Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, October 25, 1854, Image 2

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'bull v 1 1; w , ji r. i. ,;.aska
I.!.' VI
', 1 1' "I" M '
i- -t.
T. R. T'-ilnr. Ti -.Vine I,
to.-'-H. 11.1 Na ...,n tr.-:. "v
IT.' Ns...-..l V , r.
. Ire. . r. V. f.,.r. Ci
. 'I. l"r
Mali. !
W. "s. SwrmMl V. I! C.T.l N-WC
(. I.'VI.
P.. M'-M ih an fc Wiilla-n-, Co
Io.v. V J). J ... P. M.. O.i .'n Ctv
,' . A,' M.
HI. i.:,,
N -VAa.
Hr. M. H. Clark. . hi '.- i.V'iU-;.
'fliieri Pnatnr. )'... Hdli i icn-( iy
II. 1. .1. till "1-1,, !'..,.. I I. f'.l!!,OMM. . h
J. ('. .Vitem'il 4l I'. ).. vVinl'-r fuller
I'. M.. i'u.-.-. I.T... ,r's. N ',1.
M.ij. II. I'. tucn.. A-.-Ua.t.a (' 1 -. .i '.r.i.;.i.
l.i. t.;rric-:. I. A., C'oi:,!,i..i.;1c. at Icit
I .atari.: v. Ai'iira-ka.
J.I. lli-oh. (.'. S. A., ('iwi'iiaml-r at fort
Kearney. .Nebraska.
(.'. Ml. 'IiiIiIT,i!i.i'. I' Co., tewa.
i'ol. Tlio. tanner. M-tvo-sicus lirom, lova.
V'tot fc ('(, It 'rliiiL.'!"", low .
William (iip.'im, li-ip, (Vilur Itapiih, Iowa.
I'i-t Master, I urt Do .Maine. I ma.
AnmtiM ltall. . Kr.;i jnr.. low.
Hon. A. (". l)o.l. 11 irlinto.i, Lna.
Hon. 'llionm Jlroviii, Maiysv illr, Ohio.
. 4 f-1
Ii is wilh the deepest emotion of grief, n-i? attempt to discharge the duties,
this afflicting oco sioii lias devolved
Gov. I'm h f cix Hour, of Nebraska, is
ro more. lie iliod at his residence, at
the Otoe mid Omaha Mission, Ht Helle
ier, Oct. 1 8!.h, at half-past three o'elook,
A. M iijred 45 years.
Doatk, in this melancholy, has
ooine in cm unexpected hour, an 1 :rickei
down the pillar, upon which thr fondest
liopes cf Nobriiska had been I'lill; and
ijucnthed forever, one of (he bii;:ii'.est
1i;htH in her social and political fn in Mien.,
mid wrapped this Loan ilul. territory, in
tue dark drapery of m jiirnin,;.
The deceased cami ; i:io:. us. a li't'e
less than two weeks ego, charged wi;h
.1.1:1. "'.. .p 11' Ml r.i-
me hie. i ui.u.; 01 i.ut o. 11. is
torri'orv but ib:ath hasrelieM U him of
the responsibilities w ith which lie was
harge l, and lai.l (he'u upj:i anj her.
The Governor's illness of sh.ul du
ration, and until within a brief period pre
vious to his death, sujipose.l to be curable;
at leng'h, die syinptons of his diseaso as
turned a more threatening aspect, and fi
nally, cut off th exp'!0Uiti ms that had
been entertained of his recovery. His
disease: was complicate 1 in i's character,
but not at fii's'., su'jh as to excile any de
gree of alarm concerning his ullimite re
covery but uli.s! its progress soon made
, it nppirent, that the nnumful event which
has been brought about, was soon to oc
cur. The friends of the Governor, have
the consolation cf knowing, that his lodg
ings were comfortable, and that everthmg
that ublo phy sicians and atten'.ivc nurses
who were by his bod-side day and nigh
could do, Has done.
The funeral sifrvi'ies trx.k p'aoe at the
Otoe and Oin dm Mission, ou Tiiurs lay , :
Oct. 1J h, at half-past 3 o'clock, A. M ,
and was us fully attended, as c olid have
been expected, considering the slurtness
of the notice given.
The Territorial officers and psr.sorid
f,ietids of ihj deceased, wore crupa on
t'.ie left ar.n, and iu coin mm with those
assembled on this mournful occasion, ap
peared deeply affected, in view of the se
vere affliction with which they had been
visile, at this in'eresiiug epoch of the
territory of Nebraska.
The funeral service vs opened by the
Rev. Win. Hamilton, of the Mission, who
read an appropriate hymn, which was
sung by the audience, in a spirit sailed to
the solemnity of the occasion.
