Dakota City herald. (Dakota City, Neb.) 1857-1860, August 27, 1859, Image 1

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Leaves from my Lift.
D A K 0 T
H E R A L I) .
3 1
1 1
I !
1 t
I Of
I oo
: on
I sr'artged. r few urlides in the house and
,. .i.irtcd f.,r home it win u long ride
i I., lilako'.. I roilu op vii the ridge
view of tli'1 splendid
was visible for mile.
.... .( enerv that
., i" every direction; wK-n suddenly my
vi rested on the figure of a gentleman r'
J..- (,,. the tvirt only a few feet in mivanceuf
i,., ati-1 directly in tuj path. He bad up-
rrcV.!y been sketching and was now lying
na thi-cool grass leanm,? u ngamai
s pine tree. He was tall, elegantly
rop TUotii-d, with a profusion of wary, gold- j
c:, brown hair, falling tnre'essly over a broad ,
f.r .i...,,, of marble whiteness. Tie month was
:,( of rare sweetness of expression; though
i v f jM, evpiisiteby chiseled lip and swelling
,,,,'nls ol the somewhat prominent nose,
,..;, ,! all idea of that Hh-tninaey I eo dis-
M. I. His eyes! "h could any one over look
i .: . i l
, ihem and forget: lluy w'ire largo, lust- ,
1 violet ercs, with a very slight rogneish '
predominating over a habitual
S lit CXpri'SiOll ; Callll, UIIIIOCJ
,le. vou Lev, even .vhile you wor- :
f ... 1- . 'i 1
H.,,i,..m on,', India scarf of varigat-
,!,., wis tied under a I"W, sfjnaru cut,
eoliar. His portfolio lay by his bide,
.I i'
of those v:;.foTtaMi no ft hats cosily
, ,.,fed l,v the side of a neat, p-nt-M b-ntbcr
, As Hooked at him, at those reat
n ihull of unutteniiile iov. vihrafd '
rv i" re and fibre of mv nature, and Kick
ii,. d o. lb and intensity of toe emotion,
. .n r ! i'!i h-a l for a mom et on lijou's
t'. . v nei li It Fi rmed that, oteppiiij; for
wM. ;i .. r s upon ages, I with mv mortal hand
f.il ci. t H.side the iinpenetra'de veil of
. t : , -; v . n, I p'cojr ni.4 in liiin. as I stood
. .,'1 'o s. , I with him in the heavenly fields,
' i,v acknowledged ami God-weddcJ spirit
' iTn.irn For a moment I could have fallen
I .low
, h.l I
and in my passional" llnlian nature
si ) hiin in the brauliful Scriptural
- ..!. -!.-i-', ' 'Whither tliou yo.'st, there will I
I-",' Hut it was only for n moment, for
!m ii I rui-ed mv head I met only a careless,
. a'liiii-t triumphant smile; f.r he knew in that
ithorl lime, in mv inmost, soul I paid him the
f tri'iute so juttlv due Mrh glorious heauty.
'I hat one glance aroused all the bickering
ni,trioi,i,i..n of my nature; myself possession
:is c-niplcte, aul angry at my weukne-s I
' w.eiM have striven to regain mv lost luiireLs
,.Vv huiie.'liiig past him without farther cere
l' hi:: v.-iee arrested toe motion.
V t!i'!srmd pardons. Miss, if I have been 1
n c:u-e of voiir fl ight and
' It 1! Ir..i "..itincr belied bis words
id mo change hi.- position and kept
"1. liuj
"i hope
I answered, "t am
t'i ighlened ct such a
not so
Sll je i hi
t ;
t '
nine.; . w . re.iliV
v ..
'..ii-si-1 v. hen
('i ' . lie I11u.it
j in- v suhlerfu
feme i 1 1 1 111 I. a
fr ) "!'b';i-e;
lj jou ,-!arti-d s-i suddenly."
ban.- been amused ut the
e, (.0 it was very evideu'. I '
k mi his haunches tin: first on
,nd uje m e 01 t).o,e table'. a. id
t jen..:j iii:d 1 will prrliaps be a '.-de to malic
J"'i .'.:n;irch..iid Prey do not do yiurself
trie ti oiibe- to ri-e," I continued, as I
' up
n ! r
Ti 1
hi. 1
;i ,e ,
"wiii !
c'-ixe.) 1 he.ii from his otilstr. tched hand,
h" ii'iicily an.-" and ai:er sramping
t to arrarign his d:---, deliberalelv
'b d to gather u;i the coiitei.tiof bi
bo and I'i .ce llo-m in it; ul! the tiiii
! " !"' l.ii- air' My lend worked
..Me, 1 ' . .
