Dakota City herald. (Dakota City, Neb.) 1857-1860, October 01, 1859, Image 1

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    Mr. lYto.V l-'irsl Wife.
' I'ii-' JiM"' "" tou--f. rri: bo'tied as hnr l
m brickbat, rind the ''oOi-c s!ni:e cold," and
i, i',.!. r-i r i c fr on ihe breakfast table in
; . , r hv '',ri '.n'lfis amiable, and ranp thij
. .;,,;! '.v. 'J In-re uhs ni answer! lie
r , i - ;i.'in, third, a foui Ui I. nip, ati II ho
isrr. Out of vniet.c, he went to the
J.r mil c:'Ii I "Miirin! M.ria!"
slb'ht, preltf lull'' woman, tli-i'meil in ft
, ,;),.,) tumbled wrapper, with liai r in n stale
,,f .brefi.l confti-i"". answered his ;minons.
Hi,,. I, it. I I'HP of tli' "" ruind. bright lam
hi h ti-i'ure intended should bedecked with
t.,,iilinii!i! smiles, but now, with ft!! iti; rm-s
i,. i, it was ilrawn out to us iu.i ictiptti,
I t!ic birp" blue serious, or
t.thiT II
,.ili;''ti', pvpi ' tion, totally nt Mil-. -h
their usual i.ynnslunk. Her voice.
Co, lilt ! lost ill Melodious.
..id was subdued to a d.s'lla
rn.pinp foiiinl,
'Wlir.t is it, Joseph"'
' Where ' liridpet? '
(i me oiit for me. I want uii ru whit" rib
Ion for mj inc.ois',o;rnbe. '
Mi. IVt.TS ai ! a very nanilitr word, and
then , ..!,!,.;!, ' C -U foffc,-, hard PrS. hrr-uk-
f,.nt ll'it fit to Pt."
'I wish," win" li ctl his wife, ''von would think
p.. of trin j oral tnat'pi'd, and turn your at
t. iiiioti to tlir prnit end of hfr."
"Haiip it all. madam. I would like to enjoy
inv lit'.- while I ill) lmv it. 1 1 ere Wii I, tilt
J,-,ppio-t niiiii in the United Sii.ies, with a
,!;;! -ui.t home, a chatty, cheerful, loving wife,
H n 1 ' ! . quiet cliil'lren; uii.! now, since ynu
have join",! lite Milleritcl, wh.lt mil If
"Ob, .Joseph, if vju wo !! only come into
tii.it iJi'5 ; .! ciri !r !"
' Oh. M . riti, if ymi wmihl only coine out of
it. '.Vli.-rr an" t!i." hoys?''
' I am sin-.; I don't know."
"Am tli.-v tfiiiiij! to M-hou! ti-dny'.'"
"Mv Jrar. tlicir trfirlor has gvii up thr
f. i.o.il, and i.H tiirnins !:!'r inlnd to more e
iilt.-d .liiji '-l.-i Oh, .'o.sepli, turn while th-,-
is limr You have, still a v.eek for pivparu
tion inn! repentiinep."
Itrpriitnnre! 'ei!, wlion I take up thr
mbj. rt. it will lake, rai'irr more than a !.
t-i pat it llirouli."
And Mr Pi ters put on lii.-i rout and took
r.j, his hut.
".I.ieph," (.aid his wife, "you nrrd not
i"il liimie anv dinner I shall lie out, and
I i! t ike the boys over to their uue'e's to
i "
J'..- made no answer, nnh-ss llie violently
f-.'i li.it i o niannrr in whirli In- closed the door
was on.-. Mulirrin with aner. he 'trode
ii.to a rr.'iiurH'it o tnake a h: .'a!.!'.!:-!. !J--rr
li" v:is tiinli-.J uv one ot Ins liarhelor tr:rrv:s, j
l-'rrd. S.i.iierg "lio looked tip ij he Iward i
Jr.- s o: J-r
i!ai!o!' he cried, "Voii lifre? ''Why.
what .ire y im Join hero ut breakfast time ?
IVif:- si.kV'
" I !a ! a ijuarri-I '.'''
"N.,' '
"(io'ii- uiif of town ? '
' 1 ii'T v. ay don't you lirpaKfast at ho'.ie ?
t'lou y on f.re?"
' v., '"
ants !1 ,!.
"Children jdck ? '
' No! "
'.tell, wlint la i!iii'ioei is to T'av
"Marias joined ib 'd ii lerites ! '
I-'re, ,-,vo a Ion.' w liisilo, and H,e;i h,i
''(ioin to ascend next week?"
" es, and if 1 don't commit suicide in i
meantime, you may cityraluhitc me. I am
:ilnio-t d srract.-d Can't p.. '. a tje.-ent in.-ah
iliildien rnnninp riot, servants naucv house
hi! in ((iiifi.sj .n, ifi; in il.u b'.-.u .s, either
ipiotiiijj the speeches (,f ((k aiders at me, or
peiviiiif on a white robe, and pronniii -r every
third stitt h Haiij; it all 1'" red, I've h grtat
tnind to tiske poison or join the army'"
II ui! h m! von L'ive an ench.-i
ynu pive an enchanting pic-
th i "oiik i can tiuir.'st a cuie.
