Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, December 13, 1854, Image 4

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ExcHlrnt Cement for
fcanis in the roofs of houses or
fir ar.v similar defects may he li.k.c
vith white lead, dry white san;
find as much oil as will render it
of the consistency of putty ; it be
comes as tunl as any stone in the
course of a few e. h; t!e lead
form a kind of tin x with the sr.nd
a.laptir.r-r it to the llhiiw j, 0f
cracks in brick buildings; also for
Jiaintinir up tin; bases of chinincvs,
here they j. rojei t through the
roofs, of s!ii:ii;lei houses
A every thine romicctnl v,!;..
poultry now-a-days has a peculiar
interest, we pive the followim;
sensible remarks from an I'nHis.!)
sirriculttiral journal:
First, of th'. roost and nest house.
The floor should he sprinkled with
ashes, or loam, pulverized peat, or
fine charcoal, and the floor should
be cleaned every week.
The yaid should conta:na crass
uit, some fine gravel, sltku lime
dry ashes, and pure water. The
nest should be lined w ith moss,
heath or straw. Kvidentiv the
Dorkings are the beat breed"; they
will lay an aver ice of 1S." eciis
each per r.nurn. Fowls with black
legs are best for roasti-jjf, while
those of w hite leg are best for
boiling. If you want them to sit
early, leave the e?LTs under them.
Fowls in their native habits never
lay more egrrs than they can hatch,
liememhcr that no success can be
expected from poultry-keeping if
their house be clamp, cold unclean
or badly ventilated; if their food
Joes not aproxinnt? to that which
they can .get in a state of nature
viz: a mixture of or . vege
table food; if the water they drink
the drainage of the
manner Leap, ve.,orifthe stror.
est and handsomest be not bred
F:ar Cul rr? at the V.'o.t.
One of the most important aid
Jnodcrn establishments for the in
terest of the Western firmer i.,
that of the " Dayton Flax Com
jmny." the object of v. hich is to
dress flax upon an extensive sf a'e
by the Buchanan process. The
vvorKS are situated
hout one miles
east of the center of the cilv. and
are now rapidly ajjproach.'ii com
pletion. Messrs The, lumber.
Jr., ana Lhas. JJarUhorne, of
rhili leljihia, are the rnanejL'ers or
proprietor of the patent for the
United States. J. N. Grosenor
Esq,, is a proprietor end the
manager of tho Dayton establish,
merit. Mr. G. is a very ind
igent throught aToin, practical
:entleman who has hrd much e.x-I-erience
in the growing of flax
an.J manufacture of oil. In sec
uring his fccrvices I think the com
pany were extremely fortunate
1 was not a little surprised at see
ing the Hccumulation of such
mountain of Hax-straw. The
yards and buildings now contain
rpwarJ of 20(H) lens, end ytt this
is neatly put up in stacks or ricks.
Four of thee ricks are now com
pleted, each of which is 200 feet
long, -10 feet hih,oO fet wide at
the bottom. This flax is mostly
the produce ofthrce of the adjoin
ing counties. Tl..' company pay
$10 per ton for all tho tlix-straw
that t ome to them straight and
bound, and f j per ton for the
Crosvenor informed
that he would probably raise steam
1 , i
and commence operations m the
course ot tlie next moutn, when
lie has promised me he v.iil send
ou sornd account of his 8tjcess.
There is now cultivated r.nJ
.va.... ... a............. a..,-
liois on:l other Western Stiites,
tens of thousindsof tons of !ax, fori
lha seeu alcr.e the Lore is fcutlcr
'd to co to wa-te hich ifd.-csacd
would find a ready market at rc-
iniu:er.ti:i mere. I lio)e the
buccesrf of this cntcrp ri-e ma)'
encourage the capitalists of Ken
tucky and Indiana to erect similar
cstablishmcnti in tiic-ir rti pectivo'
r,.-"ii ut b l'o I l. rinrr n
frlicrfc, ful vl''e. onl r.-ty brliie.
Pro.eniy i n jut ..-i-Ie ; B.Keuitv'
ii ilc ui'v '. ivcgti friru h.
i; s i u f s 5 tl i c r c t o t ? .
.". , "... - " ; TiTv; I . !".-i a.ii ."V4. I' aU...,.
n,)TI V f- l"I!l'l-l' i 1 . 1 1 '' f '!,, I: I.' );a". or h .ml 'd' til" V-tc.n, i .. :
, , ' . ' ' y."'-'.,M,, , 2 ...d--.-- ' hmm.,;. .f . 5. s,,,,r a ,, ,,r k,.," f.hi, c.a ,r,-
!.:,..'. iii l.ii'',.li.l.w.ii.l)rlw, 1 . ... Bif - ' I I .....t....... l'..n.U- tlw I , IH.o
0 uv-. -I a,hi. I iimi.-.i-.;, I,- ' A. I . ' !-. CltTnVltr I I u.C: icN. . Kin-W.., ,,.r T.-t-
1 .. ' ' ..I I .... . ..'..:. I ' . 1 ! 1 , . ! . . I " . - ... .... ...
Js,!M .V; t.M.I.-MI. !. 'Z.-J-i A s:. I ! I .......... r.n :, I);-,'.. -H'f i
K-i- In. in. fi r.-r..s. 1)-v C ,' ; " . ' v' - M " " , ( i, ,-, )n... v. Il.l-i.
II in!., urn, I'."1..- .. S'.,, mi . . Ii,.'.' .. V.; ft Vr "'I''. !;. j I... i C.ii.vl.uiit, .V.-i wv,. ,r,.,.i,i:,-li.'i
1 . ., ii., I i..- uu I M i.i I' f.ii ! I' I, r 'I . ' r 1 V . 7. I 111 ' . -v 1 I III... . I..
,'nol'M.M hn'.v,M rf Ik r-!l'!ir Shim.'. h tl,,,,w , lM "J ",' ' V, ! V !,7l'.. Su .-1 i' i Mi-P-.r'. -m-
1V'.,'.V- vl !l.',il M",'!ni,!, i-n," of ,.. ,-,, 1 ' - i'.i'iIi'S ul-.', t'lnu.ic I ii. Inn: .1
.,, 'r.n,! . !,,-,. n-..'ri,-:,t ,T lir,"-r 1 1 V j T T Mi I , TH'IA I V W.W.: CXI ! 1- v.-l.iaM.- in-I :. u,- r. . i, U.r mj.-t, H...hvi.!. illl.l r,-0rlv,TV. (i'-i.'Vi. ...I. j A , ,1, Ii.- Ml ! fTMi.'li,,;- ' I;,.- U, S . ..I, . lil.-i.r a. '...-l-v , t . ..l.l.-
1 ,,.,1V., t -1 1, ,.,..(.,. i,.i., ;.,!!,,. . T. !.:: . I ' ' M IS . ll . Ilv N. ... ! .'I I," I..II-
-' - - - ..,',;.. ... t.. i :!.'.' c ... i .'I I . !' 1 . ,,' i ; i:l i t ' - ' (' ' ! . 'r,iH -f ,..., .. .-"..xv I1 "''
II. P. ur.NNT.ri, ilir ... .,).. -f.. i.. ... ii. ii.- w. .'. ' i . H .ir....i,t.-..f i'.,m......,,b;i .,; ..;.;'i
t:,..!)i-v mi. I Co in-i'lli.r lit l. i'V, S ,1 ,.i,j u ,, , , ij i,, I , v , w,- ;i n I . ..i i ; . n -a rv ki., ,i I., t , . n.'.l r..l f. ,,;! .. I- 1. .-':''
nr in CIliim'.. . m .11 !...:'. ill Hi;" : " ' I , . ,.t t! in I .-..u.'.-. u.,1 i .'... i.i im ! 'H''' .'!" '. in !'. ..-.i.-.v ..I ',!'!. I In I.:iw- I
icvr-i t 'l I n.) ! I I i 1: I I. II l-.-ll'l" . ... I ) I r -r 1. I . I I ... , .,.,!. ' , .. . ,-.'
