Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, March 28, 1855, Image 3

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Y T! VM-icr, Tribune hu'lditi
;j,,grll, 11" Ni '
p. :r. ivt-
Mc Donald
02 f.;r..;;.ii sti crt.
C r- -rcf, I..
tr.'.-t . V. If.
New York ' i I y .
Carr, Crane A Co., I'liiln
,vy miner, Genrral Newspaper Agent.
s.'Mr 1I i"nvi ' mi', v ounci J . 1 11:1 ,
' P. .T iii". T. M.. Otnnha City, Nebraska.
1 M. II. (lull, Nebraska Center.
1 T). John.on. Es'i-, Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska.
J:. Mitrhtll A. Co., Winter (i.iaitfi h, Xe
krst. IM., Pa Atiee. 1-oupe Fork. Xcbraka.
Hi. 11. I'. Down.. Nebraska City, Nebraska.
l.tUfirnit, I', tt! A., Commander at Fort
f.araic Nebraska
J.'.. Mount Tabor, l-'rrmont Co.. Iowa.
I o'l'lio. Farmer. ,Mr:Ki"Sicls Grove, Iowa
( Av Cnpp, Burlington, buta.
W'iin id Cthiii', 1'cq.. Rapids, Iowa.
Tui- Masti r. I'"'t I Moino. Jnw.i.
Aupvtus Il.iil, l".-q . K.-osaq ia. Iowa.
Hoi A. C. Ibul;'.-, Jim liitKloii. I. wa.
HiH 'limn Hr.wii, M.iijsviiie, Wiiio.
I. II T f 1 1 -Esq., Rrllcvue, Nt. hias.'dl.
.If Si- Wi . I.i 1 Iowa.
H. ). R"" ', Glcnwnol Iowa.
P'Dschu V, M.irv, Iowa.
M." I. lloiiisler, Ottawa, III.
Silas Tit us, Syrnrnse, N. V.
"V. Larroin, of Michigan, is our Trave'.in '
tlbi H: innril Esq., Northampton, ilass.
Ji.iin C. lltA. ( oiiiimri'inn. Ma-
The Mail will leave li'-Revue Tuesdays ami
.'ilnninvs nl 1 o'clock, p. m.. ind arrive at
Pi-Revue nt ti o'clock p. in., rf the Mini" days.
M ill inatlcr to h sent mil, mud he li itidr-d in
by 12 I'clork on Tuesdays and Saturday.
n. r.. Bf.Kn, r. .m.
Rellrviie. Ml-rh 51, 1n?
1111- SI K A M I' It NEBRASKA IS it 1, N N I X G
flllE Nebraska is a new an. I spli mini imai,
.L maiini'il by experienced oll'irei ami ci cw.
Ilillcvuc, Ncbras ka, is opposite St. Mary, Iowa-F.MKiKAX'TS
eoinins to Kc'rr.U i sliouM come directly to
Tli'u if (lie front jr-ilcway to tlic most important
n ; hi intcicstitu portion ol ic!; aska. Jliar H
iiiiiiiI tliat
arc tlio two bc1 points for the emigration iio
ccnti r
It ll.-vun, mi-21, 1H.V,
at mxrroT.
MUS. MATIV . KKl;i) will epen a Se.
ItI N lioul at thf
for rhiMTn anl youtli, on Monday, Jatnihry
Tuition, $1,00 per inontli.
t'VA bA.LJj .
CIIKA?' for Ca-,,80
biood Marci. Al-o, a
larc iiuinli'.-r of Work
ll.aMi, U . A.
rf'-Hlll' V, Xel)Hka.
Coiuiiuil'lcr at Fort
. Si.vli:, tlio ..lorclio mi.l i:rsi-
vrig riitii-Hlionul pliiluiuhropist, has ro
?tiiUy UsucJ a c-irculiir d '.
geVcn'fMi'.ll cIh-h dC tcaclicrs, to In" siinl
to tlu; West uuJor ilic c:.':are of On', lvrd
ct N'lioiinl l'li'iular Klieiion. w;'l
cmV.-' . 1 i-u.i'ui .1 oh. llic 2.1 1 of M J.'cli
arrfii-Mt ! t tlio W.-st. on tlic liS li oi'
April. Wo see ii sUilcl il.aL tin; (jlovur
nor 'litis snt nut iu'o t!r; VYrs:ern wi!il-i
nlteji'timr, iIiimc l,iiinlic-il uml niut'ty-iour
of, tJic.Jsi f.iir fiiissi jii.irios. itarUuglun
S.nt up
nfir a
A ol.i 3u'i I'iri.n nti ! us frow
tiit pjiit!f tiirt!, wl.en tbc latter,
full strctoli in tliu al-dNC i pcration,
'I vt ib'n I WU3 i:i 1.: ' en."..
Hal j' u'so yuwmtilaii.t ivplic!
"I vrsil I v.isii in l!ic Iioii;!."
Tim eyes fT Siliio la-.w v. i'ln i.'i' M us
li excLifnei'
I po j,r.jiiJ f.jr you uliv..ys vi:i!i your
elf in ili lest pli'cc."
Paddle and Pack llorscj; a fine Mock of Indian
Fonio; bloo l"d Caltlc, Uxen and Cow.
ifCrants and ollicii tleiroii of pm clia-ini; any
i. f th nbovcennmeraled aiticl-s v.onld do wi-ll
,i call on '"r, a lie will sell cheap
f..r Calij cmjiurc at the Utlice of 1. A . Sarp) ,
llviie, ciirnska.
. l.cllt viie, mr 21, ls'i'i.
C.X Hlil'-Y ic CO.,
Lellovne, Ijcbratka Tcr.
TILL nltcnii to all hnsines entrusted them
conncctcl Willi liuvint'. ixicai.MK linn
S 'llin Ciaims; nuyiniriind Se!li:-i: K''.il I.Hlate,
ii, this and all other district" in .Nebraska Ter
ritory, with proinptiicM and at reasonable rates.
