Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, October 18, 1854, Image 3

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    o.sjissrsft,1!, tam Wi lull's
p.iy y')vtv scr.irnov.; i
t'-nbsfMiluTS will hri-r in inind. t'ii.-tt we
MC living t h preiit lUs-luliee i'l'oin Hie j.u
jor mitkct, and that our winter supplies
ticed to ho laid in lie Cure the ciosr of
' .invention, and MONLY is needed for
this j)iirj)tsii.
Wis tin JornsAt "n CivtLiA.
Devoted to Agriculture,, Manufacture,
Mechanic: Arts, Internal Improvements,
Commerce, and IV.iKJ Lileritlure. Its
Motto is: "Agriculture and the Mechanic
Arts, nro tin: Insis of civilization."
'J his juiirnal is conducted wi;li ability
and candor, mid is it ervdil to western lit-
..rulnrn. We look It !! this KJUril il, :s
, eminently worthy of the support of west
; ern men. It is published monthly, l.y
' Messrs. Tuner Si Cobb. No. 73, Chest-
I nut street, St. Louis, at !f l per nnnum.
Kadi iiumlirr contains 12 puges, and is
ury neatly priulrd.
The Wi:sii:ns CnitT or Ru.ioio
xxt LtTt tt irin . The August No. of
. this Interest in$r religion and literary pc-
! nodical, is received. This is an inter-
fslinc work, and we hope it receives the
patroitnpc which it mei i's.
Western people should patronize west
' cm literature; ever., if it is not as good us
that published under more LooraWe cir
cumstance. We go in for patronizing
home productions. Publibhcd by Uev. S.
Ilodgroan, Fine slrcet, S:. Louis, Mo.,
Tub Niw Wishi.. We have re.
! .ceived the first No. orthe '.ton; Western,'
nit independent, inonu and literary Maga
j zinc, designed Tor universal circulation
1 Howard Durham. Editor.
The "JV"u nsem" is ft douVc col
umn -(jcorto of 32 p?,f. I'uV.ishc.d r.t
Cincitttia'i, ft' 11 per annum, and is s
good work for the western country.
low FME.-Te October No. of
ih "Iowa Farmer" is received, and is as
usual, interesting and valuable to the far
mer. Published nvm'hi'y, at Uur'.inton ;
Iowa, hy Grimes fi. Tidlant, at $1 per aa-
lium.- ,
. .. i
'n:!iriMONV or a physician.
F.xtrart of a Irlter d.ited l'iitlmr;ri. Jniua.
ry ''I will ny tlmt V'ir M'lMan!?
nnin.ent i lh l.' tt I ever used, .
Iiavc nnril it tl. loy own t'ne, along tlie l(iH Cr
part of tl Mpine, for fjiinal iniution, with ;-ce,. I irs.-d it few niirhts UfiO
when I was perfectly crooked, and my hack in
t(.m;.'.eie tort re, from what the books would
m!! Opinthototiie condition ut the iu.cIih,
wlih;h oii know U about a bad as "lick-jiuv.'
It immediate relief, and in th iiioriiitij? 1
fjiihl bend like a pulla pereha, and with
tit lilite jiain. 'Jlit h.c.lital piofeiuM, you
kuot.1iav a great veisin ti tfcee kiml of
reinidie, but from a knowledge of the irijrred
irn' of the Mustang I.ii.itnenf, I would have
no hesitation in rccopimcndiii!; it, wherever a
remedy to relieve pain is indicated. I hae rt
eoi.imended it in a nuiuher of cafH in my own
practice, and a fur as I can learn it ha acted
Mithe.pul eelerity ai.J eertaii.ty a in my own
e-!. Ili)j;rff tiiat it may be used for and
drive away pain, wherever it exii-ts, and that i
way remunerate you well for your exertions
or briug'ng ao valuahU a remedy bafore the
puhlte. Truly your,
;i;o. n. ui.YsF.n,M. v.
See advertisement in auother eolninn.
Dr. Carter's Ceng- Balsam-
&3" Is tl' '"ost pleasant aadefhraciouf reme
dy for Coughs, Colts. Asthma, Consumption
and all diseases of the Lungs, ever o.T.u ei to the
..ublic. Oir ever vary in? eliviite, and (lie cold
bleak winds of the north fcnd west prodone
coughs and colds dangers colds, which d
inun.1 of the wise V rrudetit,the earliest altentioii
J'or this purposenoremeHy lias ever been disco
vered which has tllei-tod so many cures, and
which seems to pive auch universal satisfaction
to all, as Dr.CaaTta's Cot oh Balsam. Head
er. have vouacouL'h? Do t t neglect it. De-
lav isdaiiierous. Use this Ualsain, at once, and
it will ii'ectua!ly cure vou.
"CV Price 25 r:i's her h'M" , lar'e bottle
or kix hollies foi'i;.
For ta'.e ut Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine
St or foutl.east corner of Third and Chestnut
.Is.. ft. Louis, M ).
