Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, November 15, 1854, Image 1

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Ml Ml
ill jib L
'iH r. 1
15V 1). K. HEED, & CO.
I'ffli.iHMtTi wtrmv n
&ros. Norton.
1'ditori find Proyr iJor I ,
111, POI'e.I.AS rot'NTY, KHHA'
TICRMS1. On eopv one yenr, $(' 00 one
opr x tnuitln, $1 (' mAmnt. im ad
vavi r. .
(J-jJ" No paper will be riseontinnel exrept at
llii- iirrrtinn 'f the proprietors, nntil Ml ar
rearnpes are pai.l.
Vnreach iupmreof twelve lino or less,
firt inertion.
V.aeh iihsenier,t insertion,
One "jqufcre three month,
l)n sn'inntnit months.
One square t v month,
fine iiniftrr of a rnluitm .tweUe months,
Oti hnlf column twelve n inth,
On column (weW month,
Hninii ra'iti of er,;ht !i.cs, Teartv,
" ci month.
it . " three month
Administrator' and FTerntors' not s,
ft Of)
30 00
rn no
.1 no
5 no
T. SinWrihers who f.n tint eive express notice
to t contrary, are rntmiilercd as wiahinjt t
continue tlir-ir 'ihseription.
2. If ubrriher oritur the iirontinnrinrp of
their paper, the pnliliflifr may continue to semi
thern until all nrrearace Are paiil.
3. If ubcriber neirlert eir refuse to take
Iheir neper from the office t which thev are
dirrrtpil, thev arp held responsible until they
have ettWtho bill and ordered the paper dis
continued. 4. If mihcrihcr remove to othpr place with
out Informing Hip publisher, and the wiper is
sent to the former direction, they ate held re-
ft. The Coricr have decided that refninir to
take a paper from the office, or removing anil
Icaviwr it uncalled for, is prima f.iria evidence
of intPiitional frainl.
Snhr'bi therefore understand :
1. "I'll tit Iheir pnner will he continued after
the i xpirnf nn of Hip time for which they paid,
irilc othci wise ordered.
That no paper will he discontinued unil all
i-.-renraccs are paid to the time at which the
notice i (riven, unless we are satisfied that the
subscriber is uorthles.
3. That when the paper, thronch thefniltof
a subscriber, has been suffered to everrun the
lime, the jut and most convenient way is to
remit one dollar for another six months, with
directions todiscnntiniieat the end of thattime.
This direction will, in all cases, he noted upon
mr books, and if not attended to shall be our
Has opened a hoirdioi: Iikiip at Hidleview.
for the acCommoi'atioli of KfiJiir ItOiirders, and
occasional visitors, who, lie will take pleasure
in making as comfortuble at lies in hi power,
belleview, Nebraska. oct "r, ';"'4
W. R. r.NGUSH,
N' EOOTIATon, f'otl. ctor. General Land
Apent. Cfiiiimellor at Law, &.C., &.c.
11. Ileview, Nebraska.
Ilavine an experienced 17 vean ill the Ter
rilorc. will pay t.r'jtupt ntt.'iition to all com
Uiiinirations, post paid, in regard to the Ter
i ilo-v. fcc, i.c.
P'fP Olfice near the Government building,
anil in rear of f. A Sarpv's baokim?' houke.
Itellev iew City, Nebraska. July 1, !-!.
Land Atrent, Surveyer uml Lnpineer, Helle.
leu, Nebraska. nl-ly
(;k(jh;k ii:im:h,
Attorney and Cuuiuieilur at Law, SI. Mary,
Mills Com. ty, Iowa. uuy.ll-ly
rTvTw A LLACli,
rbysiciim and Sirgeon, respectfully tender
I. is profosioual aeriires to the cUivu of St.
M.HV and vicinity. Office two miles iiorth
wt of St. Mary, on the Munquito cre. k.
a,1t 31-ly
Tonoi;ranhic ljiii.esr, Undiira hi profes-
ional services foihe citijuls of St. Mary and
Vicimly as Surveyor and lirnuer in all its va
rieties, tllliceiu 1'. A. barpy'a atore, corner of
Gregory itreet. au(f31-ly
io neral Land AumU, Kt. Mary, Mills County ,
Iowa. Will attend to the purchase and al of
real estate, the perfecting of titles, payiiijjtax
, .e., Vc.
t-" Earuiin; land a&d village tots, to amt
iUichasers, on hand, tor saje cheap, and on
leaaonable term. CJfAS. K. WATbON.
