Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, August 02, 1865, Image 2

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    She gletohu j&eralcl
fvyjiN -v "it "
the corrjGit yisiklu.
After the surrender of Lee and the
assassioau'on of President Lincoln, the
rebel element in the North subsided to
a contiierable extent, and but few of
that class were to be found who were
foolhardy onough to express their real
sentiinens. Of latP, however, they are
becoming somewhat bolder; and even
m the loyal town of Plattsmouth thre
are men who talk about -'another rebel
lion if the Souteern gentlemen are not
admitted to full citizenship." They say
that these '-Southern fire-eaters will
not submit to the depredation of being
This kind of talk only confirms us in
the belief which we have before ex
yresFf d, that these men only want the
pretext and the pother to again involve
the country in difficulty. Let every
Union-loving, law-abiding man be care
ful upon whom they confer that power.
There are plenty of m?n to be found
whose loyalty is known, and those who
nre cf doubtful repute should Le invited
to wait until they prove, by their
"works," that they are worthy of the
confidence of a law-abiding community-It
may, or it may not, be to the best
interest of the country to allow those so
luttly in arms agaiusl the Government,
to have the full privileges of ciiizenship;
thii is a question that will bear discus
sion. . liut when men go so far as to
say that '-the authoiiii'is had better be
careful that the Southern fire-eaters
won't submit'' to this or that measure,
we very naturally conclude that they
are eiiht r grossly ignorant of what has
been going on in the country for the
past four years, or else the rebel spirit
in them is eo strong that they cannot
con rcl it tither of which is, tr ought
to be, sutiicient to condemn them ia the
minds of aa intelligent, peace-loving
IeS5 In juitice to Mr. Duke, our
County Treasurer, who has been ac
cused of giving us the tax-liel for pub
llcatlon to the detriment of die tax-payers
of this county, we would refer said
tax-payers to a resolution adcpteJ unan
imously Ly the editorial convention cf
this Territory, sometime last fall.
That convention was composed of at
least one representative from each
newspaper then in existence in the Ter
ritory, except, perhaps, the Itulo Reg
ister; and the resolution in question was
to the ellVct that no paper represented
in that ccnven'.ion would publish the
list of lands and lots upon which taxes
were delinquent, for the compensation
prescribed by law. That resolution is
still in full force, and each member of
the convention is, of covirse, bound by
his honor to suppor it. This left our
County Treasurer the alternative cf
paying the extra charge from his own
pocket, or finding some one who was
not bound by that resolution, and was
willing to publish the list for the price
specified by la.v. The IIrrild, not
"being in existence at the time of that
convention, offered a chance for the
Treasurer to extricate himself from
this dilemma. If this is to the "detri
men! of the lax-payers," then we are
at a loss to know what would be to their
advantage. That convention was com
posed cf hononble men, who would
scorn to sanction a resolution of this
kind because they had a monopoly of the
lysine vs in any particular respect.
It may not be amiss, in this connec
tion, to say that all papers represented
in that convention are pledged to cnarge
for all legal advertising, at the rate of
Sl.oO per square for the first insertion,
and Si. 00 per squire for each subse
quent insertion; making about S20 for
an ordinary legal notice. Of course,
they are all honorable men, and an in
sinuatioa that any one of them did not
live up to these resolutions would be
considered at insult, and we would ad-
'ise persons in this vicinity who have
legal adver'isicg. to be careful how
they approach a member of that august
body, for fear of giving offense by im
putation. f5F'Vor& has commenced a suit
against the Government for damages,
on account of the enforced closure of his
theatre; and has employed Henry Win
,ter Davis, Thomas Eivingand William
Schley, as his counsel.
ESSGen. Butler's resignation which
was sent on the 1st of June, has been
returned marked "not accepted" and he
has been seat for to Washington,
where he is likely to be assigned to du
ty connected with the Fretdmeu's Department.
FoflT Labimie, Ju!' 27.
One thousand Sioux, Cheyenne?, Ar
rappahoes, Blackfeet and a few Jn
manches attacked Platte Bridge Sta
tion, ou the T tleo-raph road, day be
fore yesterday. There was only two
hundred and fifty soldiers stationed
there. The fight lasted two days, re
sulting in heavy loss to the Indians.
Number not known, and a loss on our
side of Lieut. Collins and one enlisted
man of the 11th Ohio Cavalry and 2-3
men of the llih Kansas and 9 men
wounded: Indians retired west, tear
ing down telegraph poles and destroy
ing wire.
