Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, January 10, 1855, Image 3

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    Mi;Ti;oiU)M)(;icAL taiu.i;.
I!cIleviow, i hraskit.
lUle Therllto'ter I J)'. 0!.l
J"i'MT x i t: i v rXT
: .1 i i i
i I 4.1 40 0 0 (I
1H 4S 'IS
ro mi .vi
104 01 12 (H!"i
21 30 :n
8 6 '.'
'"l 7 t'.i
A CI 1'ge
Cixtin ah, Drc. 20.
Tli Arrison cnse piven to the jury
excmtig, ami after being out only
ihrr hours, they rrt urnal verdict of
guilt)' of murder in the lint degree.
Staoi Koinr.. V lire praiifisj to
earn that our enorpelk' pioneer frirn.l,
Jonathan Shinn. of (ilcmvooil, (Iowa,)
il nliont to inn a wockly i!ngo from Om.i
ih to Nebraska City vitt llcllcvie w, St.
Mary, (slenwood unci Thompson's ferry.
This will be a great r.ct ominod.itioii,
Mid we hope the enterprise, will he enoour
cJ slid smtbinril. Let c cry one throw
all ihv bliaincs in his way that he in.')
Late to dj.
We hvc been credibly informed th.i
the friends of thai place were plmming it fraud, which they were in
tending; to pa'.m upon the public. Hy re
presenting O-naliH City n the Capitol of
IMclirask.-i and nMmnp'irg to nuk the
public believe there is but ono company
connected with that place, while in re-Jity
thero is two, eiijiinjj Under difl'iirenl
names but composed (ul least in pari)
of the sumo individuals, working in unity,
for the sake of selling lot s out of the city
to those who suppose ihey are buying
The impression is riven that the city is
a unit, while the truth is, thut there is one
ci'y outside of lh other, anJ about as
worthless rs w ild land can ever be, which,
is intended to be sold under a specious
name, as if it was in the heart of the city
For the Palladium.
Ma. F. Di to r Dear Sir: Permit rne ( by
way of encouragement to those who are seek
ing a good location in which t gt a lump) to
occupy a small sp kt in your columns, in giv
ing the statistics of the produce and labor ex
pended upon th farm I occupy.
Corn, bushels, 1,40(1
Spring Wheat, ho
1'utatops, " 3j;,
Jleets, " H
t. itons, " gj
aneis, " 4
Parsnips, " 2
Stsrcl Potatoes, ' j
h' tun, " d
hi nuiii corn fed, " 10
buckwheat, " i i
Turnips, 3d
Twe,.ty loads pumkins.
One small stack of oals.
Itinom coin sullicict.t to make 160 brooms.
Also, a variety of gardn 1 -gctahla, consist
ing of bran,, jjc.js, Kjua.-hcs, w utei incluiis,
ui:iLiiirlo!,f. rucnmbei,., tomatoes, raddisbes,
Ac, I10111 hImi h amount 1 have solil about 5(i .10
vi-oi III, besides supplying the wants of my own
family, coiisuting of from 12 to )i persons.
in can 1 iiiju'i tlie farm upon w hich th above
product have been raised, I ,ave lured onlv
about 11 weeks work, aside from winch was
done by my luo little boys, our III ami the oth
1 13 years of age. and one full bjood Indian.
Having hllid tne nilifr of (ioverinn-iil Inlr pie.
tur for the Pnwnees, and inner the Inst of A 11
Kmt, had a seveir bone lelon on my thumb, of
romse have dono leiy Intl.; invself.
Sin h, -Mr. J.ditor, ia a true n'tatemenf of factn
which 1 wish l-.j publish for the sakr of en
foiuayint; enii;i atiiiK to this new, fruitful and
delightful 1 oiintry. I have never lived in a
country wheie so great an amount uf produce
ran bt raised with o lilth labor.
IteBpeclfullv Vlirj,
Kt. Mary, Iowa, Jan. Kb, lK.s;,.
Rf marks. We are acquainted wi.Ji
Mr. Allis Mid know him to be a most scru
pulous bdhtrcnt to truth. He has un
doubtedly given good measure, and rather
fallen short lhan exceeded the actual a
mount r-f his produce. In fact, we know
lie lias raised numerous articles which he
lias l ot taken the trouble to mention and
vl.ii h would be a considerable addition to
thel.itj.;e lunount alrei.dy enumerate. 1.
Mr. Ai'is's crop was nothing more ihun
an cnlinnry one, end which mifrht hive
been rnif ed by any one able-bodied farmer
end two boys, not over 14 years of rge.
If people starve in a country like liis il
will be because they don't deserve to live.
Asthi a's Home Magaiisi;. This is
now Liking rank ornong our best monthly
Magazines and is perhaps the best for the
price issutd from the American press.
Publish J by T. S. Arthur, at $2,00 a
year; two copies .f 3,00.
GaaiiAM Amcmicah Monthly.
This work rank liih among th litterati
ut this country. ilui h number is em
bellished with superior engravings.
Published by Richard II. See &. Co.
Philadelihia, al $3,00 a year.
Wistibn Cakkt or Rtnoioi anu
I.itimaiiii f "tiil ecj by Rev. S. A. lied
yioan, St. Louis. Mo. Pric .$1,00 a
The Casket is a U-.i'.Ifu! little woik
and should be extensively patronized.
