Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, October 13, 1881, Image 1

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Olilost P.tpor iu tho Jstato.J
VOL. 26, NO. 17.
u,prY-n7s'r"m r''"" jiM3ii-uv.ii'Hi'vMJiM.iiiH--iiii.JMU'.aiagy
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jwwiiJmiiittiJJwtJajuiaanamBMuiiax-3aM ummmmmmmimMt iMjSm..mjm1unmi.ujmmm,m,tMm mm iiiwMii..UCTjKirijnawtujMiM.jvM
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T II. li n 0 A D Y ,
i) Attorney unit Oniinaelnr nl 1AW
T S. S T U L L ,
J. " A'i'TOllXKVS AT IiAW.
Olllciinf County Judire, Urownvlllo. ypbrmOtn.
A S. II 0 L L A 1) A Y ,
tt IMiyalolcm, Surgeon, Olmtrtrlotnn.
(trwlunteit In 13V1. Located In IJrpwnvlllo ISM.
Oilier, 11 M.sln strent. Ittownvlllo, Net).
j w. c, ids o x ,
Work done to ontor mid satisfaction mirnntopl
First street, botwufln Main nntl Atlnntlc, llrown
vllli. Nob.
HTA7ominits, Notary IHitillf. Q.W. Tayi.oii.
Attorneys and Gounsollors at Law,
Brownvillo, Nobraska.
1")HACTIOE til tho Htato and Federal eourtH,
; Hpeelal attention Klvcn to collection unl
.sales of mil e.state.
") A T C L I X 13 ,
CUSTOM WORK innilpto order, anil (Its alwny
ifusrnnteed. UepalrltiK neatly ami promptly dohf
stiop. No. 27 Main street. llrownvllle.eti.
Farmers, please enll Midget prices; I wain
to hntiitlo your stock.
Olllce Flrt National Hank.
Genera! Merchandise
Pry Onnds, Groceries. Heady Made Plotlilnu
Boots, shoos. Hats, Caps, ami a dom-nil Ah
NorttniMit of DriiKH anil Patent Medicines.
tl"9 price paid for butter and
I will nmko Mortgage Loans
Si S. Annual Interest.
l 0. J. STOWELL,
Attorney at Law,
NirrMnil, AV. a l 3
ecob Marohn,
;i oivjivillc. Nebraska.
utiil dealer hi
PhirKii'.'INIi, KiimicIi, Srnteli anil Fnnry Clnthn
Vrstlims, Kits, lite.
Real EstafeAgency
William H. Hoover,
Does a Konoral Heal Estnto HuslueHs, Hell
Lands on Commission, examines Titles,
makes Deeds, Mortnes, and all lnstrti
monts pertaining to tho transfer of Heal Eh
tnto. Has a
Complete Abstraot of Titles
to all Heal Estato In Nomaha County.
.irriioitixr.ii iiv Tin: u. s. oovkhnjiixt
Pairt-up Capital, $.O,000
Authorized " 800,000
General Banking Busines.
an nil th principal cities or thn
United States and Europe
On approved mpurlty only. Time Irnrtn illicoiml
oil, anil Hpitrlal nronrainortatlnuiiKMiited to ilupoilt
llerlviM payable on dpmnnd and INTKHKHT 1
lowtsl on tlmiicnrtlllcutos of rtoponlt.
IJIUKCrOItK.-Wm.TTiiTri, II. M. Pulley, M.A
Hundley, Hrmilt JC. Jolmnoii, Luthur IlnmlUy
W'ni. l'ralhr.
a. n. i)AVisor.ciiiHii(r. rlit
Firs! SMalionel Bank
13. O. Dovol,
Family Groceries.
Always on Hnnd
Flour, Teas and Coffee,
With a full line of
Canned Goods & Confectionery.
Also, tho very best
Cigars and Tobaccos.
eTwo Poors East of istollli'o, llrown
vllle, NehrarUa,
ViAjitNjf -..irirY
assrf -Siiir.r
h!a U n
Opjiosit LuinliiT Yiinl, Main St.
