Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, May 26, 1881, Image 1

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eat Paper la the State.
VOL. 25, NO. 49.
O Attorney snd Oonaitlor at Law,
OOeeoretSUla nnk,nrownvllle,Nsb.
AtfTOnHBY ATIiAW. 0.81 Main street, nrownvtle, Neb
Offloeof Count Judge, Ilrownvllls, Nebraska.
JLXt Physician, Bavgsoa, Obstetvletaa
Graduated In 1831. Located In nrownvllIelSW.
OQce, 41 Main street, Brownvilla, If eb.
Workdona to order and satisfaction guaranteed
Vtrititraet, between Main and Allantto, Drown
CUSTOM WOWC madeto order, and flttalway
guaranteed. Repairing noatly and promptly done
Shop, No, 37 Main street, Brownvllle.Neb.
and dealerln
t'lncKngllih, Kronen, Scotch and Fancy Cloth
Testings, Etc., Etc.
nrovrnvllle, IVobrnska .
TTCT7 Vor all Diseases of the Throat
UOJU antlZtnugathe
Used In private praottco since 1H35. Put bo
foro tho publlo im.nfXTr TTU NEVER
KAILS! I UU U UrlPrlco 25o.
60o.nndl)l.BAMPIiKIlOTTl.K8 1OCens.
lIoca?.?r8Uor,,n,eo nraonBB ALS AM
O. C. Day & nrnckott.
Solo Proprietors, Kansas City, Mo.
Kor sale by J. J, BBWDKIl, Druggist,
Nemaha Cltv.
Farmers, please oall nnd got prices ; I want
o handle your stock.
Otrice First National Dank.
A Isaac Williams,
4 Proprietor
eat Market,
Brown villo, Neb.,
Keeps only first class Meat
49-Cash paid for Poultry nnd Hides sndTZ
43-Satlifact.on Guaranteed.-
Real Estate Agency
William H. Hoover.
Does n gonornl Real Estate Uuslnesa. Sells
Lands on Commission, examines Titles,
makes Doeds, Mortgages, and all Instru
ments pertaining to the transfer of Real Es
tate. Has a
Oomplote AbBtraot of Titles
to all Real Estate In Nomaha County.
1st. JBuy seven bars Dob
bins Electric Soap of your
fid. Ash him to give yon a
bill of it.
3d. Mail its Iiis bill and
your full address.
dth. We will mail you,
FREE, seven beautiful
cardsyinsix colors and gold,
representing SJiakspeare's
"Seven Ages of Man."
110 South Fourth Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Legal Notice.
In tho District Court, of Nomaha County,
Stnto of Nebraska.
lllram O. Mlnlck, edmtntstra
tot of tho OHtnto of Jnoob
Dusttu. Dooeased. I Ordor to
Ts. r show cause.
Eltao A. orinnoll una tno un
known heirs of Jacob Dus
tin, Dooeased
It nppoorlngfrom thtfpotttlon tntho above
entltlod cause that thoro In not sufficient
Jiorsonnl ostato In tho hands of aatd admin
strator to pay tho dobts outstanding against
tho decoascd nnd tho oxponses of ndmlnls
trntlon nnd that It li nocossory to toll xeal
cstoto for tho payment thoroof.
It Is hereby ordorod thnt nottoo bo glvon
by publication In tho NicunASKA Advf.ii
tiskhos required by law In such oaso, thnt
nil persons Intorcstod In said cstoto appear
beforo tho Judgo of tho Second Judicial Dls
trlct of Nebraska, sitting at chambers nt
tho Acndcmy of Music In the oltjr of Lin
coin. Lancastor County, Nebraska, on tho
ttth dny of Juno, 1881. at 3 o'clock P.
M., to show cause why n llconse should not
be grnntod to said Administrator to sell so
mnoh of the real estate of said decoased do
sorlbod la tho petition as shall be necessary
to pay such debts. 8. U. Pound,
49-w4 . Judge.
Legal Notice.
In tho District Court of Nomaha County,
Charles L. Flint, Plaintiff,
Mary Ilouottlns and Hello Edwards,
formerly Hullo Houchlns, Deft's.
