Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, May 24, 1865, Image 2

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WEDNESDAY, MAT 24, 1865.
A letter from on board the Tuscaro
ra says ihe part' of prisoners on board
couitU f -JLT Davis, his wife, a small
son, arMllwoaugSlgfSTtetfter- vrhli
'Alexander H.' Stephens, Ci C. C I ij,
"Co 1.. Win.-' Regan', Gen." Wheeler,
'("the rebel raider) and fifteen or six-i
?teen others.4 They were to proceed
immediately' to the Potomac. ; : ;
Gov'.' Vance has been lodged in the
i!d Capitol Prison. ' ; :i - ; -u
A delegation of loyal North "Carol i
x hians hare had a consultation with the
'President on the subject of the'reorgan
"azatioh of that State. '
' The' new Amnesty Proclamation
'vill be issued immediately.
The Memphis Bulletin ' denies the
Story of Forrest (loath.
" Papers contain some Mexican news.
When CoL Hioky went out to attack
ihe Liberals at Nava. rearly a!I of his
'cavalry deserted when ordered to
"charge; he fired on llvem with hi3 in
fantry, and commenced totetreat, but
Svas ambushed himself aud killed; the
' the remainder of his troops surrender
ed immediately. The Liberal had
marched wUitui eight miles of
iuegras. '
Maximillian's native troops cannot
be trusted.
A letter from Rio Grande City says
a new revolution is breaking" out on
the frontier. The GOih Native and
the Uartinas have joined their forces
' with Leon at Camago, and are expec
ted to attack Matarnoras."
We find the following despatch in
the Ornaha Rrpxdilican, which shows
that the recent rumors about Indian
-difficulties were not false, aswasheped
hy many of our citizens :
Ft. 'Lahi'iie, Ma' 21.
On Saturday' two hundred Indians
-attacked Der Creek Station, ninety
miles Viest of here, stole. 10 horses
from there and six from soldiers
.camped near by. Seven Indians are
-reported killed. A party started in
-ptsruit of the Indians and had a skir
unifh with them; one marand sever
al horses killed.
The operator at Three Crossings
"was reporting an attack upon that sta
tion, on Friday afternoon, and while
doing so, the line was cut by Indians
and have had no tidings from him
Troops are now on their way west
ward, and we "anticipate that these
Mood-thirsty scoundrels will be dealt
with in a manner that will effectually
quiet them, and teach them that the
white man has the power to blot the
-whole red race from th& faoe- of the
-earth. Let them be hunted dawn;
when their trail is fouud, fullow them
.'until they are overtaken, and then
teach them a lesson that they will net
forget (if any are left to remember)
for several "m cons." Our authorities
have been too lenient with these treach
erous viilians. They will abide by no
treaty, and the only way to get along
with them is to make them fear us. We
trust they will nat be allowed much
Uonger to harass emigrants and settlers
along the road leading West. There
is too much at stake in this great scope
of country west of us to allow a few
hundred Indians to block up the com
munication, or in any manner impede
.it. Now that the war with rebels is
ended, let us have this Indian difficul
ty settled in a manner that wi'l be ef
fectual, and insure quiet for all time
to come.
The move for inducing emigration
from the United States to JJexico is
creating considerable stir throughout
.the country.
From present appearances it will
'not be long before Mexico will be pret
ty well filled with American "emi
grants," who are entitled to citizenship
immediately upon their arrival in that
country; and we apprehend that Max
imillian's Government will not stand
iong after he attempts to subjugate a
Tew hundred thousand of our old vete
rans. Recruiting officers for emi
grants have been opened in the Eas
tern cities, and it is said that the west
has offered to furnish large sums of
money, besides 2C0.C00 men to be
placed under direction of Gen. Rose
crans. The French rulers undoubtedly fore
saw that the vindication of our cause
and the suppression of the rebellion,
would be the signal for other tations
to revolt against Monarchical rule, and
they have ventured the trial of estab
lishing a Monarchy up oa our own Con
tinent for the purpose of testing the
thing hoping that, should they fail in
Mexico, the tide of progress might
ihere be checked. But "Mr. Crapeau,"'
it wont win. The little concern in
Mexico is about played out; aud Truth,
Liberty and Progress are now the or
der of the day.
fT'In regard to the treatment cf
Jefr Davis, if caught, we may ask iu
the re'ry words which Davis himself
used in the Senate of the United States,
when speaking of John Drown :
Who would seek to dull the sword
of justice in favor of him whose crime
connects with a!( tlat is most abhorrent
f d'humanf tyn lib vJauou of . o very .jJb
I'gation td the social compact, the laws,
the'1 Constitution, the requirements if
public virtue and personal honor ? ;:
TriTnite. to President Liucoln.
