Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, March 07, 1855, Image 1

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1 V:
PI 1
n r
K J r, 1 1
iiy i). :. in-ED, & co.
5i:l!.i:vi;v ")br(iLs co., neijuaska, Wednesday, march 7,
VOL. 1. NO. 32.
) on
ft (10
12 CO
20 1 H)
oil 00
5 IX)
3 on
VM lill 1.0 WtlKtY l
tries, ,oi,Jit.
Kditors and Propritfort,
tlLLItllW, noCOIil CrUNTY, r D It S r A
TERMS. To sinijle snbscril ers atr'etly
In advaiwa 2,00. If not paid within four
monthi, 91 over four and within uirht
months, ?,.r cv twclre months, $ ,i0.
Terms in Club : t"!'.". I fi,
jtt,0S 25 copies, 12.10, in advance.
Ho subscription received for less than six
fjf No paper wiH be discontinued eeetit at
tk 4isfvti.n of the pmprwtrirs, until all ar
rearages are paid.
feraach square of twelve lines or less,
first insertion.
Each snbfiif nt insertion,
One ktpinre three months,
(Ina sipiare si month?.
One si(.)are twelve months.
T)n quarter of a cotiiinn twelve months,
Ona half column twelve months,
tine column twelve months,
Business card of riedit lines, yearly.
fix months.
u it " three month
Administrators' and F.xeeutors' notices,
L Subscribers who do tint (rive express notice
to the contrary, nre considered ai within" to
continue their subscriptions.
2. It subscribers onb r the dis.-ontinnanec of
their papers, the publisher may continue to send
them until all arrearees are paid.
2. If subscribers neglect or refuse to tnkc
their papers from the otTiceto which they are
directed, thev are held responsible until they
have settled the bill and ordered the paper dis
ontinucd. i. If subscribers remove to other places sTith-
ut infortninj the publisher, and the piper is
nt to the former direction, they are held re
sponsible. .
5. The Conn s have decided th.-vt rcT'innr; to
take a paper from the office, or removing and
Uavine it uncalled f r, is prima facia evidence
f fraud.
Subscribers will therefore understand :
1 Tluit tbeir rui tiers will he con! inued after
the errpiration of the time for which tlxy paid
ntlict wise ordered.
9 That no naner will discontinued until all
arrearages are paid tip to the time at w hich the
otice is fciven. unless we are satisfied Ih-t tlie
iubscriber is worthless.
I. That when the paper, throo-rli thefsi It of
subscriber, has been S'llicreJ to everrttn the
time, the just and most convenient way is to
remit one dollar for another six months, witt
J, rM ;..,, to itiscontinueat the cud of that time
Th;. .r.r..ciion will, in all eas-s. be noted upon
our looks, and if not attended to shall be our
0,Aih The t S. Tourts have also Tr-nrnl e,ly
aculrd that a J't who neclects to
perfo: 111 his dutv i.f jrivu ir s.-a-onahle notic
i. r.Mwin-.l bv tlin I'ost-tJII'.en Jlei.artinent. o:
tUm !.. ..f a oeison to takn f 'in the office.
VmlHr lisble to tlie publivber f..r the subscrip
tion price
-:-.-rrr. " " ' r--
His opened a boaidinu houe at llelleview.
for the ccoii:mo.laiion of i :'iijr hoarders, and
occasional visitors, w ho, he will take ple,i ire
ia making as romlortable as lies in l is power.
Ilell. view. Nebrak-i. ' Cl i'.ri, l
t.'. ------ - -. .
AUoiUy at Law.
T AVII.I. I'l'O.MI'ri.Y attend to ai.y bnsi-
1. nrss entrusted to prof -sMonally III an)
or all of the Counties of Nebraska Territory.
Belleview, I)-c. 1 . I,
W. It. KNtil.lHH,
"V i:t;OTI ATOR, (Vlluetor, (ieneral Land
1 Airent. Coun.fllor al Law, 4c, Ate.
lluvii .;' an experience of 17 years i.t the Ter
ritory, w ill pay prompt attention to til com
niuiacaliotis, post paid, in regal d to the Ter
ritory, Ac.. ,Vc.