Tho abnvo named Mnry Ilouobtns, noh
rcsldont defeudont, will take notlae thnt on
tbo 28th day of April, 1831, Chnrlrn L. Flint
plaintiff, filed his petition In tho District
court of Nomaha county. Nebraska, against
said dofendents, the object and prayer of
which Is to qulut tho tltlo of tho plaintiff In
and to the South-West quarter of tho South
west quarter of section Twonty-Four. Town
ship nix In Range Thlrtcon East, In Nemaha
county, Nebraska, and the relief demanded
consists In excluding dofondents from all
uuu ui iiiturcni lucrum.
You nro roqulred to answer or othorwlsn
plood to sold petition on or beforo tho 4th
day of July, 1881.
Hy J.H. Hkoady AND 8. A. Osiiohn, HIS
VI conscd. In tho matter of allowlnK tho final
administration account of W. II. Loranoo,
administrator with tho will annexed, of
the osluto of Frederick Sedorns, deceas
ed. Notlco Is horoby given that June .Id, A.
D. 1H81 at 10 o'clock a. m. at tho offico of
the County Judgo of Nemnha County, Ne
braska, In Drownvlllo Nohraskn, bus boon
fixed by the oourtns tho ttmo nnd plnoo for
examining nnd allowing said acoonnt,
when and whoroall persons lntorostod may
appearand contest tho samo,
Dated May 0th 1881.
47w4 County Judge.
ll In tho County Court of Nemaha County,
Notloe Is herebr ttlven that Juno 7th and
Deccmhor 10th 1881. nt 10 o'olock A. M of
each day. at tho oflloo of the County Judge of
Nemaha County. Nebraska. In Hrownvlllo.
Nebrnsko, havo been fixed by tho court as
th6 times and place whon and whom all per
sons who havo claims and domonds against
sold deceased can havo tho samo examlnod,
adjusted nnd nllowed. All claims not pre
sented at tho last mentioned date will bo for
ever barred, by ordor of the court.
Doted May 9th, 1881.
47w4 ConntyJudgo.
Commissioners Sale of Real Estate.
NOTICE ts horoby given that by virtue of
on ordor of sale Issued out of tho District
Court of Nemaha County Nobraskn, and to
us directed as reforees nnd commissioners In
tho caxo hereinafter mentioned npon an order
and decree rendered by tho said Court in n
certain aotlon therein ponding, wherein
Urynnt Cobb, Is plaintiff and Martha Flnley,
Nancy Allison, Clark Cobb, Williamson
Cobb, Plnknoy Cobb, Cloy Cobb, David
Cobb, Cntharln King, Martha Conner,
Francis Cobb, Soy m our o Cobb, Nancy A.
King, Williamson R. W. Cobb, Nowton O.
Worlov, Louisa Inman, Martha N. McGaha,
Eliza Nelson, Martha C Keel, and John A.
Irwin, aro defendants. Wo will offer for
solo at publlo auotlon at tho door of tho
Court Houso in Hrownvlllo In said County
on Friday May 'ST. 1881 at one o'clock In the
afternoon of thai day tho following real
estate In Nemnha County, to-wlt:
8 W i seo 13, town 0, rango 13, E. 160 acres.
S E seo. 1.'). town 5, range 13, E 160 aores.
N Kw sec. 13, town 6, rango 13, E. 160 acres.
8 E i soo. 35, town fi, rango 13 E. 100 acres.
Terms of Solo. One third cash; One-third
In ouo year, and one-thtrd in two years, or
much as the purchaser may dostro to pay,
over onO'thlrd, on day of snlo.
Deferred payments to draw Interest at tho
rate of ton per cent, por annum, payable an
nually, from date of sale,
William H. Hoovkh.1 Uoforoos and
Davidson Plastkiis. Corn's.
Jm-FBiisoN H, Huoady, Att'y. 48w3
Local Notloe.
JOHN nAUMAN, Ownor of tho real estate
hnrolnaftor described, you are hereby no
tified that the following dusorlbed real ostato
to-wlt: Allofblook mty.flvo (55). situated
In tho town of London. Nemaha County, Ne
braska, was duly purohased at tax snlo on
tho 11th day of April, 1879. from A. H. Gil
more, ns County Troosurer of said county,
by A. F. and Jomts Knox, for tho taxes lov
led thoroon respectively for tho years 1877.
1870, 1876, 1874, 1873, 1872 and 1671, and remain
ing delinquent nnd unpaid up to tho time
of said tax sale.
