Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, October 25, 1854, Image 3

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    pay yoji.;vj:.i?T;o-s i
Su'isciiln'ra; Irv.r in r.iiti 1, t'lM wo
tro li il n nro it ilisijuu'o from ilm i
pcr nuirkc', (mil tliiit our winter stipp'ics
liocil tn c. lu'nl i'l lie! fift- tin? close (T
novijation, ntpl MO.NKY is ttrelod for
li is purpose .
To thu Subscribers of t!i& Et. TTi-iy
Tlio r..l!.Minri will lirrc-ifirr lo sent
to the Riilj.xcrilicr of the (iezetto, whieh
irrr.ngnriuiiV wo lioj.e will lt Miiisfi.etory,
c lire ctinlet lplulii'': front improve
ments in tlie I .l!.i limn, nnd we hop" it
will meet the wants of our patrons mid
friends in Iowa. The tonus w ill remain
f "or llio 1'a lladnim.
Mn. Eonon Dear Sir: If in your judg
ment, you think the following cnrntiiunii atioti
wurth an insertion iti your valuable paper, you
can make use of it. Tilt undersigned, a citi
zen of Mills County, raised this season, sixty
five In sh"ls of Irish potatoes, from iM rod of
ground they sscie the red Mechanics, culti
vated the r.aine as Coin, three nnd one-half foot
rath way, no manure ( used. Ho much for
Ihe pioductiopg of Mills County. Nciphbor
firme s A;vk through til! press and
let us hear from you. This speaks for Mills
County her soil in pood, and her improve
ments excellent, and her population intelligent
and industrious. And may she still continue
1.1 improve, a: d her rourao he onward. May
she soon fill up with men of cnterpii.e, and
ladies of Intelligence and refinement
p. dohnem.
23 Tlio stcninor Malta smile in tlie
Oliio river near I'itdu.-ali, on the 7 !i inst.
One cabin passenger nnd twenty or thirty
deck pussrngCTs wet r. si; pposed to b j !o tt.
Troops foii hik i'l.wxs. ADitaeh
Inetit of eighty-live United Slates Ue-
rnits left New York 0:1 the Gtli inst.., to.
Fort Leavenworth, K msas Territory, un
der the eomniuiil of Mij. Merrill, iMdra-j-oot.s.
Tlicso troapi aro intended to till
up xomc f.kele'.ons cninp.inics; ol dra tutu returned irom the plans. I lit.vs.
A Dplkati: I-imhiii. The St. Louis
1 Ii raid states n rne of n yoiuicr l:idy of
the most uiidua'iicd rvpc:!ubili!y, who
entered a shoe More i.i thai i y, and
nskcd to he sh.iwti soma g;,iter boots: n
jiumhor W t t i: bliow u lo her which she
xamitu'd an ! Iricd 0:1. YVhi'.o the aid n
tion of lh(! clerk wins occupied wiihniio'di
T customer, several pairs of filers dis
fcppepri'd. The lady concluded nut to
purchase, lie was compelled lu aeeiist! her
of secreting hi: shoes; she denied ii tin 1
he insisted, tinl proceeded to search, mid
immd tin ml pair supe:id'?d by hocks
wIiL'U Wetc r'.lached to ll.ei l.idy's garters.
Ho toi.k from lh''ir honks tho..;
to hi:n, 1 11 J left there rvrrjl others, which
had no doubt been tak eti from stores.
She iH ii''i'vr-'l In di furt.
r-The-o ;.re in the Unilel S::.te.(.
2 nti.'i.t'CO farmers; 100 OOJ m,:n:liants;
10 ()00 pbjsi. 1 atis; 'Jl t OO lawyers: of).-
000 te.-u he-s U7 OdO ch-nyinen: TO-OOO
ntariiiers; l'l.W'O li.-,henneu; and 10,000
tulo and I't-dend ol'irers.
Mrs. (jibMiH, of Siinderhn 1, I'nlntid,
whose hnnbiitid lui.l built a vessel, was
jirivilrtred tojiivu it a linuie, nnd thiisten
cd it The Kist! It is described iti the
Sunderland papers as a barque, and Mr.
Gibson may have intended it to be one
1 tit his coo 1 hidy lias nude it h smack.
tL . - l
Dr. Carter! Cough CaUam-
XS" It'i" inot pleasant ami emeacious rerne
4y for Coujjhs, Colts, Asthma, Conuinption
and !l diseases of the l.ung, ever offered to the
public. Our ever varying climate, and the cold
bleak winds of the north bud west produce
coughs and colds dangers colds, which de
mand of the wie i prudent. the earlievt attention
Kor thii purpose no remedy has ever been disco
vered which has etfectod so many cure, and
which seems to p;ive such universal satisfaction
to all,s Dr. Casti ii's Cou;ii Read
r, hat e youa coujili? Do not lu gleet it. D'
!sy isdani;ereiis. Use this Ba!fam, at once, and
it will effectually cure you.
37 J'rice 25 cen!s ber bottl -, lare bolll:
Tl, or six bottles for $1.
For sale at Dr. Easterly's Family M-dicine
tvre, southendt cmtr of Third and Chestnut
(U., St. Loiiin, M j.
AIbo, sold by P. A. Sarpy, St. Mary, Iowa.
simI by dealers in meiicinei generally, in th
Dr. Easterly's Iodise and Barsajiarilla.
