Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, January 10, 1855, Image 2

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WI",l)M,si)AV, JA!'.ity nClvri.
V. F. P.ilm-v. Ti iVnr h-ii! I inri. S. .f. Pt
tmgell, 1 1'l Nassau s'rert , V. if. Mi-DonaM
If? Xiia st-ee. .u Y.'ik City.
C. I'ieicr, K. W. Cur, Craiirfc Co., Pliilii-
V S. Svi vum-r. (I en
t. lava-..
New spaprr ..-til.
Dr.. McMahnn A. Williams. Council BluiT,,
lew a.
A. D. J,.',r. T. M.. Ot, .fn C ty, Nebraska.
Jr. M. II. CUik. NeVar.k.i Center.
H. I). .lol, 100.1. I s,,., I t. p,r.iikn.
J. C. ."di'. I.etl .i (.",.., Winl. r (juries, .e-
I'. M.. I'a.ri.rr, t..u c 1',.,!,. ..!,ril. I v
M.ij. II. V. Dr.... n-. VhiaMv.i
I. 1. Canei. I'. S. A., Commander ot I'di t
I fi 1 iiii', .''brul ;i.
J.t. Heath. V. S. A.. Commander at I'ort
Kearny. .i'''iji,.:.
('. ,M'.. .Mu.'iit 'I'a'H.r. l'l.-incint C,,..
Col. Tl o. fanner. .Velxi-slrlis liiove. Iowa.
Ol'.I.ii .e Ci'i'f, Km jiilt1,", l.iw.i.
A 'ilium eir. cue, I -,.. Cellar K tpids. Iowa.
Test Miis'er, port e Mim.. mj.
Augustus Hall. . Kci.-.ii(i!a. l.-.wa.
Hon. A. C. 1;o.Il'.', i-irl :j.-U.t, . Iowa.
Hon. Thomas Urrirr. M.-n ysi i 'Je. e I'tio.
I. II. I'nii.ct rs.i.. ii. lici . .. b.aka.
-l;.se Wt..l. labor, low a.
It. '. I'im(, -.,, 1,
I 'l :'rrii:rk, Si. .M in . Iowa.
jM. Ii. Hull, ;ci, liltawn. fit.
-la Tltn. Svi ari:n.. . V.
1. itan.nii., i'. .M.. .JV is our Traveling
-A pint. "
Join, c. H....I. c,.,,,;,.;,..,,. M:,.
l.l.rl l, A, , ,;.!,, ,,.,,, M.iv.
Convcntion at leilcv eAr.
Agian l'ion o!' iho people of
Nchri'ska vrr.s hel l t JW.V-ucw, in iic
ordancr to preiious notice Tutsd.,y
J.-.n. 0:h, ISM.
TlV meeting was tidied to rder hy C.
V. I'ierce r.r Nebraska Ci y. J C.
Milchei of Florence was chosen chuir-
m iin, and D. . Herd of Bell
lev icw, anJ
H. liradford or Nubra.s
1 Kiinted eci t'arics.
City were i.p-
Stephen Dccaliir, Bcl!ciov. Col. K. It.
Doyle, Fontinello, C. H. Cow!t, Nebras
ka l ity, Dr. 15. V. Wholly, Blackbird i
Jlills, L. Nuckolls, Nebraska City, and
J. C. Mitcliel. ITorcnce, were selected a
Coiomiitee to iejrcscnt the cause or the
jwople to the incoming (ioernor.
The following preamble and reso!mion
fter un animated discussion, w ere unan
imously iidop'ed.
Whereat, T. B. Cuming, the present
soealled Acting Governor of this Territo
ry, has secretly endeavored to thwart the
wishes of the people, and openly denied
them the rights which belong to a!i
American freemen, we. deem it not only
our privilege, but our solemn and impera"
live duty, m citizus, to remonstrate t
painst him and I. is further conti:iunce in
My official position in this Territory.
And to show the jus'ness of our grounds
.f complaint, we do therefore, resulve,
1st, That he is now and ever has been
frince he assumed his olfiee contrary lo
the provisions of our organic law a non
resident of Nebraska.
lid, That ,is j pportionment of repre
sentation which he has attempted (0 force
upon the people, by the aid of his own cor
rupt and eril-miiided friends, is unjust
aud not in accordance w ith the spirit anH
intention of the bill which gave tu our
oliticid exis'enre.
3, Tint as T. B. Cuinirg h..s never
token the oath cj-ialiryi;: him for the of
iice or Governor, none of his acts are le
gal, but null and void.
4-h, Thai wa do demand or the Gover
nor confirmed, a retaking of the census
end a new districting of the Territory, in
order that jualice and equity i..y prevail,
and every portion of the said Territory
ei.ually represented in our LcglsLtive As
6ih, That we respectfully, but earnest
ly petition to the Piti.idcnt'of the Uni.ed
States, W, imii-iediile removal 'J'. B.
Cuminj; from the Secretary shiu of thi
Tsriitory, and the i.ipointn.ciit of an hon
est, honorable niiit to IIII the place which
J.e now disgraces.
( b, That our tfTorft sgainst T. B.
Cuming, insignificant and m .11 as he is,
hull luevtr conse until he is removed from
the Secrfctry-.hip of Nebraska, as we be
lieve him to be too dishonest to be con
cerned in any part of our government.
(i h, That this cenvenlion recommend to
the President of the.JL'niled States the ap
poinimcnt of 1'. J. McMahon, as Secre.
tary of (he Territory of Nebraska.
