Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, June 21, 1865, Image 4

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Ap von fick, ('rlnf, rti
rniiinlfiiim'T? Aro vmi mi
-fy"3TT:-'T,'4 rif order, with nir') stm
lj g;..w,...l1 d tanked, nntl vour livlin;
".rilCE " ?-'..! micc'iiit. rt:il;ie?'l hcxoc. nil)
ton: on Imi the prclii
to si-rious illness. .Some 13
rf if crw-j-iTii; iijioi
ou.i:ud slionM be nvt.TK.-i
lv a ti:i!t!v use of the rrt'li
'lake Avfr's s
ian! out t!:e (ii.-T
humor juiril'y 1li
ar.U iPt tlie lln::l
on uiioO"trtictd 11
anin. 'J hey tir:iu
tlie functions ! Hx
boilr into vi'-oiom acti.Mv
inrify the sysem from t':e obstruction v liieli niaki
ilsfaite. JS. Colli Fcilics soim-wnuru in wit moiy. i.m
ibstruets its naturi'l f'liiction. These, if not r
fcved, react 111.011 tlii-niseivi-s Jiinl tl.e t-arror.ndinj
frnnF, irotiTirin? jremrnl uprrnvation, fulloriiv;
.ad tlim-e. While in this condition, oire(:sc-d l.
lie derangements, t;i!;o Aver's l'illn, and see J ov
iirectly they restore tha nhtttral notion of the i.r8
em, and with it the Luovant fi-eliii!; of health again,
Vint is trn and to oj'i nrciit iu this trivial and citm
aon complaint, is ali-o trim in nianr of tho det-ji
ratvd and iuiif;erouti tlijf. inpcrj. 'iho sumo purpa
ire effect expels thein. t'anscj hy timiiar ohstrnu
ions and derangcmcntd of th natural lunctioiiK oi
lie bodv,tlieyare rapidly, and many of them eurel
Bred iir the same mean. Kono who knmv tin
Irtucs of these l'ills. will neglect to employ then
rbeu eutleriu from the uieorders they euro.
Statement liom lendiiifr pliyeirians iu some of tl:t
nincipal cities, and fioia other cil-kuowu x.uli.t
From a Forwartfhig M'rchnnt cf St. Louis, fib. 4
Dr. Ateu- Your Tills nre the paraxon of all that
a prcat in meditino. '11.13- have enied my litth
laughter of ulcerous sorts u'pou her handi and feel
liat had proved incurable lor years, li.-rmothei
um been lonjr frrievousiy jilllicted with blotches and
iimpl( on her (-kin riul in her hair. After oni
.iiild was ctued, ihe uiso tried ytitir Tills, and they
lave Clued her. AA 31uKUKlIHiK.
Aa a Family 1'
from Dr. E W. Curtirritht, A" w Orltuin.
Your lills are tha prince of purges. Their ex.
client qualities fui j a.M any cuthanio we o.-.-ff-s.
Tliey ore mild, but very certain and effectual in their
.ction on the lowtlf, wLch make them iuvalnahle
o us in the daily treatment of diea.-e.
Ueadnchc,SicU ESracTnrfto, fi'oul Hioiaach:
From Ir. Edwtinl J:;'J, Fi'tuiiore.
Dear Tito. Aver: I cnm.ot h::.vit yott vlir.l
omplaints 1 liave cursil it li your i'ii.'s li ui-r il.-.ui
o say nit that ve n r Imtt villi a purijotir vvt'i
inr." I place rreat tlependcixc 011 tliat ei;ic'.!i:ii
Athaitiu in luy iai!y co'iiti'.it with !5?oae, and l e
ietrinr, as I do, that your i'llis aI!ord us tl.e Lett v.e
tare, I of course vsilue th ui highly.
TrrT:ni-::. Va.. Mav 1. IC Vi.
Drt. J. C. Avrn bir: 1 have been "re tJitecly
-a red of the worst hemlaclte am body i:.n i:a . e by a
lose or two of your Tills. It seems to aiiset:cni
oul stomach, which they c'eane at unci.
Youra with great respect, W . 1 Klil'.LE.
t It rl; f .;t'.'ii :rd rton.
Editions DioriIrrs Iirrr Coip!.i:r:t.
From. Dr. Tltentlre I:, II, rfXt u- ' rl ( iij.
Kot only are your 1 ill aiimiiabiy ;;dapteil to their
mrpose as an aperient, but 1 find their l.i -s.eiiuiul
lleets upon the Uver very marked indeed. They
lave in my practice proved uiore eilvctual f r Xk
aire of bilious comptaiiifs than ai:v one remedy I
an mention. I t-iucerely rejoice that ve have' at
enpth a purgative which Is worthy tLe comideuce ol
lie proleraiuu and the people
Depautmitnt ov tiit. I.sTi:r:iirt.
Washington, lJ. , 7th l.Vi. )
fint: I hare UM-d your l'ills in my .'m-ral
capital practice ever since you made thein.
ten not hesitate to fay tiiev are the Le-t cathaitk
e emplov. Their re'j.-iila.'i action en the liver i
mick and decided, Co:i-e ;UL!itiv tl:L- art- ;,n ad
niiable remedy for iieii.i:'eitvnts oi tl.Mt ( r-a:i
iideed, I have seMom 1 1.1 i a cn.-e of 'i';o. n--M
CO obstinate that it riid not ri r.i'i'v i tk
Lean Jr'ratc-ruaiiy v ours, AHy-i) T.. I.h. .!. L..
l'htfuiciait tj'ihe Marine it ii.
