Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, June 29, 1882, Image 2

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A i '3
lluln brings out the jimbrolJa$;'Thls
nmy not bi u vorttprofound btfsoryiUlof),
but It comtmros lavomfily wtthJho)rdv
otb that night brings nut thb starrf, both
in profmullty nnd orijrinftlily. Yostor
iny being n rainy tiny m this city nnd
h fltihurbt, umbrellas swarmed in tlio
strcctH and dripjxjd hll, over pooplo in
the Htroet cars. t Most of' thoso umbrel
las wuro comparatively now, nnd tho
fact 8iiggOHt tho question: What be
comes of old umbrellas?
Thoro aro at present In this country
at least twenty-four millions of privato
umbrellas, exclusive of thoso remaining
unsold In manufactories and shops.
Eaoli umbrella-owner buys atloat ono
now umbrella overy year, Ids 'previous
ono having been stolen, lost or worn
out. We thus see that thoio la an an
tiiml imimrunt dlsannoaranco of twontv-
four millions of umbrellas, and tho mo
iiiont wo fully comprehend this fact wo
perceive tho Importance of tho question:
What becomes of these umbrellas?
Wo may ndmlt that many of them aro
stolen. Men who would not steal a ono
cent post ago stamp will, nevertheless,
feci no hesitation in seizing upbV any
umbrella that is temporarily sopHiratod
from ltd owner nnd In carrying It olf
with triumph. About ouo-sixth of tho
title to all umbrellas now in aotivo uso
is nrobablv of this soml-folonlous nature.
There is said to bo a rich umbrolla-sell-or
in this city whoso stock costs him ab
solutely nothing, sinco it is collected 'by
playing u on the consciences of his fol-low-mon.
Ho walks along Broadway,
and when ho sees a desirable umbrella
lie stops tho man who is carrying It and
remarks: Kxcuso mo. my friond, but
you havo my umbrella." Atleastovory
fourth man thus stoppod knows that his
title to tho umbrella in his possession
will not onduro Investigation, and so ho
hastily surrenders tho umbrella, remark
ing as ho docs so: "I was looking for
an owner for it, and intended to send it
tojTolioa headquarters this afternoon."
.Onjovefy .'overcast mid threatening day
ims ingenious couocior -woo is aiways
followed by a boy with a hand-cart
Sathcrs In from sovonty-flvo to ono hun
red umbrellas, which ho afterward sells
at tho usual rotall prlco.
But, conceding that ono-slxth of our
notlvo umbrellas aro stolon or aold for
the second tlmo, thcro still remain
olirhteen millions of umbrellas whoso
annual disappoaranco is to bo accounted
for. Lot us assume that of this numbor
two millions aro furnished with now
covers and a fresh coat of varnish, and
so re-enter into circulation as now um
brellas. Still there aro sixteen millions
more which vanish utterly from tho faco
of tho earth.
In tho case of tho disappearance of
pins a familiar subject which has oc
cupied, for many years, tho attention of
our statisticians and other-. wluntUhj
persons it " is easy to say tlioii'
small size enables them to successfully
conceal themselves. Old umbrellas
havo not this advantage Next to a
hoop-skirt, an old umbrella is tho most
obtrusive thing in nature. Not only
does it refuse to conceal Itsolf, but ft
attacks ovory ono who comes within its
reach, and clings desperately to his logs
and garments. Its ribs protrude in all
directions, Ilka the tentacles of the oc
topus, and no amount of foroo or ingo
mtity can compress it into a small simeo.
To got rid ot an old umbrella will bo
soon, on rotlootion, to bo apparently ono
of tho most nbstruso and tUlUuult of
It is well established that old umbrol
las aro not kept in houses. Tho house
wlfo when questioned as to what has bo
como of any given old umbrella will
always reply vaguoly: "Oh, it has boon
thrown away." Of eourso, this cannot
bo understood literally. If sixteen
millions of old umbrellas wore thrown
into tho street overy year thoy would bo
... . . r - . - . .
blown about in clouds muoh thicker
than tho ordinary city dust cloud, and
thoro would not bo a horso or pedestrian
in oxistonco who had not sustained in
juries from old umbrella riba. When
tho housewife throws away " an um
brella it unquestionably vanishos, but
what slio calls "throwing away" is
obviously a peculiar and mystorlous act.
