Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, November 29, 1854, Image 1

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. Mil
UY 1). E. ttEHD, & CO.
r0i.mnr.n wmu r
tt. Cotton.
, Editors and Proprietors,
' TKRf3- "ne f "pv our vr, flt 2 00 nne
eortT months, $1 00 invariably I n.
Js'n paper will r dirrTitiniil rtrrrt at
the discretion of the proprietors, until tt ar
rtarats ara pmict.
- For with aqusre of twelve line or les,
first insertion, 1 00
T.aeU iiibfoonent insertion, , 50
One square three months, fl K)
Oae squar six months.
One sq'isr twelve months. 12 f.O
One quarter of a rnlmnn twelve months, J0 00
rtnm liulf enlumn twelve months, 30 00
One eolnmn twelve months, MOO
luiinasi cards of eitjM lines, Tearlv. IS 00
" six months. 3 00
ii i th'ee months. 2 Oft
ajmlniitrator' and F.terutors' notices, 5 00
I. Bulisrribers who do not eiveexpres notire
to the contrary, are considered as wishing to
continue their S'lrisfrir-tions.
J. If suWriliers order the disrotitimnuire of
their papers, the publisher my continue to send
them until 11 arrr-aracr-s are paid.
J. If subscribers neelnct or refuse to takr
.their papers from the ntticeto which they are
directed, thev are held responsible until they
have settled the bill and ordered the paper dis
continued. 4. If subscribers removeto other with
out informing the publisher, and the paner is
nt to the former direction, they are held re.
fl. The Cor ts have decided that refusing to
take a paper from the onVe. or removing and
Itnving it uncalled for, is prima facia vulencc
of intentional fraud.
Subscribers will therefore understand :
I. That their papers will be continued after
ths aipiratinn of the time for which they paid,
unless otherwise ordered.
J. Tliat no paper will be discontinued until nil
irrtaraees are paid up to the time at which 'he
notice is fiven. unless we are satisfied that the
jherriheris worthless.
3. That when the paper, throuch the fiult of
subscriber, has been suffered to everrun the
time, the jus' and innt convenient way is to
remit one dollar for another six months, with
f fractions to discontinue at the end of that time.
This direction will, in all enses, b noted upon
our books, and if not attended to shall be our
n . . , i. jt
I. II. Sr.XMT.
Has openisl a hoarding house at Helleview,
for the areotniiiodation of regular boarders, and
occasional visitors, who, he will tue pleasure
in makine as rnrnfnrtahle as liet in his power.
Helleview, Nelira-Ua. oct 'J.", '.VI
w. n. KNfii.isir,
TsJIXOTIATOIt. Coll.-etor. General Land
IN Agent, t'oufikcllor at Law, 4c, Ac.
Helleview, Nebraska.
Having an experience of 17yenrs io the Tel -
ritorv. will pay nrofapt attention to all com
munications, post paid, in regard to the Tei
ri'orv. Ai.e.. .Vc. .
TjT" Office near the Hdvernrnent build n;.
mini in rraroi r. .. wpvi oanaini; nrvir.
Helleview City, Nebraska, July H, lwr4.
f. F.. v"a'I'so,
IT,nd Agent, Surveyor and F.ngiiieer, Ilella-
lew, r.tlira'.ka. nl-iy
(;i;diu.i: hki'NKk,
Attorney and Couni llor at Law, St. Mary, Lounty, Iowa. angJl-ly
Physician and Surgeon, respectfully tendera
Ms professional service to the citier.n of St.
M4ry and lirinitv. OlHce two milea north
west of St. Marv, un the MuhuuiIo creek.
H. TZSt.llUcK."
Topographical t-'nginerr, tenders his profes-
ioiml aervirea to the citizens of St. Mary and
vicinity as Surveyor ami Engineer in all its va
rieties. Office in P. A. Sarpy' store, comer of
Gregory street. aug3t-ly
W ATS( N, KIN N L v'te (iHKK
general Land Agents, St. Mary, Mills ('utility,
Iowa. Will attend to the purchase and sale of
real estate, Die perfecting of titles, paying tax
es, 4c, 4c.
Tainting 1 a ul and tillage Iot., to suit
punliusi-rs, on hand, for stle rh. ap, ami on
reasonable terms. ( MAS. K. WATSON.