.o, 1 'r 1 xxiis Uioi-oiiglilv ve
io 1:11
In :.
j ..;,
i '.it:
l;i ;i
" "! 1 sice e ,. tin
, ti
v the car l
it 1:10 of .1
hep.d to
teet It a bei. e,c ,1,,
'ug ni list. I e pi-ct. d 1. 11
mill very an 't'v "i :( h'ust to rut'l
' i 1 Ul hot oi.e ..- J.-i j
picked it
I j Ul 1
d'nio v
,-u:.'r e
'th t'uat
provoi. 1 n-.,
i. :
I, e
1 Muilr
ex lu'isii..
you bae to keep it he ..ii', "the
so very ajiparent, or shell I .-it to
' and he looked haiid.,oiii''r tban
e. S 1
o indeed. lit: f.ir 'hn wor hi u-oiibl
h r:c
i i.i
,..--.,011,1. i even y.o.r shallow ; hop-vu .
.ejinire it , and laughing a ban ''it
l ira! laugh, gave
e my impatient steed the
f. ami 'he niagiulicent rrealure
: I i .
- m-v numt hi adieu. I
' r. In'.ly d:
ne, by dove I heard nor.
tv.;t wh..thbr the picture or the act
After a tvI.'U r-i, j..
d o:
ny cn.ady like cotiduc',, but could
plea ! as an cxeu-e, that hi) was very
' ' ''"' v " '"i red to mewhr.t
' d s,,,d to me !,, tl,.. m., r.ina. about
' i . i ii
it it li
r cowing to vi.it with us; and
and my artist ki.i.ht wr ilm
r, -
" e;l ll won
inly he riebt to anu.
winch thing would not b., u-bollv
i- especially, if those great eyes 1
w i
a'ain, J could on v hn,..! ,.. ...
" m.v,':lf on my escape heart whole ; angry
1 ''Ttainly was, fur that he Idering face
,?e'd lookilli ul iroi f.oin .1.:... .
ft ... ..... ,j ,j..j'-ei mv
" t''d on, And what of him I thought ?
would never cast a second thought on
" -rv gipsy wiih bur dark face and flash-
J" and somehow I wanterl just then
'tuy band hard on my heart to euU
;r-' r,"."." thought occasioned. I
- ' '-"jou on, and it
waa ucaly sunset
" 1
- ".'" u i scui uim s-iava lorum-nt wu h f . ..;,..i .., . , ... . 1 . .-
the .,- , . ' c' - . j,ave iea.-.'.eii ner gi;i s:s uioi c nospnaniv than1 rouch
-'Viv' "P fU,r " ""'""'.r'J'"g, walking ..xer. he grourid,. I I did e,lr l.ule home c.K 1 that c veni'i. - ! fri-The way a Taunton ( Ma-, i bu.hand k '
. j a. - v "..a. i ihiiA l'T'im n.s ir.. ,. . .. .. I :....: i ... .1 , . 1 " 1 ..... . ..-. 1 v.... 1,... . 1 . ......
lit .... ... ...o , , P, nriing , inn as inn w.-atfur !,ecam- -fi,.. (V.. .,,,,1 S. .,. ,, nn.i , ,.. ... .. t, . a'e a 1 oor r ha c l;n loi-il in i.u wnua ..-r.. nl m . .no,...,; ... o. ,
dolU', IH ,r ,"'1,' e.t Lud tiotarriv cjolcr, and Alice was calb d aiw.,- to the titv L, ,,, 4 "nii r.hf"f,., lo,.re,t ",". ,! 'J" ehambi r after the li'ht '. as blown out, was Boston the choice of positions for teuts Were
I a. iltsll.d'r' U''tl1 1U"r''i,'' to see a friend, we were throw,, , ..tirelv on rT,.:iMr, nf masiive ilv-;r. Tie gold. t hut- -vere He broke hii i:V.e. bruised Li. .old at ''''VM
' p '.a 7.tJ '.' "0,e.tllB M'S;'"n ""r ovn pleasure, finding resources. For ter, c.dd' mea's, ( akr f, uits, t.iekle.. trans- cheek,, tore out bis b..ir, and ki. k,d hi.a Jt A cotemporary Uiinks W ia tome when
"d U;.r a-, I i'. M'""" f niyoeif, I was content to f e b.m, e.i, I knew Wo t jul lies an i u; nrniaU d, s were set in a downfalls. The cr:nv,.- f true ! .v) never it t,.,.,-s us Woman, Wine, U i,i..,. Wif and
I""! V ' " " "Ju 1,4 ttC- w- e,o,,.eb b"! i,,y ,-... .,,-.,:, ,.:.. ,..,, :,,,;. . r j n , .,, .. tc . -e r'-a" V :. ' , H',.., I,,., ,.l tn;,U,
" I . " ..... - ... .. . , . ,
VOL .j
quaintance in advance e-f hi, es peel.' ! arriv-
!. ! threw oiT my riding lnl.it, and donned
". .imtde dress of black si'k, (1 bad alw.-ty
l.t.. ..t. -:.. ... l j i.i
my roomers ;eam, i p.ain
white collar and cuffs, and no ornaments, ex-
cept the diamond cross and drops, whirl
w-re mother's bridal jewels. Tea over, I
wentintothe parlor to p'ay on the new piano,
that had been sent that day from the city;
w,'ile Alice and Auntie adjourned, one. to the
library to read to Uncle, and the latter to
superintend gotno household affairs. Soon
8 the lamp wers lighted I turned over my
u.-a nU i-o.M.ueuceu piaxing some gra..u,
'd nu lotlies from lirethovcn and Mozart,
W,lile absorVd in one of these, atid singing
nn snndiir'iiMr.innt t a .1.... ..........,
-"" ururu nun hid
RrrvBn announced "Frederic lVtcival!"
