Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, June 02, 1881, Image 8

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Scraps of History
Kvery Hcrap of history bo'arliif,' cn
(lie ovontrt that led up to tho prosciit
crisiN in tho Ilc.jiublicjiti parly in of in
toioflt. Tho Washington corrcHponii
ont of tho Cincinnati Ji'wjttlror con
tributor) thin:
lean rijjhtlu-rn jivo a liltlo history
which tiio soul of conlldonco no longer
hinds. When tho Senators met in
caucus on Tuohdiiy laHt, Honators Hitr
rison, ConKt-r, and Fryo made flio an
nouncement that in llioii , judgment
tho Hobortsrii dilliculty could ho llxH
up. 1 1 will be borne in miird no suh
sequcnt caucus was hold until Friday.
On Thm sduy President (iiulleld cn
soileil to tlio following coKn promise:
Senator Conkling to allot Jtobortson
to he continued, and ttobertson to
t'oitliwitli declino tho ollloo and he pio
vided for elsewhere. Tho Xow Voric
Sonalors onTliuisday night agreed to
accept tho President rs (onus. Jt was
after this agieemenE Governor" Foster
sent the following dispatch to Murut
Ilidstcad, whidi lias ulrea'dy appeared'
in tho ICiifuinr, but it fa duplicated to
connect histoiy:
W'AsiiiNnTON.May 11, fS81.
ToMuint I lalsLead, Cincinnati, Ohio:
I have seen both sides of tho contro
versy, and think a compromise will bu
readied. CuAiiua Foster.
On Friday tlio caucus was to meet to
hear tho icpo'it of tho .Senators who
volunteered toariangothocoiiipiomiso.
On that veiy morning, however, before
0 oclock, .Senator Uluifio was at tho
White House and in conference with
tho President, lie discussed tho situ
ation, and dhsoiited from the tonus of Ho told the Presi
dent if the ugieomont wiM not broken
he would resign from the cabinet,. The
President insisted, but lmiiric was linn.
There being no alternative bill l seed
ing from tho comprovonte or" accepting
IMaino's resignation, tlio President sent
for Harrison and Conger, and told
them ho had concluded to lot matters
stand whoio they were that lie could
not withdraw' itobeitsOn. At 10
O'clock tlio Hcpublicans met. When of tlio President
was made known, Colliding was very
Indignant, and said: "Well, gentlemen,
I will lake a stop no.t Monday that
will clean tho thing up." Nobody
then dreamed that he had in contem
plation resigning from tlio Senate, but
thought rather ho would let tho light
go by default, and end the struggle by
allowing a vote to bo taken.
Cincinnati, May 22. Tho Gillette.
has a dispateli from its editor, Kit-hard
Smith, who is now in XoW York, in
which so-feral now and startling facts
uru brought to light. It appears that
the prosidunt and Senator Colliding had
arrived at an aiYangoment for com
promise, by giving Hobertson another
high posit fin, when Secretary Blaine,
hearing of tlio fact "vaulted into tho
arena", mid smashed tho whole
who MAUi-: thi: mischief?
Unt at this time Blaine, another pre
tentious statesman, vaulted into the
ring, and claimed that Conklinif ttas
getting ever) tiling, and insisted that
his side ought to bo recognized, it is
not true that ho threatened to esicn.
but it is n fact that ho precipitated the
appointment of foboitson tbat set
Conklbig wild. Tlio piesideift wiw
eoinpelled to' stand (Inn. Conkling
was willing, if Wobertson's niWfo
should bo withdrawn, to support tho
administration. Ho was, furtliiTiiToro',
willing that lo might bo nominated ic
to any other ollke. Hut there was
another reason for tho withdrawal of
Qraiu' Shipments l)owa tho Rivor
St. Lovis Slay 20. Tho movement
Oflmlk giain down tho rier for ox
port ia. the jetties has brum lingo this
week, exceeding that of any previous
week of the soumii. Three tows have
left since ftiturday last, taking 20'1,1UH
bushels of Wheat, P'.o.OlO of coin, 20,
100 of oats, and two more tows will
leave to-morrow ttithl'oo.Oooof wheat
and i riO.OOO of coiii, riiitkinar an aggre
gate of 100,200 bushels- of wheat, obO,
810 of corn, 20,100 of oataf or grand
total of 1.071.770 bushels' of grain.