..'.ii,l I., i.i! , .'.;. M ..i i, ' '' r .1 I ; . , ... i ... j In' i, I' t'.,: Ii m. i.,,i mmi ' I ' ' I.iii... hi I ,1 1 1: . r y ..):' !. i -. i ; i
n hi . 'I'..T rort.tT of t'u t.-l l. 'in ;t ,t i ili j......ri.'t..r. lii.-t w . in.. v. I., n j!N. in l Ihn.IIIiv ;i -1 : - 1 1 . .i.ul.lli.S lli-:.i pr-
.trprfs, Olonwoiul, Inwa. a 1 1 i :U -1 v , ,,;,i,.r,l, . I:'. m of ot.';;::iii..' ill.-' il,. ih.I i f'.'in l!n' f ni. tiui (...'nr.. .l.-.o.-n.-.l. I: I. i"'
,.,,( tv. I'..r .,,T.f. linihii;. ill." i-i i.-li'iil 1 'N'l.lii.'ii'ly b.'h...r, Do. t. n- r.ri.'.r! .-
V M. STltKI'.T. ,;j:. i an.l mu! wv.-.'it in ( .... .. r Hi., i in-. oi- ,! ""I S.'.'J'Ji iI!j i l-l l';-i.ali e ati.l
IliV'Van :ii" r-i-;i !...;.. r .rm.o.Cy 0f ti.. an aii.-.p.'-ii' . ( i;ii ! ,.. k i .1 ,'n I'.ir.fyiic .' o.'.r.. . tin
l.w-iic! in (;...i. !. M IN r.. I ;. w.H I ,., nn a-,v .l.-.ii-.l lnn.- imi-I I.aI.iip of i I'NNl.r. It i !.... j..-.-. (.'...t-aii:. r. ai. 1 arri n-
I iv,.i.Mv attfn.l In all rili in In!. Nrl.-.i.ti. j,,,, , t,, ). ., ! .i i I u itli..-.' .1 . i n
lol ri- on l.n.-'it t.p"t, one tloni i " l)i of P')l TIN'j CI OT'P'
Wlt-N sicrs. ""-"-'i" T.i ','.., a Co' .in' of I! V...i, 1 .1
. . il "i )l ( I lit". I '.. nrlli.i ill ii)'' V. ..r ii.iit .h I 11..' ,
, .,.., ci,.,,,.,,,, I M. IK C... I-.'if.-,!.-' .lillirNllr. IHivl nolii.'.' JmlN h V fa-t I f. 1 1 l"rr rt "r "in.iii ..I Inn f.i .1 Uf.s 1 ly is.-.l .
, ',:, 'in !:,"'.' i -l "f li.f n il an I 7 !i J I- , . ri n,l . i, .'. u ml la- I.i;.'" ''i '!.; ol ;ri.,i ,
. j ; l ') ' , :.- ., ami ::,e r mi ' r. i a . u " .
Mav : I. Ki I. i..'.'-U. .!:.. Cio",. tii.t ,,;!..!( oi t.i'll ouii,i
' ' '. ' ' --- ai,, I oiill-r. I..-.-. in.- ... I . .j i. nt. lo in ! it nc-
WII. II A M . 1 1.-; ii I !.!'. ....Hi u (,:,.., -, I,, ,nr -iLi'..,-! ("'l...
A tto r in-v .m l Co i,o.'i.,: at I. . v , t i '"ii w lr , lt. ,.r.. - t ' a ; ! ' i '" "I an
IllAilt ' (ui-'.,N-l. 1 1 1 f .. . ,(.' . t . . ' i ... Jai-I ii.-"..!-.. t !i.- or. fial ,
.. ff Tpl. tll.'INS O II ol.j.Tl 'u a to ill' if t'il 'l". .1" I oi.l.-l- ;
.1 . J.. 1 1 K I . ,., ,.lU.r ;,,. - l.i'i.'.T IN I- I...I.I". 'I'. I. Villi-.
Vornrv ami ('i'Hin1-.i "' l.w. !i , ...rto..'k it w.'l. r.-l ... t .. r.-.-. t. :.nui I'.al llicy
i,l of I..M- ,.t ,(: I.I" a.. .!. I..H.I. a, I :U-tr I ,.,,.,, ,,, ,,;.,. (:, ,..,x,.., ami ,;.'-
-- w I..-'..- t;,c ,iiii!',,i nil v ..I in. .-Ii m. i:i.l;..-.i n..i.
.MLl'lCAL Mil I ( V.. 'Mef,,;; ,.,;,.: Tl.rv h -w ... r .....I ... ) .
!W!or.1 ll.'- !! I. W" "I l ' i " '.' ' 11. , tux NOV. U .... I t.HI -
;..r....... tl,.- . i.i .... ..." ioi-vvo.i.l. M !! C ', I ... ... ,.. . ... . i a:., ran.., s tin' F.-rrf-ii.... of lo allliv
i,,,v... tint lit ii .. i" nn 1 1 i'.cit'-i in tii .i ; . . ; a,i ,i oa!.,;,tV. ,,.f,n I i''i'-' t... i1m.:..-i t'i.- r i
! ...... t I,-. 1.'. rrot, -.i.ll... sc. iff. in .-. . , . .. ,. , .1,. . .!.,. ,,,,,:... .... i .... ! a.ol S II 'a Nil 1,1 ?..) oi," I
i.ll oi ilsM.noi.1 h.-ain-ii.. to 'I.- .1 'i.u.H aiot , ' ... ' " , al.,l ,.:,i ov, ',.lS ,., i i.-n.ii;il,iii,t.s u
viriin!.. ll-ni-.aC a.'t"i, Id a fail i we t '
Mri.rii uv ..-, in C...I,...:. . V011T.UU.K HILLY M'LL.
.,m...TK.-.. a . .. ... , f, U....IN... i , ,,.,.., ,,,r l.,lMr,1P.ll,c
hf.s;v!:in.y:,;--...:.i:',:. i -! -...-.ii h,
i "' - ' .. a-.o, . .. tV if'. -ai ;
O I . L.- W.O. i .-. I
i KOiil.U 1 i'- t -V !-..' j . ri ,v to iii.'tatl'iri'.n oi Ii. , n- in; j
Willi rMt i: 1t at ! i in W..o !,.,, Wiiicv. ! 1 o' V ar" in .f in liii U'.-t. ul
an. 1 C .lar V. .:!. ,N... . , :' '-.. .1
M,.ir,ii. i-", SI. I...-..-. .Mo. .
W,ia !,ni:.,:, N i.'l.lH-r 13,
s! left. Si. I. "Ma'lapan 1'on f 'on,;... ny."
Iluloii. irannfiTtiirfr "f imriiin. '! tool ;.
cnttiiat an.l il'illii.' piM-hi'i. -. latlo-i, .V fr . -r..-
K.ln. ni''" 1o-)l. .e.. tiiar. f :cfi I ;:
Wtiitsvo-tii Wu.k.. Sii )!: I I. imno't. 1 ! oi.t.-i .
M. 11AKKW Kl.l..
r l?-1r A,lil'
T.l.MAaW i:i.ii.';. c L'u..
Sni'".-!.) i tn IVrllioM i. (.olii-n. w li..: .ale
.lea.e's in tji o.eri. i. 'l"ih. . 1 o-s aid J.a;No,.;
('..i.iiniioii anil Korw ar.lina .M.'i ci.. ill's, It Sircornl i t. St . lon. M i.
t'll TILLS' JIN, V .M.
l l.Hll. K'W.Itt, J. ,'II Ull. I'.tHi HOLi).
am l.M
f,a'cy, M.:C.'anc -t Co., be! v. . an M, l' '.ii at..! s-fei.t-, .... Mam ami v'-"'.ii.l 'f.n't , !
Lmii, M" ; I'. iiMei..r sr.a:-. C.-xii.c. Uu.i.-r.
ami i cry Jt-sci iplai-n of J"l.i i in -rioii'-i y.
a nr 1 J-(i:.'l
WM. jr. iS(j SDs.
1!I.i..TaI.I ,. .,..',.. ,.. oi l 1 r,.r,.,
f M.'ican st... t, si. i.n;. st -ei .i i
I '.-riptiou in s'ore, or iNiN irii-1 to ...-ler, .... trn
he.n tcrmr.. IMi'ii II. T. I. K K WV. A,.
