Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, July 15, 1854, Image 3

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The signer oflhe Declaration nf mde
yendtnce Wo will c liorish llir-ir mi inorii s
ami rmu'.itc their Wight iul glorious cx
(Uiiplc". ;
The Spartan if the .Imrricun
The L'niuii It must .unl shall be jit
crv oil.
.YJnnk,i -The future Kryslon of !
lYdeial A nil.
Come out ( llio West ; no longer remain
In tli'- land where nl. I M uninnn doth reign.
OlwCome L .Nebraska, Ihe haven nf rest.
Wheie the pour and the needy shall nrVr be
).ir soil it it rich, and lir prairies arc ide ;
The lati-h-stringi "f our cabins bale; always
A right luaitv welcome n ti.nigcr will Tin. I,
Per tin- "'" of Nebr sk i arc social u n I kin. I.
Knowledge Tin' principle that sustnii.s
lie public.
Uur friends crossing the I'tain May
they enjoy (his day as happily as we h ive.
Yet we regret their iihsome. esteem tlicir
friendship, mid wish them prosperity thro'
Tht Preu Thereal lever that prompts
human action may they who conduct it
always he W favor of union.
JUUvicirTh''. Hello of tlie West the
l.CHU(yof r.den, and tho ecnler of our
The Ladies Se greet them wi'h their
happy smiles-, upon the vir-gin soil of Ne
braska, and thrice welcome them to the
.pure, free and glorious land of the West.
J'v f. DlXAl l n
The friends uf.Yebraikit in Congress
Men of keen political foresight posterity
will honor them, and their names will not
he lost in the history vf political events.
Our (!oecrnnieat'$l.y .lioncst men,
pure principles, and progressive action,
govern her Councils.
A M I : ' hist, NK-
JJy S. A i
I Iihvc . "1 .:'l I" '
lnj on her beiiutilui . . ?
tivc American Lrei'- 1 '. ..-
pend twenty year i ' .
to see lier pri-at in-
Ur L. 11. Ki!m:
Tht Star of .Ycbrasha 'Thc glorious iu
lilrm or greatness the illicitly sword of.
inr Union miy it break the bonds of op
pression, and open U fountain of know
ledge. 11t Maj. (jatiwood
Tht Sj'ii' of .V' Kratka -May i: con
tinue to flivv nnd eipand, until the great
temple of Liberty, ih;Jl,from one entrance
to tho other, feel lite t fleet of it exhilcra
ling itillueiice.
Ur 1). I'. IUid
Tht Ladies The purest and richest of
CJod'i blessings may their smiles enliven,
their heard appreciate, and (heir hands
extend, t receive a worthy friend, when
h hll be found--want ivg.
lir C. K. Waisos
Education The basin of all sound in
stitutions May the time come- when il
khall be j hued witliiu ihn reach of every
11 M. P. H. cl-
Fwflh of Julj Miy happiness prevail
in Nebraska in the future', as it has this day.
.iii i. .
.Mrs. C. T). Robin-cm f Mrs. J. U
llanuti May they be, rewarded for thai
Kcnerusity by which they were prompted
to the toilsom : required in pro-
iding so rich and elegant a repast us tha'
which mi have now enjoyed.
Sam i;
AfaJ. Gaff u"W The efficient Indian
Agent he w ho has obtained in the minds
of the penile, a strong hold may he prove
s tffceti e in the settlement of Nebraska,
as )e i.M in pitrchasiug it.
Tlie Utter toast was responded to by
Mij. Gutewood in a brief but happy mn
if, And all were received with prolong
ed apjdause, and firing of guns.
On luotion, it was Hekolved, That Uie
meeting adjourn , to meet at this plane on
Tuesday, July Iv.h, ut 9 oclotk, A. M.
J tod speakers are expected, and re
frekhorjits will be prepared.
I), i;. KKKD, Pres't.
M. P. Ik l t, Secretary.
Vsbrtska ao4 Xansai 0eil AppolntmemU-
. ' AS II S, July 1st.
'i he Union officially anno'l'i'v-s the fol
I'lwii.g eoulirmatious by the Senate:
(icneral Wm.O. Uutler, of Kentucky,
Governor of Nebra.sku.
Mr. Kurgeson, of Michigan, Chief Jus
lire of Nebraska.
- JC. Harding, of Tieorin, and J. Uradley,
f Indiana, Afiate Judges.
K. 1 last brook, of Wisconsin, District
Attorney of Ncbiaska.
Mark W. JcruJ, of Arkansas, Marsha)
of Nebrsnka.
11. Reader, of Pennsylvania, (Jovcrnor
ct KnisaS.
U. Woodsoi', of Virginia, Secretary ol
Mditon Itmn, of Mississippi, Chief
J u i ire of Kansas.
A. Jjhnari, of Alabama, and S. W. John
aon, if Ohio, Aso i itc Justices.
A. J. Isaacs, of Louisiana, District At
torney of Kansas.
J. ii. Donaldson, of Illinois, Marslial of
feiue tho tibove wss in type; weIearn
t.k'.i. Hi'.Ut :. dvth'acj.
Newspaper Publishing.
It is w iih et rcme reluctance that we
are conpcllcd occasionally to refer to nril
lei s connected with our business. I!.it
there are so many (juror idcis prevalent
in nil communities, on the subject of news
paper publishing, that we feel const rained
to s.ty " word now and then by way of
explanation. )".e bea which irets hnled
in it pteat many lieads. is, thai it is only
necessary to 7rf a paper, and then by
some inherent: invisible power of propul
sion, it will force itself along through
mountain f expense, swamps of ilis-eour:,"-eiii',nt
, end dismal caves of toil and
trniihfc, w ithoiil any further nssisinnce on
the part of those who have beguiled the
poor pvinler into the hazardous business.