Keg ('reck, Mills Co., Iowa. The pioprie
tort of this mill intend to ketp lumber of all
descriptions constantly on hand ; also to sup
ply all apecial orderi fur luuiher at short no
ice, for cash. i12-3iu
"si('. N I'A INTKR AN I) ( il LULMtT
f J1HE nbacrlber having located himself at
X St. Mary ia prepared to execute order of
every diarriptioti of Plain, Fancy, and Orna
mental Pointing. Signs painted, lettered and
gilded in the must approved style, and in the
neatest manner. Patronage respectfully so
licited. Off.ce, at II. Mrera, Fr mt Street. St.
til. Mary, Sept 27, "l.
Prainago Couiuiisioiier, Office in St. Mary,
Iowa. ang 31-1 v
WUolesaU aud Curniniajioii Merchant, dealer
in lJry (Jouds, Hardware, Queeuwaic, (jldsn
are, (iroeariea, Drugs, Medicines, Hooks ami
Stationery, coruer of Main and Gregory streets.
. ug 3 l-ty
Conveyancer, Notary Public, and Surveyor.
Ofh at the Store of Jr-u, Kinney, 4 Co.,
St. Mary, Millsco., Iwwa Aug.a,'5.
fflHE luliscriher has lust opened this new ami
X commodious building for the reception of
th traveling public, ami solicits sliareof pul
lie favor. Prompt and efllcient Attention will
la paid iu all who may favor linn Willi itn-ir
patronage. His taldu will bv supplied w ltd the the market atrorns. A pood slatile is at
tach ! to I he piemiset. lis, ENGELL.
M.Mary, Iowa, mar. IS, '51 niK-tf
A. V. I-OKI),
Attorney and Counsellijr at Law, city ef
Couactl If'.ufl'i, lowi.
Original floetrj.
For (he Palladium.
TO J. W. B. AND R. A. S. B.
BY Mai. A. r. HtMtNWAT,
Sad ami cherless was the mornint,
When yon left your youthful home,
Left your dearest friends, and kindred,
In a sir Juicer's laud to roam.
How your parent's heart's were yearningj
For their Son's they lov'd so well,
And their heart's were well nih breaking,
When they hear'dyour kind farewell.
Yes your brother's, heart's were aching,
And with grief seeni'd well nigh riv'n,
In 1'ieir eyes the tears were gliatning,
When the parting hand was giv'n.
Fast the hitter tears were streaming,
Down your sister's tender rheek,
And her heart with sorrow filling,
E'en the parting words to speak,
Then methinks. yo i sad weie feeling,
Sad by each end 'aiiug tok'u -
By each tender word tit parting,
From you' friends all warmly spoken.
Fait the rolling cars sjieid onward,
Leaving fax your nitive land,
Hrij;ht hopes in your bosoms beaming,
Dreaming of the golden strand.
O'er the deep and foaming ocean,
Where the noble ateamers lloat,
Onward to your wisli'd for haven,
Swlftiy speed Ilia gallant boat;
Soon you reachM the golden region,
On the California shore,
There it h hidden treaure-i seeking,
Diging up the golden ore.
Through the live-long day hard toiling,
Weary to your cot retire,
With no friendly voice to greet you,
Or your evening in a I prepare.
Thre the Indian oft is skulking,
Vciufancc on his foe to reek,
Ami the rav'noiis wolT round prowling,
There at evi , his piey to seek.
Voices stiange, your ear's salutii g,
And not one familiar face,
There with treach'roui foes oft meeting,
'iheies thi.'(;niiilder' linking place.
Vice in every form appearing,
Knowing not in w hum to trust,
Such is life, in Cilifomia,
Such to win the gulden dust.
Yet we trust, you still are shunning,
Sliuniiing.every vicious puthj
Every templing snarj avoiding,
Fiom the ordeal come unscatli,
StUI of you, wu id't ore thinking,
Asking fur you,, heav'n's blessing,
Gladly from your p.. receiving,
Line your friendship ttill expressing.
Would we could, ut hour of evening,
Step within your cabin duur,
Spend an houi or two in chatting.
As we have in days before.
Still for yourfriends are anxious,
Thinking of you niht and day,
Ilopii g soon you'll be returnn g,
Ne'er again (outlay.
Yes, yen've many friends w arm-hei.rteH,
With auctions evijr true,
For your wclfaie ever wishing,
And would gladly welcome you.
