Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, April 28, 1881, Image 5

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urn wni iimrltfiiiTi'mmiTi mirm run anni mini iniiiirntri
TIirHSDAY, Al'Hir.jJS, 1f"Hli
" fall cut t'aillpbell fdl'your fJstWM
and Drills. -
Wagon' ilml il'On by HtOVfcn-
snti & Cross.
llir-ad, seven" ioviM for n tillnl'lUr,
at thu Tity Haltbry.
UiVo Stroblo il cull, ill tile' ('ity
JJakory, and get prices'.
TlltS stoamiidut, "Hud Cloud'
bussed till Iho rlvor, Friday.
I f yort Want a pood I'low C'anlp1
bell's is tho place Id gut It.
Fresh Bread, pica and eaki'tf ai
vays on h.'lnd at Furmiln & Palmer's"
Kurly Hose potatoes and biro
fresh garden Ccd for sale by Stovi'hsHtti
& Cross. ' ' '
s Fresh incaii, l'ios, cakes, otC
baked evofj' other day) at Ihe City
Xinoty-srtven arrivals at tho UiW
ion Hotel ihtring till week ending
April 2 illi.
-Largo slrink of tfrocorlesi, Jllat fd:
echedut tho tilty liakcryj Id bo sold
cheap fol casili
Sloves, Furniture, Tinware,
Hardware, Trails, Rope, Ilird Cages,
11 ocs, Hakes, l'owder & Shot, Screen
wire Wash 13oilers & Low Prices.
AVu.i.iXfj linos. & Joiidan.
'HieVo has btK'ii l'umors of a family
drowning across tho river, but fi'om tho
best information Wo can get there has
been no person drowned up to thin
Hate in this region of country.
Mr. Phillippi, Superintendent of
the ll. & M. was down to this city this
Week and purchased all tho stone ho
i-oitlil get, Ibr riprapping the river
blinks on tho libo of his rotul at this
Clothing, Clothing,
Clothing ut Dolen's,
Dolen'k,' Dolen's, for
m6n,for men.for men
unci boys and boys
and boys.
Tho fiver at this ri!c has beon
tiliout Uflcen laches higher Hum it was
in js-4.. whAehitpto this riao Was the
liigliest wince the llrst settlement of
this country by white men. Mr
tieorgo Harmon resided wheto ho now
tloei in US4;i, and noted the rise tlien
andeeryhig riso since. In 1807 it
lose to within ono foot of his '43 mark,
tho liigesUt'teeaineo '40 until tho pres
ent ono.
J no. Ik Finch, IS, VT. C.T. of the
I. ().(!. T's., will spoAk on temperance
at the following places unit times:
Nomulut'ity, Monday vjvening, May
lUli ; A spinwall Tuesday evening May
loth; FairvW Thursday evening May
i'Jth; Sheridan Saturday evening May
'Mtli. Xemaha County Dist. Lodge of
ti.T's. meets nl Shofidah on Saturday
May utlK The C. Av. t T. Will lie
present l.odgoa are requested to semi
full delegations.
l'rtn.ip 0notiii:u, t Sc
Ladies, call at Dol
cn's and see his new
and nobby wraps, the
newest in the market.
-- AVo notice in Iho Omaha papers
that some ono from Hrownville has
been Writing up the Tanner ease, and
overy hcntenw of tho Whole articio
shows the prejudice of the Writer.. While
Nve do not wish to take sides hi the
oontrovofsy, wo feel it our dutv to
protest the miUw that are lm-
mg used to prejudice tho peoplo, bo
fore tho trial. Mr. Tahhef has given
gni ijoUd for his appearance at
I'ourt ami will no lUmhl be on hand for
trial, and ho is, as all men are, entitled
b) a candid hearing, and wo say let
nun nave it. It is timo enough to
form our opinions aftor wo have heard
tho sworn testimonv.
lo6al personals.
Alex McKinneyof liOmlon called
V, il. Parker, of Purtunk called
last Saturday.