This idea is so utterly foolish perhaps we
might say selfish that we shall take no
lurlher notice of il than this allusion toils
Another common idea about newspapers,
i, that they have no immediate or essen
tial connection w ith the prosperity of the
places in which they are published. To
he sure, their services are required to
chronicle every event that may conduce to
the general good they must ndv oe,ile the
construction of railroads, and show (heir
feasibility and importance, ,o that the
public confidence m iy be reposed in the
enterprise, audthe stock subscribed; I hey
must notice every steamship or vessel that
appears on the waters, by going into mi
nute descriptions of their construction,
nnd expatiating upon their superior ac
commodation, thus giving important inTor
to the public, and doing a nice job ol" ad
vertising for the owners ; they must hold
up beloie the world, constantly, and
"keep it before the people,-' at home and
ahroai I, the fact that the lowns and cities
in which they are locate I, (and w e may
not uutrcipicutly add in wnich they are
starved,) are just the places to invest in
real csleate, and for this service the own
ers of corner lots will subscribe for ihe
paper and shell out liberally to support it
orcr the hjl ; they must speak of every
improvement made, every new branch ol
industry introduced, every additional fa
cility lor the transaction ol business which
may turn up in ihe course of human events;
they must defend ihe character of their
town when assailed; they must defend
her public men, her merchants, her me
. end all who dwell within her
in be defended ;
I tack-hot ; ' ;
expect U ride, on the low-fare system.
We might extend this list of iicw spi'.jH'r
duties, performed for the public, without
remuneru.ioii much further, but we forbear.
We submit iheipiesiion without lurlher
argument whether u newspaper is, or is
not, i:rimaieiy connected with the general
prospcriiy of ihe ph ec w here it is pub
lished 'f If it be decided that tlie paper
docs posses h public chaiuuter, and u n
valuable auxiliary in the promotion of
every good work, let it be esteemed rhd
treated accordingly. This is ail w e ask.
Hcliows Fall Artrus.
Willi Wori.l Ht WlTIIOfT A NfcWsTA-
pek '? A man eats up a pound of sugar
and the pleasure he bus enjoyed is ended,
but the information he gels I rum a newspa
per is treasured up in the mind, to be
used w lu'iiever occasion or inclination calls
for it. A newspaper is not the wisdom of
a man or two men; it is the wisdom of the
age of past ages too.
A fumi'v wi houl a ncvvsjtfper is always
half ati age behind the times in general
information; besides they never think
much, nor find much to think about. And
there are ihe lit'lu ones grow ing up in
ignorance w ithout u taslc for reading.
liesides all these evils, the wile, who,
when her work is done, has to sit down
with her hand in her lap, and r.olhiug to
imuae her mind from the toils and cares
of the domes' ic t irole. Who would be
without a newspaper.
Si.nuvlah l)i:AT)i.-Mr. John II. More
head living riear Paris, Mo., died last week
under singular circumstances. He arose
in the morning apparently in his usual
health, and after walking about for a short
time and partaking of his breakfast, he
ordered hi negro nun to Wing a long
bench into the house, say ing he expected
to die soon and wihed lo I hud out on
lh wune. He then ordered him to fire
off a gun, as he wauied to see whether he
couhi hear the report. Vfter this, his
wife asked him if she should send the
negro to work in tho field lie replied not,
that he w as going to die und w ished the
negro to stay and help lay hint out. He
then laid down and expired hooii after.
Tift SI t AM Lit .NT. Ml ASK. A IS Kl'.VM.MJ
' I II I'. N'elii anka is anew and sileiiiii bot,
X iiinin.i .l by enpericnreii olticnr ainf rrew.
helleuew City, .V-li; nka, is uppunili; hi, .Mary,
cumins to Nebraska stmulil dime (iirttetly to
Tli'u it the fiohl gateway to this most important
aaj int.M irtn.g jiortioii of Nebraska, lirar in
ar Hie two Ix'l luinlk for the eiuigi ation to
it.-llevirw (My, July IS, ls.,. ftl-tf
w. u. i;t;i,isii,
NI'.fJOI'IATOU, Cullecior, General I.i,J
Ai-nt, ('un,..ur at Law, i-c, lk.e.
Ui lbivien, .N'ebia-ka.
JIjvhijC an ovjierieiii' i.t 11 vmi ia th Ter
ritory. vl puy croinpt attmilinn to all rnin
iniiniC4'.oiis, post panl, in tub'urd to tlie Ter
ril.irv. i-.'., &.c.
i Oiliee near ti (;ovriui,eiit liiiililut ,
ana m iraro p. A. S.irpy' bnknij; Iioumi.
m i i at. si i.
Hun. ll-nry Iu.le, t'nituj Mates benate.
" A. t'. 1xIl', "
" IWnlimt lfrnn, Hons HeprcM-ntativt.
" A. A. hr.tfora. Ju.Sr fltt
Oil. Hi" K.fl, AaiUi.t I". M. (i.iirl.
I'.'l...;. ti', Srsk,., Jj'v n l-'f
V H lis II s P It I N l
CTV ti b 9 ii m m t r v! o o b 3 .
r. n. rowssi vn,
Dealer in Dry (J;i ids. ' irooeries. I ird
Waie, (ileensware, llii'sati l Shoes,
Hals. C-aps. Ilitiliets. l ancy
(Jools, N i'ions. s.r,
. i.ks vvonii, low .
rpiir. sruscHiiir.ii wori.D ui;-
1 .speclfully call the attention o!' the cit
izens or Mills and the adjoining coun'ies.
lo his large and varied assoil locnl ol
(JOOI)S. which Ik is now reccu injr. an '
which will he nlfered lor sale to CASH
IirV".RS al reasonable prices. My stork
consists oT most every ai".ii:b: usu.i'ly
found in a e unl ry store.
DRV t.OOD-i,
Of every kind, variety and style.
Cassiuu res. Yeslinis. satinells.
LADir.S Diirss (JOODS,
Law ns, liaragcsdelaines. Prints. ( J in.rhnms,
Alap.icca, H.aek Silk, i'himi.o'liij, Worked
Sleeves. .c.
HAitDWAUi: & Qrri:xsVAiu;,
A general assorlment.
(onsisling of'j.'Iee, Tobacco, Rice.
Molasses, WiiisUy. vv.:.
iiooi's Si. snar.s.
(Jeuls' Pine Calf and Kip l'ni's. Wo
men' Huskins, Pon. I. II. R. Parodi, Kid
well lhiskins. Child's nnd you'h's hoc
ll.iols. P'iniiets Ladies' I'loriMice 1'r.n ia
Moiuiets, Hals Palm, Leghorn and
black wool 1 1, its.
