Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, October 27, 1881, Image 1

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r-t-ji.l.r,uuw.,MniiHi;iumi-ul.awiiiw.L'.iL,m'Juj 'jjim i.taau l-jl-il-'lj- i- nuarji
-m'jroirjn jji mil .ijbl.i wumia'.mf.i.'jjjjiU'iJju.i'ur.iinn ijmu.iinnj.utujuiTcaf
01dot Pripoi' iu tuo Stuto.J
II. 15 It 0 A D Y .
Attoruejr and Oaitnitlor at l.iv,
nrovruvui. ,ro
&TI s. s T r l l ,
lUfflca of Coiiuty Juilne, Drowtirlllo, Nebrimka.
fl' S. II 0 L LA DAI ,
IA.i IMiynlolnn. Suriroon, Obitetrlnlan.
IriFKrijiritPil in mi. TiDcntcd in HriKruvlUettVA.
joint, 41 Main Mruat.UrowtivHIe.Nfb.
ir W. (5 IDSON,
fljlriHtreet, bl'Tten Mnln und Atlantic. Urown
IS. A. O.MinuN, Notary Public. O.W Tayi.oh.
m ohiioiiiv & TUI,(K,
.ftfctoi'noys and Gounsollors at Law,
Brownvillo, Nobraska.
IT)U ACTIC10 lii I te Htiitu nnd Federal c-nurtH.
I snoiiliil uttontlfiu ul von to collection unci
Innle of ronl I'stnti'.
nmvr ami sum-! m AiiRit v- i
(JUMTOM WOIIIC nuulPta order, ntul MHulwny
KH'ir.intf .mI. HopulrlnK neatly mid promptly done
slliop. No.i" Miilnitreet. Urown vllle. Neb.
1) M. DA l LEY.
siuri'Kii and i)i:ai,i:uin
1'iirmer.s, pIcftHe will fttultfot prices; I w.'ur.
to handle your stock.
Olllce First National 15 ink.
General Merchandise
Dry Goods, Oroi-prlcs.Hondy Mado OlothlnK,
HootH, Hliotw. IIutH, Cupi, anil iv Ooiicml Ah
sortinont of Druiii and Patent ModlolnoH.
-ajDu UlKhoit prion pulil for liutter nnd
A. 1 will make MortKno riOiins
8i ceni Annual Interest.
Attorney at Law,
Hhirhhtn, Neb. 2m:
Jacob ftohn,
ait-owitvillc. Nobraska.
nnd dualorlu
riiipKirlltli.Kioiifli, Scotch and Funry (Mothtt
V'stlni?s, Ktc, Ktr.
William H. Hoover,
Does a nonoraj Real Entnto IIuhIiipks. ShUn
Lands on Com mission, oxunilnos Tltlct,
makos Deeds, MoitttHKos, ami all lnntru
montn pertalnlni; to ttio transferor Ileal Ks
tato. Has a
Complete Abstraot of Titles
A tw all Heal Estate In Nemaha County.
irst National Bank
re rto w iv vir.ii vi
fJaid-up Capital, $r0,000
iuthovlxed " 500,000
General Banking Busines.
un all the prlnclpnl cl of tho
United States and Europe
)n upproved narurlty only. Tim Iirnrti dUroutit
d. and spiylul nonoinmodatluiiF Kmntixl to dwpn'lt
!,. l)culiTiln OOVKHKUr.NT HONDH,
IUiTd na-rahluondamand and IHTUItltftTal
lw4nn lltudoeiriintatxHufdapCMtl.
IHVlVrOHH -Wm rTnan, U. U. nntleT, M.A
ITuiitlfly. l-Viiak K. Jotiaton, l.nlhar Huadluv
Wm. Kral'tker.
A It. 0AVrOK.(athlr.
a'. MuKABanMK. AsRt.Cnshler.
Y. O. DovoL
amiSy Groceries.
Always on Ilnnd
Flour, Teas and Coffee,
Willi a full lino of
Canned Goods & Confectionery.
Also, tlio very lent
Cigars and Tobaccos.
tl. Two Donr.i liiiMt of I'ostollleo, Ilrovvn
vllle, NelirnrUa.
Opposit I.uiiilii'i- Yard, Main St.
