-5 if
Main St., opposite Platte Valley House,
IIa3 on hand a large fetock of
Curry Combs, Brushes, Cards, dfcc
He can
Outfit a Mule or Horse Train
With everything in his line, on short notice.
My motto is "Quick Sales and Small Profits."
Kt-pnirin? done at all times at reasonable rates-
Wholesale und Retail Di alers in
Drugs, Medicines and Gils,
Fine Toilet Soaps, Urushcs and Perfumery,
Pure Wines and Liquors, for Biedicinal use,
Dye Woods, I lye Stuffs, and Fancy Articles (lenerally.
Farmer, frcigliterx and phtjsicians
Will find our stock of .Medicines complete. Warranted Genu
ine and of the best quality.
I'htjsivtan. Piescriplitnis Carefully FWrd by Dr. Iilaelc.
Phutsmouth, May 1st, 1Si5, if
jSSTUAY notice
Taken up iv thf? StiKcriljer resltlin
thrct miles Suth of i'latrmodth, Cass
on., N. T.. on t':t 17th dav of June.
Tii.' Miiitary ar.-l ;iv i 1 m:c r f I??04. .vih th'
H u.-p.-i result "f fui" l'rc-i lui i:t I e ntM. la vh
1 1 : ; I a heavy wt-ipht i"i"!ii ? ii lirvAsrs t t?ir 1",)1
iiiilli.-L- 'if our ffjiit) yn.eit. lr ti-w fe'r. tveu ' y
th h" h i v. bt . li .;iir:JMfii! ri l;iitl
th i i Le lu;. ii i-t t.' t'l.ii r.-t- t i.nn;.lnn fi-.m tt.c
: I y & 'r h li-M tii Ik w;i? k wkolly icipi-l.i-
i iy iior aa: J; Tit- ; r-i th't t fr!vrry, l.rr it-:tit:i'-
f -.i t" t-iu-.tuni-T Hi'1 f t f Hantuu. 'I he
I';-.-ti- of r-t-iuo il Vt-i.ti-n itini t W, t.-rn instir
1 1 xv i n ar-1 p t ; A i: a ham I.tchi.n, d.
It-li;.' r ;i"4i!;it'lt; u-a choji-e of the n.ii!. iiy, Ic-Ut"
th- litflm of M:iie f"T ft.ur voir luire:; ti' it h' liuu,
I M ;it ly w-hktii(l hy d t- at 1o-js Ihi ini;
tut p. i.-t " with iis crclit sa re-hirft that lis
I ur--Lt'.irt r . tii- lv l-i t..r s 0 -t il- TretJii
rnif t t 'ml i I;.-e' h iik' ti Itr ctnu at thf rif-r o
iwtTi'y rlvt- f r ot i init i knttttif cttnin in-l l ut
tlx o fit- tu the 1 ar- hut avv;iit fir iltw uI.h Ii
it -.!! j-f . ih.'- th- ! I In-in it j :i: at li.iml
:in 1 ii master M'irits ti the ju tioe, or it litay
It- Ju the rVni', or a s -rely wnitiirwl hl I jut-y
iT.c'n-r 1 hut f 'i rin .iiid in ff..auitniu eoplt.
Si: li ir tht? hii-'Hvb w tin!. j :-Mv our I i th th.i th?
(.! n rear wi'l tt r-tur Mi l Mnp H.tat un-
!i il n-V 1 U - in v. rv h i;t!. in -nt in llv Hepuliiir,
;t?i l tf t ;iet:ct law t L.Ur;y L-r All iniii.oV.ihiy iui-ht-i
J ii i.i f.e Coo -tituiitti i-f "iir ruiyi.
