Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, November 29, 1854, Image 4

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'l!r. Ilmt by the plow wnn'.il
Ilrfo'rir, must either hold m
iri e."'
"ni HC:is2.
A chapter on horses is not un
acceptable reading even to such
portions of the coinni'inity ;is lui
no relish for sports of the turf,
and the Albany Knickerboc ker is
paper to make the most of such
a subject. It wtts not pleased
with the failure of a Horse Fair
held lately on Long Island, and
thinks something must be done to
redeem the reputation of the State.
It sa)s: "The State of New York
has pome of the linest horses in
the world. In the way of trotters
xvc can defy the unierse. We
can get up a show of horses that
will do credit to the Republic, and
what we can do we should do.
Down Kast horse shows are 'all
the rage.' In Vermont the horse
i cultivated with as much prid
profit. The Morgan horse of
that State for 'all kinds of work'
lias no equal any where.
'I he horse is such a glorious,
such a beautiful animal that, in
spite of railroads and locomotives,
Jie will ever occupy a position ve
ry near every good man's heart
The horse family boast of a very
great variety. Demurest gives us
a list of over twenty dillercnt fam
alies. We shall refer to a few of
the principal. The w ill horse of
Tartary are smaller than the do
mestic. Their hair, particularly
in winter, is v ery thick, and gon
nrally of a mouse color. Their
heads are larger, in proportion ,to
their bodies, than tame horses,
and their foreheads remarkabiv
arcjied. These horses are verv
watchful of their common safety.
Whilst a troop is feeding one of
their number is placed on some
emhence as a sentinel. When
danger of any kind approaches he
warns his companions by neighing,
and they all betake themselves to
flight. The Calmucks take them
by riding among them on very
. fleet tame horses, or destroy them
by arrows. The most esteemed
horses are the rabian. They are
seldom more than fourteen or fif
teen and a half hands high, more
inclined to be lean than fat: thev
rise higher from the ground than
other blood horses and much more
"ine Dreeu in Arabia is never
crossed as in other countries, but
preserved unmixed with the ut
most solicitude. They prefer the
marc, as being more capable of
bearing hunger, thirst, and fati
gue; and these must neither bite
nor kick, or they are deemed vie
: i i .
iuus; inaeeci, u is no uncommon
thing to see children play andfon
die about the mare and her foal
without fear or injury. Madden
says when an Arab sello his mare
he rarely sells all his property in
her; he generally reserves the sec
ond or third foal. The genealo
gy ol a lull-blooded Arabian horse
must be proved in Mecca, for one
race only is valued, which is that
of Mahommed's favorite mare.
Madden affirms that is so difficult
to get a thorough bred Arabian
marc to send out of the country,
that he doubts if any ever go to
Europe ; those uscually sent a3
such being Dongola mares, which
are very inferior, being worth only
from one hundred and twenty to
one hundred and fifty dollars,
whilst an Arabian is worth from
one thousand to five hundred to
two thousand dollars.. TJia Ara
bians keep their horses picketed
by the fore-legs. They never lie
down, flight or day, being always
kept standing. L'ven after a long
journey they are onely suliered to
give a tumble or two on the sand
and then made to rise. The Per
Man hoises are much esteemed,
but not equal to the Aaabian.
We will speak of tin's matter again.
In the im-ao time we would say to
our fast men, take meauies or
an exhibition that will scne to
thow the world tthat it can do,
when it tries.'"'
(J5j"One of our exchange pa
pers has a long and able article on
the high price of potatoes, in
which it is stated that the price
must fall far below the present
rates cj their is an abundent
rropthis season, and the rot has
L".'t 111
'? ofll' tcd fhcrn.
,li u s i n t $ s 5 i t f ( l o r 5 .
r. I.
1 0"TT ' 1
Iv. w.
. n i. : i r.
KM MM' Sc. (.!U
'm!c; in Dry G "U. 1 lord ware,
) u ire, S'nnew ire, ' I !-, I'.v.ts 4l
Shoes, II. ils .V (V -,'in I Reply Made C! nii-.g.
Li x-nst T-(. Glenw ond, low a. n'.-lv
" sAitrv c r.N'ci.Tsn.
Whol'-isle and nf ntl Merchtvi's. dealers in
I" ;ri and In 'l:n Ciods, Groceries. )iy
i! inKt are. Hooks ami S. atiopet v. !'" it-. Sh
lllta and Cap, ami every va:i"v of I'm;'",
fond, on t'tr west siilo i t 111': Public Sonne.
Glenw tod. Towi. aiglll-iv
Nn'KoLtis ;&"(:().,
Who'esnl and. Retail Merchants, corner nf
r,nc i atiil Cooliace tre?1s. keeps constnnllv
vi hind R large assortment of Groceries. Dry
floods. Hard .t are, ami Crockery. Glcnwond.
Iowa, trig Hl-1v"
At'ornrv and Counsellor at Law, ami Solicit
or in Cha'iiccrv. will practice in the sixth an
seventh .Imlii'iiil District?. Iowa. Will prompt
ly attend to nil professional business entrusted
'o his rnr. Oilier corner of Conlige and Lynn
greets, Glenwood, Iowa. ug31-lv .
wm. stki:kt,
riivician and Surppon. liaviiijf pi'rmancnt'v
lont'cd in C.lcnwood, M ils ro,, Iowa, will
n, attcnil to all calls in liij yrofi-ssion.
Oliicp on Locust ktrwt, one dour noilli of
Whitps tor. autf 3I-ly
A'tnrr.rv at Law. (Jlenwoi'il. Mill Co. 1ow .
Prnctiop 'in tiioOirt nf t'n'iitn ai d 7th J i
d:cial Disiricn. anJ tlip S lpremc (.ourl of low a
May J I. I"j4. n:i.i-ly.
Attorncv and ior at Law , (ilcnwood,
Iowa. ' 21-y.