In addition to Ibis tho steamer Josiy
brought to this port to-day from
Galena, Ills., a bargo laden with
42,000 bushels of oats, which will go
through to Iow Orleans, and yestw
duy tho steamer Colo passed down thcr
river having as' a pait of her cargo, isr
000 bushels ui corn f rum Hock island
to Memphis. 'I'hu coimiuuco of tho
lower Mississiivpi liver so far' this
season shows a grUlifyiug increase
over that of lastyeai.
Hev. Thomas Uarry.a Catholic l.ticst
Of St. Louis recently ordered the Cath
olic children to ho withdrawn from
tho nubile schools of that citj. And
thoso chlldieii havo nearly all been
takon from tho schools. Catholicism
thinks it bettor that Children should
grow up hi tho shoots, In tho schools
of idleness and ice; than to havo thorn
attend protestant freo schools. Tho
schools stilt live however". "What ii
pity therois not uomo laW to protect
jiufacont American childron from tho
pctver of priestly bigots' bucIi as ll.ntry
Tho Anti-E-fbnopolists want (hnkliag in tiro
Tho following are specimens o hun
dreds of dispatches and letters received
by Mr. Colliding mk his friends at Al
bany prior to the final struggle
To IheJfon.Geo. Sharp, Speakcr,AUiny :
I have not in tho past been a sup
porter of Koscoo Conkling, but his lec
oid is a clean one, and when less worthy
men in tho servico of great corporations
seek his-defeat, it scorns to mo that tho
masses of tho peoplo should support
him. Supporting tho administration
is ono tiling; supporting tho ""under-bilt-Goul'd
railrowl lino is urtothor. I
trust tho members of tho legislature
will not play into tho hands of tho mo
nopolists. Xei.son Miixm,
Syracuse, H. Y.
I earnestly hope that the inllueaco of
all Republican members will ho thrown
against the election of Senators who
will bo in tho interest of monopolists.
Amiiuose Snow, J. Y.
I have not tho honor of Senator
Conkling's acquaintance, but it is
enough for mo to know that Mr.
Blaine and the wholo monopoly inllu
enee, lobbyists and all, are working
against him, I earnestly hopo tho
members of tin legislatriro will not al
low the cry of "support the administra
tion" to divert their attention irom tno
real issue, which is. shall the railroads
be allowrd to punish a statesman for
refusing fo ho subservient to theuv?
1-:. 1). Clark, X, .'.
Tho jiiblic welfare demands- that
men should bo elected to tho United
States Sortato who will stand up for the
public rights against tho encroach
ments of corporate monopolies.
A. B. Mii.lkii,
Jfow Kocholle, N. Y.
New Youk, May 20, 1881.
IoiuG. If. Sharp, Speaker, Albany:
At a mectimr of the executive com-
' mittee of the National Anti-Monopoly
League, h-eld this day, representing or-
ganrations in a lnajority of two states
in the Union, the following" icsoltftion
wis tmaniniMisTy adopted:
llesolcvil. That in our judgment, in
tlio coming election of United States
Senators, it is tho duty of tho legisla
ture of the State of New York to choose
men who are not in tho interest of cor
porate monopolies.