After singing, the Secrttary arose, evi
deiitly under the deepest emotions cf
grifvand made some appropriate remarks
indicative of the feelings of ihoe who had
come to pay the last tribute of res-peot, to
tho remains of him, who cams to occupy
fa high place iu the Tenitory, and i;i the
officious of the people' -hus sudJeuly
removed from the important sphere which
Liid been cssigtied iu the lei i itorial
ov eruii'.ot. A fcoiing a'luioj was
made to the loss sustained by the people
f Nebraska, an 1 by the territorial oili
rers, whose circle had been broken by
this unexpected struke and particularly,
to the in parable loss susLidiie J by tho do
l.sestic circle, cf wb.ieli l.e was the soul
M life ipoke of Hie iuidequ icy of U:i
j;Hige to rejireseM, the feelings of the
heart, on an occasion like this. And con
cluded, bv a well ijierited, tin! lautifu'.
tribute to ihe eharaeter of him, whose loss
see were now called to mourn.
IIU Honor, Chief Justice Ferguson,
followed in a few brief, but touching re
rnaiks, suited to the occasion spoke of
the uiHstcrio of that Providence, by
which l.fe issus'uined anl the frailly oi
t)ie tcuurti by which il is held. The
Judge spoke in a very feeling m inner of
the sorriu Hi uf the i llliclion vsilh w hich
the territory a;il UiO Iricu ! of tlio de
ie d ilad Leeii visi'ed alii' ihe puigtlatl-
cy id that t.ri.-C, v. aiih would take p.;
.. . 1 1 . -1 . . .. 1 1 .
'SSH.e,i. ul I'll TV I i" HIIC .Mil lUli.lJU
lii'f ' nee 01
"i r
Pif'V. W'll. II .nil'.o'l. (
r S v.ilj ye; i;t) I ;i.i
:'. II ;:;,: r led I !
- I th-
,i Co'), i l ;'
the ;:l ii -;
'1 (if I ), ii.''
i its w.iii'
'i I I' ill ' SM
'1 il r;rf ,
-'tor ;.n I !.
.v 1 1 ils s-veriri tidtu 'i
m i
li-'ii-tf to li'- irl- In ii.
1 i! , ( ! 1 !V i.ll'l s I i i'
i .l.'i.l'l fr !y, ul
I e r'i.ilii;i' l..:. jr a
li.V, hi ii w ii i J v..e. e su-ktif
.'S.i ;.n..l
III". IT Ci !!!''.
(tm. l!.i:t w.sonaivo of 1'.
S. (.'.. u !' s li".' Ii.. I ;,.-eii ni'.'.
Mi'iiv v..r". in 1 1,0 lisv.i: .Ii e o'.' 1.
t ;
! ii'! t . linn'ji ..t,io pr ' ons'uim. mi 1 a i;'-.ii:r-
in tin le oi 1 1 it nu.-., ami ins i.iti l.
wilii ihc in J in ikin u liu::iJ i:i
Ni-'ifaska, ti 1 iiv i'n; npo:i i:s s;il. II I!.! liio ( JJ.m:vmt dl ii'.l lliri
-ihc ( U!m;v)mt ol
siiw yt. to make liis'sl.iv of short iinr..ti
and In put imo; her in the place ho had Iven
nppuiiileJ to fill. We mourn over this
event, us a public calamity. Nebraska
has lost a friend eminently lilted to he her
Chief Magistrate, iriid worthy of the lii;-;h-
!est position in (he territorial government.
tov. Jiurt was I rank and conli ling, ioin in
a hij?h degree, possessed of those (juali
lies that w in the cfl'cc'iorn of the people.
Tho"e with whom he was associated in of
fice, have lost nn nble counsellor, t.ti I a
generous friend. The people ha e los! the
services of a man, emineri'ly qU i!ifi'. to
fill the executive office, at this in'.erestmp
period of their territorial existence. A
widowed vi!'o, und orphan children w ill
vvc' p o er an irrepai able 1cm. An tdc'C -
lioliate husliand an 1 latin r . bi:s been t-.ken
trotii Hie li.iiuiy 1 ii ciO; oi u liicii l.e liau so
'f :fn 1 . .'.r.r.i. 11. 1 1 Slir.wirf
'""- " ' '11""'
The remains of ('iv. Hurt,
view, for huri.-.l at Lis f; iniiy
in Sou h Carolina, 0:1 l'ri !. , ;
lef; Ilclic
le -i b-ncr
!tci;.icl U
his son. Armsioad Hurt, J;imos Doylor.n l
W. H. Jones, Hscjrs.. of Sou h Carolina,
Col. W. Howard, of New York, Mid H
Green, I"sj., of Oidn. The di h -g -it'or,
sent us an escoi'l, was of the bi'.-hes: les-
. , .. ,
1 poc::i;ij.l'V, aim Will Uouin.cs, r rov
i, 1.
; ifae'erv to the friend
! 1
I !;! the p-nplee
j 21eetinj of the Citizens cf Lellev.ew
a d Vicinity, CU the Death of hi,
Excellency, Praan Hurt, late G-
veinor cf Nebraska.
