Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, March 21, 1855, Image 4

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    t J ..J 1 1" - L".'
JLVgrir ntturat.
"Hr. hy Ure plus w
Il:iii li . mu-t -it'-ier ho!
I or d ivc."
We love our upright, cnterpri;
inc,, enercctie mm. Pull them
this way, and then the othrr, and
thev only bond, bat do not break
Throw them do . n.
iii a tu in-
kle they are on tl
Bury them in the :
an hoar they v. !!
bright as a ii'-w i
not vawuiii'.; u'.va'
!f i'-ct a"aii'.
( or:
"i i.
i'iu mi nan
:t and as
.nice i
hs if thcv
i i
e into
vorM Jiail iiDij.i
on run n;? Ivt1
Unt for si.!i i
be a 1 t t ri 1 - -thrr,
Cai in
j duw.n or (lo'roy.
"n lln- wor'.l o'lld
j iu'v urn " oi r Ln-
I n. !io.?t of j I
if A levari- i j
others in thjoluuv
dors (.'!.'-jr, ll
v;;l!s. oii 'i i,i, toi.
?T.'.rij:is and Jac!:
lit'U of hatt:.. uj:ir
Arlvn, Fulton
on' the
and V"
ti t t in l',c in.'c
ttienccs. Tiify
spif e of tho cnr'.!:
Btarl any noble
builJ our citie
I.'tliiv'ol Oi"t 1 olid i
ars l!ic salt
. Vi iio b'.it 1 1 ic 111 !
J iijv
and rcn.r
lnannfac torie-; they j
i!ip forest,"' a:i 1 soon
wiidcri:: s is ounvertei
nn;;c into
x hov.!i;i!'
into bcau-
tiful places fur the; abod
of man;
they v!ji te:i the bl e ethereal
ocean with their sails, and blacken
lhe hoacns witli their ste?mers
and furnaces. l)iilieulti' deter j
them not they rasp witlithe ra-'
pidity of lightning obstacles put!
in their way, and hurl them away i
from them with a force like thun
der in dt-troying noxious vapors.
UL'ssings on such men ! Their
force and vitality of character,
ihoald serve as examples for voting
men. What is liic y-jod for, if it
is not actively employed ? The
more, rubs a man 'ets the more
polished he beeom
rjp" He w ho expects a friend
vrithout faults, will never find on?.
. . . . A foolish friend does more
harm than a wise enemy It
is not by saying, "Honey, honey,"
that a iweet comes to the mouth.
. . . A friend is more valuable
lLan a relative. Irish Proverbs.
one of
Shanghais savs
fow Is, w hen
eating corn,
takes one j'ECK at a
A Paddy writing from the west
says, pork is so plenty that "every
third man vou meet is t ho'."
Pa k i f ac i" d f.dseli oods fibs
1n!d by t!ie h'.d.ies iu the present
tils le of buntijU.
(Zf''.cn the light of ihy hope
ted, look not id'tcr the
sun that has set, tut turn to that
which is to ri-sC.
fojOOjOoO worth of Ciift
v. .i '1 v.
. . 1 C 3 v .- .
1l lil.lsiil.lJ t.i.o.i a;.
t'.l.l t or .lew o. , J
.iiity i'i
.. tbre:
; t.o:. of
looie, as soon as I'Mi.'l! t'li.-cn
tu; ti.i! b..iii'4 a reuy au la.', u
V'.s) la (). ,3 li.,! 01 loin
Thi Distribution v.
tdke FLce.
tr.i a.
cii:ii! soon
s E r.f-- t!:e et' H'-i -1
1 1 1 -.1
V Lis. of
(beinif 01 e lor ev-ry ti' !
Pi.-!'. Hart's eba'.l
a! t,'.i.i).'it
,i m.'r: -j.":-i.t cit!' rci
A cati '"an bor 1 ' J
-r i,s nd.; .'ire
CUIil.'.f t ?, u or' b ft!
Hi-, Wi'b l.i. e.
est or
setnirov. H.i.,' ,.
Jl iiidinu' I" - eleffaut Iiai.o Fortes, .?ebt
, t'eo!it", (Joi I atc!i.-. liralets. Kin.', Jtooks
.f tr.r.' is in titr-j'd ami !i'--.v world, by Pivl.
li irl, r. al e.-t te. i.c- , J.-".. in all nuuiU-'
ajt).U!t) (nil-, aiii-"d at ti i). 'ML
j-'nri ci innl-te li.i of L'lft-, an 1 fin I ami ex-
rlicit naitit uts-i in r-ga il to
he t -nt ent-.-
oi ls-, u s'rin iiion.
viio!e World, wh
tree A Cba'g". W't
. . . .
vc, 'i-f a copv r J fi
.-ti mil be proi.-.iiy sent
ie di.-ircii by Ic.ter, "l
i l,e Wliol - Woildmay e.!-o b-; -een at tiie
tll.c- of all pupe.S contaililne; tbi. tdverl ise
liient. wii-re info: rn jtmii ma) be obtanieil iii
regard to the pi.ter and eiitrriiri-e.
Agents, Posiiiiaiters. and Ladies, dc si root of
a liic.nlne..aiid at the laiii' time '-ut I ein
ploymeiit, hoil no! faal tu aee aco.y 0 1 he
M lio.e Wurld, wiiitU coiiti iy tut the most
lltKial Uidu' eiuenls kr ollcn to aetits in
1 iite y ttf luiinitmrt asU pn Uiiuiioi, jrii t j.coui
Uiuaioii, ic, wbeirby any peison Willi
ry at tivitv, can -ji!y inake i,W and np
taxd, ptryea tu wbuiilact the amenta we
. lrev have eait reiLy. tr-c t tb pictoi
l, ani fctKiuutJ wit, rich, anJ bappy.
Corre-j'iidii.'a Bui-d wriie their aJlrms
Jvaiune, Jstolliis, County and Slate, plaui
and aia'iint, r it ill I''"' "wu ' "'
'fail t K'V an answer. Adli-re t" tln. and all
leluru will be jiiuuiptly -iil whe.rver
Or. inuiiv part of tlm n,-.l. .
All l-tteis remiU-d for the Pi-'orial,
f-ift li'.-Ui. lonal invaiiably b a.bir-a-
il.ri-. Hiulaiii..ietiiut !reei, run aut,,.
; ,at pnaeipal -
tuol leatioiM'tni--1.
'V'XtM .Ut) I.AKHai
J iin-s' le s
IV vi'.aity
era) ixnulu (nil L'cties,
r, JilNtKi - Co.
4r jht in
business gimtoiE.
i. Trunin. fM.vr.GRi.r-ia
P-al-m in Pry Conni, (1 -ncr-ne, Herd-Tare,
j ijniecinn are. Stoneware, Farm! -re, iWi A.
I ,-sl.i -. Hats .V Caps, md Ready Made ClolhinR.
f.icist 'ri' Cleiiwoinl, Iowa. ii2'-ly
i sXitT' v &i :n i m s 1 1 .
I Who!' -ale and ll-tnil Mcrrhente. ,M'er in
K"r and In linn finnd. d nc-tic.. Dry llooli.
Ulrica!'. Hook. mil Siatumci-y, boot. Shu-
Hn! ad dp, a Mil every variety of Fain
;...-!. on t!m wi't i'I of the Public Square
(;!f .v-i 1 1. amrat-ly
Vl ol... ,ilc mis.! ll-tail Men-inn
Lor-n' ninl Ciiii'.ij re '"-:.. I.e. p
l-and a 'ar ' P nrtm -tit of tl.
(,....-;-. IL.I JiLir.'. UIll I'llH''.!'!-.
;, Comer
c ole-tan'
icries. ll
dim. iv
,1. !
i' -
it. i I'-LNM i r,
alul Cm ll '.!!"' ill I.KW. at"l Si
' .... ;,. ' I ...... r. V i'l llMflll'l1 ;u tl
. W III 1!