IVisom from a distance wishini; any tin'oMiia
tuin coiicerniiiir CTaiiiM. &.C, in tin' lerritorv ,
will lie iroinii;v aimweicd bv Rddr'iisiiiFf n
oost-naid nod' tui.-losinir (ue Dollar.
o'i.Mvtc Ihe I'alladinm liiiililine;.
g-iE JIFXDUKD City Lots for sale, the.e
.S lots arc Koi.ii! of tlio n.- st d -.-sirable in
Hellivicw, Mid w:l! he sold at reasonable rates,
oiie-l'oni iii down, llie ballance in three aimiiiil
navin. nti. l'U: to l.f scon at onr C.lii.:e.
uir ii a. ln-.xuv tca
'eai'ilioi't o'li.t
chea; ; jilats to
n to
l.XKY f in.
(;i:ni;!iai. land A(;i:ncv and
J si iivi 'i uwLi W ';J " i A .sj. e -s
Aril", encased in the b'lMii'.-n of bnyinir '!
R' Hin Land Warrant, and rnterini; Intid
in the Council Hhilf Land District. Their ar
rangement for eiitennp Lands for weltlerp and
olhers, on a credit of one. two. or three yeai
are not deficient. And they villbc prepared
at nil times to fill all orders of th U diameter.
Tlio inveitiicntion of Land liti s, payment
of taxes, pnrchnse and snle of lands and town
lotn throughout this land district, and all hnsi
rtf.vj co,ir,ec!ed with the Land Ol'ice at this
place, entrusted to them, will be promptly at
tended to.
Slraiicrs wlsntnn to loente covenment land.
will he fnniished wit'n a L'nide and conveyane
if they desire it, and directed to Ihe best points
lor f lection.
Kxchanue on St. Lotiia and the F.nstern Cit
ies, bon;;ht and sold. Interest paid on dejioa
iles as oer a"i eeineiit.
Our attention wit' also be piven to th- tmr
clnse and Bale of Town Lois in Omaha ( ity,
Helh'vicw and Winter Quarters, Nebraska Ier
ntory. 1U i F.m'.Nrts. L. W. Hahbitt and Dr K.
Lowe. Ite"ister am! Receiver of the Land Of
fice at Conncil IllnfFs, and Col. T. A. Walker,
and V. M. Cassady; lli'cisler and Receiver at
I'yit Ileonioines, or any ot the business men or
eith'T place,
OIT'ICi: on Tirnadway, We?t Room of the
Pacific Hotel, iieiu'.y oi.poslte the Land Otlice.
Council llliili'-;. nov I -1 V .
Glorious News ibr Nebraska.
The steamer S;irnnaclins just nrrived,lo.idecl totlic puard? with goods for
Inlihds. Brown S nirar,
R hlels. Clarified do.
211 bids S. II. Molasses,
HI litis. N. O. Molars,
VI 1-2 hhli. Golden Syrup,
2.VI sncke (. J. Sail,
1011 hhln Kanawha do.
f') sacks dairy do.
2n hove do. 1 Soap,
10 bbls Cider Vinegar,
con: i n t n i fr of
fi bbls Xo. 1 and 2 Mackerel,
hhls Tar,
i) boxes- and half boxes Star Candl,
ft boxes Tallow candles,
'.HI kei;s Xailt. assorted,
2 boxes Co Fih,
30 sack Kin Colli e,
Iinnrrial and Voims HTSon Tea,
Soils, i", Canity, Ruisinl,
-iiiLrlish Walnuts, AlmoniU,
(Jiiitrer, Spiee, Pepper, fcc, i.c.
1 VK LOTS iidjoiinri
t loir 11. J -l levin-: ioi
bes -cn at tin: Oil: ci j ai ply Hy
C. A. HI
mr 1 1
li,; 1 1
'. :llev..e X ?lir.iiK i.
1J He ( Tn-'rinonieter 1
M TH. -- j M jX J IT "
Aim ;tnur!.
. i'j
t' a"
Ave. AX
l I
. o
:U'N H.
"ll !)"
,-.,) of the
,bv a Mr. H.-i.ry.
I hei e ly warn ail persona I r in pin ci i.-iu inn
lo's aivert'oed by him ad;...'e:it ihe iiv-r, ai
r'-.e cL'im sa'd lot" are laid ..'it u i,,i, wa nii
lawfnlly laken. aiel lh .-jid Ile.ii y iias no ic
gal li;M to :'. I l lano. I.. H. KISKKV,
pi ll VT. Ill' 1 .""'. A'el.t.
" . Lat 9 for Gilts I
TE have now on hi". I a lar;e quantity "f
V CJt l ir::rk stone lim- for sale. We!l k-ep on h i vl ron.sf.mtly. a q lanl.ty s (li
cient tosiipvly all those , ho 'V;;nt.
It -ltevue, ;ti'r 2S josi hii dvson ,t i n.
F i 1(S T " I7U li L I G S A L E
The future Epcriara of Nebraska
A HOl'T five Jiiindied choice loti in Ncbras-
XX. ka City, and l.fiy lou in K. ainey City,
iumi'siiately coiiliKuom, will b (illiit-d for
tale to the hihent bidder, on the premises,
coin:iii iici!i on
M-mday. April 231, 1855
Hale to continue liom day to day, until all arc
Hill, alllie option or llie proprieun s.
One-third cash in hand, the balance in six
InontlH. 'J'ltle indisputable. The cite of X
braska City hai loiii; been uilin!red as the most ulioil ion'e ccninnirciai i;ipo
iioiuon the Sjiith aidu of '.ha Mi-o,ni liver.
It . -itiitwi o.i roiiiantic ldiiii' I nuwn ai
(ildFoit h-n'ini'-y, couiuKi inline; a pici urenque
. viewtt the if ii i.i v !lii.,ouri for miles up and
ilown, and ii asbcen esteeineil for many years,
,tit li'.Ht'tttj-tin Jtoinl for ciiiiijrutioii to Oregon
bi.d t'aiifi ti. id.. The water is excellent the
tlimale temperate and ictid for ilu hali.bnty, -Heavy
bodies of the l.neit timber of every
variety is found on and near the city, and rv
eiil raw ,MilU Lie now rapidly ronvutiii it
to lb.-.jse of the rapidly settling emigration in
and around th.? city.
