Dakota City herald. (Dakota City, Neb.) 1857-1860, November 12, 1859, Image 2

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D V.-LAr'HL'5. H if
twtr IUri. !TrlJUll,
OArlal Vol of !
t'tabrjo, 1 i
UVj, 3 -
Ttrrxi&rril T 4o'ir
Turittnal Cfu.'ttr.
C'i)r". ' majjriy 3V), fynsj'i 47J,
Jordan's 1C34. Luce's 8 -'. Harvey's 667.
Dtetrlst Ct-art.
Tbe Third Jo ticitl Diiriel C'-'urt ccBmeoe
tl It setflrn on Mcnlny U.t the 7th lot.,
Jui;e Wsksly prn.idine;. C. S District Att y
Of n'l D-wen. tn 1 Dsp'ty C. 3. Marshal, Cpt.
1'sga, were la attendance Littiict Ally
l-.ar,. was also f r-fi. There was to-iere-
full docket must cf whieh wer eivll ee
Lom. Jit;. Wikely'e charge to tb U. S Grand
Jsrors, vrej ft roaster tfiVrt in legal wny
n mtnn -r w.s onjl rrefu', and uooci"e ;
V.:s 1 1- oJd'i-.f - exjUolt sc.1 prof-uod
l M !!-.:!: I .t 1 l by t! I, T:tU tbs deeptst
Joshua n. Glddlng
Ths only politic! repeal we tvae fur this
man, is lbs manliness Rod ability with which
's advocates hU politics! views both In and
cm of Congress When "Old Brown" i
ayks 1 n quaation at Harpers Perry ia refers nee
t9 lbs ootineetlna of Qiddlnge with the nuove
metit, he deoliucd aatwerlng It. Qlddings
wS.) td ia Philadtlpbla at the lime bee em
b'urmrd and considering all thing, concluded
it would he. politic to deny any previous
knowledge f the eeasplrmey, and accordingly
did to. He found hlinself in COt an enviable
situation, aol toads ao explanation whloh
was decidedly worso for him than Browns ra.
fatal toaanwerthe questions that were put
to him. (lidding In hii Philadelphia tifl
natlnn det admit that he esvited Prawn to
Jtfftrsen, thatb did listen to one cf Brcwu'k
Ire turn ; that ho did hava Brown to go homo,
with him where b enjoyed Gi.UlmK Uocpltikl
Ities, and that ho replenished Itron oc.fi. rn
wbilo tUoro. In tiiii mait.T Uiddingo hki
vado tho tri'.t;r 3ra than it oilitrn.u
Dold bato pOHiibln been, by ud -avoriug to
tstrioato bin lf from thn pnplrl(n bib
Urown riiiil ta aoar a qtivit.on gara
tic to.
tglm Wf. IVitroy, tb Invoutur of tho utw
broonhloadiog percuidiun eaunoa,h at length
aoealdf. HeUreidy to aonvort an ordiniwy
metal or oant irn gun luto a brecli-4vu lor,
which khall throw from 10 to SO toln pr
rnioata a dUtanoo of at luaM ttins ra lm
(ho barrtt bing been rinu1y rifled
ThefT'drnco elicited In t hi Harper Frrrj
!i wi that it wae intendiug to Kprln
toe i.i4urre:ion aouio uioiiths nine. Ttio K.
Y. HtaUi mates that for lM if alou the lend
or of tho Republican party, Seward aud
Groely, left tho eountry, oo ae not to to iu at
tho death; tho former going to Eurrpo and
iaa Ur to California. This may bo a dear
feaolaiion to Bonnett but A will f.il to im
pri3 it eo the pabllo u.iat . ' g Wv
think Peward and Orof';, tabrtd
tn be riiixed up in ti,l--. r, u'.ib'Ub
Ohooidor it tho natural ru.t f the furniere
'lrrrr5S!b! Mrfiiot " dlriuo
TTi.ina later ooamenood yenerdar in
thio looailty. It eoowod, blowud, aud frote
all aud waa as eold a an loajr
Wa aro lufermed that Hi) tnilee aboe hire
5y Hi s?si :s:;rusj vJanojj
me pant
Tbero will bo a apiriied eoc'.o.t ia tho
nlt logleUturo of ihi eiato for the S.oalor
chip, mad vacant by the diath of Brudi riik.
Tatro aro direr rumort afloat with rvepcot
t tbo intuotioa of Got. Keller, la regard
to anopfolot. e la fljverr.or is a caudid
a fer h n J ihooM ke appnint any
cue to t'.l tie p slt cn on'il the legieiator
tha'.l cuke a ch.)l(e, nih appoint may
proro a fori: ib! cnjupsiiicr. It U therefuro
eoufld.it!y of j eiured I j eoiue who pride
ibmnliM tn amg poatad, that thinye will
rowiaia ae Itey aro until tho Wg'ulatui e take
tho tuat'er op fur coKaldratiun.