JjCuba tobacco seed, jilanltd inTex
1, proves to be au abundantly yielding
Tsikaa is tine religious society tu ecch
ihoiiund cf the four ihbUtJid idialiUnts
f Newark, N. J.
Tsv IlunT or Da. FaAMu.i fouNn
n r Da. The Lake Superior
.Mining ,(U', or Nov. D, contains the
following: Hy private Utters we learn
that the) bodies of Sir John Franklin
and his men have b"cn toon 1 hy 1),-.
Kane's pttrly, f lo.'Vi, perfectly piesi rcd
In our last number we give tin: report of
"he. intelligence derived l'rnm some nf the
r.sijiiimnux Indians, of the discovery of
some of the silver used by Franklin's ex
pedition, and marked with his initials.
The later report is of Whe discovery of the
bodies, and from our authority j have
the right to believe il to be trim. The
editor makes no mention of the source of
his information, nor of the direction whence
it came.
TIIK ronipany of Mr. ant M
will hf agreeably welcomed at Hie Atlantic
House, in Council Hluli'i, on Wednesday Kven
iiifr, January 17th, l.V), in cuniinrinoration of
the Hir'.h of tin1 l ather of the Ainciicaii Pies
Mavaovhi, Hon. T. H. C'umitij;, X). K.
Kerd, 11. IJiudford, W C. Jam s, J. W. I'at
tison, J. K. Johnson, A, C. l oid, J. M. Sher
man, M. II. Clark, J. Ii. iMrick'and.
Mssrr.a of CmniiiMi'. I). V. Carpen
tor, I.. O. Liltlefleld.
Floor JIanaoi:rs.--II. Mo'Neely, A. V.
llarnard, S. A. Lewis.
Muiir by Orion A P. eKi Ham!.
- - ' 111 '. 1
Dr. Easterly'! American Oil Liniment.
his valuable Liniment, combines the most
rlTicacious articles known for all the various
forms of disease rc(iiirinK an external applica
tion. One of its principal active ingredients,
is the Ami.hica Oil (or IVtrolimn) which is
universally known to posMeis rare HkaMno
and Cvrativk Profkhtiks. This Oil, when
combineil with other valuable remedial agents
of known and established olficacy, forms a sale
and lure remedy for Itlieumatisin, Bruises,
Sprins, Cuts, Wounds, Burns, Scalds, Old
Sorrs and Ulcers, St aid Head, Tetter, Ring
Womi, F.rysipelas, Piles, Causers, Still Joints)
Caked Breasts, Paralysis, Contracted Tendons
or Cords, A.C., ami also for Strains, Spavin,
Scratches, Chafes, Saddle and Collar (ialls,
Sorrs, Woundi;, Fistula, Sweeney and PoIIF.vil
Hi Inn ser. This Liiment has a direct and pow
if 11 1 action upon the secretory and absorbrn
ressels, stimiilatiiie; them to a healthy actiont
.bus enabling them to Ihroiv off the morbid or
lineased matter w hich obstructs Hie cireulal ion,
bus removing all diseases or injuries of the
Bones, iMuHcles, Cartillages, Nerves and Skin,
Ouc bottle w ill convince the most kkeptical
f its wonderful eltiracy in curing Bruises,
piains, Ithrumatifun, Raines, Soreness and
ltifl'ncss of the Joints, ice.
Dr. F.asle,l) American Oil Liniment is,
vithoot exception, the most valuable remedy
r eawpeunded fo all diseases of Man or
trail, rcquiilng an internal an ilieation.
Price 25 cents per bottle, or five bottles
or one dollar
.y A liberal discount made to wholesale
pin chasers w ho buy to sell n;;in.
J." For tale at Dr. F.ater1y' Family Med
icine Store, southeast corner of Third and
Ches'iiut etrerts, St. Louis.
ANo sold by P. A. Sarpy, St. Mary, Iowa,
ind by dealers in medicine generally, in the
Itead Dr. F.asterly's advertisement in
toother column of our paper and give him a
call. J'28.
Dr. taittrUy, Fever and Ague Killer
Jjf" Is warranted to cure ail eases of Afpl
and 1'ever, Chills and J'ever, Uumb A(rue, In
ermitlelit ai il Remittent Fever, and every fomi
of Fever incident to the wejt. If there are suf
ferers in St. Louis, wc say try it, and if it fail
to cure, the money shall be refunded to the pur
chaser. More than
twi:stv-hvi thousand bottles
have been sold, ami in 110 instance has it failed
to effect a permanent c ue as far as heard from.
1"" Pi ice $1 par bottle, or six bottles, $"
5y For sale at Dr. Easterly's Family Mud
i:ine Store, southeast corner of Third and
C lestotit rtiet tn, St. Louis.