Dysrntory, DinrrSrn, I!c!:ix, V,'o:ui.
From I)r. .1. O. Vrten. cf i'l.ircgo.
Your lills hare had a loa trial in my racf:.v.
jtd 1 hold thein in esteem one of the best aperi
nts I have ever lonnd. Their a'ter:.!ive viiect upon
lie liver makes them an excellent remedy, v. hen
veu in small dos.-s lor I'ilivti V's. nt ! tnJ tlUtr
htra. Their auar-co.itin makes them very uc
ptable and convenient lor thu tiie 01 wonieu ami
DIcici.-i, Inipr-rity of tJie RIooil.
Trom Rev. J. V. Ilimtn. r-is' r cf .hie at 'liureh,
Dr. Ater: I have uced vottr Tills with i-:tra-trdinary
success in my family and ji;ici:;I ho-e I aru
lled to viit in ditre;s. To regulate tl.e ovaus of
Upestiou and purify the blood, they are tne ver
wst remedy I have ever known, and 1 can couii
lently recommend them to mv friends.
Yours, J. V. IIIMES.
WAESAW, Wyominp Co , X. Y.. ( t-t. 25.
IiearSik: I am using your Cat hni tic iu my
practice, and rind liniii an exu int .urLrative tc
Jcaiise the system and .utrifn i!.r J n.nt iiii if lilt
iuod. JOHN t. JILAC1IA.M, M. 1).
3enatipntimi, Contj rr 11 ;ipr,-ioii.
Hhrawaliun, Hont, iVeiirali;it, ?i-y.
S'arniyntH, I' iti, c-ic.
From Dr. .. P. Vaughn. J'otitrrnl. Cmit'tii.
Too much cannot be said of jour Tills lor the
ntt of cottiveue. If others cf our fraternity have
bund them as elncacious as I have, they chonld join
ne in proclaiming it. torthe L. neiit of the muhitieler
rho suffer from that complaint, ul.ii'h, aittiouli
ad enough in itself, is the progenitor it others tiutt
re worse. I believe cosiVt hhsj to originate in tiit
Iver, but your Tills ailect thiit cr;,uu and cure tut
firm Mrs. E. Stuart. Physician and Mirhrife.
I find one or two larire closes of ycur Villa, taken
rt the proper time, are excellent promotives of the
taturcu Mecretion when wholly or partially sun
rcsed, and also very effectual to 'c".i..-; the
tomacn and trtl arorms. They are o much Iht
test physic wc have that 1 recommend no other tc
ay patients.
Front the Rev. Dr. ITairla, of ihe Jfctkodiit Fpis.
rrjLARKI House, Savannah, Ga.. Jan. C.
IIoxohed Sir: J should bo uionati till lor th
lief your kill Las brought me if 1 diil 1 (,t report
ay case to you. A cold settled iu my limbs :r.m
roncht on excrucmtinir vciiro.ljir p'n'm. v !.ich
tnded in chronic rhi.itvuitim. rNtumthataudiiJ i
lad the best of physicians, ibo divease iew wo'rst
aid worse, utitil by the aihico of your excellent
gent in lSaltiinore, Dr. Mackenzie. I tried yoiii
.'ill. Their ctrects were slow, but suru. liy'per
tvaring in thu use ofthciu, 1 uui now entirely weU.
Sbnate Chamber. Baton l:oupe,Xo., 5 Dec.,lSo
Da Avhk: 1 have been entirely cured, by youi
ills, of JiltenmcUic Hont n iiainffil diif !:: e that !ia'
ifllicted me for yearn. YlXCTN' f SL1DELL.
CMoet of the I'ilU in market contain JJercurv
hich although a valuable remedy in skilful hur.ifa
dangerous in a public pill, ironi'thu dreadful cou
wpueucea that frequently follow its incautious use.
"hese contain 110 luvrcury or xuiiieiui tjU.boUuic
Price, 29 centa per Ecx, or S Boxes for SI- '
.tesaxed by Dr. J. C. &YZ2. & Co., Lowell, Has3
A nuvrr Cilin? AcUJ-to f t Sick IIea.1-
ache, Pysr.psi.1, fever and A.j
Liver Comfla - tYnrtivnu1, y
j. Jilliou-npss, .-.eui ,-. ..v -
... - T - T , . r...Ti, f V
Iepraved Aj.p. lite, .- A
V dnd t?tom.v-a, FuniJio
Obstructions, ic, j
35 ct. , y
WIIjSOIS S PILLS cm unirfTonlly
KBUTtUdgcd b0 thebi--t nox la use. As a F:i:ui:7
-dieiBetbeyarerrticuUi'.yreo;i le
yimi harmles, but hllily me-ti.-ln.d ia their en
tioaUoo. Oao Fill ''sc 1 b E-iu ,Jut
1 thin effects. Tha robust mr.n anil the i .licata chili
fwm Jhetii alike, with every assuranca -t cntJro
L aofcty. Vrth "Wilson's Pills, erory Mother In
'the land beoomes her own phyirUn. Tbry have
'proved themselves aj9PB'3rio, auJ staui without a
rival for tbe following alfcetions:
CbBtivenoss, Biliousness, Ketualgie
: CostiTeneaa, BiliousnesB, Ifcuralsi
toll try Druggists & Dealers ovcryu-tei
Importers &Who!esa!a DrugQista
Ho. 60, oorat 'Wood and ixh Sts.
tois fanrrjicBa o
B. L. Fahncstoclt'3 Vermlfuiic. .,
lNX1f1t:-'-..-t. Into
7.7 P P A Q J7
i ill b hll ft A A
'-;:; 7 v
. y-i -. f 5
. tti nt
Is ihe place to get
1 ti
).it.ti it u i . aft. ttu jl.
