Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, September 14, 1882, Image 3

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iih'n. '
i.Fpi. ani si:
Tho real old Hiii'Vpsl npplp of our
grnmlfullior's days is to bu found no
Tito farmer who leaves his plow lo
rot in the Holds all winter is usually 'j1ip
otto who finds most fittlt witlivtliiireoii-1
dition of tho coutitry.1 r. V. nerultl,
Tho Gardiner's Monthly says: "Let
tho laundry folk on every wash dav
pour tho boiling-hot soap-suds about
tho . roots of pcaoh Ifaos. This will de
stroy 'tho insidious little fundus whieh
produces tho 'yellows'' and other dis
eases, and finish tho larva) of insects
which aro injurious to the trees."
Red ants aro said-lo'liko -lard bet
ter ovou than. sugar: for lids reason, if
tho red ants are tfoHolhsoMo lii kit'oli. n
or store-room, sot a plato well greaed
with lard in ho roomr It will soon bo
covered with thorn, and Von" can' dispose
of them'; pTtf tluyplutu lifuik, J iimll koop
ou doing S(uiitlnh6MiVoMxterminrttcd.
-Ar. y. Post. -
Marblo pike: (Liglit.), Ono cttp
Migar; half a cup icaSh 6i jlbuttot4 Sntl
-;il- ...l.ti..,. t H ff ...:.. 4
Hour, one. mid (U half fdaspoonfpl of bakr
Sngpowilor.- (l)ark.;p Haifa etintylHi
ot brown sugar aiifl iiiMlasVisouo tour'ii
cup each of butter and milk, ,twp
of llour, tho yelks of HFveb dggs,- ono
anil ju half lea'spouful of b'ikingr pow
der, 'ono tcaspoonfiilo:tii of cinjfamon,
cloves and iill-piUu.' A -
Ue.efitoak I'utUUrur: Lino vottr kv
sin with thin suet crusf. l'or a siii;ill
lmdding take tiirce-rjiartcrsof n pourM
of rump stoak. out in thin 'slices with
out fat or gristle! mako ;t 'pdvlcr$fj
pepper and salt, dip eaoh slice into it
and lay it round in laycrs'in the basin
until noarly fitll.t 'Kill' Up the center
with oysters or mushrooms, tie it tight
and boil.fpr.tjivee hours; add water in
tho saucepan aft'roqtiired, but 'it rilUst
not reach tho top of the pudding basin.
Fill up tho basiiwAthl gpod-&too;k.rr-.tV.
r.iiwid. ,, .,:
A correspondent of tho Quccnslanil
cr supplies that paper with tho follow
ing on tho subject of potato-giowiiig:
" L tried an experiment with potatoes
this autumn, as seed, was scarce. 1 tobk
cutting? of potato tops' and planted them
in the wei weather, ami tlmy took root
and bore a better crop than thy original
rook Some of the seed potatoes were
jrrowing strong before 1 set them.- so I
slipped oil' the superlluoits shoots and
planted thorn, with very good results;
and any .ono with a small, supply of good
seed may largely increase it by this
simple method."
1 ' )
One objection td a largo farm, of
BUllioiont capacity to meet the wants of
a great farmer, h that it concentrates
all the crops and all thq manure at one
point. In harvest time short hauling of
nay and grain saves Valuable time, and,
when manure is to bo drawn, short dis
tances to tho Holds from the. heaps, pp
sheds verv much lessons cqst. It is
better to divide on large farms and have
two or more separate points of concen
tration in distribution, and thereby save
great cost to team work. And, top, it
is very wise to divide tho farm buildings
as to not have them all burn at one lire.
Those aro general considerations. iV.
V. Tribune. '"
Old Strawjierry .Ileds.' f
- . i-i
Strawberry vines that have been per
mitted to cover tho ground and havo
borne one good crop of fruit, will not
pay tho labor of weeding out, aipl- as i
rule should bo plowed under as sooli as
the crop has been gathered; but if one
'has neglected to set svjiew bed the past'
spring, and desires to1" grow enough forf
family use? two or thrdo rodsJloflliorold
bed may be saved, and made to furnish
another year what fruit is wantoiL-for
homo use.
One of the easieat and porhapj tho
best way to clean onti an old bod, is to
spade in the vines, leaving rows about
a foot in width ami fourleet apart. A
good dressing of m'aniird should be
spaded in with tho vihesand' the rows-;
ot vines lett standing should uo well
cleaned out, leaihg..neitliop weodSi or
grass. Some believe it best to mow oil
the tops of tlie old vines, but as wohiuo
never tried this method' Wo eiinnot
speak of its advantage from oporienco;
but if the vinesTdjuSI ave)l.Ji so do
ing, it would' to an i'mprovoinciii, be
cause it would lessen the labor, ot weed
ing out, which is tho one fjreal' draw
back on continuing an oll lied: not
onlv is it a verv tosnoiis tiisk lo weeJl'it
out. in -alio lir.s't 'place,- ifut the .weeding
must uoniiuuu uiuii yiuu ncnui-i.
the grass' wijl 'bcojnojo ,thiH
will greatly lessen the crop Tlie next
season. 11 the i:md oe in good condi
tion, tho space spaded up will bo well
covered with vines lnfnro void weather
sets in; if so, then noAt-'snring tluj old
vines mav bo spa. led In to vmuhc. paths
to stand in while picking the fruit.