The citizens of Hclleviow ii-i.l vicinity,
1;,,.., ,.-.ll...l 1... ii.. ...1 1..
t. 4 - - -
v".. U..JII IM I t Sd I I,, 11.11 ll.I-l
ritorv sustains in the death of His Lxeel-
ency, Governor Hcrt, fell it their du'v.
and due the memory of the la'c worthv
urtuivi-, 10 cp.-c ineir Bympainv lor
his family and friends, ani set fonh to
die world, the gloom ibis suldenand un-
.... .. ,
exiicclcd MSltjtlon of I'rovi Jeneo. h is cast
Hxecu ive. to exprsss their svmaathv fori
. .. wsiunono; rroMaenco, Has cast
over this nei- lurri'urv.
lne miicting was orgmiztf l, by the ap-
point infill ol Col. J . A. ami' v, I rosi-
lin'., and L. 13. Kinsev,
ei'olai v.-
Oil my ion, A. W. H d
i:i,.r If P..,,.
net', M. II. Clark. G -o
. I I.i. list (
un, I, V V.. m1 . 1 ' .
lee, to draft rosoiu io is evin-cstive of ll.c
feetmgs of the mijcing.
The committee, afier an
ice oi a
few mom-juts, returned with their renirt.
1 iic nuirm in, .v. i. nj.;;, J.u..
M . : r t t 1 1 ..
presented the rosjlu.ioiis, and made ilu
following appropriate rem irks:
We have lo perform a m.laficholy du'v,
which the loss of our beloved Governor,
Fka.scis Boht. imposes upon us. His
character needs no eulogy hi private
virtues, his noble bearing, his frank ex
pression, his kind heart, his tru-j divotion
to those free Republican principles en
dorsed by the head of our great nation, and
which are so vital lo us, us western men,
stand up an enduring monument, ever to
be respected by us, who during his short
sojourn here mingled with him. Hut a few
short days since, yon akstmbled upon ibis
ground, with far diiurent feelings. You
then came to pay your Jirst greeting lo
extend that wtrm pressure of the lian.l,
promp'ed by a still warmer heart, to him,
for wiiom, we, c izci.s of this new terri
tory mourn. Hal we mourn not a alone.
A nation mourns. Dots the cfll c'.iou end
here!-' No, my frieo-'j. L jl us, in im igi
natlo.i, WanJer to Ida late far oiriiomj in
die Sunny Sou h, where perchance-, at this
moment, his Lving companion, w ho for
years Las shared Lis joys an I sorrows,
and Lis u:i''oiia ;iojs orp'iuu n.u y be por
traying, iu bright expe.-'atioi ;, the happi
ness they w.ll r;'u!iz-' in their re-uiyuu
wi h 1m huvjaii I, fii'ir and protector;
and then, in v I ri-.-.-idi, in our feelings
picture the elicit ibis will produu
e So i
a, .in in t.i.ii.f 1 ,--.'. ......... 1.. I
. ,. . ... . 1
that now Lapnv familv, the !lM clion
that so suddenly mu! so unexpee'ed'y , hs
befallen them. Ve Lave lo.t our 11 I't-r,
'.Ley Lave lost forever, a kinl nil afTi.c
lionate Father, and she, the pir'.htT e-I her
At the nccp ion, it befell me to return
to you, our lamented Governor" thanks,
for the expression of oonfi lence Mil res
pect in assembling; he Loping, tha a
few d.ys vv J el.. j,r eve Lis he d h would
pcri.i!1 hi.'t to r.uc! you i.i jiei'sou. H i'
(j' id, wise JVovi. fence, Las tukeii
r-jia us, uu I
0 l! 1 re
!ip -re.
-ii Ly
nn, i'
su .nn' t
. or
lift booU S!,U fli.Hi for tats hap
if - Me jsCJ.i3 4. CO
'I s . c )
M'l lv:i '
t.- .. 1
-i-v. l.y "I;-, ai.l M.-i. H i.,,il,.n. j
M .i'i. ."M 1 (on t i i ' i f i'i'i i' lifi
a ', in 1 t ::.:T il' 1):-, I'r.Tti) l,i :
n-r 1 '.!VM-i-.n, fr lis r-.-.'r" ;
1 1 ! i ; -s mi 1 i;i 1 j t!io l i' uf :
' 0 l! i
' ri"'
I ..'A
ft').! 1 1 . 1 i 1 1
'I'll ! I it
rv 'i ri i '.-i
1 1 'v ; :i i i
i Hi..
-V Ilvor,
i i -
.1 .). A;i
I i r .v.'. r I f"
I -'; .'..v i
i . : I ' it'' 1 1 1 . i I
v ' i!i;m !ii-.'
1 1'" .
, f.'
. ,i''
l-IWi 1 iv a il
H'-1v..I. 'I'll'lt -. r,l TOKi.l .;N (.!' )n-ly.
l.f, il fe-. fi.'i ia 1!r. 1 .n!,, ,f ,U K-:-I
ncv. 1'r im is It'-pr. lite iw-ni'T o li.i.
Tiriitory, we h.i;!'- . n .m i n-'j ir.ih .'.
t...,.l,....l Tl... I S.. (I. I I...'.. ... I ..n : ..
I j,,, , ,i . ,1,,1, ,,r ,,'r .,,, ,'i,v (; !,Vl V,
I'h.imi- l!i 111, that w! tea.l'T t- V.i- i."s,.
d"iit of t!i - I'iiiI-iI S:at-i a : I M 'inli'Ts i.:'C,i'i
tn m, our i iii;i.i'!iv, f r tli' !). .f o., - t!e-
hail n'-lccli- I f Miiiciitl 1 i.i'ii.'i.-,! for tr
ppcisi!).' u.sit;i:i.