Also sold by P. A. Sarpy, St. Mary, Iowa,
a id by dealers in medicine generally, in the
(jy Read Dr. F.asterly's advertisement in
Another column of our paper and give him a
Dr. Eaatorly's IodLas anl Barsaparilla.
jjl?" It is the only preparation that is worthy
of the 'least confidence of the public, for the
cure of those diseases arising f 1 0111 an impure
state of the blood, vi: Scrofula, or King's
F.Til, White t wellinsrs, Enlarged Clands, Fever
Sores, Pimples on the fare, old Soies and Fl
eers, Blotches, Riles, Nervous Affections, Can
cers, F.rysipelas, Rheumatism, Sypilitic Dis
eases, Pains in the Huiiea and Joints, Ring
Worm or Teller, Scald Head, diseases of the
Kidneys, Mercurial Diseases, &.C. Dr. Eas
terly's InniNK and Kaksapamim.a, is com
pounded of those articles which simultane
ously act 011 the dilferent organs of the body,
and possess the most efficient denning and heal
ing properties. Hundreds of the most intelli
gent and respectable families in St. Louis, have
used it, and speak of it in the highest terms of
praise. Ins miiicina is si tima stronger,
cheaper and bftter than any other preparation
in use.
gV Price, f l per Bottle, or six Bottles for
CV For sale at Dr. EASTERLY'S Family
Medicine Store, corner of Third and Chestnut
streets, St. Louis.
Also sold by P. A. SARFV, St. Mary, Iowa,
and by dealers in medicine generally, in the
Read Dr. F.asterly's advertisements in
another column of our paper, and give him a
call. ju.'S.
Council Bluifs', Iowa.
WILL buy or sell Lands, inaks Selection
attend to ths purvbase and sale of town
lots and all kinds of busmeas connected with
the Goveiiiiucn. Land Ollicej lo Western or
Central Iowa. Exchange on St. Louis and
the Frsleru cities uoojrht and ol. jan 3 ""-
rililK St'ltSf'KinF.llbein; ilrsir.ius of ninv
I ing to California, olTers for sate his
'liiio.s n An of 100 nrr.'S, situated on the
i':ie ftiid lii'twcen tit. .Ins'-ph and Counril
limits S miles Snit'i of Council HI nit's and 1
North of the village of St. M.11 y, and near
the ,Misoiii river, in Mills Co 1:1' v. Iowa; and
Opposite Hoileview, Febmka. T.
Also, -too jr;i of I'hmkie La n r near St.
Mary, and !M0 miles of TiMMi ni l) I.asii on
the .Missouri rivr. and near Oleewood. These
Lands are all in Mills Countv, nnd pie.
"til ind iccnients to land purchasers n loin of
fered; contaiiiitvr timiiei, prairie, tune s'.one.
sand slnue, and mdicntions of plenty of coal;
and heinir sit uated on I lie most feasible
point on the Mijoui'i rive for ttie crossing of
(he Pacific Railroad.
Suitable cat I In for eros-.mtj the lliinswill
betaken in cYclinnrr." at fair rates. The Inner
can have immediate p"ss,.' shiii, and all the
Ci ain and farming utensil" be '.van's rI a fair
rate. HAMI'.I, II K It KL FORI).
Traders Point, nov t, '.')t-tf
i;i:ni:uai, i,ami aolncy
J :' ijs w . -A ''5 V. i -
RF. encsu'i'd in the business of buvina; and
. sel ! ins Land Warrants, ami entering Lands
in the Council llliilf Land District. Tueir ar-riuiiri'ini-iits
for ent"nn;r Lands for settlers and
others, on a credit of one. two, or thrT ynr;
re not deficient. And they will be prepared
at all tun' S to fill all ord -rs of that ci.a: .icier.
The 1 111 est n; i! 1. in of Iind Tillrs. p u mi nt
of tavs, ptirchas" arid sal of landi and imivii
lots throughout tins land district, and all busi
ness conn rled with the Land Office at this
place, entrusted to tln-in, will bo promptly at
tended to.
Strangers wishing to locate government land,
will be lurliish 'd with a punie and convryaur
if thev d-sire it, and directed to the best points
for Select ion.
Exchange on St. Louis and the Eastern Cit
ies, bought and sold. Interest paid on oVpns
ites as per agieeinent.
Our attention will also be given to the pur
chase and sale of Town I,oii in Omaha City,
Itelleview and Winter Quarters, Nebraska Ter
ritory. RFKrnKNCF.s. L. W. Rabbid and Dr E.
Lowe. Pegister ami Receiver of the Land Of
fice at Council Bluffs, and Col. T. A, Walker,
and P. M. Cassadyj R gister ami Receiver at
Fort Desmoines, or any of the business men of
either place.
OFFICE on Broadway, West Room of the
Pacific Hotel, nearly opposite the Land Office.
Council Hlnil's, nov I -lv.
C. W. rU'RCE.
Attorney at Law .
Will practice in the Smth. Seventh, Eight
and Ninth Judicial District In Iowa, and Ne
braska Territory, lie will always he supplied
with blank deeds, mortgages, deeds of trust,
declaratory statements for preemptions, &c,
and will give prompt attention to conveyanc
ing, examination 01 titles, Ac.
2T Particular attention paid to securing
ami collecting debts.
References Hon. E. II. Norton, Platte City,
Mo., II. M Vories and James Craig, Esijs., St.
Joseph, Mo., Curtis Hates, Fort Des Mouie.
Nebraska City, Nebraska Territory.
nov 1. l-ly
2) & 11 I 3 'LC 2b
I I AVE Just Received, in addition to
n addition to
largo and well
rieaii, French, jj
II t heir former stock , a larg
selected assortment of Amen
and l.nslisti Drug.;, .mdicines, l ei fuinery, Ui e
Sluff-, Paints. Oil and (l.nsw.ue; also, a good
asoitinent of (iroeeries, Wines, Liquors. &e.