Ff i i;i a
(J S-'
Alive Si Sti3nina.
Nebraska Herald,
And for the speedy cure ot'the fj;o-.n ' c.i.npia.iu's
9croOiln au:! firrcf'i !' ' c'io:n, cl
n 'i'nniot-.. l';-..-, Svr, K:-nt
f."ii:-i, Cii-ial'', !-!-, sjs', .;i.. il-'U .hn:". 1-:.:'.
J. C. Av.-n ft Co. Ciiints: 1 1W t i my duty to ne
mowIed?c; what vour Sttrsfparilla-dMs iono &;r tu'j
Having inherited a f roiuiou.-- ; ntection, I lia.v
uirfered from it in ways .'r ) cars, t'ouia
atnea :t burst o;it in L";erH mi mr I.-i'iils mid limn
jomi times it turned iuu'ard nnd ui;tff .st-ed me at thi
itomach. Two M ars ajro it trok.r oat en t:ty h"Tl
iud covered iny'rei:) :iid cars!;one rore.wliicl
itb painlui aiid loathu-iu t-cve no I'tiii. '
:riod nianv tm-'i:-i.:' - nuJ fcvu-kI phyMei.ui.-:, In
ivithout m'uch r.-lief ith'.a onti4.J.3C. in fact, tin
iiorder prew wor.-c. At len'tli 1 wai rejoiced u
read in the Uospel Mrscnertl;at you had pivpai r
in alterative (Sarsapai iila), for I hnetv- iiorn youi
reputation that unythi.ii; you made must be pood
I went to Cluelnuuti a'id pot it, uad used it tiii i'
jurod me. I took it, as you advise, in musUI dohes ol
teaspoonful over a month, and usod ahnost thrci
bottles. Si w end healthy t-kin scon be.nti tu fiint
under the C;il, which alter a while tell oil", iiy
ikin is now clear, and 1 know 1.; my U elinjrs tha
the die l.assone frwn rav syftem. You cm v. el
helicve that 1 feel what I ani sayii-a hen 1 tell yen
.hat I hold von to he one of thu Bjio.-tles of the uJ
and reuuua'over sratcfuliy. Your?,
ALrnr.o u. lALLr.v.
St. Anlhouy'a Firt. Ro c ErysirK.?n
7tii r iiiid Nail t:ii anii tii-nUl 2ca;J
ttiiiKWorjn, Merr tCjvi, iPoiy.
lr. Jiohert M. lTi hlo w rites t. cm .Salem, 5T. X,
12th Sept., lilJ, that In; has cured an iaveteratl
Cte-e of lrotii, which threaten. 1 to terrninato jit
tr.llv, br the porseverans life t our ;.ar.-:'. firil!a
ami alsoa danjrvrous Maiigii'int I'l ysipelas by InrpA
dofO. of the xaine; says he cures ;hc vouiniou JJruj
lions by it cqustuntly.
Bronrfcocrle, rtltre o- r-tsr-!!tfl IVorTt.
Zeliuion .Sloan, of l'i ospect, To as, writes: ' 'Hire,
bottles of vour -nrsapariila cured mo from a t:oifr
a hideous swelling on the net;, which 1 had sut
fercil Xiom over two ycuis."
LrncorrhTn cr Tbi:o, Cnr?tn Tttti3P
TL"Uriuc Cif era;ion, t ela io irai4C
Dr. J. i. S. Chnnuii of 'rw Vork City, writes
"I tiio.-t che'rful!v cr.tnpiy with the rcjuest of yoifc
rTf nt iu saving I have found vour fcars-apaii;ia t
most excellent alter, tive in tfe iiuiuercus com
pJaiuts lor which wr employ f -icli a remedy, bn
Lpeci:dly in Ftmrl '. y.f. ?f the Serot'ulou!
diathois. 1 have cured many :r.vcternte cases ol
J-cucorrhoea, by it, ami some vili-'ie tha cotnplaiir
was caused by ulceration of the i'i-rj. The ulcer
atiou itsek' WU.-1 soon cured. Jv'cithiiiir within nij
kuowledjro equals it tor these fciu&Ze dorancineuts.5
Kdward S. Marrow, of Jsewvury, Ala., write
"A damrerons orm-iji tumor a. onc of the female! '
in mv liinuiy, which lid deiierf nil tha remedies wi
could cuiploy, has at length be. i: colni-letely carcC
bv tout Kxtract of .Saranpr.rida. ur phys:w"aj
thmitfl.t nothing but extiq atioif could ufiord reli. (
but he advised the trial of your J-arar.anila as thi
lnt retort l-eforo cutting, iunl I" i roved cil'ectuai
Alter taking your reni-dy eiht weeks no sym;jtou
Of the diet-use remains. '
Hyi'jili. nnd Icrrnr'-ril I: ions'!.
