Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, April 06, 1882, Image 7

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    Ar largo Newfoundland dog wns
carried over tho American falls at
Niagara a few afternoons ago, and suc
ceeded in getting to tho iccMjridgc, but
.got so jammed amongst tho ieo that he
could not extricate himself. From the
weakened statu of tiio ice-bridge peo
ple cotdd not rescue him, although
several attempts were made. The next
morning tho whole of tho ice-bridge
was carried away, and the poor dog
with it. He stuck to a large piece of
ice and lloated down tiie river and
passed under tho railway suspension
bridge on it, where a largo number of
.iuujuu witnessed me novel ietuurc.
iVhen ho and his ice-boat reached tho
whirlpool rapids the ico crumbled into
a thousand pieces, tho dog making a
bold attempt to swim ashore, but tho
current proved too strong for him.
The registration of letters in the
post-ollico is an absolute protection
against loss, because every letter is
specially marked, handled, delivered
and receipted ior by every person into
whose hands it may come, so that any
misplacement which might happen
would u5 at onco detected, and any
theft would bo discovered immediately.
IiAjs tho certainty of detection which
prevents crime, and, although a dishon
est dork might steal a registered letter,
lie would no tletccted without fail.
Loss in all othor ways is impossible.
This fact docs not at all conllict with
the other fact that registered letters arc
forwarded at the sender's risk. Loss is
impossible, and theft is certain of dis
covery, and so there is practically tic
risk whatever. N. Y. Times.
Iwthe Times, of Philadelphia, we observe:
Mr. John McGratli, 123(1 Christian street,
was cured by St. Jacobs Oil of severe rheu
matism. i
"Dwo vab sliocwt enough, built dree vas too
blentv," remarked Hans, when his best girl
asked him to take her mother along to a
da nee.
Gave Instantaneous relief. St Jacobs Oil.
Neuralgia. Prof.Tlco.-b'f. Louis Tost-Dispatch.
It docs, not always do to credit people with
over-sensitiveness. The other day one of our
'rising young pianists," jays a Sa;i Francis
co paper, was giving his opinion of tho vul
garity and meanness displayed by our gold
ilsh aristocracy. " Why," ho said, " for In
stance, I was invited to attend a mustcale at
the house of old Fullbags, on Nobb Hill. Of
couise I played a good deal to entertain tho
company; and, when I loft, old Jf., as he
shook hands, slipped Into my hand a twenty
dollar gold piece." "Why, the old humbug I"
Bald one of his auditors indignantly, ' what
did you do?" ""Why you just bet 1 got even
with him 1 I threw tho moncyon tho floor
and left, after exchanging the coin for a coun
terfeit twenty I happened to have In my pock
et just then; don't you seel" "Capital idea
that I Served the old vulgarian right I" "Yes,
it wns a huge ldc:r; but the trouble was that
his twenty turned out to boa counterfeit toot"
Spring Fever.
Tcrsons should not think lightly of that
feeling of extreme debility, so common in the
spring of tho year. It Is often the forerunner
of a yiiar of 111 health. It renders the system
very susceptible to disease, and is caused by
the blood being filled with poisonous humors.
Tho blood, by all means, should be kept
healthy, otherwise Its power to assimilate nu
tritious food becomes impaired, and dyspepsia,
liver-complaint, headache, nervous debility,
extreme languor, weak kidneys, want of phys
ical and mental endurance, and general pros
tration Is the result Since prevention is bet
ter than cure, dou't wait for the llnal result of
Bprlngtitno indisposition, when the first symp
toms of languor arc manifested, but begin
using Dr. Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
rllla. As a spring medicine, It excels all other
remedies, gently but surely expolllng the
poisonous blood humors with which the sys
tem becomes Impregnated, by the Incidental
cilYct of changeable winter weather. It makes
the blood red, rich and pure, causes It to cir
culate with more vim, enables It to renew tho
wasted tissues, and carries strength and
vitality to every weakened part of the human
system, restoring Impaired bodily functions,
and checking all decay of the urinary, digest
ive, and pulmonary organs, which, If neglected,
too ofteii cuds In a premature grave.
