Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, October 13, 1881, Image 5

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B Ull II I W I1FHI 1 1 llll I III IIH H11 1 1' I' R 'IHI BPIWy t ii Illlll'l
ujxrv tiuiutii uu ujnu'.ruit m in tA.vztnatgMntcsjKiK'je a
t m.
TIirHSDAY, OCT. IS, lasi.
luaiiiimMiiiiiuuiiaii niiiipm i l.hi Aimnuji
School books at Nickell's.
Buy Hit Haiii Wagon for service.
M'KVKNSON & Citoss.
Kxtrsi conies of the Advkrtisku
.it A. W. Nickell's.
2 We huvo another good loiter from
j Jov. Furnas tliis week.
I Oil elotli, brussols and hemp ear-
pet, by Stevenson oc Cross.
Newton and Studebnker wagons
for sale by David Campbell.
Berkshire hogs, highbred for sale
by Stevenson & Cross
For first class groceries call on
T. L. Jones.
Ilurdwuro and groceries, large
stock of each, by Stevenson & Cross.
-- Sunool books and all miscellan
eous books at Nickell's drugstore.
-- Want bntter and eggs. Highest
price paid by Stevenson & Cross.
A few fruit jars left. "Will bo clos
ed otit very low.
Stkvkxson & Ckoss.
Wo are having remarkably nico
weather warm, pleasant no frost yet
real "growing weather."
For Sale.
A good second hand Hearse cheap
not wishing to keep but one.
Stkvknsox & Ckoss.
The B. & M. transfer boat "James
F. Joy" passed tip the river for Ne
braska City Tuesday afternoon, this
13. M. Lippitt with the best vocal
ists of Brownvillo will appear before
the people, on Oct. lsth, with a bril
liant concert programme.
Dr. Marshall's Bromolino cures
biliousness, constipation, female weak
ness and all blood and liver complaints.
Big bottles, fifty cents. Druggists
keep it.
For agood Cooking Stove with the
most and best trimmings, call on "Wil
ling Bros. & J onion.
oo have just received the finest,
best and largest stock of heating stoves
that wasVver brought to this country,
at prices that will sell them. Come
and make your selections early.
Stkvhxson & Ckoss.
Saxony and Gcr
mantown yarns at
McGcc & Moore's.
Stevenson & Cross carry a lino of
goods that no other in Nebraska
carries always glad to sec old custom
ers and new, and prices will be found
as low as goods can possibly be sold.
Tho Elegant Li;ht Running White Sew
ing Machine for sale by T. P. Seaton,
A nice lino of guns just received
at prices that will sell every time.
Sti:vkxsox & Ckoss.
Fresli Bread, pics and cakes at
ways on hand at A. Palmer's.
Sorghum molasses
at McGee & Moore.
visited Humboldt
is in Chicago this
J. II. Broady
H. II. Dolen
week on business.
J. Ii. Carson and J. W. Ford went
to Falls City Monday.
Thanks to Gov. Furnas for copies
of San Francisco papers.
--Hev. II. 0. Scott lias gone to the
Synod which meets at Grand Island
this week.
Miss Sarah Harmon came in from
Tecumseh, Monday and is visiting in
town this week.
Messrs. Phillip and Castor came
down from Lincoln Tuesday on busi
ness connected with Calvert.
George W. Fairbi other, jr., and
family, of Calvert, came to this eiVy
Friday evening, and returned home
Mrs. M. G. Simmon, na Cook, of
Ka-isas City, after a few days visit look
ing after her property here, returned
home on Tuesday.
Little Harry Hichurds had a birth
day party Saturday last, and Harry got
enough balls as presents to meet his de
mands for several years.
Dr. 13d. Arnold, after a summer's
experience in tho far west, dually
comes back convinced that Brownville
is the best pl,ce after all. They all do it.
Charlie Lee killed a goose Wed
nesday morning, and since then every
man or boy that owned or could bog,
borrow or steal a gun has been out
George Armstrong, this city, litis
purchased tho Frank Johnson farm,
two and a half miles west of town.