A!o, sold by P. A. Sarpy, f-'t. Mary, Iowa
sod by dtaicu in medicines jjenriatly, in tt'
Dr. Easterly's Iodio. and Barsayarilla.
ft is the only preparation that Is worthy
cf the least confidence of the public, for the
care of those diseases arising fiem an impure
state of the blood, vit: Srrof;ila, or Jving'r
Evil.'White Swellings, Enlarged tilaads, IVver
Rores, Pimples on the face, old Sores and fl
eers, Blotches, Biles, Nrrvcus Affections, Can
cr, ' F.rysipelas, Illieuuiatism, fypilitic pis
esues, Pains in the Bones and Joints, Ring
Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, diseases of the
Kidneys, Mercurial Diseaies, he, Dr. Eas
terlyV Iooinc and , SAesAPAHiLLA, ia com
ixomded of those articlrs which niuiultaue-
ou;ly act on the d'tfereiit organs of the body,
Slid trs the mot rflicieiil tensing and beat
Lt i'ioerties. HuiidieJs of the mojt inUdli-
eu.i.iiii rcspectuhU families in 8t. Louis, have
it, and speak cf it in the l.ighest terms of
,rtjpai his luitici.u is s'. titni strausr,
fiwapet ui better than any other prepa.iitioii
Ts?P.N ' l Bottle, " i Bottles fur
' .
. ayorS a' Hr. EASTERLY'S Family
.Ueuici. e h'o.e, eotuer of Third and Chestnut
;re1r, fc'. Lexis.
Also sold by P. A. SAUPY, bl. Mary, Iowa,
gut by dealsis ia wedieiue C""'lly, in the
. K?4 Dr.' EHeys aivc.tiss m-.-nts .Sr.
nr rr,.-tlv' Fever an I Aqrus Killer I
(y Is van anted lo.ure ail r.a.cs of Agua
and Fever, (hills a:1 lvrr, Dumb A.'.ao, n
ioriiiiltcal ' d Fever, and every f rm
f Fever in. i.l.-nt to the west. If there are mf-
. ... . , t.-u II IMllI if it f ill
( cure, the ino,ir-y 'I'"11 ba 'f united to the pur
clianer. More than
hve been iold, an ' " nan i. iaue.i
lo efV.-rt a permam-nl erne as far an liearil rrnm
rih-e l I'-" hotilr, or six l.ltles,
f,-V f'"1" ' rr ,rt!,l,:l',y,,, Family M.l
i'ine Store, nonth'-ast comer of Third aad
O ,etnilt streets, Si. Louis.
Alio sold by P. A- Karpy, St. Miry, Towa,
a ,d t.y dealers i m"--aiciiie gei.crally, in the
f y Head Dr. F.asteily'a aJrtiscment in
notlier column of our j)aj.rr and give him a
Dr. Easterly American Oil Linunent
his valual)l Liniment, rombins the most
rflieacioHS articles known for all ?he various
forms of disenerc.iuirinc; an external applies
tinn. One or its principal acme ingiei."
i. the Ammucau Oil (or !etrl") is i
universally known to possess rnre ItKAiisr!
tij CnnATivj I'Kni-r KTirr. Tl-i Oit., when
combined w i1h other valuable remedial ap-i.ts i
of known and established eflicacy, forms a safe
and Hire remedy for Rheumatism, liruises,
. ... , . . u .... i .1 ril.t
. . . . , ! 4-..,4
Uprins, t- Uls, Woiliuis, Jiiirus, .-.n.i.
Sores and Ulcers, Scald Head, Teller, Mintf
Worm, Krysipelas, Piles, Causers, Still Joints,
Caked Dre-asls, Paralysis, Contracted Tendons
or Cords, he, and also for Strains, Spavin,
Scratches, Chafes, Saddle and Collar (Jul!!.
Sores, YVoutnln, Fistula, Sweeney and PollF.vil
in horses. This Liniment has a direct und pow
erful action upon the secretory and absorbent
vessels, stimulating them to a healthy aelion,
thus enabling them lo throw oft" the morbid or
diseased matter which obstructs the circulatioi c.
thus removing all diseases or injuries of the
Bones, Muscles, Cartillaires, IServes ana Rkin,
One bottle will convince the most skeptical
of its wonderful efficacy in curing Bruises,
Spinins, Rheumatism, l'aine.J, Soienen and
Stiffness of the Joints, &.e.
Tr. Easterly's American Oil Liniment is,
without exception, the most valuable remedy
ever compounded fo" all discuses of Man or
Reat, retpiirliif' an external ap !ication.
price 10 cents per bottle, or live bottles
fur one dollar.
A liberal discount made to wholesale
purchasers w ho buy to sell ar;,iin.
ry For sale at Or. Easterly's Family Med
icine Store, foullieast comer of Third and
Chestnut treets, St. Louis.
Also sold by P. A. Sarpy, S'. Mary, Iowa.
and by dealers in medicine generally, in the
Read Dr. l'.asterly'a advertinftiient in
another colnmu of our paper and give him a
all. ,l"0.
J. w.U hold its re-'ular meetitiRat Belleview,
Nebraska Territory," on Saturday, the 2lh day
of October, at 1 o'clock, P. M . Every member
is expected (o lie present, as business of great
inipoitance will come t.etore the meetine.
All persons who feel .grieved at any action
cf the Club, are invited and expected to attend.