Ih'xiiY Nicaoi.&, Secretary,
Although far removed from tho
scene of conlliot and consequently with
out information as to details, General
Grant was quick to seo tho full scope
and meaning of Robertson's nomina
tion. "When the dispatches announc
ing it were received in Mexico, his
soldierly instinct at onco penetrated
Clio design of his enemy and detected
tho author of his strategy. Ho saw at
oflco that tiio Administration had be
gun the punishment at tho stalwarts,
and that tho President was a mere tool
in the hands of Mr. Maine. With his
usual good sense ho goes squarely to
the root of tho matter, and exposes tho
folly of tho course which the President,
under tho guidanco of a reckless ad
viser, is pursuing. Every Republican
should poniTov well tho straight-for-waid
criticism of Gen. Grant on tho
policy of lifting tip a faction to destroy
the party. St. Louis G D,
a lain xdJ u cm run H b
Opposlt Lumber Yard, Main St.
Special Accommodations for
Commercial Men,
Driver Furnished
when desired.
ITovses boarded by the day or week,
and Farmers' teams fed and cared for
at fair ratts.
It U tho ri'Niilt of.UO enr cxncTlcnoc and
crcrlmet)ta iu SwiiiK Slnchlnwv. it couMnn the
ffoalpoiitti of all prttt il and Jormer.vvikts, and is
nro. ItuvoIiltllifdrlcrtM or otliei'H.und voi
fo ntxt iiiul tcilmiblcr Uatiuert nuil couculcncoi.
It 1H law, IfnM.ninnlnij, uoittlfi hnniTm. cnn.
vtnltni, dunihlr, mul ilmyle. Wiirruutrd nnd
Iteiii in repnlr 1 ree for O ycurn. chculars with
full doMvTli'lton font f roo ru rwiuwt. 1 1 i surely Uio
liejt MialvUlmoott. IfonH full to i-cp It
Vf 5.??,??!!l,T5i. MANUPAOTuniD hy rumuNca:
?,..A.1,,nI;.VrV.1 loreilC,MaS8.J WIIOI.FHALKn JY
UU0. 1'. HUNT, 81 and hi JnrUr oa ft., OUlcmfO. IU.
Mir (t itMt, wiih (Cuntifla moJi
of curr 1 rnf. Harris lllu.trM,!
p,ci(Mcl irnt fue ou ii plication.
5lr thtml.L, Mh A nrkrl8ti
SU Loots il
rV "! v.i'T H 4 J - -V I
fl'pCE T
Irv UNION HOTEL, weit of Court Home,
mill oxiunliio our
Waltham, "J Key and
FiOiN, and Stem-Wind
Stkingfikld. Mbvcmcnts.
Also A SII.TXfill CASKS,
The Wultlisiiu Dist'Rioor.
Wo hnVoJiiHf. re- CiT fmrQ. "dented
colved iv hill or 'LJjwL'lv'O from tlio
IIhIh oJ tho best mnkorfl, nnd which our oxtcn
Htvo ropnlrhiy Mpcrlenco pro?os most Htiltn
Mo for tho wtmts of our ninny ouHtomers,
We rospoctfAlfy Hiihinlt to tho eonnldcTft
tlonof M1010 lntendini,' purehnilnK TIME
PIECES tbnt they conuult mid buy from
Moohanloftl Doalors OnIy,"d not from
Jaolc-or-nll-triules, who run not Know any
thing of tho gondi they oirer, nnd nro unnblo
to Itcep In repair when sold.
REMEMBER, Wo warrant our clocks
ngiitastnlliiccidciitti for yenrH.
OurHtock In full In ovory dopnfmont, bnlns
conHtnt-tly replenished with tho IntcMtstylos.
XEPAiR'ixa we watcuks ovr uvsiskss.
verwnro tfotrits, UIiii;h, Nnmo TTiUoh, eto.
Olvo us 11 eidl nnd you "rlll be sntlsfled.
AtBrownville, Nebraska.
Missonri Rivex.
Hates Low, Camps Shady,
Roads Good,
I)i dentil itr Ample.
Connects with all Trains.