A cure ! '
en, if ynu wijl promise to follow
If tee
I will male your h.
itip joelihUll!,
your wite cheeiful. and your chihiren loippv."
' lh it," cried doe "I II follow vour word
hue a sohb-ir uiub-r his olhcer. What !iall 1
At ("alime Mr Ih terN entered his home. '
vbihthnp. Matin wan neatcd al the table,
(" win;, on her ivhitH robes, an 1 there were
In) sipns of prej ni-.nion f..r the evei,i(,v mcah
"Maria my dear," J M.-. 1'eter.. cheer '
fu!lv, "is ten ready ?" I
"I tion I I not-.- " was th" aus-ver ' have b- en 1
Out all day, iit'eiidinp iti.-rtir.(-r "
"()h, very ivell, never mind Atietidln"
'""-' 't? f Vou .;ie resolved, then, t , ,lVe
Ir- II, -Xt Weeli ?"
' Oh ! Joe, I inu.it po when lam calh-d."
' Yes, inv ib-ar, of course Well, mm-i
resipn nn.teif, I suppose I'y the wav, mv
'hair, ban it ever occurrd to you that I shall
he a widower with three ( hildren ? I think I
fin a handsome man vet, my love," hiid Joe
wa'ked over to the jjIiim, assed his finpers
through nH lHir and pulled up hi collar ,
M.iria loi kej up, rather hurprist d. I
"l ui see, my dear, it is. rather a rcib f f ,r , ,
?"u to a,, 4uict!y, jiju knew. It in m w. ar .
on the nerves to ha- ea lonp il!ne., and I
f-id s, my ,lHar there will h- no funeral ex- I
l"'usv.s, an J ih.it is oiiite a eaMii'-" !
M'S l'-terV lip ipiiven-d, and her lnr'e
blue rjf.s ',1.'L. :, ,,. J,1(, ;r,i t)
fl"i' hii Ls-arthss s,,"cch and com foil her. 1 ut ,
''" le.nl.,1 ib.. dr.inj itT, tl ivt !
, 1
J-'ar'' be "faiti'ied, '-if you tnu.-.t ,
K 0
j ()fi
i r., I but? luM-n t Ul II U 1 II
l'i petlllia
, wife."
j ' What ?" nied Mri I. ti i
I ''Anothrr wife, inv love, 'llie lionse uiut
I be kept in order, iind the bovs i nr.'d tor "
The prirf was "one fn ni Marin's f.u-r. l.i-t
I her trri'i n-nri' . t with a I. ink of fierce wru'.h.
I "A- .tlo-r w fr. .J.v! Another wife!"
! "Y.-ii. I think I have seln t-d a iroo I mio
' eeior. il"lil'Vri:!rd a loiiir ti:ii ', wli"ii I was
j a'r.iVi lor, be'.wc.n ni-r and
j will like her, for she is your
Vnui-self You
.iMini (i ii-nd."
o.i.i friend !"
"Ye", mv dear. I thiii.t on th" da'
yon nsoend. 1 will marry Sarah Ingrain:
"What! t!:at p:ood for tiui hiiiir. .silly, rua-'r
hea.h"! ib! maid, the toother of my iloidn-nl
What !"
"Well, mv dr-i.-. it p.-enis to he the he-t 1
ran do! I ibm t want, to leave my business
to bo a rouri in;', iiiel f!i" will have, n.e, I
'No doiibi ! Oil! yon ?r ill 'nr.. tal, ha'e
f 1
' Stop, my dear, don't .tl v into a fur;. ! Ve
will trv I-) spend our h'M v.rek in liHppnn s
()l, t.v tiie wr.v, 1 have n propiilioii to
' (io on. nil ! I' )o l pare i:ir!"
"Ah. ves, that is the Very thill? I wish ti
dn I know Miur niiud is entirely enyrossid
wiiti otir asren-inn, ;o J wiidi to Hj.urn you
thr rare of lie- house. iMippoM' you invite
iiinh hr.- io morrow, to ipond a wnk!
' Wlint? '
"Then 1 ran arraiirr- our niafi i nionial pre-par-,!iotiM
in the em.-ninj;, while yon meat the
lecture "
i "
'And V-'U
r.n '"a v
e 'l-.e h
oiS I
!o her rhnf;
a!': day. l'n.it will ('ie ton pbi tycl ihii-.-io
o out, and she can leat ti the miy :ihi:ut the
lio'iue "
I "What?"
I "Ai'.d, mv dear, .vr little faviir. It may
I he the hist I shall e 'er ask. Suiy at home
I one nr two da n mm t yon, and show her
round, where ou keep things, and so on, so
that si"' won't have the trouble of keejiier
i order after von j?'-' w''' ' t'"!' 10 """
1 lip" nie, won t yon ? '
I Mrs Peters, tor iiiis'.vit. rolled up the I B
eenlioii robe into a okiI met iire.1 it nt .lor.
Tne cut!. in, m:,oi s. u; k basket, ami table-
I cloth followed tl.i.s missile in such rapid uc-
cession, thai, h' was unalde e en to lly. Thru
Maria's rnre found vent in words.
