Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, January 03, 1855, Image 3

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W EIiTTeToTy, " J ANT All Y 3. lro.
V. T!. rlmrr, Tribune build in?, S. M. Pet
tiricell, 1 1'. Nassau street . W. II. Mr Donald
111? Nf.s-ai street. New York fity.
C. fierce, K. W. Carr, Crane i. Co., I'hiU
aelrhia. W. 8. Swymmr, GeneralNewspapt r Aent.
Ir. McMahon t Williams, Council BluTs.
I " 7 X .
A T. Jones. P. M . Omnr.n Ctv, Nebraska.
M. M. CI irk. Nebraska Cr'nte-.
1'.. 1). Johnson. I'..,., Ft. Cal!i.)'tn. Nebraska.
J. C. Mitchell it Co., Whiter Quarters, Ne
ll V.
I". M., Townee. I.oupe Fork. Nebraska.
Mj. II. T. Uiiivnj, Nrbia-ka Cils . Ni hraska.
1,1. Garnet. C S. A., Commander at Furl
Latrruir, Nebraska.
I.t. llta'h. V. S. A., Commander at Fori
Krr.ey, Nebraska.
t'. M.. Mount Tabor. Fremont Co., Iowa.
Col. Tho. tanner, Mck. ..sicks Grose, Iowa.
I'guen A ' "IT, H"ilniL'1"fi, loxva.
W illiam Greet. F... Cedar RtpitU, Iowa.
Test Master, Foil lie Moine, low.,.
Augustus Hall. F.-.o. , Kroniju:i, Iowa.
lion. A. C. Dodic, Burlington. Iowa.
lion. Th mail Ifrow n, Mars s illr. t lliio.
J. H. rennet Fq., Bcllesiew, Nebraska.
J tse Went, 'l abor, Iowa.
1!. P. Berinet, Gli nwood, Iowa.
B. Txsehuck, St. Marv. Iowa.
M, K. Molli.ur, OttaUa, III.
!:" 'Iilos. Syracuse, is. .
John C. Heed. Cornrninirton, Ma.
LJiel ijainaul, too,., ioi hamp'.oii. Masi,
Muoh has loer suid anj proat citite
mciiI lir.t prevailed in regard to tlie nlf.iir
o' this Territory. Ve would not neces
s.irilv prolotig excitement, yet cannot
refrain from making a few d!i;ionnl re
marks to those who think for themsclvet.
It is well known to the people of thii
Territory llwt by tlie death of the lamen
ted (iovernor Burt, the duties of hi office
hive for a time fallen upon another.' II jw
far Jie hai faithfully Hint-harmed those di:-
tiei, the people Mint judpe na.l pnss sen
tftice accordingly. if liis aeiiuni will
bear the light, lie has nothing to fear from
a public examination, and if they will not,
re is unworthty the pluce he occupies", ana
cannot esprcl the jcop'e to susiain him.
IVe will not stop to review his course of
inccedirig from the first until now. Wi:h
josl of these (t, put lie are oiready famil We will, ihercfore, speak mere partic
ularly of hilnte acta.
If we unders'.utid the bill orjnnizing
this Terrilory, it pves the Governor the
power to select tie place for the first meet
ing of the Legislature, when he l as m.ule
ucli selection, l is rights in this respect
are at nn end. Every effort made there
fore in lii-s ftblio cajiaci y (and he does
Pot rease t be a public nun while holding
tlSce) to prevent the free expression of
the people is unwarranted, ar.d must be
looked upon as a usurpation of powers
thai do not belong to him an attempt lo
Invade the rights of free American citizens
and bet ray hi of tlie tnut reposed in him
ty .those who appointed him to office.
Ilnd Congress designed the G'overnor to
locate the seat ef Government, it would
tiive been so expremsed in the bill. They
aid not design to give such power into his
hands, but into the hands of the Legisla
ture, tlecleJbf, and rrprtifntivg the peo
ple, and the Corernor tlie right lo desig
nate the place where the lt-gisLtive as
sembly should hold its first session, and
at that session, or soon after, the repre
sentatives of the people, should proceed to
Lx.-ate the seat of Government.