Attorney 'i I Conii,1li'r at Liw, on tli noith
lidp of Locu.'t jtrift, (ilcnwoo.l, low a. an 31-tf
Doctor Jainp Dniip'iai.. wouid rupcctfully
ir.f.irm the citi.fns of dlcnwood, Millii Co.,
Iowa, that he lias permanently located in Una
place. a;id tenders liis Professional service, in
all of its various branches, to the citizens and
vicin'tv. Havine attended a full Conie of
Medical Lecture', i:i connection with the St
Louis Hospital, flatters himself competent
to render general satisfaction to those who may
fa-o' htm with their patronaire.
V" l lllice nt the Drug Siorp.
i.i KNwoori, Mii.i Co., Iuwa.
Doc 22, l.j;j. n:t'J-lv.
koiu:rt s. ca in Wooden, Willow,
ami Cedar Ware, .No. T1, S coml t., p)putitf
Muriroe House, SI. Louis, Mo. .
Sheffield, steel w arehouse, nuinlier -13, Main
"treet, St. Jyouis. "Mjttapan Iron Company.'
Holon. maiiiii:icturers of iiiachini-ts tools, lnjt
cutlinir and drilling machines, lathes. .c.
1'iles, edtre tools, k.c, i.c, Dialiuf jctured nt
Weiitw orth Works, bhtllicld, imported to order.
apr 12-ly .V;i;st.
Sucessors to Berthold 4l Kroili-rs, wholesale
ilealers in Groceries, Teas. Wines arid Liquors;
Commission and Forwarding M.u chants, lux
North Second street, St. Louis, Mo.
Cmarli s Tillman, m. Kl-llage.
Kkho. Uo.ikh, Jr. Am f.dkb I1k.rthold.
apr 12-ly'
Mississippi rouNDitv,
Gatev, McCune V (,'o , hetween Morgan and
(ireen streets, on Main and Second streets, St.
Louis, Mo ; 1Iui11..ts of Sleim Knines. Boilers
and eery description of Mill oiachmei-y.
apr 1 i-firn
Sheffield steel warehouse, 213 Main, corner
of Morgan street, St. Louis. Steel of all ile.
script. oiis in store, or imported to order, on the
best terms, li-omj II. ULAE.K W ELL, A-,'"t.
V'hole-ale and ret.iil dealer in Jloots and
Shoes, of all kind, No. 152 Main street, St.
Louis, Mo. tprl2-ly
"A ranufactnrers of Corrta Tin uml Siiei.t
xl L irom wokK, such asCopper Pipes lor
Steam Ent' and Distilleries. Hreechintr and
Chimneys. Soda Generators and Foiiniains, Bre
wing an 1 all kinds of Copper Kit les, Well and
Cistern Pumpsand every other article in their
line of Business, they also maiiuXactuie and
keep constantly on hand the St. Louis premium
looking Moves, Moat Il-.t.-ls,
Colleges or other s'imiljr establishineuls; mUe
in i jroo'l and workmanlike mimu r, and out of
pood and substantial material; and of different
sizes. All kind of Tinware on hand, wholesale
and retail, No. '2i3 Main street, south-east cor
ner of Cherry, St. Louis, Mo. aprl2-riin
"VT I'CKOLLS ii. CO. have just received one of
ii tlie largest and h'.--t selected stock of
GOODS ever brfore exliiliiled in the west. A
mini;;" their assortnieiit may be found
A variety of clothing of all sorts and sizes,
hardware and cutlery, Urii, im dicines, fjmi
ture, beilslcaiU. bureaus, tab'es, chairs, ruok,
box and Grecian, parlor stoves, Aic.; in short,
everything you may call fur.
Persona need not be detained w hen they come
to the cheap corner, as they are wtll supplied
w ith nimble clerks on their lust le's, and al
ways have sharp sci.sors and duii conscience.
P-mi'ranti w ill find it to their advantage to
call upon us before purchasing else iieie.
Glenwoo.l. A pi il ill, 151. nX'i-tf
i , x E B U A S K A . k!EL
11 1 h si E A M E U N'EBKASKA IS k L N.i.(j
HJ. Nehia-ka is a new and splendid boai,
i il. lied by experience.) oliiccr and new.
fctlltfiew City, .VLra.-ka, u opposite St. M4.7,
couiin to el.ra,ka should come ilirtetly to
s r M A il Y .
This is the front gateway to tin; moil important
and interesting portion of Nebraska, jicar lu
Ui.nd that
are tile two best poinU for loo emigration to
Lu dcview Ci'y, July Vt, 1""1. nl-tf
Jiis.t nrrive.l, ihT stc.imer Delaivar-', tt
s.JiiPY's ciiu.m 11 stork
On Main niroet, M. Mary.
Ci izi-iis aii'l ciniirutiU can now finil a
full ii.j!y of fresh (iroccrics, l'ro isum.s,
JJry (jin.tii Liui HarLlwure, wliicli tliey ;iii
i.i y tin-hp for v.ahu. ii.'j7-tf
"I W t SACKS silt for saUatthe cheap rat
I.U utore of f.L CaOLLS tCO.
I I I PCS. H k.'.Tv Sni.i.W.g; for' sale "ow:."'
f i i'U'v;;, ki'.ni.v k. .
I"'MI1 "II" V
jew A !-Tt .-im; A'f'"ii'Vof
V.. 1 I Si-.mmi I Si.. I it.
'.Vt KTs-VU'lU VIVE?. 1S..4.
bi.t'rr crrv Axn st.i.ouis
v - r.K Kt:r u.vr.
Ciuir -;'.:) nr
el I ".!. i' - .
I" !"'-"
II. Hrl !.:! i liie
fiiri.i-h.-.! I'.i-'.'..g.
!!; r.
II. 'i
,ri',. Pa--. -" ;.-
MO 'I s . i' Hi II . H i'.i t
t POLAI: .il' K. T.
