Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, November 08, 1854, Image 3

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fsnlis.-t ilier will L'-nr i'l r.itnl, lint w c
r.rc living M n distune: fnin Oi" pi
per mnrkrt, an hind our v:ii:r MipjiVfi
vrri In Ijo lai.l in lu'lnrr- tlio !"-. ol
wnvip.ilicn, tnni MONl'.Y h i.i ".-ilc 1 for
,ri. purpn'f.
To tin Tiuh'tr V)r? of th St. K.iry
Tbf r:!a('.i'itn will l.i re-aflT lie hCiiI
t tiie SM'M'l!irri of tin- Ct. .rUn, wlii. Ii
rir iT'icn 'notin wi'l !n f':'isf..rtoi'.
- r-
V.'f :P' ri-TiTrr i.l:.tiii;; P'-' 'ip.i'i in 'lie L.ii.i'iinni, 11111I vr- lin
-.111 wifft 1I11 vmN i f onr p.ilrohs
ic 11
11 ml
frifiils in to'.V; . Tin' linns will
him liaoi !.
T!'.';TIM"Y nf A I'llVMClAN.,,1 of a Irttrr 'l"ri1 1" i 1 1 s!ll r 1 1 , Jam:..
. I ''ill ITiL': 'T will sin- that your M:i-stm;r,
, ih .-! t.iniin-tit 1 .. iispiI,
l.i n i no ' i '-.'-- 1
have tt it in I iy nun r-i", aloir; tl.p l.'U",
, j,t nf Ikr M'.nr. fr M-inal ii nt ..'. ion. with
io:n,'lrtP 1 -rroi-. I 1111 i it u IVw'-aco
wI,,t I Wa i:'irvtlv r!inkil. aiol my I'ark '.n
pompl.-'i! tmt.irp, f.-cm tin' wmiM
rn'l Oj'istii'il.i'iir roii'l.tiou .f tlir 'mir .-lm.
vliirh von know ii about af bail as -lo'-k -jaw.-'
It cave iininrdintr rrli.-f. bi::1 in tbp morliiliE: I
. o'lll b'tnl lik a cuHa pprrba man, ami with
nt lit'lr p-iiii. The Mnlir.l1 protViMon, yon
know, kavr a cri'sl U'. t i' n to V,t--; kiit-U o
r'TiiiiliPS, Ixi I from a I,;p of thp liikMi'il
ipntnor thP Mil.'IniiC Ki.iini-iit. I WrH'l liar
no b;;tali"Ti in irn-rKmriolitir: it. v.iirrri rr a
TPinn'.v torrl'u-vo pa. n i -I. I Ii ivc rr
rom:m inlrl i' i i a innobri of ras. in n.y own
i rit tirp, ami ax Tar ai I ran bam it hn artr.l
u-illipunnl reipritvninl riTta';i:ty a in my own
rsp. Hoping that it may be ""el f')r a"'l
Wriro away pai i. w li' ievri it pv1.S, that i
y rpmuncrntp y i well for your rx'-itioTii
.r l.rir.Kr. f" vabuMc a rrm.-'ly brforp the
putilif. Truly )'"".
i;r.o. it. KKYsr.n, m. d.
f;..n i 'yp-K-f rii nt i" 1'iot'n-r eoliiinii.
Peit, rK;oi: I as; an ifrrnal ap lliration.
pri-e ;.r rout . pir Iiot'.lr, or five b jt'lrfl
f ;r one ilolb r.
gf A liberal li-r.'iiit made to wholesale
oorliTiers wbf; b'iy (" fell atr'iin.
y r.r ale at IV. I'.aiti rly". I'amily Mrd
i';i,o Store, foii'ibPait rr.rnn r 'lhinl ami
l,-lnit ftiei:t.i. St. I.oiiis.
Also so',.1 by 1'. A. San v, St. Mary, Iowa,
nr.t! by .lealer in Imoli' inp ; li'Ta!ly, in the
CV I'' ai' ',r- KaHtprly'i arlvprtisuinrnt in
ii tiier col .11:111 of our mj)er ami f;ive him a
I)r. Carlor'f Crn?h Baisam
f Isthr most plem ant ami eihearioiis r-'ue
4v for Co'i-hs, C obs, Avtmi.i, t i-h-iMi piioti
anil all dis-ases of the L' r.,Ti-te'l to the
pnblie. () ir pv.t virvinj rliir.nt". a-vl tl. eobl if the 1.0. ih v...,i
lr.'l'l;. sml 1 h I IT TV k Col,' .. ul.ic'l iie-
ninH of th.' w- 'rt-ii.'i'ntiippailiest attP'ition
'or this p'l'po -e no re'ni i!y has ever h 'mi iliseo
rr ivh'rii bis r'l'etol .i manv (';".-. am!
a-hieil to jive s'Kh in!vr , il sl: f i-'um
to all, as Or..'iTm' iNn-:t . H'--'!-
-. h.-' p v I a f i'l? i ' Don '.l ii-;!irt n.
'av is'!.in",eroiis. trih.'. ll.i! j nil , .1 1 01.1'
it wi'l erl'iTtnri'lv rare you.
Prire :.: i-.-u! be: 1 .Ml-, 1 11
SI . or ix Ii ' I r fi .
l or s.i'r Dr. I" . r r' ivly V"
Tt'r-. c-i'iio-v.t ri.r.rrof i'iiii-1 .w. 'I I'll
c Hie
.til it
St. I i. .us, Mo.
A'o. sobl !: I'. A. Sarpy, SI. Mary. P
"! by .I "ib-rs in Hi' I r.iii-.; eviier..!!;, , in
J)r. JJai'.Dr.y 8 I'..Uao fcud Sr&prilli.
!JV " ' ' only pr- p'.i itioii l!,-i! iwon!iy
trie lead -iitr. !?..; ! i th-- piihtir, I'oi In
a e of t'.. ) ie d 1 -c. es .iri-'oor Ii 0111 an imjinie
jtaie nf th biood, vi-: Jiert.fnl.i. or Kine's
I'til, Xi ti.te Sv.f'.lin;-., I'.ulai ir.-u (.i.,n W, Ki ver
Sf.ris, P..r.;d s ,ii I hi-fare, oil Sines and I'l
etrs, Bh.tches, li.ii , .'i umi AiT.-clioiis, Cali
pers, Kry urielii. K!p.iin tiiMn, Sypilitic 01
asrs, Piiiii in la- and Joints, Hi 11
Worm or Teller, o a'.d H' ud, s of the
Kid.'i'eys, Merc irial Ki e i.'.i :, A-r. J)r. Kas-t-rly's
loruNK a:.d Smi-A r 111 l.l. 1. is coin
poiir.ded of those articles v.'hioli hiin.jil.iin:
ouy art 1111 the d.'i.'i "11 nrijins of tin- body,
and possr the most eiTirieat 1 Iciimh;; and heal
'"5 properties. II n;di Is of t he most intclli
Ci iit aTid ri-ypret ihle falnilnu ;n M. Koui, have
mod it, and ica of it m the lii-liit trims of
piaise. !i s inil.c. ie ii i tiui! t-tronjr,
ehe' r and better than any other preparation
in use.