I!i " 'lvc.l. vi f.' 1 11ml. r lat'inir nili'i
tio:is. to Mr an I Mrn. Jl imilt.n. ef t ti
ami ():a:'.ha f.tiion. for tln ir liinihir ti li:s
I" r l'.', (I'lrini; his i!:n , a'i'1 fnrl!:ir
li'ir:il'iii' ril tn his f i'Trl". ASo, tu )r., for liis H'iw."arif. ;cm1ioii, wliirti
iin'riin tlio apnrolial in'i of th! fricuiln oi our
la laui"'it'''i i(: r: no:'.
Hcnilve I. Tli it w ten.) t to Col. V. A.
Sarpv. ia b 'half of the ft of t lie iter'.l, our
Hi ink, fur tl kin. I ntt"i. !.! ai'l nrmv favors
I show II his ll(rt.!.,c , din 1 im ilia-
!vei!, Tli.'t Tin- nr. 'ours cf !hi Ini-ot-
riT e pan! is;i - I m I n ' 'a... a I'.iH.i l"iii.
'Ouialia At row' auJ I'foo M' r.-T v.'
I'. S.MV.'V, J r. ,
I.. B. Kiss! v, S i 'i v
j Trr...f.
At 11 raliod me-
"!.'! ' of the ci'ilU'T.S C
( ,,,.,1, ("ji v
vi.-ini.y. eomencl for!
I .0 tiliri.C" (I 1. .Ml. 'i
,e purp,
I rope" ee,
I'A sr
to the
(I'Ml'l I 11.
is 1. ti e.
T, L'C G..M
r..s- 1
ka on tin
mil 1.;.
was called !n th'! (
oppoiii'fd S.i.Tiii.i
' K'H-J V.i. That
ir, m,1 M. Murphy,
On mo' ion. il was.
ci.'u'iiit'ee of fu e ! 1
app mi
in re'ire, a'i
,. of the
.,-.! 1 ri's.'.iMoiis
of li," Ci'.ili 'I.S
tit W ''I' .1 1
; 1 i
:s t oi,- e. :.c :
; 01 to i'i;. re.
W. H,-Nn, C. H. Smi.h.
W. C...1..;.. i.i.l C. 11.
LV. D. J.,:;e.
j ' Jowns, were i.j
I'.iiutcd s .i I ciaiiiiii tee;
j and ;. tier a few miou cs absence, rcporN .1
t'-"' f -11 jv. inr .ro.iib!o and n olmioiis,
j which were u:iai.i:iiou'y dep'el.
n'Krr.-is. Divine l'rov ideia e,
liso liispensii'ioii. l'.aii Seen
1:1 is
ft. 1 v
lo. th, to remove our well die love 1 G;n 1 in- 1
i ()m.,h., Civ and v iLii.i v bei e i o.'ii. !
01 , l n i r. , 1 - 1 . 1 n 1 , , nil' lll,n-is III
... 1' ... .: : 1 :
I have hcre'iy ' i
1 i.r.vni ., 1 :tw ir.g i-i 1:1s :e on, par-
' '' h an i-xi ciii nt i.di -. r. an Mi,i.dd
: l v.-lu. de c iriyen, xve sym -
p.i.l i.e v. 1I1 toe riiii i:, o il.e iern:o -
.. 1. 1 . 1 . . ,
litsoirni, Tliat h..vir. hi his de.lli. io.r-
. 1 1 . .. .' , ,
1, J;i jM ..I, ,,.!.. ls M(S...,i,
j ? 1 . . ,'.ife-z, in.. 1:1 1.1...H 1,1 :ir r-'Mta
for Ho; !eceasel, weatteu l the fun-rl
eercin jnies 1.1 o clock, lo-morioiv, at
I I'.ti dvJ. That our wal'nii st s nu: 'hies !
! ... I I t... I I,., .1 .1 .. I. .. . I 1
,1. ,1 ,,. . , , , . .-, .
I . . " -.-.i-. e ai ...i-y 1
- en'.'-'l 1 1 j ci ; o
1 i:,,;vi. Tii. t tl a-e ,-,,,!,,:; ;! , pt
I h-ndei.d ilu- iJnidi.-i Arrow,' and 'JI
j view l'..l;adit.m,' for l.nbii.'-.i ion.
i - . . . 1 ' J-l'-J- , t h in.
M. Mikfiir, Sec'iv.
At a moiling cf the citizens of Coun
cil Hlu.'Is, Iowa, and vieini'v, LolJ at the
Li inl Office in this city, to express senti
ments of conloleiioe in relation lo the
dealh of Governor Hurl; S. S. ILyless,
Esq., was called to the chair, and J. A.
Jackson oppoin'ed secretary.
The object of the meeting having been
slated, on motion of C'haS. B. Smith, a
tommi'tee of three were appointed to
draft resolutions expressive of the sense
of the meeiing. The chair appointed
Clias. li. Smith, Geo. Richardson and Dr.