"So! You and Sarah! That's the reason
Von whittled when you ranie! You will be
VI I V rlad to luive llie tn tell villi t'( L'O liti.l
j in a i rV her, won t you ? No doubt of it ' lint
von tdiun't marry hi r. sir! Yo : shun t have
! I hut ria:iii.;i.iioii ! I wil' s"i. if it is oi ly
Io spite vou : I wont. ;r' i i ii-n you, .nr.
l'i lers, 1 won I 'o !
' Hat, in v deal, yo'j 'Jiust ;ro if V oo are eoitie
, lor?'
"I won't jo ' '
I ' IJ.it couso! r, my .Icnr!"
I "I won't po ! '
' - !J it, hat will S.n ah think '.'"
".S.ir.ih '. 1 'on t dare to iiientiuii S irah to
ill" iijfain ! J- 1 1' 1 am fairiy choli'lie I"
i and the btlle woman Itnew lit l.self into u
t hair, in it tit ol hvsti-ric
Next iiiorui.ip Mr. 1'. if-rs met Fred in the
I .-I n et
I "Well, old hov, how pries il ?"
I ' Fred." was tl:r teplv, ''1 am !'ie hai.i.ie-
j man in the world I i have repaitn.! ir.v uit'.
I and dome-tic pence, i.i.d ;o,t rid t.f a i,i.-i.
I tattlii.p old runid, who under the pit ten-c i l'
' lovitip rr j y Wd'e, was ev . In.-l i np inleil i,n- in
! all our hoii.-el..i!d arraopeiioo.t- ''
" I b. li Mii. I. tt-ii- iim not wseeiKI '!
"No. Il Surah is t be mv uniinl wil.,
and step viothtr to (.y . lu.'.Jii n, Mi-.. 1' lias
concluded that -he won't p !"
'U- Slioultl Anj I.'.mI y tiiitai-.
I can conceive no reason way in: ah til!,
but len thousand reasons why lie shiiu'd not.
1 ll is )i.t..z. A nian of hiph iiiootl amini'
inp would bhuobt UK toon bU-ul a &hce
niii r.
'1 It is vulvar; ftkopf-ther too mean for a
J i r-. . .
decent man.
3 It ib O'iraidly ; imply inp a fear either
heinp bebevi-d or ohe-..
4 H 'H tiiiyrn U mun !'j A p'entlcrnan, ar-
col do p to N ebter, is u yeutt'i in. Well
bred r.-tiued. Such a one will no more
swear, than to po in the htrrts to throw
mud lib a clod hopper.
.V It is imb i i ut ; offensive to delicacy, and
extremely unfit for human ears.
C. It Uj'tiulUh. "Wutit of decency, is want
of sense." I'o,e.
7. It is aluiaii e To hi. mini) whleh con-
ceiven ho oatk, to the tonjfue v Inch utters it,
umj to ihe person t whom it is aimed.
s 'l '" vrnomnus ; showinp a man's heart
'"t' u M'-t of vipers, and every time lie
'". "' th.-ui nick, out his bead.
H il li fulnnftiile . forfeitiiiji the us-
I" ''1 "' "" ' "- and pood.
10 Jt 18 l"'''"'.' ' 'ohitii, ihe divine l .
(roiohiup il.r d is,leasure u Him who
will not take loin yuiUk-ia who take! hi
fame in vain.
L'J- S..ra r- s.l.n.p m 1'. t, rcbur' for
:'J 11 ,' z"" -J''; '" AVyrcM.
Aid -slat tire, o.a?'
XO UI l H' T J01-.MO lOtlll't 11 1 T tit K JUIL Or HI t ui,(iji,.i
DAKOTA CITY, M" UK A SKA, MTTKMAY .MnilM Nil, Ul'.l'. 1,
V Vbi h Li limn My I.iSo.
it v p cite t v
l.an; re ut lia-.i' pn. d m l pnne since
!a'. I rr a--".! the 'lire !i!.-!l (T my native
!. --da: ho.'ie of icy eha bco 1 What
. 'i-ii,'e !,:ir been xvronhi w 'I '.in tbut time.
1 i ir io! s have a r ! fi o ,u a i t .a' 1 ai ;h a :i v,
rt.-ii."l:!iates rar.Mi up I Teat e ,-, ' -. and nr!
s.-.i! trr. d over the v. -1 i ' '. i i o r n bn o
to lie necti ,-iea. . .. ! -1 1 j v . -a r haw II o w n
into n vast t. t- i nit V i i a ill its in: -ontii uf
p 1 and e.'tl, iuee a hold . t'i'm'h indn!-
fit' 1 ! -iti;; I a-, e hi i a he. o'rr n.e, I' nd
a '.r.-itn t a I o" a d '.s't-r's a'l -et i unit e pin
s ii'a have i i.rt .rd in m. 1 -,v.is n.v l.i'b.o ft
pi ; !'. li; V
an I 'i r
r's i IV T V " if -. hi .'hel s
1 1 -v liol-l p. I . i, .,! t hi v i a r, t in u
' as ,-,! I ',.. k '-..., p. I
' ;!; . r.nd l!i"V nil' :n
a .j nit mi' in ri v-'!t'l-i
'; . An I . I li J .' i yea'-, lieu
W.-l .
