Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, June 29, 1882, Image 3

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T Tho last census shows Connecticut
to have 30,5J8 fnrms, J,12G of whioli are
re n tod.
Never use the curry-comb on r
horse's legs below the kneo and hook
A corn broom' is best, sinco'lt t'rtkeFbutf
the dirt imd docs not hurt the horso.
Detroit Tribune.
A saturated solution of sulphato of)
copper in water is recommended its tho
cheanost and best thing for writing on
zinc labels. Tim writing should bo dono
with a hardwood stilo or ti blunt quill
Brown Holland shndes may bo
brightened and given a pretty finish by
trimming thorn acioss tlie bottom with
caterpillar fringe; choose that mado of
the shades of brown tipped with scarlet.
Courier' Journal.
Serviceable aprons for a nurse arc,
made of heavy whito cotton ctothr cjut
in squares an inch and w lialf ""deep
around tlio bottom. ;Mako tho '.apron
double, and iUwill'tprbtoct the dross
perfectly. Tho squares may baj bound
with tape, or turned in. and Btilched.
N. Y. Post.. , !t5
Kill Urn. 'early bug. Cut a few po
tatoes in slices and lca'o them About in1
the , fields , whorq tho bugs can Bccnt
Mioni, and you can haVo a swarm of
beetles that would, 'lot; jilbu'o, make , a
rogony suilieiont todeSb:6yyonrwli01o
crop. Having got tho creature togeth
er trhUthejh to a doso dfl'aris green.
Darlo)iFMoj)Uor. , - .- -
Tlio secret of. raising wj liter squashes
is to )lant thorn IntoT Wfion maggots
get into tho vinos thgonly vay'lbp8M?ti
tho croj) is tocovor Ulio vino about ix
inches deep with oartlft JJiin,ylng"tho
worm kills it, and does not- hurt tho
vines. Tho crescent strawberry 'U tho
best variety for all purposes. 'Tho way
to get rich in farming4slokcpp(:lown,
wtiuus nnu use plenty 01 manure. at.
Louis Qlobc.
Rhubarb IMo: Rhubarb should bo
jieclcd and CfitMli'Uvo-iflclf lo'riirtlfs. and
cookeclaiiironlysWiitoKOUouhito cover'
U1U UUllUHl Ul IIIU KUlllU, Willi I1I1U II
pound of brown oachiound
spread over tho top, ttndJtthoJteam1jhit$
in. It burns easily.fMuTjfli&lUdoj
cookcu at tno siuo ot the range or set
upon a. brick till, th s"ugar .disgovdfe
with the' juice to form a sirup". Line
the, pie pans with pull paste, made not
very rich, fill with tho stewed rhubarb
and place broad strips of paste, cut with
a paste jagger across and bake; or use
v tho plain pie. paste and bake with a tot)
crust;. Slftrpowdored 6tirnr over Chi-
v - . ..,,, 4 ,.
Hatini,'for Working'..
The importanceof ' this matter is 'far
too little appicciatcdbr
the great majority of farmers. Many
HiJ'o carefuQy corisider'what kinds and
and cut feed, hay or grass, will enable
tlicijh to get tho most work out of their
horses and oxen, tho richest milk, or
largest amount of it, from 'tlfim' cows
also tho best times of feeding sadly
v. neglect to use similar thought and care
respecting themselves and thojr work
men. Tho foreigner working; a New
Jersey farm, in explaining-whow he got
together money enough, to, said;
"Wo sells every ting that 'brings do
cash; what won t sell, we feeds to do
bosses; what do bosses, ! don't eat. wo
feeds to dqcows ,v?httt'db cojys tlont
cat, wo icons to do sneeps; what do
sheeps don't oat, woeeds to do pigs;
and whatdcy don't -'eat,' wc eats' oar-
selves." This is an oxaggoratedStato
iiicnt, of cgur$e, biUjJllugtH$fija' priu--
ci)io too otton lolloweu selling the
good and.ealing the poor
, Strength c8me only from suitable
nutritious food, well digested. A man,
whether employer or employed, will
have far more worlcing powor, if ho .eajs
as much, aiul oolyJamiiclrTnsi ho can
digest well, of lean meat, properly
cooked, goptlj bread, oat-iucal, ordinary,
and curd checseVand the' like, than if
consuming sulk fat porkv cooked almost
to a crisp, with'jiotatocs, 'etc. A labor
er paid a dollar or more a day, will do
double real work if live to ton cents ex
tra bo spent in supplying him with food
that will give him tho fullest strength.