( M iy Ut. 1. i.:',7-tl'
L 6 x ( 7 l a ) o k k i ft ) i: ,
NT'CKOLLS & CO. havejlft rivcivp I one of
the largest an 1 w,X selectei st n k of
GOODS ever Inl'.ire exluhiti-.l in tlie tvet. A
inong their aoi'tmeiil may bv foun 1
A variety of clothing nf all aort and sim,
liardware and cutlery, drinf. mudieini's, funii
tilre, heil.ste'Ails, bnreaiis, t.ih'es, chairs, cook,
lion and Grecian, parlor stoves, .c; in slurl,
everything you m;iy call for.
Persons need not be leUin.l wh.Mi they roine
to thi! cheap corner, as they me well s'ii;ilie.
with liiinldo clerks on ttn-ir lirt le, and al
wjys have sliarp sci.-snrs and d ill
..inirant vv ill find it to llii-ir adv uit.ig lo
call iipnn us lielore inri li.isingcUL..v!ieri.
GlniHood. Annl M. is;,). nJ.'i-tf
i ,"r jTi V JTF; T ii . co.S'i ii"r"ar"u7e
M' cheaii c.ish store of
jv cciv'oi.r.s jtro.
j . '"'oui, warranted,
i .
1 S v .
store of
JP, S.M Kf-'l . gniismiih, corner of Cool-
Iige and Vine streets, (ileiivvood, Iowa,
lnl jn-t i .C"ivl lare as(,rlmeiit of all Winds
nf gull niiitei ials. tie u piepaie j to iiiiinufai -tnre
pium of any de-cription wan -atI.
ZV ttcpaii. of all kin. I, iaoII and promptly
exe. n.ed. dee 21-tf
n.ictor Jiiuiesi Donelun, vvoul.l respect
fully inform the ciii.ens of (ilcnwood.
.Mills Co., low a, that lit; lias pcriiiiineut ly
looulCil in tlii.s place, and (enil.Jr.s his IVo
fessinal Si-rvices, in all of its various
branches, to the citizens tin, I vicinily.
Having; iittctldcd u full I'oui'si: id' .Mcilh.'.il
I.eot ni ts, in c. meet ion vviili the Si. Louis
II ipitals, fljtlers hiinseir competent to ren
der general sa'.isiWioti lo those who in iy
favor l.i hi willi their patronage.
27- Olfi .'e nt Ihe Drug S.ore.
(ii.ii.Nwooi), Mills Co., Iowa, Di:o. 22,
lSj.'I. iio'O-Iy
s.uu'v & i:nLisn. fa
tPfi3ottio:t is tlie Life of ilraOi.'.
. receiving at (jleiivvond, a well selected
iloi li of dry goods, fuiicv goods, clotning, boots
and s!ioen,. groceries, bardware, eroekirry, di ngs,
liquors, stoves, tinwire, in Western Iowa.
Tlie public uru invited to ( all and examine for
themselves, and they will iii..l the truth of the
above statement. Also they will find that we
can itdl as cheap any other hon.e in Mill", I''r
Inont or l'uttiiwaltttinio roiinties.
And in giving notice lo the farming commu
nity, wa will pivetbem the big'ie-t Casli price
for their produce, sneli as beef, pork, corn,
vv heat and beans. The slore 19 on the we-t nli,
of the I'nblic. K juare, (ilenwood. nov Jil-'llil
UiLDl'KLIT tor al..' l,y
aleby HAKHY Ii. KNtil.lSH.
UMALAST Clot lu for sale by
J SAKl'Y P.NntSlT.
MKODL't K AMiCASli w"s;itr in payVn-n't
J. in payment cf debts. SAIU'Y I..SU.
H'OUSKy-, woi k oxen and yo'ingstoi k, dillo.
- hAUl'V sv, KMil.lSII.
J OOICS and Stationery for.ale by
J saki'Y a. K.c;r.isir.
1UKN and Oal wanted by
S. K.
(ilLL i. lUlDTHLIt.
Impirter of Meii's Furmsh-.nj Oaili.
We beg leave to call yo ir attention to our
Sioi k of shirts, bosoms, collar and neck
stocks, winch we manufacture and keep con
tantly on hand together Willi a l uge assort
ment of Men's I'm nistiing (ion, Is of every i ari
ri y and .Iy le, wlueli we are now op 'tiing for
tlie Spring eoiisii.ling of: Shuts, boso.'us,
rollars, .carfs, rraiats, neck tien, slocks, liand
kerchiefs, siispeudt'i s, slio.ibler braces, 'idiui
belts, money U'lti, hosieiy, gl.ivi t, uiidcr sbu t
drawers, uintoeh js, p f ini ny, i..c.
We are sole A if. its lor Hie S.ile of (Jood
year's Gelebrated 111 liau II ibbiii tilopes, tlau
ritlctts and, for I.idies and l.eutleinen,
ludUn It i!, bcr ro ils, jionelirs, blankets, leg
gings, taps, Jte. l)r Hartb-tl's I'ateni l.lastic
Sboiilder llraees and S i.ip", vv iiir iivve oiler
at liianufactors pi ices. We ara deleriuine l to
ollei our goods at the lowest pojsible rales to
good and respoiHablu parties. It will allord
us pleasure to reeuive a visit from yo, i, at No.
12.', Main Slreet, opposite l.i in, Kimr i Co.,
St.Jona, api K'. Im (j'ILK it UKOTIIKK
" Tit L M UN T lit iJfi h7
J. W. SML'LL hatopwiMl a HoU l on the Cor.
of I'imt anil (ioodw in htiei-ts. la Salie, Mmois.
1'Aai.i.a. alwayi net upon the arrival of the
Cam, and Hap?r; taken care off thai there
miy he n a tlelention to p"rniia wisbing to
oa ny Train, and TneWm wishing to reonin
p-til tifs' j;IK a. .'ibim laird,
ap.' I. ''i J. W. 'si!, p,rricf.
I roni the N.-vnii A I
W. 6 tVIKRA, i. I I. s
BY 0. &. C. TODD fv CO.
(v;.,,.,.,.,.,, ( ! tdoI) , SON.)