.Special Acroinmoilaliniis for
Coniuieroial Men,
Drivor Furnished
when desired.
Horses boarded by tin day
and Fanners' leains fed and
ul fair rates.
or week,
cared for
How Lost, How Restored!
Just published, it . ciw idltlmi uf l)r, CnlVirt
well'n C'lrlii'iiiril I-imiij nn tin riidii'nt -nri. r,f
SpiTiimturrli'li nr sotiilmil M'oitkin-iis, Invulun
tnry '"iiiiiml I,umps, Iiiipritcn-'V Mciitnl mid
I'hynlfM Iiii-iiiiti-lty. Iinpt-dliiK-nn to murriuup
to.; n1no. ('ni mition. Ki'ii.rt'HV and l-'i rs, In-diii't-d
tiy Mi'lf-lndiilKi'tiCP or kextuul P"Ctrnvnrtiirc,
I'lionelt-hrutHd aiitimr. In this iu1nilrilu l';siy,
cli'irly di'timiistrfttt'M, from u thirty yi'urs' Mir
. csrul pr.ictlcii, timt tin nliiriiilin; ,nnm.iinMici',i lit
lf -iliiisi uia liu ntdli'itlly curi'd; piitntlnv out
n iimdcof 1'iiri-lit ont'OHlriiplt'.ccrtiiln, nnd i-U'ccl-iml.hy
iih'iuis iifwhldi t'v.-ry anll'i-rur. no matter
u lint IiIh ('(nidlilnn uiiiv tin, niixy enru himself
uhcnplv ,irluti ly.imd rnd''nlly.
n), I'hM I.ct'turi'Hliniild boln tliehandH of every
youth and every mini In the lnnd.
Sent under teal, In it plnln uuvolnpe. to Miy nd
ilrenn, )(ct-pild, on receipt ofnlx cent?, nr two
imtni;e stninpH. Wi- Imv ulno u H.iro euro
1'orTnpo Worm. AddreM
II Ann St., Now Vorli, S. V. P.O. llox,.,1SII.
lo ly
i-AJwJJW7 iTO -.V
AtBrownville, Nebraska
on Tin:
Missouri River.
Hates Lo w, ( a nips Sh ady,
Jioatls (load,
Indemnity Ample.
Connects with a-11 Trains.
in" constant demand"
The Revised
AGENTS WANTED " "'mmnliur
tliiTt w.- itrr them tho l.oWKST PIUt'FS,
tho greatest variety. nd t'"-t trtun; otiUlt
only M rentH. nlnwh I'KlUT dineront
tyliih and prlpen, innludlm: now Parallel
Kdltlon wltn hovii I.J AND NKW VKK
KIONK RIDK X SIDK for cninnnrlHnn,
HI. Loulh, Mo.
' Bsd!;r,PM
H B a Baa $ 1 Lis i h
iSift :arf ? v; ; rXMn'-: I
&mwm summ: .
a, feaTfW1 SUf tf& SciHit op ami M rs'. Yan Wyck ha vo had
IHlMfilKRFl' '-S.' Ul l"'sf,)l,t(' Wfiitly lo lose by death
m 7isSiS2SKS? .i,, , ,,. ,, I... ,...
IfrfiW;. " V j.j' .rjVhVi. :&VJS9r'-2)l..L 'Hi j-inn inr ill in riiin-iii HUH II ll.,
iin3w;.i .i' 2 ifj'i.v '3Lri. ? i im-n u-.ii.iin iii-riiiri-' iitiini n ii.i
For Adxoeiato Justice Wuproinn Court:
SAMl'Fl. JIAXWKM,, of Doilg.. County,
For KeueutHofthoHtatoUnlvorslty:
I.. II. FIKII-21.1). of llnirulo County.
ISAAC IKNVKKH.of l)akoln'Coiiiity.
For Koprosenlatlve,
V. I. l'KAHODY.of Asplnwftll.
For County TrormiriT, ,
J. C. IIOUSFIKI.I). of HrownIlle.
For County Clerk,
S. Men ItlOW, of I.ondon.1
For County .Indue,
.l.M. KTITI.L.of IlrownvlUe.
.JOHN cin.P, of N.unalm City.