A lapy says that It takes many men a whole
lifetime to learn to carry a ten-dollar bill home
without bi caking It Jioiton Olobe.
Mu. ItonniiT B. IUhton', of Dayton, Ohio,
writes: "Iwlfhevcry one to know that Dr.
Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla has
cured mo of severo dyspepsia and urinary
troubles. It has made me very strong."
A i.amh.M)Y advoitlspg that she has "a
flue, well-furnished bed-room, for a gentleman
twelve foot t-quirc;" another has "a cheap
and desirable suite of rooms for u respectable
mmiir in goou repair;" still nnotiier lias "a
, hall bedroom, for a Mngle woman eight by
-.twelve." Chicato Tribune.
"Is tii khi: any opening heioforan intel writer!" asked a seedy, icd-nosed in-
i,, i. ; uprooted by a recent
to have
tdy in the
S nJ T W-lio was probably not
j ... .. uiiircc. motion iraiuerijii.
mT."',TV."riV'Vloll'"wIlli)urchaso all tho
i ante . , Tin ? f0,r.,a u" ladr to go Into
ean".i ?...? th! ,il.a,UM CHn ba warranted to
Dress to death on lBh.-.JMroU Fne
nn niiWrB on" nAN oneo rny,nf wr cousin,
an ollkcr, on his courago, sahl; "Now
Harry, do you really mean to tell me you can
walk up to a cannon's mouth without feiri"
eV' was tho prompt reply, "or to u
Utichanan's, either." And he UW It.
T up. breezy burglar's evening pleasantry:
"I always raibo tho wind when I blow open a
- ' ii
I.awvehs In Mnssaehusetts carry green bags
to show that tliey ilong to " The Old Haizo
.. wI.p l rcst l rust'" ,s fierinon proverb.
If I trust I bust," Is the American version.
Jloclmter Lxpre.s,
Til e old man "exploded with laughter"
when the young girl "burst Into womanhood."
Tents bijtlny.
How can man and wife bo one, when tho
woman Is won herself 1 Salon Sunbeam.
III II -Si-P !..
Tiik wheel of fortune runs slow, becauso Itr
felloes are tied. Whitehall Times.
" .""juti oi an euitor. " i es, my mend," re
I" c'1 vUe liiuu of iiullls. "a considerate ear-
1'"". ''tycscohig your visit, left an opening
lor Jou.j'Ura thc 1iI10b ou the rjgi,t,
A Recent Kxrttcinrnt liivefttlgnted by tho
Herald unci tho Results
Mndo 1'iiliUc.
(Cleveland, 0., Herald.)
A few wcoks ago wo copied Into our col
umns from tho Rochester, N. Y., Democrat
and Ck-ontele "A Kemarkab!o Statement,"
made by J. 11. Hcnion, M. D., a gentleman
who Is well known In this city. In that 'arti
cle Dr. Hciilon recounted a wonderful experi
ence which befell him, and a few days there
after wc published from thosamo paper n-scc-ond
article, giving an account of tho "Excite
ment In Rochester," caused by Dr. Ilenlon's
statement. In the first artlclo Dr. Hcnion
stated that for a numbor of years, up to last
Juno, he had been nllllcted with what seemed
ntilrsta most mysterious trouble. Ho felt
unaccountably tired at frequent Intervals; ho
had dull and uulrflnlto pains in various parts
of his body and head, and was very hungry
one day and entirely without appetite tho
next. However, as a phvslclau he thought,
and so did his fellow physicians, that ho was
suffering from malaria.
Hut ho grew worse, and was finally obliged
to ghe up a large and lucrative practice. Still
he was not conscious of his danger, nor that a
monstrous disease was becoming ilxcd upon
him. although all his organs had beeomo
gradually weakened. Tho symptoms above
described continued, accompanied by others of
an aggravated nature, and he noticed a pecul
iar color and odor about tho fluids he was
passing; that they wore abundant ouo day
and very scanty the next, and were covered
wiiu irotn or lined witit uricK-unst sediment. ;
Rut even then ho did not rcallzo his real and i
alarming condition. At lust, however, ho was
brought face to faeo with thy fact that he was
a victim of a most terrlblo disease, and he
made heroic efforts for recovery. He traveled
extensively and consulted the best physicians,
but thoy could give him only temporary rc
1 of, and that principally In tho form of mor
phine. And so he grew steadily and con
stantly worse until his life became a torture.