.111- I t
I v!m:I!i .liuio Divti.cis. Iowa. H 'H I'Mi"'; '
1 ' jtV'. I to all tMl5SK!ial biis:ii" -.t . .-- I
I to his care. OtiifoOK-f ut l'ooltf i:1 .' vnu
i.;iit, .-on vrixoj. l.)a. aii:tl-1
I'll vii'ian fi'l S;:rz on. Ii:i .j ; jirrniatiPntiy
c.i'f-1 in '" -' i-l, MiiW co., Iowa, will
. . i i i ; . . I : r . .. .
f -oiiiji: I V ato-n l i a:i can in 1111 jn n-
il!ic.. on l.o'-iit at c-i, oiiC Jour nort!. of
U''i v!:t:'. f"i-r '!!-!
J). II
at 1. 1 a
,i;!..n-.ov!. Mi'.'.
1 0 a. .
ll J'l-1
-I v.
Ho.- c .. o '.
t:ic tit': t-'-'l
rti.11; C j .rt .
" i a V b
. ! I :i" 1 a!:
V.'II.I 1 M CO'.tV 11.1.1).
::ev a
.1 ComiiCi'.oi lit Law, ""'
l!H V".
.1. I.. sM AHK
j Attoi-i:n a-i'l Co-:i;i'l!or at Law. on V
4- f l.o'cnsl ttri". '.Ol. ii 'i"!. I-ia. :
1 ton th !
1 3l-'f I
i M 1'. DIC'AI. .NO i K 1..
. fio.-tor Jain. Umiflan, won!! twt-cctfulty
it, form thr ciitzi'iia of (ili-nwoo-i. Mill Co.,
I l..o.v,i. that he has pc! in incntly loca'.nl in tins
I !:ic. a: '1 toioVrs Ins Irii oonal .h i victi, in
I of in varioua trticl-f". to tto- cit i'-n- aiol
i vo"t,itv. Havin; afi-.lcl s full Coirsc of
M. -11. I.I Ii-t'ir, in conio rtioii Willi th Si.
t I.onoj Iio-:oal. fi'ifti-n hiiiiM-lf cu:uictt-nt
i t 1 i.M.ilt r i;t ;i" ral sat i-!'.o'l.oii to those w 1. J l.-oiy
I ia.-or ti.m w.'li llifir .a. oim:'".
j C V "itii-c a: ih- O.-'i; Mmr.
.i..swoor. Mit i.s Co., low a.
I ai, 1 ii.ii-1-.
WHuiHAit brM.r tn Woo'lcn
ami Ci-oar Ware. -No. 7", Si c m. J tl.,
M .iiroc lloiic(St. Lonii, Mj.
oppobi.e j
flicllli-M ftirl wart !ioii.--, imuib'-r 21!t, Main
lire.-t, St. Lo 'li. "Mattan lion Comiiaiiy,'
Ito. toi:,'j. '.i.rers of ii.aciiii--t toofi, Lult
cutting ami drilling liiacliim 5, l.i'!ii-i, kt., .Vc
r ilci, cii-re lo-jts, Kl-., i.c., n.anufact'.iro 1 at
Wentwuria Vi'oiJis, falicllitl.l, import- ! to onii.-.-.
II. i.AKi:VKI.!.,
apr 12-ly A'. int.
Succn-ors to UcrtlioM i. Krotlirj, wlio!et;ilc
(!,-alf rs in Gioc-ri' Teat. Wine ami I.iinor;
CAi:itniiiio!i ami Forw ai ilii,; M-rciianii, l'J?i
North S-i-om! ii-t, St. Louii, Mo.
ClIVBLH Tll t.MAS, V. M. Km MO,
l'EKIl. Ituilttl. JR. AMtKtL Hi Hllll'I.B.
a.rli-ly- '
fintcy, M'"C'niic V. Co.,li-twc-!i Mmjaii erol
firfi-ii 'r !, on Main aiM S--011.I fir St.
lAnf, Mo ; Hoil'l-i i of st-ain Engines, liuikii
and e.cry dibcr'tion of Mill ua:iiiiii -ry.
aii' li-oin
Sh-n.clil steel vari hn-e, 21:1 Main, corn-r
of Moiiran street, St. Louis, hteel of ail !
scriotioni. in store, or niii.oi ti-l to orilcr, on th-
Iyt ln.i. U-timl II. 1M. A K K W K I.J.. Air'l.
J. F. t:(JMSTOCK,&. CO ,
V'!io!i-l le ami retail dealt r in Hoots am
Shoes, of a!l kintU, .No. Ui Main fti t, St.
l.o-.,i. Mo. n : I .'-1 v
aiiiifactnrera of Cot-i-i n Tin and Siikkt-
iros woiik.s.irb asCopinr Pipe i'oi
.-ieaiii l.n-r aiid Dii t.lleries. Ill e. cliini; and
Chin, .ei . -'odd (J"i:e: at 01 a ami Funn'san s, I'i'e
wins; an I all LiinU of Copper Ki t.b-s. Well and
Cisloj n i' .inps ami ever y other art. - le in tb-ir
line of, ttny alo manufacture und
beep con-taiitly 011 hand lb- Si. Louis premium
Cooking -Stoics, suitable lor Sieam Boat llutels,
Co!lei-t or other siaiiilar c a I liibmeut-j made
in a good ami woi kmanlike 1.1. timer, and out of
g ,ui ami substantial mat-rial; and of d:t!'.!:ent
m-. All kind of Tiiiwure on band, wbo!e,ile
ami r-tai!, Xo. 'dU Main street, south-east cor ol Cb-rrv. St. f,o-iis, Mo.
i,ox(i i.ooki;j) 101:,
VTl'CKOLI.S it CO. ban-;u-l r-e-iied o-.por
x In- iare-t and be-t f. lee'ed tto.ik of
(.OO!)1 ev-r bifoie rxlnbitej in the wa-t. A"
Lioi.j ' a-so'l'i'i-ut may b- fo-ind
A variety of clothing of all sort an 1
hal-Jwal and Cutlel, , d 'o', oedii-llieS
t ute, be Inteids. b'iieai.s, tali is, cha.ri,
bo iii. i In erian, parlor i.'.o'.e.., 4wC.: in
eook, atioi l.
everytliiii y fi may ca'.l for.
persons n il not be detained when they come
to t ie cheap c iruer, a- they ate well si.,iplu-d
W.Ih nimble clerks oil the r In si ies, ud al
11 a', h have tharp scissori and dall Coiiseieocc.a
1 .1 lijiral.ts w ill ti: d it to their a-Jlantje lo
call upjii u befor-lei ch isin-ljem-re.
1.;. nuoml, Apr:; -'n, ls51. nTi-tf
J'lt arrived, jx-r steauier D.lawure, tt
s.wpy's tvL.;;' ami store
O.i .Main htr-t-I, St. Mary.
- I'l izcius iiti.l t-Hiiirruti's can now fitij
f'i.1 stipjily of i'rthli irjurie. l'ro i,i.m.
Dry tioDii hu l H.irJwarf, w !ii li th- tan
buy clic-aj) for i isii, n'i7-if
ijaUon's iChcapcet lllauuune in tl)f
WF shall publish. 011 Ibe fost of January,
IH.i.S, a tew Magazine, eiititled -Bal-lo
i's Dollar Monthly Magazine" a work
win. b will contain one hum! red royal octave
panes of reading ma'ter in each number, (b-n a
more than any 01' the Philadelphia 3;,
i.iurt,) ana foruoi.-e wo loluiues, eacti six luin
d.ct -,j,r, sir twelve tiuudred patres of r-adii.(;
matter yeai ly. for Osr Dollar I lieiii); re-soir-d
toluiiiisti food n teresun readmR mat
ter for ibe Uiilli.ii, and al a t-rke wbicb ail can
Ilu.ioii'j Dollar MotiHily will lie filietl with
enteitaiiiiui; ai.d popular 1'oiies, by our best
wiil-is, Willi sketrL-s, asciis, scrap of wit
and humor, and a miscellaneous ronipuuod of
'lie iiotihie events of lite times in bo Iti bemis-
I her, funning an urc-cabje companion iur a
ci.mre Uiom-t t or hour- any w liere, at tioiua or
Aay istrtun purloin' our. nmus to the
proprietur as below, s.iio receive tlie Maiaiiiie
tor out yeur.