1 lie nninn 1 was not nnpiaintrd with, and
consequently kl annoyed at the interruption,
nu,i 1 l!iJ ln"k "P f"r nioment, but
carcl-ir nrruiri.!, my hand Atiil
reeling on tlie iv nry I.. s. At. the sound of
f'MJtsteps, 1 f.-'lt the sawo strun.. thrill in my
h,,ar'' C""fi'.b'"tly expicled to meet, my
tormentor. Weil ! to be sure the lorui was
the same; but even ns 1 eazed, the mocking
sun Ic d isn pea red fi 0111 t he mouth, ntni 1 s! ood
trembling ni.d cinharras.ed before those
mournful, b'ue eyes.
Ho said ho "presumed I was MUs Alice
lilakc's foster sidter, Miss So:::erfoi d, of whom
she hail told him jo much ," and peutlv took
niV hand and led trie to the sola 1 excused
rnyseifiir.il arose to rin the hell, nod have
dames inf'oi in bis mistresB of tho nrriv al , but
ho said, "after our. introduction of to day
I'tiink any further one, under the circumstanc
es, unnecessary; and no doubt the ladies ill
be down soon.
Then he soon addud, pleasantly; "an apo
logy is due you ; but with your leave we'll say
nothing more about it, and will mutually
compromise the snney affair, by adjourning
to the piano, and T will listen while you con
elude that splen lid music you wore singing
when I inlcrruf tnl you."
1 told him I should only be too hi.ppy.
He evidently possesses a will I thought ; for
had no power to resist bis half apology,
half command ; nr. J
both luughed gaily, 1
as I took his arm, mil salt"! 'Cyself to p!nx ,
We had only finished the i.-ce in which ho
joined, when Alice came in. Ph? laugliBil
heartily at the story of our meeting and com
promise, jjivcu in bis illimitable e'.yle.
"Oh! you naughty Madge," she said, "how
co'.:ld you treat Fred, so? but it t.i cnly
like tin' saiiev creiiture ; and, b red. you must
learn lo indulge her as I do," she udded,
''.iili a droll attempt at severity
'T under.-t ind." he said; "but another
lime ft wiil punish her bard, only think
he'w she phot. pr:ip..e. invphi. ! Too bad!
young lady, too bad ! ' and be regarded me.
tnischiex onsly."
' I ("ijl.t be verv nnndi fiighteued at such
11 ' oiis;. ii.ii. y ; but now really I :i :n not," I ic
After (hi-, (eir a...ii.i:n'aneo prn?r"sied
linely. al;!i.,iiIi ;,t times during 'be evening,
1 could not iln'L.o. mxself'of u ba-iing of em
ban asmeni I tn-l hi.- ..- fill upon me in
t'e- r..terx,il.s o!
w.thdrtx-. to a win,
to be and A lice coo
1' 1'
: :.l'n r a while I
.ts and listi i.ed
anil as they ,':at
before the warm m. lbov fire light, I think I
ainiu.-t lou d him even tii.-o, as I contrasted
tin- incident of the day, with the -i cue before
me, so Miiu-t and In.: i:k", be holding
Alice's hand in both o; i.i-, and talking to
her io his i'-iv, mjI'i Inncs (.1 'lie absent 1 feririe,
her lover. Tf".oi I understood why she wish
ed me to know' hiin, for they xvere like brotb-
er.x. And I, in my uu.-ky seat, sh-ided by tho
l .: i l. ...:,.. i ..:... ...