A note was picked up on the battle
field written by A. White, a prisoner
recently captured on South Platte, said
that the Indians did not want peace,
but were for fighting all the time, that
we had killed one of their Chiefs in
the fight and that they were going to
destroy the telegraph line and thai they
expected reinforcements.
Lieut Collins was horribly mutila
ted; his hands and feet cut oir, throat
cut, heart taken out. scalped aud one
hundred arrows in him.
The men fought against overwhelm
ing numbers, and with determined
There is not the slightest disposition
manifested on the part of these Indians
for peace. On the contrary, peace
will only be obtained by severely pun
ishing them.
One of the Towder river columns
is now en-route to join the force at
Platte Bridge which is moving ia the
rear of the ludians, and holding them
in check until reinforcements arrive,
when another fight will tako place with
out doubt. All the troops intended for
the Indian expedition would have been
in the field long ago had it not been for
rascally contractors failing to deliver
supplies according to the terms of their
JuLESBURG, July 3l. 10 A.M.
A party of about 30 Indians attacked
a small train of emigrants 40 miles
west of here, on Saturday morning;!
killing and scalping two men and cap
turing one wagon and team. All the
rest of the tram succeeded in making
their escape.
Senators Doolittle and Foster passed
the spot but a short time after, and nar
rowly escaped a flight or a capiure.
These gentlemen so anxious to conclude
peace with the Indians, did not mani
fest a very etroug desire to meet them
just then, preferring some future time
and place. The same morning a large
party of Indians surprised a camp of
20 soldiers a few miles north of Valley
Station, .captured their stock and drove
the men back to the station, slightly
wounling three or four.
The telegraph line was ulso cut, and
the operator driven back when out re
pairing it.
ar panies of Indians have appear
ed in severpl places on the South Plat e
I? rntt and there is no douot they ai c n
considerable force in the vicinity, bent
on mischief. More troops are on the
way from the Fast and will souu be dis
tributed along the road.
The Virginia City Post of the :21th
ult., furnishes the following:
Flour and merchandise generally
has been already received at Last
Chance, via Fort Benton and the Mis
souri river navigation.
Many persons who had abandoned
claims in the upper part of Last Chance
Gulch, have returned to work and
found good prospects.
States fljur was selling at from $27
to SS'JO per sack, and Salt Lake from
623 to S2-5, at Helena.
Markets, Virginia City, June 2-lth,
"6-j :
'During the past week there has
been a considerable demand for goods
at cur new mining camps, a.apies
ai.d general merchandise in fair de
mand at quotations.
Khiur. There has been a quietus
put upon the sales of the past week, the
market being well supplied, prices ru
ling the same as at last quotations, with
a lighter demand.
Our Produce Market continues qui
et, prices rule about the same as at oar
last review, linle doing.
Butter. Demand limited, prices un
changed. Provision market firm, with an up
ward tendency. The demand is in
creasing for the spring staples."
fSTThe correspondent of the New
York Herald writes as follows from
Columbus Mississippi, with respect to
the intelligence of the Southern whites:
"The candid truth is. that, generally
speaking, the great majority of the
Southern whites are not one whit the
superior in education or moral of ti e
negroes. Both races have to be edu
cated, have to be freed from the band
age of iguorauce in which slaveholder
has kept both the negroes and the -poor
white trash,' before they will be able
to judge correctly what is best for their
interest and welf are. If any one wish
es to comprehend how it was that the
rebel leaders so successfully deluded
this people iuto their accursed rebellion
and to see how completely the poorer
whites became mere tools in the hands
of the richer planters he has only to
come South and see how totally ignor
ant and fearfully depraved these poor
whiles are.
f ihrt Louisville Jour-
j nal, says that the anti-ameaduient peo
ple of Kentucky seem ternuy appre
hensive that, unless restrained by the
Constitution, they will inevitably marry
niggers. We have all heard of the
noisy fellow, who, getting in a quarrel,
cried cut to those around him, "Hold
me. gentlemen, or I shall strike him."
Each anti-amendment man seecas call
ing aloud in a similar spirit, "Hold me,
dear Constitution, or I shall marry a
ni.-r as rare as ?-:'X are bra.'
Important Decision In It'eiv Or
leans SI id el 1' Property.
A New Orleans paper says ;
Judge Durell, of the United Stntes
Court, delivered his decision in the inter
vention of the Citizens' Bank and of Ma
cuard & Co., in the suit of tha United
States against, John Slidell, for confisca
tion of his real estate, in the city of New
Orleans. The Citizens' liank based its
claim on a mortgage executed by Mr.