If one lias v. straw berry boj away
from the garden, ambitas J epjiRopt
clean of gras3 a'ml.weedsj itiiijayjip'.lefx
over another sea-on without cleaning
out; and it will perhaps furnish half a.
crop another soasoij. withouviueu.'ju,j
except the use ot tho lonllS.Budft ln&hui
garden, this should never bo done.'as it
lills. tho ground with weed .seeds, which
will take triahyyears to get out.
A strawbeiry bed in w garden
should under no eirciiinstances bo per
mitted to stand over tho second year
without bo"iieikeit as clean of weeds ns
it is tjin flrstgar. Wo know that tho
Umintnt$n W? gfi'"! to lt lt tmif
hoping to lioyojjtjiiio to qlean it,Jt,
whieli in many eases ne or comes. The
decision should bo made witlyn two
weeks after the crop fs gathered andlif
it Is decided to let it stand another year
the work of cleaning out should bo
eonnuoneuil at once. MiMaohusrtix
- - - - l
Our Forelgii Cabbage 1'est.
The Euroiiean cabbage buttcvlly (Pic
ri.i rap) Is. like many other i)reda
eious imported insects, much- mow do
struetie in Ihis country than in its abo
riginal home. Our own "native Ameri
can." eabbagO'buttef Hies the Is'qrthqrn
(1'icris 'vlvcftsu it) , tti.' Southern
(Picris Vroipdki) ;tho.ugh sometimes
rjtiito .troitblqsome, are harmlossnqss
itself commrod with tho destructive for
eign variety. .
' .The male imported butterfly is white,
with the tips of the foio wings black,
dusted with white. On each of the foro
wings there is a black spot. The-female
butterfly has two spots on these wings,
about two-thirds of tho distance from
tlllTbaSp to the outer edge of Iho wing."
T'lW eggs of this insect are hid Singly
on the under side of loaves Thevater
plllar fs green, with' a yellowisli stripe'
down tho hack, and another tdoilgwiah
side,, tho.belly being a palerv ongliter
green. t jho body is so (ffnsely t'ovvnsd
with minute hairs as to have a elvety
rtppoaritnce. The worm is often moro
than an hich lopg, and about tho thick
'ness of a large erow-(iilll. '
Wherever it has made itsappcaranbo,
tji.o ravages of this pest have neon very
jgrfcat amounting in money value to
hundreds of thousands of ""dollars annual
ly, in localities where tho cabbage is
largely cultivated. ''
A number -of ways of thwarting tho
destructive designs of the I'icris.ranac
have been suggested, ono of tho. mo"W
etlective ot which is said to bo hand-
picking when the caterpillar can bo
seen, and the capture of tlu) buttoi;fl,ieS
by moans'of a light gauze not nioVntcri
on a wire ring a foot Jn diimoter, at
tached to a'short pole. Where the cabbage-head
is badly infested, however,
it is best to root it up and bum it op a
hot liro, k as to make sure that none
of the worms escape. Dusting the cabbage-early
in tho morning and evening
with linio shu ked in water in which
carbolic acid has been dissolved is also
h'glily recommended as a means of
driving the wont) away. The" linio
should bo in the form of a line dr pow
der. Air. Quiiin has found carbolic
pow'clor (so-called), suporpho-phatoand
lime mixed, together an ell'oolive appli
cation. The Americun lintonwlofisl re
gards pyrothruin as the most . satisfacto
ry 'remedy so far discovered It lias
the further and important advantage of
beitig a perfectly harmless application
for all cabbage consumers except in
sects. Bran and buckwheat Hour dust
ed over the infested plants as soon in
tho worms, mako thuir appearance have
been found elleutual in ome cases.
ThesQ last-named remedies must be ap
p ied when the worms aro young. A
second application is sometimes neces
sary. L'rot". Kiley recommends a judi
cious application of hot water from a
watering-pot. But Only careful hands
Miould attempt this hydropathic Cure,
or the remedy mav prove at least us' had
as the disease, The Professor also ad
vises repeated applications of whale-oil
soap and water, in the proportion of
ono pound of soup to six gallons of wa
ter. It lias also lnjelt suggested that a
tiap may bo laid for Jlie chrysalis by
placing boards, raised tWo inches above
tho surface of the ground, among the
plants to attract tho caterpillars whoa
about to change to chrysaiids. By de
stroying those, and all that may bo
found under chips, stones, etc., much
futdro'toil jind Joss avoided.