Therein in the i'y two mercantile
PltiiMi-h' I.' , sne l.ii-e II it'l, (the larffst Hi
the Tci !.'..- ,-'! jn.l twv r.nre about Im-iiik con
AVIS' notice! nil advert ihe-
slc of iols .1: i! 'lie-, ue.
, v -; . i .
w'.'.l ei re
on t'l" a
is th" 1 1 hi.'
!y to
"a-ji! Lots to nil persons who
t-.-id'i? or ilwellin;:
i.i.til the 1st of June,
to sco-ire a pond lot f.r a house.
C. A. HL.NiiV l t'--
c. v. I'jr.uc'K.
Attorney at Law.
Wi'! "ractice in t!i Sixt'u, Stvcnth, F.ilhl
mid Ni.i'ui Judicial Districts in Iowa, and Xe
bis!;:i Territory. He will alv.-xyn be supplied
Willi blank deeds, iiiortfa !.!, deeds of tins',
ih' lire lory staU n.ents fir pre-emptions, kc,
and will Rive pir.eipt attention to conveyanc
in'. exai.i'.irition i!f titles, A-c.
particular atleatio-i juiid to geeuriiilj
4lni . ollef lins' debts.
Reference Hon. I'.. II. Xorton. Tlattc City,
Mo., II. M Vories and James Craii;, I'.sqs., bl.
jos-'pb," Mo., Ciirlis H:ites, Fort h t. Moine. .
Xchiajsk a Cit v, Ntbiaska Territory.
nov l,';l-ly
x-tfina " C,,nin,issRii,er, Olhcn in St. Mary,
iu,. . . s :n-y
HAVE Just Received, 'in addition to n
their former stock , a hre;e and well fr
selected assoi tmeiit of American, French, t
and hiifrli.sli D.aifr-s, j'.ledicines, Perfumery, liye
binds, J'aiu'.s, Oil ana i.iasware; aiso, a goon
assortment ol C.rocenes, Wines, J.upiors, fce
At Ihe bead of Broadway oct IS, Til
r' r fi, a rr;rsr.-,sjrr s,iyfsi
VATt.xLU.;i:.i &. JA.Wi".L2E.
om; d:.oh ni.i.ow y. msry s rtobp.
IXVITF.:? the nttrntion of tne In
dies niid i;c:.t'.eine!i to his s-oit-meiit
of Jewclriv and FancvCoods
in part ciis'.-liiie; of tl." foPcwiiiR : Ciold and
Silver Wsitches, Loekeln. F.r-rinp, llreat
piiih, Finu'.i -i inirs, Chains, l'e'icils and Pins,
A.C Vioiins, Aeecrd ii s, Flat"?; also, an as
sortmei't of Toys, A c.
Ail of which will he ?o!d ot the owct
piieei; every ariicle warranted to be as recom
mended. The greatest attention w ill be paid to the re-
paiiin'; of Wale lies ana jewelry;
wun uiiled.
Sheetintrs. Bnp brown ; nndbleaeheA domestic ririllincs, lOsnahurps. Ravens, ducks, e. &o.
CV" I he attention of the ladies is called to our assmtinent of drt s (roods, which thev will
find, as regards price and qualdv, to bo unsurpassed in Wcterii Iowa. Calico, irlncbams,
lawns, delanes berates rutins of toe latest fashion and style. F.nnroidi;rcd caps, collars, chimi
etts, sleeves, silk and satin bonnets, linen and cotton handkerchiefs, hosiery, parasols, all of
which will be sold exceedingly low.
BuDfwrLJj) urn CTj.rz?;::,
Cross cut saws, mill saws, hand saws, broad axes.choppins; xes, adzes, Ion and loc'r chains
bench planes.and in fact everything in the hard ware line, from a Jewsharp up to a cradling scyllie
V cases direct from Pitston. Roots of all sizes nnd qualities. Shoes, Ladies enameled Jenny
Lind biisliiiiK, gaiters, slippers, ladies' Boat, kip and calf boots, inisJrs .hoc all size.
Hats arr-i cais, hooks and sUtionerv, ilnnrs and medicines, Jayne's and 1x3uuoii family
medicines, and all other popular pater medicines, for sale at A' prices.
Glassware, tumblers, jars, fcc, Ac. N)U gal. stone ware, churnes, jars,
crocks, butter crocks, s'ove crocks, &.c, &c.
f.fl bedsteads of d i in-rr-lil patterns, cherry itininr, and breakfast tables, vralnnt ditto, ditto.
liureatis with ulal, plain and f nicy walnut iiresses, eupboards. tin safes, one or two drawer
stand!' wasii slunds, louii''es and lualtresses, double
rocking chaiis, ciil,
Of rarioii patterns.
: mattresses, slat bottom chaird, eain seat do.,
4S cook stoves, assorted, Pii'lers tii's, ready trimmed with tin or copper boile boxstovei,
Grecian parlor ditto., stove pipe, elbows, :c
Tine chums, 1-2 bush's, wood buckets, well buckets, wash tubs, wood bo.vh ,trays, dough
iins, sutrjr boxes, brooms, xine wasii boards, clothes pins, A.c.
SADDI.F.RY. Bridles niartiii'.'als, circiiiL'Ics, girths, halters, bridle reins, 1 Aicka'.'.'k sad
dles, quilt seals, and dillo Ladies sidesaddles, butrcy whips, dray whips, G. K. whips, c ..--bides
Ave, fiadd!e-bags, leather trunks, Ave.
Solc-lentlinr, kin, mid ralf nkins, mororco lininrrs, skins, Imlr, &c.
IRON AND CASTINGS. Plow slrel, sheer steel, rust tetlf plows, moulds Sic.
Tulx. u ens. skillets trie! lMs. 0. 8, 10 nri.t twenty eallon kettles.