to I, r.i I'liiiiu, .iii'i mil i.Lnuiiii.- i i.in-11 ii,
call reason anl
m an.l i'tolosopny, com monitors, to
my aid. ! s;.id, "hecouli net, i." he would
try, cars, anything for the brow ti ficrd orphan
rir!. dependent on friends; what! hr. so rich
and 'alen'e I. wo'.hlbe n-cn'-: t it nil
j'h;l-is( ii .' Viliipbeil, as be looked around
uneasily w here i was sitting, occasionally, riot
wilting to call me '.r'vHrd
ft was late 'heu 've retire:", and I noticed
ho looked pale and fatigued ; but be pressed
ny hand gently, after bidding Alice "good
nCu " li. .l'"v,,M.i,,ii!1:'Jh-,l,.i
, - f m.., Miss Somerford, I was very rude
......- i ... i .. r ,..t... a. t i.
bij.i iiiiKiiiu in ii jy, i i in r,. i. i , u . ii ui. . in . is n
r - bet '. r..r '"
. i -i i.....:i.. .,i
i 'u noi meniion i suni e'l-iny, i
only was rude. In all sincerity, 1 said for-g.-t
it ! nnd in future I will not be so childish."
' Then," he answered, "I wii! say thanks!
and good night," and l owed his face for a
moment on my band, xihile the shining curls
swept over my sleeves. The servant came to
show him up to his room, nnd I ran lo mine,
tlot darini' til ,Cir. with -hr fir l.-fii- llo.f
she ft'juhi s'e my agitation.
'I be Uext day, in compliance with Fncle
Flake's earnest invitation, he bad hia trunks
brought from the village, and prepared
h .rt Wrt, hi,, n' the 1 wn,.. or cared
lut v Lis dmr lce. ha not aiiisure m-,
it mtt have been my fate ; do not acetic,
dear reader, ol iiiitnnidei.ly de nionst rW. nm j,
,,r premature fondness, for what ever else my
faults were, that certainly was n it one of them,
How inconsistent is real nature. I (aid wo
enjoyi j ourselx es: well wedid, very much, i x-
cept when hectoring each other, or quaricl
);,, yes! you see txright, actually .yonrriny.
His disposition was a strange combination of
mirth and sadness, and our first and second
meetings were only a fair samplo of many
i others that followed m their wake. Tho re
sults was, strength pitted ts. strength, a
mortal contest, d brains and tongues; stetdy
ire, biting asperity, on one side, and laughing
sarcasm, and u natural capacity to tease, on
the oiler, due lour, taxing my patience to
the utmost, the nxl, gravely and 6wcetly
forgetful of all els, doing bis utmost to enter
tain me, so I never knew when I was safe to
unloose my fiery temper. Of my wild lova
he knew nothing, nor could he judjje, for
generally I wascaliuly oblivious to his friend
ly overtures or else meting out, point for
point, item for item, biillauciiig accounts as
near as I an ii.ierc-.ted parly, was able to do
Hut there cdine a change in affairs. A few
days after A'ii e left, the house keeper vent
for a weeks holiday among h"r friends before
returning to city, and I oluiitecrcd to ussint
Auntie, am! save l'ncle the trouble of hunt
iujr anoth.-r help in In r absence; and so he
bold nu iriitia!i.d in domestic mysteries. We
hod been having a beautiful day, but I bad
not seen Frederic since morning, for iriiui- dia
tt'y 11 ft e 1 breakfast t.'ncle role to the il
Ino on busiuc.-s, and l'r d ncc onpanitd ima
on Il'jou. (I nh.ill no;.- inci'b-nn, lor from
this day I can date the time w hen all uuimoci
lies were thrown u:-,ide, the gauu;ict thrown
down never to be taken op ngain; when his
nature and mine were .shown, free from all
distortion, naturally.) All forenoon I was
in the store-room with Auntie, helping pot
Coll rii'sits, preserve fruits, ile., Ac , and ut
we had a hi ticheou, after that I com
menced the self imputed task of chamber
work. I put all thd other rooms in order,
and concluded I would arrange Fred s room
before I dressed. 1 knew he would be tired
and dusty when In; returned, so I placed a
basin of pure, soft water on bis stand, towels,
..Ve.., put a fresh damask cloth on the ralne,
placed his books in order, filled the vasert
wiih fresh flowers, and finally sfter looping
he c-utiaius from the bed and windows, open
ed llie blinds and drew bis chair near the
nrih.n u-ifiiloiv which sent 1 Knew he liked
I i" '. il. After leaving exerything itntnacu-
lab', f thought I would go into the library,
and trtaslaio a few pages of Spanish, a
language I was Irving to master with the aid
of u lexii on f.ince 1 left school ; hut just then
Iho clock s'l'ick six, and I went down t or
range I he tea ii'.blo i':. (l.'ii:g room
While there I heard l'ncle Wake and I"r':d
returning, heard thi ir steps en the a!k, in
tile hall, and tiieir chverful voices as they
m'I 'uratL-d, fie former going into Auntie's
room, and the latter into bis own, from which