At th" head of Broadway. net ). Til
WA'l'tiiiiA'iLE. Sl Ji.W.LjR.
ON F I100B Hi: LOW W. C'LANL'v'a K 1 OR L.
Jf L. 7Z.
INVITES the atlention of the la- f
dies and gentlemen to his assort-
ment of Jewelery and FaiicyOoods fcs .tfiii
in part consisting of the ful'owing: Gold and
Silver Wat' hes, Lockets, E r-rings, Breast
pins, Finger-rings. Chains. Pencils and Pins,
,V.e. Violins, Accordaus, Fluter; also, an as
sortment of Toys, e.
All of which will be sold at the owet
pi ices', every article warranted to be as recom
mended. The greatest attention will he paid to the re
pairing of Watches and Jewelry; all work
wan anted. nov 1, '54
Council EluEf-, Iowa.
TS now Wept by Sviaisui Di'sns,
X who, having maile gieal repairs
and alteiatiolis in tin- House, ll.iltciH
himself that he will be able to provide any
w ho favor him with a call, a comfortable borne.
His table will be supplied willl the b' St the
ma' ket ulioids. prepared by experienced ban s,
and the weary will find a good testing place.
In connection with this Hotel may aUo be 1. mini
a good and extensive
for the accommodation of all who wish to ob
tain horses and carriages, w hich are a gooti
tubulitiile for first class lailioad cars, on ehorl
j notice; or superior saddle horses, for either la
dies or gentlemen. 1 ue proprietors 01 uie nv
ery stable are iiCbSKI.L A DL'fcTIN.
Uluil City, Iowa, nov .'U, 1 s." 1 lim
IIP. subscri! er will visit St.
Alary on Wednesday's and
Glen wood on Tucxday's and Satur
day's of each week, and will supply these
maikeis with Fresh .Meats, Bu'ier, Lggs, and
Vegetables, at ihe market puce
S pl ?7,'.)llf PJ to F. !t.
HI N 1 ON, J R.
1 HUM A ft
Council liiutfs, Iowa.
GatKNC, WtAHt A Rick,
Fort DesMoine, Iowa.
Cedar Rapids, lows.
NOT 1. 3 and Oil's collected, and proceeds
promptly remitted to any part of 'ha I'ni
lad States, at current Kate of Lxchange.
Iiilercst paid on deposits for over thirty
days. Ituls of exchange 011 all the principal
cities bought ami sola.
Loans nice ten on good lecunty.
Vacant lands selected and entered ill any of
fice in the Mate.
Laud Warrants for cash or on time, contin
ually 011 hand.
Locations of lands for distant dculeis at the
most liberal rates.
Notes bought and money loaned 011 good c
cui ity.
Kl.KKNCIS. r. J-.. jesup & in., W.J.
Uaiinuig -a. Co., bankers, Dubuque, low.; Cook
A sjrg"l t, Davenport, Iowa; (ailherlroii A
Ueno, Iowa City, Iowa, People' Hank, Ncv
01kc1tj, Ketcliiiin, Itogeig A. IJeiueut, ban
kers, do., Scldnn, Hilfeia .V Co., Washington,
U. C.J i 1 011. Chas. iMsmoii, Coiuiiiissioiier of
Patents, Washington, 1. C A. C. Uodge, V.
8. S., Iliirlinglon, lo; (ieo. H'. Jones, V. S.
S., iJubiiqucj Joseph Williams, Chu t Justice,
Muscatine, Iowa.
Council lllutls. dec 111, l.r4.
tit for sal at the cheap cas
Glorious iSews
The slc.tincr S,;ic h: just arrived,
cousistiiiir of
1 Ti hhrls. Brown Sugar,
6 MhIs. Clarified d.
'(I b'lls S. H. Molasses,
PI Id l. . O. M daeses.
10 l-v! bids. (;lden Syrup,
2o0 n In C. A. Sal',
lull bhls Kanaw ha do.
hU srtctis d airv ito.
211 h .yes do. j S jap,
10 bhls Cider Vii.egir,
S'leetincs. fl'ie brown ; and lite iclie nomestic drillings, tl-uirih'n g. I(sens, duels, Ae. Ao.
fl'jf Hie !t--:il'n 'f'th' ladies is called t' "'-r e"oiimo:i ..f dci's roods, which thev will
find, as rcg ird price and ipialitv, to be 1111 -orp isse 1 in Western Iowa. Calico, gli.ghaiiw.
l.iwn.i,ile!ulies herages ridies of tne l..sta!i o:i n i l 'yte. Em roi.eret caps, eollais, chimi
setts, sleeves, silk and satin bonnets, linen and coiloa handkerchiefs, hosiery, parasois, ail of
which will he sold ex -e. linglv low.