;' In,a late atidres'3'by Wendell Phil
lips,' the following ' eloquent sentences
were uttered :' , v '.
And What of him in whose precious
blood this momentous les?oii is writ ?
He sleeps inrthe blessings of the poor,
whose tetters G-od commissioned ' him
to break. Give prajers aud tears to
the desolate widow and the fatherless,
but count him blessed far above the
crowd' of his fellow-men. fervent
cries of 'Amen!' ire was permitted
himself to deal the last staggering blow
which seut rebellion reeling to its
grave; and teen, hoiding his darling
boy by the hand, to walk the streets of
its surrendered capital, while his ears
drank in praise and thanksgiving which
bore his name to the throne of God in
every form, piety and " gratitude could
invent, and then .to seal the sure . tri
umph of the caus1 he loved with his
own blood. He caught the first notes
of the coining jubilee, aud heard his
own name in every one. Who among
living men may not envy-"iiiiu ? rrfii'jv
pose that when a boy, he lloated on
the slow current of the Mississippi,
idly gazing at the slave upon its banks,
some angel had lifted the curtain, and
shown him that in the prime of his
manhood he should see this proud em
pire rocked to its foundation in the ef
fort to break those chains, should him
self marshal the hosts of the Almighty
in the grandest and holiest war that
Christendom ever knew, and deal, with
half-reluctant hand, that thunderbolt, of
justice which would smite the foul sys
tem to the dust then die, leaving a
name immortal in the sturdy pride of
our race and the undying gratitude of
another would any credulity, howev
er fervid, have enabled him to btlieve
it? Fortunate man ! He has lived
to do it! Applause. God has gra
ciously withheld hiia trom any fatal
misstep to the great advance, and with
drawn him at the moment when his
star touched its zenith, and the nation
needed a sterner hand for the work
God gives it to do.
Tlie Poisoning of Andrew
Jul) 11 sou.
There can be but little doubt left in
the minds of those who attentively pe
rused the details of the plot to assassi
nate the leaders of the Government,
that Andrew Johnson, who has endured
so much undeserved obloquy for his
singular aberration on the Fourth of
March, was on that occasion under the
influence, not either cf a mere distur
bing drug, intended only to disfigure
him, but of a deadly poison, furtively
insinuated in his drink with the view
to take his life. It is in proof that the
assassinations were to have been per
petrated on the 4th of March, and that
tfooih. (he chief assassin, had posted
himself in a position where Mr. Lin
coln must pass closely by, and it was
doubtlessly expecttd that about the
time when the President should have
perished by the pistol, the new Vice
President would have expired iri the
Capitol from the effects of the potion
he had taken. Probably this view of
the matter has never struck the mind
of Mr. Johnson; and it is not to be sup
posed that under the mystery of that
strange occurrence, which must have
puzzled him more than anybody else,
he would care to allude to the affair
with any attempts at explanation thai
might have been misunderstood. The
disclosure of the instructions distribu
ted among the assassins, that "they
were at liberty to use the blade, the
pistol or the bowl, but they must bear
in mind the taller had once failed,"
seems to be conclusive on this poinl,
and will doubtless suggest some impor
tant recollections to the Presidem's
mind. His powerful nature triumphed
over the infernal draught, and thu, in
addition to an invaluable lite being
saved to the nation, we are gratified in
the conviction that one who has always
been a sober, self-respecting statesman
is new providentially relieved from
even a passing cloud on his career.
mikes' Spirit.
jKsF-Chief Justice Chase, while in
North Carolina, stated that, "the Ad
ministration would continue military
rule in the rebellious States until they
were thoroughly reconciled to imme
diate emancipation and the policy of
the Government." General Schofield
refused to allow Governor Vance to
resume his function as Governor of
North Carolina, and declined to accede
to the request of prominent citizens of
that State to be permitted to visit
Washington for the purpose of endeav
oring to secure the retention of the
rebel State Government. A corres
pondent at Half ih says the rebels in
that Stale are as insolent aud defiant
as ever.