Beans, if not charred orj brownolH Jil
cooking, .peas, green pr, ripe, good
broad, and'eabbago tlforoiighly coolfefl,
j supply tlio elements for muscular force.
i'ho blood is the active helper jn di
gesting food, by supplying tho gastric
solvents, and it carries nourishment to
the muscles and to the brain. While a
heavy meal is being worked up, tho
blood U drawn away from tho muscles
and brain to tlio stomach. When at
hard work or exorcise with mind or
body, tlio blood is drawn from the stom
ach," and loss nutriment is obtained from
tlio 'food. It is a good rule to work
slowly at first, after full meals,and in
crease tlio amount of exercise gradually,
as the blood can ho spared from the
digestive organs. More will bo accom
plished by this courso in working and
thinking. The French people, who
make a study of tho subject, take a
very little food on rising, a roll ami
colVoo, and perhaps a baked apple, and
begin work at daylight. Towards noon
they take another similar simple roast,
and do a full day's work by four o'clock
in the afternoon; then rost a little, take
a full hearty meal, and make a business
of digesting it.' During tho rest of tho
evening and night, this meal is digested,
dillu?ed all through the svstom, and
quietly builds up and strengthens tho
muscles, so that thov aro ready for
vigorous work tho next day. Kxpori
pnccil horsemen understand that with a
heavy food of oata, etc., at night, and a
light breakfast, a horse gets'a reserved
mock of muscular strength laid in in ad
vmeo, anil will travol faster and further
than ono having a hearty moriiliiff food
to start on. American AariculturisL
iicntion of tlio Horso.
When wo.
eottlmt tjic very young
Anil in nnnrfl nt. nfttftMu
edit has not If
11 nd omtmlo ilniT ...tit ..t.Jt.n:.. i. .".i.i
horso, wo canotfysconchulo that les
sons upon tho hoi havo A doublo ac
tions Lirstho leanJoltakoi4frirhtriitl
sights and uuds;jnenli 1st mndefjiril
a measure,' to iorgevyi0 lessons,
in... . ..iu. .. . ii..i
rcct, then how mqoh cas'ipr to habit-tiSto-
tlio hoi-st'5 frorii early vcolth6od' Up,
to such sounds and objects as aro known
to bo common sources of fright to tho
horse. .' r!T
The reason offtho horse becoming
strtldjat certa'njunusual things when
Jiojjomes upoiuftliom- suddenly, or if
thoy qtnho upon Ihim without warning,
is that thoy arqj unexpected; and thu
filultn his education lies in the fact
flinf..Xxn 'full In nrwmalnm lit til in utirliln
ndsoundSj which wo'jkhbw ho will be
and lias no idea ,bf kaving enemies to
guard against jjfg
Tho grown UnMiorscs about him bo
come afraid bfjilto senseless groom,
and spring forwardiln their stalls or
boxes when he comes near with a whin
0$ pitchfork in hand The young colt
partakes of tho fear, and from tluit mo
ment is on tho lo'okout; for danger.
When ho g&os to tho posture with his
dam, it is to bo, in company with tho no
.tably timid horse of tfiej farm, tho ono
that tho mischievous boys always do
light in starting on the, jrun. Tho timid
horso elovatos liis head and tail, gives
his., warning jmortWd. tho whole herd,
including the sucking colt.loboy tho sig
nal tho rolio of tho wild state-and
from that moment tho young colt is
taught to look out forTdangcr.
The dam driven upon tho roadwith
the colt by hor side, is. given' to shying.