Keg Creek, Mill Co., Iowa. The proprie
tors of thin u, ill intend to keep lumber of all
descriiitions conit.Uitly on hand also t.i up
l JT all special order for lumber at short no
vce, for ca?,h. Ii42-3iu
f M HE auhirriber uaing located timaelf at
.1. Kt. Mary i prepared to execute Older of
every diso-iplioii or 1'lain, fancy, uud Orna
inentul l'ailiting. Sifjn painted, lettered and
gilded ill the li.oht approved atylo, and in the
i.tntrHt inuhinr. I'lionage respectfully o
li.ited. Olfire, at II. Myers, l'r ,nt Street, St.
St. Mary, S.'pt. .7, 'it.
JVainage CominiMiontr, Olfice in St. Mary,
. ... ... 'i i , .
aug 31-1 y
'. A. SAKl'V,
Wholesala au I Commission Merchant, dealer
in l;y iiuods, Hard tvare, Queeiuware, Glass
's are, Grocer ies, Drills, Medicines, looki and
stationery, comer of Maiu and Gregory street.
aug 3l-ly
Conveyancer, Notaiy 1'uLlic, and Surveyor.
Olfice hi the htoia of Gitene, Kinney, U. Co..
WMaryMilli.eo., Iowa- Aug. 2, '.14.
ASTO R 1 1 (j US 1'7
pHK iitmcriber liai jut r;n.l thinew and
J comuiodious building for the reception of
the traveling public, and nollciu a share of pub-
i.f l.l lrilririt Mini -Ifil'ii.f ll....t: .. :n
. . . . ,.. - . ... ..uiiiii,u W IIJ
be JMiid to all who may favor hua with ihnir
. . in. , .l.i. ....II l. - . i:. i ... ..
iailii4;v. mi idinr nin ur: uipiiL'(l WI1Q ne the market ulfirn. A fond stabU
tarh td to the prtinibi i. Wm. l.Nfil l.L,
St. Mary, Iowa, mar. 1.1, fln2ii-tf
AUeir.ev nd Ci'utu
Co ni r il Ifli.fl.i, J .it a
!!of t
I m, i it v of
t.fpt ?!-tV'n
(Original $ottrg.
(For the I'ulUdi'im.l
hi M RR. A. J). IDMF.KWAr.
Crush Hot the tide of joyous mirth,
Thnt lints with merry (.be,
In yrit!hii bright haleyhn hourj of bliw,
Tho hi.nrt is liqht and froa.
Life has no season, half so awoet,
And free from anxious pare,
Aa youth's cay sunny morn of life,
So lovely and so fair.
Taeh budding hope, rrnv yet be erufdi'd,
JieiP!it!i the cold worhl'j chill,
And sormw'a hand, may nweep tha chords
That now Willi pleasures thrill.
Lvulow, Vt., Oct. 21th, 1H.VJ.
nr j. c, wiiiTriF.n.
I hear the f ar-otf vorar's horn,
I hear the Yankee's trail ;
His foot is on evory mountain pass,
On every Btream his sail.
H's whistling round St. Mary's Fall",
t'pon his load -il train
He's leaving on tho I'lrtured Rick
Hig freHli tobacco ftain.
I heir the mattock in the mlnen,
The ave-stroke in the dell ;
The clamor from the Indian lodge,
The. Jesuit's chopcl-brll !
I see the swarthy trappers como
Prom the Mississippi's springs ;
And war-chiefs with the painter! bows,
And crests of etple wings.
Jl' hind the sipiaw's birchen canoe,
The sb nmer smokes nnd raves ;
And city lots are staked for sale
Above old Indian graves.
Py forst, lake and waterfall
I a-o the peilUr's ahow (
The mighty minting with the rneari,
The lofty with the loft'.
I henr the tread of pionccra,
Of nation's yet to be j
The first, low wash of vtuves, where aoon
Shall roll a human eca.