Knv (. :lj;aj(, 2rth August, T"3.
Dn. J. C. Aveu: Mr, I chciriully comply witl
Hie rerjitest of your nnt, and reiort to yoa poi:V
Of the i-tr.-c: I have realized wi h your Sarsaparil'
1 have cured with it. in my j r.i'ctice. mo-t of t!ti
couiplaiutk lor which it is r'c i;ine;;!v?d, mid hav
found its eii'cctn truly woude'lul in the euro ol
t'uittsreiU awl rcurlal Jt-i4rs.e. Or. a of my pa
bent had .vphilitio uioers in h-t throat, which we;i
eonsumin l.ts palate find the top of I, is mouth
l our iiarsaparKia stert lily lake ; cured him in liv
weeks. Another was attacked by .secondary Fym;
tomsin his nose, and the had tatea awaj
a considerable art of it. so tiiat I I elieve the li-'
order would i.oon rcncli brain and kill liini. I!u
It yielded to my administration cf your .arsa;iaril!:o
the ulwrs healed, and he is well njjaiti, not of courst
without fomo distigumtion to his lace. A v.-onm
who had been treated tori he t.;ine ihsorder by mer
cury was Mirt'eriu-? from this ; o;so:i in her liotiei
lhey hud become so sepsitire to tha wcatiier that or
a damp day the tuft'eied oxer K-iatin. pain in hoi
joint and bones. M.e. too. .r. cured vtitirely bj
your;iarii!:i in a X wv . I know- from i!i
i'ormuiu. which your n -ent ewe rue, that tldi
1'repiiratiou from" your i bor.i.toi v miitt be a pic:f
remedy: conseiiuwutly, these truly remarkable re
suit with it huve notVutpti-tii me.
I raternally your? , ti. V. iVHIMEn, M. D.
KlK-nmatiit!, loif, TT.irrr Co!i;ta:::f.
Ixi'iKtsiitM k, l're..;mi Co., Va.,r.;u .luiv, 1-0
hit. J. CAykix: Sir, 1 havo been aillicted" with i
painful chronic .'icxma'V.mi f ir a Ion ; time, whiol
Ladled the skill of physician ..and mucI: 1) me h
spite of all the lenitdi'es 1 co;i;d li'id. until I trie
jour Sarsaparill.t. One botu cured me in twt
week, and restored my yv. t ral health o muol
that I am far better than befjel was attacked. .
think it a wonderful medicine. J. i'iiliAM-
Jules Y. l.ctchell, cf St. l. uif, writes: "I 1.0V
been afl!ic!el for yeais with awnil-tinn of tit l.iv.r
which destroycd'my heaitli. 1 tried tverythiiif?
and evi-rythinj; failed to relieve mo; and 1 havi
been a broken-down man fur tome years from in
Other cnuso than .'- rungeiw nt (f thu Ziti: M;
beloved pastor, the 1,'ev. Mr.'Kspy, advised me ti
try your Saiaj;ari'la, becau-e he .-aid he knew yon
mid'anythiiii; you made was worth Irving. l'y t lx
blessing ot Ood it tins cared lae, ar d has so purict
r.iy blood as to made a new r.zjr. of me. I fi el yomii
ainin. The best that cuu be of you is i.ot hi.1
pood enough.''
feit hirrMM, C'aiirs'r Tmurt-", Tnlrn-'.Trs-.seiiS
l'lcirniio:j, i'nriv niJ lixi'jialioa ul
I in i3o.n-i.
A treat variety of cacn been rcwrted to u
wlier cures of these fbrm.i.'rib'.o complaints ha?
resulted from the us of this-tomcdv, but our f; no
Aere 'will not 'ndimt them, t-oroa ot them mav b
touud in our American Afcl'inae, wleh the neiit
below named arc picutod tu 'urniah to aJl wtu
call fur theui.
Dyipt'tsi:i, Heart 1Iwm, Fit, Epllcivy
:'Scln;iciio.) , liciirntgm.
Manr romarkahle cures cf these 'directions hav-
been made by the altorativf ower of this medicine
it stimulates tlie vital luuotinus info vigorous action
and thus overcomes di.-onk-ra which would ba cup
poseu oeyonci iib rcaco. Mueu a remear tins ioiij
been required by the iieeotfi. of the people, am
we are confident that this nil tlo for them ali tha
aititiiciue cuu do.
Ayer's phcrr Pectoral
Coiisha, CctAt, I nflt- nzfi,'-r-rirs
lro;i, Jiirourinli. iui i(:ii: Ciii
fcUkisrti mil fu-r ilM iitlU-f
of C;cmj!iuptr.r 'fntU-iit
i'y uilvn.ei Smxcm ,
; of tli- i-:-n
This is ft remfldy so uuivvrsiidly known to purp.-.s
any othur lor tl'e cure ot threat ami lun? complaints
that it is tisclcol' here to publish the ewdenee of it
virtues. Its urt-tvalled excellence for cot'irhs am
colds, and its truly wonderful cures of
diei, have mft-le it Irnow;! throuyhoui tiie civ 5
ized nations of t. eenrtli. I'ewaro tl.e communities
or even families, amone tlit-m who have not torn
persoual experience of ri.H cflicts some liviu.
trophy iu their mi. 1ft of Its victory over the Pt;b!l
ana o;unfreroin itist ruers of tiio throat anil lun
As all know- the dretdful f.i;alitr of these r.i.-orden
and as they kuow, tco. tl effects of this remed
we need not do more vhcii to usmre them that it ha
now all the virtues tlmt i- did have when makin
Uie cures which have una to etxorjgly upon th
sonfidenco ef mankind.