J. F. COM' TrA'K.L V) ,
;!o,a!.i ami retail .lenter in
of all LmJ. -No. loJ -Main m
Mo. ,.p. 1.
N an, I
i-i't. Si.
I,.. NIS
aniifactiii-t ol (.'oi i LK l is ami
ln.ix ui,nk,t cli a ( upper i'.n. H In
Steam Li-'.rii.e an.J i).tii. i .c-. Inc. i lnn an. I
Chin li.e. s, So la l.eiici a'o; k ai.U I'o ini ai ..... lJi . -u
iii; ti.'l ill Uii.'i." ol ( upper lv t !-. Well m.-l
C'l-tern iN.nij.s ami every ot.'i-- ui I cle ill then
lino of limiiiefs, tl.ey ii 1 - man ,1 ac ure ami
keep con-l.e-iv on haml tli" Sr. Loni.- pr.-iniaiii
(.'.l-kiiilT Stovi.-i. viiUhlclof S e.r it Hoal Hot -1 .
('oll-.-.-i or ot.'n r t.n.ui a- o u, h! r hii.en' ; i.i nle
in a (.'..oil ami ivoikmanliKc in, ami n it ..!
'o.ij ami ihtaiit al inalc. i.i'; ami of .l,ii'..j.i'n,
siit.. All kii.J of l'i i.w are on n, vi hole.a!.
ami ret a il, No. taVJil M ain -t -!, Ma ith-east coi -i.-T
of Cln rry, Si. l.oa!. Mo. ap l.'- Nn
L()N(.i LOOK 1 oj.r
NlTKOLI.r -J CO. I...IC U-t l, i e!,, 1 oneof
the lar'e-' lin.l li -t ..-li.-liil -M-ii
IjOOIjs j-vcr la, f-.rc cxa.t,,!. .1 in :!, ..3. A
lu .!:,' lie .r s...i t tio.tI may 0" f 1
JJKV (, (OtJ.S,
A v iri"ty of cloihiii? of all .'t an.l pii.-,
l.arJ.iaie ami v"i:t.ei-y, lnia.', iiai-.i u . faiin-
j t lie, hcii -I.-j.!., hai-.-a , I ia es. chati, co.!..
box and la. cn.aji, jiar,-r i.'.uu...j .t.j in snoit.
...eiy lnin yon may c.l far.
l . i..a iic.,1 nul Ie- tiel iine.l Ui ri tl.i y ion.
to the ch'-ap ra.iier, v i the) aie Moil ipj.i.e.i
with liimlae rle. k, (a l the. I I. ! e", ill. 1 ai
V. av hale .h a i p M i-sors ati'l d ,11 c uoi i, m:e,
Fani(rrant will liinl it to ll'e.r a'haat i 'i lo
Call upon Ni h. 1
(ile,,.-. no, I. A:
rri t ca
j .it, tn
y. I 1. M.I;
n .i
j riir. N'-i-r ka i a t
I ii,-,,, i.e. i l-y c n.N'inci.a on c-
,,,.., I lt; s-n, oj.;...,
a I",
I ei.,
.Si. .Ma
KMHaltA S'l'-i
on. ini to N.l.a-ki anii,! come d irte My I .
TkioU (In-f mill Ifa'civ. ) to tueiu a t imiior'a al
i.J 111!
cat ill jr urt.ti.i ul iv),-k-i. litar lij
are ihr l,..; i o.i,!5 ju. i .e m. .a,
" vi-vr cMy,J..i-1, i-.i. i
HLW a 00 L 5.
srij::;i)ll) STOCi: OK NKW (j'J'Jl)
Jul tirriu'il, .'T sU-.tuit iJ.'l.uvar.'. it
On Mian t rict, Si. .M iry.
ienh ale I i Inikfr.i'ila l-nii JINiV fin'! :i
fnM lv ,.(' f r, vi. 1 1 roe, ri,-M. I'.-j.i isii.ns.
j,ry. f, ,! u..lj..Vi.,-., -.
Luy ilier.p for cam.
TOVKS for sate ly
sAitrv k r.Noi.isir.
SAC'kS kail for fair At the rheap r
.'rtrf M Ca'.'LLS . ( ).
wm.ji: -s'.ii'i
.. .! ' ! !..,!
,.' c p. 1 1 "it -Kill , e. V A ... ; e.
l it J'-. I v'il. lol. !f
i n't j lx s L.l-X bJ.V
. . V . ' J.. V I . r - 1 I Vl'I I ... r,
a our li i i a :: 1 I ..1. -I to i.e. to I i.i
.1.' ilill. iri'."!! o' I i. j ... N- in; . iieln.
I i." V ar" ri -.i i..f ''..f in Iii" V"t. tt.i'l
liianv f'f ill. .n in .ei .M.'.i.-ii a i,l l'i. i il ol n :a.
I I ir'i.i ll:ire Know ii ai 'I H!i'.- I M I'ilDVI'.O
(, IN M I I.I,. Wr m ii,..r.n-,.i.i tl Kimti.
to w it : air lnos ;i . k. to tr.u 1 hy wp.l'
if Hi" r nine: ; i v a v i s Mil I., li.e
low ei sto. ... to ran. a ml '. !.. a ,. Mill.
I'maia, l.t i-.l ...ol u. ic! ..rctcli-
liliyukp. r,i::xixr,.
fr-" to,
la ill N .
V'e I.e.
! i h'ii it 1 1 v mailt id I' f i p.-r-Ii'-i-ijiii'ii?
pk.i'ii-ii'U '.I ! in t ii
p oil h.l'l.l t!
i . o oiti y. i
I ...
.! I. .
an 1
,' in li,.-lia-'em
ii...n il ic '.
Iru.MJi T)
pauim. a . I 11 1 ' I
..L'1'....S of t i- Ho-
I. 'KUf
.. I k llos
. 1 1: A v
at " li.e on I V
l,'i..i . i! t fo
am la
1- of I;:",.' i
r. a-
" I .
II ..;...l!. i. t.-z .! itini;
rial ,.it i . oil (iroaf s . I . s.
coaacr r' . f -. I t-e I- a --:.,
V c.ifa..l-
I. , i - ., a -.'f.. i i'.i.
::iv'i;s?iiY "fAM.iaY
ir :-1 V.
'III'. In ...-,inf I 'ree ."Kilicni" an I I'op-
l.liil Kno.I lei.lfC. cl.!.rtT".i hi til. S .'t.-ot
p...,r ', i . ai.ia. April wo h. I., ar
, r a 1 c v. oi' jnirio..3 no-ti ii:n-: ao In -'ip-pU
Ui'- p. hue will, i.-liaha. r.:i.-.l .... u .
.l.'-h -t ,i ,'-a! a.ii a. ' r.. raro.o. in .11 i.,,t he
.I.i (o, ' i. !i i . li'i: p. li . h.' ill" nv a l i hi" l ei ll--!,
Jl' V A.iS I'-JMC MIXli ill'., in-li.-hi
aii'l "i.y k iiom ii I or T .'. i. : I y li.n.f,a
:tio ccrtai i cue hii !'i... Jci.a an.l A'ac.aml
I U i;..ii .a . i.inpl., ii' .. c, ml., j.-. a! , ic .a.nineii.l
ii lo l-i- p.. ' rot, a " ol tin .olio .!.
Tif aha.e in-t I i . ion I k. .1 i ... r..,-',mneN U
for l;.. i. i ('-n.!,i.,"..i. hull' i MP.; ('OI
i'Oi , D SVi.L I' ol' III, ( KHKhUV IIOol .
aial il. i.. U nr tiiii'- w iii I . iii-l. i. o.i a rein -,h
..i ei.iv d.;ca.i; iimi can l.e aivy tualed in
h 11 IV.
lil oul-r of Hi,- Trii'.- -,
J )il H. UO'.VANn, M. D.
Ihe-Ui i.t la,' t.,e ( ninr.ily. an, I li a I of thi
t'l.a , i.iact nl ,ai 1 1,
in "lit.
ll, me r.v
p . i .