Tho colt, having no suspicions before,
tno,w learns to look i.pon JJio bush,
stump, ilag, or whatever olso its dam
shows fear of, as a dangorous' object; a
thing to be avoided. Signals aro pe
culiar to the domesticated .state, as to
;fhoJ state of wildness, ' and when tho
(Tain "circles away from tho bush or
stump, she gives the colt, the signal of
danger; and;from that moment the colt
learns to scare when on the road.
If the whip is used,,, then tho colt,
through tho sudden springs of its dam,
is doubly impressed with tho idea of
damror. On rcturninc as romemberinir
localities is ono of the strongest traits of
intclliirimce in tlio hoY,,;both marc and
colt, as thov near tsend ot whore tho
imaginary danger ill prepare for
the usual quick movTit to one side,"
and will be in an oxtyuo nfnt state forthe
wnip. ao, as tnc icjito is raugm, tno
colt also learns. Its education begins
when its 0303 first see tho light, audits
tllll'M. lil'Hl, hl'lll" IL HOlllld. T.
if the mare is mado. to stop quietly at
the first intimation that; she, is-abut to
sny, ami liuiiicuu qiuotiy lo-nppoacn
tho object, neithor harsh word nor whip
being used, she is not only disarmedof
lejir oi tno oDjccr, out 1110 con is pre-,
'vented from taking alarm. and tho
idftngor of falling into a1 very bad habit
,is avoided.
Wo all know that early impressions
mado upqn tho child, it at all startling,
aro rarely, if over, entirely effaced. Tho
sontiment of fear isjniore natural to thd
colt thanutb thoJchildi, dndffcar inStho
colt is bllndanlr !Hreasoning; not nec
essarjly so, but madc,so by neglect in
JlpV odifootidjiy fof'all pien know, or afi
any ratq all slioulq know, that the horse
of Ycrngo,intelligcnce is quitpjasoapa-!
bio of remembering lessons that' aro
given .him with care jis fsome, njon are.
Wo' often hear itsafd bf'cliijdren that
they haye been, ruined in th"oir educa
tion. We i rarely hoar . this "laid of a
horse; yet it is as often true ofthe latter
yis-of ttio former. - h Jt-M
Intelligence'and resp6etabiluy"shotild
be as steadily yqquired of tlip horso used
its' a sire, as size or good -breeding, for a
vicious stallion gives more or less of this
1 damaging traitt to all liis get.' Bad tem
per is sometimes so fixoin the animal
as to bo beyond thu power of man to
eradicate it, "or even td"keep it under
fair-flonjrol. J5ut in tho case of a colt
of fairisposltipn and- average intelli
gence", there is 1 hardly! anycnij?rgenoy
Ral)re "to? arise in ordinary drlViiig, team
or farm work, that he will not face with-
out fear,j or (huiger of doing juirni, if ho
.lias ueuu property iiaiuueu irom 1110
start. A spiritodhorso, if ho has been
properly taught, will go down hill with
out holdbacks, allowing the cross-bar to
press against his thigljs; whUo without
tho training, ho will, rjm ayay.ift a sin
gle strap gets or disarranged. Jn
the one case we edueato the horse as wo
do the boy, that wo." may' render him
valuable through his uuderstaudinir. ami
'tho knowledge of the duties wc expect
111111 10 pcrionii, wiuie 111 inu oilier wo
take the untrained horse, put him in
places of lni!jt,,aud tlum blame him bo-(
cause 110 uoe.s not qienorm mines wmen
ho can only fully understand through
training, and cannot by any possibility
know the fHrudimouts of through in
stinct. National Live Stock Journal.
Good work from human boings,
just as from machinery, requires good
troatmont, and tho finer the quality and
tho greater tho quantity of tho work,
tho larger must J40, the outlay. .Build
factories that supply pure air, and tho
cmuloyes will produco more; but thoy
will ask for more pay, because they will
consume more.fbpdi and cannptlivo on
low wages. A donkey can exist pn this
tles, of course, and give a donkoy('s re
turn; but a racc-horso cannot bp placod
on the same faro with profit to any ono.