JT Pi ice, 51 per Kotile, or sin Bottlei foi
f..,. J -J - For Mle at Dr. ); T: UK Y'S Kamily
1eJicine S'ore, eomer if Tmrd and (!hestnut
'reets, St. Loins.
Also mid by P. A. SAUPY, St. Mary, Iowa,
aid by d. alerf in medicine peiicraHy, in the
(J Heal Dr. Kast. rlv's advertisements in
another col. nun of our pa;:, r, 1 give him a
nlK ''
Er. Eatcrly' American Oil Lin-mcat.
valuable Ki:iim' :.i, roiiihinrj llm HIO'!
ttTicacious aititlej L.'iuh 11 fur ail tb.u vuiiotni
fo: ins of d'wii'; 1 . in in ; an '.' 11 nil applti'a
tion. One of i's principal active iiiic lit i.ts,
istl.e A.VLSii-A.'. O.l (or Pi tridim.i J wliicli i
universally known to poi-es.s rare JIiai.imi
and Cuai ivk Piioi'i iu im. ThW On., when
eonibiiitd with other valuable remedial agents
of known and i-stablishrd liicacv, forms a eafe
aj tur re.iiedv or Uheiunai.isin, lliuises,
hpri.'is. Cuts, Wounds, Hums, Se.ildi, (ld
Rorcs and l'!ceis, KialJ Head, Tetter, Hin
Uo.-in, llry.ipeUs, Pile.', CV11: n , S.liil Joints,
Caked Pre istu, Pai alyai, Contracted Ten Ion
Or Cord, vc, uml aim for Strain-, N;-avini
Kcratchcj, Chafes, Sj.hU an! Cdiar Cii',
Kores, Wound., Pi-'nla, r ppti. y ai.ii PolJIini
In hors. t. T11. J.iiiiiie lit lu J:rect j, ,v
mful acnoi iMuii U,ti mm.-uI-;. 411J a two bent
Vftaell, i!:i:uiat4n. 'io'-m tu b.-al'liy action
thui eaaM:.:r tm-iw otr the mi I'l J or
l.s. ast l matter which (.' .: '.'.It ii,
t int n-moviu ' sill d - -..ei or injancs of the
iioiies. Mon ies, Cartil!i;res, N.-rvi s and Skin,
Out- liotile xi i
eom ire- the most skeptical
tf it v.onderfi.l i llaary in t- 1 r : 1 J!i:.ics,
fpi ail., Ilhe tmaf
in, l'aiii, Son.i.c.s and f t!ie Joints,
Dr. ri!eTi' Allo-rieal O.I Kiluiurnt is,
Viilbuiit extiption. t!ie laust liibu hie lemedy
1. it i.-i. rpo', ii.i. d lo- ill i,i- , ,,f "',au ol
j tr. r.T-.t'ilr'r. fever ns! A'To Killer-
(:V" w.-rr.v.led toon" nil of A
iid lvf r. Co Mr ftid Fever. Duron Ague, In-
Iriinittrnt a d II -aV.i'.irnl Jrvrr. ami every ior-i
,f rover inridenl 1 a till vv!. If there are uf-
1 . 1 r . 1 1
frier in I.oui. Wo ay try it ami 11 11 inn
, rni c. 1 1 in-mCy shall 1,0 r f i nll t. ttir- j.Tir-
IVIJUT. V! ' I ' liT-l'l
1 t.sTV-l ivr. 1 iioi-saSd ih'Tti.i
have bee-i f'l.l. and i" stance In it failed
to rircrt n p-'t matiotit euro a f;ir sn heard from
C'"7" V'.'i " rV I'"'"''- or '"'"le. !S"
'r for mIi1 sit Or. Enteilys F.mi'ly Md
i -in,' Slurp, soothi Pernor nf TliiiJ and
C .estnut s!vr"t. St. Kni'.H.
Al--o sold by P. A. Sin.y, St. Mary, Iowa,
ill by dialers in nirdiciiic otict ally, in the
fV" lb'"'' I'1'- Easterly's advertisemnit in
anoiiu-r ri1iir.ri of our paper ami give him a
WW. SCl'.Sf'Kim.H bein
ile'.iroiis of iriov-
ll'ff to (': hfo 111a
olhrs for ,ale his
"p't, silaat 'd en the
,lo. i!i ni. (oiiiLri!
IIomi : i:aii rf iii'i a
.la. ro.. 1 betwer-i St.
l!,nlt' " miles n.t.i of ( u 1a. l1 Dint:., aiol I
01ih of the village of St, Mnv, urnl near
the M is-on. i 1 ivrr. 1.1 V Ms an' , . Iowa; ami
Opposite lii.llcvicW,Ke'iraka, T.
A Wo. -Phi anps of I'nu rie 1. in n near St.
M.n v. I'M acres of 'J'l i nr in 1) Kami on
; In- M s.oiiri rivrr. an-I near liienwoo.l. These
Kamhare all in Mills C'ojiity, Iowa, and pre
M'lit n'llure.-n. n(sto lan l purchasers .selilnm of
ferni; conf.iinine; ttnlier, praiiie, lime stone,
s.ui'l stone, aa't in.irat!i of plenty of roal;
:.n 1 alo l.eimr sijiiatoil o:i t lie most, feasible
point on tar Midori rive for the r.roi-siiip of
the I'aeilie !t ulr-'V l.
S ittaLib- rat ie for rro.mir the Plains will
hetiil.mi in ex.-aahL" at fair nitei. The tmyr
ran have iinir.r.lia'e povs. ..ooli, anl a'.! 'he
ITiaMi am! farmin-' ub"is'ils he wants at a fair
I'raib'rs Paint, nov ', 'at-tf
3i; i,';;.,CJ.''. Cv
RK eiiL'.i!i"il m ihr l"inin-'? of biiylnc and
s-llinz Kami Wa; rati's. -.rnl f-nterin;' ,1ml"
in tlip Cmi'ieil Hlntl Kami District, 'i'li. ir ar
i ii:T'.;rmenTn l"r ent'Tin Knmls for sell! -rs nini
others, on a rre'lit oT one, two, o- tin yar.s
are ii 'i d' liei'iit. Ami Itiey will be prepared
at all ti.'i' to fill ill! orders of that clia'arti-r.
Th" invesliiriition of Kami Titl.s, pitVnlcnt
of tax -s. pnrrlias- ami sal." of lands and town
lots t!ironi;hoiit this land di-ii irt, and all besi
nesK ronnerteil with 1 1 if Kind Olfice at this
place, cntiuso d lo them, will he promptly at-
t '! l-'.l tO.
Strang"!- wWtiinj to Incite envemmont land,
will be r'iriii-h' d a pii.b- and ennvpyanre
if lii"V n-siie it, and dlroc'.ed to th best points
tor si'iactiull.
l-'.cliHi.i;e on SI. KonLs and the Kantorn Cit
!', hon;'ht ami n'A Interest paid on depos
ili as per a''ieemrnt.
Our 'it lent inn will also be pi veil to the pur
lins'' nml flile of Town Lots jn Oman ( itv,
lielieview and Winter (natter, Net.raitka Ter-
'''itMiiir.vri:.. K. W. Babbitt mil Or F
r.owe, l,';fiter and Ui-i:eirr of the Kami Of.
lie a-. C :i! !t! f.)s, .-.a 1 CI. '. A. Waikn,
ir. I P. M. f;t "';. 5 ll-irWtcr as ! it-reiver at
port D-moiiiP, or any f( th' business in.'ii of
ctlorr "lae
OKI'K'K on Uroadway, Ve"t Room of the
Pacific llotol, ni-arly opp'.il' the J.and Ollicc.
( nunc ! H'.'itl's. nov 1-lv.
or 11 ion iili.ovv
, t iF.VlE.
vv. ruMcv'' hr. Ki-.,
.f-r:'-- V'..'..r.
........ 1
I Wlj'I'.S the ii'.'eiitioi, nf l,t. la- f
I do ' a:..! L'l-i.t lemrit to !iis asso.t- f ,1
no at of JeWelrry and I aiiCI lioods ts.i-
in 1 vt consist of th- f ol1.. win;; : io!d anil
riitier Watch)-.., I-'e kits. K't-r.l.g., Itre-nl-pias,
Pit or-niiuf-. Chain, I'ruci!.. and Pins,
c. Violins, Accordans, Fbitio', clso, an is
soi I meal of Toy ?, A. r.
All of whirh will be nbl at thr lowe-t
pi:i-p", i-v. ry article nariai.t. d to be as rrcitri
llio'.dr I.
T'i.' -).a'."t attention will be paid to the ro
pairini; of Watches and Jewelry; till wotk
w in anii-d. nov 1, '.")!
lost'r "stole n7
A Straw hi-rry t'rtad Indian lv.!iy, iiliont -1
iV. j a: s old. and of cood size for a pon'.'.
Has not been seen for huliK-two or I line wo.ks.
Win 11 last si 101 had shops on riht fore font, and
mane and t ill wi ll tilled With burrs. A li
rrwaid wdl he piveu to any person w ho will
return said pony to tin- subset iber or give in
loi iiiutioii when: he can he foam!.
Council P.lnff Citv, nov 1. Til
III", subscriber will visit St.
Mary 011 Wrdneml iy' and
I jlriiW o.i.l oil J'u 'sd rv'i) and Sann -
uav' of each w-'.-k, and will HUpply tins:
mat l..-U . ith l'n ih M at. Hutt-r, hg:4, and
V.-KPtabl-ii, .it the uiark. t price
S-jit iV.'jltf P. POllM U.
riOYKS f .- .1.1 b
1 iIU 1-
l.C.I. Cotton iiattine;, lor sale
jLWl;l., low. at
low, nt
a.-p 2,.
llickoiy Mil. tun;, for .ile low, t
GIiKKM-., KI.NM'.Y hi. CO.
sepl L'7 '.") !.
1." "iV-l Tf t rV.V
Volurce 2, Ilumber 1,
.1 maud for the "Kittbi Foreaicr" having ex
hausted the main body of otir tiles fiom Jan.
1st, we hlnll di ide the vulume into two, of nix
mouths ia. (i, instead of o.,e uf twelve months,
l.u rehy em.hl.n all who may Wish it, to com
mence with a Ik-w lolamt il.e 1st of July. A
nun us mil I. i.iaiuiii ' h!rs of back niiuiheis
are onc, w hi h w ill be In about two weeks,
w snail mark each subscriber fr July 1 it, and
arm! tlu-in Hie June number flee of cliurjjo.
Of the cliarattei of the "Kiltie l-W.U r
we l. ae its tiiemU to jud'e. 'i'he hearty a'lp
poit whicii it has leceiied Ironi a larpa chisi of
most appieciatii.r people of t!ie U nt, U the
best ci i li of iU worth. We shall, willi ai.
inc.reaiiii pationage, make such iiiiiroeu.i.
as experience mid prosperity my aiiffjjest tha
latter be:rjf lery iwi,Kiative.
'i'o 'rent, Tea. I. eis, at d tli Ki'i toi le
themselves we roiniiiaJ .;. ,vrk, ami Usi a-
ed from Tbc i"",y t cur lit'U en
'' '" ... il liipy w i!l make a jfiand effort lo
". end :fi i ireulotioti. An ei.teipriainj penon
mnv n: couple of houn, secure a club of '2ti,
i.i nhiiost any villa);.., as the ell'orU of many
have proven. We are rec. ivii.g order for laige
clubs to Sunday Sclntots, and it will Le leru
tt-at w? fiii ni-h th-m n v low.
I'tte '.'.i'th- Ton ,t..." has been p'onnunced.
'.lie I'a!ii!i.on Pies, '-'.he cheapet and lietei
paper for the yoiu. ill the United Slates," and
we intend, by the aid. nf our friends, to keep
pood the pood opinion Cvurtwheie formed in
its faior.
IlltVS lit A.VAKCK!
One ropv oni year, "i tents; 2. copies on
J i r.r, Io,(jO; .'jJ copies one yeur. !',(hj.
AdUiesi tl. I .l.u.i and Proprietor, po-.t paid,
rp i.'7, Cincinnati, Ohio.
c. w. rir.r.ri..
Attorney at Law.
W.ll prar'ier in the S:ii. Seventh, I'.tM
r-.iul Ninth Judicial l)'lrnis in lows, and ip
linihlin 'l"rrit-iry. II. t wi'l nhVM 1p iipilii"l
wi'li lilank iloi' K ni'ii t,.Mi'!'. ili'p'N of trust,
,lrr,irntM y tat'mi'tiU fur pr'-rinitiun-'. A r. .
nii'l will i;'ivp iriHTipt n! I -fit ''i In i:i)iicyanr-
itif . MINil.l .(inn i f lit!.'". r.
i4 Vj" I'.irt ( rtl tri.tion pui.l trt '-iirin
an' '-oIiitIm fli-M.
It'-frir iri". Ilii'i. I .. H. NuH.m. PIMIp Citv.
Mo., II. M Vo-ii J rm-I .I.iith't (i'S. r.J'l..
J,,,.h. Mn Ciirtu ItntP. furl I)"' MoiiiP.
Nplirankii fity, Ni'lu aska 'IVi ritory. j.
n"V 1 . '." )-! v
Opposition in the Life rf Tiadf
Mkssp.s. sAnPY&.r.N;i.!s!iAur. no'.v
rprpivinj :t (JlrnwooM. a wll f-Ipi-Ii-iI
Murk or.lrv tron.i:,. fancv Cil-. rlotliii u, lionti
nml kIioii. coti . liar l warn, rmpkprv. ! -hl'-.
Iiiiinr. sloiri.tiMwnrr. .r.. in .:i rn Iowa.
'Hip pnl.lir nro invito.! tr rail Mini nairvm-I'n-t!imnpvp.
nml tlirv will liml "ip ,r,Hti "f
alinvp lalpriPiit. AN" tliPV will tnvl 1'iM w
ran poll t'lli'apaiiv ot'ncr Ihiuip in M.lls. 1 rr
innnt nr I'nttasvaltamip ciiinitiri.
Ami in irivinc loitirp to 1lir fartnii.7 i-dtmtthi-ni'y.
Wil civp tin-in Hip liiirliot r.o-li pro i
for tl.pir prii.liiri'. iii'Ii nj lirr-f. mirk, corn,
wlirat nii'l hraii. Til" ifore i' on tliPWPt iilr
nf thr Pnlilic Soiiari'. Cilrnw oii'l.f. nnvl-ly.
I. II. UK N N K T.
I ( n opnur l a lioaniini; Ihii-p at rti'!'"vipw.
for tlio arroiriino.lal ion of rr ;nl:ir !ina-.i r i. and
nrrnoionnl visitors, who, l.n will tako pli-.vnrr
in inakiiii; m romfortalili! as lies in lii powrr.
I'pIIpvipw. pirakai nrt ?"i, ':'4
WIHU.I'f I.F ANIl Rfct.Ml.
ib v a a it q 9 3
(T Till. M'iN i(K THE lllf, y.oBTAB.)
A VP. .In'! Rprpivpil. in Kililition to
I'coived. in addition to j
stock . a I hi tre find well PJ
( of American, J'leiirh, jpjr
t ln'ir forim-r
srici rl! tinoiit
ami Ki'U'lish Orn:,"", Mi'ilirinri. IVi fumrry, Ihp
?lnll.-i, I'ainN. I'll ana (liaswarr; also, a poinl
a1ilrtnii'iit of (irorriir', W'iiir, I.Kii1n, itc.
At Ihr lir i l of Hi-omlwav. ort IK, M
A KK person ktinwiiie; themselves indebted
XI to (i.o. 1'. Stiles, are requested lo make
imine.lia'e payment to the tinderRiaei!. orthey
will fine t!ieir "account in the hands of the pro
per olhror for collection. CYme one. come all
and sup est. P. J. McM AHO.N'.
ocf IS, Tv tf
f 11IIF. ittiuorsiffiied is rnw in receipt nf and
JL receiving the largest mid clieajiie-t s'oclr
of Fall ami W inter Goods ever Offered in
Council liinli'Cttv, Or Western Id'A'a. Those
wishing lo pay i.asli for Goods Will do well to
call and examine. Our stock consist. of every
variety of foods needed bv the peopl in this
portion of Hi" country, anch as cloths, cassi:
meres, .sattim tts, tweeds, jeans, white scarlel
and b.ti'rrd fl.inuel.s, plain am! barred linseys.
iH) pieces stood sty h- in older prints, cashmeres,
ruerinos, nllapacas, bleat lied and brown sheet
ing and shirting, ticking and dnliin.', hleaclird
and brown canton flannel, Urap' i s and crash
er, all wool table covers, brown and bleached
linen, silk and bay state shawls, and every
variety nf dress Roods.
-fi"n an l buys' fall nml winter clothing
hnt'int i"."s, lionts a-'d t lines, ha rdv.r.rc; rm
unci lis w. nr. iron, nail, coirve. u gar, tea mo
lasses, rice, flour, Jx.c; also, a larj;e lot of fur
niture and liiiiors. As it is our intention to
sell fur cash, we flatter ourselves that we ran
hold out superior iii.lucciiiei.U to th. sc tha'
wish lo buy chcnji oods tliiia si. re that are
lliii,; on trust.
Country ibwhr are reu'iested to call and cx
amine o-ir Hluck.
p.. it. ri".(;Ti.r.i k. co.
Council ISiiilTCily, net 1S..1.
p'uaip".' "shakkoS,
Attcir.ty nnd Cciinscllcr at Law,
(ii.i.sw oon. Mu.i.v ('ci N-ry, low a.
T I KK atl. iol t-i al! business entrust" 1 to his
V eat", wiih l ibd'ty ami dispatch, par
tic ilar attention uivi-ii lo the Collection of
Debts, i.e.
m i l m:Nrr.
Hons. A. C. and James Sheilds,
Wi,'t 1). C.
J. an t A. Lower r. P. T. Uc'.ts t. Co., .New
Vork Citv.
Joseph Shannon. F.sip, Palmer, Cook & Co.,
San Ftancis.-o, Cat.
Webb it Co., Milwaukie, Wisconsin.
Unit. A.'IK Smith, .lanesvillp;
lion. A.'T. Hi ay. Madison.
Hon. tltil Hoyt, Hudson.
Pau'o it Kacon', St, Louis. Mo.
MoKouirhUti ti Harrow, Si. Joeph, -Mo.
S. I". Nuckolls, Ivip, Kmdeil, Mo
Peter A. Saipv, Ksip, Nebraska Territrtry.
F.x-Governor Stephen Hempstead, Dulnlipie,
low a.
K. Houn, ".sp,., C unril l!lni!'s. Iowa.
Niiekol'is Co., lieimett A. Harding. Ilela
Wliite, l.leiiwood, Iowa. oc'l l-tf.
I WILL pay the hifjhest market price Tor
Com, Who it, Oat, uud Ilui kulieat. at my
Olliee in (ileiiwood, either in cash or mer
chandize. PHILIP F- SHANNON.
Glenwood, net 11, 'S-l tjlTi'i
generalTland Agency
Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa.
VLL person wi-bini; to buv or sell Ileal
Kst.ite would do well tc call on the iiiuler
sined,w bo is prepared to Kilter I."" I upon
Tune, and Locale Laud Warrants. Will a'l'o
attend to the Collection of Debts, and payment
of Taxes in uud out of the "oiiuty.
Ail li'isiii.- intrusted to me will receive
prompt attention,
r Mil K mibscriher ' having located liims If at
.1. St. JVI.iry is prepared loex.'cute older ol
every di.teriptioti of Plain, Fancy, and Orna
mental l'ainliiig. Signs painted, lettered ami
gilded in the most approved styl and in the
Ir'at.eit imnlier. J'.Uioiiajte resiecti uliy so
licited. Ollire. at II. Mver. Fr nt Street. St.
St. Alary, S,-pt. 7, 'tI.
HIE ubcr bei IiaviiiJ leased of Clarke A
Co.. the old Council Illull rcrry t Ira
der's I'oilit, Potlawottamie l ouulV, I"..
liaviii'lmtlt a now aubsianlial Foat4 i
now pi utd to rm.'. all who. to.'' J eiW,n
ri.lting Nebraska will f- ,SlP b(,,
i erne, ou to lvit,er Tiue, I have no Sleam
'""".y Jloat. but I bttV stron), a-io power,
wj;. h will propell boat rcmis the river at
t it i.rrow K.ut w ilhout aiiV dangi'r or blow
up, qu i V enough to satisfy the fastest Of this
fast age aud to intry
bat.s or ir aatA'itl
1 Wag-jn, two horses or cattle, (j'l 2.r.
I Horae and buggy, . 1 .
Hon and rider, .... fill.
FootuiaU, ------ 15.
H'-jT'l wii'y-five per cent addejto the above
rale dining high w.tei.
sep is. tf da.mkl noi:to.
BOOTS .ND SHOES. A large and genera
asortneiit very lovr, at
.p 27. tiREJKNE, KIN.M'Y tjTO.
L' r7 LBS. BACON icr alu ai the
,'i-t .NUCr.oLUi-CO.
IMF I 'U K ami Ir.i'g w anted, for v Im-li
eh the
1 I hisbct price wali bo paid in cash or jjouds
by Sarpy h. t npnH
en the Pubic ?air .
Glorious News ibr Ncbraskn.
The t,;unf,i,S;i'-;trt,'icli;i jit! arriv ciljoinlrd tott:'' jiia-."is uillt grtoils for
Mil" 1 i I T "I
1.1 b1l'! 1. P.ri'.-A 11 S'lpar,
f hhd'-. f ".arilted do.
'Jn bids S. II. ATolesses,
Hi ht W. . O. Molai n-s,
10 i-'i bids, liobb"! frriip,
o.V) .91 ks (f. ..'. Salt,'
IH'I hbls Kauaw h i do.
fill snrks ilairv do.
?il box.. do. 1 Sop.
lit bliW CMor no i- n ,
oni assortment is;i: and coMPLr.rr,.
ftne brow 11 1 and b!eai he. ..-.eti' diilliiiK. stiabi.rp. U ivens, duck.Ar. fhi
fV7 lli" atletilion of the ladies is e.itlei; 1o
fin I m rcarils price and n nlit V. t" be iinsurpassnl in Western low.i. calico. ;'lnnanis,
la.v!.--,iiclaiirs l.cra.'es roll, s of t lie lalrM fa-hion aed -tile. Km inddered raps, collar, clnmi-
ts. slivvrs. silk and s-itut IntntirTs, linen ami
which w ill he .si'.ld exceedinu'iv low.
J j x;..:;.. ' 1
Cross rut saws, mill aw. hand aw-, broad
bench p' iti fact every I bins in thr hardware lino. from a Jeu sliai p up to a cradling si-ythe
((I CTtsos direct from 1'ilstnn. Pools of al! s'
Kind buskins, iraitori, slippers, ladies goat, kip
M i' and c: n. boo!, i.rd tationerv, dines
m.vlieineti, nvd 611 other popular jiatent medicinefi, for sale at Aholrsale prices.
Q U K E N S -W A II 3: ,
Glassware, tumhlers. jars. &c. Sic. fdll i;al. slone ware, ihurnos, jars,
crocks, butter crock, stove eri-k., Ac, &.C
Of various )at!orns.
fiill.ed.dead. of diireront tiattorn. rherry dmiiist. and bre.' tables, walnut ditto, ditto.
liitrcaus won iia-s, plain .... i incy .i.n.u .i.-r,. i, . ....
stands wash stands, loiimrcs uid mat irtsse.s, double matlres, s slat bottom chairs, cam seat do.,
r. :.u .-!. . .1..:.. l...
rorkiair chaira, ci ihs. A..c.
1.1 conic stoves, assorted, Patters m'. ready
Crei i:iu mulor ditto., stove pipe, elbows. Kr.
A ii U W
1 'J II
fine churns. 1-2 bush's, wood buckets. vr!l
pins. siiL'jr noxes, brooms, zinc
S nriLKRY. lirullcs martinsal. rtrcinile.
dlei, quilt -eats, and ditto Ladies side raddles, bu'iry w-liips dray w hips, G. E. w hips, cow-hides
tc, sad l'e-ba;, leather tnlnkft, 4.C.
Solc-lontlirr, Kip. ntl.l rnlf nkins. nuiroci'i) liniiijrs, prnnt skins, hair, Sci:.
I HON AND CASTTNOS. Plow stnl. sliwe stpfl.oust slccl, jilows, innttli!.. Sic.
Tots, ovens, skillets i.ftil lids i. !L lO atid tu t iiiyicnlliui kellli-s.
PINK DOOUti by 10 and 1" by i sash, window blinds,
CK0CK.S 8 day and ih) hour clocks', warranted to run well.
Virjiniii. lliianiike Ncelar leaf tobacco. K.'iralia and iri.icipe ci:;ars of the finPst lljvor,
Cubii and Havana sixes, and various other articles, but we ibvin it unnecessary to mention them
as il is no trouble td show romds, and w e w ill re hi ppy i t all times to .l:cw our old customers,
and an many new ones as may favor lis w ith tbpir patronajre. our (rood and prices. Our iacili
ties fm- selling C il F. A P,are ftetler than any oilier house in western iovV. m and we in tend to do so,
and an axamination of our prices is all that is necessary to convint-e you of 1 lie fact.
Glenwood, July. 12.1 51. 4ii-Hw. .NUCKOLLS & CO.
HAYING permanent' located in this place,
for the purpose of sellinp GOODS.
LAND, TOWN-LOPS, and doing a General
Agency Business, we would respectfully invite
the public, to give us a call.
Our Goods were selected witli care, and we
are confident that we shall b" ah'.e to (riva per
tect talisfaclion to ail.
sept. 27 'ol.
HARDWARE. A lare and general assort
inelit of Hardware can be had at 27. G K F E NE. K KVN KY & CO.
H- OOlvb ami b.atiom-rv for sale by
$300,(100 wortli of Gifts,
for thoMul.esiihcis of tiie
eislv "
ilUhKISIII.D Miiniltane
JL Cities of New i'o. k, l lii!a.elibi
inorc, ai soon asttttil.tti-.l subscribers are oluain
efh and having already an actual l iiculut.on of
JIM.II..0, is ii. , a' certain
Tha Distriliutioit will soon
take place.
Among the extraordinary Lists of Gifts,
(being one for every ticket issued,) are
Prof. Hart's ekgaiil country aeai, vaiueu
at Si'i.Odll
A luaguiflcent city resilience, wortli JitW.iiOti.
A caaii loan for lilO v cars, w ith interest or
security, ljilli,KM.
1J Hiding lois, eb-jraiit 1'inn rortes, imcio
leoiin, ( Watches, Hracei. ts. Kings, Hooks
of travels in llie old and lew world, by J'rol.
Hart, rea' estate, itc, Alc, &.c., in all inimbei
iiiitoiID.IAH) Gifts, valued at tSd' IiI.iMMI.
Every simrle remittance of l. secures one
year's subscription to the Mammoth Pktoh-
ial, and the gratuity of a Gift Ticket, which
ei.Utieg tlio holder to one share in the JhMl.lini)
Gifts, Thus every person investing in this
sti.iiendoii. enternrise receives the fu'l worth
of liis or her money, in subscription to a lirst
cla-f pmriial, (the greatest and mo-t i'iter-sting
picto. iaiof ll.uage,) be.sul. . a t.itl tor eacn
Mitiscrihcr which may prove an immense for
tune to llic receiver.
For a compete, list of gifts, and full and ex'
plicit particular in regard to the great enter
prise, distribution, &.C., see a copy of The
Vholtf World, which will be promptly sent
In-eof charge, where desired by letter, poHt
pal. I
The Whole World may also be seen at the
otliues of all papers containing, this udyrtWe
liu it, wh' ie information may be obtained in
regard to the pa:er and enterprise.
Ap'tits, i'oilmasterti, and Ladies, desirous of
a liKiative and at the same time, genteel eui
plniiueiit. should not fail to f ee a copy of The
While World, which contains by far the Inost
hbeial inducements ever olb-ied to ants ir.
tile way of immense cash premiums,
inisMon, &.C, whereby uny person with ordina
ry attivity, can easify make tjiKDillI and up
wan sf per year; to which fact the agent we
alrenly have can certify. Si Hire the ph toi
ia!, and become w i, ricli. i.ud happy.
I'urrespondeats must write tlien u'ldrcns
Nanus pDstoltices, ( oui.ty and State, plain
and it will hi- tltnr own fault ,f (her ,
fail 0 get an answer. Adhere lo (file, an! ah
retura will be liroinjliy ftit w l.erever
cd. i any part of the world i
l fit any outers r Btw .1 .1
( f 11 any orders 7;v,;lv,.d after t!
3'Iim ('J "'t'i-iupra are obtained, the in "iicy
T7.ii he jnomptly returned, pjst-paid, lo the
ners-ns seiutim' it.
r i," All letters remitted for the Pictorial.
W.'ij. ..ill Tickets, iiiiihI Invariably be addres
sed. post-p:.i.l, t Prof. .1. Hart,
Hart's, Chestnut Si reel, Philadelphia
Pa., Ilier the principal editorial (o
puidiration oH'h-o, nov 1 , 'M.
Att irnev
and Counsellor at Law, city of
Council hlufl's, Iowa.
sept :
Att'iieys at Lrw. ami Ge ier .1 Kami Agent,
eity .if Council Jtlutls, Iowa, w ill attend to pro-V-sioral
business in the bill uud 7th Judicial
Dislri'tst also, to the purchase, sale and loea-
Jon i Kami Warrants. ntlentioii
paid ti' the rnlieeiiou of claims, uug Jl-Jm
D. W. PilK
Atl'rneV 8t Law, Council liluf! t ity Iowa
h'efer Iv Ji. M. H !gho, St. Jo:e,.h, Mo. , Job
ioiiiil!n, W'l-stoii, Mo., Muii s Huirbis, S
L"iiis,Mo. n.-r-tf
1 hid Tar.
J 1 1 oe and Imlf Np Star l"a'idii ,
.'1 hoyos Tallotv rnndb ')
'.'l kcs Naill. asMit,
:! boxes (hia l'ivh,
M l sack Kio i'oMcp.
Iinp.-rial and VouiiTr ifvs.m To .
So.l i. Saleratn, C'amly, Uai.-if.-
1 n el i s)i Walnuts. .V ' 1 1 ! I ,
(iin-'i r. Spier, Pepper. p;
our nssonif.r til 01 urrss oous. w men ii.ev nin
coiion iiaiiiiKPreiiicis, uosieiy, p.n hvjo, a.
- v. -'- '"9
.iio.rhoi;iiii!t ave. loi end loo's rhain-
and I'nMilie. Siloes. Ladie enameled Jenny
ami catt hoots, misses slioes alt si 7. en.
ami meiiicines. Jayno s ami Loitnou
i,.,.l,.,r. a .... .0.0 or Iw.i ilr.U'rr 1
trimnied with tin or topper bo' lers, hoxstoves,
I L L J l 11 r.ll L , '
1 1' t K C
.".II L
buckets, wash tub., wood IioaIs, trays, .loiish 1
wall noards. cioines inns. .r.
rir!!", halters, bridle reins, lilackawk sad-
OKI.NS WANTED AU kinds of skins want-
cu, lor which uic highest jirKe will he pan;
s. &. E.
DU1ED FKUIT for sale by
sale by
( I'M ALAST Clolhsforsite hv
"l TV YXEATE.Vr M I DlCI N EsTfT.riiri'
ijKODUCK AND CASH wanted in payment
in payment of debts. SAHI'Y tt .S(i.
lORN and Oats wanted by
S. tE.
n OUSES, work oxen and youngstock. ditto.
AND POK1C wanted at the Public
Sijuare bv S. i. E
, N U its K li Y .
THE uiiilorsie-ned has on band and for
jf sale a few thousand sirlect grafted apple
tin--, ready for transplanting in orchards the
coming fall and spring.
I ted June. bal'Svin, white vVintitr parntain, fall
pippin, Itelmont, wine sap, yellow beillowar.
lthodi- Island greening, swaar, priors red. red
astr.ichan. early harvest, sweet June, su. inner
rose, (Uimrner .jiieoii. Rail's janet, ramho, wine
apple, white hellellower, Unman stein and
Northern spy.
TOR fill IDE.
The Catalpa and Black locust.
The snow ball, English and American lilac,
red dogwood, honey suckle, rose, Ur,,ltr..
A few of Hie Isabella and Calavv by grape from
Ca vi ring.
S"t. Mary, Iow a, Aug. .'!), '."i.l. GliORGnjIF.I'N'Fll.
AJUCKOLLS &. CO. have just received oneof
X the largest and best selected stock of
GOODS ever hrfore exhibited in the Wtst. A
inong their assortment may he found
DRY (1(1(10$,
A variety of clothing of all orts a 'id sizes,
hardware and cutle'.v, drugs, medicines, furni
filie, bedsteads, hure: .us, tab'es, chairs, cook,
box and Grecian, parlor stoves, i.c; ill short,
everything you nlay call for.
Persons need lint he detained when they come
to the cheap corner, as they are well supplied
with nimble clerks on their tirst legs, and al
ways have sharp scissors and dull conscience. s
Einigiaiits ill find it to their advantage lo
call upon us b 'forepiireliasiiigolsewliere.
Glenwood. April 2(1, IS'tl. n.'t.i-tf
iy DOZ. Kiiay and 3u hour clock., warranted,
w lor sale at the cheap cash store of
mh-1f M'KOKLSi. CO.
1 ril LITTLEfaticy nolions for saleas
)J)j clieap as dirt, at the cheap casli
store of
iiilo-tf NUCKOLLS K. CO.
bet iv re n " ,
rvsr- usHy Hi RH l ?,""A' PITY
f 1 Q ' , -- i-V y U T .
' I Mil. N.-t5i.- . a ,- and splendid moat,
L "..nnrd l.y . vo.i lei., ed oll. ers and crewi
Uellenew Cltj , .'vhraska, is opposite hi. Mary,
to Nebiaska s'.iouiil come direetlv to
This is the front gatew ay to the most important
and interesting portion of .Nebraska. Bear in
mind that
are the two best points lor the emigration to
Hoi le view Citv. July IA, tHil. jil-tr
V)EKSi LV rf'w mil i i igid nia lie" fT.irclIaw. 7 w li i
J do well logive u a call and examine our
stock, which comprises a general assortment,
and will be sold at great bargain.
. p 27. G R F. F. X K, k I N NF. Yfc
ir'NOil-'? ANO 'lTAiVnitS. Jane sT b. s,
IV. o'lallty of Maernl knobs Vll f.atch. ,
or.s:u':iit GUKKNE, KINNEY JL CO.
ep '.'7 j.
CI L VIM ANT.- will please take notice that
the procee.liiigs ol the Kellevtevv Sc.tU-r
Club, make it the duty of all Claimants to it
cord adiscription of their Claims as near as
they may be rfble lo de.-c ibe the'ii. Olfice t
Utlh -view , jNi bra
ce' 4 "-I iUxiu-t'i.
li b'.'s No. 1 and ?. Ma
.ou:a Advertisements
lllivictn lHntJtitng tintmcitt.
W f.i a Hoalinj Bilrti wo com tj grcot
t Jill K action of tliit Kininwot i or.e tf tli
I mo t rl. . l renn d't ever Mfetisl to thr
all! cted. lis actio-! trpVii the ri i; I
1 1 ul worn!'-! I':il. 1' I 1 la' lie, pr-M. al nil.', tuolh
in,; and he.iiiir- ;r..p.-ifie .Iitiu-e tt--uielT) to
the w-iy ho.i.-s. j enti r into Dm; f ireiilatiun ut
the blood if.i .' a new impulse to w In 1 licrToH
system to the very extremities of the fliH.'ee-"'
and stimulate to ihp absorbent and n iiaiis,
and thus assist nature to throw otr and rii
liersi-lf .) noy diseased .'Micfl of th hertoa
rhor l.ior ligaments, making it oijiialty Jpln iv
hie to sores of any kind, rheumatism Jain
in en-ry pari of the body, from adieasi ! ) t.O'i
of any nr llm sti iiP'.m al portion of the system.
While it is porfe' tly harmless to healthy flrthj
k in or bone, it rh the piojiorty of ciitafiuif
into ('('.mbinationi find ilisrrlviii'.; any of the o--paiiii:
l.itsiir wlin tler are liifoased. or their .
tality is dest, oved. Posipssim; tbe'e pecillisr'
pdwots.isihf i.i.isoif thy il ite'pialW etftracion
in so nialiy itiiiei' iit complaints. It act nps.M
sc i fii( if,.; lirir.cinles am. fixed lawn of the Crea-"
The larpefiimiber of casosinwhieh thisliui
nionf li;l iiroved its value, in the short time it
has been before the people of America, is auiTi
eii-nt tt pivellip roatest rlmtideur e Hint its vir
tuc are inrompral.le i'l eerein rheiiinatifii
liruises, .trains, bin 11s, wounds, swell iters, brok
en or nark.- ! breast, old Kdre 01 pain? in auy
part of the body:
St. Lm.'tfl Ti:hti;Ony.
Si u. iifMissorii.
County of Sf. Li)(!i..
Be it remembered, tltitt oil thi fifth
May. a. n. 1M;., before me. the nndersicriPil,
m i) or of the city of nt. L.Uitis. in iticconniy inn
Slate al'mesiidii came personally Dav.J M.
Sinythe, who, upon his oath, say that the fl-
.... . - . .. i., i
In testimony wliereot I hereto et In) Ui..l
lowimr Stail illOIlL lsiruo.
JOHN IU)V, Mavor.
Sor, Ni'.vvmav. H'oister.
Sr. Liil-m, M.v., May 3, 1C3'L
Dr. A. ;. He. )ii:. &. Co. (ient: You will
1 . ..... - n .. ,u... I ....II...1 1..).. olnlk-
I'lonaoiy leconeci iin.1 o jii'- n j"-'1
1 t.a-.L some three weeks since ami piiruia!
la fil'!v-cent bo11p of your Mexican mmtarisr
IniiuiPtit ; my oniecl in so I'.Jing was miry na
merits upon uiv ilaugliler". anil, who h leen
suffering from the. effect- of a severe dislocation
of the elbow for several years pastt
The evcrurialing paiti ci'-e'pipnt njnn J"lso
setting of tlio hone liad .In imUed and roiitraclrni
her arm to a puny size, and 1 consider ita duty
ib'vitlvuig upon uiv I oaeipiaisit the community of
the benelicial elf. cl your liuu.'ient ha paodaccd.
Her arm was dravv ii riftit iti''.ei arid w us.
itlmost im rt and i:s r. until your inv alualiU
liniment was applied, since wiiicb time, 1 am
happy to .slate, she has enjoyed uninterrupted
good 'strong;!!, and can ne her ami nearly as pli
antly as before il was di-locaud.
1 "would stale, however, that prior to tryine
your iineipia!etl lii.iuient. I uscrl several other
'rellie.lies.atiil lining titent " Mcljean Volcan'nf
oil liniment," hut w ilh the least lH.-iiclic.ial r.v,ult.
Wit c"r Itiis linuneiit as a remedy in thetart
O'l itis.'.i'i' Jnd (luiNplftiiit for w'hieh it is re
colHmend. d with full coulidenre of its aucce
in curing them.
The following is a lit or the numerous and -
Inordinary cases it has cured, during the 1
few month :
l.7."il cases of rheumatism in all ita formj
sprains au i bruises ;
burns and scalds;
fr.-.ii ruts and wound.'
ranrers ;
scrofulous svre and ttlcers thai
had resisted all other Iroatinerjl )
3.4 )
i una men or swelled jouite j
unh.i.'o. sciatica, '-out an I karj
bony' iiiiois;
fi.2"t( do chapped hand ;
3.IMHI do Cbked hie.1!,
l.riild d.) tooth-ac!ip(
ln.nnu do various eh. i-a'if-.
This must appear alinrist iitciodihle, but iii'i
numerous certificates and letters from distiri'
giri died physicians, citizens, agents and others
who have used the medicine, enable us to sub'
st.intiatetheabovef.iets) millionsof hottlrs of it
are yearly cbiisiliiied, and it has alway given
To l ouNTitY MKTtrii AMs. Every stdr phoM
be supplied with this valuable- liu'ittleiit, a il
pays a good profit ami sells rapidly.
Piiicus of Tiir. i.ixivirvT. It is put up in
bottle of three sizes, ami retails at aft rent, 50
cents ami per bottle. Tiie '"'I cent and one
dollar bottl.n rmilttin M and li!" percent mo,
liniinerf, in proportion lo ll!"!r cost, so that
money i saved by buying the h.gor size.
. G. Hit AGG i CO., Sole Propi ietbr.
Principal nfliees, cor. Third and Market sis.,
St. Lditis. nml :it!4 liro.idw .xy, NevV York.
For sale by P. A. Sahpt.SI. Mary, ami Sa
pY k Glenwood; and by dealers isi
irledieinP el crywhere. "ug 31-lr
AXTI-BILIOUS PILIX . popuLr niclioine of ii Zi y
Vnst iwuonn! used ier -'i. n The rut
inerons i.n.l w ji'C'f7n! litres it elTetia
lis ni igi" ril : upon IHlioms Fevers,
ami cvt t'.ni. '.it (J rait ckciteiiietit
umoTi"; I,,- Doctors !
VRE now admitted on al. hands to be s most
extraordin iry an, valuable medicine in
general use. Il not Puily acts as a specific upon
the bilious and typus fevers, chills and fever,
and fever and ague of the West and Soulh but
in all diseases of debility, weak stomach, indi
gestion, loss of appetite, iirlpurity of the blood,
and all diseases prevalent in western and south
ern climate. Their great power consist in
their peculiar effort upon all tlio organs of the
system) uud the rapid format ion of new and
pure blood they produce. In this lies the great
secret of (heir success. They are mild and
pleasant in their action but searching and per
manent in tlirif eli'eel penetrating the remotest
recesses of thesysleiu hyllieir r ady absorption
into the blood, thereby infusing a uevv supply of
vitality and nei vou power into all the machine
ry nf file. The extensive popularity 1 1 icy have
acquirer) a" over the West and South ensure
;ule of at least
fiUJiK) hoxi.s rrn mom it!
And wr ti a I it ditlieult with our largo forr oT
hands, and H e late iiiu.rovemeiils in machinery
wv.ioh in' have adnpted, lo manufacture them
fjsl enoueli to supply the dimaii.l in thirleeu
western and southi rn Sratost One large manu.
factory is cousiautly eiigag '4 in preparing the
various concentrated extracts of whirh lln v
U'e compounded. From the best information
we can obtain from our S.IMH) selling agrut,
and linsls of atlentive enrrcspendents in all
parts i f the country, liar medicine cures per
month not less than
10,0)0 cases of fev er ami ague, one thousand of
which hive resisted all other treatment ;
.J..VHI cases or w eakness ami general deinlity i
-.-KH ..r e ,r...,,s . i. u .ii....-..-.
' of weak sU'ulacil aud loss of (ppe
litp; ca-pjiof dyspepsia j
" of rheiiinatisin t
" of female complaints ;
" of ague cake, or enlarge I siiIppi. t
Phis mii't appear almost incredible, but tl.!
numerous lnllers froiii iihysiciau.,. atei.l ..i
1 those who use tlio medicine, frmu all the w.-sf.
em and ml born St at s. satisfy us that tuts it a,
in ideratMps-im att, arid liml our is rap
idly faking the pis of ihe various rountcrfeil
wliirh are a.'! the numerous loin mil
t iiesin ide vv hollv nf ipiiniue. wlilill ! iutpot
ed npoti the ini'die. by iiininfactiiref i who Km
no bo fy knows where !
Price of 'i oiiie pills. 7.i pent aM A nf i-hrl ;
iou.s, .1 r. ut.i. A. G. Hrai.... m . ij. srtlp p'tf ,
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