Belleview. oct JJ. ..4
(AT T.IK SKI'S OF TllKia moitas. )
f .f AYE Just Received, in addition to
L 1 t heir former slo.'k , a Ivr'-e and we
elected assort ment of American, French
and English H,-uj;s, Medicim s, Perfumery, iye
Biuiia, rai:i:s, ). aiei ijiasswarr; uiio, a g'mii
assoitment of (iroccries, Wines, Liquors, c.
A' 11.4 head or jsro'i.lwar. oct IN, '31
ALL persons knowing themselves indebted
to Geo. P. Stiles, are requested to make
immediate payment lo the undersigned, or they
will fine their accounts in the hands of the pro
per otticcr tor collection. Ui me one, come all
and save , st. T. J. McMAHON.
oct IS, '54 tf
rrMIE undersigned is now in receipt of and
i receiving the largest and cheaiiiext atock
of Fall and Winter (.'nods ever offered in
Council BlutrCity, or Western Iowa. Thoo
wiidiing to pay cash for Goods will do well to
call ami examine. Our stock consists of every
variety of (roods need.! by the peopl in this
portion of the country, such as cloths, casai
meres, sattinettg, tweeds, jeans, while eearlet,
and barred rlannels, iliin and barred linseyr.,
400 pieces good style madder prints, cashmeres,
merinos, aliupaeas, bleached and brown sheet
ing and shii ling, ticking and drilling, bleached
and brown canton tlannel, drapers and crash
ers, all wool table overs, brown and bleached,
linen, silk and bay lal shawls, and every
tariely of d'esi, g nid.
.Mens' and boys' fail and winter clotlii'ut,
haU and caps, hoots and slo.-s, hardware ami
queeusw are, iron, nails, collee, tug ir, tea mo, rice, (tour, hv i also, a Urre lot of fur
l.iture ard li.piortj. As it is our intention to
e!l tor cash, we (latter ourselves lint WO can
hold O'lt superior iud iccuient ,t. ,'i'isc that
v, ili lo Li'.v i i.ra ii t'n'iis il,Uii siyftt foal are
selling on trust. -
Cuniitry dealers are requested to call and ex
amine our stock.
Council BlurfCity, oct H, 164.
Attorney sod Counsellor at law,
Giikwoud, Mills County, Iowa,
W7ILL attend to all l.uJiness entrusted to his
V care, with fidelity and dispatch. Pur
tie. ilar attention eiven to the Collection of
Debt, he.
Rrrrnrsir r.s.
Hons. A. O. Dodge and James Sheilds
Washim'toii. D. C.
J. and A. lsowerv. P. T. Bctts A Co., New-
York City.
Joseph Shannon, Es-., Palmer, Cook Co.
San Francisco, Cal.
Webb h fo., M.lwaukie, Wisconsin,
Hon. A H.' Mnith, Janesville.
).m. A. T. tiray, Madison.
)(,. I itia Hoyt, Hi.dsou.
1 t.'e h Bacon, M, Louis, Mo.
M-LoHghliu & I'.inow. Ki. Joseph, Mo. .
H. F. N.ickoll', Esq., Linden, J).
Peter A. Sarpy,, Nebraska Territory.
Ex-Governor hU plieu Jlempbtejd, iubuque,
E. Horin, Esq., Council ShilTs, Iowa.
' Nuckolls h t.'o., B'-uiiett A. Harding, Hela
Wtuti, Glen woo. I, low. oclU-tf.
CI L AIM ANTS will please tak notice tha'
ilie p-.oceed.iiss of tlie II. Ileview Settle, s
Club, u ik) it tne duty of all I 'lai'uants to re
co I S'llseriptiori ,,f their Claim as near as
r t 1ST I ell " 1 ' 1 ' ' 1. S2
Aievvnii!!-eol lt. . .eti'ii e mm'i icum i:.....-iiien-n t'i, middle of -ptemW in each
year. It is a j.ntrnal of cr,,-,tilic. nieehsni-'ial,
and olli'T iiiiprovements the advocate of initns
try in nil ils various branches. It is published
wee kly in n form suitable for bindin?. and con
stitutes, at lh end of each year, n splendid vol
ume of over four hundred panes, wiih an index,
and from 500 I o noil original enr'avinrs, tseth
er wilh a&rreat amount of practical information
concern in); I he progress of invention and uiccov-
rtr Ihrno.'lioilt flip Worhl.
The Scion! itic American is tlie mosx wiiicit
circulated and popular journal of the kind now
liiitilistied. Its e.lilors. eonrnnuiors, ano cone
' . . . . u . I.l... .1 , ; I .finti
spotiiients are ainon); i lie aoiesi iuclo-ui ..... ..
tiii moil ... iiif woi in.
The patent rhiims are published weekly and
are mvahiatue to invemoi s ami nmi-n.
We rinrf iculsrlv wain the nuhhc against pay
inir nionev to t"veinir ssrerits. as we are not in
tlm habit ol furnishing certificates of agency to
anv one.
The followin; Cah aie offered by the
Publishers for tlie fivirt. ru larsrest lists of sub
Scribers sent in by the 1st of January, 1K:5.