But all theso ou'ensivo and defensive
measures combined would probably be
of little avail so impotent is man to
icopo with these inferior forces! iwo're
it rtot jor the diminutive allies which
come to the gardener's aid in the shape
of minute, ichneumon Hies. These lit
tle creatures lav their eggs either in
thos,e ofi the butterflies or on the out
side of the chrysalis, and the resulting
maggots feo,d lpMiriotisly on their help
less victims, ami do immense execution
in reducing ho numbers of their in
voluntary .entertainers. One, YjQscrver
thinks tliat at, least two-third's of tho
chnsalids which bail suspended' them
selves by hundreds in the early autumn
.about lus house and fences, Jiajl been
at'taeketl by flieso useful' allies. Mr.
harles D. Zimmerman, of Ohio, sug
gests that these 'clirysalids sli&nlU "lid
gathered into a box and covered with
wiro'gUilze. so that if they contain para
sites tho latter may escape, and the
butterflies he .destroyed. IJie box con-
'taining such ehrysaiids..' he Isays, should
bo protected from rain but not from
The male of this parasite- the Ptvra
wahippniuriim of Linmeus isabeauti;
ful pale-grei'ii fly,, with, the. body finely
liuiioturod ami emitting metallic tints.
Tho antenniu aro honoy-olfow, .with
narrow black wings. Tho'legs are iialo
honey-3'ollow. It is from one-twellth
to one-tenth of an inch in length. The
body of the female fly is iniieh stouter
and broader, ith an oal aluloineu
eiuling in, a very Iior) ovipositor. It is
much duller green limn the male, and
the body is more coarsely punctured.
Tho antenn e and luj;s aru'broiyn. TJm
iiirui i.s'ajiiuc wiuiji! inaggo- annul, tin
eighth of -an Inelf in ldnth.' As ififtiiy.
a.s thirty -two of them, in various stages
of growth, .have btn found in tho
i.rwH .f ctn.ri., ..M.Tlni: i iV
both ot a Single chlyfealid. It is sin-
beroly to be lipd tliat'tlleso invaluable
"friends of man" may bo able, with
the Ic.ns ipllcient n'nl of 'their human co -
lahoiors. to .suhdue and annihilate tho
lorolgn inlorhjpur whoso depredations
hao caused o much alarm am loss to
cabbage-growers. Ar. i'. k'xnmiwr.
o .. . it' . ii' Hm ",, W
.Several hast Indian Mlioialt hnvofl
gned and sunt to manufacturers In this.
' - i -. w - . 1
country a circular reip.oSTiDgSnfornia-l
tlou as to the possible iiistruetiort hero'
of Indian oiHbs in ilu- uieihauie arts.
Th'o purito-o fit lhinipvt'jimutlh the In
troduction iu tlndljn,,(f piylltabh) indus
tries. Most of those native totliocoun
try havo died out under Kuglish ruh:.
Y. Jixuminnr.
n mm uniMijiH
Tick Sultan f Mam. ) Vlta&ter moatlons Mr.
J. S. I.cFnvour, nrtlut, snrprlslhgly benefited
by St. Jacobs Oil. Klioutimtlm iwonty years.
A sail' Is always called "Mii,M became elio's
never piod for much until she's maimed.
JJurlinytoii Jltiwkryf.
, . i
It Tnn Albany (N'. YO'-lrpM observes: Judi;a
McCiowun, this clty,!.)vnsoureu oi rucuiimtUiu
by SU Jacobs Oil.
ilor.s," beRan Smith, ns they met nt
tho corner to wnlt for the car, "Is It positive
ly necessary yojif son must piny tho ac
cordion utitll mldnhjlit for slxiiliditsu weokl"
"Xot ot nil, .Mr. Smith," was the prompt re
ply. "Not nuy more necessary than lt Is for
jour daughter ami her beaux to sit on tho
front at ens seven nlulitn Per week nnd keen
,us awake until one o'clock la tho inonilnir.
"My uiiUKlitcr, sir, has u porlect rlchttohavo
a benti 1" " And my son, sir, ha- n lepal rluht
to piny his accordion I" "(iciitloiuen," bepin
tn 'ritonias, ns he enmo up, "1 don't wantto
ntcuU you, for wy aro nil ticlhliprs, but lt
yoli, Mr. Jones, would elenti out your alley,
nnd you, Air. Smith, would poison your uuls
unco of n doyr, 1 bellovo 1 would lmIii llvo
poundsPf llesli per week.'' " Hello IThomasl"
SalntPdlllowii from tho rear platform of tho
car for which they lint! waited, "I'vohecn
want bur to goo you for a week past. Your
confounded old horso stands anil stamiis all
night Ion;:, unci none of us can net a wink of
steep. Just fpr n change, mid to ho neighbor
ly, suppose you knock him on tho head with
tin ux V' Dctrvil Free J'm.
Often n doctor will say: "Well now If you
will only havo faith In my trcutipmit I will
euro you." StulT uud nonscnsol The Idea Is
nusuru, niui yei u is n iixco uoiiou wun many,
especially those Of tho iiunck fraternity who
friuhtcti tlitf young' Into tlid uso of their nos
trums and thuu excuse their fatluro to euro
from n want of faith on tho part or their
victim. The Hi veiltor of Dr. fluysott's Yellow.