Anxious are we, to be areing,
Seeing you at home once more.
Here with friends lamiliur sitting,
Telling us, your traWls o'er.
Lirui.ow, Yt., Nov. 8, lNit.
Correspondence of the Palladium,
Ntw Vurk, Nov. 3, 1834.
Tlie e.vciienifiit in regard to the coining
election in tliis city titiJ State, in tremen
dous. I linve witnessed nothing eonal fo
it, since the ''Hard Cider Campaign" of
1840. Meney flows like wuter, and can
didates are "all tilings to all men." The
Whigs,; the Democratic parties, Hard and
Soft; ' Organization; the Re
formists; the Lienor Dealers Association;
the Know Nothings, and Heaven knows
how many cliij'les and fuel ions besides,
are all hianouvering, plotting and intrigu
ing to obtain 1'ieir kpt-cial ends. Tho can
didates are equally busy, in trjing to please
all sides, and concentrate the votes of op
posing interest upon themselves. Letters
not for the "pilblic eye," are adapted to
the views of half a dozen different fac
tions, and all signed by the different can
didates, are circulating where they ere
most likely to "tell," and such a ej stcin
of cajolement, equivocation, humbug and
downright falsehood, as is now in pro
gress among us, has seldom been known
before, even in the dirty annals of party
warfare. The proverb ssyH, that be
tween two stiles a inun falls to the ground;
but some of our aspiring politicians, ore
ekfoyiiig to ait upon at least half a dozen.
Only think of it there are sixteen organ-
tied partita in t'n Stalt, and upwards of
One Thousand CundiJattt.
In this city (ho contest for the mayor
alty, excites the greatest interest. 1
have not the klighicst doubt, from facts
within lay own knowledge, that from thir
ty to forty thousand dollars have been ex
jjciiJcu in i.!s c '.o;ccrir;, by the csndi
dates for that oflice, and their frier.ds.
Il is impoisible to guess who will
emerge "right bide up," out of the politi
cal chaos. The Liquor Merchants, irre
spective nf party, go iu a boJy for Sey-J
motir, the "Soft" candidate: for (iovtrnor,
mid bets are freely ofTcre(!, tint he will go
out of this city, with ten ihnuinnd mnjnri
ty. but I think thin is nn over-estimate.
Fernnndo Wood, the Seymour par'y's rnn- J
didntc for Mayor, il r.oufidont of being
elected, unci the "sporling-men," bnck him
at odds ngaitis.t. the field. On the other
hand, John .1. Herrick, his Wlii oppo
nent, and J. W. ihrker, the Knnw-Noth-ing
nominee nre eqtndly stirn of "going
in." William (J. Hunt, the Reform Can
didate, and perhaps the best ninn in nomi
nation for the place, seems to have the
poorest chance. It is a very nice kettle
of fish, take it altogether.
The clashing interests involved in the
struggle, have generated mudi nerimony
and ill-feeling, which it is feared, will
find vent in nets of violence at the p'dls.
If Tuesfiay, the 7th instant, should pass
nil" without some hsnl fighling and smash
ing of heads and ballot-boxes, I shall be
iigrceauly disappointed.
We have had another murder wilh the
knife, several deadly nssatiltsand two sui
cides, since the date of my last letter. On
Monday evening, a quarrel took place in
a sailor's boarding-house, in James Street,
between two seamen, named Mathews and
Tell. During the ulierciition, Mathews
drew his knife, and sheathed it in the left
breast of Tell, V. ho died before he could
uo removed to me nospn.n. i;otu men
were drunk, when the alTair took place.
The evening of the previous day, (Sun
day) was se'ecled by a brace of rowdies,
Germans, for the perpetration of a crime
still more wanton. These wretches, (their
names nre L'charat and Werner, ) appear
from the confession of one of them, to
have started about dusk, on what may
be termed a stabbing excursion. One said
to fhe other, "come along, I am going to
slab some one." and oil they went in sci.rcl:
of game. Meeting two pe;ici:,.blc youii;;
men, brothers, or the name of Deer, Wer
ner plunged a dirk into each of them, in
flicting, in both instances, dangerous
wounds. The infernal machine, which
exploded iu F.arle's Hotel, on Saturday
last, was another example of lhe fiend
like, propensities of the genius. No clue
has yet been discovered to the indii idtial,
who left the valise containing the destnm
live engine. On Tuesday morning, a cou
ple of colored men, had a difficulty in u
gr gcry, in Thomas slreet, and one of lliem
mimed l?rown, had his head split with
a hatchet iu the scuffle. He will probably
die. About (J o'clock, on the evening of
the same day, a Mrs. McLean, n young
widow lady, who was nrcuslumed to write
J doggerel for some of the newspapers here,
I cult a large qunnliiy of laudanum, and
soon after, died from its effects. She was
to have belli married that day, and left a
letter behind her, staling that she did not
love the man she had promised to wed,
and that the individual she did love, could
never be hers. In this dilemma, she de
termined to become "the bride of death."