I a-
sidil Ul-
t!n- trni;
1111:1 chli
v ; r i, , , i In., win III lip II i t s
one t li" v love i so wi ll, a
roll '
t- r with !! of persona! harms tl..-.t.
I be bestowed i!u!i Ice- ii vl crnceful
ptiipn tie, with that lepilitnate ui'eil. ct that
wias the (ibjerl ill which il is in pursuit, and
rarri"d hwiiv t!o househohl p,rt. How we
moure.i 1 tiie day ve part d, n father's last
'nb-s-inp was poureil on mv he.id; n mother's
fervent pravrr was br. athi'd t h. r.vi-ri (or
that proie. ' ie ru,,. to w It h Hid SUM 1 ovi r
mi, it brother a nd si - ter's hist tond t iii't a :e
was th"' ultimate reipii.site tl-.ev fiivi' ui" at
that part.;'-: r.v I thus w" :."pavat d. I was
poon f..r n way ia a southern rliai". nn-i il.ev
r.t li.mi.. in an ta'itcm c,;ie ; and t!i'-re i: n
been mv li 1 1 1 - for year-, with a compabhui
ly in V s;.
llee ot it-
r.-H'ms a1
a le autili.l linv, tne e.n I Oil
r, hut ha so 01 went l;...n" to
f.'t he was to mo tie'rc'v an
li It SO in r'ii:l" 111 V till' 1 in
cus di'iea-'e roiisui:-,j tion .--eon
i f fin of ie v ever r uet-H.t
I he was hii I in a d'liet r"lreat
tinpe I
it. vet
a!: that
v. listed 'ii
am! a wl i low droops
rest . up phien. f nd wh
a n 1 111 - rks his last
.re those me. .ical witrh.
ui o r his entve as tin V
lers si i then- nap
win j their nav ovi r tie sacred spot; there
for months spent mv solitarv iilehls, iind
when in the inoinin" I she 1 tears not id sor
row hut of eratitii'le to Hint whocaliid him
hence to 1 1 1 1, t Kr.-hun of Hnc"-IH, that le is
. . I o . . I
in those realms ocyoiel ihesi.v 1
hreiilhid my hist J
layer or. the sarn-d spot
and then r.-tiirmd to the cily to niratipe du
ties wlilch ib-voKed upon me, and th' n turn
tiiv -tens to 'h" home of mv .-hil liioo , foul
lis I . i.n-r 10" t-bice where n,icr
biissl'i.l .o"o's with brother" hi
li' ai '.-!v k III.'I. 1 I p t li e
outer do -r vh'-t-r in v f.ltli v :;t
u:e on !;-.. knee, an I 1 h.-ar not
i t I
I i pent (ii v
d sii-t. f, is
ft.ot. ?-v thrt
a t
an.; t.'-tio.o
Iind no! i i.e i.
oh here b ll e
h dd your f o
priievard, and
marl; the pi-.iv.-
vm amy. I -a
-I -'.., me a. I I
lie V L'OI.e' Si
. r. I .
tlier. ii! a s"
i of nr.' in I
; l:
Sp t I
tin,; pare'its:
I. -he I tears at. the thoiieht tn..t I am in m r
to h-hold tiieir Io 'cd forms ;i n, while hi re
and there, sub' by side lay th" ., tcir. iiir
of brothers and sislcru After spciebf a
few boar- ill the ;e,iet ?tMVeMild, 1 retraced
, .ii
si. -'is Io tue inn-s on ot mv youiu. i.uo
here r-tiiect to nii
ot mv
of I'lV
tbtVs in fj'lli'Mie.-s ..lid pel
youth I (in I v -rv scarce
ret.ii." f i' v'l toy ''-'
ib a It v ' -" wi : ' ui". and
vet why should I
li !i" has le. t
.v li s ni l I hop.-
to I i v" 'nr !'
dn s s-o ib il I can join Close
i .i hi -i '.'" si i -,; v . wle-re
I. II .'!
Si .
dolh ii-.t
r. IV
V!. . ..f . ... S.ii. I.i.i.ii'.
A Cirrm i n I ..i ' a' I r riven "oi-.r tabb s
tl .it t rove that lb 'l;Oa. . " bet v. i en th.
.; , ,,, ,, .ol i t .,. uiin I - j ..er.ei-i 'o. i.iiiaili ! I r, -old
arpio i; t'li-m t ti-ai l'i" increali'iif humid. ly
uf . nr summers, and the loss of fertility in
, . . . or , ! , .ni l. i r to i" t t ii oli t
ed sob iv to this i iiciiiii-lai ce. No i re !.t
i i . r i .', .,. ! ',; .-, f
jlrt! I,, .M. tot. re la-en pivtoi to tile t run . t ion io
the ntici.-i-i Kpvptinris nie'I Chiriefe, nprordiop
to which tle-e people f irm'o Iv nil I thr si. f s
dl.-e was nlnio-t four limes as h.rpe tia '"
now rpe i, (or the,- p-tiinat"d the apparent
diatiieler of the sun as double of what il ii
n.-eu in our day Jl however, wu pav ntt. ti
tion to the continued d I mi nu.ioii of theapp.i
rent d.Hineter til the sun, a.cordinp to tie'
bf"t lbn-l Vations of SCVlli,! !( ut lilies, M e
suppose that the ft ri 1. 1 s were In t tnistal.'-i.