Slidell's agent in this city, in favor of
the bank for 100000 francs. Judge
Durell decided that shuch a mortgage
was in fraud of the claims of the United
States, and was intended to reserve Mr.
Slidell's property from the couotry, so
that it could not be reached, and that
Mr. S. being a notorious enemy of the
United States, hi property was liable
under the confiscation act, and could not
thus be placed beyond the reach of the
The Judge further decided that the
power of attorney filed by Mr. Slidell's
agents did not give them the rower to
mortgage his property. In regard to the
intervention of Macuard .t Co., who claim
a mortgage in their favor on Mr. Slidell's
property for advances, to the amount of
5'JO,000 francs, Judge D. decided that
when the mortgage was given in Paris,
it was well known to the int?rventors that
Mr. Slidell was an enemy to the United
States, and a traitor; that he was acting
ns commis"ioner of the so called Confed
erate States; they knew the risk were ta
ing, and they grounded their hopes of
repayment upon the prospects of the
success of the insurgent State in over
throwing tho authority of the United
Tho interventions of the Citizen's
Bank and of Macuard & Co. were there
fore dismissed at thecost of the interven.
SrcRETAHr Seward. An exchange
says Secretary Seward ii perhaps the
ablest Statesman now living. Few will
ever know how valuable have been bis
services to the couutry the last four
years. The trained diplomats of Eu
rope have been constrained to yield to
his superior ability. A weaker man
to conduct our foreign affairs might
have enabled the secessionists to ar
ray the most powerful nations of Ku
rope in arms against us, and in that
way have destroyed our Government.
'I he English editors are very sensitive
in regard to the way things have been
conducted between the two countries,
as they feel that the superior talent has
been on our side. As the American
Kearsage sunk the British Alabama, so
has Mr. Seward humbled the preten
tions of Great Britatn to superior diplo
matic abilit'.
"Little Drop of Water," &c.
The town of W aierbury, in Connecti
cut, has the most varied and extensive
manufacture of brass unities of any
place in the country, or perhaps in the
world; and all spring from one man
making a set of brass buttons. He
was rather an ingenious man, and he
thought he could make a set of brass
buttons cheaper than he could buy
them. He punched out the blanks i
faom a piece of -heet brass, turned them
up very nice in a lathe, soldered eyes j
to ihem.uuil hud them sewed upon his
coat. Some of his neighbors then re
quested him to make sets of buttons tor
them, and he was thus drawn into the
manufacture. His example was fol
lowed by others, and frum this small
beginning have grown the most exten
sive brass manufactures of Waterbu-
5a,"But gineral" sez I. "in nil this
wutdo yoo perpose for us Northurn
Ditnmekrats V
"Toward them our bo.vils melt with
luv. We forgive yoo. Ef yoo kin
take the old auilood, will and good
ef not"
"Hold !" sez I "don't ihreat. A gin
ooine Northern demekrat wauts but little
here below, but wants that little long
give him a small post orfis, a nigger
driver to look up to, and a nigger to look
down to, and he is soopr jinely happy.
Ef a angel in glory waz two oiler 2
trade pUces win him, harp, golden
crown and all, he would ask odds."
Indictments tor Treason It is
reported that the Grand Jury of An
drew county, at a recent session, acting
under the charge of Judge Ilerron, in
dicted over three hundred persons in
that county for treason. The Judge is
said to hold the opinion that they are
subject to punishment under the State
courts, as well as by those of the United
The defense of these fellows will af
ford a rich harvest for the lawyers.
"When men dance they must pay the
fiddler." St. Joe. Herald.
&3FThe Agricultural Bureau at
Washington has received reports from
different parts of the country which rep
resent that the crops of hay, potatoes
and corn, will be larger than at any
previous year. The hay crop will be
fully one third larger than ever known
before. Oats are also reported to be
very superior, and a larger crop grown
than for many years previous.
FSPThe New Yolk Times has the
following in resrard to the position oc
cupied by President Johnson on negro
suffrage: "We have very little doubt
that upon this subject he entertains the
same opinion as the great body of ju
dicious and reflecting persons through
out the countrv. namelv. that distinc
tions in poli'ical rights and franchises
should no longer be based on distinc
tions cf color, but that in every State
netrroes should be allowed to vote up
on the same conditions and under the
same circumstances as whites."
frSTThe London Herald says the
North has lost a mil'ion and a half of
men in the war, and argues thence that
the Government is weak and exhaust
ed. tie Ureontans are gemug
excited over the discovery of new gold
dijrTia:js; reputed lobe the richest and
! most extensive ever found in the north
i ern country. The new district is situ
I ated in the Cceur d'Alene Mountains,
i Lots cf big strikes have been mada
j in one case 87,000 ffom 5,000 pounds
of r J'k.
