Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, May 19, 1881, Image 1

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ESTABL7 SHED 1856. t
Oldest JknpM- In tho Stuto. '
g-iai iiiaaimw mm m
VOL, 25, N0.-48r
O I Attornty nit Cmiiiielof it( tiv
OlIlconver-MMw Hunk, llffrwn villi .Neb.
2 A, O a B () R X ,
Uilfcf.No.8l Miln ntffet, llrownvlle. Neb
S. S 1' U L L ,
onicenf County JiuIki', llrowiivlllc, Nebrwik..
A S. If O L I, a d a y ,
Mi Iliflotnit,MrReon, Otiatetrlclan.
flrnduatPd In t&Sl. r,ocnt-d In HrownvlllelMS.
OIUci',41 Main iitrcot, Mrowiivllle, Nb.
W. 0 IB s o n
UL.ACICS.Mini AM) IIOUSK 81101411
Work done to order mid iiiitlnriictlon guaranteed
First itrflot, hctwoen Main utid Aliunde, Drown
Neither Rlddloborger nor Gorhum
wilt bo elected to .Senate posit ions.
Tho Sonata Judiciary Committco re
ported adversely on tho liomiitittioii of
Stanley Matthews.
Tlie National Brewers' convention
cowvciuil at Chicago 10th inst. About
!)00 were in attendance.
Tho Marquis of Salisbury was unanl
inously elected leader of tho Conserva
tives in tlio British House of Lords.
D A T CJitX 13
CUSTOM WORK mndrto order, nnrt nlsnlwny
Kimrnitteud. HepitlrtnK neatly ond promptly done
Shoit. No.'iTMiilrifftrect. Brownvllle.Ncb.
and dcnlerln
t-'IncKiitrllNh, I'ronrli, Scotrli anil Fancy ClotliN
Vt'StltlKR, Etc., Ktc.
itrowJiVilli'i IirnNk.n .
Commissioner Rauui estimates that
the internal revenue receipts this year
will aggregate- about $10,000,000 more
than lust year.
Tho Chicago Inter Ocean and St.
Louis Globe Democrat arc quarreling
over the question as to which drinks
the nastiest water.
YTQT? ,r'1 Disease of the Thront
UuJu nml Ijiiukx the
I Tumi In private praelleo since 1K.T5. Put be
fore tlio public ihw.nriTTr XX'-NEVKH
KAII.H! ! UUUlX.xPrleo iV.
,rAti!,imil31.SAMPIJttlIOrTI.KS 10 Cent h
O. C. Ony &. Hrackctt.
Sole Proprietors, ICnnsaN City, Mo.
KorHiilo by J, J. IIEKDKU, Urii(rglHtt
ZVemnlin. Cltv.
lino wxvitjLii, xnniiASKA.
Farmers, plcuno call and get prlcou ; I want
to liiindleyour stock.
Olllco Flrt National Hunk.
Tho White Hiver Utes, under chief
Colorow have begun a war on tho
whites. The settlors havo gone to the
agency for safety.
. - -
Tho Council Bluffs Nonpariel says
tho city editor of tho Omaha Republi
can has boon outrageously lying about
tho Bluffs being inundated. If one
may judgo by tho jealous quarrels of
the papers of those two cities, it is niy
and tuck between them.
Oloomarparino is vindicated. Prof.
Cliaudler, in obcdlenco to a resolution of
Now York aldermen, reported to tho
Hoard of Health the result of his in
quiries into the subject of oleomargar
ine, lie says it is superior in all res
pects to tho poorer grades of dairy but
ter sold there; that thero is nothing
objectionable either in tho material or
its manufacture, and, as there is noth
ing unwholesome in oleomargarine. Jie
sees no need of legislation in regard to
it to protect the public health.
fiJEsaa-c W"illiaiTis5
Brownville, "Neb.,
Keeps only first class Meat
45rf.iNh pnld for Poultry ond HidcH anillt
aa-.Snt infliction (luiiraiiteed.-flD&
O L. T I3 S T
Estate Agency
William H. Hoover.
Ones ii general Ileal Estate HuhIiichk. Sells
Lands on CominlKhlon, examines Titles,
makes Deeds, Mortgages, and all instru
ments pertaining to tho transfer of Heal Es
tate. Has a
Oomplete Abstraot of Titles
to nil Peal Estato In Nomnhn. County.
The legal fratornity at Erie, Pa., are
all torn up in mind at tho discovery
that no local jury lias been drawn in
that o.onui$loT over "tenTeirrTC"Th'e.
disclosure was made by a lawyer who
had a client up for murder, and who
stated to the court that the jury-box-had
been sealed with mucilago instead
Of wax as the law directs. An investi
gation showed that this practice lias
prevailed for ten years, so that every
man who has been sent to prison
during that time can give his lawyer
another job if ho wants to.