Cross cut saws, mill saw s, h ind saws, broad axes. chopping axes. ;, log and lor r chains
bench p'aiiesyiid in fact everything in the hard ,vare line. from a Juwsharp tip to a cradling scythe
!) cases diiect frrm Boston. Boots of all sites and ipialiliei. Shoes, Ladies enameled Jenny
Lin I buskins, gaiteis, slipper?. Indies' goaf, kip nnd celf boots, misses shoes all si .en.
lints ,md caps, hooks and t t ionerv. d;-oi' and ine lieines. Jsyne's and Loudon's family
medicines, and ail other popular patent mi denes, for ale at Aholesalc prices.
Of various patterns. (,l:is a .1 : e. t iiiniders. jars, &.c, Ae. Mid gal. s:one ware, 1 hurnes, jars,
crocks, batter crocks, stove crocks, Ac, A.:.
fiO bndsteids of different pe'terns. cherry lining, and breakfast tables, walnut ditto, ditto.
Ri'cius with elasi, plain and faiiry walnut presses, cuplioards. tin safis. one or two dr iwer
stan. is, wash stands, lounges and mattresses, double mattresses, slat boltoiii chairs, Cain seat do.,
rocking chairs, ci ibs. Jcc.
45 conk stoves, nssorle I, Patters n's. ready trirnuieJ with tin or copper boilers, boxstores,
Grecian parlor ditto., stove pipe, elbows. ,Vc
Tine churns, 1-2 bush's, wood buckets, sell buckets, wash tubs, wood bosds, trays, rlough
pins, sngjr boxes, brooms, zinc wash hoards, clothes nins, Ac.
SADDLKRV. Kridles martingals. cucingles, girths, halters, bridle reins, Blackawk sad
dles, quilt teals, and dilto Ladies sidesaddles, buggy whips, di ay whips, G. L. whips, cow-hides
Stc, saddle-baif", leather trunks, Ac.
Solr-lcatlicr, kip, nrsl citlf akins, morocco lin'mns, rroat. skins, hair, kr.
IKON AND CASTINGS. Blow sled, sliecr steel, cast stetl, plows, moulds &c.
Pots, ovens, skillets i.nd lids. G. 8, 10 nnd twer' fridlou kuUlcs.
PINK DOOKS H by ID nml p) bv li sash, window blinds,
CLUCKS H day and 3D hour clocks: warranted to rim well.
Virginia. Uoanoke Nectar leaf tobacco. Uegalia and irincipe cigars cf the finest flavor,
Cuhii and Havana sixes, and various oilier articles, but wc deem it unnecessary to mention them
as it is no trouble to show goods, and we will ne happy i t all times to show our Old customers,
and as many new ones asmav favor us with their patronage, our goods and prices. Our facili
tie.sfor scllinj CHEAP.arc better than any other house in we.-tern Iowa, ami we intend to do so,
and an axamination of our prices is all that is necessary to convince you of the fact.
(Jk-nwood. July, 12, 1S54. dri-Sw. NUCKOLLS & CO.
G ie ii -
n A VINO pertnaiienly located in this place,
for the purpose of selling GOOU8.
LAND, TOWN-LOI'S, and doing a General
Agency Business, we would respectfully invite
the public, to give us a call.
Our Goods were selectd with care, and we
are confident that we shall be able to give per
fect satisfaction to all.
sept. 27 '54.
AKDWAKF.. A large and guiral assort
incut cf It irdwaie ran be had at
t 27. G UK K.N F., K INN KY A CO.
LliS. Cotton Batting, for sale
1 1
s J J V" '"w '
Sep il
VUUKS and bialionerv lor sale bv
fc'V f-Ir. ri"CT &P?l$pz'h
Corner of Jltiin uud Gregory ttrctts
St. Mvij.
T T AS Jt'ST 'KF.CF.: VF.D and now h
L L for sale a large assortment of selected
merchandise adapted to the wants of all in the
new ami thriving community, which he can sell
as cheapns can be od'ered elsewhere so highnpou
the Missouri river. II is goods have been selec
ted bv an experienced niirchasrr, Willi siiecia
rctlerence to the circumstances and wauls of all
classes of seltlers ni a new country. J.adi
and gentlemen, children and youth, all can be
S'Uildied. Call and see for yourselves. li s
stock consists of the follow ing, among a grate
many other articles he cannot now enumerate
Among his dry goods may he found woolei
and sail melt cloths, cassinetts, tweeds, cash
meres, linseys, uaiinei, rru, une, ;iey min
blue, Caspian plaids. Cotton goods, she. tings
and shirtings, bleached and niible ich.'d; lilut
ami w iute drillings, o-naliur '. iied'icKing, hics
ory, checks, Ac.
I ANCT r.oons.
A beautiful assortment of fancy prints of
every variety cf slyle and pattei 11. Gingham-
lawns, f.gnrcd atpacca, tiomsa.ines, uoiuiiay.
ettes, shawls, scai ts, tiamikercine: s, ciajie, mus
lin, edgings, ribbons, Ac.
A well selected stock of Summer, Fall and Win
ter Clothing, tonsi.'ting ill part of line dress
coats, pants and vests; also good summer do. Ii
ing of all description.-; and heavy clothing for
fall and winter 11 -e.
Also hhiiis, knit flannel drawers ami under
shirts, socks, Ac. Men's and boys' hals and
caps of various fashions, qualities, and prices.
(loots and shoes, thick and thin, polished ami
unpolished of every description, for men women,
and children's use.