I knew he could emerge, ri freshed and re
freshing, and I knew also that every nook ol
the old house would be h' a'cht.'d until he
found to". So not eating to he seen in my
morning dr.-sv, I hurried through, so as lo
make niy-.elfne.it i.i din i ten A few moments
lut'-r, I stoo 1 before i.i v iniiror giving the
finishing touches to the cmpo'tUsh ria:.'s
I bad curled over u.v low brow, and daik,
oval checks. lo t'e sore 1 v-., Utirii. mil l
SI 1.1 I I .. ,1 . r. ,. .. .. I . .. . . ! t I . . M l... 1.1.1. 1
l""u""k 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' : ' I
mat.-d eve, r." I flushed cheeks evincing anl
: - i ... r li .. . i : i.. i ..'.,..:
UMier oe.i.iiy i co.iiu no, inoe, 1 s """'o'"
the snowy cmhroidnrice O'er my plain silk
dress, and laughing quiet! i"d on my whin
apron, and slept out into the hall just as the
lea be!! rang. As I was running down to br
io reiofi'i",- s to pre 'hie at table, (a duly Alice
or ' tih-r.: ... relieved Auntie of
w hen she was
il! or tired.) I met Fred. lie smiled 'vb-n be
saw lb., while apron, !-? dining room badge,
and cor" pli ii'Miti d me on ivy matronly ap
pearance, he would have piv--n lea bis r.fin,
as be said he was coming to find me, hut I
told him that lo persons of n y cln-, such
on jvr: I attentions were ionbarr.i-sing, and
walkel on, wickedly dei.-.i.i. . 1 y his sid".
' Little tormenting Mudgf!" he said, in a
tone of remorseful t'-udertie.-.s, that went to
mv heart; bill I could not give up now, al
though I had been gloomy ami rellectivc nil
diy; now I resolved on an entire reforma
tion both in hiin and myself I felt that it
was only the ocean spre.y (hat had dashed
and "parkb d around me, not i!,,. white -ai ts,
which 1 was sure were buried bencaih its
waxes, but which a masterly baud might draw
thence nnd enrich Its'.lf forever and I was
right. I fo :i. i lb'', g'-'i'., but the go, d master
did not fc!'i.w i-a to retain Li M rrtrc
10 No matron of tue famous F. F. V. could whose triumph is to tormcr.i."
from her mother, ami which hud l-, ,, , ,.
fmily i:,.ttrl- a hundred years ' She ui.J she
ha! r urici'ted it fu.ui the plai'e closet
tui-t ta her jtuc.l, dikI l ied with all bis
patrician ease and clecaece of manner nr
know Ip.jt,, the coippiiiuelit 14J t,..vl it. !
its tiratness a;d L'ol priiiiervalion. An
r.our s pi. u'.aiU conversation pass, d before caMe 8ti etched between the dill's. The croud
we wcra aware of it, hIu ii i-iI IiI 111, gathered was almost if not quite, c jual t
I' red arid I nrut into the parior, and I felt that on any former occasion , an 1 the gatk
a Hush of happiness such as 1 had not known ering win mummied, for the sij'hl which was
all day, when he took my hand to lead me ncssed bui asai'd uli the previous ihibi
In, n,', iaid . . tiom of the same charm trr.
'M,!c I'' (I,. J.ad loni done away wiih' From tlm city, we should judge that the
I bni done away wiih
the fo
iriiiai Mis.si l on have civen me a very
great pleasure, 1 have seen you really at
borne, exercising the privilegea of a mis.
tresa. How much sweeter it is tc receive a
favor from the bunds of one" ; ho looked
at me and smiled sadly but did not continue
the sentence. A silence ensued that became
ulinost embarrassing, when ho opened the
piano and asked mo to play. 1 told hiin I
would ruthcr be would, us I was tint in a right
I think there must have, been a sympathy
between our minds even then, for bo hail
commenced a prelude to a lively air; but
l .is.i'y sweeping it aside, took up an old
plaintive ballad, which he sang, throwing in
to it all the energy of his powerful, mellow
voice, giving it an indescribable melancholy,
causing n bitter tide to surge tip from my
heart and before I could prevent it, a large,
bright tear fell on the sheets of masio I was
turniiu'. He looked up at me regretfully.
"Come, thi- will not do, I will reud for you ,"
and In: drew chairs to the centre table,
"Not that, pray ;" f aid as hetookup anele
gant Vol. of "Varieties," done in the richest
London binding; a collection of best pieces,
in poetry and irose, by Mnglish and American
authors "See I hnvi it all marked ''
"So much the better,'' he riliiriied, 'T can
now tell what vou f.inry most." I have no
voice myself, bill am extremely fond of hear
ing any one else rem) I felt soothed and
relieved us he proceeded, and was complrtly
absorbed, w hen he began uu extract from
Festus, caking of the. impossibility of young
people thinking tbnt w hich tin y once love,
can fade or die; and pointing out the emir.