President Johnson speaking of
Davis in the proclamation, as Jeffer
son Davis, late of Richmond, Va.,
evidently has no deference to that dis
tinguish gentleman's feeling." If he
did, he would add the C. S. A. to his
name, if only to mean "Chief Sked.
dadlin? Assas;in."
Washington, May 14, 1S65.
Yesterday noon all the vigilant re
porters were agreeably surprised by
being admitted to the Court room
where the assassins aud conspirators
ore on trial. On being admitted, we
found ourselves in a room some 2-5 or
30 feet wide, and 40 or 50 long; with
six grated windows on the sides and
On a raised platform " across the
west end, elevated two feet from the
floor, are the seven men prisoners,
with as many more soldiers "and detec
tives, sitting on a bench along the wall
and behind a stout wooden fence. They
have apparently filed in, one by one,
from their cills, through a' new iron
dso!iitriend of the platform.
' The accused arTairheaVitfrlTomfu,''
hands and feet, the detectives sitting
among them' to secure to ihem 'a fair
identification by witnesses.
..Dr. Mudd, the roost . intelligent,", is
quite attentive and comppsed, and , sits
furthest from "the door. ; Arnold is
nervous and fidgettyj evidently fright
ened. 'Payne, who attempted to mur
der tha Seward family, was in his gray
shirt-sleeves, without coat or .vest - He
is quite tall, hair fighting cut,, bad face,
ferehead villianoucly low. and bead al
most flat in the moral regions. He
meets one's gaze ih unflinching
eye. '
Spangler looks as if constantly, try
ing to control himself. . O'Laughlin is
alert, and has heavy black hair, with
moustache and imperial. . Atzerotl is a
German, five feet eight. and sits sullen
and indifferent; has not much sensitive
ness. . , ;
Mrs. Surratt is permitted to stt down
near the table Occupied by the court,
at the side of her counsel, Reverdy
Johnson, and has manacles only upon
hr ankles. She is a stout widow' of
sixty, and is closely veiled all day.
During the first days of her appearance
she exhibited great stolidity aud defi
asceit to-day for thejSrst time., she
shed tears and was quite agttated when
the testimony regaiding herself was
being taken.
The reporters of the Associated
Press were in the court room yester
day, and will send the testimony, so I
shall not furnish it.
In the sparring between Gens.
Hunter and Harris on the one hand and
Reverdy Johnson on the other, the
distinguished Senator from Maryland
came out. decidedly second best.
The testimony elicited by the Court
during the week demonstrates beyond
question that Vice-President Johnson
was to have been slain by Atzerott.
Mr. Johnson was iu his room all the
evening and Atzerott took a room at
the hotel on that fa-al Friday morning
in which he and IJjoth were in con
versation. At 'J o'clock that night, af
ter the President went U the theatre,
a horse was at the door, but when
Rjoth fired the cowardly shot, Atzer
ott's courage seemed to have failed
him, for he ran from his room without
assaulting Johnson, leaving his pistol
under the pillow and a bowie-knife un
der the mattrass. his coat upon the
wall and fled on the horse. He was
arrested in Charles County. A". Y.
Tribune Correspondent.
Tlic !Vev Stamp licgiilation.
A new Internal Revenue regulation
relating to stamps, went into ellect on
the 1st of April, and we deem it pru
to call attention to its provisions. The
new law repeals all of Section 153 of
the Act of last year, and provides for a
fine of SoO on every person who, with
intent to defraud the revenue, "shall
make sign, or issue any instrument,
document, paper of any kind or de
scription whatsoever, or shall accept,
negotiate or pay any draft, order or
promissory note, without being duly
stamped," etc., and it further provides
that such instrument, document, paper,
bill, draft, order tr note, shall be inva
lid, and of no effect; but it also provides
that the defect in any such instrument,
etc., hereafter issued, or issued since
August 1st, 1S6-1, may be remedied by
the maker, or any party having an in
terest in it, by applying to the Collector
of Revenue for the District, paying him
the stamp tax and the S50fine, where
upon he shall stamp the instruments,
etc., and certify on its fact. The Col
lector may, in his discretion, remit the
fine upon a proper showing that the
omission was a mistake, acciuent, mad
vertence or inevitable necessity, pro
vided the application be made within
twelve months from the issue of the
paper, and that no intent existed to
evade payment of the stamp duty or
defraud the Government. Such pa
pers issued prior to the 1st of August
15b 1, can by the provisions of section
1G3, be stamped now, "in presence of
the Court. Register or Recorder." As
we said before, this new provision
went into effect on the 1st of April,
and should not Le overlooked bv our
business men.