Special Accommodations for
Commercial Mge,
Driver Fui'insliecl
v1ipii (lt'sircil.
Horses boanled by tin1 day or week,
and Fanners' teams fed and cared for
at fair rates.
How Lost, How Restored!
Just pnblMusl. .i now Million of )r. CnlWi't
well'n (Vlflmitrri lssaj mi thormllcitl i-uro ol
piriiiHtorrliilfii r si'inlmil Worikriis. Invi.litti
tnry emliml I.nsn.s, Impoteiiry Mentiil kih!
I'liyslcal Iiirnpuclty, IniPMlliiipntM to liKirrlm.-
te.i alio. Ciin-i mitio , Ki'ii.t I'sy mill Tits, In
ilnri'ilby si'lf-ltiilnlKiMU'o 01 Hcxtuul o.xtr.iMiKnni'u,
Tlieei'li'brtiteil nuthor. In this mlialrabln Kvsa',
flMitrly iluiiinnsimios, from n tlilrty .venrV sui -ci'uifnl
prucilei', Unit On' iiluriiilnireiiiiiequpiiepsol
"eir-nbiise amy be rnillcnlly euroil: pointing out
it Hindi' (if euro nl'rliilii, mill
iiieuiiHof winch eM-ry suirerer. no mutter
ulmt his I'omlltlon may lie, may euro lilmself
clii'iipli erlvatt ly.nnil rml'''tillj .
l'Thl I.i'cliitesluiiild heln tbPlinuilH if every
youth mill every mini In tin Intnl.
Sent uinliT si'iil, In a plain envelope, to nny ail
ilr'As, pent paiil, on loeilpl nl' lx ivnts. ir two
posture stumps. V liini alio u Miirc euro
tor Tape Worm. AiMri-ss
II AmiM.i.Vi'iv Vm-li, N. Y. l'.n. liox. 15SJJ.
is iy
AtBrownville, Nebraska.
Missouri River.
N E W B 0 A T.
J a tt'H Loir, Ca m ;.s Si arty,
Jioarts Good,
Imlvmnitu Ample,
Connects with all Trains.
The Revised
AGENTS WANTED, I" fpmpinher
,..., ..... ,.tr..r tl.m.i ili I. IV1 ST I'll Ks
Ltho ureatoM variety, ami best terms; outfit
only .') ct'tiiK. niiowii k riuiii uiiii-reiii
ntvli'H ami prlcPM, ItiolinlltiK new Parallel
Edition wltli bolh OU AND NEW VEH
KIONH SIDE HV stDF for p.unpiirlHoit.
Address Till'. KKVISIuN VVnUMlKUH,
fit. EoulH, Mo.
l.l uu
vT dj
I'or ANsoetato Just lee Huproino Court :
HAMTKI. MAXWELL, of DoiIKo County,
For ItctftiniM of tho Mtnto University:
I.. A. Klr-MEI.n, of llullalo County.
l.SAAC roWEHH, of Dakota County.
For Hepre.sptitatlvo,
V. 1. l'EA HO liV, of Asplinvall.
I'or County Treasurer,
.1. C. llorsi'iEI.l). of Hrownvlllo.
For County Clerk,
H. V. MeOHEW, of I.otulon.
I'or County .luilue,
.1. M. HI'IM,!,, ofllrown vllle.
.lOll.V ClTI.l', of Nemaha City.
For County CoiiiinNI.)iior;iW tllHtrlut,
J. II. I'lUM.MAN.of ViisuliiB!iM.
I'or Hupeilntfinletit Piilillo IiiHtrui'tlon,
EI.I.A T.SCHlCIv.of I)ouIus.
For Coronor,
A. Ol'l'EHMAN, of DoilKliii),
U. H. SHOOIC.of AsplnwiiU.
It is ropoi'tcd that Jienj. V, Sutler
will assist Si-ovill hi tho .defense of
It is said Unit, J 'kIko Toilt, of Ohio,
will probably be called to President
Arthur's cabinet. ,
The Democracy of Minnesota held
their convention Uth inst., at .St. Paul,
and nominated (Jen. H. W. .Johnson
for ("iovornor, and K 1'. Hanium for
I.t. (Jovernor.
