Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, April 28, 1881, Image 4

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G W. Fnk'br other & Co.,
' PulitUlier Jt Proprietor.
Subscription, $2 00 Por Yoar In Advance
oiticial vavvm of tin: county.
Afti-r iratliin,' ff w'ks wf llio
Jiifjh WHtorrtmiilinuniliitud t:oiiuti of
tho uppor Mliwourl, nml tin' attuntlmit
Had ()iifl(UiiuiiC(N, wo of this aortlon of
tho Missouri valley liavo had jiIim-oiI
hoforu our uyr-n and aildod to our ox
porionces, cvenls and HcunrH of Hdller
iny and dosolatlon, wliilo not connuoii
Burato with lluno v read of an oceiir
iin in tho midst of tho ico oro.s and
Ico Holds or tin uppor country, have
boon, and arc an we write similar
thuretoand had uiwiikIi indeed. In
our Ihhiio of last week wo wild the river
bank wero thou full. Hineo that time
the water has risen continually until
this hour of tfointf to proas, and loaded
rtkllTs and Hat boat are run every
where over the bottoms between the
bluff of Missouri and Nebraska. Tho
principal inteiesl. at this pointjs cen
tered on the largo, rich, mid old agri
cultural region on the Missouri side of
tho river, and in which large quantities
of Htoek are raised, ovory farmer hav
ing mora or less of Hue cattle and hogs.
Wliilo' all the skiffs and minor crafts
are owed in Saving human life tho lorry
company and their boat are working
with indefatigable energy to save live
thtoi'k and everything they can reach.
On .Monday last tho water had reached
wueli a stage as to enlist our good
"lieavted people. Scott City, immed
iately opposite Hrowiivillo, had been
standing in water several days, and
'While tho water was creeping over tho
liottom, the Xislmn booming, tlieio
3t:umcd to ever exist a hope that every
i ueh riso would bo tho lust, and
t bnt a fall would set in; but now,
M'uruta.v morning, in looking from the
hi ?ft dry' Muffs of UroWnville, seeing
I'll jfytfst.Huding in an ocean of water,
and Utet jtill rising, and viewing, as
far a-sowcrful teiitvcopes could reach,
:up nndMwA'n' .the rivor for miles every
farm iifMYtlut'ctl and every fiirm house
in feet ftf water, and realizing that
ovory a(f ewered helpless women and'ildren, to my frothing of all their
"Worldly poswsionsr we repeat, our
jpwrrlolH'cauiofonsevl with a desire to
.'pntfforth every pnwgy to save the ill-
fatal .people of tin? Missouri bottoms
'frowaiiowiiJug, and to this end every
carN9iilfji' in town wan net t( work
'.makingickiff.H and this wrk went on
.day anil Jgbt, until fifteen new IumIh
were linunched and manned and H(mt
,out Into tb Hooded country. 'Hicse,
in addition U wliat wero already in tise
madeti quite formidable and efficient
tluot. During Monday night and Tues
day a great many persons worn brought
.to Brownvillo by thosfi .sklfl's. prlnrl
judly women and chlMven, as the men
generally tikat ooulil not got their stock
out preferred in atoy witb 't as long as
possible and giv ovcry cafo in their
power. At thin wriUiitf,k('iIosilay,
10 a. in.), there tiro ttlxmt 200 rf the
rescued in our city, Tut-Ailay Ma'01'
Carsgn UxuhI the following
(treat distress is abroad in ourtiMin
try. The city is full of strangers
Hoeing from the Hood. All people are
therefore called upon in thin emergency
to lend a helping band, provide fmd
anil lodging for tnose driven lrom their
homes. Men and Women come
together at the Oper;t House tJiis
evening at7:a0 o clock. Tho Court,
Opera IIouho and other buildings are
utow open for the stricken.
Jxo. L. Caii.sox. Mayor.
('has. Xuidiiakt, Acting Clerk.
Tho people ladles and gentlemen of
tho Jty responded well to the call.
.Mayor ("arson stated fully tho object
' .of the mooting and called upon the list tic jiiugy in their charity.
d.AIJi& juo,?J or a committee to
ikarjiMfliite u systen.avd plan of action.
This luring adopted, ,Mr. jtlcli. A. II.