Dock nnd SnrsnnnrlllA. an old uud esteemed
' physician, used to take especial delight lu
persuading tnoso who niui no lauii in ins pre
scription to "Only just try It." Faith or no
faith, US effect as n blood purifier nnd truo
strengtlienerof tho liver, kidneys nnd nervous
system Is most wonderful nnd Is proven In
every Instance where used. Tho proprietors
oJTer n thousand dollars roward for nny enso
of Impure blood, weakness, Ill-health, dys
pepsia, Indigestion, nervous debility, urinary
weakness, liver complaint, or any chronic
fcmalo aliment that this remedy does not
ucueiii. uazatt.
An testhctlc correspondent says that Josh
Bllllngu has n vulgar walk. Yes, a kind ot
Billings' gate. Arkamato Trawler.
J. F. D., of Cincinnati, 0., writes: "Ilr.
Guy6ott'siYcllow Dock nnd Sarsapurllln has
eradicated from my Bystcin every trace of Im
pure blood, resulting from a bad case of
scrofula nnd syphilitic disorder of many years'
No mav that over lived can clinch nn nrgu
ment without riveting his opponent's ntton
tlon. Andrew' American Quien. k
"Troubles often como from whence wo
loast expect them." Yet wo may often pre
vent or counteract them by prompt and In
telligent action. Thousands of persons aro
constantly troubled with n combination ot
diseases. Diseased kidneys and costive bowels
aio their tormentors. Thoy should know that
Kidney-Wort nets on these organs nt the snino
tbno, causing them to throw oft tho polsohs
tlint hnvo clogged them, nud so renewing tho
whole system.
A ij.vnv had In her employ on excellent girl
who hnd one fault. Her fnco wns nlwnys In a
smudge. Airs. tried lo toll her to wash
her face without oireudlng her, and at last ro
sorted to strategy. "Do you know, Urldget,"
she said in u coutldeiitliil manner, "that if
you wash tho fnco every day in hot soapy
water It will make you beautiful?" "Will
it?" answered tho wily Jlrldgot. "Suro It's a
wonder yo nlver tried lt, ma'am 1"
I'rom tho llub-
Thorc Is perhaps no tonic offered to tho peo
ple that posscshes as much realintiiusie value
oa tho Hop hitters. Just at this season of tho
year, when tho stomach needs an appetizer,
or tho blood needs purifying, tho cheapest nnd
best remedy Is Hop Hitters. An ouueo of pre
vention Is worth a pound of euro; don't wnlt
until yon nre prostrated by a disease that may
take montliB for you to recover In. JSoiton
A oan.iT many workers work best while tho
eyo of tho boss Is on them: thoy strlko whllo
ino eye on is not,. jv. u. j-icuywic,
F. ' A. Scratch, druggist, lluthvcn, Ont.,
writes: "lhave the greatest confidence in
your HuitnouK lh.oon Uitti:ks. In one ciisii
With which I am personally acquainted their
success was almost Incredible. One lady told
mo that half a bottle did hor moro good than
liundred't of dollars' worth of mculchio she
had previously taken." Price, 81.
A max may like to stand on the plnnaclo of
fame, but ho docs not caro to sit down on the
first part of It. lloiton Mar.
A Dead Shot
may bo taken at liver and bilious disorders
with Dr. 11. V. Pierce's "Pleasant Purgative
Pellets." AUId yet cert.iln in operation; and
there Is none of tho le.ictlon consequent upon
taking severe and drastlo cathartics, lly
l-.uiTUQUAKnsaro so common Insomo parts
of California that the people havo substituted
them for fever lind ague. iV. y. Herald.
" Woniiui ami llcr DIAcurch"
is tho tltleof nn Interesting troatiso (0(5 pages)
s'cut, postpaid, fur three stamps. Addica
Woiimi's Disi'u.nsauv .Mkdicai. Ass
Dullujo, N. Y.
"Tiikv tell me you have had somo money
left you," said Jliwn. "Yes," replied Fogg,
badly, "lt loft me long ago."1
lukliiK it . .
i John Kays.'C',..'. 0.tsnyi. that-fpcnlno
mouths he could not raise his liand to his
head through lameness In tho shoulder, but
by tho tup of Thomas' r.c7,noTjuo .Oil hu was
entirely cureil.
Kxaixmni. think Hm Hats of Wnshliigtoii
can bo Improved. Theio dru lots ot them to
Wurk.on.-V. 0. Puujune. . ,
I, V)U '"C"01-."' ,,. .fi ,T,.",,i,Iot"1'c
i f ro,, liofVous (lel)lli tv and kindred wenknesbe
shouldHenll three st imps for' Part VII. of
j World's Dlhpcnsiry Dlmo Series of bo.djs.