!1 luiioi -Partiee not hnving the fear of
t'.c U bstor It. eir e, stalked in or walk-
i iuto th court room, on Monday last, and
rei'ttid tt.e eUik'a labl of a quantity if
.si -' j-'y, bleb had been furatslod by th
r-tthi, Capt. Pago. To aeoiJ dctaclion
wo adf, .hem not to bring th pilfered arti
taok: butiftbtir oooiclt-nc revolt at tbo
aomniittai of what taey ko ion, they eta
jail drpoit It at tho Umli effl;e aula)
i(st u; Wil b asked,
5ir Ptcr V.nt B Jari A P.jech e aew
F'ur mill will bo rady tut wetk to do all
k-nle vf mi!!!a. Cor, Buc'kt aul
Vi Lett wi'.t be groucJ in tie rat,?,
Cfl. Draws.
TM n tn h ft o lil.-d in V,-g:E!a, ea
t) e tk' 1 1 m'u'rco'. ii.n, aoimjrier, end
h.ie tffn f ond guilty, and lecocrcd to bo
kui.g n Fridj tie U d.y rf Di nibff rf t
T!.ri-us!."Ut 'he tr!ajl' w the "awe intr-
! J oneeneJ Fu'wi tlet he w Itfy-e. He
ue 1 iif j'iat.3iioi) f. hir c lui't ih'.t
t t?-.rf 1 r ruu to ih tritl, t a ; tl.it he
J s wull i-h to bf d..bS by. He
i,. ' .e o Jt. ; i !ir?d th r'nrt in tiie iaui libt
he (i d t):e wliite man. r J fi It it tn be ti
Jj f t- - iat t ui tj caiu bi frcd ni He
had t .it :go, !::! a 'inire, to ci ifitnit
BurJrr as I t. c:eate an jr.etirroo'i.-n. tutke
fcosi it bf:enry to d j tb-r iu crjr tu aa
co.i (.liih Lie t:ew.
E'fry Jay tier Le fiuig ibe trp Laj
brcabt f.nh new dff mtnt- ai.i w-.rg that
lit mixruul n n: t oi.ij niie t rJ tut
r:i:.;J.v.'.e and LaJ thing be n ti;:j: J at
p!-ti a&l DnjfcJfcat tb: would bat
ttfn a taft deul if trou in Ll J
llrcwa tu honeat la o- cTiciioti il n fr
ttrr. Ii: $;afttj fer ta ilaia v
Sl.uite ; tbere wan romrik tilac'br.p : y
ab-'it Lira la that rerict lie hal botcu-
1 i
lui cf cut"it uce to ei! a ntgrc from hi
master in Tirgiuia or Miuu4 wurlh 1,000
or 14,000 dolUri rou ln-i (5 U Cai.aJa aud
thtro giro him !-t-r! to .'arte cr frisie to
In thii matter the " cci.S'.ct " doctrin wto
carried out. Brown only practiced what Sew
ard preacbf d. We ean not go aa far as come
of our c ''Uteroporarie who fatten tho Mutuu
on tho Republican pe.tty; wo cu'y fatten it
in that crcr i.
riatrlel Attrar
tUl wo giro tlie cQiial Toteof this Clt
tiiet for Attcrtify which ehowo that Doaae
La ICS majorhy ever Uaaoa, and 126 or
Coo w. itxe. SU
Cm. W. IImcs, 554
J. 8. Warner, IM
(i. A. Maaon, 43
O. W. Maaon, 4
Geo. T. Maton, frO
Jesso 8. Warner, 8
O. A. Waracr, 3
Wm. Warner, 1
Chapman lo eleotcd District Attorney In
tho irnt District orer Ilitcboock by nearly 2
fttu w l'-n from L. C. Veiti E"., that
ho haa repaired a priaie letter from M'W
York dated Ootoher 'i'ttj ticb f.iv." a-j "i""
Count of another futrf il I . ; . : 't i n
niht Tho MOHmb'iat New M'prld nn k
She hud 6' 0 paa Urr nn boatd n Ihi (ir pur
of whim we it evrd hj it.. tiiupl H'Ni'ance
ofauniher ateauilioijt
g-"The Ooeernnr t i ipoinio I Tri'.ra lay
the k4 iuatant a a day of Thanksgiving and
Trajer. v
Sty A terrible aoi'idi nt ocnired on the
O hkonh and Watrrtown Rallr.i.i1, M .scunfin,
oo the 1st initaui, by nn ox juiiipiug ou the
track Thirteen person were killad and
tweut Ere wounded.