Denver Tribune.
, "Ml
It is estimated that the gypsyTcuil
urcu 01 jMifMiiu 11 mmier .io.imju .!
jr.- (
uuuig'uuijviuuud in Terinin iinngs nn
acined bv Jhim to H3 ttanircroits nro Wm
l-Ti..- !... .. . I
Ta f J
'hamiless. Iflhisersion "bo c8r-
oxposcd toMMH$riveufupon'tho street
or road TJiO yaryf young" cold accepts
what h6 lfl,U8uaraUlnt6tho presence of,
Tho Duty of Kewnpaporii.
When oxiicrlcnced, tunctlcal anil tinproju
dldcil JUyiiclftti wliiofy dmlone nail rccom
Bictlil n medltlfio. knowlnn from tho InRrcdl
CtiU It frntMns that it In Nnt arc's IiISUrsIH
ant as a Health rcnewcr, osiwclnlly la curing
impure bloml, dyspepsia, kidney nml lunji dis
eases, female complaints and gcnorql Tteak
ttiss, then Indeed, should tho newspaper press
of tho country kIvo publicity to tho fact. Woi
refer to Dr. fluvsntt's Yollow Dock uml Hnrn.
'tnilltn n ft VBi11nl.iA fllloll nTHM n v.tllln.i
bottles wcro sold lnst ycarjwltliput ono single
ItlstnnrA mt rtinnlnliit-i7'ii)iM.
Ask your dnijjKtst to Ret iffor you.
As unValtcd for a prescription, tho drug
cist said to him: " That is my son, sir, sitting
by you; don't you think ho looks llko inel"
"Well, yes," replied tho customer, "I think
I can see somo of your liniments hi his face."
An editor who does not wish his nnmo men
tioned, writes as follows: "Excessive mental
ncttvlty seriously ullccted my health. My
kidneys and liver gave 1110 greatest annoyance.
Severe headaches often made 1110 unfit for
work. Milky urine and other symptoms (?avo
evidence nf nhvslrnl ilec.iv. l)r. (luvsott's
.Yellow Dock and Sarsnparflla banished every
icoung 01 distress. 1 tuuiK 11 ine Dest incut
cine hi tho world, nml shall do all I ciu to In
crcaso Its sulo."
Wifk " Hut, my dear, I shall catch cold
coming down so late to let you in." Hus
band "Oh no, my love, I'll rap you up well
beforo you como down."
Justice Itcnderoil In n TriMlo-Mnrk" Caso
nt lloinbiiy, Indlw, April 14, 1882.
Nntlioo Mooljco. arcsldcntdrueplstntBoin
bayj India, oilorpd "l'nln Killer" for sale, an
infringement of the genuine Davis' Pain Killer.
M II. Uallcntlne, ngent of l'erry Davis &
8on. entered suit against him. Tho case
wna called on tho 14th of April. Tho Court
found him guilty ot pirating tho Tr6deJfark,
Pain Killer," and lined him TOO rupees.
Everywhere, at homo and abroad, havo Perry
Davis & Son sustained their rights to tho
nnmo Pain Killer.
Tho Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich., will
send Dr. Dye's cclcbratcdjilJctro-Voltalc
Helts and Appliances, on trial-Jar thirty days,
to men (young or old) who nri atlllctcd with
nervous debility, lost vitality and kindred
troubles, guaranteeing complete restoration
of vltnllty and manhood. Addicss as above.
N. B. No risk is incurred, us thirty daya
trial Is allowed.
Nothino makes tho possessor
much as a good set of teeth.
Both Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
ppund and Blood Purltlcr aro prepared at 233
and 235 Western Avenue. Lynn, Mnss. Prlco
ot either, $1. Six bUtlo for ?5. Sent by mall
in tno iorm oi puis, or oi lozenges, on receipt;
of price, H per box
; cither. Mr6. Plnkham
ireciy answers o
rmlry. Enclose
U cent stamp,
this paper.
who nracticcd In
the cvmuastum t
lUcrnoon only was en-
ableil to jump his
bill tho ycry next
day. N. Y. Qrapti
"'"Manv stiiy people ,
splso tho precious,
not understanding it." U?t no one despises
Kidney-Wort after having given It a trial.