CV't is the only pieparation that It worthy
of tlie leant confidence of the public, for tit"
cure of those die is-s ai f ioin an impure
date of the blood, Scrofula, or King's
l .il, White Swellings, Knlarped Glands, IVver
boren. Pimples on the face, old Sores an I fl
eers, Blotches, IWIen, Nervous Affections, Can
cers, Erysipelas, Ulieumatism, ISypilitic I'is
taei, Pains in tlie liuiiei ml Joints, Kin
Worm or Tetter, Scald H"a 1, diseases of the
Kidneys, Mercurial Diseune, Lc. Dr. Eas
terly's Iouine and SAmArssiLLA, is com
pounded of those articles l.ii l: kimultaue-
onsly act on the d (li'rent organs of the body,
nd H)5( hi thu inont efficient cleiisinu and tn-'il
"g propei lit s. Jtundrt Is of the most intiili
geiil an respectable faiiiilie in St. Louis, have
used it, and speak of it in the highest terms of
piai.o. his .j'l.ciim is .k ti.ui :ro;i r,
cheaper .nd i,eu-i than any other i r amt.on
io life.
ff3" Price, il pef Dot.le, or sis UottUs tvi
C V I'or sale at Dr. EASTKliI.Y'8 Family
Modiciiie Wore, corner of Third and Chestnut
streets, SI. Louu.
Also sold by T. A. f.ARPV, St. Mary, Iowa,
and by dealers iti medicine ceiivially, in the
(it" lies 1 Dr. Edsttrly's advertisements in
niHir '''! unn cf our rp'r, ni giv a
l -
" 1 4 arr:iale.l io ci. e jill rier of A
ind Fcer. C!iil!nnd I'eirr, Il'im') A-ne, In
lernnttint aid K.Minttent level, n.d eieiyf inn
of Fever incident to tli w i"t . F.' there ,n e s'lf
fi'rers in S!. F . i . f , we .iy try it, iml if it f id
1,1 cure, tiie m'.ney fhali he tvf nnie ! to tin: j'-;r-cliaser.
More taia
tw r v i y-i irr. tiiocsan o im r ; i.i s
have been sold, and in no m-i anee has it f.iil-d
to effect a pel in ineiit cure as far li" '.-! I'r"i:i
pV" f' ' e !l pat' botile, or sis bottles,
C V I,'ur sale at Dr.'eily's Family Me l-
i'jin M'iic, so'i-iieiisi corner oi i i.iru ua i
C .e-tll'lt streets1, S!. Louis.
Al- sold by P. A. Sartiy, St. Mary, F.wn.
a it oy dealers lit nieuicinc ic(iiierauy , in ine
Head Dr. Easterly's advertisement in
another column of our paper and give him a
rail. ju2S.
Dr. Easterly's American Oil Liniment.
his valuable Liniment, combines the most
efficacious articles known for all the various
forms of disease recpiiring an external applica
tion. One of its principal active ingredients,
is the American Oil (or Petroliui.i) which is
universally known to possess rare IIf.alinu
and Ci SATivr. Pnorr.RTir.s. This On., when
combined with other valuable remedial nKenls
of known and established elfieacv, forms a safe
and sure remedy for Rheumatism, Bruises,
Sprins, Cuts, Wounds, Hums, Scalds, Old
Sores and Ulcers, Scald Head, Tetter, Kin;?
Worm, Erysipelas, Piles, Callers, Stilt Joints,
Caked Breasts, Paralysis, Contracted Tendons
or Cords, &.c, and also far Strains, Spavin,
Scratches, Chads, Saddle: and Collar Calls,
Sores, Woi'iniu. Fistula, S.vecnt y and Poll Evil
in hor.-cs. Tins Liniment b.nailiject and pow
erful action upon the secretory and absorbent
ves-els, stimulating them to u healthy action,
thus enabling tin in to throw otT tlie morbid or
diseased matter which oh-ti aiets t he cireulationc
thus icni'iviiie; all diseases or injuries of the
Bones, r.lmcles. Cart illapes, Nerves and Skin,
One bottle will convince the most skeptical
of its wondoiful ellieney in curinsc Jiruises.
Sp'ains, niieiiinalism, Puines, Sorene-s and
Stiffness of the Joints, &r.
Dr. Easterly' Auieriean Oil Liniment is,
without exception, the most valuable remedy
ever compounded - nil diseases of Man or
Ilea'.f, re lirln an ceJtiTiial nji ilieation.
lV" Price ".." c !.! I per bottle, or live bot'des
XDI oil" i.'llar.
t"v" -V liberal di .count made lo w!mle.u!e
piivehasert who buy to eel! wiratii.
CiT For -ilc at Dr. E.isterly's Fami'y Med
icine Stcr:, soutbea-l corner (' Third and
Chestnut .itreets. S(. Louis.
Ab o sold by P. A. K.i.ny. St. Mt.y, Iowa,
and by licdtrs in laeditiiie (.'ci.eially, in the
(.'T" Read Dr. Easterly's advertisement in
another cobui;; of our paner and trivc him a
Call. jl?S.
Jl is opened a boardincr house nf Relleview.
for the accommodation of regular boarders, and
occasional visitors, who, he w ill take pleasure
iu making as coinfortable as lies in bis power.
Ile!!eviey. Nebraska. oct .'.r', 'f' t
flilF. Ii F.LLEVil'.W SETTLE US' CL1T1
L will l.obl its ii 'w!ar nieel inj-at Ib ll.uew,
Nehrn'La 'i'.-ri ito-y. on Siturdav, the itli jus-
ol IL -toiler, at 1 n-clo. u.P. M . I.iery iiii iuli.-r
is cxpeCLcd to be p;e en!, as b'l-. of g-e;;
impie t-iiice will come li. i'oie the no- tin;;.
All persons W'ic. l. el h.;ricvii at any action
of the Ciilb, arc ia. ite l an x ..-r f loaM, a (.
ti .11. CIL.MOl. K, Pi.'t.
lisllview, o:'t IS, '.il
V. lll'l I SA1. K A S 0 KIT AIL
(AT TUB Blr;N OK Tilt 111.; MORTAR.)
n AVE Just Received, in addition lo j
their former sto"k , a laree and well
seh rt.-.l assortment of American. French, Ml
and Enirlish Drills, Medicines, I'erfutnery, yc
Stulfs, Paints, Oil and UlusKsvare; also, a goo''
asuortmeiit of Oroceries, Wines, Liquors,
j in., iieau or nronuway. net I s. '.