Crushed, clarified, loaf and brown sugar, mo
lasses, syrup molasses, golden syrup, supeiior
tea, Uio and Java coltef, sassalras, ginger, pep
per, cloves, spice, cinnamon, ground ginger,
nutmegs, Hindis, tubacco, cigars, pipes, soap,
candles, vinegar, pickles, pepper-sauce, Ac.
A large assort incut of flour of various quali
ties and prices; corn meal and all the various
products of the farm and garden; bacon ami
li,h, kiln dried apples, peaches, currents, raisins,
Kc. JIakhwaki.. Stores of various patterns
for cooking a lid heating rooms, stove-pipes and
elbows, large, and small iron kettles, frying
pans, bkilletx, bund-irons, shovels and tongs,
manure foiksndhay fo.ks, scythes, shovels and
lades, log and trace cliaius, axes, hammers,
cers, iron and steel, nails, hoi se-i asps, files,
. . I . I ' .
saws, knives auu 101 as, pockci mines, iaois,
bulls and screws, door handles, knobs, locks!
Ac. Ti n w a hi:. A general assortment kept
for household purposes. Woodwakk. Wash
tubs', iShaker pails, wood and zinc washboards,
l.i ATH r.B. Sole-leather, harness U ather,cow
hide, kip skins, calf skins, linings and morocco.
Saddles, bridles, halters, lanielts, circingles,
belly-bands, di iv ing lines, collai s, baek-siiaps,
gntiis, Idiml-liriillei, Mtnu inks. A gen
eral assortment of medicines for fevers, feei
and ague, ami the common complaints of the
coiiutiv. (.nok's, Lee s, haiiiienytoii s.Uragg a
and Janes' pills, (Quinine, tonus, and vaiious
kin It or stun Hani i, uno ues, 1 1 11 1 ui -:iT ana,
o ! i-r articles necessary for tlie sick and tne 111-
t alut. nov 3 1
Hickory Shi 1 ting, for sale low, at
pt '7 T. 1.
MMU'V iii' u M-u and liois' Hats, of ee.y
descrinlion. l
P 27. GHr TSW, KI.N.XrT A CO
jlmii iwmiiiiljmi "w f "min-
lor Nebraska.
lo;iilit.l to tlio quards with grtods Tor
li liiils ro. L and 'I .Mackerel,
H bhls Tar,
21 boves and half hoses Ptar Candles,
ft boxes Tallow candh;;.,
I'll kgs Nai's. nssorttJ,
2 boxes ('in FisT.
3'l sacks llio Coilee,
linp.-rial end Vonng ijyson Tea,
Siela. Sf'erat'is. Candy, Raisins,
F.'i'r'ish Walnuts. Almonds,
tfingir, Spice, Pepper, 4.C., Ac.
Opposition is the Life of Trade,
iL receiving at (ilenwood, a well selected
stock of dry jrnods, fancy goods, clothing, hoots
and shoes, groceries, hardware, crockery, drugs,
liquors, stoves, tinware, Ac, ill Western Iowa.
The public are invited to call and examine for
themselves, and they will find the truth of the
above statement. Also they will find that we
can sell as cheap any other house in Mills, Fre
mont or Potlawal laune counties.
And in giving notice to the farming
nity, we will give them the highest cash price
for their produce, such as beef, pork, co.n,
wheat and beans The store is 011 the west side
of the Public Suuare, Glenw cod. navl-lv.
10IIN and Oats wanted hy
S. AE.
ik oxen and voung stock, ditto.
TIIK undersigned has on hand and for
sale a few thousand select grafted apple
tie.-,, ready for transplanting in orchards the
coming fall and spring.
lied June, bal.lwin, white winter parmain, fall
pippin, Helmont, wine sap, yellow beillower,
Kliode Island greening, swaar, priors red, red
astrachaii early harvest, sweet June, summer
rose, slimmer queen. Hall's janct, raiutio, wine
apple, white belled. iwer, Koiuaii stein and
Northern spy.
s ob s H I'B.
The Catalpa and Black Locust.
The snow ball, F.nglim and American lilac,
red dogwood, hoiw suckle, rose, Ac., Ac.
A few of the Isabella and Cataw by grape from
St. Mary, Iowa, Aug. 31, 'S3.
aug31-fy. ( ; KOUGF. HFPNF.H.
1J KKmJ.VS wisiiing 10 make pu. s, w il
do well to give us a call and examine oa
slock, which comprises agun.'ral assort ai-u t
and will b'l sold nt grcitbargains.
"'P 2- 1' G :tl. F F., KIXXF.Y A CO.
VLL persons knowing themselves indebted
10 le'ii. P. Si lies, are requested to make
immediate payment 10 Ihe umleisigned. or they
will line their' ace, nils in til Han ts of Ihe pro
per oilicer I or collection. Ccine one, come all
and save est.
oct I s. '.i t tf
P. J. .McMAHO.V.
LI TTl.l" lancy n jlious for sale as
cheap as do t, at the cheap cash
n:i;-lf NUCtvlfLLS it CO.
store of
V Strawberry Hoan Indian Pony, about 4
vears old, and of good size for a pony.
Has 111 1 been seen for some two or three Weeks.
When la-t s ui had slioes 011 right forefoot, and
mane and tail well filled with burrs. A liberal
reward will lie given to any person who will
return said pony to the subscriber or give in
formation where I. a can be found.
