Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, June 22, 1882, Image 4

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o. w. FAtnunoTHEB, dn. a. w. rAinonoTHEn, Jn,
Iktos of Advertising!
Local Notlcei, firit week, 10 cents per line
Inch subsequent week, 5 centt per line.
Display locals, 15 cents per line.
Advertisements on local pafe, 50 cents per
each per week.
Miscellaneous ads 50 cents per inch per month.
Legal ads at legal rates.
Heavy ralu at this placo Tuesday
A. W. Nlckoll, rellahlo druggist.
Ilorb. Wlll.son'n "ad." 1b clianged thin'
week. Head it.
Mail ficrvico on tbo M. V. H. II. will
commence July 1st. .
Dr. Hoal, of North Auburn, in build
ing a nuat residence.
Mr. I. N. Kite has added an awning
to hiu business houac.
MIhs Ida Shutts, of Urownvlllo, was
in tho city on Monday.
Quito a number of colored pooplo
have lately located in litis city.
Josh, Rogers, of tho north nldc, vuhh
a 'Bub to and from each train.
Mrs. Ella T. Schick Is now living in
her ney hoiiHOin North Auburn.
Tho tall form ofCapt. 11. M. Bailey
was seen on our stroots last Monday.
Tom Richards and family will occu
by tho neat rooms over the now bank.
Til. Bailey returned Monday from a
trip to tho Turkio country in Missouri.
Sheriff Tato was in ttio city Satur
day hist and paid The Advkutiskh a
Mrs. Hen. Sanders wont to Brown
vlllo Tuesday, to visit her mother and
Tho grain crops of Tonnessoo are
Haiti to bo tho best over harvosted In
tltat state. t
J. K. Curzoii, F. Dovin, R. A. Saun
ders and Jits. Engle paid Brownvllle a
visit Sunday.
Tho ties and iron are now laid five
miles west' from this placo, and tho
work goes on.
Mr. and Mrs. O. D. CrosB leave next
Monday on a visit to Denver and othor
points In Colorado.
Elder It. A. Hawley, of Sutton, an
old resident of this county, spent Mon
day night in this city.
Tho names the Brooklled robbon
gave aro Jas. Hon. Fox, Hurt. "Ward
and Mrs. Hurt. Ward.
Tito Stato Sunday school convention
appointed for Kearney, 20th lust., was
indefinitely postponed.
A. V. Walsh and Arthur Prescott
went to Humboldt Sunday morning,
returning In the ovenlng.
tTho resldonco of Mrs. S. Walto, on
the north, is finished, anil Mrs. W. has
movad out from Hrowuvillo.
ti Church llowo Is to bo tho loading
man for congress from this district.
(!ood enough. Talmuye Tribune.
Mr.S. Welch has built a platform in
front of his business house to facilitate
tho loading and unloading of furniture.
Hock Port, Mo., is to havo a $23,000
court hoii3o. The contract has boon
lot to Mr. It. K. Allen, of St. Joe, Mo.
Tho ladles of Hratton M. E, church
will glvo a strawberry fostlval on Sat
urday afternoon and ovenlng.June 24th.
Everybody Invited.
Tho Hock Port Journal Is Informed
that David Gordon, whoso hog lots aro
on tho Tarkio bottom, had 100 fat hogs
swept away by a recent water spout,
ThoH. & M. mechanics begin the
construction of a largo water tank at
this placo this week, 100 feet west of
tho depot between the two tracks.
They commenced digging a largo well
Tuesday afternoon.
Mih. Ada Kolth, who with her hus
band lately moved to this place, do
parted this life last Thursday, and was
burled In the cemetery at North Au
burn. The cnusoiof her death, was dis
ease of tho livor and kidneys. ' ;
Nomaha City.
Call at Mrs. Crothcr's Mllllnory Shop
for summer millinery. ,
Tho best building stone in this sec
tion of tho country Is in tho vicinity
of this place.
A largo slock 6f seasonable goods at
Mrs. Crothcr's millinery shop.
Tho present prospects for grain is
simply immonso; and evory aero of
available ground is utilized. And not
withstanding tho superabundance of
rain tho farmors aro keeping weeds in
subjection, and cornfields novor looked
bettor. Applo and peach trees are
loaded with fruit. Tho potatoe, cab
Uago and ' vegotablo crop gonorally,
could not bo better. With such sur
rounding prospects for plonty Nemaha
looks forward with u certainty for an
unprecedented boom.
What tho immeiiHo quantities of tics
and iron stacked at this point means
wo are not advised, but bolievo they
aro preparatory to tho transfer boats
across tho river at this place.
Homier & Melvin havo burned and
just opened a kiln of 100,000 of mu
ch! no mudo, or pressed brick. They
aro said to bo a success in ovory way;
but Ujlly Hoovor fears to risk them in
tho main walls of his building he
will havo tho front made of them and
tho same firm aro getting ready to burn
100,000 of tho old-fashloncd slop brick
for liim.