The rudiments of empire here,
Are plastic yet and warm ;
The chaos of a mighty world
la rounding Into form !
Erich, rude and jostling fragment foon
f' '-inir pluc- UJ find
'I'lie riiu. jmlerinN of 5late,
Its m.i clt and its mind I
Ate!, weterirur still, t!. star which I. a Id
The now woild in Its train,
Has tipped with fire thefiry speari
Of many a mountain chain.
The snowy cones of Oregon
Are kindled on iu way,
Ami California's golden sands
Gleam brighter in its ray 1
Correspoaiencc of the Talladiuin,
Niw Yonu, Oct. i'9, lftf)!.
In tlip mi.lMt .of nn i-M-itinir jmliticnl
canvass the city litis bi rn Rti.rtle.l by the
imnouiicemciit and almost aiinu'llancou
decease of itverul of our prominent
murchnnts, jirofcHsionnl men, and other
residents, by a disciso resembling the
cholera. Au in ouch iimtimce the uttuck
occurred immediately ufter t)ie purty had
part;.kcn of a lunch or supper of oysters,
and the symptoms were alike in all cases,
il is the universal belief that some pois
onous property in the shell fish was the
cause of the malady. The supposition is
confirmed by infui inulion from .Baltimore,
where the oysters and crabs of the Ches
apeake seem to have produced similar ef
fects. Among tlia ciiizens who have ful
len victims to this strange disorder, are
Edwin Williums, uu eminent statistician
and forcible newspaper writer; James
Foster, jr., I's., a w ealthy shipping mer
chant, formerly principal proprietor of the
old "Dramatic line" of IVuw York and
Liierpool packut ships, (embracing the
'Shoridian," "Garrick," "Kosicius," and
the "Siddons,") und belter known in the
fashionable world as ''Couut Foster," the
musical di.tkttanle;io II. Cornell, Evp,
cashier of the Mechanic's banking asso
ciation, a must estimable man; iloborl
Smith, formerly alderman of the
l'ifili ward, mid M. JI. Duiiison, a re
spectable nieiuber of the New York bar.
There has also been two deaths in Orange
county, iu consequence of fating oysters,
and many persons in the city of JJiouklyn,
Williamsburg and Iloboken have suilered
severely from cramps and cholera motbus,
superinduced by the same c& All the
parties who names I have mentioned,
were alive and W ell six days ago. Most
of them were elderly men, their ages
ranging from fifty to sixty. Mr. Cornell,
I think, was in his fifty-sixth year, und
Mr. Foster about the same i ge.
Lvijnclhing akin to a panic lias, as you
may suppose, been created by this sad
visitation. Oysters ore proscribed, and
the lare and profitable city these
articlts ts literally brought to a standstill.
'j nvire fries', slews, or broils," or
dozens rnw. The oyster stands are. dc
Ri'rted; the sncrifioinl ktiives"ire yelling
rusty; the bivalves nro permitted the rest
in their beds undisturbed, and lliDifunds
Upon thciusands if the. '.salacious 'delica
cies tlinl last wri'k would linvc retailed at
two dullurs a bundn d are absolutely rot
ting on the hands of their purchasers. 1
understand that Mr. Chilton, the iiiuily'.i
cnl chemist, who is support '. b fcnmv eve
rylhiiij, from the cause of the milk in
the coeoiinul to the intrrei'.ienls of Tease's
candy, bus been tiskni to examine into llie.
"jdieiion:oti;J condition'' oT the "Shrews
burys" and "Tabt rivers," and report
thereupon. The oyster venders are deep
ly interested in a spoedy solution of the
problem, nnd I have no doubt that the
question "Ara the oysters or 1851 poi
sonous?" -will lend to a contr tvt ri , a
exciting and profound as that on
sdtpeter difficulty.
As the seventh of November approach
es, the. complexities of the political can
vass become more intricate ar 1 puzzling.
Even the reform party arc not too imm:io
ul.ito to doubt a little in the trickery of
electioneering. Schell, the "hard" can
didate for Mayor, has been induced to
withdraw in fuor of Wilson G. Hunt, the
standard bearer of the reformers, who is
now the nominee ol three orgatuz dions.