For County Coinmlwl. mer, :id dMrlet,
.1. II. POIII.M V.V.of W'nxhlnninii.
tor Hui'liiiiMnliiit Public Inilruullon
KI.I.A T.HCUICIv.of lloilKluy
For Ciirntior,
A. OI'l'KKMAN. of notlKlllH,
I 'or surveyor.
(I. It. .SHOOK, of Asplnwall.
Tho CihtIiikc IJiiildcrs Xatlnnnl As
sociiitioii met in Cincinimti last wt'ek.
1). L. Love, of (Jreenville, Miss., was
Allied by Mr. I.anler, for niakiiif,'a pnb-
lieation derogatory of the virtue of n
young lady whom I, tinier lijul nmrried.
Mln 1 P I IM..H
The American I luniiine Association
decided to bring into tho Supreme
Court of the rnitt'd States a test case
of the cruel treatment of stock in tian
sit on railroads.
See'y of the Treasury, "William Win
dow, has been chosen l S. Keiiator,by
the Uepublicans of tho Minnesota leg
islature. The vole iu caucus Hist bal
lot was . to 10 for all others.
The Kev. Abjhih Green, an aged
Presbyterian clergyman of Highland
Falls, X. Y., wliihj on u visit to New
York city was suffocated to death by
gas, while asleep, which had not been
properly turned off.
Soujourner Trutli is the name of an
old colored woman in Chicago who has
sojourned in this world l Oil yunvs. Shu
is a good woman, and sensible, but
without education. .She was introduced
on the platform iu it teuiparanou meet
ing a few days ago, iind spoke hall an
houi, principally against tho usw of to
bacco. A Chicago telegram says: The C,
15. it (. has been pushing rapidly for
ward itsextention to Denver, and with
in two weeks has graded twenty-live
miles froin'Indinnnla, Kansas. It has
now about Kill miles undergrade. The
distance from Indianola to Denver is
only :M0 miles, which will be com
pleted iu a few months ailfl the road
willbegin to run trains and take busi
ness as soon as the last rails are laid.
Senator McDonald will not make any
friends, nor will lie increase the respect
iu which he is held by tho people, by
opposing the confirmation of Colonel
Dudley, as Commissioner of Pensions.
I'.yhis energy and vii'ilapco Colour
Dudley prevented the Democrats from
capturing the state nf Indiana by fraud
last year, and. instead of opposing him.
Senator McDonald should regret that
his party made Colonel Dudley's action
necessary. Into) Ocittu. .
jATHK Col. Dudley has boon con
hours of each other. They died of diph
theria. About a year ago tlioy lost a
chiltl from the same disease, and are
now childless. The parents were in
Washington and their two littlo ones
iu Nebraska City, and when notilied of
the sickness of their ehildinn hastened
homo in tlino to seo them die.
Hon. C. IF. Yan Wyck, formerly a
member of Congress from Now York,
and now representing Nebraska In tho
L'nited States senate, delivered an ad
dress at tho Illinois state fair, in which
ho took tho ground that civil service
reform should go upon the theory of
giving preference to a candidate's btini
nes.s qualifications instead of making
proilcioncy in history, geography ami
grammar tho standard. A man may
have no knowledge of the year that La
fayette last visited the I lifted States,
or the location of Cape Iiotnauia. or of i an hour and a half, indicting shocking
the different parts of speech, nnd yet bo injuries on each other before tho Louis
bottor qualified for the duties of a pub- vllle dog was bitten to death. The
lie servant Mian his competitor who Is oblo sport was witnessed by a largo
laminar wuii wiesoiuiuB.i. 4;rw7-0f'.
Senator Yan Wyck Is correct, be
cause his position is good common
souse. A practlcnl business education
furnlali os tho boat qualillcations for of
fice business,
Dr. Thomas N. Cram, of Hoone
county, III., convicted of murdering
Daniel Stott, of (.union Prairie, has
boon sentenced to tho penitentiary
during life.
Tho Cinclnna'i (Inzvtto says: Score
tat y lilitiuo insists that ho proposes to
retire from politics to business. The
count rv will not protest vigorously.
Ho would maku an energetic railroad
Tho liouso of J . McCarthy, at Cook's
Corners, N. Y., was burned and four of
his children perished in tho Humes.