Oil I Ah I IpUoed I
lui!y lias picn JjlstMhioim notice, that he
will oontP t hi election. Daily munt onainly
be atark staring mad and it w iuld I e el tor
those who have charge rfr the t.un to cr iMri
Mai clone!; or he nmj t r U e. Tberr
i nearly a column of ri.-t- -t ' u ih. I
lieau eigued by liiiu j . r t ' . i . i ,
In Kc Joka't nuirh, K kuX lew, ca th K:h f
U.tmoilli k W. IIuash, of DKtur, Sl,,bra,
MMIu Knar U Hi.i.iow,if Moaoiifi, ludiua.
it will he seen by t lie aioe, iliat uur uble
DsTiot Attorney htut atairieit !.i.a a wifs.
W it!i him and l.i lady nil the Joys tbis
vilUin us world unu aitiird, au 1 with the Mi
lesian, Wa pray
Mav Ueten ahto care tl,m,
May Fortime iierar ii.itr'-' them.
Miy thunipin.if chil Iren lilets toOia;
A"'! plenty cf that same.
WOeD. W again oaruentl . , heserbingly,
hioringly, and tearfully imp.irtune some
body and everybody ta bring ue a b'd of
wood, immediately. Tho pilo frnm whieh wo
have been extruding what we hettiifr,
usedod, is growing hopelessly small, in csn
aefuenea of tbo united efforts of sundry, Iu
eo'veni eharacter to make the wood go farth
er, than the owner had any deiiio it should.
Thi " institution " will fierio op or, vulgar
ly, dry up," if wood good wood toe, is
riot epoadily forthcoming.
J.r.'.' i.'i tf I ' Iluln jU4i i!jrvj th$ ve,-,
en 'iJ SMuriLty Morninj, .Vi. 13.
SxlnrJ y P. J Winstoa, wife and sister,
rai P. ?-bullard, do; Ik flower, De
troit. .Vjrfio W. W . Marsh. Legaa ; B. Batea,
Home ; Geo. fiowen, Omaha ; A. E. Patrick,
do ; Joo T.ffa, Omadi ; R. T. Beall, Do Soto
II. Qjurlm, do ; L. J. Kennard, do ; Joha
Howard, Cs county ; James Preston.
Jfuajy ("apt Page Omaha; 8. P. Yo
maa, 81001 City; il, C. Buoa, do; J. K
Conk, do ; Joha Currisr, do ; P. lobb, do ,
W, L Joy, do 0. D Martin, Covington ; R.
IU litkpstrick. do Chae. Kent, do ; P. O.
f'.1r. trw'rj Or . W fTat ail
IJJarrifl). j
.;a HJffUKII I,. lwJieLUM-,wr.''U'lt . J"L" " 1
Lady. Dffatsr; (I C. Brom, do j 8 T.
Lecmicf. do j J. P. Hilca, do; Ch,
Pati, I'e ftotc Teti'' Marctlla. do L.
Tn ker. do ; J ha Ttfe. Ccadi ; i H Hal
leek, do ; E. K Nab. da ; W. p. lUnifori.
Ft CaibooaSs B. H. Clark, di ; Jm. S. Q.b
fn, Tikama ; 0. C Cloee. do ; J. R. Hy ie
til ; J L Warmer. L gan.
Tanlsy, L. C. Sacborn, Sioui Ci'T ; 8.
T DaTif, do; O C Trralway, do; C. D.
klartin, Coirgi(.n ; Win. Trip, do; E. 0.
Ltn.pr n. Onail ; Judge Tffe. do; fier. J.
T Tracy. St Jchn'a; P. Bhh, Pios City ;
R B Kirkpa'rick. Corington.
VtJr.ulay 8 P Tfcrnen, Siooi Cily, W.
Tr'pp, do ; CD Martin, CoTington ; A'ei.
lacCoitnoy. do ; J. T Or.ffey, do; B. B.
K'ikpatrick, do; Joo. Taffe, Omadi ; Iter.
J F 'iracy, 8t. . la'i.
ThurtJofC. I). Idtrtin, Cot iotoo ; B. B
f. rkpatrick. do ; Alii MoCartacy, do ; I.
TaSi', Ou.adi; Vi in. L Joy, SioucCity; W
O lliiid-ou. da ; Jno. 0 Cloppor, NT:
Caf t. UK'tt, Indian Rreertatioa ; J. Sf. Pe-ttr-en,
Decatur ; T 8chle?einger, do.
fJiVi T. Phelly, .obrrah ; Join
l.'urrir. f.ut C'i:y ; C. D. Martin, Cor-i
Wraad Jarer
G C. rtarrcm.
M. T. I.eoniirg
Je-e t'ic!,
R Hr.fo
H Clark.
T C'llier,
Henry Quarlea,
P- O, Cooper,
,t E. W i eon,
Luoy Tucker,
f'tfler Marueilue,
W. P. Ran-fird,
C p Martin.