His pulse was uncontrollable. Ho lived
wholly by Injections, and for six days and
nights he had tho hiccoughs constantly,
which are the sure Indication of coming death.
When hope ond life wore nearly exhausted
his pastor, tho Rev. Dr. Footc: rector of St.
Paul's Church, strongly urged him to try a
means which the reverend gentleman had seen
used with remarkable results. He objected at
first, but finally consented, and was conscious
of an Imnrovod condition tho first week. Ills
pains gradually disappeared; his stomach re
sumed digestion; his heart became regular;
his headaches disappeared; ho had uo nioro
chills and fever, or acidity of the stomach; ho
gained twenty-six pounda In three months.
ana is a wen man to-day, being entirely cured
of a most pronounced case of Rright's disease.
Although conscious of tho consequences
from his professional brethren, still us a duty
io ins ionow men, ana according to a vow no
mado on what he thought was his dying bed,
ho published a card detailing his Illness and
remarkable cure. "Since my recovery," ho
says, "1 have thoroughly reinvestigated tho
subject of kidney dlilicultlcs and Rright's
disease, and I believe sioui! than onis-halv
NEYS. It has no distinctive symptoms of its
own (Indeed, It often develops without nny
pain whatever In thc k'dnoys or their vicinity,)
but has tho symptoms of nearly every otlior
known complaint. Hundreds of peoplo dlo
dally whoso burials are authorized by a physi
cian's certificate of "Heart Disease," "Apo
plexy." "Paralysis," "Spinal Complaint,"
"Rheumatism," "Pneumnonla," and other
common complaints, when In reality It was
Riight's disease of thc kidneys. Fewphy.-!-clans,
and fewer people, realize the extent of
this disease or Its dangerous and Insidious na
ture. It steals into thc system like a thief,
manifests Its presence by tho commonest
symptoms, and fastens itself upon the life he
fore tho victim Is aware. It is nearly as her
editary as consumption, quite as co union and
fully us fatal. Entire families. Inheriting it
lrom their ancestors, have died, and yet none
of tho number knew or realized tho mysterious
power which was removing them. Instead of
common symptoms it often shows none what
ever, but brings death suddenly, and us such
la usually supposed to bo heart dlbeaso.
Tho second article entitled "Excitement In
Rochester," was made up of Interviews with
Dr. Hcnion himself, who confirmed all said In
his card, and also with Mr. II. II. Warner.
The latter gentleman did not regard Dr. Hen
Ion's case as particularly exceptional, because
ho had known of very many such cures by tho
same me.ins In all parts of tho land. Kidney
diseases, he said, are carrying oil tens of
thousands every year, while Rright's disease
Is increasing 'J.'jO per cent, a decade, and yet
the peoplo do not realize It or seek to check it
until too late. He related how a New Orleans
medical professor, lecturing on this disease,
thinking to show his class what healthy fiulds
were, subjected some of his own to a chemical
test, and although he had no suspicion of it
befoic, dlfcovcrod that ho, too, had the dread
ed disease, which proved fatal In less than a
year. There was albo an Interview with tho
celebrated chemist of tho Now York State
Hoard of Health, Dr. S. A. Latthnore, who
said he had analyzed the remedy which cured
Dr. Ilcnlon, and found that It was "entirely
free from any polsouous or deleterious sub
stances." Wu have matlo those condensation1! In order
that all the mater' al fucts may be set before
our readers. Since the publication of thoso
two articles, having been besieged with let
ters of inquiry, Ave sent a communication to
Dr. Hcnion and also one to If. H. Warner ci
Co., asking If any additional proof could bo
given us us to tho validity of the statements
published. In answer thereto wo have re
ceived tho following letters, which add Inter
est to tho entire subject and wholly verify
every statement hitherto made:
Rocni'.STEit, N. Y., Feb. 2. 18S2.