1 felt the entire truth of it, b it as be read
line alter line, it seemed such an exact mir
ror of w'nit my thoughts had been all day,
'.hat I whispered hoarsely, "Oh Frederic
don'l I"
He turned quickly and my fare must have
been very pale; for h came to my side Buy
ing, ''Mndfie are you ill ?"
I caught his hand ns lie reached for the
bell rope ; ' r, hot ill, but cone and walk
xviih ni"i" and taking his ir;n we walked up
ami do the long parloi in the soft light
A t last I said "I ought to explain my con
duct; will you listen while I tell yon what u
rt range J .-am or vision I had !rr.'. 'light ?"
( om i t'prti N k T W KI K
Mil a Ilnnj-an Tree.
There i-'. tree on the islands of the river
(iange.-., a single shoot of which if set out
400! O'.e'.Ul
down l i i he
n r...., with brafches drooping
g on ml. Fai h In n.'i on touc'i-
ing the c.u tli lakes root ami becomes a new
tree; this also sends forth branches, which
inti r th" giound and give birth to olher trees,
until in length that little banyan shoot first
planted In comes a thick shaded forei-t So
it i : with e. i v sinful practice, and with every
..iuful Labi t The first sin is the btlte shoot
ust planted and spring.-, ui.
Ull W.I .1 Lie
l.at h
r :l:t
,ri,(,M,V( U new branch taking
, 1
Would it not have been an lo la,..-: lo l.ave
., . , . lr,,,. ... thrown iL
on n d no that lirsl lj . an I r i. lino inrowo n
' . .
. , . v 'iut ,.. it an CSV tl.slf wlii-U
into to
in thi
ir-. nfji iii s that tree is a lore.st
If a a. an tal c- a road liiat due:. r":l lead to
Ileauri, if the i.i.'ii' Cl.n Jits of si., are allowed
lo have their ailnring eharms, if tin: oncer-t-iin
ii i es of thii xvrld are pref.rn-d to tin;
Jul all" iicl.es of righteousness, if t'aougnls
of th .' h ''v find enter the mind only to be
tl.r'i'it e .t wi.'n derision, if the requirements
of that holy Ood are hourly r)is..m yed or lies-
regarded, if the only weleome nnd habitual
thoughts are not thoughts of holiness, hut of
s n an 1 xvorldiness in ten tbousand forms, it
the ciinraeter is Bs-umiiiL' a darker hue. fi om
famibar'ty with deeds of dm k nes.s, Bi.J lbs
outlite t'f an imr.ge begin to appear as each
aiici ' " ding sin adds Biioiln r str ike, and the
jiorlrail grows plainer and J lainer, and every
.lav d i pens and bri-tg i oi.t another feature,
Mi.d tl.e last earthly t"-i-h ii given, and men
i j'.y at "O evr ii wlo .'i Hone l.y otl.ers, ssy,
vvl-,... i nig" is thai meets your gaze? It is
die image of that being w ho (as the infidel
1( ,'oii,' r .ke says) "iu s0 fHr from promoting
the I.'.; piness of others that he makes his own
hupp-'11 to consist ill th" mim.'iy i-f others
w I: i a l. anir to rorriit t the innocent sr. I to
m.ilave the free, whosii business is to seduce
or bet; y, whose pleasure is to damn and
tiio rtiUs..iou. iiioiniiir
I'tMll tll libK.
Niagara b'aila mm a naarmiiijr lnv af'ain
yralcrdaj; tilled and overflowing wiih an
iininense throng of proph , collected to wit
ni'(.s the fuurlli rcpitition of lons lilotidiu's
.1 e . . ,
""oi'K o ai ci crowing the , iiasiu upon H
attendance wa reaier iiian at any tin.i bs-
furo; and from Hot better and ct her places in
the vicinity, 0:1 both sides of (he line, it could
not have been much, if any leu. All the
seal and stand places within view along the
bank in the pleasure grounds upon this sido
of the river wero crowded, and the enclosure
upon the Canada side ws Letter filled than
Upon any other occasion.
Mons. Itlondin redo into the jdeauru
gi-o'ind ea this tiJa about b!f pant four
o'clock, arid started on his aerial journey af
ter a few moment of ib lay in preparation,
His trip across to tho v'unad'.an (bora v as
accomplished quickly, ns hii proceeded at a
tripping pace mo.st of the distance, and only
paused a few seconds occasionally to corict
his balance and obtain blight rest. A II of his
feats he reserved for the return journey.