R B. Kirkpulrick,
G C (.lofe,
C. D. Dv .
JsaTbo Now Votk .Vim rays, in ''otic'.c
lli tragio o I cf Bfnatir Broderick: The
day bo ltft S?w Toik for aa'ifornlo, !n 1149,
wo tuft hiin on tl ooicp of tho old baukirg
hoita of tho Ftate of Sew Tork Ho had
drawn hit lait dollar from thnt 1niitot!oTi.
Ha tali t) oh, " 0"o 1 bye; I a m off for tho
and cf glsry." 'vVh.aTo aio ysugolrgto,
DaTot" wo afh4. Cahforwanrtw
ri.Tfl vr"! J eoir hi'.k a S'at r nj (, Unit
Ui State." taogaiel at this rmaric, con
iderieg It tho grandiloquent boat of a reck
teu deep orate youth, woo had aa much Idea
4rtihts:o of equally oarryiof it into execu
tion a ho had beooial ng Ejig cf oglaocl.
U aid to us loot winter. '-How s'raugo it is,
that after fighting all my life to become a Sen
ator, I don't oaro a button for it. It has no
charm for mo. What is it, after all? Iam
not happy. ' What a oommontary me those
remarks cp on humnn greutnea, rh j r Uuctive
of liDuian happiness
To SHAREHOLDERS of Pr-ytrtg m Oako
City, a-id o.'Aers :
Th re hi7i bf H i f.0T-;ai a ; ?Jin'", t finui
fi u. 'itne to t.'ti", 'lelray the e ;-, r.i"- t
the inpai.y. a Uro pr-ir n t o'i n i : t s. .
in.. V' cu h. d in i"i. I'.c 'Ai-.
aid ' l riii; iv c' tb .. u p-'u.
ent.et n'iirat nil w;i. havu l: i,
lini emnpi v Miiiiie tiurely lbe tcol'
u .-I I..
v r .
cr il
lit'. I'. ;
coiiil.iIiv l.nT'- ! - :i ki-.t hi su'lj
tbat inii'le". wiil haV't o t-0 pt Vi it 1 hy
'bo o alio h'kVf paid; tl.Ht their rhstti. m iy
re proper y firdite I
One as-e-snient Mas m ie. i)otilii'r 6 h,
186, for $ IK), one Octoher 7tb lb66 fo.
$5,00, one Jnne SlU 1 867. f r flS OO. one
Julv UTtb, 18i7, for $2.00, one He; temner
Rlh"l867. $!0(l one Jure 'i h 18&- f r
JiS.OO Iw.Vt. $4(.U0.
The whole nmunnl i f - h-nh nt n raoli
share nf stock of ibe Dakota l.'ny Coiiipany,
and the shareholders will ri'tiu int er, thnt in
the articlen of incorporation, all the private
property of ihe Stockholders i- tmun l for the
a-sesniuents ma le against tb shure register
ed iu his uauie, or tbat he muy iioid.
And furthtr :
At a meetin? of the D.ikota I'ity CompHnj,
held June l'Jih. 1868. tiit-r. a- u remlntion
i.tfuuil nr.l..piii. fn. I 'i'.-m i iiM I In oifu ,,,,iij-.
I l.i nil the riliui iholiiera to uj ibe amount
! due witLiu sixty day, or in ileliu't ot tay-
me..t nil the slock on which ti e s-es--rneiita
wore lint paid in sixty nays, Irom tba dalo
thereof, should he sold lo iba bigho-r bidder,
and the assessment pai l ; aud the overplus if
any, to be subject t tbo orler of tbi Siiare
On tho 23d day of Auguut 1869, there was
mother ra-oluiiou passed, giving the Presi
dent v"'' r to do what was most expedient in
liia juditin. nt with the property and assets of
the C"iupany, to meet the liabilities of the
ordrr of tht V,iW, T. ELWOOD
CLA R 4T, K i gift i'oiit,
T bat it the nbovo i not complied wtth m sil
ty days, the losnlutions of the company will
b enforced, and all the stock of th oompa
ny thatth aaaensinrat era not puid on, will
i. a!J to pay ih lit!!jM- ef t!: euapany ;
as all tho property of ihe o't ilhio the
bounds, to wit: from Elm Btl'eet to Vina
Street an I from and from Hlh street to liOib
street, has beu entered by th Mayor, ao t
ail outsid that byTrnstees; and the tin.
for prenrisg warrutre uoda of ibee parties
rinses within six months from tb date of
their entry; and all the property not deeded
will be forfeited. 8!I AREHOLDt R:i AND
CKXDITORS will take warning that ou the
Wtli day of January, A D 1P60, all the stock
with alt tko property net th eovi-ie I by Heed
in Dakota City, will bo eold to tb Lipht
biller, aud the debt of the Company set. led
up, if only a dividend it declitt J.
N. B. 'V woulj further say that tiio
who hare lot obtuioed deed to tho lota drawn
on their shares, cau obtain the aanie by ca'l
ing open th Secretary and paying the as
sessment due
J. D. M. CaocKwiLt, Secretary.
Dakota City, N. T. Nov. Iih 115.