Gentlemen: Your favor Is received. The
published statement, over my slguature, to
which you refer, Is true in every respect, and I
owo my life and present health wholly to tho
power of "Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver
Cure. It Is not surprising that people should
question the statement I made, for my recov
ery was as great a marvel to myself as to my
physlclaus and friends.
J. R. Henion, M. D.
Roche3teii, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1883.
Sins: Acknowledging your favor duly re
ceived, wo would say: The best proof wo can
givoyou that tho statements made by Dr.
Ilcnlon aro entirely true, and would not havo
been published unless strictly so, Is the fol
lowing testimonial from tho best citizens of
Rochester, and a card published by Rev. Dr.
Footc, which you arc at liberty to use If you
wish. II. II. Wauneii ii Co.
To Whom it may Concern:
In tho Rochester, N. Y.,Dcmocratand Chron
icle of December ill, 1881, there appeared a
statement lu the form of a card from Dr. J. R.
Henion, of this city, recounting his re
inarkablo recovery from Rright's disease of
the kidneys, after several doctors of proml
in.mco had given him up, by tho use of a prep
aration manufactured in this city ond kuown
as Warner's Safe Kidney and I.Ivor Cure.
Wo are personally or by reputation acquaint
ed with l)r. Henion, and we bellevo ho would
publish no statement not literally true. "Wo
arc also personally or by reputat'on well ac
quainted with II. H. Warner & Co., proprie
tors of this remedy, whoso commercial and
personal standing In this community Is of the
highest order, uud wo bellove that tliey would
not publish any statements, which were not
literally and strictly true In every particular.
C. R. Pahsons, (Mayor, Rochester.)
Wm. TunCELL, (Editor Union and Adver
tiser.) W. D. Biioaiit, (Surrogate Monroe County.)
Edwaiid A. FnosT, (CloYk Monroe County.)
E. R. Fenneh, (District Attorney Mrnroo
I)ANintT. Hunt, (Postmaster, Rochester.)
J. M. Dayt, (Ex-Member of Congress, Roch
ester.) John S. Mohcun, (Special Co. Judge, Mon
roo Co.)
Hiium Stm.EY, (Capitalist and Seedsman.)
W, 0. Rowley, (County Julge, Monroe
John Van Voouhis, (Member of Congress.) E. Fitch, (Editor Democrat and
Chronicle and Regent of tho University.)
To the Editor of the TAvini) Church, Vhiciyo, DU:
Will you allow tho following card, personal
to myself, to appear In your widely-circulated
paper I
There was published In tho Rochester mo
crat and Chronicle of tho Hist of Deccmtior
last, a statement made by J. R. Ronton, M.
D., narrating how ho had been cured of
Rright's disease of the kidneys, almost in Its
last stages, by the uso of Warner's Safe Kid
ney and Liver Cure. I was referred to lu that
statement as having recommended and urged
Dr. Henlou to try tho remedy, which ho did,
and was cured.
Now tho republishing of his statement in
many of tho leading Journals of the day has
been thc cause of an lnccssntit flow ot letters
to mo making many Im ulrles, but chlelly
whether thc statement Is truo, or a mere ad
vertising dodg etc., etc
I beg, therefore, to anticipate any further
Inquiries and save time and labor, and somo
postage, by saying that the statement o f Dr.
Henion Is truo. so fur as it concerns myself,
and I Lcllovo it to bo true lu all other re
snccts. Ho Is a narlshtoncr of initio and I
visited him in his sickness. I urged him to
take tho medicine und would do tho same
again to any one who was troubled with a dis
ease of tho kidneys and liver.
Isiiael Foote, (D. D.,)
Rector of St. Paul's Church.
Jlochestcr, y. Y., January 23, 1SS2.
A man with a felon on his hand Is entitled to
sympathy. How mucli more tho keeper of the
State Prison, who has a great many. Lowell
"Now "Well anil Stronp."