Prcp&red by Dr. J. C. AYX.H li Co., LovcII. Mas
Boot &.
f"? ' o
S m.Ss
'tic FiibscriVer woul 1 nsnocffnlly call th" pttrn
tion of tl.e cituens t J'latmeutli hi '1 the 'in' i: .' at
:itv-i. to tin- :ae' that l,e t.n preenr. d :i f.irti"n of
Mr. Lo.vkV Cihiaet t her , wliere.h-; int-T.'! Ut- p'nir
en hand ali't la ikir jr oil tie; ?I.iitest le tic . e; e y
article ia Inline. Hi tck Iwlns et:el ty hitn-
sfl'f, fICll liavil' FPiilt the III r : uf l.H lii'tf ill 111
losiues he f-els eonr-ilcnc that lit can glYi fatisfae.
tion. Give tiii) a call
April l'i '05.
DeiJars !:i all kinds of
School & BJaM Eooli?.
Third Door West ofS 'ymcnr House,
1T rr
Scroiiila, or King's Evil
s a con-.lituUi.iinl disease, u coi ruiuion of th
ilo.i !, iy v.Liuli ta: i:.:i.l lit-etmi. s vit"..)l.,l
veak, ami .r. 1 in r Lii the? t lit nl lii.m, i
itTvutles tho whole body, a:ul may btu-t on
11 disease on any r.ivt of it. Nt er;::ri is fro
ru:n its atiac'is, nor is there o:-i which it nm;
lot destroy. The scrofiilous t;.:n is v.:i l"ul;
:ansil by iut'iimriul dista.-.e, low llvir.;;, cli.?
)rd"red or imhcalthy food, imjrnre air, lilU
Hid liltlij" lia'nts, ii.L d;'prcs;r. vices, rmd
ihovo all, by the veiu-real ii:tVo:inn.
vcr be its origin, it is hereditary in the con
titution, dci-cendinp; ' from parents to childrei
into the tl aid and fourtii frciu raticn ; " indeed
t seems to be the rod of Him who says, " '.
vill vi:it the initiuiiies of the feuhers upoi
heir childi-cii."
Its clfocts commenco Ly from th
lood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, it
he lungs, liver, and internal organs, i Urmec
ubc-reles ; in the glands, swellings ; and or
he surface, eruptions or sore. This foul cor.
uption, which gctuLrs in the blood, depressc.'
Lc energies of life, t-o that scrofulous constitu
ions not only Ftiii'er from scrofulous com
daints, but they have far less power to wi:h
tand t!iu attacks of other diseases; consc
itiently va-t numbers perish by di ordcrs
vhieh, although not scrofulous in wieir nature
.ro still rtndero:! fatal by this tair.t iu th
vstom. of the consumption v. l.-.eli tl
linates the luiinan family Jims its origin direct: j
rt tins scrofulous contamination ; atid inanj
Ic's'tructire diseases of tho liver, kielnci-?, brain
aid, iud-vel, of all tho ovgatis, ariso from 01
xc aggravated by tho same cause
One quarter of all our pe ople are scrofulous
r.eir persons arc mvatloa iy this lutiiing in
action, and their l.ealth is ttndormincd by it
o cleanse it i'roin tho system wemu -t rtnovati
ho blooel by an alterative lr.eui -ine, and in
morate it bv lualtr.v loo i and exercise
iuch a iaeJieuie ive supply in
jOnip3:is(I Extract cf Snrsnprillr
ho most cfTectual remedy -whieli tha meelic:
kill of our times can devise for this every
.-here prevailing and fatal nialadv. It is com
lined from the most active rcmeui.ils that have
iccn discovered for the expurgation of this foul
lisorder from tho blooel, and the rescue of the-
ystcr.r from its destructive consequences
lenco it sr.ouid bo empkwca lor tne cure o
tot only Scrofula, but also those other affee
ions which nri:o front it, such as Ekvptivj
nd Skin Disuasus, St. Anthony's Fiun
tosr, or IuiYstiT.i.AS, PiMi', I'i-sti-i.ks'
Ji.oTCiirs, Plains andljou.s.TiMoits, Tettf.h
.nd Salt lliimr, Sc-ald IIi:at), llixcirotiii'
tur.vMATisM, Syi'uii.itic andMr-ucvniAi. Dts
asi:s, Dr.orsv, I) yspevsia, y, and,
adeed, at.i. Cumpi aints akisino ri:o-i itia
.1 ii.tpi'rily of tl;-: Hovd" is founded in truth
ar scrotula lsaUeg-.nera'.ionot tl.e 1 . lcou. 11.
articular purpose and virtue of this S
ilia is t j purify and regenerate this Tital fluid
.-ithout whic'i sound hialtb. is impossiLit; ij
ontamuiatcu constitutions.