!Mo(iee,SamuenVlute, A. 4J. liilmoro
w ere i,ivoliiteifiuild counniTteQ. After
ai brief tfuio .tlin Ue .reported
ii'ftoouuwinKl'ftigui e&onitlv cMiit.tve
lUlakhw'Var.gO'O'f "Wio whole -unit tor uf
providUigttwd.atifl lodging loo-,the aof-
ugeen, and luiuu'd us Hiiid cwunuUtoo
'.. JJ.I'(iin Uiiiiaman awfl toons-
uier,.ftaiffelivfiMidh, A. 11". Jrtet'loe,,
.('h!iH.,Ni'iint.1..1. S. llUn.Mvs.
"P. ( I'lai'.kou.Mx.s. B. lludihut. fctwiw
yuqueuteditlnrt iUl uei'iwg iy -iwslst-
auie report it jtlhltt etinunlttee. The
folwhi.art6UiU'lrtjte0fi)H skitl'a ,vre
,also,jaipfUntftds 'JUurnette, Cnnnmell
and'DonbArhdld. After Home dlsciiH-
slon nVH"6vfiUuro work tho meeting
ravu-Wf"""""" "
adjourned. A subscription paper was
and is being circulated for funds to de
fray c.VN'iiscs, and ampin means arc on
hand for that purpose, Tho right men
and lailica, benevolent, big aoub'd, coim
stltuted the relief committee, and the
needy will bo sought mit and provided
for. '
OCTOBER 1, 1800,
Si ate Funds collected from Oct. 1st
1H7!, to Oct. 1st 18S0:
ICI.'tl of KuikH. l'rliinlpiil. liilccst. Toliil.
HlHteCfril.Tiil, i 7,rMK) fllWU ) 1.MM
' hlllklMK ,mi .w '"'
Hrlionl l.vr.'.sl 1iM.ll i)A.ri
" CnlvHftlty tiT.rr irtfri .n
" ivnitfiitiiiry in.n m.w. u;.;a
" Jrnmir. M7M U.I 7 VI7.
" Norniul X.l .W -'!
" muirt ri.HI I.U "-
Hcd'l I.nml Crlnc't 1 ,l I.V ." -'
' ' Intivcu .Vvw.Oti vrjii ft.trri.3j
Toiui tiMiMsi ;i.'n'.4'.
Amount paid .State from Oct. 1st
ISTii, to Oct. 1st, Kss'O.
KliiiforKiiiiiN, Aitntfnt
HlnlcOi'iicrnl..... ....,. ,,......(7,t'Vl
" HlnUlh(. ..,...,.... ITIO'i
Hrlifinl... ,.yV).!i2
" Ufilvcrnltr , (MM
" IVnlliTlllArjr .,.. II7.7H
" Iikiimi - M".)
" Normal 1.I
' Iftinrt .SH
Sctiool .nml l'rlnc(il ,m 1.01 1 A
" IntiTWt 5.(171.3!
Ttilnl M,0W.4i
County Kunds on hand' and collected
from Oct. 1st 1870 to Oct. 1st 1880!
K'IikI til'fiiiHln I'rtticlrml inter, at Totnl
County Onpnil jai.sinjo f M7.07 :i.073.&7
County Hliik'lni,' tf.s7l.7ii liw.l.i io.ino.9?
IlrlilKC 7.MI.VJ Ml. U 7,f.23.23
District S9I100I M.OII.i: 5(10.49 23 511.(11
Ook MV 31.01 WI.M
HfllWil Ilimil l,(Jl!I.M :i.-.7 .(IIJ.37
1'iTII IVl'Ct II. 11. J.ln.l(f 123.31 32" 07
llrntrnvlUi'Prrc'l JJVOM 170.64 2.774.3'!
Nonitilm I'rcr't H. 11. 1SM 13.72 175 07
AmiIiiWiiII I'-fot. 11. 11, P m 9.15 59.(11
HtntO Sclimil K.MKI.IV N.H.O.I!!
riiiciiilHt I.lcorrtO '.10.71 310.71
Tolnl f77,tnl.4I fJ'.Milll ?73.2J7.3i!