PIX'F. DOORS 8 by 1(1 and 1(1 by 12 eatdi, window blinds,
CLOCKS H day aiul 30 hour clocks; warranted to run well.
Virginia, Roanoke Nectar leaf tobacco. Regalia and -rir,cipe cigar of the finest flavor,
Culm alid Il iv.iiia sixes, and various other articles, but we deem it unnecessary to mention them
as it is no Iroi.'.ilo to show goods, and we w ill oc happy rt all times to show our old customers,
an, las 'many new ones asiu.iv favor us with their pat.onage, ourgoodsand prices. Our facili
ties for sell'iij ClllwP,arp belter than any other house in western Iowa, and we intend to do so,
and an axaminalior. of our prices is all mar is necessary 10 convince you or liieiaci.
Glcnwood, July, 1-', 1:JI. sin-w.
f -f?-i- Jfc'
J. ' .1 -sc. i
do.en Men and Roys' JIi'-Im, of e.-ery
pt oii, I't
.J.d, lor wlncn in nit'iiMs
isons iiHt.-4iUd t
ic reipnvtcd
I immediately.
ht. -laiy, Feb. II. 1m:i.
L1..S. iiACOX
ctieap c:i.-
All kinds of ikins want
p. ice wm ris
all work
nov I, '54
Council Bluff", Ioa.
I S now kept by Sylvf.ncs Dostik,
JL who, having maite great repairs i
'. ,. rif B Fi ' T
i-.'L' iil J--' A
nAVIX'G permatif-iity located in this plae",
for the purpose of gelling GOODS.
LAND, TOWN-LOTS, and doing a General
Agency Business, we would respectfully invite
the public, to giv us a call.
Our Goods were selected with care, and we
are confident that w ohall be able to give per
fect satisfaction to all.
sept. 27 '51. ;
ill ha I an!
F. h.
Ai!. pci. sons
account . ai
pa y me
1 ,500
ie ny note or boox
1 1 call and liiiikc
J. A. bARi-y.
at the
and alteiations in the Iioim-, llAttem
himself ibat lie will be ehle to provido any
who favor him with a call, a comfortable home.
His tr.hV will besi.-p' lied willl the best the
market affords, nrenared b ex'ierienccd bandn,
an I the wea-y will lind a gooil resting place,
In cnui.eeiion with this Hotel may alio beloiind
a good and extensive
lor the accommodation of all who wish to oh
taii, h ns .- and carriages, which are a good
substitute for fir-t cla-, railroad cars, on short
notice; or superior saddle horses, for either la
d;is or g"Dtlemcii. 'in" proprietors of the liv
ery are HTSSF.I.L & D I'iiTlN.
"RluirCity, Iowa, novli'.l, 1.V1 bin
I fAUDWARF.. A large ami general r.SiJ.1
ii me;;t of H inhvare can b" h al
LiiS. Cottjii Jjatting, for sale
i stoi e of
1'THAV r;oTici:.
ILarkin F. Thompson, of Rue haiinon
, Township, I'i-ge County, too up on my
rpsid-i.ce. on the Li Ii day of Novciiibi-r A. i).
JKod, a Ilea bitten giay loare, ten real it eld.
No other marks or brands perceivable. Ap
nraised at I'.fly dollars.
1 y LAKKIN F. TI10 Mi'iiON.
I certify thai the foregoing is a true des
(iiptionof the above property as taken from
the e- tiay book in in V ollic.
3 ELIJAH MILLllt, Clerk.
Clarinda, dec. li, '."it. (3m, prJVcsjSii.)
lit.OKtit CBKr.SK. JOHN WEAilfc, JR.
a I r. r.,1 y erected, forfy-'Un
:i than the whole
from the
Frwn W. S. Sw ymm tit, Nerijijrr
Jld valuing .Igmcy, .Vu. 1-1 Scioud tt.,
kl. Louiu. ,!.
ITeapeus, MOWEIW, &c,
For 150.
O House ami Seed Slorc, (established in lXo').)
W. M. I'i.ant A Co., Sign of the Gilt Flow, No.
14 North Main street, hi. Louis. Mo.; aUo cor
ner of Fourth and Green sta., Wholesale and
Retail dealers in Garden, Gi ass and other Seeds,
Agricultural and Horticultural Machines ant!
Tools, in endless variety.
Descriptive Catalogue furnished gratis to
pos'-paid applicants.
.Km L . ...!. Initii.
Ilincdd. I.eie
biiiidings, un 1 i.i n.;!iy ilium in the progress of
const: action.
.An ub'uidauca of Vine-stone rock is found
(, tbc ti.e, and c itt-acts are cm; le'ed for the
.making of two millions of luick liie ensuing
sea. nii. Tv, o bra 1. chu: i lies niid ore coil";.-
will I.J eu-ct-d di.i'i;: li-it m. liner. It
riiiii :y ha.s. a g; rater p..
Terri' uy i.uil'i of l ljt'e
JVoijia-ka City miles from
Sualh t,f the 'J'( 1 1 itory, an t tblrtv niilp-5
S., u th of the iirii.t I'latte livi r, and about the
center of fin- s. ttled.j-ortion of the Territory
ll is on the direct iuie of the great centi
chum of IUiln.-1'l-i from tin- Atlantic
l'ai.Vlu-jaiil isdir-liti"! t- cnjitini.e, nil thetnue
asii.lo.-4 now, to ii.onopoFse the jjicaler part of
tin-' L'.i jiiie.-s m the Tei riiorv.
Ill the , r.g.:;,re lT the Pr.-eid. lit ct fl.C Ft.
Mailikon, lou.i.' N. T. Railroid: 'H.-bratka-C.ty
uiil he the f.r-t; Cnv, in coii.m'-icial and
n..:. af alluring impoi tan. -e m the futuie State
The .site h.u a fiiu' blulT, rock landing, not
ubji:ct to chin;-," and a fit t:i Ftrnt "ow
iit U.e Landing, '-.'lonU every facility for cros
king. Ariai.ei..i-nli are in progress to H.'cuie
a icgular p.c!.e.t line of SliaiLi boats betwwii
tl. Lou. ii LiiJ this place.
Tl, i.r.i 1 1 a i ii i .1 in the T. rrilory was
the !Tehr...4a City K-ws.:' w i..c a c iii honst of
the latest ciicnl it. on of any, which indicates
Hit Moial progie.-s of theioi.iitrv.
Aiiil for PiiiprietOM.
.inarch 21, H:').
. irTsiTi uck r
Topograi V.iciil I.i.gilicsrr, te..d; r.i bis profes
jtioiil rivi i s tolho l itiH'S of ti'. .Mary and
l-inliite Is nvii i,r ui.J Eliirihtef ill. ail itSVa-
i.-tits. on. re iii P. A. Sai i v'a atore, cr.n-r t f
liM -siry irtri.-t. a i "Jl-ly '
Ketehuui's Improved Mower, With
2 knives, $130
2"fl R-i il's Improved Ileapcr and Mower
Willi 2 sickb s, iJl-ID
M Ru-ii'.s linpioMsl Rcajiers, with
Mckles, SVilJa
i.i Atkinn' Improved Self Raking; Heap-
rr, w.lh2 Si'-kJ. IjelHa
12 New York Improved Self Raking
Pen per, with i Sickles, i&LiXI
101) Fir.erv 's Imjirove.l I wo horse powers,
Willi tbiesher ai.d i-parator, $21)
2S Lcvrrllay Fusses. j!!73 to
K. R. I'ei-sons wishing any ol the abovo.
will please send in their ordera early, as the
niiiaher is limited.
l;() li inow'a Portahh' Glint Mil!, for
hoiae, aleam, or wat.r jiower, tjtl 10 to tft!,"iO
75 Corn and tob cruchera and gu..ders
j;;'.! to !?.')
'(HI f'nm Sl.e'.lers. hand and uovier, Si ID to as;(
, . ' .I'Tiilil Mraw and llav I, ;alo ij, (J
s I .... , . i' , .!.! I.. tt;7.-
vim i nicr mills nun pirr-', . tj;" i
0) Revolving Jlorm Rakes, $J to 3li
iUH Uaiu'all i J Jiiea' ('om jdanters, Vl"
I'll m. Harruwa. Cultivalora. Chmim, .Vhov-
v-; ,V-.'o-s! c,r If, S P, r SV'l"',
Council lUaili, I-jwa.
GaSME, Weahe Av Rut,
Fort DesMoine, Iow a.
, . Cl'XKNE ii. WtABK,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
"VOTES and R.'l' collected, end proceeds
V iiroint' IV remii'ea lo any mi i m in. win
.... t-......a n'.-...-rr.:it of Lxchange.
km ii"...., ; . ... . ..
Interest paid on ilep.'sus i..i ...ei uunj
lavs. Ri:ls of exchange on all ino principal
ci'i-s tiouirui auu aoui.
Loans rttrctert on goon j-ruruy.
Vacant lands selected and entered in any of
f.oe in the State.
Li.nd Warrants for cash or on Line, contai
....II I.m.l
r ...... .ti., us of lands for distant dealers at the
A." '
.....i lil .ial rates.
Notes bought and money loaned on good -
c"!"y- ..... t t ... r. w I
ii..ii-ris, r, i.. j.-s,i . ..u., .
Haiaiitig tV. Co., hankers, Dubnq ie, Iowa; Cook
. w..r..t. Daveniiort. low; CulberU-on at
ii f..ia Cifv. Iowa, I'eoiilea' Batik, New
Vmk ritv. Ketchiitn. Rogers Av Renault, b;
I,,.. .1.. s.ddon. Withers Av Co., Washington,
11 !' i lion. Chas. Mason, Commissioner of
Pali-Ms, Washiiigton, D. C.J A C. Dodge, U.
S. S., Jiurlii.gtoii, Iowa; (ieo. W. Jones, L . S.
S., Dubiinm ; V. iRiuma, Chu t Justice,
1 .000 low. at
ep 27. I. KI-.I..M., M A a I. ft- lJ-
1 yOutvS and islationery forsale by
Ojipottitittn is (he Life of Trade.
receiving at Glcnwood, a well selected
stock of dry goods, fancy goods, clothing, boots
and shoes, croceries, hard ware, crockery, drip's,
liquors, stoves, tinware, Ac, in Western Iowa.
The public arc invted to call and examine for
themselves, and thev will find the truth of the
above statement. Also they will find that "ve
can sell as cbeapany other bouse in Mills, Fre
mont or Pottawattamie counties.
And in giving notice to the farming commu
nily, we will give them the highest casb price
for their produce, such as beef, pork, corn,
wheat and beans. The store is on the west side
of the Fiihlic Sju.-ire, Glonwood. nnvl-ly.
J0R-N and Oata wauled by S. &.E.
Comer of Main and Gregory tkd$
St. Mtrif.
for sale largp assortment of ehscted
merchandise adapted to the wants of all in thm
npw and thriving community, which he can mII
as cheapas can beoirere I elsewhere so high upo
the Missouri river. H's goods have be'ii snlce
ted by an experienced purchaser, with speeial
rclierencp to the circumstances and wants of all
classes of seltlers in a new country. Ladies
and gentlemen, children and youth, all can b
sumdied. ('all and scp for "yoursehps. IF
stock consists of the following, among a prate
many other articles he Cannot now eninnera'
Among bis dry goods may be found woot
and sattinett cloths, cassinetts, tweeds, cash
meres, linseys, fiannel, red, white, grey and
blue, Caspian plaids. Cotton goods, sheeting
and shirtings, bleached and unbleached; bin
and white drillings, osnaburg, bedlicking, hick
ory, checks, Ac.
fancy oooiai.
A beautiful assortment of fancy prints
every variety of style and pattern. Gingham
liiwns, figured alpacca, bomltaranes. bombay
ettes, shawls, scarfs, handkerchiefs, erate, mus
lin, edgings, ribbons, fcc.
A well select en s' ock of SummPt, Fall and Wit
ter Clothing, consisting in part of fin Hrese
coals, pants and vests; also good summer clos
ing of all descriptions; and heavy clothing for
fall and winter use.
Also shirts, knit flannel drawers and un-tpr-shirts,
socks, Ac. Men's and boys' hats and
caps of various fashions, tpialities, and prices.
Boots and shoes, thick and thin, polished and
unpolished of every description, for men women,
and children's use.
Crushed, clarified, loaf and brown ucar, mo
lasses, syrup molasses, golden syrup, aupenof
tea, Rio and Java coiree, sassafras, Ringer, pep
per, cloves, spice, cinnamon, ground ginger,
nutmegs, sunns, tobacco, cigars, pipes, soap,
candles, vinegar, pickles, pepper-sauce, ate.
i"ro visions.
A lare-e assortment of flour of various quali
ties and prices; corn meal and all the various,
products of the farm and garden; bacon and
lish, kiln dried apples, peaches, currenta, raisins,
Ac. Hardwark. Moves ot various pauerne
for cooking a nd heating rooms, stove-pipes ana
elbows, large, and small iron kettles, fryinf
pans, skillets, hand-irons, shovels and tongs,
manure forksndhay forks, scythes, ahoveli aid
spades, log and trace chains, axes, Hammers,
pincers, iron and steel, nails, horse-rasps, files,
saws, knives and forks, pocket knives, razors,
butts and screws, door handles, knobs, lockst
Ac. Tiswark. A general assortment kept
for household purposes. Woodware. Wash
tubs, Shaker pails, wood and zinc washboards,
Leather. Sole-leather, harness lcather,covr
hide, kip skins, calf skins, linings and morocco.
Saddles, bridles, halters, larrictts, circingles,
belly-bands, driving lines, collars, back-straps,
giiths, blind-bridles, Ave. Mkoicines. A gen
eral assortment of medicines for fevers, fever
and ague, and the common complaints of the
country. Cook's, Lee's, S ipppnyton'a,Bragg's
mil Jane.-,' nillg. Ouiniiie, tonics, and various
ils of stun il.i its, an.iues, liniin-iilii ani,
other articles necessary for the sick and tne iii-
alid. nov zv( u
ORSES, work oxen and young stock, ditto,
is A Kr j fc l-.til.lMI.
r It A KEN up by Petei A. Grille)', of TirUio
I 'rWiml-m. Pa-'i! Couiitv. Iowa. One
large Brindle steer, the points of bo.h horns
sawed oil', with a gimlet hole through the
point of the left horn, supposed tj be eight or
nine years old, smooth crop aial undei bit in the
light ear, and si it in the lilt, and to all appear
ances. a beast of labor, with a common med
cowbell on, with a narrow leather strap for a
hell collar, buckled on and tied with a eathr
string, aaid ox wn thin ia order. Appraised
at thirty (sjCJU) dollars.
low a, Page Coitkty, )
Clarinda, Nov. 27, IS 4. $
I certify that the above is a true description
of the above described property, as taken ironi
the Estrcy Book in my otia-e.
jan 21, 5:5.-3in pr'a fee tjt.i.lwl.
Muscatiiie, Iowa.
Council ilii fis., Ji c 13, 1?
PCS. Hickory rduitunr. l.r Hit low, .
i Is. Kindes, Hoes, Rakes, Folks, hcyllna. Axes,
Alii-.e Parers, Chain aiid bocl ion J'uinps, A.C
hlliN of the GILT 1'LmV,
No. 14 North Maiu street, St. Louis, Mo.
Inarch 7, iiiu
' 1 RLJ F TREES, SllliUitS, Ac,
;i ,T 'i'HE subsciiber w oiihl luont rc
(Jy a specilully ii.foinithe ritiiiis of tV.s,
Weatcni Iowa, that ha u ill bu in .
rcicijit, on the opening of navigation, of a Iaige
and ,ip;nor lot of 1 mOit ai.d OaNAMLNTAL
TM'k, hhruns, ines, Roses, Ac, Ac, which
be will dispose of on tun most reasonable terms
for ia.h only. Ho w ill also receive suhscrip
lioi.s furanv Agnculturul Jouinal pablmhed ui
Ihe United htal.s. OmI-ii for tre.s or papers
I- "at the Font OUicewillieieive proirpt attcn
tion. ,
N. B - -I have also a large van. lv of fresh
Garden Seed. H. A. TERRY.
illntr t'ltv, march 1
RAIS!.:s,TldS "AN1 Ci'l'-HAN'ts. tut
sa.cby bARPY A. ENGLlSJI.
HlK THE VEA 1855!
T M. RALl.OI', who has edited llm "Pic
irl.. toriul" from tlie commencement, havi.'ig
bought oat the late proprietor, Mr. F. Gleasou,
will conduct this popular and w id'-ly ciiculated
paper on his own account, i'lie lu-.v voiuias
will be r-idically improved in eery respect.
lid will be publi-hed o.i uiier paper thai evel
b. i'oie, which quality w ill be loiililiilel beact
foith without change. Ma. i new and popu
lar features will at once be ialiod ieed, and the
literary di-paituit-iit will present an an ay ot
ialii.t and inleieat be)ond aiivlhing it has be
fore attempted. The ill'i.- traiioim will be liner,
and by Ictl'-r artists than have betore been en
gaged upon the paper, and altogether the puh
liiulion will bo vastly improved and beauliiied.
Ai raiigemeiits hav been ina le for represeul
ing during the )ear view s of the most notable
buildiiigi ai.d localities through the I'nitrd
sSttttcM, as well as giving likenesses of the most
p-oiniiieiit characters, male and female, of ar
tisis and incii of fetn ins, such as have by their
utt n iiidusti v and skill made for themselves a
luiture and a name. In addition to th, .n-, var-
ioji notable European scenes and occurrences
will also be given Horn week lo wet-K, lorining
a brilliant illustrated journal.