M t HAI lilli. robl.tliir and Proof i-ior.
C' jr wrTieui nt scd trt-ntun! 1 :U.t 6-!t i-
marrh 7
ST. LOUIS advertisement;
C. TV d 4 Co ,j J
Siirrpssfir to
1H TO 01)
i. SON,
Ml. Ji (Mil
M n l i ,
C.iriirr alio j
,T !.nri.MC.
vinr.m Horn.
importers if .ViiumVu. ers 'J f
in. v r w i ; m v 1 1 : a u s i : x vk r I -
it i'i t In- 'li. I ( .i..i-Ii.i4 1 1 -.:" in Si.
("rolll :n'
f lit to i'l
1 t a t;i-'t"i Oil-l'i:
at tl i in km in'i '" rli t
r. tiy of t
nol I ih in t'i" Vi
I)! Ill
V true f.HI"'l il I
.-1..1I y
- 'ilai..'
rt.-l at
, w lien
t III:- ii'i'iiiii-i in Frain.-p, a r. I 1I11 ,
li-i I on 1. Our jtoi-fc t!i:" yr ir w .1 . - I.
Ilio .jiiai i n- .y o i.- "t tlo-
!.-;t iMt.i t!i" ii ofr:i-t..r, tliat wr mm
n o: '.-r, lo. reit.ii'i of o'. :i t ri in tr tlo- il.-"-rp.
-1 1 1 i v . l or !" '.' :l in -ilin'. ttn- iri'"t K l
i.,,lli.i lift I niiinvi.L .1 i.-.i:i 1.,' nii;ior-
tanrc of ii i;i" -- :i!'i.'. Onr stock i a! a) 1
i.aiii- alul i ." k' ii i.r'i tnnpiT anil tt-A'.iii c of
bun- tan beol.U"! wit'iout .!. lav.
Tn ..'.tiln It. oii.'.tl'V of boltll i.' rioth lies!
.t notour
t ii.l'-,ci!t
1 .irr. ami ll
t a':'l o:i' 1
, V Cloth, i'-..
, ll.- v.
v.-1 ... !
'' liav- ll ol t'o
l.'!t hy fast
. . i f s,i mi;
,1,1 . to tl.- or-
n: 'ai:.s of Inill (OVili-r :
1 r . Vi - III e ... I-MJ -a f t i ::i l li ne-
-.-0.11 V
to oh; am ;.. ii 1 r ro to:..'.-, i .:
I i
.if .:!'
rt out-t lii- to sm; -ion ol seiiit, an
infi-iior arln-le. We laM lief. in- tl.e luaiii.l'.ii'
1 1 tie 1 onr object ions to their CI'! lis. .rut o:ii,r.
-I h-awr am' s'roi.i ,- to b" nii'lo. I'iiey 1111-
ik.ftnr.K 1. V illi r-ioci.iin '-. n-aiini; inni in-y
omI.1 no! iiake t o-ir ( loths l.-ai o-r ami pre
serve toe niotonor.y t'i inc.. on ? inn.t, ei.:i-
blc for Koo-1 mil. H'.. 1 !i".V lone f "
O". R loll ISO 1 in 1 II' A.1 I. Mi' M A 111. 1 rni-'i-I.Y
ion is, am! lor heant; ol' I'msh. ut, iT r.-n - -tv
of mes'ies, sttenirtll ami tint ahl I it V , we rel.-r
ti the millers tren-r.iltv in th- country, an I es
peciaUv to tii- iiulb-r. aid noil o ivin r in !!os
Onr ali-'oioii for many y-ars lias be- i !i-r.-cti-il
to olr.ain the l..'t plan for cniiMniciii.c
thrsc 11. i'l-:. In many cas they a,r- ur.l by
iiieiei i-iiee.l Vaiei-, a'ei t .. ! foi, ability
ami ,cit ," of con-ti nc ,. 1. ,i tii- oi'j.-ct
10 be In tins we ll.itik we have nic-ce.-i!e
1 We liclwv- mi. bcr aine in toe (.'"eat wehaie oM. thereb.ii not been on- ic
lurin"!, i.orlo mil faiif'l to rei'.irin
-ut 11 e!y to tlic satl if a'-tion i f t!to-e 11 si 1, them.
1 hey are in citciisiir 11 r in the Wi -t, an, I
inai.v of tti-rn in .New Mexico an.'! Calitomia.
(iur mill, are knon as KiDD'S 1 M l'UO 110
OKAIN MILL. C tnamifactil.f. three kln.U,
to wit ; (.Air 1110N backs, lo iriiml by weiuht
of the ii'.nner ; rcK A"n or. aim mill, I tie
lower utoi.e to run, n4 the ntiki'ir. mill.
I'a'.tnt rnetrsl, ceUii-iitc Jaini uiaihino slreicb-
Tins article n now uie.le in the creaest pcr-
fectioii, ami bcrouiine rxteiKivelv use.l in the
matnifartnriiisr estbali-.bnieiits of the conntrv.
We keep on bun.l thelaii;.--t asot tment in the
Wea'ern eo.iiitry, of our own, ami tustern
Vri.l AMI.D III Hill R bllTlMi IIH
PM k 1 m. am. 11 1. nil km hum:. We ate the iii ly I
a-nts of the li t I 01 t oiiij.any In this
tliesal'- tf the-- j-'oo. Is.
lloislin si ti n-, no'.l p'tii.!!e. r
pity f.
screw t, oaiiiiul iron, palfi.i lion pioor tales
roll picks, M ie-11 w i.e. c.ipjier nn-'s. lace lea
ther, ctk iiie.l ti'a-iier, i.c, Jlc. (,t" conslaiil
I V on band.
St. L'oi.i.
ujslVESSirY FAafilLY M2blCIS3
' I! F. Ciiiveoi1 V of Free Mi li.riiui and Pop-1
nlar Lnois leiiL'e. ctu'rl-ri 'l bv the State of
peiuii) Ii a-na, April '.'lib, 1-all, mainly to ar
ret the in its i f npurioii.s iiostriiiiis; aim to sup- 111- lllblie with reliable Il-llieill-1. w b'-ie
ibe best i,n dual adv i-ei cannot 01 will not be
-inpbiVP.I, bai 1 j 1 ir piiicbaied Ibe on atuable rem
edy, IHOW AX ICS 'IONIC M ! IT it I". th
lint ami only know 11 for tw ntv run, !
the certain cue for the Feier and Au-ue. und
its ktmtiid coiiipluit.t-.. ciiiiii.i. ii ; i v rccuuii.n u. I
it to tt:c patroiiau'-' i f Ibe af lln t-'l.
Tlie above I :,-! , t:i. .on lik-w ie r-rolitlneleL
for Howel Coiuplaiiits, iiO W A .NO'S ( 'DM.
ft ii'l in iu dab time wiil luiui.-ti lis omti remeuy
lor eierv i::v-aae that can be sak-ly t;cal-d in
this av.
Hy Older of the Trustee.
President of lb- I ' v. and Head of the
Phar mar en I iat Department.
Iloln D:sneniiiy and Olliee, .No. rll Arch
Pbiiad. 1 il. i-i. -,it 20. ly
M-S i'A li-M' M I.D1C1.N L.-. lor ule
1)l;ODl'CF. A.NOCASII wante.1 in p.