Hasty thinkers may assume that old
umbrellas aro cast out Into vacant lota,
whoro thoy aro promptly devoured by
goats. This may soem a plauslblo
tnoory to any ono but a zoologist. Tho
lattor knows, however, that whllo tho
goat may bo roughly described as an
omnivorous animal lie is not umbrcl
livorous. Undoubtedly goats do cat
hoop-skirts, and In tho days when hoop
skirts were fashionable, thousands of
goats woro fattened upon them ex
clusively. Tho umbrella has so many
of tho characteristics of tho hoop-skirt
that ono would naturally suppose that
it would tempt tho appetite of goats, but
it Isawoll-ascortalnodfaet that forsomo
unexplained roason no goat will touch an
umbrella, except whon sutVorlng from
starvation. Prof. Tyndall kept a goat
for povon days without food, and otlorcd
him an old umbrella ovory dav, but tho
goat would nottouch it until the seventh
day, wnon, oeing ovorcomo wiin
hunger, ho ato three ribs and part of tho
handle, and died two hours later with
symptoms closely resembling thoso pro
duoed by strychnine. This oxporiment
may bo regardod as conclusive, and wo
must acquit tho goat of all share In
causing the disappoaranco of umbrollu..
To somo extent it is possible that old
umbrellas aro used in ohoap restaurants,
tho ribs being served up under tho namo
of asparagus, but only a very small pro
portion of sixteen millions of umbrellas
can bo annually used hi this way.
Nolthor docs tho occasional uso of an
umbrella as a club by a vigorous female
Toformor havo any real ooarlng upon
tho subject, Thoro Is positively no
theory which satisfactorily accounts for
tho disappearance of old umbrollas, and
it is tho imperative duty of scientific
porsons to Inveint a theory without
further, dola;
Trnly. wo llvo in luworld of mystory,
ami nonthinking hint! can look id IiIh
umbrella5 and asK himself whoro IF will
go when it is worn out without feeling
that ho stands on tho shoro of an ocean
of unexplored truths. A. Y. Times.
. . ......
A Court Defied.
A honrlng boforo Judgo Finlcttor yes
terday on tho petition of Henry Histino,
of No. 2,221 Frankford avenue, to ob
tain tho custody of his child, ended in
an extraordinary scene, in which a
mother's lovo dolicd and defeated a de
cree of court. An order had been made
upon llisllno sovon years ago for the
support of his wlfo nnd little one. Ho
had fallen $1G0 behind in his payments.
Tho present notion, tho solicitor for tho
guardians of tho noor suggested, was
possibly only a shift to escape tho pay
ment of that indebtedness. Histino,
iiowovor, charged that his wife was not
a proper porson to havo control of tho
child. Testimony was produced to
show that Caspar Khaw, a man who had
abandoned a Wife and six children, lived
in Mrs. Illstino's houso, at No. 2,257
Momphis street. She had gone nut rid
ing with him, sometimes alono and
sometimes with tho child. She had ac
companied him to Atlantiu City one
time, and onco went with him to a beer
saloon. .
Mrs. IUstinc on hor part admitted tho
carrlagorldlng nnd the visit to Atlantic
City. Sho strenuously denied, however,
that sho had been cullty of any creator
violation of tho properties. Sho had ac
cepted Shaw as a boarder, sho said, be
cause the sum ho pnid her eked out tho
llttlo her husband was forced to give her
and the ipittanco sho earned by sowing.
Mrs. Ilistino'B brother testified that he
had .occupied tho room with Shaw up to
four months ago, whon ho loft his sis
tor's houso to got married. A largo
number of wltncssos, chlclly women of
respoetnblo appcaranco, testlfiod that
Mrs. Histino was quiet, inoflensive and
industrious mid treated her child with
proper consideration. A letter from a
teacher said that tho child was a con
stant and apparently happy attendant
at school.
Further testimony tended to show that
Histino was given to drink. Ills coun
sel said that ho would not ask that tho
child bo given to him direct, but that it
bo awarded to Its crandmothor. Mrs.
Histino' s counsel pleaded warmly against
tho child being taken away from its
mother at all, and contonded that a case
to warrant such a proceeding had not
been mado out.