.W. 'J) .Wii Shirt, i'nnur n''urc tlir
Virgini'l o,'.'. Sd. I.'i'iiw .Mi..
lMPo!;i i;i;s .s, jim i'.t"ii iii:its or
itciul) Uuvr ill i I Gioiu'o.
'V LA HI A' l'WI'.M'V VLAI'S l'.IM'.!:l
. X p.,.,. in iIip ,Miil f.n ni Iio.i li e i!i....n m
I.-i'ii. (i.inr.i ':iriic; at the w i ... :u i i s li..;t-!i)
i ii;il.!-; in I i iielg." eorn-'llv !' the f'i. lm ol'
Ii iri ,....t adap'ied to mi Mm - III lh" U'e.l.'' I'l
..'it ;iin t Im! ij 1 1 1 it y, vv.' in v f.em I it n.-ei'-'i i y
to vi t t'e.. ij't.i ' i e s in I- r;i nr-.-. ;i ri I I lie: - ei ti..;
teli.i'; i on -4. 1 1 ir vt.t.-k t'c vc.i r w ,i s'-lerti-.i .i I
ll-e trries by of (tie fu in, and sample
li'Ttrtitli tic proprietors, that we i-ny. wlici
order. I... c.Tl.nn of o!i!. iodic' the de-on-l
.pi.ility. for iaeeesrnl m 1 1 1 in:;. 1 lie pr jc! i' al
miller ai 1 niilhvriht cm iippn' the iutpor
lami' of ! .irranjerii -fit . t stork is a I e. a is
large, and any il.-oe l li'inp'T and lev! i;o of
liuiri.iti be obtained ui' del-iv.
To obtain Ihe ipiulity of i dim,' (.'loth hut
sillied to milling in the Wrv!, c bal e bad I be
great.-,! ilillienlly. ( h f.-r-lna.hrig bolts ,y ',,,;
grinding, a id (he large if -lanl it ics of s;n ii.g
wb'.at and nats proved s'i iies!i-iirt i e to the or
dinary Cloth, tint r'linpl a hits of mill owners"
and millers bi.eame so l'iei lent, we fo ind il ne
essary tooh'ain hesvier and stronger Clolbs,
or Mibi'et onrselves lo h :''ipicion ol selling an
inferior article. We laid before the
t'lier.oar oliieetions to ti.eir (Jlolhs. an. I oriter
e.lliei.vier and stronger to be made. '1 bey un
derlie. k it with reluctance, tearing thai they
eon'.! not in ike their Cloths he hot an I pre
serve tie; nmfonnit v of luetics so in !i-;i.'ifa -die
for good milling. Tle'V hale s.i.'eee. led.
Di's ion i so ci or ii , hi: sow ii i n kx nn;s,.
i.v I'm vs. for beauty ot linwh. inifoi mi
ty of in".fi, stie'igib an.l dnraliihtv. we h-i'-t
to I hi- Millers grnci ally in the eonntrv. and es-p.-rially
to flic millers and mill owner in this
'rOIlT.lliU: CR.1LY MILL. . ;.l ! c; 1 1 in :j for m niv j -ars h :v been dl
recle.l to obl.un the b.--! pl.-..;, f..r eoii.s'r.ieting
I lie .e mills. In many r.n's tb.-v are used by
i:iepi ;-,enr.d bands, and t'n nTon-, ilnrabilil'v
and .simplicity of eonst me' ion wis the object
to lie attained. In tins we think we have We believe so beeau-e in Ihe gre.i!
nam 'i' webave sold, there h. is no! been one i"
tni ne I, nor to i.'ir knowledge failc I to perforin
enti.eU tiie Mitls 'action of tboo- .isinj (hein.
, Tiiey are in extensive up in the We.t,
manv of them in New M.-sie.. and C.i ! i f. t-1 1 ,: .i .
Our mill i are known as 'J ODIVS I M I'llOV K)
tiltAl.N .Mil l.. We inaniif ictnir three kin.
1 ,
to wit: cast ihon iiickii. to grind by weigh!
of tin? runner; sto( k an'ii i.hmn mill, fie
lo ver stone tornn. and tic em ssciii: .Mil i..
J'j'ei.l riveted; ceiiii'iited and machine siretch-
A:. 7 rilEll BI'A.TLVG.
This article is now made in the greatest per
fection, and becoming extensively Used in the
m inora, luring e-eh.iiisiiinents of llui country.
"' leep on band the largest ast.ntinenl in the
"v. of our own. and!ern
ly no .... .
St. l.ouis, Api o - -
UirlZ."S OF ST. MAE 7 AND v...-
MA V' of you will b visiting St. l.uiis this
Spring, and undoubtedly you will
1 1 'if many articles in Ihe Dry Loods line. It is
foi your interest tiiereforc to go to that house
thai will show you the be-t a-sortin 'tit and sell
vol goods ut tbe lowest rates. Wo a-kyon lo
i'mrus i!b a cull an i satisfy youi-elvcs
'.vli.her eahlisiiment presenis s icli indiiee
meits or not. We hue now in store over two
huidre.l tiionsand dollar worth of
conpri.sing the useful, the fasliionahle and the
sta;le. Kvery article in o ir imiii 'iiee stork is
pl.uily inarKed at the low est Cash price and no
sabimau is allowed lo deviate f-out il. t'on
seij i 'ill Iy strangers can buy any article in our
establishment as low as regular riisbuu'-i .
Tins ystm Iijs given iiuiierxal sal is act ion
and presentsi un induceinent ov er any oilier Dry
oo, Is House in St. I.ouis. for strangers to do
huso i'-ss w t'l us. Tho ;e vv bo do not vi-it S'.
Louis, ran order any thing in the Dry (.' ods line
from in with perfect conti lenee that they can
obluineny article as low as if I hey selected it
thems. Ivei, and all goods sent on order not giv
ing i!, -faction can hi: le'.u n -d and ni.incy le
fuude.l. Ml fillLL- II I' N'T,
Imp. ii lers, Jobbers and Uet iilei s of I). V (ioods.
I'.iinil Mrees, ru. Louis. M,i. apr l.'-y
pattkhn i;oi:rs7
nfiiBn.fc it Aumt, ov Sr. Locis, Call at
tention of Milliners who wish for pa! lorn
bonnets of the lali-sl slyles, can obtain them by
ord'M ing cf the sub.sci ibcrs.