TO I. H. CHAFFE, vi all oiWi nhom it
may content
8ia Ton are hereby uti6ed that I shall
appear befnro B. Batea. Mayor ot i)t ia
City, oath istlj day of N'ovtuiirr. ls..i. , I
deaaad of film, a Mavor, a conv .fi
Lot No. 1), la Block 174, a I rl.i-; ,,i .. . ,
the sam. At whieh time l t'. . u caj I
appear and test toy riiM i
ANDKEW SIX vv , k r
fVa t5!r, jw. . Itr. ! f
Tea will take notice, that on tbe ll:h day
of 8rptrmber 18f9, a fitlon was Bin! hw
Tbenia T. Collier. In t-e clerks oSoe of tko
third Jndioial District of the Territory of N
bra-ka, for tbe ennoty Dakota, agali.it your
self and Amo 8. Parker, Matins? In eubataoe
tlat on th 21st day of July 1V9 I purchased
of said Auo 8 Parker a eertain Military
Bounty Land Warrant, Nnmhor P4.871, for
160 acres, i'tued onder the act of Congras of
March li 1855, to said Wiuthrop Blake, ani
waasol l and assigned by said Blake to SHid
Amos 8. Parkir, an I that said warrant was
Sold and and assigned by said Pai ker lo me.
tbe aald Thomas T. Collier; an I that on the
11-t day or July 1859 I loxlthe said Land
Warrant, tbat I bare ntt in any niaonr sold
cr asaigned the ssi I wmreut ta any perso or i
persons ; tLat I have not received aoonsidera- '
tion for ibe ssul warrDt ot any di-crip'ion:
and that I am now iheieal owner of said
warrant, and tbat be legal title and ewnership
to sai i warrant bo a ijudg d to le in me. And
you are hereby required toappair and answer
or demur I" said petiriou to tbeftr-tday of
tho next term f the Diatriet conrt, for said
county to be held at Dakota oity onta7th
day of Jfovember A D 1M9
Pukota City October 1st P. P w
Pum ier aa Gat-Tilt:
xo is. ir ran i.b btheet, ft. i-ouu, mo
romrtly attend to all busine-ein his
iu and uisp..h. Will give epi cial attention
to ary u. rk thai nia.y be eatr.iste-i to biM onre
an 1 ratieisctiou warraLtcd
0. C. TXIlPWAt.
Atturntyi ut Lew,
HOCX CUT, I,.ffi
"117'" attend to all legal business intrust- I
l to their care, iu western Iowa and en.-t
ern Nebraska.
H.-v 7. 'o9. 6in
& T Brat. R. A. Aii.lk.
Clerk 0. 8. Dit Conrt. Notary Public
Attrsn at Law. and Real
Rtfft$ Agvnu
WILL pay tales on all Land in the Coun
ties of Wsehleg'iH), Burt, Dakota and
Dixon, 'H, T ; free cf charge upon tbe receipt
of nutfy fer th ixmt. OStae on Main street
3e es"v JTsbrajka.
t2pAl! letters of 'Cjulry pr?ai.tly answer-
Hor E. tVaki-ly. Judg 8rd Distdot, Nebras
ka He Soto. N T.
Hun E kstinii-ook. Oii.aha. N'. T.
Geo Dougiitv. Council ltlutTa, low
Hon IJ It.Cli-ipuiaii; Blyria, Ohio.
Hon Levi I'tibM!, Milwaukee, Wis. 21 lr
'T l:s I nJ rsigne ! t.s remr-vs.l bis eslablisli- j
X n'.'Ut lo bis i.ew tiuilding. ou I'mirl Htritt, '
n nw tn,, t u st ot To itlc's i tore, whero tm 1
i- i.r (in pared wtih a large aud supi rior
-'o k c f li-atfcer, etc , etc., to execute all I
v-oi!: i.i Kia line, in a s;i eri ir style of the
s i Lrnpto". uiu none but the best or work- i
r.tn, and giv:ng Ids personal attention to the
i'Ua nt'aH, be ohii aift-ly warrant 8)11 hi work.
Repaii .ug done on sin rt uutu
Nov. 7. 1659.
MA SOX Troiirletor.
n, r.
This Miuuuxtiotis Iloiino ha now tsou opened mors
than en yar. aba Proprietor sull alius iu luskin It
While, tn ronlirarion ef Ihe redurtlcn of Pr ln
,ud eujivll in this Western Counter In b r. duv:
th prls accirllrglj; snd uraiier kia pris tor
lto't t Trsuaionl ru-t"in. V'tll t cbos-i-er than soy
rtrst Class Hotel In th Territory.
i..t atuiiilou will he paid to Ihe wrafoil an4
onvanionooLt th cut. nn-ra of this Hon"'-
IxkoU Uty Aueusi w
t. '. MASON
Xfagii ) oust.
5o. I.
Siour Cily, Ioica.
THE Proprietor takes pleasure in unto. inn
ing to the public that be now has a house in
which he can acouwuiouitie. t'uem, in aa good
style as ean be fouud on the Missouri Slope.
By strict aiu-ntiou to tbe wants of gtieais, he
hopes to meri ud i.o. io a liberal share
of patronage.
N 7 ix9- tf
PUUl'KiL'T'ji e
General Stae. Mil l.iviry Oios
tot t tu
l. i). nww.n
T8 ,
1 Or
now prepar--
rocerit s, at
w il..;-
As low as any ii
yv -'f
1 1
'he undersigned, lute ot t
man K neuaitile, 1- earning
nil his own Recount in the I r.
r on I'rsr.
Ptreet, just bflow lie tii. nX , ;)v . u-e lis
is now carrying on ire D ot H'nd Shoe bu-i
ness in all us brancbei Work wsrranu-d -n
b don in as good style ai.l n as rea i at le
terms as at auy other ,bo. A oa.i fim oiu
Otistoraer ie resp-ctfully Rnliciie J.
Repairing neatly done.
Nov 7 IS.'.a tf
II bsreht glrau to h!I per.-r,i -.1 . " . .
Mi-'h ! U-aer i.i. .. . . i
h r rt . fi tw t.r i ri. - n.- - .
von. 1 i. .t,.-.vt ii.se-. . : -s
l,J . I. . in 'r : r ' '.. : -u
trl tia ut J.t ur
ll.f.n m:,ir n-T, s , , ,-nj It.,
.id MilIj I t lol . , .1,. ... ,j ,l..,
ll .
-t 1. . Ill Ll:ir
IffHn r.rta,i m in .
( Causwcl by tbo cp-Llcg of a LARGE
Dry 0nd.
j Clutblng, Orocer
; ies, Boot' and Shoe.
Qiiiveusware, Ao , io., die.
sour S'ook if Goods is now o-en m, . 1
7 ready for the 1IUDK we re-n etfully
call the atii-nlion ef the oitiiens ot Dik ila
nr. I adj-'intng oounties to our splendid
which have been selected with great care,
especially fur thii country, and will he sold
" cbeapkr thaw tuh rnRAPJ5ar.
We are bound not to be undersold by our
neighbors. W ak our nld Customers and
ihe Pohllo generally, to oall and examine for
themselves and be. convinoed of the ahove
Hryflond Drea Qood M.i:r b.-i .obe I and
u .H- ched. Delaine-. C'l-hmnf., Gini-iiHOis,
I. no . Putts -f all kinds, Meni.s, t'beekf,
tsu L-.i.lis. Ta! !e Clnlha, Crasfc, Jtf , .s.
I-m I i - - lain a ' ad sit.-, C'o'.h". Saln.ets,
Janiri Twesdj. i"1-- i.ii.-re.-!. F;HtireiH nf all
n il." " ! n tr. I C:.u.
en s Hoods Woollen
il so W-'lr Hose W.
C- unir, k - Soi k"
A1-, a 'ar. i STt)CK
tveicoiits TJuri'iero'i'i
Dudt r-hirrs. Drawei-
ll"i Yii'ii and Men'
' i I Ir.-n's Hope &o , &c.
t I OIUINO. euoh as
' V at-, pauta. Shirts,
& . & Also a eplend
id Sh ck of Costume him- e Boots and Shoes.
for Men, Woman Mi.d Childien We are abla
in this lire to fit the smallest n" well aa the
la.pet Font.
A!-o H-its nnd Cips of all Sorts and 8:ssa,
and n heavy -took of Groceries. In whloh will
bo found the following ad'iclrs;
Dried Fn)ir,
Canned Pi-n he.a
liortled F- uit.
Teas of all tiiuels,
Tobacofi erawif:t;j
aui chewing,
P pices.
Fa.ip of all kinds,
Door, Sc., A.
Pcwler, Shtt,
Lea 1, Caps.
On Stock iei!! he -u i to str the times, at
v.-ry l.iw figutes, ;ia we ;iru lil'iiora s',r',,ji
t'ASil i lisineB, nn I oan aff irl t reil at
sru ill profile. Vr'e wiil also take iu exchange
tur Go'-ids
Ac , Ac.
Give us a call and be. convinced that Da
knta City is tho place to
lay iT your noons.
Zlr.GI.ER .j- fit KF1 A III'.
Dakota City Oct. l!. ISjH.