In the absence of the committee sp
j.ointed to report resolutions for the con
sideration of the Convention, Commo
dore Decatur rose, and gavo an eloquent
rehe11rs.1l of the a"s of the Gjvcruor
nJ showed jrojt rouclu.ivaly that thry
tore the l.ateful brand of tyrany, and
were such as to eicite alarm in the mind
f every man who value Lis own free
dom, and wishes to have it transmitted to
those who are to come afur. S.iJ that
we stood to represent tiiue that were lo
como and that if we suflerud fraud, in
justice and tyrany to prevail; posterity
srould rightly brand us w i.h the ignomin
ious stamp which such conduct w ould be
etlculated te inspire.
But space will not permit of our doing
justice to the speaker, and w e close.
Ansiuioateij discussion arose upon the
adoption of ihe JrJ resolution in which
Coin. Decslur, A. C. Ford, Kvj., J. S.
?.farton r.itei'ile ! f-jt the a.lop'i.u of the
r"'"1''"- the jr-round that Mr. Cuming
I hail nex er taken the t.-ecessary oath qu-.I-
;fl ,,;, . , (:,)r,m,r. ii-rrrPi,. -e
vy.n m ilc to the de.Vh of (Jen. Hi.rrisim
mill (Ii'ii. Taylor. Tlie Vice 1'rcki.U'ii' s
ic: inif under them were required to lake
the Presidential oath before entering unon
he il'i'ii's ..r l)i;i' l'i'h olli.-c, ri'ilwi'li
s'nM.lin ib.-y Lai taken un oath as ire
Another inV
iii' in ll.t; c;ic
nee was re fere 1 In. occur
of the death of De'.Vit
I'liu'on, of N"v Yore, when Lieutenant
(i.iv. Ti)mkitis wr.s required lo take tl e
of (he (Io ernor'n oliit e before l r
1 ii! I enter iiHin i du'.ii t
It i 1 'in-1
aj.j-:icub!e (
III t.ilS CI.SC.
Tiiis i. v of tho su! iict was op
by C. W. l'i.-n-e of
Nebitivka Ci'.y, ti.
W. ll .lu, er and B. nichi , wL
contended that tiie cases ware not aniln.
trous, and that thconl. taken as Secretary ' tr'' !i:ae ril,"'r 8ull 0,it ,!,, ir
quahlied him for the ccnlingency that ha'.i (XS' cr i n" ,l,e,,,i",e-' 1 Jo u f"r lU I'"r
a rt sen " j pose of kekin;r new hriicsin the wis',
mitc un. s srsLcii.
J. C . M'tcbsl of Floresicr, insde a very
in'eres'ing- .pereh, in w hicli certain facts
were brought to light, 'hr existence el
which, we had never leen su tosi ie'v
atsureil of before.
Ve are under the tie. sssity of being ex
cicding brief in our report of this speech.
It was said that w hen the census was tak
en in his disirict, there was not popula
tion enough to entitle them to a district,
and the Governor supposing everything
was i;i his favor in that place, undertook
to make up the deficiency.
A certain certificate was made out, anl
circulated amorir the naioon brawlers and
s'reet loafers of Council Bluffs, which was
Signed in sullicient numbers to form a jus
tifiable basis upon which to build the repre
sentatives fabi i j which had been established
in that diktrict.
We read in the Good Book, that "What
is wnnling, can't be numbered. " Tho dif
licilty uniltr which the au'.hnr of that
Book labored h: s been ov ercome by his
l'xecliency he has found out how losuil
the numbers to the wants.
Such r. as the process by which the
want, of popula ion was supplied in that
district and also in Burt and Dodge coun
ties. The otiietr who look the census in
Dodge county, enrolled numbers in the
grog-shops of Council Bii.fis cry. Tlie
Omaha iiiuicl was supplied in the same
way .
On the other hand, census oiTL-ers on
the south side of the Platte, were required ;
to cut short their returns, so that notwith
standing they had the greatest amount of
population the majority of ihu represen
tatives aliouM be frain the North side.
In conclusion, Mr. M. said that the
Governor hud made known his intention
to withuld his certificate of election lo the
Council, anJ that it had been i'l'imaled.
that this intention might be withdrawn i!
he would condescend lo humble himself
bofore IBs Fxccllcncy, and agree lo sus
tain his administration. It was ulso in
timated that the e cr-ilicite was to be wil h-lic-id
on tho ground thai he had liiude use
j! some
me thre.iteiur,gs against the Governor vi"e '-c Jst Season, which j.roduecd 8 !
,aJ treated with incivility. I. the h.rgeSl of wl,,. weighed 40'
., ' !.i 1, h .
ion to the threats, Mr. ai. a.tid lhal I I,oulds, and the sm.JIrst npwird. ol 120
id at all times treated the Governor ! P0lin hi tho iggugate weight vv as 22U i
and 1
he had at all times treated the Governor
with ordinary civility, and that beyond
this, he c-culd not go. Said lhat if His
r ii iti ,i,i
Exc-oeney thould prcfume to approach
.....i won uiiues, ne wou.u wiup nira as j
i.:.- .. :.i. i 'i i . . t i i . i
ne wouij w hip a dug. Said the election
was a fraud from beginning (o end, and
that if a cade cf laws were enacted bv the
present Legislature, they would be unuli
ty, und no belter than a spider's web.
Speeches were madu by our editorial
brother of the Nebraska City News, B.
Winchester,' Esq., anJ others which we
cannot find space to report. Every thing
l.ssd ofT ss-iih the u'most harmony.
Thi Niw GovtRMoa. e rejoice in
'he appointment of Mark W. Izard to
the office of Chief M gist rate of Nebras
ka. We trust he is an hiet man and
will take sides wi:h ihe people, when
their wishes are made known, end not seek
to Carry out the plan to circumvent and
defeat them, that has been undertaken by
the ".Iciiiin Governor."