Thin 'millinery department is under the n
prrilitc.eiice of Mis. Wilson, who Will be
piep.iii-tl to fiM onieisto uny eslenl.
'1 heir Dress M ikii.K Dernii linent is si ill under
the superiuiendeiire of .M.ulam Augusten, vv ho
has so lung given general satisfaction. Ilotb
the Millinery and Dress M iking D.-partm, mis
are IiirsneU Willi the latest J rench Ameilcan
api I y Jit' ft It I'.I.L V 1 1 TNT.
1 I'L'KTAIX (iOtlDS.
t Jt lave now in store Curtain Damasks of
Y i lei y color, Satin lie i,ma iioluni'tt
Lace, Misliu CurUiins hi an endless variety.
Purciiasiss Wishrng the latest tyea ut New
York n. .i s, are invited to va.nn.e our lunrjni
ticeut a5 liuent
aprlJ.y lit'BRfCLL k. HUNT.
-i .i.ia.
A val.iaMe rcinedy for suppi I'ssiou of ilii' Men
hk, Whiles, ',tuiful .M.-uslriiation, Iinpoten
cj or B., S.illi c.v t' U.-ad-a.
Im, L'f iness, Weakness of the iiei in. nml
alt .1. siiases which arise frou, a dora.uicu.cul
nl the Fuiici ions of ii a 1 1 1 1 . .
'1'lic ii. ust perfect, safeand infallialde leiie'dv
for lie' i uie of all Ihine diseases of fe.n
ismg Ii'1 Ii weakness or debilit j , and ob.-l i m I nil
in l ..' - vial, such a-i ii regnlar oi ,uj-pre-n
l of the .Menses, l'iuor Allcis or Whiles
Kill, i. g 'f the Wo nb, Headache, I'l eiil'ul
Dreaiii.s Kc. c msed by CobN, chi cked p-i s.ina.
lio'is, t-ivssi s, over-exciti ini lit, c, is
Si-iei. I ladies in the city vv ho have
foi' Hi xii V years with the ub'ive complaints, and
lia.e i :ii'to e I our most eminent phi,iciiu
wilho it el.-, ess, have used Dr. Hooper's l'e I'.i'dial, and have hccii pee.iy ami per
in in.- ,!')' eared bv it, use. It' I,,..-,, are i,ii'.-r-eis
in s'. Louis, they can rely upon Ii.-. II iop
er's f- em lie Uonhal ai a safe, pluasi'nt and tf remedy.
Pric" 1 p i b'i'th'. or sin bo'lles for "ji'i.
l or -ile at Dr. Ii ist.-rly'a l auiily .I.-diciiie
Sio. c, i',."iiei' or Tnird and Chesuut stre.Os. M.
Lous, V.i. Also by P. A. Sarpy, St. Man.
and bv il'alers in incdicines generally in tbe
West.' a pi l .'-ly
nYENl'V-l iT. I iFk'SANI) 1K)L
LA Its.
Ti Ciliforuiaui. Inlia Rubbc;- ChoK
Wb vvill ue in an additional receipt of twen-U-livn
tlionnanit dollars wo, tli of rubbei
Ifooda, ol every itcseriptiol. . of iblf rent uiaaiU
f.u-ure , bich will be nolj t New York prictk
lOJ Mail, slreet, coiner of tVaabingtiHi tvenuf
ai, P. I- k II. V i D K V i X I I. .
Ftate f 'r..'c, Alton, I!l'moi, 11. bliss. Pre.
.r Cot. vt l Iv
Utaicdit iUuotdita Liniment. j a Iliul'nj Baitu we co:ue to jiret
y) t. i
'Mill: ae'i.KI nf tin. I.i:, ;.; 1 i..
I .,..-l .e .',l I
JlOl. te I. I - a. "nil,
!-!il l..e Lit. h-
! I,
i ij. an. i nca:i,ig pr ,t,. :'.! .,:i
tlie'.ery li,.ti.-s. II i i.i.'.., in ..l.'ic e ,,,
the hi,., i i es , -.V ,;;, ,.,. w '
' - 'Hi !. '.' ei i",: ren, tie . ,,f ;,, (,,
and s' na.ila!.' . lo i ii" .!., t, ., .) . ,.,
a-'d 'hi- i- o- r ai. tb... s el
'f ef ...'V d.-ej i I . i i;..., , v ,
I. .'el. ii
V p'Ut !' In.' h.-.l .'. Ci i I . I .,. -
"I'ji.C Sim.- I 1 . 'l ;, .Wioils . :l !': si.., ,.
it ii i" i i'e.-:; v i..,, I,, i ,. ,i I,., .i
klil or done, it j, l,e j. , ,, e ,.,
iiur.ii'iiiiii,n, j ,i ..;v:a ,',. ,.f ,, .
I'll.' l,-.i. w hen 1 1 a , e ib ,.. ,.:.( . in- ! ii.', r -
t llitV
mi . I. i' .-., . .... i ',, .,. i , . ,
j p,ilc, s. is Ihe ie,i iv i; 1 ie , ,.i;,,.
! m mi in ii.v ,liii'e.'."it ci'.,.,! ,;;.i,. 'l
ni id,' ir, n ci j n, m an. I I s i.r the Cie.i-
'i'lie large ii'ii;i!i"r id r.ise.- in vvh!ct, IliU Ihe- ;
llli-lil ims pr.ll'e.l i's Value, ill I be sh.nt iiri' i i
has b-:i !, f ne the ,....,(.'. ,.f , ,, j, . ,,. j
,,, give t.'ii' gr-Ml'..! ."i'ltl, ': :n'.. :',,,! ; ,
i fu". an' ineo.npai'.ible in r i.-eln ; ,' i" i i, ,
In nises. strains. Inn us, vv. mm Is, s ivl 1 1 1," s, I
j .1 i.i.i. i. i in ,ei j oi'j sores oi pains in an.
i... i i. ... i i
pai i ol inc nun , .