EeThev were "Southern rremle
men" who murdered prisoners in cold
blood, starved thousands of our brave
fellows to death, threw railroad trains
from the track, attempted to fire our
cities, assassinated the President, and
endeavored to rorumit wholesale mur
der by introducing a deadly disease
into the country. A northern horse
thief would be entitled to damage for
libel if he were called a "Southern
J&5f"When a superior race like
rtiirs . finifi nnt cif thf ChivalrV to a
"modest" lookincr Federal soldier
"comes in contact with an inferior race
like the neirros. what do vou think will
be the result ?" "Mullattoes," was the
ready answer of the Yank.
Jfy2rin a recent Case of assault, the
defendent plead guilty. "I think I
must be guilty," said he, "because the
plaintiff and mo were the only ones in
the room, and thejfirst thing I knew I
was standing up, and he was uouoieu
over the stove. You'd better call me
Poor Jeff.
If there is anything that Jefferson
Davis believed impossible, it was that
he could ever look absurd. He may
have feared disaster, and anticipated
flight; but he intended to be a. collect
ed, chivalric fugitive, inflexible in hope
and courage, and maintaining, before
the world, a spectacle of august mis
fortune. We doubt if he will dread
hanging half as much as he will the
inevitable cuts representing his emaci
ated form in female attire, his boots
twinkling under the flapping garments,
as he flounders and grasp through
forests and over, fields. The history
of our great civil war already crowded
with strange deeds and novel achieve
ments, is redered quite unique by this
grotesque capture. Jeff Davis as the
defia ntand Machiavellian 1 Senator ;
Jeff Davisats thecolJ-tTooderrsrB1gtef
and suot'e head of a monstraas rebel
lion, and Jeff, Davis as a. gashing mas
querado in female attire,; feebly flour
ishing a bowie-knife, presents a . con
trast quite inconceivable. . We; do not
remember that history , has repeated
itself in this matter. .' Ilia decline and
fall have. such purely original features
that we are at a loss to comprehend
what the ' dignified historian will be
able to- do with him. Cincinnati Cow
mercial. :
f2T"To St. Louis, the other day, the
relatives and friends of a young lady
who had died at a distant water-cure
establishment, and whose remains had
been forwarded by express, assembled
to take a parting view of the counte
ance of the dear deceased, when, upon
opening the coffin, the face of a man
met their astonished gaze. The ex
pressman had blundered, and the body
of the young lady had gone to Chicago.
When Burley, the Lake Erie
raider, was delivered up by the Toron
to authorities he gave no less than four
loaded revolvers and elven small jew
eler's saws to six soldiers, who were
also in custody at the gaol, and some
oF'tKVse" Tattwr "tad actukliyikZtherr
way through the bars of their cells,
and were in a fair way to regain their
iberty, when another prisoner named
Sheers, who was also in the plot,
peached to the Governor, and thus
frustrated their design.
JPxSA bounty jumper recently es
caped from Gallop's Island, JJoston
Harbor, after having unaccountably
untasteneu his irons. It was subse
quently discovered that a ycung woman
who had been permuted to come and
see him. had a key in her mouth fitting
the lock of his fetters. On raninrr she-
kissed him, and in the operation trans
ferred the key from her mouth to
A Notable Fact. The late con
flagration in Richmond developed a
curious incident and fact, which may
be valuable if remembered. 'Some
week or ten days after the fire, the
iron safe of the Enqvircr office was
opened, when, immediately on the
admission of the air, the books and
papers were consumed. And such
was the case of all other safes which
were not in brick vaults. In these the
contents were uninjured. The En
quirer safe, at the time in was reopen
ed, was cold externally to the touch.