I IM) mill he .riven for the lartrest list: "5 for
the eecond St1""."' for the third; for the
foiirthj J(.xi for the fifth; l- for tlie
sixth, l!l for the seventh; :15
for Hie eiirht ; !) for tha
ninths S2.) lor the tenth;
I fcM for th eleventh;
I ftr for twelfth;
I If! Ill Tor tiiir-
tout!.; S
lor I llh
The fash will be paid to the rt the
successful competitor immediately after the 1st
of January, lNi..
loiters ahould he direetel (post-paid) to
M C.N X A Co.,
, 123 Fulton at., New ork.
One copy for One Year f
Sit Months l
Eir copies, for six Months
'I'en copies for six Months
Ten copies lor twelve months F.I5
Fifteen copies for twelvemonths .l
Twenty conies f r twelve mon.hs,
Southern and Western money taken at par for
subscriptions, or Post Otlice stamps at their full
value. "rt '
I WILL pay the highest market price for
Corn, Wheat, Oats and Buckwheat, at my
Oilice in Glenwool. either in cash or mer
Gler.wood, oct 11. '.r'4
' GlenwooS, Mills County, Iow.1.
A LI. persons wiahini; to buy or sell Real
1. Estate would do vve'l tt rail on the under
signed, who is prejiarcd to Enter Land upon
Tune, and locate Land Warrants. Will also
attend to the Collection of Uehts, and payment
of Taxes in and out of the County.
All Business intrusted to me will receive
prompt attention,
rpilK Bithcfibr will vlu'.t St. '
.1. Mary on W'a and
Cleiiwond n-i Tuesd iv'a and Satur
day's of each week", and will supply these
markets with Fretm M-ats, Butter, Eggs, and
Vee-etahles, at tho market price
Sept 27, '..I tt P. HORNER.
rf.HK subscriber havin;; located himself at
.1. St. Mart is prepared lo execute orders of
every diai-rip'titm of Plain, Fancy, and Orna
... .iitul l'aioli. P. Sii.MS naiiited, lettered and
gilded in the moat approved Style, and in tlie
neatest manner. Patronage nsp ctfully so-ii.-.t
'd. Oihce. at H. Myers. Fr jut Street, St.
Mary. S I A M S I . A I S S C H E M A N J5 K Y.
St. jVIary. Sept. 27, '.
.j.j U . J. e
WING pi rmaiientv located in this place,
1 1'ilflMU
tor trie purpo oi B.'iiuiK sj
LAND, TOWN-LOIS, and doinir a t,eneral
Agenrv Business, we would reajiccuuiiy nivus
the public, to give us a call.
Our Goods were selected with care, ana we
are conli lent that we shall be abl.) to give per
fect sati, taction to all.
GKLtNE, K.1NNL. 4- UU'
sept. 27 5 1.
PIECES of Ticking, b'it quality, tor
IrtiA'. nt
aep 27
f Itll I". subscriber having leased or Clarke a.
X Co., tlie Old Council Diuu reuy i
iler'H Point, Potlawottamie County, Iowa.
Having built a new and substantial Moat, is
now prepared to cross U who coaie. Persons
filing Nebraska will find this one of the best
Ferries on the Hiver. '1 rue, 1 have no oieam
Ferry Boat, hut 1 have strong arm power,
which will propell a boat across the river st
Mils i, .irrow noiret without any dancer or blow
.in. quick enough to satisfy the fastest of this
fast aj;e anil country
HAILS Or jTLS-lAOfc. r
1 Walton, two horses or cattle, 3125
I Horse and bug;y, - uu-
IUrse and rider, - '('.
Fol man, - - s 15.
Twenty-five per cot added to the above
rales during high water.
Sep 1 J, 'J-l II aun i.'.
y iuiTTsp RING
n i G u in m t r Z o o ti o .
r. ii.,
Dialer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Ilur.l-
warc, (Juccnsware, H io'satul Shoes,
Huts, (laps, loniiefs, I'ancy
Gk's, Notions, Jv.c.
A lipectftilly call the attention of the cit
izens of Mills end the adjoining countit-a,
to his large and vuriod ossorlinent ol
GOODS, whioli lie is now reoeiviti, ntul
which will he ollercd for sulo to CASH
HL'YI'RS at reasonable prices. Mv slock
consists of most every article usmll
found in a country slorc.
Of every kind, variety nnd slyle.
Cassimeres, Vestius, satinetts.
Lawna, llar.iResdeliiiitcH, Prims, Gintifims,
Aluniicca, Hlack Silk, Cliiiui et',s, Worked
Sleet t-s, k-c, cvc.
I A gciicral fssnrtmetit.
1 (.R')ci:Rir.s.
Conwsiin? of Suit:irI('ofRit,i Toh'.icc;;, Rice.
MoLssos, Whisky, &c.
Gents' Fine Calf and Kip Hoots. Vo
meiis' Ihiskins, Fond. R. K. Parodi, Kid
welt Ihiskins. Child's nrul youth's Ihcc
H iois. ll.iiitets LiulieV Florence JIrox:ia
ihiuncis, &o. Ha'.s Pu!m, Lihurn uuJ
LLck w."l JLi'.s.
It. R. TOWNSr.Ni).
f.'len-v:!Oi. fav 10. iKfU. ;.,'!7--f
i 1,-500 :
lilxlrious" INTnvVlbr Nebraska.