Dhand Mrs. IL F. tcCoy,of Falls
City, are In tho city.
(loo. riimmings haH boon appoint
ed ptMtmasUn- at lledford.
Hon. and Mrsi 0. M. llaydon re
turned from isatisiiH Saturday.
. -' ('. T. Hichanlson of Fern Precinct,
paid us a short vlsitlast Saturday.
--Mr. .1.1). Loveless is building a
beat residence on his farm lii'iif Sher
idan. - Hr. It. 0. 'I'luu'imih eamo In from
Teebmseli Tuesdav evening on a short
- Phil. Fraker has move'l out to
hisfatlil, adjoining Dr. McComas' on
f-1). 11. Colhapp ciimo in Fl'Otu
Teotlmsehi J-'fiday, remaining over
Andy Tynan, of iMou'Ordalo,
llichardsun l-ounty, Jiaid Ihownvlllo a
visit, Saturday.
Hdm Ti L. Schick pUld tho lte
publican AfnllUy a vlrflt laHt lvcok( to
look lifter hl timber clainti
Mrs. Molliu tfiuitti, or 'PocuniBeh,
catuoliflridayi mill Will Spuitil li WUek
or twri Visiting friends in this tiity.
John Uarnes, of Xemaha precinct,
was in town, Saturday, buying farm
implements, and getting ready for
spring work.
.L.L Mercer and Miss Clara Mercer,
.J.M. Hacker, A. IL Oilmoro and
.laeksoh attended the Odd IMIowh'
eulobrntlon at Shoridan Tuesday.
Tito steam ferry boat brought
down a load of cattle from tho vicinity
of Sonota, Wednesday.
Ladies, Dolen has
some elegant silk ties.
tt ts iinplnnsntit to bo continually hnok
ln unit coukIiIiik. One bottle of Dr. Mnr
HbnlH l,uni Hyrnp wtll euro you. Price twen
tyltVo und tlfty contN bottle. DruKlats
well It.
Au X
On the margin of your AnvmmsKU,
or on tho wrapjier, iudieiites that the
time paid for law expired, und that a
settlement and renewal is solicited by
us U
Highest market price paid by
D. e. & CO.
David Campbell has the largest stock
of Farming implements ever brought
to thin county Call and aeo him if
you want good plows.
McGee & Moore have
a nice line of spring
clothing. Call and
see it.
from tho Noinnlia Times,
Levi Johnson, J. J. Homier, Dr.
Andrews, Dr. Kay, Unite Elliott, Mr.
Losio and others have been sotting out
shade trees thh? week. This is a good
work, and we hope others will follow
Uio oxample, until our streets uro Jined
with shade trees.
HavinK dropped in at,!. I McOeo'a,
urownvtno, we saw one ot the largest
and finest stocks of goods in tills
country. U certainly Is tho placts to
Last Saturday tho public wjuare was
staked off. and our citizeas began wet
ting out shade trees, and tho .square is
now well Idled with trees. "Walks!
wero laid out, twvuty-llve feet in width,
from each eornor of Uie square to the
eeU'tw, where tliere is a-spjice loft with-j
out trees. The space between thf
walks is Altai Witn forest trees of
various kinds. Around the square,
outside of the space loft for a sidewalk,
is also a row of hees. The square
will bo fenced in Immediately to pro
tect tho trees.
Ladies, Dolen has
the newest styles of
trimmings of any
house in town. Call
and see.
for Seedling Cottonwood, Ash, Itlm,
Maple, Hox 'Mder, and Sycamore.
Call on mo for sizes and prico.
37tf Hrownvillo, Xobr,
Key Stone Corn
Planters, Corn Shel
lors,Harrows,Soeders, Wheelbarrows, Bain
spring and farm Wag
ons, in seven different
sitfes and styles, also
clocks, stoves, furni
ture,groceries, queens
ware and Coffins, and
having the services of
a practiced cabinet
maker and a first-class
tinner, we can repair
furniture and tinware
promptly and cheap.