If then, the acting Governor had shown
a disposition to the seat of Govern
ment at a point which the people would
liot select, and then by poliiirtil manoeii
vering keep it uVre owntrary to the wish
es of the people of the Territory, one of
two tilings must liim in such i
cowse of conduct. Ilitht-r he must think
lie knows tlie interest of the people much
Letter than they do themselves, or else he
must have tome selfish motive inducing
him sa to act. If the former be true, it
certainly shows au amount of seif-ei'eein
not often Di-t with in those who have reid
merit ; and if the latter, it shows h in
prepared to trample on the rih'.s of his
iellow-citizens, if by so doing he cm pro
mat Us own selfish ends. In either
case, such a man is not jualified either
morally or mentally, for the du'ies of hi
tffice, and ought not lo be continued in it.
What then, ore the fuel in the case 'i
Instead of designating the point for the
first meetii of the Legislature, when the
election wns ordered, this mutter was put
vfT, yroftutdly that the election might be
conducted more honestly, as if tVre were
only one honett man in tht Ttrritory, but
reully, doubtless, that he might accomplish
Lis own private eiida.
The natural course lo pursue w ould have
Lecn to designate tlie jtUce of luceiing of the
LegislHture-whenthetlectian wus ordered
d tlion feme tlie peoj !e free to act ac
wrding ta the light thfy possess d. This
wtia not done ; they weie kept in igno
rance of the very f;cl they most desired
l know, tnd for what purpose? That
might eKKinine the dillcrrnl points aiki
at-L-ct lliat most suiiuble. It m ould seem
lluit one ouiniiuU'iou would have been suf-fu,-ient(
tul fiiieiit vihils wera rmidc,
lad f tlt hull' is (rue t) at is suid abou
lim, or thai '' hhnsclf, it was
lA fi l;J'.'h ft ,,;4 VrTjn: ft eej
whet le could obtaia for tlic in of hi
He h.- ii 1 rrprrdnl'y, that lo 1 fl
been novreltnrro or h-s id every nop.
Holler had lie k pt ihat Btalcmi'iil in his
oss ti bosom.
A man's character ought 1o pro'erd him
from tin- i ppronche's of hrihciy it w ouM
pro'ect him were lie mi honest iu:-.n , and
iT lie were not in the market, mill disposed
to knoc k himself off to li e highest holder.
lit scon show lo ll.e world, tlial li e
surest way to meet a di.;'ppoi:i 'men',
would he lo iipproach him wi.h the idTcr
of bribery.
The man who rem coolly Mt down and
discms the amount of money his moral
character is worth, has no moral charac
ter. What c::n he his moral acn'.iincnts
r his hum s y who would lis'.cn lo a pe
cuniary offer to do what he ought not to
do, or dj it if right, without being pai I for
Tlie manner of oislriclirg li e Territory
never c; n he jut;ii.'d, an I cm only be
explained by supposing it was liono Id
secure men devo'ed '.ohis jirivate interests.
This implies conscious 'guilt,' fur con
Kcious i'liioceticc is Jiot tinder the
sity of resorting to such barefaced coo
duct. There are two professedly im por.
portant points, bo'h .'eiring the scat of
(jovcrnmen!. One polling nearly one
Inn Ire 1 voles, yet thrown into aiilnri
with its more popnlaus rival, that it might
be swallowed up and go unrepresented,
while a district polling not over 15 or 2)
vo'es i represented, and another likewise
rcprescn'.e.l where to have the meres,
excuse, men go over from Iowa and in the
open prairie, elect m .vi to the Legislature
ot represent free an 1 hoiest mm who
live in the Territory, while nure honest
residents are disfranchised.
Onr friend of the I!ug!e seems to think
the Governor is one of ihe best of men.
and the wises' of rulers r;d himself one
nf the most disinlerested of men claims
to have been a "quiet looker on" while
the fierce struggle for ihe location of the
Capitol was going on. It is very true the
struggle belonged to other ioiots, and
should have been carried on by them
but So fur from this having been the case
the Bugle has been the foremost and th
most desperate in the airuggla for vic'ory
Such has bean the position of tlie Bule,
but it is not our intention to find fault
wiih the course pursued in relation to the
Ct-pitol but w'uli that never assumed
tiMiiely: that it has not been engaged in the
contest, and claims credit for hiving been
an unconcerned spectator.
We are told, also, that ihe Opitol is
located at Omaha. We deny ihis state
ment, it is not located, at Ie;.st it should
nol be. If it is located, it is the work ol
a tyrant, fend therefore null and void.
The Nebraska lhll does not require the
location of the Capitol by the Governor.
The people are lo control its location, and
they are going to locate it where it suits
them bis!, as they have an undoubted
right to do. As we have repeatedly said
the C. pitol is not located, und cannot be
located by the Governor any more than by
a private tiazen.