V m ' ;n I idi-C. m "Iv
1... K.t J AS. II. I.CCAS.
Tne a!" i.' 1 :ti m will f otu a IlKC'LVK
V LI'.KI.V I' VI ivI. I' LIN K fn.m S!. I " rs to
Council lilnlf-. Inl.i-J M Louis - 1
dav. at I r. M.. nu I i 1 1 1 1" City eery ILnrLl'iV
aI in. k. m. Tin- -Ii- ii'i.-r IJl'ini. plvi"? he-
tlM'eil SI. Jos
H with tlie
L'iCHS 111 S'. .1
I'll" ,lll.l " I1
h ,i.M ( '..M'lcil It". . .I.j . cii;incl.
am-rs l'rljr Slur .n:l J.n. II
it- ai . Tli!
i ' . .1 ml .Il
xcelp safety;
nuers and 'l', I ;u el-
I an 1
c-1 !ii ::i 1 1 Ti J:' can re 1 v noon Hie I n eiaueucy
if this line. Tin' ;rfii I'lcii'lil-uml p i-ii'i.--is
till meet with hut A few bonis .1. .mi ill St.
n :2-ly
P. A. SAItl'y, Agent,
Mary, I
1851. ""sm
Nothern Ralroal L ne.
I!'TVKK St. Louis, Huston and New
York, consisting of twelve class stam
propellers oil lakes Ontario, i'rieand Mirhigau,
1. now prepare.l lo rniiir.irl for the transporta
tion of produce and merchandise with .ji-patcli.
equal to that of any other route and upon veiy
ressonat'le terms.
CKAWPORD fc CO.. Proprietors.
I liernhiirg. N. V.
Kor friM jl-.t applv to Otis K i.rit-al I. Auent. .
C. it. It.. I.W Stale stt'-t, llo.lonl .1. L. W'nr
ner, A'J'i t N. K. Ii.. No. ' C o ii llaud street,
N. Y.; I.eo. Jenni-en. Ag-'tit T. and O. S., No.
1U:" llr 1 id street, . V.; Cli aiiilierlam Craw
ford, Clevelau l, S. Clar, Agent, Chicago,
111.' M.dth.-r V Co., .1...
GILIiKKT KNAPP. Jr., Airent,
ang31-lv No. I"i2 Second st.,St. Loui,
- FioEHSOjf-s Kt;asi.K ir."
0 TilL I'lMjH clurs of the ah 11' Nursery,
Sn situate I Retell miles'l of St. L'l.l.-,
7 -,'"" iiaxe now in growing and ready f .rsale
ndilelitery this Kali and the curing Spring,
1 much larger and better assortment of Kruit.
Miade and Trees and Shruhhery
han herel. foie thev have been able to furnish.
They flatter theti'.s. he- that persons wishing
irticles in their line run be furnished t i any
Xteiit.aml of more thrifty sn-l Mgni run grow th.
than can be I, ad rl-e here; am! M prices that
inust make it the interest of all w.shii. a sup
ply to call and examine their Stock.
Their Descriptive Cal-ilogue for K! is now
ready fur delivery, and w ill be furni-iieu lo all
po1-paid applications. Their terms it ill be as
lieietnfnre, t asm us DI.I.IHHV, unless "Hier
n ise agree I upon, and will I ery as to the si.c
ind age of the trees or plants.
Orders for Fall planting should be sent in ear
ly, to preienl disappointment for the want of
tune tn (ill and deliver before Winter t in.
All orders by mail should be a l.lre.stj to
St. luiis to .T( ) II S'G F.RsOV k FPO.
l"IIMMIMi, m
ft C. Todd Ii Co J'
Successors lo
k SON,
SO. '21) M A.1N
SI ki l l.
Corner obol
i '"" ' '
my 01 ttril 6c Ijnuftctu- m rj
frncl) Unrr illiil Oloiu'g.
i.1 fiii-c in thi Mill fiiruisiiing b isine.sin S;.
Louis, (comme. cmg at the workman's be-ich)
enatiles us to judge correctly of the ipiuiity of
b irr best adapt' -I ? milling in the e-t. To
obtain that quality, we have fo in I it necessary
lo visit the "Harries in France, und there make
se'ectious. (I.;r stick this year was selected at
the quarries by one of the tn m. and samples
left with tiie proprietors, that we inav, when
e orilcr, be certain of oblauii.'.g the ilesirej
quality. Fo- successf ul milling, tlie pr iclical
miller and luiilwr ghl can appiecia'" the iinpor
iance of tin-arrangement. Ujr stock is always
large, arot anv ile.-ired tempor and texture of
uurr can be ohiained w ithout delay.
To obtain the quality of Hoping Cloth best
suited to milling in the West, we have had the
greater! dilf.cultv. Over-loading bolls by fast
grinding, and II. e laige quautilies of spiin
wheat avl oat- proved so oe.triic:ie to the or
dinary C'ioili, that riinifilaints of mill owners
and luiileis became so frequent, we fo ind it r.e
ceaiy to obtain bejv er and stmnger Clo'hs,
or subject our-e!ve to a suspicion of ncilo, an
inferior article. We laid before the mjiiolac
tnrersour o'ljeci ons to their (,'iolhs, and oider
ed heavier aud ti it, ger to lie made. They un
dertook it ih iciucluoce, fearing that tiiey
coui, I iot in .'.f llieir Cloths heavier and pre
er - tlie iiii.for'iiity of nie-.iu so in li;M-nia-bie
for good nulling, 1'hey bate succeeded.
Dl a inn. 11 vi. ci o i m auk now mani hx phi ss
I V ma i s, a. 1.1 for iicautv of fnnsii. uiiiloruii
IV of me-he, . 1 n a:ul ilirahiii'y, we refer
to 1 ne millers geu.-;aily in the ro inli v, and es
to Hie miners and in. II owncis iu this
P OR TA Ji L 11 (J IU l.Y .MIL L S.