The word gos-noo gah is Omaha, and
means, s'iding.
This is a favorite arnuseinml w ith the
Omaha youth by whom we are surround
ed. The sled used for this purjose is
conrposed of a solid cake of ice, cut cbout
ten inches wide and fifteen inches lung,
rounded off in s proper shape to run over
small obstacles. A string is attached to
the forward end of the sled by w hick it
is draw n tip the hill from which the de
scent is to be made. When ready the boy
tikes his seat upon his sled and having
secured a holj upon (he string, starts oil
wiJ, a rapidity proportioned to iho i iclina
tioi, of the plain clown which he de
scends. It sometimes happens llr.t the
brittle inateiiai of w hich the sled is com
pared is shattered to fragments whilst
making its descent, l.y which accident
ihe unfortunate rider is frequently com
pelled to take several somersets in rapid
succession before he can overcome the
force by which lie u.s descending.
I'strin ts fr.nii a jii ivalc Icitcr luhlrrss-
lo ivn Ci irtul if curs, hy whim
it li.i'S ! I'm lvaiiilcil us for jiwlilii utiuii uini
Di.xmv. (imtier Cc. N. V.,
1) c. II. 1-1. (
Pn I'ihimv-I Ln" i.. iiinil,,:i - 1 1, at
l.i.oMi.itik.-i..!-.' u,:i, t ., .... c.i :, liic
HuiK I liae t" ,'li a h i'iiL"" T Dil in il" a '"I lla i'
itlit Inr M'.us Mrt . s' Ilin:: o'lt an.l U'linj
to tin- I .1 V .! fur that very I'i'l"
1 11
it woiil.l t.o l.itur i or iny l.mnly tn
than to i"in !;. ie I am. S. 1
I :.i
,W .' ... .
W. ..t. anil liic ai .1 l.i a'.tli he r
lew i i-ar-, I tl 11. k I Mi.!, lie
mi iiiiicil fur
. 11
n e.irll 01 CiV
I' iiiil'v to a c inf.. 1 !aMe Imiue.
c f,i Uf i.e. -
rs-ariestif j, pr e. 'lit 111'. are i'um'i . iie.l
til it a;r aware i-t ei v rfoirali!".
I n -ti . .1 to ce. I, a--" !'i ',,!.! . f ; j ..M's-
nit', in c;i. e in. ,1 -ifil .(.--: tj-l ,:i of
i,ra ; .1 ii e of lie oiii.t . the r (t i ; a , ' r a'i,
I r ..l-.-eli i.f I le1 foil, tlie 1 i 1 Mia I e, V liat I lie 1,lll-
i I'' 1. it ii" ati're.i. ami a il t:i'' -ial.'y
j i.f '.lie a .iter, wli-ll.ei- it Im ic.i.i lv ' ' l.y ;('
?J i t T fa'ti1.. a-jls:!.'!! ether il - i ij to...- a- m:
ll.cwniT ro.CiS to ci. titt. crate .
rioiis iiuiiv i 'i.Ji and fiiniili. 5 in that couii-
in inai ainoiig Uinn r many dunce
sj.ii ils iv ho w ill lie a blessing to the com
inuni'yiti whiih (hoy sttlr.
Tlie j.i.Tj.orl cf oiir )i ici.d's Icttrr tip
1 t'ca 0 00 lh:,t ,( " r'r,-r r"'';c to take
wiiat lie tins iiooumtii.iteii at the east
invest it in the bcau'ilul and fertile land
of this touii'iy, for tie benefit (,f ,is
children and their ostrri-y. He believe s
it to be the part ot wisdom to relinquish
( resent luxuries and even env otiiences.
for the sake of l..ying a broad foundation
to meet the lu-ctssilies of himself and his
fiicnds at a fuluie day.
He believes it bstter to convert his
faun intoanotherfrom thirty to f.f.y times
, . J
'.s large. Ib other won!-, to gel from
thir'y lo t.ity iies of cur rich viigin
soil, foreech acre he now cultivates
better to forgo prcsenl ease and luxuries
t. r it... . 1 r .1 1 .
lor lt:e sake of the in reioe. which
v icaaonaoie too anu s.icritii
would furnish.
The general surface of the country i
rolling, uul not rugged so ss to be unlit
y level,
for cultivation. With the execj
the river bottoms, which nre nti.-.r
all of our lauds are (,f this character.
Our soil is from four to tu feet in depll
,B,li ... ,i ... , , ... ,
ana or 1 1 rood oualrv h, r.i..i.
. . J
i is ccmposea o. an ex. reding Imedaik
vcgrtublc mould, free from stones and
gravel, end is easily bi
Tl , , , .
The products of this country rensist
corn, wheat, buckwheat, rye, oats, bar-
''"' heans, peas, pjlatoes, beets, carrots,
r "" .am csciy variety el veg
etables fouuu in this lati ude, ail of which
are produced in the grea'tsl i.Liind.tnce
and pel t eel n.n.
Coin yields from CO to c-0 bushels to
.ir.,,.,k - .....I ,
t.ic acre, and
u well cultivated will pro-
duce stiii more.
i erliiti
haps the
re is no country where ev-
ery description of vines v ield better fruit
and at .he ,: me time , large an diioiiii'.