Tub State Seal of Virginia.-
The State Seal of Virginia has been
materially altered by the new Siate
government. The device is the same,
but the motto, "Sic Semper Tyrannis."
has been espunged, and the words
"Liberty and Union" now appear above
the Goddess of Liberty trampling upon
the prostrate form of Tyranny.
gSAll the rebels tn Canada aave
George N. Sanders and Jacob Thomp
son have taken the oath of allegiance
and applied for pardon. Gen. Potter
has informed them that it will be a long
time before the Government will par
don any of the rascally rebels who have
been spending their time in plotting
raids and piracies on the borders.
The American People.
Just discovered, and now published for
the first time.
The long, bo
ny fingers are "reaching for me." Soon
I must "go for it." A word of advice
hefore I go. The glorious sun cf Hope
is ppng up from his imperial couch.
He dresseth himself in the full rig of
Royalty. He putteth on his most capti
vating grin, to maUe glad this, the city
of Promise. The day of our Redemp
tion from HIGH and OI'PRKSSIYE
PRICES draweth to a close.
Throw high your
caps; yell forth ye sturdy youths; bellow
loud ye brotd chested; prolong the
glad, soul thrilling shout, ye long necked;
until the eluuibering echoes of the far
off rocks, are aroused; Mothers, teach it
to your childreo, that all the ends of the
earth may know, and rejoice with ex
ceeding great jov, that the HYDRA
PRICES, the identical VAMPIRE that so
long hath been sicking our life blood,
is now 7 hrottkd by
Wholesale and retail dealers in all kinds
of Staple and Fancy
At their large and magnificent establish
ment fTOn 2d Street, FIRST DOOR
This House is doing an immense trade.
Help them, fellow-citizens, in their great
elToi-ts for your good.
riaitsuiuuth, July 1j tf
Boots & Shoes,
Trunks, Valises, etc.
Give me a call. I propose going east
in a short time to purchase goods, and
will 6ell off my present stock at
Extremely Low Figures.
Remember the place. One doer WEST
of the Herald elhce,
Marble Yard.
The undersigned have opened an
In the City of Plattsmouth,
where they have
Call and
Examine Specimens.
We are prepared to do as good
work as can be found in the
country, at as
Reasonable Prices
As any establishment in the
July 1, 1S65, n.6
Wst of
Wholesale and
Clothing of every description.
Constantly on hand a Large Stock of
And every article required by
And everybody else can be
Call and examine
Tootle, Uanna & Co.
Plattsmouth, April 10, 'Go.
1805. 1805.
North Hide of Main Street,
Have on hand the LARGEST STOCK of
Ever Offered in this Market.
In fact, everything the Farmer, Mechanic, Freighter or Emi
grant wants.
Thankful for past Patronage, we hope by strict attention lo bus
iness to merit a continuance of the same.
Call and examine oar slock.
Platttsmouth, April 10, 1SC5. if
JlTST r ."! etl, cas s of Canned r -m.c-1i,s at
GO to AMJSON, DOVEV CO'i to purchase your
spring gunda.
If end Us Tar My of Ladieb' Dies Good" at
A. u. r v.u .-.
r A CASES Moltby's Cove Oy titers for fl at
OU A. D. & CO'3.
G, KEAT bargain in Ladies ' LrttB Goods at
Tft , Suenr, (ioldnn Syrup, Sugar House .Mo
Ihshs, NrW York Candida, etc , etc.
larpe lot of Chewing aud Smoking ToImcco lor
JL. gale at
A. V. i CO'S.
OAL OIL fir tale by
A. D. A CO.
( B0XL3 Star Candle for tale by
JvJ A, D. A CO.
IF yon want to pnrchate goods at a bargain, po to
A. I. A CO
0 BAGS COFFEE juat received by
A. D. 4 CO.
Lsre kt of CtoS.-Tei at
A. E. A CO'3.
G 15 S T
St. Louis.
Retail Dealers in
supplied at this establishment.
our extensive stock.
VL.irg. KsnrlmeDldlmei'. Dd boy' clothing
for hale l.y A. D. & CO.