I Addi.-s Woiii.o'h Disi'KNhAiiy Mi:uicai. As-
r middle ngod onos, suflorlng
.'tillity and Wndre'd wenknesbe
1 fcoouno.s, lJulTabO'.Y
Scum invariably rises
liemepibcr, vouhl'
at tho top, Points
' man, there Is ulwuy- room at
i Anunum
3? With Dlnmond Dyes any )nfly can trot ns
gooa rebuts as inn pr.ieucai oyer, Kv
jyo. warranted true to iiiimu and .ample,
"" ,TT
GMi:and noultry pro, Jibrliest nt nl'ht
wliai the birds and Hut h 1 roost.
"Hi-oiioi'.MiH," Qulelc, complete cure, all
anno. biiJ Kidney Dlteuos. iU at Druggists.
A noon coio.inut Is moaty, but a fulling
stut Is meteor. Aum" Courier.
Foit threshing machines, us. "Wise's Axle
rtm mmj mwAungna
Thk Voltaio IIei.t Co., Marahnll, Mich., will
fond Dr. Dye's Celebrated Klcclro Vodalo
Pelts and hleetile Appliances on trial for
thirty days to men (yonntf or old) wlio nre af
flicted with nervous debility, lost vitality and
kindred trouble, guarauteolnir speedy and
complete- restoration of health and manly vigor,
Address as above. N. H. No risk Is inclined,
as thirty day's trial Is allowed.
It Is supnoscd that n furnlturo dealer Is a
vary cludr-l-tablo person.
"Hot-on ov lUr." Clears out rats, mlcrt,
roaches, bed-bugs, gophers, ohlpmunks. 15c
To cam, a laundress a bosom friend is flat
Irony. Mtrldcn Jleeotiltr.
m m i
UnnniNo's HusslaSalvo Is tho most wonder
ful healing medium In tho orld. Try lt.
KvniiYiionr says, Who's jVxlo Greoao novcr
Osk pnlror boot sor shoes saved every vehr by
using Lyon's l'atcnt Atotnlllc IleolStlftouers.
(htocnus nil speak well of Nntlonnl Yeast.
Wish's keeps oily and moist summer or winter.
Thy tho new brnlul, "Spring Tobacco."
Office op Tim Skni:oa Co. " IlnnAi.n," )
Hamilton II lock; V
Uloomvlllo, Ohio.
Gentlemen. You enn count rad ni a convert lo
TliomaV lkloclrlc Oil. AVlien j'dnr nKent CAmo Into
my ofrlco to lUhortlHo your mcrtl. tii'-, I clnmicil It with
tho thntiftnml and olio tiontrum Inwrkrd nWnt Iho
country uud 6l(l nn cun'-iill. l'or Ilftecn or twenty
year-1 Iiato tiecn sullcrlni; wtlli Unit tcrrllilo diffuse,
Cutnrrli, lind loit my tonne of illicit anil I axle, nlo my
tKlit and lioarlim wn fntt falllnR, I lmd fim loiuly
tried Rcurca of oihcrtlncJ reiuvdlft, hut foiinit only
lumporary relief. I.nnt fall I roneliuK'd to kIvo your
1'clVCtrlo Oil B trial. After uiIiik p.rt of tho flint tmttlr
I lx-Rim to feel iK'ller. Bo I keit on ului It every
nltilit iH'fon! n'tlrlng. I nm now most linppy to mj' 1
iimnenrly eiircil, and feel Initter tliuu I lmvo for ten
yraw. Bomo tlnui ko I felt n prlcklimKenxntlonumU'r
ono ot my thuinb nulU. 1 could not lm.iKlie wli:it
caused lt. ltfi'ftnlf n plecAuf iieeilUnvanululerllin
nail. Itlrdupmy nnKurwItlin rK, freely sntarntlnir
It with tho Oil; tho jmln cenned nnd In n few days
blnek sH)l made Its nppearaiico aiuUrHiluully incrvniKM)
until a new null grow on. Tliceo nm facts vohxitnrlly
lilvcn, oven aRnlunt n former iircjiidloo conoomlnR
rntrntAleiltctnc. You caniiio thin tcitlmiiuy nsyou
cellt. If It will do nny cood In Kitting uticrlni:liif
lrnnlty to tryyourmqdlclne, nlidtt rvllevcii others ni
It hua me, they will feel thankful.
Yours truly,
Sold tiy nil TtniRRlntit.
Send your Naino and Addross
on a Postal Card, and you will
receive a Paper by Return Mail,
Oolokv Days In lxtecnpnK- weekly, flllrd with
turlc. -kctchcHof niheuture, liiHlruetlvo mntierinid
cvcrylliliiKtluit can Interest, .utcrtiiln uh-Ih'IiuIUIkjjh
and Klrln.
Tlio uhntonlm nud purpono of Ooi.tiK.v Days, and
wlilch permenleii every nrtkle llmt nppeiimln ltjiiii'ii,
In li U'ticli clilldieu filicillriKC, lniliinty, t tut I iiulin'cs
mil a rc(crencc fortlio'fofiton Jiulem the true uuldu
of life.