The people here are well pleased that
Dr. H. Hell Andrews has concluded to
stay with them. As a physician and
surgeon ho has no superior in tho west,
and but very fow equals.
Mr. James Bennett has becomo half
owner again of tho Nomaha flouring
mill, having bought out Mr. Skeen.
Thero Jim is at homo, right where he
was raised. Ho is a number ono mil
lor, and his many friends will bo
pleased to seo him permanently In
stalled in the old mill. We believe ho
has arranged to leaso Eld. Itowo's half
of tho mill.
Mr. J. J. Hendor has tho most com
plete drlig store in tho city, and iB do
ing a good business.
Tho Nemaha mills had to suspend
operations hist week on account of
back-water. Tho Missouri is having
her Juno riso. It will be of short dura-,
tlon howovor, this year. ,i V
Mr. J. S. Minick has moved his stock
of goods into ono of his own business
rooms south of tho hotel. Mr. M. is
jiiHt recovering from a sovcro attack of
sickness, which kept him at homo two
Business is better in Nemaha than it
has been since hist fall.
Elliott shipped throe cars of hogs
and Bailey threo cars on Tuesday.
Mechanics aro at work on Hoover's
brick block. This will bo ono of tho
beat buildings in tho county. Si.o 70x80
threo business rooms bolow, 80 feet
deep and an opera house on the second
floor intended to bo second to none in
tho stato.
Titus & Williams are still on deck,
and aro masters of the situation in tho
mercantile lino and soil goods at sat
isfactory prlcos.
Mr. L. M. Woddle, who has tho con
tract for making a good wagon road on
tho bottom from tho brldgo on tho No
maha to tho bluff toward Asplnwall,
has done his work and wo presume did
It well, as it has boon recolvod by tho
county commissioners. Tho amount of
monoy expended on this peico of road
was $.100.
City HallSquuro is worthy of men
tion. Last year It was fenced with
posts and barbed wire, trees plantod
and blue grass seed sown. Tho trees
wore of good sizo, nearly all lived, and
now aro in full loaf, making vigorous
growth, and tho blue grass is most lux
uriant, tho whole giving the square a
very attractive appoaranco.
Wash. Gulp, Dopt. U. S. Marshal, has
a fine looking two-story resldonco, fin
ished this spring, and ho Is now a resi
dent of Nemaha.
Tho postolllco hero Is now an inter
national money order ofllco, and soils
orders on, or pays orders from any part
of tho civilized world. This through
tho enUrpriso of our ofllclcnt P. M.
Dr. B. Boll Andrews, of Nomaha
City, has hts offlco at his resldonco,
whero he is prepared to treat acitfo and
chronic diseases. Pleasant waiting
rooms for patients. Surgical diseases
of women a specialty. Ills success as
a surgeon is well known from cases in
this vicinity operated upon with por
munont rollof.
Miss Emma Grim, a student of tho
state institute for tho blind, Is now at
to home. ,. , , , , . i ,
Mr. Stephon Gilbert has nearly fln
iuhed a very nlco residenco, on tho lot
whero Shuck's houso burned down
years ago.
Thco. Hill's now residence, with tho
ground appertaining thereto, as to ex
terior appearance and interior finish
and appointments, has not tho equal in
Nemaha county.
For summer goods, clothing, Btraw
and felt hats, etc., go to tho old rellablo
stand of Titus & Williams.
Davo Morton, the boss blacksmith,
has jusKfinlflhed a nico spring, wagon
for Ed. MVoisonrcidcr. Our esteomed
friend, Esqulro Donald does tho wood
work and docs It right.
Itabo Elliott has built an addition to
his residenco.
Hon. V. P. Peabody was in tho city
Saturday last. Ills cuiirso in tho lato
extra session is indorsed hero by ovory
rcasonablo man,
Mr. David Campbell, of Brown villo,
is selllng.agrlcultural machinery at No
maha. MrB. E. J. Mouahan, tho famous oyo
doctor, according to appointment, was
in Nemaha Monday. It seems to be a
ftict that sho can and does euro tha
worst cases of soro oyes. Sho will be
In Nnnmli.i mmltv. .Tulv 10th.
Tho couiitdiiiuico "chlld-liko nrirt
MniicT-of tho Hon. T. J. Majors wi
seen on our streets Monday. -JmBwhere you will find one of the finest
was closeted a couplo of hwirf 5 ho ft N ' . nnmtv.
his second corporal, L. W: "' "'SIS, ...:n r.nA ,1,,. ;
jv.tiu urui
may 00 interred tiiat winKtikluueu
1:11(1 to touch oil a small HV-.?. tor
nodo in Nemaha, soon. Bu
aro that tho msichlno will
fail to oxplodo.