Our neighbor of the Ihigle seems to be
deeply interested in whatever relates lo
the concerns of the people of tins Terri
tory. He seems te think that it would be a
most shocking want of ceinmjn sense if
not absolute madness, to divide sj small a
county as Doughs into two districts merely
for the tike of having HoPetiew repre
sented in the Legislature.
Now in the name of common sense,
why should it not be done 1
Thera were two p.jin's in the county,
though laying side by side, w-ere actually
heavan-wi le apart in interest and feeling.
No union existed between them any more
than if an ocean rolled bet ween. If there
were any points in tiie Territory needing
a dis'inct representation, these were the
The objection raise I on the ground of
size, amounts to nothing. The bi.l requir
ed the Territory to be diviJed into conven
ient districts, so that all parts might be
equally and justly represented and not
to form counties to be recognized as such
PosT-Orricc Law. We would remind
our readers that a change was made in the
1'ost-OHice law at tLe last session of Con
gress, w hich requires oil Utttrt to U rt
paid, otherwise they will nut It mailed
but at tlie end of the quarter, be sent to
ill General ros'-Oifise as lead letters,
Ir it laid that the plagiia is making
great ravages in the interior cities of Mei-
ic j.
?"The Virginia Messeuger, very
warmly roomuiendt lha banks of that
Slate to Juspsii l specie payment.
tJT Col. Benton delivered a lecture
before the Maryland Institute an the 15th
nlf , - vibier: I'aeific Ilailroad.
Qovermrs of Nebraska anl Utah.
St. Louis pspcrs up to the 2'M tilt., re
ceived ns we gr to press, 1 n1 e that the
nrw mine I y ie!cfriph thai, ih e Senate
had confirm'.'.! Col.Stiptoe as Governor of
Utah, and that tlie Wellington Union ofR
tiallv Himoi noes that of Mark W. Izzard
as (iMii rnor of i. !ii.iska. ( 'um.rt'fco' j
Cycl. j
ruanc fx.i;;tho.
Common is;o:n and i inn.tioii sense dio
Inli-s tin- proprio y ol' )in iff; ti e pu!
.rm' it g i.otie in ! lie I lie lemoij " linen,
ihe o eminent is!is!id, in-tead of j
foreign state. It is l ilil for government
as w i 11 as for an ini!i i lu.d to look oiiloi
its -m il iuiei est, and we see no reason
wl v im in y f urnished by Congress fur tin
government of this Terri-oiv should not
be expended i:i i'. a-iy more than we do.
why the proprietor ol a town should not
patronize men who had come in to help
act lie and build it up.
C.n money, ieslgned for the use wf this
Territory, be expended more for its in
icresis, in some lorcign state, llun il can
be in pati ouii:ig its own ci jzons ? Is it
right fot a public functionuiy lo t-mplov
the public funds fur the henelii of tliuse
not count cted wi.h the interests (a be up
held? Governor Cuming has seen fit lo use
liis -br it f authority" over the public funds
in helping to sustain papers which boldly
declare they have no inter s in the Ter
ritory lobe maintained. We coireml that
a l'lONKLH riU'-SS in a new Territory
ouht lo be upheld and will be upheld by
those who have the interests of llie Ter
ritory al heart, w he'her they are Govm
oi,s, TaitsTs or TtoPLr.
We have the pioneer press of Nebras
ka we were the first on the ground, ai.d
issued the first sheet of printed matter
from the Territory. We have faithfully
upheld the principles of the Nebraska Hill
and Ihe friends who have sustained it, and
have given every friend nf the Territory
a hearty welcome, and we mean 'o frow n
upon i's enemies in whatever position they
may be found. They cn reach no posi
tion high enough to shelter themselves
from the rebuke their unfaiihfulness to
the public trusts has inspired in our own
The Governor has giTeri the greater
portion of his patronage to a foreign press
lias patronized a foreign hotel, instead
of the squatter's cabin has been looking
after his own, instead of the people's in
terests w hom he c. me lo serve, diid we
me..n to publish this in every district of
this Terri.ory.
O" Kxir.cis I roui u private letter from
New York, dated D.-ctmber 14.
I w ish I could any limes were
good here but this it far from being the
case. I have hud a slight knowiedga f
New York for upwards of six years, ndt
have never known s'lch dull limes be-j ceeclings lo every newspaper in Nebras
fore. Mo chants, bankers, and business j ka for publication imd every piper ton
opperalions of all kin I are al a stand, ' ttining them, w ith a written copy, to the
Many tity bai.ks have failed, and o.hers
will fail soon.