Ainoni; Us writers of Serial Stories nrol
iiaki.y :amtm:mo.v,
rjtAM-I.I.V !AI.ICI,
ri.ANic ii. coNvr.RNi:, r.r.imi,
oi.ivi:k oitio.
ThelendlnRiieentlts, eliTptynien arid ediicntnrs nra
iiKfiKi'd upim (Ioi.iik.v llAVt.. its IIIUfctrulloiiN ore pro
fiiKiMind lu the hlKliiHt Hlyleof art.
Kev I). V Kliider. I). I . will ple rncli week a
lucid nud Hi.hohirly exposition of Hid IntiTimtloiiu!
btinil.iy-sclinol Lesion nf the sucecedlliK w(ek
J'ttttMom will perplex uud ilellnlit thu Ingenious
buvs nnd ulrli, ns ll has In the pant.
fnrniatlou, nud to mishit Hit! querli s and publleli thu
i nu t.riicr iinr niiieoiiiiniiu 10 (lifpejiFi! useiiu in.
oners in I'.xeuiuiKiMir our voiiiik ini'iius
In iborl, OoLintv Days will slup nt no expentu lo
deserw, In iililk'lierdeKrce Minn rii'r before, thetltlo
irci'iiiiiii hit iniiirr, me on
pulille, Iihic liobtowcd upon lt-
tliatof tlio
tiii: wi:i:k.i-You aio.tiiiy imicti
For 1 nionlh ,..,, Kfir.
."or it iiiontiin ,, ,,... no.
For II month 7.1c.
For 4 tiiiiitllis Ol.OO
l'or I) inonthi ; l.f(
For 1 yriu'.s .!
SuliscrlpionHeaii)ieln wlih snynumher nirknmm
hi rs suppued ni iln nuie rnies. Wi' pay all nonius ,
Money hhould. ho sunt io us rliliei liy pus. uiilec
Oiihr ur Iti-Klsiureil Letter, sons to jiroldu as fur as
posiillilii nitHliist Its loss liy mull
All uoiiiiiiuiilcailuiiK, ijusliiiHsor mlierwlic. nmsibc
addrcssi d io , ,MP.S 1,1 Vl'lthOV,
l'uliiUhcrof Ooliikn Days, i'lilludelpiiln, pn.
'k(;o' t nail urn ntlu brtt.clintiiritnitil vit.strtliulti
rV"tltltllltlVlllltl.llllUthtniMllnhufrl,ilil m (irfwirf rtr
yon .!( tt,t. It l,'lh',lVVlMir Jill 'I4.
KlllfiK'S l'OOI)reciilveHtli.i1(U.m')i''l')H
clstisof nllHelionlstluiworldiiti Iiicnn"'' f't'iu nt,
C3oont.!l t nml 1 7.1. Iicrlr the nlcniMrfl of
AVOOJ.KU-U l :. nu cvecy liiheL
Ai.l.Mt A ;. sr ,ii;i:ist Wii"kI fur tho
w lliiot, "Our l.o.l l.,lr..r." A full nud uU-
VIKII11. un 'itim Ii IIIH
lly llllltrr riovvi-oiiili uml oilier turvlwiri,
I'lioTooiui'iiio A t - t I - iw
1'OlltllAITH. All V I IV iLM-'STUATinus.
'' "'I' Mill, ,l,.u'l lm IikmiI.iiu-I"1 lr linllulloila.
333:tr ED 1 1 C O KT
V -,.il. ,,,- m,, , n ranmiiirii, 0.1x1 for
' iiTiilui-.turinautMl k in y to Amrlri.ii I'ui.lisliln
(.iMiiiu.MT, lliirtfunl, llusUiii, tUKaju, or ii-.iiiiiatf;
t-rMuitloii thii p.iHr.
liol sale and retail, s. nil fur prlci list.
units sent (' o. II Wilis iiiiuli' (o order
MMINIIAM. 71 .simehiriet I'IiIcsku
A8tMti:i'l'm:fiirl-:pllei.syorr'ltliiillii'urs. Tree
lopuur. l)u. Klius,ll AimAlt.,bt. Luull.Mo
for humnn, fowl and nnlmnl HeMi, wns
llrst i)iiimrcd and Introduced by Dr.
(Ico, wk Merchant, In I ockport, X. Y.,
U. S. A., 1KII, Hlnco which tlmo It lins
steadily irmw'ii i pulille favor, and is
now iicKimwIedKeil and admitted bythu
tnidn to Ix'tlicHtniidnrd liniment or tho
count ry.Whcn we mako this itnuouuoo
ment wo do so without fear or contui
dletlon, notwithstanding wo nre nwnro
there nre ninny who are more or les
prejudiced nifulnst proprietary roiuo
dlesespeolall on account or the many
hmnbtnrson the market: however, wo
nre pli'nscd tostnte thut Hindi prejudice does not
oxl iiKulust 0 AltO hi NO OIL. We do not oliilm
,vonders of minifies for our liniment, hut wo
iiu i'liiiui ii intvniiuiii nil uuiii
It is put up In bottles of threo
ies, unit nn we ni is tunc
ou irlvo It n fair trial, reiiicm-
icrlnir Unit the Oil nut no Willi
white wrapper (siunlll is for
human and fowl lio-di, nud
t tin t with ti'IIiiu' wriitiniir
(threo Rhes) for animal llcsh. Try n bottlo.