Siur-MAN, Illinois.
Dn. R. V. rir.itCR, Rulfalo, N. Y. : Dear Sir
I with to state that my daughter, aged 18, was
pronounced Incurable and was faat falling as
tho doctors thought, with consumption. I ob
tained a half dozen bottles of jour "Goldon
Medical Discovery" for her and she commenced
improving at once, and is now wen ami strong.
Very truly yours. Rr.v. Isaac N. Auqustin.
"Discovery" sold by druggists.
Anew shodo of feminine goods Is "crushed
carrot." No doubt a color called "mashed
custard pie" will bo brought out hi season for
plc-nlc wear. Xorristown Herald.
Youno and middle-aged men, suffering from
nervous debility uud kindred affections, as
loss of memory and hypochondria, should In
close turco sumps ior ran vn oi onus
Dispensary Dime Scries of pamphlets. Ad
CIATION, Buffalo, N. Y.
Tun latest esthetic slang tho ladles use
when reproving their admiring gentlemen
friends Is: " i ou flatter too awfully perfectly
much." Boston I'ost.
Mns. J. 0. IIbndriibon. of Cleveland. Ohio,
writes: "The uso of two of Pierce's 'Pleasant
Purgative Pellets' a day, for a few weeks, has
entirely cured mcof slck-hcadache, from which
I formerly suffered tcnlbly, ps often, on un
average, us once In ton days." Of all druggists.
Avoidino the vulgar: MIssAramlnta Gush
lngton speaks of the "solemn season oi
loaned." She never could bring herelt to say
Lent It Is so' painfully vulgar, you ktiow.
Boston Transcript.
New style of Western Joke: Suppose there
was a mau named Icular, and ho had a dog.
When they were together they could not He
down because they would havo to remain
purpand-Icular. 'New York Graphic.
Father 'is Getting Well.
My daughters say, ,l How much better father
is since ho used Hop Rlttcrs." Ho is getting
well after his long suffering from a disease de
clared Incurable, and wo are so glad that he
used your Hitters. A lady of Rochester, N. Y.
-UtU-a Herald.
In its fashion notes for the week the Hoston
Commercial Hulk tin says: "Coupons aro not
cut hv us."
Jteacucd from Death,
William J. Uoughlan, of Somorvllle, Mass.,
says: "In the fall of 1WiJ 1 was taken with a
violent bleeding of the lunos, followed by a severe
cough. I was admitted to the City 'Hospital.
While there the doctors said I had a hole in my
left lung as blsr as ahitlf dollar Igavouphope,
but a friend told mo of Dit. Wm, Ham.'s Rait
8AM Fou tup. Lunos. I got a bottle, when to
my surpriso I commenced to feel bettor, and to
day 1 feci in butter spirits thin I have the past
three years. I write this hoping that every ouo
nllllcted with Diseased Lungs will take Dh.Wm.
Uai.i.'h Rai.sam iron tiik Lunos, and be con
vinced that Consumption can iik cuitnn,"
Also asure remedy for Colds, Coughs, and all
Chest uud Lung Diseases. Sold by druggists.
"PitnsrMPTiON begins In Ignoranco and
endsTii ruin." On tho other hand, the pro
duction of Kldnoy-AVort began with wise cau
tions and sciciitille research, and its uso cuds
lu restoring shattered constitutions and en
dowing men and women with health and
happiness. "My tormented back," Is the ex
clamation of more than one poor hardworking
man and woman ; do you know why It aches I
It is because your kidnevs aro over-tasked and
need strengthening, and your system needs to
bo cleansed of bad humors, ou need Kidney-Wort.
Quitkau could nover sleep at proper hours,
cursed with abnormal activity, his nerves
Were always ou tho qui vive. Could ho have
had tho soothing benefit of Dr. Renson's
Celery and Chamomile Pills, his wretched
brains would not hao raged with Improper
fancies. Dr. Rcnson's.Skln Cure Is already
becoming as famous as his Tills. It Is u sure
euro for 11 diseases of Skin aud Scalp.