Judge Finlcttor ropllod that tho oir
cumstancos woro not assuring, liiid se
verely commented
a- , 1
it hnsibeen estimated 'that' thoro aro
GOO.OOO ulflcit of barbed-wirojonces In
uso. J '"
Tho Philadelphia Medical Collogo
graduated 70!) students in 1881. Tho
number for 1880 was 7J31.
T,ho nggrogato valuo of the proper
ty of colored people throughout Ten
nessee is sot down at $0,478,1)01, being
an increase of $071,171) over tho preced
ing year.
From statistics recently published, It
appears that :i")8 railway accidents oc
curred in Belgium in 1880. Of theso
lid were duo to collisions and 112 from
trains running oil' tho rails at or near
Thoy make something besides office-holders
in Washington, the manu
facturing establishments of tho city
liaving a capital of $5,'81,22G, employ
ing 7, 110 persons, while their products
are valued at $11,011,185.
By a recent bulletin of tho Census
Ofllco tho statistics of live stock in each
of tho States and Territories show that
thoro wore on the farms in tho United
States, June 1, 1880, 10,!J57,S)8l horses,
1,812,932 mules, 1)93.970 oxen, 12, 143,
093 milch cows, 22, 188,590 other cattlo,
30,191,150 sheep and 47,083,951 swine.
Boston has exported during tho past
season 05,093 bushels of apples, against
010,300 tho previous season. Tho ex
ports from New York woro 75,889 bar
rels, against 339,200 barrels tho pro
vlous season. The total exports from
Now York, Boston and Portland this
season amounted to 147,379 barrels,
against 1,159,20 a year ago.
Evidently Wio poultry interest in
this country Trr is to bo "promoted, at
least as fa? as iSe protection of eggs is
concerned. During tho last tliroo
months wo imported 3,390,210 dozon
circs, valued at $105,551. It would
seem as though hens enough ought to
bo kept, and vhll kept, to supply all tho
eggs wo want, at all seasons. A. Y.
Accordingtto an olllclal return late
ly published, -1,014 persons wcro
drowned within tho limits, of Great Brit
ain during 18. Thft largo numbor
does not iucluijr denthrom shipwreck,
a Srrvnnt (Jot jTKer
Thoro has latelr
disousslon'upoh tho
characters so froquci
mestic servants, wit
after taking scrvico
tno most ciowinf
& t
cood denl of
cct of tho falso
given of do-
lOt unfrcquently,
' tho strength of
rofercnecs as to
Thoro wcro 3,ii
and 1,019 of-fflpft
emioron umn
423 bathing accl
dors. Chicuyo News. I
Tho census olliee n?
"WAT, fl Afim
? w m i,(iro
icciai'tvtsjr'uJigi w
770 females,
imbor woro
oro niur-
issuod a bill
lotin showing thatW the census of 1880
the number of liVsons In tho United
States was 50,155,703; tho area in square
miios, 2,900, 13p; the number of fami
lies, 9,945,910; tlynumber of dwell
ings, 8,905,812; Wv mfmber of persons
17Vllt !. 111,,,-lltnf rf
1....U, mu miwiu" vii
absence. Tho pooplo who put nn the
appoaranco of ovil, Invalid, mif hbido
by Iho omistfiuoncesiyV'gdlaiJUy?thI&
is ono horo who can tnKo proper caro of
tho child, ami I therefore remand hor
to tho custody of tho grandmother."
Tho child a bright-oyed llttlo girl,
urottlly dressed who had boon crying
bitterly during nearly tho wholo of tho
hoarlng, now throw hor arms nround
hor mother's neck, and burst into a uar-
oxlsm of tears. Tho mother, who nad
all along maintained a courageous and
half-doliaut aspect, broke down com
plotoly. "No, no," sho crlod, "thoy
shall not take my child." Court Oflicer
Ott was at hor side in n momont, trying
to tear tho llttlo ono away by main
forco. An ominous hum ran through
tho room. Tho crowd woro on their
foot, swaying backward and forward,
excitement m overy faco. Tho tip
staves pounded in vain for order. Mrs.
Histino s brothor, with whito faco, wont
tohor defense "Ypu 'shall not tako
tho child," ho crloddiotly to tho ofllcor,
"unless you shed mv blood." Ho
raised his arm; Ofllcor Ott soizod him
by tho shoulder and haulod him up bo
foro tho bench. iTho Judgo dismissed
him with a reprimand.