The Know-Nothing arc divided on the
mayoralty, and J. J. Ilerrick, the Whig
candidate, expects to get the votes of hail
the members of the order of this city.
The Germans support Fernando Wood us
iheir representative of the liquor 'interest,
and he has played his card so adroitly in
both sections of the Democratic party
that his election wouid iiiil Mirpri.,e rrc
nMiough I think Herrick's chances are
lu tti r th..n his-. John II. While, the
I'residcnt of the Crystal I'.d.ioe Associa
tion, is tho Whig candidate for lUcordcr,
and as h will undoubtedly receive the
wholu Know-Nolhing vote, his success is
nearly certain. There is not a municipal
oltL-o in ihe gift of the people to which
there ore not at least four aspirants. In
such a cross fire of factions, nnd with
su.:h a variety of special inleres'.s involv
ed iu the contest, it i ui.Tuuil to fraiao a
scheme of the probability worthy of con
fidence. li..n,mn is about to sell out his stock in
trade, or at least u portion of it. He of
fers lor s ile two sriraifos, eleven elephants
and nn extensive general assortment of
"varmints." II. s auto-biography is out
of the market, having been purchased by
James Iveillield lor $75,01)0. So much
tor Itanium's book and Utrnum's beasts !
The lormer can hardly fail lo prove ;.l
u..ble to all who have a taste for playing
upon human gullibility, and are in aearch
of valuable receipts lur the manufacture
of gammon.
Tho sale to Hcdfieid bus all the appear
ance of a collusion with liar num., for the
sake of advertising the book. After the
reported disagreement, Redlield coiitlna
ed the work as if nothing had happened.
liusiucs continues in a depressed con
dition. Speculators in fancy stocks and
this includes but too many of our mer
chants are decidedly iu u "tight place,'
and the stringency of the money market
is increased by the non-arrival of the
California mails, wii.h the usu d semi
monthly remittances of the "pewtur."
All things considered, howeve), we are
not half so badly off as the croakers pre
dicted we would be; and although the No
vember payments tujy break some weak
bncks, the community will weather the
Sturm much better than was anticipated
some months ago. 0m
Ose Fault. He who will turn away
from u friend for one fault, ii a stranger
to the best feelings of a humiu heaik,
Who has not erred, at least once in his
life? If that fault were not overlooked,
to what depth of infamy would not thou
sand have descended ? We know not
the peculiar and pressing temptation to
whi'-h ano'her may be exposed. Ho may
have fougiit manfully for months against
tlm siu, and still kept the secret locked in
his bosom. Hj would give worlds to re
cull the act. 11a Ins mourned over it in
secret, and repented in dust and nshus.
Shall we forsake him? Earth and Hjav
en justice, humanity, philanthropy, Hid
religion, cry out, "forgive him!" lie
who will not forgive must possess the
heart of a demon. Surely, the love of
God is not in him.
23- The best 'mixture" for a sick
heart is nine yards of calico, fino broad
cloth, four armsful of humanity, a par
son's cortificate of matrimony, u pair of
canary birds and a bundle of green-house
hollyhocks. People disposed to dou'jt the
jrecipo bhoull get u box,
Wc like to look upon n hoidthy worreir;
she is n prodigy in the riiirteenth century.
'Wherever you g'i see scores an 1 hun
dreds of Fpleery, sickly, feeble girls, who
enn hardly muster courage to make their
beds, wn-h their fare, nr drive an intrud
ing cow from the yard. Tell '.hem about
early rising, fresh nir nnd lien'.Uiy exer
cise; and liiey have n sigh i s long as the
lnoriil law, and are ready to faint awiy.
You expect them to gel up before day
to work in Ihe kitchen to breath'; the
fresh nir of tho morning! Preposterous
and absurd ! They have never seen the
sun rise, un l would hardly know but the
sun continues to shine forever, if it were
rot fur the iibnnnJrfs nnd their grandmolh
crs. No Wonder every year sw eep-j Ui
ihe yruvo so many young women who
have been sickly and efleminalc ever since
ihev were born into the world; and death
will continue lo select them as his victims
till they learn their duty, and pursue that
course which insures health, strength and
hint-life. Our great grand parents lived
to u (rreat age nnd never thought of lying
down .o die, till they had, at least reached
the meridian of life. They were strong,
hnppy, and hearty. Yv'hy? They msc
early, worked like beavers, and never
spent the midnight hours in dancing.
