Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, March 21, 1855, Image 2

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I !
B E L L E V U E , N E 3 R A 6 X A.
Wl.DM'.SDAV. M Altai iv...
Terras, Twa EoUiri Per Ye r ii t'.var.c.
The friends of this place brine d sir- " "' ""'' -""" '""'k' u.c siuiunc, , ,
ousof hanging the or.h(ir.pby f itsr'-l,!y '"'"" in'errooations. we answer,
name, sons tof..rrcsiMM..Iwi-lil1lerrn-.eJ.. i'l-T will g this spring, if treaty s'ip:-
from which i! is derived, we have com iu
I'nl lo adopt lli::t method of si'dling.
I)i La v i d.--Ilav ii g had improvement
tti hitjWwc in the niec haiii al arrange-
metits of our pa per. and hav it ' If"'' i: j
ttt two d; s cr'.ier i:i 'lie week, in -rdr'
to accommo '.a'e mail arrnngcmcni s. w e
found it liecissary to emit the public, iti n
of papir last week. Hereafter, our
subscribers wid rtetive tin ir paper two
days earlier in the week, limit hiTtloiol e-
BttLEVUE P. 0.
' We are in dtbted to M-j. George ITep
rer for letter i!JrM'(l t' linn. A. C
lUii', by H initio Kin,;. 1 nt Assis'am
1'. M. General, c !;; i ::il the ..isc n!
1!ie delay in rstablihii e n C. -M (UYv e in
ll'is phiee; l'lt ui:!'orfiiila: !y, the l.'ltei
1 s been misIaiJ, wli: !i eirenmtanre de
jirivet u of tlie jirivilege of i's publica
tion. The purport of the letter ws, l!.-t a
petition ha iri been fowf ftoin H -l!e-vtid
a year ag the u'MK.. for the
establishment of a l'oit C'Vi , iniurir
were sent from lite l-. Pepari.
ment,' answers t.i v ! : !i vere never re
ceived at WasLii'gWjli, con.'f'jti miy ti e
mljeet was drorped until the nrrivul oi
Hon. N. II. (ii:idinjf-, o'ir Uee-ac to
Congress, by whom it was renewed. m )
to whose recommendation we are inde.blt.ii
for (lie establishinent of cur IVst Oi'A
If we recollect aritit, the qui s: imi
cut on were du!y answered and return
ed, but it appears they failed to reach the
, We understand that steps are being
taken to build iir.n diati ly two bridges
across the l'appilon creek, one directly
Eolith of the city plat and the other direct
ly West. This last will be of immeiifce
service to emigrants into the interior, and
ucross the plains, as it opens the way to
the only good and practicable route to the
tlkhorn river. By crossing the l'aj piiun
West of Bellcvue, the emigrant his a
route all the way to the Iikhora and L.u;
Fork rivers without the obstruction of a
single hill, and over as good a natural road
as can be found on the continent. Il is
not only the best, but it is, by sever.. 1
miles, the nearest, route to the Elkhoru
rossings. Immigrants w ho pass thrcugh
Council Bluffs and Omaha Cjty, find their
wry impeded by numerous hills, seine ol
them difficult of ascent. Il w ould be far
Latter for emigrants by way of Council
JUuils to come down on the Iowa side to
fit. Mary, a distance of 10 miles, and
cross over in Gen. Sarpy's Steam Ferry-1
l...i i 1; .1' i .1.. n I
uij.i-f iv its. iii , 1 1 it, mm lulu o up uic
beautiful Pappliotl Valley, than toiroso
at Omalia City and take the Li g !iil'.
route to the Llkhorn. The time spent in
traveling the distance from Council Bluff
to St. Mary, is more than saved in ex-
editions crossing and in a good road from
Beilcvue to the Ilikhorn, to say nothiig
about the pleasantnds of the rou'e.
The sp'endi I steam lerry boat of the
ehove name and owned by (Jen. P. A.
Sarpv, has commenced her regular trips
between St. Mary tnd licllet lie C'i'y.
She was bought lust season for thirteen
t ou sand dollars, and is al'ogethcr the
largest and best ferry boal eter ued on
ihe Missouri riter. She is of hutlh-icnt
cajiacity to crce-s 2o or 30 '.cams at a time.
We apprehend that our frknd Gen. S.
will rep a rich harvest the present sea
son from i'u boiit, ii'.asinmh as i'. is at
preeeri' , ' and will iluulitlcs be In si m
'tinie, the only s'wn ferry boat, cruising
the Missouri to riel-rsku. littb
bttaiuer, '(jen. Marion," w hicli h..s been
run as a ferry boat at Omaha Ci'y, ojipo-
" site Council l'lulls, became totallv wi i ek-
ed in the winter, so (bat the ci ossnos all
-i . .' : . .1 . .. t .. .1 :v. . . ,1 J
'that jioint is dune by skill's and scows
' iJe'ow, the cros:ii.g is i ll d. ne
' by Hal-boats and skiffs, and this must nee
essarily' occasion greater delays than emi
grants arc Willing to submit to; benii,
ive anticipate there will be a great rush
'to cross on Gen. Sarpy V steamb't..!.