ALL persons knowing themselves indebted
to Geo. P. Stiles, are requested to make
immediate payment to the undersigned, or they
H ill line their accounts in the bauds of the pro
per oflirer for collection. Cruie one, come all
and save est. P. J. MtMAllON.
oct I is, 54 tf
ri HIE umlersit'iied is now in receipt of and
X receivine the lar-'est and rheaniest atoek
of Tall and Winter Good cvtr otlereil in
Council Hlull'City, or Western Iowa. Those
wishitiL' to pay cash for Goods will do well to
call arid examine. Our ntocli cousisls of every
variety of jroods needed tiy the people in tins
portion of tne country, uch as cloths, casai.
uic-.'s, i attinetts, lue :,Ii. jtam, Slhitu nailct,
and b irred iLiiiue!, .lain and barred liiiseys,
4i'0 plen a tfoodtlyle madder prints, cashmeres,
intrmos, ullapacas, bluachel and brown heot
'! atidliirliiijr, ticking and cJrillinj, bleach, d
and brown eai.tou Cum. el, drapers itiid era-hen,
all w ool table covers, and bleached
linen, silk and bay stale tl.awla, und ( vciy
variety of dress goods.
Me.u unl boys' fall and winter eluthine,
hrits and caps, boots and nl.oeg, baidviare and
ipict-iisivare, iron, nails, codec, siijji ,t!i Il(J.
lasses, l ice, dour, Vc.( kl-o, a Jaree lot of l ur
nit ire and liquors. As it is our intention to
sell for ca.sli, we lUMer our.selvt j w can
hold out s ipeiior inducements to those that
w ieli to buy ch'-ap e;Uod th in stores that arc
sellinj; on trust.
Country deb is a.c rc' to cull and ex
amine, our slock.
It. Ii. PEC RAM 4s CO. litufr City, o 't I. 1M .
Attcrney and Counecllor ut Law,
(ii in wood, Mnis Coun-iv lows,
WILL attend to all business entrusted to bis
care, witu j-iieiit) and dispatch, par
ticular atleutioii j(iien to the Collection ol
Debts, (We.
Hons. A. C. Dod-j tnd James Slu-ilds,
Washington, D. C.
J. ami A. Lowery, P. T. Letts A: Co., New
Yoik City.
J.ncph Siianuon, li.,ip, l'aluicr, Cook L Co.,
S in I i mi i -co, Cul.
Webb k. Co.. Milsvuukie, Wisconsin,
Hon. A.l I. 'Smith, Janisville.
- llmi.-A. T. (iiay, Mad.oii.
Hon. Otis Holt, Hudson.
Pai'e K Uncoil, St. Louis, Mo.'hliii 4. liuiow, H:. Joseph, M .
S. F. Nuckolls, :-.p, Lind. ii, Mo.
Peter A. Sarpy, lo p. N.-bi..ska Territory.
Ex-Govcr.iu.- bleplicu llcmpsteaJ,
E. JI ui'l, E-j., Co l.'ie. I l',!ulrs, I'.VSJ.
Nuckolls 4- Co., Ji. l.i.c'.t i. tlaruin', Le'a
Whit-. Gieuwood, J"',s.i. oeill t.
1 Oil ITOItK no's. witjras.';I.rts"sral;7s silt
) s, t ; t sn e.
CJi i 0 . . . I
A in iv "l'
l.iciieei .' r(';
e ,r p .
il !il el !i ' i m
(' A'
A lie
: , f T , -
ie.i n eollt
el i.i e o i
.l,,.-.!:..-..!- i i I is.
. H is pnblMhe'l
!iin lin.;. a i e-a.-
si ilules. ft t !h.' "l I i T e.l.-!l J i M .
mn.- ui'.e.. r four I1 in lie i p i.'i'H.
a-ii voi-
c'S. m ii i mi indi'v.
irr aviii1!-'. t i n -''
ie il mi' i; i., it ii 'Ii
eiitca :i i. ill c .1 -
an I f . in . -i o lo (i i i ii. im il
er sv.t'i :! it am-- nit "(' pr;
. r, -H cr i ;i1(. p. (.f ,;
cv tin..'. : IV1 ..! I.
Tl.oKei...,tir,i; Am-.
i the
t widely
kind now
i-nd cure,
.el rcien-
eii c!!:.!,. j i ' u t . j I r io I . :
p-,!.l;. '..I. r e;,.,.i .,
,.:, I -,1- a.." . n: ' u He; ah!
I lie in. 'U iii V V. o. !!.
The pat.uit c'.i'ms aie p'lblishel we-kly and
are imaliri'ile to Inventois and I'ltteutees.
We nart ieii'ai I v wnnt.'.e pihiic ai.'-.inst pav-
in.-r ni'ini'v to trav !' in' agents. i.s we
tlitfbahii ol furiii:'.iin ; errliiioa'.cs ol
ki ,i not in
agency to
bnv one.
The folbuvin? Cn.h Prizes rc oirered by the
Publishers tor th" fo'irleeu lau'est li inf sub
sci il.e. s sent in by the I 4 of January, I ."").
6lllMI will besfiven To- the largest t'.st; ',.") for
the serou.l; !i.'..' for flie thii.'; tSla.'i fo- the
fo n lb; id fo-the lil'ih; !?i.' f-tue
sixth, iU for th" seventh; S )."
fur the ei "ht; t l for the
nit t'i; fS:.") for the tenth;
Jii-'ll for the eleventh;
for tweit'.bj
SpHlfoc thir-
for I Ith
The cali will be paid to the order of the
successful competitor immediately alter the 1st
ol January, l'-.i 1.