Our atle.ii.oi, t,,i nwii.y yeai b becu if
rec'e.l to i.tu u.l tlie best plan fur Cou-lr iir.t illg
toeitt mills. In mauv cases they ate uteri by
iliespei 1 iianoi, and til. refore, dniability
and of cm'tnirln.n was the object
lo lie at s.oe.l. In this we think we have suc
ceeded. We belietf so, becausrt in the great
number we have sold, there h is not been one re
turned, nor to our k.iow.eilgp faoul u perform
eotiiely to the atl n i.oa of those using them.
Ttiey are in ex:ei.siv. use in the West, a. id
many of liin in New Meico anil California.
Our iinllssre known as TOlllPS l.Ml'KOVKO
(iUAiN MILL. We iiuniifai tore three kind,
to wit : last 1 ho w it st.xs, to grind by weight
of the runner sn.iK ash i.maiv mill, tlie
lower stone to run, and !ue rumn; m: mill.
Patent meted, ceiii. nted ami machine stretch
ed LKJTllllR I!i:LTLYG.
This aitu le is now in the gre.i'e-l per
fection, and hecorni.;; exieu-in ly n5e,l in the
loanulai lurii.g est hal i.-.i:ueuts of the country
We keep ci I1-1..I the largest ot tineiit in tlie
...tern conntiy, ot our own, and F.aslern
Vi-i.i amid uriiMiR loiTtvo srr.AM
if. ki a im; ax 11 a run i:k . .::. We are tlie only
agents of tin- H i-'oo ( (oopaiiy in this city for
!fe s.tti t,f t.i,' goods.
Ho itmg si lew.,, mill spindles, regulating
e'i ., 11 ons. patent ri , (l proof safes,
uiiil picas, screen wii e. r.vets. lace lea
;h . . i.ale.nrit nlatcr, 4.C, i..:., cot. a'ant-
H i lia.el..f-J
OlfTlf dof.. , Mc and ll..y,' tUu, vt every
uo rii.iKifi, ai
pp -27. f;ii;i;.NT., kix.vky t co.
fMlilllTY dozen Men and Hova' Cajnf for
i ie cheap, at tll Ag'-ni V More :,t
-i 21. (.It I. KM., KINM.V ( ().
'( ''"-rl'S ,f Ticking, best quality, for
J f sale low, ni
'7- '" 'Nr'. KI5NKY It CO,
fMOHACCO Lovers of the Weed will (jnd
1 .1 s ijierioi article of cheiving and smoking
Tol.Mi-rn, at tlie .-,-v S'ore, of ' K V. V.W.,
KI'. y on . "r. ' f trv. ,mt.
? j-
i".ra.('t or
lo'lim anl sirvi irilU.
in rP'itf.Viil n
c arni::i; fi
ml rr
.in a'l
of i
ot ;
e t,ite
lie III. !'). or hil'i! of th- y
1 if. :
Cut inenus
, liintrV's.
.1 111 or T. t
1 is in the
Send il
. I'.-l niii,p
l.nMi,;.-is, I'lintdes on tin'
lio;, Sore Y,f. Kii g W
ter, Sr.tld Head, Salt U'leuttt. P
Hones in ! Joints, old Sores nod I c r-. Uhe i
mat 1 snl. Swellitig of the dlau'l-, Svphillilir
Jlisi'.ncs, Krvs'pelas, Lumhegu, Diseases of
the l. Ineys. Coughs, fold., A.thai'ia, Hron
chiti?i ('onsutn.tnii. Iropv. Dvspppnin.
Liver Ccmpldint, Nervous Alfectiotis (Jeneral
Oelnlilv, Neuralgia, or Tic IVIourcux. Cancer-,
loolre. Whit" Sivellingj, 1 1 -.- arri
.ing from an iiijudicions use of Mercury,
l.xpos ires or Inipru lencp in Life, Female
Irregularities, al-o, Chronic Constitutional
'1 his valuable medicine combines the mist
saLitary and i lficai ious articles in the vegetable
kingdom. It is rhiellv ronitiotf I of the d.'n
piloti l extract of Snsap iri'.U, Yellow Dock,
mil Hie Ilvdrio.Iat" of Potissinm, all of w!:ii h
are known to the faculty to be highly
ctlic.11 ious in the removal of diseases, ntnl to tisir
a specific action on the Lungs. Liver, kidneys.
Blood, (Hands, and t:iiuary organs, restoi !ng
Ihcm lo a healthy action, enabling th.un to pic
inrm tne r inctions nat ire .lesigne.t. It is now
conlidenily believed that Doctor l'.ssterly's lo-
dineaud Sarsnparilla is the best Alternative and
lilood P i-ifving medicine ever offered to the
p :Ilir. It is cheat er, pleasanlir, and wair.-.i-
led sup'u ior to anv . t.
Dr. F.asterl v's Iodine ami SarsaparilU i- rec
ommended as the most ethcacious me Lciue fiat
can possible be used. Not one instance of it
failure has et er orcured when faithfully ns I.
r or. --curvy, nous, nioirnec, 1 uniors, yy tute
Swelling", Fleers, Cancers, F.nlargeil Glands
Fever Sores. M"rcurial Diseases. Syphil-tic
Symptoms. Lc;irnsy, F.ry;pelas, Teller. Silt
Kheuin. and all cutaneous disease-. Dr. F.aster
lv's Iodine and Sarsaparilla cannot be too high'
ly cxlolled. It searches out the very root of
the disease, destroys the germ, by purif yii.g
the blood and driving out all impure or Jiscased
fluids of the body and by removing the Cause,
renders the cure Certain and permitiant.
No medicine, perhaps, Ins ever hen discov
ered w hiili gives so much tone to the stomach
and raii-es the secretion of healthy ga-tric
juice t digest the food as Dr. Kastei lys
and Sarsaparilla. No one has used it for such
complaints without benefit.