If enterprise an 1 courtesy etiti. It s out.
to success, surely the General uuy claim
it. ' - . '
s, Jhll KaiiTt. A mail rouie embriic
,iii Iltllevue, (maiiu City, Florence an 1
the settlements ou the II: k horn river, and
Itip Fork are needed, ami no time s! oiil )
; be lt In gl"o iu'-', r0111" b'ihed.
, JNumerous fanaiies are preparing to settle
ftll ilo::f up the magnilicent valley of the
.Great Flute river, likewise on the Flk-
liornauJ Liup Fork. Give thtm mail
, r;-Jfon. A. C. JXxlge, of Iowa, hrs
vat Uii.k for jmL'ia I jriu.iits.
We are oMi'ii soliebed fur inl.rin it'mn.
concerning the removal of li e Indians
Irnin this country. F.very settler In. an
' in'crcst in knowinir when the Indians are
In lie removed, run! when ihry can bci -nine
llio exclusive possessor.
j Will liny he removed t'is sjirirr. it
! 1.1 . . I .....) 1 ..
I ! is ii'ii inteied intn with ihem by llie Gov
i crnrie-nt )i'e fulliilcd, according to the
Inn sen! 'a i 1 1 ( o I 1 1 . e 1 1 1 ' i : l . .s . l.'n'il thi
j i-j
i y wi'i sir y v In re they
As vet. il.ry have nude no J i t. isisn. for
m-it tr -Ti-1 do Ii' t intend to tin. he at:
unil ncn l.'.'.rr nf ti e..' v tit nh.ioit i
eompli."l Willi n the pn't cf eilini'tit.
A (f..rri-nn !o be j ri i i. d for tl.r
j,i i: !. i ion i.f tl'c Om.dii'.s i'L'.'i'i--t tbeir
a'e ;-!,l t i ii inl- s, the b-i.'iiv, I i U, re they
ti.k-i Uji th,- ir I ::'-' u" mareli (,.c their new
liolee. Had this l ei n d.'t.e last Jail, ihi-y
in '(.lit ha e been re:ie ed ejirlv 1 1 ai 'tIi.,',
hut u it is, einsi'l,'ral'!. lime mii-l
I t foin their veiu.ival can be ',..!
'''I, if il is done at all ihe jn sent ?;.,'...
Tiie (J:nab:s talk of i:iinin baik to
;luir(!d . ill- e mhI j n"ii'p in a ercp ol
'',fn. If ibis is ne, they wi'l remain
until after harvest, .rx .u -'i l. n .er
no one call t. i;. ' f t'.-.i ' m" m.i.i !o
vex t.rd injo.-.i '!. hai 3 w J( ki;; jr ;,:!.i r.
the fault will be wi Ii tiie ei ii'i.i nt i.nJ
noi wiwi itiem.
"AS Tii K07,', bEilL JJ T.y.iV:'
a ji; .r nr.-e.i ii'.-i.i to in-iea: !
a r j -j i i..'t a i.ii to I ii ) ri ... ..t
la:;..i:i ..i t.hi.i territory v.:l '.! l iade tin
euiniie; frc t.
; 0. -0 l '.I HI -r 1'! u ;.! , to
..e i:.p-
1 . '. ,li I. .11 , i
t fer Liv .- .'.t
!. i ne i it., li
n;.t ii i'. r;.is
iC iii loalid
'i Later '. ii.Ol call
j .(. ; f.
', ; : I ii
i s
l.":;i tho L.Tinsnow nndti
Lo.'iSkueti: iy, idi kinds o!
ci. h i v., i ion.
pioiuee wi.l be scarce and dear, parlieu
hnly brOudstluTs. The who has
the foresight to make :.bun.!;i.l ,ro i -ion
for ai.-i .x cring the dtmamis ti atw iil be
Hindu for his produce, will not only be
enabled to hil bis own pocket with dimes,
hut add to the gen r.u wealth and ha -piuesstf
the ctr mutiily, and earn a title
to i's respect and gratitude.
Wheat growing wiil be a sure and prof
fitable business. livery f..rmer who has
ground broken, or that be can procure,
w ill do well to put in a crop of spring
whe it. surety, cnoiigH for his ow n use, il
no more. AU he can raise beyond the
wants of his own f..m'dy. he can convert
into, cash or exchange for such coirjiiu 1
ities as he needs.