HELLED COKN for fa by
A D. A CO.
1) ACOX and Lard for bale by
A. P. A CO.
VIIKAVf INVOICE of all inris of Family Gro
ceries aud Outnting Goodo just received t'T
A. 1. A CO.
A LL kinds of Fanning Implements for pale i v
1Y A. D A CO.
Largo ot of Two Horse I'lows for fa! by
A D. CO.
AN endless variety tf Hardware and Cutlery for
sale at A. D. A CO S.
Pi.'H, Doors, Shinnies, G!as, and Na'ls of every
k description fur a! by A. V. A CO.
A LL kin ' of Couu'.iy Proouce taken in exchntiiie
1 for (foods bv A . D. A CO.
'"O eautneraie all the ai titles we have for sale
1 would fill one s dof th- UiBiLD, atd other
have aa good a right to advertise a'
THE la-Et-UOutttting Ucme north f Ft. Joseph
10 AMIaON, JjOVE" 4 tO'S.,
ruttamouth. ."'(ttnk!.
Legal Notice.
Ifabells Archei.G.'orgo W. AfcW n1 KlJk
AM-ti-r w jjl ia n. -.rce, that John Erj,art
n Ei hart did i.n tke Ttti lay of J u-, a I
filutliir bill of o.niplalnt tn U.e Uiatrl.t C.',nri"
the 2 I Judirnl Dialrici wlihhi sul Ut t' coici
K. T.. satirist tne t-aid Iai'lia Atvl,r, Oe.,Uu '
etier and AIBobko A rrlir, 'lefpL'iniit v tii' ,g j .
tt-at one Havid L. Archer :d to ti. intirr Su "
Karh.irt, wi e Of th' i-at t John, tho fi'liow"'
di !4Til' ii pp-miiM, fo-wit; '""
W. liaif 1 2 of tfr S.iutti liaf-12,.f ,i
Nvrth half 1 l of the the K..nth qiurt, r- i !
oif coc-iiou thirty iw-2-owi twelve
fourteen 14 Rut, in Cam coanty, N I.
Kilt that La making oat thi clcel cf c :ir, ,,.
said David L. Archr audi) uiltak-.; j Ja,v :
d ffereot a(J other Jand to th-i raid B iUhi, t:a
Tli aaJd Arcawr having SiUce died, d. f. i. J . . .
ImtoJrs. Ami prayliiK that halrl mi'-tai.o t c r ' .. (
e i. mid that U anay lt decreed that a Mi,!.;
t' w t make onto the aftid Husan har'tart ,1 j ",
s i !! prenits. Upon failure ot def'-nrlauts 1 1 inc.i,
he naiiiH. And that -be said Isabella Archer,
W. Arcli.-r and A!p':onao Aicher, are heiuhr riit!r i
thutlu'V are j ejuirtd to appear and aomrr.,
bill of cniidainU on or before the 4:u ilny of u, (..!
A I). li;5,it being the second day uf the nft ti-ra
f . il ( urt, er judgement will be rnJuriU
Ui .m according tu peUtloaen' prater.
Dited June 7. ISC5. w5
T. SI. SliavtfBTT, S'. for Coniplalnatitj.
I am always on hand at tur ShuD. on the a. .,!.
ni''eof Slaiu slre'-t, one doer West uf the Him,;-,
O'Qlce, to wake
Hoots ty Shoes to Older,
Of the left material and
Lalot .Style,
I liftv it goo(J a-.rtm--rjt of work on ! rtDt, tul
will (coop, at nil times, Work to cult cubtmci.
Krpairiii? Done on .Short
r.Acnz poisal
riattfmoulh, April 10, 'i5 tf
Cor. Main find oth sts.,
Dealers in
Saddlers' Hardware
FiiKlinp and Tool-,
WAGthS, 1'LOWS, f.c.
CTOrders Promptly attended U.
Dealers in
WATaIj papek,
Coal Oil ILaiiipx.
Arc, &c.
Ve arc abo n?cr.n for the Hurhinan Wool-o
Mill, of St Jo-ph, ito., aud tiave now ou haiiil
tJO"d axhortm.-nt of
which we ha ve receive d on commission, aud aft
prt pared to exchange for
nt very reaon:ih! inure. Av-f;iv oh a mil,
one door east ut the IltuaLP office, J'IjUsiu jiitb,
Krl'H k.
Slay iti, li5 tf
Al Agent for all th p.-lav.pX
I'll' c.