Hon. Nelson Aldrieh has heen chos
son L'. S. Senator in Uhodo Island to
till the vacancy occasioned by the
death of Senator Ibirnsiile. Mr.
Aldrieh is a young stalwart.
Ifon. !!. IS. H. Kennedy, of Omaha
has been appointed on the llsh com
inisioii of Nebraska to till the vacancy
occasioned by the deatli of Mr. Kaley.
The couimisionersnow are Louis May,
of Fremont; It. It. Livingston, of
l'lattsmouth; and 13. 15. U. Kennedy, of
Mr. Ilalstead, who has taken some
pains to be posted, says there is a mis
understanding as to the President be
ing the guest of Senator .Jones: It is
the other way. The President has
taken tho Jones residence until Decem
ber, and when tho Senator is there h
is tho guest of tho president.
The now horso disease called "PiiiK
oyo" is quite prevalent iu Chicago.
The horses generally get over it if
promptly and properly treated. The
verterinary surgeon of the Chicago
tiro department gives sjmptoms and
remedy as follows: The lirst symptom
of the disease is a running of tiie eyes
or a swelling about the nose. Then
tho legs swell, a high fcer sets in, the
horse becomes very depressed and re
fuses food. As soon as the fever is
broken tho equine patients recover
rapidly. Tho treatment is aconite, bella
donna, arseniuni, and sweating the head
and throat. The horse should bo en
couraged to eat, by giving Mm bran,
oats, corn ur anything that will
tempt Mm to eat. Give cold water
freely, and no warm food of any kind
The disease lasts fiom three to ten
Arthur is i'rosident now, and ho has
jiist as much right to choose his cab
inet ami make appointments its any
other President ever had. Wo remem
ber that gi eat stress was not long ago
laid upon tho fact that tho President
has tho right to appoint whomsoever
ho pleases to ollloial positions, mid that
it is nobody's business that nobody
has any right to even object, unless,
perhaps it be tho Senate, on continua
tion, If that doctrine was good three
months ago it is good yet, and any
yawp from those who persisted in that
view pf the matter, regarding what
President Arthur does, will be exceed
ingly cheeky and inconsistent. Yet,
wo conclude, that decent journalists
hnvo the right to indulge in criticisms,
find the people who elect Presidents
have the right to opinions, regarding
President Arthur's administration or
that of any other President who over
served in tho past or may servo in tho
future, ibis is a country where the
people rule and where otlicials from
President down to roid supervisor, are
servants of tho people, subject, all
alike, to their expressed approval or
disapproval. W'hon it shall bo other
wise then tho pcoplo will ho serfs, not
Lottor From Gov. rurnaa.
Sept. 211, I.SSt.
From Los Angeles, I visited San
(iiibriol. San Hernardino. and regions
thereabouts, along tho foot-hills of the
Sierra Mountains, to this really, Para
dise iu tiie desert. Tho "regions there
abouts" refer to the old Spanish and
Mexican grants, or ranches, known as
San ltafel, San Pasqual, Santa Anita.
San Krandsquito, La Merced, and Po
trero (iiande, between the Sierras and
Coast ltiinge. Los Angeles, San (labriel
and San Hernardino Missions are
points of interest and record, historic as
grounds of military exploits by Kre
niont, Kearney and Stockton, in early
days. Tho general appearand of tho
country, in its primitive condition, isJ
similar to that ot the plains east of the
Itocky mountains. The soil helm;
composed of disintegrated rock, wash
ed Iroin tho iiiouniains, is exceedingly
fertilciind product ie, under irrigation.
Where water is added, grow now
thousands of acres ot iueyards, c.itrus
fruits, and others of tropical character.
To give an idea of what is being done
in this direction, 1 extract from my
note book, data obtained on tho ground,
from personal view and observation.