Letters should be directed (post-paid) to
MU.W : Co..
l'JS Fulton at., New York.
TF.iniSl TI'.UMS! Tl'.ll.MS!
tine copy for One Year
' Six- Moulin il
Five Cf-pies. foi- six M 1 1 ' fl Si Ssl
Ten ci for sit Mnnitis
Ten copies for I'velve months S't
Fifteen co.'iesf,ir twelvemonths t(ji
'tveiity c ,r twd v-inon.hs, S;h
S'.ulhei a' and U'.-s'ern -uoney taken at par for
subs, ni'tions, or Post Oflicj stamps at their fall
v,l-ie. "'t 1. '."'I
GilAHi VAliTD.
.1. Co
WILL nay tin- highest market pric
orn, i li ill . Oats ami liucKwnf-at, at my
Olllce in lileli wood, either in ei.h or mer
chandize. PI i I I.I P E. SHANNON,
tilell'.vood, oct 11, '.")! tjl'jl
cznicral" land "aczncy "
Gku'vo'xl, 1-l.llf County, Iowa.
I.L persuns w i-hin-; to buy or sell
. Estnte 'So ibt do well H call on the ntnier
sii'ned. w ho is prepared t() F.nt"r Land upon
Tune, ami L'-."ate Lanl Warrants. Will al io
iili. '.id to the Coih etiun of Debts. ;,,, payment
of Tavs in and o il of the Co m'y.
Ail lius.iiess mtiiib'eil to me will receive
proiapl ailention.
yU: will visit St. ytj "r"-rL
Mary on W'-ilii'S'l ly's and s ,'.;
(ilenwuu.l on l u.'sday .s and Sati.r
. f ' n- .1
day's of each we-k, and will supply these
markets with Fi'-sli M at.s, Il all T, l'..;s, and
'.'et-,!il. .s. ut III" mai ket price
S pi .'(.'j-ltf P. POHNER.
II I". b ib eriber bavinir located hims 'lf at
St. Mary is prenai-eil to ex-cute orde's of
every iliscrip! ion of Plain. Fancy, and Orna
mental Pni ltu.-.. eii IJ paitlled. b'tleicl li- d
rilil 'd in t'.e mail ii.iroied tf x-U-. io d in tle
lientest iniuu'r. I' iir- n.;e re 'ji r'f'illy so.
licked. U.I '. a! II. Mv us. Fret Mr. t. St.
Mary. S'lAMM.Ai . SCI: I.M A NSiv V.
St.' Maty. Sep!. U'i. ' .
lizvv & a jEicy erne
AVl.Vti T.-iliiall-l
i t'nis pl.ic '.
I,' II (U.S.
r a le
J';;!!'.' ialltc
tor t ' if 8.
I. V Mi, T. I , I." ) I'S. nod i
A e.-uc y l! isia.-ss. v. i o i!d r. :M
tlij pa'. lie, to i,e lis a cali.
Our Coo. is w.-r" select".! with caie,
ar lent In it we shall be al b: to
feet satisf action to :i''.
and wi
ive p.-i .
s. i.t. 27 'jl.
OA 1'IECES of 'J'ickine;, best Iy, j'ui
jU ale low. at
,p 'il. GKEENE, KINNEY & CO,
f Mill', subscriber having leased of Clarke &
! Co., the old Council Hlulf Ferry at Tra
der's Point, Pottawottam.e County, Iowa.
II ivins; built a new and s'lhs'milial lio:it is
now prepared lo cross all w ho come. Person
visiting Nebraska w ill find this one of the best
Ferries on the Fiver. True. 1 have no Steam
Ferry Boat, but I have strong arm power,
which will propell a boat across the river at
this nanow point without any daturer or blow
up, quick enough to satisfy the fastest of this
fast ae and country
1 Wagon, tsvo horses or cattle, Ss 2 .
I Horse and liugy, - 1
Horse and rider, -
Foo'man, ------ 15.
CV" I 'weiity-fiv per cent added to the above
rate during high water.
aepU.'oltf 1)4 MEL NOKTOV
F K F,S If S 1K I N;
n b Ci n tn nut o o Ii 3 .
n. ii. losv.xsENn,
l)i'tiler in Dry (i.jots, Cirocei ies. II ito
ware, tii .'enswari', L i en au.I Shoes,
Hals. Caps., ' intie;.-:, Fun")'
(jouls, Notions, Je.
; 1.1:1 woop, mw .
rjv.n: sriiscuiRFR wo cm ri:-
JL r.jiect fully eat' the uitenti iii ol tin: i it
IZ.'tts of Mi'is Ulnl the a ' j.ii:iiii"j cutia.ies.
to bis l.iioe nnd varii 1 iiSsoi lljli III oi
GOODS, s. ( i. li ha is now rceeivitie;. tur!
ivl.i.-li will !e olleiej fur nU- to t.'ASll
BC YFRS nt rL'.i!.oii.:b!e pi iocs. My s o. 1.
eoiisisis uf most i very ur.iiij usa.iliv
iuiiinl in u coiiiiu v s hi e.
Of every kitnlj vnrietv nml style.
CM Fills,
Cih.ssiiH rt s. 'esiiii-!, s.itiiii tts.
l.ADIKS D.f.i:S (jOUD.s,
I.'1 wns, .i;. . uli'l. .ine . 1'i'i nts, Ci i i luiinius.
AlajMcca, ikiu 'i Silk, Ci.iiui fli, Works'd
Si el en, ts. '., tit:.
HAitDWAiifj vs. (jli:j:nsv, ari:,
A p-cticriil ;i,S'ir! nu nt.
(ainviijtiiio of Su ar.Cniei:, Tohaeeo, Rie.
MuLiM S Wlli"k , iV,!.
(.iclils' Fine C'uif liii.l Ki, Jl nils.