As thesoeuts Indicate, Iho Oil 's used suc
cessfully Tor nil dlsoiiKos of tho fiiiiniifi. foul
and unbiml flesh. Shako well boforo uslnr. ,
Cannot bo Dlsputod.
Ono of tho principal reasons of
tho wouderliil sueeess of Mer-.
chant's aiu-Kllnir Oil Is thai It la
mnuufiietiiiod fiiricttyon honor,
ltipmprlctomdo ant, na,lstlio
ciimii with t ito mil tiv'.iil tii' lit ill. I tiur
fdrtholr medleluoaiianie, dlmliiWh Its cura
tive proportion by ushur Inferior compounds,
but uso tho very best jroods to Ik boimht In tlio
muruct, ii'kiiimii'Ssoi cost. ior
half a century Merchant's Oiip
v ulliiirOllhnsbceiins.Mioaymior
hpnoty, and will contlnuo to bo
so Ioiik us tlmo endures. I' or
side bv nil resnectnble ilenlera
throughout tho, United ytiltes and other coun
tries. Our testimonial ditto from 1K13 ('
to Ihe present. Try Moivlmnt's
fill f lf t.t fit I f. lilt tt II. til I'.ll I lit 1N
jftoiWPH mil nnd oxtcrnnl utciiud toll your
VlVirtiUWV ni'luhborwhnt Rood It husdouo.
Don't roll to follow directions, hoop tho
bpttlo well corked.
P UCe lliirnn mid
nnitiiitiiif, rriioinitci,
Nrrntclie or Ori'nie,
('Iniplieil linn. I,
Kxlcrnnl l'lilrntm,
Sntul Or( k. I'olf Kvll,
(tnllxof all kind,
HwellltiK-, Tumors,
Klcxli WdllhiU, KIKnat.
ItliiKlioue, Koul Ulcer.
Unmet In I'owa, Knrey,
Onieked 1'enli,
Cnlliiii. l.inenc,
Horn Dlmemper,
r.i'riii mm 111 um.--,
htrliiKlmll, WliiilKiUlL
Knot Itut In Sheep,
roiliuleri'il l'Vet..
Itpupln I'niiltry,
hure MtiiilcK, Curt".
Crnclttd Heel. Old SorCK
Kplroutle, 1 .mm' lliii'.k,
'iti(irrlicililN nr l'lles,
'Uioth.iche, lEheiiiiuatiuu
Spavliin. Suceivy,
(Mrn, Wlilllowp,
AVeaknein of llic.lolntB,
Oontractlnii nr Mimclrs,
Crmiiii. Swelled l.i'UK
l-'lulu if. Mini-". Tiiriitli.
(TdwiiAcnh, (Jiilitor,
Almceas of the Udder, Cnkld llronniK, llo lr
$1,000 ItinVAItt) for proof of tho nxlstonco
or a in tier iiuiiuciii iiinii "jior
L,liiint'H(lnrKlluirOII,"or abettor
worm medicine tlmn,lMcrf hunt's
"-PrttB "l"-lttali.V OK COMMON
nud Kuleii of Simile. Ilyiiteiiii. lly l)r 1awuii Vf.
Tomer. Itcvlmil ind Knlnrwed liy twelve eminent
London l'liynli'lmis. I'njier cover. n ccnlsi MoUi,
AOri'iilii Rent pmtpnld on receipt of prce. MAtJ.
nil I, LAN .(:.. lia ,4Hi Ave, ,eiv.iirlt.
(X.uitlca nr Oantlemen)
Mako Money Fast Handling
FArs. Owens' mk Sock.
Invaluable! to IlonsoUpopers.
I'i'itctlval uml I'opulnr.
Outfit ll.-T..
j i:. owi:n),
030 Fulton Ktreot, ClileiiRO.
TAVA.SKHK nnd oilier designs, plain and funeynl.
plmliets. timet leal articles, reuliics, Ac., In ilnney'i
Journal for rnluirrs, iliontlily, .. ct. a year. JliSSll'
UANKVJ.CO.. HDNas.mi.sf.'. X, Y. ' &oa"
Ipi.OOUTlO.VlNT'M .lOintNAI., full of frrshi
J and food pieces, only tun cents otalruewsdvalerm.
ure systi'iu lu lliree mouths Any pi isou who wllltnkn
I plllcn-h lilulicfiiiui.t in la woekv iilny Inl restored
to xutliid health, If such 11 .tiling '' posllife. Hold ev
ery wlu'iT, ursetit hy tnnllfor M letter stniups. r. H.