Arrived at the Canadian hank, he refreshed
himself a little, and took a rest of perhaps
; fifteen minutes, when he again stepped upon
j the ropo and tripped down the slant, airy
j plane, toward "the land of tho free and the
home of tho brave ." When about half wav
to the center, he stopped and sat down, then
' stretched himself at full lenjlh upon tho rope,
then performed a number of daring antics,
and finally stood upright upon bis head, re
maining in that reversed position for a length
ol lime which seemed a moment at least,
swinging and kicking hig feet in the most
rec kless, though ludicrous manner that can
bo conceived of.
Kesiitnii.g his journey, he proceeded but a
little way when again ho haired ami repealed
bis performance, with the addition of a back
ward somersault, and one or two sudden
swings ground the rope, which caused a gen
t-rul flutter among the hearts of the specta
tors, and brought screams from many of iho
Starling forward again, be proceeded to
the open space in Ilia center, between the
extreme guy ropes that branch ofT to either
bank, whero the cable spans tho gulf without
"tr.y nr nccumpaiiiinctit Here ho paused
again, and laying bis pole upon one of the
guy ropes, be swung himself under the cable
and ran across this central space of single
cord, in the s-txle of a monkey; hanging
beneath, and swinging himself by Ins hands
and feet, with great rapidity, doing back
again iu the same gymnastic manner, wlo n
be had returned to h ; point here his polo
rested, he began a .ries of perf 'rmarices
which outdid in thrilling am slaiU.'.,g ilfcd
upon tho nerves of the spectators, all that he
j,a,) don,, before.
Clutching the 'ope will, his hands, he swung
j,;g v,0,p. c..-ar froru j,, m lu for n tf rije; tli y
period, of more than temnds, suspended by
the arms, and by ono arm, oxer Ihu fearful
,1,. f t,0 ,dinsm. Then he, repeatedly
turned such a somersault as is familiar to
boys, throwing his feet over bis bead and nu-
tvi.en his arms, and hanging w'.tb tbn should-
,jer jei'it in a most nnnn'ural por itifjn.
he straighten :d bis body into a hor.
, ontul
,,,,, ti,,, fl, Hnsp..iided by (lie urn s, thrown
i i i i -i i
backward as described an cxrr him renuir-
ing immense strength, and r.xb ulate.) to ex-
r:aii';l tt.e iiiovous sxsiem liouieoilousl
After Ibis be suspended himself bv tho le;",
an', by one bg, load donnwan! whiried
i.round the rope turned more son ersanlta
stood upon his head Hgnn, arid in fact
performed ail th most reckless fe-.ts stfeu.1,1
y,y tI vjlit rpe performers under ordinary ,
,.irruiiislances. Twice iigain I Tore leaching j
t, ),,, . halted and repeated these antics,
,njj deteruilne-i to fatigue himself to the
Ht ,,ui nf cndunirice, and thoroughly satis.
fy ,),,. sj.eelstors with his exhibition of daring
a,,,) skill. A nd I hey wire sal i -.lied, 1" yond
question. The pt rformanee was wonderful,
exciting etio-igb for 'lo- most greedy
seeker alter setisal ion ; and was by fur the
greatest yet given by Moris. Hirudin. lin'a-
io Efprrjs, Uh
ij( The Hiflalo Advocate says. 'A new
form of worship, as we have beeu informed
has just been inaugurated among the sect I
ciiled Na.aiites At the late I! rgen f'ump- J
meeting, (lancing, as a separate exercise, '
whs oir;.j.'ed err praotiiid 'ii i.l.-s were
formed, within which a f pace wuj kept clear,
and then outside that circle quick step music
was aij i g, and from ore to lour danced to
regular time, as regular as in a hs,!! room,
bating the fact that tht floor was rather
j UK (iiIld a it thi: anokl.
lit ciur.t en rwa:.
Thn Sabbath snn wal letting slow,
Amidst iho cloud of even;
"Out Father," breathed a voice bslow
'T ni her who art in heaven I"
Hex ond '.be caitb beyond tha rlogd
Those infant words were given ;
"Our Father," angfU sing aloud
"Father who art in heaven I"
"Thy kingdom ron-.o," still from the ground
That childlike voire did pray
'Thy kingdom come," God's hunts reioand
Far up the starry way I
"Thy will be done" with little tnngut
That lisping love implores;
"by will bo dona" the ang.lio throng
i 111 , from the f.crapbic shores.
"Forever" still those lips repeat
Tlmir cbisicg vening prayer ;
"Forever" lloals in music tweet
High amidst the angali there I
Thine bo tlio glory evermore ..