UU'lls' Ihisl.iliS, I'll id. 11. li, l'.ill.ili, K. i
ivi-it i:. is'.., i.s. (.'iiii r.s. i,n.i j(,.i ii's i.u-i
H.iolS.!' 1 ..lilies' 1 luicuiu ii.. i..
lklllii'is, ll.ii I'ului, J.rlioi ii biiJ Wool S.
it. i!. TOWNSFND.
(i!i uiwo -el. M..v 10. 1M.U. i..-i7--f
Llli. Ji.-VCO.Si lor ale ut
Cli so n, h '. ore of
G L il N V.' O O D A D
Glorious News
Titi! ste.'tmorS;.i'.iiiac!i:H itisf :u'.-ivf
S.iihiliar !i:H jlisl :U'riM
la hh'!
f hh is.
. I'.roy, .a S ie.n ,
( !.! ' 'I .1.1.
S. K. M'.l iss,..
."i bhl
M I.M..
N. I I. "...l..e.e.
in 1-2 h'n.i. ;..! t.-'i Syrup,
"VI .neks C. h. Salt,
t I'l bhls K hum 'n do.
.''I -a .s cl lire ib.
!.! b:j"a do. 1 S.isp,
Id bills Cider Vinegar,
Sheet i;rs, fl-.p brow n ; and bleaeheA ilntnrstic
('it' I'be iitlenlii-.ii of the ladies is called to
rind, as remrds price and quality, to be unsurpassed in Western Iow a. Calico, pltie-hams,
ia n', deianes le-raires robes of tne latest faslpnii and slyl". Em noidered caps, collars, ch'tiii-
:ts. sleeves. :'k a,i ks atiu bui'iiets, linen and cotton haiidkerchiefs, hosiery, parasols, all of
which will be sold exeeeilinrlv low.
Cros cut saws, mill satf s. h and saws, broivl axes. chopping: axes, ades, lop and loe chains,
bench p'anes,aiid in fact every i hint; in the bard waie line, from a Jewharp up to a cradling scythe'
40 cases direct from Boston. Hoots of all sizes and ipialitien. Shoes, Ladies enameled Jenny
Lin. I buskins, callers, slippers. Indies' goat, kip snd calf bootu, misses shoes all sizes.
Hals and cups, books and stationery, ilmi.'s and medicines. Javne'g and Loudon's family
medicines, and all other popular patent medicines, for sale at hol'esale prices. ,
Of various patterns.
Glassware, tumblers, j rsx
crucKs, nui it r. of, sly, p rroeKS, sc., &C.
fid bedsteads of different patterns, cherry dining, and breakfast tables, walnut ditto, ditto.
R neaus with g'i-s, plain mid fancy walnut presses, cupboards, tin safes, one or two drawer
stands, wash stands, lounges and mattresses, double mattresses, slat bottom chairs, Cain seat do.,
riickiiii; chairs, ciih'..t e.
15 cook stoves, assorted, Patlersan's, ready trimmed with tin or copper boilers, boxstoves,
Grecian parlor, stove pipe, elbows.
VUslU iO 7 1 L L 0 V -WARE.
Pine churns, 1-2 bush's, wood buckets, well buckets, wash tubs, wood bo .sis, trays, doii'h
pins, so:;.ir box's, brooms, zinc wadi boards, clothes pins. k.c. "
SADDLERY. Bridles maitin.: als. cuciimles. eirtbs. halters, bridle reins, Blaekaivk sad
dles, qui I! seats, and ditto La. lies side sail. ties, bii-!;y vshijis, dray hips, O. E. wbips,cow-hidej
Kc, saddle-ba's; leather trunks, U.C.
Sole-leallier, kin, mill cnlf iikins, nmroci n linings, (jnat skins, hair, &.'!.
IRON AND CASTINCJS.l Now steel, s.,...r stetl, plows, moulds See.
Pols, ovens, skillets i. ml lids. (), X. 10 pnl twetilyy.lloii kettles.
PINE DOOliS S by JO and I'l by li sash, vyiu.lnw blind-.
CLOCKS $ day 30 hour clock's; warranted to run Weil.
. i . a. - .
irmin. I, onnoke .seetnr leaf U.-'ralia and irincipe cifra-3 of Ihe fin-st flavor.
C ibn and Havana si:;es. and various oilier articles, but we deem it inmecess uy to mention them
is it is wo trouhle to slioiv tjoods. nnd we wdl i.e happy rt all times to show our old eusNi.jiea s
and as manvnew ones as may favor us wiih 1'ieir ji.iti onaire. our (Toodsand prices. ()ir f.-cili-ti
-s fi.r s.-ll in? ( ' II E A I '.a re belter than any other house in western Iowa, and we intend to do so.
and an nvairunation of our prices is nil thai is necessary to convince you of the fact.
Clenwoo.l. .liilv. J. lS.a l. 4o-w. ' jM.'CKOLLs"&. CO.
t . . , ' 1" V 'rUBNIslUMi, il f:J
'V, 3' Suceessor, to If
V 1crA rAr til
fl i t wStlA.Zy No. 215 MAIN f II
M K LtT,
Corner abosa
visr.i.v i ii or ri st
importers A' . M.uvi facia ers "J 'f
jfrnuh Dr. iv iUill Gioiico
TEAiiLV' TVVi.N 1')' E I US EXFKri
.x ri.ri: in f.irni.slun.; basine.s in S..
Loni-, (coniuiencing at the workman's bench)
eiiahies uw lo juu.'e corns tl v of the ,j lalily ol'
buirbot ad.iii" l to luiJIing iu the West. " 'l o
obi jin th it (piality, we bale found it necessary
to vis.t Ihe ipiar: i' -s in France, and there mnko
sell cl ,o,.s, liar slock til's year was sclecle! a I
I he u'lau n f by one of tlie linn, and samples
let'l with the pi opi ii'tors, that we may. w han
ve outer, I ceitain of ohtaininjr tim' desired
.piality. For saer-lul i.iillmg, the practical
mil let nnd iiiiil'i iuht can appreciaie tlie
tanee of this arraneiuent. (lur nlncK is always
iarre, and any ih'ired temper and text lire oi
bun ci.u beolnaincJ vvithoui delay.