T"3 O
f-v tt w
xterm!tc!5 Pcvrr, or Fevfr nntl Arrtie
triaitti'it Pevcr, t'iiiil FtTir, Dtniib
Ijite, i'mctilem Hraiiartif, ov l.titost!
le.rt;ic lie, mid Ullioiin Fevers, itittett'
or tlie tvliole class ot'iiscrtKt-K cris-unt"
iijj li 1ili!iry ih raniri nicnt, -ttstil by
lie nainrta or luiasmatic t ouutnts.
V,"e arc enabled here to ofiVrtho cofnrmiriitv
cmc-Jy which, while it cures the above ccmp'.aint
.il!i certainty, is ftul jitrfeelly harmless m anj
uantitv. fsdch a rrmeuv is jnva.uable in ths'
here these minctina aisotacis pievan. j ins
CiTiC txnels the miasmatic poison ot iuvia
.n A'ilT. from the system, ami prevents the do
el pment ot t;ic (tiscajo, ii taixcu o:i tiie urst n;
roicliof its prtni'mitorv svr-iptoms. It is not on
lie best tcineJv ever vet discovered fer thi
f cnniphtints. Lut also the clicspct. The l:ir
nantitv we supply for a dollar 1 riims it within tl:(
each of evcrv b jdy ; and in bilious districts, v. licrt
r.Ti;u Ali AfJT'K prevails, cverv bo;lv s-honlJ
tavc it and uc it free ly btitli tor euro .rutte
ion. A rrp?.t superiority cf this rrnicclv over r.r over discovered f r the speedy and ccrtaic
urcof Inlcnnittents is tl. it it contr.ins no
r mineral, conserjncntlv i: produces no quinism oi
ither injurious cilerts whatever upon the cotist-.tu'
ion. 'liiose cured by it arc left as licaUky as i
liev had never had the disease.
1-evcr and Auc is not alone tlie consequence- o
he miasmatic poison. A creat voticty of disor
Icrs arise from its irritation, amonc; which arc
'eitra!;ia. luieitin!tsit. Gout. Ihadnchc, Jinnri-
less, 'I'oothciche, Earache, Catarrh, Asthma, Pal-
ntation, Patnjul Affection of the pucn, Uystcr
cs. Pain in the Bowels, Colic, Parabsis and IJc-
angement of the Stomach, all of which, wher
irilliatin m tins cause, put on iiie uiimniticni
h'pe, or become periodical. This " Cl'I'.e " exptlt
.he poison from the blood, and consequently cures
:hcm all alike. It is an invalnablo protection tc
mmiarrants and persons travcllina or tcmporarih
csidm in the nialanotts districts, li taiitn occa-
iionally or dailv while exposed to the infection
;hat will be excreted from the system, and canno
iccumulate in sufiiciont ouantity to ripen into dis
i.ise. Hence it is even more valuable for protce
ion than cure, and few will ever sulier from Inter
nittents if they avail themselves of the protcctiol
his remedy nllords.
Prerstf&d fcyBr.J. C. ATEH & CO., Lowell, Kass
EhcrifT'a Cnlc.
Ber.jamia V.'ia .lia-. i,
Samuel li. Klhert.
f y virtue "f :i Fpcri li r-.';"'."'.';; ,, to in
!!r.' t.-d from t he Clers of the I'isfi ict Court of th
-J : .Tu,:. L!J.s;.-irt w,-H:i aaU ! r the c.utuv of
t'-i-s 1 . rritoi f "ti-Kka. n.'.-tr'u dui- ih
7'il biv .l".T:io A. I. 1 I, th iliM-rilier. .Slu r; a
in anil for Cass ci:ntv N. T., v.iil k.-I 1 at public i.ue
tirn ft r rash, to the b:;-' nest and l-est bidder, in frmt
ef th" (.' iu.t Hoi:ae ;'a i'hittsiuuulli, Ca.-s cuiiiity N.
T.. on
SVr.'wn.r;, tl.e 15i' 'i u-iy'tif July, A. D, !?.",
:.t 12 ot "il. of said day, t'.l'J Jfllowitig de:-crih.-J
rial".to.v:: .
'i !:e i:t:r.i !iii:'(l-2) nf W no. one (T) !:; hi".- ri'.
thi.-tv'(3C); wt'si halt (t '-) of lot . two (.) in Id- i-k
t'.irty :!!:; lot !.ve (.) iu 1 Irck thirty :!; l.-t ni:e
it' ) in hhi-k nioeturi (1-), a:. I 1-t l'i I ia !l-e- j.
one hr.mlrt ti ard ,-iMy-t'o I JO-', v ii!i al! ih t""e
l: i 1". :.:el j '."IjCI bci'-. 9 the re on r r ike 'err, Im
intr, or i a an v u io r ; i-e : ta: i: ii;T; all f: t-:. i'l . s t -n..--
l.iliile.i lu ! :e it y i f P :h:c sl:i- .ith, ' : C 'linTy,
N. I ii'keu as ti." : r-'perly -f .Sitina 1 11. .le to
?alu-iy a i u oceiii at iu u.vor .-r Pcaj.-.uiiti V.'iudh.un.
tiieliU ' 0:.'icc, June iy:h, "!
j. i. c..y?,
-.::;' L x-i Co., N. T.