Lowe as said committee,
The committee, after having retired,
'S 1
reported the following les ilu'ions which
were unaiiiinosuly adopted :
H'.iiLn, If .1. ...... i .ii. ,-. 1...
......w, .is ..1,M Kl..i:...(
tio l in tl.e beriiiieeiil et sinldt-ii anj ur!i
live dispensation of i.i providence to ie-
move. Iiv death, J, J.tceiieri'-v. ramus
Hurt, Governor of Nf'nraska. Therefore:
JlcsolctJ, That we di-ep'v mi.u .iL'zc
wiih our sister Territory of Nebraak 1, in
the sudden and unexpected lo of their
Governor, and also one who Lad alieaiiy
won U far fami-d ilistii.c'ioti r.s a t li! in;
t o.Tieir. a good ii izcu anl ui Looesi ir.un.
Jtfsuivul, 1 hiit not 'inlv the Territory
of Nebraska, but iJso the (iovi rruiienl
m hole Lav
1 '
le I;s5 1:1 1!
of tl
ov eriior
'i l.
ai'it-, ii. i 10 m.hcii (,. loir resiicci
v.. . l.-. l ti... :.. . 1 e . .....
1 tr 1 1 . ii,",ir,rv 1,1 ...... i.i
... " ... ."V1..1. -i. ....
proceed, in a 1 oly, to attend his funeral!
lo be held at Hilievievv, lo-iiurrow at 21
o'clock I'. M.
l'eiulrv.d. That a co'-v of thesfc res ,1 11
.1 I
lions Le leteli red f..r publb al i ,u to the! E- r T11 is . We hav e been prese-i'cj
O nal.a Arrow, Nebraska Hail.ahum, and ! w i h h r.n : fine of the licet
other papers of the Territory, and also iniUs, Ly Sam;.' -1 Ali .e, Ks-j., antxet'.ieiii
the Council H'.iiil Hul'Io, an 1 that a copy j i- . ."rc . .
,, , , . . ., ! J lai mi-r of h.. ..I ary, Iowa. I wo of Ihern
ot ti.e fal ov o reso.u'ioiis Lo i.ine J l,y ilu- 1 , ,
.i!'.....r mil .r.h. i.. i' .. f...iiv .. t h b Jong to the cLss donoi.j: uate 1 M .ng :
ii:e( iiLed.
f'AM. . 11AYLKS3, Ch'a.
J. A. Jaikmi-i, Sec'y.
Oc'ob.r IS, 1S.;J.
r The Yellow i ever is liba'jlig in 1
th- Sou h
highest ,..
Bar;- k. EpC.,..
:n, i v. T. i:. (V.HM
.'evenou', in I 11 Mark
i! .f tin' '1 tTi i'd! v, i i r-vi ;
rM-i..i ( ii' lofl I'. , vs..
A ,
V" or I 'V ("l 1mI to tin! Vuri.i'.n lcs 1.5
S orh of tic .'!iial.i nvtT, from i's
iii . i.i : Ii l.i I'uvt,
j Vi, ,..!! i!. a".'
i t:i.! ;i ci i i.oi
1 t' T!llr r til'! T
I .!. .';i .T !!. !..!
I iv . I!i u r, '.! ;!
i cr !c
i..U' .1 1 y ll i: A "
'en i 1 1 1 r v . rt l.oivo t:i tl o
.'I'll (lofji'v l.illl'Vlll (1
.' T. nil i'i; ! f-oiisii-i.
' ! Til : A I ', !i- im 1.. Wo had the plensuT
. a c. i. I.e. 1 111.! 11. mi. A Unit JZAf.ii.
i M ,,.c!..l ..I'll,,. r..rril,.rv ,.!.. r, I , V Tl.
i .M ii sli.d h is a Jrauk. open, inlt l!ient
I coiiiitcn.'.ii':f', s'lcli lis you r' rely sec ex
;(;c;)! i'Mi.m dei:i icrats of tin; in ( libera!
Maj. llcpucr and suite, accompan
ied by t'10 O.oe Cliicls, ro'.uruod from
ihi ir cxpe'li io'i to the lii 141 n e river on
.Monday, the 113 1 inst. They represent
(ho country ns beautiful i.rtd fertile, well
watered and every way adapied to the
agriotthitmt. Hut in conseipionci! of the
scan.y of timber, ibe O.oes were unwil
ling to in cept of the place designated by
(ho Iroiity. Tin y require an e.xteusiJii pf
the em bound irios four or five frith s,
so i.s to include the limber they Mlppused
w as i' led in '.lie treaty.
::iw town's i:j Nebraska.
AVo learn, a i-i ii.'pi.ny of our tnterpri.i
iug l'i-Mioors, tie already engaged in lay
ie t!io lo'i-.i !..';.)!! of '.bo future City . .
Oior, lbrcc
behr' the m u.h ol
i l iat'e livi r.
ii. 1; a c.oiini. n tin ' point, wi.l
ilis -
s'( Mnti.v.i
surronii lr
1,. 1
t of eoiin! ! v, i.oouii'lir.g in f.ood ti:o.-
1 v,.!er, w: h so.i.i iient a-
ivrr. A oi uii ry, wliosc troauty 01
, .cenery mi ! fertility iii' s-:i : , i.5 equaled by
few, m l surpassed by 1.:) Territory ol
j the : ;,r:e extent, in cir wi le d- m 1111.