Tho steamer Saranac has just arri vtd,loaacl to (he guanls with goods for
coos. stiu?
1 hhds. Brown Su?nr,
5 hhds. Clarified d ).
2U bhls S. II. Molasses,
Id N. . Moiaeses,
10 1-2 Mils. Ciolden Syrup,
2"D sucks G. A. Salt,
I'l l bhls Kanaw ha.uo.
f0 sacks dairy do.
20 boxes do. 1 Soap,
10 bbls Cider Vinegar,
ci...- ...i . j i.i..!,.,i rnu evtic (trilluiFS. t'tsuahurcs. Ravens, ducks
" ' . I . " . .
fvT The attention r.f the ladies is cal.e.l to our a-sorime n oi in ,,...,..... .... .
fmd, is resrards price and quality, to be ....surpassed m Western oa. Calico plnphams.
lawns, delane, berasrc robes of the latest fashion and style. Em broidered caps, collars, rhim.-
'ts. Hleeves, silk and satin nonneis, iincu m
-ti will he sold exceedingly low.
Cross rut saws, mill saw s. hand saws, broad axes.ehoppmg axes, a.lcs, lojr nnri lor. t cnains'
bench p'anes,anii in fact everything in the hardware line.from a Jewshari up lo acradling scythe
40 e'e direct from Boston. Boots
Liii.t bu.ii.ins. tail. r ladies'
1 1 aI unit 1-m ns. hooks and stationery, and all other popular patent medicines,
Of various patterns. Glassware, tumbler, jars, &c, &,e. HOfi gal. stone ware, churnes, jars,
crocks, butter crocks, stove crocks, &c, he.
60 bedsteads of different patterns, cherry dining, and breakfast tables, walnut ditto, ditto.
Bureaus with class, plain and fancy walnut presses, cupboards, tin safes, one or two drawer
stands, wash stands, lounges and mattresses, double mattresses, slat bottom chairs, caiu seat do.,
rockini; chairs, ci ihs. Sic.
45 cook stoves, assorted. Patters m's. ready trimmed with tin or copper boilcra, boxs'oves.
Grecian parlor ditto., stove pipe, elbows, &c
Tine churns, 1-2 hush's, wood buckets, well buckets, wash tubs, wood boa-la, trays, doutrh
pius, sucjir boxes, brooms. line, wash boards, clothes pins, c.
SADDLERY. Bridles inartiuirais, circuities, frirths, halters, bridle reins. Blackawk sad
dles, quilt Mats, and ditto Ladies side saddles, h.igpy Whips,dray whips.G. E. whips, cow-hides
4.C., sadd c-bags, leaUter trunks, 4cc.
Sole-leather, kip. nnd calf akins, morocco linanp, poat skins, hair, &
IRON AND CASTINGS. Plow steel, sheer steel, cast sled, plows, moulds Sic.
Tots, ovens, skillets t.rnl lids, 6. S. 10 ami iwentysrulhvn ketties.
PINE DOORS 1 bv 10 and 10 by 12 sash, window blinds,
CLOCKS 8 day anil 30 hour clocks; w arranted to run Well.
Virginia, Roanoke Nectar leaf tobacco. Regalia and irincipe cigars of the finest flavo-,
Cuba and Havana sixes, and various other articles, but we rl-em it unnecessary to mention them
as it is no trouble to show poods, and we will ne happy rt all times to show our old customers,
I nd as many new ones as may favor us w ith their patronage, our poodsand prices. Our facili
ties tor aellinj CHEAP.are better than any other house in western Iowa, and we intend to do so,
and an examination of our prices is all that U necessary to convince you of the fact.
(.lenwood.July, I2.1M4 NUCKOLLS A. CO.
M I L Ii
V I Vv..
&C. TocM&Cop3'
Suci'essors to t y
h SON,
Corner above
m porters A" .Vanufaclueers
irfttcrj Unrr lllill Gtones.
NEARLY TWENTY YEARS EXPE1 I in the Mill furnishing businccs n S.
Louis, (commencing at the workman's bench)
IM.aul.'S lit to JUU fC corret , iy oi u.e iiuail.j oi
hurr best adapted to milling in the West. To
obtain that quality, we have found it necessary
to visit the quarries in France, and there make
selections. Our slock this year was selected at
the quarrie by one of the firm, and samples
left with the proprietors, that we may, when
we order, be certain of obtaining the desired
quality. For successful milling, the practical
miiler'and millwright can appreciate the impor
tance of this arrangement. Our stock is always
large, and any de.iired temper and texture of
hurr can be obtained without delpy.
To obtain the quality of Bolting Cloth best
suited to milling in the West. we have had the
greatest diflieulty. Over-loading bolts by fast
grinding, and the large ouantities of spring
wheat and oats proved so destructive to the or
dinary Cloth, that complaints of mill owners
and millers became so frequent, we found it ne
cessary to obtain heav er and stronger Cloths,
or subject ourselves to a suspicion of selling an
inferior article. We laid before the manufac
turers our objections to their Cloths, and order
ed heavier and stronger to be made. 'I liey un
dertook it with reluctance, fearing that they j
could not make their Cloths heavier and pre
serve tl.e nnilormity uf meshes so indisncrm-
hie for good milling! They have succeeded.
lY t oR vs, and for beauty of hnish, uniformi
ty of meshes, strength and durability, we refer
lb the millers senerally in the country, and es
pecially to the" millers' and mill owners in this
" insunm nn !, Sfrrrc
J UI i .7 D LiVm'i .mjuu?.