The mother- thin llttlo woman, ex
cited to tho vorgo of hysteria reachod
tho bar with tho child In her out
stretched arms and implored mercy.
Her counsel at tho siuno tlmo wns bog
ging for timoJ "Only till next weok!"
ho cried. "Wo will havotho man Shaw
hero; wo will show there was nothing
wrong. I will tako tho child myself. I
will rear hoFas my own until she closos
her oyes in death." Tho Judgo would
make no change.
Tho desporato mothor turned away.
Tho throng opened beforo hor and as
quickly closed behind hor when sho had
passed. Noycourt ofllcor could havo
Classed in safety through that crowd,
n a moment tho mother and child were
out in tho open air with the human bar
ricado bohind them. The mother's hat
had fallen back, hor hair was llying in
tho wind. Tho child in hor arms nad
ceased to cry. Sho hastenod as fast as
her strength would permit st might
down Sixth street. Only ono man, a
friond, followed hor. Nearly at Walnut
street tho driver of a light wagon stand
ing there mot her. Ho was dressod
much liko hor brother. Ho took the
child and swung it into tho vehicle. He
helped the mother in after, and jump
ing in himsolf ho whipped up the horse
ami thoy drovo away. J'AifatiWpiia
square null
iKilies 'o V&Curo mm' !,v'',i tUo num
bp of. dwor n a diiugjtglmilq. 3.02;
ifttetfe ,4W37.01; Carft'fI&
ilv. lb.G2: person? to a diVollinff, 5.00;
ling, 5.00;
'1 ho area
Among tho Immigrants that reached
Now York recently woro twenty comely
Swedish sorvnnt girls. Thoy woro neat
ly dressod, Intelligent, and had some
knowlodco of English. In Sweden thoy
had boon receiving $ 10 a year. Tholr
terms for America woro $lo a month.
Tho city of Newark, N. J. contains
1,299 factories, with 29,232 workmen.
Tho capital invcstoii is $23,91?, 116, and
tho safes foot up $66,231,523. As a
manufacturing city Newark ' raiika tenth
in its factories, worKiiTgJypooplo nud
sales, and eleventh in capital.,
ilv. 18VG2; person? to a
and porsons to a family, 5.01
in land is surface only. and. exclusive
of tho Indian Territory and tracts of
unorganized territory, aggregating 69,
830 squaro miles. Chicuyo 'Tribune
Josh Billings says that a good doc
tor is a gentleman to whom wo pay
tliroo dollars a visit for advising us to
eat less and exorcise more.
Ho had lost his knifo, and they
asked him the usual question: "Do you
know where you lost it?'' " Yes, yos,"
ho replied, "of course I do. I'm moro
iy hunting in thoso other places for it to
kill time."
A visitor, on calling at a friend's
houso during tho session of tho Legis
lature, was questioned thus by a littlo
boy. "Where is your ax?" "What
do you mean, llttlo boy?" asked tho
visitor. "I heard pa say the reason
you camo to town was, you had an ax
to grind."
"Your Honor nndgontlomon of tho
jury, 1 acknowledge tho referonco of
counsel of tho itflhor side to my gray
hair. My hair is gray and it will con
tinue to bo gray as long as I llvo. Tho
hair of that gentleman is black and will
continue to bo black as long as ho dyes."
N. Y. Independent.
A lady of uncertain ago looks un
uttorablo on Chestnut street at a gentle
man, who thereupon ventures to oflor
hor his umbrella. "How dare you
speak to me, sir?" sho demands, in ap
parent anger. "I beg you not to bo
oltondod. I could not resist olloring a
simple courtesy," ho replies, adding, as
her anger simpers away: "You look so
exactly like my mother." Somehow
sho scuds along alone, with a look that
would havo taken tho glazing off a
stone-jar. Indiannoplis Journnt.
How innocent and sweet children
are, to bo sure. "Johnnie, you must
havo your faco washed beforo you go to
bed, as the angels won't stay and watch
such a dirty boy," said his mothor, as
sho played peek-a-boo whllo slipping his
night-dross over his head. " Don't caro.
What's ancels watching mo lor?" " So
as to keep Jolnuiio sato till morning,"
was the assuring reply. "Guess I'm
big 'null' to'tnko caro of my own self,
now. See them pants." Ho had worn
them just onu day, and tho confidenco
thoy had begat in his soul was truly
marvelous. Alcwi Haven lleyistcr.