It li- s ten n.i'es si.ulh. ' f il.i l.ii e.oi-
'''p- !
1 ' "is j
: po i'c I' hleh, in. Io'.va. T
I h:i in success! ill i.'i'T'i'i . a , ! !'
across tin.' Ai iss
mi nvi r. 'l.i.i.. 'wr.n.w ,
' 1
; wi .lung to
e.v.iiiii.o tho count iv on the :
j Ntbraska si le, 0:111 i:oeoir;:no.!..ted.
I Success to .ur nei -hbcrs.
The I 'rem Mil Coun'y Journal, in speak-
llir )! -iariiska Li v. :,n ru iaient 1 er
o . ' ------
ritorv, vorv uroia.-i'lv hlonoses to name I
-he Lonti v c tr.brfiuthat, -C-.n re.' j
i j ir I i icikI o, iiu- J oil
li;,.0 ., '.,,..5, of
1 ,
I Ti.e tcrrl'.iri- i,n-b
! O ir Iriend of (he Jo.irn.!. fails lo d.-sl !
1 " 1
of the ! lo - ..,s.;dcou:i -
li.e icm on sou. 1 o. ...orr.ska river.
t al.u iiol .11 ol Ino luilio'ii pjlai.-jl cl Iiol t.i
! iadtu ('he sou 1 cm boun.l.irv cf 1
. J cr, i'i v, 1 on 2 1 1 .hi liiia, will be f
jiiua 1
a! To miles, this will give three outiu
. !n.i, 'ir.g upon ihe M..souii liver,
ii-i- ( i'i.cMs Soiidi of Nebraska liver,
1. ,so a ( o-iiiv imuicdi.r. I y soioh oi
th .1 1 i r, to i e c died Hurt, w i h the fol-
j lov. im: boun.'ai ics, that i.,: Ccmuic.'icii.g
id the confluence of the Nebraska and
Missouri rivers thence down the main
eh.iiiin 1 of ihe Missouri river, to a point
where an extension of the line west, be
tween townships C6 andtiL), intersects the
ciiimcl of said river, thence due v,e,t
ilieiice north, to the centre of Nebraska
river, thence down the main channel, to
the place of beginning. Tiiis Would give
Hurt county, 17 mile front on the Mis
souri river; leav ing 52 or 53 miles below,
lo be divided between Centre anl Ihe
county beiow, which cou'd be culled
J'oiiT Dure J)trAT!tXT,
Co.SIKAtT On lit.,
b-.-j.t. Will,, loot.
Sin: Your letter of llie lHdi iust., is
received, tratismi'ing a communication
from the Host-Master at Cerro Gordo,
(Si. Marys,) concerning the supply ol
that Odico wi'h the luuli.uui aki;
jiroinpt i c'.ioti in the case.
It appears that this oili :a was ccci len
ti'Iy oiiii teJ, iu the list of U
sUjip'ieJ ly roj'c t lilJl, Si. Joseph, Mo.,
',0 Council Uluii's, loo. a, in the Lite adver
lisi r.icnt for j.rojiosals; but tho Hus mas
ler (joneral hi-s this day ordered i.s sun
ply by s;, id route, regularly, both going
nd returning, u.i which vviil tloubdos.
be mu luied lo, Ly ihe Con'ructor. as soon
as the order rcai.ii s Lim.
cry 11 spcc'.ftiily.
Your Obedient Se'vt,
If id As nt 1: M. (J.
To IIo.s. A. C. Donct, Hurliogton, Dos
Moiti' S County,
Wur'iZel, ,..ell tog Wt-igheJ fjrly
j-oaaJt. Tho other Mas die common Liood
Loot, Weighing Lve jiomcU.
User to biAi.'..' Macaxini., This is a
la.'g . doal.'ls celaai 1 i.'idi.tlity M j- izinu, fi.hJ
w i.h e.ictil jut rea.l.i.T Ltlr. J. hi. tass.
'') i. Co,, rVo!hh?;, Ng. 1,3, 5 Hid 7, Sprues
.''.-cit. Y'-l. I'.-itf 'f f.r rnu'ic.
ELicnof i;tv3.
TI'.c 'A i lgs b,i 0 elci to. I I'.iiioik (OV-
cr'.or of rcim?y!vaiii'a, dy n smal! inajor
i'.v. The I'i y d riiihidr'phi.i f ive the
Wi.ii; tiiket H.lJ!) majori'y. I'lurcuce,
democrat, is eleeleil to Congress from the
1! distrio'; Tyson, Millard an 1 1'rown
AN i 1 ir1 and Ktiow-No'.l.irgs, from the 'J 1
'! 1, Mid 4 h district. A I. rge majority
of the Congressional delegation i:l 1
Jn Oliio, S w.'H Mid Hi iiikeihoff, Anti
Nil r.'sk.i candidates on Slate ticket, arc
eiec'od by -ID 000 majority. Sam. (iJlo
way Lea's 1 r. Oids, for Coi'gicss, lXJl)
to U )A). L. 1). Campbell is th e'e 1 by
I l!.5l;0 Tii iiorty. There it not a Nebraska
Congressman elected so for ns hoard fro n.