Skinny Men. "Wells' Health Rencwer" re
stores health aud vigor, cuies Dyspepsia. $1.
Womhn that have been bedridden for yearn
have been entirely cured of female wcakncbi
nave been entirely cured of female weak
by tho uso of Lydla K. Plnkham's Veget
Compound. Send to Mrs. Lydla 13. Pinkli
23!J Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass., for j
or nam-
. , , ,
t3T Diamond Dyes will color anything any
color, and never fall. Tho easiest aud best
way to oconomlzo. Only ten cents. Bold by
all druggists.
Sou) everywhere Is I'mcr's Axle Orcaso.
Superior to all others. Try it and be happy.
" Rouou on Rvts." Clears out rats, mice,
roaches, bed-bugs, gophers, chipmunks. 15c
- ' '
Ik afllicted with bore I3yos, uso Dr. Isaac
Thompson's Eye Water. DrugglBtaoll IU 20c.
Snvn nnmo and address to Cragln & Co.,
Philadelphia, Pa., for cook book free.
ForioTcil year w haro furnlthcd tho Tjalrjmrn of
America with an rxcellent Artificial color for buttcriio
merltorloui that it mtt with (Croat tuccM ererywherf,
rccelrln tho hlgheat (and only) prize at both Interna
tional Dairy ralra.
Rut by patient and clf ntlflo chr mica! rctearch wo haro
Improrvd in toreral points, and now offor thU naw color
Tho Advantages Aro
it wrxT. fTOTcor.ort Tim nnrnntMniTC.
rr oivES a nnicmTEit coron.
It h.M IIipm (rood (inntltlcibecftuiifl It 1 tho utronitrst
and briRhtftt color, and, whllo prcarod In oil, it U to
compounded (hat It UlmpowIUo for It to bocomo rancid.
E WARE of all imitation, and of all other oil col
on, tor orcry other onoUILible to becomo rancid and
poll tho butter Into which It I put Atk for W. H. ts
CO.'SIMrilOVr.D COLOR and tnko no other. It you
rAnnot cot It wrlto to u to kuow vrhoro and how to cot
it without extra cxponM. (10)
WKLU), IUCIIA.IIDBOX JL CO., llnrllnctan. VU
Wo wilt send on 30 Daya Trial
Electro Yoltaic Belts
And other r
Buffcrlnir from Nervous Debility. Lost Vitality, Vlitor
and Manhood, resulting from Abuse Riiif other
muses; or to any perton afflicted with Klicitmu
tUra, Neui'iilsln, IiirlyaU, Hilnul llimcul
tie, I.ume Hack, Liver und Ittdttey 1'rnu
lir, Kiipturet, and other dlmiui'i ir tho
Vital Orgiiua. Speedy relief and complete restora
tion to litallh guaranteed. 'riire uvr, the only
J'.lectrlc Appliances that tuvn ever been can
trurtod upoa NclentlUn principle. Their
thorough eftlcaoy baa been practfeaUr proven with the
moil wonderful mccca. We linre tho leitl
mony of llioimiud who linre been iiulvkly
und radically cured liy their mr. All ulc
of nny person Is to idvu them u trial Tor UO daya
und he convinced
t-enrt t once for lllntralrd Pnntpklet, Riving
all Information, Tree. Address
No other dlseaao is bo pro valont In thla coun
try no Constipation, and no remody has ovor
equalled tho oelobratod Kldncy-Wort an a
euro. Wlmtovcrthacauso.howovorobflUnato
tho csuio, thla remody will ovcroorao It.
rann ktcs tjiib cmtrossinir com'
r & Tjlolnt la very nDt to bo
complicatodwlUxooiuUpatlon. Kldnoy-Wort
otroncUicna tho weakened parte and aulaltbr
cures nllKincuor i'lies ovcnwnsn physicians
ana tncaicinca uavo oaioro laiica.
t 3"1I you havo cither or thosa trouble
PRICE $1. USE I DrURglota Soli
price suited to Kencrul distribution. Dollar books for
fts. Monthly papers, to Individual addresses. Sets.