We have laiseJ upon the1,
s.xl ulicl . l
i r- "- v ' ,
bor of ours raised a sui'de water melon '
tun egg K gal e we, glit was WJtJ ;
pounds. 'egetables of the root class arc :
equally prolific. Jt i, not unusti d to f.nd ,
i- i- i
common J.nglial, lurmp ex. eeding H
.1- :.. i . . . . .
weig,u, an. i ttets Jrom IH .o 2U
The climate is a very dry or.e, mora so
than any wee have ever seen. We have
very little rain except w hat fad's in the
moii.h of May, a,,d it j, a rrtre thing that
we have snow enough during ihe winter
to make sleighing, and a rarer thing still
that we have enough to be a serious im
pediment to the progress cf a wagon.
There are certain seasons whenihsre
is e kiisidtrable wind and this forms one
of the most dis; gieeable featuissof our
Salubrious and healthy climate.
Our timber consist ii of eo'tonwood, elm,
as!., oak. black-walntlt. I.ickorv. ave.a...,r. !
, , , -- j' j
---- wj, WiV loiiL-iciii spcciei oi
which, constiiute our principal stoe k of
limber. Timber is ntt abundant, but there
is sufficient to answer (he demands of u
much larger m.latlan !.. I.- 1
likely to have for u'any years to come.
The cultivation of timber would afford
an opportunity to use capital so as to yield
a very large interest upon the sum inves
ted. Tlie country ; well watered, and we
have never known a trial to li;id it to fail
of success. There are numerous springs
and rivu'etti in every part of the country,
from w hich a constant supply can be pro
cured. Wells can be dug in any part of
the toun'iy, aud if properly secured will
at all limes afford an abundance of water.
In nearly all cases the quality of ti e water
is cf the lest description pure, limped,
and of course, pleasant and healthy. ihe descent of rain, a s ii ky mud
resembling blac k ps!e is produced, w hich
is very quickly dried up when the rain
ceases a ftw hours nly being necessary
to restore the ground to a stale suitable for
ihe process of cultivation.
Our atmosphere is lenin kahly r!rr i
I,;. I e r e L u a ... i i. , , , -. . , .. i
trial lo take up in our cms. A i igh-, of the I'rtsidcnt of the lined Stales,,
u!l sc;m.s of th- jc.r, iin-.l f gs rc ery
sc'ili M fdllll'h
3;s';.ses, which in other .!cci 1 sstime
1 ery iniilinnnt siprct, nre gentle in
tl eir 'veiiitiot sml rai!y mnnifr l l y
tlmsc w!io or i.cijiiain tci) w i h thi ir r.a-
; lure ami the iu!lniice 01 mr curtate x
i v) j,.,, ,,,fV ,ircuir,le.l.
1 f C tr niu! nne is .y lllf t!l rtO$ 1
I'li'iMi-sittne p.iniplaint w itli whioh we nre
'iilili'-teil hut i! is se'u m lha
it is of hr
1 '.1. . r.,,t ;., :. ;..n 11., in,
1 ' I 1 . .. . ,0 1 1, 01 , ai im 11 10.I..1H . ow,.".i
, 1 t rcoininaifs over to s creat
e1et t s we think it dots in
a iy new
'1 .
11.EATY st;fvlaiio:;s.
B low, we publish such ar.ic'.es of the
lie..t s ip'.iiiiti ns with the ( lin.ih; s, tk
mi'in lo be reiiuired 1 1 r the i iT. rtna'ion of
ihos who are not in jvM'Ssion of the '
treaty. Jty giving altention to the trrms
sliiiiila'ed. many flfe impressions re-
sp. c lig the duty of the Agent will be
Wc are sit is fie 1 Ihe Agent is fVsirous
of lulfi linqf bis duties to th Indians, and
lb Government, :id lh:,f he ,'o it
as he is iiin ceil ly '.ii. ai,! cry bv
w hich the ti f,.'y has been est, bit
It has b't n thought by inai y
thia Ihe
Indians were lobe j.aid in money, and
lint ,.f eerlion nerinot toil ihi. irrulv
....... ... - . ...... i l ..... .....
gives no warrant for inch conclusions.
Thcv are to be p. id ia Mot.ev. or goods.
according lo the discretion of the Prei
i t! nt- The same pnnciplcs extend lo the
j (J;o trraty.
I Artii le 2. The Omahns 1 ree, that so
' ,,on 't r l'e ni'rJ Stales shall make
i ,h." n.rt-:ur' rrt'?" fr fulfilling the
stipulations of this instrument, as they
! Cil COnv et.iently am nge their alT.irs, anli
not lo exceed one ye..r Irmn its rati.'ica-
lion, liny will vacate the feded countiy,
' "1,d U 'l,""ve ,0 lllC ,8"(I re5,:Mei1 1,1 re'M
bythein, or to the other lands provided
hm 1 .1 r .1 1
tor in lit u thereof, in the preceding arti-
n -.. 1 .. 1..'t. The On.i'hi s relinquish to;
the United States nU claims, for morey or
Ol 1 1 VI lilt llg, 11 1 Hi CI lei llit'l I I CHUCK, tlllU
likewise all .bums which they may have
. herctolore, a. u, time, set up. toany h,.d
on the east side of ti e Missouri riv tr:
other thing, under former In-atics, and
provided the O.nahas shall still be enlitlnl
to and receive from the Guv -eminent , the '
linpaio iiaiarice ol u.e iwtniy-livr l ion-1
. . .. J .
.-lit m ., . ,
i sand tioliars api.i opi lale.I foi their use, b i
the uct of thirtieth of Aliens', 1S51.
I Articled. In considcra ion ol i nd i.av-1
, ment for ihe country herein ceded. and Ihe
i i elii riuisl mints he rein iDitde. tl e Uni'cd
, .Times trice to juts 10 u,v xjini.l
,!:hc follovvi.g sums of money fo
s.,..,-.. . .... ,i . i
ha Indians.
iow inu to-1
1st. Forty thousand dollars, per an
num, lor
ti.e tcim of three years coin-
uini o. uiret, com
on ti c fu st day ot Jal.uarv .