A Tombstone. Arizona dispatch says
there is rejoicing at tho news of Fre
mont's resignation, as (Jnvernor, but
dissatisfaction at the probable appoint
ment of (?cn. Hanks. The people want
rionio one appointed who knows their
A woman named Hayland, aged 0.",
at Newport, Ky.. killed her grandson, a
little boy named Henry (lould, neaily
(.'titling 'his head off with a butcher
knife. The woman was not long ago
discharged from a lunatic asylum as
.lesse .lames was recognized the other
(lav as a visitor for a short time at
Jlich Hill, Mo. The man who recog
nized the outlaw was also visiting that
town t mil) some other county of the
Stale, lie said he. could not be mis
taken as .lesse once wont It. school to
him. Tho gentleman at once notified
the bank president, and pointed Jesse
out as the latter was ridiugout of town
on a spirited horse in company with
another man. No attempt was made
to arrest him.
During the recent galo off the coast
of Ureal Iiritain, .s." vessels, principally
llritisli. were lost; about l.() persons,
on the vessels perished; and it is esti
mated that -l:i,(i7() tons of produce, in
cluding 'Jd.Htl tons of coal, were lost.
(Sen. .lolm C. Fremont has resigned
as (iovernor of Arizona. It is Ihoiit'lit
that (Jen. N. P. Hanks will bo his suc
cessor. In a saloon at Carlinville, 111., Louis
itriggs shot .lolm Nonlz, Jr., dead for
using a vilo epithet. The murderer's
father will bo tho chief witness on tho
Tho Hunk of F.nglaud does not in
tend that any more of its sloe of gold
shall leave for tlie Pulled States. A
purchase of '.'."iDO.OOO was made iu the
open market at London for shipment.
Don't worry about the stalwarts iu
New York. They come of a voting
stock. They do not stay at home and
rub sore heads on election days.
Foster's plurality iu Ohio will reach
'J.'i.oiio, which is very good for an oil
Win. Dargert of Saunders county,
Neb., courted Miss Amanda Martin for
a longtime. Finally when he wauled
bur to marry him she refused. lie pro
cured a i'2 calibre pistol, fired three
bullets into Amanda, and then went
over to some haystacks null killed him
self. It is thought the girl will reeouir.
At Longviow, Toxis, a negro family
named White, became enraged at it
white family named Sloan. The wilo
of White persuaded Sloan's girl, la
years old to go into the woods with
her, to uet some kind of wild fruit,
when White himself appeared ami
while the negro woman held the girl
the man outraged her, and then killed
her with a knife. Tho perpetrators of
the awful crime with another man who
li veil with White wore talcn and shot
to-dealh by the negro noigobors, with
out ceremony.
There was a big riso iu tho Missis
sippi on the IDth iusl. Tho water was
about as high tit Warsaw, and ,st. Louis
as it was last spring. Gioat damage to
levees has been done.
Charles Urown, alias, Crummy
Jim," a hard case was shot dead at
Steubenville Ohio.
An adventurous party of scientific
folks lias lately hoisted tho stars and
stripes at tho very summit of Mount
Whitney, tho highest point of land in
the l'nited Stales outside of Alaska.
A London paper says, ns to tho torm
of cornering : "We aro greatly indebt
ed to our American cousins for supply
ing us with terms which express iu one
word the meaning of half a dozen sen
tences." The Pniversalist (leneral Conven
tion met in Detroit Midi., lOtli inst.
'I'll" Kov. Dr. Joy, of Massachusetts,
was elected President, and the Nov.
Dr. Hydor, of Detroit, Yico President.
A dog light for 81,000 a side was
fought between a New York and it
Southern dog it few miles from Louis
ville Ky, The dumb brutes fought for
crowd of two-legged brutes.
What's In a name ? A follow named
Christian Angel is under arrest In De
troit for failure to support his family.
The Duke of Suthorland is at tho
head of ti company of Englishmen, with
VOL, 26, NO. 19.
C-J.aOO.OOO, who have bought sixty
square miles on the St. Paul and Oma
ha Hallroad, sixty miles east of Sioux
City, for a colony; price $1031,000,
Probably tho oldest twins in exis
tence hi all this country are (Soorgu
and Kdniund (Iravoly, who in good
health are still living'within five iniltM
of where thoy were born at Leather
wood PostotlHe, in Henry County,
Virginia. They will be Oil yours old
tho 1st of December, issi. Their
mother lived to be over loo, and their
fat her died at the age of 00. Leather
wood is t lie same place In Henry Coun
ty wlteiH in lNOt ninetv-six C.r.tvolys
voted thoWhigtloket.