Dr. Fastetly's Iodine and Sarsaparilla is used
w. th the greatest success in rheumatic com plain's
especially such as are chronic. It cures by dri
ving out ail impurities and foul humors yvhich
hate accumulated in the system, which ate iiie
cause of Rheumatism, Omit and swelling of the
joints'. O'.ner remedies sometimes gives tempo
rary relief) this entirely eradicates tiie disea-e
from the system.
Fob: Mi:r i-riai. avd Ventral Disr. tsi:,
At irrTisi; tiif moon, (it tsns,
Corps, Joints Avn Honks.
Dr. F.aslerly's Iodine and Sars.1p.1t ilia is the
best ever invented. This medicine is
olb red to the public not merely as a puri'ier of
the 111. oop, but as a powerful eradicator of the
most virulent poisons, occasioned by mercurial
and v eneral taints, w hirh resist the action of all
other remedies. It will cure the wor-t kind of
mercurial diseases, no matter how deeply it
may nave eaten into the frame and vital organs.
It will cure the worst cases of secondary' sy
philes or veneral diseases, no matter bow long
It mav have existed, bow bad, or how deeply
seateil in the system, it will annihilate and ex
pel the virus and restore the system to a stale of
peifect health and purilv. For Fleers in the
mouth and throat, Lnlargment of the (Hands,
Goitre o.- tumors in the Throat, nodes, pains in
the Hones and Joints, it is the only sale and sure
remedy. Voting persons w'bo have reason to
suspect any impurity in their blood, either her
editary or the result of imprudence ought to pu-
riryan.i destroy ttus virus tierore entering tue
marriage state, an they may thereby not only
protect themselves agiinst the dangers of impo
teiicv and other luisfoitune, but secure the cer
tainty of a pure and healthy eir-pring. It can
be used by person", of either sex, with the must
perfect safety.
Im all DHoam.Fs oktiif. Klnsir.vs, Uladplr
anoLivir Complaint.
Dr Easterly's Iodine and Sarsaparilla is the
best and only Kxlraet that ought to be used. In
theae complaints, this medicine has performed
most u&touishing cures.
No latigiiague can c invey an adequate idea
of the immediate ami almost miraculous change
w hich is produced by tin use of Dr. Leatei'y's
Iodine and Saraapaiilla, in the diseased, dctiili
tated and sbatleied nervous system. Whether
broke clow; by excess, weak by nature, or impa
red by sickness, the unstrung and relaxed orga
nisation is at once rebraced, revived and built
up. In case of Neuralgia, Nervous headache,
Is of meinorv, General Prostratitin, Nervous
ness, Vertigo, Pain in the. Nerves of the Face,
and the various train of nervous alfedioiis, it
will produce a cure in an astonishing short
time. The effect of this medicine is logive per
manent retier lo me ii:lerr,anii in re-lorr 'be
shattered and debilitated constitution to its pri
tine heiilth an I vigor.
Ladies of pale complexion an J coiis.iuitivc
habits, and such ai are debilitated from any of
the ob-tructiotis incident to the sex, such as ob
struction or painful menstruation, Flour Albus
or Whites, Green alio, excessive flow
of the Menses, Barrenness, Ate, can be restored
by the use or two or three bottle of Dr. I.ast
arly's Iodine and Sarsaparilla, to bloom und
vigor. It is far the best remedy ever discover
ed for weakly children, and such as have bad
humors being pleasent they readily take it.
It immediately restores the appetite, alrei.gth,
and color. Nothing ran be more mppr.sing
than its invigorating elf.-ct on the human frame.
IVrkons all weakness ai.d latitude before tak
ing Dr. Easterly's iodine and Sarsaparilla, at
once become robust and full of enerpy under
its iiili'ieiice. It immediately counleiacts the
nervoiiMiesa of the female frame.
Da. Eas'I'Lnly'i Iodine and Harsapakilla is
4 WoNDEBI l'L Pi. klf U ROK TIIK BloOI).
It is very pleasent to the tast. and is more
concentrated, being stronger, better and cheaper
than any other medicine 111 use. w ho
have used this article are never willing to be
without it. Taken iu the early stages, it is a
sure preventative of almost any specie f dis
ease. (flf Ask for Dr. Easterly' Iodine and Sar
sapa. tils and take nothing else.
Price jfil per botlle, or six bottle for $(..
A liberal discount to wholesale pur
chasers. yfur lale at Dr. Easterly's Family Medi
cine More, south-east corner of 'Third and Ches
iiut streets, St. Iiuis Mo. AIo by P. A. Sarpy,
St Mary, Iowa, and bydealei iu inejicii.tsgtu
erally 111 the Went.
Is warranted to cure Ague and Fever, Dumb
Ague. Ch.lls and Fever, Iiitcriiiitant and lle
nn ttant Fevers, ami all the various forms of Fe
vers Incident lo the West!!
'1 Ins popular remedy ha now been before
the public tw o years, and during that time about
TwrxTV-rivL Thousand liorn.i
have been sol 1 and in tin instaiii e has it failed
to ctfeet a perminant ruieasfar as heard fioin,
or to give entire satisfaction to the purchaser.
It is warrented to cure all cases, or Ibe money
will be rer inded. Let no tn. n, woman or child
sb!b r v itb this distressing div ase, when a sure
remedy is at hand.
P.ea i the testimony from John Miller k I'o.
F.vansvii t.r., III., Oct. i.i, l-s.'i.t.
Dr. Faste.-y hir: W e take pleasure in slat
ing that we have purchased 3o boltl-sof jour
Fever and Ague Killer, and have sold tlie bame
lo our patrons, and tint ( baseilec ted a perma
nent cure in every ease. We have Sid I nearly
til the various medicine for ague and fever, but
none has fiven ui b entire atii-faction at your
Eever and Ague Killer. We believe it is the
be-t UK'lii'ine now bi fo;e the public.