Price paid, wo learn, was S.j,00U per
acre, ."?:il.'J..
Hev. II. Beardshcar of the Christ
ian church will preach tit the Bedford
school house in Bedford precinct Thurs
day evening October i:ilh, and at John
son on Friday evening October lJth at
7 o'clock p. m.
Mr. W. A. .Tudkins went down to
St. .loo last week after goods in his fur
niture line. Combining business with
nlensuro he "took in" Buffalo Bill's
show, thus relieving a curiosity ho had
to see Bill and his Indians. Jud. says
William is a good one.
Mrs. Kiln Schick, widow of the
late T. L. Schick, of Nemaha coun'y,
lias been nominated by the republicans
for superintendent of public instruc
tion. Mrs. S. is an accomplished edu
cator, will be elected by common con
sent, and will till the place with satis
faction. State J mi rnal.
0. II. Grady, agent for Jackson's
Common Sense Hemcdies, who lias
been advertising and introducing them
in our place for the last week, litis
made J. II. Bauer agent for this coun
ty. All those having lame horses etui
get the genuine Jackson's Common
Sense Liniment at Mr. Bauer's harness
Elder James Harper, and wife, of
Hershnuin, 111., father and mother of
Mrs. Jeff. Ciimmings, of Bedford, ar
rived on ii visit to their son-in-law's on
Wednesday of last week. The Elder
has purchased the Hart farm, near
Brntton, in Benton precinct, for his
children. He is well pleased with this
portion of Nebraska.
Seethe advertisement in another
column and the posters, everywhere
stuck up '200 lots in Howe and
Nixon's addition to Sheridan to be
sold at auction Thursday Oct. 20th
It is a very common tiling these
times in Lincoln and Omaha for men
to be "held up" in other words way
laid, clubbed and robbed. "When visit
ing those cities it is essential for safety
to keep sober, keep away from the sa
loons, the natural resort of robbers, and
do not go onto tho back dark streets,
without a strong body guard.
- Luther Iloadley, an old, highly es
teemed, and wealthy citizen of this
city, died on the tJth inst., aged 07
years. Tho remains were interred in
Walnut Grove cemeterj on the 8th.
The deceased suffered greatly for the
past twelve years, being a paralytic for
about that length of time, much of the
time being unable to leave his residence,
excepting when helped into and out of
his carriage. We presume some friend
will prepare a lilting obituary for tho
honored dead.
Fine Groceries
Flout', of all Grades,
Selected Teas, Pure Coffee and
Choice Syrups and Molasses,
Dried unit Cumin! KriilU In Variety,
Glass and Queensware,
Also, a complete stock of fifnr ntl
Tobii-n, and a full stock of Caudles tit
Q, M, & P. to Bo Extended to Brownvillo,
Articles of association of the Mis
souri X oil hern railway company were
tiled on Saturday in Hie of
1 1. .!,., ,,m..,. 'I'll. i ihmiI u-liirli lliiu
mini n viinv. .iii. - i.....
company proposes to build is to run
Iroin a point in Atchison county. Mo.,
on the oust bank of the Missouri river,
opposite Brownville, Nebraska, thence
in an easterly direction by th" wa of
. i . lit -1 t -!- t .... it .... ....!..
Uiecnyoi hock i on, ;ieiiisoii miuuy,
Mo., through Atchison and Nodaway
counties to ti point tit or near Burling
lington Junction. Nodaway county.
The length is to be about thirty-seven
miles. The capital stock of the cuiupu
nv is $(iOf).()i)0, divided into (1,000 shares.
The following peisons constitute the
board of directors: A. 13. Wvatt. A.
B. Durfee, M. MeKillop. John D. Bopf,
John 1'. Lewis and W. Hunter, of Hock
Port. Mo.: John L. Carson. B. M. Bai
ley, F. 13. Johnson and J. II. Broady, of
Browin ille, Neb. St. .toe tfu th.
The above company was urgunized at
Hook Fort on lust Thursday evening,
and first money paid in.
Fats, caps, nubias, knit
rackets, hoods, etc. Slacks
of that) i at J, L. McGee' s.