(57" Olhcc near the C.ovrrninent building,
no in rear of I'. A. Sarpy's hanking hoime.
helltview Citv, Nebraska, July I , 1H1-
idr-sid to him. re., !"Ts t lie J',!t-
Stlttttl, )otitj.
The ed.tor aits at his table,
Wrilint; as st as lie's able
Paragraphs, bailer and pu f;
His sci-sors beside him are lyii:p,
AVhilst lie is in aony ' ' ' J H
Cf copy to furnish tnoiiph I
Toil, foil, toil I
What aweary life is mine I
Wasting the precious niidii i,ht oil
In leader, an I column, an.l line;
Working from morn till nii;'it,
Wot kinc; f roin Tiifjbt till morn,
Oh ! why was the atcani preis ever made,
Or why was the editor born?
Toil, toil, toil!
And whose ij the train when won?
Whose are the trophies we achieve,
And for whom are the laurels won ?
To stand in the foremost rank
Of each hard fought party fray
To share the toil, and only to get
Abuse and neglect for pa) !
Toil, toil .toil I
What a thankless task is ours!
To bake the bread and to the cheese
That Senator Smith devouia I
To sit on a three-lejrjjed atool,
Whilst others have haii-fltuiled seats,
To piepiire the hash and Cook up the stew,
But never to taste the meats!
Toil, toil, toil!
As the constant diop on a stone,
So theceaackss endless work
Wears away body and bone!
Though the poet sputter and write,
Tho,ij;h th ; orator biilly mid b.awl,
If it were not for the editor's pen,
Whiit weie the use of it ail ?
Toil, toil, toil I
Chi istians, Mormons, and Jewj j
1 1 there is man on th.a weary earih
Hut pnvii it :!.erby reading the news ?
Richer, i k her, i idler,
As they n .ol it by sunlight and taper
And yi.t theie isn't a soul of th-'in all
liut grudges to pay for his paper !
Toil, toil, toil!
There's a row in the veiy next street I
Souiebotj 's going to murder his wife,
And 1 'inikt beofi tout-suit j
Yesterday, just at iliin t .me,
Twt policemen got choked in a riot
And so It goe on fioin morning till night,
And an eiitoi in itt knows q iict.
COts up, knot k. his hat ever his eyes, and
i u jiirj Dili In a i-Uic. or distraction, to pick up
uu ilem."j 1 M Jiitreal J'llot.
i'j If our .M.iLtr thought it wrmijt for
Adiiiii to live single when there w;i! nor
a w.unuii eur.h, how crimiiutlly jeuil'.j
me olil h; i litlora, 1 1 its worhl full ol
prolty gti Is.
A ni'W work is now in jiri's which
it is iititicip.itfil killiucft wiiliuii immense.
It is. enlillcd "Smith on the Evas
ion of Dchts."
ZV A ljtiy at a croSMiij; Laving bi-ijeil
some liin of a gi'iiilfni.'.n, the hitter tolJ
liitn lie woulJ (rive linn somotliinir ns he
came buck. The boy rcplii d :
' Your honor wonhl be sttrpriHoJ iT you
knew how much money I lose by givinj;
credit in that wny."
Stltcttb JUatttr.
!)ni! I.iiikI red and forly-eijht yfnrs nn
to-tl;iy, n Musf;udiiisottn lullu w-ih:ni.l!rrs
wife h;;d a soil.
Heprew up Minwkwurd lad clo'.hrd
in tlie r p;a Jiiiscy-wnlsoy of his m.i hcr's
loiiin whesa hmidx were rnilolent of the
perfume of sob) nod Ciindlrs a ploddinrr
lotil, that toiled hy d.iy mid KlipJied hy
night steiiling frotn the Jiours !il!.'i -i to
rep ias-, he lubored on. (Mii!.n;iot,3 fchttn-
l.ed hiin, In; i'S so dull, the wwrtsr of
his chiiii:e ridiculed him, he was so tu k
ward, but he lnhored tin.