-iry and Om,
ci. i-i A -ih
-nt .'n. lv
Sill...' VV . t A I I.O AH k HT-ol
e I. lor inch toe Iii:i, hI ji ace v .
i- wanl
hrtu.l v i;.
i-U l'i(c i 1 I ar M l.y
SAIil'l' v. r.("JLISI!,
Cl'IIK A M S. fuj
Ie lo'
i I Al A LAs 1 I
P a i '; f.vF "m" i D .' : si. ". i V.:"ic
S Ali.'V .V I'.. M.T.I SII.
) KtilJt'CI'. AN I) (" Asl, l in paymoiit
in lii" at .,f I ,'.! h . Iti'V . ',;.
A D J'Oiliv wai.t- 1 at tl.a
a. (,. S
.V I.
1 il I". enliM-i a'.er hai ii. I. a'. l of Clarke ii
Co.. the ol.) CoNiicil Jiiiaii' J'cr.v al I rj-
le 'h J''J n'. I'o'tavlotU.i.'a. C'o.liii.', Iowa.
1 1 i ii, t; b nit a nc.y an l i
a'.rt p ep;,r,.l lo .T-n.' ail w ho come. J'cim.ii...
i , N "'a A'lil li el ' I, i . o , of li.e he1
l'i,: . "a i.e l.'Mir. 1','ac. lliave no .Sleani
I h
r.v--.' at
or I. low
.1 ti...
a ..
..: u -i .
.fh to a...,
'1 '''- I,.
4 tat
c an . c-.aoi,: i y
Hire-, or
,; iii. lu.i I , .. .
i -.t- an 1 l.ay,
,c amJ I I.i. , ,
l: M H .. ..
la." Cm Hie
i :
i il
II ,:
1 j.
a U 'j v e
n in, -
T Twenty-file per rent aJ 1. .1 to the
l..- n 1. II, Z l.-Sfh Water.
' I If KAMI. I, MlKI'flX
AM-iriiHy it f(WT nod (rurr il u A jefi
tl of 4 M-i'ti ii tuit"., Iowa, W ill -it n i 'o hro
'.:,.r t,.t. i.',,l . a. J i.i.. 1a.
. lo 'he pinch. ., ami lora
W'arianU. J' nticnlar atl4.tion
i-ci ...., of . laiiiis. aial-3iu
i Of i of lJ!li
Attniii y at Taw, (Vniifi! Jilnll City, Iowa
It, ler to la. AT Jl'lj he., St. J h. M 'a.. J ,.(
D..op!..ii. Weston, .Mu., MnU i. 11 :t.
, ,U , J,o la'l.'-lfl
" A. C. I liitlii
A'tainey ami Coiiticiiur 4! Law, eit of
ro iairil Liu.!,
s -pt 1-oin
j,.ii:s u'N
'itnj Coui'ni.-s oner, O.'hce in St. Miry,
I X 1 K M l OK
I1I.1T5 anl S i.-ilH.
inoial n i , i 1 pf runii'iit cure
an 1111?; 1 1 m an impice iMa.c
t . t I I.');)1). , li i-il tii- v-tr.n, iii:
S, ii, f 1 1 i. or k i n lt " I '.m! . ' mate Cut .no
I , i 1 1 t I'.mplc nn the I , ( 1 1 . t r '(.
I-. I'iiHimo i1 r. v ., Killu' "i In in lii-
tc.S.lil II 'I'd. SlU ' Kiir 'Hll. l'.ii- III till"
Ii I Ill .1,1 ,, ll I S,CC .III I I I, I !, Ilil ,1-
i-.-t Swllinif !' in-! OI,i',d. S. philldi':
1 ).m l.n ipc.i, 1,'i'nli.i ,
t." imun . V"-'i: C"i . ,1 ha :: ..
'I r,ir.fviii
"Ii.-. It i. .!
1 mii ,oi inr I" any -..!'.
roii sciiorri.A.
Ir. r.rti-lv' loilii... an I S , ij.arill.i i fr
r,mi.i''ii,."l a tit" m-t i ili'-atNoai. ini'-licin.' tliat
fan i i '. ' t.- l.c u-o !. N"l one ni-'am-i' of ii i
f 1 1 lure lias et T oiN.iu el lnn faillif.illy use. I.
KorScNiw, li.ol., Hlol.'lics. Tiunors, AV li 1 1 .
I !, .. i'ii'tci?. I'.i, lai... ! Cl.iii.U
I'.v.-r Mc, filial l),-,a.i... S , 1 1 i ' . ' . f
s, :.,, m,.. i.. ,r,,. , i.i T. :t. Salt
lia--i:i,. ai,.l a, I ri. in,. ,h,i.,- , Or. K.oli-i-l
's ., I,;,.' aial S.i r -.. .;. . il!a . ai n in- !";li.
I- .t.,i,-l. It Ii". the v.ny r .,.t of
I', i in.';,.". .I "lr..i th" u'. iin, l,v pnrifvii.
!. I.I. o.l .e. I'lnii'i; ...-tall i!..;"i: ' ! is I
Ii li I- of ti," ' ami ,y r.coi Hi" Ci,. .
rcl.ili r 111" f in-.a ita hi ant . in i, .at.
INDKil'sTION oil I Vsi'l I'M A.
No in.'.l .nn". ..m !i'.j,. li.i.i.'i !....-n iliroi'
rr ,I U !. i.' I. " . I " . sa i.ijr.l t ri-' In Hi" I'llli n'll
C I s ' r a
Dr. I'. ..Lnlv's lo in."
H in. ,1 it 1' ir Mil ii
li.vil ti"-n iit.
11 ! 1 I.I'M AT ISM.
j it i.nsr.'iiy i i,;,iii- iimi Mi-ivmim hii.m
w.ln Ui- srrcaif'l s icr.-s. m rlieamat , roiiinlaiii t
e specially nch i are c' II run s iiy.lri
miaj onI all inip'ii iii-. nn J foul Ihhiiom yvliicli
Imve aeeionnlateil jn the syjitern, wliieli are the
r,i't' tif K'lenui it'oin, (in, it am v.i e! Unir of tli
I re
J oiils . o:er r -1 1 . , ! . . votn"lill." pivv t.'lli
rarv 1 1 ! ia j tin" ent .i"iy crallcat.M the ili.ea."
irnni la. ,. tie.n.
1 OR 1 1 It r ' 111 .1. AMI VlMMI 1)11 l ,
A i '.i i im: th r. m oor (Jr. vi,
I', .IoIVH AND IlliVl (.
Dr. I'.aterl 'g 1 .t i r. ami S n ip ii illa i lie
li.'.l leine lv .'vr invei tel. Tin" iii'.In i , m
oH'ere.1 to Hi.- pi!ilic not inp elv a a pniiliar ..!
j tli" ..i.o,..T I. -a a. a poN.-ilul c:a.!i. a'or of )N
I ino-l v irulent po-rtii. ...'.m,.hi..'1 liy iii.Trin ial
an. I ventral tam' - , Meli ro-ut I lie art ...n "I a I .
oil, er r-iu.'.!i.. It ill v ire (hewnr-a l,i',il ol
n.errin nil .lis.-,. .-, no m.itler lo.v de ply il
in i have into the I rani" an-l v it. 'I or,'..!..
It va i'. I tin. v tair v. o. I'a.ti. ..f M-cmi r y ,--(.liilvii
cr v-r.rr Ar-? . i.t v;:Vt-r hn.v
it may lia o i i ate I, li j v fca.l, or how J .'!
M-a'e.l in 1,'ie ..'u,ii, it will annihilate ami c
..N tne on,, a ml ic oio t i.l'm to a ol
r I'.-. li'-atli ii.i.l
tl. 1 or (alcers 111 fit
in,, urn a, 1, 1 thio..1, I .nia-'r,,.r, I of I hi? (alanl-,
(.0 l. e or t'liimr. in the Tfir..i', ', l'.iin- in
the Ii.,1 anil Julia-, it it the only .u', ami s ir,
rciiie,ly. Vo-niri pel mi in u'h- hail reison to
ltat Cl U.,V ........ Il,te Ulo.l, all,, r . -
j e h'.'uy of the rcvill 0 impm-h-nee om;:it In p i Ueilruv lii: iii'.it talnre fntcniir; Iho
i in ir: iar" : I it , a tjvy may ll.erehy not
j prolecl li.e.nseiie ".'..ili.-t l.te rtalla.'eis of iflaii..-
t. io-v a.i'l r !at nt r. . h it m-inii" 1)1 c. 1
, t.nnti of 11 pare ami In alihy ollpri!if . 1. can
! l.e .i-i hv p. i van -, "i t ..inn .vi ati the r.ia.t
,,-,f,.t ,.!'.;..