The crescent shapo of tho first
quarter of tho moon hung llko an elec
tric lamp la tho wostorn sky, casting a
subdued, cool light upon tho path thoy
nad clioseu. Thoy walKed wttn a slow
nnd measured stop, and said little. Tho
scene was rapture-Inspiring. At last
sho, looking up into his faco with a sort
of a scared-to-doath-llke-a-young-fawn
look, said: "Albert, how many walks
llko this wo'vo taken" "Yos, Rosa
lind, wo have taken a great many walks
llkovthls, and and and " "O Albert,
now don't " "Woll, I won't, seeing
It's you." Auntlvir case of snapping at
tho bait too soon. Chicago Tribune.
honesty, sobriety r nnd all the other
virtues, suddenly lovnnt with their
masters' silver" spoons or tholr mis
tresses' jewels. Apropos of this, I
heard rather" a good story tho other day
of a butlei who applied for a situation
in a fir3t-rato family at the West End.
Tho man gavo as referonco his lato em
ployer! n certain Mr. A., then staying
at the Grand Hotel, Charing Cross, who
was to bo scon thoro any day between
twelve and tliroo o'clock, and would bo
pleased to testify to tho trustworthiness
of his iatc servant. Thegentlomoninnoed
of a butler did not beliovo In wrltton
testimonials, and according to hid
custom, whon engaging servants, wont
to mako his inquiries' in person, Ar
riving at tho Grand Hotol, no sent his
card up to Mr. A., and was duly ushered
into tho handsomo suite ofjrooras ho Oc
cupied. In a few minutes Mr. A. put in
an appcaranco. Ho vas amostcmlnent
ly rcspcotablo-looking old gontloman,
with u bald head, and flowing, silvery
beard. Ho received his visitor with great
urbanity, and answered all his inquiries
in a very satisfactory manner. IIo ex
plained Unit tho butler' had beon for
many years in his sorvlco, and was a
most valuablo sorvant fronl whom ho was
most loath to part, but that his (Mr.
A.'s) ill-health had compelled him to
break up his establishment and travel
about for chango of uif.'
On tho strength of this recommenda
tion tho butler was engaged, and for
nearly threo months discharged his du
ties in so satisfactory ii manner that hi3
new master never ceased to congratu
late himself upon tho acquisition ol such
a treasure. One day a friend, who was
a Stipendiary Magistrate, camo to din
ner, and, after looking very hard at tho
butler, informed his host that just nine
months previously ho had sentenced, tho
man to six mouths' imprisonment for
theft. Next day tho master called the
servant up and told him what he had
learned. Tho butler at onoovf admitted
tho soft impeachment andacknowledged
that ho had just completed his term of
imprisonment whon he tooksorvico with
his present employers, but added that ho
had sincerely repented his misdeeds,
and trusted that no causo for complaint
had arisen sinco ho had been in his now
Situation. "But how on earth," in
quired his master, " did you manage to
got such a good charactor from Mr. A.,
whom 1 saw at tho Grand Hotel, who
said ho had known you all your life, and
had found you perfect in every respect,
and said ho could confidently recom
mend you as a. butler?" " Plense. sir."
rtJAid tffijt'CpcntHfr domestic, "A. "ws
mysolf." Under these circumstances it
is almost snpcrlluous to add that master
and man soon parted company. Lou
don Cor. Philadelphia Telcyraph.
Tho Gray Head by tho Hearth.
A privato lottor from a lady who is
spending the year among tho peasants
of tho Tyrol, says: " Tho morning after
our arrival wo woro wakened by tho
sound of a violin and llutes under tho
window, and, hurrying down, found tho
littlo houso adorned as for a feast; gar
lands over tho door and wreathing a
high chair which was set in state.
"Tho table was already covered with
gifts, brought by tho young people
whoso music wo had heard. Tho wholo
neighborhood woro kinsfolk, and theso
gifts camVfrom uncles and cousins in
ovory far-off degree; thoy were simple,
for tho donors woro poor: knitted cloves,
a shawl, baskets of llowors, jars ot fruit,
loaves of broad; but upon all some
littlo message of lovo was pinned.
" Is thoro a brido in the houso?' I
asked of my landlord.