111 navm-iit of di -ht KMIl'V A. li
, mri.l
s li py
1 i-ci ,1 b
it Ji'ii-ii.
it nuah'l', fi-
ii.t 1-1 . 1
sab low, at
'.'7. Ii Ii K F N F.
k. CO,
Or. j:v
tj Clot
Oi'-';i Physician
'lib F.n.-e. lb F
ion, witti jJii.7,
tin- nun t.i i .t -.ii-isui.j
slioWbiL' d . as, a ii d ma'f.u ma tJLis
t.ont 1 I the iniiii.:., tvil. iu in evr euunu ond
form, 'io Hhicii i an. led a ti-.itie on the
dis-a-e of f. iuub-s, ben h' of the l.uht-st imjnu- j
tam e to 11,41 , p-on!e. or tbos-conii 11 plutmjJ:
marnai;.!. .j . u 'M. 1 HUNT.', M. 1). j
l.-t no fai In r b- a-liaiu-i to present a co'-y I
lf the t.ieupalius to bis child. It may sav-j
turn from an early gra. Jcl no younir man 1
or woinati enbr int., !,e erect i'b!iatous o
married life w ithout r-adin 'be l ociiet ..s'-ij-
palins. L-l tin one sutf r f0111 a hacklieid cinh.
j. am iu Hit sid-. i , iles iiitflifs, neiious f I
inis a ini lb- whole 1 1 am of dt .peptic .,.it nmi.
ami i-.rii up by their pbvsici.u, b- anolbt r luo-
wilbo...t consul 1 tnjp the Aii i.i'..iiii.
HaVr tlie in.: iri. -d, oi tbo-e a
rie.La.ii inim-dnn- nl, i.a,l
about t i be mi'.
Ibis triity UmIuI
noo.i, as it has teen lu- i.vun or sail tlion-
saii ' of iinfoit mate vreaturi s from tiio veiy
. f death.
L A,iy p-rrin seiidinK Twenty-Five Cents
eiici.s d in a 1-tt-r, w ill rec-ive o..p opy of
. bis Work by iLiuil, or five co .!ci will be 'sent
fur One Dollar.
Add ,, (po t paid.) DH. WM. YOUNG.
Xv. l.ri Sjiiute street, Phi la.
liiiv 29
I'F. subscriber buvi: fr lease! of Clarke ii
Co., the old ( ouiieii lllaif Fe.ry at Tra
der's pj.nt, 1 aiawoltaiiiie (.'ouii'y, Iowa,
llav iliKj built a licvv and subatau'lal lioal 1
now prepared I t cio.s all who come. Peisons
in.Iiiii,' Nebraska will find this one of the best
Ferries oil lliu Kiier. T rue, I hate no Steam
Ferry IS' jl, but I have ttroo aim poMer,
wliicli wib piopell a boat ncri.-j tbu river at
this narrow point w 'ithout any danger or blow
up, ij nick enioiKh to ka'.irfy the las .-.t 01 luu
fist ae an 1 cu antry
rails er rtasiAi.i. 1
1 Watroii; I Wu hoise or cattle, (.1 2j.
1 liorse nml bny, ... (to.
Iiji, and lidei, it".
1 usiIUall, - j. ve per ul aa,c4t tba above
j raio durm j b rh -a it
I hi
iU'M ALAS 1' C
ep 13, '.'I ti
i, . .. a ; w
i ii , ct or
lA:r.t nri Sir.'pvrillv
TlR Hi" anil .i riiKinrnt cure or
,i..ii-s SMI-HI2 fioin mi imrnn ' ot
tu.. lil.OO'l. or li ot lii" -v-t' in, vn :
S. i". f il i, or Knr;'" , O'" ('nl-.nrnin
r.rn-itioi n, l'o-i li- on tlic t a-p, iiinirii.-i.
I'.i U, Cliionii: So;r !". , Kiii Win hi or 1' t-
r. Seal I lies t, S ilV Klo'iiin, I'.lni in Hu
ll ',?4 ,i"i I Jooi' i, ol. I Soic mi l t li". -i s. Ulo-'i-malinii.
Swi-iliii' of tii Ol, S.-i.hi.litii"
IIKI3.K. F.i v'l" -la. I. 'ii''.'','". l),.-:'.f- of
tin- li
nt' 1 01141H,
A it ha in .1
. 1110:1-I'l-.ioa.
, Co, 1 1 1 ! n ; 1 1 ' 1 1 .
'ol'lj'1 l oil . N"
ill, ...- .,.l.i,.
(io.lM-. Wii.t-- ?
.- !),-
nci a!
H I III :ililO"ln
.'.I.--. -in v,
-. 1',-ini,-
lit'ltlO.. ll
Irr. Lr'oai
I . - val.
I in,
, ilv
I .1 1
M , 1 1
.1- .r r
f mi. 1
' L 1 V
1 f
."if ll. t:
11 101 '. I.
. ! -r,o,
l)o,!. lihn !
1 V
them to a to-1
fi.rin llic f'oii
Cult!! I'-o'lv
:.y a.-' mil, i t
.mi II I I 'II I' .1
i- I I'l it 0
11 1 l- I'
ll ii 10
iii- I.
to. 1. ' '!v'
il tm' an I S ir-a ;.ari!l I is tin" l'.--t A ' ' ' , a I '
ll!o: 1 I'm ,fi ii'-r mi-'to inr eiei ot. re-1 t-p'iblii-.
It 1. i": 1 a;.i . . j Ii-1-..ii'i r, a :i 1 a
Ie, si. 1 eio, b. am .,:!.
l iilt M'ltiHT'.A.
Jr.'-ilv's I-, line anil S .r-.ioii'la i
omiiiciil. ! ,. tin :m-t tii o ooo m. I
11, e t!
ran i:i--i
fail, 1. 1- !...
! ',.r
: S.i . :iii,:-.
! I'pv.-r N'
t I.
.N..t on
1 1
1 nr" 1 is l,.':i
.. h'i.m..-.
Cance; .
i c 1 1 r 1 .1 1 in
I '
I '
,1 (
,i-!.c !
a' I ail
, Dr.
i 1 i"
li.- ei- ,
I ' ' ' o '. j
:ii'. and Sa :'- :i J 1 a 1 .
ll. 1. it s.-ar' ':'
.I.e. de-tro III
ly i'
the dts-lli-
it tie
11 !;, it
C '.:.
-i .m l dnviii j o A ail i:..r -u
' tm- iio-ly mi 1 b.- ii-ncii in.'
It'o.U I,,- I.m.Iv at, I be 1 i- n tv in t!
reii'eTi tin cure r-rfiin -iti 1 p-: 1 t.
iNhi.;i.ri'N oh oi -i'i.1-1 .
No 1:1 bcii.e. j,r: li.ips, 111: i .11 t.11'1 il',C''V.
CI..1 W hich i'.ie, I Hi u'll lull'' I'l till' it'llii icn
1 and i'hii.i the s.-.-i ! i"ti of :,i
; juice to dle-l lie- f i a- 11.'. K.i
t and Sar-apai ill 1. N-i 01. e has n
,ly's loibm-
It io
"K ll
i complaint. without beu-lil.
lilll.l'.M ATI "L
Dr. Fastei ! v's an.l S.iraiiii i! ia is used
: w.lii l!,c L'n at.-.! "ucirs iu rhe a.:,'' c t ''l.iiu'.s i
'f.pi" ially sue'n as aiecurmiir. Il e in s by ibi- I
1 on t all otio .i .t i-s and f -i-'l !ri;n i- j w hn-li j
bai e apenuiiilaii ! i:i i . 1. , vi tn.!i ar- I he 1
I c:iue of li:i.-'iinat:s.'iit tr-iiil an I kv.i iliii1; ol tii-
: jo it its. 1 1' ii-r rem "dies some utie. ive-, t-mpo-1
rat v i-liet; t li is t-nt 1 1 e! y eia 'nates t!n: din-ae
j flolll t!lP Si -!eli.
I or Mi. in mi t. ami 1: si i R a I. Iii r.s;:s,
Ai ki cTiso Tilt m oon, Oi.a-. us,
t'l.m ", Joint? and HuNt.t.
Dr. F.a-ter!y'i Iodine and S.n san u iit.i ii the
( ever inieiited. This medicine i
j ollere I to ibe pi,!. lie not m-rt-ly us a purifier of
1 1 tie HLoon, but as a p-ive-rlol cradicitor of tti
! rno.t viruieiit poison, ticra-ioin-d by mercurial
and vi-ncra! t.imti, w Inch r sit the action of all
other remedies. It will core tin-worst kind i f
iiipiciinal iiisejs-i, no matter bow d-eply it
inav have raten into tii- frame ami l ital ol I'.il.s.