County Kmnlfl expended during tho
KliulorrnmN. Prlnelpiil. IntcfiMl. Tolnl
County (iiMiVrnl ?lf,u;i..M fi,(mt,os t:n,i:r..M
" HIllklliK 0,OII.0l 15 Mllt.TO
llrMKf 5,017.14 7W.37 C.7.V.SI
Itlltrlct School ( IA.VM.H
DoRTnt 3."( 391.74
M"fl(itil ldmtt H'.I,7( 85!.7(i
Vcnirri-'t. it. n. jvr,.. loM :,;5
Ilruwnvlllirl'ruct It. If. 2,ll!i7 U; r,573.3l
.S'cnilm I'rcct. U.K. M.97 fw.27
A-tliiull l'rortnct It. 11. 1.41 1.4)
Mtulo School 7.3-)l.lll r,31l.!H
I'liii's nml l.lccnfii M.'.V 3.1M
tM,375.I9 (J.OO&.M tCJ.3SO.67
CiihIi bitlnnco IJ.HlC.r.u
rotll ;;.2S7J4
Cash balance October lt, ISSO..
Kltul of I'iiiiiIi, Ainowit.
County (lentrM i 0c,M
, " s liking- ....-
, IlrlifKr. . .. 7S5.7!
iTlitrlct School ",& 17
linjr Tnx VtWi
1 Hrliool U'unl,. ,.......... lto.rtl
1 Ptwr I'rculmi It. It
llrow ivllli-rrt'clio-t It. U......n, 51,01
Zpiiinlut I'rooluct II. It. .. .. 45.hU
An;Knvnfl I'foclurt 47 57
r uti rtfliiK.l 1.41 f.H
JIhm iinrt LIcpiihi1...... .. 1I7.(U
Amount collected Tor tho year end
ing OetoboT (Ht 1SW:
Kind nt l-VroH rrlnrlpul Intrroit Ttilnl.
HlutO I'irilill (W,l.1,7(r i fiWMS f(9.(ISM3
U..u- ly Klimls 77'lUX 3K5.UI 7.a7.3(t
(0iV.lo7.IH J,7I5C3 fCl,II2.8I
Amount disbursed for the yeai':
Hint.. I'lllIlN I!I.(H3.
Con niy I'liniW a fTSOT.i1!
Cash llnlunri. , ... Ij.Vj.cO
Auiniii. ' 'd warrants issued from
ikrL lut lau' toiici. 1st iK8o:
(.VM(y OrnrrM...
Totivl UuM...
- 1,725.17
Ainouiit IttHUvined :
(JUMinty c.hiwt..,
Itxml .....
Hrlilci .......
Tatul llil(fiii'(1..-.. .......
..4.'.tn 37
... s-l:
OntMtiullaK U.uihJ from Ort.lfit MOK.Oi'i.
lot INVI , . .JI.4lH.(il
OiiJh.ruJIiu; kinwM prior to O.-t, txt 17!)....... " 34
OilttHMdlliK r. IM Hm lXS
t'onrtty IlixllroM lktu44 4.w
i'eru I'fwlnrt ItiUlMiki Hoinli . .. Srt.wMui
Delinquent tuxwand taxes for
lh-lllinivit lHX-il. Hluxcs
KCM(.nTiN i
I. HI 7.2
J.-2.12.I I't
t'l.Utl U'l
15 77l.7
27. .V fi
7.A7I 7
V'7 1(1
I tciSW
t'onuiy hliikliiK
J'.ir I'ann
DU rJ KvImm.I lloiul
t'oilttljrl K
I' Til riPt II It
iHrowiiw U')'.HIl
Ni'iimluv:l. It It
AHitk,il Ht-vl. It U
flI.UV.2l f(i2,2l5 2H jlin.lll.M
r-A:liwij;e trtwi'H if bird caues, eio
qiiot Hetti, H'ki-itg horses, express
w agons, (sliing linos,, t.c, to bo sold
cheap for ,t,wh, at Coble's .City
i m MwntifiniMa I M
Is now receiving one of those Mammoth Stocks for the Spring'
trade, consisting of
Summes: Silks, very Siap ; Larg line
of Embroideries Ladled
mid GBtss? HaftB9
O Jk O
To enumerate the
this paper admits, and nothing short of a
will give the trade a true idea that
This is tie Piece to do pr
Wm. ,i7 . ' - - '
All goods sold strictly on their merits. Those who have been
suffering from high prices will find relief by calling on J. L. McGcc,
Thankful to a generous public for past favors, I solicit by contin
ued square dealing your patronage in the future.