President Garfield hr. remained cool
and collected, spending quietly but
thinly amid all thoilerco vaporings and
threats of tho opposition ;givln.; sena
tors distinctly to understand that all
who arrayed thcmselv.? to light his
administration would rc-puro Jetlors of
Introduction whenever they should
conclude to call at tW White House
horeaftoiv Seward Reporter.
Wo havo doubted and hoped that
President Oarllold di'd not niako the
contemptible remark attributed to him
that Senators who dared to exorcise
their sworn constitutional duty in con
firmations, antagonistic to his nomina
tions, would require letters of intro
duction to him afterward. And al
though referred to as a brilliant and
statesmau-liko utterance, by ono of his
ardent supporters, still wo aro loth to
boliovo that ho has not been misrepre
sented; for with our exulted opinion of
Garfield as a statesman of stalwart
American ideas', who would detest a
usui'iHjr and scoin a bulldozer, wo will
not believe ho has shrunk himself to
tho narrow compass of both without
tho most positive proo. It is tho duty
of the President to nominate, and it is
equally tho duty of the Senate to re
ject if they beliovo tho public sorvico
will bo conserved thereby, and tho
'resident beinc fully informed and
educated on tlieso two distinctive
duties, it is revolting to think of him
in tho altitude of a bolligcrent holding
a club over the heads of Senators and
threatening to let it fall if they do not
vote to confirm his nominations. No,
we think the Reporter is peddling an
outrageous slander on the President.
mm -
The Omaha Rev, in a lengthy article
regarding the courso of Senator Saund
ers in tho Senate, says:
During all tlieso four years lie has
not lifted his voice in defense of the
pcoplo of this state against the mon
opolies, nor has he endeavored to re
dress a single grievance or put a stop
to a single anuse irom wiucn too poo
plenave suilcreu at thd hands or
Tho B. &. M. company's popular
and efficient general freight and ticket
agent has breiimOmoted to the gonoral
passenger aud ticket agency of tho
O. B. & Q., headquarters at Chicago.
"Tho Millard" is tho name fbr
Omaha's now hotel.
Tho thirteenth annual meeting- of
tho Stato Medical Association, will
conveno at Norfolk, Juno 7th.
Tho barn of Fred Steibor, of
Bcnnot was recently struck by light
ning, andbnrncd with contents consist
ing of seven licad of horses and farm
A man by tho namo of U. L.
Bmttat tho St. James hotel, Omaha,
cut his own throat with upon knifo,
11th inst. Hn wnsnpaintor from (Jalre
burg, 111.
A wifo at Fremont brings suit
against a saloon keeper for damages
sustained by her husband. Tho Ilertthl
Bays, regarding tho matter:
Papers were filled witli tho clerk of
tho district court on Wednesday, and
served upon John Knoell, proprietor
of the Turn Halle, on tho complaint of
Juliallormel, wifo of John Hormol,
claiming 5,000 damages for liquor
sold lo ucr husband after being notifi
ed. Tho complaint reaches back pre
vious to tho timo of theaceidont to tho
latter, in February. 1880, whon ho
broke his leg. and alleges that tho de
fendant has been "repeatedly notified"
to not sell him liquor. It also allogos
that ho has exponded moro than
Sti.OOO for liquor in tho defendant's
liouso, and claims with this and doctor's
feos and othor incidental damages tho
amount stated in tho petition.
A colony of Catholics will sottlo
near Biverton, Soward county. West
Point Republican.
Biverton is not in Soward county,
nor is the latter near tho former by a
long way. Seward Reporter.
And aren't you glad of it?
Tho 14tli annual Sunday school
convention will be hold at Hastings.
monopolies, ah tlio appeals or tlio Juno 14t!i, loth, 10th.
men iu wnuiii lie owes mtj)i)ui.H'-"
vunc'-Aivianr. iiwv.,i,i.t7M,'Tir'5, .urn mi
i pledges ho hasinado w uiom, time
seven bars Dab
ic Soajt of your
1st. Buy
bins' Elect t
2(T. Ash him to (five you a
bill of it:
Bd. Mail us Jn's bill and
jo u r full a ddress.
tit. We will in ail you,
FJR.EE, seven. beautiful
cards, in six colors and fold,
represent iny Sh al:s)eare's
"Seven Ayes of Man.9'
J Hi South Fourth Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Conkling's objections to Bobortson
doubtless is that ho is not a Republi
can that can bo trusted as a party man;
that lie belong's to the George William
Curtis scratchers rule or miners. Mr.