Instead cf being frightened at a mouse
al their feel; a beetle on their necks, u fly's
foot on their arm, in the absence cf their
fathers and husbands, they would load
their guns and shoot bears and catamounts,
and keep at bay a parly of savages. How
have their daughters degenerated '( What
female is there now-a-d.iys who wouhi't
run from a gun, even if it Lad j:o lock.
Tho ladies of the olden times out-lived
their husbands years and years. How is
it nowr1 Widow are few unl far be
tween. It was no singular thing for our
grandmother to have three or four hus
bands in the course of their lives. Now
it is the reverse. Men have about so ma
ny wives diseases of late have been so
fatal among the female sex. Do you know
the onuse? It is found in listless idleness,
inactivity, lale hotap, thin shoes, muslin
dresses, a horn r of fresli morning air,
and in that detestable sluir, stitched iu
pir.l: and yellow covers, which is flooding
our country. If they will do nothing
else, yoii"g ladies will sit and read from
morning till night, that sUdJy, sentimen
tal, impure, and lictiitioiu trash that is
thrown in such idjiindt.uce from the press.
This shrivels the mind, warps the affec
tions, chills the belter feelings, and makes
the life wretched beyond description.
Let females look into this subject, and act
like reasonable beings, and we should sec
quite a different state of things. We
should hear of no fainting away, no sick
ly consumption, no affection of lungs, no
Ike Marvel, in his 'Reveries of a Ba
chelor, thus writes: A man without
some sort of roligon is at best a poor re
probate, the football of destiny with no
tie linking him to infinity and to the won
drous eternity that he begun within ; bat
a woman without it is not even worse a
flame without heat, a rainbow with-out
oolor, a flower without perfume. A mat:
may in some sort tie his frail hopes and
honors to the weak, shifting grouud-tackle
lo his buisnesi or world; but a woman
without that anchor called Faith, is a drift
and a wreck ! A man may clumsily con
tinue a sort of moral responsibility out of relations to mankind; but a woamn iu
her comparatively insulated sphere, where
tlTVetion and not purpose U the controhng
motive, can find no basis in any other sys
tem of right action but that of spiritual
f.ii; h. A man may craze his thoughts and
his brain to truthfulness, in such poor
harborage as fame and reputation m iy
stretch before him, but a woman where
can she put her hope in stori'is, if not in
Heavenr And that sweet truthfulness
thJ abiding love that enduring hopei
mellowing every page and scene of hie
lightening them with plcaslnt radiance,
when the world's storm breaks like an ar
my with brooking cannon what can bes
tow it all but a holy soul, tied to what is
strong than nn army with cannon? W ho
has enjoyed the love of a christian mother
but will eclw the. thought viih energy,
and hallow it with a tear.
Great minds are charitable to their
bitterest enemies, and can sympathise with
the failings of their fellow-creatures. It
is only the narrow minded who make no
allowance for the faults of others.
Don't IiLsrAiu. If you slip down,
jutitgetUp. A stout heart ii as sure to
finally weather the gala, cs a pretty eirl is
to I. ;n g down the iu:iii of her choice.
The enst of publishing n newspaper, is
much more than people generally suppose,
and the profits, if any, mu' ii less. The
Nuw York daily papers, which haven
large circulation r.nd great advertising
pitrotitg'S at vcy liigh prices, have been
considered as coining fortunes. The best
of tli em have made som'! money. But
the rise in the price of paper, laci.r and everything else, connected with
the business, has brought them to a stand.