You aro also notified that tho said land was
Inxed for tho yours aforesnld In the namo of
ohn Hauman, and oertthoato of said pur
chase was on tho '.KJth day of April 1880 duly
assigned to tho undorslgned. You uro far
thor notified that tho ttmo of redemption of
said land from said tax salo thereof will ex-
filre Soptomber 1st 1881, and that unloss said
ands are redeemed from said tax snlo on or
beforo sold lost namnddatoadeed wilt bode
rnanded by and Issuod to tho undorslgned
pursuant to said salo and assignment thoro
of for said land.
Dated April 25th, 1881.
48w J, F. WINTERS.
Road Notice for Damages.
To all whom It may oonocrn: The com
missioner appolntod to locate a county
rood, eommeuclng at tho center of section
30, township 4, North of yango 16 east and
running tnonoe South 40,00 chains to n
take on tho south Hlno of said sootlon 20,
terminating at sold stake, bos reported in
favor of the establishment thoroof, and nil
objections theroto, or claims for dnmages,
must bo fllfd In the county clork's ofTlooon or
before noon of the 18th day of Juno, A.oD.
1881, or snob road will bo established, with
out rofarencs tboreto.
47w4 Bounty Clerk,
For constipation, coatlvenesn and In
digestion, tnko Dr. Marshall's Droraollne.
Dig bottles. Prloe fifty oonts. Druggists
will get It for you.
Robertson was confirmed on tho 10th
inst., by an nlmost unanimous vote.
Mrs. 1'rosklont Garflold hits boon
dnngoruosly sick, but is convalescent
Tho Robertson Republicans of Now
York aro very appropriately called
Justico Stanley Matthews has takon
tho oath of ofllce anil been assigned to
tho Gth district.
hi t m
U. S. Judge I. C. Tnrker has rendered
a decision that tho Indian Territory is
not subject to settlement by white.
Senator Conkling's close friends
understand that ho did not leave tho
Sonate with tho Intontlon of returning
and thnt ho will decline a re-election if
tendered him.
Tho shorlff of Kimball county,
Texas, hold John Patton us a prisoner,
and a mob compollod tho sheriff to de
liver him into their hands. Patton
was then shot to death.
Wo aro frequently reminded by our
cotemporarics that Mr. Garfield is
President. That is trtio, but tho
trouble scorns to bo in tho fact that ho
imagines that he is also tho Sonate.
. ii
Conkling's opponents in Now York
flred ono hundred guns and had a grand
timo over tho confirmation of Robert
son. Tho Democrats aro also happier
than thoy havo boon for many a day.
t i ii
It la rolntod that at)Columbus, Ohio,
in a local Democratic convention, tho
other day, a speakoi urged a candidate
as a man who would control "not only
tho votes of all Democrats, but but
sir, many honost mon besides."
Premier Blaino is generally blamed
for tho war mado mado by the Presi
dent upon Conkling. It takes "right
smart" backbone for even a President
to resiBt tho magnetic manipulations
of a man of tho ability and ambition
of Blaino.
Sonntor John Sherman thought tho
war with Conkling a noedless one, and
said to a senatorial friend : "Gonornl
Garflold will have to change his advis
ors very soon or olso ho is gone to tho
Sherman means Blaino.
New York, May 18. A dispatch
from London gives tho main point of
tho Standard's roviow of tho rovised
testament. Tho writer of tho articlo
says that whatever scholars may think
of tho labors of tho rovisers tho impres
sion produced upon tho public mind is
ono of disappointment and dissatisfac
tion. .... i
The administration might have safe
ly been contented uiith triumph over
the common enemy. Thero was no
need to attack and overthrow a grand
loader liko Conkling, ns a gladiatorial
exhibition of tho strength of another
loader who dislikes him personally.
State Journal.
That is reasonable; but it is the first
opportunity Blaino over had to got
oven with Conkling, whom ho dislikes
moro than ho doos he common enemy.
Tho picture of a gladiatorial exhibition
shows thnt ono of tho actors has his
hand's tied.
Tho greatness of Conkling, his in
fluence and power, is admitted by his
traducors In tho fact that thoy blamo
the opposition to Robortson to Conk
ling nlono when at tho 'samo timo the
other Senator, tho Vice Presidont and
Postmaster Genoral wero also opposed
to that appointment, and united In a
petition to tho President not to make
it. And add to theso facts the further
ono that tho principal bankors, shippers,
merchants, and all tho principal cap
italists of New York united In a prayer
to tho Presidont to lot tho collector
ship at that post alono for tho presont,
It appears to bo unfair, untruthful nnd
unmanly for editors to attompt to
oreato the Impression that all tho ob
jection' and opposition to Robertson
originated In tho imperious will of ono
man, however groat mny bo his intel
lectual forco. Tho facts according to
tho ovidonco is that not only Conk
ling but tho commercial, financial and
political interests of Now York wore
opposed to Robertson's appointment.