a year (11 kinds), l'lniis to sow whole towns wllh
t Pitt rjsrn nits lltnriWlltxt ttt miiimI fnp nann. Alan
HAM) UK lIOI'i: Roods,
Wcokly Taper, so cheap peiin;
buys them. Thirty-sir colum
... ... . .. . , . . ......... ..u , ... , y U..U . u . IK. -.
as, incmuina i.iorary ana
iiiiT collection inuru than
iliimii cutnlocue free. Sonrt
us muni's of live Temperance workers, so we can reach
them. Address The .'TEHPEKAME ItEVOLUriO.V
148 Madison Street, Chicago, III.
To 'oniiinptlrr. JVf nny lmv, liM-n happy
to give tliclMctliiiuny In favor of tho use of " Mil.
bar's Pare Cnil.lAter Olland fAine." KTiM'rlcncfhai
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Asrliin.i, Diphtheria, and all disrates of the Throne
and J.unK" Manufactured only by A. 11. WILUOU;
Chouilut, llosiun. Sold by all druia'lstx.
itlood, and will completely change tho blood In thu en
tire system In threu months. Any person who will take
1 pill each ntKht from I to 1 weeks may be restored
to sound health, It sudi n thine ho possllilo. Bold ev
erywhere, or scut by innll for M letter stnmp. 1.8.
JounboKiICo.. Hoston. M'ais., formerly ilanuor. Mo.
tl'ut. l)et. a), 1H77 )
BOc.pcrdnz. 5c. pertloz. -lOc. pordoz.
Nos. i.,:t, 4, r,, , t, m.
For Trout. Forllasi. For Pike.
Dealers send for Price I.Ut. Mantifac
turcrs and Proprietors,
l-inill.-VM '1-A.i'lLt.K.
1 AVurreu tit.. New Tforlc.
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Cedar Rapidf , Iowa.
positively prevent thl terrible disease, and will pos.
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save many lives, sent free oy mall. Don't delay a mo
ment. Prevention Is better than cure. I. b. JOHNSO
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Pa k sons' Puhuativk Pills inaku new rich blood.
Employment for Ladles.
The Queen City Ruteniler Company nfCIn
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tnunlly by addliiR th.'se book to their lists.
Rnmanni laremcmbi'trdlntlin lllottraphlcal Uo
the Komahllc IlioRrnpliy of MO.AK1' (11.73). llotll
closely follow facts.
TUm I altarft OF MRNDRI.flSOtm CI vols, rarli
Ictusmto the Inner life of the Rrenl masters.
Tlia I liAe Of 1IKBTHVOVKN HI), of C1IOP1M
IIAKDKIi (rt.W. orilOSSINI (f .(31, of BCitllJ
MANN (SI D. of VON WKHKK (i Vols, each tl.W)
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capllnl collect on of UUmosiTlKStll' MliaiO (111. n.
"ne rnlertalnment. . Urtilno's lllOOHAPIllCATa
cludes tho history of ioin hundreds of notabilities.
M niillmallla VOCAI, PHILOSOPHY Itl.tO),
INH'IKUMKNT (40 ceiils), and hlebcr'i ArtT K
BlNtUNO ( 0 cents), wn hava molt directions for tho
cam and training of the volrtn
LYON & HEALYf5Woago, HI.
OLIVER DITS0N & 00 Boston.
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Roscb for ISaHtor Cards..
will bo found in Demorost'H Monthly for
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F ITV I Lm quantity
of excellent
illustrations and reiullnir. Prico, twenty
couts ; to bo bad from nil BookHcllcrH and
Nowsdcalors. V. Jknninob Drmoukot,
PubUsliiir, 17 East 1-lth Street, Now York.
Ultniu ' wr reprented by KITTKU8 Ilia
nlSIOlY TOUY OF MU81U (3 vols, etch II. Ml),
mniHirt .nd co in nl t-ie. wlillti Kisnn serves un In hit
Sy W. Cor. Stato rtnei Monroe Ste.