S r. I .oi i s Ti:Vi im
j St Air. or ."v T i - o i w. I
I ('nlllltv III' St. I.i.oiq I
lie it ri.'iiernlier.'.l. tlnl on t lii n fu'lli day of
! M.iv. . l. In f .re i". the en.le.s. I
iintvorof the eily of M. I.oeis. ; i mlvimd
I 11 III II. 1 HI. e. per.,... tiiy 1-lVii! A.
I S:nvtl.e. w ho. n; on his oath, says thul the I d- i
j Ion in;: -I ni.-nt is li ne. ' j
',, f ' II 4I,, jM
In testimony' I beret y e! :i:y b ill I i
l!ie davanndaie last ;,f, res ,1,1. '
l(lll' MOW r-.,-.
I c v , , - "
Soc. cvvmvn, IC-ims!,.,..
j Sr. Lol is. M., .M:y fi. 1...i.'t.
I I)r. A. ii. B ii vi:'i. V. Co. tJ-'nlsi Vn i w III I
prohabiy reeoile.-t that ealled inlo oi' e- ah-
Il.hli.en't; Ihu-e ,-'., silif " il!!il piir. l.a- l'
j a iil'iy-eent bolile of your Mexican m isiaiiL" j
1 1 . i . nii'ii i ; in v onjeei in so iloiiig was to try it - I
! inerils uj.'i'i m v daughter's arm, who has f , 1 1
I s i lie, ing from the riled s of a seiei u ilisioc::tion
of Ihe elbow years
Tlie e."i'uciii(iiig pain C'in-ei.ei, niinn t iNe
settingof Hie bone bad (I ,v ne lied ami conlracie I
her ann to a prmy and 1 consider it a 'bit)
devolving upon in to aciu.. in! lie' cmnnciiiii y of
I lh elfeet your liniin.'nl has paoduced.
II. r arm vvasiira'.vii ton rignt iinirle. and vvas
aliuo.,1 inert nnd useless, nnlil y..i',r invaluable I
I in iii.i-'it was applied, sine
whic'i liiiii'. I an;
appv to slate, she has en joyed un i ulci r. i nt .-d
! good stri iiiTili, and ran Use Inn arm m-ai ly a - pli
ant I y as In t in- it iv as dislocate !.
I vvo ild sla'e. b. , never. Ihat i.ribr to frvin"
l our unci i.ile I 1, linn, ml, I iis... sev eral o; he;- j
remedies, a, ill anion- ibem Ate Lean's volcano- !
oil linilnenl,'-' bat vv p.b id- h cd bem-licial n suit,
I). M. S.MVTHi:.
W otPer tills linillieiit a a ,r !y hi t':f i'!
ons diseases nnd eoiiiil.iiiils fo.- ..;,:). il i.- , -
eomuieiided with full f-inlii-j.. . f i-s i-n.-coss
ill -n,g thi-m.
Tiiel'oll.ivvingisalist of tin- vonr. a,.t,.,
traoidinary cases it has crcd duimg tbe I,.,
.. ".nuili-
-.' '-'leuiuaiism in allilsfc-ms;
i..,;(.s. '
fi -i.MI do '
H.iHSl d.)
d.iitl'l il.-i
lO.IHKI ,.)
Tnis must
''Ha,., '
caked hreasls,
toolb-iii-iie ;
various clii- -. leases,
ppear almosi incr iible, but Ihe
iiuiuerotis i'erl,l
mid leltiis from i'i'iii-
guisbed physician
Clti...s. Hg"n1s imd oiiiei'S
win) have used (be n
lie im-. enable us to s-ib.
slant cite the aboi e fa
millioi.sor boltb-s oi il
- e early cons. lmi'il. and it h.u always ('iv-n
sal isfaction.
'1'u i ocn'TIiv M Klir il vs-t.i. P.verv "'.are sh.j'd
he supplied vviUi this valuable liniment, un il
pays a good proht and sells rapidly.
Pku'ks ok tiik'imkm'. It is pi.: -p in
bottles of ibreesies. and retaiis nt v.") -1 i.'s. no
cents and )il per b .!.'!e. 'I'he ,r., emit i..d one
dollar bottles coii'ain j:) n.ij li'i) i . more
liniment, i:i pi op ,,i i,.,i to c- .so
luoii.-y is sv.-cii bv I. ov iug the lager si "s.
"A. il. Illl (iO I'M . Sob: I'm;. ;e'nrs.
Principal olliees, cor. 'J'.iird and M iiel .it.,.,
St. Loois, and .'lol IJ.oailwav. New Vo;-.
I'orsale by P. A. Sahiv. St. Mm. and Sn
py .V livi.i isu. (.'i-iihoimI ; and by ib-al-rs in
iilediciiie ei ery a hei e. nog ii'-lv'
oiLv7.riia'(j(j .STONIC.A.VD
TIi (grciit iinvliciiie of tJie d;iv
Wis! amount used- per month Tlie nu
merous itii'l woii leil'iil cures it e'fei'ls
lis mimical i'l!', c-t upon liilioiiiS IVvcrs,
nnd J''fver iiii l Ague Gre.-.t eM i fiacii!
.UllOll ihe I) Ic'tll'S i
i j
L now -Him Ite.l on ill. banns to be a
et.i-.ioriin,i,y and valuable n,r-,liei,ie in
reneral Use. It liotoioy a. 's Hi a :.,i.H-:t",.' to. on
the bilious tviiiis levers, rb .IK and fev
and lever and ague of the West and South bui
ill all di-ev-ei of debility, urak stomach, indi-
geslis.ii, of apjielile, iiutiurilv of Uie tdoo l.
:..,A U .li-....... : u I. .1 ... . ...I i.
wrn eliienl.. a' ir. f nou-. r 1,,,,.,,. i..
their (x cu'iiar. rib cl 'i,.iyi. 1! llo. ..r..:i- of ri
syileuij and tbe rapid fount' ion of lie.v and
pure blood they produce. In this lies Ihe gn-at
secret of their succc.-,.. They are mild and
pleasant 'At their art ion !ul sea, chin,; and p r
ni.ii.ei,; in their i II'- p.-i..-!i a'.ing th - rem 't' st
i ci c is,., of tli." s;, ..!, ni by their r..-1 I v ab .-n .' ion
ill'o l!.e blood, lln-' eby ,nf isil,.' new s'. .l V of
.... ' i
v italii v a i ul in i v it i s poll e.' itilo ;tll 111,- m.n btiit- .
i . -in . i :. . ,i .. l. i
I y or i"e. j ne e ..n-nsi v e i iini a. 1 1 v nov nil
.ic.iio en un oit'i my nt'si aim -njiii t-us.iibsii
. ..... i. . . . K
sales oi ai ii .oi
.illlll'l mivM n il vi.iv ru ! I
And we find il il.flicti!! with o ir huge force of
ha, el-, an I Ibe 1. ite iniin'oloilc'iits til in i. ii..ei , ,
which we hue a l.ipte.l. to niaioil' aetin e Ib.-m i
fast eu'i.igh to ripply Ihe item ivl in thii i.-i n
em an. I so itlie, -i si'a'es : Uiir I i".-.; m m:i.
faciin v is con c.ant Iy ige( 'm in-i-iiari'i j' llo. j
various rnneetili aie.l rlrae1s tif vv hicll lliov
a e coi:i'""itidi d. fnuu tile b.-s.l info; ,.i .lioii ,
'Vi'H'i i.V.iiii I "Ml "'il' K.ootl wiling ..-..)-.. I
and boOs ,,l at'.enlivi, coiresp,.,, , nls in all I
ij.ut.s ol tb ini.ii'V , our liieilicniy i urcs pel i
1 mo I, III Hot le-s ill HI
10,00:1 case, of ft n-r and ague, on-' iboi.s in of
I which Ii ive resisted a i I nl her ! reel ;: nt ;
i.a.U'l'l c.i-.cs of w-'.tkiies.'. and general ilebi III v ;
j.'i.") " of V ai ions i bronic ii,se.4st s j
I .'.liUJ " of weak stom ieii ar.d lo-ii of appo.
j S'HI c jse ; of il v -peps, i ;
1 .'.'oil " ' f i beamal is.n j
l.o.KI of fe. ile roinplaiuts ;
l,MU of aue cake, or eiilaue.l spleen t
Tiiis m isl appear aim is', i ieu-dible. I.u! the
nuinei'ous loiters I'iniii pb ysn, u.-iils and
Ihme who Use tho midicii e. Horn all ti e west
f. ii and .southern States, sati ny us ihul this is a
model ate ediuiate. and that o ir ii..-lit'iii. is ra;i-
idly tlkili); the plan-of Ibe Vli'lo .is ,'oiililerfe Is I .
.. i.i .. l a .... .. . i . i . . . - . i '
won ii uie an. t.ii , n.i.t me nnui'Mtcoi toiiie llltn
tnre made w holly of uuii.iue. m bich are 111)00
r.l upon the publia I'V Hiaiiuf iclioeis who live know s w here !
P.i'-e of T.niic pilU.70 r lit" 1 Mid
ious, '.'.) cents. A. (j. RAi.u.m. ... sole p . .
Hor, Ht. .o ii. I or sale by P. A. S
Mai v, anil Start a. I.s .i imi. (il nvv tod ; Mia
by ilenlcu in acliciuc turoughout tlia I oiled! I OH W t il! K done with :iy.''..n -a'.ti.
au;ai-ly , J all... ...I ,
DiM JAY-L j :. fiXlLY kj.iiti!,i.3
J.'.rnc r vyct Iciiirt.
I'HIS i i.. i.i'-le i . -. I ic i n- it daily
' i.r 'lie of tie incst uton.shilu;
i I U...I b-l'.il r l,,s lii,.f rviii. ber,,
,. All v V. have i! r as'hiiiK,
J' liic- "f I,!,, , . , ,,, lri.
i .,'' . "i. eh. .i ,,c p! i irwv Ii .is. .
... ... "-..( i h st.',!;;ii,. if ..-
''' '.' o'b'-r .l,s. , f !,.. !.1..
' I . ' . o .,iM. t I" '!. iisi I i,i i .,.
: " " . : . ' e V. hied j- .iiitiii.tilv .vv-et..
i e ..!..!, :, .. J.I. I'ltl ii.' j. i ;, e ,,1,.',- I t-
' 1( I ' if i ;i s.i i'i, 1 , is ' I IV : V s cm -
' !; e " " I'l :n;-:, ins of iliis i.
'II.' '- ) I , CO",;!,". Ol el,-s . ,' t I.:,::s ..
. ''".I, ...:,"s'. ,i ,v.,.y ,. h.e.i'l,,. e. ,i
""'' ' ' ,'':t: i "'' ..I'l or l.i -t -
- '. ' ! '' Ji i- ' Hi' HL.t'oa
I' '" - - 'Il w hi'-:, l.i,,-, i. f !,.
'' ' "" W.el .! s . ' i r V . vv'1 i-'ii
' ' '"" 1 " I i f 'ihe Inn -v p.: .
:'':'' o-'i-i" I.,.'. U ...ij.pM s... t! ro".'i, and
' - ; i" in ii H'cii it .i n. a: 1 1 . i e .
' '"' :''l'''"llt V (,'' In . ,: i hi'i- '. ;.: line
' " '' '''' ' V esjii eltna.ion, . lln, u ci
II.:' - ' Wo or t 'i ee a
o in or'i i.f i hi'.i
.t' i-n: :.-!:.!ti !y :'. l ,.-s
l . .'' n- 'l. a iid'ed'eeis
i .ii . ne :.
a f "v , ,'.
"I'"l. ol' I,;;
I ' ' ' v e Ii": ii i:i I. .-i s i.t, a ve In-en iv vn no
!s t
It' s :. i , . .' i i ': :i i . , i ' i . I e vv il b r i isioii n-
'"I., ha. i I,. , i, r, .t,.,, , io rfeet ea.lfi bv It.
lilnt..'J A i. , i. .-.!'. ,., p .iiii'w-irv iliseosrs,
'!" "' ' ":" !"' 1 ' 1 '"'' '! ' i !i. i .jr i r uioic
j no m !:
;., ..-.' e i
,' , ' ' !' '' '' '' ;f ' 1 f':' ' ' rr-.menre-
i '' I '"'i-y. intlumii.i'i , : . mngs, ur
! '''' "" ';" ' ' ''"'' "' "" "r '-'' ''
. . ' 11 "' -'"
r'A ":'"'- "! ' ''-") vi!l prodnee )..; -
"'""'' '' '"; ,i i? or ii lionri. will
a it:,, e l
. '- '. ' '"-'ns " "i.e.
"'' i reet.. is. also, .lav's M",!;,.'! t-
'ni,,,- ai n I, i,. t,, Ib-.lil,. , !,:.!, villi U
'"!., l a I--:' aloee oi ,;i.. ..s,.s. vvdli ih reel ions
I... -t,,,-, ,r,, a, ,,1 atso certilis..!.- of ivnvs
"t the i.".-! .i-j-a ;:,!.- hop, b-ss
!"'-'' 'r 'ie- !iieli.i ie el.iliilily.
.Iivm.'s J'. i , i i- , a i f i ,:.
-1 C"r!..i,i aii-i ph .. :,, ie,,i -,- '.,r vvorm-,
"h--l"T..i. Hour stnniaeli. vv.iiit' of appeiite,
I"" " ' " a:; ie, ami an diseases oi liclnl-
il.V, e-pi eially ,,f (In- -t i.'nai b and l,ose,. i.n.l
organ-: i. ilui..s!ii,, le-snles many otber il,"i tins is a very m:, but r.-nicicnr tonic,
and n-i-.l in ronjuiiiSum willi tin, sanative pills,
verv-i'ben I'.i.l.', in n "nov ing ilv'spepsia
(,' Scf, and also llr. Jayne's
iiieiin al almanac, to Le gratis of the aj;ciit.
It'i. I). Jivvi:'! Al.Tfit.vTlvi;.
'fins vah i-b!e t'lepiral ion combines nil (be
me. heir,,, virlu.-j of Hi is., nrlieies which long
expi-rieiie,. ,,-,,v,.. (,, ,,,,M ,llost sa(
and eliiciei,. aheiativ e and ih olisi rue, it propcr-lic-
for Ibe cure of , cro!'.i!ii , king's evil, w'rte
vv e .ngs, nbeis. .eri,'.i!oii!i. ca!ii'eri, iv ni indo
le, it tumor--, iic-icii i;i i.nd s, philiile all' (( ions,
' l.e'iiu-it, trout. -I'nuj', n.-ui ralgi.i. or tic i sneer, "oil re. or in oncl.ocele. svvelei
j neck, enlei-gement ot tbe bones, joints, gland.
or li'.;i';i"ii!s, or f ti,e ova rics, 'lu e. splee ,
I 'V',' ''''., ''''"Cs ;" ',.'i
I "" ' r" !: ' t (.-, i, i:i.. ' u , . .. .b
-V-e.. i.e:,r,.-u a.l i., .,- , nopl.a.-il,
I.e.,,;s allecto;,,s. dio"-,. . ! .'..-. .:',:;
J 1,11 "u.i uise.'.--s oi ten. iiu.w
! '' ! !Vv-. or ,' ,te . ; it,,, ..... , or -11,-
j er b !' ' o" 11i.-t , ., ni. mae.v an.-rHtm p-
I riiliar to i'emalrs. ' s t,!i-! melon, irregularity,
lem ''lirra or n lutes, sterility, &;. Kx.
Ot' l''r ev idences of the great snperiorit .'
' 'f l,i.s altera 1 1 ovf,- every o''.- ; , ,,. -
.bin e d - -
1 '.Us u. . .
I and may be il -
a fiim'U',
coin, i.i. ut wouht
. as they -. isnld not
.l ran s, 'nit vvo'ihi
iiif-1'...h-ill of tbe
iso, i ny j,.,. au
; 1 1 1 t
I ne ,;.) oi' it.--j.o-ro!
lose on.- pai :....( j., tive biiml,
pe: form . . li'eel nai cure in
, t rie
pi ,'eil i.v II,,. ns,,,, mollio i-. t-, atllielit
.- . c'n.-if ; t bills as ii is f.,r chribii-eti.
S.-e ; a;,.! medical almanac.
JwNl.'s SVVVTIVK I'lil.s.
l.v.-i- coinplaiii'-. ja 'Ui 1 ids, liyspepsl.i,
iiervijjsne-s. i i'yof Hie blood, in.
l:o is. co-:.., ,. , j.aiurt in ih" Lead,
side. bick. a . limbs, female. ;i.iiM.a
..and vvbaV. .r, an iiin-rient. Uja'i've.
,t - .
lb. mtlia
or purg il ,v e i , i. .1 , ,-i : io m iy be ,.- uin.-. ; . v ., y
s,if" fu.l valuable farndy
xOy.ix'e ilirc.-'iions, ami rviuaiks 'on U-.-.-r
complaint. -
Javsk's If in. To- ic.
Ill IS Vlil'iablt! pi ci,,' a'id'i '-e;t,.s the fen!;, to
a iu-.v an I lii al'.bv .'.-i-on. r't-.,- it J'.rt;, s,-:Jr
iii.1 dan.iru.r, p, vents II, e ba,,' ;', i,i fnUii,-; olf.
.-ires .l!o-ier'.ip:r.r' (Iimus.-s u l,:oli of;
upon 'hi- head, and in a i;i.i,ori!v ,,('
l appear
cases pro
also filVri
unci's a line grow !'i of ne.v hair j it
ill.- hair a ricli, ''los.yand bi autitul a -al. d jy any is' ai to' of .i0 kind.
Jj" l or proof ; see Jayne" almanac.
Javvi.'i Av.kuii vs IIv k Dvk.
iirrai.teil. ii -i.n-lly aiu, . .;., oie- lu
the ilireet .
to chaugi-the li-i'o- i'roai JliV o'.h-
er c dj'i. to a li.-autif'ii a
black, w itb.cil s.a'nii .1
.1 V N I . s , I , ,
I'l.-'.e are a p.jotlve c i
tlie p. lis. when the di.v.
biii-ii.-or p".lccl.v
'' I ' -1 .
c 1 II I .
c ! ir fev ri and nfi.'t ;
I mi. s a '.'p si , .c ,' I v ad-
heir I In
will not fail one i uie i-i 0 'bin
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p .se is tlr. Cook's Magic Hair Oil.
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DR. Cook'S' II 1U OIL.
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