" I am told there has been upwards of
1.500 men discharged from the ship yards
within the last two weeks, i.nd I m.y say
as many more from the different founde
ries. Mechanics are walking the streets
without any thing to do, and crime $ ra
pidly increasing.
" Ii is no uncommon occurrence to hear
of men being knecked down in the streets
and robUd nearly every nigjit.
" There was a grand salute of 100 guns
fired ih the Park in honor of the election
of Myron H. Clark, lo the Governerihip
of New York. Clark is in favor of lha
Maine-Law. and the rumsellara grieve
exceedingly on account of his election
but ihe awijori'y must rule.
'The weather has been very cold since
w inter art in. Navigation c osed en the
North river, some len days (go. A young
man was convicted a few da)s ago, of
throwing vi'rol upon ladies' dresses in
Broadway and sent to a state prison for a
term of 20 years.
" ILilroad accidents and shipwrecks
have been occuritig almost daily within
die last four weeks. Tin auble ship
Golden Age, was tecked last week while
coming into lhi harbor, and some 2U hu
man beiags went to their long home with
scarcely a moment's warning. The pas
sengers were mostly German emigrants.
44 There was a collision on the New
Haven Railroad last week, and many val
uable lives lost. L. V. UK CD.
Goeo Itooas ar Mail. Should any
our friends wish la purchase anything in
the literary line, we would recommend
them to the ung catalotige published in
another colimn. I'owLtas k Wslls
wo ks are emrnj the most popular ruw
J Chetp clothing any of our friends
m need of clothing, ean obtain it a cheap
rate at me store ox n.. r. Miow, Council
R un's also, a great variety of goods,
needed in various departments of life, all
cheap for cis'i. Give him a call.
Ch a no it me- Last evening the ther
mometer atrcMl 55 degrees above zero, this
At a Convpniioti of Delrates from ilia
several (lis1 riots nnil oounlips of Nebrni
kn.lirl. nt Nrlraka Citj .l Vrtmlier 30 li,
S.)4, for the purpose of Inking intooi.n
siilerHiion tlie present iinforliinute polili
i A roniliiioii of (lie Territory, n of ei-
pressing; (lie iews of tlie rion.r
iu rcln-
i''i '' .n.)'irs ly wl.ioli A'inj; (iov
e rnur t'limint; lias liern pui 'ed in niiin
i e menl of the nfTairs of the said Territory,
James H. Decker, I'.sq. of Pierce Co.,
was rVosen Ch. drm iti an I Geo. W. Ilnll
is'er of Helleview, mid A. M. Rune rtf
Ihi-rre Co. appointed Sri" ret aries.
Ti.e fo'lo vin,; D l. gates appeared and
took their le.ils,
I(iglai Co. S'epl.en Deealnr, J.
S eilirg Mor and Goo. W . Ilo'.iisier.
I'ass Co H. H. Thompson, L. Nuck
olls, i'ln'ip K. Sluiii'ion and James O'
Neill. rierct Co. Jatn-s H. Decker, Sim
son M.irgous, H. P. Ihnnet, A.M. Ilose,
C. H. C.nvlcs and John Clemen's.
Richardson Co. Lew is Corimett, Nel
son Hopkins and R. W. Frame.
Forney Co. Jesse Cole, K. yatt end
J. P. II.,., lley.
On motion, J. Sterling Morton, Kohrrt
W. Frame is: C. II. Cowles, were appoint
ed a committee on n-soluiions, who repor
ted the following : .
Whrreai, we believe that, in order lo
attain the ends of just government, ihe
Lxecutive power should be vested in up
right and honorable men, mil, whtreat
we believe thai that power, when confi
ded to unprincipled knaves, who seek
ra'her to control than consult ihe penplr,
(whom we recognize as the only true A-
meriean Sovereigns) isalwnys used, to
ihe advantage of the few and the oppres
sion of the many, therefere,
Resolved, lit, That Acting Governor
Cuming is neither an upright, honest nor
honorable man.
Resolved, 21, That he, the nforesai 1
Actitig Governor Cuming is an unprin
eiplal knave, and that he seeks rather to
control than consult the people.
Resolved, 31, That he said Acting
Governor has, by his own ae's, secret
ones now exposed, as well as lhoe, which
he has openly avowed, cons inced us or
the truth of, and invited us to pasiihe
above resolution.