Proceedings of tho Tesioliera' Asoociatiou of
Nenmlm County.
Nkmaiia Citv, NicnuvsKA,
Octobers, issi.
On account of so few tcu'dicrs being
present, the Friday evening session
wtis dispensed with.
The meeting was called to order
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock by
electing" Philip Crother President and
B. F. Lorance secretary.
Prof. Wightiiiiin of Brownville then
delivered a lecture on "Spelling", which
wtis 1 olio wed by a general discussion
on tho subject.
Mrs. Fbright of Brownville then
read an essay, subject: "Fidelity, or
the Secret of' a Great Life."
By decision of the committee, it was
determined that the association should
hold the next meeting in Peru, the llrst
Friday night and Saturday in Decem
ber. Adjourned tit iCtfop. m.
B. F. LoitANfic, Sec.
The celebrated J f endorse n
boot and shoe at J. .t. ,l c
Gee's. List of Lottors
Uoniuining in tho postoillce at Brown
ville, Nebraska, for week ending
October St h, ISSI :
Aleott, Hev. II .
I)a is, Mrs. l)i.
Fulbright, Win.
Hall, Thomas.
Ilenui. Wm. II.
Mrs. Thompson wishes to express
her gratitude through the columns of
the paper to those ladies and gentle
men who so nobly responded to the
call for aid in her extreme necessity,
sho knows their names, and would be
glad tt) name them, but by their re
quest will forbear; but trust they will
not lose their reward.
Buy Now Home sowing machines.
Light running and noiseless.
Stisvknsox & Citoss.
McGee I Moore's
KW store at Calvert
is now open with a
full line of all kinds
of goods. Call in and
see them.
McGee & Mooue,
Calvert, Neb.
250 men's and boy's
overcoats, at McGee
& Moore's,
Few presidents prior to tho assump
tion of executive duties have given
more proof of their executive abilities
than has Mr. Arthur. It is a knowl
edge of men and methods that make a
successful president, rather than orato
rical gifts and popular words and ways.
State Journal.
For the largest line
of Buck gloves and
mittens, call on Mc
Gee & Moore.
rorftlio Light Running Domostio Sowing
Tho Boat Mnohiuo in the World for all
Qradoa of Work.
Glorious victory! The Light Hun
ning Domestic Sewing Machine walks
away with the only premium offered
on sewing machines this year at any
fair. The Light Running Domestic
takes llrst pieinium at Grand Island,
Neb., tis the best sewing machine. No
premium being offered at Omaha state
lair, of course none could lie awarded.
The Light Untitling Domestic is the
Queen of Sewing Machines, and un
doubtedly the Family Sewing Machine
in tho market. All other premiums
have been given only on work done by
an expert. Examine tho Domestic be
fore you purchase a sewing machine
and you will be sure to get the best
and most popular sewing machine.
The Doinstic Company's drawing for
their beautiful machine given away at
the state fair, will take place in a few
days. Due notice will bo given in this
paper.- Omaha lirjiiibliivn.
These machines are for sale by B. G.
Whittemore. Brownville.
Podunk Itoni3.
Agood Berkshire pig is a bettor
investment than a wild town lot any
time. For sale cheap by Stevenson &
-- The Light Punning New Victor
Sewing Machine by Stevenson & Cross.
Meltson, Vm.
Martin, S. C.
Slitwell, Katie.
Stoddard, Mary J.
Spcer, Z. N.
Gaede, Willie Martin, L. C
Hilts, J. M. Pony, A. A.
Listerbarge,. It. II. Pratt, Miss E. E.
Martin, F. L. Suaitz, William.
Persons calling for any of the above
will please suy adcvrttsal.
Olllcehours (Ja. in. to 8 p. in. Sun
days, from to 10 ii. in.
T. C. Hackiju, P. M.
The ft nest line of Mens
and JSois clot lung, over
coals, etc., to be found at J.
L, McGee' s.