Conkling's faction has succeeded in
carrying Now York in spite of tho op
position of Bobertson and Curtis.
Colliding, Arthur, Piatt, Cornell, etc.
being iiqw kicked out of tlio man
agement of Now York Itepublicanism,
it remains to bo seen what sort of a
hand Bobortson and his crowd will
play, and tho President's policy demon
strated to bo wise or other wse. Tin;
Advi:utiseu carping nothing for
Conkling, nothing for Garfield, only
so far as their acts affect tlio paity,
hopes that tho foresight of the Presi
dent is greater than it seems to beat the
present time.
President Garfield's spinal column is
equal to tho emergency, and the haughty
antocrut of the Senato sees the hand
writing on tho wall, explaining that lie
lias been weighed and found wanting.
Seward Reporter.
Wo do not doubt the staunchness of
the President's spinal column, nor can
any sane man doubt tho popularity anil
power of the "haughty autocrat" iu
Now York. Garfield was elected for
the purpose of not only making a good
executive olllcers but at tlio samo timo
conserving tho Republican party. If
his Now York policy shall prove that
the party in that stato has been
strengthened instead of weakened,
then there will be some sense in talk
ing about backbone. But if his New
York policy shall prove disastrous to
Republicanism in Now York, tlio mag
nitude and rigidity of his spinal column,
will but add to his discomfiture when
ho instead of the "autocrat" shall read
thatjliand writing on the wall. Tho
party is of vastly moro importance
than spinal columns or autocrats.
and again, to tai;o vigorous action as
an exponont of tho principles which he
avowed before ho was olected senator,
havo been broken.
The Jke slanders tho Senator in the
above extract. But supposing it told
tho truth, why is it that tho Bee has
been tho ardent dofendor of Senator
Saunders "during all tlieso four years"
up to tho timo that tho Senator re
fused to permit Bosewater to run his
share of tho patronage of the State?
Bosewater gives himself away, and
demonstrates what we always said he
was a demagogue, blackmailer,
Ono arch traitor complimonts tho
memory of anothor. Jeff Davis, at the
unvailingof the statuo of Stonewall
Jackson, at Now Orleans, said:
"From tho academic shades of his
military institute Jackson went forth
to battle for tlio cause of stato rights,
self government and constitutional
liberty. Ho lived for his country,
never doubting the justice of his cause,
behoving it was right and trusting in
it. Ho died as I live to-day, feeling
that the confederacy ought to have
succeeded because it was founded on
truth and justice. Ho gave his life for
tho wholo country, and the country
gave its heart to Jackson. You men
upon whom lie leaned in the hour of
danger in honoring him also honor
Tho negro reverence for tho name of
Lincoln would seem to be by no means
abated. A Washington paper asserts
that the war department is crowded
every day with colored pcoplo of overy
grade, from tho city swell to the ir
ginia plantation hand, all anxious to
see anil shake hands with "Massa
Linkum's chile." He receives them
all, and is said to always take a littlo
time for chat whon a particularly old-
fashioned man or woman calls.
nevor a more Jiopof ul outlook for Mor- V; '
rick county farmers thou thoro is at Yu:nna, -M7 !. Cr
present. Tho long wot winter entirolv
destroyed the chinch bugs and put the
ground into tho best posstblo condition,
whilo thero has not been an unfavora
ble day for growing crops smco spring
A paper has been circulated in New
York by leading friends of President
Garfield and Secretary Blaine, calling
for a mass meeting in tlio Acadomy of
Music to protest ngainf t tlio courso pur
sued by Conkiing and Piatt. That
will intensify tlio discord, and causo
sue,h a break in Now York Republican
ism as can not be mended within tho
next four years. The Conkling men,
of whom there is a majority, can also
call mass meetings.
Plattsmouth, disregarding the
Slocumb law has granted saloon
licences for a year under tho old law.
W. B. Whitney, charged with tho
murder of his illegitimate child, in
Furnas county, has been found not
Geo. W. Hart, Hall county is un
der arrest for the murdor of Michael
State Journal: Sterling Morton
tells a good joko on thosportstuen of
Nebraska City. Ho says that during
tho shooting tournament in that city,
ono year ago, the sportsmen of tho city
came out to his placo and asked for a
few dozen pigeons; Morton was only
too glad to get rid of tho "pesky things,"
and told them to help themselves.
They dot ailed llvo "plgeon-catehers,"
and in two days nan overy pigeon on
the place cooped. Tho next day the
tournament commenced and the
pigeons began to return homo, bring
ing with them strange mates. At the
end of the week ho had at least fifty
more birds than ho had the week be
fore. This may not speak very woll for
the marksmanship of tho Nebraska
sportsmen; but it tells us that tho
pigeons are very fond of home.