T. M. MAnauzTT, AU'y fr
T. L. .t H . C Cuthern o .d,
Eareue C. I. irr:n.;on.
virtu-? f p.tnl rei'?iion t -ptm'r t4 me
Hrerte I l'r.jni t!e ..lilee c: t:.. CI. ik f t:..- le-triet
Cu-t et Ce: 2' .'-.U :al IM-trlet. 'vr.hin :i n ! for t!-e
e .n.ty rf Cass, N!es -,.-.- Terri i"ry , he."1 rie 'l.fe the
: : ; v of J-iai-; A. 1. 1 I, the u a Vri-.-ae 1, Shcr
:" i-i and f r ti e ei urn - of Ces, N. T., will sell lit
I :ilnie a'e-tien. for ea.-h. to tue li.;aett and 1:est bid
er, in frjut tf tne Co.irt House In i'lutLsinutii
Cu-s ecuiity, Xii:rak;t T-'nitory, oil
S,:!itr,Li; Ju'.y lo.'.':, A. I). lS'33,
iU 12 oV'ni'k Jt. rf s :ij diy, ur. fellow in;,' Jej-crihcJ
l'cl .t.tte, tu v:U
Lot; n .s. five t,.",) aa-1 t'.ahi (s) ir Mock tiiirty.five
(li). v.rli all tlu te: merits ar.el ai r nr:. 'mince.
tin rw-ja or lUer-tu Lelui. or ia anywise er
tainiu;: ; all of toa.i l i'-ts n.-iu,' si! u iiei i:j th- ci:y of
l'iiillM;ioiiili, Ca..s. touiuy Z. f. T iiicen .is tiie (.roji
trt y oi Eii.'eiie t". Harniia to sati-fy a jui'e
ui nt in lavor r f V." ,L. i K ' C'allier xojl.
fcheriii o Oilif, Juno J5, 1S'!3.
1. 1'. tiA.r.t.
S'itnfl" Cass Co. J. T.
T. M. jr.tECfKTT, Atfy for Pif.".
Probato IToticc
Notice isliorel y i;ivca jl; .it .Mrs. I.a'iella V. Joucs
r.d A. II. Ccp'lauJ hav-.' iiuvi i!ipli::'.ii':i v tl.e
I'roliate Court to be :i;o oi.t''ii Aum:cUiratrix anj
A-iiuini-trator of ti.e e-n::e of Vii.y Jen's, lute i!e-cea-eJ,
of Cn. County, I.'el'rask i Tlie. Court will
hear ii'i 3,.1'liealisu tor si-i ' iipp jii.tuieat on
1'rUay, June oOlk, L"G5,
at It) o'clock a. m. I,tmii Cay, ;it wLicli tim' all
iHreous '.T(-8'.rU can ajipt-ar.
- Willie s inj Und aaj ottl lul seal , this 2d
L, 6. j:iy cf Jaiie, A. D. 1 i".."
u .1. v.iTFri.r::,
West of
Wholesale and
it- -V'-
Gloi-Iiing of eirei'y description.
Constantlj on hand a L'arq;e Stock of
ri7 Jr t?v -k Tvrr c a r ft
And evcr' article required Ly
And everybody else cnu Le
Call and examine
riaitsmoi:t!i, April 10, "Go.
1805. 1805.
North Side cf Main Street,
Have on hand the LARGEST STOCK of
rH. f, r? m f f jr-
Ever Offered
In fact, everything tlie Farmer,
'J'hanliful for past Patronage, we
iness to merit a continuance of tlie same.
Call and examine our stock.
rialttsmouth, April 10, 1SG-5. tf
JVST riccivtJ, 5 J c:;s. k . f C:u:i e 1 t .-urlK a
.Ullsu.N, lioVfcV & Co'S.
G1 0 t i AMISOX, DOVl.i t CO a to p-rci.i?B juui
f p;i i:!i- 'o:!s.
VN eiHlle? v:ir itty cf Ladies' Ire5 tio -U nt
A. V. A L O S.
" r CASKd Moltl'y's Cove Oy-ters for sale t
A. D. CO'S.
C. liKAT bartaias in Ladies ' Dress Goods. -t
X .t.u.itt'O'S.
-oriFALEat AMljO;;, DoVKY A Co'S, Cofloc.
liif.-rs, New York CaLUies, et1
V large lot cf Chewing anl Stuck i:i(r Toloicco for
saleat - A. I). & Cu'S.
V) ALOIL fjr sale by
A. D. & CO.
r.i llOXLi Star Candles f.-r fale 1
.yJ A, D.
& CO.
IF yea want to furchsse goods at a bargain, pro to
A. V. & CO.
0 BAG3 COFFKK received by
A. D.
1 -5
tr x-f
&t. JLouis.
Retail Dealers in
W A R E,
supplied at this eEtabiishment.
our extensive stock.
in this Market.
Mechanic, Freighter or Emi-
Iiope by strict attention to bus
L're asiotiiieat of iin'V are-1 ie'
I jotl 10
;i fi
for m lo t.y
A 1. i CO.
IIELLEDCHKN fo.-f.vcby
A P. A CO.