Very Kepectfully Yours,
J. L. McGEE.
Grass seeds at Xiekell's.
Tor first claiw groceries call mi
T. I j. .Jones.
Xew supply ot uku eakerrat Fur
man & I'aliuer'.i
Furnittmj and tinware repaired
by Stevenson & (,'ro.HH,
- The bent brand.i in" Ibmr nl ways
on hand at 'l Tj. Jtniert'.
Stcr'es, furniture, afid queeiiHwaro
by .StuvuiTHon A Cross.
Call at this olllc.e for all kinds of
job tvork, at reasonable rates.
Want butter aixl eggs. Highest
price paid by Stevenson & Cross.
- Fluent stuck of wall paper ever
in Mrowiivilh'atNfi'kelPn drugstore.
CotHiw and furniture, a large stock
of all styles by Hevenrun & t'rvss.
Hest Hread in the city at Furman
& 'aimer's wid tlon't ymi forget it.
LoitiH lyOWinanV Hesidenco and
Stoio Building for sale cheap Apply
to H A, ( tanoK.V
Hest Ufead hi Urowuvillo at the
new Bakery of Kui'iimn & I'almer al
ways fresh and clean. (Jivir them a
Anyone wishing to buy an outfit
for housekeeping can save' money by
buying of Stevenson & Cross', as they
keep everything in that line.
Tho season for .showing and ad
vertising stallions ban come again j and
it should bo remembered that Tin-; Al olllce is the place to get your
bills with an exact picture of your
Tho great man of Mentor has been
declared President of the lnited States,
without a dissenting voice and the
U.Viox" IIoini:, llrtnvnvilli', is unani
mously accorded to bo the best 1.30
inlay liouso in the "Went, Best table,
best lK.ihr best cigars and uvory ap
pointment of the hoiWo tuudfl peace,
pleasantness, qukrt- and comfort.
When you come to town call at the
Union and prove what we say,
IVow Firm.
Lou and i Milt. Jones, under flio firm
uaineot .lono.s 7ros., having purchase
vA tho meat inarkot of Bath k Boily,
wouW reHpoct'ully iin'ito tho public to
ciiiljjKlujo them, iloneri -Bros, claim
to lutiA'ufcjJid their bufiiiifssf, and will
not only ketjj all kindh of me.tts that
can UrtlixtJ in tUJrt market, bid 'leal it
out In choice mrun, tiiBtofully cik;- to
suit ilyneniber tho plao
oM tstiUid of Body JJros.
A4rn up hy l)fltr
"In UjiosHlblo tlmt Mr.ixlfrc)' Jm up nml
ivt wtirk, im1 ctirwl hy ho MijU h Minctly?'
"4 Huro ynti UlHtruu in iilHntlrnly
uri'il. uud Willi nut tilntc li- Jjop HIiCUtk;
4Mi4nly ten dii-J's nco IiIh iKioIom W IiUii
ut n(l Htild Ito imiMi iUo-"
'"Woll-Kxliiy! That 1h rtmivrkniW -f r,IJl
KO t Lit. day uiiilni't inmi for my poor
licorKe I know hops nro nooil."
Choice teas at Wliittcinoro's, at Ued
Bock prices
tQiB . scwitr4? mucam&mm
B" .
vast variety would require more snaco than
Honiovcd. I
.Jonas Crano, M. J)., hiiB removed his i
ollleo to the building next door (east)
to Bauer's harness shop. Ho has j'frst
received a fresh stock of drugs, and
will fill prescriptions at all hours, fny
or night,
One or inoro sots of books to post up
and keep in order double entry style.
Books oi'iied, closed and corrected. A
few more private students at raisoiw
able rates,
UG-tf A. YV. Sn.T.llAUdll
in harness, collars, whips, saddled,
curry combs, horse Inrushes, hnd every
thing usually kept in a lirst-cl.iss liar'
ness shop, call on' J. II, JJauer, cornef
Main and Second streets Brownville,
legaI Advertisements .
j In thu County Court of Nt'inuhn County,
NehniHkit. Not Ico In heruby Klven Hint an
application has Ik'oii inmln to tin' Cornitv
Court of said County to appoint Wilson K.