It w ill cure tii- wo. si tiff s of n-pondery sy
pliilea or veicral di.eases, no inater Low loiiiT
it mav have existed, bow b..d, or bow deeply
sealed in the system, it will annihilate and ex
pel tin- virus and restore the system tj a state of
peifeet health und imritv. For l le-n iu t!i
mou'.h ami thioat liiibiri'ineiit of the "ilan,s.
ioiti p or tninoi
n the Turn. it, nodes. Fains in
the lionet ti.d Joints, it is the only sale and sure I
ireuie.iy. ) oiiij pei 11ms who tone reason to
j inspect any iniji irdy in tb-ir blood, either b-r-
! e.litary or 'the result of imprudence onjlit to m-
I til'y ami d-i'rny thi vims before eiit-riiijj the
niurriai-state, us fbey may theichy tint only
protect thrum !n-j tyainst ihe danger. of impo-
1 teliry am! other mi-l irfuiie, but ternie the t -r-
! taiiity of a pure ami bealtbv olfiiinii ;. It can
b I b persons, of e.ttier m x, with the most ct saf'.tv.
I A I I. II Oil 11 1 11 Ol' lilt Kill Vi.V! , fll.A OIII R
ami I iii.VARV Ohoans, nitoesv, Ciavli.
AW, I i..
AM: LlllR Cox fl AIM'. j 111 It AUK 111 IllirAIToSS AM) Co i.' V I f R I" II I r .
Dr F.ns'ei ly' lotin-aml Sarsaparilla is the 'lb-only (-nuin-and real Puin Killi r i pre
I be-t und ou!y i;iti.u t onirltt to be u-ed. In 1 p:,r-d esei'i.i t -I y by Dr. Iv, the sob
j in-.- roii:pla;iiti, th s medicine has performed I piipri-tor. Tl eiifoie counteifeits" and iiuila-
HIO-.1 .i t.ii ij ruin.
Nn laicua'ie can c iiivev an a.le.piate iitea
of the iiiiiiie.t.a-.t- an. I :;lmo ! ni . r.i'-i.lo is ch.o o
11 in. !i i: pi oiln.-e I by tin: u-i-of Dr. Fr.ner'y's
loditieaml S.iitaiiarilia. in the d.scat-.t. d.-rjili-
tate.l and sbattertd nervom system. Wh-tb
broke uowu by exce.., weak by nalure, or iinpu
le.l by sir k ,1; ..the 11 n -trill. 2 and re! a Mil m;-1.
iii.atn.ii is ai ours rehrjctd. icwd an 1 I, mil I
up. In cm- 01 .i uiai;'ia, .M-i ious n-.i .lac'n ,
b'l.i of mi mo! v, (ieneru! l'l'o!ratil"l, .Nea 1 ,eii-
li--., Vei", Pain in the Neil i s of ih- l ace,
a:. I the 1 train of nervous a tr-Ctioii", it
will produce a cure in an as!onhin,r
time. 'I':.- Ptlect of this medic. in I-, lo fiie per
manent 1 tin f to the sutl'-r-r, an 1 to reitore the
shattered and d-bil :t ited ton - .tutiou t J its pus
line health and is'ir.
Ijniiet.f pale complexion and otisiun! iv- 1
habit., an 1 such as are itelolilat-d from any of
th- ob.lriifiioris inrid-nt to th-se, sueh as o!.- !
strut"' ion or painf nl im-ii-1 ,1111 ion, Hour Albm '
01 Whi!-s, Oieeti Sn knes; alio, exec. sue t'.ow j
of the .M.Iim-., Lttl icunt-s-. sc., Call heie.loied
by the use of two or thr hot! It s of Dr. East-
ai ly's Iodine and Sarsaparilla, to bloom tn I i
vitror. His far lb-ht i-mi ily el 1 r di-toi er
e.l for weakiy c!iil lien, and such as baie bad
humot ab.-i.i plea-. a.t lin y i-a. 1:1 y la!,- it.
It iini.'i-iiatei v re I in it: -! .te, s'.reiih, j
ind color. .o tiiti' be m ire s ap;u iiiiiij :
than lis 1 111 i""i .e in e'b ct 011 th- human 1 1 a in-. '
I'e, sons all aid la s. tu le b l , 1- tab-:
in ; Dr. Easti-il', 's lo.pi.e an Sarsaparilla, ul
once b-come r -'"ut iiid fell of ereiy u:,,!'r
its inlbieuce. it i.uu.eilia ely couia-. uels Ifit",
1 n1 1 o'l.ine 3.s of the female frame.
j !)R. I a AS I 1 KI V'S III 1,1 IK A It Sa RSA P A I! 1 1 1. K IS
uvutm r i. 1'i'Rivi i a i Til : lii oon
It it icy l.leaie' t t l Ihe tast, ami IS !'.
o, it -nil ai-.t
hi. 11 an y oto
one u-.'"l tl,
ticoi ' ..tioii' -r. be".!-r and t h
r ini-iiii ii.e iu w, laiiol.-j ivlio
' Litile are t.ei er w illi i.:,' to be
I'uk'-li iu the -ally staei. it is a
i vvriio it it.
i mi e mevenfaliie oi atinoil aitv in-iae, of
C'jTA-k forD,. Ea lei!)' Iodine si.d S.i.
-uuaiiilu and take nothing i!-e.
Puce S1 p-r bvttle, or six bottle for fji'i.
A a! d -co l!.l 11,4 do to wbolc-iilc l ur
ch... '
(iV-For sale a! Dr. Easteily's Fi'imly Me li
Clin Moi r, soul li-easl coi iicr of I hli d and Chen
uiil iiie-ts. St. Lo us Mo. A!o by P. A.Saipy,
bt Alary , Iowa, and by deabiis in m- licintsgcii.
el ally III the c-t.
Is warranled to euie A'iie ami Fever, Dumb
Aii-ie, Chills and Feier, Intel an. U
uullant levers, and a1! the various f irm c-t yK.
v. r Incident to the Weil !
Ibis (ii'l'i.lar lemedv hai uow bn before
the p .lilic tv. u ears, uid d iriiijTtbal time aboul
'1 tsri-i iv. l.i.iutisu Itoriiks
have been sold and in no .n.laii. e bus it failed
lo eiin t a pet iniiiji.t c.ireiisfur as beard fioio,
oi to en'ne sati-Taitniii to the purchaser.
Ills w arrented to cure all rase', or Ibe inon-v
will be r-fundc-d. I.t no man, vtomaiior child
sutler wall this il ititrcs iii" diseaie, when a sure
lemedy is at bind.
Iii ad the testimony from John Miller i. Co.
Eva ssv n i t, 111., Oct. o, 1S0J.
Dr. Kasteriy Sir: We lake pleasure in slat,
in; tiiat w e have jjui chstt'd id bottl-tof your
Feier ami A"ie Killei, and have told the same
tu our patron, ami that it has erlceted a perma
nent c 'e in every cute. We tiave sold nearly
all the various mniicia fur acne ami fever, but
n ine bus (" veu tm li entire Sttcfanlion as yon
Fever and A i Kilk-r . We bclieva it is the
its-st UK Jirifie no beort the public.
Resfet-jViy, Jcta Mi!i t ft.
K.-i'i the letter frn:n Jolin S.Cinnp. lirm l
Palme. Arkanras, Clierok-e Nalion, in datrf
Amtiis' l". l:':i"
Dr. F.asteily Sir : When 1 was in vo ircitv
in M i'l b last, I pun basi 'l one dozen bottlei of
ronr i'everaml Atrue Killer, whii b Vo'l w arran
ted tn me. I have obi veil ol ihe.loe.i, w inch
I also warranted. Vonr tnc U ine ll.. Civeti en
ti.e saticfaclion n far, il bai ini; e!li 1 kds-eial
co'i-s of the Chill ami F-ier. Itie e,e p uti -cnl.iil
y a lady who bad b11 alllictcl siiiee th
lat'er 'part of lad nmmer, and bad tried a preal
mnriv reme lies, beside bavi iira plivsn ian part
t.f the tune, all of which filled. She bought a
bottle of vonr medicine, ami before she bad i
e ! olie-tbird of i!, slip w ai i-iitin ly cured, anJ
h:i cniove l loiod health ever since. In liu case
Ini it f ,,!ej c! 1 t a icriiisn-nt enre.