To obtain the (piality of Hulling Clolh be-t
suited to milling in the West, we have had the
greatest ditlieully. Over-loading bolls by fast
grindiii';, and tlie large quantities of spring
wheat and oats proved so desti in-live to the or
dinary Cloth, that coiriplaiufs of mill owner:
and millers became no fie.pient, we found it ne
censary to obtain heavier and stronger Cloths,
or subject ourselves to a suspicion of idling an
inferior article. We laid before the manufac.
torcrsour objections to their Cloths, and order
ed heavier and stronger to be made. They un
dertook it with reluctance, fearing that they
could not make their Cloths heavier and pre
serve the uniformity of meshes so iudispensa
iiie for good milling. They have succeeded.
ior i s, and for beauty of finish, uniformi
ty of inrstics, strength and durability, we refer
to the millers generally in the country, and es
pecially to the millers and null owners in this
Our attention for many years has ben di
rect!. I to oie un the be-t piiin Fir constructing
th. mills. In iriany cases they are used by
in. v p. rieuced bands, and tin reloie, il'ira:..lit v
and s.inpiieity of canstruclion was the object
to be nt. ained. In t his wn think e have sue.
r.led. We believe so bee nisp in the great
I. uiher svehsve ..ld. thereh is not been one re
in, acd, nor to our kiiiiwie! tailed to pciforin
.-lit. rely t.) the satisfaction of Iho e using tlieai.
T.iev are in extensive Use in tlie i'e-t, ami
in i-itr of them in New Mexico an t California,
a I. -m lis are known as TODD'S 1 M PUD VEI)
Clitl.V MILL. We mill, iracliirc th'.-e kinds,
to is it: cast iron hacks, to grind by weight
of the runner; si oik and ok.sin mill, the
luer stone lo run, and the mt.ssu hi: iii.i..
I'ut'.-nt riveted, cemented and lii.ichliie slretch
ti LUdvumi ni:;xixc.
Pais ar1 icl is now made in the greatest pcr-
fclio'i, and beeunng exleasin-iv Used in the
in aiafact irn.g eslh .liliuicnis of Ihe country.
V.' ket p o:i hand the largest assoi lint nt in the
ii.terii country, of our oivn, and Eastern
ma I'linctui e.
r ACk I Mi AM) liu e.uiR liosK. We Hie the only
a if. '.is of Ihe Lusloii Coinjiany in this city for
Ihci. -I ' of these guo ls.
If a.stoig mens, mill spindles, regilating
sci a n, "la'iisal irons, patent iron proof Safes,
mill p eks. scii'en wire, copper r.i."-'. lace lea
tin .', l-a'c. ied l.i.nter, i.C, tc, QsJ' fJildtaiil-
St Lo us, A'iril '.'(). ls-L
li 10-1 v.
i ) I'. It.M) NS Wlsl.ll.glo p... ii . :, a:. I
I. u j w ill to e i v , i.s a call an I .nni.i on
sv...... whicli ci. inn. is'-s a g"' asso: tinolit.
a id Vi il! ba stdd a' ifvent ha1 -aiiis,
1 .NtikS AND LAIV'I'IES. Jaia s'"-!.--!
IV ipiali'y of Mi'.-nil Kiit.'s ami Lats'i' s,
l s.,:--t CREE N E, Kl.N.xl.Y i. Cu.
H Ul '.' ' ' I.
C1 1 '.I 'd A N l'S v.;l ple i-e take noti.-e tha
.i.i proc.-v ling if !he l!"l!iu it vv fie.tita
( I ah, in ike il tne duty of all Claimants t j re
coi l s liaciptioii oi their (tlaiius at n.-xr as
tnev may De utile to ..e,c,'ihe tana. O.lice ut
iK-ll'TVit iv, N -b'-.-iskH.
' ! - E-'-wT-.y.
V C rt T 10 C M 7. N 7 & .
ibr Nebraska."
iljit.ulcl to (he irnanls ith -roods for
t I. Ms ". 1 and 2 Mack-rot,
S tin's Tar,
'J I am! half boxes iitiir Candles,
.'' Ii Tal low caudles,
f'l ke's assorted,
b'i s Con l'i,h,
Ii I sacks Hio I'oil'ce,
! i ; : i : iii and V jun i; rs.n Tea,
Sailn. Saler.itas, Candv, Itaisins,
l.ii'.'lijh Walnuts. Atmonds,
Cinder, Spice, Pepper, &c., 4.C.
frtll ti:c, Osnob ires. Hnvens, ilurks
Ac. io.
our assortinent nf dress roods, which thev will
ic, A.c. M(I0 eal. stone ware, thurnes. iar.
. . - . ' ' '
.V . ' 4 lvtur n t - - . r - . . r C
;i,-t ;i'v .v r xi.i i"-
1- Uk, w.,siw.i. jTJ
sj.Huwgitlon is the L'ifr of vtr.tfjc.
A 1 i-'f.V !s VltPYi E.N(;LISH are now
-LTJ. receiving nt Glen wood, a well selected
slock of dry g.uds. fancy .'nods, clot liini'. hoots
and shoes, groceries, hardware, crockery, drugs.
Iiipiors, stoves, tinware, ic, in Western Iowa.
Tne public are invited to call and examine for
themselves, and they will find the truth of the
above statement. Also they will find that we
can sell as cheap any o! her house iu Mills, Fre-
iit. mi or l ouawaiTainie counties.