In I'.I. HI V.H. 7 K IK Til K K t P 7. V , III. I I. Tit R
AMI Lall . A k V I )lO, V , IllllTI. v , (ixn u
. n 11 I.i v 1 k Com rr . 1 n 1 .
Dr l'".a'M Iv's In line ami s.napai ilia i 'lie
j he.t ami o.iii I.xtraol ...'!:t to he 1 1. In
I lli.-e roi,iil.iinl-, thin iiiiaiiciiie ha) pi a ( nm.-l
! in. a.-', u-to io'inii rur.....
j l'(!: M'.KVOl S DISKASF.3.
I Vo la 11 jr in ''ie can c .iiiry an aileonate i.l. a
I of t he iiniiciliate n ml almo.t niiracilon . ha '!'.
i v. In. ii i pr n Ince.i hy the lis" of Dr. Teal..; '. '.,
lo, line S.rapurill::, ill the ilie..".l, ihtuli-
t tle.l u li'i i-hatr.-rc.l iierid'H fystein. Whether
hi ih. .111 hy exee-s. a-aU hj nat'ire,.... impa
re I hy sicklier. , 11,. nn-triii rf ami lelaxe.! mif.i
ti 1 ... 1 1. ii i al ..lire rehrai eil. revile. I an 1 h ull
ip. In cj.e of Neuralgia, Nenois h"i hiclie,
I. o of meinoiy, (aeneial IV.ntralion, Nerioi.
ne. Vertigo, l'aiia in tlie.N'enei of tho Tare,
un! the eiro in train of iiertoim atf ciioii, il
Aiil pi o,l ice a cure in an, ' short
lini.r. 'J he etlect of tlii 111e.l1.rine 1. to ifive per
111.111.T1t relief lo the mill'erer, an.l to re -toi e the
.hallei.J an.l ihhil itate.l connlitutioa tn itn jir i
tine hcallli an I 1 17'or.
TO J 11 1: TADII'.S.
I... lies of pale complexion anil cotivimtive
II., ami m h as are ih-hiliialeil fiorn any of
Ine ola'Mictioiia inciileiit tu the ., inch u oh
!.tr'iclion or painfnl meiotiaiat ion, I'lotir Allnn.
or 11 lute, l.ieen Sicklier-: ulo, excessive th.w 1
of Ih" .Mouse., lial rciines, Air., ran he icMoi"il
lav the n-c oi t A 0 or three hotll.-s of Dr. lUt
i i y's lo.line ami Saraparilla, ta hlooin aial
viiror. It ii far the he-l remnly eier .i.,cove--e.i
for weakly i hil. li. 11, ami no 'li m have h;.,!
hnnion hein;f plea-ent they read, ly take it.
Il iinnie.lial. I y re-t ai c the app"t ite, Mn-nrr, h.
ami color. Nothing can he Inoie , ,, 1 !
than its iiii'igoraliiit'i ll, ct on Ih- hum in frame, j
I'ersons all weakne-H ami Uvln la h -l i t. k-I
in" Dr. Ki?ti r!y'i loilme ami Sar .. la 1 1 1. , ul
once heenme loieist ami full of ciir-.-ay uialer
its inll.ience. It imme liately eonntei U' ti the
nun 01 n.-n of 1 he fa u.aie I. a.i.e.
IR. I'. I KKI.V'b I'.Mll AMI SlR.ArAHIl.t-A IS
K WoNIal.Kf I I. I'l Hl l: OK Till. Hl.OOII.
It is very pl.-aent to Ihe t.,l, uml 1. inoie
ronrenli at. il, h.-in tioiiu'er, hatter am! ' iieaper
than any other 111. .heme in u-e. J'am.lies who
have ti-rt-il tho. article are hei er w il 'uirif to he
vi .tin nit it. Taken 111 the early stages, It h a
isore pi of ulmosi any spec.. of dis
ijV" 'lv ' '4 "" l'-lei!y'i l a line an, 1 Sar
,.11. a, ilia an I lake nothing elv.
l'ri.-e 1 p.-r l.ottle, 01 m l.ollle .'or It,"'.
A III . .a i it, count i.iaic to wha. -aiu pnr
cha r.
CV'"or rl' "r. I'.a-.terlv' Kainily Me.ii
c'h.c .".tore, ..nt h-ea'. coi 11. r of l.,r.1 ami C heo
loit stie. t-, St. I.oni Mo. al" hy 1'. A. Sarpy,
St Man, lowa,ai.,l hy d-atcis in ineliciiingei,.
(.rally in the iVi-.l.
oh. i:asti::u.Y's fi acit:
Ii -AarranV.! to cure Ajfae ami I'eiei, Dninh
A" .e, Cliills an.1 rei.r, liileruiilant ami lie.
in. II a nt let cr, and all I lie 1 41 10,11, form 1 of 1 e
vers I 1 totiie We-a !1
Una I . . 1 , . 1 1 a r rcuieJv has now h-en hefore
the po hi .c t a u y eai k, an.l ant ii.g I hat t one a hout
I A LSI V- IVK lilf.l HMI lal.l 1 I H
have loeii a hl uml in no iimtant e hai il faile.l
to ell.rt a pei Hon .i,t nn e a tar as In . i I 1 1 om,
or to (file n,i" '.!.-fact-.ON to the pnichaei-.
Il in wanc.itc.l tonne all .a-n, or the ii,,,,,.y
will he nfniiile.i. Let no in in, wumanur chihl
oilier With this distressing disease, w i.n a sure
time.!',' H ?t hall I.
il ao lite io.-iiimoi.v from J .hi. Mi'! ri Co.
l.VAv.wi n, III., Oct. 1'tl, lin'J.
Or. I'as.erly Sir: We take pleasnre in slat-
intr lint we have jnir Iiase.) 3' holtl"nf Jour
I'.-ver and A.'ae hill, r, an l liaie sold ihe same
10 our patrons, ami trial it lias f il. ct, 1 a perina
iient euiem every rise. We have Maid iie.nlv
all tile larimii medicnn for ii'fueaml
none lias kruin such entire satisfaction as your
Kever and Aijue Killer. W b.Iievi it is Un
best, now b.ifuit tl.o public.
itfssiW, .?. llss C.
...I tl.R Id.
om J . i. n (
i.iNoi.f-t .ato.:i,
,'. Alkanra, Ci
lit in. l-.;i.
. Kh!.tIv :
1 1
Wln'li I a. in V"nr c' v
!ia . I i.c .! i I, 'it I' 1 '
Kill".. hi. -!i y "ii v. an : i
I .i v, n i l . r i. vvl.i. :i
r i . . i . I : . -1 r . r lia i: 1 . .'ii a -r,
i i li.n it..' . !!'..; I v;vi ..!
, I I '. i"i . ( I ,.- . .'.-" , .i 1 1
in l,.i. I i".i
V o'ir I'ri or ami AiM
t. I to no. I Ion" -I
a!' n v .. ' r n , I.
(no .t . irlart i.tii in I
rn,r of tiir l'hi!N i
.I nly .. , Ii:i.l I, ', n aMIo-t. I
t r I. ai I of ; .iiii,i.'i , ai l I. a I 1 1
in in V". I.. -il 1 1 i v i' :r a ! 1' -.i'
of t'.f lin.f. all of,-.. Sh.
..,!l" of co ir ii.. 'innc. ai; l l.-fnr s'
" I Miin-'iir. ol it. !:. was entirely ."ii'-.l. . ( I
1.4 - on j . . I coo, I 1 1 " a I 'li rr Mfir". la tin can-
ln'.fil fall, I to rllr.l a f , ; 1 1 - j I - i . t .Ml".
)!..-.,.., tf.jl',, ,i,ii.. ,1.,'ni S. ("-"no.
1'. S. I ill I " in .".- Iar. a;:ai:i s!,,'i .
ami il I 1 1 . i v rim, r la i :' I v.