On the next morning, (Wednesday) an
unknown man was found dead in Wash
ington street, wilh a bullet hole in his
head, and a discharged pistol by his side,
another case of self-murder. Such is the
chapter of horrors, which four days have
furnished. Is it not sickening?
The oyster panic is over, and our pnp t-
lotion are indemnifying for a week's fast
for shell-fish, by a fearful onslaught t-pon
the bivalve, in nil its conditions stewed,
fried, broiled, roasted and raw.
Letters from Canton, China, of the 2n
of July, anriounTC that Mr, Spooner, the
American Consul at that City, had been
fired ut, and slightly wounded, by one of
the 'rebel' soldiers. The shot was returned
by a guard of marines, who were with
the Consul, and the Chinaman was seen to
An Emigrant Agent, named Wedckind,
and two of his German runners, have just
been arrestvd, for gelling bogus railroud
and steamboat tickets to their newly ar
rived countrymen. There are no greater
scoundrels on the face J the earth, than
some of these en.ijront agents, but al
though there is a stringent law niMinst
their nefarious practices, tficy seem to
grow bolder every day.
It is announced, that Rachel, lh cele
brated French Tragedienne, will visit this
country, if her brother, now in New York,
can make the necessary financial arrange
ments wilh a New York Manager.
The Crystal Palace has been finally clos
ed, and the auction sales of goods on exhi
bition, will commence in a few duy. The
fato of the building bus nut been decided.
It would make a cnpiuil market or u con
servatory, or a menagerie, or a big school
house, or a national museum. It is to be
placed in the hands of trustees, who will
duppuse of it as advantageously as they
c, for '.lie benefit of lhe creditor. The
jf -i M -J& X-ML -Jr vLJ -..I.l. 0
1 . .1.1 1 ...lit n . i. . i. . mm rvf-r rnnf
SiocK-nouiersj win ini .
nf the amount '.hey have invested
The "son" branch of the Demnmry,
had a tremendous rally at Tammany Hall,
last evening. The Custom-house was on
hand, nivl John Cochrane, the Surveyor
of the Tort, innde a speech. From the
present prospect nf things, it seems proba
ble, that Seymour will roil up a heavy mil
jorily in this city large enough, perhaps,
to carry in Fernando Wool, the '-soft"
candidate for Mayor. The Ctholic Cler
CV here, nre at dngpers) drawn, wilh Mitch
eil of the Citizen, and also with Meagher.
Iloth have been denounced from the pul
Mitchell is a Protestant Meagher
a "o!hinarian wc believe.
NotfmUier information J ns been receiv
ed in relation to the missir.g boats of the
The Commissioners of Lmieration have
just discovered, that gross frauds have
been committed itnon them; by some of
the poor-masters, in the "rural disti icls.1'
Scores of foreign paupers in the interior
of the Stae. who were Registered as
chargeable on the Emigration fund, "-ere
found on investigation, to be dead or miss
ing. In one county, sixty paupers were
charged, who could not be accounted for.
This is as bad as the purser's trick of
continuing dead men on a ship's book, and
debiting them wilh the usu-il amount al
lowance of tobacco. The money market
io at fight as a drum head; the quarterly
payments jrtst due, having taxed to the
utmost, the capital available for the pur
poses of accommodation. The finances
are in a forlorn condition, and all specula
tive enterprises are in the "blue stage'1 of
depression. Nevertheles s , no l'invy fai
tires have taken place here, a proof that
nothing like a panic prevails or can rea
sonably be anticipate.!. The J'i ,'lish A ve
nae Bank, judging from t.:" ''' pji'L :' li.c
special C'jinmi-s'c-.rier, t.pp'.Mi'ed tn or .
hall its doings, wis iitt c bet 'er than a
swindle. There are a few more of the
sume sort left.