I.ui. Ired i i,d fifty. live. ' ,
un m-ing on
t.i; nd en 1
21. Thirty thousand dollars, per antmm.
,'or the term cf it-n years, nexi sunt eding
the thrt e v thoiisand dollars, per
...tin, for il.o tcim of fifteen years, next
sue ceiling ihe leu years.
1 ii. Ten thousand dollars, per annum.
! I or 'he lei m if 1 w t lv c years, next sue-'
' C'',''"K 'he liitetn yea...
A.I wl.icli st-v t-ral sums e.f money shall
,ut ru ""- sii.uies, or iApciiu..u jor
n. e ir us
se and benelit. under the dire ction
w ho may from time lo time deiermine all
;1''-'r--!'t', proportion of ihe an-
TTul" " M en m 'nrnlnex
or, il any, shall be jiaiil to the m in money
and w hai proportion shall be applied tt
and ex nende -el, for their moral imirove-i
and ex peudeil, lor their moral lint rove-
,n' n! ''"J education; for such beneficial ;
u't'tU "? j!'m!-'"1 ili"t .aleu!a-!
'cu ii uuv.iiiKc u.cni in civinza.ion lor
.,,;!,;,,. ,, h.rin.. fenei,,,-. I.r.le.i
. " ' ...
mg laud, providing stot k, agriciillural mi
ple-uients, seeds, osc ; or clothing, provi
ions and men IianJie; lor iron, s'rei.
-rius and in ii ut. r ion; f . r niethiiii. s. am.
o.dsjand for n.die, I J.nrj o'c.
Articled. In ureter to en-Lie the s..i '
Indians lo settle up ihcir affairs and lo ic
uiov tt and to subsist ihuuseive fur one
year at their new home, and which ll.iy
K " ' "'1 ..I'eS
at iii, aim in iuui manner as l.c shall an
Article C. Ti.e Trtiidpnt may, from
time tu liuif at i-Ka.-iuii.irt tl...
, iMUuU cl . U,e U,lJ ''rrb
V ' . ' "7 . "!"K P'P.'. '
such other land as may be selected in lien
thereof, is piovided lor in article first, lo
be surveyed into bjia, and to ass gn to
such 1 ndit n or Indians of said tribe as are
w illing lo avail of the priv ilege, rnd who
win locate on the same as a termantnt
1 m l 1
home, if a single person over t went vine I
T'Z , "0cw':"oullJ1'I,"" esjenselo; Conslitulion of Man. By (ii o. Combs
.he L nit ed Stales, and also to pay the ex- Theonly authorized American edition; with
penses ul Ihe deli gallon who may be ap-! twenty ei.giav mgs, and a poitrsit of the
pointed to make ll.u txpioiaiion provided i 1,101 !""''' ".nslm Hi c.-nta.
lor in article liist, and to ience and to j Defence of Phrenology. Containing
break up two hundred acres of land ai j a" "'l' " ,tle nature and value of I'hreunlog
. heir new home, they shall receive from ,ral '''''"t '. able vindication of
I.. I' i il-r..l . . . r . I I hiei.olog); by Boardruan; pure 7 teitU.
.he l. the turlber sum of forty-one, , r n., ,
ihousand dollars, to be paid out and ex-lrJa , V V .i. ',.'lf C'""
. ..i i ....i ..i. . .' .i ., ' , eord ami discord, with valuable hinti ami sue-
. - a , , , . iriaiiiKnuiiiii ln i es.arv
years ot age, one-eighth of a section; to j for happy marriage,; ,Ist,aie.t; 7a cts.
each family of two, one quarter see tion;! M inory and lr'ellcclu.d improvVmenl;
to each iamily of three and not exceeding j applied lo self-education and juvenile instiuc
five, one hall section; to each family of I '"'; ';niietii edition; illustrated; 87 et.
sixandiiol exceeding ten, one aeciion; AIirif.joi.v ; or, J'hrenohVy and Pl ysi--nlto
each family ofer ten in number .
one quarter iciio Tor vry Kldjiioiml I wiai.Mfd fur living loL'fihcr tfit:c tioisutwl v id
five intrnbers. And he may prescribe
such rules and regulations as will insure
.o ihe f.mdy, in Case of the death of ihe
head theitof, the jiossessioii and enjoy ment
of such liermai.ent home and the imiiiove-
iritn.a ihrreon. the President may,
at any time, in !u discretion, after such
person or family has made a location on
the land assigned for a ps-rinar.rnl home,
issue a patent to such pcisonor family for
such assigned laud, conditioned thai the
tract shah not le aliened or lei led for a
longer term than two years; and shall be
sxtmpt from levy, Sals, or fjrleiture,
which conditions ihs'.I continue in force,
unl n State rti5'itiit ion . t rr.l r; 1 ii f sue Ii
lands wi'hin its boundaries, shall hnve
been fern ed and the Lepi.lature cf ihe
tate shall reinnve he restrictions. And
if atiy such person or faini'v sliall at any
lime neglect 1 r refuse to occupy and till
11 portion of tiir lands assigned nnd nn
which they have located, or fhnll rove
from place to p'ace, the President may, iT
the Jialenl shall h ivn issued, ca-ice!
the assignment, r.nd may r'so withhold
Troiii sin Ii person or f.uni y, ihrir propor
tion of th annuities tT n'hrr moneys .hie
them, until they shall h.iie returned to
such permanent home, and resumed the
pursuits of industry: and in default of
t'.i ir return the tract mav be d- i hire !
abandoned, ar.d thereaflrr assi.-iird !'i Soinr
otner person or f, u.iiy of sin li tribe. 01
ilisposed of as is proiided for the disposi
tion of the "f ts..i.l land. And the
resi.liie of H e l.i iel v reserved, or ol
that wl'irhmi y beseicctid in lieu t hereof .
i.l'er il! of ttii! Imliiiii persons or families
shrill hai e had assigned to them perman
ent homes, may he sold for their benefit,
under such laws, rules or regulations, .is
j may hereafter be pi ascribed by the C011-
grt ss or 1 ri-M.lcnt of the I lilted Stnts.