And wlmt whs the birth or the life of
audi a booby to the elileof Christendom?
What wus he to the (rent and '.earned of
e:irlh ? He, n tliriner of candles, a tvne
slicker, a maker of aim -.nines, un interpre
ter lor 'poor Richard' what was lie to nnd potentates ? Ah! he nev
rr ehamred his cmjiloymcn' ; in youth, lie
made litrhl for Ilosiou's lampless Ismtera
in manhood lie enlightened the world.
The poor printer's bey to-day the hon
ored of Kings to-morrow; the 'poor J Jen
ny " of his mother to-day the imin irlal
Franklin forever.
drowns had pressed llie brow s, nnd lau
rels wreathed Ihe temples of meant r men.
lie charged bayonets ajoinst the lihtn-
inos of Heaven, and they fell harmless ami
quivering at his feet, he wreathed a gar
land of their fiery w ings, and bound H
round his brow.
And yet he was no genius. 1'I.iin com
mon sei'Stf, n fixedness of purpose, mi un
wearied industry, and iudouiiiilable per
severance, a noble motive alone
were his. Without the pnlish of schools,
the graces of courts, the eloquence of the
orator, the inspiration of the bard or the
fame of a warrior, the old printer of Phil
adelphia is remembered to-day, und Ihro'
out the land, the eulogy is pronounced for
him, nnd for him the poet tunes his harp.
Amidst all the memories of men who
have livCd and died within the Just half
ren'inry, his ahines cloudless nnd unbleni
wi;h meaner rays, like soine greater star
that lias oulwu!;'iid the night, and gliUer
undimmed on the brow of the morning.
Chicr go Jotirna', Jan. 17.
T.'ic first newspaper established in
North America was the Host on News
Letter, the first number of which appear
ed on Monday, April '21, 1704 one hun
dred and fifty years ago. Shou'dnol each
anniversary be celebrtrtcil oy tlie llosloji
publishers ?
I'-.'v. James Aspimvall once romirkcu
Cint the nnei' nts counted u:i seven won
ders of Ihc world. If they had possessed
a riewi-'icp- r pres they wolU :uvc r.n
eighth, Ik.'Ii innrveilous ami of mor rci)
Kuril, t'li'-u toe it Hij-'inl't.i .
Th London Times has no ' free list.'
Its own editors sue obliged to purchase
eo)ics foi iioioe reading.
Tew men, remarked Rev. Hubbard
Winslow, confer more benefit upon the
eonimunilv than good editors, and few do
more harm than bad ones.
There is something singular in the fate
of the first press which was used in Cal
ifornia. It traveled from frotn Nen- York
to Mexico, thence to Montcray, and to
San Francisco, from thence to Stockton
and Soimru, end finally brought up at Co
lumbia. In every place it did i!s duty ?
hut the sheriff threatening its seizure on
account of the non-payment of a note, due
from the purchaser it its last owner, the
people decided to spare the pioneer press
such inumiiiy, and ,ncrefo:e made a bon
fire and its ashes soon mingled with tlie
J'nipcror Nicholas is so much in favor
pillar i ducatluil lilal JIC allows llircc
o- pi
I'hvaif ian and Surgeon, respectfully tenders
lot professional services to the citizens of St.
Mary and vicinity. Olbee two miles north
west of Sv. Mary, on the Mosquito creek.
itug 31-lr
W A'TsonTki N NT. V it ORIT.V,
General Land Agents, St. Mary, Mills County,
Iowa. Will atli lid o the purchase aud sale of
real estate, the peifectiug of titles, paying tal
es. .c., &.C.
fcV" Farming land and village lots, to suit
pui chasers, on hand, for sale cheap, and on
leaaoliable tei us. CHAN. K. WATSON.
,,43-tf JOSKl'II (JRKKV.