So fanner can make a reasonable ev-
cuse for being idle now. There is a in .r-
kct at his own door, arid eery thing he
can n.ise will bring a high price. If these
inducements are noi snilicient to s'imu
i . i ' . i
i i. e iiiin lo iii.iustry. we a::ov iiot I,; i "
.si or! of the sharp goad. of nreisshy that
would. If a farmer nermi's a li:i;is like
ibis to away unimproved, and suf-
r . .. i r . . i ,
feisbisfaim tobeotriii!i W i.h l.oxious
weeds, the sharp fangs of Jioverly will
fasti n themselves upon l.iin, r.nd s'rij him
of bis inilepeiiih.nte and his ji isiuuti in
respectable societv, and r.siign him a po
sition of shame an J contempt as the only
herb; ge of which be f worthy.
S eahh, Social position and every hon
orable motive call earnes'ly upon the far
mer here, and in our honorable neighbors
in Iowa, to evert themselves to the utmost
of their ability in producing briad 'or the
coming season. J,-:t them con.sid.-r that
eeiy spue bushel of wheat, com, oats,
la ..n, pes ..nd Jiot.itoes can be sold -t a
hih ptics at their own d.oors 'Lit e- rv
bushel of wheal lley bae to seil, hi!!
pay for an acre of government land as
good as can Li found anywhere on earth.
Nt W An v I hi 1st v i n i s. Our readers
are re'pco'l'ni'y reli rr j.1 to our adw r.i.s-
ing oll'mns ihi wet-k.
Ilerny ,k. Cemju.ny I..m 1 Agents, and
W. 15 . mum, Sun j or and llneiueer, are
now in 1 lie In 1! give thein a call. Those
wishing; lo contract for carrying the M.dl
from Iebn,.ska Ci'y, via Ik !!eue,
( i , I .orence to I t. Calhoun, willlii.d
- , U,K ertisi ment for proi.....! from tl.e
. - . . ' '
l'ost Mas cr (Jencrd, iii this number
The tlistaiice is about 70 miles and is to
be carried w.c-e a w eek.
J)if rsicT Cocbt- -The first session of
the Lis'riet Court of the Frst Judicial
District of this Territory, was held at
liliciue, Monday, March 12. h. Hon.
Feiincr Ferguson, Chief Justice, presid
ing. The Court was organized by the choice
of Si'as A. Strlr kbind, of B. llevue, Clerk.
Several foreign born residents imide l.icir
decl.tratiou of intention to become citizens.
No other busiuss of importance coming
up, the Court adjuumc l to April I2di.
i'iT Brighum young is about to build
lw large and beautiful houses in addition
to the one he already occupies, in order
lu accoiiHiio bife l is increosing family
already m-iJing to fifty wives, and
abii jit the saiik utuiiber of cldUrsn,
Tii.- rxtmsls jjiven below, froni a letter
vvri t'ii from lii'.Irvne, by llii ll otnr.
.1 il 'e I I.rdi n. will he read w i h in'i rest,
at leuii ! Mid id road.
In (Till r to pH .1 ri'hl r"i'-'rile!io':
jnpi'ii lie- irwH iT tiie .In lr. i' most la
! borne in muni, that be i Trom the snn
j ny son: It."' and that pro r nl;i'. .mei
s,iailil la m.i'li' lor his lew so! theii.
in.ite h'-ah!i oi this eoniilrv. The in of the euM p.iken of. hts. i-i rv-!i
'V. no exis'e'ic' in anj nri!itiat win'er.
and ran.';y in lie r i idles'. W v ban
liern a resid'-'i! o. this inipilrx neari
i.;!it e.n an ! i;a e no t t s i: ,,; j m in j ; ,,.
noun. 'in; the i Itm.i'e i.jree..! ,.,) J
i l
We know it i true. :l at w e h.. e I
j ..s well lis sunshine, ois; : : ' !e w in..'-
n'l'i Si".erCCoel oei l:M'll.a IV ; !;'l! Hot to
si: i b an tent as to b eome r"i-iiab!e
on the ground of health and ( infort.
1'ri'b.d'ly no country can he named w here
ii'ivi-r c! jee:i.i:..s can lie raMid i.(aiiisl '.he Tilt ( i ima'e is ni ,1I u 1 pie : -
nt tirit'' ii I.ire portion ot fie er.
Viy are of i at e ei'i iii n :a . Siws ami
j rains are unf reipn nt and of shel l dur..-
The whole Miio-itit of M'.ow' here dur
iiiT the i.rtsent win'er, j 1 1 tevther.