No S iite legislature shall remove the re-
s'lictions bcrtin piovi.led for, vv i bout the
vi. sent of ( i r e ss.
Arid 7. k-l (itili the ()m .' deter
rdne to m. ke their pi nc. nen! homr. norih
I the due west line 1 ,.med in ihe first
'""'I'; S pro!.-ct
lh( tn I :tn ll.p Niiiist mil u II t! bur 1 . -, t ; !
, , , j; , , lv'...,,),,,, ,lV
I. ,.....'... . .. i :. .,
- , I .' ' - - '
; nn i ii Million, iniei, ill. in i it fi n.r
! lands be assigned them, ti.e same protec
""" " K'aran're(.
Article H. The I'nilcd S'ntrs r.gree to
erect lor the Omaha at their new home
a grist and saw mill, ai d keep ihe same in
repair, and provide a miller for ten years;
also lo eiett a good hh.c k-smiih shop, sup
ply the same w ith tools, and keep il in re
pair for trn years: and provi.le a good
blnok-siniih for a like period; and to rtn
pb.y an ex peri'-nr ed fai mcr for (he term
o! ten ye. rs, to instruct the Indians in
agriciilt lire.
Article lb The annuities of ihe Indians
shall not be taken lo pay ihe debts of in
dividuals. Article 10. The O.oaha. .,lnl.l..,l.
,1 i i , r
their dependence on ihe pov ernment of
uir i n.ien Diates. an.l nrointse to te
J ., tv,( , ,,,,
l'U:'KK "'emsrlves to c. nimit no drpreda-
; 'J""' 'I- Pr-I-r.y of such , i.izens.-
, A ml VC '' ,,n)' o1" , r mor of ,',,m ,0"
Ir"'1"Jly Willi all the citizens thereof, and
lu,e u'' r1"' Kr u,ul the f..c-t be satisfac-
, . . . . . -
,or"J I'f'Vin Lelore the agent, the pro-
. tifrlv r,L-i,ii l ,.ll I. I - .' . .1
i i i..ot.nvt, m to u-
r. ., , ,i r :r i , . .
" " n injui.i ot .lesiroy nl, i
"nipt nsation may be ma.le by Ihe gov ern-
m'",t of ,,i,''r ""muties. Nor will!
,hey make
ae war on any oilier tribe, except
, 1,1 ,e" 'lencc, but will submit all in..!-I
ler 01 uinerrnen Letwctn thein and other
lullu!'S to tlis- government of ihe United I
i . . " , . .
"' "gent, lor decision, and nlnde
ihercby. And if l.liv rf the sni.l ( linl.-.i
rtJ"1""1 hn) dcj redaiions on incy 0 ier j
,),:,,.; r,,i n . i ,, ,
liu'ns' 'be same ru,e shall prev ail as lhal
prescribed in this article in case of da-I
fredai ions rgainsi citizens
- -
I Ciiowm.d Oct. Valuable
an-(cations have been crowded oil lo make
; roo, for ,e peeling, 0f ,he ,Mtli.A-
, 1 h 1 t'
j T, . -
LJ 1 '" ""c m,",0!' B:'l-,nn of
conunon w,"fckr' '"' ereiitly been ship-,
P' lor t ranee, to u.j treated e'I.em.fal.y ,n
uiui country , anu i lien I e .shipped hitle
nurd In .er
... t-. . i , .,
-org .line nr-tnuy oi me lie SI brands
O.x r grain of musk will nerfumr e.,.n.
mor)sizpd r0(n for
fy sensih
for a number of years,
e loss of jrf.wer.
fl IILIallUl SY
303 Broadway, Kew York.
IN order to accommodate '"The J'eople" re
siding in .11 parti of the L'nited Mates, the
I', htishen w ill foi ward by return of the I ihst
'.,L, any too, named in Ihs following list.
Ti.e pns'apew.H be jn-paiil by them at the
.rw York Offer. Jiy I .i-a. i :c meet of pre
payi'.K post ace ii. u. nance, f.f'v per cent, is
aie.i to the nuichaser. AUlettc s contaiiiini;
ord. is shoiilJ It t po-l-pa id and dneeted as fol
lows : I'OWI.KKS AM) WKI.I.S.
IllUd lMMl . .I'IA' 1 lit Li
'il k ti ..... i ... .. a, .
K,-stioi.s; by .. Mc, ,,c, lac...
Education: Its Elementary Prim-in
founded on the nature of man: by J. (J. Spur
heim, M. IJ.; with an appendix, eontau.g a des.
rriplioh of Ihe temperaments, and an alysis of
the phrenological lacultie ; price K7 els.
W t reu'ar.l (hi. volume a. one of the mot im
portant that has been orfeied to the public for
many y ear.. boston Med. Journal.
Lectures on Phrenology. By George
Combe. With otes, an e.say on the phreno
logical mode of truest tgat.on. and an historical
sketch; by Ur. Jioardman; illustrated; IS.
Marriage: i's History and Philosophy.
ITIT.: ""J'V''.1
happily; 'M ct.