Resolved, 4'h, Thnt, recognizing ll.e
right of petition, as ihe prerogative of all
free citizens of (he United States, we ds
hereby petition His Kxeelleney, Franklin
Pierce, President ef the United States, to
immediately remove the said Cuming from
the Acting Governorship.
Resolved, That we, also, because of
the reasons hereinbefore stated, petition
for his removal from the Secretaryship of
this Terrilory.
Resolved, That the Secre arid of this
Convention foward a copy of these pro-
i President of the United States.
The iibove resolutions, after a long and
spirited discussion, in which the acts of
Aclirg Governor Cuming, were thor
oughly canvassed, were unutiimously o
dopted. On motion,
Resolved, That we deem it expedien
to recommend to ihe President of the U,
S., suitable persons for the offices of Gov
erner and Secretcry of Nebraska, should
no action have been taken by him in ref
erence lo the appointments.
On mo1 ion,
Resolved, That we recommend Gen'l
Be!n M. Hughes of Missouri, for the of
fice of Governor, and Dr. P. J. McMa
hon of Iowa, for the office of Secretary.
On motion, the convention theu adjourn
ed. JAS. II. DLTKLR, Pres.
Geo. W. HoLLiSTia,
A. M. Rose,
Oct or Won.-The New York Tri
bune says that there arc 500 printers out
of employment in that city.
At oia: f the principle iron works.
AX) men were discharged a short time
The cry of no worn ascends to Heav
en from thousand of son ard daughters
of toil, every day and every hour, amid
the wealth and abundance of our Eastern
DirAL tTi.--V. P. Sac kett, receivirg
teller of the Market Hank, New York,
has turned out to be a defaulter to the
amount of 25 t'00.
Defaulters are ihe order
New York.
if Tlie Missouri river u open op
posile this place,
J3The nelt amount subject todrafl in
the V. S. Treasury on Nov. 27ih. was
.oq jfj j(aj
3" The Mormons base been ardered
to leave Sun Frai.scisco by lha first ol
May next.
J"JThe California papers urge the
establishment of a mail route across the
At a sneoiing of the citizens of Rellc
tiew, held Dec. 28ih, 154, Thus. Mor
tots, wns called to the Chair and C. T-Ilollow-iiy,
appointed Secretary.
Stephen Decalur, I. II. llennet and C.
D. Robinson were rppnin cd a committee
to draft resolutions expressive of the seine
of the meeting, who presented the follow
ing, which were unanimously adopted.
Whereat, Ilach day dr clops some new
oii'i age by T. II. Cuming, Acting Gos -r-nor
of Nebraska, U on the lihertii t of ihe
ntiyens of this Territory some new
scheme for the furtherance oT his and the
in' e res' i of a few, who are willing to as
sist him in his disgraceful plu s some
new evidence of his determination to
control if possible, iho Territorial Legis
lature, and ci nlie in himself n power lit
tle less than thai of a despot, and
li fiereas, He hs show n himself by his
utter want of hones'), integrity ami men
tal capacity, completely disqualified for ihe
t I . . , I ! . .1
i. ik. i M'rn run, to w.ucjii, to liie ureal mis
fortune of the people of the Terriloty, he
has, by mi act of Providence attained, and
Whereas, We recognize to its full ex
tent, the doctrine of Popular Sovereignty
und the nn, ht to call to a st riot account ,
Tor misrule and'ra'ion, our
representatives, whether in the Fxecu
live ( hair, er in any o'her station, jind de
mand their punishment by removal or otli
erw ise, therefore,
Resolvd, That we, ci izens of Ih-lle-view
and Nebraska, earnest)- protest a
gainst the continuance in ihe alWco of
Governor, T. II. Cuming, who never
could by his ow n ability, has e succeded
lo that responsible situation.
Henolved, Thai we respectfully request
of his His Kxeelleney, the President ol the
United Slates, ihe immediate appointment
of a successor to the lamemtcd Governor
Resolved, That ss T. H. Cuming has
sIioh ii himself unfit for the duties of Ac
ting Governor, we believe him equally
fit for the post of Secretary, and reouest
his removal..
Resolved, That three persons be ap
pointed by (he mee'ing lo attend the Con
vention lo be held at Nebraska Ci'y, on
Saturday Dec. 3D h, loT4, for the pur
pose of deliberating upon the u'J .irs of the
Territory, tnd recommending to ihe
President, if ihotight expedient, a suitable
candidate for ihe office of (iovernor.