IV. il,' 1 V- ' ;,(.!. .1 tl.ri... i-w I...3 ill ili-nll.
! We 1. -c s no r.iiiiitry v,bfrethe
js'.-y was eiari-r a': 1 mere brilliant than
' 'his duti' , two-'hirds uf i'u year. In-
jdei.'d, '.vf tin nr' biii've there is another
Ifii.e '!':' inu'ili-ihed in this respect, this
li e of f,ihj.
e'or the benr fit of (bio.' seeking to be
come i,e(jiii.i:,e 1 with ihj r'imat? r,i t!;j,
eoun'ry. we Mibjoin th f .dlnwini; I,-I',t"o-rii!
ie..i ('.fiviiiioiis m.'de I ' us (birin
(tin: winter, show in-; the iver; ol
each weik. The observations were t .ki 'i
morning, noon and evening.
m. x. i:
wc! en hug Dee. 2. L- 4 31
it. is 3.j irj
" " " 111. ii7 -It! 42
" " I'iJ, Is .i-i 2'.)
" MO, 25 41 Stj
" " Jan. (J, 17 1'iJ IK
" " " l.'h 40 2i
" U0, 2!) -jtj -j"
" 21, JJ 20 13
" T.b. 2, 7 27 20
" " " 10, 2S 50 3tj
17, 20 M 3.1
27, 11 2G 20
A crag", 20 37 25)
Tin; above table will not vaiy senti.d'y
from in averse for the last i-)it jears.
We should not know whereto hmk (or
milder or more agreeable whi'ir.
All in A- eiiimilies have Ilea e or b vs of
el, ills Mid fever, but we pn Mime lew
have b ss than this. I'robab'y not tie: in
(ive are jifl'ccicd will them at anyone
lime. As to iiin(j'ietn s, w e admit thej
: re uxrji.l Lu J," l.n. v i h ihe -i i y: i...-i
of certain wet ,he-,.s, ih.y an- ,., ,.7i
cieir ly numerous to become vi .y Iroi.'o
lesnmc. Ill f.o t, they are in Ii iubleal
all, except in the bottom lands. j;rss
jiid limber. Bui to the letter.
Corretpondencs cf the thittanccg Caict'.e. t, Ntbr. oka, J.m. II), :C.
Dear Sir: You reuuested i;ie to write
to you ou my arrival in the Ten io'y of
Nebraska, which I promise to do; and
which I b.ive deferred doing until I eoi Id
collect sin h information, relative to mat.
lers and things hi re ilut I suppo; d milil
be inttrestii g to the readers of your valu
able paper.
I hope tolir lo si (. Nebraska grow
it.ioa great Slate, and to look back wi b
some degree of pride, when I tell my
children th-il I idmiiiiiiered th- o-itb ot
oh'ice to the President i,il Speaker of th
first T .-:, oriul Ligldiidire that ever as
si mbled here. lam much better pb-i sed
.. i'h this coun'ry ihan I was at firs', and
tin l the dim a'e mui! tnore j'er than
I bud anticipate.!. Tne bmd is the inosl
fertile l ever saw the soil is .l .i k and
fine, and as soft h uii a-di b ;,!.. ai d i
generally from igh'. to leu dct p, and
produces wi h scarce y any more labor,
bull is required in planting, from MJ to 5j0
bushels of corn to the acie. Buckwheat,
wheat and cats ilouiisli inimitably hire,
and every species of g.nlen vegitahb'.
Little towns are grow ing 'in rs r? idly
as circuuislaiict s w ill allow in the various
parts of the Territory, and after another
year, I think thii gs w il! a.sBi.iue p.i.e.i
.ive . here.
It m lluMight that the emigration to this
Territory will be next spring.
When the waters are ip, the j.s..f froin
Chattanooga litre, will be a lucre pleasure
trip. A steamboat tt Nashville conveys
you to fc't. Louis a bo;.; at St. Louis con
vej you direct to .this point, nd 43 or
f 0 w ill cover the entire expense; and
traveling ou thu'western boats is usually
very pluant every t!dng is fixed - up m
fine style. The stale of morals Ju re U
much better than I expected to find.
I go to church and hear a good sermon
presetted very Ssb'jutli UJ attend prsy.
S ,bl..t li ev ening. The
i.eeole seem
be aiiXioits for mi o' s mil
C ion. Mid arc "
iar ipiiet an I very fi if if l-
'y an I ho
utiri-i l
very in'.u
ii.h,.diiiir v. i ll lb'' I'm h
i Im'uitis-
i. flin lit:l ni'M'ics lio n t'o in an ,;b-
,eri:'. thiir sinii'ihir ni.uciers and ms
inrns. T!cy are a small tribe, butV'TV
degraded and i.;n ir .nt 'hey t re,.e I
out on the ba-k "f th- Missouri liver,
half a mile Irmn this ida.-e 'heir v ill.-g"
coil, is S of .I
of ta.m. 1 ib
about .Ml" I ,
ir'e. 1 1,.