Ksi,p. tf lH, JlH atller A. Co.
- . 1.1 1 s -,- 1 1 ! I'
I'..- ol the letter from Johi S. Crump. Grud
S i 1 e., I hi r Nation, bearing dale
An.Msl III, N.,.t.
I'r. Fisi.mIv Sir: When I was in yvrcity
in M 1 'h last, I pun ha-ed one doen bottles i f
you 1 Fever and Ague In. I lor, W hich 011 wan so.
ti I to 10". 1 hte sold seven of t lie dozen, winch
lal-o w an ante I. Your medicine I1.1 s given in
lire "tiiTartion so far, it bav nig cllei "d sevi'
cm cs if the (bills sn. I Feier. t loo rasp parti
ciilaily -a lady who had been slilicted unco the
latter pat t of last uintne'', and hsd ti led a great
init'V reine'ips, havings p'lvsiciau (Ml t
of Ihe lime, all of which failed. Mie bought a
botlli' nl y our medicine, and before sin; h nl u--e
1 one. thTrd of il. she was entirely cured, nnd
liasr'i joye.l good health ever since. In no c.i-
bus it failed to effect a pei msncnt cure.
Respectfully oiim. John S. Crump.
P. S. I will he in yonr place again shoitly.
ami will hnv mn-c largely.
. II. Ak for Dr. Kasierly's Fever and Ague
Killer, and take no other, and you are safe.
A liberal discount made to wholesale dealere.
Pi ire $1 per bottle, or six bottles for Ss .
For sale at Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine
Store corner of Third and Clie.nnt streets St.
Louis, also by P. A. Sarpv. St. Mary, and by
dealers in medicines generally in the w est.
Tins is a pleesent, safe and cle('tual remedy for
Dysentary, Diarrho .i,('hoera.Clioler Morbus
Summer complaint. Colic Griping. Pains.
Wind in the Stomach and Rowels, Cramps,
Fietting and Crying of infants, and lor nil ir
regul ir ips of the bowels.
1 of the rooit Ptficicnf, pl"nent, and
sii i'e 1.1 1 ,..iraiiOii tio' offered to the public for
In. Minis1 nf t ii'is ilerangein-titi of the
S!o:u .h and Row e'.s and the only article woil by
of tin- lelt conliilence for curio ' i 'hole a 1 nf 111
tum on Summer Complaint, an I all the lerang
ments of the llowrls from teething.
Dr. Easterly's Dianhra Syrup is w ithout ex
ception one of the most vh! lable Fatniy Medi
cines ever discovered. II nidreils 1.1' I' i'ii, I ics of
the fust re-peclahilily in St. Louis have used it
and hearth" strongest tc.ljmc.iiy in its favor.
i'rice 'gicioits per bottle.
For sale at Dr. Farterlv's Family Medicine
Store, corner of Third and Chesiiut tdiect St.
Louis, also by P. A. Sarpy, and by dealers in
medicines generally ill the west.
The Remedy for Expelling Worms from
( bildieu.
File most afe. pleasent and etlectual medicine
known for t he removal of worms form child
ren is Di. Easterly's Veimifug. ".
Parents and guardians having the charge of
rhilil 1 r-m, should wa'.ch carefully Ihe symptoms
of wm ni" in their rhirdreii, and I's soon as syin.
tonn indicate tlieir ireence. Ihey should at once
resort to the use of Dr. EastPily' Vermifuge.
Mure children die Irom Worms than all other
diseases, and a more miserable object can scar
rely he imagined than a child suffering under
the ordinary Symplons of worms. Parents, mirk
this: Will you not blame yourselves, if your
children die, that you did not ue Dr. Faster)
Vermifuge in lime '! This Vermifuge will re
move every species of vv onus from the system
in six nr eight hours after taken.
Price 'J') cents per bottle.
l'or sale at Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine
Store, south-east comor of Third and Chesnut
streets. St. Louis, al-o by P. A Sarpy. S . Mary
and by denlers in mediciiiegenerall 111 the west.
For the cure of liruises, Sprains, Wounds,
Toolh Ache, Colic, Cramps or Spasm. Cho
leia. Dysentery, Rheum iti oil, i'aii.s in the
Stomach and Rowels, and Wherever there is
Pain, it is a speedy and Certain rure.
This Medicine has more control ov er all pains
than any other ever invented. ltjucp both
Internally and Externally, anil itssoothii g ef
fects are ins, anlly fell by (he sufl.'ier, alb v ial
ing the most etrrut iating pains in a few minu
tes. In a word, it is a Paix Kiilkk.
No humane family or plivs-riati should he
Without it. It has been used ).v thousand of the
mot intelligent and res per table families in St.
L. .'lis. and all pronounce it the most Speedy and
Elleclual Curative they have ever used.
Dr Easti.ri.y's Pain Kii i.i r
is beyond all doubt the most certain remedy ever
discovered for Pains in the Stomach, Pains in
the Side, HrcHst. Rack und Limbs. It is also an
infallible leiuedv for Colic. DiairhoM, Cholera
Morbus, paiulei's Colie, Wind in the S'oinacb
and Rowels, Dyspepsia, Sore Throat, Mead
ache, if.
Riwarl ok Imitations ami Coi'nti- hi i it.
The only genuine and real Pain Killrr is pre
pared exelusively by Dr. Easteily. the sole
proprietor. Therefore counter!'" its and imita
tions abroad. Thersfore be sure to ask for Dr.
Ea-terly's Pain Killer, and lake no other, and
you are safe.
Price "'"i cent per boftle; five Lollies for .
For sale at Dr. Easterly's Family M-ii. me
Store, ii u; corner of Thin) and Chesnut
streets, S'. Iiuis, al'.o by P. A. Saipv Si. Mary
and by dealers 111 medicinegenerally in the west.