Stern & itose, near San (ialiriel, handled
and manufactured, tsso, twelve
millions pounds grapes, making four
hundred thousand gallons wine, and
one hundred thousand gallons brandy.
The mill for crushing grapes, is of'ca
paeity, one bundled tons per day. The
process ol making wine is very simple,
lirandy is made by distilling grapes.
Tho Paldwin Itancho consists of six
hundred acrA bearing vineyard, and
lour hundred acre!, more planted, not
jet bearing; two hundred and llfty
acres in orange trees, principally beat
ing; ten acres lemons; thirty acres al
monds; forty acres peal's; six acres
Lnglish walnuts, and twenty acres mis
cellaneous fruits. Iu addition, on this
farm, or rancho, are twenty-three
thousand sheep, one thousand" hogs,
one hundred blooded horses, and seventy-live
blooded cattle. Also two thou
sand acres iu wheat, six hundred iu
barley, and one thousand tons hay
Hoth for my own gratification, and
to inform Dr. Ilolladay, and other turf
fanciers, I visited the speed stables find
pastures of Mr. Itiililwiu. who is an ex
tensive deaier ill line horse llosh. lie
owns somw of the best in the state,
among others, the lamed race mare
"Mollie McCarty." She is now on the
retired list, used only for breeding. I
found her luxuriating in rich alfalfa
Ileitis, tilt as good gnus' and good care
could make her.
(!en. Sioneniaii, one of the horoes of
"the late unpleasantness," iias a two
hundred acre vineyard in full bearing,
together with a multitude of other
fruits incident to this soil and climate.
I found him, literally "resting iu the
shade of his own vine and tig tree." He
is near San (labriel.
These are samples of extensive farm
ing in California and mind you -the
fiuits of irrigation water applied to
otherwise barren unproductive soil.
A "grcrii spot in the desert," is the
"Pasadena Colony" iu this same vicinity--neiir
San (labriel. The pcoplo arc
fill from the old eastern slides, and the
ranches its they fire fill called arc iu
small tracts of forty, twenty and ten
acies. J I ere it was my good fortune
to meet Prof. Carr ami his good lady.
They are liom Hoston, Mast;., highly
educated and intelligent people, as are
nearly fill the colony. From them I
obtained much valuable information.
Mrs. Carr manages the place, giving it
her undivided personal attention. She
has foity acres, all planted, ami under
it high state of cultivation. Her
grounds partake largely of an experi
mental character. About all the varie
ties of trees- fruit ami forest vines,
shrubs and vegetables grown anywhere
tire found in greatest profusion find
luxuriance. Strawberries, tho largest
I ever saw, were served for lunch. 1
was informed they have them the year
round not a day in tho year, but a
"mess of berries" can be enjoyed. .Pas
adena can boast of churches, school
houses, lecture halls, good society, and
all other evidences of a high order of
civilization- until of recent date, rath
er a scarce commodity iu this particu
lar region.
Riverside, is by far, the loveliest
spot I have found in Southern Califor
nia. The colony now numbers about
sixteen bundled active and permanent
residents all eastern people. Many
more have purchased land, fire building
ami arranging to enjoy tho luxuries in
cident to this peculiar, en jo able and
prolltahie section ol the state. It is
situate eight or ten miles from San Uer
darnino. on the Santa Ana Ulver,
nestled in the mountains, with the best
of soil and water abundant and con
venient lor irrigating purposes. Al
ready a complete system of irrigation
is in existence, about thirty miles
of canal, and over five hundred mllosof
ditches, convoying water to every por-
Hon of their hinds. The village is laid
off in two and a half acre lots. Then
follows a main avenue sixteen miles in
length, double track, trees planted iu
centre, and on both sides, the whole
distance. Immediately on the avenue,
are ten acre lots, next back, twenty
acre lots, and back of that, forty aero
tracts. Most of the ton acre lots are
now improved in great perfection. Fine
residences, mango, lemon, lime and
apricot orchards mid vineyards. River
side is a few miles off the now running
railroad -Southern I'aclllc. The road
from San Diego north to San Francisco
is being surveyed and will soon be con
structed, and running through the
place. At Collon, the present railroad
station, is located a fruit packing house,
which l visited iu search of data, and
found from an examination of their
books, they had packed the past year: ii$ lb cans apricots. peaches. " " pwirs. ncctarliHS.