. best hnui''
f Floiii- at i In) ex'iemly low
r Sai k bv
:$d iil
ES8RS Z1EGLER& tt KM Alt I, o'" the
...tJ. Dnkoia City Poll
ry. trtka tbe piesent
opportunity o saying to the Merobaot and
the public generally, tbat they will ciintnni.
in the bu-inesa m lii-rolnfoi e. sn I havmz u
cieased Ui. 'r facilitie- are Mo m ma. i ...
tore a larger amount of Mime ware nn oi
the hist quality. Returning tlmuki in, m,
liberal atronage bestowed u. on me nld Hi "
they ri-spei'tful!y solicit a continuiiin a ot be
I emiie, nud they will endeavor to retain it i.
prompt exii iuii of their .irde-e to wm- h
they w.l! Chi'efuli.v aiteud at all times. Give
them a ouii.
Dakotn City, N. T., Nov. 7. 1869 tf
:r. r.cjoun,
ft. Loul, Vo.
J, K BO Kls,
tloui tiiy , I w
Flit-- 1 '11 1-tOl'l.i:
II. 1 QOtX.K CO.,
.' -.-.z CVy,
. i i i
M'j ! !
' ' a l-'-1 'N: i I, iVi.-i
' U SJ -. I ll 4.'.
t'KAEL el KttKT,
an V Oriitll HOL-nj;
A .' .'
i il .
iii i I r vision.
l in ? ,,ui
H. D. BOOGE fi; CO.
i i nrmiie l i su; y y lie CASH BL'Y
K.iiS, wiioiesttle ani retml, at their usu
w , lii-ej
tie !,om eoimirv is arru ed ho. I , i.li..n
I t ' 1 s I'.KST iuter.-sla. and d.-termine.!
to t.llV
' Groceries atJ TrGVisiona o' II H
bOiiGK A CO.
T ) CHAti.Ks. C OUrt
. , vt.iUii.i M m.iu uMxrn
eir ou r h-rebj notitii that 1 .hall a,.par lf.
' :- tn hsealvsr of tha Land otn fov th
a . i-l,,..l Ihst'i-t. Nut. tit Territory, at Iiakota
I ' 'J". lha lUh Oav if iel,..r at 10
. a t - fv v rlKLt to enter by pre-aoipnon
.'.i :.f.,ti-f iiitf..uih wast quarter of sasri n
-ilu's-r th l r. . K-an-Bie taiality-r-b: vta
l ii t. e i ! h.i'.f iK. .. .. -
.ni'-.i io., i. fish p ik.uiv sou, (-sprang
.,.;. ks; .i,l.f the ,UlU I'rilli-Jial MrlO'a B 1. j
r.k.tjwe.vrMM I'-JjW- I
for twenty'yeira rh. Olev.-I-.,, j p,
er h.. boor, owned nd control,, d p D',:
and Ed.ted by . Kin i,,.fv i
nvei mi-se.l a PoSdcHtb i, fjH? y " . " '
a Demoi'i alio TirLu. I t ' K,t
aui)f.L,ande.1 .g , r,.
W its ...
gain-d k National dr,?
' ' 1 . 1: 1. 1 - ..
''"'on nr. i , i,
tional K i.uiatmti p,ot
tho PI,,,.-, Dealer i. known and read'
llVe vm in ... A .. j - l
'0 orl a oud,n
""-ia t'Oiitioally to fht tS.v7
-rac tln no, 1?,. A
or iii hotter r
tlea of Democracy
mgear u win n.- part, on Urly de.ota.1 .7
It baa aainj hi rri ajfi.iritv rlas.i. .
vocato the rtht of th, Kopli ofT 7', "
as well I- a Star.. ,u rgaI-t. thsir V -,,7
institutions in th dr own ..j..' '
continue to d j so against said high auf. "'
"the world, the u.t .01 the dl rf5,r7
all Leonrapton Cm vt ition giovs Code.
the re-opann of .h 31i. Trade, this P..
is devoted'y de l,c":d fr thin tL. V. ' '
forth forever " ""
"Come one- eo:ne nil ThU rock shall i,
FruTi its Ciin ba--e as boon as I J'1.
Besides the current News cf Qe .,
Plain Dealer will errtiiu In each t.n l, ,
TALE. l orrr; on : ft d fro(n a hunt of f -,
l.utor. sn.i Teli Jl0 ltep.-H fPJ a " '
0" I he Vt-.tM
The leu mrrcia! Ojpartment rill be orj,.
tbe sole charge of Jaa. Brofcen-hlre Kn.i
ia acknowledged to b et of the ben 'Kiit
Reporters In the eonntry.
Tho Local DVpartmnt will h nsaM.,4
that original and laughter provokiDr.
....v..,,,-, i-svj , nose tetters, Jots.
Oddities and Quioltlea, are alone w-nli the
prioe of the paper. In ehort, wears prcpsrul
to pn-'eiit n of the
Single Sbbfcribere, per yenr $ to
" for 8i montba, l to
Clubi of ten, per year, . 10M
All over teu copies to on Post OfSoe 1 00
Tu euch getter up of a Club, one Ci.pj E(
ra. QT r03 T MASTERS are requested to id
as Agents.