Our attention for many years lias been di
rected to obtain the bent plan for constructing
these mills. In many cases they are used by
ine vperierieed hands, and therefore, durability
and simplicity cf construction was the objjcl
io be iiUa.'iied. In this we thii.k we have s ic
eeetied. We believe so, because in tlie great
number we have sold, there tins not been onu re-
tnmed. nor to our knowledge failed to pe' tyrm
i nr dv to the satlificlion of those using them
1'iev are in extensive use in the W est, and
lion,. ot luetu in jew .uexico auu aui.oioo
.i . ... .. i t..i:.-.
, i ,r mills are known as '1 OD D'S 1 M PRO V E D
GK.MN MILL. We manufacture three kinds,
to u-lt 1 CAST laON SACKS, to El Hid V weight
,,f i!m runner: stock and i.bais mill, ine
lower stone to run, nd the raKssoae. mill.
Pateut riveted, cemented and machine stietcb
1 I EAT HE R E E LT .Vf7 .
This article is now made in the greatest per
tectum, and becoming extensively used in the
manufacturing etloalislimeiits ot tlie country
We keen on hand the Unrest assortment in tli
Western country, of our own, and Eastern
sirtiN'o Axo ar a a La hosk. We are the only
ngeuts of the Boston Company in this ciiy for
tlie sal!" or tnese goous.
foi"t'i.g sriews, mill spindles, reg uliting
srrews. irons, patent iron proof sarc?
mill picks, screen wire, copper l iveis, lace lea
ther, calcined plaster, ice, he., U"v" couolunt
ly on hand.jj)
St. Louis, Ajji il 21. 1X51
"7 "l'.sT)N"S wishing to make purchase, will
iL uu well to give ns a call and examine our
stock, which compris-s a gmerul assortment
and W'll be sol 1 al grf't bargains.
ep jti GREENE, Kl NN EY k CO.
r ftObS AND LATCHES. James' b
XV quality of Mineral Knobs and Latohts
(or sale at Uill'.flM., U.trr. I a lu.
.ep 27 '54.
riVi'H'RTY loen Men aud Lovs' Caps, for
X sate cheap, at the Aaenev t- tore of
.i 27. t il'.E EN E, KINNEY k. CO.
13 c,
,') .dlOI'i Ala
or f t
e aud g iiorai
sC i Ji ' 15
' r. ....
cnrr.vE, icirvFY
Ir en.
l.bis No. 1 and 2 Mackerel,
a bb!s 'J'ar,
.) boxes and half boxes Star C indies,
5 boxes Tallow candles,
(in kes Nails assorted,
2 boxes Coa Fish.
3d sacks Kio OolF.-c,
Imp-rial and Yuan; piysnn Tea.
S i. 'a, Salerat i", tanoy, KaiSII.S,
F.iit'lish Walnuts, A'.moii.U,
dinner, Spice, l'eiper, 4.C, 4cc.
& e. hn,
Z.:.... J tm Hililali tkMI ...ill
,.,.., .v..,.. ..,, ,.r... ,
.1..'. M
t.t of oil sires end qualities. Shoe, Ladies enameled Jenny
.' goat, kt;i at.d eli' line's, niiasen soa'aH sies. ..'
cry. drop's und medicines, .lavne's and Loudon's family c,
for salt at a i.ol.-sale prices.
cnrjiicait-crt is Hje Cife of ffrnbf.
receiving at Gienwood, a well selected
stock of dry goods, fancy goods, clothins;, boots
and shoes, groceries, hardware, crockery, drugs,
liquors, stoves, tinware, tc, in Western low.
The public are invited to call and examine for
themselves, and they will find the truth of the
above statement. Also they will find that we
ran sell its cheap any other house in Mills, Fre
tnort or Pottawattamie counties.
And in giving notice to the farming commu
nity, we will give them the highest cash price
for their produce, such as beef, pork, corn,
w heat and heans. The store is on the west side
'it the Public Suuare, Gienwood. nov 23-3m
SKINS WANTED All kinds of skins want
ed, for which the highet price will be paid
by . 8.&. E.
DRIED FRUIT for sale bv
sale by
G1 UMALAST Cloths for sale by
1 PRODUCE AND CASH wanted in payment
in payment of debts. SAUPY A-. ENG.
QORN and Oats wanted by 8. A.E.
HOUSES, work oxen and voung stock, ditto.
AXD PORK wanted at the Public
Square by 8. Jk E
THE undersigned has en hand and f.-r
sale a few thousand select grafic.l apple
tree.-, ready for transplanting in orchards the
cominjjfali and spring.
Red June, bald win, white winter parmain, fall
ppiu, Ueluioiit. wiue san, vtllow helrlower.
hhode Island greeninff, swaar, priors red., red
asUachan, eai jy harvest, sweet June, summer
roe, summer queen, Rail's janut, lauibo, wine
spine, wnue nt-il ell owe i', lion. an stem ar.n
Northern spy.
o HHinr,
The Catalj.s aud Black locust.