Keg Creek, Mills Co., Iowa. The proprie
tors of this mill intend to keep lumber ot all
descriptions const.iatly on hand ; also to sup
ply all special orders for lumber at shoit no
tice, for cash. " I -"3"'
located lo In si-If at
nil K tubscriber liavini'
St. Mary ia prepared to execute, orders of
every discretion or J'liii, 1 nc) , unu uma
wntul l'uintilig. Sign painted, lettered and
gilded ia the most approved !)le, unit in the
lleiit-Nt mailier. I'alronage icspictfully
lirlUd. Ottice, at II. iMv ia, Kr iat Street, St.
St. Mary, Sept. S7,'0L
" ' V. A. SAIU'Y,
Wholesale and Commission Merchant, dealer
iu J y tjoods, Hardware, yu-enware, (ilass
are, (Groceries, l)rur. Medicines, Hooks ami
irationei y, corner of Main and Uregory streets.
nog Jld)
Conveyaiicar, Notary J'ublic, and Survey r. .
Office at the Store if tirttne, Kinney, &. Co.,
bt. Mary, Millaeo., Iowa. Aug. 2,4.
' w7 mTYykbs,
I AND EITRVKVOR Omaha City.Nebras
u k Territory. IuH claims aelected and
located. Agent lor the purchase, improvement
and aW of city property or lands.
Hon. Jo l.h Williams, Muscatine, Iowa j
J. 1). Mi Call, Ksi., I'ort lJctnoine, Iowa
Jlon. Luos Jivye, iliuif City, Iow a.
K. B letters of eu.iuiry relative to North
em Nebraska, answotesl promjitly.
Omsk. Crn-, Ja 31.
Puot-a Nirv is a mark of low breedinir
Show us the man who commands the best
respect, an oath never trembles on Ids
tongue. Head the catalogue of crime.
Inquire the character of those who dc
part from virtue; without an exception
you will find them to be profane. Think
of thin, ami let not a vile word disgrace
We copy the following article from tbu
Saturday F.veuing l'ost :
'Whatever may be Mr. Hcnrdslicr'
method for making paper of wood, you
may nsitirtj the I.vemng Journal that tho
fact is not new by inoro lluni a quarter of
.iceuUuy. Several friends know that I
made a p..pcrof wooden bark and grass us
early us Bud that the fact was sta
ted in a communication to the directors of
the Ameiieall Uiblc Society, with ire.
quenl to be allowed the privilege of laying
before that body u plan by which 1 de
signed lo take prairie grass into an engine
atone cud of a building having it come
out a j Wutcd sheet at the next stopping
nlace. Although I used various kinds of
wool and bark, I found bog grass tl
must convenient r.r.ii lc, and made sample.
of wdii'.e paper whit h were submitted to
the best warehouse in this city, (the ma
terial being inado a secret,) and Was offer
ed orders at the same pricct paid for good
looking paper of the same size. The bark
of the milk-weed m ikes the very best pa
per, but there is not enough, in iU uncul
tivated state, to make it nn object.
Hut bug grass grows without limit, and af
ter tho first weeks of early spring it is of
no other use. H. Letts.
H. U, The bark of the basswood mules
a better paper lhantho wood.
Brooklyn. 7 IVonl at , Jo. 15, '55.
Si'tt il Mlssaoe. Tlie President of
the Liicd States sent to Congress, a spe
nd message, accompanied by a letter from
the Secretary of War, in regard to exten
sive threatened hoslililies among the es
;ern Indian tribes. The prompt. action of
Cor gress is invoked to make provision for
arres' ing the threatened difficulties. The
President says :
'The proposed temporary provision to
meet a special dt inrind, far from obviating,
iu my judgment, only serv es to illustrate
the urgent necessity of an increase of the
regular nriny, at least the extent recom
mended in my lute annual message. Un
less by the plan proposed, or some equal
ly effective, a force can be early brought
into the field adequate to the suppression
of existing l ostilities, tho cuinbinaton of
predatory bunds will bu extended, and
the difficulty of restoring order and secu
rity greatly magnified. On the other
hand, without a permanet military force of
sufficient strength to control the unfriend
ly Indians, it may be expected that the boss
tilities will ooti be renewed, and that
years of border warfare will aflliet the
country, .etarding the progress of se'tlc.
intnl, exposing emigrant trains to savage
barbarities, and consuming millions of the
public money."
newspapers to each million of inhabitants.