Resolved, That these proceedings be
published in ihe Newspaper of the Ter
ritory, and a eopy of the Resolutions be
fowarcU-d, by the Secretary, to ihe Presi
dent of the United S ates.
Whereupon. Stephen Deea'nr, J. Sler.
ling Morton and Geo. W. Hallister, were
appointed delegates, and on motion, ihe
aieeling adjourned.
Cuxs. T. IIoi.i.ow av, Sec'y.
A M. per-ons havii-g land Claims in Belle.
XV view District, Nelnaska. ar reanea'eit lo
nie-t at the Missioa in Belleview, on SA'I'l'K-
10 A T , January o, x), atio a. m., f..r tl.
purpo.e of adopting and executing soiha course
to protect citizens in their tion--t rlsi-ns.
many syr ATT KRS.
Brl!eview, jan 3, lHo5.
rcuLiMirn ar
303 Broadway, Hew York.
TN order to aeeoiiuuodale ''The People" re-
aidine in all parts of the t'nited Siali'i, tlie
Publiiliers will forward by r'-torti of llie -ifst
vail, any book immcd in the following list.
The post.-ipe will be pre-paid by tlieiu at the
New Vork Ofliee. By tliisarrancemeiit of pre
iaisz rioktaK" ' adtanre. fif'v tn-r rent, is
caved to the nurrhaser. All letli-rt rorita in i ri
orders should bi pot-pa'nl. an-l ilirn lrd as fal
lows: FOWI.KI'.S AM) WF.I.I.S,
3i Rroad-vay, New Yoik.
Consti'u'ion of Man. liy (jeo. (3ombs
Tlie only authorized American edition; with
twenty engravings, and a poitrvit of the au-
ilioi; pru , uiusliii tt (Hit.
Defence of Phrenology. Conlaining
an eisay on the nature and value of I'hreiiolo);
ieal es ider er: also, on an aide vindication of
I'hreriolujyj by Iluarduiari; price H7 emti.
Domestic Life. Thoughts on its con-
rord and discord, with luU kints and
jfeslioiis; by N. bif-rj pile 1 el.
F.dueatkm: lis Klemen'ary Principles
founded on the nature of man; by J. (J. Hpuri-tii-iui,
M. I) ; with an anneiidm, ronlainea !
eription of the temper aments, and an alysis of
the phrenological facuUie-; price HI ets.
We i-i;aril tloa volume as one of th nust im
portant that has been ofl-rrexl to the public for
many year. Boston Med, Journal.
Lectures on Phrenology. Hy George
Combe. With notes, an essay on the phreno
logical mode of invest ifition, and an historical
sketch by Vr. Boartlinaii; illustrated; $1,5.
Marriage : i's History and Philosophy
A phrenological and physiological exposttioa
of tfca functions ani oualificalions necessary
for happy marriare; illustrateih lb ets.
Memory und Intellectual improvement;
itppiiea io seir-educalion and juvenile mstruc
tioi.j twi i.tieth editioi illustrated; HI ets.
Ma'rim. -y ; or, i'J.renolrgy rnd Pbysi
ol'i'v applted to tlie s'-rt ion of toi eenisl
oinpainoin for if; nn do eet.ons i o the
inaHicl tut living ti.g. tlier allci i.onateiy and
happily 3'l e!s.
I'tireiiology Proved, llltis'rxted, und
a,lied; akcouijiabied by a Chart. eii,aiaeine au
analysis of the primary menial puws.s in their
various decrees uf iiveloxrueiii, the phenome
na produced by their rombiued sc tisity", and
the location of Ih phrenological or.'iin-: to
ether ith a view of the moral and theologi
cal bearing of tht science jric l,2o.
Phrenological Aliounaij si;h psrlri i's;
S ets.
Phrenohsgy and ihe Scriptures; an able
thoocli suiall woikj by Htv. John Pierpont 12c
P.ireiiolognal Guide, Dexiued for
stud " ids of their own characters 15 cl.
S'f Culture, and Pcrfec ion of Charac
ter , eluding: the eduration sad mabsgeoietit of
yout pr!' 7 e's.
' - is
"Srf-made, or never made,'' is the motto.
No individual ran read a ps'e of it without h,.
iiiR improved thereby. m. School Advocate.