The Know-Nothing and Anti-Nebraska
ticket was elected in Cinrint.ati by G (!0t
meji.iity. T. Day and Harrison theteii
to Congress in Hamilton county.
The Anti-Nebraska on 1 Kiiow-Notliinp
ticket is eleetod in Indiana. Harbour,
Mace, Scott, Peltit, Crumbach. and Hal
loway, are elected on the Anti-Nebri'k
ticket to Congress.
Denver and Herbert, democrats, re
elected to Congress from California; the
democrats have l"rgc majority in the
In S.ui Francisco, the Know-Nolhings
have carried everything before them.
Their city ticket was made up on I lie
morning of the election.
Sickiug of tli Collini Atlaoiie Stemr 'Arctic',
400 Lives Lest.
NtW VoHK, Oct. 1 1,
The collision occurred on the 27di, ul
noon, in a dense fog. The propeller was
bark rigged, iron hottomoJ, an! ha 1 col
ore! boats. Il was thought to bo the
Chari'y of M in'. real, for Hixerpool. The
Arctic was going HI knots. Cowards ol
ojU W(.rc sec 0I1 tl,c t,r,ipoIler. Th
.ro'io c immeneed to render ussislaiieo,
but soon discovered ln-r own leak, w hie'i
g..iued fast ex(iiigiiihiug the fires. The
boati were l.iunehc 1 and fi.'e.l witlilhe
crow, bulfcv,' p.;sseng -rs. A raft W..S
c,,:i'ructe,l. A tu.blcii pmic soiz.-1 f.l!
Oil II
A'', llil.nb.TS ol 1,11 llu
I ... .' .. . .. f . . , .
'i 1 in 1.1. ee iruii 1 esa; ier 1 no Arc. 10 su nk
( )., ;( 0f ihoso on bo..rd are knowii to
be saved. S'le cam-! in coilistr.i with a
Propeller, on tho 7,h, iu a d uwo fog,
about 40 miles off Cape H.ieo. Tiio speed
of the Arctic at the time, was about HI
i knots an hour, and the IVopeiler had all
s"l!s Mf!' h 11 s'rtw' f"ir Wl"
"'T?"-';'1 af ' t tho had sus-
,:"lu;'1 ll'!,: "; inpiry. Asdstan,;e was
' l" l'ropotier,
: 1:. . 1. . , . .
I '.vl.idi w; si right! it!!v dam -o-e ; but ii
soon discovered thai the Arctic was also
iiiLing last, anl il g inicd so rapidly, that
ihe fir. s were s m extinguished; every
e.Toi t was thou in 1 le to sue lhoc ou the
Arctic, but as 4 or I) bouts had left U
render assistance lo iiu: I'ropellc.r Mid
there was only one h it, w.hijh Was so iu
hllcd, a raft was hastily constructed a
panic I. :k p ,i,.-,si.);1 of Ihos-! on Lo.vd
ihe Arctic, mi 1 crowded for the;
largo numbers reached it, others drowned
in '.ho tittcmp!. All this thru, the vessel
was fast filling, and id a sudden, she with
all remaining 011 board, was eng ilphe.l
in the so.i. All on the raft except one
who clung to it for 2 1 hours, w ere drown
ed. Among those lost, were the wife and
family or Mr. E. K. Collins, proprietor
of the line of steamers to which the Arc
tic belonged.
E. K. Collins, from the Sautfor Cleve
land, left Detroit on the B.h intt. About
midnight the boat was discovered to be 011
fire a little below ami near the light house
at ihc mouth of Madden, ami near the
light at the mouth of the river. Before
the boat could be got ashore, she was com
pletely enveloped in flainej, and 23 per
sons perished either in the flames or wa
ter. The Collins took fire cmi her boiler
deck, Mid so rapid was the tpeed of the
i'... fries, thai the ngors and crew, who
had inos ly retired, wore unable to sav e
anything, except a few articles of t-Io h
ing. She was iuimedi.itt ly headed for the
water before the fl..ui.-s had comjilete pos
session. After part of the boat swung
around iu'o the liver, and nearly ail 1:1
boM'd were driveu to that part of this bst'
and were obliged to jump into the river.
The Collins euuu ut October.
She cost jtlbfjOCO; insured for ?J 13 000.
Slie was ovvnel by C-jo. V'ard.
Waa Ntws. Tiiu exjiedi ion sg.dnst
Sebasiopol, about the L'U.h af September,
was to consist of 4').0W Trench, 20 W'J
B.'itisli, (iii.l 20CUIJ Turkish soldier.
Ne .rly 500 shij.s of all Sai ls wore asem
L.t I at arv a, and those still ri rnainirig iu
the Hosphoioui vvere to repair immediately
la the same point.