A Groat Oatise Ol Human Misery
Is tlio HiOSs of
A hrolurc ol tlio iVnturc, Trentmriit,
and raillcal cure ol Seminal Weukjit'ts, or Htu-r
iiiutorrliotM, Itidm'cil by helC-aluifo, Involiintnry
I'inlbdioiis, Inipoti'iicy. Aer ouliou mty, ami
Inipitlrnunt to Miirrlnirn nencriilly: Consmnn.
tiun, I-i'lUpny iml Kits. Montal mill Pliyslnl In.
CMiftrlty.fte.-ny Ui,l,.Pt .1. ult ricll, U.
I)., nutliorortnc "Oreen Hook," etc.
Tho world rtMinwnod ntithor. In nils ndmlrAlile
I.t'Cturo, rli'iirly proves Irom Ills own expciloncp,
Unit tho nuliil coriR('(iioiirciiof nolMihusn may r
ellt'Ctimlly romoNod without diwiKi'rnus mukIciiI
oiiiTiuloiiH, IijukIps, InsirunipntH, rins, or cur
dials; iiolutliieout u mode of euro nt uaei certain,
nnd fllpctunl liy w Iiloti uvory suirnrer, no matJfr
what his condition may be, may eir himself pr.
vately. cheaply and radically.
jar This lecture will provo n boon to tbousaiida
nnd Ihouonmig,
Sent under neal, In n plain en vetopo, to nny ad
dress, post paid, on receipt ofsti wnts. or two
poMiiKo Htaiiipri. V hnve also u hmwc curr
forTupo Wuriii. Address
1 1 Ana st., NiMf Tarlti N. V. I', a. Koi. 13S0.
Tim TIUl'MITt TKUS9 CO. euro Itupturo
In front .til to in days, and w ill pa if 1 OiX) for 3
Hupturethu cm nofoiire. ?end Sic for Hook
to l)!t. f y U. ntItXHAM, Oen'I Wlp't,
.ai Jlowery, N. Y or l houth )3tU btrect,
l'hlladelplua, l'a,, and ho cured,
niruKMii ca
It not sold In tour town, vmi
canBotthnnilij'mnil. Drop
lid jl Itonttil Cnril irr Clnln- ,
ii.Huuu(i rnws. Tfituui(itaiulmo4tutinilraS'--
DAVID luVNDItKTir Sz SONS.Piiiladjl.I'a.
D A f I fff G who xft IroutW rfrtb Lmeorrheca
tUfARJPB ICO (t'luof Albutor WhltPil ihoulj urij for
J, , I'rof. nurrlu'l'iiniplili'tailuilritcil
br lllttl) llu( dtierlptlon ol tiU ItcmtJy, ikJ ,ioh Inr Iu in.
plication. The pamphlet It taluatle to any UJy In dell'
cite healin, trmr a tharoiifhlrjirartKal Irealucnnlhiiillieaie.
.atin 'MAORIS BtHtOT CO., ST, 1001S, MO.
'I : feraW
.'o4 MiWSfin?sw
C17 St. Charles Strcot, St. Louis, Mo.
A retrolnr irrndunto of (no MAjflonl Oolleito, lim Ixwn
loftdor located tban any othorThrslcInn in Ut Lonl,m
cltr pnpftri ahow.nn-l nil old ntliIentknor. Hyphillfl.
Oonorrhcrn, Gleet, Otrictur,Orchltl,'ftupturo,oU
UrJftary Byphllltlo or aitrourlal Affection of
Throat, HKln or BonicM mvrid Hnfnlr, I'tlrntelr
SpermatorThea.Ooxual Debility and Impotancy
n therenultof Self-AJ-npflTtinlejcoeiegln mnturer
yonra.oroTer lirnlnvTork',J"rbduclnBnfrToasne,eraln
nl omissions, doltllltr, rtls-neM of li;ht,defecti4 mem
orr, phynlcnl decnr, avotalon to ooclet? cnnfdalon of
UeM, loaof Koxunlpow'.alBhtloMpa.rondorlrKtmar.