In l.
in billidre I leu's, m ide
sIsT'is. an I tbi V number
ns. I.e.,ring that their gre..
(toe Pifsi lent ) bad sent me
I mc , .!.' g .7' hr. w hi h
Ile,, s lio-t' n'!; an I Wn.l!'- i -1 c ti ' ir
ifliti, have lieiiCMi'ly etrered me what
ih'V ensi 1- r a c.ri"i' l ixurv n dip into
tiie inisi-bo.v! of 'ii'g Mf li'. Tliev r .i-c
iles '.o eel on crand ii ;v..!; and I have
uii'icrsioo 1 that many a po ir i nueraiit has
had nil old ooen i.'o s'n'en fimn bun by
he ( btv.has, an I i'l senrehin ; for but. aw
lis slsil Itttnt; "'it, end was iiitorme l thai
hty m. nb a ni'is of him the day before.
Ibiii, W.iie'n an 1 Towser have to keep on
the lookout here.' J dior is very source
here, and at prt-'.nt a very cxtravag.,1.1
coun'iy to live in bit this vviii not be so
afwr another ye. ir or lu". The winter
climate is said to b; healthy, but chills and
fiver prevail to a ex'ent in the
fall i.pason. Musijiietors, I am informed,
are awful bad iti the summer. The winds
! rot
the prailie, 1 find deeidediy the most ft'.. 'lire iu this chrriile. In
!i iic;;on tie? prairie, I have Si"in,:iirieH
ft It as tin 1HJ71 1 the wind would lift me oil
my horse, and intuit weather tin y wi!
pene'r.ite the tiie kel t lo'hing. ati freeze
.1 l i.iu to ile, ii.ii ia u very short time. The
wa ttr is !iines"oiie, very strong.
i believe I have giien you all the news
jf interest.
Yours. ec,
II. K. ll,t,.
tU;-Ki.5: COliilT.
a 1 v in hi nrc 1 s r. ts.
The lirst term of the Sni,ri ni Court of
Nebr.;s!;a, arlj.i;:rn"d 0:1 the i : i -1 . ; on
whieh ihiv the only bm-iiuis before the
Court, being the admission of Attorneys
in practice Law in the Court of this 'fer
ritin), Atitriiiy General II. 1). tr.nrook ,
addrtssed the Court as follows :
MaV IT I'I.J'AsI: Till; Cot.TIT
I have n in.i'ian to make, but before
.eibmi'tii.e; i'. J will oil, r a IV w remarks.
I sir 1 ni it a privilege, if 11. , 1 a t 11 y, to
express to the curt ihe srieere gratifiea
I have filt and still feel in common.
I hav e no doubt Wi'h those v, ho are abon"
lo become lii mbers of this bar, in witnes
sing the ibCerioiiuilioii cf the court to el
eviiie and to in..iiitain rret t the stand. ird
of (pi ililiealion of inembt 1 hip 1 f the K- r
ot territory.
An i 11 1 is pn fy ex't nsively prevalent
ill the older S ati s, ibat person-, with I II'
a limbed Mid sunt r fl i..l known doe of the
hiW . or. indeed, w it h to know ifde of 1'
at liil. r ill : pi' to the l.ew !y iir.tli!Z'"ii
s'ati s ;u.d trrriiotii s. and there attain to a
pv.i-i'ioll HI the pioiessi 'll whii b the ruNs
oi thiirown s ales have ibnied them at
horn. it i perhaps, il UctUT of re
gnt, 1 biit Mil It vies and 1 xpeeta'ions
liave been too fi 1 pien'ly rea ized.
I ileuu ii, then, a subject of mutual con
giii.ula'i.iii, that this court have ilctci min
ed to udojit, an I, as I believe, the bar are
i ipc.h'y determined to siisti iu, a co.le o!
roles that shall rssist.if no! rebuke, a sy;
't m of practice so hnin'.liating to the in !i
vi.iu.d who seeks advantage under it, and
so unworthy the honorable profession to
w l.ich he aspiri's.