N. 1!. AU for l 'i. I -i I " lVvrrn-, I rrn.
Killer, an.l ta'.f 1m oilier, an l yo I ni" af .
A liSei ul il.aoiinl iii.oi" to v. Iiol.-..,. I" .I" i'.t.'.
I'li.-.. per linille. or !.. !(! for Si ..
I.Til.-al lr. I!., l.-i is ' Inioi'v " i , r l r
S,.re roi N'T of '1'IimiI an.l ( l,. -i.i.t .li..' S!.
I -, alo. .v I'. A. Sarpy. M. M.i.-v. an, I hy
ileal. N" in iri ' 1 1, i t.r M "rlo.,lllv Hi tlie Wi"t.
nn. i: n.i;r.V's m i:!mic: svrrr.
o Is a pi"P-,...t, k.if. ... I :'. it;-1 i etn, ' v 1)1
Ih -"i.'-iry. I.iiarrlni -a.fl.ol. r...CI,,-.. r .M
r'iiiiiN'.f .Nimt'laint. 1'0'ie fi i :!,.'. Pain..
Vi'.,t in tli Stoma, -li n 1 1 ( Hoin.-1.. Crini!,..
Pi ct I in it ami ( 'i v iii' of i n!,i i, a " J 1 or a 1 1 ir
i."r'i!an. ol tit., ier.v i i.
li H .tip of t!i" Ino.t . il, i.v t. i. Ii . nn.!
fe pr. v. rai'a.n fwv o.;.:i I ', tin- pulil ;" f o
...-.a . f ,i..nii.,.i.. .,r iV
S'oin i'"l
of tliele.,
ami 1 low, a ml Hi" oiil v ,. i tirl" v, ! !, v
I ciiiai-li :o"e fni em in ( !Ta I : fan
innier Coiiiptaittt, a'ot all tl.i: .ieri.'-
i tnin on s
inei,t of t lie l'o ! I roin tf.'il.ii.L'.
l)i . K.i-!ei 1 v'" I.'i in Im a St riip i without . x
crt.tion on" oi' lln most val-ialil" l-'amiv i !i-riti.-H
nrr ilis.'oi ie !. iimlr..s of fainili.- of
tlm fn .t resj,. ftaloi it V in S'. honi !i.-. . . u ... a
an. I la ar til" ii oiiL'.'.t t. -' in..,'iy ia r.slavor.
l'i l. " '.' in t, per I...', I. .
I',,i 'ale at Dr. liarleily'M I'.unilv Mi'lielm-
in - li
, -1 of 'iiili.l
a I,.- I'. . S .r
i'eiiera'.ly in li
i: Asn.m.v-
I C!,.s..,t .,-,..
y. ai I Lv .!..;
.' We. I.
r.UMii i i.i:.
'Vh" ( K.Nii.'.iy lol Kxp.lii.i
f!i I, lien.
T!.e most if", i, Las. 'i.t am!. ;r.-'
W'Tiin fiotn
t ial no...-:-,.j
.un foi t Ik: r.nii'.v..! of vv.niiu fi.iin ciiilJ-
r ii I
.).. l' i.'.! i) Wi niif'ii,".
i'ii' ntal u'l.n i i a s . h i-r. inj U,c char.1;.' of
en, !ion1,! watch .".ri-'aily Ih" sympioH..-
of .V...N1
lal'O in
in Tieai- ciiinien. an-l an oon ;m ,..-;iin-a
iti. their tna-.,..:,.-... !i,..y Iion).! at onc
it to the n o of Dr. r-.-'.Tly '1 Vi-rMiifi.e
Mm e children dnr 1 1 urn Worm than all oili
d,.ea-ei, and a inoi e mi-ei aM.. oh,',."! can scar
re!) h" iinaifiiie 1 II. an a T: i !! sm ?' riiiLf i.nd.r
the ordinary M mptoi.s of il ,,'in. I'ai "nt . loa, !.
l'i!: Will y.n'l tod flame yon: a-!i , if ynui
rtnhlren ilie, that j on did not nm- Dr. Kartell 's
Veiaiifii";o ill lime? Tins. Vet nnf a'e ,.i re
in 1. r r . ry p"ri." of worm t'i-.' tvlu
l,i - X ' .ar!,! hoiir afier tai...:..
N:c ii cent per Louie.
I or n.ile at Oi . Jaslei 'j Cunily Md.rine
Sloro. waiih-enat eoi nor of Tnird mid 'hrnnt
.-!:,'-. St. I.oni, a! .n !iy '. , Sarj y, S . Mary
ami hy lei in inodie;.... nr ., i . n 1'... v. c I.
J)!t. liAs'j r.!(r,vs imp, KlLf-r.ll.
Tor ttie cue of li,nii -, Spi;;,.,-, '., i,r,!.
To, ah A" he. Co!i. ar.i, .-i S, Ch,.-
le.'a. I7yi'niery,'iiii Hi in. I'.ii in tto!
S'..ln:i.'ll ,'tlel Ii,, i a il.t V.l.eielor Ite'ie.'-i
I' .in. it i a . a ml ,-' t a . n ( i
'1 iiis dieine ha i. lore eonl i o over li p ii i.f
Ihanani It h n-. J i.i. lr!
Int.-rr.alli ami livlo iiailv. imd i! -"..'Iiinrr c!- i
ler',. are in.inntly f II hy tin- . i.ii'.T.- . aie ial- i
inrf the iNo-l i v.-rntiatii.'' (.all. in u U-.v mil n- j
tea. In a word, it is a I'ai!. Kii I i i. (
No hamine or pi y c an 'in.!! It-
llirho al It. 11 has hret. nc I hv flic a .(,, ,,f iic '
mnt ii.t.d I '.ent and re. mrt. :'.!.- (';.. , ... in !',.!
I, ca.s. ami all proaoiit.i e li Ine iuol s;..'.' , a'. ! ,
1 .ih t C,ir,i'aVe t hey hr. e ei i,..... ' '
Da Ciel t i.l.v's I ' a I ?. KiiiiK
IH hey oml all donht t lo lii' cei taai ivn ,! v ever
lixcov. rod for l'a i in in t he Si , , n. J'ac.s in!
the s,,,.. Di e.i-t. Haiek aial I.;,,I,. It i.
iiilallihle remedy l"r Caje, l),,url o ( iioleri i
M nhiM. Painter's Colic, Wind in In.- Slnriai h I
an.l ll.iiveU, Jy.n..p-ia, S,,,r lni.,it. l.'.ad-.-.:
he, ice.
c xctio.v To Tin: pi
lil 'VABI "f lull ITIOS.7 A N II I ',),.' I 7. 1'. 7" 1. 1 T .
Th. only "in i :ir and iea! I'.u.i ICilhris pr.
pared cki l,i-ivel y hy Dr. I.a.tei tv, tne sole
pi opi ieior. 'I i.ef. I.o e t .Hint, il i its and .mila
1 aio 1 i.e. rai e h in e ly ak f or Di .
l".ai:i Ii " I'ain Killer, and take no other, and
yon are af".
I'lice i!."i cri.U p.-r L.all.V; hottle for Jf.l.
Tor al"Ut Di. Ci'tcilv's M- licnie
Store, o it!i-.-at crnei of 'J'iiird and ( hen. a
slree'f, Sr. Tom,, also hy . A. Sai pv SI. M iry
ami r,y .1. ateis in . neraiiy in the west. I
....4 iw . 3 J .1 sj.-:..s:.:jl
1 or tlie cure of Conirns, Cold, Astli.nn. I on-
mimptinn. IJ r Int.. Sp.l Ihil' ot I. In.-. I, I'ain Spe.ilic jou tab ere, and thus
in the hole and lireast, rie.iiiy,' pmei.t all evpouie. "I t.ia ti.e.-tl line u .11 sj"a
Coiauh, and all Uibcavs of Ine Jaaiigs anil ily and elh ct.n.ily cure the inns! vimltnt cases
Aiuoi.i; all the re'nhrated reine.lic. ft,r Disea
ses of toe and Cn i. -T , n one .-. in lo he
meelin with such snicc.i ai.,1 to j;in: snih en eati,fa..'iioii to all, as
This valuable remedy is purely leccluhle in
its imfredieiit. and perfectly huimles in all it
uualities, and as mini and pleasent a 'JiC mo-t
ilclrcate cordial. Jt is leiy soothing and h. al
iin lo the I.iinifs, and is eiciy liieie acknow l
edt'edly Di UKits, J'hysican, and all w iio
bale Use 1 it tu be the luoul Llkct.iul C'uiati.e
No dis. i t ii. cel. nt to o il climaie in so uni
versil.audat the same time ... 1..1..I, as 1'ul
ino.ia. y Cui.sumptioii. 1 ins awful iimladv
sweeps oier the land as a Di-ti oy nn; Aiiifel,
laymif low the .-tronL'est and lair. sl of our i see,
Million of the lo in; a...i ihe old are annually
h il ii-il to the tomb l.y Ibis ditadlul national
I.u.n mini: Klxrlnl llewiire of n.eie
paliiui i. e ma l.cinei. i lie ohjerl of neai ly all
Die Ine.lii in. n now oI'ei. d lor disea.cs ol the
l.uuerH, is lo ii ln-ve and not to rule. Such la
not the ccc w 'III I 1 . Caitei's C' l.ul.-am.