ill the t-siirtiiiie.H that we have tra usn.-' ted to
us. In the course of six tkeiiRaii'i w ar- fr-'iil
the .resent time, they assumed lhi; tii-tata e
will be ni (Treat (hat only Hn eiphth of th '
warmth we now enjoy fro ia the run vvill i e
t'omiiiiii.it'Mtc I I i the earth, audit !il le
(h t I ti a I i.e. ia ti,,. tauil. manM r
Ii we tn k"i- phi ,:' ut the north, where the
i-i. pi h i t f.n ii. 1 1 ly ilO d, hi.
t i inp nor niiiumer
have iitili.tr
f'J" TI
g- oil int.-i
f--.--'I L
iau who
a lit i
I l.imsrlf on !,
..in has not yet hprou'i- i.
roo.'ii In re the inntrluioi.ial hull
lie.-u i, kept i
: 1 the ' I i lUie c h ui I ,er. '
t--lb-eovcr;,,,: tl."r,Hi,l,., wa., ,iui
p, ; ,(;,, ru . ,l;ai3 Wiilt
!!7I ITJ
K ! IM U
.A -!i iill
in. I I,, e on
at inai.ti hi -i
t rie ,!! the t
't'l ' tvr
t-BI-f-il ill-..
s the l
1 1 ran r i i l.e ,
l a ti ' s r Vi s -
;t s i n.e Iv.t,
: .! li;.. n
:i -
I i
i '
re ,.-
I neb w n e lib
i a-
I i ,n 'inp j .'..
the stub
i' cl am
i I soul
i ...... ,!',.
- s n s .
.i' UK tin
' the. o-ird
I ..'
is i..''e , to ,.,,
boll ..lit lloon tiie I". i I
I . ' ! n ! . .. ii ,- ;,'.s n .i i.s it,. Ik
i h l! h. i s I- s Co ,'est e!,f
I " ' " a r I ; a 'i , to ,r .hi ji
A nd a i o n i.iu- purp i-r c-dd.
e. f n ' l,e lioio-M v. e love s i . ur,
o e, tor tiie f.. ,,,ir 't)iers won,
M.- t b.i'i'c's fi.ii.t, iii'hiMit a bar;
Ib-ncatl, tbis u-iii t urn
i i . .
ur mi uii rs i ,.iii t 1 1-. 'ir. .,'--
,11 r .r .i,
I'.-aili to the w t i.. his horde.
llell stoo.l a p' opt.. t',- the li.'ht,
Hut with thi f . , 1 1 : i . 1 out '.he wav?
March ! Tr.iih a id b.,i,r 1", the li,;!.t
March I Ours .-hall i e the il.iv;
I'ttwn p. i the ho! Is
Thr Kinp of II -Is
ui a ir
A ;-i i!!H ;tlc.
"I' litor i!'..,"
c uriv I s.i it I n;r li.'trk in mir
t'liair. ilrcaiiiiK I : t i ! I i 1 1 ir ("i-'!iis
oii tho "ni.-ntiiuit:.? ImVh" ofoiit! ,'J'Uiiou liair tlyo. J ttccivltMit
(i.ollar l.i!l,wiiirli.lv'liiiM,n.ciil hut :ll' h ,;U-11 your hivi-nra'cr,
laiina il in n s in-art to pay in,
in tli.lt c ::i i' 'i'tali'e state- of mind
Ij 'Wecn ''a wa!
Oar i'.-i-i wei'
1 1 i 1 1 a d ;:c."
.' e!''ca'eil upwii th '
i M'.unise of another
ffiii'i', ai
"iv.inn meal 'tiirin
'Ves sir."
! I
ic; weeiv.
"Well you
want Io -en.
a l'i
(lie fellow 1
I'lMf. (iia.-k
hi ille Meilikal
cm. ol tne .vitiastiv u
li.stitoot, the iiivei.t"!' and sole
'I'letor ot
. 1 ... ' II .. .. ....-.... I ' ., 1 1 ,
I 1 II. ' I i I i . I 1 I I . 1 .-M 1 I t It t i . I i I I "
I'lllO, "I' i)ai' 1 1M I .LV"a t e p. J,Ver
I I i I ..I... .. C 1"
III .1 I II Oil l. liL .11 Civil- .llOi C i
"Have not."
'Wall, I han't hut ju-t found
it nut myself, lmt it '"'s like
o'ili'pv!. It lieVM fails. I'm
fei: d.ii' of it to all parts of the
I'omeiojnt: lieides .South Auicri
k y ami o! h"'" j'arts of the un
known world. Vo.-t of our fain
il 1. is keen liald fro m o.ir l it I h
ov iii- to ea "ly t I'oit I 'ies; "Ufo
usii p the in iterator kivi n-d
our he, i 1 wiih a t Mise .yrnvvt II of
hare. 0;r friend are a 1 1 astonish
ed. Had the prophet known of
this he w.aild Hot. have keen
c lll' d old ha Id head hy fort s lit
t e opes, and f u fy a nd t wo of
tiie litile liopefuls torn into sliv
ers hv the I cars. '; let tin.'
l'rof.' vsoi" speak for hiim-elf.