Stevenson & Cuoss.
Is hereby given that I will examine
all persons who may desire to offer
themselves as candidate for teachers
of the primary or common schools of
this county, at the Court House, in
Hrownville on. the first Saturday in
each month. Philip CrotheV,
24 1-tr Co-Superintendent.
McGee & Moore have
the boss plow shoe.
Call and see it.
Xursery slock, all kinds, of the vory
best quality and varioties, fresh from
the ground in which they grow? Go
Vll.J.K, Nkhuakka. 37-tf
I'lovrn, IMoun.
We have a few Harden City clipper
Rock Island and other llrst class make
of plows which we will sell at a verv
low price. Call and see.
12 lbs sugar for 1
at Dolen's.
Cash Paid" fc7 Wheat.
The highest market prioe
paid for good wheat at Glen
Rook Mills. 43tf
Call upon Socman for groceries nt
low juices. lie pays no rent, does his
own work, buys for cash, ;ul ho can
and will sell cheaper than any other
house. Highest market jtricu paid for
Country produce.
Hats, the newest
stock m town, at Dol
en's. Harlow corn planter a new thing
-(joto the Regulator and examine it
before purchasing.
Tom lUcitAUDs
For Suite Cheap for Cah.
Twenty head of cows and steers, at
private sale. Apply to Uovi:i. Units.,
Hrownville, Neb.
8 lbs coffee for SI
at Dolen's.
The Orenteut UIchuIuu.
a niiu(iiu, vuru, iinrillll-Hri ri'llllMjy, I
oiitcrt overy tlnv. ntnl imvc!nin ilfaciKtA
kcopliiK tiro hlo(xt mx sTomncli cvciitur
iciauoyB una IIvit iictlvo, ! Um Rrentusi
lml"s " "niicrrcii upon uiri. t,
imtorHtwilirtt rtMrmly, nif Mis ptoprlct
nro boliB IiIchwxI hy th(ir.tii'.K who 1
r. i iV" "" "y h mih you
It? acoanottiLTflolumii.
Freedman, Obrine, and Sterling
harrows, for sale by Campbell.
California fruits of
nil kinds at Dolen's.
Bauj "Wagons, whips and cros9jcut
saws by .Stevenson & Cross.
Extra copies of the adykhtibkii
at A. Y. Xickoll's.
Incidouts of tbo Plood,
The wreckers have been doing
well, catching much wood, many saw
logs, railroad ties, bridge timbers etc.
N'neo Cochran caught a pig Hoat
ing down tho river. It was alivo and
all right.
Jim Johnson and Krouiont Strong
had quite a race after a pelican, but
they captured it alive. Measured
feej from "tip to tip" 0f wings,
The ferry bdat went tin Sntuluv
lAst, about three miles on the Missouri
side, and brought over (loo. Thompson's
cattle--Thoy had n rather damp tinle
getting to the boat.
Tho water, Sunday, tllfeiltoned to
WiLHh uwaVSOlUn of Mm ruitrmi.t fiwt
just above town, and Mr. Harris the
agent and operator went up and secur
ed It with wire and stakes.
Mike llarada, in command of the
(iovermnont Mat boat, went down Sat
urday and bellied thu IViiiivh t imi.
their goods and stock td Iho tilufl's.
- I ho telegraph ondratordt N'entaha.
said to this stalim! li'rldnV. "t mn
Wading around in six inched ot water
on my oillco lloor,"
The farnirf un tho bottom between
Hrownville and Xemaha are all Hood
ed and It is doubtfi(l If even a crop of
col'n can be raised this year on any of
them. Hut they may bo able to do
something by June.
Mr. Ilawes, sold his 200 aero farm
on the bottom below this city to Mr.
Heard for 8500. Tho place is well im
proved, and has good timber worth
double tho money paid.