Those that have UBcd It agree that It Is by far
the best medicine known, ts action Is prompt,
thorough and lasting. 1'fk, t tako pills, and
other mercurials that poison tho system, but
by using Kidney-Woit lestorKjtho natural ac-
oy using money-won
tfon of all tho orguns.
ir uaughtcr, tJu you
said AWpMHojltod
her uitughtc
ill Niiil Mnitt Wlhul'a T
lecture and note
his observation regarding
tho desirability of having beautiful RUrrouud
lngsl" "Yes. mamma." "Then toll mo what
you think aro tho most beautiful surround
ings?" "But I won't." "Yes, you will."
"Vcll, then, If you must know, I think Ous
Stngsadly'e arms tho most beautiful surround
lngs lu tho wdo world. Chicago Tribune.
, : . 1
Tho Greatest IlIcAnlug.
A simple, pure, harmless remedy, that cures
every time, and prevents disease by keeping
the blood pure, stomach tegular, kidneys and
liver active, Is the greatest blessing over con
ferred upon man. Hop Bitters is that' remedy,
fand ltstproprletors ate bolng blessed by thou-
eanus who navo uccn
saved and cured by It.
Will you try itl
Sec another column. Layle.
An-orator saying that ho had a very mixed
audience was asked how it happened. "0,"
Said ho. "I stirred It up so with my elo
quence" Ooitbau could never sleep at proper hours,
cursed with abnormal activity, his nerves
were always on the qui vlve. Could ho havo
had tho soothing benefit of Dr. UcnRon's
Celery and Chamomile Pills, his wretched
brains would not havo raged with Improper
fancies. Dr. Hanson's Skin Ctiro Is already
becoming as famous as his Pills. It Is u sure
euro for all diseases of Skiu and Scalp,
' What on earth takes younft to tho stable
so early every morning lately! asked a wom
an ot hor husband. " Cuiry-hosslty."
" Golden IMedlriil Discovery"
has been used with signal success In consump
tion of the lungs, consumptUc night-sweats,
splttlugof blood, .shortness of breath, weak
lungs, cougliB, bronchitis and kindred nllec
tious of throat and chest. Sold by druggists.
Some of tho manuscript oflorcd to printers
is so bad that It ought first to bo sent to tho
house of correction with Us author. Cikajo
" Mkn must work and wouion woop,
So runs tho world uwayl"
But thoy need not weep so much If thoy uso
Dr. Piercu's "Favorite Prescription," which
cures all tho painful maladies peculiar to
women. .Sold by druggists.
" Wk'hh in a plcklo now," said a man in a
crowd. "A regular jam," said another.
"Heaven preserve usl" mourned an old lady.
Our Continent.
The huge, drastic, griping, sickening pills
aro fast being superseded by Dr. Plerco's
" Purgative Pellets." Sold by druggists.
"MiSBity, may like compauy,'' says a col
ored philosopher; ''but I'd rader hab do
rhumatiz in one leg deu ter hab' It In bofe."
ZW Feathers, ribbons, velvet can all bo
colored to match that now bat by uqlng tho
Diamond Dyes. Any one can uso them. 10
cents for any color.
TnicmxAn continues to give ns agood doal
of trouble in Germany, but it Is a llttlo thing
to make a fuss about. Lowell Courier.
-.O I -
" Rouon on Eats." Clears out rats, mice,
roaches, bed-bugs, gophers, chipmunks. 15c
"Juuoeh," said a lawyer, "always liave a
great advantage over us poor fellows, for they
guess last,"
. i
Iv contemplating Building or Painting send
for tho new Architectural Catalogue published
by Wm.T. Comstock, OAstor Place, Now York.
In charity It may bo better to' give than to
receive, but lu kissing it Is about equal.