The Arabia arrived from Liverpool,
this morning, with dates to the liGhl ult-.
Her news ia not of great importance.
The bombardment of Sebaslopol, com
menced on the 1 3t'u of October, and o
general assault was to take place as soon
as the breeches were practicable. It was
expected, that the assault would be made
on the 18'h. There is no political news
of much ih'.evcst from Europe.
It is a curious fact, says a (rapper, that
among the beavers, there arc some! that are
lazy, and will not work at all, either to
assist in building lodges or dams, or to cut
down wood for their winter s'ock. The
industrious ones bent these fellows, and
drive them away; sometimes cutting off a
part of their tail, and otherwise injuring
them. The "paressoux" are more easily
caught in traps than others, and lhe trap
per rarely missrs one of them. They
only dig a hole from the Witter, running
obliquely towards the surface of ths
ground twenty-five or thirty feet, from
which they emerge, when hungry, to ob
tain food, returning to tins same hole with
the wood they procure, to eat lhe bark.
They never form dams, and are sometimes
to the number of live or seven together;
all of males. It is not at all improbable
that these unfortunate fellows have, as
is tho case with the males of many spe
cies of animals, been engaged in fighting
with others of their sex, und aTter being
conquered and driven from the lodg,;, li.;ve
become idlers from a kind of necessity.
The working beavers, on the contrary, as
so' iate, males, females and young togeth
er. Audubon and Bachnan.
X?" The following, which wo copy
from a religious paper, is a very limely
jnd wholesome truth:
Political Pheaciiikc. An anecdote
is related of the celebrated Mather Byles,
a clergyman of Boston, at the time of the
revolution. On bcihg asked why he did
not preach on politics sometimes, lie re
plied that he had thrown up four breast
works, behind which, he had entrenched
himself, neither of which could he forced
and continued:
"In the first ph:ee, I do hot uuJn suui.l
politics, it! the secmid place, Voil all do.
every m ;n and inu'lu-r's son of you; in the
third place, yotl have politics asl the week,
prav let one day in seven be devoted to
ii'Moti: in tins fourth place, I uin tii?. ged
in a woVk of infinitely greater importance;
givetn'i any subject to preach on, of more
consequence than the tiuths I bring J o'l,
1 I will preach on it next Sabbath.
It was not meant that the enjoyments of
life should be few and intense, but many
and gentle; and great happiness is the
um of a multitude of drops.
JlJf J1CT to appropriate the proceeds Cf
thr nt!ci nf the Public Lands, and to
firant Pre emption Rights.
Srr. 10. Jlnd If. if further tnacUA
That from and after the passage of this
r.'-t , every pet son, being the head of the
family, or widow, or single man, over the
ige ol t went V-otie years, and being a citi
zen of the United States, or having filed
his ion nT inter" ion to become, n
citizen, hs required by the naturalization
laws, who, since .lie first day of June, A.
D. eigVccn hundred and f'crty, lias mad-',
or sh II herenl'icr m ike, rt Settlement in
person, on the public; lands tvi which the
Indian title had been, nt the time: nf such
settlctnc:!;!, extinguished, and which has
beei,, or slii-11 h;i e been, surveyed prior
thereto, and who shall inhabit and improve
the saiTi:?, and who has or shall erect a
dwelling thereon, shall be, and is he.rebv,
j atithorizi d to enter with the. rrg;i.iier of
the land oiin:e lor the district in which
Such land may lie, by legal sub-divisions,
any number of acres not exceeding i.n
('""''red and six-y, or a qmrtcr section of
land, lo me resilience oi sucu
claimant, upen paying lo lhe Ut.ited Slates
llic minimum price of such land, subject,
however, to the following limitations and
exi-cp ions. No person shall be en'i'.led
lo inure lin n one pre-etnptivc right by vir
tue of ibis i.c ; no person who is the pro
prietor of three hundred aud twenty acres
of land in any State or Territory of the
I'nited S atcs, and no person who shaii
quit or ib.indun his residence on his own
land t.) reside on the public; land in the
same Slate or Territory, shall acquire any
right of pre-emption this act: no