St If-1 list rued or in Phrenology and Phy.
siolofV. Illustrated with one hundred eiijrrav
ine Inclu In e a Churl for urordinj the var
ious decrees; of develnpmetit by (). S. and (
Kowler; price in per, t)0 cenl; muslin, ct'
Accidents and F.rnergencies ! A guide;
conlaiiiinir dirci tions for tieatmrnt in hli-eding
cuts, bruises, Rprains, hroken-bimes, d sloin.
tions, radw Ay and steamboat arridenls, burns
anil srald", bites of mad dops, rholera, eye
choking, poison, (its, s-.n-stroke, ln;hlnii,Ct
diovsnmc, etc.; spji. milt by l)r. Trail; l' eta
llnhver, J;'orlies and Itough'on on llm
Water Treatnirn'j a romp I. it on of papers and
ti-rtuiet oil the subject of lis ciene and hsdrophj
cditidhy lloi.ghtor ; S)l
(lons'imp'.ion; its Preveiiifon and Cure
by the water-treatment; ilh advice eonretniuj
heinori liaRC fif Ihe luli's, coughs, colds, asth
ins, bronchitis and sore throat; by Dr. Shew;
K1 ets.
Domestic Practice nf I lydropathy, w ilh
a form of a report for the assistance of patients
in consulti'iir their phvii-Mtis bv corir.spun. ; by Kd. Johnson', M. I).; !i,?;,
Lrrors of Physicians and others in the
practice of th ss stcr-c urr ; by J. II. Haue:
Un ets.
lljdrofia'hic Family Physician. Area
dy piesctiber and hyciei.ic ads isrr, with n f.-r-euce
to the nature, cms , pi esention and treat
mi lit of d,eae, arridrnlt and casnalities ef
every kind; ssilh : jrlossary, table cf rottents,
and lodes; illiisj-t( d with nearly- three hun
dred enravinc; J"r' Shew, M. I)., one
larps s ol'ime of H2H pafes, s'distantially bound;
pure, pie-paid by wfl, $.''.
Hvdrotialbv r-ne)l'.V,ii, Sys'em of
Hydropathy and liypriie; ernlaiiiirn outline
of anatotnyt I'hs siology of Ihe human hods ;
hygienic agencies, and the atmn of
health; dietetics, and hydropathic cookery;
tbeoiy arid practice of waler-trealmeiil; spec,
inl pa'holocy, and hydro-therapeutics, uiclinU
in Ihe nature, cause, svmptoins and treat
ment of H known disease; application of hy
d'opathv to midwifery and t he nursery; design
ed as a jr;uidc to famalies and atudet.t, and a
tevt-book for phyf icians; by K. T. Trail, M.
I).; ilhistrsted with three hundred eiieravinr;
and colored plates; substantially bound; pre
paid by mail, 3.00.
Inl 1 tlie iuosi coiiuirenriisivr mm popuiAT
work yet published on 1he subject of Hydropa
thsf of all the publicationj which have attain
ed such a wide popularity, as issue 1 by Kow
ler and Well, perhaps none are more adapted
to cciicral utility than tin rich, comprehensive,
and well arranged encyclopaedia. Tribune.
Practice of Water-Curc. Containing a
detailed account of the various processes u-.ed
in the water. treatment, etc; by Wilson and
Gully; 30 ets.
Philosophy of Water-Cure. A devel
opment of the true principle of health and Ion
jrev.ty; by Halhirnir ; Jil cents.
New llsdropa'hir Cook TWk. Rv R.
T. Trull, M. D.;a system of cookery on hydro
pnthic principli s, conlainmi; an exjiosilion of
the true relations of all alimentary substances
to health' with plain receipt for preparing all
ppr opriate dishes for hydropathic establish
ment, vegetarian boaiilinehous-, prnale
famalie; 'etc.. etc. It i the cook' complete
Cuide for all who 'at to live;" paper, CI el;
muslin. H"! ct.
Science of Swimming. With instruc
tions to learners; illu ,ti ated; 15 ets.
Waier-Ouie in America. Over three
hundred cae of various treated with;
tsi.h rase, of dom -stir pi arln-e; kl,l'-).
Water-Curc applied to every known
disease; a new llicorj; a complete denionstia
lion of lh advantages of the hydropathic s
ti'in of curii'K c!ieise; shovMng also thelaila
bv of the Allopathic method, and i's utter ;na-
lulity lo e!f.ct a perinancnt cure. Willi ppen
dix. conlai'iiiiK tlin hy d''nc diet, and rul.
fur baUunt; by ltauss; 7cts.