I rhall publish tbe Daily Globe, and lit
Cougres:-ioLiil Globe, aud Appendix, duiitj
the next iossion of Copgress. Tbe Dai'.y
Globe wiil contain a report cf the debateaia
both brunches of Cougreaa, &s taken down by
reporters, equal at least, tc any corps of abort
band wniora in thia or any ntber oountry
Wben tre deb tes of a day do not ttakt
ui.iie than forty-fcve coljn-t.-. they shall (.
pear in the Daily Globe of tbe next njoruinf,
which will oontain, also, the sews ot the lij,
together with such editorial ankles J my
be suggested by passing eva ta.
Tbe Congressional Qlobe and App'ndu,
will contain a report of oil the debutes ia
Congress, revised by the speuFors, the Mm
ages of the President of the United Siatc,
tbe Anuaal Reports of the Heads of the Er-.
utive Departments, the Reports of Com'ii.U'H
of Congress on important sut j- cis nf geu- iii
in eroats, the Laws passed during the tepti o,
and copious iudctcs tn ail These Kill is
printed on a double rayi u.e, inbokKris
royal quarto Bixe, each nn i.i ir couthiniti ru
teen ages, averaging U.B07 woiii pirjn".
The whole will makebelvtcen 1,7' atiii i,lA"
pugrs. It is bolieved that no Luok has ctt-r
beeu putijisbed at so low a i at.-. Lnrt year I
advertised ir. the Daily Globe for six Biontrs.
aad ia about ono hundred other nr wpaotr.
iu the United Bt ites. a rear.l of SilMS, t"
piiij to nny person who Would )ruJ ,ce a b-.-.
pubiiaiit'd at su low a ra e, u .1 none wm :
ductd. Tho laigo Duoioe, id cop!o-suht3 .'
ei ior by Cubgruas ouaioea u,t . uIIjiJ t -'
iK'ioitos tosun.-enber a. olieup
The Congtessioi.1 Globe anu Append. i p"
t . 1.-0 ihiuuu t-c u, .i o i-t ue tiilied BU't-,
an Hii: be nu y leading tbe loliowiug Joint
Res. I, t.oii j useeu by Congreas the flib ol An
gust laaJ:
Juini lictiluiion providing fur tht distribution
ef tht Law jf Cuniff' tkt l'-3'- '
With a view to the cheap circulation of tb
LiWs oi Congress, and tu dilates contriu1
io to the irue interpretation thereof, -ij
in hki- tree comuiunicKUeu between he "1"
rei:!;i irt: ku'4 Cuurtitucnt bclicj;
lii n rc-oivud by tho Scuate and iiou-eo!
Repi caeniiiiivi-s id tbe United Ht ites oi .-t i r
lea in ConreLs asaeiiibled. Tbat I rum auJ at
ter tb. present ais.-ion of Congress, ihr t 't
giessi' nal Giobe and A ptudix. whi-'h contain
the L iws and the Debates thereon, sh"" pa-
f ee through the Diails, so long a Ibe '-"
- nil be uijii bed by oider et Congrea-; Pr
vinsi. That UOtliiug beieiu rhall be con trti'
I to ai.tl'.oi ue tbe circulation of tha Dai;
Globe, free of po-t iga.
Approved, August, 6tb 18v'J.
j For a oopy of the Daily Globe 4 mcntha f 8 M
j For a copy for a les- time (per month) 1
! Fit h copy of Ihe Congressional Globe
i and Appendix dunug the session '
Banknote- carreut iu the section of the
! country win re a suti-criber re-ides will be rs
! i et .1 'at pur The whole or any part of
s .i -cn( tio'i
stalni !
be remote i III postage
are I n i' raioe to aby curre-
I excrpt g 'i i n-'id s l.ei. V hi-ro lia' n l
under $ j tun not be i l o.'tind 1 W'H e ' '
eobies tor ij
A pajer wiiluot be sent uuitis thu.'-i
ccootupuuies the order for it.
I cau oolafloid lo ixc-bnnf " 'l f'1
newspapers that dcsjie the Ql , out 1 w
send tbe Daily Globe dating tie n.-siou to "
who shall publi-b this prospeetna tnree "
bifoie the first Monday in i it December
Those who ubiish should stud ibeirpai''
contaiuipg it to nie, marked with a p' ;
direct attention to it. The Congresstob'
Globe and Appendix will be stereotyped. suj
therefore, I shall be able to seud the back
numbers f r Uiis session to all who may rut
scribe after the sessiou commt'iices ; tut if
tbe (jr-t edition shall have been exbaustid
before ibe suhatripliou meury ia received, 1
shall charge one dollar additional per ropy
to pay the up nse of puttirgthe pi ou
the press. Hubseeit tion should reseh fcie
etirlv as the first week iu December, to iururc
c'.lnplttt copies at the prices advertised
JDliS C. R1VL8
Was' ir'-iorsOhw. isr). '