JoiiNion &Ca,, tloston, Matt., forinerly llaunor, Me.
iiipuii, .nun wui rompini ly cjiiiiiko me jiiooii in i tie en
fn iilumdniioo. MfS million poilnd
Ituporled Inst year. t'rleis lower
thuu ever J-Am lit- wanted. Uon't
wasto time -end for circular.
JO IIik. ;ool Illarlc or mixed, Tor 91.
Ai lima S" illtj iii:ik ur,iiiiAi;fi, i;r 9-.
'10 IIin. Cholco Itluckorlfllxud, lor $..
Bend for pound snmple, 17 rt extra for poVnco.
Then K-l up a clut). Cliolccit Tea in tlio world.
l.nrKest Yurlety. -IMcnsis everyhodv Oldest lea
llouso In America. "No rhromo. No lluuibuy.
Htralulit huslncsi. Viiluo fur money. . .
IIOII'X Vi:iil.S(4 Vesey St.,N. Y.,I'.0. llox 187.
I KJH'I'MX. IIA.N.IO nnd (lultnr Instructor
BJ mid sin com u copy of iiioulhly lliinlo and (lultnr
.MIlJHVAli writ for 111 runts, LUrcUlitrs iiikk.
H. ri. hIKWAItl, No. -Vtltj;, l.lnhtbl., UhUa., I'd.
A URN,,'S WANTIUI for thu best nnd Kusu-st.
-VsellliiKl'letiillnl Hooks and llfhlcs l'lliesreduci-il
a.) percent. NVrlONAI. ruill.iblllNOCo., Uhlcaco.lll.'
SlIRFC"1-" U,J Cnn.trM' KnlnrrhaTli'ndnrhc; liny
OUnt F.vir. . ore Tin oat lrli: leSiu IhiIii.
Ad(rewi iMWUHtfiiAL'MM ACo .J'lyiinmili.Iiul.JliixaiB,
$j"A MOjrill and iwmnl in your county, :
!, or Ludli'S, riinsmit Imsliuss. Add
" I'.W ZlKOLKIlAiCo.. IloxUl, UhtciiKo,
C. CC 'V WEEIvlii ynnr own town. Terms un'il
4)Dutroutntfieo.Aildi'sll IIaliett..('ol'i)itlanil,Mo
' i 1 1 i i
(N70A WEKK 8l2niliiviit lioinoeaftlly miidu.
JJi fafosllyoiUlltfiee. AdduisTruiiA.Co, AuuU,Mu.
i .ii - i ... i , .-
?Ci QOni'ui'tliiyntlioiiu'. JjuniiiK'hWortliJ.'
OU 10 l)LU free. Ai1iU.-s.Stin.sdn U'v 1'grtt
IO Cento buys 3 Lovely Ad. Ctircln nd u Niiih
Unci) Cjsik liook. OKOit . U(St"tP, !jmciiM.K. V
Tj'.irrzr.i.'M u numm V'in,nr. .hT, roiutur,
bolt Mfr, IIiii'iiii Iho Ijor, Mli i, UvY M. I'Jrm'urfrof
J educational
UMO.V ('0LLi:fiE OK lifW. Chle ipTiT'Tho
twtnty fourth yi irtiipliihK pf,.uti. i-j Diploma
adiihts to thu liar of llllunla. Kor elreulnrs nddre-s
iio, ii jiuorn, vtiteuKo, ill, ,
(JT. (ILAIU'.S ACAIDMIV. Bin itnnwn .Mound. Wis.,
H IstiiobiiiiiiL'iilUiuitly nud hi'iilllifully situated. A
rplnndld new Aoulemy Is alinoil rnmiili'led mid will ho
riiiilyfnr pupUs In iiu fall, Jr tntnlonue. uddiet
Mm her Hnp rlor; hr.t'inni Aciuliinv. Miislnawa .Mound
I' i-tirwnti..'Vi.j'l'uplisiiiiiiuiii:iiirAiideiiiy
have rediKi drateson Itullinuds. ipl. In ! for tickets.
yeur. Kpi.oiiii.ns of I'enmainhlp and ( Ircnlar. Kr-.
Ynill-R tAPU Tf you wimttoleiirtiTel.Kniptly In'
until! mtll iifiiwiiumilis, suJ l c ruilu of n i
sltiiutlon. nddri'ss ai.'.tin 111: ' . J imsvllli'. Wis,
-VJ'' 4U ''"rlllisliiossnnii -Oldest A Iltst
f , ,.,$,- mmorctalCollfgc. Clcularfre..
KGs'CsCsLs .iJurus4CIlALii.,lJUIJUiiile, Iiu
A. N. K.-A.
iriirty tritiriMj io .iivi:itrini:nn,
jWeiiM. Hiin .,u m,. tnu AitvertlminteiU
III filw jiiijii-i', ,
!" A1 r IILb
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