For the cure of Coughs, Colds, Aslham, Con-
ti 1 11 1 1 1 ;!!, Rroiichitis, Spitting of lllood, Pain
in the Side and Ui east, pleuiisy, Whoo.iiiK
Cough, and all diseases of the Lungs and
Among all the celebrated remedies for Disen.
r s of the J no and CiiLSTvnone seem to l e
mee'ifg wtn ue'i success und to give audi en
tile sa'isf .ctioii to ail, as
This valuable remedy i purciy vegetable iu
its ingredients, and perfectly harmless , all it
uuaht:es, and as mild a 1 1 plctsent as t!n most
delicate cordial. Il is very ootliing and heal
ing to the Lungs, a. id is miy 'there acknowl
edged by Druggists, Physic'ans, and all who
have used it to be the most Ed'cctubl Curative
No disease incident to our climate is so uni
versal, and at the same time ao fatal, as Pul
monary Consumption. Tins awful malady
sweep over the land as a Destroying Angel,
laying low the strongest ami tairett uf our race,
Million of the young and the old are annually
hurried lo the tomb by this dreadful national
CosiuiirTin Itr.Ania! Jlewaie of meie 'Ihe object of nearly all
tlie nowdlH ii-d for diseases of the
Lung'i, is to relieve and not to cure. Such is
hot the case with Dr. Carter' Cough Rulsain.
In Colds and coughs, which are the 1,'st symp
tom of consumption, it is the most pleasent
and etficaciou remedy that can possibly be used.
In continued consumption it has been
perfect and triumphant success, when the most
eminent physician had given up all hope as
vain. So confident is the proprietor of its pow er
to cm e Tubercurou C on-umptioii, that he
solicits a dial iti Ihe worst of rases.
Thi frightful symptom of consumption is"
speedily rht clii d and uevei.tcil by the us of
Dr. Cai ter' Cough lljlsam, which heals the
atfected memhrai.e, removes the incipient tuber
cle, and restoies those vital oigtins, the luns,
to a sound and !n-i"hv condition.
Spitting of lllood always arises from a tt ii
dency to luberciilou disease, and if not checked
ut Ihe outset, will sooner or lat -r terminate iu
death. A tH-rson who raises blood once will
raise blood agAin unless a j.roptrcutativ e is im
mediately employed.
This dis re-sing symptom of consumption a-ri-e
from inti iinalioii ol the l ings or membrane
Called the Pleura, or from brum hial atleclions
nf the air paage,. In either case it i a Very
dantferou , iiuiication of disease. It prevents
full and free breathing, and wear away the
liatui al (Length of the system. 'I he cans, of
tins syiiiploin should be removed at oui e, and
nothing can posnbly ctfeet that object no speed
ily and haptJilV as Dr. Carter's Cough 1 1 -Lam
which i alwsys sale and salutary in it ttTt-ct
on the constitution.
Iu case of consumption tiie Liver i always
uvoie or less affected, and al-o the spleen, pleura
and small intestines. The edi ct of Dr. Carter
Cougii IlaUain in disease of Ihe Liver, espec
ially if it be of an ulcerous nat. lie, is direct and
povfwl. Ssvijtle i.-e.i te nf thi Liver aflat. I by cons imption speedily tured by I jj
T he hiifshdry winter ccngli which afflict old
people Rit l invalids in a low state of mii
can be elb ctiially cured by the use of Dr. Col
ter's Couch ilalssm. It warms, tnoistan ao4
stimulates the w hole breath in; apparatu. puri
fies and animnles the blood, improves the secre
tive power of the Liver, Spleen and other largsi
gland-, and the digestive organs, and imparts;
new lif? to the wan und emanciatcd ytm.
Piof.rhitis, dillit'nlty of breathing, hsrth
t ough, a slimy expectoration, with all othnr
symptom caus. il by an atlictionof thealrtubn
oadiiig frmn the throat to the lung, are directly
and specifically alfected and cured by the um
of Dr. Curtrr' Cough llalsam. Thi it a Terr
painful, wearing mid injurious Coin). lain), and
always has a powerful tendency to inflame tu4
soften the Longs and thereby induce the worst
forms of pulmoi.nry disease, iic warned in
tunc, ye alllicled, 'and employ thi valuable
remedy 1
Free Expectoration is the most important eV.
ecl to be obtained ill all attemtitj to cur dis
uses of ihe chest nnd lungs. Ihe cough which
's so distressing is simply the result of a steure
to expectorate:, nnd as long as foul mattcrexist'
in Hie ait passages, it will Continue to irritate
the niembr.itieand picvoke.1 cough. Coughing
is nti to throw oil this matter, and ex.
pectoratinn arivps gipat. reliefi Inability to x
pectorale in the latter t.ige of cotm'imptioji
is the cause of death.
is the great expectorant. It dissolves the mnr
hid end dis,-ae matter in the air pas-aes, chan
ges it from a thick e;lutinous substance to a
thin harmless fluid, and throws it oil' with the
greatest possible case to the pst iettt. There i
no better medicine in the wcirld if it expecto
rant tj ialities alone be coni.lered.
For simjile or spasmodic it thma there is ne
better remedy than Dr. Carter's Caugh hals.itn
Fins ilistri'ssin disease which resists .almost
ever) lliiug else, yield to the all powerful in
fluence of (hisgreat remedy as readily as any
other fonn of Prctoral disease.
should be unpolled wild Dr. Carter' Coiieh'
llalsam, to b ,, " in the early stages of Cotizh
Colds, Siiiltii' - of Hlood, Pain 111 the Side and
Chest, Ilronr.'.itis, Difficulty of Hreathir.f,
Night Sweats, Asthma, Influenza, Whooping
Conga, and severe Croup, and thereby counter
act the con 'nmpt i ve tendency which is produ
ced by our ever changing climate.
Price Trial bottles, 'i."i cpnts per bottle; larg-sj
bottles. per b.,tte, or fix bottles, for .".