By a sort of comity among soma of the
states, persons admitted lo mi mbership in
one tale, are 1 dmitled to the s ami grade
ol inembei ship in each of the others, upon
t-xhibi.iiig their credentials, nyl vvi.hoiit
examination. Whatever iptie.s iuii there
may be as to the propriety of this rule i 1
its largest lali.n ie, I understand ihe court
to have adopted it not permanently, per
haps, but In subserve the present "neees
sit). In view of tbi i fi-ct, it gi.,s me the
greatest pleasure o be abb; 10 convey tu
ihe court the confident assurance, thai, in
ibis ins'aiice, a relaxation of the rule w ill
bring into fellowship W'iili this bar none
w l o i re no! emiiie:' ly u ortl.y the noble
and honorable J,rofessioii to which they
1 will be peinu'tel to make this ad li
:ioii.d rti:i..ik that this unirt, in takint;
llie ciev.,(e.! ncsliiiiti i: ).:, iinoii ibis nl,-
jc ., a upoti cveiy otl.i r
Ct Wblel,
i... v.. '-.o.e'i us jii.iii ii.i i unctions, liave
.'urnisbed an ii 1 liti onal guarantee that the
bi'li bojus and cxpcciions which Imve
been (herished by the people of this terri
tory, (hiring several months of free md
iiuiiv.r.iued intertr ourse wiib ti e mem
ber of ibis court, are lobe fully and
abundantly re.dized; an I that tin; virgin
godih s.s, whose form; by direction of his
honor, the Chief Jus'' ice, i to be inscri
bed upon the seal of this court, and whose
impress mark .1. 1 s .ncin.-, pK process,
wid stiller no pol uinci wimiu the jiuie of
this her sunctuary.
On mo" ion of Attorney General Ks a
bro. k, the following naini i genllemfln
w tre then admitted 111 oj,eii Court, lo prac
tice, as Attorneys and Counsellors al Lvv
in the Supreme Court and other Courts,
of this Territory :
"iVin. Crtuield, A. J. llanseom,
J. JJ. S. Thompson, J. L. Shsrpe,
A. J. l'o)pietoii, Jubn 11. Sherman,
Writ. Kemirfon, 1. L. Gil.U.
e ..... .... 1 .. 1 r .
S. il. Ito''ei t,
A. C. I'u,d,
J. M. Latham,
H. A.StricklanJ,
A, . Larimer,
A. 1). Jones,
ti. 1'. Buiinet, .
.r. Haiikiit,
O, L). Kiehsfdson. . 1
i r Tic e' ms e 'TV
His ll.mor. Chief Jiistite Ferguson,
a.!dres ;c.l the memben of the b ir in s ib
s nn e as follo.VS
(ini'li itii 11, we welcome you as olli ers
of the court.
It will be nur desire to cii'tiv ate llie
m ost friendly it;nbrstndiiig v ilh the mem-
i ht rs of Ihe I. :,r.
We sha'l expect to derive tn.l tl ns'is
tmiee in the discharge of our chcus, I rein
yeiir industry and npi'lic.ilioii iu )uur pi o
li sion.d labor.
e shall hope thnt in tu y case in whii b
jo'i m.y appear, j oil will be U( -pared to
iurnisb ihe tin rt with elaborate nud well
ili csled briefs.
This w ill be due to your ( lienls arid the
1 rt, not more tlisn to ) ourse Iv es.
We wish to discourage a loo.'.c and
litip-lmz ird sort of piaetn e.
A lawyer who properly regards his
sl.indii.z and character, wnl be careful
bow be di sci nds to low pet t il cili"
tricks, or resnrl to sen rilloiis language.
H .tl; are dero n'.ory to the ibaractrr of n
oei.t i'ln an, and every lawyer ought to
I I.e. (il be i 1.0' ) h gentleman.
e hope to sec the members of our ter
tiloiial liar, I; ke a M.'ii stand for their
Irtirning. their coiirti sv , nud their sense
of Il'IIMS. . .
His Honor, Associate Justice Harib ti.
thin delivered lo the members of the bar,
the follow iiij.' address :
Gentlemen, we welcome j-oil to the bar
oT the Ti rii ory oT Nebraska.
We triiil lli il iu the discharge of your
professional duties, jnu will on all (
easioiis, exhibit 11 coininetidable (levn'iim
to the principles of justice, truth, and
high-tolled honor.
Justin- is represented as a blind god
less, I. (tiding in her hand n pair of scales
of delic.Oe 1 ijuijmise. Those who wor
ship at her shrine, should hav e clean hands
..nd hearts as pure as li.e uusuliicd snow
driit. ou are. tab inert, membi rs of n ru
ble, pre ftssimi 11 proiesioii that we hof e
e::ci em 1 : you will endeavor to adorn
.1 profession that admin s exults the
Lawyer, who seeks by bis depot intent to
i leva e (be stand, rd of 1mtr.1l honesty,
while tt in the scale of I . ii,;r.
and entertains asowriicci ,-onti :npt ..r
the I'e!lifogc;i r whii is content lo grovel
ill ihe (lusl ol jiis own Ji olesvioi al imbe.
( it it , and to nee, inj.bsh by ti iek and si
i gem, the 1.0!, !c ends of t. v en- handed jus
tn.i1, oil have a valiant, i.nd a juomisin
t heal re for your operations. Ymi have a
career of usel'nlni-ss, and of disiii.i lion
L-i-'.d-e ynu. L.y then, a peruiaiieut and
lui.Jtle iiiiindaiion. Build up for your
selves a reputation of which your coun'ry
m y be jiio'id, and which future genera
tions m.y coiilemjiiate with a laudable
sj-ir il of emulation.