rlaproimpropor.nrepW'V.nnontlrcuroo. Oonaultntlon
ntofflco or by mnll frr3 ld Invited. I'umplilot ono
aturnp. fodlclncn een rr mnll or uprofs Cures
mmranfeod. here donbtealst It la frank) jf stated.
uhnlnutnrT. WAll tnld.nt It U true to llfo. on tlm
PMfowiiia Kttojects! 'Mio mar in irrr, wnn not, irnj,
.wnnhood, Worannhoet!, Mlcil decny, Whi ehould
inni'171 ho life and hnuplnn miiybo Incrnnaed i eflocl
of culllmcy nnd oicom, nnd many raoro. Tlioi miirrled
or rnntemplntlnitmnu-liiKO aliould rend It theWliecpun
dori lerk nnd koy. 23 Cto. by mnll in monir or poa
fa. Engliah Ocnnnn French ronrt nniTtpoken.
I ft I laa Ba " onkneai, I.nst Mncliooa, ?ierTOiinea, """''"I " Idnna, Aversion to Society
Delectivu Memory and DIsordHra hroKrthton hy Helf
AbnV AnydfHlalflin9tliortl'.'ir.1iniJ.'' .St, Louis
Otirntlroliist'o.r.lilHt ( hnrlet,.I oul,Mo.
705 ("taosnut St, St. Lduln, Mo. at old office,
continue! to euro Spermatorrhea, Bomlnal Weak
nose, Impotcncy.nll forms of Hyphllls.Gouorrhnm,
Qloot, UrLnary or Bladder dlseanns. Iteceat cnaes
cured Inn fnndnys. All tho dlsinsoa rosultlnn from
elf-nbuo, oxrMor Hipoiuro cured for life with mifo
mrdlclnn. Advice frro. Chnrui low. Call or wrllo
in atrlct confidence. Svmptom Daok for two r tamp
STlil An entirely Irw nnd poitiveljrerTec!lr
i Hemfdjr for (he piy tncffermatniit
cue of Dcmlnal .Emission. nnd Itupotoner ly the on.
true wtr. ttt , Din... ApflmvAm tofli prto(prtt of u 1mu, Tbe
tifttihtttnt fvituixleJ trith nrn-unof i-icoQTrnkiicf, raj ncl
1fltrftt will, thitfrymry punirifj or hti. TLU nodi of intttwot hu
oM tbt tail la rtrf mrtmt, wJ U ho ft prenou&rM stUceM Tttcre
00 DOfiwnH aVDouvinii prf pruun. iTftftiCH viafitrTauioa ruauvi til 13
fMiu-ftlr riToikr l? k will clre irfe milttuum. Il ( mo
Will Mini IkiiMiiM kkd tUK Viaf ia tb ori IMMl, 17 bajttt bl aVlL Mll
a arf nai ! aimr A. '
1-1 Vm wtapra. Fall irflff Jf( nmra, rM lf
(Hm4 tvt i DrMhptl TaMMhlH ) Aiwmkl inMirilM.Mi wltIrnV
n.t'M ar, akiitt(1 Dim Ur t" rMrtI I fif naahnrA, 4 Ol 1
1H ft iU dmVtt t IV if rtotVr ITWUJ. ftWral tld r H4Cip. jf
Market mid Bill Btmct. BT. LOU1H. SU.
VnnotlcUril trntlmonu to the Vfllcticjiaf
i'rof. llttvrln' kciiitmtl I'liKtlllrt, taken
from TiCttci'H rccclvvtl from 1'ntronn:
Injuria, April 1 Ith, IS79. The reine Ijr Ii norkln g perfecny,
llaJ eplepiy from eil.Tte,i. for eielii erari pait.
Chlcaro, An? It, Ir79 I am Ihorourhlr eiirrd inJ feel tip
Ibp, The louuy man In the country l ae llinr belter.