Thero is solid Irony in tho Inter
Ocean's remark, "Wo havo lost Conk
ling, but wo hnvo Robertson, thank
heaven for thatl" And the following
is a true photo, of the follow over
whom all this hell has been raised in
tho Republican party:
Tito moro that Judge Robortson's
political record is examined into tho
moro plain it appears that tho Republi
cans, of Now York nro j untitled In
their indignation nt his nomination,
lie has never acted with tho Republi
can party, except with tho prospect of
personal gain, Ho has bolted his party
nominations three times, and has ro
puatcdly accepted a nomination upon
an independent ticKet after failing to
secure Republican indorsmeut. Ho
supported tho Democratic National
ticket in 1872, nnd beforo tho Chicago
convention repeatedly announced his
intention to support it again in enso
Grant was nominated. Ho ropresonts
a Democratic district in tho Stato
Sonato of New York, und is tolerated
by tho Republicans of thnt district bo
causono other Republican could bo
elected thoro. Judge Robertson secur
es Ids olection ovry year by tho aid of
tho Now York Central Railroad,
which employs several thousand hands,
mostly Domocrats, in his county, and
compols them to vote for him ns tho
attornoy of ttiat corporation in tho
Stato Senate. Ho secures his olection
ns delegate to Stato and National con
ventions by tho votes of thoao samo
Democrats at tho Republican primar
ies. By tho aid of railroad iniluonco
ho is a minituro "Boss."
When It became known that
Robortson had boon nominated for tho
Now York eollectorship, tho Vice
Presidont, tho Postmaster Genoral and
both tho now Now York Sonators
joined in tho following card to tho
To the President:
Wo beg leave to remonstrate against
a chnnpnin tliu oollnntorxhin nt. Xtuv
York by tho removal of Mr. Morrittancf
tlioTappointment of Mr. Robertson. Tho
proposal was wholly a surprise. Wo
heard of it only when sovornl nomina
tions involved in thoplan was announc
ed in tho senate. We had only two
days nofore this been informed from
you that a change in tho custom ofll
cora at Now York was not contemplat
ed, and quito ignorant of tho purposo
to tako any action now, wo had no Op
portunity until aftor tho nominations
to make suggestions wo now present.
Wo do not believe that tho intorests of
tho public service will lie promoted by
removing tho present eolloctor and put
ting Mr. Robortson in his stead. Our
opinion is quito the rovorso, and wo
boliovo no political advantngo can bo
gained for oithor the republican party
or its principles. Bolioving that no in
dividual has claims or obligations
which should bo liquidated in such
mode, wo ask that tho nomination of
Mr. Robertson bo withdrawn.
(Signed.) Chester A. Arthur.
T. C. Platt.
Thomas L. James.
Ro.icoe Conkling.
Whon tho namo of Judgo Robortson
was submitted to tho Senate lor tho
ofllco of Collector ot this port, tho
otllco was not vacant. Tho term of
Collector Merritt had not oxplred, and
was not about to expire Mr. Morritt
had given no intimation of a desiro
to leavo tho ofllce, and no allegation
was offered that ho was not perform
ing its duties satisfactorily. Not only
was thero no reason fora otiango, but,
the Collector being admitted to be
oflicient, honost and experienced,
reason was altogether against it. N.
Y. Times.
And Postmaster Genoral James,
Vico Prosldent Arthur and tho two
Now York Sonators join in charging
tho President with having told thorn
only two days beforo Robortson'a name
was sent to tho Sonato, that the Now
York colloctorship would not bo Inter
fered with. This Hinacks of a weak
ness that wo aro at a loss to account
for, but must bo ono of two thingu,
viz: downright duplicity, or a prema
tura promise mado mado in good
faith but afterward ovorrulod by Pre
mier Blaino. And jtako either view
of tho caso tho conclusion cannot bo
avoided that tho whole matter was In
tended as an InHult to Conkling.