It has been estimated by Mr, Hrown.
of thoexecutivo household, that Presi
dent (larlield's doctor bills would
amount to SH.IU.OOO.
Charles Trevier, was rooontly killed
In a mine at Hrownvillo Cal. by a stone
falling on him, the weight of whloh
was at least a ton.
John Wlbbeil was killed at Las
Vegas, X. M., by Louis Wardner, tho
result oi aught.
"Wo aro glad" says tho Lincoln
.;;(. "to know that wo are to have
a town clock, one that can be seen for
Vonor prodlcts that the coming win
ter will lie an open one. It remains to
bo seen what effect, if any, this will
have upon tho price of fuel.
.Mr. K. W. White, of Mattoou, 111.,
died of lockjaw, caused by running a
rusty nail into one of his feet.
In the North American Jtcrivw, It.
(!. Ingersoll and Judge J ere. lllaelc
have been discussing Dibits matters.
In olio of Dlack'H articles ho assuming'
thai the Dlblo teaches ami tolerates
human slavery, takes occasion to as
sault old abolitionism and the cause
for the Pnion that wiped away slavery
in tho Puked States. Ingersoll in an
swer, comes to tho rescue iu tho follow
ing strong manlier, and as no other
living man can:
Slavery held both branches of con
gress, filled the chair of the executive,
sat upon the supremo bunch, had in its
hands all inwards, all olllces; knelt in
the pew, occupied tho pulpit, stole hu
man brings iu the mime of (Jod, robbed
the trundle bed for the love of Christ;
incited mobs, led ignorance, ruled col
leges, sat iu tho chahs of professors,
dominated the public press, closed tho
lips of free speech, ami polluted witli
its leprous hand eery source and
spnngof power. The uholitiouisU at
tacked this monster. They were tin
bravest, grandest men of their counuy
and of their century. Donoum-od by
thieves, hated by hypocrites, abhoired
b the seekers of olllco--theso men, of
whom the world was not worthy in
spite of all opposition, in spite of pov
erty and want, conquered innumerable
obstacles, never faltering for one mo
ment, never dismayed accepting de
feat with a smile born of infinite hope
-knowing that tlioy were right, insist
ed "and persisted until every chain was
broken, until slave-pens became school
houses, and the millions of slaves be
came free men, women and children,
They did not measure with "the golden
metewand of Cod," but witli "tho elas
tic cord of human feeling." They were
men the hitches of whoso shoes no be
liever in human slavery was ever woi
tliy to unloose. Anil yet wo are told
by tho modern defender of the shivery
of Jehovah, that they wero not even
respectable, and this statement is justi
fied because tho writer is assured "that
the Infallible Cod proceeded upon good
gioiiiuls when ho authorized slavery Iu
J mica."
Not satisfied with having slavory in
this world, Mr. Dlack assures us that it
will last through all eternity and that
forever ami forever inferiors must bo
subordinate to superiors. Who Is the
superior many According to Mv.
Dlack ho is superior, who lives upon
the unpaid labor of tho inferior. Willi
mo tho superior man is tho one who
uses his superiority in bettering the
condition of the inferior. The suporiur
iiiitn is strength for the weak, oye.s for
the blind, brains for tho simple, ho is
the one who helps carry tho burden
that nature has put upon the inferior.
Any man who helps another to gain
and retain his liberty issuperior to any
infallible Cod who authorized slavery
in Judoa. For my part, I would rather
bo the slave than tho master. It is bet
ter to bo robbed than to bn a robber.
I would rather be stolon from tlum tn
bo a thiol'.
According to Mr. Dlack there will bo
slavery in heaven, and fast by the
throne of Cod, will be the aucl ion block
ami the streets of the New Jerusalem
will bo adorned by the whipping-post
while the music of tho harp will bo
supplemented by the driver's whip. If
some good republican would catch" Mr.
isiacK, incorporate him into his family
tame him, teach him to think, and give
him it knowledge of tho truo principles
of human liberty and govornuiont, ho
would confer upon him a most bene
ficent boon."