20,ooo " " tomatoes.
K) tons dried fruits.
200 " honey.
15 " bees-wax.
Jlesides these, a very largo business
is being done making raisins. The
main hvrc, no irliiv r braiuli. Hero I
saw for tiie first time the process of
milking raisins. ' It is simple. Drying
in the open air, on boards, or travs.
Then kept for a while, in what arc
called "sweat boxes," and then packed
in boxes as we receive I hem. No .sugar
used, as many suppose. Simply the
ilritd JliiM-nt iniw.
Hero too, fire churches, school hous
es and good society. Desirable laud
heie, like all other portions of the slate
I have visited, Is what wo would call
high price. Lauds "under the ditch"
that is irrigable range from sTf to
200 per acre--raw, unimproved lands.
Hero the conditions however, sire .some
what different from other localities.
Kach acre of hind takes with it a water
share, entitling the holder to stockhold
er Interests. While these prices for
land seem high, facts show more money
reillized from an acre of ground, than
anywhere else of which I have Knowl
edge The rule iu California, is huge
farms- largo land-holders. The moro
shrewd, however, are seeing tho benelit
of cutting up into small farms, or
tracts. Where this ! practiced, there is
more prosperity and advancement.
At this place J met ft .lumber of old
acquaintances. A Tims. W. Cover, who
in ls.'id 7-8 resided at Sonoru.Mo., near
Ibownvillo, and was well acquainted
vvilli Dick llrown, Dr. lloliaday, find
otner old settlers of that date. He has
ii to aero orange orchani with other
line improvements. Prof. 0. K. Uallev,
formerly of our State rniversity, is
here, manager of some mining interests
near by. O. L. Smith, formerly of the
Jonrnnl ollice, Lincoln, is located heie,
publishing tho Press. Hero I met my
old .school-boy associate apd neighbor,
S. C. Fvnns. who I had not seen for
forty-one years.
From here I go up into the Sacra
mento valley to visit some of tlioso ex
tensive wheat farina, ami examine tho
Debri question --the effect of hydraulic
mining on adjacent farming lands. Dr.
(.Menu fit Red Mluff has fifty thousand
acres in wheat alone. (Sen. Hid well, fit
Chico, has a twenty thousand acre di
versified farm. Of these I may write
after seeing them.
Aftei this, I presume we will go Into
Oregon find Washington, bfcforo tho
cold and rainy season commences.
Reing on the constant go, I have but
little opportunity of hearing from
home. Letters addressed care Prof. 13.
W. Ililgiirtl, stato rniversity, Jlerkley,
California, will, in time, reach me.
Rout. W. Fuu.vas.
A terrible disease lias broken out at
Waldron, Plntto county, Mo. It was fit
first thought to bo small pox, but is
worso than tho most virulent typo of
that disease Tho body becomes cover
ed with horriblo soros and fairly rots
with foster; and in death thellesli falls
from the bones and tho bones crumble.
Soino think it tho black scourgo which
devastated the Fast in tho fourteenth
Rill Ryan, one who robbed tho train
iu tho JJluo Cut, near Indopondonco, a
few weeks ago hits been tried fit Inde
pendence ami sentenced to 25 years in
the penitentiary. Several moro of tho
robbers are under arrest and will doubt
less meot with a similar fate.
A citizen of Texas warns tho poo
ple through tho Inter Oman to bo care
ful in purchasing Texas land certifi
cates, as there are more certificates is
sued from tiie goneral land ofllco
than there is laud to take.
Koenan, tho murderer of tho French
Canadian Hensley, has boon sentoucoil
to bo hanged in Chicago, Friday, Nov.
John Hoyd, Chicago, died of hvdro
phobla. He was bltton some time age
by a spit', dog,