Thk kw t'.'it i Tilth1 n v, in. .1-1 in H 11 . w:H n
te; i;; .-u t'ei' -f " : ih y- :ir witri iil.-k iim!
h' I-i J nlaip -i fii,ans f'"' li p imv
pit '-t v. r- : ttt: V a;in aiv th' lui i.-ii
t.i lnt, I: : ue- nu th ui-hmIVii. c f a 1. u f F ;-
fiiiian-t linn .anity. Wf,-:i ih:- t U'h ha!i have
V n atTit- al i.v t r...ti ..'tl ;tifi -t:i tiJ.e'i a? th t'.-t--i-
tjiir ii.-tttii i"i - ir:.i ity.iii it inMl-iie-' tttiie
f i i t'l, tl u"-'itKtt, Hi- inos-; u.-pi-'M: . j a It-.nlul
iui-tik" Tl. il no r nim;'niiy ?tate can i:M -id t t
r ;); v u ii liumt-1 w inhei th a will ur
IhikI h;i k 4-!;cm t:ititj. iu th; cilia tui).hin uf ptace
Hivt ",rupM it v
' i : I h i n: k h ftr i I.e hi yjr li-t'n publ i -I
Wlth.urt pMlit to it-- pr.ptiet-rs, ti IV lit l-f the
lf-pit i,iii.n t f ur mm urv t' hw specie tiMn.!:iiil
eoiiip. tiinj u tc huy p tp-'r aii'l othtr r.mTt iiai at a
eo-t I'-'Mi r.'v5.-iy above lh iin niiit rCfi Vtmd frim
tur 4 ul r. ilif On ottr n et k iy t liiiinn. t ti e i.el li
haw a iih mi lit J t z r th u- i.tjt cf ih.lai. ; w hi it?
ur lar- v pn attvt 'tijiiTttf h tve U" u whoily
Ih ' I hy ti trxt;ai.nlni:-x exHu?-rM iT ns
p.inilfi.e'. 1 1 lv ai'iitu-, t re, tlov lve I t-u 'l by tt.e
war A- we liw Let juj jro tur iiniD" ;i.--irc that we
:!.. .M w rJi f"i ti.t in at ur t.vt. ;f t( p ur n f t
f at:ou z'l ty auv uh miy d -i it. we have a Ivaueci to r I h ti -u; i: y- ir tlu prtc -
tit ojr en ca iv aU'i W trek y , .is li ul alit-atiy
d-n.f w ith hur-e vt ur ilhity iui.w. This lucrrae
i 'im-!v uontlnal; txir uever t . t".re mas a t!in
whe-- trie irni-iM ot ui- ce-iii ry c 'f.iitry c-ul-l
'i'i.e Ti it'iino ft. r little of thPir uWu paoduct rr
lubt.'i a tiitry Cull by the .0
Mii-.f c -yy -
M.i'l MlLi ril.r"", -tr.e y. :ir, 31 - i"a.
On".. rri'y one yeitr K1 i.tuf,,
1 h., r-'i'if" lit" .-:ir,
five cwiic or t'Vfr. one vojr, fnch crpy,
Oui" c y, one Ii- i.-j'ie-,
Cl'i -s of live . .
fersons r.uiuiiiii -J-l t r 111 oepiw, will receive one
c.'i y nt"u. ."1:
IVrnoni' renuOiii 10 loi nil cpio. will receive one
f ii s" 1 1 vv.-,k:.v, r;itis.
Pernors rrm;t ini; f..r -iu 1 .pies, mil r.'Ctive one
ci v l'.'ilv. jri.a.e
Prafls on.V,' ink p:tubir to the or kr f "Tlie, ' I nnf saft , lire p'cf.-rabl to Hny oilier
ui'Kie o! r.'u,i lro iiur M tiftv .trufts i-.iuLot 1
cosiv. ni-ntly pr..c;ir., l":.jt...l sta:., or National
13r k ti:l. a.- next bt, and hiht le t nt ly in.iil ;
'tit In of I. -s-.Tl.o l". lhiiiio will in. 1 t.- r ..insi
l..""" '"e r.i-ti ii wi"h a full 1 sTiption of the
i.liN, tie" imni" ct Hi.- hni.k, .lenomiuatii n
ii"t tiUiiit""r, nuJ the tiu.c ai..! piatd of mailing ul
Hi" !rtt-r witb the iiicl.,suie-
Tnl";ine Hu MinH, New York.
Probato TSctice.
Nc.'ice is h-rel.y g!r.-n lint V.. U. Sfcafnr hs mai'e
ai pliririou to o i,p.".i:.t. d A'!m:Dlrlco cf the
Ve have opened a
T O JEL 23
Opposite the
Where we are
Offering and arc Selling
Usually found in the Provision Line,
i k W. yr
. 1 11.
i jre I,
X ..