Their contents submitted to royal approv
al In fore they arc printed.
In lookii'g over ihc old files of Dostoli
newspapers tho cy constantly me. ts in
the advertising department with filenames
of those who ;:rc or have been our wealth
icats citizens.
The vicissitudes of newspaper property
arc very striking. A paper iu Philadel
phia fell in two months from a circulation
of 15,000 to 3000; while the London
Weekly Chronicle, which rose to the e
r.orinotis sale of 1 22,000 copies a week, was
reduced by u change of proprietors Ui300O
iua M v ahvrt lime. ,'
The American Messuger, the monthly
p iper of the American Tract S icicty, is
the largest circulated journal iu the Uni
ted States. Over 123 .000 copies are printed.
The fust paper printed North of the
Ohio River, was The Cen'incI of the
North-Western Territory, started in Cin
cinnati, on ihfO.h of November, 17U3, by
Win. Maxwell.
Mr. Mahloil Hay, wdio, with wife and
daughter, who was lost on board of the
Artie, who is the old and respected prin
ter and publisher of that name, and was
one of the founders of the New York Sun,
the first penny paper in New York, es
tablished in 1832. He leaves a sou in
New York.
The Nebraska Palladium was the first
newsmmtr issued in Nebraska. Publish
ed by D. Ileed &. Co., editors and proprietors.
From the Prairie Tanner.
Curious KnbiU of the Itrown Sand Hill Crine.
(iVtft CunadtntU.
Many of these noble birds still nest in
this vicinity, but their number is small
compared with the numerous flocks that a
few years since, might be seen holding
their strange dances oi some favori;e knoll,
or feeding, while their sentinels, judi
ciously posted, stood ready to give war
ning of any suspicious intruder.
Some urc incredulous in the daneing of
cranes. XI is true, 1..6ir movei.u-ui or.
,e i.iorriii tis a l-.eiB tomif or
quadrilles quite a la mode; but d.-uic? they
certainly d j As for their music, though
lacking the harmony, it is about as loud
and melodious as a fashionable opera air.
The Sand Hill Crone is omniverotis,
devouring pretty much anything eaten by
birds. The nest is n simple pile of rush
es, or grass, flat on the top, built in some
ueep siougn or pond, lneeggs iwo in
number are shaped much like those of
the common turkey, of a light amber col
or, und splashed with brown. The nest
is usually surrounded by deep water, but
the joung birds swim readily, and leave
it as soon as hatched. It is believed by
many that they separate immediately upon
leaving the nest, each of the old birds tak
ing care of one the supposition being
that they would fight if allowed to remain
together. Iu corroboration of this some
what singular idea, I can only say, I never
found two of the young birds in conipiny,
and a pair which I had caused a hen to
halch, fought from the timu tin y left the
shell till, in fact, they killed each other
oul right.
This bird is easily domesticated. I kept
one for several years, who showed all the
attachment and intelligence of a dog.
KI10SIJES. Here is tin interesting lesson in Geg
rap'ny for young America to study.
According to the late Census Report,
the aren of the United Stales and Terri
tories is 2 936.16G square miles. Tlo
following tables, taken from that docu
ment, transposed so ns to give each i'l
proper rank, show tho area of e. eh status
and territory :
Square Miles.