The Tribune, considered one of the most
prohiatiie papers in the city, afr charg
ing to meet the demands upon its columns
says the establishment has sunk tf-IO 000
in six months by the enterpi izs, audits
proprietors have now materially lessened
its size. The New York Sun, another
profitable concern, hrs also found it neces
sary to curiai't its dimensions very much,
by which they save, it is said, J 110,000 a
year in the expense of paper alone. The
N big, published al Merideu, in this State,
and the Medium, at Willimantic, are both
fferej for sale the editors preferring to
enter ihe practice of bnv. The price ol
newspapers in England, is about five
limes as great, as in this country, and the
expense of publishing them, save the
stamp duty, is no greater. So the man of
comparative case, as he smokes or rocks
and reads, may understand, if it is any
consolation to him, that newspaper pub
lishing is a hard nnd not very profitable
business. JJjt ffovJ Times.
Burroai youa local PArca.
Tint local press is emphatically the rep
resentative and the exponent of the local
interests, wants and wishes of each com
munity, and on its energy and Walliful
nesj, the community rely. Each com
munity should first sco that its local press
is put upon a firm and substantial footing
which can only be done, by a steady and
liberal patronage.
If each member cf a community would
come a paying subscriber to the paper ot
his own town and county, six months
would not elapse, before the enlargement
and improvements which would take
place iu our papers, which would enable
a eh person to dispense with one or more
Northern papers, without finding his fac
ul. ies lor intelligence in the lcabt dimin
ished. A people commit no greater error, than
that of permitting their Ioc J press to
languish, by reason of an iiiadequute sup
port. Never say your country paper is
small and not worth taking; give it the
support to which it is entitled , and it will
be immediately enlarged and improved so
ns t3 meet the full expectations and wants
of a community in which it is located.
We believe that publishers are generally
liberal iu responding to a liberal patronage
by the improvement their papers, us
appreciation of such lioerality.
If a man is able to take bul one p iper,
that should be the one published nearest
to his place of residence, and the nex
should be the ono published at the com
mercial metropolis of his own State. For
ocal and State interests he will have ren
dered himself ible to consult his taste as
to the paper he will lean upon for i musc-
meiit or additional reading Irom abroad.
Wasuimjion MoiLMtfT, It is sta
ted that the managers of the Washington
monument, which for some years past,
hrs been languishing on the banks of the
Potomac, are about relinquishing the work
and turning it over to Congress. We
highly approve of this determination. It
is only proper thai if a national monument
is to be constructed, as a mark of the ven
eration iu w hich the memory of Wash
ington was held by the American people,
that il should be a national work, recog
nized by the approbation and appropria
tions of (which is quite as necessary) ol
Congress. Il will then L a tnomuiieui
worthy of the nan e, and just us much il.e
act ol the people of die United Slates as
if the plan ul drumming up subscription
could be successfully earned out. Am.
it w ill ulso have this advantage that ii
will llicii be a national work. N. YoiL
Cost Him Tj.n Dollahs. A lady nl
teiidii.j one of the churches on S.ludaj
last, uniiitc" ionully entered a rented pew.
The sexton Invited her to "get outll.cie
and hunt a seat in some other pari eif the
room." The lady got up to ".t out,'1
but the sexton J.ol being with the
speed she was making, caught her by the
aim and hurried her out of the pew.
On Wednesday last, lie was arrested,
taken before Squire Davis, unJ fined ' 1 (J
and costs. This brief experience, will
teach him, r.i.d ndmonish others, th.d it is
just us cheap to treat ladies hh civiihy,
at least, as it ii, to trut tln ui ru le y.
VOL. 1. NO. 1G.
The New Yolk. Tiin-s makes these'
true and anmating remarks on the daily
increaidiig pow er of the newsp-iper press
and its ultimate high destinv.
"So far ns we can see, jto'hing gains s
rapidly on the heart of this ci ntiuy, ns
the newspaper, her is there nny other
aircrit that derives such iinmetie noee.
sions to its strength and rompnss from the
accurm :l.ilihg resources of the limes.
"Certi'Ki it is, that the newspaper lias
advanced more rapidly within a few years
past, than any other form of literature.
The acute observer Sfcs that it is invading
o'her departments of mind, withdrawing
Irom magazines nnd reviews, some of their
most valuable elements, and uses them T..r
more vigorously than they were able to d .