The snow hall, Eniriish and American lilac.
ted dogwood, honey s ickle, rent, tc.,.c.
A tew of tlie Isabella and Catawby gi ape from
avering, ,
St. Mai v, Iowa, Aug. 31, 'W.
VjUCKOLLS $t CO. havejttst ree.-ived one. f
LN the largest and best selected stock -if
GOUiJS ever brtore exhibited in tlie west. A
mong thiir assortment may be fund
A variety of clothing of all sorts and size.
hardware and cutlery, drill's, medicines, furni
ture, bedteads, bureaus, tab'es, chairs, cook,
box and Giecian, parlor stoves, A.C.; in short,
everything you may call for.
IV' Suns need not be detained when they come
to the cheap corner, as they are well supidiej
. -.u . i.. ........... ii, , . r..... i...... . , i.
Willi Illui.Jie.l.nn on 111(,1 mill ir9 Sim hi
was have sharp seisao-s and dull consciences
Einlirrai.ts w ill tind it to their advauta't lo
call upon us before purch .siiijfelsewiiere.
GlenwooJ. Apr-I v', ihoi. ti:t.i-ir
DO.. H day and ii ho ir clocks, warranted,
w for sale at thechetp fash siore of
u:C)-tf ! I hOLLts cu.
I. ()')('
LI I'TLE fancy notions for sale as
chean as dir'. at the cheap cash
store of nJD-tf M L'auLW h CO.
N E R R A S K A .
f MHE Nebraska is a new and splendid boat.
. maimed by experienced olhc.ers and crew,
fi. Ileview C.ty, .Nebraska, is oj pos'.te St. Mary,-
co:nin tj N"ubiaki s' coins di.catly.ta
Jiis is the front gateway to tha most imnortart
aid i.i'erestiug portion of Nebraska. BiJir in
mind t):sl
ae the tw bet poit.i f.r siijfrlst. I
lou-s advertisements
tUcjticun ii.o slang tlnimtnt.
With ft Healing Ealra we com to greet
'FSHE action of thu Liniment is ore e,f the
J most ncrfe'4 remedies ever ottered to the
efllirled. Its action upon the organization is -truly
wonderful, lis volatile, (u netratiiifr, sooih-
i i.e and healing properties dill'ise themselves to
the very bones. It itltothe cirri, lation of.
the blood irives a ne.v impulse to Whole nervous
fjstrm to the veri extremities: of th ti'u,..r
and stimulates to the ahsoi hen' and seen Hons,
and thus assist w at r re to throw off and HI
herself of any di'ivs."! ee(imi of the nervoa
chords or liiraments. niatins; it equally applica
hie to sons of ary kind, rheumatism pains
in every n;.rtrf the hodv, from a diseased action
of any 'of the structural portions of thesjslem.
While it is perfectly hinr les" to heailhv,
skin or bone, it has the p.operty f entering
into comhiniit'um, and oimoIviur any of the or
ganic tisHueo when they ui e diseased, or their vi
tali'y is destroyed. f'osessin lhee jiwuliar
powers, IS the reason whv it is equallv etheocions
in so many diirerent cm plaints, ft sets upon
s. i. tiiitic priiicij.le'. and fixed laws f tiie Crea
tor! The large number f cues in which ths lini
ment has proved its value, in the short time it
lias been before ti e people of America, is sufli
rieiit to e;ivethe(rreatesi confidence that its vir- nre iorrononrnlile ill Cnrcill? rheumatism.
j bruises, strains, burns, wounds. awelli tiffs, broke
I en or e-acked hreast, old nr s or pains n any
of , jC oliv. '
' 1 ,
' '
i.STl k.
County ..I' St. Jjouis.
it renembere.l, that on this fifth day
A. V. l-.'i.'t. bef re me, the undersigneds
mayor of the c'v of St. Louis, in the. count v and
S'ate aforesaid, came personally David 'M.
Sinythe, who, lij r.:i his oath, says that the fol
lowing statement iptrue.
In testimony wherof I hereto set my hsa4
the day and date last afore: aid.
JOHN HOW, Mayor.
Koc. Nr.v.-Mi, R-Uu r.
St. Lni;i, Mo , Mf-y S, ICj.T.
Dr. A. G. Kbac.i. h Co. Gents: You w'dl
probably recollect that; I called into your estab
lishment some three weeks since and purchased
a tiftv-cent bottle of your " Mexican lmistanf
liniment rny object in so doing was to try it.
merits upon my daughter's arm, who has been
surlcriiig from the effects of a severe dislocation
of tho elbow lor several years past.
The excruciating pain consequent upon false
set ting of tho bone had dwindled and contracted
her arm to a puny size, and I consider it a duly
devolving upon meto acquaint the community of
the beneficial effect your liniment has paoduced.
Her arm was drawn to a ritrht ancle, and was
almo't inert and useless, until vour invaluable
liniment was applied, .since which tirrte.1 am
happy to slate, she bus enjoyed uninterrupted
good strength, and can use her arm nearly as pli
antly r before it was dislocated.