MlHonriVSril'.IJ', IST9 I rrceif 4,2 10 ihneh benenffroia lha
me of your frmediertliif I tX1 frf Hum in atiothtr caie.
Thu H of JoorTilanJinf an i will ynmelblng tery itrous.
Jiieh., an. 25, I5T t Sa-M UltJ 4p fanf giackiiV of me Jl
rmr icnl nie anolnef n loon It pomble. Tint packajro
atopJ all aipirent trouble, but Ihero lis weakucii jet, aij
1 wuhjou woul I rret nre tlil. lot fur Hip cure of tint.
Iowa', Oct, 10th. 18731 am almot mrprlieJ at rnur Tav
lillii. Ther hue workrl like a chirm on Die. I am jt
fvrica aimuch of aman at t mi Ufnre lakinaj. I urn on I ha
Vera t of the (rave, 1 thought, an I Ibcro v. ai so aura for tuc,
but uow I am in aol hor, pf n cure.
TVeilirinia, Any 2', l7D. IrecelveJ jour meJiclne, an!
I believe it hii cureJ nie, for winch 1 am terr tMnkful. In
aloied pteaie rlnit vfor nhich plena irnl roe another boa
(No. 2) for a friemU J mi hnve dona a jreat thing for in 1
ill IcnJ roll all the nr ten I cm.
. i. i
rVom a 1'liiinlrlmt ami .Stifffcntt.
Mfirouri, Junr26lh, li7i Pleaie fnrwarJ meat another
toiof the l'aitille,. The alien! on nhom 1 have uielmoitof
one boa, in aJJitinn to x limt le box, la fait rccoiarmr, auJ I
think acotluT will let bin, all riebt.
i t
Vrmit a" Iiritiuit.
arvllnJ, cpt. 2, 1679 I.ait Jinuary we rot from ymi i
box of yo.r rrmc!, for one of our cuitouirn, anj it hai mnte
tr-erfect cum of him. We t me another euitonier row uffer
I in the tame way, and with y return aiail one No, 3 Loir
A lirire, new an I craipliteOuiJe to o
lock, coulalnlnr, with minj- othen, the fol
louinrchiolarii A ComtleM onunhruvl
and li.i.uiiiiaiibie, btenllty In Womea, cauie anl' titatnient,
Aittlcelo llilJgiroin, Ailllce to lluitandi, Advite to TVirrs
fromtution, in ium, leliBaiy and Matrimony enrinarel,
vonluail Udli.i CenflnidMbt. Iv. .tit r.rulln iMMm.n. .- m.J
i SelrlllOn Of WI&. Tinriniiil. ...,. ...1.1.
ilif, edmcf tf lit proituctton', Bmile lif eoiuM.,til, Uw H t,r,lu. nj
Di;orc, Ul iljtii, uf untr 1. 1 .town, tu , InilaJ tt biiwn muliae
Wwiea, their fin,.iiHlrnlniil, A book fir rlian.iii!er a 3IS fAffi, wiih rull 1'lilt Eararuil, by BU, l,al,(t,K)rrau
On 8ypnilln, Qonorrhoia. Oleot, Btrloturo. Vnrioo
oole. A.O.. aim on Spermatorrhoea, Sexual Peb'litv.
jn Impotoney, from SHf-Aluie and i.itfuri, rami,
Bunlo.l imniloni Nrrfnwarll, ATfV.nlo8odly,Ilijikal Dkij.Duii.
atnarlbl Dtftiiiie llrHxry U,ief biual m.r.,le . uaklai naa.
rltj, ii rre, r urihi, f l,ln trfuo.nt.aoda irral it any iiliittl, i.