Phrenology Proved, Illustrated, und
applied; accompanied by a Chart, embracing an
analysis e.f the primary lueuul i,owr. in their
various degriea of developement, the phenome
na produced by their combined actitity, and
the location of the Phrenological organs; to
gether w ith a view of the moi al and theologi
cal bearing of the scietic ; price fll,j.
Phrenological Almanac; wi'h iiorlraiis;
0 its.
Phrenology and lhe Scriptures; an able
though .mall woik; by Itev. John Pierpont; 12c.
PJirenohigical Guide, Designed lor
ati.dents or their own character:,; 15 els.
Self-Cullure, and Perleci ion of Charac
ter; including Ihe cduealioa sod ma&azeinent of
yoalli; ftlrt 7 eu.
"Self. inn ilf, rr never inrnle.'1 Ii t) ,no
No ii .In uliial ran rraii a yme of it ith.,a .
injr iin -roved tliereliy. ( oin. t-rliool A,l,r '
'II-Iiistriirlir in Phrenology and l'n
siolory. Illustrate.! with one hnn'il'f, i-rifr,','
insj iiii liiil'ii? a Chart for r-rnrrtma (lie VJ '
ii.'K .Ic.riees cf I'.eycliipitiei t; hy O. S. tn, j'
l ow ler; ,ri n in paper. ;tt) rrnt; .'nisln,, v' 1
Acc iilen's and r.nii'ri'iK i. s : A w '
rontaiiiihC ilirertini.s for trentmetit in blcf!ir,. :
nits, briii.'", BptHii K, l.roken-hones, li.0f('
tiolis, rail a y Hlnl ?te lllihoiit il(Tiie,ti (,,,..'
an I '.i-al.ts. hit. s cf 111.1J il"Bs, choj,
ib'ik.tii:, po:fon, li's, icin-stroke, 1 1 irh fi ir ,
iliowinnii, tc; appeiiiln l.y Dr. Tiall; IS
Ibilwer, T -in. s in I llouihiou on tl,
S"at, r Tieiitiiieiii; h compilation of pnp rs 1
led -ires on the viliji-rt of t.J (Ju ne and liy.tioi,!..
Mil.! I'V I loiiL'lilot ; ssi .v.l.
( 'ons'ifiipiion; ns Prevcniion and r
' . 1- t!. u ...,-r-i,.-itn I' u-illi n, !. ;.- ...
H 'I
' - . .-in run:,,
le iieT: l..o.-. ,,f i limes, eoni;.. eolil..
n s. Im, in uiu a wil sere tl.rout hy In. SJ,.
I et. '
l'.incs'ic Prne'ior of 1 1 ydrnpnl -y, vvi: -a
foiin of a r. port for the an. -lam e of patifht,
in eoi stilting tiieti p!u ".! ., tin liy rorici-nj-il.
'ie. j l.y I.. I. Joint-..,,'. .M. "Sij.i.i, 1 "'
l .rrois of Physii iiiiis niid others iti (ri
pra.ti.e of the waler-eure; l.y J. Jf. Kauw
;io its.
lljdrnpaihic Family Physicinn. Area,
.ly preserilii r nii.l hygienic adv, with r. fr.
enre to I he nature, emi, prevention ni1, ;tejt. ,
ment of i1ish, hc .-t!t-r.t sj ai., egpngiitj,, i.f
every kinil) vt itlt a ninnsary, table of contenti,
.-till iiclerj illnstrnte.i witli 'nearly three Jmn. '
il.e.l f-iigiavii.j."'! t'V Joel Mtevr, .M. D,t or '
Uiirt voliitne of pnes. iihsti,t mil i bo iLj- s
pine, pre-panl hy mail, sti.',.!.
Hydropathy l .tn yclopivdin; a System 0?
Hv.liopathv me I llyj;iei,e; eiitaiiniic ontiii,,
r.f anatomy; I'ln siology of the human hoilj
hyg.eiiic agencies, am! the preservation 0!
health) ilieteties. ami hydropathic rnoksrt;
theory anil pra't i re rf vi a r-t r-a' inei.t : ,
I o 1,3' in ni'v. am Hi ri.. ......i,..,,!,,. . ...
. . .. , . ' I
the ratine, raue. sum. torn, ami (rest-
meat of all kn ovn ilim"j aj pliration of hy
ilropathv to iiu.lwifei y and t he nursery design
ed us a guide to f.iinnliPi and stml.-i.ts, nail t
text-hook for physician; by It. '1'. Trail, A.
1). ; illustrated vviih thre hniolreij ei (fraying
and colored plte siitistantially bound; pi
paid hy in I. SU.IM.
This is ti," most comprehensive nrid populnr
vsnik yet piit.lifhed on ihe auhject of Hydropa
thy; of all the publications' which have attain
rd Hiiell a wide liiilutl a ri lv. ai In. v....,-
' lers and Wells, perhaps lione are more iidni t-J
to general utility than this ri. h. comprehr,,
and well arrangeil encyclopaedia. I'r.bim.
Practice ot Wittc r-l lire. Coiit;iiiiii,g
ilrt.iileil aeeount of the various proeemei ud
in the water, treatment, etr; hy Wilson and
jmim ; ,hi CIS.
l niiosopny or vvater-t.-i.rr. A elrvcl-
.ii .
opment or the true principles of health and Ion-
1 .,... i... n,n,.-.. "''""oion
New I K hi, Cuilr TL...L II.. I)
T. Trail, M. I).; a system of cookery on hydro
.... ..., r j LHutrfj- ,
t U'e V- "-l' containing . .,
; L'lTt'jrVwliHeViirKr;.
i ppropriate dishes for liy.iroj.atb.c i
l.oslllolt c.f
preparinr all
'III-- riiiu , .