Skinny Mbn. " Wells' Health Renower" rc
etores health And rigor, cures Dyspepsia. 1.
fiTooK-nnitKnicRAfiml bar-kceperi agre Umt
thoro Is profit In short horns. '
i k
Tun man with tho broadest smllo Is ho wh
uses 1' Axlo Grease. This is honest. '
If itfllictcd with Boro KvesV nn Dr. tsuao
Thompson's Eyo Water. Druggists solllt. 23c.
V i
iTnr tho new brand, "Bprlng Tobacco."
rJo L-
Is a Ponlttvo Cnro
Var all tliMe rlnful Complaints and AV1cMa
a WBmoa (a our brit fciaale population.
i JlflJIelno tor Woman. InTf ntert by a Yf oa.
Prepared by Woman.
. OrtH HkIUhI Ptiitrtr Sln th Dtwa f HltUry,
tSTHnrlrt the drooping iptritf, InrlfforaU and
hrnionlic tho ortranlo fuuctlom, elrtt elutlcll' and
CrmnoM to tho itcp, roitorei tho natural luttra to tho
tje, and pUnU on tho palo cheek of woman the tnth
rove ot Ufo'i iprlojr and oarlf summer time. t
ty Phylclan Uio It nnd Pretcrlbo It Froly.-S
It nmoros (alntnns, flutulencr, dmtroyi allcrTUii
for (rtlmulunt, and rclloroj weakneM of tho itomach.
Thfit feellns otbcarlnc down, cautlnrpatii, weight
and backaoho, U atwajri permanently cured hr 1U uia.
Ifortho cnro of Kidney Complalntoof either aox
thl Compound Is nnsurpaaeed.
i.tdia e. riNKHAsrs iu.oob pnmriEn
will eradicate rery tcsUko or Humor from tlie
BohI, and kIto tona and etrength to the ijittm, of
iuan woman or child, lmltton uaTlnfflt,
Hot h the Compound and Dlood rurlfler are prepared
atXUandtU Weitern Arenuo, Lynn, Unit, ITlceof
cithor, St. Elx bottles for 5. Sent by mall In tho form
otplllf, or of lozenge, on receipt ot price, $1 per box
for either. Mr. Plnkham freely answer nil letters ot
Inquiry. Enclose Set. stamp. Send for pamphlet.
No fumlly houM ho without LYDIA E. TINKnAirfl
IJVKtl rilXS. They ours oonttlpatlon, bUlouineu,
nnd torpidity of tho urer. McenUporbox,
3-Holilb7BlIDriiKsUtfl.-C 0)
Tlio world has novor produced its equal.
I'reparedby 0. WAKnriJSMi&Co., Illoomlngtou, III.
TRY IT! PorSnloby AIIPruEglsts.
No other dlocaso in bo prevalent In Uiln ooiuv
try oa ConsUpatlon, and no remedy haa ever
equalled the celebmtod Kidnoy-Wort a a
oure. WhaUsrer tho ciause, however obsUnate
tho oase, una remedy will overcome It.
"ttD IPr TITTH dlmtrraifilncr oom.
rllaCws Blalnt is very ant1 to be
oompUoatodwlUiooniiUpaUon. Kldnpy-Wprt
stronrthonn tho weakened part and qulokly
ouro all kinds of Piles oven whoa physicians
ana medicines navo oeioro loiiou.
O V3Tlt you havo either of theso trouble
PRICE ! I USE I Druggists Soil
Dlood, and will completely chango tho blood In tlio cn
tire system In three months. Any person, who will tako
1 pill each night from 1 to lie week may bo restored
to sound health. If such a thing bo possible. Sold uv
erywliero or sent by mall for S letter stamps, I. 8.
Johnson d: Co., Iloston, Mass., formerly Jiuugor, Me.
xivisa?xrTrjrrr an.
Kstabllshed, )HT2; lneurpornted.
Ihho. Furlbo Cure of (.'iincers,
Tumni's, Ulcers, Herorulu
and Hkih Diseaskr. wlthnut lliu
use in Knltu or um ok liLoon, nnd llttfe pain For
iNrnnMATioN, oiKrirt.A.ns and merKiiKNaKp, wldn's
II. P. T.. rOHB, Aurnrn, Kimo Co., III.
33 G-I.X.j.3E3
XVo'xroxr G-ixxxxm.
riioHO who UNO It once nlwuyn lino It.