The lawyer "must trim the midnight r."' He must be tliii. cnt and je-rsi-verinjjiu
h.s exertions, n he 111 put s to
disiinition in a profession, to acquire a
loler blc proficiency in w hi. h, a learned
oor-mii ci,-.;i,r ;,lS 1 (marked, rt rjuii es the
lui:nbi atiuf.n vindi aanm uin.''
Il is ",;e conlliel ol mind with mind
that develoj., truth. There is Tin fo ld
"I mental ..r 'loti, npim whi'-h the claili,.
iioii ol inn llect is more beautr 'uily .i
i'h 1 ti...n ;:l ihe bar. The limb ilaut s
l.i tins e n 'est inuvl ilepr nd upon their
own res-cue. s. The eyes of (lie world
ate np.iti you. A ju lye is pn siding,
whose .i.,vince 11 is lo ile'ecl trror :nl
vt 1.1. in'. i.r;. wat.-diing v. i b viLiiituit eye
toass.,;! vyiak j.oiti's, and anxious (bents
Ji'e up.,;, ibe iij-..,c of t xei'tmei.t.
iru ti..-ri, O ! wbit'er vv,!! yoi 11 y,
.No fi n-.iit. 1,0 slielter now 1.1;
An t otiwanl toils llie i-tona."
G.'iillcmrn, this court will be jucpured
at times during their ntii. ial intereottrsi
w i'h j oil, to exorcise towards jou a gen
t runs couiesy, and will contribute all in
iheir power lo maintain ihe honor and dig
nity ol the profession.
The of this territory will be ridig
edly enforced ,.nd if the good people w ill
aid the court in the administration of the
( rii.itial law ibis court, while it will al
ways feel disposed lo'Mcmper justice with
in. rcy ," must and will be a u rrorlo evil
Neither wealth, nor portion, willsliiild
an olfciider and much wilt depend upon
1 he people, in t racing upciuue, and bring
ing ihe crimiiul to iic bar of justice. Tiie
sacred and inestimable rights of "persona!
libery, personal securiy, and private
property," can only be person ed, by a holiest and incorruptible judiciary.
Gentlemen, oeeuj y a beattii! ill and
an iittereiiiiig country while it is sus
Oii'pilble of bi-nig niade ihe. garden spot ol
die West; lei us endeavor to mould its
luture ib stitiy , by cultivuling virtue, pa-tnob.-.i
aril-intebicme. Jlere the in
iiatt warrior pursues the p..nling deer,
and the ingenious Ctlttor, pile Uliuistuib
et! bis w ol.ilcri id iiiechiiiiiMn
'lint ah! ere s fe- nhort years nlmi lull
lluw alleii.i, aaJ how ehangeil (Lit irtne"
M.ignib'.ciit cities will spring up, m it
wire, by the of the liocioiiiaiieer.
and this tertilu and extensive domain, once
under the dominion of the untutored child
of iiati::;", will bfc timia'.oruicd into llie
bow its of taste utid embellished by the
arts if civilized hie. Tliu rtl.te hut, fab
ricate 1 by the poor savege, vyili crumble
into dusl, and his w ild mid lerriilc j ell,
vvill be Uirne ou l! e bosom of lite breeze,
unlil lost forever, in the far west
--ids foot-prints will sot,u be ulitcra'ed
from the sod of Nebraska, j,nd the flort
tr id civ ilir-iti.m will spring up in ihe
di'rt, Mui diifuse their fragrance o'er
the wildiii ss of nature.
Gentlemen, om e, more we welcome jou
lo the bar of the Territory of Nebraska.
Hon. J. L. Shtiip, in behalf of the mem
bers of ihe bar, replied as follows :
May i; ph ;:te the Courl, on the jiart of
the members of the U r who have jusl
l.ccn ailiinited to practice in this court;
we return you our sincere thanks for the
cordial welcome received from you. Wc
are phased to see ihe Solicitude uu:,ifes-
te t 011 tliu occusioii,' for the power smi
gWy of the profession. It hr. bsn just
ly ssid. that our profession is truly rt re
sponsible one; wc shall lease our imprest
upon the institution now just slmim
into life around us. Ii shall be cur hipl).
est aim so far as our abilities will permit
ill our future intercourse with tnp Court
ihe community and ourselves, to be guided
alwtivs by the piiniiple of justice um
virtue, thus elevating tl.e profession to
w Iceii w e belong.