lands included in any reservation, by any
treaty, law, or proclamation of the Presi
dent of the I'niied y.ates, ttr reserved for
salines, or for other purposes; n. land re
served for the support ol schools, nor the
lands acquired by either of the two last
treatrics wilh the Miami tube of Indians
in the State of Indiana, or which may be
accuired of the Wyandot tribj of lielians
iu lhe State of Ohio, or oilier Indian re
servation lo which the title has been or
mav be extinguished by lhe United Sialcs
a' anytime (luring the operation of this
act; no sections of huid reserved to the
, i i .i i .. . i .i
United Stales alteru i.e to oilier sections
granted to any of the S.ates for the con-
niiuc uui ol ,.ny, railroac, or other
public imjinivcmcii.; no sections or frac
tious of auctions included within the lim
its of any incorporated town; no portions
ol lhe public lands which have been se
lected as the si'e for a city or town; na
na ice I or lot of laud actually settled anil
occupied for the purposes of trade ami
not i.griculture; ami no lunus ou wiucti arc
situated any known salines or mines, shall
be liable to entry under and by virtue of
die provisions of this act. And so milch
of the-proviso of the act of lhe tweiily
secuiid of June, eighteen hundred ani
thirty-eight, or any order of the Presi
dent ol the Liuteil Males, as uirects cer
ium reservations lo be made in favor of
certain claims under lhe treaty of D.uu ing
Rabbit creek, be, and il.e sumu is herein
repealed: Provided, That such repeal
slw.ll not allccl any title to any Unci of
u'.ud secured in viraic ol saul treaty.
Six. 11. And be it further enacted
Tout when two or more persons shall have
set Je I on the same uu irtcr section of land
iheiiluof pre-empiioii shall be in bun
or her who made lhe lirsl scttlctncn., pro
vi.lud such persons shall conform to the
oilier provisions U llus act; una all ques
lions u lo UieriglU of pre-emption arising
between Uill'crciu sealers, shall bo selileii
bv the register and receiver of the dis
met wiiluii which the land is situated
subject to an appeal to and a revision by
ihe Secretary ol '.he Treasury of the
United Siaits.
Six. 12. And be it further enacted,
That prior to any entries being made un
der and by virtue of lhe provisions of this
act, proot of the settlement and improve
ment, thereby required, shall be madu to
lhe satisfaction ol lhe register and receiv
er of lhe laud district in which such lands
may lie, agreeably to such rules as shall
be prescribed by tlio Secrelary of the
Treasury, who each bo entitled to
receive litty cents from each applicant, for
his services, to be rendered as ul'ores u i;
and all assignments and transter.s nt the
right hereby secured, prior to the iiMiing
oi uie iiaiciu. suau uo nu.i unu vol i.
Six. 13. And be it further enacted,
Thai bcturc any person cmiming the bene
fit, of ibis aci snail be allowed to enter
such lands, he or she shall make oath be
fore lhe receiver or register of the land
district iu winch the land is situated (who
are hereby uulJunzcd lo administer lhe
same) ihul he or she liaa never had the
bent-Ill ol any right of pre-emption under
ibis act ; thai htt or she is not. the ownei
ut I In cc hutidi'cil and Iweuty acres of land
in any Suilc or Tei ii.ory oi ihe United
rs.a.c.i, nor halli he or siic sciilcd upon and
improve.! s..iu land lo bell Uic same on
siiccilia.iuii, inn in good luith lo apptopri-
uic it lo ins or fu r own exclusive usu or
Licliulu; aiiu llial iic tr she has Hot, direc
iv oi inUii'ec iv, in ale any i gi'ecinclit oi
contract, in any way or Maimer, will
.ny person or persons whatsoever, by
wuitli tlie liUe wtucli he or she miirlii
acquire iioinihe 1 1. a eminent of the: Unit
cu .a.cs, sliouiU enure, in wliolc, or in
pari, lo the benefit of any person exejp
iiiinseL or herself ; and ii any person lu:
nig such oalli shad swc.r luisely iu the
pivSiUJv,, ho 4;r i!;c -!:..!! bu attbj-.-at to l'
the p.-.i:is uu I penal. k-s oi perjury, aii-i
shun torleti me inoiu-y u Ineii no or stie
may have paid tor s..l i i.m 1, i.:ia ad rigiii
una title lo lhe sanu-, uu . any giant or
conveyance which ho or sou m .y have
Ktade, except in the b..ial of r'ia j U
-NO. IS.