Oil I X,
coin o! IV'
ljs n.le if Sirali sh I'er Je.iHeil, lno if Cas. county, N.
hi 'h, b;- in
haJ 11 headst.t'.l on when founj, is about
1.--. r... ! .-'- U,.- IT I.--,. 1.1 ! ,. in
,b-.l UnrUon i nch shoubior, - , ZuiZ ' . P
ivt-r, v. 1 h a rubv
"' ' ' :. a: d lOiiill? C"4,0UIJ li
; :; t li-!.?jii, At?s. The
: a'.- Ly clock nvrk.
live vears old The O'.vner is hereby re
q i-'sre,.! to call, prove prepertv, pav
eliar-es and take him hwhv.
Jane 21 w3.
SaturJii,; July2ih. 15G5,
at 10 oVlocIt 8. ra. oi a;l day, at wLi.h time all
(Uptons in!ere'r.l can aprenr.
t. S
V liness niT batd ami ncal of i Cj.',? on
tiis 'heSOl!) dav of Jon, A. D. Ifc63
Fl bJt! Ji-.g.
We wish to buy all kinds of
Countiy Produce.
Such as
Arc?ctal&Ics, Ac-,
For which the
in ft cs t Price
will be paid
In M o n e y -
fifThose having such articles to sell
will do well to call and see us before
Plattsmouth, May 22, '6o.
E. T. DUKE cfc Co.,
AVholesalf- and Retail Dealers in
Stoves, Tin, Sheet Iron, Brass. Japaned
W keep con.sinnily on hand Einirants' and Freighters'
Such as Camp Stoves, Frying Pans. Skillets and I .id , Ovens,
Cam) Kettles, Ac. W e also keep Chain l'umps and
Fixtures, 1 lydraulic Oment, Sad Irons, Fruit
Cans and Jars, Lanterns, Colfee M ids iS:c.
ir ozE3 wonis. !
Tin Roofing, (iiittters and Spouting done on short notice, vith
neatness and despatch. Are agents for the sale of Stew
art's celebrated Combination coal or wood Cook Stove.
Give us a call we will not be undersold .Main St., South Side, between
Second and Third Streets,
icturc Gallerv,
North Side Main St ,
Pictui'es taken of all EZinds.
Ambrotypes, Photographs, Gem Pictures, &e A fod assortment of Cases Frames,
Album?, &c.j r-onstantly kept on hand. Gilt and KosewooJ Moldingj or Frames
made to order, of any size.
Apothecaries Hall.
Cor. Main and 5th Sta.,
Dealers iu
Paints, Oils, Putty and Glass-
Agriculture, Horticulture, Mechanics, I2d
ucutlm, Home IatereUs, (lentrcl
JS'ews, .Markets, tJV.
I'ublithed nivtt octavo form of Mxteeii j
puses, vritli an itid.x at the end cf each o!nm j
(six months. J
mmv : - --- "
Oyer's Sarsaparilla
k compound remedy, designed to bo the rnoa
! iroctual Alterative that can bo msde. It i
! concentrated cxtraU of Para Sarsnparilhi
j o combinel with oUier substances of stil
I reater alterative power as to afford an effee
i Iyc antidote for tho diseases Sarsnparilla i
epated to cure. It is believed that such i
emedy is -wanted by those who surl'tr frot
itrumous complaints, and that one which w il
ceompliah their cure must prove of immen
ervice to this large class of our alHicted fellow
itizens. How completely this compound wi
.o it has been proven by experiment on man;
f the worst eoaes to be found of the followinj
omplaints :
Jhcptions and Eruptive Diikasks Ui.ct.ns
'imples. Blotches, Tumoks. Salt Uhei-m
cald Head, Syphilis asd Syphilitic Ap
ections, Meucurial DlSE VSK. DltOI'SY, Xku
ALGIA Oil TlC Uot'LOVKElt. Dehilh y, I)V3
epsia and Indigestion1, Euyshm-las, Ilos'
r Sr. Anthony's Fike, and indeed the whol
lass of complaints arising from I.hi'ukity o
hk Blood.
This compound will hs found a great pro
loter of health, when taken in the spring, t'
xpel the foul humors which fester in th
lood at that season of the year. By the time
y expulsion of them many rankling disorder
re nipped in the bud. Multitudes can. b;
he aid of this remedy, spare themselves tYon
he endurance of foul eruptions and uleerou
ores, through which the system will strive t.
id itself of corruptions, if not assisted to ib
his through the natural channels of the bod;
y an alterative medicine. Cleanse out tli
itiated blood whenever you find itsimpuritie
.ursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions
r sores ; demise it when you lind it is ob
tructed and sluggish in th? veius ; cleanse i
rhenevcr it is foul, and your feelings will tel
nu when. Even where no particular disord:;
i felt, people enjoy better health, and liv
anger, fur cleansing the blood. Kc th
lood healthy, and all is well ; but w ith thi
.abulum of lifd dlwrdered, tliere can w B'
Isting liealth. Sooner or later somethinj
aust go wrong, and the great machinery o
ife is disordered or overthrown.
Sarsaparilla ha?, and deserves much, th
cputation of accomplishing these ends. Hit
he world has been egregiously deceived b;
reparations of it, partly because the dru.
lone has not all the -virtue that is claimc
or it, but more because many preparation
iretending to be concentrated extracts of it
ontain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla
,r any thing else.
During late years the public have been min
ed by large bottles, pretending to give a quat
if Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Mo-1
,f these have been frauds upon the sick, f
hey not only contain little, if any, Sursnpa
ilia, but often no curative properties whatcv
r. Hence, bitter and painful disappointmen
las fallowed the use of the various extracts i
jarsapai ilia which flood the market, until tli
tame itself is justly despised, and has becom
ynonymous with imposition and cheat. Stil
ve call this compound Sarsaparilla, and inttn
o supply bucIi a remedy as t-hall rescue tli
lame from the load of obloquy which vest
tpon it. And we think we have ground f
iclieving it has virtues which sue irresistibl
y the ordinary run of the diseases it is intun J
d to cure. In order to secure tVir eomph t
radication from the system, the remedy i-liuiil
ie judiciously taken according to directions o'
he bottle. nv'
DR. J. C. AYEIl & CO.
rice, SI per Bottle j Six Uottlm for $3
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
.as won for itself such a renown for tbo cure c,
very variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, t!ia
t is entirely unnecessary for us t j recount t!i
vidence of its virtues wherever it has licen eir
iloyed. As it lias long been in constant u
hroughout this section, we nee J notdo more t!ia
Asure tlie people its qualily is kept up to the li f
t ever has been, nnu that it may lie relied on t
jo for their relief all il bus ever been found to Uc
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Josliveneu, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigestior
Dysentery Foul Stomach, llryipc .',i, lleailachi
iles, Rheumatism, Eruptions ctul ijl.iil Discaw
liter Complaint, Dropsy, Teller, Tumors an
ialt Rheum, Worms, Gout, Xcuralpia, at
Dinner nil, and for Ptirifyinj the Blootl.
They are sugar-coated, so that the most sens
ire can take them pleasantly, and they are tli
icst aperient in the world for all the purposes of
amily physic.
?rice 25 centj per Box ; Five boxes for $1.0
Great numbers of Clergymen, Fhvsicians. fitatw
nen, and eminent personages, have lent the
lames to certify the unparalleled usefulness of thes
emedies, but our space here will not permit tr,
nsertion of them. The Agents below named fu
lish gratis our American Almanac in which tlu
ire given ; with also full descriptions of the abo
lomplaints, and the treatment that bhould be fo
owed for their cure.
Do not be put oft" by unprincipled dealers wit
rther preparations they make more profit oi
Demand Ayek's, and take no others. The sir
vant the best aid there is for them, and they shoui
lave it.
All our remedies are for sale by
"Unquestionably the best sustained
work of the kind in the World "
Jfcw Jlontlilv lUnarazinc.
Criti'-al notK" ofllio I'revs.