ESHarpers Weekly well sums up
the virtues of Gen. Lee by saying that
he 'is not magnanimous, or Christian,
or great, or admirable, because he
fought in- a cause which he confesses
was not justified in appeal tig to arms.
He is not a hero beca ise he staid be
hind entrenchments until Grant Jforced
him out. He is not a gentleman be
cause he lived by the sweat of other
men's brows. He is not less guilty of
the highest crime against his country
because he excuses hirnsels as all
traitors do.
EQrJosh Billings writes to the
Troy News : I never have visited the
Mormons, but my friend Artemus
Ward has, and tells me they are a
healthy people, 8ud fond cv femail
society. lie says tha hav more relig
ion, akording to their populashun, than
they kno what to dew with. They
marry young and often. The produk
shun ov the country iz Mormons. They
beleaf in a hereafter, but it iz gener
ally in a hereafter ov wimmin. They
are fond of amusements, sich az piich-
inr cents and slidin"; down hill.
OTLogic is logic. Thus : Epi-'
menides said ilJlll Cretans are liars."
Now Epimenides was himself a Cre
tan ; therefore. Epimenides was a liar.
Hut, if he wns a liar, the Cretans
were not liars. Now, if the Cretans
were not liars, Epimenides was not a
liar. But, -if he was not a liar, the
Cretans were liars.
fT-T'An old lady in Connecticut,
who had insisted on her minister pray
ing for rain, had her cabbage cut up
by a hail storm, and, on viewing the
wreck, remarked that she "never knew
him to undertake anything widiout
overdoing the matter.
frS'You have been sorely tried,
said a sympathizing neighbor of Joe
Orowden, weeping over the coffin of
hu third wife. "Yes." responded the
bereaved one, "I have always had
the dreadfullest luck with women."
f2rA western exchange says one
of the bisr irees in Calaveras Grove.
named the "Old Maid," fell down iast
week. The old lady was about 1,200
years old, and had attained the hightof
feet, and 3o feet across the butt.
fiST'The President is said to be ex
ceedingly annoyed at the attacks upon
Sherman, and will take an early op
portunity l express his high appreci
ation of his brilliant qualities and
fc''5A dispatch from Montreal
says Geo. N. Sanders and Beverly
Tucker, have disappeared. It is re
ported that they have gene in the di
rection of Halifax.
Sheriff's' Sale.
John P. OriMvolJ,
C. W, Tierce and John C. Campbell.
Ky virtre of n execntion to uie directed from the
oRii t- f ihe Cleik of tfie Diatriot Court of tlie id J
.licial Dif-triet of tho Territory o' ielra-k:i. witliiu
aud for thp conuty of O.o, and bi'ariuudute theCSih
day iTf April, A . D lrft I, the subc: iber, Shcr.IT id
aud for Cui-s county, K. T., will nell hi pubiU; a w
tioii, for exst., to liiln-st and lcst bidder, iu front
of ihe Court HoUpo iu I'iftt-nioiilh, ill Cass county
Ncblaska Territory, oil Ilio
5:h dny of June, A. D 1865,
t 12 o'clock. 51. f sai'l day. alt that certain tract of
hiud itiiated in Cass county, T., known and d s
cribed as follows, lo-u it:
i'outh wist quarter (V) t section thiity-two (3'2).
to'n:-ljip t'levtu rnf,e Uiirieen (13) -at ; also
cast half (1-2) or lot t-ipht (s) in block tweiity-cigtit
fid); also lot five (o) in block thirty-six (3t!), said lots
brinK situated in the city of l'Uttsmoiuh, Xeb., to
gether with ail the lonementa aud appurtenances
thereon or thereto belonini; or in anjfii-c apiertain
iiiij. Taken as the prorty of John C. Campbell, to
satisfy a judgment rendered in the Di trict Court of
OLoe comity, NeLraska Territory, iu favor of Jehu r.
Griswold. P. P. UASS,
Platumonth, May 2d K-"o5.' Sheriff of Cass Co.
Wailam McCartr,' ' 1 ' '
v. . .