-Now is your chance to buy stoves,
hardware, farm implements, cheap. Go
to Tlios. Piebalds' if you wish any
goods in the line, tit juices never before-
heard of, as he contemplates mov
ing to Nenmlm cenlei, and wishes to
reduce his stock in order to save
freighting the goods and adding addi
tional cost on them, will sell any goods
in tho lino at figures which will pay
any one to call and get the benefit of
this offer. Tuos. Biciiauds.
Again I take my neu to let you
hear of our prosperous little town.
Weather cooler.
Sick getting better.
The well are happy.
--Everybody prospering; town build
ing up fast.
Win. Bailey and Win. Murr are
building ;i hardware store UiixilO.
Mr. Wagner isbtiiliiing a line hotel
Jlx-U), besides residences too nuineious
to mention.
The depot will soon bo built.
Mr. Marcelvus has bought the
propel ty of Dr. Vunllect. It will under
go repairs next week.
We welcome Dr. Dock here, for we
have long felt that we needed a good
Bow John Dickson takes charge
of this circuit tills year.
--There is strong talk now of build
ing an M. E. church here. Hope it will
bo done.
- The ladies of the L'nion Sunday
school gave an oyster supper Tuesday
evening to pay lor a church organ.
Wood, for sale at J. L. JIc
C ee's.
In accordance with the proclamation
of the President, the Semite met on the
tho loth and organized by electing Sen
ator T. F. liajitrd, of Delaware, )rcsi
dent no tunHU'f of tho Senate. An
effort was made by Edmunds, on be
half of the Kcnuhlicuiis. to have the
Senators elect, two of New York and
one of Bhoile Island, sworn in before
the election of presiding otlicer, but the'
Democrats being in the majoi ity, would
not agree to it. a.s that would huw given
the Itcpuhlicnus a mnjoiity. Senator
Davis, of Illinois voted with the Ife-
puhheuns upon that question, milking
the vote, :!:J foi Edmunds' motion to ill
against. The Republicans could have
prevented tin election by refusing to
vote, but wisely chose not to llllibuster
or make a dead leck.
-- Attendance at the Great Keokuk
Mercantile College will run over
two thousand students this reason.
Voting men should address Prof. Mil
ler, Keokuk. Iowa, for circulars and
It is understood that a banking
house will be established at the crossing
as soon as a suitable house can lie erect
ed. This will lie done tit once, if the
weather will permit buijding.
For a, nice baggy robe go
to J. L. JcGee's.
Asa liver medicine, Dr. Marsh
all's Bromoliiie litis no equal. It also
cleanses the blood and you get a big,
big bottle for fifty cents. Druggists
sell it.
Gov. Long, of Massachusetts, who
has been renominated for re-election,
is a woman suffragist. ,
Memorial medallions, with a nlcturo
of Gnrlleld on one side and Lincoln on
tho other, will be issued from the
United States mint.
Tho Augusta (Ga.,) ('hrnnMp and tho
New Orleans I'irnjitiii- see in the fact
that President Arthur's wife was of
one of the best families of the South a
reason for his being jusi to that section
and agood fellow generally,
Ike Stockton, a notorious desperado,
was recently killed in Denver by an
ollicer while resisting arrest.
Lincoln was shot on the anniversary
of the fall of Port Sumter, and Garllold
died on thounniorsury of the battle of
Gormany lias a subterranean telegraph
system which connects jii cities and
A story comes to us from Blooming
ton, Alleghany county, Mil., to tho ef
fect that a few days ago a freight en
gineer on the Baltimore and Ohio rail
road, had ti "falling out" with Ids
sweetheart, who lived tit or near that
place, and that the damsel in revenge
oiled the rails on the track in front of
her swain's train, which was struggling
up the seventeen mile grade. It is
said to litivetaken the locomotive prop
er, t lie "Helper, and several tons of
sand to overcome the ellects of tho
girls stratagem.
"Now is tho winter of their discon
tent," ami the oice of the liar is again
heard in tho laud. The St. Louis I'ost
l)isateti opens its feeble battery thus:
"Tin star-route thieves will breathe
easy the da v that Postmaster General
James is kicked out of the cabinet in
the interest of Stalwart reform."
hmiii, im iiwii nnnatMtawrxgicnnMjjiiim
Hopoxt of tho Condition
1st national' bank,
lit tilt' State of iliriiNUii, ill i'Iohii of
iHlrtllli'Nrf, Onlolirr InI, IHHt.