.J11 .an
"" I 11 l 1 I..U.1
purchasers, fur a v:lu-iblc consideration,
shall be null and void. And it shall be the
duty of the officer administering such
oath, to file a certificate thereof in the
public land office nf such a district, and
to transmit n duplicate copy to tho Gens
end Land OflW, ci'.her or which, shall
be good and sufficient evidence that silch
oath was administered according to law. '
Sr.c. 14. And bt it further enacted.
That this net shall not delay the sale of
any of the public lands of the. United
Slates beyond the time Which has been,
or may be, appointed by tilt: proclamation
of the President, nor shall the provisions
of this act be available to any person or
persons, who shall fail to make the proof
and payment, and file the affidavit requir
ed before the day uppointcd for the com
mencement of the sales as aforesaid. . .
Sec. 15. And bt it furthtT enacted,
That whenever any person has settled or
s'lail settle mid improve ji tract of Jand.
uhjeel at the lime of settlement to pri-r
vatc entry, and shall intend to pilrchaso
lie same Under tlin provisions of this act.
sttch person shall iu the first case, within
three months after (he passage of the Same,
and in the last wiilun thirty days next af
ter the dale of such settlement, file with
the regisier of the projier district a Writ-
ton statement, describing Ihe laud settled
upon, and declaring the intention of such
person to o'. i n the same under the pro.
visions of I ii act; and shall, where such
settlement is already made, within twelve
month after ihe passage of this act,
v nere it shall hereafter be made, Within.
le same period after the date of such set
llement, make the proof, afll larit, anil
payment, herein required; and if he or
she shall fail to file such written state-:
ment as aforesaid, or shall fail to rriaka
such affidavit, proof and payment, withirt
ihe twelve months aforesaid, the tract tit;
land so settled and improved, shall be sub
ject to the entry of any other purchaser.
Approved, Sept. 4, la 11.
Following the Loar!. An itinerant
preacher recently traveled among tho
north-western counties in this Slate; He
was mounted on an animal Whose npeari
ance betokened very bad keeping, the
mere frame-work of what had once been
a horse. Riding up lo the door oT a coun
try inn, he inquire:! of the landlord tho
distance to tho next lown: The host cotri-
ing out was so forcibly struck with tho
appearance of the animal tlpon which thd
querist s:it, that he walked around him
twice before giving the required iitfortria
lion. He then inuuircd:
"Who might you be, if It is a fair rjudsi
"I am thn follower of the Lord," h
'Follerin lite Lord, eh!" demanded the.
host. "Well; I'll tell you what it is diet
feller, (eyeing the wrrA again) there-!?
one thing sartain, if you atop often on the
road, you'll never ketch him with thai
Best Right to the Bed. One nigti
a judge, military officer, and a priest, all
applied for lodging at an inn, where tlirirdi
was but one spare bed, and the landldrr!
was called on lo decide which had the bet
ter claim of tlta three;
"I have lain fifteen years in tlW garri1
son of B." said the offk-er.
"I have st as juJe twenty je;-rs at il;
said tlie judge;
''With your leave, gentlemen, I iiavl
stood in the ministry twenty-five jeariiftl
N." said the priest.
'That settles the dispute," Said the land
lord. "You, Mr. Captain, have lam fif
teen yfenrs; you, Mr. Judge, have sat
twenty years; but the aged pastor- has stood
five and twenty years, so he ccttainly has
the best rijrht to tho bed."
iT A young lady says: "When I g
lo the theatre, I am very crrelets of rriy
lress, as the audience are toa attractive to
ihe play to observe my wardrobe but
when I go td church, I am very particular
in my outward appearance, as irio.t people
go there to see how their neighbors, dress
and deport themselves."
23" The sales of the public land this
year will exceed u uuuuuu acics ; a
f.irger quantity than has becrl sold for
any ene year for fifteen ot eighteen year.
23" Wo jI is now more depressed ;
value than it has been before for many
years, the price having steadily declined
for several months until the medium and
lower grades Hre selling for less thai!
two-thirds of their value eight crin months
A Wife cannot make home comfortable
who'dears' 'my loes. and 'pets' her hu
baud, cloii't sew the buttons on his shirt,
or tape on his drawers.
0".A person who undertakes to rai v
himself by scandalising ulllcia, wight ."
Well sit down in a whullburrovr snd at
tempt to whel himself.
Joy can only be appreciated" f iiUr
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