Augustus Wachfr aud Charlc Wachtef.- i " "
By Tirttieof a peil venditioni txponean Utmo
directed from the ofllce of tha Clerk of tha District
Court of the 2d Judicial Di-trlU of the Territory of
Kchratka, w ithin and for tha ccuoty of Cars; N. T-,
b'-arirg date the 15th day of April, A. D. 1.S65, I, the
subscriber. Sheriff in and for Cas county W. T., will
ell at publi anctioa. for caah, to the highest and
ba-'t bidder, in front of the Court lions? in Platta
mduUi, la Caaa couuty Nebraska Territory, on :. .
Monday , the th Jay of June, A. D. 1865,
at 12 o'cleok M. of Mid day, lot no. eit'ht (8) In block
no. eighteen (Id), in the city of Flaltsmouth. Cass
. Nebraska Territory, with all the tenements
and apparteuauccsthereou ortuereiu belonging or in
anyvite apiwrt&jniugr. Taken as the property of An
gustos VVachter-and Charles Wachter, to satisfy a
judgement rendered Iu the DUtrict Court of Cass
enunty, Nebraska Territory, in favor of William Mc
Cirtr. . f.P. GASS.
Plattstnauth, May 2d 1SC3. Sheriff of Cass Co.
Chancery Sale
Jarins E. Keal, Compaiant, )i
William L. Chile and Georgs VY
! la Chancery.
Calvin, Defendants. )
In pursaance and by uirtue ef s decretal order to
me directed from the Diotrlct Court of I held 4 Judicial
District in and for Cass county, Nebraska Territory,
made in the aoove caute, aMl beariiift date on the
4th day of April 1564, being the June special term of
said Court, I, the subscriber. Master iu Chancery for
said Court, will sell at public vendue, for cash, to
tbe hiKhest and best bidder, in front of the Court
House in Plattsmouth, N. T., on
, Monday ; ihe 5lh day of June,
186-1, at 11 e'clock a. v., all that certain tract or
parcel of land situated in Cass county, Nebraska Ter.
and known gnd described s follows, to-irit:
The South half 1-2 of the South West qr 1-4 and
the South half 1-2 of the rionlh east qr 1-4 of Section
7.S. "tn-e.-.ty SfTIS '!nw-r?p',p v-t Ht-rmnh oi
No. ronrtei-n It eat ofthpflth principal meridian ia
Cass County Neb. Ter together with all & singular
the improvements, hereditaments, or appurtenances,
thereto l-hwciu!!, or in anyvrutu appertaining.
To be sold as the propery of the defendants in the
above cause, to satisfy fcaij decree, the amouut of
which is eleven hundred v seventy two dollars &. fif
ty cents l, 172 5o 4 interest lliereoii from the d.ttc
of haij decree together with all cwts.
Dated p.altiinoiith Neb. Ter. -2ud Mav A. D. 1SH4.
Maxtor iu Chancery.
.Mason & Stephenson. Sol's, for Cuiuplt.
Chancery Sale.
Jarius K. Neat, O mpluinaut, )
vs. In Chancery.
St. l.egcr Hick, Defendant. )
In puisiuiiuv and by virtue of a decro'al order to
me directed frpin the'Uis-trirt Court of ttit -Jd Judi
cial District, in and fer t'iiss couuty, N. T., made iu
the above rau.-e, aud bean date on the I'Jth day of
April, 1 V., I . the subscriber, Mater in t'haueerjr
lor said Court, trill sell at publir vendue, for cash,
to the htuhe.-t and Pest bidder, in fr.'iit of the Court
llou-e in l'lattsntoiith , X. T., ou
Saturday, tin: 3 day cf June,
lso5, at lft n'cleck a. in., all that certain tractor par
cel of laud situated in Cass loiinty N. T , aud ku u
;,nd desc. ited ;is follows, to-wit :
Tlie soetli eat ir 1-4 of see No. thirty one 31 in
to.vnsh:p No. eleven 11 mirth or raicie iso. thirteen
I ext cf liie f:ii I 51., in Cis.4 county. X. T., to-
e;eri r with all and singular the improvement-, her-
ditaments or appurtenances ttlereto t'elouyin or lu
nywi-e appertaining Te be sold as the pioperfy cf
the defendant iu tlie a bove entire, to satisfy said de-
ree, the aiuo utofwhicHis tour hundred and fitiy-
f jiir dollars (454i and interest thereon from the
late of said decree, tojreth' r with all costs.