1 subniabei , one ) l ar, OH
4 subsiTibi-is, ' " Id t0
T Any peiaon sending kixteen subsci ib er
atiiielatt rato, will rcieim lti sev ei.tct ntn
copy gratis. Address.
' nl M. BALLOU,
I'ublishcr ui.d Pi vuictor,
('t ruer of Jicluoiit attd ltiouiliein hiu-ets
Bvton, MMt. ' - - , leb H.
..... : ESTEAY I.0TICE.
TAKEN un. on the 11th of No.smber, W4,
by t.oolman Davidson, at his resideuca on the
East Nodaway river, four miles South of Rol
ware's mill, in Buchanon Township, Page
County, Iowa, one Hay Horse, black mane and
(ail, dark legs, w hite hair on each shoulder,
some sad lie marks, some white hair on his fore
head, a littie white aiiol on his rump, supposed
lo be uiinked with a croupei; about twelve
years old; fourteen hands high. No other marks
or brands perceivable. AmiraiiM:d at l.ily
seven dollars and fifty cents (:".7,o(i.)
Iowa, Pace Count v,
Clarinda. December 10. lSol.
f eertifv that the above is a true description
of the above described property, as taken from
llie Estray Boo); in nvofhee.
jan 21, 18.r)5,-3in pi 's fee
Council Elv.fft, l0wa.
t "ILL buy or sell Lands, make Si -lertins ;
attend to the liurcbasi! and tale of town
lots si.d t.11 Linds of coiinecteJ with
Ihe Goie.i aunt Land Olliccs In Western or
Oiitral Iowa. Excbanga on St. Louis and
he Eastern cities bought and nolo, jan 3 'fib.
LTirsF O U SA LE .
f JtilE SL'iiSCRIBERi -tins dcirous of moy.
i i ,g ti Cal.ioii.ia, turns for al: hi.
HomesTEsJ) of lii acres, sit.iat.d on the
stage road la'1 ween St. Joseph and Council
Bin lis l miles b'.iath of Council Bluaji and 4
v,...i. ,,r ii, v.:iL'd of :,l. Mary, and near
tlu Missouri river, in .".Ml County, Iowa; and
i1 ( irr.n-.e lelleii ?. JMCLntta, 1.
' Also. 400 acres of Fbaikii! Ian li near St.
Marv. und U'lil acres of Xiaiat " ,-A-;? 0,1
Ihe Missouri river, and near GlcnWoou. 1 nest
Landa are all in Mills County, Iowa, and pre
sent inducements to land purchasers seldom of
fered; containing timber, prairie, lime, stone,
sandstone, and iiiiliciitiuini of plenty of coal;
and also being situated on tlie most leasiuie
point on the Missouri live for the crossing of
the Pacific Railroad.
Suitable cattle for crossing the Mams will
be taken in txchangu al lair rates. Tn buyer
can have immediate possession, and all the
train and farming utensils he wants at a lair
Trader9 Point, nov 1, u4-lf
A Y N LS I' A l 1: XT " ! ED IC 1 N I . s, I Zi i-aTe
I bv HAIii'V EX;i.LMl.
f piJE subscriber will visit St. V;J'- V,
JL Mary on Wednesday's ta l " Xv'''
Glcnwood on TuesJjy's and Satur- ti
day's of each week, and will supply tins'
maiketa Willi Ff-Mh Mtuts, Butter, I. gs,
Vci-etabl.-s, ut tba nrkt iuie
N (i USE 11 Y
T-ir.- i i . i a
tiirv uiiiiersicneu nas on I'fl'i'i met i-'i
sale a few thousand select grafted apple
tie.:-, ready for transplanting in orchards the
coming tall aad spring.
Rial June, bald vin. white winter iiarmain, fall
ititipin, Belmont, wine sap, yellow belflower,
Rfiode Island greet-k g, swaar, priors red, red
astiachan, early harvest, sweet, suiiimer
rose, summer queen. Rail's janet, ramho, wine
attide. white bellcllower. Roman stein and
Xoi them spy.
The Catalpa and Black Locust.
The snow ball, English and American lilac
red dogwood, honey suckle, rose, A.c.,c.
A few of the Isabella and Catawba grape from
St Mary, Iowa, Aug. 31, 33.
Im ETsOX awiidiiiig to iuAi uurchas's, will
In well to nia us a call and examine our
stock, which comprises a gen-M-al assortiPent
and will bu sold at greatbargalns.
iJotice. ,
A LL persons knowing themselves indebted
IX- o Geo. P. Stilus, are requested to make
immediate uavment to the undersigned, or they
will f.iiej.beir accounts in the hands of the pro
per olticer for collection. Ct llie one, come all
and sve cost. P. J. MtMAllON
oct 18. Til tf
El i 1XE fancy notions for sale as
Ts ).) v cheap as dirt, at the cheep cash
stent of n3r-tf; M'CKOlAS Av CO.
t I1IIC subscriber lias iusf opened this new and
i commodious building for the reception of
the traveling public, and solicits a share or puo
ic favor. Prompt and i rlicient attention will
bo paid to all who may favor him with iheir
ptlronage. jus tame vni ue suppiieu wun Tne
-Y coou ff'.uoie is tti-
In. '51 !i2tMf
UJIACCO. Lovers of liiu H aed will lind
be::t the market uSorns
tached to the
St . M n y, Iowa, mar
a superior article ofchewing and smoking
Tobacco, at the Agency Store, oi GREENE
KIXXEY .V CO., StMarv oct 4
filing unJersiitoU u now in recei-jt of and
I .i i . i ..i i.
of lull and V inter Goods ever ottered in
Couacil Blutl" C':ty, or Western Iowa. Those
wit hliig to pay cash f or Goods will Jo well to
call uud examine. Our stock consists of every
VuiR-ty of goods needed by the people in this
portion of th.' country, such as cloths, cassi
meres, sattinett, tweeds, jeans, while scarlet,
and barred lluiiuels, plain and barred linseys,
100 nieces (rood slvle madder prints, cashmeres,
mei.nos, allapaeas, bleached and brown slieet-
liii and sun tiag, ticking and dr. II in-', tileacn,d
and brown ca,.!ou flannel, drapers and crash
ers, all wool tablo covers, brown and b'ea. a ..J
linen, silk and bay state sna lj, am. every
variety of dress goods.