Ono man on tho Xishna lost forty
head of fat cattle in trying to swim
them across the stream. Ho drovo
them in above a bridgo that was full
of water to the lloor, and they were
swept under it and all drowned."
-- Mike llarada, Nato Vanluvan,
and all the other oarsmen and riyor
men havobeen very ellleientin hunting
up imperiled peoplo on tho river bot
tom and putting them safely on dry
Tho government Hat and skiffs in
charge of Miko Harada wont down on
the bottom below Phelps, Mo., Tuesday
and brought up about forty men women
and children and considerable baggage.
Tho steam ferry brought over
about 400 head of cattle from one point
on tho Missouri side, about three miles
above Hrownville.
(Jeorgo Harmon ami Itufe Leach
s ill hold the fort, and refuse to sur
render. LADIES",
McGee Sr Moore have
a nice line of spring
Fresh seeds at Xickell's.
Corn wanted on subscription.
llorkshire hogs, hijhbrod for sale
by Stevenson & Cross
Timothy seed, raised in Xemaha
county, at Xickell's Drug store.
Dr. Collin?, Dentist, Brownville
OllJce hours, !) a. in. to r, p. m. Xot at
home on Fridays.
For the choisest
lines of dress goods
call at Dolen's,
Keystono Corn Plantor tho stand
ard light running and accurate drop of
For the choicest
lines of summer silks
and black dress silks,
call at Dolen's.
Spouting ad n kinds ot tin
work done. Wo do our own work
ami cati give you low prices.
WlI.UN'fj Hitos. & Jdhdax.
lmSAi,i': Oiii.mi v ir i
three )iIh hi a desirablo location in this'
-a w ,,mnfr lnnuars ail ,lt
Highest market price paid by I). K.
Douglas & Co.
"Hroad is tho stair of lifo," and
Homowood & Shifter's Hour Is what
ladios generally iiho now when thoy
want a good article of tho "staff." Can
bo had at tho stores and groceries at
Hrownville and Xemaha Citv. t(
Lssays on spring arc in order." 'i nli
John Loveless has his now housd' ? ,"
llntshed. l ' ' ' ' " ,f'
-Jim Hiekoy has sold out to Iru.,fj(
James. i j "iw
Clafenco Claget, leading merchant'
and postmaster of Johnson, was hi
Shei'idan on londay
Well watered farms for .Kilo,
Enquire of any oito un the Missouri
-- F. 1 Tenmiy and his ftuit trees
ate beyond tho great Water.
-'Tho Xobiuskil City and Wolr"
brt'itking plows ard for sale by DuiuIhh
& Miller.
Last Sunday Wo stodd on Koai-nCy
heights ami looked over ono mighty ex
panse of water, and in the language of
that other great mail who llrst not eyes
on thoMls'sissippi u'Uexclalmed,"Tliun.
der what a streanii
Dr. Oppormuit visited Humboldt
lllst Hitnilily ailil operated upon the eyes
of John Si'hmelgol very successfully,
The doctor reports John doing well.
"Trust In the Lord and do good
and so shalt thou dwell In the land.and
verily thou shalt bo fed," is it trlto
quotation from Bible songs, and in It
tho good peoplo or Shoridan are rest
ing their hopos. Jut in our opinion it
don't boom tis worth a cent, for if it
don't mean ovor tho hill to tho poor
hotiso it certainly does over tho hill to
Have Day is going about town
telling folks that it is a boy,
A. Urodlleld has moved onto a
farm in Bedford preclnot.
Resolved, that man is not
morally justillablo in voting Iho
"straight ticket," was discussed by the
Franklin Literary Society last Friday
John Hnrmon has moved onto
his farm near St. Frederick L (.
List of Lottors
Remaining in the postolllco at Hrown
ville, Nebraska, for week ending Apr.
'JU, 1H81 :
Hell, Mrs. Kllzabeth.
Curnutt, J. (J.
Cartson, Adolf 1.
Snoden, Miss Viola.