In Cold, and roughs, vihich are tlie loci n uip
toius of, it is the most pi. a-. i,t
and elli "ac ions 1 cnie.l v that can po,ihly he ue.t.
in r NI...I coiisiimpiioii 11 uasoeeri 1011 .villi
fin f, rl and ti iumph-nt sucin ., w In 11 Ihemo.a
.. . . a .. a . . . . :. , 1 a ...
pliisicii.. liaU rnc(, op ail I. .pi- a,
lain. So coi. li t. nt ! the ... 11 ti r ot i's piaw -
ei to care l iln rcurous on. amp, that he
s'.li. lt., a ti nil in th" lioi-.t of ca., .'j.
This fiiifh I ul pj nip!. un of coiisoiiipt.oii
( he. kd and preii.!.:,l hy Ihe ue ot
Dr. Cbi t.i ' Coiih laaham, which heals the
ail. etc, 1 haemhiane, removes the incipient tuber
t ics, and r.-etoi.s those vital ordain, the luns,
to a soand and healthy con. lit. on.
Spiitiiiif of Jilood always arises from a ton.
dene y to tuberculous disease, ami it not cherke.l
at ti.e outs, t, vi ill Manner or la'er terminal" in
death. A n rsoii who raise blood once w ill
rai.e blood fclfsm nr. es a j.i oper em .In is nu
ll. ..Lately em ,1, i el.
'J his (lis r -I, mi, ii, in of cons ami, to, 11 a-
ri . fi.. m inl! m..t n.,i of l'u- luniis or in-mhi an
call.-l the J'leuia, 01 f.0111 bionchial al.'cctions
of Ihe air passages. In e lder case il isairiy
ilaiio loiij indication of (li-.i.-.e. It prevents
fall uml fre hre.a hinjf, and wears away Ihe
latural strentti of the system. 'J he cau.e of
this symptom fdio, il l ho rem, aved nl r.'.ee, an I
liotliinif rail possibly i tl.rl tiut rbiect so speed
ily and happily as Dr. Cartel Condi baUain
w 1, 11 ll is
w t afu Shu salularv In lis 1 ll.-cts
on Ihe coimtilullou.
In rases of coiisiimpiioii t!ie is always
inoie or less a lice ted. an also lh spleen, pleura
in., I small intestines. J he . Il.ct of Di. Carter's
Cooifi. lialsam in diseases of Iho Liver, esjiee
iaily if it be of an uleeroas iist .rs, is diitcl and
Mwarfal, -mf't issss f la liter ar,
cure..Lj n,
wprrni wen.
Th ' !.. t -!i .li y h.Iit conh vf jffioli v j
pe..'l... '. I i ii v a 1 1.) in n I'.v. 1 1 t o cf y,
ci'i h. i- ''!' Hy inui ! W tin; t.-,c r,f Di. Car.
IfiN 1 : i ir ;i ,a'-.:n. l! i r;n, rn"i'ar,t ho j
si i i.ia la!.-. I I.e . ,'joiy In "ii ; hii app l rat, is, pri.
In n"(l n in i.i ite the i,i" impr.-vft th" it
live luiii.t of i ho l.ivo, .'-..I ("i. ri, o'htr Ur
ulaml-, nml tlo .l'a.'':H ortMi ", on. I in.'n'j
In-vr l.fe to H.i w..n on l ri :t.l I'nU'.tf,
Mill' C1I I I T..
Ii'-mictii'i., !!. .! "I' hi c..." r.-ii
Ji.a .limy c;.eclo:-..'..'i, waii all c'.'.tt
-Ti j . . in . i 1 I y an .ttieclio.i of li.e tr tahti; fioni :!i" throat to the I in . r , r.rc d irect It
am1 s....,-ila allv a iT. it .-.I nr., I run t hf tp, u'
of Di . ( ' j ; I' a ' ('o.i'ii I' a'suin. 'Ji.ii
p lii.l'nl, eat ii,.r ri I uipirioi.i ii.1, nn
a! a a . a pr.a, ei In I t.Nuiciif y to il.f ami ir.j
,'1 ii n the :i l I.'1 n i,y iri'lucc tho nciri
f,,rin of j nl mom, y ili" Lc waintil :)
tin,", ye ii.i'!.i:l.. I, aial employ U.K vau',.,
V. MTIf'TOK I'M N. ;
l'i '" I' vpec an .Vmn n tl," m..t impnrla if ii.
o, t ,. ho ohl ai ae 1 in all altoiNpU to ruiad.i. "
.n-nri of t.,r i:het un l lnnv;i. 'I no c..)il'!i vi h;rk
'l ,i u ii,. i I" limply '!,.' li-.'.i! of a .1.
In ep.a :. v l :.loV. ; t fo-.l I,-, vlrrejiin
ni Ih" n:r J :...;;i -i. it will rontirnje tn irr ti'.i
ti." m.NI.hl ail" ...1 I pi . vok" ,1 CO.I'll. Co' I J 111 I.J
i nr. ali.'inpt to throw oT thi n.jtlor, an, j,
pi . loi ut i. m 'i. . ir i eat rolief. Jnal'ility lu m.
p. orat.. in t a" lu'ci siae ul ro.iSuiiij,'
u U.o ran o of .Irnih.
du. : Ain ricscoicii balsam,
,1 the if.eit lo.'toi l.l,. U .liuUet tl.a mof.
l-i -I ii'i il.-aa v mai : , r in the a o :.;ia.'i, c
irey il from a thick cl'iaimui JoiSsinnce to
.nin harmlc-" IPu l, a. at i'llow H il oil' with thl
jrrratost ...-1 '.I o e ia to the p ;t i.-nt. T'.ore n
no I". It. i iniain ina in the worl.l if it anpectu.
raiit ip. alit. ...', oi.. be c..i.:.i,"i cj.
SPASMODIC AS I ii M A. sii.iiilo or spa'Nio.lic a'!im t!io.-isa,
I rt'oi r.-imily il, an J),-. ('.uter's I'.inli la..lna
Thi lo,i re-in ii;"i..-c villi. r!i rei'tj aluiutl
rvei i lliiio.' e!. , m, ! ! . t..thoc!l p. fi.I in-liN.-nr,.
..f to .I romo.'v ai renlil a w.j fo. 1.1 . f la !.. r;, I ix".
I VI it Y I AMIl.V
-li-.'.l l ho iupphcl vwtli Dr. Carter' Co;
ltal,.m, to he ne in t he r arl V t.!;r of t'o.l.'if
Col.N. Si .ttitirrof li.,, , l''ii;i in the Suie anj
I't.e-', Ition.-liir.-, I .!!i,-nty of Uronlhit-,
N ::ht, A'lNini, l.illacr,.., Wtiriopinj
l'., ih, an I . r . ie Ci o ip, am! I.'ierel.v cour.tai.
arl I he c.n i c t.
eel l.y nor .-v .-r chr.niri
ndein y n hll li it pri-Uii-I."