London, May 18. The new Hungar
ian loan of 10,000,000 of 4 por cent,
gold routs, for the conversion of 0 per
cent, gold rents, is expected to be more
than covered in London alone. Tho
scrip is alroadyquotod'at2Ji premium.
A dramatic troupo, traveling In tho
South wero pelted with eggs when
they undertook to play "Uncle Tom's
Tho two Talbott brothers, Mnry
vllle, Mo., aro to bo hanged for murder
ing their father, on 21th of Juno.
Tho gonornl comrnittoo of Albany
county passed resolutions sustaining
Conkling nnd Platt.
Tho nihilists have answered tho '
manifesto of tho czar by a proclama
tion saying thoy occopt the war which
has beau forced upon them nndnrocon
lldent of victory. Tho groator tho op
pression tho firmer will tho pooplo
It is said that Haitian will this
season oducato a young man named
Qulnn, of Proscott, Out., to bo a cham
pion. Tho Now York Sun says Senator
Conkling may bo arbitrary .and exact
ing, but ho is novor deceitful.
At Donvor, J. S. Rhynus murdered
his wifo whilo sho was asleep; ho then
nttomptcd to cut his own throat, but
hadn't tho nervo.
Near Dos Moines, Ed. Post, aged 18 ;
hissistor aged 0, and Myrtle Collins
aged 13, wero drowned while boat rid
ing. Pat. Quinlan,a worthless drunkard,
N. Y. city, shot his mother twice and
fatally because sho could not give him
money to buy moro whisky.
A dispatch from Kansas says that
the measures takon to discourage ,
emigrants from going to that Stnto on
occount of tho now tomperanco law
havo failed, and that immigration is
larger than over boforo.
J. W. Lacy, a stock man was mur
dered atDurango, Col. by Dan Hanand.
Lieutenant Cherry, of tho Fifth
Cavalry, was killed in a light with a
party of outlaws near Niobrara, Neb.
Ho was ono of tho most brilliant young
otllcers in tho sorvico, and was univer
sally admired and respected. Cherry
was Adjutant of tho Thomburg com
mand in tho disastrous collision with
tho Utes in 1370, and distinguished
himsblf-for bravery In that terrible
Governor Overton, of trio Chickasaw
Nation, 1ms raised an army of :50(
Indians, and ordorod all whito mon to
loavo tho Territory beforo Juno. Ho
had proviously demanded of the Texan
herders 25 cents por head for grazing
cattlo, which thoy refused to pay. In
tho Choctaw Nation, on tho ground
that nearly all tho whito rosidonts
havo settled without proper authority.
Governor Curtin lias instructed tho
Sheriffs to immediately organize and
arm militia, and drive out tho invaders.
i IMi
Who sounded tho slogan of protec
tion to Amorican industry? Whoso
voico wnsit, raised In Cooper Institute,
that gave to the republican party a
war cry, to its leaders a theme, nnd to its
rank and illoan earnest nnd aggressive
purpose? Whoso timid and framed
ids utterance as to make the capture
of Democratic Indiana tho turning
point of tho campaign ? Who is tho
man that, by virtue of his ieisonal
strength, ringing oloquonco, and tower
ing statesmanship, was unanimously
accordod tho leadership of the republi
can party in tho hour of its greatest
peril V
That man was Roscoe Conkling.
What has boen his reward? Ho has
been affronted, insulted and humiliat
ed until outraged self-respect and a
manly sonso of independence havo
compelled him to loavo tho senate
chamber of tho Unitod States. If to
sympathize with and admire Mr.
Conkling if to boliovo him right in
his controversy if to follow him to
private life with undisguised regret
and admiration If to hope for his
early return victorious to the front
rank of tiio republican party If this
be treason to tho principles, traditions
and alms of tho great republican party,
thoro aro millions of traitors, of whom
wo aro ono of tho least. State Journal.
And horo's another.
Albany, May 18. The meeting in
honor of Robortson was a most enthu
siastic ono. Between 8,000 and 10,000
persons woro present, who stood in a
dronching rain to listen to speeches,
which In overy case, heartily support
ed the administration and denounced
tho Bonators for what was termed
their rash and uncalled for act. Up to
a lato hour to-night it seems to bo the
universal feoling that a re-election will
bo Impossible. Meetings have been
hold throughout tho stato and resolu
tions passod congratulating Robertson
on his continuation nnd exprossingcon-
fldence in tho president.