AU for " WISK'" where yoa trBdo.
And tho Iikht MoiiiNKKV In the
Woklis lor
norii or oissm rowsr I
Hook Free, Address
Employment for Ladies.
TlieQutcn City Suipsndcr Company of On.
clnnsti srt now msnuiacturlng snd introducing
t e r new HUtklai 8anrterfar U4lsnd
vHiirr, Briii ineir unenusieu HSiri vupesscM
for lAAlt, snd wsnt rcisb)e Isdy sgentt lo tell
them in every household. Our stents eriryi
wher meet frith rem1 V tufc.t xtA ra.k
Somt SSlSrlel. Write St once for term. Anil u.
curs ricluilre ftrrllory. Addreit
!' lily 8tr Ce(1tlsitL Oslo.
rTiytlcliniJ rniineii.t theso Suuiortert, jj)
OT Lcsdlnr
Will get TAluable information JTK by
lending for circular to B. .TQUIUKE, Boston, Mass.
For Iluslness at tlm riMo.t A rtest
CeaiBisrfrlalColUcs. Oireularfres.
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The. only known Bpcrlno llvincdy for Kpllcptlo Fits.
CiiTfsHpllrntlo Kits, Bpnimi, Convulilons, Bt Vitus
Dsimt. VlrtljW. llyntrrlcs. ltiMntiy, Apoplexy, lviraly
sis, Hheiiinailiin, Nruralda, aiutallNvnuuiililaenscs,
Thl Uifalliibla rcmnly will positively erndlrnto every
sfedot Nervous I)crAni;ement,amdrlvc them aay
IK w ,wln'iio they came, never to return suntn. It
utterly destroy tlm Kvrmi of dlicoso hy iicutralltlnK
the hereditary taint or poison In tlio system, and thor
oughly eradicates tho disease, and utterly destroys tho
Cares Female Wrakne,flencral Debility. LcucOrrhoMl
Sr Whites, I'aliiful Meiislrtmtlon, rwratlun of Ilia
terus. Intrruill Ileal. (Iriwii. Iiiflnminnttiin of tho
Dtnddrr. Irritability of the Illariricr. Kur Wakefulness
v muni. liM'n: muti iieiirrn'iut'uy. i'uniiKiiHTi:uniiKo
of Llto no Female shuuld ho without It It quiets tho
Nervous Bysteui and glcs rest, comfort and nature
sweet sleep.
(Jure Aletiholltm, Drunkenness nnd the habit of
Opium ICntlng. These degrading hsUtts aru by far Ilia
worst evils that have eiirlx fullui suflvrlntr hmnsiilty.
Thousands die annually from these noxious drugs.
Thehiihlls of Opium Kutlngaml Mquor Drinking aro
precisely what cstlng Is ui nllnif nllvrnrni, ss over-eat-ing
nrst Intlniues the stomach which redoubles Its crar
tugs until It paralyses both tlio stomach nnd appetite.
Ho every drink of liquor or doso of opium. Instead of
snusiyniK, iiniy nuns in us. nerra nrcs, uniii.u cun
sumes thn vltnf force and then Itself. Llko the uliil-
iiiiioiib inprwunn. ii erics ive, Hiir, Kivui-jivui
never enniiirli until lis own ranseltr devour KMlMBa
marltan Ncrvlnu give Instant relief In all sued ease.'
.1 ,. I minus piivifkiJUIVka lliu II i vi. .m nun .iy .iiv ire. . -
onssyfti'in, and restore body and mind to (.healthy
Cures Nervous Dyspepsia, Palpitation of the Heart,
Asthma, llronclilus, nnd all diseases of tho urinary or
gans. Nervous debility permanently curttl by thd use of
thin InvaliiAblc remedy. To you, young, middle-aged and
old men, who are covering your suffering as with a
mantlotiy silence, look up,ou can bo snvqd by timely ef
forts, and mako ornaments to society, and Jewels lu Ilia
crown of your Maker, If you will. Do not keen this a
secret longer, until It nap your vitals, and destroy
Uitli lMdy mid soul. If you aro thus ntrUctrd.take Dk.