: It.-pei ti'mlv vonis. John S. Crump.
IV S. I will b-in place aj;iiu,
i o l .s ill bn 1 nn" l it r- ' v.
I N. H. 'k f .r Dr. lias'-i I v's Fever on I Asjne
' Koli i . and take n 1 ol 01. mi I yo 1 ar s ife.
A l.'i ai ili.i 'i H'1 I ride 'o w I.oles.ile ib - lieie.
I', in- I p-r I,,,"!,., IV Ollli.:!',-. f,,'- Vi.
1 I'or s i.- at D: . I..I -'p' U 's bam ly M-dirin-
c r of Ti.od ai' l lu -if ?' St.
j !.."ni. .il.ii liv V. A. S..i.y. M. Miy, nn.l hi
J I ' l l i.i I, l I ic i i ii-s -ei,i ' :. 'I V ill t!l - est.
j hit. r. -1 nut. V's hi ' i in i i'. a sv:;!-!1.
' Tins 1 a pl.-e-."iit. srif- and eit'.-et.ial reiii'-'i v lor
i Dvi'i,t.n v, D1.1 rln.'.i.t ii' d. tii. Clio I it V'uliii.
I Simiii'f c-.inpl.i'iil. Colic t.iiipimr. I'aih .
W it. d in the S'omarti and Jiowi-l-, tiimp-.
Ft. it ii.-r a n-l ('ti ,i.tijf i i f. .'it 1, and for all n -I
CL'.llat ie : of the t.oii el .
Ii is on" of ihe m it e!lii-ii iit, ii!.',i'i" and
I - iti t arn 1
1 cii'v om ii.i m in- 1 1 1 t . 1 1 c ,ir
be i .11 ileraoi fii 'tits of the
. n els a i"l the on ly s rt n I - w 01 lb v
, b in e f ircuri:, Cii 'l'-ri I ff , -Coino'
unt, ami all the derail r-
in' .v al ..r
1. h ami I!
b i",t colli
1 S'lirittiiT
..o the P..
. I.i.:e '.".'
r 11.
'V.i Is from '0
' L'i an h 1 a !
i r. ,1
w it!, out cx
,iiiv Miili-
!aln.!ies of
t,n one of
t i..nabl.- I'
C I l.i- .
the ti
lit I b ill
t 1 i".pl
,11 the
-1 . 1 , -1
s. iv.en- !. Il of
'ability hi M. Loins hai-ns- j i
sti on-i -t t. - ttmoi'Y 111 lis four.
!'. ie- '.'.'1 cents I'."- h iltl.
1 ir .! at D.-. li irt.-iiy'i Fa
t'!"i". corner of T'liiil and Clo-.
Lou -. :ll-.o by I'. A. S arpV. and
street St.
ile.ilei 3 in
m.'d.eincs u'-iieral.y i'i t:t w-si.
uti. f a-i r.iii.vs vr.!:Min'(.r:.
T!i-(;,e.,t Ib-.iie !) for Fx neli Ho W onus fio.o
CI, . I. I'l'!,.
The lie. t s ,f,., pleiselit al.d f T'l't 1 ll HIP lieilif
Ultoan t-irll.e r-iuovil of woritia furm c!t;!d
reti is I)r. F.a-i' ei 1 'is V'ennif lire.
I'atents and -ruar l.:i i.s h i .111 ; 1 he c!nre of
rh Lirrn, s'liuibi watch rarefully the sympt on.
i f iviii :ns in f,-ir ch i rd ren, and .. 4 stion c a situ
t. mis imi 1 1-at e t tie 1 1 pi set1' -e, 1 ii-1 .-..hou 1 1 a' once
n si rt to li,- 11. e of 1'r. F. i-t-rlv's Ve. 11, if -.-e.
Mo e rbiblren die lrom Worms than ail ot.iei
d .ea-e-.. and a more ui.Hcranlp oh;. - t can'i-iv
b- ima-'iii'd than a ch.ol tutb-'itiir un'b-i
t i- oi'i'miry 1 upt'Mi.H of woi :ns. I'a'-ii's. mark
this: Wiil yii't not blame vonr.plics. if oui
r hi l-i ren die, that ;, ou did not ns- I), . Fat""r') 's
Venrnf il.''' iu tin,- ibis ermif u-e will rc
moie f vei y tpeciesof w in, f,on, the , slim
iu "ix or p.i'iit h eirs alter taken.
Fr;ce 2"t Cell's pe bo tlP.
'or sal-at I). . F.a-terli 's Family ".f -licinc
StoiP. -. ttli-east con, or of Third an I C.he imt
str-e-. , -!. Louis, also hi !', A Sarpy,, S . M.iry
and by uealers in im-dicine -enerall In the .(.
I'U. iZ STFKLVS PA IX kll.Ll lt.
For Hip cure of Kiuu-s, Sjuains, Woun Is.
Tootii Ache, (.'olic. Cramps or Spa um, Cioi
leia, I)vtei,l-rv, Hheumal ism, I'ains in In
Siomacfi and Dowels, and whereic-r there u is a sp tlyand ititain cure.
This Medi.-ine ba. morecontrol ov-r all ju.ins
than anv other -ler iii'.enled. Ilisu 1 both
lutrriially ami F.xternallv, and its soothim cf-
fects ait- ii.siaiitly f-lt bv the sufferer
li e; tti- most excruliatiiii; pain uiaf-iv
1, .11.11-
tea. In a word, it n a Pais Kii 1 i p.
No hnii.stiP f-mil v or tdtvuriaTi slio .l l be
u iibi ut it. I! bm been use I by thou. and of (Le
mot mtt 1 1 i,r-i,t iili ! ri-.p'-rta Me f imi I ie in S! .
Louis, and all pronounce it the 11. 0.1 Mi-edv and
Lib . tu;.l Curative th-y huv- ei-r u 1.
Da li'n Pain Kii. 1. 1. it
is beioml all doubt the most tei lain ever
j disc'iv en-.l for Pum iu the Stomach, l'.iins in
I f.. Snte, lliea-t. Hack and Limbs. It i also an
1 it.f!,hl- for Colic. Diurrhu'a. Chi !eia
I M-irlm-, Paind i's Coin , Wind in the Stoma, h
Lml MoW-N, D).pep-i.l, Sue Till Oat, Hil.d-
ut h. e.
t ions abroad. Tnersfore be sure to ask for Dr.
l.asteik's Pam Killer, and take no other, ami
you are safe
Price Vi c-nts p-r bottb ; but lies f.,r si. I.
lor ale at iir. I.a,teilv' Family .M-du-ine
Slore, south-east corner of 'l'biid and f be-nul
r I str Is. St. Ioiis. alio by P. A. Sarpy St. Mary
- ! and by dealer iu med ir ine y-nei ally in the wi at
w.T - "i I i-.-ti i --i
l or the cure of Co iths, Col :-., A.tbaui, ('. mi
mi 1 11 1 it, on, 111 011. bi':s, S.p.l, -f 11 1 ood, i'aiii
in the Side nml Uri-ast, Pl-uriv, U hooping;
C iiiirb, and all iliacui if tlo: I. in; a ami
Ainom; all Ibe celebrated 1 em-die for Diseii
se of the J.r M. and I'll I s 1 , none .ei-m o be
meuiii.j.' Willi such miri'i-v, and to g: c mil li en
tire iat action tu all, as
Tbip 1 aluable 1 eio-'l v is purely it--etal le in
its iiai 1 .lici t-., arid pei! -'i lly baimlins in all il
ipial it ,e., au las o.iid ai d .i a.etit a 1 the mo I
ileiicale 1 oniial. li is lei , toothing and heal-
li' 1" to tin; Lull's, ami i ei erv 1 ht'i e Or U lion 1- i
ed-f-d by Drna-iiihti., Pbysieans, and all who
have used it to I the most Jili'e-t iiii Curat. it-k-.o
.1 a.