Mens' sad tf'Vs' fH 'iJ winter clotbing.
hatd and caps, b"oo! and shoes, hardware au.I
queciisware, iron, nans, couee, seg ir, i-i.,-lasss-s,
rice, (lour, f.e. al.o, a large lot of fur
niture and liquors. As it is intention to
sell for cash, we tla t- r ourselves that via ran
hold out superior liidiiceuio.its to Uio&e l.iat
wish to buy i-heap gouds than stoins ,Uiat are
selling on trust.
Country dealers are reipicste-J to call aud cs
ainiiie oui sioc.
B. R. Pl'.GRAM Av CO.
fi.assej JttwTO. li U, lt4.
fl'HIR'I'Y d .en Men! Biys' Caps, for
i salrf clisap, at tii A ;.: v ."'-r of
nan i?. l.HEENE, KlWEY Av CO,
CASS i'bouti ami shoes fir sale cheap
niO-tl . . Ni.'C'KOLI.S A. CO
Baccbante, Yenas, Tlora, He'is5S.a( Daatinf
uirt i
Ml HE above celebrated Statutes, together with
1 tifletn statutes in bronze, and several han
dled magnificent oil paintings, from the col
1. 1.. .i:.i.a.,,. i ....... , ti,
lecuon oi prizes to u.j .u,v, .....
members ol tb Cosmopoliian ri associsiioii
at the first annual distribution, in January next.
The Cosmopolitan Art and Literary Associ
ation, Organized for the Encouragement ana
Generel Diifusion of Literature aad trie i In
Arts, on a new and original pian.
The Committee or Management nave in
pleasure of announcing that the Fifth Annual
Distributiju will lake place oil the Sot h of Jan
uary next, on which occasion there will be dis
tributed orsdloled to members several lix dred
works of art, sruong wlucu IS tne ouginai ana
world-renowned statue of the Greek Slave, by
Hiram Powers, costing over tive liioiisami aoi
brs 1 together with the beautiful statues of Ve
nus, Bacchant, Hebe, Flora, and the Dancing
Girl, andfiJ'tein staucttes in brome, imnorted
from Paris; also, a largecoiiection oi tu i-auiis
ini's. eomiii isin ' some of tha best production
of cel -braied Aincricansand Foreign Artisti.
Tbe nnvment of three dollars constitutes any
one a of this association, and entitles
him to the Knickerbocker Magazine for on
year, and also a ticket in tho distribution of
Statuary and Paintings which are to be alloted
to members in Jauuui-y.
Persons taking five membors'iipi are entitled
to live of tlu Magazines for one yer, and also
to six tickets in too tlistrioution.
Persons, on becoming membe.r can have their
Magazines commence with any month they
choose, and rely on ils being mailed to them
promptly on the first of ev.-.y month, diroc;
iomNw York.
The proceeds d"r!v.J from (he sale of merits
berships are devoted to the purchase of works
of art foe the ensiling year.
Books open to Teeeive nam's Rt the Eastern
office, New York, or Western ollice, Sandusky.
Tho Gallery of Art is located at Sandusky,
(the Western office of the Association) where
superb Granite Buildings have b-wn erected for
it, and in whose spacious saloons the spbMt.Fii
collections of Statuary aad Paintings is exhib
ited. The advaniaps secured by becoming a mein
btr oftais Association arc,
1st. All persons receive the full valueof
their subscription at the start, in the snap of
sterling Magazine Literature.
2d. Eacii member con' nbiiting toward pur
chasing choice works of art, wliich are to b
d stributed among themselves, and are at the
suae time cncouruging'lhe arts ot the country,
disbursing thousauds of dollars through it,
Persons remitting funds for m-mhersbip,
she-uldintirk Idlers, "Registered," and state the
month with which they wish tueir magazines
to commence, and also their post olfice address
in full, on tbe receipt of which, a certificate ot
minh"-ship. together with the magazine desired,
will be fo warded to auy part of tiie country.
Tlius;- who purchase magazines ai uuummre.
will observe tint by joining this Association,
they i-teciva the Magazine uud Fr-e Ticket in
the distribution, at tin same pricth-y
no.V pav for the Magazine alor.e.
Illustrate 1 Cata'.o'iies of tbe whole collec
tion seal on ai.plic ition, free of charges.
fTSnOlfieesof tne Association, at the Kuick-
ei b.K-ker Magazine ollice, 3 IS Broad-vny N. .
aril at X.i. toil Water Street, Sandusky, U.i.i'.
A ldie:s, (at cither ofhc) for miiib.-iship,
C. L. DER1IY C. A. A L. A.
IN every county in ths L'niln.l Stales activ
and enterprising Man to act a Ag tuts, to
nun .act bus. 1. 1 si t'uil will pav, to a smart and
ene, g -lie persoi, from ThrM to l'iva lliuidrwl
doi irs pai month, l lie t.i,n..-as is very le mor
al, lei, ul reij ures no capital. As many writ
it from meic idle cauo..!, no letter will b
aiiewei-id bv tis iinltss it i-outains nns dollar, a
pro af f good faith, upon the receipt of which
tve wil,iuliy explain lue bua.ness. Nt lettitr
will bn takbu from Ills viae U..U-S. the postaf
is pre-paid Address,
Ham: t lire, AUii'-y Co., '1'cunesstee.
Any newspaper or o'.ii-r p itiliea'.ion,
gl, . ttip above tr ur inseriioits, (, iu.s
notice) uu I fowsrdiittf a copy an abovn, will r.
crive the :n'ormaticn, witbjsst auy
eiicuuibratics a.-iaaui-.
Ill F.I) FRUIT fo "I" bv
SARI'Y . feIOLHli,
r t t
1 1
t ?: