Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 18, 1869, Image 2

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a frrra.e.
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a.y rather than
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.1 f a th-? !:;- i:nc"n.ii'i'.'l?orrl.
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is fcrc: l.rn, and
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:rla ; r-n '..i n 111.:.-, f ;u:
'i the co.;: t;uti- u of the iiuiy!
crthcconiatullcncftlieUnlti-J Htatcs,
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f:?nce th'. n if. 'II
. tin? frr::i t - rh: II c aituic a L:icc
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, cf vie 2
I'.. Vi'.'.rr.ii v;. G-;::. 11
: '. J 3Icu. J. ::. V,-;i.c3, cfIov.-a, v:: j
C.-r::;'.Iu.-i Vrcr.ill Lave Ice n tir In-C.:::-l:
L:;cr3f.r the Ucica 1-c::-
r.. : .1 ty the r cr.t :y cf th j
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It:.:!r:.-i U lncr::..hv;
The travel c:i the Cour.cll Hl:.Ci
c:";;:;.2 .:t the h:.
ir.-.rchant' czz ro ih'.vn i:i the L;:a
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t.::a return
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the tiny.
.e f.r.::ie eve
Ih (hi-.::
r,r.r.!fr Ih ih Cu::n:nraar.i, irera
3V h:.:,':! County ca'.I: .1 Ui-ontt
v Ilci.f the. ;:eurl.a::o:. t:
rr.;n wLthcr f :i:vii:j Lhutual avo
ca;i:r.3ca t!.e f..rrn, cr vatchlii i-.r.J
v erhlr.T h: the late r:-H rf hi con-eta-r.c;.
la .-.c C..-...I,..,
l'raui, ccrn; Ilea, c'.i yucs. rir !.nl
j'llc-, are ret raicJ cr i.h.ttoJby
t.r.y t :t cf Lis, lie Las rrove't Lira
trclf a true raan cr.e that raay le
tru:tc J ia r.::y ccraciiy la vLith. Lis
fellow cltica.3 may neei a-L-taaee.
v hi l.-e t
!.h ,:eae:.i ia A; i
! - (a l :t t' ? .' :
tv ;coay-;rrrt:
tu.e;, Cir.r.aae t. ;
I ; t - f: : i t! , f
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a a m:
ri i raa. s ia yer
re is iif thinj in the
a la'V C:clir-
e na-
ir in the -helo ttutj crarart cf the
!: .;: e, ar.i r yarirjT owjices cf stock
t..i r ? in.'..: the:a fiuai trc-f .--un.e; ca
t::dr r.ei.: h! ::n crops. Yea Kay Kihl
li-:: la a "h t cutrare" ci your
ii,:hU a.:; clti.x as. Ycu have tho rig lit
ti i- i :n f-y ch, bat no ri rat, cither le-
::y cr
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ioa of the
A cor
;: ( : . . .
- ' Ire ; - 1 ef-re tv'
h r the Cu;ira
a .a cxajair.atior.
i a at 1 o'clacli
'."tlioan foci
1 clivi-s-
iavitutina i.-3 c:-:tc-a .led
the u'-he to at.ten.1 the:-- exercises.
,.,;. . y 4-1 1 h . i r. e
j. :i. McIInxziK, Trin.
; e on
he are
y, yc i;r
i e
ec , in I.. c :,
1 the c-unty i::::''
a r.?, to ree;:ve r
ilhtrict.3 ? ::r.:
c ; -rt to the 'tat;
I, ra t to ret y.
tv.-cea theihhi;
3 .ar d
The llcv. Ga). P. Aleiauuer cf Nc
Lrasha city ciphered tM-o cf Lis lec
tures in rrcv.-avihe I. at vecek t) very
1-4 . 4. .. I C 1, . ... C 1 -3. A 41 0 t .C'.uJ
were pevi -y c:;nr aac. d, rrai but
f.r the D! trict Oral vh'ili vas in
p: -.den thai ve:h, v.c aid have drawn
j-.M I,,.. ., r j 1 ,. ,
v v. w -. a i i.'j j . j i i i v e A u u e i u i.
Lut r
leet f
et ) this Elite froai
New II-' a:.!, aad ij decidedly oneof
' r
rs veo have Lad the
to i,r leaa.v actey.
cftl era n:ah-hecl, and
e i:::y n.-t readily adept
still lie can but
Li.? conclui'.ciis,
rare the f.a:e and c
v, I.ieh t'a y are teat 1 rrue to Lin cc ui
prehcuhiea. Ills ityl cf delivery ii
animated, and at tlua i ho is truly clo
oyueat, New theuhti aad tld eras
iry-craoudy i at, roll from Ida lips one
after another iu s uch rap id f accession
that Lis Lcarcra aro a.? much interested
to know wh?t is ceiair.,:; r.cst r.--. they
are to fally d';at vhbt Las already
lecn raid. We consider ?Ir. Alexan
der !.a aide and ridne; raaa ia the
The-.. lay's OraaLa Lm:,:j 7i.;c
c. nidus the L:iowirph.:is ceae.ra
inataddca d-.atlicn cr.e cf the trains
cf the U n F.tihe Ihailrcai: "Ab
the ccada:i:r cn the in cm::. - train
v'c.dv,ard, t )-d ; . v
i C-
f::ui the
Leila;: th
Le dheoverc 1 that cue wrsr; pare at iy
rd.ea. A 1: -ht tap ca the s-hcul h.r
. t cf
ilhi ia t
rcdeee t!:e d
Liai; Lut vh; a heath a- ted
toshaheLha f:u ri the tu; ; r -dtlura-tir,
the Lcrril truth lhahei tai:I
:aiad then:an v. as eh a h"
Fr.ta the (7":h'a (Tecu:a-ah), we
Jeara that 1'eter Italeitven, the ccal
rarer that left the coal banks near
. 44 e .., f..i-
Tecum,-Ji for letter Jpayi
ia Pawnee eaa.iy, Las r;
Pa.d that he raade a nh-.taheia leav-ir.-r;
that the le-t way toreaeh Jchn
j?aa Ce, Ncd.rraha, isly thci.:aei
.. . r i , .a a . . ... - ,
4 .( 1 4.
are (aaa1- :::
that tettlirs
4.4 i..
r 1 !
T, i '
1 -
1 . and that f -ye.h r
Z the ia.:ad ryu. -.tiens cf t
a ; it i.. . it I. . e k ..4 .
a. a r.r: c r: ctly aa a- er, d ia the
:-cf that r-jer.
4 V - - . 4 - 4 1 1 -l A 44 J
I La.aocraf farra hed th e ma! . :h.l
.v..a:int eari i..e c aa.. i .
- ca The laatrrhd irearhaJ
Oa the; had paye -ill be feund the
rcportcf the Coryre: s ional coramiitee
r;iat:d to the appauling
frauds conaaiitcd at the rrciidenih.l
and g-carral election held in New York
City Ire-1 November. This rcpoi t eon
clu.dvcly thows that but for the fraad.-i
thus coaaaltted by Democrat is ctn
chd., in which they v cre cnceurayc l
I y th e p re: cat G oven: or c f Nc w York
cad present hleyc-cf the City cf New
Yc:k. the PJdo wculd Lave chosen
Griiweli f . r G ' (rncr and rre.aden
tial c letters far Great aad Colfax.
Naturalization papers vere iesaed to
persons who never rpj-carcd in court
to heiitieus names, aad (o persons
under r.a-a;med suames, by virtue of
which re r s e a s vet e 1 1 1 a n y time.- over
that the oath rc-yo.rei by law was
never taken ; ia fcLort, the report pre
sents a record cf ciheial corruption
wLieh ought t) ce.raa -e the character
cf even a New York City Democrat,
cadi-hows t!:at ths Democratic leaders
were ready to rdort any measure
which promised tueecas. For the
Lcacr cf America and Ikpuldicaa ia-
i s, it U Lrpcful that the Untied
will net sufl'er euch infamcus to adraiukicr the raoveraiaents
cf (he State aad Naticn afar the cx-
- i ?
a cf their j reseat terras.
Ia! kef the
, . . . t v i 1
4 4 i 4 i. I .
h-v ia Chh.
d.e r.:
.: ai
- i
f r.
a ta ci.: , c
- ! ' - '
..'-.-.r r-- " V t '
f.-r thee:
th cr mat;
Let V
i -
a the ar
ea. Neve
Lli way to Y.'io-
t the ; ait cf tl e
a ua a Lira like
fer the C t ?)
I , .. r r ,
.1 fura
dthfal ia
th-ia I:
tea thai v
f cf c ri
eal ' ?
! . . ! 1. i f v .- - .. .1
;'tt veto the bill f.r
'a car lainia-
. A
. . . : i , .
:ts to
c : ct: er
' : th
Andrew John.' ;a dies hard. The
Democracy think like the Swan, his
dyir.2 eens the tweetcct. lie con
demns every cf'.hrt of a loyal Congress
to root cut and appro.? the L.?t ves
tayo cf rebellion, and, the democracy
carp their laaaa-- arc cry bravo, bravo.
Jchra 3 a chary: Ccrgrcsa with beinj
jaatkd to the ecu : titution, the Union
aad the ikhts of leyjl citizens, aad
wit!, a v at cf charity aad disrespect
fer the pretended constitutional rights
cf rebels and rebel tyrar athicers, aad
ire v eh ? crc: wraca is to
I f . aily cu' ycur j v.r !a:-hl,::r; that
vcr'rreil (aiK:ak saay be
liaa; a. If va:i 1 eheve li e law to
lea:. dull j ad, it is your ra-ht to
i ve a cr.e carried up to the courts to
f t that ryu r.;iic n; but if yoj prcsdst
ia car-jiap out ycur "mutual pgree
meait" 'to ah o-.v ycur stock to run at
ixrr, tl e rc-ult will probably be that
at the next term cf our District Court,
each . io:k raiser will have from thirty
ti foaty suits ca the docket to defend,
and r.s one. case go'.s to jrocs the rest,
entailing f n ir.aaeia-e bill of costs.
The lew declares that it shall be un
lawful lor t toe k to run at large, &c,
which jaekes the act of do'. 1:5 go a
Ir'.vprs?.. Tlie law. also provides (hat
the Ktock may betaken up and eta
peundau and he d.uneees ascertain ed
by arbitration, Lut in ia- opinion the
ja;rty irjarcd, raay, instead of taking
up the -dock, bring an aotion of tres
ress before any Justice of the Peace
ia the county and recover damages.
As to the merits of said lav, permit
r 12 to sny that the Legislature of our
tt ite thSuld legislate fortlie benefit of
ad tiie poedeJ cf Ncbnska. "The
greatest .mount of good to thegrcatest
r.umb er" is a good maxim, Laving al
ways a re:pe-et lor the constitutional
rirhts of the minority.
The st.nthties of the Ft etc show that
r . ae than half of the farmers are far
ming without a fence, and one-for.rth
more have wlr t aro called fences, but
r.e t tuiiicient to turn stock. Looking
thcreiun; to the general welfare and
prosperity of the blade, the Herd Law
is one cf the most humane and just
1 iv, as that the Legislature ever passed.
1 1 la s be ca charged ag dnst the He
re, 1 arty that they cared much
fer the r eero and but little for the poor
baling a ad struggling white man; but
I will soy, m a Democrat, that the
ripubi;aa Legislature of Nebraska,
ia the passage'ef the General Herd
Law, has fhown to the world that the
poor white man of Nebraska "isat least
as good a the negro," and entitled to
the protection of the law. I say this
be causes we should give honor to
whom honor is due, and in the la li
cit rye of cur Divine Savior, "render to che things which belong to
Cersar.and to God that which belongs
to (iod.
You, as American citizens have giv
en your orinions ; I, with au honest
purpose of heart, have given you my
opinions, without hope of fee or re
ward, hoj ingit 11133' do tome good to
my nceghborsand friends with whom
I wish to live in peace.
I must close for the present, but at
some future tune, wall give my views
to the effect that this law will benetit
the fdock raiser as well as all other
Itc-roctfully yours, &c.,
1j. JJuiixet 5TF.PIIEs.
Bedford Tree i net,
VrASincJTo.v, Jlarch 14. Senator
Sumner has in p. but, and soon will
deliver, .1 rpe-ech, taking the ground
that Idnglaud is entirely responsible
fcr much more than the destruction of
four 6 Id 1 b ; that the action resulted in
sweeping our commerce from the seas,
and ia prolonging the war at leats a
year. Mr. Thorne, British Minister,
hearing this, said to Mr. Rumner,
"That means war." The French Min-
bter, Mr. Bcrtliy, said, 'h!Ir. .iumner,
that means expansion of territory."
The mutcer is making more stir in dip
lcmantic circles than any question
which has agitated them for a long
time. It does not please the English
here to learn that theFrerch think, as
-dr. Ferlhcr.'y's remarks interpreted,
that l!n seel and would not fight, but
give uj i.ritisli America instead.
Vv'ashington, Jdarch 12.,
The House, by an overwhelming
rasjority, adopted a Concurrent reso
lution fcr-. the adjournment of Cou-
aress at coon on.tpe la;t Friday ln
-y the d:a.e
c;)asfitutioaal to
3 1 3r g
v .. 3 1 j. .. . i. e e; iiuau
us by ta-aaho rcut the ccn-
t titution iahharhalaaddy to Lis audi
e a e e, 1. a: t h : ha t f . r a wc 1 1 d d r ec 3 to Lis
"lamt take back t:J.i' friends is a
medio cf : rc;:kty ia this rey-e.h Iu
it we find tke v erd "ce
k 1, i i u. 1 4 v; i I. .1 v
thirty times ; th e word 'constitutional'
ei.cht times; the word "uaccagitu-
a. fc
c :
i I
' t c a
cace, aad the rvcrd "cca-;titu-
tieradiiycaec; total, f riy times. lie
I.a dene what Le caul J t make trea
son respectable, p ardour 1 every rebel
whether ceavieted or cnconictc-i ;
c; end th: j ri a d; c as aa-1 relaa.d
v,Lh-hy, c a 1: ate: frit rs, repeat
er?, r.bch, r.r.dreb 'syrc; ...thhar?, aad
their La a.I? i ,:c to'lim the'ihaidit
cfve:id;a3;:crlaadn;:hhds:rv;.- tt
"we the a artthe h. tcf c :r eea-
.1 ru:
eve rs-
t , re
5 v-iil b the h -tc-ea:':
ed a. h-ai the ri; ;.'.h:i may
- ' . ''"-J V -i ,--'t
i : y hi r.a a-y ef the ,;
; . s' ieaiiada: at I hi' ;;-
i e a-
benator Ilorton, cf Indiana. La3 dc
cepted the init.atic-n of the Board cf the Gettysburg Na
tional Cemetery to dcliver'an address
on the flrt cf July next, at the dedi
tion of the monument, which will be
cemj'Iete J by that time. An original
poem will be delivered by Baycrd Tay
lor, aad Kev. lit ary Ward Be-echer
will rarfata tlm dut: s cf clin plain.
(i a. fa mi bell, of Gen. tehoaeld's
s'a T, is t- le r ppoiated Gove rnor of
V'yoiain re Territory.
'idie Idrc-hie at has revoked the order
cf Andrew Johnson, to nc.'.'o 2ro$C'r(i
theeaiMi of Danl. Abel, Ih B. Brown
ami ether?, cf the "St. Louis whiaky
riae', ac;ai:ad whom indicimcats Lad
bee n thund.
Attorn y General Hcarc laft.niaLt
f.c nt to tl e Governor of Me-ssaeku-etts
his re-;,:nr t;e.!i from the Supreme
C-art beach c f that hta'e.
'1 lie c-eatrst f : r Coramiioncr cf In
dian Ahairs bs letwe-en Gen anbcrn
ex-rcace c m-aha ner, end Col. A.
II. Cmovan, cf Ii: Far. a. Gen. b'h ?r
maa Laving endcr.-ed the farmer, his
(.' a :,- 1. re the ba-t.
Ca.a.ra -j are to be rarde In the Tlin-
) ad, Buaaaaad Portu-
fv S. . ddcGKEW, jPrcst.
ia r:
u ?as yc :
..a -s sha
: - r a -1
jzc, m-
c f J c : ..a C i
::a.:.' a ova.;
aye a;
- 4 J.l ill.
h.ef the aa; r e ra e Court
ia:. b as h ., id a proeia
a hr g fire aeeneb; rs cf
F 1 m ; ii ber tht.a-
f- he r, h'e f J ta! - - ai coamtv
l.-.'r; :M a '.: . r. f t:.2. tafe";
..a: c av eieicea cf the
tui.i aa i bria r to iurt'ee
thai o
ncs, i a in c:
..a a. a,
.) t .: r theai i the at ia
a; ad.";: eat cf auv ( .'
1 r ,
4 c
k e
0 D r:
1 a 1 .
i t
-aer. cf lerk,
k.aar aaai t:p the
on Wall street, and
, a : sh-cihady da,
;y ri:- ia the
4. . . . . 1 . 1 .j-
Tc t rhs ab' 0 elatlcr..
' Lo::ro:r, March 5, 1S.C3.
The Nemaha County Teachers' As
sociation met pursuant to adiourn-
ment. The President being absent,
the members were called to order by
Prof. J. hL hlelleazie, and Dr. . V.
hleGrev; fleeted Pre:-', icntro tern.
The caecreh.s were ot-t-ned with
music by the Normal Class, aad
praverby Rev. F. Ii. IhstcrbroG'.c
Tlie minutes cf the proceeding
meeting were rea l rnd approved ; af
ter wdiieh the regular programme for
the evening was taken up. First in
order was an Fssav by II. Roberta.
Next in order was a discussion.
Qucadoa "Is a uniformity of Text
Books in our schools desirable; and
how shall such a uniformity be best
secured?" The persons who were ex
pected to participate in the discu.ssion
being absent, Prof. and C.
C. hlea ler were appointed in their
stead. Prof. McKcnzie introduced the
die-cussion, and entertained the audi
ence at some length, with valuable
s u gge -ti 0 n s ; after which Prof. Jda rt i n ,
Rev. Fclden, and several others, hear
tily united in the discussion.
On motion, the question was laid
over, and the association adjourned to
meet Saturday moring at 9 a.m. Mu
sic. .
The Association met according to
adjournment, Dr. 8. W. McGrew in
the chair. The exercises opened with
prayer by Rev. Folden. Music! Roll
ealf. After which au opportunrtywas
given to those who wished to become
members of the association todgnthe
Oa motion, a committee of three
was appointed to draft a set of resolu
tions. The committee consisted of
Prof. IMcKenzie, Rev. Folden and C.
Campbell. Music by Prof. Martin.
Essay by Miss Annie Morehead. Mu
sic. Discussion: question "Method
of inspiring pupils with enthusiasm
in study, and habits of self-reliauee."
after a short discussion the question
was laid over.
Mrs. C. B. McKenzie then enter
tained the audience with a well writ
ten essay. It was moved and carried
that Mrs. MeKenzie's and Miss Moor
head's essays be published in the
Brownville Advertiser.
The committee on resolutions then
submitted the following resolutions,
which were read and adopted:
llcaolvcd, That it is t he sense of this
association, that a uniformity of Text
Books throughout the State is very
desirable and necessary to the success
of Uaducation'amongu3, and we pledge
ourselves as teachers to do all in our
power to bring about this important
object, atthe same time urgingour law
makers to assist iu carrying this out
by proper legislation.
lics-olred, That we, as an association,
respectfully request the County Com
missioners to appointsome active, en
ergetic young man as County Super
intendent; one who is not engaged at
the same time in teaching, as we be
lieve no person can teach and attend
to the duties of Superintendent prop
erly at the same time. That we be
lieve we need the active services of a
man the greater part of the year in
order to make our school what they
should be; that we need a man who
wall grant certificates to those fully
quaUiJlcd to receive them, and no oth
ers. Resolved, That we consider it the
duty of every teacher in the country
to heartily sustain the Teachers' Asso
ciation, both by his presence and ef
forts; and that preference should be
given to such teachers in our schools
throughout the country.
Jicsoh-cd, That the thanks cf the
Association are due to the kind people
of London and vicinity, for the hois-
pitable spirit manifested in receiving
and sustaining the Association. . . . .
Resolved, That we extend our thanks
to Prof. Martin for entertaining the
Association with music. Also to Mrs.
Ellis, for the uso of her instrument.
On motion, Dr. McGrew, II. Roberta
and Annie Moorhead be a committee
to make out regular meeting of the
It was moved and carried that the
next meeting of the Asesociation be
held at London, on May the 7th and
The Association then adjourned.
t.-mce is thee i a ret)
f.-rt to the mile. Ti.o C-;
tiing ua rag : I!y, aa 1 ?'
the line cf the r; '
anxious for its spet-..y ecai aucaaa.
O-TTAWA, 'Ma; ah 1J. N Ike is triv
rn in the Oh ' g r7f;: - f? th :t aarhca-
tion will beaa.4 Ic t tii a P. a I bin
o O 1 ' ; j r n Y e - ' - -j
Xr-t to in no morale a c a
i it
t a
, ry
cea-y cue, t:
vralcv i r ia
the a' ' .t .h
ict to incorporal
struct a tanned 1:
it cf
-a, reran
y to con
; five r.
At V. r-! "a -
Xci-C; a tea. La
!.- -,r t-i I..: r ..-as C
;ro v r..;rl,( f f ' Iw
NtrW 1 : k, !) Ml: Si
4 4 4 X j. .
.1. r,a-'
-.-: ; n.s, i-I
- 4 4.4 4 '
On ttie V.ih ir.-t., of P"-. vm-a , Ttrs. Lci
A. Nclsun, e-j-i e.i yt.u-s, 8 111 -jva aa.l j
days, . - .
On Thnr.Mv nfrvt, J'ffh ll"'a 1', Rt his
rsi i.-rae, r:ve i...a.s v.-.-.-t of t..n viy, of
Chronic In::4imati-ri cf t; e h!-rj.a-h, Jtm
V.Cuieaiaii,c.-:ea 41 years, g rxoatLs sn-a 17
The su.jeet of th!s nr-ttee U ru In CC?o,
Juna 27tli, 15J7; carao to ;.i:-ourl na. r leli
majority, and res a a-1 in Holt Couiity several
years. lie came to nJi?aa?lln
this county in OoicUtr, UZi, t eUln a tt Uru
Just atxveth8 rUy wli-.n It was but aliowllrss
vrUderncss, Leiag cno amon tLe cataert pi
oneers cf Nebraska. As a .sett'eaent er-rang
np he became ono cf 11 J Ic-a 11 r j cat rat-.-1 ln citizens, occur j-lr niany po.vttlonitj
of bonor and trust f;r be it reineiaCercd the
emoluments of c:Lce wera f-?w and far be
tween In those days aciuittins himself cred
itably In all. .II we hlgn s'leritT of this
oaunty for four years 1SCC-7, and 1.-C1-2. In
liOT he gave up farm Ins and moved to this
city, owning for a while a portion cf our Fer
ry and keeping a livery stable. While heie
ho never was lacking in public spirit, and en
terprise, in fact showing more than resulted
In hii financial good.
Within the past few years he has engaged
himself particularly in fann'.ag, and has held
the position of Yice-rresid?ntof the Agricul
tural and llechanieal Aoci.atlon of this
County'slnce Its oiyanlzatlon two years since,
in which position his .ka;h U a vt'a vacancy,
..s a citizen he was law abi ling and loyal; as
a parent, kind and aSVttlonate, always so
licitous for the welfare of his family. He
leaves a wife and three chiiUre.ej, and a host
of warm friends, to mourn the irreparable
void raado by his demise, and a whole com
munity to regret the loas of a good roan from
its midst.
The day cf his funeral, last Sabbath, was
the most inclement of tlie season, and tiius
trated forcibly the following eloquent pa ssaye
written by Dr. Eushnell ;
"We have cleared away the snow, and hewn
a postage down through the solid pavdmont
01 tlie irost, and coca in that iniioepi aibie
place we come to bury our t'epanod .'riend ;
our heart shudders in convulsive chill at. the
forlorn last oiUoi's we are coine to pTiorm.
While our feeling Isprotcsting, the hole. uni
ty, so-called, goes on, a n 1 h-.fore we have got
ten our consent the ''tribute of rrspeel'' is
ended. The frozen chips of e.arth, loosened
dorain by blows, are piled n the loved one's
rt, and we turn lo o. 'W1U it siorm to
nignt? The wind, aia; is howling even now
in the t re, and tiie kh' Ling lists a.rvt.dy be
gun. O Go'i, it shall not be I We were going
to Lie fxis, we Ke, bin now the sp-il is bro
ken. Uur departed is rn.t in lhat srave, and
we scorn to say our aucv.-l! over it. I,et the
snows f.ili heavy, if Iticy wUi, and the winds
rage pitiless and wild a ive,ours it siiall io to
thanK t.hee, Father, Lrd 01 the warmer
clime, that our Ue;i 1 one lives with liiee. "
l4 ..fK --4 w -4irtTjrs4-:iicSBPwaa
I ! f '
C ; -,' 2 --re': :-: ',' .. . h
da-jx, c: le Hi '- a e
book f, v f-f,'i'r'e :-.
C t r -r i ,1' - -,s f - I f V
-V o-t n n -'--1 i ftvfi "' f
art a-, ..'.a, ror' i !. a , 7!,j c (:.', fft'Z
aa V.zt Ct.j wet li ...etV'rt, n-.-t h
ie 'aaaarra," a .v as. c:a. re fri.eM
n-caxs u t-. . : .y j-r-a ' a - t a :'.-
eta do it, tn t'.i -wcrf he 'tc-rc : a i..- 1 wr, u-'-'i: tl.-t
expenditure, cony ii '; in, tri.'.ij tt ev." 1 , ctj u-at-irg
care. tloli,r:r,( i fwa' ' ' j u-vi i '. . -. a
ie'-c.e -i ftzi to i fv' a -i r-a. ,
Lit. Zilwj&t
At tli3 RIGHT PP.1CZ.3 ! J
At lis HIGHX THIS ! ! I
ti. To meet kl$ oblizafUri purctuallj, "fifing
prompt" plsadtjor Ue interest cf lft Sferchant ui.'A
the eloquence of a Jzniel licit ter.
' SJ. T3 f t dven hi erpente, cs "t. C Y. -i 8Avl U
a doUar earned," and it ervt'Aet oie to Klin much
Ve tpeak in prcise of tfiote rules, i'crr tie have tried
Viein, and Jlnd then ta le the nly me-.m t a tuccattfiil
mercantile crtreer.
BEHOLD t We lire not occupying i grand cp-town
Brick, u-UAthtiVi tfullof IViK'er SixJe, but are com-
forUiLle housed ai
w 4 4 ..'4. uxA. t. w
I'aween Ivee aad First,
-1 -
w ;
1 1:
t: - .
r .
4M4 W 1..
Scliocl Ilcctii: IIot?co.
X Qualified Voters juid Uesideut Property
Holders of Brownville City School Dl-Uricf, will be
held nt the School i louse iu ii city, on Jfouday,
the 5tU day of April, a.d. at 2 u'eloclt
Tae proper business of the lnettios is .
Lst. ToelectaScuocllJirecior ir the term of th ree
2d. To consider v hf t further levy of taxes is nec
essary to supixjrt ti:e fc-chooi, a id muei tr.e obliga
tio'is of the L.-.triet,
31. To see what en le done toward enclosing aad
Improving the school llouvr lot.
4i.ii. To attend to uny otiit-r matters which the in
terests of the tiristriet 'may rei vr-.
O. B. lii-.seETT, Director.
"iLLXAf is, Secy.
How well Grant kept the secret of
the cabinet Is shown by a story con
cerning Mr. P.orie, the Secretary of
the- Navy. hlr. Boric, went on to
Washington to sec the inauguration of
the new President, but without the
slightest thought or desire of a call to
the cabinet, lie called on the new
Proficient on the afternoon of the 4th
cf March, aad found him at work in
hU chieo. "Ah! Mr. Pone," said
Grant, "havet'ou come on, too, to spy
out the cabinet?" "Not at all," re
plied Mr. Borie; "I came only to see
you sworn in as President, and have
called to char my friendly congratu
lations before returning homo."
"When do you return?" asked Grant.
"To-xaorrow, Lo the noon train," said
Borie. "Well, good-by," said the
President, "make my regards to your
family." Mr. Borie bowed himself
cat, and did not suspect he was'the
"man from Pennsylvania" until the
next afternoon, when the trsin stoo
ped rt Wilmington, and he heard hh
t.ame read out to an eagpr crowd at
the depot as that of the Secretary of
the Navy.
Washington, March 13.
Coagrc -3 i ea-ed a joint resolution to
rrotcctt.'he latere: of the U. 8. in the
U. Ih II. Ih ree a-Fr- the late
: t at 2"ew York,
a'joe:r::ment to
r acne hat the
r th
i e e
U. hh Cir ht r Byt:..t Court caald
cither rt.; the? coaa any cr appoint
a Jteceiv- r.
Bo!.:. M. B-a-'ey son cf the late
F aa !.ca A. li e: :.. . has b..en cpa-,in-t.d
ha! taat La .. . ry to the? i r. i
dant. A til! is be fere the Fc-nata rrauting
Eallrrjj te vaaaca ia Utah. .'
Caoof f
j : o x :
r: "
i c i
c r . .
aied by the F'ec-
r . . t' ? ,..4.4 , ,
fc4- .. V, . V
t j - . r. iit.,i L '.
evy yar I about a yc
o Pert3-
X aa.l :'.:r:i.;3
a : v.
-! A
4. e .
t5 tl e
J. . . e . ,
i: prar.
: a. . e a
r U re:
i- -
: h:.3
ht to be
-L TUARS will sit In t!ie o'r.ce of It. V.
ltnhes, Ksq., Brownville, NelTfka, on the 23th,
3otii and 31st days of March, a.d. !..-.$, commencing at
tne hours of o'clock R.m., of each aa.y, l'.r the pv;r-p-KM
of making reti.vtr!ioa of voters forthe uw
nicipHl election, to be held in t'n- cuy of Browuviiie
on teie.jtii df.y of Apri!, a.d. lr J, at w hich time ail
persons who claim lo be voters are requested to at-
leuu lor reS'-'i. snion
aVMlUiiUX "jEesristrara.
Ulecticn ITotico.
NOTICE i3 hereby given that on
Monday, the 5th day of April. a.i. 1s,
there will be beld in ar.d fcr the City of Urownvi.irt.
in .Nemaha County, fcufe of JVebrnika, an election
for the following city o.iicers, via;
CtXR CriY i l.h rlK,
oxk vi ry a .s..4 tK,
OSE VI TY MA i . -t'A L
. - O.VA' VITY HS'rlXr. '
wfcicli election wiil be o:Mned at 9 o'clock in the
mormnjr, and will continue opeo nnta o'clock lo
Vie ailexuoon of the same " v.
ilayorcf iirowriviiie.
J. C. MAronics, Clerk. 2:j-'2w
A. P. Zz, A. II. sand I. O. O. T.
A sonic and Odd Keilovs auilUInsr Associa
tion are hereby notified that an teistM;iit of twtn-ty-fi
per cent, of the amount niicr.oed hb--n
levied, aiut that amount '. lv tui tl to b paid to the
Treasurer of said AtKK.'!ai.oa oa or
davof April r.f'xt.
liy ortie-r of the r,ori,
JOetAS TIAC:eXZt,Trft.
" Sfan-li Jlth, lva. -MM
THE UNDERSIGNED will receive
JL sealed proposals m to -pril rt!i, i"-ee),
far rVrnisliin? the iiia'eml, ao.l c, th na"-.o
and carpenter and jmner wcr, to e.-i. io a bund
fi's? oa Main street, of te iaarwi i.; u,m.-i:snni:
1 he buiid.n? to be -tx - x et t-f br .. , r-i.'r u
olid stone loundiuion tnree f-et tu. W at bottom,
and two feet ti.cic at Ion. luid in ro-.rt.o. The brick
work to be forty feet hi.;!i and e ,-t.teen tUtck
for first story, with, open frost, tu4 tiaree ilxa and
2.x 1 ! joiee. will be rei-ivl f ,rtv or el! of s.-u.l work
fir;;i material, rte'ervia? t..e s ... to rc.-e- t tt-ny or ail
Of SH.d t:!!s.
For fiirtlier Biici!.?:"'eir tr ft ' o under
r'zned. Zi-Z J A i I :i . C 1 AC ;C T . , i-w y.
si e. t 1 i i . . j I
A the be! of Work me l aa 1 ' -I.ict.lnery to
nianaeactuie ail kiaci '.f
. . . ''ft- -. r.
.4..rf4.ff e
.: ' act to rxilr ail kr.Cs cf
MAO I I I N la II Y .
an FATCiurvrai r ' ai-
wa reay to uee -...... i ... 4 . . ... . e.
4C3-5.1 Tisrj. criox o r.i a. t .v i rr.a.-c j
j. ii. r a i 'ax,
Caa iOj; Ve-st -f Cv..rt
mju-h l-ftm Erownvi:, ZvX.
ll.4n4j Ae... A....n.w.,a X - t
Omcv ot
ic u.ia it: a C i r y, a t a., i
i:e ::t- i.av- rAcr.-Tcr.AiT.w4T Co.?
pibOrOaALS will ba received at this
A ca.'ioe, up to: tare!! a eh, 1 a. f;-r
" " - " ' - ...... t
& :: 1 3 ty 7 in
To be 8 f t i
8 lr..-f.em if
A il t i to - i
P'.-r.l ..rr. -ri
w'm ; ; ',-!!
', ' e : , ; -
.- , 1 : . ... ! - ,
T I i
t - .
i : ..4v:-,..3 v a -erv.
' r - t
t ''
4 4. w ,- f
!, 6 iy
s 1 Ve,
. r t i
1 e .- e -i-
reaa aa .
II h.' b:
tor wo;t::. :r,-th- i r: he-
tl It r cc-ate 1, ct ta-? Alvea a ... r J : 1 . -eorne,. "
Chir hoo floor t are heaxHZy laden wi'hi mott dettratie
pood, confuting of
Drejo Goods,
Ilotiery and Clort.,
WMte Good,
II i,n.d3j.crr liiefj,
SIrt rronti,
Coll-ara fc KuJnJtn
Trimmlngi, Battocs,
2tephyr Wool and)
in all Colors,
Yi'oolen Yaru, )
Corsets &n l Skirts,
Coat'a ar.d Clark's eThreads,
Amarlcaa Eest Spool Cottons,
of which we hare all number a and colors,
Sijwiaj and Erabe-oidery Bilks,
WallcU'it Pursou,
ItuiTa b gs 4 Tpa Tr 1 ra in i n gs,
Bt&T, Croch-st & Skirt Ers-Iet,
Alpaca Xr&'ds, Rnd m fatl lino of
Silk, Milan and Alabama Braids.
a rtzz izxz or
w' J w -
- ,. . , ... ... .."
it ;; a. via: at a
t J At a a -
Ft. .,-aS an ' .-e- . w
in L.:tai: cr. s.tai.l eyjAMir;
a No. i a.--.
bi.:siu' r
iaice tae .
- 01.-n 7 TUora-',
rt f't i:-3 CI : , oa V
. laraiseaay.
r aer .L
House rt'i ! two ! : ts cn "tin street, 2-rwrr.s
f! ''e! e 1, C'-.od W' 4 nr'i saM. VvUil l-'O
oa' i I-.-1... ; a .a i.i i cf ;!,.: ; cssli.
IIono and or l;t f r ? vte. Ilosn-i ! well
fster--l and ta-.r Lu.:r.c-hS jart of town,
'rice i
Ilonse n-vl f .url:t3 ; ten 1 silniti.-M i-.r-d'.n
f "!"d Una vie v cf lavr-r and Tjn.
iTice ;a .J.
Hnsft find two lois tn Water "freet, one
Block iroru f t. via street, for ;l,tao. A Lar--fiila.
'an! t.,-.
a-!.', t
' 1
CTP..VY NOTiCTh Tahea u,yt
O nr. ..-r' Mi-., .- r t. t-.v. r.i :- -
4 . V .. .44.41
cr i - -. r r-..4 .
and s. t on ' : e :
o-i4cni.' Lurij':.,;, ;
- - -
r-S 4 V - 4 .
i - a a i : :;
coona:aai'5 t;c:
7.v rL::::i::::.:r:
a a
ii"v r :.
i :r. cr
..- -7r: 1
- - " '
a .a i'
a : -ii-3Ti!.T.
' "..a i :;:u: 7,
! t. 47!
. . . ... Tit
t . I .
t ( e ' 4 e i
- I i ':
bv ;
.I ar:
; .1 a
s y-i.
200 a--res fenced nnd under cr'tlvntion ; l.i
ficreB Timber; two Uimims on the farm; a
splendid .StiK-k I' ana ; at ii-i per ucre. Terms
1. oeral.
North Ittist otuirtcr of South E.nst quarter of
fcecuon i, iuvru 4, iiane l l.
South Ent o'.nrtcr rf Pout.. E;u.t quarter o
tieciion i, luwn 4, iUmi ii.
North Wet qnarter r.f Snath East quarter of
becllou 4, X own i, ia. i: l- j 1 i.
120 Acres, cine mile from r.rovrnvill. an J
west of ,en.i.i! (a'v, on tac iaie or tuei
I!ro wn i; and Ft. Kearney, at a
t,Ar-'in 5j ) Uo'.vn, V.-s r-.-t on one, two
and thr-re years une.
120 Acres No. 1 Prairie Land, good water, at
40 Acrc5la Section 9, Tovri-tilp I, r.etr.-e 13.
lO.-creu la :i!oa C", Township t, Barse 11.
North-East carter F--thn 5, Township 8,
llanos H, l .-Ji."r's; Mivrfbrii?, good on
and a b.iif story tiouse lu.'i, klteiiCti 12x11,
pood wfil at ti e door, Kt.' ic va't r on. tUsj
I-iaco, i:) acres cf Timber, for -,et,J.
. , ' -,-4. 4 J
. i !i 1 1'
' -i,- ..;, if.
. - 4 .'. -r el
a t n
.V '
.:.,-. ' -a.
O .4.
C nil .1 1 n ( . I .-. ! ti z. T ;
Z7s. 15 Train h:
(On d - r .-: f IT a .C
Qia-.Tien- ::. ;.-! ) (.,-:
J-.iJ H 4-4 1 L U i 4, 4 1 .
- - 4 4. 4
, .1 .r
I h a I .
A S- w i
i a
?rs ia
j'e ia.!'
? i
"T 1
JXrACT, everything VuU elur t
ClUlUng, Jfutierj, l anry O-xxlt and Soiion Iltwie,
which ha been jntethascd fnr CASH, to Me very best
advanicffc, and tciU ie tsild at a very tsna'l advance to
Csvfils arsd TrcmfX Fayic C.ftair.ej. vha pttrorv
age we respct "A. Vy c;t ; at it it sw KrrU Vd aim to
make their tras&ulion ua bvth- prcfCilie and
cioti:i::g :::d m mm
IrIco Ile.'jnliiaox-.
Lcinrccn Live? end Fint,
obdzzs by
a reea'a aa ' i
r-s f-' , . . -
m&4 WteM.4(.jM4. 444 4
2te2 Acrc .South West O e-irVr Pr-et!.-.n !,
Town 3, Biinn 1, and Iai! b an t a in ."e-i;-tln
13, T'-wn .1, lUn5"5 1 4 nAU.- w--it of
AsrlnwiUl. fcjUenU.I prairies. per
E,3 Acres In Tovm 3, Ban 11.
613 Acres near SaJeni, at barsala.
1G0 Acres In Section 11, Town 3, Barge 11.
IZO Acre? In Section Z Town 3, Earsge H.
40 Acre in Sovaicn ta. Town 3, Eacga .
c DurrxTTa
. i J 4 1-..WJ
a .! x
e U JLj
.4. 44. JVJ
ti-- A . Si t 4
4 u.
rrcZ-ea, c.uea t.c :aaa:
East half of Frnth West quarter cf Section
2!l.Tr.M.-ri 2, r.ane-ij li.
S'uUi fla.a.j'a.rtercf .South West quarter cf
Section 17, Tuwa I, laing-; 11.
North We; t qaa.-t-eer Section 8, Town 2, TUse
North Wef t 2 ; of North West qti.arr Bectlca
25, Town 2, i a. n 33 li. .
133 Acres vdth aorr.e Tlrr.V. r n , a Coal ?".ie
, ope'-d oa tUa i-iaca, eplen-i.J I'raine, j. 1
-4- .4. .
'! i' IP L 1 ' 1 T ft t' .1
. : j ' ) j ' a a . 1 .mI,; 1 !
O 4
a "xrs
4- 4T4
-- -sT
rietrGroIitan 0
W i- t... , M 44M. C
Quarter tf s-eti-n 1, T'.wrt
North Ef
Kat;;.3 e -.-t; aa ; .
1 .i.t e' i a .;
la 3-4. aa,' : - a- -a
half fr; m ettae ... i
!' A.-rf -t i i Torn B, r:.rj 1
1 I.e .ia ; Hi"", r.i r: r .'
Tti.e -i r.orth w. -t f f
: - i --: 1 . .
t a .et j-er tre.
All or V
; r-
! to
u its r-
r. ' r - -
vn ...
'. -' r. .
3 o...
l I - J .
.a i No. I
. e ; f- . ; r
I ien..d )
a. : .? ij'.y t eres cf
1 a Ar -i O'lt r.f ;
til i j l IT 'Le
ecl. e ei
3 Acea .'o. 1 rra'.rlr
Acre it. To a S, I"
4 0po.'
.: yheria'i
ver.VtU. N
I . .U.-r ia
-4 V("
, . . 4. '
Ar -nt
1.5 Aer- with r-1
i - ' v -1 -r ta . ,i
lix.ji a .ems
' 'a ' - r' - ( f 4 -rrr a
l : -; a a I 1
-o a---':J --'? a,...