"The w;iy 1 il;-kivercd thi-?
tvoieivifut me'lieii.e, wu.s iu this
J'.l keen out hiiekk hui'-) in.
and w hen jLi'oin' lioiut thiotih
the liu-U pasture, where I kept
old hriudlo and I .', my tew
miikin' aiii'oals, 1 e..t tired o'
like, ai d sot dow n on a hunch
,.' w eed ; '.ley fed. oueer a. '.id I
rulihed home of 'em between my
tiii.-'ers. In less than tew min
utes my tore fiitnvr and thunih
was kiic red with bar, full out.
an inch long! 1 tried the weed
on t'other hand, and bar there
tan! J jumped up from w here 1
ivas settin', and w hat a si-hl!
My new drab doeskin panU
looked like .a rump of buffalo
w:th bar three in. lies loi
make for home about then.
Ihit an idea struck me. I tried
the weed next day on the corner
ofthohoiise, ami it was soon
kivered w ith har. Tried it ou
the door stone with the sained-
feet, iir-jdueing n thick mat of
mouse coiond har iu thirty
mimis. In plowing up tie.'
W cell , the 1 1 lo 1 1 i d ltuil'd ot the
plow looked like a steel gray
mash rat, w ith handles to him:
In digging out a woodchuck 1
accidentally hud my iron baron
the weed ; the iii-M morning it
was ki Ven d with a thick coat of
irui gray har. I. t-.iunned
A L 1)
l'IMf, Mllil lv!t 1 1 1 1 i 3 l'' tli- Si.!t
't '''!I10 of till! 'vv. Ill til:1
-'":ii.i.:r Hi'.' c.iiv.'i w; l.'w ry.
C'l uil!i h;.,-. Ami h,.v, v er ir.
'i''''li!'!" it in iv stviu, I U.'pt the
.vii... i cinir;v M.'cral tl.i
i--t"tu l.il
Ul'OVv li
a hill
Ws-iulcll Ili-lv ,sl!
Coaf t,f hap ,,,, ;,
l'0:io uf oar
l'i cl 1 a ih'-t ti n
tin' ; A til'' W t't'v's.
Kivcrcl -a llh h i
S Jillil
I .f Vm!
t-baiti;'!) v
Ji r,
. t
i L j M
'. ".TS
, a '.a It
t 1 v civ k - I
iiar oii '
'!!:. faitif mil w ii !
hi o;
fill! I v;is SUP
a b'lTil
lilllst l,f Jl.lUrl lllH, mill ?l r,
down. 11,,. tlisli IJttlo
ill !cil willi l.UiL' . ji t. U:t k bar.
1 li'pt on v i rinu'iit ui;:, and
1'V kl'li'.'ik;;! ini!il!.M',;ition, pn,.
tliivcil th( 1 n iucrator, jiut'eh
't'm'talik', a:i'l jilways Miro. I
liavo si-ca'v tliuiis.unl ftrtilU
ki.s I'n m tin- lia! 1 Immi!-.! of nil
foaiitric;;, but, w ill rca'l voiionlv
;i il'w.
1J.VNG .'. I.!., .TtlTH- 11.
Qnackoin : Tl'is may
(vi'tify tkal- I ii.ni' always ln'i'ii
tali!, a:i'l h.i o u.- 1 up a kam l
aiiO pun n i-t'o. ;i boiiif, aim car-
rietl il
m my coat poeket;
. . , , . . ,
I ' 1 " " "l" "l ""l " II
I -of 1
Uii- ! I took the Lottie
d ft 111 till' Silll, SO that
shadoW' Vo'iJd fall Ml Hi V
icatl. A t hick llC.ld of cll'.mit-
c uorci
1 hail' "TeW out in tllTtV
'V the waleb. all curl, il
.and pepfniiied. Send metwenlv
l"'il'vs by return mail. The de
mand for the Invieorater is tin
pl'ecedeiiled. A neighbor
'J-ciise us, rrofi.sjur, to-day,
and call aain.
"Will dew if. sir. You'll t'md
the I it ieoratir .'preat on har."
l'lktrfis. j
Cisterns am built wry ch vp j
in many Im-alit ies u here the i
earth is of a emopaet eh tractor. I
oy tli'p'-iu:;' a lioii; ;u;d pia-aer-i
: i ur the walls of it with cement.
It is nee' .-.-aiy that the ci.-lei n
should lie so coicred as to ..
Clin; theet liient fioiii the at tion
of frest. A cistern ten fei t decj)
and si feet wide will hold wo
eiity liarri'ls of w.iter. A gooti
form is to di;p a hole tin.' sliapeof
an t"'Lr, with the biv; crid clown. ;
Such ;i ( ..-tern,
nine feet h
.iiidce ht in diameter, w ii! bol.l l
one hundred barrels of water.
J.venwliere it is necessary to
bri'-k them up befort; phi. tc iuu',
cisterns are generally cheaper
than U'cale, ;ilid, if of good size
aiid W ell made, are much s'Uper
i u liccau-'e they afford a sulli
cient supply of water from any
ordinary sized j'eof,iiinl of great
ly superior ipiabty.
for I'amily use, it is well to
diitie the cistern into i.vo comi
parlnients by a p.wliiion, with
liltering materials in the button:
of one side the water to be ilis
(hirged from the roof into one
side, and drawn for use from
the other.
J!"-jM is roi; ri :. i i are like j
thunder and 'tormy clouds in j
the distance they appear bl.;e; i
but when over our heads they !
Iv ura
w hen i
.ireai.is oeiiotp an aepe,..-,!,!,. f.
tiil'c, so w ill it hi; u ith the often
painful dreams of life when it i.-
past. All our stror.:;' feelings,
like ghosts, hue their influence
AO. 12.
tiinit'il li:ni
tor a certain period only; a nd if ; ollV;,.Mt.r oi'the ti.it u..u iiu.nei!!i,No,i3J
. i ..........
a man wi re to sav him. -elf this
passion, this pain, this rapture,
is sure after three da s to lose
its effect on the lui'td, then
would he alsvays In; more com
posed and (juict.
L-3)" All et hui;,e javs, thr bint . lire for
.rtij.iiiit oii 1. 1 me ii.-iiri is, io n-ave i. ii tnip
j.np -.1,1 k.M'i.p ihe pirl.t. It this is ihe duly
It medy that i an le iroduttd, wo t ir olio
iy. "iot'i-r 5 a'pauti "
A I tmoai Sjtllli Mutch.
A i;eiitleniat: in Xorlh Chcs
t M,rm.Jit two or thn.c wi't-k.'i
iiico oPlnal as t priz:, a copy
i i t W ol" Awn " Unabnil-cil Die
! ti'T.ary" to t!i? or.e ol' tiie H-hoU
I fi'; in all th'. pvililio M-iiOola iu
; t . x-1 1 wa.i sh-miii ".-pi'll all tlu
j others ilitwii." cvcii jvfhooli
wi.-r.' act t.i.iip.'ly r'.-pi'csciitctl,
' .11.. I a. r.il a il.iz.'u tra-'lii l.s ai'd
ja !"' cvi.wvl ,,f spa-tutors
I w( it' ply;;, i,t whrn tin; trial
l-'"!v pi w on tl'.ij -J.'ith tilt.
Only oiu trir.l was to In? oU
j a wt'!!,ai,.l the mt'ot tuiiate who
liii.-sod must take l.i-i t.r ln-r
srat 10 i ip lit y .''hnl.irs contcH
t t-i I ("ir the lioniT alal tiie prize,
ainl altM' lit c li Mir.,' trial, liw
pupils rcuiaiiu'd .vtan.litiv;, and
tin entliu -i.-o-tii' nutliciirc ycon
l'.r..- d th.- tn idliil to jMircka.so
' '' ci'pv of the -rd'eat I'r.a
!.r;.k.:.'d:' -
Two on iri;s. S ,i
'inn i'oud
man lias waul: i wo t iiiis
mailer ol' daily ic-tolii.'!'inio)it, to
me Tin' rcailine.-j ol" t.'hrist to
cunio IVoiu Icavnti to ( iita tor
me, and my lurk ward ies , to
rise from earth to he.ivpu fur
N-., Doriir.Th,; Ncw-Or-loaii.s
l'ieayiinn say.s that, alonnf
the railroads completed in Ti x
as, lands have hcen enhanced in
valim HH) icr cent., while pro
tliu timi has ln'i'ii stiimil itcd tt
;i still greater incre.i.-c.
i Nut I'u I'll t n O eiti:
Tint ciitei prisiup publisher fjeiitpi! (,
J I-ivans, No -i;:1! Chrstn'it direct, riiihidelphiii.
' I i . i ' . .
I n I- j'lrs IIO.O .1 li- Ills ,-Metf --0 . t, t1M ,,.
t ' ,W1. , ,.,.. p. ,.,u
'I in. I.'t i; of I'm.. l)vin
t. . hiui .i II. Coinpi isinp
' ,-,., i,lV)i ,vril.,.n
! his .ailv lile, HatiCnp A;
lai'vtile, llaiitiTip Adviitiires, paiini?
' ',"'l'i 111 "' 1 Indian Wartaro, S:.r-
j vlo,'s r ,;;'""r ' '" k?ni in the Creek
1 1V;"- '''"',l'"ir",:"" '',.!",',''e', Career inCon.
u ":iAl:- '' "' :i"' s-a.e..
i.i"i . ii-asVi'1 i to .nr ir.'.iiN ii 111 (. ( iiltlt-pp4
tleiicr, ti i,,t wiih an i.c'.oiirit of Ins ;!o
rloits peatli at the .!.uio. In oik: lUum.
v. I.iu.e. Il.iiid.-i nn iy hound, l'rici! Jl.Olh
v- e -pv ih.. foil, ivinj fnui, ih ri,ia,;,.