" Ach, noinlMie said. 'Wo do not
mako such a bother about our young
people. It is the grandmother's birth
day.' '.
" Tho grandmother, in hor spectaclos,
white apron and high volvot cap, was a
horoino all day, sitting in stato to ro
coiyo visits and dealing out slices Irom
a sweet loaf to all who camo. I could
not but remember certain grandmothers
at homo, just asjmueh loved as she,
probably, but wlfoso dull, sad lives wcro
never brightened by any such gust of
pleasure as this; and I thought wo could
learn much from' theso poor moun
tahioors." We remember ii certain American
house of tho higher class, in which the
venorablc mothor oft Uio owner had her
own boudoir filled with everything
which could recall her long checkered
life pleasantly to her in, its tranquil old
ago. That room was' tho center of tho
great mansion; no giiost entered the
house without desiring to pay his re
spects to her, although only the most
favored were admitted, iho eilect upon
the young people who camo to the houso
of tfiis marked genuine reverence for
ago was incalculable for good. Tho
new generation is always apt to bo in
tolerant of thoso who aro leaving tho
stage; ant, too, to slight their experi
ence am opinions. Ir they do not find
their parents honoring age, where will
thoy learn to honor them?
Americans aro usually, affectionate to
tho aged members of tho family; but
thoy lack tho tenderness, deferenco nnd
care which the French show to thoni,
and by which tliov bring boat and light
Into tholr colors lives. It Is not
enough to givo a neglected .seat In the
ohimnoy-conior to the gray-haired moth
er or faUiorj use such devices and inno
cent wilos as will mako thorn feci that
thoy have-not lost their place among
men; that tho work which they havo
donors appreciated; and above all. that
thoy still havo work for others to do.
Smith's Tonic Syrup
Tho propriotor of this colobratod medicine
justly claims for it a superiority ovor all rom
odlos ever offorod to tho public for tho SAFE.
of Aguo and Fovor, or Chills and Fevor, wheth
er of short or long standing. lie refers to the
entire Western and Southern country to bear
him testimony to tho truth of tho assertion
that In no case whatever will it fail to cure if
tho diroctions aro strictly folio wod and carriod
out. In a great many casos a single dose has
boen sufficient for a euro, and whole families
have beon cured by asinglo bottlo, with a por
feot restoration of the general health, It Is,
however, prudont, and in ovory caso moro cor
tain to cure, if Its uso is continuod in smaller
doses for a woolc or two after tho disease has
been checkod, moro especially in difficult and
long-standing cases. Usually this medicine
will not require any aid to koep tho bowels in
good order. Should the pationt, however, ro- I
quire a cathartic ter having takon
three or four dotos of the Tonic, a single dose
Will be sufficient.
Tho genuine SMITH'S TONIC SYRUP must
bottlo. BR. JOHN BULL only has the right to
mannfaoturo and sell tho original JOHN J,
SMITH'S TONIC SYRUP, of Louisville, Ky.
Examine woll tho label on each bottlo. If my
private stamp is not on each bottle do not
purchase, or you will be docalvod,
X33FL. arO0QC3xf" Jb U XjXj,
Manufacturer and Vendor of
k The Popular Romodloa of the Day.
Principal Office, 831 Main SU, LOUISVILLE, KY.
B? ml
W A TTT TTT T KPB Is tho well-tried and
i AJLlt "XXXliJUJUiTU trusted i
who want i
bo frttlu
without le
1 friend of all
who want a ure nnd tafe m edielne which can
relief. Its price brlnRi It within the rango of all,
titftt iniernauy or eacieru,y.
ear ol harm and wttn teriaimu oi
and it will annually avo many times Its cost In
doctor bills. Prlco. S conU, BO cent, and
jtl.OO per bottlo. DlrtcRbnt accompany tachbottU.
American Composers
T)lton & Co. publldtia largo number of booVsthat
arv purely aiihticau in ueiga ana compoiiuon.
Zenobia B
a new flrnnil Oner, luxtont.
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(11.50) by DUDLKV HUCK.
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Don Munio
46th Psalm
Joseph's Bondage
Belshazzar -DrBUTTEnnELD.
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New Flower Queen
'75 cents-)
Two Cantataa which are most ODPronrtsto to
(3) cents)
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Redemption Hymn
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ioalSlotionary Rhine; brief Important facta
concerning over 0700 noted porsons.
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