I luentH. vegetarian hoaniiag-houses, privau
luinalirs; f le.. ete, it is the cook's eoio ph-l
guide for Jill who ''eat to live;" papor, 6J ct
muslin, 7 ct..
Science of Swimming. With instruc
tions lo learners; illustiated; 15 els.
tv at cr- Jure in Amrricii. Over three
! bundled eases of various diseases treated with;
won m'ii'i .n.iii.-iii te jimciict ; vfx,',?.
Water-( ure applied to every known
Unease; j, new llieori , B COIIIplCl (ir 11,011 I
I lem .,f curing diseases; showiiic also thfafi-
i lion oi in'- auvHinages or iii iiVitloputliie ays
I l.v of the Allonathic method, and tin ,,ti..e I.,-.
I'tli'y t" a permanent V ith appea-
I d.x. containing the hy dropathic diet, and r.iUa
for t h i .. t: ; hy Hauss, h( cts.
Waler-l ure MiuiimI. Apopuhrwoik
eiithia. -ing tl. srriptioiii if the various modes of
I t.alliii.g, llif liy gKinc and curative rlfvcta af
. air.exeirise or clothmir, occupation, di.. ya-coinmuni-
. , , i . .,i. a . .
"f ''i-1, ses, and the hydropathic rmediei; ly
I Ur-M"-tt? rU' . ,
! a er-( urn Alinan: r. Price, b rts.
lonilcs 1 hysmlogy. Apj.ied to ihe
t preseivat,.,,, f altli. uml to the imp,oveUI,t
:;.;;"'.l .Juration . no,..
. Chrot.i.- Dis. aies: e spe cial'y tho i.ei
ous i!i. ae ol woiiien; by 1). Kotrh; fiom U.e
Gonial.; tlU c ..
Diges.ion, Phyiology of. Consid-rrd
with r. lat ion to die principle;, of J.etftin;hy
Comb. ; illustrate.!; tillct.
Food and With observ tdioris on
the dietetic regimen muled to ili.-oiO'-ied ate t e
of the dices, ue o'g.ins; and an account of tl,
dietaries of some ol the priiicipal me t.opolitan
an. I oiler establialiiuenls for pauper., lunatic.,
ci iii.iiials. child, eli, the sick, etc; by l'criciu;
rice 1,.".
Kansas: embracing descriptions of scen
ery, c limate, production, soil, and resouiees of
the terntoiy, interjpersed with incidents of
adventure aud anecdote, of travel; by Mas
tjieriie; ad cts.
Hereditary Descent: its Laws und Facts
applied to hmiuii impi oveuirn; by O. H. 1'ow-
ler; 7 c ts.
Natural Iiws or Man. By J.
Kpurheiin, M. D.j s,i imj.oitant work; 'M rt.
Male mil y; or ihe betti iug a ml nursing
e.f childich, iiicluiling female education; by O.
S. Kowle;; with ilhi-.trattoio; cent..
Pl.y siology, Aniui .1 an I .'.I. ti 1 1. Ap-
Iilied to the preservat.on an.l restoi at ion of
i.-alth of body and power of iinii-J; illustrated;
K7 rent..
Sober and Tempera e Li'c . Discourses
and Utters a.d biogiaphy of Louis Cornaro;
3i c's.
To'narrtn. Three pri esssya by Drs.
Ti all, Shew, and Baldw in; 15 rts. .
To. ih: .In ir a: rue lire, disease und lest
meld, w.l', :. macro, ii illustrations; lf tit.
f u! ui of Nations; in what consists its
security ; a Itcturr; by Kossout)., with a like
ness; li eta.
Vliitt the sis'errrts leach as to funning.
An address by Horace (ireeley; 12 et..
True basis of Ami ricau Independence.
An a.ldres. by Hon Win. If. Seward; 12 cts.
Labor: i.s his ory and prospect.. By
liohert Dais Owen; 3Urt..
Hints imvar'ts relorms. Consisting of
lecture., essays,, aud oth.r writing.;
second edition, eiilaiged; by Horace lirceiey ;
Hopes and Helps for the Young of
Loth sexea. Kelati ig to the formation of char
acter, choice of avocation, health, atuilseuiaat,
uiustc, conveisation, cultivation of ii.tcilf'l,
a oi al seiii iiueiits, social, ailection, courtship
and mamage; by Itev. Ct. S. WeaveiB7 els.
Huinaii lights and their political guar
antics; by Judge llurlbul; with notes by Gas.
Com h. ; hi cts.
Home lor All. A new, cheap, con
venient, and superior inode of building, contaio
ing full directions for con ilructmg giaiel Wall.,
with viewa, plans, and (agisted iilustraliont;
new edition, leiised ..lid enlarged; 87 ct..
lluoiyof I'.ipulatiiiu. Deduced from
the geneeal law of animal fxrt.lity; introduc
tion hy Jjr. Tiallj i ets.
Women; her education und influence.
By Mis. Hugo It-ed; with Inti oductioii b M.S.
C. M. Ku kiaud; with Krt't; 67 eta.
Kith, a of these woi ks may b ordered and
received by return of lhsnaT Mall., J itg
pre-pai-t by the rublisheu. J'leas luitlu.e U.
mount in bank note, or poauge stamps, ai
ad lies, all orders, post-paid, lo
tOWLl-lli fc WELLS,
3o1 llruadwsy, eay I oik.
N. fl Name your i'o.t-Oitier, C'ouaty, aiel
Stats. j.a d
vsrv t-vrstf-.M