Dated l'lattsuiouth, T. T., Mav Jd I siis.
5laster iu Chancery.
Mason A Stephenson, S'd's for complainant.
Chancery Sale.
Win. Garrison, )
Iu Chancery.
Charles Tozier & pai i!da Tczier. )
In I timiance anil bv virtue of a decretal order to
ioe dincted from tlie District Court of the ad Juoicia
District in and lot Cass C(.u"ty, Nebraska Temtoiy,
made in tlie above cause, aud bearing date on tlie.Vh
day of November, st4, being the adjourned October
term ol said Court, I, the subscriber. Master in C hou-
ry tor said Court, will sell at public veudue for
cash, to the highest and be-t bidder, in front of the
Court House iu l'laiisinoiitb, Nebraska, on
Saturday, the 10t'i Jay of June, 1865,
at 3 o'clock I. f nil that certain tract or parcel
f hind, situated in Cas. county, XeKrasKa, knowu
and described as follows, to wit :
The east bait 1.1--) of Cie souta-west onarter ( i-)i
if section number twenty (.M) iu lo n.-li.p no twelve
(12) north of range number twelve (12; east oftlieG.h
V. M., in Cass county, r. I.,"thrr w ith all and singular the Improvements,
hereditaments or appurtenance thereon or there te
lielotiKiiiK'ur in anywise appertaining : lobe sold as
the property of the detendaiits in the above ce to
satisfy (aid drre, the mil. mot of which is 21l UO
md uiteicit lroiti tlie dale ol sam uecree, logcmcr
with c.t. -
Dated l'lattsuiouth, eb April lnth, vi.o.
i 51. POliUlNtiTON.
T.5I Mabqi-ctt, blaster lu cnaucer;'.
Sol. lor Comp't.
Chancery Sale.
Ellrerlt Garrison,
Gardner Powers.
j-In Ch
Tn mirsiianci and bv virtue of a decretal order to
me directed from the District Court of the id Judi
cial Di-tricl in aud for Cass county, Nebraska Terri
tory, made iu the ahove cause and hearing date on
tbe'olh day o' Novembei. A D. 1SH4. being the ad
iourii' d October term of said Court, I, the sub-ci i-
bsr, .Mastei in Chancery for said Lo'trt, will sen ai
public vendue, for casii, to tue nignest ana nesi nm
d -r. in front of tbe Court House iu Phvttsmouth, Ne
braska, on
Saturday, the 10h day of June, 18G5,
at 2 o'clock P. 5f ., all that certain tract cr parrel of
lanu siiuateci in cass county, rteurassn, oh-j
.1 -;1w.1 a - f. . I 1 . 1 L' . tn-tl'it
Hie west half (1-21 of the north-east jr (1-4) of
..i. I... if
section numoer twenty-two (is;, ano me tuum
(l-'J) of the south-east quarter (1-4) of section num
ber fifteen (15), in township number twelve (12)
uorth of range number eleven (11) east of th',,i1!',1
M., in Cass" county, Nebraska, couululus I0a 1 -acres
more or less, .
To -ether with all and singular the improvements,
hereditaments, or appui tenances thereunto belonging
or in an wi-eappe. :aiui.,b', to be sold as the prop
erty of the defendants in the above cause, to satisfy
said deere. the amount of which is and in
terest thereen from til of said decree, together
""DadVn.Umoutb, -.KlilVoS.
T.M. JlARo,rKTT. Master ill Chancery.
Sol. for Corr.p't.
riling Claims against Estate of P- A.
Notice is hereby piven tint .ill peron' having
claims against the estate of Peter A. Sarpy,dofase.l,
late of Cass county, n.u-t fla; them duly auiheiiti
eated by oath, with the Probate Curt of Uh conn
tv N. T.. on oi before tlie SKCOND IMt Ur JAh
CAilY We1., at which time there will I a heaniijr
..fall claims tiun filed, aad an allowan Biad - by
the Court of all claims proven to be just.
Witness my hand aud wal this loth day or s,ay,
1). 11. WHKELMt,
'.May 15. iu3 Probate Ju-U-e.
Probate Notice.