Slide, Journal : Dr. J. N. Converse
has just l cturned from a tour along
tho Republican Valley. Ho roports
the prospect for crops bettor at tli.s
timo iu tho season than at any time
within his knowledge of tho country
for the past twelve years. Tlio- im
proved lands aro being cultivated
largely in wheat and barloy and are
very promising. Kvoryono seems
hopeful and happy with large expecta
tions of good crops Stock has been
wintered much butter than has been
expected, and now look well and have
plenty of grass. '
The Circus of Sells Bros, will bo
in Lincoln Juno Stli.
Tho Blooniington newspapers,
Aripis and Uuurd havo consolidated.
That's good for tho interested parties
publishers and people.
Gen. Livingston, of Plattsmouth
recently had his dog, Bryan, ioisoned,
for which ho had rofused $250.
Tho Vassar Brothers, tho woll-known
philanthropists of Poughkeesio, N. Y.,
havo given $80,000 for an "Old Man's
Homo" in that city.
Mrs. President Garfield has been
svriously ill recently.
In Illinois tho yield of winter w heat
will bo about two-thirds of crop, if the
weather continues favorable.
At Mattoon, 111., Dormo Schrock, aged
is, in attempting to jump from a
moving train of cars, foil under the
wheels and was killed.
Capt. Bogardus ond W. II. Mitchol of
Viu recently shot a match at St. Louis
of 100 birds for 8G00. Uogardus Hcor
cd 80, Mitchell 10.
Auury vnuerson, tue actress, lias
written a letter denying that her stop
father has wronged her out of her
earnings, or that she over said ho had.
Tho story that sho said ho had invest
ed her earnings in his own namo is Jtlio
invention of a lying newspaper re
porter. IJoyle, whoso counterfeit govern
ment bonds wore detected because of
thoir being artistically superior lo the
genuine, has been placed under $20,000
bonds. '
Isaac Green, a colored dosperado of
Leo county, Ark., pounded into a jelly
tho head of John Richards, a white
A duel is impending botween Doporo,
formerly Fronch Minister of tho In
terior, and Massol, Vico President of
tho Council General, Department of
Yonno. Massot is 70 years of ago, and
ought to know bettor.
Ono curious pieco of ovidonco in tlio
contestod election caso of Smalls against
Tillman, in tho Fifth Congressional
District of South Carolina, is a strong,
knotted, hickory club, which bears tho
marks of having boon in contact with
a nogro skull.
Buffalo Bill is worth $100,000, and ho
has mado it all by war-whoops and
tomahawk flourishes on tho variety
stage. This is far better than being a
horo in a snowdrift. Alexandria
own j'nnco
Rudolph and Princosd bleplianio woro
impressively united in marriago to-day.
City of Mkxico, May 10. Satur
day, in Piilmot and Sullivan's camp,
near Acambaro, Engineor Sackrider
become insano and killed Engineers
Martin and .Tones. Sackrider was
killed by the chief of the party, Filley.
"Win. Siniins, Memphis, suicided by
cutting his throat. He had troublo
with his wife, and was a confirmed
morphine oater.
In New York city on tho llth, tho
thermometer rose to 88 ami there woro
four sunstrokes and three in Brook
lyn. Farmer Kootz, Jefferson county,
Kas., suicided by shooting his brains
Jan. McLaughlin was run over and
killed at Louisvillo Texas, whilo
colliding cars.
J. W. Stoke, St. Louis was knocked
down and killed by cars.
Hon. Stanley Matthews was confirm
ed on tho 12th, as Associate Justice of
the Supremo Court of tho Vnitcd
States. Matthews' was nominated for
the position by Prosidont Hayes, and his
caso has been considered hopeless. Ho
was in suspense for months, and is
doubtless well satisfied to havo come out
with oven ono majority, the vote being
2f for, 24 against. Tho parties woro
divided on the confirmation, and ho re
ceived about as many Democratic us
Republican votes.
ni m
A special from Owingsville, Bath
county, Ky.. roports great oxoitoment
in that region over what is called
'prayor cure," and relates that James
V. Powell, son-in-law of ox-Congressman
John I). Young, was cured sud
denly and restored to full health and
vigor last Friday evening by prayor,
alter .suffering moro than a year from
a dreadful malady.
At Rutland, Wis., K. P. Danks,
severed his mother's windpipe with a
hatchet, and then severed his own
with the same weapon. Both will die
of their injuries.
Ernmett, the famous actor, is a con
firmed inebriate, aijtl was recently in
carcerated in a lunatic asylum to sober
him up.
i j . t .