He never forgot a friend or forgave un
Nebraska Teiritory,
I I'tn1' Trrritorv ,.. . . ,
' I r a u. ,
New Mettico Territory,'
Oregon Territory,
Minnesota Territory,
Washington Territory,
Kansas Territory,
Indian Territory (Kan.,)
North Carolina,
Ne1"' York,
India na,
South Carolina,
New Jersey,
Rhode Island,
Dis. Columbia,
Jj"A sovereign is dead ! The illus
trious Kamchamehu III, of the Sandwich
Islands is no mure. This piece of royalty
was aged about forty. He was chiefly
distinguished for gulling drunk, whether
on those French brandies introduced at
the cannon's mouth by the French, or tin
less refined liquors made little difference.
lie was of medium size 1 und dull physiog
nomy. His predecessor, King Kameham
ha II, rind his Qilcen, both died iu Lou
Jon, while on a visit. Under his leigil
the Sandwich Islands were near bciu;? an
nexed lo the United States, but Liboliho, l is
son, who traveled iu this country und in
I'urope four years since, is said to bo un
favorable to the measure. N. V. Tribune
31st ult.
The setting of a great hope is like
the setting of the sun.' The brightness
of our life is gone. Shadows of the eve.
rung fall around us, and thu world seem
but a dull reflection; itself a broader shade.
We look forward into the coming lonely
night. The soul withdraw, into itself.
The i'ars and the night is holy.
JO The washerwoman who attempted
to hang her clothes on Mason und Dixon's
line has been prosecuted fur 4 vlolat ion of
Ihe last great compromise.
Vui.oauiiv in DuloS. To people
who may fancy they are making them
selves more respectable, by covering
themselves with extravagant and gaudy
colored dresses, tho following contains u
whole some lesson :
" The honorable Miss Murray, sister
of a Scotch Duke, und maid of honor to
Queen Victoria, has been staying for some
days past in New Yoik. Miss Murray is
a lady of fine person, robust health, und
uncommon energy of character aged
about 35 years. She has visited severa.
of the public institutions, and been enter
tained by many citizens at tbeir bouses,
where her frank una cordial manners, her
sing liar intelligence and great kindness
of heart huve secured her m..ny friends
Miss Murray, we understand, litis keenly
enjoyed her extended lour in this country.
Sh" appears, however, to have been struck umatenietit of the expenditure, the
7ielflsntii8, and the r.l-htabh of that un
fortunate class of beings, the fashionable
women of our cities. Miss Murray, like
all the fashionable women of Kurope,
dresses so plainly that it probably costs
her less to dress for a whole year, than
many a New York 1. dy expends for hull
a-dozen handkerchief J . It is u settled
thing iu Europe, that txtravaganee in
dress, is ihe very txtrenu of vulgarity,
und is never indulged in, except by those
whose only claim to distinction, is L10
length of purse." Lathes' Futerprise,
try Ma," said an inquisitive little
girl, "will rich and poor live together
when thty go to heitveur" "Yes, my
dear, they will be all alike there." 'Then
ma, why don't rich and poor Christians
associate together here?" The rich lno'.h
cr did nut answer.
injury. If any one had abused him, it was
of no avail to uttempt disguise; he recog
nized his enemies in any dress, and by un
angry croak showed his displeasure, and
warned them to keep out of his reach.
He was a great gormandizer, and was ve
ry fond of Celd mice, many of which he
destroyed, fasting quite expert at fuidin"
their nests. iiudttirehinir out the iiimati
with his h'ug till, lie would have been
of service in the gaiden, were it not for
his ii.quisitive propensities, which led
him to pull up for examination every
thing he saw us plant. Though a desire
for knowledge might be very laudable,
this mode of obtaining it met our disappro
bation, and eventually caused his banishment.
Though a migratory bird, he did not
seem to suffer from cold in the winter,
and being fond of wuding, even kept a in a neighboring slough free from
ice till late in ihe season, by trumping
about in it. I provided him with a warm
house, but he preferred lo sleep w iih the
cows. He always slept . beside one of
them, lvinf flat on his breast, with his
ees folded under Ilim, and his head and
long neck turned back between his wings
He was on good terms with all the cattle
and might frequently bo seen playing with
them; his part of the performance consist
ed in springing up, flapping his wings, and
whooping tremendously. This was pre
cisely the as the dancing of his wild
brethren. He would also dance to the
waiving of ihc handkerchief; and on win.
dy washing-days sometimes danced for
hours at a time to the clot Ins on the line
When much enragd, he would stand with
his head und bill pointed directly upward
and utter a harsh, croaking sound, quite
unlike his usual whoop.