ItioiinoNii'uHiimnrltnii Nervine. It will rcsiuro your
shattered nervrs, arrest prematura decay, Impart torn
and energy to tho whole Hystem.
Is for sa'.o hy druggists overrwhero ortiiyl)ohaddj
rect. from un. Thosu who wish to obtain further evl
dtneoof thoruintlvo proH'Hles of Haumrllnn Nervlno
wlllnlensoenelosona-eenltioslngustninp for n cony of
OMrllhistrntedJounialof llrnltli. glUng humlreds ot
wlllnlensoenelosoaa-eeiiltioslngustninp fur a cony of
OMrlllustratedJounialof llrnltli. glUng humlreds ot
tcstliiuiulalsof euro from imtsoiis who have used tho
medicine, and also their pictures photogrnphud after
their restoration to perfect health. Atlilress
UK. H. A. niCIIMOVJ) Ac CO.,
'Wui-ld's Kpllciilla Institute,
invaluable to All Housekeepers lt '
Useful, Rraotloal, aid Popular. ,(,, .
?;'.,I5. OWIINS
Ktrt Tnttnn Btrri't. f)lileiitrri. -..
, An Kncllth VeterliiAry Kurgdon and Ohomist, noWI
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traTniiiiKIll i.iii'.i.uuiiiiiriPnjiiLiinbiii.'vi.i ,iiq .iiiini,
andt'attls I'owdors sold lisrn am wortl 'Hsstrash. lis
says that Klinridan'sU'indit Ion I'owdrarausalutoiy
pure and Immensely Talunliloi Nnthimr on earth will
make hens lay likn Hhondan'a Condition I'owdnrs.
Done, nnn tusinooiiful to. oris pint food. Hold svery
whero, or sent hy mail for nltiht lottor stamps. I. H.
JOHNSPN ACO..Uonton,Mss.,tormtrly llaiiKor.Ma.
1'AiiaqNk' I'uuqativk 1'it.iJf muko new rich blood.
tneiUanrUiin tlie worst cnnos.lniiureHoonifort.
slila sloep s elfoctH c u rrn whore all otliern fall. A
trial eonHnrti (As Mil ikriHcil, I'll re ftOe. and
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lor st snip nit k mjna'i'MAN.nt.iMiii,
D ehC &a ftc. iiiiekiiKeiniiKeHft uallonsur
nm" aUcltclouK. wholesome.spurkllne
Temperanco bereraKu. Ask your dniKKloti r sent
by mall for Sc 0 K. Hiiies, N.Uo a.AvciI'lilla.
dBIHIftd rt-riiiur- rmiii in 10
lir BbJHI -M d"'' S" I"1?' M" ('red.
VI HVII9 j)n. J. Htkimikns,
(VThousands of rcfereneis from persons cured.
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IUUUU h'Her lo file nil klndsof saws, so they will cut
better than oyer Price 83. fio. (.'Irculars nnd prices to
Agents. Address K 110 til & UltO., New Oxford, l'a.
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free. THKAULTMAN&TAYLOIICO.. Mstistteld, O.
UUUllo Decoratlnic. etc I'or IMi rlKluypaRC
Illustrated Catnlouiio. Address, f nclfitlnc three .;ccnt
stauips, Wm T. Comstock, Astorl'lace.Newiork.
Vrfc'elMni'artU'leslntheworUtl ample
ePiWrWVAddrtss Juy Jlrunsun, DArolt, 1
ttrO A WEEK. $12 a tiny nt homo easily mado.
J) 1 jOostly outfit f roe. Address True & Co, Auirusta, Me.
A WEEK in your own town. Terms and
f 5 outfltfreo. Addrs Il.llallett AiCa.l'ortland.MB
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A. N. K.
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