From thee may man ne'er sevsr;
Dut every Christian luod adoro
Jehovah Clod forever I
Homaitrc lirirt Itcnlit). ,
A most extraordinary caae ia about to ect
cupy the attention of Judge Culver, intolvioj
circ'iteNlnnccs nearer akin to romance thaa
plain liulicd truth, as developvd by affidavit,
which, aa we are informed, are ftow io pro
gress of being cubinitted for legal adjudica
tion. The following are the principal fict.
an set for the document alluded to: About
five years ago there emtio to rcsiJu in Brook
lyn a lady of remarkably genteel and prepos
sessing appearance, who represented iieraelf
to bo a widow from the vicinity of Mobile,
Ala., and who cviduntly had nieani aufTicient-
j ly nmplo to enable her to occupy a respecta
ble, social position. She was accompanied by
11 I:i:!u boy of setming! mulatto or urgro
; parentage, then about three year, old, which
j she invariably spoko of as being the only
, surviving child of a favorito servant of Ler
decL-usud husband. Iu tho course of time she
I (boiiig yet young and attractive) was "wooed
J and won" by a gentleman who formerly was
1 engaged mercantile pursuits in New York,
but who (becoming unfortunate itJ buainesi)
is at prr.'icnt in the employ, as a book kcopor,
of an eminent firm across the river. The
fruits of this marriage are two fair haired
children, and up to within a receut period th.
parents have lived harmoniously and aflTcc
tioiinlely together. , .,
A sad blight bus, however, ovortakes tbcir
dream of happiness! On the morning of lie
1 4 1 ii t n fat. , a man of stalwart proportions, aad
somewhat handsome presence tut1 0 marked
ebony hut called at the house of the party
alluded to accompanied by two New York
lawyers, ami demanded iho possession oftbs
apparently negro boy, alleging himself to be
iho father of the pretended slave child, and
declaring that it. female custodian waa il
mother, and bis divorced vijt. So startling
a disclosure has, nf course, created th? ut
most consternation Bnd alarm among frieud.
of those who are most deeply interested i
unraveling the truth of this "strange erentful
history" the lady stating in the most em
phatic manner that the statement, of bir
accuser are infamously false, and originated
111 a plot to di Mlrny her peace. Oo the other
hand, the alleged husband and father of the
boy has sworn to the truth nf lis averment,
and .says I Lit witnesses will bo produced from
St. Louis, Mo., ulu re he is well known aa a
trad, r and prop' rly holder, to sustain hitu in
the proceedings which he has (only partially )
instituted. The ludy is of Herman attraction,
and the person win", claims to have once been
her "liege lord ' is either of Creole or aeiui
Indian breed. He states that the separation
between them was caused by detecting infi
delity on her part, and that until within a
short period past, be was b -d to beliefs that
sh-i wan in Liu rope.
J-iT'Old Mrs. StulhbcBii taya flu- has isami
her ilarl'T away from the ptitticary doctor to
tlm en;. 1 no doctor, who reckons be can cum
her cine.'. ,.il!y. Shu says she ha no Bj.'ii Iko,
H.l Mrs Partington has, but will adapt atmo
poor little orfu! bpy tucn.
tvr h-tv vitua Finn bit IIat Th.
following coticw i inscribed 00 the docket
at the Hammond Street Station Houie last
night, vi, : "Boy Lost About three year,
old ; Las a brick bat hat, and calico ahors,
ami marked with the .coal! pox on Lit teeth."
How 00 earth did luah a young 'ua get lost T
ity A theatrical company waa playing, in
one of the interior town, out Wcat, Khakea
ptaie'a Othello, and Othello demanded of
Fesdemoua "tho handkerchief I iLebaudktf
chief!" A jftny called out impatiently!
"Never rnind thu Laudkcrchief , blow your
note with your finger3, and go ahead 1"
Iso." Tilt Lost Dsuun'. Thi. forenoon a
man in search of a child waa hailed by a pon
derous Iliberniau, who thrust hi half-naked
frame through the window of a dilapidated
three story wooden building. "J. id ab.il J
ye want''' ''Yea." "About three yean
owld?" "Yen" "l!ns he fair hair, blua
eyes, red stockings, an' .moke colored gai
ters V " Ye." "Had be plaio dkreaa and
white etraw bat on 'mi?' "Ys! yssl I.
he up there wiLh you 7" "Ah, no, .ir, but I
taw his mother awhile at'0 lookiu' f.r lb.
T The editor of tie Sankuskv Pioosrr
bat been (a-osentod with a Co. shirt-collar
II is waiting for aome oca to give aim
ahlrt, so be can pot the collar ta aoma ma lt
present it il a perfect loparSuity t3 kin
! I
I . - - 1 n..i.i... - .. f -; " "" t
I nimiim ' ... . -t . , ' - . ,;" ' ,
, 1 A-