1 would stale, However, mat prior to iryuie;
your nnequaled liniment, I used several other
remedies, and among them " McLean's volcanic
oil liniimiit," but withtjie least beneficial result.
We offer this liniment as a remedy in the vari
ous diseases and complaints for which it is re
commended with full confidence of its sucums
in curing ihem.
The following is a list of the numerous and fm
traordinnry cases it has cared during the 1m
few month :
fi,7fi0 cases of rheumatism in all its forms ;
4.2iV I
sprains and bruises ;
burns and scalrls;
fresh cuts and wounds j
scrofulous sores snd ulcers that
had resisted all other treatment,
inflamed or swelled joints j
imbago, sciatica, goal aad stars'
bony iiuo.'sj
' fi.CSO do chapped hands ;
3, (K)i do caked breasts,
4, rt)D do tooth-ache;
H'.OUO do various cb''"
This must ajipear aluio,t incredible, but lbs
numerous certificate' and letturs from distin
guished physicians, citizens, asents and others
wiio have used the medicine, enable us to sub
stantiate (he above facts) millions of bottles of it
are yearly consumed, and it has alw ays give
To ou n T T- v m H A vts . E very s' ore sho d
he supplied with this valuable liniment, as it
pays a good prolit and sells rapidly.
Pairvs or the MKiMKKT. it is put un in
bottles of three sizes, and retail., at 2 J cents, SJ
cents and il per b it'le. The SO cent and one
dollar uotues contain C J ana luo per cent more
liiiimer,1, in proportion to their cost, so that
money is saved by buying the larer
X. G. BRAGG A. CO., Sole Proprietors.
Princ;pal oflices, cor. Thud and Market sts.,
Sn Louis, aud 3;i4 Bioadway, New York.
For sale by P. A. Sahi-v, St. Mary, and 8as
r 4 English, Gienwood j ai.j by dealers is
medicine every where. aug 31-ly
The great popular medicine of the Uor
Vast amount used per month The nu
merous and wonderful cures it etfects
Its magical eiTect upon Biliuius Fevers,
and Fever and Ague Great extilemeiit
Hinotitr the Doctors 1
i ; hs
MUli u
RE now aluiittel on ai 'hands to be a most
. extraordinary and valuable medicine is
gitne al use. It not only acts as a specific upo
the bilious and typus fevers, chills and fever,
and fever and ague of the -Vest and South hut
in all diseases of debility, weak stomach, indi
gestion, lois of appetite, impurity of the blood,
and all diseases prevalent in a western and South
ern climate. Their great power consists in
their peculiar effect upon nil the organs of the
system and the rapid formation of new and
pure blood they produce. I i this lies the great
secret of their success. They are wild an1
pleasant ia their a.:. Ion but an. (. ev
il! in their ef'-fC pei-etr.ring the rpn. .tost
rec- .es of fie svi;.i by t'.-.r .-.ivt- .irit'
into the blood, theiby irif-'nt-.-.f i j';iy !
vitility and rirrvu wer im it tlx uc! -irsss-ry
of ide. The ulranv p" j ' tar.ty thy have
acqutrea an over t:j ,et ana &outn ensure,
sales of at least
fll.'jtK)' BO-ft PER MONTH !
And we find it difficult with our large force of
band?, and tlie late improvements in uiacninery
which we have adopted, to lua.iufaelure tuoio
fast enough to supply tlie demand iu thirtee.
western aiid southern plates I (..'na large rumu..
jry is conslantly etigaged in tuepariiig th
ijus concet.tiated emracts of which they
are compounded, l ior; t:ie t.est inrurmatioa
we can obtain from our f,ir0 selling agents,
and hosts of attentive corrspe; ia a. I
parts of the country, our nnuicii.e cures par
month not less than
10,lKtJ cases of fever and aip'.e, one thousand ef
which have resisfe I all other treatment I
I, (!!)
casus of w eakliest and gene, al dehiiily ;
cf various chronic diseases i
" of weak stomach and loss of appe
tite; ca.tjof drspepsii j .
" of rheuiuatisin
" of female roinpUints ;
u of ague ciike, cr et.lai d j
!,-' 0
This must st -near almost ircrciiib'e, but l.s
numerous letters fiom physicians, icer.Ls ani
those who use the e iZiiiiut!jtna aii trie wev
ffv. aud southern St ttej, satisfy us that lhi is a
unKlerate estimute, a nd that our n.edicine is raj,
d:y taking tl e p eof the iiuus
which are slit"', and the numerous
tures m.xi w holU f quiiiine, wl ich are iaipos
ed upou the public by msiuifacturets stha lire
nobody knows Wiiete f .
Fr.ce i.f Tome p ls,75tenfsj and AnE-kf,
iou,cr.ts. A.G. fsAOO, m. s. sow prof
e'or, b. Lnns. For sal by A. Sasrt,
u . ftoj L. Lautisn. GLsa"od . sr .
i s
i I
p s.'oie i f
1U. lw
J Ri'!v".'
I.'rini is -:'-o;.s V'.Sosit r.s t t -4
',.. s-j ii lj
e j
at i
l' J-,
' I-
i sV.X-osssj.'1-