!c wot and
An immense
of dry fjifa&fifcG.
arrived at ixei
Bright's Disease of
abetes and otier disc
noy.s and llv
frightened i
only that wil
prevent and cv
cures only reti
make you m;
' .:
Dry Your Fruit.
I am proparcd with American Evap
orators, to dry fruit on shares this
season. As agent of tho company, 1
can furnish machines to those who
wish to purchaso. Correspond, or
better, como and seo.
Hoiit. W. Fuunas,
G2w3 Hrowuvillo, Nobr.
J. M. D jTi
will sell you a piano or organ from
SUfi to $100 less than any traveling
agent. Iteasous why: I pay no city
tax; I pay no rent; no traveling agent.
I support my family from my farm.
Address, J. It. Dyic,
Nomaha City, Nob.
Take Notice!
MrB. E. Monahan, of Marysville, Mo.,
will bo at North Auburn on tho
17th and 18th dayB of July, when
alio will bo nronnred to treat all
forms of oyo diseases. Her treatment
is a permanent dure for granulated eye
lids and all forms of inflammation of
tho eyes. Como and seo her.
Will bo at Nemaha City on tho loth.
Mrs. Monahan will also bo in Brown
vlllo on tho lBth of each month.
Surgical operations will be porforn
od by Dr. D. C. Wilson, of Maryvlllo.
Try tho Non-Explosive Safety Oil at
Dovin & Fisher's.
Sheriffs Sale.
NOTICE is hereby clven Hint bjr virtue of
nn order of fialouued out of tho Din.
trlot Court of Nemaha county, Nobrmkt.,
mid to moillrooted as nhorlirof Hald, county
upon 'it ileoroe und JudKineut rendered by
mu court, ill n cnno wuutoui y nrron u, Mo
Olure ras pltiltitlir, and the Htuto Hank of
Urownvlllo wai defendnnt, I will ofTer for
mile nt publlo nuctlou at tho door of tho court
lioimo In Urownvlllo, In Bald county, on
Saturday, July 20ih, 1882,
ut ono o'clock In thenftornoon, thofollowlnit
described land to. wit; Lots fifteen 1G and
sixteen 10, In bloolc twenty-four 241; nnd
lot fourteen 114, In blook twenty-two, In the
olty of Urownvlllo, totfottmr with nil Ira-
firoventonta nnd prlvllftfos thereto bolonic
tiK talion on buIiI order of sulo ai the prop,
erty of tho Btnto linnlc of Urownvlllo, Ne.
Tor inn n( unln cimIi.
nntod thli l(Jth day of Jim. A. D. 16812.
(MM O. W.TATE, Blierlff.
Notice h hereby given that I will offer for tale
at the reildence of John Sodnun, in Denton
precinct, Nemaha county. Nebratka, on Friday,
thc-7th day of July, A D., 1882, the following
described horses, to-wlt: One bay mare, with
white tnnt In tirnA .inil nnr Klarlr mir. rnlr.
1 - -I " w,-..-. .-... ....... w.,.
I Said property belntr told as an estrav to nav coiti
fQJuihljSHp mg so
iHBllVis the
nBl pently
HHvr then
"TSWlrc,"-T&T I.
j and charges. J, H. KOESTER, J, P. ,
jB&dttir vwsfiirii annular
The finest and most complete stock in this county, at the
Lowest Prices.
A splendid assortment of Mouldings, for Picture
Frames, and an experienced cabinet maker is em
ployed by this house who will make or repair
lyoufurnitur in good style.
Undertaking a Specialty.,
A full lino of Collins, Caskets ana
Trimmings, always on hand and Motal
ic Caskots furnished on short notice.
CjLfc ,yt4 A 1 1F "NTl2lT"
nicest SPRING
H1UJI' win iiiiu hi. ...
tMsan -
jnd a nice line of LADIES' and CHILDREN'S Shoes.
You will hnd an excellent line of liUU I b and 1'LUW briUlib tor
You will find a full stock of GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS, etc.
You will find one of the nicest store rooms and the most gentlemanly
clerks in Nemaha County.
ftrV extend a cordial invitation to
,r,xtcnd a cordial invitation to come and see us before buying,
" Ml & . ! rfl aa.n ..til t...t ..1.
V; Will guarailici; wiai hi ijuai.iy
Dyber the place,
.1 I
Ifavutg llcccntfy been Surveyed ami Platted
ON SECTION 21 and 28, T, 5, B. 14,
Commercial t Mechanical
The Town is from 10 to 25 miles from any
other place of importance,
sttikn Writv
Calvert, Nebraska,
Dealer In
Emblems of Evory Description.
stocks of General Merchandise in
the latest styles and patterns.
come and see us before buying, and
j..u ji.n-t wt wii aim. yuu.