Council r.lutT Cily, msr 1, V4
r 1 10 II ACCO. Lovers ol'tlie Wee I will li nil
1. a superior article of chewing and smoking
Tohacco, al l!ie Agency Store, of GK 1. F X F,
KIXVKY A I'O.,' S'. Mary. ocl .
HlltTY dozen Men and Hoys' t aps, for
sale vheap, at the Ag-ncy Store of
s-p Ml. GUI, r. X r. , K I X X r. Y &. ru.
)t n.'lft-lf
f MI1F undersigned is now in receiot of ami
JL receiving the largest an. I cheapie-t stock
of Fall and Winter (idads ever oll'cre t in
Council lilulfCity, or Weslern Iowa. Those
wishing to pay cash for Goods will do well to
call and examine. Our slock consists of every
variety of goods needed by the people in this
portion of tha country, aiich as dolus, cassi
tne'es, suttinellH, tweeds, jeans, white scarlet,
and hjried flannels, plain and barred linseys,
lull pieces good si) le madder prints, cashmeres,
merinos, aliapacas, bleached an I brown she't-
lug and sliirting. ticKiug ami Urilliug, bleicneit
and brown canton ilanuel, drapei s and crash
ers, ail wool table covers, bio 11 and b'earlicd
linen, siik and bay slate s'.iawis, aiu cve.y
variety of dress g mils.
Moos' and boys' fall ami winter clothing,
hats and caps, boots and siio.'S, hardware ami
que.Misw are, iron, nails, colli e, tug ir, lea mo
lasses, net?, flour, Ac. I al o, a largj lot of fur
mtir e and liipioi s. As it is our intention to
sell for cash, We flatter ourselves that we can
hold out superior inducements to those that
wish tu buy cheap goods than stores that are
selling 011 trust.
Country dealers are re.piestej to call and ex
amine our stock.
CVii.rll H'utr City. 1 : is. l"M
U.) fir it. nt lihiotnii JCinirrunL
a Hcalinj Bam wa com to greet
'Ilir action of thii T-.;imiit is one f Hi
1 most pBifect leutedios er bltered to U
alil'c'ed. Its action upr'u tlie organization K
truly wonderful. I is vol,', 1 il". itenrtratinc. sooth
ing and healing properties dilluse theioielvas t
Ihe very hones. It enters ih'othe circulalioa
the blond gives a neiv impulse to whole nrvo
s v ul to the. Vc-y ex' remit les of the isgeri
and stiirt'.ilfitrs tiMhe ahsOrbents and serretioaa,
and th is .ssit ,vs re a r. to throw o(T aa rtj
herse'f ' jnr d,se.isd section of tlis asrvaa
chords or ligaments, making it crpially ayli
ble to sores of any kind. 1 heumati'sm psiat
in every pari of tlie body, from a diseased actio
of anvef the structural portions of t'mTstaea.
Wliile it i perfectly harmless to heilil'T fla,
skin or bone, it has the nmnrrtv of entaripr
into cnitibinaiion, and dissolving any of th or
ganic tissues when thev ere. dir-esse-.f. orlheirrt
lality iy uestroye.l. !'iscs't'g tiieso jieciliar
powers, is (he reason wliv it iseqiially cmeaciooe
in so many ditlercit complaints, it acts upoa
seientitic piinciples an 1 fixed laws cf the Crea
tor !
The large number 0 eases in whtch this lini
ment has proved its value, in the short time it
has been before the people of America, is snfS
cient t ) give the greatest confidence that its vir
t ies are incomparable in cureing rheumstiim
bruises, strains, burns, wounds. w.;llin;s, avok
en 01 Ciacked breast, old sores or paiiu in any
part of the b adv.
Stste or Missocm, J
('omi'y of St. Louis. 83'
T.e it reinemliere.t. tliat on this fifth f nr
May, a. r. MM, before me, the uiidersiirn1.
mayor of the city of St. Louis, in thecoiiaty and
Sla e aforcsaiil', came personally Uaviil M.
Smy.'!ie, who, upon hs oath, says that the foU
lov ing .statement is 'rue.
In testimony whereof I hereto set my baud
the day and date las; .iloresaid.
- JOHN HOW, Mayor
Soc. Newman, Iteeister.
S r. Lor is, Mo., M iY 6, 1 853.
Dr. A. G. Bsaoo, A Co. Gents: You will
probably recollect that 1 called into year estab
lishment some three weeks since and purchased
a fifty-cent bottle of your " Mexican mustaaf
lin.inciit ;" my ohjei-t in so doing was totryiu upon my daughter's arm, who has been
sintering from the eli'ects of a severe dislocatioa
of the elbow for several years pst.
The excrudiating pain consequent updn false
setting of the bone had dwindled and contracted
her arm to a puny size, and I consider it a duty
devolving upon me to acquaint the community of
Ihe beneficial effect your liniment has paoducedi
Her arm was draw n to a right angle, and was
almost inert and useless., until vour invaluable
liniment was applied, since which time, I aoi
happy to state, she has enjoyed unintei ruptod
good strength, and can use her arm nearly as plM
antly as before it was dislocated.
would state, however, that prior to trying
your une'pialpd liniment, I used several othei1
remedies, and among them ".McLean's volcanic1
oil liniment," but with the least beneficial resultj
We offer this liniment as a remedy in the vari
011s diseases and complaints for which it is re'
commended with full confidence of its success
in curing them.