We heartily concur in the sentiments of
the Courl, relative to the duties of nttor.
toys, and hope (hat nil our acts may tcinl
to ihe honor of the fraternity. In view
of the past, the present mid the future
we trust in say by our acts "Let ju'iee
be done though the Heavens fall !'
A pain we lender our thanks for the inter,
est manifested in our welfare and pro
lession. The remarks whiih yve have cpinied
above, are highly appropriate anil worthy
of th' talented and distinguished gentle
men by whom they were delivered.
The interest and Solii itu le uiiniifestei
by the Court, not only for dignity and hon
or of the legal profession, but Iru- the wel
fare of the petjile of the Territory, art
duly appreciated by all. We need pro
nounce no rneoiil imS, fiif ibeir Honors
m..y rest assured that the bur mid ihe peo
ple at large, have unbounded confidence
in their integrity, ability nnd experience.
While their deportment exhibits alike the
gentleman and the scholar, nil concur in
the opinion, that wc have a Court in all
rcspcris equal to the highly responsible
position which it occupies. Nebraska
may well be proud of those able jurists,
Chief Justice Ferguson arid Associate
Jus. ice Harden, who would adorn theSu
preme bench of at y State in the Union.
Attorney Gem ltd Hon. I'.vpcrience Ls
tabrook is ft gentleman of alfable manners,
and in his capacity always at home.
Ihe friends of law and order will be Aut
friends; and hist ivic as well as legal lore,
enables him t.t m .inliiin the elevaicd po
sition in which be is plated, with honor
and credit tu himself, and to the entire
iiirobaiion of all. AWasAuin.
for the i'.ill,. jiti.
Mr. Foiton: In n number of your
paper a few weeks ago. I noticed an ex
tract from the Diibmjue TriLtmt em! s into
additional remarks in relation to the Hon.
M. II. Cb'ik, and know ing your liberality
to corn s; mden'.s nnd your readiness lo
me'e out even handed justice to all. I
write to explain, know ing you willgive it
publicity through your columns. I ihiuk
the extract uid your article above men
tioned deserves a notice, and I speak as
nut: who knows. The repulption of our
public men are public property, and rs
stu b, are proper jubjects of comment us
to the extract, we want no belter evidmcts
of Mr. C.'s reliability , n a dern'vrat, tbi'ti
this most bitter tirade of personal abuse,
so uuect itmmioiisly and s unscrupulously
: de.,!l to the jniblic agiinst Mr. C. b ibis, sens nous an l corrupt wln hlieet;
but ir, ibis negative ci idem eo fMr. C.'s
democracy, probi'y and honesty in politics
is Kol all that is known of him, and it is
due him. and the pubiii , that I should say
I knew Mr. C. years np,, when in a wes
tern county in tbc Umpire State. Mr. C.
Wiis then one of the beautiful sm.dl num
.ber of seven in his own county, w ho tried
and true, fought boldly, openly 1 nil mt.n
fully (Tor the good M man If ,; Jl,r
vulngr.) until he saw the bright nnd glor
ous sun of democracy wi'h its genial and
exhilerating influences, ghulning the hearts
of millions, by the election to th chief
magistracy of this nation 0 people's
man, "one w ho w ill live long after marth.1
glory and monumetitul honor shall have
crumbled to the dust this may be a di
gression, but sir, Mr. C. hits been a
consistent, hard-working and zealous
lieiiio. rat and has contributed his mile
to produce those results, sn cheering to all
good democrats that he is an "old pio
neer" and has been for the last few years
working his way westward is most true,
but it argues with etpia! force fcr his un
tiring energy, persev erance and enterprise
and we welcome him to his new home in
Nebraska, were we hope as he is to forc-K-i
the comforts and plensurts of hi na
live Sia'c, to endure the toil and depriva
tions of a new Territory, he may live long
to enjoy freely as he merits, its emolu
mcnls and its honors. S. A. S.
Nebraska, March 2.
inW'care ind.-btcu lo Hon. N. Jh Gid
diiis for valuable public documents; also
for two packages of fine Maryland To
bacco Seed, procured from the U. S. Ta
lent f) trice, fr which he has our tlianko.
Without doubt, good tohecco may be
rsised in this country, imd we fear it will
be. Iieeis, parsnips, carrots, turnips and
potatoes arc more ueecssary than tobacco,
snd so long as we have to be deficient in
one or the o her, give us vegettbles.
7 The French spoliation bill wliicli
has been e oed by the President, appro
priated iffj.iKXI.O'KJ to play claims of Ame
rican citizens for injuries done them some
half a century ego.
Gtw. 1. A. Sjirv.--The libera! pro
prietor of the Siearn Ferry, Nebraska No.
i, ferries the U. S. Mails free. The Gen
eral's boat, j imiuodious sin! safe, aaJ
slwsy redy for isrvioe.