I'rire Tiial hott!. , 2.'. ceil porhote; lrr,
battle?, $1 p: r ho'lle, or m hott l"s, f ar & i. '
For sale at Dr. Ka -terl v '. I'...., ily M.7j.cia
toie, soiilh-e,it corner o'rTloid an ! Chesnnt
tret, St. I.oiin. eN'i by I'. A. Sir y, St.
Mary, ami hy dcih-.i in i.aejici.irs j ',-rf My
.."!Vr': '!" 2-iy
l or the cue or I.iver Coioidains. 1). j.cpsu,
J un dn e, I!ii:onin n, I. on of Appetite.
!! a.ia. n;c, Il.ihii.ul Coti "ness, Oene.-al
p' -hility. .'"i von...... nrnl a!l .li.cisrs i,s
ii'i; from a .lisouleie.l I,i7er, or Digestion!!
I ne e. It, tiers pie e, i invigorating
Sir. i,i ',. nil a. nl li -..'..i piop.a lies, w lin (
-:'- tore and i i-or to the Di,;'.-.oii'e 0.-.ius, anJ
iti.'.ke th" r, ilivaln a !,. f ir
l.ii I a l oswr n r. Jai Main, ) tvf tu,
And i.i! ..t,,.i i'o,.-i.e. cans. 1 from a dciaiii'fil
ta id . !i' .,, i, .,,!,. Iivve U. and liver ulnct
tc.d lo lO l.l!,t.,t. ,,r weaken iho nv 'ein.
d:i. ni. m (.ijK MAN j;:TiEr.
Cat u.,1 he lo IiilM' i ceoinn. ii.lo I tu prisons
,. me. ins; .viih a di,i..-i... 1 LI V iU or i..dij
t.a.i, l.n.s i : Ap.a '.ae, .Wiii n lints :,
I h .i i. . l.'C,:t i.i! C" I:,. ,,o'. l.e.ietsl Dslai
li'v. .ii'.,l a v. riery of ou.plaiMS winch it is
imr.ot -ihl to u. acr.'r.e.
If tin ij aie rmirei. i , ir St. Tonis, thsy ait
ad'. ie t-i 'v1hrc l.itteri.
I 'lice .'ete.'j Of his tie, ,;r.i i)ri for IJt? f 0.
rirnufil !).'s I on.'iy M" litins
Sitoe, coi ! rnl.d and C'Jio.iat nUetts, M.
I I..
.no. Alaoty r. A. Saipy .'.anr,
iicjiiii iii i.icJ.iin.s r..iicia!ly in lis
&ri 12-ly
A r. Ta ii lid certain cmi far Corin: . I.ioh, iiWti
'. '. i id Seminal W. aki.'-j, ana il ms
of ti.e (.i nitai I l.iifain..
Th: pi ;a:lar and - pe.-ific rei. ' ly 11 now t-i-line
I l., 1 i. . hiiiu ie.l and Vlari. lo cor at)
j ci , -af (a'.no: i no: i, i, li-cl, M t aci nies, Sou.iaa)
I e.ikney -. and oil dr ase of u: O.-'ii.:.! Oigsus
j in a f".i i! i)S. 'llii inl' do i.-i . :, h.t
.... . a tho,i-..tnds ii., on, f, m : he l.aCads
ol .i , . i'e-. .Jii.i. I (,, if tu.t from a preiattiii
if., i... In case of inl.clloii, Or. jli.KOr's Sp
i . .in is the null ?..f... .tn.i sine remedy. It iir
I !,--(. .-ahl" lo the t. . (, cieas l. pi. ceptsbls -
and may he ne.I hy peisonsof Ml
w a h 7o n e . ci e. y n. tie ant repaid !) diet, ht II
'I am'"- I: cm h in.e or Medial Adiinr,
plain .In cl ion for u i. a.N oinpany the medic iia
H'-ndor have yon a private l!.easeV Do not ns-
j irlacl ,t
Inday is dmiL'eioiis. With Dr
ot .. net 141 (eases, mill eiudn ate eieiy t artnas
of 11, fi "Iio is I11.1l 7 1 fiom ti,e . "tern, and r slo:
the f.itl lent to a pelt. ( t statvul beailh and purity,
l'i ,ce, SI .",11 per bottle.
For tale at Dr. F.mtcrly' Family M.-dicin
Store, south-east conn r of Third n,i Ches.nit
elite!, St. Ixnns, Mo. Also by 1'. A. Sarpy,
St. .Mary, In a a, aiid hy dealers in liie ln,i,
(fenerally 111 the West." apr l.'-lf
. w .. i.i.
A lalnal le 1. inedy for snpine-Moii i f the Men
n(. White-, i'aniful .Men"iru.-tion, lmpcteu
ry or llarr. un s, S .llow I'ompleAiim, 11, ail
ache, T,ai,io', V. eaklie4 of the nei 1 es, anJ
til iii. ease, ,, i arise f.oiu a deraiijjeiiieiat
of the f inclioi.s of l.aluie.
'1 he most p. 't.a ', safe and il.f allishle remeds
for tiie c are of all llioe d -. ases of t lualss, r
is ni; I. om 11 e.k ncn 01 .l.hii.ty , a. id list 1 ucl.oi
in '.he sesuiil ir;.nc, s 11 h us ine'i.lar or i.j.
pi.-seil of Ihe Menses, Fluor Alhos or Whiles
Falling of tlie Wo. nl.. Head u he, Fri:h!ful
Dle.lll.,S i.c., ansed hy CohI, ( he, kt.l pei aj.'i..
lions, escs.-sloi.i-exriicni.nt, A.C., is
Oil. IIOOI T'i'.'rs I I'.MAI.L OltDlAI.'
Sen lal ladns in (he city u In) lu'.e s.ficssl
for many eais wait the aVnc conijdaifits, an
bale employed (air fuot ei 1-m.tit phyncia:.!
witlioul fiu-f.i, ham nsi.l Di . lloincr's J
mala Cordial, ami hale keen s i. e.hly Sl'd per
I ' . . - J ' "
iiKin. iitly cuied hy it,n". If theie lire S'lllrr.
,. in M. I .mil, they em rely upon D.. J loots-
,., f . iuaie iioi.Jwl as a safe, ple.i.eut ar.J of.
lei lenie.Iy.
l'i .re 1 per ho't!e, or six boitlet for ".
Fur tale ai lir. Fa.lcili's I ainily MimIiciui
Stoie, corner of Thiol and Che- :'it struts. tt,
Loui, Mo. Al.oby I'. A. S.irpy, St. .Mary,
uml by dealers ill medicine (.'"in'.'aily in taa
Wed. i.jir'l'2-lr
Dr. Co)k' Ma;ic Hair 0.1.
I'or the pre.ervatinii, Leauty, growtli, aoi
ietoiatn.n of the llair.
lt has I0115 be)u the desire taf iersons trouldei
with still', haish, unruly hair, to piocure .a ar
In Ie iiho h would at one" render the half sofl,
lively and bea ilifnl. J he must pel fret and
admnaiale article ever discover" j for that J u'
pone is Dr. Cook's M.iifie Oil.
'Fins Oil p'.ii 'traies lue ii.iin test (ores, Jif
intf the dry and Withcrini: bulhs la. life
vnfor. ip( ini.i; ti.e.-apilli 1"-, s..i'lrii; presfiiiss
hesNlih" and strengthens tne iia ir.H, and tu'li
f i. un lall i it-i oil, rem. ne. the i! n di ull, and turns
lajtteij hall lulu lliat winch is mi, mill, ghisO
and wai v. It is admitted by all lo bs the great
est of the aire fol beautify it.g tbs balr
and rrmh i am; it permanent.
lilt I.DUh 5.M AO IC 1 1 A I K I'll
Is a sutiei b aia icle, ami shu aid be fnuu I ou t!
toilet of every la ly w h" values th glosvy and
beautiful I" a'ai.ce of 'Uhe fio A i,. J lll.jlotS
Slid the w curl."
l'i 11 e, hi) cen s per boltle.
Fur tale bl Dr Kas'eilv's Family Medicna
Store, corner of 'J hird and t'besnut streets St.
laji.ts, Mo. Also by I'. A. fcsrpy, St. ,M'f
and by Usalai- in waaaaeiast Ksovslly it bst
Wsst assrltlT
tueiej la coasiiir. ption I,'.."
5 V
tl f.