I'siTin Sri.s' Jocskal. lli'.s is a
Ui'Jiitiiiy nhi.-t, ol' lli large, t diLniimioini, siij
fi.!-d vvitli t. i-LoiC'-t reniiag. J. M. Mmz
o ii Co., Pabl.slieis, .o. 1. 3, 9 and 7,
Sprues straet, Ner Yo.k. I'lks 25 t:iitr tr
cfias Vfii n;ciVr ii w.:h 'hit
Ilvicinivi: D pari m i,.s t, 1
N TlMR110lY,
(Ji 10BIH iN'h, lS,j.
It has seemed good loan allwise Proi.
driice, to remove from this Territory, by
the hand of death, its Chief Magistrate,
Gocrnnr l-'mxris Hoar. Ho d!p.irtej
this life thii men. in r, at tbi Minsion
House at Ik llcviow, after an iilni ss pro
tracted since Lis arrival, during which i .
receive 1 ilu! most faithful medical til
and i.sM'hnun attention. His remains will
be conveyed, on 1'iiib.y next, to his home
in Hi ndlelon. South Carolina, attended by
n siiitabbfVscurt.
In (his i.ll!icli c dispensation, es a mark
of respect und idled ion for (ho lamented
and distinguished 1'xecutive, and a sign of
tin: public; sorrow, the national colors
wi hiii the Territory will ha draped in
mourning, end Territorial! officers will
wear crae upon the left arm, for thirty
dyt from this date.
Given, under rny't lwnd, at Ilelleview,
Nebraska Territory, this day of Oc
tober, A. D., 1S54.
Acting Governor cf Nebraska.
Es 1(11 IV E I)r.PAR'I.MlST, "i
Saii biiav, Oct. k'lsT. 154. )
An enumeration of the inhabitants of Territory will commence 0:1 Tuesday
n!, October 21 h, IS 5 4, under officers
instructed to complete tho same, as early
as possible, wiihin four Weeks. Irrimcdi-
itely alter said census, notice will b
disi rib'itt d for the elect ion of a Delegalu
10 Congress, and of a Territorial Lrgi!a
lurc (o convene this winter.
S;i l Enumeration, in the Dis'l iots bor
derii.g on ihc Missouri river, w ill imm
inence 0110 week alicr the above dale, viz:
011 Tuos'Ly, Oe'ober fil st, an 1 simullan
eously on Unit day in each of said dis'ricls.
Tiio purpose of this notice is to enablo
persons who Lave removed temporarily
from the Territory, to return iu time for
said census; bill, iu no tese will mines be
enrolled except of actual and porir.anent
residents cf the Territory.
Given under my hand at Omaha
Ci'y, Nebraska Territory, on this 21 t
day of October, A. D. 1854.
T. 11. CUMING,
Actine Governor of Nebraska.
We extract the following fn.m a letter
of the Washington correspondent of iha
Republican : The Seeretaty of War Las
ma lu stn.Ii ilis, (isi ioiis as '.!.: in .deq ni'e
s'reng b of I'.ie army vviil ).'ii ih, lor pro
lee ing ihe frontier from the Los'iii y of
ihe Indians. Congress, wanted by the
repe'ed m is i.'.cres of tho past season.
vviil al i.s next session prob..bly authorize
the raising of three new regiments recoin
nicii led last v ear. Ill only reasonable,
also to anticipate an I provide ag the
Mormon disturbances. Those turbulent
saints wilt be thrown into i.u uproar on
learning, as they vviil by the next mail
from the Slates, thai their idol, Brigluin,
has not been re-appointed Governor of
Iii Territory. His term expires on tho
30. h of September, and the Hicsident de
clines to renew his commission. He Is
high-priest, patriarch, and king over the
community which occupies Utah; and
they will be no less excited than he upon
learning the little estimation in which ha
ii field at the neat of Government. Il ia
perfectly well understood here that n
one but a Mormon could live among them
us Governor, unless supported by a num
ber of government troops auflijienl to
overawe (he w hole tribe. The Secretary
of ihe Territory vviil be acting Governor
until ihe appointfr ;nl of a successor to
fjr Emigrants by scores, say the
Wapello (Iowa) Intelligencer, with all
the necessary iiriplimonls for opening
new farms, are pouring through this place,
bound for the rich and beautiful country
cf Wes'i rn Iowa.
They appear to be in grol circumstan
ces; to judge from their outfit.
j'W'e had the pleasure of forming
the acquaintance of Col. Gihnore. during
our trip to Nebraska last week. The
Col. U from Chic.-gj, and purposes set
tling at Ho levievv, N. T. We consider
him qui'e an acquisition to the Territory,
and we'll be much mistaken if he doe
not nuke Li mark there. - Fremont
Coun'y Journal.
SrrisLi Isxaci. Sy.xa. By a private
dispatch received last night, we learn that
this fine s earner which was heavily ladan
for the Missouri liver, sunk in sight of
St. Louis. It is thuught a large portion
uf her cargo was for some of our mer
chants here, und if true, will be a serious
loss, and inoouveiiience, particularly at
lhi su.isuii. We did nut hear of any
lives being L'. HIatte Argus.
Nicholas, or Russia, is CallsJ by
!b Ciictisiafia the Vul'.are ci ti.e S:ww,
t rf 'J
.... . '.. t ' . .! .".'