V..ler-4 ure M mid. A opul:r WO' k
einhracinr dcscriptioiis nf the various ircxles of
bntlili -l', llie bvric'i c and curative ert'rel of
air.exe ri-e or cl.i'h'ui, ore up s'lori, die:, wa-ter-drinki:
i', etc. Together w ith ilesrrijdior 1
of di e in. and the hydiopathic remedie-; by
Dr. Siie ; 7 e's.
Va cr-Cure AIiiimi:.c. Price, 6 els.
Combe's Phvsiology. Allied to the
preservatiou of h' altli, 'm l to the improvement
of physical and m-ri'.al ed i.caf.ioii; w .til Holes
by ,' S. Fowli-i;.'i7 ets.
Chio i : Diseases: especially the t erv
ous dis-ar of woui' n; by Ii. lion h; fiom tlie
(J.-rinai ; 3l) C s
Diis,i,,ii. phvsiobgv of. Considerel
w ith relat ion to die pi in Iple of dietetics; by
( iiinlic; illustrateit; JO ets.
. Food and Diel. With observations on
the d.e'etie regimen mted to -lisordere I 'ttat'-s
of the dies'ive organs; and an account of th
dit-taric of one of the ar incipal metropolitan
an I other ettablishineritc for pauper, l.matic,
iriiiiina!, children, the sick, etc; by l'eriera;
I r're sjit, -..".
Kansas: embracing descriptions of scen
ery, climate, production, soil, and resources of
the terrilory, iutei spelled with incidents nf
adventure and anecdotes of travel; by Max
(rrc l,e; Ull ets.
Hereditary Descent: its Laws end Facts
applied to hiiiurn iinproscinci: bj O. S. Pow.
Naiiir..! Lssvs af Man. Ry J. G.
.S,urheir.-i, M. I).; an impoitant woik; 30 rU.
Maternity; or the bearing and nursing
of children, nieliuiiiie female eilm atioii; by O.
S. Kow!r; with iltustra io I; 7 eei t .
Physiology, Anim . I and Mcoul. Ap
plied lo the preservation and restoration of
health of body and power of uillid; illusiralei.;
7 eenta.
Sober and Temuerale Life. Discourses
and letter a. d biography of Louis Cornaro;
3u el.
Tobacco. Thre prize essays by Drs.
Trail, Shew, and Baldwin; 15 ct.
Teelh: iheir tirm-ure, disease and teat- 4
Uient, with numerous illustrations; Id ets.
J'litiire i,f Nation; in what consul I i'l
security; a lecture; by Kossoulli, ,ili lik
Iicsh; i t.
What the sis'eri rls tench ns lo farming.
Anaddics bv Hoiai-a Greeley; 12 ct.
True basis of Americ an l;idejemltnta. i
An address by Hon Win. 11. fceward; 12 et.
J.abor: il history and prospucls. ily
Itohert Dale Owen; 30 ct.
Hint toward, reforms. Caiisisting of ;
lei lores, essays, addreos, and oilier writing;
second edition, elilaiged; by iloiac tiieeleyj
Hopes and Helps for the Young ef,
both see. Itelati ig to the format ion of char
acter, choice of avocation, health, amusement,
music, convention, cultivation of intellect,
uioral seniiiaeiiti, socia!, all-clion, courtship !
and uiarriar; by llev. t. S. Weavei;i7 ets.
Human rights and their political guar- J
antin,; by Jialge llurlli'jt; with note hy Geo. ;
t'ombc; 7 eta.
Home tor All. A new, cheap, con-
s enient, and superior mod of buildiiig,eoMain- j
) nr f ill rinsi licii foreorintriietiiiggiavel wall. :
with s iews, plan, and tii(;ravd iilutratiuii;
new edition, revised snd ndare.d 7 et.
Thetiry of Population. Deduced fro" !
the feneial law of ui.imal ftitilit) iuliodnc- :
tion by Ur. Trail; 15 ct. ;
Woinen; her rdiiiMtion ani influence. -
By Mrs. Hugo il-ej; W;th introJ actioa by Mr. ,
C. M. Mikialid; vsuli oi-ait; HI cU. . .
KiTlira of these woiks mif be ordersd nJ
reciised by t eturo ct thtriaST Mll, postap
pre-paid by tlie I'jtinsiiei . l'ee iiicfos to
aiuouiit in lank !." . or ola S'au ad
addies all in a.... i t-oaid, lo !
308 BioadaV, 'sv York.
N. B. .Nirve your Tost O'llce, County,
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