phi. i N ..I Ui A iio't icait
Cob ;, t. Codftt in. a ilaraeter. II m
I S. I . . . 1 . . 1 II ... T 1
I autohiopiiiplo' Inn hee:
;,' out of pnt.l,
his rep'ttiitiori loi cecent i icily has been pro-
Mi 111
ii u p: jo in on" piiiuit ilium ot nil Boris (it
on I rarouiia aiai onsctoni nonsensi., in i.-o'ime
1 1 1 1 ii i . s , t-.i.d other vehicles ,ir hut hioimr,
I his vo'.nm.. ih a : epuhlicMtlnn i.f the jicnuii.M
.ui.. '-i li tii-ces.iatv iiddiiieun ; nnd will b,,
li "V to ihe pre.ent pei e. ;.ti.vi of readers Jt
I- nt-ii ked and ehiti ucter-.si j,. h i Ui-' riibject,
w.i-.: bis poririiii f.ii-'i!'-i"y i.'.nwu, and noiiii
ti lest f.i that it i- .-.it ti f oi efl'orf. and j,,.r.
leciy niiiiv" uii. I so, -e i V, r vv.-II retneir,-e.-r
i he a e. u: hi so n il i a hl.i ten ,'ln rn tour.
ill ma n v nl t 1 1,, ..' , to whii !i
on ,ii. e! . to wl.ii !i In.i
i.ve looUeil lip. in
r j ace in t'.iai ri piihlu a
'i"e, t r. Jrii'V- mi (joiii'Kt
ill IO-- I.U II-
an I i 1 1 in v i
"r ioi-.reprc
A (.. '. of the Hook
ad a hnudsoiue pre-
eci we ti - n-ct j.v ilia-', s.ott i a. !. u-mh
r ijtofi-l (,'() fur tue b ii i , ami '21 cent
A tie-. Ch.'sifi.-tl C.:t',!".:,i- ,,f n,,ukfl nr. I
p.,-, i,j1J(
I ITU lit t.l
..t n I 1 1 e, en n po
, I dr. .-'I. li. (1
A I !r. (J. d M -s, )'ui,'i..hri-. i.i.J
l'i-h-iphi. , iv
Tl.nt V.-r t nl "Intuit,
Or tin. V ri'.'- . ., ,, a Win nie p tr,
i.oii.p M.-i-, ny t 'Ion h-.-, Liarnrti, autlioi' i f
"Si".-., tul Ma.-; la .'," ' I ib, ill I '.jinilv." "V:
rioii ). seiond.' ".Never too J.stp," L:,6.i
(l ie vol. I.'lllil ll.r'i 'i-o.. l.
I. I I, i I. ,, I .1 . I , . ,
' -.- " no i io-1 en nut nr. 'I
i nol.-d as a. oi . ti e n.ar.v not-,.i t, ,i,., ur
' pnhln bed. I' rh ia O;...-:-.: rial style it is
"ill. .1 to Mo- nan.. ,.! no ii is n 1 ah- ot
Jmtn.-i.tie I. If", reh, .
a," t!n! ii.trrwnv.-u
biftoro. . ol a round ot pveri- day charactrr
lll'd iH llilll j., to sh.. t!,ii ,,( tin- too
many, so cnil ;, t iisaiouis and t.!r-i.iir of
l.i duo i.ililr liic. loi. i liie.jj in no purl upon
pi-inn I tit i pifip.co.y Uelclip.s t i tlm vust do
maul '' rotnumv.
Tim li.icheior M d i i r.u a I ro I'ticle tiVoipe, is
a t haraeler reinin.liiip us of tho Itrotheri
C'lieervlie, and ahliouai, ho teachfs th
-Af et llsr of A Iverilv' with ieypro rfincil"
i I it bririps in! C, loin bi-Huty of charae-
I or, a i.. J show hov lew t h.-rt are who -an g
I tin one I. tin- i r I. . I.; of i very day hfr, and to ihn
, i i.-l prove their cu: 0,1 n y --CP. .;.,.V.
Copies i.C eill.r r :C i.'n- above hookl with a
I hand... in. e C,,('. woith from 50 cents to $100,
' L.I! I... '-:...! I i 1.1. V ...ro.M itt .l,u f. .;..!
I ' ". ...W V. ..IV. .4
Stale-! -. p.,!, rc cipt ( f H CO, and 2t cenH to
pay i
y ad in s-inp Ihe l'u1,b-!i..r.
.1 no." ooi .. '' Cut il-.jucj' Lttlt
iu (.very (le in lin.-nt of J.i'.ei ulnre, tupethcr
with a lint of (I t'ts, ana m-.y information
relative to the e tiab'.ishti.eiif of ap.-i.cies
ih.. Uil'i HiH'k h lainess will be nailed free to
any one by ,.,rp.) ('. Tuf ,s, l'o 1. ! i.'n L r, and
Chi slri.it Strr.-t, 1'hlbid.
i'-x 1 he r a-' tl pi oj in
Il -ru instead .,' through,
ro'.i, 1 the
i-. u ..s" tin y
are ufiui I of "eoinitip out at the httoi end "
IO' I'l l th'j unit) who i...u' t! e sea, ami
aUerw.ir.l planted his l,el on loi native toil,
ever harvest Oo- crot s ?
Cit' I he republic. vi. i of Wt.-cniisln havo
noiniuutc I a man nuuu 1 Siiurtz for Lieut
(iovprnor We supf i-e thia may he regarded
i their l...t S '-r
..JrT - ( ir'irii n " -.N' -s- fJJJ-"' ". j
-v, ' -
'i '