MnotH iiilmlnlNtrainr or the iHtnto of mild
John 1'rlcH, (ietinel, and that May lh, A,
L). Ihrtl, nt V o'clock it. in., at tho ollleo of tho
County JuiIko of Ncinnha county, NohrnsUn-,
In ItrownvIHo, NfiliriiHkn, has hcon llxeil hy
the court iih thotlmo mid place for tho hoar
Imr theroof, when nml where nil petHons
Inloresieil may nnixmriind content tliuwanie.
Dated April Itlth.lsSi.
County JuiIko
Ijjln tho County Court ol Nemaha County
NfUrnnkii, In the matter ol nllcxwIiiK the
Itinl ndmlnlsirntlon account of A. II. (UN
more, ndnilnlstriitor ol tire estate of H. V.
HukIihk, deceased. Nirtlco 1h hereby ulvon
that May lillh. A. I). 10 o'clock u. in.,
nt tho ollleo uf the County Judge of Netrfnhn
connty, Nebriwltn, In Hrou-nvllle.Nelmi'.kn,
has heou llxed hy the court as the ttme ntul
phtfte for e.Vitmlnlnu and allowliiK Ha'ld ac
count, when iiud whoruitll perfous Intercut,
ed may hpjimh and rontcHt tliomtino.
Dated Ajirll Il'th lSil.
County Judge.
in.STATE OK CliAUK AI.MCN Dcceahed.
Ill In Iheinattcf irf allowlii); the final IM
uitulstratnn account ttt ,1. C, Neal admin
iHtrator of the estate of Clark Allen do eas
ed. Notice in hereby ulvon Hint Mnv .'M A.
1). IKSl at in o'clock it, m. nt Mio olllce of
theCounty JuiIko of Neinaha County, Ne
braclca, In llrownvllle Nebriihku, lum been
llxt'd by the court as the time nml place for
examining ami allowing xnlri iiccottnt,
when and where all persons Interested unit
nppear and contest the -uinc,
Dated April 1th isNl.
iv I Special County .1 iwuAi.
Road Notice 'for Damages.
To nil tvlunn It mny onncern; The com
rnlNslnrjpr (tppolnted To locate n eouny
ron.J, roinfueiiftng nttlln renter of .section
a I, township I. Norlh of range 10 east mid
running thence South 40,00 chains to n.
ttnknon the south lllno of mild mctlnn 'JO,
terminating at snld ntuke, )i(! reported in
fnvor of the eNtnbl.shmoni theroof, nml nil
objections thereto, or claims for damages,
tnusthe tiled In the county elerk'sotllce on or
before noon of the lHth day or June. A. I).
1880, orsuoh road will lie established, with
out rnfarenue thereto.
J2wl Sounty Clerlt.
NOTU'P. Is hereby given tlmt llonlntnln
Hates Mas tiled a petition In the Dlstrlut
Court of Ne.tinha county, Nebraska, accord
ing to the statute In made and
provided, '.licnhjoot nml prayof of ivhlnh Is
tu obtain ndecrenof rhUI court changing IiIk
,nuin from llenjnmln Hates ro Hounmlu
llateu lloudley. The said pontoon wilt ho
itoU(J Mlon hy sftlil court at Its first (telling
uKwh publication of this notiee (at thirty
MnroU 'm, i8b
TiI J.Vttornoy for 1'lnlntlM',
HOtTE of
personal examination
IV tliu matter of tho dtitleH of thn lhmnl of
Count' ConunlsMlonerH its sol forth in sei
tlon 'in, on tinge IK), In oot of IS7H.
Tho Koitnl do ustiinuto the current c. notifi
es (of the year IS1. to he ns follown:
Fot i'onnty Oenornl fund, tlicmnuunt of tf
mills on Dw dollar Vnluntlon.
For Comity ainklim frnd, tho ninotint of
.1 mil Is On the dollar vulantlon.