I.oiilll mill IllTiiiuils M.C72 OT
nvontraflfi .i.ovi 71
U. 8. llutiiN to Ni'i'iin1 Clrcilliitl(il'.. ftu.ooij CO
nihrrHliii'Ki. IIoiiiNhiiiI Murium;! h - ll.Odt IH
Dm' from iipprovcil n-icrvo huciiIm ., izil.ii a;-
Duo from othor N'lUlniml lliinkrt M.lli 80
Dm; from HtulM ltnnktimiit IliiukcM IS.iVi 01
Itoul Kitnto, I-'iirnUnromiil 11 x lurcn ........ f.MI W
Current mihiiiin mid Inv.'s (uilil 1 Di3 70
('lurks anil "IIhtoihIi Uoiiih ,dS Jl
lllllHorollior Hunks . 1,6 1 J (c)
l-'ruotliiiiul iMirruncy lucliullng nlukuli
mill pimiiloi . I-J7 OS
Spoelu t:,3-:'i 00
l.i'Kiil-ti'iiili'r notoM m 18)00 00
Ui'iloinpllon riiml Willi U.S. Troiiilirrr (T
porrolit. ori'lrL'iiliitlou) 2,'J'iO IK)
Diiii from U.s.Tromiui'r nllior tliuinC per
cunt, ri'itoiiipllou I'iuiiI I, Oh )(H)
Casuneres,, all
cheap at J. L. jVc Gee's.
Nebraska Stato Normal School.
A new class composed of ptuetical
teachers and others qualified to com
plete an outline review of the Elemen
tary Course, with refereneoto gradua
tion therein bv the middle of next
June, will bo formed the first day of
Novomber, issi. Students wishing to
secure an out lit for teaching should
avail themseivos of this opportunity.
iS'-'O.IHS 2ll
Cupltiil. Stock putil In f' Ot)
.SiirpliiM llluil i-O.IHK) oo
Uinllvlili'il prolllH (ll,!l II Oil
Nmiouul Hunk nutiM outitmiillhK IV.xx) DO
IlllllVlllllul llt'pOSllrt Hlllljri't to
chock f.lO.'.IM I)'
Diiiiimul Rcrtllk-nto oriliinilt.... MS.SSJ 07 :ilO,7:o n
I mo to oilier Niilloiml llmikH 2,105 4.1
Ddn loHtmu Jimikri mill IlnukurH -IW Til ZMii) ID
Totul JK0.1M -i
County or Ikmaii.. ""
I, A. It. DuvIhoii, CiiMilor or tlm uliovii nmni'il
hunk, ilo Holoiinil HWi'iir Unit tho uliuvoHtutuiiiuut
Ih trim, to tin.' lie-it ot my kiiowloiluiMiiiit liolloi,
lA. It. DAVlHON.CWlkT.
Hnliscrltioit mill sworn tolieTim' inn thin HUhIuvoI
OtiKitior, IhiI. Okmh a ckcii.,
Notary I'liiiiic.
Corrcct-AttCHt! '
W.T. DKN, -i
.IM). 1.. CAItMU.V J
Elevator and stock men will have
a choice of SL Louis or Chicago mar
kets from tho new town at the cross
ing of the ii. & M. and M. I', railroads
in Nemaha county.
Gormanlown, Saxontj,
zephers, yarns and card
board at J. L. McGee 's.
The new town at Fords, tho cross
ing of the M. P. and B. iV M. will bo
surveyed and platted, and lots olfered
to tho public before November 1st. 2v
You will find health, and happi
ness in a bottle of t lie Big Blood ad
Liver cure, called Dr. Marshall's Brom
oliiie, fifty cents a bottle. Buy it of
Coiniiil&Nloiior'N Salo "f Runl Eatato.