No lisca" iii. idenl to onr climate is so 1110-M-rs
il. at. I i.t the s aiie tun-so fatal, a Pul
monary Cm-unction. 'I ni awful
1 ei pi oi -r t he land a a Destroy in;; Ai.l,
la yiioj low ' he .-! . o.':-,e-1 ami f a.n ...t ol 0.11 1 ; rr,
Million of the yo-iii and Ihe old aie annual!
bui 1 ic! lu tin: toiiih by this d. nl i.alion.l
lil.,a. e.
C.iMi-so rui: IIhi i h! Heimre of mere
1 :l e III- I ic ilit i.
1 in- olo-ct f iiearl all
1 he me JiiTiii-s iio.v otTi , 1 d f -r !i. i-uiej of the
L'li .'i. is to reln ve and imt to cum-. So li is
not Iti- case w ith Dr. Cai ler's Co-njli ii il .nil.
In colds and co 1 in, w ho b uie tnc In ,-t s; 11. j- (
tomi of con. -, iiiijii ion, it ia the limit plea, nl I
and 1 rli e actons reined V that can possi 1I v be u ,1.
In colli inc. I eoiitiiinpl.on it liuibi.n .ivd l,!i. !
P-i fei I and 1 riiitri 11 !i u t mun-ii, when l,',eioo! I
in.i.' pl.yi.cian tin ii KiVeii up all bo,ic us
vain. So 1 oi.f. I, ut is the piopiietor .d its pow.
er t cure T'llieiciiio'is f '011 itnpfion, Hut lie
oiii ill a trial in the wont of ca-ei.
This fi iirbttul tymi toi!! of consumption i
pce.lity rtie.i .'d and pieicnti'd hy the li ve of
Dr. Cai tm "s tVij!) Ial-ai'i, uti'ili heal the
ali'ectrd l.iemiirane, reinoiei ibe incipient -cles,
and restores tho.-e 11'al o. -aiis, toe Surij,
to a SO'l.'i.t and b-alttiV comtitioii.
P. I !IIS.
Spitting of 111. ki I al ways ar: 1 1 din a ten
dency to tiib-ri iilotis di.ea.e. and if not chi rked
at the iutet, wdl sooner or later tetiniiia'e in
death. A in rv.11 who taikes bloou once w ill
lalie blood asill unless a j.l u per c ill jt.i c 11 ini-liu-dtely
l:li,,l") td.
Ibis di resanij symptom of con,,ii:iliun a-rii-et
from inllaiiialiou of Ihe I unt; or Uo inbiane
called the Pleura, or fioui broui-bial ait', ctions
of Ibe a.r (lassuiri . In either caw It is a very
ilali-rou llolu auoll of dm-aie. It pr-vei.ts
full and fiee hi. iith i..', ami wrar assay the
iiistural s!ieiiL'h of the tysteln. The cause of
this syuipiuiu slio.ild be leiimvej at, and
liutbiiii iiuii pos..'.!.!y tifccl that so speed
i.y an I a hr. Cutter's Coun'li lialmu
w hicii is al') t safe and ilutury iu its elf vets
Oil Ult CIJi.Mil'l'lo'l.
I'i eases of coiisiimjitioii the Luer is always
moie or litis a lluclcd, and also Ibe spleen, plem a
and sHiall intestines Tba edict of Dr. Carter's
Coi.fh Baliain iu diseasit of tba I.ln r, ei-u-c-iaily
if it be of an ulcerous oat jie, 11 diiect and
fx srerfd. aV srls : W tf Lirssr -tsrM-
'irtt'. 1 ."tt''""" Jl'igajaj
iLnialiipriii!! fitii.y ur4 ij
tl l
d i.e.
T1: hrb dry wmttrtn njli wlncb allirti 1 .
peoj le atrl invalids iti a low tiitt of lmlk
can be etlei tually cured bv tba lite of I)r. Car'
ter'j Coiurli Fahani. It warms, nioinU,,', tftj
ntunulalet the whole l.ieatbine aiiiiaialyi, p,jj
fies and aiiiii.atet the blood, noprov,-, ; rc J
tie power of (he l.ier, Sjilc 11 and other lir !
flaioli. ami the UiElive orjf n, and imi.ajo '
new life tu the wan and einuiiciati-d i)aten
lb oiicliitij, d.lliiulty of bretriim;, Bll)j
ou:;!i.a slimy etpeeloration, with ail
yui itoms caused by 11 11 aii. ctioii of the;, u.
ea'ii:.( fi 0111 the throat to the J.iiuja, Hie itiredlf
and sie.Tlu:allv nil' cted and cuie.l by Uff v
of 1 tr. Cat t'-i'i (.'o itrh HaIshiii. Tlii'a i a vei r '
painful, wcuii.L' ami inpirnun coniplnii, tLj 1
alwa v ha a poive. ," il tu inflame a '
s..f;e,i (lie Lulu's ami then by in. lore llf. Worti
I forms of piiliitonary ili,eas. )J... warnrj lt '
I tinny ie nt!! e'e I, m-l c:n;,loV tiiia valutui, '
I tunc I.'.
I " F. I'lii'TnllA ll'iy
I . 1 e I . , t.i ' I. T at toll 14 t!ie lien' llflj.ot taut a I
r 1 1 . I o 1 1 lined II', iill Ht'i ltlit, to ci' 4lt ?
in.-, of tii- rlie-t nn. 1 Imit's. 1 i,e c -rh h)i c,
'i i'i .li-l,-, n u is tiinplv tlic ipsull oi a lie,,,. ;
to i-,i i liit.i'i :. and a. Ion ; font matter ji' i
in t he air p.i .afi, it w ill co;,l ,i,:i to iin(ti, !
the in' inbi aio-hi, I jn-voke a croil,, Conpt,,., 1
1 1 an attempt t . tioow oil this mailer, ami ei '
,c-t.ira',ioii L-neiuieal iclief. Inability to !
,i . , oi.iip ill 1 lie la.itr alan of Con
1 1 t In ca.i.e i,f ie i!b.
III!. CAH1 FF'SCOliiH I! f.SA.M,
is the n-nt cx p-r torn nf. It (In m!p th n.
bid aitd disc lie nut ter in tl o air jisssj;es, c!ia.
:r- " it rrom a nin-i: ijtui.ioin sn'-vi
.nre to 1
t.nri biiimb's fluid, and throw it o!,
with tin
1;:. at-s; p. mi I.--is- tj ti,c a!ip;il.
I:" b-1ti. i:.'-;eiup in tue vorld if iti
1 ii-it ii
ratit niiaiitiei aloi: l.e coioid.. ,v!
For 1. nude or v.n'no be m' imj (':' iitj
b'-'I'-r r-m. Iv than U-. Cai'-i'a Cj.i'i b.i'.'an
Tin dis! 1 "...i.:-iii-.! as- winch tcs.s. abcul
: 'MC I.i; : . -e, v.ebtl to f!..-'l ptWBtfdliV
li'irnce of t.b.s-rrat i-iot iy ai readily a ij
I otbti i u 1 111 of j -. t r a I t! :,:. c.
1 lb. . ltd bp to: li,..! ml:, ll- I', r-...i,
- U'l .-.. i-wij
It iliani, to be ti-e i ,1 lb- -a:h' stages of Co;, fUt'
''"!m.-. S'.;ttinfc'i.f Klood. I'aia 111 thp Side ,,,4
Cheii, Pro.-icintiS, J)i.!ic..t:y of liroa'.hu j,
X ;;lit Svm it-, .'..iliiina, I ;!.. 117a, Whoopiij
C.n.;-i,. a (.! v -noe ,,. ;j, ci.d tlieieby c-.ui.Ut.
iict the coil s ill,,.! I it tendency ll hicii 11 prie,.
red bv a','- t ie, iiiiaiiciio 1 looi.t-.