And the chief feature of it is, that it uits
thought siie.h thought as active lil'erieeds
in the most direct and nvid'ubcj 4u.pu
for instant and deep impression. Some
times it may lack depth; at o'her times,
truth and intelligenw;; but these dolects i
must give way before the widening cul
ture. The broad idea, the true faithful
germ of intellectual growth is in it, and
nothing -can arrest its nmplest develop
ment. "Educated men iu our country should .
begin lo weigh th- fact, it is well worth
while to aiinijze iLs meaning. Afresh
field spreading in every direction, and
luxuriant iu every harvest, is harvest, is
here opening. Men of the largest mould
nre wanted for it every-day scholars,
who have brains in their ryes and lingers
clear, earnest, profound writers, that '
arc all ulive lo respective impulses. Let
thein lake noble views of the word. Tho
idea is common that newspaper contribu
tions are necessarily lbniiaul and superfi
cial. No doubt this is olten the case; but
it cannot last. Society intends to have first
rate papers, nnd ihis will require first ratu
, I :. i ti .i ... ,
luiimeis. inere is suiuei (iiinr moi e lo no
done than to gossip about triiles to indite
a few hurried lines o:i this or that topic .
.. , .5,.. .. 1. 1- e .1... ll-
,w iihiri; uuiijr imicu-v oi it ui llie ouus
nd ends of thoueht. Masterly discus
sions of great principles searching in- .
vesiig.iUou.s into social and polilioal laws
slum rebukes to v ice- -inspiring appeals
are henceforth to be staples of the news
papers. And hence learning is rceuired.
Only see to it that they are adapted to tho
thing itself, and free trom all dry scholas
tic methods, ihe language of the news
paper, is the language of common life--
genuine Anglo-Saxon in its simplicity,
directness, ana force and men must ac
quire il if they wish to be heard and felt."
The following is given, as the conclud
ing "charge" upon the initiation of a new
member of this fraternity:
"The order winch has now received
you as a member, may, with all propriety,
be considered a secret organization. It is
so secret, in fact, that if you were placed
before a legal Iriaunal, and there sworn
to tell ihe truth, the whole truth, and noth
ing but the truth, you could not, for your
life, reveal the name, or objects, or ihe .
secrets of that band of brothers, among
whom, your nuiie now stands enrolled;
and further than this, when you retire
from this meeting, you must return to
your family and friends ns ignorant as
when you, lo far as the name of this
order is concerned. In common with our
selv es, you 'know nothing,' and let it ba
your stem resolution through lil'o to
'know nothing."
"The high and exalted duties which
you owe to your God, your country and
to yourselves, for the purpose of the pre
servation of American liberty, require
that you should observe the o.uli which
you have this night taken, above all oilier
obligations. For the laws of uj land are
of higher importance to yourselves an 1
your children, than is that obligation,
w hich you hav e just taken, to preserve
American msli.utioi.s by the entire uuJ
absolute exclusions of all loreigners, and
of all who are not protectants, from con
trol or particijiutioii in the affairs of your
The K.Ar.SAS Si al. It consists of a.
shield with tw o supporters and surmount
ed by a scroll motto, and if emblematic of
the life of the pioneer and the agricultu
rist. The lower compartment of the
shield contains the buffalo and the hunter;
llie upper contain the implements of ag
riculture. The left hntid supporter is a
pioneer with his smock frock, ieggins,
rille, and tom..ha k; whilst on the right
is the Goddess Ceres wiJi her sheaf, and
at their feet, and between them, lie a fal
len tree and axe. The niollo is a beauti
ful and striking allusion to the principle
on whiiiii the Territory was organized,
and consists of the "Populi Yoco N..ta,'
translated born of the popular will.
Advertising. The New York Tri
bune received ior one udverliienienl ir;
thu w eekly paper, night hundred and sixty-one
iloliurs for a single insertion. The
advertisement contained 1722 lines ihe
charge being f'tfiy rents j er line. Tho
Tribune tays this is thii largest sum
ever paid for a single insertion of an ad-,
verlisciaent, and yd the edvertit,er con
siders it a good ii.v btmes.t of his money.
If goodi ale really what the people
need, an! aietupniur i:nd theapef to
tinisj o.lVred 1 y others, he wl'jkinuhU
;i;c:.ev ivtut nod u !.'cd U' i.