For saUiat Dr. Easterly's Family Medicin'
store, south-east corner of Third and Chesnut
streels, SI. Louis, also by P. A. Sarpy, St.
Mary, and by dealer in medicine (renerally
i,il,i'w,',ti i,r J-'y
JMf.. J .ik y l'.. S rfT.-.. J.. Ji'to I ?,IT3
l'or the rure of Liver Coinjdains, Dyspepsia,
Jaiindire, Illliousness, Loss irf Appetite
Headiiche, Habitual Costiveness, Genera!
Debility, Nervousness, and all diseasp, ,n,
ing fiom a disi.rderrd Liver, or Digestion ! I
'lbc.e Hitters poooess remarkable inngorstin
S'rcng! hen ing and Restorative properties, w hick
give tone and v ignr to the Digc.tive Orgru, and
make Ihetn invaluable for
Livs.r Complaint, Jai-nmct., Dvi?triiA,
And all other diseases caused from a deranged
state of the stomach, bowels, and liver which
lend to ib bil.tale or weaken the system
Cannot be lo highly recommended to persona
sutlering with a disordered LIV'FR or Indiges
tion. Loss of Appetite, Nervous Irritation
H-'oh-rlie, Itahitnal Costiveness, f.epersl Debi
lily, and a variety of Complain! which it il
impossible to describe.
If there are aiiU'erer in St. Louis, they are
advised to try these Hitter.
Price "h)c. ier boitle, orsix bottles for $2 19.
F.)rsaleat Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine
More, comer of Third nnd Chesnut street, St.
Louis, Mo. Also by P. A. Sarpy St. Maryy
and by dealer in medicines generally in tL
West, a pr 12-ly
1. "
A safe und certain cure for Goliorrho-a, Gleet
Strictures. Seminal Weakness, and all discaset
of the Genital (Kigali.
T iiis popular and eperihe remedy is now of-'
feret) to tlie afllirted and warn nted to cure all
cses of Conorrhn a. Glppf, Strictures, Seminal
Weakness, and all diseases of the Genital Organ
in a levy .lays. This mfalliable remedy haa
saved thousand upon thousands from the hand
of Merciless 1. tacks, if not from a premature
grave. In caeof infection. Dr. Ilakei' Spe
cific is the only safe and rure remedy. It is v ery
agreeable to the tasl, creates no precept able
dor. ami may be used by persons of either s
w ith entire secrecy without regard to diet, hin
drance from business or Medical Adviser, a'
plain direction for use accovupany the medicine
ll-ader have you a private disease? Do not n-'
glact it. Delay is dangerous. With Dr. Ba
ker Specific you can rure yourself, a-nd tbu
prevent all exposure. This medicine vtiH speed-'
ily and effectually cure the most virulent ease
of Secret Diseases, and eradicate every particle
of infectious matter from thesystem, andrestova
the patient lo a perfect stateof health and purity.
Price, sjl fx) per hot!!c.
For sale nt Dr. Easterly' Family Medicin
Slore, s )ulh-eat corner of Third at nti Chesnut
strict-, St. Louis, Mo. Also by P. A. Sarpy,
St. Mary, Iowa, and by dealer in medicine
geneolly in the West. apr 12-ly
. sv , .
s 7. -s TI
A valuable remedy for s ippni -ion of the Merc
res, Whiles, painful .Menstruation, Impoten
cy or, Sallow Coiiiilrxioii, Heed
arhu, Di'iiicss, Weakness ot the nerve, and
all diseases which arise from a derangement
of the function of nature.
The most e!pct, sale and mfalliable remedy
for the cuie of all those diseases of femal, ar
isngft" ' weaknessor debility, and obstructiof
in ".tie v, ..ual organ, such a irregular or sup.
pressed u:' the Mens, Fluor Alhua or White
1-all ing of the Womb, Headache, Frightful
Dream, s ic, caused by Colds, checked perspira
tions, excesses, over-exritemriit, &.C., in
Several ladies in the citv who have suffered
for many years with the above complaints, and
have employed our mo-t eminent physician
wiuioui success, nave used i;r. Hooper' I.
mala Cordial, and have been sjieedily ard pr
moiieiitly cured by its use. If there are uner
cts in St. Louis, tliey can rely uiiori Dr. Hoop
er' Female Jloidial a a afe, i leaeoot and f-
lerruai renieuy.
Price ,l per bottle, or six bottle for 1
Forsaie at Dr. Faster I v'm Family Medicine
Slore, comer of Third and Chesiiut ttreetii, St.
Louis, Mo. Also by P. A. Sarpy, St. Mary,
and by dealer in medicine generally in tL
West. apr 12-ly
Dr. Cook' Majic IIir 0:1.
For the preservation, beauty, growth, ami
restoration of the Hair.
It has long been the desire of persons troubled
with still", harsh, unruly hair, to pioctrr ao ar
ticle which would at once render the bair oft,
lively and . 'Ihe most perfect and
admiiahle aiticle ever discovered for that pur
pose is Dr. Cook' M igic Hair Oil.
'Flu Oil penetrate the minutest pores, fv
log the dry and withering bulb new life and
v .gor, opri.n.g the capillaries, softens, preserve.
bea it. lies a'n I strengthen the hair, If, and lona
from tallir-g oiL remove i'ii uanuiuu, ai4 turn
ragged hair into that which i smooth, gloas
and wavy. It is admitted by all to be th K'"
est invention of the age for beautifying the half
and rendering it permanent.
Is a ui.rb article, and ihould he found on the
toilet of every lady who Values the sTlof
beaut. ful appearance of "the down.; ringlet
and the w itching cud."
Pi ice, JO cent )er botlle. .
For sale at Dr. Easterly' Family Medicine
Store, corner i f Third and Clientit afreet IM.
Uuis, Mo. Also by P. A. Sarpy", ot. Mary
and by (kalcr in uiedivini gnilly in the
We.t. apr IS If