H hi lb. n af all prfnn dlitain: at rzti,m Mplul.1, Hi (tltX,
'MoikilAivico,' Lc:tsro ca i.'iahc:di Woach::i, lot
tliMagag!Braa "0" "cc-ltMd'bnoki'h"'
iv bound 111 one loiuma couiiimaic &36 pax;ai and over ICO
4luirationi. The comblnec, aolunr hi aoiidfely the moit
oular riook putluhej. The author u an eirerl
eTJeJ phyiijlnr tif mtitf jeaYr (tractive, (ta I, well known),
anl lb, .luce rt,in and ruin f jt WJ di,ill be fiuud of
anil value i ihce.Riir.rltf frt,m impurlUM of ll.ijiinn, r.rlt ,otV.
. ,,.,Jrra5L!!!T.,I.rt, ",,d"' """'"i urM.r thi ad r "i-mtATf1
I CHI10NIC" fla,-rolUi tiarapt Uk,a In rljoxnl f bka.
iT?iMUiSfflS?,flBl,?lfty, fn curel
jhroric Ji,eaee and eoi"iplic"J "leTramt Sfain reinltmi
rrjm Impure lelal annciatioin, Mf-abui. or iciual riceiiei.
laticnti treitef tf mill and efnren. Where pomMe, per.
iomH toniullatmniapfeferreuVwhlcliiofrfoandlnvitcd. Qiin.
Iiona to be aniwere I by pilienfi dnirlne, treatment uiallel frie
oaujrallre,,onapllation, Tor bonki or treatment aldren
Hit. IIDTTH. 12 North Sill U t. LouK IK
' TmrTCSr l 'v - --. v . - W
'. vsraw'v jr-';4 i
cukj: thousands yuahia.
akd c:ysvyr:i3iT.
Is tho Qe3tofTonicy;;
Cure Dyspepsia; l
,R8storC8thoAnnct!to: ?
iSinuttlien tho System: t
IM,flcsto''CS thC WffSrt L
Mzr and DobilltatexJ.lj
hHTT tnnl of it will proven. I 3
i-fM "' v'" .m. ;... ., ',,. i
wi elami
'Sti ,r. V' '"" " p
r'T air,
of S'lti? take uo iihiir
i r de by all Ut'agjjitla. t
S H.TOrTH&COProp'r
burrviii to Ollurt rook .tiio. J)
gjrTfyTrrvvr-ayTcy-y- lyivffi
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Jlraitaclie,Sieknessat the Stomach, Vain
In the Jlack and IMttHjCtc, Indicate that
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quires assistance to enabto this ortfan ta
throw off Imparities. i
rrloltly iVHJl KUtcr'rtlCMi)rfril
tompounded for tlilspttriosc. They are
mild in their action and effcctlre as a
cure arc pleantnt to the taste and taken
easily Vy both children and udulti. Ta
ken aceordlny to directions, tiny arc a,
General XNsbilUy, Habitual Con
stipation, Diseased Kldncyr),
etc., etc. a Blood IHriiierficr
are superior to any oficV medicine;
eteanslna the' sifstcm thoroughly, and
Impartlny new life and eneryy to the tn
vulid. It is a jMiedicine and nottm
IntOXlcutillfC beveraye.
and tako no other. PKICE, 81 00 pir Bottle.
Ht Iioula find Knnnii n .. vn
Davis Sewing Machine.
Oircrotl to nny person 1 lint Hint vill
do ns jrrent rnntrcol' "work, nntl do it ns
AVVll nnd easllj' on any otlicr nincliiiio
niv in tlio market, as can lie done orr
tiic Davis Vortical Teed Sewing 31a
olilno. Arrair,'oiiiorfts for the contest'
will lie liuulo with nnyono desiring to
coinneto for t lie above reward within
a reasonable time nftor written niinli
eation V? received.
For Bcscr!itivo Circular and
Catalogue send to
DAVIS S. m. CO.,
21S & 220 State St., Chicago.
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Cyclopedia of Thbijt H'oiiA l-jwui j m.-'.f ', not.
31 Mfohlgan Avenue, Chlcnra. Illl-o'-?,
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