Slonc, Mrs. Alette.
Martin, George.
Miller, Mrs. KUa.
Manning, Win.
Medy, A. M.
Smith, Sam. T.
Persons calling for any of the. above
will please say mh:crtmtl.
T. (J. Hackkk, I'. M.
Tho rod, whtto, nml hi no noat for all.
nml Dr. MniKliiilPHliUincayrup Im niailo for
nil, ItcurcN cnuliN, ookla and iiilliionzu.
AhIc your ilniKK'wt for It.
A Literary Bovolution Ohallengo.
Tho ohl-llrio iHifoltgiiorH hnvo, vory natur
ftlly, not Ijcch well plrancd wltli tho now
fumoiiH torirlHo. "Tho Literary Involu
tion;" mid In doprixilntloii of Itn olniriiutu'r
liuve luld Bpeclul KtrcsH upon tho clnlm that
In chcnpmiltiK hookHHo vnntly It Ih against
tho lntort-HtH or Atnorlcnn (Uithnix. Tho
Itovolullon holdly niootH this insertion
by NtutoiiioiilH iih follown : Int. That thoy nro
already puyliiK t) Ainorlcati authors more
imiiuty than uny other puIiIIhIiIiik Iioiiho
that Is loss than twonty-rtvo yenra nntnbllMh
od. 'M. Timt Araorlcan uutliors rnrolv rn-
oelvoroipubllNh(!r noyrlKht excoodlii(
luper oetiMipou tho rotnll prlco of (liulr
books actually oid. Xd. That at least ono.
half, and probably iimim nearly Uiroo-fourtlm
of iho bonUi pubUshod by American au
thor's expense, tho Diibllshcm fiirnishinir
no inono and ipaylnu no coiiy-rlght, but
uiomsciveHroceivingft larBOporcontuKo rip.
oti sales mado. Hh. That tbf.v ..
hcrenftor to pny to AluefTlCAii authois for
nccopiaoio iiiamisortps'ft oopyrllit of a por
cent, Instead of 10'pOreont. nml tliry claim
that their low prices, and Innnonso nalos
resulting therefrom, nro far inoro In tho ln
toref.t ol authors than much laruor convrinhf.
on thooninmonly limited number of sales
"Ono thoiiKand books, pront $l.oo each
- 81.000. Ono million books, iiroiu emA nnm
Ah &n (vxainplo of ua American oopy
rluhtboof, thoy Isswc, In i atowdlnuly
hnndiorno form, tbo fhrnoys portloa, hlstor
leal, find iir.tlrlonl American clas.slo,
"M'Flnuut, mi KpioPoonc," by John Trum
bull, with very full annotations by th0
celebrated historian iknmm J. Losslnj;,
L'L. 1). This poiuii Is almost iih miioli a part
American history nn tho battlo of Hunker
lltmtHi-lf, nnd r. Lotting has creatly In
oroiwo.1 bor.h Its tntorent and Its lntrlnslo
value by his historical pommonfsand (IIIiih.
tratlfms. Tlrts hnck was published a fow
years tij-o by ono of tho old publlshlm?
h(m8vntlhovrteoof9J,00 per copy, and
lmdnlyrYryln-nllcd "lo. Tho publMi
ors crlMm that tho reoeptlon of their new
fdlttvin gxiarfVTiteosft nuIo of at leant .7),0M,
or Tn inoro probably lOC.OOO )pleH; and
Lomttm tHU, of oourso, reap a handsome
rorarl,vcn from tho Hinnll royalty upon
the Irtv prlco, Atisorlean Hook KxoIiiuiko
Publisher; New Vork City. '
Agents Wanted Quick to Sell the
Now remly lor AkoiUs. MoH desirable (li,
n0,".',10 nrlor.l. MtUlont ntawMuHg
larsre'. On iJio. t .t ,ltl(k, .,wws
t . 11, IIKAtJH A- ;o., Ct'lPiiv HI
If t