Notice is hereby given that James Chalfatit, Ad
ministrator of the estate of Win. J. Makes, deceased,
has tna.Ie application to the Probate Court of Cas
county, N. T , to make final settlement of his Ad
ministratorship of faid istate. It is ordereuthat
final settlement will be made by the court with
said Administrator on
Thursday, June loth, 1805,
if nr. one appears ami shows that such settlement
Siiraiw nui oe iiij'ic.
Witness ioy hand and efflcial seal on tbig lbth
davof5Iay, 1.6i. D, It. v nr.r.i.Lifc
w3 Piobate Judge.
FOR SALE A good farm of 1G0
ai'rpa irft 1 tmnrOVCU. 61lliaieu ninuu
four miles of Plattsroouth. For part'ic
ulars eri'iuire at tlie Herald ofiice.
3 28 31 I
" :',r
.1 '
Is the place to get
From a
Alive Sl Stirring.
Nebraska Herald,
Having recently built a new aud suita I; n!ep on
Main St., Plattsmouth, T.,
Would resptffully iufoim Hie rilir.ens of (i '!
adjniuiui; counties tli it lie h.i the facilities for car
rying on tho
In all its branches
1 am jirepareJ to turn out th"
CH lu A 1 E S T -
ard niesl d'irabl
Of every di-sc riptioii, ever ofl' to I in the Territory.
Cl'HriiuiiiiT ottcuiiua aid to nskiii! aud fln
All kinds of lumber taken in exchange for work.
Pl.ittsiioutb. April 1(1, Is Go.
Apothecaries Hall.
JOHN heed & CO.,
Cor. Main and 5th St?.,
Dealers ia
Paints, OiI, .'nit)- and Glass.
P.ib nt MdU-:n.-. f ull kind, Tulh't article, h'ta
tion.'ry, :n.l ev ryth; hi; Kept in a llrst-cla- lrug
More, ut K.iMrlu p lr-s.
1V' arc r i e l to 11 II all order, and warrant
ourjrooiU to be l.'u-U. lr. 10 '6.'
W" n ro a I h.i i - on I. mi I ;i ! .ur Shi. on tb .euth
-irfe.if in, -rr- t, oi..- !.,r wel of tha llaaatn-
Olil.e, to mako
Hoofs i.y IShocs to Order,
Of tho bc.-t materialman!
Ijatcnt S.j He, OO
Vi li-ivc it k! !- 'iti'i t.t of tvotk on hand, auit
wiilkcoji, at uli timcK, W"rk to suit customer-.
Repair in ir I9on on .Short
(7A(;i: & PUISAL.
Plattxni'Mitli, April In, 'li.') tf
Agriculture, ir..rii-,t!ii,rt, Mechanics, Ed
ucatiim, liar, i' Interest, i:nrul
A'rtl's, Muhils, '..
Published W-ckl. in.ii-.f tn-., f.rm oftst,-i,
with an index Itiend of each voluin
(iix nionth-;.)
t vs. 12.o:j yea n, is .imma'cx
oi- 'tab -tt't tfftrt anil I, it no i-otf fi-tr.
tAiipri'pria'e ailvertiserni'iitH a 11 1 be jdnoed in
the r AKMKn fur li cents r I inr if "puce, N-mpi-
riel, each insertion, iu advaio-e. !-f N-ko--,
b aded, iri'LlinK iidverticcui' i;ta, taeuty cent, per
line of spare Occ tpicd. .
A (.ipiare cornpri e ten 1 lies of sp ice.
I jTlie ciii ni .tin of the pi: A 1 1! I K KAKilfll i.
now the liiri;e!t of i,ny paver of Hi clas in the w -,i
and N-rth -Wij , and oil- ik to Surseij ni.-n, 1 :ri.-t
and liuph r!.ciI.'tniirai iiierii, the best mediant lw
reach tlie liiatiees inter le I.
t.MKl!i CO., -'04 lke 81
( biciijf'. 111.
Xvl"cirZ5lG Yard.
The unJcrsigncd will open an
III intensive
3Lir1l(i Vurd in tlie City of
I'lattsmouth, about
Till: -JOT 1 1 OF 31 A Y, lb(o.
Wc arc
Heady to llcccirc Orders
at any time.
May 1 !;". ml
Is. FROST &, Co.,
Opposite the I'oit Office,