Ttisthe r.rtinot Mi'tnz'rp of i,e day. T! !!--sM
ni'ter had mure it.-hirMiul c"inti:iii u:i, m.r iiie
million a more fnti-ri.riniiiir fni'ii l. th in Harpir
Mrt?iiziiie Ut thrvtist l'rttUint ' Cal'irn .re.)
The mott poru'ar Mou-.hty iu the worM. X. Y.
Wo u.U!.t refer in t rms of eulniy lo the high ti.B"
nl varied cxceMeti.-e rf Hirffi's Mac-Mine n inur-
nal with h muntlily nrruUtioii "f ;il t l7n,U0U i"' t'-
t'-s ,in whose pHie are. to h- luuii't hutne o! II, -
clu irest H-ht a,l t-. ii", al rra-lln ..fthed iy. Wo
pp'ak of thU w .rk as an evi,ien,-e of Ihe Ann:rirari
penpe; und tin' pi,iiilari'v it Iih ac'iiir,l isiuctit
e.l. Each iiumher ri'iil.iiiia fuliy 141 j.iiweH of i.-a I
iug in. liter, apiir , print. -ly i.lus r.,.. I with soo.l i .1
i-uis; a"i,l it -uttibiri" in itseir the racy iiK,utl,iy an.l
the mme phi losojihiral quarterly, lr,. ude.l iih ti e.
best features of Ihn ildily jt,urnal. It hail jfreft power
in the di-tem-'nal i.m i,f a lov." r f pure lit-Tature.
Tucner'tt O tilde tt AuttriatTi LittrHtiiri: vLondou. )
The v ,i!m, l,oun,l contti uie ,f thenisclves a li
brar; o! 'mircvli iiinin fjad ir.f, .uch as ciuoot b i:i the same ci.mpai-H in any other pnhiirat ion
(hat hits c .uie under oi;r culke. Boito.i Courier.
The l.iibliKhers have perieete;! a 'rtem J..f mailing
by which they Can tapp y the VnKaine ami Weekly
pmiiuptly t.i alio .refer to r.-c ivelheii- piriod
ieals dir etlv from the orfif.; of pulillea-iou.
The portage 01. llarper' M;.n:i7;ne is "J4 ."eii'a n
ye ir, must be piiid at lue suhBciiber's i.ol wi
ll ce.
Hakpek's MaciZiM:, one year. . - - 1.
An evtn copy of either the 5I;.cazine or VVe- y
Will b Uliel gratis ur cvtr Clii cf Five suo
scribers al $1 each, iu oce reiniltance ; ur tlx copies
for JO.
Ha-k numbers can he mpplied" at any lltne.
A complete tet, n ,w e ,uipi i;wiz Tueniy-cine Vol
ume., in cloth hiri lio.;, wi 1 b.- wui by fc.xpf" !.,
freitl't a' exp' use of pn rhaer, f.,r J Si per ro nro".
s:r,c-'e volume., by Tn'.i, port rai.l, ft. Cloth ea-m
for bin'Iiue, li ceuts, ny mall, po-t naij
A(Urt "llAKHl.a i I(1.(ITHU(,
KiaDkliH bquare, N. V.
For Clb oftictlre ond $M, one enpyfete.
JT3Apiiropriate advertiseh'ents will be p'noH Id
..... . .......... - - J 1 ' ' . a,-n . ..on pa-
ric:, each ine rti m, in advance- Special Ja.ices, '
leaded, prccedinff advertUeicenis, twenty cent per !
line of i-pace occ upicd.
A square compriea ten liaei ofapaee. I
Sj-The circclatinn of thePRAIRIC FARMER is
Pater.t Sfedlcinea of all kinds. Toilet articles. ct.i- I .a v..r.i, .u-.a ....a . '. i-i-.,".
tiouery.ard everything kej.t in rt-clas LruS i,,,ielllel M.JO-aier., tke best m-diuiu U
Store, at Ea.tein prices. I t ench tliC inasjea iateretta i. . .
-Wa'6prtTirtrSt;ri'l"f'-..BJrrn ! l.'JIH i 4 CO . j4 St.. ! J 11. I K A l A (III. I . I .
L. FROST & Co.,
G H O C E H 3.
Opposite tha Post 0ce,
cur g'.as t; It f.t.a.
rr. 10 6
C:?af-. b"