A young crane makes no despicable ar
tide of food. The old ones, I should gup
pose, would be rather tough and snaky
but nn old Indian hunter of my ncquain
lance says, "A turkey is not half as good
AuJubon supposed this to be only the
young of the while crane, but ho wan
wrong. The white crane is more of
southern bird, and exceedingly rare here
I saw a pair flying over this fall for the
first time. These two species are umjng
the largest and finest of our Norlli Atne
rican birds.
The Grove, Illinois.
a-1 sC '
155 980
69 208
53 924
50 914
40 000
45 G00
33 8' 19
29 3c55
7 800
Nebraska Territory is large enough to
cut into seven Slates of the size of New
York, and leave a surplus large enough
for a Slate the size of Connecticut. Kan
sas Territory has an area sufficient lo mako
(wo States the size of Ohio, and one tha
size of Indiana. Texa will mat four
State of the size of Indiana; und Califor
nia Um a. auiasMCHt area to convert Into
sixteen of the size of New H.impfclura
und a surplus to muke one about the fize
of Massachusetts.
A QuAaea's LtTTia. We cut
following from an English paper :
Friend John, I desire thee to be so kind
as to ira 10 one of (hose sinful men in the
fiesii called attorneys, und let him take
out ,;n instrument wi n a seal thereto, by
means whereof we may seize thoutwurd
tabernacle of George Greene, und bring
hun bet ore the lamb-skm uufti at West
minister, nnd teach him to do in the future
as lie would be thine bv.
Thy Friend, It. C.
Newspapers. Small is the sum that
is required to patronize a newspaper, aud
most amply remunerated is the patron. I
are not how humble and unpretending
the gazette which he takes, it is next to
impossible lo fill a sheet fifty-two times a
year, without putting into it something
that is worth the su'oscrip'ion price.
Every parent whose son is off from him,
should be supplied with a newspaper. I
well remember what a difference there
was between those of my schoolmates
who had, and those who had not access to
papers. U her things being equal; U'o
first were always decidedly superior O
the last; in debute and composition at lent.
The reason is plain, they had command of
more facts. Youth will peruse a News
paper wilh delight when they will perusa
nothing else. f Judge Longstrect.
To Cube a FtLos. A felon gener
ally appears on the end of the fingers and
thumbs; it is exlremrly painful for week
and sometimes months, and, in most caes,
cripples or disfigures the finger or 'thumb
that falls a victim to it. Hut it can be
easily cured if attended to in time. As
soon as the pain is felt, take the thin white
skin of an egg, which is found inside the
shell; put it round the end of Ihe finger or
thumb affected, keep it there until the
pain subsides. As soon as the skin be
comes dry it will be very painful, and
likely to continue for half an hoUr or
more, but be not alarmed. If it grows
painful, bear it; it will be of short dura
tion, compared to what the disease would
be. A cure will be certain.
Two darkeys in the west wen.
out to hunt possums, &ie., ni l by ncciden.
found t large cave with a small entrance
Peeping in they observed three young
bear whelps in the interior. .
"Look heah, 8am," said ne, "while I
go dar and get do young bars, you Just
watch heah for de old bar."
Sam go asleep in the sun, when opem
iug bis eyes he saw the old bear scouring
her way inlo the cave. Quick as wind,
he caught her by the tail, and held on like
"ILlow, dar, Sam, what dark de hole
"Lord blesi you, Jumby, savejyourself,
honey, ef (lis tail come out, you'U know
w hat dark de hole 1"
3" A wrg observes that he looks tin
der the marriage head foi the news of the
iIM Urown says that hi Shanghai
rooster is So lull n h.u to go dflwe t'J'"
his k-uoes In ort w !
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