Boliool of Drawing and Painting,
The Fall Term will open Oct. 8, after which Pupils)
mny enter nt any limn. Instruction Is Klvrn n'Riilnrly
in DruwlnK from tho I-'lnt, tho Aiill'jm-. mid from I.lrb,
Perspectlvu. Crayon nnd Cluircunl Drawini;, Fifteen
nilmitu Hki'lchliiK, PalntlnKlii till and Water Colors,
Artistic Anatomy, Pen uud Inlc Drawing, und Etching
ou Copper.
Tuition Fee, WVI5 Tor Three, Montlu.
Special arrangements for shorter terms. Tim tuition tea
Includes any or all the uImva brmu-hr. and alio tho uso
of tho School I.lbiury on Art. Th ' tenchem ure:
Henuy V. Bi-iikai'amI.1. Itov HonRKTaoN. Profess
ors of DrawliiKiindPHlniinct .1. II. Vaniikhi-oku In
structor In Drawing! N, II jAitrKNTicii, Instructor In
Pirspectlvui W. si. It. Khknom, Director and Lecturer
ou Artistic Anatomy; 11 us. F. N. IIond, Teacher oi
Vror&ar to W. M. H. VllKSCtt.
Bocretary Chicago Academy of i Ino Arts.
Engineering and Railroad Norv
rnbllshtd at 73 Broadrrsy, Nerr York.
4.SOer nnnum iinsttsze !.
This la in entirely NKWOAMK. oonslstlna of Pletunw
and Bkctche of thu Prosldelil and thn HTATK HKAI.H
of the Vlco-Prosldents, Ouly CiU rent. lir'Hcud,
Mr clronlnr. AHI5N Tfl. WANTKD. FICANIl .
TilOMWO.V, i41UMichl(nn Avenue. C'lilcugu, 111.
Uxduslvo TcrrltnrvKlven. I'. K. OWIINH.
fitIO Fulton Nlrrct, C'IiIchko, III.
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Jill. T. A. M.UCUM, JH1 Pearl Bt New Voile
The four finest Cabinet Steel EnRrnv.
liiKSim tinted card board with (lilt
Jleveled Kiljicii, r.vir printed of
PRESIDENT ARTHUR. 30 cent buys Uio 4.
AJWltKUN .1: II.I.I.VU IVOJCTJI, liockford, lit
Tape Worm llt-iiiouTl $11. (10 per iaikai;e.
Itcferciiecs: A hi Baxton. John C. Cai.houb,
Hankers, J, A. Pinku. Mayor, Br. Josneii, Uo.
write TIIK AUI.TilAN' ATA VLOH CO., MansQcld. O.
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6, 10, 25 cent COUNTER SUPPLIES.
TOTH, NOTIOXM, Ac. Catalogue fret.
OAKY, FULTON & CO., HO bummer Bt, Boston, Mass.
,-to iVC J'ornuslness at tiio Oldest ftHest
r-Comrnerelal College. Cireularfree.
yCOCOCoCt Address C Da vliks, DuLuquu, la.
T) A ACb ,ell"K artlclesln tho world : laainple fres.
H'fWrwtF Address Jay Itroiison, Detroit, Midi.
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11, KecelprtlonW. Newly n-vlxed and en
lamed, lly mall. S3. Address Chatu I'ub'g Co., Toledo. O.
4 Varieties Flower (mpfB Wm. N. Kowb. l fA
IV Elegant Annuals UafklUuarandK.iplds, Jllrhll.OU
JC 1. ton nerdarathome. 8ainpleoworth8,'V
J 10 WU Irtxi AdilreuSTlNsON Udo., Portland, Ma.
Hl'l'l'IIIM lrrllurrJlvnu.OMlKu.l.-rei.
ftft A WEEK In your own town. Terras una
J) UU IS outfit tree. Addr'sHIIalletttOo. Portland.M.
wathu. zsTjaTjir. st. Louia, mo.
ff 70 A WEEK. $13 a day at homo easily made.
J) lb Costly outfit f roo. AduVe Truo U Co. Augusta, 1I,
A. N. K.
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