And in giving notice to the fanpinjr commu
nity, w e wdl give them the highest cash price
for their p. ducc, S'ii:!i as beef, pork, corn.
beat and beans. Tiie store is on the west aide
of the Public Suuare, Gleuwood. nov 2.i-3m
O ed, f jr which tlie
All kindsof skins want-
tlie highest price will be paid
M. Jt I ..
I " Hi ED FULTT for sale by
"ale by SAUPY .t ENGLISH.
U.MALAST Cloths r.,r sate by
l)KODl'CK AN I) CASH wanted in puvrnent
J. in payment of debts. S Altl'V li ESC.
10UX and Oats wanlujby 8. JtE.
nO USES, work oxen and voun" stock, ditto.
BEEF AND PORK wanted at the Public
Square by S. 4. E
QJj HIE undersigned has on hand and for
Jj sale a few thousand select grafted apple
li.;, a, r;ady for transplanting in orchards th
coming fall and spring'.
RedJune, bald win, white winter parmain. fall
pippin, Uelmont, wine sap, yellow beltliiwer.
Rhode Island greening, swaar, priors red, red
asfrachan, early harvest, aweet June, summer
rose, summer queen. Rail's janet, raiabo, wine
spple, whit bellellower, Komau item and
Northern py.
roa IHADS.
The Catalpa and Ulack Locust.
The snow ball, English and American lilac,
red dogwood, honey suckle, rose, ic, ic.
A few of the Isabella and Catawby grape from
bt. Mary, Iowa, Aug. 31, '33.
NFCKOLLS K CO. have just received oneof
the largest and best a.-lecled stock of
GOODS ever bifore exhibited in tlie west. A
iiiuiiij their assortment may be found
A variety of clothing of all sorts and
hardware anil cutlery, drugs, medicines, furni
ture, bedsteads, bureaus, tab'ts, chairs, cook,
box and Grecian, parlor stoi es, 4.C.; iu short,
every tiiin.; yo'i may c;ill for.
Peso is need not be .let imed when thev come
to the cheap coruar, as they are well sapphod
wit.i i.iiitiile i lei ks on th-ir first I. "'s. iind al
vvavs have sharp scissors an 1 dull con se.encc'.s
Eiuigrants wiil Iind if to their ad.' !o
call upoa us b. f are piin:h tsingelstwiic.-e.
Glciwood. April !!'!. 1 S:i 1 . nlia-tf
,) Dt.. 1 da," and Hi) ho.u cocks, waTi.u, led,
for sale al the eheip cash atore of
inlo-tf Nl'KOLLS !C CO.
J(;r. LITi'Llafdliey holiolIsTors'ilea
:)U'JU cheap as di t. at the cheap cash
store of na-tf NEC Iv O I.f.S i. CO.
i,frYv'v vp ni) v . i.r
t Mill. .
.1. Pen
Neluaska is a new an I sideinlnl boat
el by experienced ollicei s and ciew.
ittdleview City, Nch.asLa, &i. Mary,
c .m.iiig to N.-biii ,k.i f'io'd 1 c :ue directly Ij
1 in is the front g-ifuny to th- en st iirtiortant
and i..!e.v.-ling pciiinu of Xi bia.ika. ileir io
iijiii ! I.1 at
sre tb two bi kt put..! lor ths cin.iation to
eei i-r.
-;lis C.rr . Jaly 1 1. 4f
U): vie iin lUuoUng CiitimciU.
Wil'i a 3l2..1.aj Btlm wo coin U greet
yo t.
fMHE action of thi Liniment is one of Ui.
I inot i.en"-et i"ine lies ever offered to the
aiilictel. lis i.i.!i..;i upon the or-.nuatioti is
truly wonderful. lt,vobi'ie. penetrating, tooth
in:; and 1 r-.'. ( i , . p.. .p je ui,; . i.. tlieinselve to
Ihe very bou -s. It mtrrs intotne ciieiilalion of
the bluuil give a new impulse to who!' nt rou
system to the very rl rein. t ies of till fineet
and ktimulates to the aloi b.-uts ami secretions,
.Hid Illlls ASSIST IS ATi- HK to till OW Oil' Klld till
he-self of 11MV (i,..,se.) section of the nervoii
. hoi ds or liuine;its, inaku.g if r.pially applies
ble to sores of any, rheumatism psin.
in every part of the hotly, from a diseased actioa
of ar.y or the slrurtnrai portions of the system.
While it is perfectly harmless to healthy flesh,
skin or bone, it; the property of entering
into combination, and dissolving any of the or
ganic tissues when thev are diseased', or their vi
tality is destroyed. Possessing these peculiar
powers, isthe reason why it is equally efhesriou.
in so many different complaints. It acts upon
scientific principles and fixed laws of th. Crea
tor! The large number of cases in which this lini
ment has proved its value, in the short time it
has bee.-i before the people of America, is sivfh
cent to give the greatest confidence that its vir,
tues are incomparable in curcing rhciimstism
bruises, strains, bums, wounds, swellings, brok
en or cracked breast, old sores or pains iu any
part of the I Kt V.
Sr. Louis Tkktimon r.
State or Missouri,
County of St. Lo'iis. "'
Be it remembered, that on this fifth dsy
May, A. n. 1H")3, before me, the undersigned,
mayorof the city of St. Louis. in thecounty smt
State aforesaid, came personally David M.
Smythe, w ho, upon his oath, says that the fol
lowing statement is true.
In testimony whereof I hereto set ujt haa4
the day and date last aforesaid.
JOHN HOW, Mayor.
Soc. Newman, Retrister.
Sr. Lotus, Mo.. May 5. 185.1.
Dr. A. (i. Hraoo, ft Co. Gents: You will
probably recollect that I called into your estab
lishment some three weeks toiee and purchased
a fifty-cent bottle of your "Mexican mustang
liniment j'' my object in so doing was totrybt
merits upon iriy daughter's arm, who has beea
suffering from the effects of a severe dislocation
of the elbow for several years past.