VfOl'IOK 1m liorehy nlvnti tlmt l.y virtue of
X mi iirilor of Mile InmioiI out ot tho District,
Colli tot Neiniiliii eouiily, Nolo unIui, iukI til
iih illreotcil iih iciereei ami oiiiiiiiilKNloiiorH In
tlie ense lierelniiltei mi-iillotieil, upon on or
der mill iliurit riiuliiiil ly the Milil court,
III ii eerlulii notion llieielu Jjcrid 1 iik. wherein
llrynut Colih Ih pint tillll oml .Mnrtlm Flnloy
Niincy AIIIhoii, CIiiik Cohh, WIIIIiuiinom'
1,'ohli, I'llikiiey Cohh, Cluy Cohh, DhvIiI
Cohh, Catherine KIiik, .Martini Conner,
'rntielK Cohh, M-yniour Cohh, Nnnoy A
KIiil', WllllaiiiMiii It. W. Cohh, Newton C.
Worley. LiiiiImii I ii tint ti , Mnrllin N. .MoOiihn,
Kitzn NelHon, .Mart liu C. Keel lUlil.Iohli A.
Irwin are ilerenilanlH, we will oflor for milo
at puliUe mii'tloii at the Uoor of the court
Iioiiho, lu llrownvllle, In hiiIiI county, on
Sntiiiiluy, Oclnlier 15th, 1SH1,
nt oneo'eloolc In Die iilterniion of that ilny
the following real esiuto lu Neinaha county,
to-wit: '
H W ' hod ill, town i), rnno HI. K lOOncrcN,
N K ' , hco 1. 1, town .1, raiiKii 1,1 K liji) acreH.
K 1C ' seo in, town ."). nuiKe IU V. k;d acreH.
Tkkmnoi' hai.i:. ono.thlnl phhIi, Imlauco
In tlireo eijunl payments, pavnhln In ono,
two mill three years, with IntereHt at eliflit
per cent per milium, paynhlo annually,
from ilato of Niile,
Wim.iam II. ilonvitu. ) HoforeoH una
Davidson I'l.Asnuts, j Com'rH,
.Iia.'Ki'.nsoN II. lliioADV, Att'y. 13 w5
Now supply of dice cakes
pies at Aaron Palmer's,
--The ground at the crossing is high,
dry and level, offering the choicest sites
for residences and business. 17-w
The best cook stove, with the
latest improvements, you can buy of
Stevenson & Cross.
1,-VSTATK or M'l'HKIl IIOADUOY, 1)15
I Li ceiiNiMl, In the County Court of Noma
tin county, NehriiHliH. in the mutter of
proving tin will orhitlil Luther Hoailley, do
oeiiHoil. Notice n herehy ulveti that Novrin
hor7lli. A. D. sni,iit in o'clock a. m nt the
olllceol the County .luilu of Neinnlui ciiiin
ty, NeliriiKltii, In Urowuvllle, NehniNkn, linn
heen tlxeil hy thecoui t iih the time mil) plncn
for proving the will ofhiilil I.uther Ilonillcy,
ileceiineil. when iiml when-all eoncoriieil muy
npliear iiihI cnuteHt the prohiite thereof
Datuil out. b, 1HM. JolI.V s. HTITLL,
County JikIka.
0 1:
a BitHifCT
I, ir il,,,rirt wiih kikuim m4
-I iu' rrr Kirn,' lllwt4
jjmpiVt ,,iit f.,, ti itfhiiii..
DAiiuii. liriunv vi.
y Yj Upf J I hra.1.1., fCk nrtl f U,
v. .'VH.S. mim.
Cloaks and Dolma.ns af
all grades at J. L. McGee 's.
School books, of every kind ut
Nlckell's drugstore.
iXi PV(1 13 f4
'JA i4 f ET.,
' t MUM
M&xSf A rrrtaJo enro for NcrVUS
rLYTi '' i'iT-iotonoo, etc.
and tin niuifriHioe .oo' .'i.fM,M i.intT.MS?
. -.- '...M.l ,1 W
rMiiuuijrM;ir niLiHMH .. .-. v,.. i.i..
VtUALiA, -LS6 i. iu.-iS-L,iyvrwiM,ii.