A. T). A CO.
1 1 ACU.N' aii'l Lard for s ile Lf
1 .
lillAVV INVOICE of ail .finds "f KiiH.ily (iru
ccriei aad Out(i::n:r tl lods j a t rre.ji ve d t-v
A. 1. & CO.
A LL kiads cf Fanning linpleineois for sale bv
1Y A. D.tOI.
VLars- lot of Tiro H ji so I'lows fur sale by
A I), k CO.
A N cr.dlcss variety cf I!ar!wan nii'l Cotlerv for
a jl; a.
OkSII, Door
A. U. A CO'ii.
Fliiiiclei, Glais, ami Nai' of every
O descrijition for sale by
A. D. & CO.
ft f. s v$ Tt'ftY$
A LI. kinds of Cocntry 1',-oiIucj taken in ;chan
-t V for Roods bv A.D. A CO.
"V ecunierate all tlie articlei we liave f r sale
JL Would till on sideof the Hsualo, and otlic-ra
have as good a right to adrertis" a
AMlto.V, DOVEY & CO.
rpilK laigest Outllttin lioiis le.rtli of St. JMih
JL ia A M ISON. Do KV CO'S.,
I'laUijiiuuilj, Jxbrjbka.
II ivin:,' re eitly 1'iiilt a crir nn.I suit ! I" s!inp oa
tlain St., rialtrxnouth, N. T.,
V.'onM re-p'-rtfi;1!y inform ftr c itir. in "f t'a-' ;i:,l
a I lojn in . eoui ties tli tt lie :a tl.e f.n ili; jo- r, a , ir.
ryiiii,- o:i tie:
In :i 1 it lrntii-h"S
1 am I'lej-ai.-.i i turn out tl:!-
CJ II K A 1 1Z H T
ar:il tin st i!;iral.!e
Of. very fee rfj.i ::, ev-r fi". ie I , (!,.; Ti'int
SATisrACTior; gua uait:j;i;.
A:i ki:i I- of f il.en ia . v !, atij." for wu,;:,
I'l r - u-uil.. Ajoil In, IsU."i.
iipothocaries Hall.
Cor. M i'.n rtti 1 T,th Sts.,
I e;:ors ia
lAnl, Oils Svt:lf v iintl Glass.
r,t V-'.-m, ,,f Ki, - ,r.:,...,. u.
'. ;o .i ev ryrhin... k. rt ia a i-t-ela ,s In,,..
-t -l-, al ll.t-i.-t :.
'.. " W.- in. ,,r. p ir
' in 1- t i l-e i ,.
t all .
an.: watT.u:i
i'i. 10 V.i
O.. (';.. o jt o
l:i lll KJ'-j
si. .
l!l,.., to
Iloof.-i V
y . !)(. to
"f Hi -a ) -t m.-.!eri:l an I
W r ti ivo a p.,.l :w..,;,-,. ,:t..f v.-e !. :i rl, :lu,j
Hi I kooi,, al k.l i. u-ork t-.. . j-.loine;
L2cir.h'hz Itoiiv on .Short
c.AGi: :c roisAL.
Platlsniou!)., 10, 'iitf
I'i: VtlTKIl T I
.yrkullure, Jt.,rtin-l!im; M. rhtt.kt, 111
:, it ;,.)), ff,,, nr ( r. .., (i- wrm
Artf.l, Mlrlirl, ,r.
I'llMishcl M'r'kh..i,i ruH., r.,r, ..(, te'!i
i'.ies, Wit.'i ll i...:. V ill Hi,, ,..i of VICII Vollllno
(-:x niotitli-J
r:Y.;,V: 2.MI A YEAH, IS .! y,-;.
'.' t I III, t.fticfln: 11,1' $J I, nun iiiid fir".
iL"".:.r,.irj:il.. ai'v-.Tt-s. ,.,..,11 , !,e),,,. ,,
llie fAli.Ml.ll for . I,t- li. r i,,e of ,1,,1,-e v,.,.,,.-
ri. t
i:!i ir.s. i iint in .nlv.inee. t-jo i i .,, o .,
i, j.r.'. .'.:.' ho .-el tisrlli. Ilia, twcnlv lei.t., i .'
.l.-ie nt r j. ...L. nre -j: ;. .
A sqii ue con.j-i i.-e.. t.;u linos of iace.
V T i'!i- I'i ree l.itio'l of 1 ii,. ri:. III IE TAoM-lt ,
:i . e tlr- ! i-t..'t ..f !.::y . r . r ,,f . tl.,. j ,.. ,, .
' N"r '-' . M'i'l !'vr. 1 1 N"r-i.iy!i,.-r,, r.wn-i,
a:ul luij.l .ft;, in M innf.,, mivv, til- Le..t iiil.Io.oi to
lOiU'll tl'e l'i ..-oca II. -re-iel;
LllLHi it CO., 2 '1 I..1K0 !..
liicio, 111.
Marble ITarcl.
TJie uiideraigncd- will open mi
3iarble ;ird in the Cil
PJattjinoutli, about
riSE 20TIIOF 31 A V, HV,:.
We are -llciiriy
to llt'ccirc Ordcitr
at any time.
.May 1 1SG-3, ral
L. PH0ST 5: Co,,
1 m -r bsmm w v
Opposite iho Post O.TrCO,
r- r.
A. D. co: