Dakota City herald. (Dakota City, Neb.) 1857-1860, February 18, 1860, Image 1

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C 1 T Y
i f. I 8 II E D
c' flj ''1 C'
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lAN'irL r.r'UUOHMN.
u...tM; IWV 'UUft Hires suuulha,
j j- Vi i -Oi t.isjtk j:u Hat Hoi si. 'Yt;;
utra of IIuf c lss, Ast Insertion f i f-i
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n.Hnar on nwnth. ' '
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i't e. a I .l ot r. ''tin V'.r, 0"
f . p i ,;:tli oolun.o, u ,
. 1,.,'f ,-'.lum.., six month. 4, 10
.1 1 1 .,i.-th i d ?s "
,v, ' n.f c.lut. t! rae months, ll w
,io f iirlh lo it" o 1 W
I 'aria, of an IttiM or 1'S. or.f jr.ar. tfl Oti
f-t-'t n trc' .III la rquir.J OH 0,1 SilTartli.
iir.,,t urn pi .b.irs asjisci.l eoutrarl bil of n Dials
I i ,n,i1ri' .
lrvesTt.t ro. Comxiuvj. n Cousmsj
r " sra tl.ii A-sms for Hit P)T In th rl..e of
I'Llis-ltiflit. J' Wilmington, D.-I , enl raltluoir
. J.
ArionNty an lojfNeixi.oii at L.vtr-
t 1! I n-lm" rtitn te l to 1,1.4 cnr will be
rnriicuUr !t,.i..n will he, ,,aM to tb, Coilc-
t .a of c'ami; aJ 'o Ileal t--t'.e, matters.
"iiMt'Wr. job cvrniFR
An .rnryt ut Law,
v C, V, IOWA
ern .
ttcn liou',1 lP(ial huaincsi inlrueted
, iiiiMr ti", n wtro lowa ona east
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7. '6,'. Jim
J'iumli'r ani Gat I'it'rr.
N'V U. ST. C1U r.I.ra ETnri.T, ST. LCfia, MO
A 'ill prumrtiy Httpud to r.!' hutinn- in his
Y liur. Hud all work extcuted with neat !
III I'fl 11 U'J U If I'd WU. Mill ILITT rkn Vint Itlivil
1 l v-. u 1 1 t rm.
III U II V WIT nit jf itn rtuj iir-n.il j u.rv,av
mil aiiofiioliou w.ln-nuted.
V-it-i ;? r-V.'. A;t-mt0 .r .VvAr.i.'.a
II -f I.I. t, T,a n, y to any Wl bn'lne. itr
ll vt V. i t! ni in of tin-Tirriioiy.
MC't' 11 r r I'.r.on, vlanllk Cltv, .N. 1'.
AuiTirt, !,' :.K
OJH1.M, m : x i r x t k a .
.:. !. i.Si.VA i litl'US
011 tirav.-M n?ft,
io-in Hon-. " O.na
'A in1.
-'ii I' :r :! r.c:!--r' .V-,',
I.AM' tPRt.tT k nr.. XI i:l.tT!!,
Ti l. -n
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otn ,.l ..lit.'.-,,,) !, i,;r,!.'i,trit-td
nr.- ii,, i v.-iirj ;,rtt atf-l:!t.ll.
oi '.,.l- into 1 ,t, , luHim or n,l ii!..r
i-iii. Mini-, r.nlln- or Irarlu,; ,.r r,.il
'"t tin hiiriuK. Mliinor M-4ii., ..f
n ! Hie ur f,.r e.i: niauin.-',)!, ,-th hp.
1 M.irrit:
!. : I .... ,
, I i.u-
..il.i' 01 le -or't. as to Oorte, ln.l( of
k"leliv I: tti oHhti.li.g of j
tcit CDi i,;- for lot. Jib wu ou
' iionds and P!?-l.'n,ji !
J, otl !kt rfening 0
It part of tb Uot.
' '!' on hhii'l a Urk- .tock of Urv n.v,1a
, luniiwr KtiU Milrnil,... th.v woul.l
r M..,-k.Hi., .-ny to (i. puiiieib.t thov j
4 r- r nil !.,!: of ,lr- .Mi., urn... tr
'i-iIh-iuk uii-mou, tor'prliht.oraue j
.'vl;r't.'"''''''"r '""'r ct""l' ,
y- o s r. v on i k pos 1 r,
oi.. I . -.tin it. .j .rr r,t rat profit, pr au-
lion .1 ., i'. on d.--.mt oT.r 90 d..
' i. to Inven hottld net fall to rati
.' ,,. .,. i' i.e . t.r nnoant ol valu.bi.
. I, -1 ,, 1- h 1 .r i.b or ou IIuj..
I',', ! vl R fi ri HO' n,'U il ju'red.
.' n M. I'l.OCi.WRLL, Prosld.ttt.
' la 1 lly, Anju.l i i, 'l) li.i .'.
A V.
. r a. I A VITY, StbHASKA,
, r'-'ii.-i ucl o.'in.tloni furprlrate&m
l"i. . n LulioiuF, nui mtrot for or uprli.Un.
.'" .""T lnfcralo w.alwi, inaatro
; TiiiKMiv jiiiJCouniellcrAt Law, Oaibha
. My. Acbiuka.
:)t"I.KHvr,t;Ar. t:.T.nK .ad 0...ral llnrfn-
4,f.. ' 1 ."'iirv riDiiG titii.
,.tarer PaiKil IrfU .
t tir ai s r vinm no rpinnn
T Im t ,.iii,i u I ..
f. nMA'''M' "MAU-i -KliUA -CJl.
v.n.l.iij .!,, t. Ul
.''J'. t Dak. ta ciiy. uo.ll ti t d v .f IViruair
nig up
"irJ"" '.'ct cf it d,f.r ti.i-rwiii . ..j s
C'.urt llou. f rutU Comuv at Itti'la I Ay.
li.li and ,o for k.II lullll.i,,' ca U
i l to. , Be of li.t u unty I'l-ra.
. r" h rrulna to s'at In tbir f.r
rn,t tim. i i,tcb tooy .III ojn pot..
tln l1 tim not to ioo.i to yr. Iru, ton
, 'i. d.y of .bru.t, A. I lnou.
-";pi! .tu f,,r ,, ..fij lo n pomiiy nrler.,
" tu . a- d li.,11.,. i. toditiiaai w nrli ti
i I: . .u j,, otatltv.
"ill , .'.i,i n..,kLd .t vhultliiol th j
- i'', , i':-iuty in aw.rl.ni,
t-rr-I Ik tlo.t t .H.1H t'-
"lid t. I0 ,ur, o,.,,'. li.rv Ui.v
. . -
o... 1
proi ipl r. tuo .iico'
a tnrD,. cf thi. ii-.i.f?- i.l i
I ' C J'.'DllvtlOs of ..11 sWVntrA.il kl.d )
, , ...
f tt.A I 'oun'v
"it li.'-n
VOI,. .
(Tr-m ths CMc.ua Ix.t.r)
Ouo uf direst ills that eao bofnll a nmn
among the thousand ill tht lWh in heir to,
is a predi.-positiou to incUnc.boly. "V h t are
tbecausesof (lii it ndrnry in eel tain Inoivi
duals, ia cf.eu a puiding qunuon lo iKii lt,
nor bug old nurtoo. with U bit cuU-i,et-
and M0dU-lit of !,,rni. olreJ ut, .11
the mjvterios of tl. sul iect. Neither b"dT
. . ...... . .
.orBiBd nnh.hW ..nT...;..l.nn,..rn.:i
id tb n.tttrr, but, c.oii atr suJ rs-icts opou
the other
Qouer!! ekinj, if you r trouhUd
Wih the Mae der. ...d cannnt.ell w hr.
TOU m,v be .eet.in h.. i. from i,Kt.
' r .
done by t,grou munculnr exercUe. The
blootl of . nicUncholy tniia is thick "J ilxw
I Dio.ing tluegihhly through Lid tiiui like
rnoJJr Wilrrs in . r.n.l tln blood of vonr
! "T .,r"n .lo.opher u 0?..r and
quick brisk as newl".b"5Sod o'iauingo
Try, therefor, to let jour Wood in notion.
To effi-et this, dou't go to gujj'ing dwa
braudy-.-.uiaho, aherry.oibblern ad giu
cocktuiie, or any of tie other juggling cm
pouuds ii which alcohol ia dUguined ( for
tvery artifl ial atioiulnnt will drug you do. n
two degrees where it lift) you up one. "The
dcril aiwaye bentg ui at barter." Try, rather,
what a aoiart walk will do f ir you, et your
peg iu tnotlnn ou rough, rocky prot!id, or
, Lurry Ihem up a eteep, crgged bill ; build n
: itouewall, :ngan aie over a pile cf hick
! orvor rock mmdc: turn a t r i t , J t , i - ll it.
' r ..,.0...
thes ; practice "grouud and lofty tumbling
pour witter ia eoivei With Dinnid?, cr with
8i,yi,hu, up th high hi a hll(?(
1 . ...
round BtDo; 1 ia
s' ort do any thing ihnt will
start the per'piratiun, and you will soon
cease to hare your "braint liue i with bbiek,"
as Curton aaya. or to rise in the uiornicg as
Cowpcr did, "Kke an infernal frog out of 1
Acheron covered with the ooiu aud niud uf
melancholy." It is faid t f DtQuiucy, that he
fancied he had A living hipoputamus, 0.'
soino bii. U horrid creature, in his Btomacb,
and the only remedy he found for this ud
aiiuilur ffVcte of opium, wai to walk with ail
hie Bright for teu miles a dny ; cr, if it rein(
t lug a pilo of stunts from one point to au
ilher. Au old jentlemao of our acqnaiutauoe, wh.j
... j ..!. 1 I
ui'iii), ie.ii us id hi 11 r eariy irai nen a eecrej
hioli hnsbeeu of ii. finite value to him, aud
(lint ia, tb:it they never ride c;i horseback.
i:.jually true ia it thai they never tiikc a tmart
wn'k, never vi-.it a yniiiasiuuituvor play
cricket er football never go tkuting or huut.
ing never split thoir uides over the tih lick
ting P"ge8 of Tom Hood, F.abrlu'-i, orC'rivnn
tea. They may saunter along villi you be.
ue ith the ro'.eiuu e'uia, or 'urough the qwiet
v 1 ;i ir the cetut'try, they will 'mi. i oiiuyou
0 ;cr of Tennyson 01 ivioti; they
.... it;, oi. l.y twilight in u loce'y rctirtd
tbaiubt r,
'Tiiri. glowlrn; -tatters M.rot;b tb. ro in
'.'neli llht to fouuUrfi.lt the glooin,
i'.r frjio all report of uiirth,
Sv lUo rittet on tlio litirth."
hut action vigorous cierci.ie society ear-
1 . -. .
t""'t Tcaolvo tho "quibs had cr:tnk and
waiitou wiles" of old Fuller, or Jtmn Ftul,
or Charlci Lumb all these are their deadly
foes, aud coiootiii.e a titgln inayic word from
' thece Autnore dispels tbe:n as the crowing of
the cock does the f-pectres of the tiigbt. But
j the grand panueea tha mttchhss (..native
I which is en infallible cure for tha diaordcr is
i cXtr!-, exercis', txerci.-e. l'latj thought
to highly of exercise that h ronounicd it A
I cure even for a wouu iel con-cieiice, and
1 l'hilipa in hi-i poein cu t b 0 spleen, Bays
"Hlog Lnt a etone the gluni dt.r."
Aa to bad weather, dou't beoou.e a alave to
it, for It will rula you like a tyrant. Th. re
is no man in pitiable at he who has a conatl
tatiou Servile to every skyey iofluenco who
is it At the u.eruy of barometrical changes,
whether l.eshall te wtetuhed or happy. It
l but the rining or f.lliug of the mercury that
dukes such a man at poor as a begit-tr, or
rich a Roth-ichiU - as valiiuit as Cnar, or
Cowardly lis FalKtatT Trent the weather as
Gol isinllb edvi-iva yen to handle the nettle.
Just ro fir A4 you ure delicate with, it will
toriieut yen ' ut.
(ir,..--., it '.Ikf. a k.j cf n. 1 1 In
Ar.J il.e i.ii' vait y.,j wpd.
Ia coiiolu .ioii, whatever jour tuiofort uHs
or trittis do uA givo up to the bluo d-,viis
do not lot di-ipiiii' 'hute jcu on t lie hip."
Are vou at the boitrm cf Fortune's wi eel !
evtrv chaniro muai be lor tho heller, and the !
beiL ibhirl iiiuit hriMki uj fha tun. Whfii
i cub,, bao. beta alway, look
Kfinoii, Ltr what Horace s)a
.,U .1 UJ.M IlllbO
1.'.., iiu. rlt.
Art y.,u cuis.d wiili a rickety coiistitution,
do j hi l k as thia ai a lutfi tout hue h't 1
a split u;i tuo c.ipe .t' r, ui.,1 a t!l-ou Willi
the pi ;st. , as To:u 11 'dnya? ,Sj inut-.b
il. beiti,
ti ill! t!,u .-"a,
rui.euibfr bow tbu muggers '
ol li.e l.ia jr to esuao. the no I
.: .1 . I... ...... .
: ' " " " t'l.l to 111. no I .
u ,. I ...... K.n I, a ..,.',.....,.... I" .1 I ..
tm. .",..' khwvw.wvvwuu. AUO.IU..kn.i(W.vv".uw ' ' I - '
. . . !
Lei it ui 4. t-tuul licarl. an J vnu in n -til: I t
. . . .
, . . - .... v Li ti I Irmn il i II I - It if . a . .... i
rhore or f jou lfti itig ou tu rck. Djq t tu-.y
h y i- tn'-e 't Htitcb In the Ai'lu, tt.it
look litt!p le tbtur l outt,i kick.
the btirket. Ion't imftine tBC'isn j-m r
ci,numptive nl jour menl tht jn bitte !
tli coniitnition, nor tfiry time tlintji u
coush, tht yon r potng to fonghj-jot.
ti 1 Vtt & ill hri th Id hllnn&thT hunlii r-
i- -j - -
rcciiiilr to those dt Drctie. rrrrn mra acK,l
r u.wl, .UUiBU,tf.ii, ,ur..
comt.Uiiiti, n I ctloue rt()B.n uf
IllPir til if rfct i a tmiuiaAnii il itrlti a lV
, " ....... -
i Uron, well ftu lauithtcr, r contgiou,
' " . " .
1 P"J a--P,r um Bor. Tei.ii.g M cm.n.
( eou coui lainls.
lie not "oer eiiui.tted to es-.t the f.Miion
oncertaiu illd," for 'de-pondency, iu uice
oaitt ia lh nvrwi'tarKt tS&t timt turn th
. , . ' , "
. ' 'L" ' "l' ' ' .
I ononet Doth at once." Uo to Mo icr ai.d
I aumorn, ana lei jour lungs crow nee cnanu-
.,,.. uni. ,,,,.,.. am.
blu- ''A bounded tuirth," aaje quaiut Keil- j eertained that the humble iudiridunl before
tham, i patent, adding time aud hapii- . him was not only a capital baker ud ge.lo
U3a to the craiied life of a u.an." There is j giit, but a Grat-rate hotauiet. "I found, ''
nothing like a goffaw to frighten the Blae I aaid the Director General of the Geographical
; I'enls, itputsthe whole crew of theta to flight
bo they fiuteiuD-blue or indigo, powder blue baker knew infinitely more of botanioal eci
or ultramarine. Betidel there ia uo rttnorso ( ence, ah, tea time more than I did ; and that
in it ; it leavee do sting, except in the tides,
and that goes off. Lastly, in the pithy Isog-
uae of Kauon, "Aold enty, Anger fretting
iuwarde, eubt'.o Aud knotty inquisitions, joji,
mid exhilerotions in exess ; sadness not turn.
uiunicated ; uncertain hopes, mirth rather than
joy; rariity of delights, rather than surfeit of
them; studies that fill Ibeniind with splendid
and illustrious objects, as hintotlos, fable,
contemplations of nature" and you be
able to ttave off the the foul flei,d of iiinlao
choly, or to exercise hira when he has
posseesed you, hotter than with all the
all the prescriptiob." of Chry ippus cr t'riL
From the barber shop rose Sir Richard
Arkwrith, the iuventor of the spinning jenny,
aud the founder of the cotton inunufncture uf
Great Britain ; Lord Teutrrden one of the
roost distinguished of Engl sh Lord Chief
Justices; and Turner, the very greatest of
landscape painters. 0 one knewj to a ccr-
I tainty what 8haksprare was; but it is uo-
qii'Mtinnahte that be sprang fro:n a rery
humble rank. The common elate of day la
borers has given us Brindley, the raginerr;
t.oos, the navigator, And Burns, tl:e povt.
Masons And brloklayora can boafl their
Ben Johuion, who worked At the bui'Jit of
Lincoln's li.n, with a trowel In his hand and
a book in his pocket ; Edward And Ttlf rd,
the engineers, Hugh Miller the Oeologi t, nud
A'.Ihu CtmniDghani, the writer And sen'ptnr ;
whilst ainoeg the names of distinguished ctr
peaters we find ltigo Jouen, the architt.ct ;
Han 'ou, the chronometer maker, John 11 ou
ter, the Fbysiulogir t, Kutiii.ey end ('pie,
painters, Trofeesor Lee, the Oi iei ti.li."t, and
John G.bson, the sculptor. E:orn the weav
er class have .prung SimpHon, the niuthoiunt
lciati, B.tcon the eoulptor, the two Milners,
A lum Walker, John Foster, ft'iUon, the Or
nithologist, Dr. Livingston, the missionary
traveler, and Tannshill, the p et. Shoemak
ers have giveu us Sturgeon, thejelectrician, j
SauiurlDrew, the. essayist, Gilford, 1 he ed
itor of the Quarterly Review, Hiouiulkld, the
-nl bii William r.rpt II, m miH.iotiarv.
yov., - - j
whilst Morrison, another laborious tniaeionary, I
was a maker of kboe lants. Wilhiu the lat,t I
year, a profound naturalist has been discov-
ered at Banff, named Thomas Kdwards, who
while maintaining himself by his trad, has 1
devoted hi. leisure to natural science in ull !
iu brsncbes, his researches in connection will. ;
the smaller cru.tactos having been rewarded
bv the difooverv of A nw ei.ecice to which the
iiAtue ef Traniie Edcurdnii bus been given hy
Nor have the tailors been altogether tmuii
tioguished, Jackson tha painter having wait
ed At that trado until he reached manhood.
But wha: is, perhaps, more remarkable, one
cf the gr.IIantest f British seamen, Admiral
Hobson, who broke the boom at Tigo, iu 170'.',
oritr-n. 11. Vi.l .iivvd to t Li l . callinc. He was
..,L.io. .',il,'. .....routine near B.in-
j ehuroh, in the Isle of Wight, whea the news
I flew through the village that a sqiudron of
men of war weie sailing off the inland lie
sprang from the nhop bard and ru do.n to
the b,uh with hUeomrude. to gaze upon the
I r.lorious .sight. The tailor boy was suddeuly
I ii.rWnied with the ambition to be a sailor,
a.'i,.-,n into .boat, ro.ed off to the
.,,.,lro .Allied lha .dmiral' al.l. and was
accepted as a voluutecr. Years alter he re
"'' "J "ls u,ll",, '".
d'0""1 ulf 1 oou ui W the cettage where
Le worked as k,n upprcutioe. Car 'inul W ,i
'iy, Di-Foe, Akensidn, a d Kuk White i
the w.i'.j of butchers ; l'.uaya'i wua a linker,
And Joseph LancuUr a bakNuiker.- -Among
lb gre; n .iiios identifle i with the
, sreimi engine are I. -o or ? 'e ,n.e, tv ,ii l!
' '"phenson, thtii. a blacksmith, the h.coi.d
n isei' of n. iihoinalo ul ii.bli umrats i n J tbe
, tun i au engiue tirtutan. Dr. Ilutt ,u, the
geologist and reaitk, tbo Utlier of wool
in( laviurf, were coul miners. DjdMry mi 4
. . . A . f. r. .. II ..H... I .
loo. .ov. ....w - - -
. w . .... , .... . o.An .hhiii.ii H i
....... ... .. .
lo-i ken', v Miwl mi n u'
:u ooy licrscnel
r.m VM.I Him .Iii.s in Ill llaTV . lllill I liMlil
, J .
u,-u j riol r, h . 1 .r 1 u n i Liiefi Ine
njumr add mxi,"
MirWI Fnr,:j, lh 101, uf ur ll..ck
tmith, in rrtj li.pprcntirf ,1 lo bik
hin.lrr, n l wcrlc l t lh, trJ until In
r itrb l ln lwmv roonj jour i h now vcru-
'tt tre -rr ttrt ri k lilutCihr, rxo-l
ltnrA.l.;,.,u.,. C. It l n..M
- - r ... ,,, u.. u,ri:; u.tj, ii
(So n r . . ),. .1 ir,
v hi Him nniruK p,,irm in umur u iiotouc.
Nut l,.nj g,i Sir K.Unok MurrUinon tllteo?-
. Tk,. I.
v 4Uu,. , u.-ru. , . . UJ ot-ot-
ltnJ, irnfoun, . toloiri).l In t'.ie reriion of
..-,,........, ...... rrri.
MK.r tta.r, .mH Robert V,. When
Bir KoJeriok called u.ou him at the bake-
house, in whiuh belaked ao l tarned hU
! bred, Dick deliu.ated to him b itiMna of
Htaur ti am lv.-,..! il... nn.u.,t.;.. I .
B.v4,. ......
P-M.. of bu 0.tl,? Coun-
try, pointing out the Imperfeotiuiia ia th.
nat cling oTer ttie country in li; leimre
n ... . ... r. . .... .
' Society, "to my great humiliation, th.tt lb ia
I there were only some tweuty or thirty rpec!
meot of flowers which ha had not collected.
Some ho had purchased, but the greater por
tion he had Acoumlated by hie Industry ia bis
cattee eouuty ef Caithnesa, and the specimens
were a' I arranged la the moit beautiful order.
with their sciealiflo
unnifs eOied." S--K
Lola Moutri, iu a late lecture on farhion,
said :
"The history of fashion would show tSat
Hiitan has had the department iu 'er his pe -euliar
charge fir alleges, l'ottr the G,eat
was foolish enough to believe th.tt the tailor
wa ttA norMiin .t.A liuil fdHlilon. ill oh.rcrA
. !
aud woudered that the nobility of Kugluud 1
could permit the tailor to change the out of
their ooats so often. Applaus IShe next
referred to the point laoe worn to shoes iu
France, the goldon chains which were worn
to shoes in Kuglnn l, and the gold rings which
were Woiu iu uieu's iiuses. tilio taw nothing
ridiculoii-i iu that, 00 more than a women to
wear a gold ling in Lor ear, and indeed she
believi-d the old hu-bands weulj be more
manageable if they had l iugs is their noses.
Crrat Aj plnusi j Indeed, this habit, if in
W i lli, woi,;.i he more cleanly and proper
' than the iru-ta. he and heard movement. Ap-
pl.i-.p,il ii.ughlrr j The quill', d shot-M o(
the l.irl if Ai'j iu, .hich wii j voru ( 'i aa
conit of the disease of th feet, were re ten u 1
to a Ltv'rg become faibiouaUr. lsubcllu,
in the liiiicof the Dao J' Albert, towed never
to cli inge her linen during the rlugo of ber
nuiirt pl.ieo, oonfrqueiitly she wore it three
yvsri, aheu it bedng thus ihanged from white
to yellow, the latter color became the fashion,
aud it is greatly feared thut Ihe color is worn
by niur.y even to this day. Applause The
various inventions to ooDceal deformity which
were, u-ed by many, and caused them to be
come fakhiout were commented upon. The
stiff white cravat now used so much, eveu
by clergymen, was lnven'ed by Beau I! 1 um-
I null, lit 11 he got into disgrace, an i on leav
ing England ho generously lefi the fan hi on to
his country, and wrote theee emphatic
" S trrh ui.lrl tba man.''
Lmghter and applauso. But men were as
l''l, rt-gard.id fashion, as the woman. The
:S" VuU,Ku, rame into fa-hi.-.. when the
Mil. bonnet did. and the fotmer were the
most ridiculous. Why, it was laughable to
' gonrcmen Ko.ng u,m,,u .... .t.vu.. w..u
-'K-' "'r"ili
tu ihrir ciunaed and deformed
leg. rtanghlrr and IliO Ii.dii's llun laughed
at tin- men for ihus adorning their pipe -items.
Jijreat laughter Hums mm of fine propor
tions got those punttloons to set of his shape,
and thru o hers folluwtd him, whelher they
bi.d h'gs or not, and so it br' sine the fatdi'sun.
Apploo-ie and 1.iI.ii. Iho leiiorer neit
rrfcrred to ihft 1'i.ahioa of politics, and quoted
the celi braUl Vicar of Bray, who, when tax-
e i with being A turn rest, replied, ' Not lo
-I a! way a : tick to my principles, which are
in liv end din Vinr of Btay." Uugl.tor.
tidinliT.g Ihe sterner kex foi
Mowing fV..i..n, el.e v.ak free to s.y thut
there wa n.-.ugh to bo laughed at amoi.g h i
own the spoke of m.uy ladies of Koine.
one of v. ho.,, F.boU, .as !ra.d logout in
the rain for fear of the chalk, and Lobelia in
H for leaf o' li.e rung..
r.veri ti e c"l-
el, rated wife of Nero ba I her f..ce so fifd uj
as lochange her feutuie". W beo Quern Fl'i-
i,lelh died ehe lcftb.uind r.o lesstban Ihiee
tin uauJ lire? ..-s. and at time, instead of heiog
pivrii o,,iy or put aa.y in boxes, tbey were
hung sgainxl the wall until ttey wire mctb
enl n Ladles, ton, who had bnauliful dark
ha.r of tLeir own, wore fa'.ie red hnir, in order
t , t ,re 1 ck-. like the i. J i.vadi d guecu.
The hoops, tin, .f tint day, were la gef
tliu at present, for in lTl'iladiea wnre l.o. p.
a.itrea it seveulei n I'oet wide at iho boi'i m
and i.tai y ha wile at 'l.e t ... wbi- h iu ih'e
e) . is would hve tilled an on.: .bus to s'.flo
... .: ,.l I . 4 i -i-n r ri.tobllOJ aS the;
.1 .. .. , I ,, m I. rfr-h... t ,1. V (I. PL OU::llt lo he thklllt
ill . ..... r
...... ...... .. ..... I. .
fn! f.,r Ting mil reiitna,g roo... i,j .mo- mni"i
aw l i. f -i s V fl la V T la at t-Il f .liUof 'l M'JIU ! I jBI I
. . . . I. i. - I
u1 w .rr-M't lur, hi- i 4BOiij cftiftw
NO. 2S
for it m. rr lutior lo r kvi .!
h it mhii or t'Rht MrchJ ptlW, M
thry h , former1;. !,t. rriiy or..iir.i
Ir quPHt n,!K b tfn,lrril vfnliel " PJ
of lYttiionu " ilirt Uunhtor 1
II ii i - . ..i
uinret riuiuin i r omr Muting
fnai . . . . .. . .
out mvi l eHutifa' lt bor rrn
! mihil tk.t nl.r , nu .1 fmot-i 'It. ,M
. m
n KM lt.n,u (..hM u UimcL.
...,, .r in , lfy 0llM ,,,7 ma-rw,,
dml. hv m I I., ).,. .i.i
n.rn ho hJ feet like tha l.ureM. Tl.ae,
n,a'l fett t ame lt:to fabhion, ond, iudc..!, mew
who do not lire quite ,0 fr iff a China,
wight wish kuoh a out,.m prellftd here, and
it.. i . ...
, ru.e B,.gn, n,k .h WPJ. pema,..
th. Udie, would lik. t, ba, th. f .,lru.r.
eiei the way ii ti.r. 1
I KI'TII or MAUallA.
tb Hium' C.trulU C, rtnf n,l.nr )
Did any of our rer Iris ever hoar of the
Oairsoppa Kulls, near Honor! Ifnottliry
will probably read a ileacrlption whiob hat
juat appeared with some pleasure. Il Is eur
i'iui that a Till six time the depth of Niaj am
rlionld remiiln ulim t uLknown, Kroin the
village of (laii soppa, reached by the river of
the Mime name, the writer was carried for
twelve tulles op the Mallmoneh Tass, aal
raaohed the Falls Dungalow about three
aud a half hours a'ler leering the top of the
An amphitheatre of woods, and a river,
about tvo huudred yards iiidn, rushing ana
boiling to a . ertaiu point, where it is lost iu
a pmpptUHl t ? -1, and in au unotaaing and
Icafvning mar, must first be Imagined
Leaving tlio bungalow ou the Madras side of
tin' livsr. and deci'iiding to a position below
till. t'.VMr l.f,l o,l U mtrnu n ,, a r u .
. ,, ,. , ,: .
rullyaiiilteilioiii.lv over slmrerv roeks. uniil
vou reach a Doint. where a rock about twice
the f a uim.s body juls out over a preo
ipice. Itn-iing flu upon this rock, and
J lookii g ever it, you ere directly before you
two out of th f ur principal falls, these two
ars called the UruatFall" an I "the Korkei."
The oue oontalni A large body of water, the
main body of the river, perhaps fifty yard)
aoross, whiuh falls massively und appa.enfly
sluggishly iuto the chasm below, and 'I,,
other coutaius a small body of Walir, which
shoots out In rurcueMve eprays over 111c
ceksive points efroik, till it tails tiitj the same
cliasm. Thii chasm is at leat nine hiiinired
f"i-t In Jrj.th, six times tho depth of th.) Ni.i-t'liM-
F ill', hich ii utiout one hii'uli cd noil
li:"! v f. 1 1, und prrbi.ps u r;'iui t.'i' to a liulf
mile i:i w'.Jih.
These are the two t.m l. '.i.i to ou v..m'i ,I
Then move a little below yourfiut p. mti; u,
and you will observe, first a turbid boiling
bjdy of water of greater volume t'n.n the
Rocket Fall, ruuniug aud otoaming down ir to
the eame chasm this is the thud full, the
"Roarer," and then earn lug your eyo a little
further down yon will . bs rve am th -r fi.ll.
Ihe loveliest, softest, aud most graoe'iil cf ail ;
being a Lmad expnnse of simile ti wttr r, f.il!-
I ing like transparent silver lui-e over i nmoolh
suiface f polished rock iuto this st'.io
oliuini, this ia ' La Daiuu Itlari"be," und the
White Lady of Avruel niutd n .l have hie-i
moregraref.r ind i thei i ul. l'.i.i do not co.i
fire yo irailf to any ona plure in oidor In vie
theso fulls. H.ra utile every wh-re y u csf
and get as many v rtrs n:i tou con n .
and you will be unable to Jci !e i,; u wi. i
Is tho most beautiful. And dj you war. t to
have A fuiiit idea ol the depth nftha chasm
into which the furious wateri full Take
out jour wat. h nud drop as large A piece of
rook as you cun bold from your viewing p!a:s
it will be tcveral secun Is before you even lose
sight of the peice of ruck, and li en even it
will not have reached the water at Ih.f ot of
the chiia.ii, it will only have been lost to hu
man night, or watch the blue pigeons, whuel
ing und circling iu and out the Gieut Full
wiiblii the rnaiiin, and looking like tps.i rt ru
in silo in tho depths beneath )oti. Lot you
tuvo yi t oi.ly teen one, sud that rot pi rl.u
the lovolieet And at bast not Ihe in at cun-prelieii-ive
view of ihu falls. Vou u.U't f ro
ceed two miles tip ihe ri ver itbove tin lalls and
cross over at a ferry, wbeie tlie.a'er. nn
still smooth ai glai-a a .dslogih u i, Hot
binder, ari l proceed to Iho My.-orc side f ihe
fails, walking fiist to a point wl. ri J ul mil
see tl.tm at A glance and tlirn di-t-cendiiig a
iiisr as you tan to the foot o these, to V.
dier.i'l.r 1 by th. spay, 'leagued by ihe t.ot e
and awe atiuek l y ll e t,rod.ui ot the t t f,
And by tho viab,e ptescne of tho Oi ea.r.-f
it, in the errpetual lauil ow of xr: y arid
biilliant li'"" which spans tbo fit of il.o
The Diuoratio Sial C'onve'H i m of Keo
lacky have expreased iheir pr. f iooo i lor
Mr (iiiihrie, of their own Hiatts. us ihe u ,
di.liie for l'r-ident
Tln'iiiai. Babl Ington Ma mile). i.n'i.'
neal Lnglii h hieton .:. und ei.hu . , 'silrad.
1 ha uuuilier of dul l found u I. i.:., e
Miss., was Vrl; 'ba loi.-a o whi ur
all H-ad a' oo n.l to D 7 ; I he e or e ..onnlil
to '.r.l ; fc" ,rg',ty tl jiiied to lU'J Toll;!
killed Jiii'i ; won', led 'UK
fn II i 1 t in !' Kr ii. tiiiuks toil t .e
wera from fifty te eta' v p- of.'e fn i tu ,. .tu
within the hiam ef fet ii d .ring ihs Ut ! I
at fn ti. ... . , .i f.l. ...... ... d
W CHIIITll . l I 11 );, .TV Hurt 1 i I 1 HOIB UI1UL
the iiifi Av-n sh of U ir wha frMtu. Tli ri j
is. ism.
Til R UltKIT Kl Ir-1
The to'1 fcl'p.sof the nn 'aV p'sca
rtath. IPih of Joty west t. lioV1 forrsr! ti
with groat o'-el 1 . , 1
Tlie D i. i i' : h' " 'i ,) . ' i ' ; " t
h t -t t. . n .rk .1 .1 f
S hi ,-!, , . j . ; ' v. V -
Vi mis, Mr- . .I . . .! , 1 ii , n t. '
apptar la the vicinity , i". I "a-, a
A kind uf rl.omhoidal fi ver.'. . ...(. :WA
of end!. etirjrd.iity i.r.ty tlial many eta
turlel w,.l .lap.. ba',.. it repjiiiion
I 'ark as sn w(d onTmenot uj te u,luH'0 '
Und. th l'i il'.ttoa b t'i I'a I hmI snj 4a
Lutes ui' tr. rl.- if.-A th-tr.
ir.ni. p.tn:t this agilw . wi'l vin'Ul ! t
Niri'i Au.o,',. ... fr,,j. .bat., .' ; '.V.1
'', w ajrrf4, f. Ati
: ' r
g tit
ni( litii t.n i.s hi that u-iu't-y ; ,.!., Hi.
,ii'i.il, l ..t tudtfr, 1' t v Vitoria, fvrgO',
laii.p.lu,i, S:.rsg.-,a a. i, V :. Ia. The
I ne of totnliiy will t!i, ii o i i ilis Mc i.ter-ri-nssn
ai.tittsr Afiira, pa-wing aoruas Al
I'i.rs, Bi an, T t r, Socinn, Jel,b, U,idduM
and Moms ik. Thus u'lSo m'.i ttdsiem rka
b'e eolip-e wilt not bs total Ii any part t.f
Uriat Bilian, il will be .o ia a lar. porli.m
of p.in aud accesva'.le portiom of Afrl .a
n t A co re pundnt of the Cincinnati Oaseue,
dating fiam the UbiwrvatAry I:i that olty, has
ralrulate l the plaoes of the four planet, for
Wa.hiiigtt.il, near noon uf that day, ami ys,
wv havo a traJiilon In Chlne-e history that,
dirlng thoraign of Chwenl, all the planet
wero iu onnjuuciiun ; and M. Billly, in his
"Tl.tite del' Aklronomin ludlenne," Las told
ulhat Jup'irr, Saturn, ol ars and Mercury
were seen In conjunction assort t'.!r after
sunrrt on the -B:b of FebrUity, 419,1.. C.
Ihis fri.ta vtry remarkable phrnnmpnoii, ..ud
one of ao murh Intcrtst to tha ancients, that
the Chln"S made It the bwis of their calcula
tion. The Approaching phenomenon ii oneofnn
less Interest though It ay be of no practical
tlllty. Indeed, there should be A greater In
tereat atluch.id to it from the faot that It will
never Again be repeated, we say uever, be causa
it is ex rernely probable that ioni millions of
years will elapse before these bodies will again
occupy the s in e relative positions The eon
will bo eclipsed here at seven o'clook on ine
morning of July lBih; a little mote thau one
hnlfof its dlio being covered by th moon's
shadow. At the the time of to'ality, Vetue
will be seen about five dogree south of the
sun, Jupiter eili' degrees of him, and Nir
cuiy and Saturu at di'tsnce nf twenty sis
und thirty degrees eut Tln'e tour planets
will form a rhomboid, thsnnlrs ut Veuu
und flalurn being nearly equal I't I'm
benefit of ihosn ho am interested oi tVt
suhji'ut, tha following ilutu are given s...!i
which they ran r -a lily c m Imct tho C
nre. Dinl'.tiee From Veuns U rviercury, 2 ",
MiTC'ry to o..tuiu, C; fiktuin to Jupiur
JJ-", Jupiter to V.lus, 10.
Atig'i , At Vet, u, 8ii at Merotiry,
ICi'', ut 8..U111, CS5; am! at Jupiter,
M here the eel. pie Is tita!, these p!u:.i 1
Viil prestut a sp'.ctJid appeuiai.ee, b. iuj; en
near togsther tliut l'.."y o .u be lukeniri 1. 1 a
gli.noe, aud the geou,.'l.Kiil Hu'eseeu as
tli .ugli il were i'l rei.'.ity ij.arki.l ot in the
heavens. Mutuun .", ,o ..'
Nxw V"i: January 10.
I he Tribune's Washington oor: espouJeio o
suys; A number or ua nng wrmoeratic poi n-
oiai,a are bere wiih refcience to the que.i n
of the admission of Kansas. H iutbern Bi. -
tot propose altering the ',
lei, boundai f,
.a ' 1 mgllu t
itliich is on the 26th ,.i-
West from Wuhing o
Constit'iti.'ii 'xti n i ,
R.ickv M.i '
el ,1 n ul .1 i '. - .
Legirl..t'11'i', ui i i
for tho r-'i note- t n
stated, and oti I n.
ihu innUi iicn I ! ,11, I--ent
SI r.li- ,1.
IU ti ii M.j-.r.
ir ten in-ill..
in i
.lo.n.i Lluu! to i.
. . : u'ie u'tnui tLe ;
.. I rl, rtl
, i', e-t
Itl'g 1. 1 li.
! ; oi ,,. r
:..r.. 1.
I' . u
J...1.J.I! n i ' t Cf -. t; I
(tu ii iiuii. i . ..t t:.
by it-.' i'.. i l j! A. '
u it o .'. i-.i'iy , ! en , I ,
IJ-'U mill!., WI U ! : ,
tl!ll J lJ I '
ui le,, i l.u, : -Now
Vol k us i
Ihe ro I . ;
h... ftv. ,
I .l,.; 1. 1 1
of II, ,'t.l
1.I.U4 Ht to.
Tni'V i.ri' in ui. it l..jtu , u..
samr tin e
Thoss oontraetoi have ... . a- .
on tu. whole route, and only need org,. ,
lion to'iimiaeoce Mrvin'S
an.I .pl ms iww Uau4 of jcli BumUr
i, r i Smm ittiuibiy lft!u.
Lii ur(ni n wbH-D '.he h'
tti fci lire- lurilt y i .1 ri ' '
li t p i ' , 1 i r . ' '
lea- U '1 ill '.' . ll 1 i
HiJ - U' l ii- tr I1 I il . ,
It'H.ti "C t i UeV'M Ikl-OI'lt '" tg
U s cm.try t vt b iu n 1'
r l r its vtkUi, -i.u t - ' r'
Of tllsl saAksS.UIt.
bv cr la. kijti lnUirl. c ..-lt u- u t. '-i . '
Uist't riitU ttiuc piswi hi llisT.i t..ru'-i f'iA I :
l-Allirtkl hllKt t(i-V t I I '.i. "u i'l C-' '
pr l'-ifel m I'.iTti ell feiitlvH I i U .
I'Mti f vr I-'- re In u t ffci.il ni
Auitrtr n 'et. tiuif piitk: . niM.n u. r u ' '
fi.r lb ! izskAtt.t tkvw liuuiiMiraKl Mi n.ot1ti r
Duuurtuaf lUi of cmi(rH utores Iwii . f tStU
; tArt'i-it i ut.l hm tltuat! l tiiair In
, uitriia laiisoi- Ihta by th tiajutv (h - -
Ti r unr4 fji t $ ! yr t,u- li
I i
; I?
if-" u.