I' ice Ti 1. ! b-i"!e .. 1 01T bottle; hip
l"'!e. SSI p.r bo lie, or :x li.'t'.le ., lor -J. ..
For aii-iit l)r. I". . tei li' F.i i-ty M-licit
-to. r, out!i-pail t 01 iu r i f Tiord and Ciuina'
-trtcls, ,v. Loil's, ,-.!. by I'. ,.. Sa'J j, t.
Miry, ii.. I by dea' -t in m- licinc t -ecalif
in the Wc.t. a,., 1 . 1 y
, ... e . ... , .. i im .. o g
For the cure of I.iwr Complains, bjiiii pi t,
.laomiue, !;l!.ou.i,c,a, 1., c.",
Head 11b. , ll ibiti.a! Costivrn"i,, l,en-ti
Del'.iiiy, Nei vomnes i, ami all dieaip n.t :
iti fioin a disoi dt-red Luc, or Diipstion'!
Tn-sp li tier .ov-. 1 rci'inrkp.l'l - ini irirfiiii( ,
St 1 ee (. I beiiii and Ib-ttor at ie pi riper tic, w hi." I
irii- ti,.. .Hid l iioir to ll.e D.ytnine Organs, anJ
make tl.ein invaluable for
I.i x s R CVm ftAi.x r, jAVNnicr, l):$rkru,
Ai d all :ber diseaii ca.ised from a dorai.r'
sta' of ;be stomarh, bol, and liv er fil,ic
tend to 0. lo'il i'e ( r ive.'ikeli the '. stel-i. j
DH. iil xi Fies ;fmax I'
i.annoi oe io i.i-iuy reconii ieinieii to persaai
utlerr.v; W illi a uii"i. dercd I.I VFH or liidigpi.
(ion, Lo of Aiiielite, Nervosa
lli a tartie, llao'fii.,1 t oslnene, Oeneral Debi
lity, and a Vane!)" of CompUinll wbicll it ll
Hopes able to ill i-ribe.
If thefe arc sutrerer in SI,
advised lo try tbesc lblteis.
Louis, titer art
Puce 'c. per bo.tip.orsit bottles for tJffl.
For al-at I'i. Eusterlv's T aunly Medicins
Storp, corner of Th. id ati.J CiiPinut at,els, St.
Loin, Ma Alsoby P. A. Suipv St. Msrr,
and by dealers in gi dually i it tin
West. apr 12-ly
j - i
. Jm
A sisf-and ceitain cute for fionoribiea, Cl-ti
Strii-t'ir-, tv-nnnil Weakness, and aii diseam '
of the ti. i.i'al Oii;at:i.
'1 ins popular and sjiet ibe fpfnedv is nov-t tf
fertd to tin- al!lic'.ed : ml Warrented lo cure all
can s of (lonm rh'i'.i, (iieet, Strictures, Seintatl
Weakliest, ami all diseasetof the t.enilal Oif-al
iu a few- da) . Tiii mfalliuble remedy hst
saved thou, uid., itpc-i f ho'i-ati'l i from the lisiuis '
of ."tlercile.s (jiini it, if not liom a preina'ure
(T.ave. In ca.e of , nfi ctioii, Dr, Haker'e Sp
nlic iitt.c only saf- and . i eioedy. It itvrrf
aurei able lo ti e ta-'e, er-ii'ei no preceptahlt e
iloi, and may be use t by persons of eitiiei sex
with i lit ii e tii'i tfi- v w ilnoi.t icat d to di-t, liia
diam e f.oiu bnsoien or Mi il eal Advier, tl
idaiti il.n cl ii't.a for ineaccomp nt v the mediciiit
id :.'. -r have you a piivate d.sean '.' Do liot lit
l. t tit. Delay is ilamref ou. Willi Dr. Hi
kers Speriin; on can c ue yourself, and tlu'l
p. 'U-nt all esposuic. '1 luedicii.e wi I speed
ill and fib rt ia i.y are Ihe luoit Mini -nt easel
ol S. t'tel Di.-eaie. dud eradicate every particle
I ml - .1 ion , in-i'ti-r fi oin the v si em, anil icsto t
!!." laitieut to a pei I' '"! .tale ad beallli and pjrity.
1, ice, T .')(! er bottle.
I'm sal-at Dr. Ej.'eiiy' Family Medicine
Stun-, -a,', t!i-;.a-t coiner of 1 bud and Cbesiuit
street i, St. Eo ns, Mo. Also hy P. A. Sarpy,
tit. Mai V, Io w.i, and by ikalers in medicinal
Heiiei aily in tin.- Wist. aprl'2-ly
A Valuable teiii-i!) foi suppi essioii of the MU'
see, White., puinlul Meiistriiatioii, Impoli
cy o- Ham iiiiess, Siil.ow Complex ion, Head
ache. D,.nic.i, Vcaknes of ii.e nei tea, a-!
all tinea...-, which arise f i oiti a itecaiii-Pitital
.f th- f inniiifis of nature.
Th- mo.t peiirei, safe and ii.falliable remeii
furlnec .ieot ail liio,e ibm-as of liaiialss, sr-i:-:iv'
1 1 "in n a km oi di iiii ,ty, and o!o t:u-t.o
i'l lie sexual oiiiati::, s-ich us n;-', !ar cr
of t i.t- .Men., s, Fluor A!! us or Whites
111.1.,; of li.e Wioiib, Ifeailmbe. Tiicbtfal
Dituiii.s a.,
tll'l.s, -Ad
rau --d by I, cl.ei ki
d jut.
s, oiei-excilemrin, C.
S-i ei al in the c It y w bo have t 'irterei
for many v e.u s w lib the above t o,.. niaiutti a'
iii.e empioyed our most euitinn'. b)
With. nil I'lo'i-.i.), bale ii-i t Di. lloopti't
tui:!s Contial, nn I ham bi f n sriecdi'y ai'd !er
it.;.. n i, l! ciii- i by ila ine. It ll.eie aie sutler
eis lu St. I-o'iis, ll.ey can rely upon Dr. Jfiiu
er' 1 ei.ia'.o l.yidiai ut a sate, plcasent and -lectuul
Price rjit p, r bittlp, or an bo'tles for A
For sale at Dr. Eist-rly's Family Mcd.ciU
Stoie, coiner of Third and Chesaut ttiecls, J
Louis, Mo. Also by P. A. haipy, St. M')'t
and by dealers ill mi.-d.eiii'! (eneihlly in
W-st. apr l-lf
:-; lUlr 0)1.
beauty, growth, eat
For the pretorvttioii,
resioTatioti of in- Muir.
It baa Ion,; been the desire of persons t.-oiibl-a I
witii ttitf, barsh, unruly hair, to procure ant' I
tide wh h would at once render the hair scf
Ii". e! and beautiful. 'J he most jarfectaa.
udiiiliuhle article ever discovered for that P I
pose i, Dr. Cook's Msfic Hair Oil. I
This Oil peii-tru'ps Ihe uiinutest pores, ftv- f
in? the iii v and w ilbe. iiiK bulbs new life anil t
vinr,o;'iiil tbecap'.Uariet, toftii, preserset
beati'.ilies ana strengthens the Lair.rl. aud tu'i-"
from f alline olf, renioves the daridrufl, and tuiai
ilii;.i hair into that which it smooth, g1
and wavy. It IssdmiUL-d ly all to he the jra
t it mveiitioii of the age for beautifying the bait
u;.d ri-ii'k-rint; it permanent.
Is a supei b article, and should it fouod
Unlet uf every lady woo values the piotty aa
beautiful tpiurnce of "the flosviit,- rUf !
and the w iti bin; curl."
Price, M cents pr bottle. .
Vc tale at Dr Eat'eily'a Fimily Mv.iciaii
Stoie, corner uf Thiul and Chesnut ar'
Lo lisb, 51a. AUo If I'- A. Karpy, Ml,
ami by tltwlart m axti.eiaea !"",