The following is a list of the numerous and es
traordinary eases it has cured during the la
few mouth :
G.T.'iil caaes of rheumatism in all its forms )
4,200 do
5,KK) do
sprains and bruises
ourns aim sci;lls;
fresh cuts and wounds;
scrofulous sores and ulcers that
had resisted all other treatment
inllamed or swelled joints
3.4VJ do
40 do
7,740 do
ft. 2 tO
piles j
ilmbago, sciatica, gout sndhsr.J
(1.250 do chapped hands
3,000 ilo eakeil hreasi,
4,fi00 do tooth-ache;
10.000 do various clir -e- ;,.asci.
This must sppear almost incredible, but th
numerous cerliticatcs and letters from distin1
guislie.l physicians, citizens, agents and oilier
who have used the medicine? enable us to sub
stantlate the above facts; millionsof bottles of it
are yearly consumed, and it has always girta
sal isfacl '.on.
To iocntsv mfbchakts. F very store sho'tl
be sup,ili'-d with this valuable liniment, as ii
pays a good profit and sells rapidly.
pKitr.s orriiE mvimknt. It is put Uft i
bottles of three sizes, and retails at 25 cents, !)
cents and !il per bottle. Tlie oO cent and on
dollar bottles contain f0 an. I 100 per cent mor
liniment, in proportion to their cost, so that
money is saved bv buying the lajcrsiss.
A. G. lilt AGO A (i.( Sole proprietor!
Principal offices, cor. Third and Market lU.j
St. Louis, and 304 liioadvvay. New York.
For silo by P. A. Sarpv.S!. Mary, and JatI
pv A F.MiLisii, tileii.Vuod j and by dealers lri
medicine eiery where. aug 31-ly
The ureat popular mcilieitifi of the dxy
Viis'. mnniiiil nscil per muntli The nu
ni'M'oiis unj'rftil circs it cflee'.s
lis in ig-ioal ctlcct upo'i liiiioirii I ever,
un.l 1V cr nn l Ajjuo Ureut excitement
fimo'cr the 1) actors I
Jl . 2. .
VRF. now admitle.l 011 al. hands to be a nioil
extraordinary an t valuable medicine II
general use. It not only acts as a specific upon
the and typus fevers, dulls and fever
and fever ami ag ;e of the West and South but
in all diseases of debility, weak s'oinichi ind i
gestion, loss of appetite, impurity of tits blooj,
and all diseases prevalent in a we, tern and sonta
ern climate. 'I'lieir great power consis'l iii
Iheir pecnl'ar el! -it upon all the organs of tiie
system) and tiie rapid formation of new and
pure hioo.l they produce. I i this lies the great
.1 r:t of their success. Th.-y are mild and
;.'casant in their action but searching and per
lii i ient in the, r effect penetrating the remotest of the system by Iheir ready abiorptioa
into the blood, thereby infusing a new supply of
vitalit v and nervous povt'er into all the machines
ry of l.fe. '1 he extensive popularity they hav
acquired all over Tlie vesl ami Couin eusuro
sales of at least
50,Ollli BOXrS PER MOMTll!
And we find it d liicult with o ir large force 0?
hands, and the laic iuinroveinents 111 machinery
w hich we have adojdel. to inaiiuf Acture theia
fast enough to sappiv the deuiand in thirteen
western and so itliern States! tine large maau
factory is constantly engaged in preparing th
vaiious concentrated cs'lacts of which they
are compo inde.l. From th best iufurinatioa
we can obtain from our r, ijHI belling aentf.
and bus's of attentive correspendeiiis in ail
parts o the country, our medicine cures per
month not lei's ihau
10,(H)0 cases of fever and ague, one lhousin-1 ef
wlncti have resisted all nlber treslmeut
5.3 X) cases of w eak less and general lleUility
i O'MI of vsriil is chronic diseases J
2,1'iUJ " of weak st'jinacli and loss of appe
tile ;
800 casciof dyspepsia ;
1,2 ) " of rlie.iuril ism ;
I.ISM " of female complaints ;
1,2 M) " of ague cake, or enlarged sp'eeii (
This must appear almost inceuihle. bat tiif
n interim:! Ic'leis om pliViicaiis, ngeats ul
those w bo use III innditii e, from all the we.-t
cm and o Hiieni St uUm. sal. if y us that Ibis is
111 iderateestim i'e.and t 1 it our iu id. cute is ran
idly taking Pie pl Jeof lite arioc juute' fomeitf
wiiich an; alloat, and t,e numci ons tonic aiia
tiues made w holly of quinine, which are Unpat
ed upon the pul.lic bv luaii.if aeturen tke li
110 knows w here I
Price of Tonic pills. 73 cents sail Aati-lt
ions, 2' cents. A. ti. liasou. m. P., sola prfi
e'or, St. Louis. For ale by P. A. KaH k
Mary, and Siae A En ui.iM,Gleuwd ajs4
b"y deaUi 111 liisa.tine tUioughaut tiie ItiH
K. ' ' " ' il U-i-ts
c ,
s -
! ;i
:, It
'I I