For Houil fiTml, tho urYiount of ;r inlllv on
thndolliu- valuation.
Dono ut Jantnry term, j'ASl.
sfiiiKi ooi,nF.irr.soN'.
Mf t'ounty Clerk.
Lecnl Motlcn.
JOHN HAUr,VN. Owner (if the reffl estntii
herelnatter desci Ibid, you nro hei ebv m
tllled thnt tho f.'illottlng described real c'stiitli
towlt: AllnfWoeS rtity five (Vi). slluafed
in tWu tmt n of r.oirtlon, Nemaha Comity, Ne-In-nsftn,
tvnsdui;-purclined at tax sale piv
thft 1th day of tprll, IS.'p. from A. U.'(nr
motti, in CottiUy Trrtmurer of nlild county,
hy A. F. nml .fnnie.vKnnx. lor the tncHlfy'
led thnreon respectively for the year.s ij;7
W7t, p?;, IK7J. IM, l7.nnd 1871, nml ?maln
lng rtollnfit-ent and Citiplilf? up to ffie tlm6
of snld tax niile.
Yotfnronfso not'fled thnt tho said Kind was
inxeil for the years nforesiitd In the nnino of
John Hnumnn and cbrtlhratn of .laid pur
cliae wft on tho ilhli day of April IHnUtliilv
assigned to the undernlgfied Torf ittb fnf
thfr nollOed that llio tlinrof redemption of
snlifland from said tax sale thereof Will ex
nlro September 1st IMf.aml that unless sai.f
lumlAurcrrericcincri from rtnM tax sain on or
before sittd lust nnmtd .Into h deed will bedc-.
mantled by nml IsinTjf to the iimlerslftnetj
pursuant to snld snlonffrf asnfnnient there
of for siilif Intnl.
Dated April IStli, !S8t. j
8w,1 rf. P.ViNTEl'S-
Coxumissioners Salo ot'RfJnl Estate.
VTOTIC'E Is lif-reby given that by virtue of
o. nn order of sale tsstied mil of tho District
tunrt of Numnhn Cmifity Nebr7rku,mid tir
nuiimi iriuri'i-D tiuft roinmissmiirrM in
tliecnsiiliuroltiiifter iifefitlbnpil unon mi ,ir.i..r
nud (FicTfff rnn
idereil hy tho said ('otirt In it
certain action tlwfcltr nfltultnt? wimmii.
7, I ,..," .".""' I'rmilllK, willTflll
Uryaiit ('abb. Is plulntlfTand Man tin Flnlov
f obb, 1'lnkffey C'ohb, Cflny Cobb, ffcivl.r
loljh. Ciithiirln King, Mnrtha CHinrcir.
niiieN (N,hli. Hoynrpure Cobb, Naiif A,
Klng.WllllnnfMW it. VT. Cobb, Newton C
U orlov. Louisa Tnmnfi, Jlarftm VI. McCliilm.
I'.llza XsmlKoti. MardiaC. Xee, and John A,
Irwin, are defondanH. We will ojler for
saleat nubile auction fit the d.ror of the
Court House In Urownvlllo in tnid Counts'
on Friday May 'SI, 18.11 at one n'cloc.L- in tint
aricrnoon of that ilny the following real
wrtntrln Nemaha County, to-trlt:
? '. Neo J3-,own " rn :. E.-lfinncrcs,
5J..Vt"nr' '.',' lox"" r. ra"K l:l- ,,; m "ores.
N K'Jwc. 13, towns, range i:i F.-ir,(i acres.
S R t4 Mt.M totvrt .'., rilngo 12 K.-lfiO ncres.
lermrt-ofM!tf("-One t)i)r? Cnifi : Olie-tlilrd
In one year, find one-ihlrd In two veurs or
miieh ns the prtrdtriser may desire (o par.
over one-thlrd". on tiny of sale.
Deferred pajmenfs fodrnw Interest at tho
rale nt ten per cent, per annum, p.iyulu.. an
nuully, from date of sale.
W'n.i.rur if Ifom'iiii.TKofeipesani;
Davidson lM.AsrKtis f Coins.
JKlTKltSON II, IlKOAIlt, Atfy. jsu ,
The I'urMt nml niHt JUUIclue tier JIndo.
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