The excruciating paiii consequent upon falw
se'.tingof the bone had dw iridic! and contracted
her nriu to a puny size, and I consider it a duty
ffevol ving upon me to acquaint the community of
the beneficial effect your liniment has paodnced..
Her linn was dra wn to a right angle, and wes
almost inert and useless, until vonr invaluable
iiiinneur. was a ppi leu, since wnicn time, i am
happy to stale, she has enjoyed uninterrupted
good strength, and can use her arm nearly as jili
antl y an b. fore it was dislocates!.
I would dt.ite, however, that prior to trvins:
your uiiequaled l.iiiuient. I use.) several other
remedies, and among them McLean's volcanif
oil liuiment," but with the least beneficinl result.
I). M. SM Y'THF,.
We offer this liniment as a remedy in the vari
ous diseases and co.'riplain's for which it ii res
commended with full confidence of its success
iu curing them.
The following is a list of the numerous and e--
traoi Jinary cases it has cured during the la
few month :
ti.T.'xi cased of rheumatism iu all its forms
4. '.'iS)
5. PiO
sprains and bruises ;
hurns antt stains ;
fresh cuts and wounds ;
cancers ;
s ii-of ilous sores and ulcers that
bad resisted all other trealu.eut ;
inflamed or swelled joints;
piles ;
luiiihngo. sciatica, goat and kar4
3.-1. "v. I
bony4 imiirj
do chppped hands ;
do cake l breasts,
tlo tooth-ache;
do various ch's'" !..dscs.
'Fhis must appear alinoit ni'iedibie, but tha
nuni.'i ous ectliica'es and lttif.s Iroin distin
g.shf'l physicians, cil'ens, i-g"i.ts and others
who have used tiie medicine, enable us to sub
stantiate the a hove fact.-; mill ions of bottles of it
are yarly consumed, and it has always given
'Fo ( oi'NTRY m RUTH SM S. E very store sho'4
be s'ipjilied with this valuable liniment, ai it
pays a good profit and sells rapidly.
battles of three sizes, and retails at 'iii cents, bl)
centsar.d SI per bottle. The 5') cent and one
dollar bottles contfvn fid and 11)0 per cent mora
liniment, in proportion to their cost, so that
money issayed by buying the lager sires.
A. G. l!UACG4i.CO.( Sole Proprietors.
Principal offices, cor. Third and Market sts.
St. Louis, and 3ll Bioadwuv, New York.
For sale by P. A. S srhv. S:. Mary, and Ra
rv & English, Gleiiwood; and by denier ia
medicine every vvheie. aug 31-ly
The great popular triedieine of the ilay
Vast amount used per month The nu
merous and woiulerful cures it etrccls
Its mtijgicul elfect uo!i I3ilioms Fevers,
nnd Fever iitul A'iie Great excitemuut
Mnon the 1J tutors !
A KE now adtiitted on all hands to be a most
Ix. extraordtiiary Snd valuable medicine in
gene-al uso. Ii not only acts as a specific upon
the bilious nnd typ is fevers, chills and fever,
and fever and ague of the West and South but
iu all diseases of debility, weak stomach, indi
gestion, bu t of appetite, impurity of the blood,
and all diseases prevalent in a ne'lern ami south
ern climate. Their great power consists in
their peculiar t'liect upon all Ihe orcans of th
system; and the rapid format ion of new ami
pare blood they produce. In this lies the great
secret of their success. They are mil. I nnd
pleasant in their action but searching and per
manent iu their eli'ect penetrating the remotest
recesses of the system by their ready absorption
intolhe blood, thereby inf ...sing a new supply of
vilalii y and lid vuus power into all tlieiiinchin
ryof fife. The tv'ensiie popularity they hava
acquired all our the Wct .So'ulli ensure
sales of at least
Su .oiiO hoxks era month !
And we find it dillieult w iili our large force of
ban Is, an J tlie lute iiiinroi euieots in machinery
which ue have adoit-d, to manufacture the lit
fj. i enough to supply tiie demand in thirteen
ua i'ern and south, rn S!a!ia! One large iiianil.
facto, y is constantly er.gag.-d in preparing tht
iiiiious concentrated e.xtiacts of which they
d' coinpoiiiiileil. From the best information
wn can obtain from our H.lltiu selling agents,
and iios's of attentive coi rcspen.lenls m all
parts of the country, our medicine cures pr
month not less than
C 1,000 fas.- of fever and ague, one thousand of
Which have resisted ail other treatment j
case of weakness and penei al debility ;
' of Siliti'is chronic diseases;
" of weak stonneli and lots of appe
tite; ca.seu of dyrpeps in ;
of I lieuiu.u ism ;
' of female roinpiaiiits (
' of agne enke. or enlarged plr
I.i 'i "I
'Fliis m ist appei.r it I moat incredible, but tne
nuin.-io'is leile.s from phv sieians, agenti and
these who use the in liciu'e. f min all the it.
ern pud souif em S! ales, si.tisfy in that this is a
in. derat. estimate, and ti n! our is rap.
i lly taking th p', e of the v ai ions ci.imleife,ls
ivhte'i h. a'.l a.", and tne nau'.e.tius tonic utla
t irssina.le sy holly of ipiiiiii.e, which aic linpot.
e liipoj tin, puli! t- by n jioifat I'.ieis whs .'
nobody knows w here !
P .'! uf 'ifjn e pit's T.' . 's and Ae'i-bi.
- ' ee rs. A . ij. US i ... ;.
lr pi or t
St. I.'i.ns. For r .) .- p. A.
t! j
rsAtirv, a
li 1 V . m n.l s . u v L .. , . , . M .. (' . . . i
v,y ler s iiwbcine tst-t,. (.'.:! fb- i ii t4
fst 'o;.I S a f o.